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Three Olhcr U. of P. Men
Eliminated in the Prelimin
ary Collegiate Matches
Held at Merlon C. C.
Fa, Sept. 15 With nine mllegis liptc
aonted 111 the Intercollegiate tennis chain
plonshlp toiiruuupiit In progress huff on
the Merlon Cricket Club tutf courts there
was plenty or . xclteiuent when the pie
llmlnary matclu's wcie matted shortly
bcfiiro nocii tothiy. with the icsiilt thai
threi' of the tout University of Pennsyl
vania tennis pin) era woie i liniluatcil, tho
solo survivor being Jack Hlsstun, the
Philadelphia Cricket Club youth, who
won lrom Doyle, Liaitmouth, in a tin 111
lug three-set mutch
L'hls was u disappointment to Red and
Ulue followers, but not ontliel unex
pecud, for Joe How laud. Jt . had the
national tenuis chuniplon, Hlchard N
Williams, M, us his opponent. The in
tercollegiate champion advanced, but
Jtowl.ind made a gteat showing, winning
thruo games In the llrst set and two In
the second Iteplogle, another Penn vet
eran, succumlu'd to the ptowess of Hall,
Vale, In two sets. The third Penn man
to fall by the wayside was Captain Al
bert U. Kennedy, of the Merlon Cricket
Kennedy lost his i ellmluai) round
match with L Vundevander, the Prince
ton star, who never plaed better tennis
Iho match was lutotestlng ami man)
pretty shots weie exihungtd, the Prince
ton representative winning the llrst st
with the loss of only uiie same and the
second set with the Uss of three games
Disston s solitary win for Penn was tlK
only bright spot from a local standpoint.
He had to play at the top of his same
every minute of the time to pertorm the
ft at
The llrst set was won by Disston, 0
to 2. 'Iho second set show til the Penn
man losing ground ai.d he dropped the
match b guinea to 3 Then he ral
lied and by some pietty tennis and bril
liant work at the net pulled out the de
ciding set 6 games to J. which car
lied with It the match. II y his vlctoiy
Disston qURlllli d to meet J. S. Urown, ot
Harvaid, who udvunced to the llrst
round by the default of llenton Cornell.
Another hotl contested match was.
played between A M Ivlddei. Princeton,
and Cady. Amherst, In the prellmlnniy
session. Kidder who has been playing
tournament tennis all over the East and
Middle West, was forced to extend him
self to win. the match lasting the long
est of an of the eight preliminary UN
tuns on the program Tho first bet
went to the Pilneeton man, 7-5, the sec
ond was vi on by Cadv, y-7, and the third
found the Amherst player platng er
ratic tennis, Kidder winning, to-2 and
thereby capturing thu match
Tho ummar
MiiKltJ Preliminary Kuunil It 5 Stojilnrd
"idle iwteaied Allen lldierfonl, .'-1 ! I A
M. Kltltier Prlmuion defeated cady. Vale,
7-,, 7-U, i-J J t- Urown non from llenton,
Cornell, by iletnult J S Disston Pt-nilia-nU,
diluted Ixiylc. Lrartmouth D-J t-ii, tl-J
1, Vanrtciiinlcr Prlmetun, denniei A. k.
Konncdj, 1'tnnsiWanta, 0-1 ii-i V tad
xnle, detected Kpl idle Pennm Ivania. tl--c-3,
Menard N Williams Harvard deflated
J. IlonUnd, Jr. Pennsylvania, u-a, .1-'., L,
iivIms Harvard, dcttntml Vletk.il Havcr'jrd
The J' C Law Princeton, defeated Hoe
by the tnflV'h- 7-5. n-i
mnthrr in , i.Jt
Roger Pecktnpaugh Named as Tem
porary Manager of Team.
SGW YORK, Sept 13 -Frank Chinee
quit ns manager of the Now York Yan
kees today, linger Pccklnp.tURli, short
stop and captain, was named as tem
porary m wager
Chance was given the $3300 salary he
demanded for the closing month ot this
season, and when this was given to him
he canceled his contract, which called
for his handling the team next seison nt
a saloiv of $30,000
Chance watched the game trout the far
end of the tUld
V, hen old-time- fans stai t in a bvu an
tty liaid not to disagree fore nainln what
the 'II take, an ou heal 'Jlbson 'mn
tlomd, ttli It can t be onl Just one gu
there -un't be no mistake The le
talkm' bout the I'irate star It s J' to 1
they ure ll othei (iibsons snatch.
Tho le all for Giore Thev should be
too. Thcu's darn few llvln who tan do
a better Job at catch
At bhth Gib started out Canuck In
baseball though, to change his luck he
went to Buffulo His one ear thern in
19M ho made the fans sit up an roar to
watch him catch an' throw Next ear
'twas Pittsburgh fans who raved about
the wa that George behaved down there
behind the bat He s been their Idol since
that da an' If the ol bo went away
the'd crape their sloevi-s an' hat
Gibs work was not nil with the mitt
He knew how to ,ret up an hit to paste
'em on the nose When pitchers start to
tH'Jnto the se o1 Gib behind the plain
an' keep earth near their toes It's tenth
yar an" still hi's good He catches,
throws an' swinge the wood In prtt fair
form ve The Pirates this vear haven't
classed But that don t cover Gibson's
jtnnt It's too bright to forget (Copv
rlghted by A. M Carrisan i
Received a ltter from Joseph Kalbfus
secretarj of the Board of Game Commis
sioners of this Stat calling attention
to the fact that sportsmen are now In
position to enjoj reed bird shooting dur
ing this month and the nost It Is also
brought to our attention that wild water
fow l that be shot September I to January
IS. Doesn't that sound like some real good
It's an 111 wind that blows nobody
good as the old adage goe3 It's a sad
business for Frank, but according to
leports gives Jack Dunn an opportunity
The manager of tho Baltimore Interna
tionals has been mentioned as a possible
successor to the Peerless Reader The
manner In which Dunnle hab handled the
managerial reins of the Orioles Is a testi
monial enough that he has the ability
Until he decided to sell nil of his star
placrs this vear, he had the squad at
the top of the heap
Princeton I'niversit) s football levon
this 5 ear will bear watching as even this
carl) In the season the material is show
ing form. Ucports from Ttgervllle Indi
cato that a fine lot of athletes is on hand
The same condition ma be said of Ponn
As Is often the ease a preliminary fight
outshadows the stellar ffair Last night
at the 01mpia Athletic Association the
best tight vi as between Eddie Wagond. of
Southwark. and Dannie Murphy, of the
Seventeenth Ward They slmpl had the.
fan3 wild as the action was of the whirl
wind sort from gong to gong Kid Wil
liams won from Louisiana in the main
bout, but It wasn t much of a battle.
The Glantb lost a bit of ground yestor
dav, when they divided the double honors
with the I'hllltcs as uoston made ft-a
with Brooklyn The lead now enjued ts
iwo und a half games A pretty fair
handicap. Mathewoon's failure hurt Mc
Graw's planned coup
Louis Dlsbrow. the automobile driver,
U the holder of one more record now.
though the discover has come a bit Ute
Saturday last he smashed a world's record
at St Paul, w hen he drove his. machine
ten miles In S 'M-s breaking his own mark
of 8.17 02
The fctorv In these columns to the effect
that Dr Kraenxleln would probably not
return to German after his granted leave
-Of absence will probabl create consider
able discussion Th former Penn star
athlete was engaged by the German Gov
ernment to train the Kaiser s athltts
for the next Olympic meet With the war
In progress, there is no need of the doctor
In that country, and some American in
stitution wtll land a great plum If it
secures the services ot the eiperu
American League Batsmen,
No Longer Fearing Dead
ly Ball, Have Beaten Wal
ter Seventeen Times.
In th season of 1113 Unltei Johnson
was credited with the los of IKo games
With nearly another month to go before
the 1511 campaign closes, the speed king
has dropped IT contests. Has Johnson
lost lili speed? Has ho lost tho nit of
putting the Jump on tho ball" The play
ers say not. What then Is the matter?
Control and a dendt.v fear of killing u
An) man with Johnsons control can
prevent hitting a batsman if ho chooses.
Johnson docs choose, and what Is moie
to the point, the batters know It. It wni
during the eail) stages of the present
race that the first stories of Johnson s
fear of hitting batters were published.
Thes. aitlclcs, printed by piaetlcally
even newspaper In the cotintr), contained
the statement of the Washington hurler
that he would quit baseball forever If he
should kill a man with n pitched boll
This, naturall), gave tho batters con
fidence, for there Is no doubt that John
son's eftectlvcness was due, to ft large
extent, to the fact that the would -b
hlttei3 pulled away from tho ptate, and
In so doing lobt their too hold, as It were.
N'ow tho mnjorit) of battels In the
American League know that Johnson Is
not going to attempt to use the ' bean
ball" on them, and furthermore, that his
control Is so wonderful that the chances
for being hit are small
That this fear of being hit Is a matter
which affeots batters to a very large ex
tent is shown time and again, especially
in the early spring Let n manager send
In a )Oungster who ha a fair amount of
sjwed, but who possesses the usual wlld
no3s of the untrained performer A
major league club will be held to a mini
mum number of hits b) such a pitcher
, It is for this same reason that man) of
th pitchers in both the American and
Vitlinil leTgttes use tho "bean-ball."
' , .mi i intimidate the batters and
iit'n thev do
Clark Grlttith has instructed his pitchers,
so it Is said, to send ono or more balls
straight tor Frank Bakers head cvry
time he goes to the bit And thev arc
said to do it, with the eveptlon of John
son mild minigers prnbabl older the
same thing done at le-ist the pitchers do
it Twice icintlv Raker became en
raged at th I c.in-b.ill effort" of two
Nassau Country Club Tour
ney Will Settle Question
of Best Golfer in the
United States.
I. I, N. Y, Sept. P'. ThlilV-two women
golfers who qualified vesterdav for mulch
pltv teed tip today on the links of the
Nassau Colttitf) Club for the llrst of fivo
lotnid.o to decide tho championship of the
I'tiltcd states.
Uvervwhorn there was discussion over
the ninw and ninny expressions of icgiet
were hraid Hint the luck ot It should
have cniled s stllr plajcrs to fight It
out In tho early lounds.
Miss Grace Semplf and Mis. 1:, H.
'sipedmnn, both of St, Louis wcie bi ought
together, likewise Mls Minion llollins
and MUs Lillian 11 H)do, the two Long
Island stai The third match of thl
kind was that between Mrs. Itonnld V
Pnilow, tho Philadelphia title holdel, nnil
Mnrgnret Curtis, of Hssov County (Mass.),
thrlco the w Inner of the national cham
pionship Ilv fni tho best scoring of the dav was
done b) MK- Margaret Cuitlo, but with
all ol It she, met the paradoxical fate of
being beaten on tho 19th hole by Mis
Ronild H. Barlow, the Philaililphi.t
champion. In 1012 nt Ese Count), Miss
Curtis' home club, Mrs. Barlow had to
bo content with the position of runner
up for the title to Miss Curtis so that
the Philadelphia success of today Is in
the nature of settling an old score.
Mls Curtis plr.ved finely n shown b
the fact that she hid nn VI, within a
stiokc of the couisc record of Miss Hule
made last )at Cvtii so, Mrs Barlow
had an " Tho latter wan as wild as a
hawk on the Hist two holes, and lot
them both, but she pulled herself to
gethoi enough to level the match on the
fourth She then took the nggi"-so b
winning the Sth and 1'th b) means of
par J and 1, l caching the turn 2 up
After the tenth, Miss Curtis plavrd
championship golf. She not onl) -qtiaiid
the match, but became on- up at tin lot i,
but filled to keep pace with Mis Bntlovv
on the next hash of the 17th mat her
that but Mis Hallow potmltted th"
match to be leveled once ngaln whin she
got bunkued on the home hole
Miss Alexu Stoillng, of Atlanta, the
voungen plavei In the touinamtnt she
i a mete girl of V summcis, came up
agnlnst Miss Georiannn M. Blclinp who
won the qualifying medal. Little Mi--i-teillng
with her lluffi auburn hull
hanging ovei her shoulders. Is tall and
lithe and her stvle is excellent She
t-pnnl:s awa a flue long bill, geneiully
straight, and h'-i appioachlng method Is
to co boldly up to the pin She has a
good putting stance and doc well on
the greens she will he heaid lrom
furth-i This Is hrr first big tourmmetit
The experience of Miss Bishop was too
much for the fair Southerner and the
erstwhile tltleholdor emerged n wlnnei
b) J and 1. It might have been eas)
foi the Biooklawn pla) er, for Fhe was
1 up at the eighth and this became .1 bv
tl.r time the- fourteenth was reached, but
little Miss Alea developed a pluck)
streak and bv menns of two fine fours
nt the fifteenth and blMfenth helped b
a good long game she reduced the other's
advantage to one hold with two to plav
H, i work at the sixteenth was pirf-et
nn the next Miss Bishop's superb biassb
shot to th gifen from an abominable lie
inihlul her to win the seventeenth hob
and the match bv 2 up and 1 to pla)
Th. .ard.
4 (115
Yesterday's Results,
Alhtrlfrn. 2 1 New York. I.
IMrolt, 0 Cleveland, 4.
St Imhiis, (It thlrnmi, (I (ttnrltnrM).
11 nahliiKton, A) Boston. 1,
lloMon, 3 MnnhlnRton, 0,
(Second game )
Club Standing.
. . .. n"- ' PC. W L PC.
Mlilrtle 87 4(1 ,(tSt Chloneo OS HI) 477
ttoton.. 78 M MllfU T.ould .',0 72 .4.0
tlotrolt 71 ni MO Vow York CO 7 ,44S
Wnsliln'n (IS 02 23 Cleveland IS 00 .323
Tomorrow's Games,
riiloncn nt SI. I.oiils.
Detroit nl Clerelsnil.
Yesterday's Results.
New Inrk. 3t riillndrlphtn, H.
I'lillailrlphln, tot Sew lord. 0.
(Second gnme )
llmlnn, Is Ilronliltn. :t.
Clilrnsn, 7 1 Pittsburgh, 4.
Club Standing.
w l, l'C. V I, PC
Motion . 74 .v. ,-,7 ntlsliu'li 01 0s 471
S'en Vork 7.' r.S -,-,! 1'lillllrs 00 71 ,1H
t Louis 71 OJ .Ml nronklvn is 72 440
-Milrann . 71 01 M0 Clntlnn'tl i0 74 .430
Tomorrow's Games.
( hlinrn nl Brooklyn.
I'ltlsMiruh at I'lillndelptiln.
s( I.iiiiIh nt Boston.
( Inrluniitl nt New York,
Yesterday's Results.
Itultlmorp, 3; Knnsns (II), !
IiMllnnniiiill-, to; Ilrnokhn, 0.
I'ltllitireb. A; (blingn, 2,
ItutTnlii, 13: St, I mils, 3.
Club Standing.
vv i, ic w I, I'.c
"hliiiRo 7i :.n '..vi Buffalo in 03 sns
Indlinnv 73 "It ,""t Knnnus C 0J OS 477
niltlinnre 0s l.il Ml si Louis ,"s 73 .44 I
UronkUll U7 III .."iL'3 1'lttsliRh ,"J 7." .410
International League Standing,
vv L P.c tv. i, p c.
It ii holer so no 000 Toronto OH 0 ,011
I'rnvlilie s-, -,s ".117 Newark 0J 7r 4.VJ
nufTnlii s'l Till ."i!t4 Montreal r.O S3 403
3 Itlmore 72 07 311 ! r C 40 00 3J4
Sport Is to End October 10,
When Speed Boat Races
for Championship of Dela
ware Are Held.
IHt ut4 31. 1
)!!- irllnc ... . . ,
i ut . . . I fi r. a .". 0 4
Mi I isWi- ...,-,
t 4 ., 4 0 .i 4
Mim Sterling ...... , .
In 40101145
Innaugural Events Have At
tracted 150 of the Best
Trapshooters in This Sec
tion of the Country.
VENK.E PVIIK. Atlantic fit), Sept
15 One hundred and fifty gun handlers
faced tho traps this afternoon In tho
practice day events nt tho opvinlng of
the eighth annual lassie of the Wosty
Hoiran This comprises but a partial
lit of the anticipate! entrants, many
awaiting the commencement f th pro
gram propar tomorrow moining.
Philadelphians aie hore in good!) num
bers, and promise to mako a fair bid foi
the championship laurel throughout the
vaibd program The cream of the East
will participate in this great shout, tho
West) Hogans being favored with an
unparalleled assemblage of sura, New
York, Delaware and all sections of penn
sylvanla having contributed
To Form New Basketball League
A new basketball league U to bo
launched thla winter VAlth thu usual clr
cult of eight teams, to be picked from
clubs In or around tho city. Tim orgaiv.
zation will be named after the old Na
tional League
It is planned to mafte the league a
flrst-clas one In over) particular ('liief
Header, ot the Athletics, has ben nvrn
ttoned as its president- Teams desiring
to msKe application ti tlio league can
do fo by addrosi-lng ur. A, tt Klrsy,
5." 11 Walnut stieet
s itnmitrlea
M s Painter heal Mrs Filler I up Ml
i dini I ell lieit Mlis Inln s u, and 0 to plaj
vns hofenthal beat Mrs Phlips 0 up and
t i ai Mrs .SMcktnn heal Mr Fox. 1 up i"
h le- Mrs VsnderbeeK delaieil Ml-i Osso'l
", ii 1 tn pia)
"li 1; r er on hat Mrs W'rlsht 1 up Mi
I nl n Crnm )tr IIpel:rli-r I up an IS m
rlu Ml M'hiip defeoteO Ml' Sterllne '. up
tn 1 to iluv Ml Mi-Nfel eit Mi Mtm
nn- 1 up Mrs Sietdman in from Miss
f. m- o I up and 2 to p'o
Ml-1 V n beat Miss l!ri-om 3 ui and S
t i .o Mis Htiiter heat Mlf Unuon 1 up
I'i 1 ,i Miss Davis bt Ml ivuM her
'J up ui I 1 tn tn. Miss llvlr t-eat Ml" JM-
lln 4 41 nid 3 to go
T'ii, ilr for tho seionrt roun.1
Mrs Inrkion Mrs rnlv. MI Il'hlnon
is Mrs V amlei liffii Miss Itosenthal is Miss
Ills mi Ml" M Nulv v" Mrs h'fo -urn,
Mr. Harter vs Mrs Barlo" Mls Hm.
Mrs Pails
To the ltli Mrs, Harlow, after Aliss
Purtls failed to set her four, ran down
a in.fi.ot putt for the hole and the match
The card:
Mr Parliw-
iflit 0 T 1 I
M'imi furtls- .
iiii! ... 4 n l 5
Mrs Harlow -
In ... .1 I 0 I
Miss furtls
In ..(441
Kxir nnlfs Mis HarH.
.1 1 r, .1 I II
I A 4 '. ft 41 1
1 M '. H tl
t Miss urrle
Kivlat to Bag? Powgr
HUSTON, Sept 15. It was annouric(
at the Boston A A yesterday thai Jim
Power, the New England champion at
one mile. atH meet Abel Kivlat, of the
Irish-Amontan A " in a special match
race at one mile at thi NVw ars, A '
euines at Travirs Island on September ?'
Kivlat beat Power in a liamlic-m In
Wuiccstor last wet Is and again ' the
national games at Ualtimore
Crimson FootbaJJers Out
CAJinRIUUE. Mass. Kept IS -Jar.
vard's football men vero alle4 out for
their llrst practice jesterday. This jear's
schedule la considered one of Harvard's
heaviest, with the I'ruverslt) of SUchl
sran Princeton Brown and 1 ale num
bered among th. Crlni n s opponents
The sason opens September 5 u-uh
Thr manner In vvhlch Mi's Ullllnn II
Hyde pln)ed ngalnst Miss Marlon liol
ling vvns nufholently good for most nny (
one, and tho Metropolitan champion beat i
the former holder of the title, 4 and 3 I
Miss Hyde vvob out In 11 to hei opno.
nont's 4, being 3 IP at the turn IJeuln.
nli)' the Invvnnl Jounioy, Miss Hyde hud
a ; foi a foundation obtaliud by means
of n cocmI putt Aflei that he hail no
rilflleulty In winning the match
The card-
ou'!"" ,h"u 1 n I 4 1 i ,-H
lBM'.'.'..V.ri- J.l.ll
, - " '"nS" 1 .1 1 4 1 ..
Mrs Ii Arnold Jackson took the meas
ure nf Miss IJnirioM H I'm Us by a $
atid t mar-itn. It was one of these hard,
up-hill affairs with Mrs Jackson tbo
assieskor meat at the time, but with
Mis' I'urtU liBhttng l"r" comtantly
Ofttn Mis. Jacljbi ii visited th bunltrrs
and they were costly vUits Ion. as
shown by the 15lli, viherr Diss t-urtls
kquared tin match for th stcoud time
but then Miss t'urtla proceeded to mes$
up tlie Uttt and 17th so that Mrs.
Jarkso.i had an cosy flnlsli
Tlie mid
With the addition of ciulsers. open
boats h)droplanes nnd displacement
lacerd from the clubs alllliuted with the
South Jeisev acht Racing Association,
which closed a successful season a vveel.
ago, to the fleets of the different clubs
connected vvitli the Delaware rtlver
Vncht Itaclng Association, new Interest
haa been aroused among jachtMtien in
this section. HegattUb and eiuises arc
to be held during the mt four weeks.
The next regatta vvhiih diaws the at
tentl'Ui of moturboai enthusiasts is that
ot the Jit Hoynl acht Club of New
.ler-e) Tlie regatta commlttto of tho
new club, whose mimboiship is made up
o. a lnige number ofKPhilndclphla ).uhts
nicn. has been working overtime to get
ever) thing In readinoj-s for tin Hist an
nual carnival to be In Id next Satunli).
The races will stait pmmptl) at 3 o'clock
and tho dual event will be an ilKht-mlle
cruiser contest In which at lcust l'J
boats will strive foi Illinois.
It was the Intention of the Regatta
Committee of tho Adilphla Yacht Club
in l'nlrmuunt Parle, to hold M'Viral raics
for displacement laces, li)droplaras and
rrulers. this .Saturdnv on the Sehu)lkill
niver. but owinc to th- fact that thu
necessary pciniit to ho'd motmbuat con
tists could not be obtained, the i.ue-s have
bfon Mllcd off. This announcement caused
some disappointment among tho ) adits
nun, but a IaiL.e iiunibi i will be seen at
.Mount Hovnl with their craft. The tall
lug off of the recattu gives sumo oi tho
owners of high-powered ipeed boats a
(hauco tn get thcli ciaft into shape foi
tho Octobti 2 nnd 10 speed carnival
Mnnv of tho shore cruiser? and open
oats will be found in lino whin tho an
nual cruise of the Pclnvvare Rlvn Yacht
rtnLing Association comes off on tho Dela
ware River, Patuidny, Heptrmber IS
A' cording to E C Ibadbv. picsident
of tip nssociatlon. there will be at least a
hundred craft In tho going, var)lng in
sUe from the llttlo op"n boat to the bii;
The licet of boats will ciuiso down tlio
river to the Salem Yacht 'Tub of Salem,
Tho next to the last evint on the sched
ule of tho association Is the spool boat
races, which will bo hold under tho aus.
ptres of tile Norrlfetowu Motnrbuat Tub
on the bchuvlklll Ulver, Satunlav, Octo.
ber 3 From a report received from tho
chairman of the regatta committee of tho
club the races this vear will bo letter
and more rloselv contested than In former
vear Tim stnr pei formers from the
clubs of South Jerae) will he on hand
tit compile against the best of the Pel.
aware and SrhuvlMU Rivers.
The racing season will come to a close
Ootbr 10. when the championship speid
boat raies of the Pejiunro River will bi
held There are two roies scheduled
both being hnndlmp, one for displace,
mint racers nnd the other foi hydio.
West End to Piny Newman
Ituseball fans In West Philadelphia will
have an opportunlt) of feeing the West
Knd nnd Neu man r P teams of the
West Philad'lphln Independent I.eaguo in
the seoond same of tholr post season on
ritituida) Klrh and R)an will be New.
rnun'b hatterv while Velt will do the
hurling and llcumer the receiving for
West End
Sixty Candidates Are Out
for Five Vacancies On the
Eleven Coaches and
Players Optimistic.
...,,., .-..t i'mii n d.mI ic n?llti
uiaid e,eiiii-e.ei ut x ., t,fc. . ,...
more than 60 eager candidates fighting
for flvo vacancies on l'cim State's foot
ball team, tho outlook for n successful
season Is most encouraging. Determined
to forget the disastrous closing of tho
1S13 schedule, the coaches and players
hnvo taken on n. most optimistic air.
They aie encouraged by the splendid
miidltlon of tho eight varsity men of
last )cnr's team, and are suro that two
halfbacks, two guards and a tackle aro
tn bo developed readily from the string
of well-coached schoolbo)s who have re
ported for the preliminary pinctlce.
Conches Harlow and Hollcnback arc
confronted by two problems the satis
factory development of a loft tnckle,
around whom State's offensive play Is
to bo const! uctcd, and a quarterback to
succeed Captain "Shorty" Miller, who
was graduated last June. Uy shifting
to left tacklo Levi Uimb, Penn State s
bulwark on tho right wing, the first
puzzling problem would be solved cnslly.
Hut for tho fear of weakening the right
side of tho line by Lamb's removal,
Coach Dick Harlow Is reluctant to make
the chnnge. Should nil other alterna
tives fall. Lamb may play the left wing
Captain Tobln Is first choice for the
quarterback vacancy. His wide football
experience, nnd his adaptability to back
flcld positions give him the llrst call.
At present he Is pln)lng the position
satisfactorily. He Is directing the eleven
with judgment and hnndllng forward
passes cleverly. Next to Tobln. Lvvlng.
tin ex-Pittsburgh Central High School
stnr nnd all-scholastic quarterback of
. ,. ....!.. I. fncnrnrl 14l
western i-eiinsjivuiii". ........
Is a newcomer here nnd his enrly allow
ing has created a profound Impression
on Coach Hill Hollcnback. Whether
Hiving or Tobln play the position de
pends upon tlie success in finding half
backs to succeed Tobln nnd Hcrrymnn
Bcirymnn Is again In college, but In-
Two rare halfbacks arc In the squ.ld.
Thev are Wclty. of the 1313 eleven, and
Whetstone, the ex-West Philadelphia
High School back. Much Is expected from
both of these men. Another possibility
K C'ubbagc. from Philadelphia Central
High school He plned both In the hick
field nnd lino last season on his school
eleven Other likely looking recruits for
halfback pUues are Ycager, of Lille
lonte High School; Past, a forniir captain
of the Hnrrisburg High School tenm;
Ycrger, a sub-hnlfback here last vear;
Dlppe. a substitute last season, nnd Oard
ncr, ot Hnrrisburg High School. The end
candidates are: Morris and Ilnrion, both
"S" men, Hlgglns, of Peddle Institute,
who Is foidng the veterans to the limit
to hold their Jobs, Schry, of Johnstown
High School Thomas, captain of last
vcir's freshman team, nnd Selmon. of
Allegheny High School
The following are aspirants foi the two
guard positions, made vacant by the
graduation of Vogel nnd Weston. Millet,
U aillilllUie" Ul IIIBU BWIUVIII ..ww.., .-
foimer Hnvcrford College ptaer, .who I
.-....,...- ,-. . -I.-.OI.. nr t 1
was ineiiiuie jiusi yci, tnj, ui '.
lojcph's College. Philadelphia. and
WoerU, formerly of Central Manual
TT alnlng School. Philadelphia. For
tackles there aie. MacDovvell, who won
his letter last jear, Lamb, the aggressive
linesman, P.uilsh nnd Balbach, the two
hiav) weights from Harry Hlllman Acad
rai, Swavne, of Hellefonte Academy,
Suttnii, of Allegheii) College, nnd Oberle,
a Pbllatlelphl i bov who came' from Mei
cutburg Academ) Wood Is sun of the
JUU ill luillie lilt nuiiit; iiumn uuu w. ... i
Clnik nt fullback Iloth tluse men aro I
in tile pinic oi conuiiion umi ruauj in ku
Into a game this week.
Basketball, the Forerunner.
At a Meeting of the East
ern League Tonight, News
Is Certain.
Kerr nnd Butler Leave to Take Up
Studies tit Muhlenburg.
Three more Philadelphia schoolboys
were ndded to Mulilenburg's already lnrge
total when Ted Butler nnd Davo Kerr,
Central High's two foremost nthlotcs,
along with Kennedy, the Urslnus quarter
back of last season, who once played the
same position In fine stylo for Northeast
Manual, decided to cast tholr lot with tho
upstate college.
Bantamweight Champion Is
Engaged September 28, at
the Olympia, and Later
Will Fight Another Boy.
According to n statement of Sammy
Harris, diminutive malinger ot Kid Wil
liams, tho world's bantamweight cham
pion, tho tltleholder will delight Philadel
phia audiences nt lcnst tvvlco this season,
ns tho Baltimore fighter Is scheduled to
battle Kid Herman, of Pekln, III., nt tho
Olympia Athletic Association, September
IS. Hermnn Is well-known In tlio Hast,
where ho has fought well. Ho beat
Loulblnnn, ns tho fight fans will probably
Wllllnins Is to fight soino other good
boy after the September IS engngement,
but who his opponent will bo has not
been determined. Harris and Williams
will leave Philadelphia tonight.
ilcfoio a hotiso which vvns crowded to
the doors with fans, Kid Williams, of
Baltimore, bantamweight champion of the
tvorld, defeated Loulslnnn, of this city,
In every ono of the six rounds, nt tho
Obrnpla Club last night. It was a. slow
Both men weighed In under 116 pounds
nt 10 o'clock, stepping on the Bcalcs nt
the ringside In the presence of the spec
tators. Williams started off like mad, and
after a minute of tho llrst round had
elapsed he clipped Louisiana on tho jaw
nnd sent the latter to his knees.
Williams was tho ngcressor In the
second and third rounds, nnd had
Louisiana holding In thu thhd Louisiana
met Wllllnms as the lattei lushed, and
stnggored the champion with a hard right,
but Williams countered with lights and
lefts nnd both wire lighting like wild
men nt the bell. The foui th nnd fifth
sessions vveie all AVIlllams, as was the
sixth, all but n few moments nt the start,
when Louisiana made a rally and had
Williams retreating, but It was ily a
Hash, and Louisiana was soon I Idlng
again Both Mulshed strong.
In the ptellmlnnrles Joe Kuntz, of Port
Richmond, beat Pi ankle Sparks, of South
walk, In six lounds; Hddle Wagond, of
Soutliwnik, and Dunn) Murpli), of the
Kth Waid, diew, and Leo Vincent had
the better of Al Nash, and In the scml-wlnd-up
Jlmm) Muria, of New Yotk,
who boxes a la I'eity McOovern, always
willing and boilng In, was outpointed by
Young Dlgglns, aftei as llv el) a setto
as has been seen In a long time.
41 1 Ja-ksnn
out u o i i n ii o i v)!i
Miss i i.rtU
Out 8T6.1B61S O-ii
Mis Ja ksi'n
to 4-.55&G33
Vllis i'usils
In . I e 6 s 6 8
Nmv YORK. Sept. 15 -Third Baseman
Arthur Buea pla)cd big last game with
the Skeeters ebleiila liue nnd Johnny
Verbout. right-handed p'Uher. have been
sold to the New York (Hants, and will
report to Manager McGiavv Immediately.
Hula Is one of the hardckt-hltting in
flelders In Harrow Uague and celebrated
his farewell In Jers. i it with a tliree
baggei and a single u his tour chuncea
TJrslnus Eleven Out
nil.I.UHHYILLH. Pn . Sept IS -Th
I rvlnus squad vvhh Ircreased to 1 men
) rstcrclay, among the number being Cap
tain Mltterltng, who has been tumble to
report till now Onlv the lightest kind
of work has been indulged in for Couch
fitrges Is not taking any chances of do
pI0pln3 a hospital list so carl) In tho
LANCAhTlUt. Pa &pt 16 -In tin llrn
crlinmHJie of tin geaon at Franklin and
Mart Mall jeHtrduj afternoon. It W
Uleld. the ViUMn U0 pound laptaln of
the football if am. received a kick on the
shoulder, whiih will kiep him out of
togs for more than a week Only under
the nost favorable Inuinstain i-h can he
bs m the Let igh game on September 26.
Winter sports are beginning to awaken
Interest, and basketball athletes ato al
read) gcttins together squuds and for
mulating plans for the coming season
In this clt) speclall) tho smaller 1, agues
aio awakening and making up schedules
Tonight the Hastern League will go Into
another befcslun in an effort to get the
sit clubs of the clriuit to harmonize
nnd sittle the holiday plums 011 the
schedule's, make-up
When the llrst meeting of the league
was called, tho President, William Jacob
Sihnffer, called the bod) to order and
suggested tU't the Allentown team and
the Asbury lark. N. J, llvu be admit
ted to the league But this was vlg
orouily protisted b) the icprcsentntivcs
of thu six clubs, and It was decided
to let the circuit stand as It Is. Aftei
more than two huurs' wrangling over
the bent holiday dates. In whlih the out-of-town
clubs, namely Trenton and Read
ing, protested traveling awuy from home,
thu meeting tamo t" .111 end With the
passing of a week the magnates will git
together nnd endeavor draft tho
Unn matUr that will cotno un tnnlc-hi
I for toiinlderatlon Is the aosolutu protee-
, tion of the retiree hefuip, during and af
ttr tho i,ame. Hurliir," the seas-on of last
1 )ear un .-vernl occasloiii, the slMh m,in
In tho cage was molested b) tho pla)cis
ttiiil sumetlmes after a spirited and close
content It Is around the rtferee that thu
1 making or breaking of the game evolves.
At this tine 11 iiuh uecu luuioicd that
threo of the six teams have tigm-d up new
pltt) eis in order to moke the fives
ttropger Tho tluce teams that will more
than likely change are Tieiitun, ite.idlng
und tjr'ystotk Jnsiier, vvhlch won the
chan, plonshlp last teason after a Uirce
tariiereil tie between Trenton and Cam
den, will enter the cage with the samo
line-up. as nlso t'umden and He Nerl, ac
cording to reports
From Trtuitoii comes tho report thtt
Prankle, foimcrly of Utlca, ,in ,e hcen
on the Tiger tlve Ho Is reported to be a
fast doorman nnd .1 1 lever Miot lie.
along with Hough, (ietilncer and Qcig,
will make the Bengals faster than last
Hlnchraan in Big Show Again
PITT&BimOH. Sipt 15 - Announce
ment was made toda) of the purchaso by
the Pittsburgh Nationals of Outfielder
William Hliichman and Shortstop Wal
ter Gerber, both star p!a)crs, of the t'o-
luuiuua, w , ciuo, 01 tne American Asso
ciation Oerber will play in the coming
serieb at Brooklyn, but lllmhiiuii will
not rrpurt until -.prlng Uotli men have
i signed contracts for 1315.
I irsi raio, c1IIiik, HIIIpk mm Koiln ."
vrariilil nnd up iiiri"i "ihi fl furluni- s
I renu inn H.iltintp Km -Ilnnji Ilm Inl,
Jill's r.irnliirli'ir in", l'uiik, 101 -I'cill 111,
-"HK "f Hoiks 111 Minstrel. Ill, -Klinr htal
wirt 117
f-pinnd raie maidens foi "i-icii-oliln nml up,
S'lin ii furlmiKs VJax. Hi-' Mirla I11J Kinc
'hllto-i p llndkln 112. Ixuoihi I'rlwer,
I'- Kliirf t ollnn In',, Hnpnck llo.
.Third raie n lllnif .l-jear-ul la nnd up 1 urse
'.f0, r.'j furl.niss-Tsii. mi Htnuimint Hi lie,
101 Vniont nil HrnnmrtilKe liil Mame
Jolmsnn n I Mil llutOL-k. 101. Uunlis Tall,
lot Ikn I oval nil S'rlnsnmss nut Mtnbl
oon II KIT, Am on 10m Knv Htinini nil.
I'ourth rn the i:ilpee Mains fin) ndded,
for L'-)rnr-"lds 11 furlii.ics llalicrda-h Ml, J.
I! llnrrell 10 llrnnni s ITnuu lir, stal
wiirt Helen, ins In Pel Orinulti Un
I Irth rare villlnrf, !; c.ir-rdils pin p "nn.
V. tin nin!s-Kln(. Ire Ml, "Hul rr Ini-li MM.
V11 ip I,!li nil Anhokan liil nl lal
Italmnnt nu, -rio I'ln I"!
Sixth rnrc. pelllne, l-jrai-nMs nn I nn nurse
s (i inljp nnd ,0 jnrdn -.-.trlti US Illuo
Uins in, Naila Mhs liil -IjhIn It mkln PM.
Irnint.ir lru VV lirnil llirdis, In;
sficntli ran siIIIiik fni ! ear ohlh nn I un
purn 1i) mile arid sKtienth-.'uitaiirl 1.7
l'.l,,nl",'rL "', "intlon in.'. I'.uii It.itin li.J
rilu!M!u,.e,"i,f;,,,k """" "" Knw' M-'
A in-entire nllunanro S 1 minds clalnid.
Weather clear Trai k fnst
rirt rn l-je.r olds and un ulllnc fi'j
f,url,:n.-'V,"JlRl't;-lleboiii!,. 'HI. M. 1 Ml-'
VirthlriY'liT Jr" n' """'r M '"'' "
rl.'.",,', rnci '.'.iParnMB nillrs nnd ReMlnc...
ui fvvr.,..",,!.nTJ,li,,-lr',1' ",S- ,ll"n" lnl.l.n lis
llf III 111- S1 II (til ,.ir. li.L .. '
ls Pl.rrnte. ins v ' ""-'" ",rr-
Because of the Great War
He Believes His Contract
to Coach Germany's Ath
letes Is Ended.
Tho European war hag made avallab!,
for some American university ono of th
best football trnlnera and track and fitld
coaches In America. Thla Is Alvln C
Krncnzlcln, the fomer University
Pennsylvania all-around athlete, who was
engaged a year ago to coach the German
Olympic tenm. Kraonideln left Berlin
but a few days before the great struggls
for a two months' leave ot absence. H
was two days out at sea. when war was
declared, and no ono was more surprised
than ho over the outbreak of hostilities
Although ho still haa two years of his
contract to fulfill, Kraonslcln thinks him
work in Germany ts dono for tho present.
"I haven't heard a word from the Ger
man Olympic Commltteo since I left,"
said Krnensleln yesterday. "In view ol
tho fact that every young man between
the ages of 19 and 24. and a good many
younger and older, are now engaged In
tho war, there wouldn't be any athletlo
team thcro even If thcro wore any time
to think about such things. No matter
how the war results, It will take so much
money, time nnd men to recoup from
this struggle that all Kinds of sports will
have tough sledding thcro for a good
many )ears to come.
"My plans for the Immedlato future ar
not at all deilnlto, but In the absenco of
further news from Germany I am going
to stay right here. It Is possible that
I will do some coaching nt some Amer
ican college during tho coming year.
Asked as to the results of his first
j car's work In Germany, Dr. Krnenileln
could not npeak specifically.
"My first year's work In Germany was
entirely educational," he continued. "I
went over the biggest part of Germany,
visiting many of the schools, colleges and
clubs. With the assistance of the German
Olympic Committee I was able to give
Instruction In tho various events to the
ofllclals of n great many clubs and other
Institutions. These men In turn gave In
structions to the )ouug men under them,
and we hoped to see definite results from
this bort of missionary work within an
other year. I was not able to do very
much actual work with Individuals,
though I did find a few who looked prom.
Islng enough."
Those who saw the Olympic games at
Stockholm two years ngo will be disap
pointed to learn that the running days of
Hans Hraun, the phenomenal German
middle distance runner, are apparently
over Dr. Kraenzleln states that Ilraun
suffered from rheumatism to such an ex
tent that he can hardly train any longer.
Makes Chopping Block of Eddie King
and Bout Was Stopped.
Paddy Hedley, of North Penn, made his
lenppearunce In the ling after a long
nosrnco nnd came back with n vengennco
against Kddle King In the final bout of
the North Penn A. C. 1 1st night. King
took such a. beating from the North
Penn bov that the referee decided that
the bout had gone far enough before thu
fouith round had been completed.
.Tlnimv Hiick got the better of Young
Johnson In tho semifinal of six round3
aft. r a llvelv setto Tomm) Welsh
knocked out Jack Haiinnn, Hcnr Hlnekl
nnd Jnck Stnnle) boxed n dinw, and
Willie Smith got the better of Johnny
Uugun In six rounds
lus I'l.rrnite. 10s v ' "","' ",rr-
I lilr I nn. ,-xMtr.olds and up, the Na.nau
ill l".Cil.m'!,,ii.r,.,,1",cy. ":,!u nne-!mh"hl""
mil llunilllsllnn S't, Muntroor. Iu pnin-
I-ourth rnc rot ut tlllid
1 Ifjli raie l-j.nr-olds nnd up, irertehie
ban II np, Ih,iii 2 mllen-Uill isndi ill nf:
i5n,"irv", '' i;"l"ht. M' , MMiW-irK.
?i?8l! m""' ''' Vs,",e ,4' ""nation, 1 1.";
Mxili ruie R ear-fildn nnd up spillns mil
nrnl j Hxupnth-Mnil.ll Ii S "lilt Nli7J 1"
Jawbone vi. Ili.mlll-ulnn 1.7 Snnnaiv'll
Vppnnilie aIlodnc ilalmed. 1 Ic.ir, fast.
Belmont Results
Pint race for tl.rep-jcar-oliU jn un f fur.
VT -,",': nr7fl'"nlan U s "ftxtoi ." B
x?.itt'.r V ! - ." wo-"' 'elng loue, li'i
Sirll-T.'.i iW Vi-iu-MS rS:
SW'o.-S-rSr' ''"' '" Sli' '""" i
Set and tan. fur '1 iear-al,x mil up. Klllns.
'J'1,'8 .'i"' ", i?te.nlh-hir..ne. Ill iKalrl.r'.th:
r, ,, ,-. lu ., , in ', tu n uail Vlilln 1.1
I mail-si II to -, ,,," lin 1 ,onl J.
uwnv l.il .Tiirnini !i . s i . . ?M.0.!'1'. J.U5-
&."' ,,r,"'r,f hV "" -" "";
Reach Clny Court Challenge Round,
Defentlng Welmott nnd Margolies.
Robert M. nrookfleld nnd Aithur Kerr,
coach and captain lespectlvely of last
)eai's Central High School tennis team
winked their wav into the challenge round
of the eastern clay-court championships
b) disposing nf Leo Wclnrott nnd H
Margolies In the finals at Straw beiry
Miitslnn )esterday afternoon In straight
sels, 6 to 2. C to 1 nnd H to 12
Brooklleld and Kerr havo pla)ed re
mnrkablv consistent tennis all through
tho tourney nnd are favored b) many
to lift the title when they go against I
1 s. Crnvls. the singles champion, ana
I (Tiarlis C. Van Horn in tho challenge
round tomorrow.
Dorvnl Park Results
Ftrt raie. for Uw.ytar-okU. v.iiirii; mn.
1 a.h-:n- ,v v., ' "; . ,',?. wpi 1 in.?
4at.N jiuriuH,
flrKnim nml ir. nt !.,. .,
ntnrpe h i, v mil 1 to 3 won fal-imm.
pIaiauion.l. I'qrlun Ia third Time:
nurd run ( mile- s-aik ITolh, 1 tn S rien
rP.2 5 a.'s ;'?'ev.' lo cond i-iHuh.. tdird
Time, 115 1-3 S'on utarur. bjellUiunl
Aerial Derby October 12
NKW ViiHK. .sept 15.-T H ilae
Meilien. pis,ldem of tlm Aeionautlcal
society. amiouiifCil him .n,ij, i.A 1. ..
j received a tilogfrum from tuvlile
nfiKiii, 111 wiuui me iiiviptor ruve full
IK'rnilfcslon lor the Annual Aerial Derb)
around Manhattan Ulund 011 t'olumlius
Iw, fJctub. 1 li Now that the proper
consent luic been obtained, aviators from
nil parts of the cmuiti have In. 11 In
vited to participate in the i-onuat
111 classes of heavier than air ma
chines aie eligible, and ample prizes
have been promised right ucieptid
ail offer of 31 lie. rent nf Ilia ,.,.. ...
njipts and prUe moue). as well u an
........ . Mt.cn ,,'iiuiia ivr ixjieoMey I.ast
)eai's derby was won b) thing boats
Willi to to 1 horsepower The start
will be made from Statcn Island.
Sportsmen who may bo interested in
rced-blrd shooting probably know that
tho open season In this State, New Jersey
and Delnwure Is now on, but It Is not
for their Information that this Item H
printed. Others are notified that Septem
ber 1 the open season was on and ends
October 31. Joseph Kalbfus, secrctar) of
the game commissioners, has sent out
a letter relative to this condition lie
ports from the shooting grounds do not
Indicate very favorable sport.
No Effect on Gun Carrying
Gunners who have thought of takln
trips. Into the Interior of Canada In !'
hunt foi big game havo been puizled to
know whether the Huiopean war would
affect the carry IMS' of firearms Into thu
Dominion Collector J. W. Hoyt, of
Canada, has written to a gentleman in
this city, stating that the war will hiv
no effect upon the regulations covering
hunting parties Collector Ho)t writes,
"firing all of your outfit, and don I
Plenty Rhode Island Fish
C. W. WTllard. president of the Rhoda
Island Commissioners of Inland Fish
eries, has Bent out n letter to friends In
this section, calling attention to the ex
cellent fishing to be had off Hlock Island
and adjacent vvnters. President 'Will')
emphatically states that any sort of a
fishemtan can net big catches He writes
that the rod and reel Ashing is particu
late line.
Duck Hunters Think of Sport
Attention has again been brought to
the dm King sport by a communication
from Captain S T Ilarnes of Havre do
Grace, lid , who U already making prep
arations for the leceptlon of the sports
m n of the muntrv who annual!) land
there foi thli fasilnatlng pastime
NirtoNw. 1. r. 1.11: iukk
Phillies vs. New York "Giants"
lianw 1 p M. AdmUtlon. It's. CO and '' '
liox btats, 1 (in .il. in ciiuiW-l UJ ,
SdldlDsa'. J
rsiTlniWu rnmJ