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Farmer, Preacher and Labor
er Bealen With Straps.
)YfiNIHG LigfrQlsm-frHILADSEPHIA, W1SnSs1)S" SEPTEMBER 10, 10l
"" ' ' "" "' ' - . - - , . - - -
to Wander About. Thcv
Spiritless and Dejected.
AI.TKN-GUAUOW, Germain Sept U
A coriespondent visited the prison rnmp
here tedai. He snis there arc .-ihnut
JO) French soldiers, 2i'W Hetglnns .mil .1
few niu'llsh civil taptlves.
AlltnUrabow Is one of the permanent
practice niniiruier grounds for different
corps scnllern! nil otcr Germany.
Pitt fs. t i nn prisoners ot war nro nuufeu in ions
roposal to riang Une lost stabics. mere are 10 or tiie.e, ana m
I each mure Utah KO captives nre cnhllned.
1 Knelt etnli holds two sacks of straw thiit
j serve for beds. In manners nre tanged
such few Articles as the prisoners still
1 possess
I Tho If stables nre surrounded by a
tmibelwlro wall seven foot high, livery
by Single Vote.
HOPnTIXSVlLM:, Kv. Sept. tc-w. 1J.
ltamb. Henry Jonlon and Itnfrlsnn Jr.
ilnn. i.f Hatism Spring, wer; whipped
by night rideis. charged by their
captors with bavin talked loo much. , ' im"' a,onB '"Is fence stand- u '
their nnlv talking, however, be:.i against j cntr, his bu.ioiiet glittering In the mih
lnslit rider-, j The 8 etie brought to tnlml Hie pl. tin- i.i
Hpinby Is n retired fanner and oierlu prl n camp so viondcrfullv drsui'icd
since thf tobacco troubles four i.f live In Ilobt rt Louis Stevenson s St. J.j
jears ii vu he ha been outspoken against ' Inside thin barbed wall the prism !
night riding Tne elder .loiilon, it street , a.e free to wander ns the wish hut
preacher Is fald to have criticised night the hnill eir mole n il'?in i ml.
riding, though he aAi h didn't 1 Ironi tin mirth ultlr stable to wlmh I'm
Harrison fonlon. twentv viurs a ne, i are a -ugii'd, r.pi h. n ml i . d to
Is n fmm laborer, lic'elill his ohiplnter I -ur v '"' mce.iri mk ni.uml t'n n (
C ui tiled Hint .'( h i,.i l,l.l,lo l., ih, '"tli.l.et- lor the mint p.i t tin 'It ill
sincl.-hnuse had In in tolen
nlcht aft 'rward. .ronton sais, thr.e nun
took him out. foicihg Ills emplojer and
son to accomp:in them, strung him up
!' the neck and yave him to mlni.ti s
In Y.hlch to confes to tatting the ni in,
lordon protested his innocence and j- I
It Is said he Vcosn yed the three men '
when he was .xniten and threatened to
have them Indicted. He was told Hint It ,
ho carried out his tlirent lie Would bi i
liattKcd nt the t'oiirt House door; thet th '
night riders were SO.OO strong and feated
no one
The Jordon and I lamb;- w-f tukr.i n
their nlKht clothis about n tulle to a
point Jint across the Caldwell Count line.
vhcre the) . re hipped with a lnu'
leather strap. Htunbv Sa.. s nUht tlrt. r
ot"d on hnntltirf him and tint tit- mop
osltion to hane o lost by olio vote.
After the whlppltiR the victims wire al
ien ed to fft back home as btst the
y f( n Utt.e ioiip, 'plritlet,. and di
i To Settle Matters at Joint
1 Session to Be Held Here
j September 20 by Eastern
j and New York Organiza
i tions.
Bill Will Soon Be Law,
Inoperative for Year.
I.OXnoN. .pt lu-Th. Home ttule
bill will he a law before this wee,, has
passed, but It will U inoperative fur one
ear. No unse, nil eiie maikvd the
passajro of th- un.atun bj t.ie Hoitdc of
Common, jesteidn. aitemooti, although
A. Bonnr Iaw led the entire Cnlonlsl
delegation out of the chamber befote the
vote was taki-n.
The Vnionist leade- accused the Gov
ernment of breach of lalth In Insisting on
proceeding with Homi Rule legislation
and with takins advantane of loyal
fist. I In the Kuropeau ciUis. He sol
emnly pledced t'.e pnrty to assist t'tster
in resisting Home Rule wherever an at
tempt should be made to i nforco It by
John r.edmend said that tho Nation
alists, more than the Unionists, bad rea
son to complain of tne postponement of
the bill's operations He hoped that by
the time the war was ov.r a settlement
acceptable to all would have been
The-e as en at enthusiasm when he
Invited thr P-emler to come to Dublin
nt lb" enrlle-t possible date, promising
-o -tand' b-hlnd him in calling for rt
ruiti. and undertakes that the response
would be "st-ikins testlmory to the b
sire of li'shmeti to stand beside EnfTll-h-
mn. m i-irims on t'a.J i.shteous v.r."
, tl, House of I.otils cite moiniH mr
5 wd reach. oi tne Home HjI.
was aoj uin.d on a ote . f to
t a Joint meeting; to be held b uv.en
but Will Be I tllr t,ust",n Basketball Incui and the
iui state League ouictais at tne
Grand fnlon Hotel here, Septi mbe j.
a p.npusltlon to form a lonmils-slon wi I
bo a matter discussed. At a session of
the eastern Leagnie members !at n t.-lit
this plan was made known. President
W. .1. Sihcffer, of the local 01 g.un..i
tloii. lead a letter from the .New .o'U
body luntulntnc; the Information that , h
u plan would be favored.
The main object of the romuii; b.u'io -Inp
Is to aKreo on a plan whereby pl r
from one leaBue cannot be slKtnd ti.i or
tuui'htd b tlie other. The mnnaB, ,-s of
the six Hastern League teams will tne. t
in New York next unda
II III , . I i uml I
Label Failure of Dc
ment Company to Improve
First Residential Section aj
"Territorial Oppression." 1
of the
CANADIAN TROOPS GO TO AID ALLIES r.pjrlqht tmlerwon. Pn.lcrwooJ
Canadian infantrymen in the mobilization camp at Valcarticr, passing over a pontoon bridge constructed over the Jacques Carticr River by the
engineer corps, on way to embark for the front. The Canadian Government has just chartered four of the Cunard Line's fascst steamers for the purpose of
transporting her troops to the war zone.
Addresses Grenadiers After Hot
Tight Near Longwy.
BF.P.L.IN 'b wa of Amsteidami.
5ept. 10.
Hmperor William is taUir.K an aetie
part In dlrectlnz the operations of the
German arm in France, according to re
ports received ii-re toda. After the
sharp battle near hoiiw.,. lie islled his
son. Prince Oscar, commander of the
Grenadier Guards, who had acquitted
thomseUes with honor in the conflict.
After ftreetinB his son. thr Emperor
addressed the Guards in tlio public square.
"I greet ou iu. chief, ' he aid, "and
thank jou. "I have often seen our regi
ment at manejvers and on parade, but
It U a particular pleasure to gre.t jou
on a conquered land.
"Tho regiment fought as I expected
and aa our fathers fought before Ua.
The battle of Vlrton will be eternally In
beribed with letters of gold in tho his
tory of tho war.
"Our comrades of the eastei n artn
have also fought saUantl The ann
of the Crown Prince and the army under
the Grand Duke of Wurttembers have
advanced victono'isly. Our enemies are
"Tho eastern armj liai driven three
Russian corps over t.ns frot.tler T'i
Russian corps capitulated in the open
field. Sixty thousand men and two gen
erals were made prisoners
'Tor all these lctorte we have to
thank onlv one. Tnat l our God who
Js over us."
British Government Takes Over At.
lantlc Transport Vessel.
The Brltifch Government ha& com
mandeered the Atlantic Transport steam,
ship Mamtnu, which up until the out
break of the war plted between this port
and London
At th office of the International Mer
inutile Marine Company, it was said to
da that another boat would replace the
Manitou as soon as the eastward freight
inovument warranted it The Mamtott U
row on her wa to HahfaX to trannport
Canadian troo.is to the H'ene of action
Proprietor of Arcade Hotel and Ex
Councilman of Chester.
ruuSTKU. I'a-. Sept. W -Thonum Har
ereaes, pioprUtor of tie Arcade Hotel,
former inenv i of Common Count'! and
former praprktor of IlarKreuveV Cirtiw.
which mide a tour of this coniiiiy and
I'unada for eeial seiiboiis. di. this
morning at the Hotel tfomersat, tlantlc
City, whete he had been for severa' weeks
suffering with might d eae.
He built and ma.nt.ed the Chester Opeia
liuiise, Cncstn's flil modern amusement
palace, now the Washburn Theatre, and
mRnaged tlif Cl.etci Uuseba.l Club lck
n the VJ . platinj first base on the
team. He was the re ogmied llepubltcan
leader of tha Vu irtn Ward A uldow and
daughter suivc
Kaatnuii. the common law wife uf John
Uakes colored, uf Ulenluvh. was locket)
up lure ttela on the tharge of having
taken a laiae arajunt of sllvrrware trowi
the huuac of Jacob Hamilton, uf near
Morilcin. while employed there as a
titll c j ie i , i, o ill, home la,t ii lu
and r rrrd tie i pert allthtd tc
U-sc uvUJ takwu ui Un. wvuiau,
Fort-nine plaers have alread been
flcntd up by the Eastern League sK
clubs, ..nd several new nam.s appeir on
the roles of the different clubs. C.imdtn,
Jasper und De N ri ret,.in their pla.ter
of last ear and hae not "-iftned up new
meniixrs 1'rankel, a stur pel former for
t'tlca, In the New York State League,
his be ii signed up b the management
of the Trent in ten.n Tlv Hernials should
have a .long mmbit.ation when Kranktl.
Gelp, lliuh. Kane and llensthil get out
on the floor
Stefnnsjson Steamship Went Down to
Strains of Lively March
NKW YORK. Sept -In an .uncle
sent from Nome. Anoka, e.a Siattl",
to the New York Pun I. eutenant ltalph
Uempwolf, of the I'nitfi! State Hi ve
nue Cutter Hear, gies a giaphic deseilp
tion of the disaster tbut befell tSe
wrecked stenmshlp Karluk of tin Ste.'
ansson North Po! expedition Lieu
tenant Uempwolf quote- the sur Ivors
on board the Beai as saiug tn.tt the
Karluk was haid and fa.n In tin- lee
piitk f.om enrlv Octob. r u. to Jiinu.ir
in. whe.i the ship was crushed mid sank.
W. 1. MoKlnlay and J R Hudlej, two
of the Furvlvori. nre on the Ueai
Fearing disaster wl.n the Karluk was
dilfting towarl the North Pole. Captain
Hartlett, of that vessel, had s!in eb.tldng
made for nil tne ship s complin' h an
Usklmo and his v.lf. . Knitlett ,io had
the slfdges nnd gear put in old-i. and,
as a furth.r pretention, the ship i r w
each day .hipped the ice aiound the
Karluk into small pieces to make a
cushion against the prtss-ure of the c.
pack. Despite that precaution, the ej-el
grad.i.il!. settled in the water after being
crushed, and disappeared on Januuiy M
In ! fathonia of wate . Be to', i-h, sank
ftartk-tt nnl ht.irtnl a phonograpli pi i -Ing
a stl 'rinu nnr. 1.
James Murrnt. thi nntiiral st t tin rx
pedltlon, and Kirt .Mate And- i i. to.
geihtr with thi in. inb.-r of tin i irty.
lift a temporniy camp In an effmt 10
tcT !i thi mainl'iii 1, rind a!f lliied o
have pe. lulled. Murray's .nanv m'teoro
iogkal ons..r.itors wei, i, i.
Magnificent Display, Including the
Kaiser, Shown in Copenhagen.
I'OPKNH.M.KN. !l. it n
ejermam Is making vigorous i ftort ill
this .ountry to gain favor toward her
tide of th- war. ' '" "' her ,m tlioda ii
v. use of the cinematograph
Representatives of the German Givern
ment hae arrived hero with a sit, pf:
Him pietuies showing the Oernieu army
on It be at side. The pictures ai i'd
to have U-en talsen under the Kai-er's
personal bUervision,
They show the maBOiflcence of th rj. r.
man marchlns end equlpmont 'ih
Kai- r himself is shown In a num . r of
Mnn"Mi" lew si. One picturi'. !alwii
Tne Kaisei under fire." shows u mi look
ing through field glasses, prmun, !,'... at
a distant battl. Another shows hM "war
quarter at the front." of a -ertes ,t as.
behtos "h its." very comfortaoly fur
The hlms are to be supplied to mo.intr
picture theatres in Denmark. Korv.ay,
Sweden and other neutral countries at a
very low price.
There was also today a free rt.atnbu.
tion of pamphlet j in this city, written in
excellent Danish, telling of the splendid
finale itl condition of Germany and 'le
cUrmg she was forcd Into thr war The
pampb.tts den i eporls of BrilUn, French
and Russian k tones
When He Receives One
Himself Postal Authorities
Are Called In and Dress
maker Is Arrested.
Man Accused of Making Suggestion
is Placed Tinder Arrest.
Ul'TTK, Mont, sunt Id Kred Jlaanar
dot, a plumber s helper. Is being held
here today on the harge uf qdviklng a
man to iut uolsuii iu the drinking wate.
used by I'M members of the State fc'Uaidv
The police, v.Uo arrested lagnarlot,
eutlm (hat lie suggested to a man that
pnUon be plaed in thi Court House
ilrinking it .Her wiut. In- .Hid a iduinbe:
r nsilii,- Ho i e i (, u-l, -lion
u- -parned atij 't n itu .1 tn - n ,11
Tluee sisters who had been tctelmg
"poison pen" letters for ncnil. two jeafs
kept them a secret until tho iiitcrloii
writer sent one to their father. Thli
was the story told toda by the Misccs
Mary, Helen and Agnes Timmons, daugli
teii of K. P. Timmons, i) Chester rike,
Sharon Hill. Mm Anna ritahl, a -di ess
maker, who lives within six blocks ef
tlio Timmons famll. Is alleged to be
the writer of tho letters. Kim was held
under 1300 ball after 11 hearing before
I'nite'd States Commissioner Chailes W.
ICdmonds. .
When .Mi. ' million. a tistli and oster
commission rnerrlittut ni Wot. r and
Dock f tints r.-eelved the letter, In- had
It put In tin hai. Is of the postal uuthoil
tles, Three months' woik b;i ln-peitor
Mathew MeVkui i suited In the nne-it
of Mias Stab! Shr denies having written
tin luttrs. tlijt!'h her haudwitliiia. nc
cordliig to experts, conforms tloirly
with 'hat In the poixon pen K-tt. 1 - which
have b"n Bttniiiliig Into the Tun nous
home foi tie lu-t two ye-ais.
It is doubtful 11' the nijhter would 1 ver
have been eleiur.1 up had tho writ, r con
fined her atti ntloim to tin- tluee Tim
mons g'rls. I'oi in nit two i u tiny
recti veil the lett.i.s ry few dui. but
the Utters ulwaj?, win loin up and de
stroed without ' being dincuas.d
The four lettei., two of them written
bv Mis Stohl. er, -siibniitli d to T. H.
McCool, a haudwiiting eXpeit, who de
clared they were nil the Work of the lama
peisou. The writer ot the poioon jieii
Ii tiers hnrt tried to dUuiip her wilting,
but after the lirt few lines mnifrt
characteristics disappeand and th script
,'tow natural.
All tho letters sent to the TimniotiB
sirls weie- unpilntable. There hae heon
more than a hundred in all. MeViear be.
Ib-'.es nnd they came at Intervals of a
few du.s. Most of them weie maibd in
Hnladelphia, but two whi'-h will he of
f. red us evidence cairns from iuib.
1 it all tin letteis only ton Kinali' The
Ti'iinions alfls tore them ,p as w as
tin nulled and said nothing about treni.
KiiiHll. iriititid, it is 11. Il.'vul. r the
failure to iuoub the gills to i.i,w!n,'
t ej had icceived the letter, the miateri
11 is writii addressed Mi. Ti'iinions. The
1 tiist note leiehed him in pei-ember und
1 the second In Januar. Hutu w.irm.l him
t't.it hU iiaughtcr ho ih be watched and
contained vicious n'-c n. itiotis,
Voi ouie time Tliiimoiia tried unsuc
enbsfully to find who was wrltlii- the
letters, and then off iv I the reward uf !
U), That faltea. and he turned to the
postal Inspectors.
At ilnl it was U.( vc I tiiat tl letters
wire Iti.-iirc-d Uy jfj'uaj, nnd on that
a'ui ptiuii aavi.'iai .iiaioii Hilt young 1
worn 11 wei,. cms. i iaune-t. When sus
pie c 1 f II un Miss Ktahl, however, that
tiieiuj was discarded
Th'-re has never be n "a man in tin
tase. ' actoiding o the investieatois, A
youth nhu was boarding with the ttahl
was sent sway lb day after McSbai
questioned their dauuhiu. in oiUer that
suspicion could not bt attached to l.i
hruui!h W presenci n in mid he calie-d
twice at the Tliwnwna home. i am old
enough to ha bis mother, anyway," Mis
situhl dsclared when bis name was
brought into the nut atoning.
The CUM Is a msttry to Mr Tii'
moiif. tin father of the girls, who -t-lve'l
h U tiers
Mr. Tilumoiitf o(fi'd a reward of tvu
wlieii he flit leaiiuit I lit bin 14 weie
coining iuto his houe. but efforts of
prhatu detfttiies to iimj who was rJt
Ins them weie futile.
in May he appeal, d to the postal in
spector, am) Mathew McVicar et out
le leuui the identity of the writer.
"It was a pioce uf iliiuinatioii that
led ue to sL'.-ptft Mi i8 Shaw," said Mc
Vicar t'Mlai A list of persons who might
bae written the letter was prepared,
but it was cut down until only Miss
Blabl tewalned. This was last Mu
The evUleucs on which Miss Stahl as
held esterday vs kceured b Mc Vicar
mi Jui,, 1 That da he went to see
Mi- Mai I 11 be 1 In ni' Mint Staid H
nit i 4 --I tit ne tin j and
...! vi.u . a li"J m 4 am ill
double house at Khaion Hill for ten
I ' ir.-i Tlie accused woman Is a dtes
I maker, often emploeil by wealthy Plnla-
in Iphtniis and icsldeiits of the submbs.
MoVlear found Miss Stnhl nt home mid
'old In r she was suspected of bavin,'
I wi'tten the lettets to the Timmons kIiIi
She denied -it
'Wh. lust to tiioie that those lettu
were not mine I'll in I to ou n specimen,"
die told McVieui. lie hud her cop. two
of the notes sent to Miss Helen Timmons.
Mii Stuhl ns lety nervous while Mc-
bar uuestloucd lier, he biis, nnd denied
lepeniedlv that she had hud nn hand in
the poirou pen lettets.
"I nel'i r hale seen Miss Stuhl, or If I
Jiave 1 did not know her," he sultl to
day. "I am told tht sho made some
di esses tor my daughter Helen, but that
wns several cnis nfto. No one could
bale any cauto to write letters of that
kind. I am Kind an arrest has been
made, hut I am chlell.i an.Nious to haie
the lotteis stopped.
Helen Timmons. who received most of
the lettets, is not jet IS years old. She
was a student at the Swat tliiiioie 1 e
uurntoiy School nil last winter and will
be graduated next .lime if she returns to
school. "My daiiRhtor Is not stionB,"
hald Mr. Timmons, "and 1 doubt wltethei
I shall send her back to school foi a
month or two. The letters bnie wotrled
her s rlon.slj. '
Miss ritalil iiiav be tiled curly next
week The an est was not made until
yesterday becnuso the com ts wete In
rvcets durlns tho summer and tho postal
authorities were certain sho could be
found iihon tiny wanted her.
Miss .Stnhl'.-. atloiney, O. 1'lantuu
Mlddletoii, Is not In Philadelphia today,
but his pnilner. John Wuktde.i, said he
11.1s confident the chincea aealnst .Miss
Stnhl would be found without basis when
all the evidence was heaid.
Ovation to the Republican
Candidate for Governor at
the Gratz Fair and in Manv
Nine Chinese Girls Will Wear Na
tive Costumes in American Schools.
NUW YOIIK. Sept. HI -Nine I'luncif
Klrl students niii'-ed here yestei.lay to
enter Ameiicnn rhoolh as tho wnids of
tholr Gnvernnii-iit. Tin-,, are the tiist
women to 1 enefit fioni th. Vnimieau In
delimit fund whlth thr Chinese (invent
ment act aside foi educational pui pones
from the $l-,XiO,Aun rvin.tled ly thr I'ulted
States Uovernnn nt Horn the dumaues
duo on account of the Hoer upris'ns.
The nine rih will stn nt the Youiiv
XVumeii'i I'hrlst'un Assutlatlon, ut l.vx
inmon avenue and JJd street, until thej
are sent to the various piepaiatury
schools. The all have padstd coljepo
clitiunce exnni'nations In Kugllsli, math-einatlr-H
and laiiKuriiii .
Tl.ey have asreed not to disend their
native ClilncM, costtimt. Most of the
itlrls come from hanhal and arc
daUKhtei1- of Chlnrse piiBtoii of China
m'.islonuiy ehurches Theh numn ure
Me Tune Tina. Yuoh linii' V.iiur, 1'miK
I.inB Leo, Its Iun 5J.ui. Kotn Yien Wiiii-,
linen TiUHC TsaiiB. Ling Sln. K Lina
T mK. Hun-' Tstih f.uiie'. Mi Inn;? lluu
a..d f'!"', An Chin.
Colonel M. P. Gnge Will right With
Fifth Dragoon Gtmids.
VXhHIVUTuN. Kept 18 -Under riMi
otdtrs to teport at once for duty with
hi' re'in.' nt, Colcnel Moreton l. Unui ,
inilltao uttuche of the British Kmbuw.
ariived In Washington today fiom Ni w
V11H and beuati hurriedly makinsf tin il
prepuiatlons to leave for the tb'..tr, of
W..11-. He will Join his old connnuinl. li
Pitlh lruBoon Ouards.
Colonel OaSe was assigned f o dut ,i
too IJmlatsj Iu !!':. and Is popilu in
udlitaiy circles. He paid n fur. w.ll 1 .11
P lav at the State Department, and .a
certain of the other Kmbassies
IIAUltlSUrilC;, Sept. lC-Dr. Mai tin o.
HuimbaUKli spent an hour in this city
this morniiiK, lecelvini; many filends nt
the Commonwealth Hotel, Icnvlupr Inter
foi the flriitz Fair, on tho upper edse
it the county, wheio he, spent the after
neon. Doctor Brumbaugh came oiei fiom
PittsbuiKh on n iileht train and held his
reception at the Commonwealth, Hum 1'
to U o'clock. He w-ns in excellent spliits
nnd highly unaided with what ho had
found iu tho western end of the State,
The journey of tlio ftepublican candi
date for Governor to the tirou Knlr was
a continual scries of stops and brief re
ceptions In tho many towns aloiiK thu
route. The paity included V. II. Hor
ner, lEupubllcan County Chairman; .lutnos
15. Lentz, Vice Chaltman; Congressman
Anion K. Kroldcr, candidate for re-election
on the Ilepubllcau ticket, nnd other
piominent men in the pail. v.
Doctor .Uiumb.iush went to Hie UruU
l-'air b special imitation of the man
agement, and he found a gteat cioivd of
voturs there to welcome him with en
thusiasm. The Uiumbnugh pnit.i lift this city In
uulumoblles and inn up the ilver load
as far us HullfuN, wheio it was neces
sary to strike across countr. A stop
was inado at Halifax for luncheon.
till the road to Halifax t,it, p.i, was
not Ij luteieMid groups at li'ort Iliintei,
ileckton Mills, Daiiphm, Spei cevill. and
at inti-i veiling points and all gave the
itepubllcuii gubernatuti.il candidate a
warm welcome.
After leaving Halifax eail. in the aftei.
noon Mop- wire made at t'lshci vllle,
Dietrich, Kliznbethville and Hcrrysburrf,
winding up ot tlio Unit. Pair giounds,
..heii' the ittiialnder uf tho day was
pent 1 v the party In gcnernl handshak
ing u id lipealiiiur.
Their Motor-boat Was Sunk by Penn
sylvnnla Cnvflont.
.NEW YOltK, ,Sept Iti.-lleit A. Abbott,
u proofirudcr for '.he New Yull; 1'lt-ss,
and i-'rank V. llowland, 11 meehuiilcal
. nginei r, iiure di own. d last night uppo
in. South I'eni, whin tin mutorboat In
which they w.ie ililln- n,; inn down
.mil sunk oy a uilioal owmd by Ihu
P, tins. Iianla Itu 11. '.id.
1 low I mils li, ,lj a iccoieied. but
Abbott a was not
Lsttei Heads
BUI Heads
Business Cai ds
I' 'syfraSVyrvty
r 1
$123,107.51 FOR RED CROSS
Jfew York Branch Hopes Tund Will
B? 150,000 Saturday,
NEW YOUK, Sept. JC-The total
amount collected by thet New Yoik
branch of the Red Crust Hoc let u $U'.i,
107 SI- As donations ni 1, eel ml dail.
ii is hoped that the fund will reach Wi.
(M) h' Satimluv nlfchi
Anuthei rapid), flowing luud ts ibc
one being raisid foi the lelief uf the lion
combatant sulfereis in Belgium The
fund fur tin niaintt nance and equlpim nt
of the American ambulance hospital Iu
Carls amounts to 40.3ii.7S.
Dynamite Explodes While Workman '
Investigates Cause of Delay.
LANCASTIJK, Pa. Sept. W-Cuiloslt 1
today cost Ccoro Hcilman. of York, his '
life. He was eiuplot.d on the State load
ntr Diegon. where blasting was being
done. One of iwo dynamite cartridgt-j
falling to explode he uppiuath.d to In
vestlitate, and while bending ovei u
cartridge It esrlided kllliii!! Heilman m
Lere s an end
to your printing
troubles when you
entrust your orders
to us. High-grade
work, prompt de
livery, right price.
"We Keep Promises"
l.ni;runr ami lauburra.
Admiral Pntey Reports Details of
Capture of Het berstshohe.
.MT-5LHOintNl5, Sept. 10.
Pi line Minister Milieu has iccelvcd tin
following iiliilcss icpoit from Admiral
I'.Ue.v, in command of the Australian
navy sqtiudioii in Its operations in
"J estimate that theie were 20 or CO
Gei mans killed nt Ilerberstslioho and six
Hiltlsh. The defending loicc was numci
Icnlly the stiongitit.
"The conduct of tho Austiallnns In
action was extremely valoious.
"I'-urlhor lighting Is piobable, although
the Hiltlsh hold Itabnul.
"In Its operations the Australian fleet
has done good work In conjunction with
the Urltlsh China sea .squadron, In de
ploying German wholca stations In the
SUA GIItT. N. J., sept. 16-The fJ
tunes of Sea Girt, which have piay
eee-saiv since the time tho Pcnnsylyan,
nnllroad Company opened il, . ,
rrlnvrtlnnmAntii 4l.i.t. . l Wi
' ' yearn a6o nnd whW
especially atfeclod by the faUr
e Keystone Bank lit l'hiiadelnhi ..
again to haim In n,e 1...'.
I tlirougl, the action of ft number of Z
1 - " """"hc-ib vno, neatlcd by t
; Dunford Samuel, of Philadelphia hv'.
I applied to the neat by borough of Hntln-
1 Lnlcn fne niihAwnlthH 4 . . .
" --"..on 01 U part of the r.
sort to that place.
Tho old property on nets here air.,,
ty ,ln? 'w'nlnated ZlnT
f ,,,. r"V, ' "u"l.J ' Jl "' tmct h
iivib "S ',""" "."-,1. sw
delpliln. have been nmi.'.lni.i ,. ...i.""'
of the fight against what they Intel ter
lltorlal onntess on. ' cl '"
Tho subject has been under dlvUg.J
licio for soma limn, but It v,-a" 1 !
centlv fhni tl, r,i.i n,.i-... '", J'" n
approached tho Sea Girt Von.pn , a,
'lemanded Improvements of Hti..et lnJ
vicinity of the older resloentlnl m,2
opening of Occnt, avenue aiu. conitnS
tlon of n boardwullt to Join with thi
Spring Lake wulk on the north Thol
ihnT .' of , .I"'"". 1".. .bi..l.!" . ."Je-laraUoi
: w ...,,,... iikhi mini w,-ib only b.
sohl''" 0" Wl"'rC ll'U '0lS Wle bcln
Tito lacl lli.it the residents pav tltclf
tneH to tho authorities of Wall towiislili1
unii jet nave no bencilts from them hat
....Uu 1, ,. ,,u. mo tuwnsmp, wlilchli
noted for its excellent toads. Is powcrlcn
to help, fclnco the Sea Girt Company holdi
lltlo to tho streets and refuse-, to dedl.
cate them to the township.
Tho borough of Spring Lnke has Inns
coveted the pretty north end of Sea Gltt
which nestles along the south shore ofi
hicuh. i-ouu. toe municipal autliorltlei
realize the opportunities for lieaiitlfylnt
their southern section by the acquisition
ut tnu norm cnu or sea (Jlrt
unison .Moms, ot Philadelphia, also
plays an Important part In the present
controversy, as he holds a pet iictu.il in
junction against tho Improvement of what
Is known ns Ciescent Pink This park
is siiiiuieu in tne rear 01 liuallti I!ow.
This U n cottage section which "contain!
the summer homes of ninny exclusive
families, including those of Mr. .Morris,
Mis. Joseph Oglcsby of Philadelphia;
Mrs. Wright, of Philadelphia: Charles S.
Hlnchmnn, of Philadelphia, and Thomai
Morrison, or Pittsburgh, a nephew of An
drew Carnegie.
AUBURN. N. Y., Sept. Ill -While
temporarily Insane, William Fuller, M
years old, a prosperous young farmer ot
Sennctt, near here, shot nnd killed hli
wife early today and then committed
suicide. I
l,,,1t. llffte el, till, n cnl n, t .. . nHA..n4 t
- u.. a.t.iv ..i.u.v,,, .-.,. v.j.t, UIUUUU
tho bodies when neighbors entered tin
Fuller home.
Founded 1837
Colored Dress Goods
Arc Nov Located on the Firs Floor, West Side
In their new quarters will be found all the newest and most desirable
mittcriali and colorings that arc to be the
vogue for the coming season.
Biress Goods for Faflfl amid! Wieter
New Weaves and Colors
FRENCH GABARD1XK, colors Hunter, Edison, Tobacco, Pansy,
Snuff and Navy. 54 niches wide. $1.50 and $2.00 yd.
DIAGONAL ONDULE, colors Black and Navy. 54 inches wide
$1.50, $2.00 and $2 50 yd
CIIATON OREU.LE, in Navy. 54 inches wide. $2.75 per yd.
1'EAU DH .SOURIS, in Navv. 54 inches wide. $275 yd.
VEAU DE SOURIS, iu Black. 54 inches wide. $4.00 id
GERMAN BROADCLOTHS, colors Terra Vert, Edison. Tete'de
Negro, I'ansy, Prune, Eb'K Plant, Midnight Blue and Mysterious
Green. 54 incites uidc. $2.75 and $3.00 yd.
AUSTRIAN BROADCLOTHS, in Black. 54 inches wide.
$2.50, $3.00. ?3.50, $4.00 yd
CREPE POPLIN, colors Pansy, Marine, Hunter, Raven, Tobacco.
4G inches wide. $1.00 per yd
Black Dress Goods
On the Second! Floor, Remain in their FormerExcellcni
Location for Light and Convenience
Fuahion decrees u season of black and wc have prepared a collection
of fabrics io meet all demands of fashion and for
mourning purposes:
firniportedl Dress TrimimSinigs
in wowlroua variety. You will have little difficulty to suit your
individual taste from among this wealth of beautiful trimming.
Included in the Display Are
JET FLOUNCINGS. 6 to 27 inches wide, ?1.25 to 58.50 per yard
BLACK OR WHITE NET FLOUI.ClNGS, heavily embroidered
iu colors, 15 to 27 inches wide, ?3.50, $4.50, $5.50, $8.00 per d.
MonnciuK, 6 to 24 inches, $2 00 to $8 00 per yd.
JI'.T BNDS, 1 to 9 inches wide, 75c to $0.00 per yd.
OPALESCENT JlNDS, l to 6 inches, $1.50 to $7.00 per yd
BEADS AND SPANGLES on White or Black Net, 18 to 27
inches wide, $3.00 lo $9.00 yd.
Pearl Trimmings for Weddamg Gowinis or
Evening Costumes
Wc direct special attention to our comprehensive btock of pearl
triimnintfs .ind urge early selections. AlUOvers, Ornaments.
Chain, Gimps, Jland, Festoons, Tassels and Pendants.
Novelty Bottoms
Bullous lijjtire conspicuously on the smart costumes for Fall.
From our last importation wc are showing:
11201128 Gl.Kstnut Street
JaP"a"i I ""
ill nti
AdMBM,n.r H Bl
i i in Mummmmm