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.... iI.a 111.lt. 1,i1nlitfiMa nvliAnlnil annn l
nrrlvo from the wnr zone nrc Dr nntl Mrs.
UcnJamln I!' 1"tl,i w'l0 wltn their children,
Xlf Alberta Pnucoiiat Itrnth and Joseph I'an.
cons' Heath, hmc been spending tho past three
jmis in ftnltsrilamt nnd Parle. iJoctor and
Mrs Heath will occupy tlielr house 1011 Walnut
etret, which was ronlcl Inst jcar hy Mr. nml
lrs J Thcodmo Mnrshnll.
Mrs Heath was Miss Florence IMnroast, n
,hulitcr of Mrs. Albert 1'itnconst nlul ilstei
0f Mr JoKopti 13. Wldcnei, of Klltlns I'nik.
Mr A Oniopclio Norri nml her little, daugh
Act, MI"s UHi'nbetli Norrli, haVe returned to
tl,c f itv aftrr n summer -pent In Cnpo May and
thn I'oiono Mountains. Mis. Norrli will re
train herr until somo time In October, when
flir will sail for Cub.i and will npend the
Whtci wlih lier niother, Mrs. Augustus Wlf
ton, who Is "V"B ln llnvn"n-
MKs ll'len Cllcason, of 2033 Chestnut street,
nu ,i dinner last night which wns followed
l,v i bo putty nt tho theatre.
Mi". Uimy " I'niiconst, her daughter, Mrs.
A. it. Ituey and son, Unwell D. 1'ancoast, and
their lamllles have returned to Torresdalo nfter
a two months' stay In Wlldwood Crest.
Thrre will bo a club ilanco at tho Morion
Iricltct Club on Satutday ntRlit of this week.
Mrc llauold UillitiKhnm will shortly Issuo
Invitations fur a largo debutante luncheon to
be given In honor of her dchutnuto daughter,
Miss JJrllli llairohl OlllltiKhnm, at The Ark,
tlnlr jittinctlvp home on 1'rlco street, ticrman
luwn, eaily In November. About !I5 or 40 Riiests
will bo present. Mrs. Gllllnghnm will bIvo a
tea to Introduce, her daughter on Monday,
Novembel 2
Homy L. Clraham, foimerly of Gprmantown,
now n nsident of Illvcrslde, Cnl., announces
the riigufcement of his daughter, Margucrlto
Oraham, to James II. Wilson, of l'hocnlx,
Ariz. The wedding will take place In the
enrly autumn.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlemagne Tower and their
daughters, Miss Halen S. Tower and Miss
rjrrtrtido Tower, who nro at Tho Homestead,
their summer homo at Watcrbury, X. Y are
expected to return to tho city about the mid
dle nf October.
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lonprstrcth, who
have been on nn aulomobllo trip through New
lork State, stopping at Coopcrstown for a
few dny, will return to their homo at Penn
and Kno streets, Gcriniiutown, tadny. Their
daulitei. Miss Mildred Vincent Longstreth,
will be presented to society later In the)
Mi nnd Mrs. J. Wnirpn CouNton, Jr., who
liuo lic.cn taking short trips tltiough the sum
nur. have rutin lied to their apartments at the
Itiltcuhouse. vhotc they will remain during tho
Miss .Mary Vlctoila Gteen, who Is spending
Siptembni ut tho Delawnro ltlver Club, nt
Tnriesd.ile will enteititln lit dinner beforo the
(lane- to br given thero on Saturday, Septem
ber .' by a commltteo composed of A. D.
Mltehrll, JriHejih Jr. Patterson and, 2d the
Walter L Kottoiall.
Mr and Mrs. James Starr, who have been
ln N'i.i Scotl.i for tho p-ist six weeks, will
return to their lesldenco on Olncy nvenue.
Germ intciwn, tomorrow evening.
The monthly dinner and meeting of tho
I.'umI of ilirectors of the Phllmont Country
Club will occur at tho club this evening.
I'll. iuN of Mls Harriot Weed Itemlg, of
lilt .-prueo sheet, will bo gliid to hear of her
Mfp ir turn fiom London, where she was forced
to Miiniu foi several weeks un account of tho
PK i t troublp in Hiuope.
Mi- I, a. Itowau and hor ilaughters. of
12.1 Sprm-f street, hnvo returned to town after
Ependbiir the summer at Havcrford.
'Hie ir,'ulur Tuesday afternoon tens, which
re h, 1,1 ,lt tho Ladles' Clubhouse. Munhclm,
have hr-r.,, tcoiimcd for tho fall, and yester
day nfu moon was marked by nulto a large
Mi .hunes Francis Sullivan, Miss I'rnnces
I.Uiiig-toii Sullivan and Miss Leta Livingston
Sulllwm mI1 lrae Xaiingansptt Pior tho end
"f thl- ,,( and will lotuin to their house in
liulnor t-ir tlio fall spasou. Mr. Sullivan return-.
I Mvrral weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Sul
Huin v ill entertain oxtpuslvoly during tho
Hor.-, Mm, In thoir box.
Mi- J -eph Lcldy and Miss Cornelia Leldy,
who Invo ,r.t n Mninn during tho wnim
weath.'i. Imvo Joined Doctor Lcldy in Nar
rurniMit Pier. They will open their house In
Ptnllvn .shortly. vWmro they will lemuln until
late n .Vovemuer or rnrly December, when
"" will inu0 Into their town house at 1319
Lo.um street. Dr. and Mrs. Leldy will give
a lore- ('inner ilnnco In honor of their daugh
'" M night of Jnnuary 1.
I'fr "'is ii, this city nml Now Voik will bo
Intei. -t,, m t,0 wedding of Miss Agnes Grls
"!.! r.an,in, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Henry
IIi.it.,1. Lnudon. of Now York, and Moses
T'M i Pnn, j , son of Mr. and .Mrs. Moses
l.nl ,- .WK, of j'jincoto,, nmJ N-e,v York.
n- i.mniiep will take place In tho Church of
' I 'irtholnmew. New Ymk city, tho after
"" ii "i October 20. Mr. Pyne, wIioho mntlicr
w w ii s .;ttu Stockton, of Tinnton, has a
"" r or tPiatives In this city, and has often
Mallnl 1 , ,,.
'lb' ''.iimtess von Holustoln and Miss Hobe
',n' ""' ,mvo been moi.ilns through New
'ngiu.l arc stopping In I.oiuis for a few
Miss My Xors rocIunn w rotum ,0 ,ler
""me nt m south 22l street about tho middle
' Octnbci.
Mr and Mrs Henry Paul Holly, Miss
fiiipis w.st nny nml Thepdoro U Hally
r-. , tn,Hy fro, ny Hcm,( wero ,hoy
"- beo ,MillR u 8mmur nt iplr cot.
u " ""' ocran fro,,t Tl' engagement of
"" to Jusoph ucrnnril Keen was an-
'"'iiipmI In tho spring.
MNs norlhy flmclIi of th0 1U(,nll0inii who
in no, from jropo .stuiday, Is spenrtliiK a
r"' 'livs l Atlantic City.
" lll'l lira AI....I ,-... ...
-hiiiiuy i.iuon wimnniin, or
rwi uro iJC,n,
lll f-fltltrri,,lfi4a.l n. ,1m l.l..l.
- ' ' l,-,,l.. uii ,i,u Ult
-- -u.i, norn last night.
JviiiiiiiooK-.Mr. and jrs. ucnjamln Uowlond,
m v,-rbrook aenue, imvo returned from
M'.KSt'.WII, U. J.
Mi Jn.i xi,3 u. i. Vftlerloin, of 6110 Sher
'"" nvpnnv. .nprbroflb. h-ivo rcturucil from
' f'6 -May. N j.
um.N-Mr syaaoy Thayer, at The Dut
Ml 1 p rcturnea fm Nottliegst Harbor. Me.
- inil m. Tliayer, whjo lg UU la Maine.
: ed home tliic wsk,
the., Im", MrS- nmv UMawwer pnd
iv ," l, relurwa from ft month's
a th"lr Mount Urutw cottage.
'! i ii. i K.- k. -ui jj,uii. who re-
- ti-V - ' v?'ivll f
Mrs. O'Ncll, before her marriage on Au
gust 6, was Miss Marianna Lipplncott. Mrs.
O'Ncil is at present the RUcst of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bertram Lippincott,
at their home in Bethayres. Mr. and Mrs.
O'Ncil will live at the Maidstone, 1327
Spruce street, this season.
contly returned from a threo weeks' tour
through tho Shenandoah Valley, Va., hnvo
opened their homo on Dorkoley road.
NAnnEHTH Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jcfferles,
Miss llulda Jcfferles, William Jefforles and
Lester Jeffuries, who spent the eummor at their
cottage ln Hrlstol, N. II., have opened their
home on Narberth avenue.
Mr. and Mis. Frederick E. Ocrby have le
turned from a visit to the New England coast.
WYNNEWOOD Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn Clark
Smith, of Aubiey road, motored to Jamestown,
15. l this summer, where they spent two
weeks: later they toured to Spring Lake. Mrs.
Smith and her daughter. Miss Josephine Smith,
have recently returned fiom a short motor trip
to Ocean City, where they were tho guests of
Mrs. Smith's sister, Mrs. W. A. Klrkpatrlck.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Moore, who are nw.iy
on a Western trip, are expected home tho end
of tnlM month.
AIIUMOUE Mr. nnd Mis. ndvviud H. Lc llou
tlllier nnd lamlly luio returned fiom Maine and
opened their house on L'dgewood road.
Mr. nnd Mrs,. James Caistnlrs, of Old Gulf
load, have returned from Eile. Pa., whole they
.pont the summer with Mrs. Carstnhs' fnthcr,
Matthw Taylor.
Mr. and Mis. Walter S. Hopkins, their diugh
tor, Mrs. lCdwaid II. Lycet, Jr.. and her little
boy have returned fiom n islt to Longpoit.
IIAVIIlFOItu-Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Bain, Jr.,
have closed their cottago at Northeast Harbor,
Me., and icturned to Havcrford.
.Mr anj Mrs, AV. M. McCawloy, with th.-ir
daughter, Miss Elizabeth McCnwIcy, have re
turned from Gilndstono Island, N. Y. They
will occupy their newly erected house opposite
tho new grounds of the Merlon Golf Club
Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph do F. Junkin have taken
np.irtments at Haverfoid Court for tho winter.
M-s. Robert Innes, of Havorfoid Court, has
icturned from Avon-by-the-Sen.
IlItl.N.MlwIt-Mrs. Georgo D. Wetheilll, of
Hcnthcrlleld, has Issued Invitations for a ten
to meet Mlhs Ada Lambert Wethcrlll, on Mon
day, October S,
Mr. and Mis. Snmucl M. Vnuclaln have closed
their summer cottage at JameMown. It. I., and
have icturned to Hovemont.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy C. Madeira, Jr., have
taken the Moirls Heikness house at Chelten
Hills for the winter. Mrs. Madeira will be re
membeied as Miss .Margaret Carey, of Balti
more. Mr. and Mrs. John Gllbcit and their family
will not return from S.irannc Lake, N. V to
lied Top, their homo at Itydal, until tho middle
of November. After Christmas Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbert will go South for tho remainder of tho
Mr. and Mis. Geoige W. Norrls, who hnvo
spent tho greater part of the summer nt their
home, Gypsy Hill, Penllyn, will move Into their
town house, 2J1 South i.'d strtet, about tho
mlddli- of No ember.
Mr. and Mis. Henry Udwaul Uruytun, of tho
Cedars, Penllyn, returned this week from a
Mimmcr bpent In Hockport, Me.
Kdwiud U. Smith has returned to his. home
after u trip In Europe.
Mrs. Jnmoa H. Turner will he hostess today
ut u caul p.uty which will be given at th Old
York Hoad Country Club.
These altalrs nro held twice monthly at the
clubhouse und each meeting la presided over
by a different hostess.
Countess Santa Eulnlla has been spending the
summer at her home In Ogonta.
Miss Adele Polk and Miss Lillian Hunter,
of Jenklntown, have returned from a visit of
several weeks In Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Glenn, 3d, nnd family
have closed their cottago In I.ongport and re
turned to their home, 1923 Wnrnuck street,
I)r. and Mrs. Richard v. Mnttlson closed their
house, Bushy Park, at Newport, today and will
return to their home in Ambler this week. They
will stop in New Yoil; en route.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1. Jones, of Ambler
Highlands, aru tho guests of Mrs, Jon.c'
parent ut their homo In Ocean City.
A fiuiet wedding will bo go!unnUd this after-'
noon ut 1 o'clock at tho home of Mrs. llomulne
Keyser, 121 West Rlttenhouse street, when her
daughter, Mis Helen Clark, will become tho
bride of Rudolph W. ljlrdsrll. Jr. The cere
jpnny will be performed by tho Rev. Doctor
Ulijolin, of St. Luke's rectory. Immediately
afterward the bride and bridegroom will leavo
for Winter Haven. Florida, where they will
make their home. The wedding will be x,
tremely nul. Only the Immediate families wlJl
be present. '
MINI Bllabeh Wlster ha rfitUJnaJ Jc, hep
Iiojii from nblaa. where $ho lias beii the
KUHL ut Ml Willi im llumi .M -.- Uht'i .-
rngaeement to Alfred S. JReeves was announced
In the spring.
Mlsu Anna Taylor, of Cedron, Green
lane, Is visiting Mr. nnd Mrs. Fisher Long
etrcth Boyd at their home In Havcrford.
Mrs. Edna Goodwin, accompanied by her son,
Mclvln Ulggs Goodwin, has returned to Ger
mnntown from Ithaca, N. Y., wheto thoy sent
the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Ross Green, of 419 West
School Houso lane, have returned from a
month's stay at Hehoboth Ucncli, Del. MIbs
Dorothy Green nccompanlcd them.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Theron I. Crane, GUI Grecno
stiect, have telurncd to their homo from Lako
Piiiidd. N. Y.
Dnnlet Dnvls has returned to town, having
spent the summer at Capo Mny. Ho has taken
nn npnrtmont nt tho Delmar for tho winter.
Robcit Itnthbun, of San , Frnnclsco, Is tho
guest of his aunt, Sirs Wheeler Lord. Mr.
Halhbun will lravo shortly for Ynlc, vheio ho
will finish his course In mechnnlcnl engineering.
Mrs William W. Smyth Is nt piescnt tho
guest of her minis, tho Misses Frnzlcr, nt their
home In Qrceiio street.
Miss Mnud Buclianan, of 221 North High
trcnth street, spent Hip past weikcnd with a
party of friends In Occun City, N. J.
Mrs. Walter Hatty and her daughters, Mlsa
Emma I. Hatty and Miss Graco Batty, hnvo
elosed their tottuge In Wlldwood, N. J., nnd re
turned to their homo, 2J2'J North Eleventh
Mr. nnd Mrs. Win, J. Atkins, of 2210 North
Fevontocnth street, have for their guests Mrs.
Frank Heeves, of Vcutnor, N. J., and Miss
Itallle Gray, of Mlddletown, Del.
Miss Hoi tense Levy, of 1421 North Fifteenth
sticet, nnd Miss Helen Abrnhnmas, of 313J
Diamond street, arilved home Saturday after
having been Isolated fiom tho outside world In
the small town of St. Jean du Dolgt, Brittany,
for 13 days.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Danncnbautn, of 1001
Spring Gulden streot, iitilvpd from Paris,
France, Saturday, Septeinljpr 13.
Mrs. James Hngan, of 1M)7 Master street, hn.i
closed hor apartment In Atlantic City and te
turncd home.
The Misses Carroll, of 1T0S G Ira I'd avenue,
after spending tho summer at Atlantic City,
have returned for tho winter.
Miss Geitrude Magoe, of 1710 Noith Park
nvonue, has returned 'from Ocean City, where
she was visiting ft lends.
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Blair, of S21I West
Susquehanna avenue, returned on Monday from
Ocean City, where they spent the summer.
Miss Esther Bllekley, of Grand Rapids, Mich.,
Is visiting Miss Eleanor Hunslckor, of 2121
North Thirteenth fctroot, n lor to her depait
ute for Smith College.
Mrs. Ellz. Iieth Daniels, of W'i Diamond
street, has icturned from Woodbury, N. J.,
where she wns tho guest of her son and
daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mis. Samuel Daniels.
Mlia Alice Haslum, of 1313 Noith Nineteenth
sticet, will leavo during the week to complete
her couise at the Bucknell University.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Fold, of 192T North SIM .street,
have icturned home after spending tho season
at Vcntnor.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Howett, of 19.n.9 North
Seventh htreet, will lemain In Atlantic City
thiough the early full.
Mrs. Henry S. Louthhelm, of 1913 Giecn stieet,
will be at homo on Satuulays in Oetobei.
wlicro he Is ft student In tho National Parle
Mr. nnd Mrs. Otto Spahr have closed their
summer homo In Ocean City and have re
turned to their Tioga residence, 1819 West
Ontnrlo street.
Miss Lydla Lurch, of Eoston, Pa., Is tho
guest of Mrs. B. Fenner, of North Broad
Mrs. David Gclkler, of 3Ti27 North Sixteenth
street, will Ipovo on Satuuy for several
weeks' stny In Atlnntlu City.
Mrs. Charles D. Murthn, who has been at
Atlantic City for tho pist fortnight, has roJ
turned to her home, 1719 Tioga street, whotd
pho will entertain extensively during the 8piI
Robert D. Lodgp, nflcr nn extended Irlfi
through tho West, has returned to his liorrto,
1HD Vennngo street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. William R. Lvmun. e 8932
Spruce street, have returned from their eamp
nt Lako Placid In the Adirondack.1? and lmv
opened tlielr house for thp winter. They mad
the trip through New York ami New Jersey by
Mr. nnd Mrs. Theodore Nflson Sponcor, who
ppent tho summer ut Atlantic City, hnvo re- !
tin ned to their home, 1903 Cctlnr avenue.
Mrs. William W. Farr, who linn been occupy
ing Sen View, her rottngo ut Chctsen, for the ,
summer montliH, will open her house at 3002
Wnlnut street, next week.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomns E. Turner mid Miss t
Dorothy Turner, nfter spending tho summer at
Hnddon Unit, Atlantic City, hnvo toturiied to
their homo, 422S Pino streot, for tho winter.
Miss Elsie .Morris Brlnton, who has been
standing several weeks In Cape May, hna ro
turned to hor homo at Hampton Court.
Mr. und Mrs. J. T. Roblnhold and family,
who spent tho summer at Wlldwood, lalurnwl
to their homo, GI3S Lnrchwood uvenuc, Inst
Mrs. A. E. Burnhnm. of Hnmpton Court, has
telurncd to thu rlty nftet u tpp days' visit to
Coi son's Inlet.
Miss Anna McHugb, of W", Chester nvetiup,
will ho tho guest of the Mlssfs Hutchinson, of
Fairmont, W. Va., for tho next work, nnd on
her wuy homo will stop ut Washington, D. C,
to visit fi lends.
Mik. Dunlap, wlfo of Major R. II. Dunlnp, of
thp Mailno Coips, Is visiting In Washington,
whuip she will probably remain for the wlnfr
Mrs Chatles R. Sandoison, wife of Captain
Snnder.son, Is nlso In Washington.
Ml. nnd Mrs. Chnilos L. Vlguers, who spent
the summer at Chelsea, havo returned to their
homo nt Fifteenth and Moore stuets.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edwin G. Close, of 1.113 South
Hi ond street, are occupying their new home In
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. A. Daly and thoir daughter.
Miss Esther Daly, who have been spending thu
summer at thoii cottngo in Vfntiim. will
.shortly oppn thoir house on South P.roid sfeet.
1 " i ' J- f I il
i VfJ? 'I 'ft
ADELPHI "Help Wanted," comedy dramn,
bearing a "stop, look and listen" warning ti
ung women venturing Into tho danger
world of modern business.
BROAD "Drugged," by Owen Daln, stnrrlns
John Mason Rlp-ronrlng, teotlion-edno
melodrama in evening clothes. Recommended
its a sure thrlllpr.
blrla," one of tho most speetnculnr moving
pleluro drnmns over prespnted, showing a
rntneljsmlc voIpiiiiIp eruptlnn. tho destruc
Hon of a elty nnd tho unnlhlbitlmi of n Moot
nt spa
FORRKST "Zlegfohl Follies " Grpnt tun, cor
rnspntlng post times, ghpful girls.
GARHICK "Adelp." Frptich operetta, roseate,
rom.inci', slien singing. Geotgla Calno ns ft
PnllRlnn unrhantri'ss.
WALNtT-"Slbprln, ' thrilling ns It was 31
veurs ago. curtuin to kepp fair damsels front
exploring tho snowy steppes for romance
Abounding Amusements in Vcrsnlilo
Whllfi the pulumn produetlon.t in serlou
drama have been as unfortllo us n slow spring,
tho varieties of Rmtisempnt In vaudeville havo
neon surpilslngly varied and prolific. From
Now York romi.s tho promlce of many now
and olabnrnto playa and musical comedies;
It Will b" M)irnl weeks, however, boforo tlio
moro pretentious nmusonionl.s come along, in
tho meantime, novel ami important attractions
nro scheduled for tho vnrlnty houses, tho most
Important at present being tho appcaranco of
Mr. and Mrs. Vornon Tostl.-, possibly tho most
cotobratpd and popular of living danco orig
inators, nest week at Keith's Tho amuse
ments presented this week offer begullemcnt
for any mood and appeal to every phase of
Mr. nnd -Mrs. Joseph Sill Clark will rotum
to ICatPS Hall, their lesldenco on Highland
avenue, on Monday noxt. Mr. nnd Mis. Clink
hnvo spent tho summer nt Southampton
Mr. nnd Mrs. Itobeit Massey Drayton and
Miss Evelyn Drayton, who have been spending
tho summer with Mr. Duiyton's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Homy Edward Diayton, at Rock
port, Me., returned yesterday to thoir homo lit
St Martin's.
Mr. nnd Mis. Alexander Henry, Jr., spent
August ut Longpoit and nio now occupying
their house nt 72vJ CrpMielm toad.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Earlo Johnson hnvo 10
turneil to town from a mouth's stay nt Long
port. Mrs. Johnson w ill bo remembered ns
Mlrs Douglas Borroughs.
.Mr. and Mis. Isaac Monro Simonlu and thoir
son, Eugono Simonlu, havo closed their cottago
nt Buck Hill Fulls, whore they spout the
summer, nnu have icturned to their homo at
N.tvahoe anil Moitland avenues.
Mr. and Mis. Hnuy IC. Cumnilngs, formetly
of Gormantown, are at present residing with
their daughter and son-ln-lnw. Mr. and Mrs
Sargent Holfman, In Goyservllle, Sonoma
County. Cul. Mrs. Cummlngs la spending somo
New Branch in Practical Instruction lo
He Inaugurated at William Penn IIih
Preparations for the Inauguration of a course
in practical salesmanship for girls .-1 tho Will
lam Penn High School are now undor way: and
It Is expected that class woik will begin next
week. In making this announcement, yester
day. Associate Superintendent of Schools Goorge,
Wheeler said that moio than 10 young women
had already signified thf-ir desire to enroll In I monument which is within sight of the throngs
Winsome Peggy Wood in "Adele" Garrick
tho nrmy operating on the Canadian frontier,
nnd wns one of Oem-rul Pike s .ibis in the as
sault nnd capture of York In June. 1S14, ho was
killed in a buttle against n superior forco of
Indians in tho upper part of New York.
Eldildgo street honors tho memory of Lieu
tenant Joseph C. Eldridge, who was distin
guished for bravery nt Stonv fieek. June, 1813,
ttouiided nt Fort Georgo and was Dually tomn
Imwked by tho Indians In t'pper Canndn, when
II of tho 39 men ho was leading on a scouting
expedition were massacred.
Allen street Is named for one of tho naval
fighters, AVllllnm Henry Allen. He was nn olll
cor with Commodore Dccntur on the frtgato
t'nlted States, which rnplurrfl tho British
frlgato Macedonian off tho Azores in 1S12, and
his excellent gunnery contributed materially to
tho victory.
Ludlow stieet iccalls memorli s of one of tho
gieatcst naval battles of the war of 1S13, the
engag'-iripnt between the Chesapeake and the
British ship Shannon. In which Captain James
Lnwronce nnd his ablest lieutennnt. Augustus C.
Ludlow, lost thoir lives. In August of tho
sarao yenr tho bodies of both Lawrence and
Ludlow were brought hack to America, and on
September IB they were interred side by sido
In Trinity Church Cemetery. Inscribed on tho
From Hnmmorsteln'H. New York, whero they
mado a hit, havo como thu "Famous Golden"
troupe, who, in various jiirttiruMiuo costumes,
ongntjo In whirlwind dam-fN of the soit that
make ou dizzy. Green nnd Plant perform on
tin) high wire SU-ppe, Goodrlsh and King
present a rathskeller art. f'hauncey Monroo
nnd company a humorous sketch, nnd Mills
nnd Moulton vurlous "cccentrietles in vauda
villo." Keystone
Musically nnd merrily "Tho Boarding School
Olrla" perform the madcap csenpudes of ex
uberant youth. Rosalind and May La Folletto
aro pleasing in a dancing act. Wnrring and
Manning, in romic songs, and tho ncrobatlo
Wnlly Trio nn among a well-vurlcgated and
entertaining list.
Supposing you were nbout to bo married and
all your former sweethearts appeared to ou
in a drenm. Just how one young man eon.
fronted this situation Is amusingly depleted
by Eldon in a funny act, "His Awful Dream."
with Berate Clifton impoisonuting tho ladies
of the past.
Sweet Is tho music that romps fiom the un
seen, nnd mjsterious nnd magical are the
itrulns of tho Invisible band directed by Edna
Lowell. Aside from the eeiif effects of this act
there Is a bill of well-assorted amusements, in
cluding the well-known song writer. Will Mor
rlssey, and the original "movie girl." Nellie
HnckPtt, In a program of songs: Tom Gillen.
with a fund of Irish tab s. and Anthony nnd
Mack, in a singing and talking skit, "The
Italian and the Boss."
Blossom Seely, localled to New York yester
d.i by tho death of hei mother, has been re
Placed by Albert Perry nnd company in a ona
aet Comedy, "Reno and Return."
tho new courso, but that tho dlfllculty of en
gaging a capable teacher to conduct it was
tho pioblem still confronting tho Department
of Superintendence. He ndded:
"This Is a new blanch with us. and It l
iiulios a person to dlioct it who is not only
thoroughly acquainted with tho subject of
salesmanship, but who possesspg teaching abil
ity ns wpII. However, we expect to hnvo n
competent person engaged within the course
of n week, and work will then begin.
"Two of our gloat department stores, Wnnn
mnker's nnd Oimbel's. have ottered their co
operation In the new onterprlse. and I under.
stand that others will follow. The new courso . M'lrylanu'-J "Gretna Green" the 1'iwt Stop on
will not detract tiom the gonoml academic ' Vacation Journey
training glv.n eueh pupil ut the William Penn J Friends ,f Miss Alma l.aj iv, ut :,l Bast
who pnss up and down Brondway is this tributo
to Ludlow:
"Tho favorite of Lawrence nnd third In com
mand, ho emulated the pnt totle vnlor of his
friend on the bloody decks of the Chesapeake,
and when required, like him. Molding with cour
ageous resignation his spirit to Him who gave
Th present monument wns elected by Trinity
in IS 17, replacing tho oldor and less substan
tial memorial erected b.A tlu- . Itien of New
York at tho funeral net-vices" In 1813.
As the girls in the commercial course devote
their afternoons to prncti nl woik at taking
dictation, so tho salesmanship classes will take
up regular work in tho department stores. This
I work, for which the Morns u'111 nnv il,.,n.
time in the East, nnd Is at piesent tlm guest will be done under tho supervision of the liw
of Mis. Chuilc M Camm at 100 Gowo.v I rtructor. and the theoretic side of the subject
will oo tnught nt tho school."
Mr. and Mis. ninrles C. Cox and their
family havo returned to their homo on Lyceum
avenue, after spending tho summer at thoir
cottago in Ocean City.
Mrs. Hairy T. Jones, ot S2J Fountain street,
entertained u liouno paity over tho wtok.ond.
Her guests were Miss .Mary KUeua Coloo, Miss
Mlrlnm Colee, of St. Augusaluc, Flu.; Mrs.
Howard Stuekert, of Woodbury, N. J,; Miss
Gertrudo (lattuui. Miss Estollu Uuttom, .Mrs.
James Jlnjcs and Miss Edna KctTer.
Miss Emily Wolfol, who has been the guest I
of Mrs. Louisa Urceht, of Lyceum avenue, for i
aoveral weeks, has teturncd to her homo in
Dr. nnd Mis. David Cubtor, of Ureen Jane,
have returned from nn automobile tour through
Pennsylvania and Maryland,
Mr. ami Mm. E. Hunter lord nnd Mrs. Lord's
mother, Mrs. S. J. Goodfcllow. of Lyceum &vo.
uue, have returned from a month's stay In
Ashury Park.
Mtaa Katharine Harris ond her nlce, Silas
Kntharino Shoemaker, of Lyceum avonue, hmo
rmurned from nn extended, ttey nt Redfora
SprlllBS, Pa.
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles 'A. Reel, of 33W North
Seventeenth street, havo loturnod huino afor
spending tho summer In Attantto City and
Anbury Park.
Mr. nnd Mrs- Werner Itsohnrr. of Weat On
tario street, liavu been dotalueU iu 8uUeb,
KvYlUerlHnd, following JUeir tour through i;u
rope, and vill sail for America early in ou
tvber. Mr. and Mrs Gabriel Uutlohn, of JIUfe West
Tlosn. street, havo returned from Atlantic yity.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Read, of York road,
returned from ih&au City today.
Mr. ami Mrs. p.ivicl Cluirles Murthu aiaj
their daughter, MU Kleanor Murtb. uf mj
West Tioga gtreet. re passing the early fait la
Atlantic City- MUw Uwitric Murtha hag gone
to puluir. N- J-. for 8 fuw weeks.
aeorgQ Foster aud lihi broiher. Artbm; fo,
ter. wto int tlu sjgsjpij uurlug tbrouglj
Itoreiw, Hav rctjrBi ta tlyilr lieiwe, 3. wmj
AUegUeay veai-
Sltfs lim 1VS, wUiUr o Jr- and Mpg,
Ssmwfl T. t'us. of West Tioa street, will
luvi ui S I i .T Vr Wj1iih, ,i i c
Merchants aro most enthusiastic iu expi easing
faith In the new course. Doctor Wheeler uld,
us there is always a need of well-trained, com
petent saleswomen. In time, he added, the
courso would probably bo so extended thai a
stnif of several tenchors would be required. a tour ' tn South and upon their return
Two years will b dovoted to tho salesmanship I h,mo ioaa' lmly aunmnced the wwldltiB
courte; alt girls eligible for th commercial 1 hcy wl11 "Ve Bt t,,e Cumberland street Mouse,
course uro also free to uk up salesmanship. ' The 'orme' s" Lr Is a daughter of Harry
"We expect a rupid Increuse in tin- number i ujr'' ''"'" '' Hn.i ilctcctlve eihe is uidetv
Wlldey street and Jep i McLaughlin. 2310
West Cumberland street. I.arncd today for the
flrst time that what they Imagined was to
be merely a vacation tiip was turned Into an
automobile honeymoon or. August a. Th- joun.
fouplo left borne on that date in an auti-mu-bllo
with two friends. lavinjr rclatne.- under
the impression that they were b.,und lor Rai
Instead the car was turned' southward and
sped to the "Gretna Green" of Marvlini. Elk
ton, where Miss Wlldej .,nd Mr. McLuushin,
were married. The youuv eouole then m,i
Is a woman bound to reveal her pat-Xfrzsr,
man she marries" In a one -act play the nv k"i
A. J. Unldon deals with this problem. The
serlousnesx of this interei-ting qucbtion Is offset
by a con&lrieiabh number i.f entertalnmontB of
a lighter nature Chai.ictei and ilialect stories
me told h Frank Bush. "Un tho Rinlto," a
laughable satire on vnudeville. Is given by
Weber and Elliott, wnlle amazing stunts in
aerobatics are accomplished by the Three
Bart os.
A ride of Joy carries the audience through
Tate's "Motoimg," a well-liked vaudeville act.
Two Phllndelphluns, Bstelle and Lorraine pre
sent a sturtllng novelty in dancing, while
musical acts, ongs and Juggling ore Included
In the bill.
of girls desirous uf taking up salesmanship."
said Doctor Who. lor, "becuuso there nio really
wider and better opportunities in this Held
than In the overcrowded one of stenography
and general oillce work."
......n m me nan i.uii.jh section as a slmjer
und amateur actress ,f coiiswrrtUie ability
Mr. McLaughlin is a ja a.,. grain dealer uk
2T31 Cost Huntingdon street.
Npw York Thoroughfares Called After Hsbtris
of 1812 War
Many streets of New York, chiefly on
lower east side, bear names eommemorati
the heroes of the Wur of 112. ami these are
recalled because a century has Just elapsed
since the Treaty Of I'trecht, bringing peace,
was signed.
fc'omo at tho streets that honor the memory
of aetivo participant in that war ! Perry,
Pike. Christie, Fortli, Kldrtdge, AU.-ii and
Ludluw. AU uf lbeo thoroughfares leotnve.J
their present names in 1S1T. 1'erij street,
named after Cunupoilore Perry ami once tha
faahlomiblo residential section of old Ojeenwkb
Villa go, is tbvi only one on the west side. t
was forrourly oieu street
Tho other streets puralU'l um another Just
east of the Rimer . ChrUlie street tojues ilrst.
Costly Living Suhjort for Drmitn
. no tiuaeaies which r.a,,i, t.r,. .. .
tlilnn and tli .lm,.n.i. ... . r,rav'
m. .: ...V."V":' ""!"""' women upon
"Thu ll.'.fffrlAQ rvl.L.h . I. . -
Una snd tlie tlemamU nt Bish ,JI.. .?!"
men offer material tar tlm C" w;i'r"."pon
Ameri.-an drun.n " wwr Breat
Thus declared Miss Helen Ware, the charm,
i th. iii a,,,r""i. " Will appear at the AdehlhT
e of t by IMwanl Locke, entitl.u. The HevTil7"
. V. " ":r" M!i """ '' 'tlCU.,H n..
cernliiif the ereat Auienc,, ,.i. i ,.. .T 1" r"
ical bird, "the great Amen , novel Mia!
Wur.'. stateinent I. of ,m,reil, " 0nly 5
playwrlters, but the public uhom ih L 1 ,11?
A pretty churus. dnzsling costumes and fi
clnntlng songs The tireamland Burtesuueis
"catch" the audience.
Pun in an airship, with numerous comediennes
and pretty girls.
W illiuiu Ptnin
The merr- adventuie- of ten children in Tho
Dream Pirates" will appeal to all grow ups
Who preserve something ut the spirit of p. t.-r
Amusing burlestjue n tl,. w rele s opi-rat'. .
of the now. fumed rtidon at t.ville. II. v
meiiBes are not ret.i.,i trum the seat t
Stnulev Tharre
Automobiles Kited up along .Market street .
call the attenduin . uj,.,n Kraial upeiu. J.
London's movinii p. -t n "n i-.--iy of
North," draws b .t . . mi.g pen's .ma he.
concerns. "" "'
i -."Tf1 American piny must deal w.th
vital problems, problems r that .ontrSnl ovlry
man and woman." continued Mls, . Jy
And one of the most intimate. If w mJia,
nientous. rooblem. concerns the outlay fwhouia
nnd food and dress. w noma.
"Aiiurtcaw. as a rul. have tendency to
live beyond their Imome. They ni to .Slin
lime a semblance of p,K.(): &
pesrauce, wake a shoW hm,! 1
ina U due to the fact thHt owSto
optimUts. and. as uch. belirv thlTihT
Ot'lencie of todax will I 2S,n?il.,K,...ar-
ttbleh really runs iuto tiecomi avenue at thu abunOanc prwi-led by twiurruw. Hut ,ti.
as snoiiwcnted as It is imwlu,
Tne evils o the hwh , ost of liv,ng. of ,wu..
I elation tu First ateuue. Tho streat hail nil I hiikesDerlaii in their suffer,. ,...... , " sc(4i
.... ...... .,.,.. ...."J " .. " bauniufu. Mnti,- .i...T.T.,::: ". "msil ..
uwu wm um'i new .uu5U ne (mi lie- iiui ui i, "i,.,i, eeiii.'n,' (q j
Junction uf the latter thurouuhfare wit)) Kat
Uouston street, ami Allen street haul' the same
Uwr m. 4 in I.IT. when tU. . . . 2" Fi&ljfc "J!? !!
closet which 1 cui.un.j tn .TT" " "
;....!. . . " 1
t-bauget), Ibey bwe niumeiU'sJ djwiKuaUuas. .loset iu which is vui.imt j twT ILf" th
Cbrystie street was mm). In honor uf redone) i terB diuoestic life, snob a j.. Jr."
John CbnM0, native ot New Vorb cU. Hg '. Jg1 .flo'" "' ,h 'raedy In the uM "
toln.1 .1.. Inv lt !,.., th- " .L . I " no "vu 'f Warau4.-,. th --... t,.
of vnity. put os rtet Ptcasure u ,Li
tor In the ena by the vmtmZi,, wh?a
djMeriuiUMi pur iU4 te Mhi hZ
tww ii Ucte of stieustb of character o,i 7?
MAUCL'8 -yr 1 1
loews rvmckerbocker
THRTl.t-:- M. I .1 ,. 4 eh fcl,
i'onun I r i i- - a . . u f ai
Ul Al '- l'fc i . ' I ,V. .-,
Georq Moore & F.lliott Florenf-
tS V ill I M'N'M -l'--,l.cg
Sl ..& 11 I'H.l.W, .-' .'.J. 7..LA-'
THE I VI. ,' .. (mti rk i
V'unilns- !' .' lM ll'. I K rti otf . '
Whi.nM 1 1 K, i ,,,- . ii )t,jll
TIMI K ll-V l. HM j WKI-US
Wurilb ..itt.-Nt I'i it. r, it'
f" A RI R T A W1TH 'R''k'-sta
VwrAi 41 tf Avr tt.jMi.u
Kni:iirfmBt I'oslilvBly Eirl t- fit, Stvittn.r ,
fru- Ma;:iu.' lo t Bc K,ii U M H
ai i.f.ht 3 bhriv ! i
In l!r I
t Igli r t
N W.k Vi
'.- tl
1 . WtEft
ai Ii H'
Tl i" .,i. ' '-utwert
il a J- ..l.i O'hi
n ii l i. u , fl.rr.i e i. ,
ifAmA the army Jut befora the war. sad. ul
tbuvgb oul- a Ueuteuaut, conimande! att.
Uicltmeut of the regular troops iu the assault
on Quvemuoera UsJbta. c4a Octob
Cukml itmiam Pofsyth. Ho yvas g ibp
of the North Carolina Legislature at the out-
' 'A it tie 11. u .i i,u aiiiuc .tj
lumim raje wib jfrx q flwaot Bar. L,'Z
sjmI tbt wa .as. (y !. twSJnSl
InSMrttiwi aver IklAl. in iauih..i... . T
HHHlun .. lun ,i . r'
!- fc' S.J
FORREST i, .',r-:V.A m .?.VU.
BROAD miu. tTSLv 1
JOHN MASON i Drugged
CAS M r TML'ATRfc Hal 011
v f 4 N VJ ai hev eh urifTx tmev
Dl'MONTS M'. rfirt-m
- 't.
ii.' i S IS
tKkt s. itll tl UO