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VOL. l-itfO. 2
piiice o:nte cent
Opposition to Selfish Leader
ship Takes Definite Form
Among Foreign Residents
of the Downtown Wards.
New York o 0012000 03 9.1
Phillies 2 0002000 04 81
Batteries Fromme and Meyers; Alexander and Klllcter.
Umpires Riglcr and Hart.
Revolt against Pcnrosolsm nnd Varolsm
U now spi ending In the heart of the
Varo district downtown. Thero aio signs
0f n general uprising ngnlnst tlio Or
ganization lenders. It is contended by
many of the lowntown voters thnt they
have been used solely to aid tho Vares
In their personal political nmbltlons, and
the lenders of the nntl-Vnre crusade de
clare that there will be no chnngo In
conditions unless there Is n clmngo In
political leadership
Opposition to tho Vares and Penrose Is
tepeclnlly maiilfct among Italian voters,
who say the were Insulted becauso of
their nationality by tho downtown Or
ganization leaders during the strlko of
tho street clenneis some lime ago. Ef
forts to sidetrack tho antl-Varc senti
ment by trusted Vato lieutenant'? havo
been futile.
Severn! nntl-Vnro mcotlngs have been
held and arrangements are being made
for a campaign In each of tho downtown
Fully 100 Itallani attended a meeting of
the Italian Political league at Mechanics'
Hall, "21 Carpenter stieet, Inst night,
when It was decided to take steps toward
the elimination of Pcnroselsm and Varo
lsm from the colonv. Leonard Pcrslchetl,
chairman of tho meeting, declared the
Italians would take steps to avongo the
InBUlts heaped upon thoni by tho Vares.
"So far as Doctor Brumbaugh Is con
cerned," he said, "wo icgard him as tho
bst man for tho position, nut It Doctor
Brumbaugh li 1 mining merely Jo cover
the put reputntlon of tho lender of Blgc
lonlsm nnd toiruptlon, wo will light with
greater force for1 his deofat."
.Vdch esses also were made by Joseph P.
Mullile, - Mnrchlno, John Itusso and e
Llcutcnnnt I.Mich, who was st-itloned at
tho Seventh and Carpenter stieots police
The league will hold another meeting
at Mechanics' Hall next Slonday night.
mcormTck-palmer tour
Democratic Campaigners Speak in
Perry County.
NEWPORT, Pa., Sept. 15 -Hack Into
central l'ennsjlvanla tho Democratic
State campaigners this afternoon visited
towns thiough rural Perry nnd Mifflin
A Mitchell Palmer took up his attack
upon PenioMo nnd outlined his 50 counts
to central Pennsylvania nudlenccs. "I
had to begin early In order to get a
chance to tell the people of all the
charges I h.io made against St na
tor Penrose," ho said. "Theio are so
irmij things to sav "
At Punrnnnnn 2U0 persons turned out
In the public square to hear tiro speakers.
Cincinnati 0
Pittsburgh 0
Batteries Benton and Gonzales; Adams and Gibson,
Umpires O'Connor and Eason.
Brooklyn 2 1 1
Boston 0 2 5
Batteries Rucker and Miller; James and Gowdy.
Umpires Klcm and Emslic
Athletics 0 1 0 0 1 1 0
New York o 0 0 0 0 0
Batteries Bressler and Lapp; Brown and Sweeney.
Umpires Connolly and Chill.
30 AND 45 DEAD
Texas Limited On Frisco
Line, Bound From St.
Louis to Galveston, Wreck
ed by a Washout.
Detroit 0 0 1
Cleveland 0 0 0
Batteries Cavet and Baker; Tcdrow and Bassler.
Umpires Dinccn and Egan.
Boston 0 0 0 10'
Washington 0 0 0 0 0
Batteries Wood and Thomas; Shaw and Ainsmith.
Umpires O'Loughlin and Hildebrand.
Two Runs in Opening
Round Give Locals Ad
vantage Over Giants in
Final Contest Here.
German Admiralty Says Fifteen of
Fleet are Engaged.
nnrtMN (bj way of Rome). Sept 15.
A great naal battle is Irr progress Irr
the mitlr. This was officially admitted
bj the Gorman Admiralty this afternoon.
The Admiral!) posted a bulletin stat.
ing that 13 of tho 29 units of tho Ualtlc
quadron aro now lu action.
Robert, Jb
Flecker, If.
Slageo, 11,
Crnvuth. rf.
B)rnc. 2b.
PTskert, of.
.Martin, ss.
Killlfcr, c.
Snodsxrnss, cf.
Dole. 2b.
Burns, rf.
Fletcher, ss
Robertson, If.
Grairt. 3b.
Merkle. lb.
Meyers, c.
Fromme, p.
Weather Bureau Warns of Disturb
ance In tho Bahamas.
M:VYORK, Sept. 15,-Tho Weather Ru
reait today Issued tho following storm
v irnlng
There are strong Indications of a dls-
.mce in the vicinity of tho Itahama
j 'Is Tho direction of the movement
' Known Strong northenst winds aro
Li "., rir"baby Increasing on tho
touih Atlantic coast."
Four Inches of Rain Cause Wnters to
WS CITY. si,,.. Sept. 15.I'our
hTLul ral," fP" lle"' t,,,la- """'
ofi.i? ' ?""0',, 'P"''tlng tho floods
dlsMnli,Ut,c fu'slll"" 'f the Hooded
S ' ?mln hecn ,1,,v,,n from 'heir
noniM bv th,. rising waters.
Death Shortly Follows After Promo
tion to Head Division.
r . PARIS, Sept. 13.
imv ivi"i ,,romo,lo to tho Head of an
ln,hlsTn?"!ed.!.,y a b,lIlet "t lodged
guhl head in he flghtln, near Br-le-
fighting Still Going On Near Alt
klrch and Befort.
jounced here today that General Von
"''.''. tHhiiiR the offenslvo i Alsace,
ta driven tho French out of that region.
psSt'd o!hv;;e v'"'1 , ouBh the
rein- . ",. ll-jltiUg 8 V
Be fori ,,!;,0ri,,WCSJ f "Mrch, north of
"snort and around Glromngny.
WEA Willi FORKC. 1 ST.
For Philadelphia and licimtu
neralln fair tonight and Wcdnca
a!i not muck chunjo in tempera,
"e; mode, ate wind, mostly noith
ca, 'Sor father delailt, see page 7,
Umpires Riglcr and Hart
13. Piercing the Giants' line of defense
Jar three hits, including a double by
Lobort and trlplo by Cravath, the Phillies
assumed a lead of two runs In the first
Inning of today's game with the Giants,
tho Inst to be played with them this sea
son here.
Frommo settled ns the dust of tho hats
cleared away, ami thereafter Dooln's men
were nnablo to bunch hits. McGravv's
warriors attneked Alexander for threo
hits In tho fourth nnd sent one runner
over the plate.
Fletcher was sent to the clubhouse by
Umnlre Ulgler for disputing a called
strike In tho fourth Sllko Donlln was
chased to tho same section for protesting
Rlgler's decision on Grant's out at first.
Mike, with his characteristic stride over
tho flold, brought sounds of hisses from
the bleacherltes.
Snodgrass tiled to Paskert. KUllfer
threw out Doyle. Hums Hied to Cravath.
No runs. No hits. Lobert opened with a
double down tho third-base lino. Becker
fanned. .Mngce singled to centre scoring
Lobert. Slageo stole second. (Jiavnth's
drlvo bounced oor Robertson's head for
a triple, scoring Slugee. Fletcher threw
out Hyrne. Paskert tiled to Fletcher.
Two runs. Three hltu.
.Martin threw out Fletcher. Robertson
singled to contre. Giant fouled to Slageo.
AW'.Mindi r threw out Sleiklo. No runs.
Oire hit.
Sl.irtlu doubled to loft centre. Klllcfer
.sncrllliert, Frommo to Sterkle. Alexander
fannod I.obut tiled to Bums. No urns.
One hit.
Sloyors filed to Paskert. rinmnie popped
to Xlngee. t.o'iert threw out Snodgrass.
No iuii3. No hits. Becker singled over
second. Slageo riled to Doyle. Becker
was caught napping, Frommo to Slerkle.
I'letc'ior threw out Cravath. No runs.
One hit.
I)o)lo singled to left. Burns singled to
rlrfhl, Dojlo taking bccond. rietcher
htnrek out and, protesting, wan ordered
to the clrrh houto. IloberUou tiled to
Mai tin. Grant singled to center, acoiliu
Io)le I'askort threw to tho intlcld nnd
Alevurder rtcuvertd the ball and caught
Grant oft first One run Threo hits.
Stock went to short In place of Fletcher.
Byrne Hied to Stock. Paskert filed to
Robertson Doyle threw out Martin. No
runs, .no lilts.
Merklo fanned. Mm tin threw nut
Slejets Frmnnio walked. Snodgrass
doubled to right, sending Frommo to
third Pole singled to left, scoring
Frunrmo and Snodgrass Dojlo continue,,'
to third orr Bicker's wild throw to the
plate Burns walked. An attempted
double steal was broker, when Do)le wus
caught, Klllifer to ll)iue to .Ma gee to
I.obcrt Two runs, two hltb.
hlmU threw out Klllifer. Burns dropped
Ale.indei s easy fly Illicit bounced a
oliiKlo off Stock's shin sending Alex to
second Becker forced I.obert, Fromme
to Stock. AlcMiniler going to third
Magfe hit the cunter rteld wall for a
triple, scoring Alexander and Becker.
Crttvuth walked On an attempted double
steal il.ipee was euught, Jtejera to 1)0 le
to Sloers Two runs, two hits.
Bwne threw out Stock I.obert throw
out Robertson. Grant walked Slerkle
out. Alexander unassisted N'u runs No
block throw out Byrne Slock also
ihieu out Pasket Martin dropped u safe
if!) to right Martin died stealrug, Slyera
lo Do)le, No runs. One hit
Connie's Clan Scores Off
Brown, Former Team
mate, in Second Session on
Two Smashes and Neat
Mnlsol, 3b.
Hartzell. If.
Cook. rf.
Daley, cf.
Mullen, lb.
Pccklnpaugh, si
Sweeney, c.
Boone, 2b.
urown, p.
Murphy, rf.
Barry, ss.
Collins. 2h.
Baker, 3b.
Mclnnls, lb.
Strunk. If.
Oldrlng, cf.
Lapp, c. 4k,
Bressler, p." '
rmplrcs, Connolly and Chill.
POLO GROUNDS, Now York, Sept. 15.
Tho Yankees, clashing with the Ath
letics, made tho tlnal appearance of tho
season at tho Polo Grounds this after
noon. The locals were without the serv
ices of Slanager Frank Chance, who
packed his grip, received a check for his
salaiy In full nnd set sail for California,
retiring from baseball for good and all.
Captain Pecklnpaugh has been appoint
ed manager pro tern Connie SInck sent
Bressler to the pitching mound, while
Carroll Brown faced his old teammates.
Tho Athletics got busy In tho second
Inning and pushed over ai run. Mclnnls,
tho first man up, sent a single to left and
biriinx laid dowrr a pretty oicrlflce nnd
died, Mullen to Boone, Rubo Oldrlng
then smashed a single to left, scoring
Murphy opened with n line drive to
Cook. Barry drew four balls. Barry stole
second. Collins went out, Brown to SIul
len, Barry taking third Baker filed to
Daisy. No runs. No hits. .Malsol walked.
Hartzel sacrificed, Baker to Stclnnls Cook
draw a base on balls. Dalev sucritlcod.
Bressler to Slolnnls. Slullen went out,
Barrv to SIclnuls. iNo tuns, no hits.
Daley was put out of the game for kick
ing, claiming ho beat Bressler 's throw,
nnd Creo replaced him In centra SIc
Innis singled to left Strunk sacrificed,
Slullen to Boone. Oldrlng singled to left,
scoiing Slclnnle. Oldrlng out, stealing,
Sweeney to Boone Brown mn to first
with Lapp's grounder. Ono run Two
Peckinpaugh was tin own out by
Collins. Swtone) was hit by pitched ball.
Boone lifted to Strunk. Brown struck
out. No runs. No hits.
Sweeney was replaced bohlnd the bat
by Nunanuker. Brown threw out Bress
ler. Boone throw out Murphy. Barry
got four balls Barry out stealing, .N'unn
maker to Pecklnpaugh No runs. No
Slalsert beat out n hit to Hirry. Hartzell
foiccd Slalsel, Bnrr) to Collins. Cook
struck out and Haitzcll was doubled
stealing, Lapp to Barry. No runs. One
Collins beat out a hit to Slullen. It.ik.cr
fouled to Nuniiuakcr. Collins out steal
ing, Nunnmaker to Boone. Mclnnls tiled
to HarUell No runs Orre hit
Ciee filed to Oldrlng Slullen singled to
centre. Pecklnpaugh fattuck out. Milan
stole second and went to third when Lapp
tnrew wild .MinamuKur wuliied On an
attempted double steal, Slullen was run
down and put out. Lapp to Bressler to
Baker to Collins. No runs. Ono lilt
Strunk drew four balls. Oldrlng doub.
led to loft centre, scoring Strunk Lapp
fouled to I'ecklnpaigh. Oldrlng went to
third on a wild pitch Bressler ill aw a
pass Slurph) grounded to Boone, who
threw Oldrlng out at the plate. Barr)
hit to Slalsel, who stepped on the bag,
rurciug Kitssiet ono run. one hit
Baker threw out Boone Brown tiled to
Strunk. Slalsel struck out No runs, no
ST. I.OUIS. Mo, Spt. 13 -Between 30
nnd 45 poisons are bf'lecd to havn lost
their lives When1 tho Tins limited of
tho Frisco Line, .St. Louis to Galveston,
was ini tilled by u washout near Leb
anon, Sto , rally today and plunged over
an embankment. Two conches and a '
mall car were submerged In the Hooded i
wnters at Brush creek.
Twenty-six bodies had been tccovered
at 12:30 p. m., according to official In
formation given out at tho Frisco head
quarters here. Identification will bo dif
ficult because ninny had rcmocd their
outer garments.
Thhtccn Injured nro being cured for
temporarily at Lebanon, but will be sent
to Springfield.
Rescue tialiiH nip hurrlng to the
scene of the wicck, ISO miles southwest
of St. Louis and near Springfield, Mo.
Because telegraph when to Lebanon am
down, Frisco ollltlals hero have lecelved
only meagre details of tho disaster.
The bodies of victims so far Identified
are those of;
iu;.nv u'Afj.vntt. i i.nui
JIBS. i:i,IZAUKTll IlrjsiBlTI.II, Alliance.
Ohio. I
V, . U CHAMllintfc', Hllllns, Missouri. I
JOHN MIJYKHS. wife nn.l daughter, Thacr,
JIIti:M.V STOCKfeTlt.U HprliiBncM, Mis- '
Jlost of tho dead, It Is said, were occtr- j
pants of the chair car. W noon only 18
of tho f.' passentrors lepoited to have
been In that car hnd been accounted for. '
The wreck occurred irt 2"j u m. A re
lief train was oidered out from Spilng- !
field, but made slow piosic-s on nccount
of numerous washouts caused by recent
heavy rains. (
At tho Frisco office here. Receiver
NIon declared the wieek was duo to a I
Hood of waters that lit a gully twelve!
feet deep nnd 30 feet long bent nth tho I
tracks near lAinon, The limited train,
which left here at S li Inst night, plimgul
into this jullv without any warning
The bU engine, lu clmit,P of EuMiicpi
O'Brien and Flrermn .Stockstlll. toppled
over Into the watoi, earning with It the
combination smoker anil baggage car and j
a chair car Immediately following Three I
rullmnn sleeping cms and a tllnei on
tho rear of tho train remained on the
Occupants of the chair car ami smoker
nnd omplojes In the baggage cai found
thcmsoUes trapped like rats. Best Re
counts say there were CS persons Irr tho
chair car, all of whom were submerged,
but many of these are known to hae
savctl their lifes by swimming to hlh
ground. The errgino crew Jumped ns tho
locomotive took the plunge. Engineer
O'Brien escaped, hut Flreniafr Stockstlll
was drowned
At noon, tho subsiding waters had en
abled rescuers to enter the submerged
chair car. Tho smoker had also overturned.
The European War
Country by Country
France The army of (loneial on
Kluk bus been suriounded nnd forced
to surrender near Slezleres, accoidlng
to reports. Moi o than 23,MI soldier s are
fnld to hale laid down their arms Tim
germial Is probubl) among the prison
pis. At crtlun tlm Crown Prince at
tempted to trku the offensive this
morning ug ilnst tho allies, but bis
forco wns repulsed. The German nr
inles nie being centralized along the
Alsno ltlvor, West of the forest of the
Argonne for n finnl stand against tho
British and French forces Victory Is
reported along the entire line of tho
nllled nrmy.
RUSSIA Tim Crnr has fired the en
thusiasm of the troops bv declaring
he will lead the army Into Berlin.
Petrngrnd reports victories for tho
Russians in Gallela. Reinforcements
ale bolng sent to tho south to Join
tho two armies now moving toward
Berlin through the dual monarchy.
Germany Pessimism prevails
throughout the country. iWhllo tho
populace Is In dark regarding tho de
feat of the aimles In France, the
ominous silence of the Government
Is causing tho people deep concern.
One dispatch states that It has been
olllclally stated the Germans have
withdrawn from the vicinity of Paris
and thnt tho French have failed to
break the Kaiser's lines Tho Rus
sians have ngaln nt-sumed tho of
fensive In Eastern Prussia.
Austria Tho Gallclnn nrmles havo
been defented. Rustan plan of enm
palgn has , hanged, the attack upon
Budapest nnd Vienna being entrusted
to Scrla, while the main Riibslan
irm pushes toward Berlin
Bela'um The Ilelgluns have defeat
ed the foice of (SpIrimI Vim lit I Golt
south of Antweip. Rcpoittd that
Brussels has been evacuated nnd thnt
It will he re-entt-tPtl bj King Albeit's
mm) todav oi tomorrow. The Ger
mans aie refoming near Louvaln.
Entire western pnrt of the country has
h-en abandoned b tin Germans.
Turkey Repoi ted that threats made
bv the British Government will cuusp
the Ottoman Empire to remain neutral
dining the entire war.
Powerful German Right Wing Cut Off
and Surrounded at Roye by French
Forces Aided by Fresh British Troops
From the Coast.
. o
Allies Push Between Invaders North of
River Aisne and Capture Army of
25,000 German Crown Prince De
feated and Retreat Continues.
The War Summary
When Russians Cense Firing Ger
man Airmen Suddenly Attack.
LONDON. Sept. 15.
The correspondent of the I'.illv Tele
graph nt Moscow tiiot"s the iisslsturrt
station master ut Sliava, on the Russo
Priifslarr frontier. In a stoiv tilling of tho
capture of a Zeppelin, llo said:
"Wo were on the platform when the
Zeppelin appeared about CV) feet above us.
Our artllleiy opened flie. damaging three
of its motors, but It proceeded, using tho
remaining motor. Tho Zeppelin then
hoisted a white flag and the Russian of
iccr ordered Ids soldiers to tease firing.
They did .so but the Zeppelin Immediately
hurled a. bomb nnd tho effect of itr. ex
plosion vvas toirlble, man) bolng wound
ed. Three nroro bombs wero thrown
which killed 23 persons and wounded
slty. The airship then came to tho
ground a short distance auny wheio tho
Germans succeeded In ruining tholr ves
sel. The erew, consisting ot four olHcers
and four soldlors, wero captured."
Vessel Became Unmanageable in n
Gale at Liverpool.
LONDON", Sept 15 An exchange tele
graph dispatch from Liverpool states that
while the- liner Slauretauia was entering
her berth tlrore, last night on arriving
from New York, she became unmanage
able In a hi-uv) gale and was damaged
uy striking the landing.
Covers 700 Miles in Five and a Half
Days When Thteatened.
In a record run down the coast from
St. John, N. B , to this port with a curgo
of laths, tho bark Slntunzas, was chased
one night by a stl.mge warship. .Mem
bers of her eiew told tho story toduj.
When 30 miles cast of Nantucket Light
tho war vessel abandoned tho chase. Five
and a half days was all that vvna jequired
to nrake tho run to this port, a distance
of 7i0 miles, and e'nptaln JJ. R. Walls,
master of the siiuaro rigger, said ho would
havo cut the time down had he not been
blanketed In fog foi nearly a day short!)
after leaving port.
The Slatanzas left St John with T.C00,.
rt laths on September 11. A imsty f0g
bound her In until the following tluy,
when she got off splendidly running bo.
foro a stiff breeze She swept along
the wntor at a rate thut even amazed her
master and crew. Nearly 2CO miles were
logged In 2i hours. The wind lemained
with tho vessel almost constantly until
sho reuched the Delaware Breakwater.
On Sunday night Captain WalU was
awakened by tho watch and told that a
strange steamship was bearing don upon
them from the starboard quarter lie
went on deck and from the llghu he de
cided she vvas q warship. As su dtil not
display any signals to "heave to" the
Matarrzas was kept on her course 11 cm
bers pf the erew expected momentarily to
sea a Mrell icreamlm; over the bows of
tho sailor. Apprehensively the) waited
for It. But they were disappointed and
relieved when morning came In the glow
of the SUUlltelil the ujrtlnu . v id. ill
made out the identit) of the humr and
changed her course . (
General von Klulc, commander of tho
German right winfr. Is reported to
havo surrendered with H.000 men in
the vlcnltyof Stczicrcs. The report
lacks confirmation from tho British
and French War OfTIccs.
For the last ton days the German right
wins has sustained a terrific attack
from the allies. On Sunday the Brit
ish extended their lines near Rhelms,
nnd it Is now believed that the Aisne
has been crossed and the Germans
surrounded near Mczletes
In a supreme attempt to prevent tho
German nrmles belnp; repulsed from
French soil, the ICnlser is centraliz
ing the forces of Von Buelow, Von
Hausen and the Duke of Wurtem-
burs nlong tho Aisne to the west of
tho storied forest of tho Argonne.
Tho fighting in this vicinity has be
gun. Today the army of tho Crown
Prince attempted to take the offen
sive, but wus speedily repulsed. This
is the fltst time tho German centro
between tho forest and Verdun has
Tho Belgians aro reported to have de
feated the nrmy of General von der
Goltz In a four-day battle. Brussels
lias been ovaeuated by tho German
troops and the capital, it Is said, will
bo entered by nntlve soldiers today
or tomorrow. Tho defeated German
army Is rallying in tho vicinity of
Louvaln. Wostern Belgium Is free
from the Germans.
Austria, defeated in -virtually every en
gagement with tho Jtusslans, Us
armies demoralized, torn by internal
dissension, is offering; feeble resist
nnco to the arniies of tho Czar.
Oallela, under control of the Hus
slnns, is now forming; the open road
to Hoilin. ngalnst which tho hosts
of tho North are now moving. Km
peror Nisholas has tired the enthu
siasm of tho army by declaring; he
will rido nt tho head of his troops
into the German capital.
It is apparent that the Russians have
abandoned their intention of attack
ing Budapest or Vienna, leaving the
southern campaign to Servin while a
centralised movement against Qer
many Is Jn progress. Now that the
passes of the Causaslaus are held by
Cossacks, anil tho Austrian army de.
pleted. little fear is entertained that
Poland may be invaded and the Hus
sten army in Oallela and Germany
cut from the base at Warsaw.
Servia continues the offensive ngalnst
Austria, having defeated 90.000 men
in an engagement yesterday. More
than lO.wtt Aubtriang are reported to
have fallen The battle took place
along the Drlna and Sae Itlvers.
PArtlS, Sept. 15.
Rcpoits have reached here that the
allies' extreme loft, after a circling
movement by way of P.oye ai d Ham,
has Joined forces with fresh troops
fiom the coast and the Boulogne dis
trict, nnd compelled General von Kluk.
In commund of tho German right
wing, to surrender with 14,000 men, a
cuinntity of guns and much war ma
terial. Another estimate places the prison
ers at 25,000.
Official confirmation of the report
cannot be obtained.
The German troops have now reached
I the line of defense prepared by their
i sappers following their complete de
feat in the battle of the Marne.
' As a result their retrograde move-
merit has been halted and they aro
reforming under cover of their in
tenched tear guard, preparing to re
new the battle.
The belief is growing- more and more
firm here that the Crown Prince Fred
erick Wilhelm is gathering the Kaiser's
nrmles in France for a final stand In
the vicinity of Montfnucon and Ver
dun. His position will put his
forces in the region between the Alsnc
and theSIeuse, which Is his line of com
munication and his possible retreat to
the east through Luxemburg.
Hcports of the capture of General
von Klulf and 25,000 of his picked
troops aro discredited at British army
headquarters. It is pointed out there
that if there was any truth in this ac
count, sent by a correspondent from
Dieppe, it would already havo been
confirmed by the French War Office,
which Is absolutely mum on the sub
ject. Likewise tho report that Mau
beuge had been relieved by the French
with 12,000 German prisoners taken is
not confirmed and not generally
It Is stnted officially that hundreds
of prisoners have been taken, but that
totals are not yet available. Heavy
rains are inierrering with the cam
paign In Franco. Tho situation in the
north If. especially bad from the Ger
man viewpoint, as they are fnr from
their bases of supplies and tho roads
are rapidly becoming Impassable for
tho German heavy saipply trains and
Official information wns given out to
day by the British Government Press
Bureau In the following statement:
"The enemy still occupies a strong
position north of the River Aisne.
Fighting is going on nil along the line.
"The Gorman Crown rlnce's army
has been driven farther bnclt nnd Is
now on a line through Varlennes-en-Aig,
Consenvoya and Ornes.
"Tho allied troops lmo occupied
Ilhcims. taKlus 6Q0O prisoners and 12
"Haln has made the roads hrayy and
increased the dlfnculiies of the Ger
man retreat "
This report shows, that the Germans
nr making a desperate stand all along
tho Una to stem the forward movement
of the French and British The c.t.
trcme right wing of the German army
has been pushed eastward, apparently,
until It is not far northwest of Hhelms.
The olilelal bulletin issued from tho
French War Office at 3 o'clock this
afternoon shows that the German re
treat has been checked and that they
aie now putting up a strong rear guard
resistance. The report indicates tha
new line of battle and Is as follows:
"The Germans on Jlonday began to
resist the French advance on a line
that they have etabllshed north of the
Itlver Aisne and on a lone through the
forests uf La Algle and Craunue (mid
way between Loan and Rhelms) and
at the centre to the noith of Rhelms
nnd Chalons."
This Is the first admission fiom the
War Office since the German turning
movement began that the German
forces are returning to tho nttaclc. It
Is believed that they havo now reached
the Intrenched positions previously
prepared by the sappers and that an
other battle will s,oon be commenced
Continuing, the official statement
stated that the Germans are retreat
ing between the Argonne forest nnd
the Mouse River. Last night they held
a front through Varrencs and Con
senvoye. Tho French right, It Is stated, ha
gained a decisive vlctoiy nnd con
tinues to foice tiro Germans back. In
this connection the official statement
"On the French right the Germans
continue their retreat. Their line now
runs from Etaln, on the Aisne River,
12 miles northeast ot Verdun, through
their stronghold of Metz and then
south to Chateau Sallns In the Vosge.
"In Alsace the situation continues
Supported by reinforcements from
Belgium, the right wing ot tUttJ-Olfil-R-.
German army under General von Klulc
rallied and gave battle to the allies
along a line norrh of the River Aisne.
Fnrther to the east, north of Rhelms,
the Germans are also resisting, but tho
retreat east of the Argonne forest is
reported to be continuing.
The centre of the German army,
composed of the forces under the
Crown Prince, attacked the French
troops stretched along the Sleuse be
tween Verdun and Toul in an effort to
break through.
This information was contained In
an . official statement Issued at 11
The evident Intention of the Crown
Prince was to pierce tho French Hues
so that his army can form a Junction
with troops east ot the Jleuso.
The following is the official state
ment: "The Clown Prince's army attempted
to break through along the Sleuse be
tween Verdun nnd Toul. He has bom
barded Troyon, which resisted val
iantly. The German farces wcie re
pulsed. "It Is believed in well-informed cir
cles that tho German army will re
treat Into tho Giand Duchy of Luxem
burg and Into the Belgian province
of Luxemburg, and endeavor to rally
behind their fortified positions."
The German lines now extend in a
southeastern direction, beginning at a
point northeast of Amiens and stretch
ing parallel to the Aisne, some 23
miles north of Rheims, near Bethel.
German troops are massed in tho for
est of Argonne; another section Is con
centrated east and southeast of Ver
fAccordlng to the French War Office
statement Usued early today, the
French have succeeded in tellevlng tha
fortress of Troyon. in the Woevre dli
trlct. about 12 miles southeast of Ver
dun.) Although the German Crown Prince
has been compelled to m)e his head
quarters rearward 15 miles from Ste.
Menehou to Mont Faucon, this aecllnn
of the German army will undoubtedly
make terrific efforts to hold its position
so It can act as a phot for the bal
ance of the German line.
An unofficial report to the effect that
Maubeuge had been relieved and lz.WW
Germans had been taken prisoners
there was in circulation here, but
lacked confirmation Such a develop
ment at Slaubeuge would compel th
Germans to retire through the warre.
gap flanked by Maubeue and Ver
dun, if they continued thlr rtrat.
(It had been officially announced by
the German Government in Berlin last
week that Maubeuge had bi en cap-
41 IN