Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, September 14, 1914, Page 5, Image 5

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Ban On Official News
Causes Anxiety Through
out Germany F r e n ic h
Sing General Pau's Praises.
LONDON, flcpt. H.
Tho Dnlly News Rotterdam eorraapon
dent tolegP "I loam Berlin to bo
coming very nnxlouB about happenings on
the Western frontier. News now la not
published no freely by the Government,
and although outwardly there la aa calm
a feeling as ever, great anxiety exists
monjr the general public.
'This sudden restriction of public news
whnn tho public knows that a decisive
battto has been fought both In tho But
?at, iJ .i, Wont Is causing suspicion.
LonK lists of ofTIcers killed nppoar to the
papers nightly and In so.no cases welt,
known families have boon wiped out."
l. uir it vr - mi i ... sx
a wi" ez y& j)
im vis vm
known families
GENEVA (by way of Parish Sept. U.
News of tho German rotnftt, despite
every precaution, has passim through
Switzerland to the north and lias causod
profound depression In Germany, after so
many announced victories.
According to advices received here, peo
plo have gathered In tho streots In var
ious German towns, shouting: "Tell us
tho truthl Give us tho news!"
Tho ntswspnncr offlcos at Munich have
ben closed, as disorders are feared.
It Is also reported that tho news of
tho stoudy ritlremont of the Germans in
Krancc has trickled Into Uerlln and be
numbed the people.
Along the Swiss-German frontlor tho
full extent of the German retreat Is
known. People aro crying: "If tho French
have beaten us, what will tho Russians
LONDON, Sept. 14.
Dispatches from Paris and Bordeaux
to the London newspapers describe scenes
of enthusiasm, mingled with the thank
fulness of the populace, at tho news of
the German retreat.
Tho streets, tho dispatches say, aro full
of people, all too ovorjoyod to express
amotion by noise or singing, but men
aro seen embracing each other with
fevror, while women glvo vent to their
feelings by crying quietly.
Everybody Is amazed at tho unexpected
change In the tide of war nnd the fullest
credit Is given General Pau, who Is re
garded as having, by prompt and decided
strategy, changed tho faco of tho cam
paign. Everybody Is asking what tho Germans
will do: whethey they will be able to
reform their forces and mako a stand,
nnd what will become of the Crown
Prince's army, tangled up In tho wooded
Argonno region.
It Is understood that the factor which
brought about the changes In tho fortune
of wnr was the new army which Gonoral
Tau formed quickly and qulotly at Ver
sailles, composed ot some of tho best
troops from the eastern frontier and a
flno body of cavalry. This army marched
through Paris northward and then turned
northeast. Its effect was felt at once.
Feared City Will Lose Supremacy as
Great Medical Centre.
Leading medical mon throughout tho
elty are unnnlmous In their conviction
that Philadelphia will loso Its supremncy
ss a grout medical centre of this country
unless provisions are made In the cur
rent loan for necessary Improvements to
the Philadelphia General, Hospital. Phy
slcfttns prominent In medical circles de
plore the antiquated facilities available
at tho hospital. They point out that
like Institutions In other cities which oro
striving for the enviable position long held
by Philadelphia will forgo ahead and at
tain that honor unless the buildings nnd
equipment at Blocklcy are greatly nug
mented and ronovated.
In an effort to provont this city from
losing Its notable position In the medical
world members of tho Philadelphia Gen
eral Hospital staff havo renewed their
efforts to have tho municipal authorities
do something for tho general improve
ment of the Institution.
The Institution at present Is antiquated,
although maintained under tho very best
auspices possible, and falls far short In
every requirement of a modern hospital
Director Harto has urgently presented
a request for $1,000,000. He contends that
with anything less than that stipulated
sum nothing more thnn tho deplorable
system of making small. Inadequate ad
ditions and patching here nnd there
could be accomplished. Thus, after ex
pendltures along those lines havo hecn
made, the Institution would still remain
en old and Imperfect one without a sln
Sle modem unit.
Girl Charges Him Also With Theft of
Vanity Case.
Nicholas Denacltenly, who gave an
ddress at Tenth and Locust streets, ac
cused of stealing a sliver vnnlty cnto
from Miss Esther nurman, ID years old,
SL u .?ew Ma"let street, was held In
1,00 ball for a further henrlng today by
Magistrate Tracy ln the Eleventh and
winter streets police station.
Miss Burman said the man attempted
io nirt on a train coming from Willow
i.rove. boon afterward she missed the
case, which contained $3.50. She followed
the man from tho train and caused his
arrest. Denacltenly said tho young worn
an nad given him the vanity case that
ne might purchase candy for her. Mlsa
Burman denied this.
Don Bosco Institute Formed to Give
Aid to Young Men,
nneJ'Do,.n ,Doaeo Institute." the pur-
tlri .MWh,Ch lB t0 Rlva ,noral " -I
Sir L ' youn men. has been opened
nf 5h c. N,,,th s,rre' 'y members
2 nm. cAa, ?f St- Prnncl3 d0 "
SismSfnl. C,athollc "lou order. The
ouest if imS, 1ee" 0pcnc'' at ,t,e ,e
w th ..? .Ar1cl.,blshop Indergast and
V. Morrell f Mr8, Eawar4 de
ofT!h.I?;..Pfter CattorJ h director
Hot Coffee Badly Burns Child
k&B9ltnVMra olJ. ot Gas
from th ;r""e,".a cun t coffee
waTserln,,!? W? '"to his P ay. 'c
ftortdeto"r n!iat C'0U"'IU lalc v
$11700 000 min, ,"". ,lw lassuK f "
c Jvtc ilmL?011?1 lu,t" '"augurate
mint T,"1'"1' a"J PwvWe employ-
uTon yaed.tayb5r "" CenUal J'abor
tToToT adr ed ? !""
mrce wlh ,. V i the Chamber of C'oin
Cmm,uee 5 VabAForwara Movemcni
ver.i,. ?" 0t a " W.0C0 fund to nd-
T -i. A. ...
Wk mrO
Had tho Germans possessed tho war
map, which accompanies this nrtlcio,
Paris would havo been in their hands by
now. Tho map, tho chef d'oeuvro of Mark
Twain, was drawn by him nnd by the
exorcise of superhuman lngonulty, also, en
graved by him. It Is truo that It Is
somewhat nskew, but as General Nelson
O, Miles, who never saw the man .Is re
ported to havo said:
"It was fully as useful in 1870 when It
wan drawn, as it is today."
The map was published in the Buffalo,
N. Y Express, of which Twain was
owner, on September 17, 1870, and Twain's
description follows, together with somo
testimonials, oven moro enthusiastic than
that of General Miles:
The above map explains Itself.
The Idea of this map Is not original
with me, but Is borrowed from tho
Trlbuno and tho other great metropolitan
I claim no other merit for this produo-.
tlon (If I may so call It) than that It Is
accurate. The main blemish of the city
paper mans, of which It la nn imitniun
Is that ln them moro attention seems paid
to artistic plcturesqucness than geograph
ical reliability.
Inasmuch as this Is the first time I ever
tried to draft and cngrnvo a map, or at
tempt anything In tho line of art at all.
the commendations tho work has received
and the admiration It has excited among
tho people have been very grateful to my
feelings. And It Is touching to reflect that
by far tho most enthusiastic of theso
praises havo come from people who know
nothing nt nil n'bout art.
By an unimportant oversight I hnvo en
graved the map so that It reads wrong
ond first, except to left-handed people. I
forgot that In order to mako It right In
print It should be drawn and engraved
upside down. However, let tho student
who desires to contemplate the map stand
u i ... nean or nold It before her looking
glass. That will bring It right.
Man Who Helped Form Republican
Farty Is 03 Today
ALLENTOWN, Pa., Sept. 14. There
was a reception today In honor of tho
93d birthday anniversary of Thomas O.
Cllnklngcr, tho oldest Republican and the
oldest voter ln Allentown. Born In this
elly when It was a borough of less than
6000 people, Mr. Glnklnger has lived hero
nil his lire.
In 18SG, during tho days of John C.
Fremont, Mr. Glnklnger was ono of tho
organizers of the Republican parly.
The reader will comprehend nt a glance
that that ploco of river with tho "lilrfh
Bridge" over It got left out to ono side
by reason of a slip of tho engraving tool,
which rendered It necessary to change
tho entire courso of tho Itlver Rhino or
clso spoil the map. After having Bpcnt
two days In digging nnd gouging nt tho
map, I would havo changed tho course ot
tho Atlantlo Ocean before I would have
lost so much work.
I nover had so much troublo with any
thing In my llfo as I did with this map.
I had heaps of llttlo fortifications scat
tered nil nround Paris, at first, but ovory
now nnd then my Instruments would slip
and fetch away whoto miles of battered
and leave the vicinity as olean as If
the Prussians hnd been there.
The reader will find It well to frame
this man for futuro reference, so that It
mny aid in extending popular Intelligent
and dispelling tho widespread Ignotnnco
Of tho day. MARIt TWAI?J.
It Is very nice, large print.
aw- U. S. GRANT.
It places
new light.
the situation
In an entirely
I cannot look
at it without shedding
Prisoners Charged With Robbing
Veteran of His Pension Money.
Three men nccused of holding up
Patrick Furey, 63 years old, of 1013 Green
street, a veteran of tho Civil war, were
held In $1000 ball each for court today
by Magistrate Emcly at tho Tenth nnd
Buttonwood streets station. They nro
Daniel McCIay, of 1&20 Melon street:
Thomas Chalmers, of 411 Marshall street,
nnd William Grayson, of 1611 Marshall
Tho hold-up took place last Tuesday
In daylight at Twelfth and Hamilton
streets. Furey met the thrco mon In a
saloon. Thoy asked him to take a walk.
Whllo one acted as lookout, the others
are said to havo thrown him to the side
walk and robbed him of $00 he had just
rccctvod as pension.
Uncanny Silence Reigns
Over Field of Carnage.
Improvised Cemeteries
Stretch 100 Miles.
It is very nice, largop rlnt.
My wife was for years nffllctcd with
freckles, and though everything was
done for her relief that could bo dono,
all was in vain. But, sir, slnco her first
glnnco at your map, they havo entirely
loft her. Sho has nothing but convul
sions, now. j, SMITH.
If I hnd had tho map I could have got
out of Metz without any troublo.
I have seen a great many maps In
my time, but none that this one reminds
mo of. TROCHLf.
Honolulan Brings First Passengers
Through Isthmuan Waterway.
Tho honor of carrying tho first pas
sengers through the Panama Canal fell
to the Amorlcnn-Hawallnn steamship
Honolulan, now discharging a large cargo
of fruit from California nt pier 34. South
Wharves. Tho vessel, In command of
Captain J. S. Greene, a native of this city
and a graduate of Glrard College, ar
rived hero lato Sunday afternoon after
a voyago of 21 days. The big steamship
mado tho run through the canal In 9
hours and 11 minutes.
Tho arrival of tho Honolulan marks an
epoch ln tho history of tho port. It Is a
practical demonstration ot what the open
ing of tho Panama Cnnnl means to this
city. In tho SOOO tons of cargo thcro were
California wines, fruits and canned sal
mon. No return voynjro with ennro Is
scheduled to be taken bnck on tho Hono
lulan, but It Is expected that a regular
servlco between this port and tho Pacific
coast ports will bo established In tho
near future.
All of tho 14 pnssengers on board tho
vessel wcro enthusiastic over tho voy
age. They remained on deck during the
trip through tho great waterway which
begnn at Balboa early on the morning of
September C and ended with the steaming
Into tho Atlantic Ocean at Colon In the
Among tho passongers were Charles Wl
Henry,' of Chestnut Hill: R. C. Orr, of
Chicago; Mrs. F. Fylca Bauchle, M. A.
WeUet und C. H. Boylhait, of Now York
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Young, of San Fran
cisco; Miss A. Stevens, of Boston; Mrs.
Michael Marston, of Seattle; Miss A
Lord, of Albany; Mrs. C. B. Bntcs and
son Edward, of Boston, and A. B. Mor
rell, of Salem, Mass.
Miles nnd miles nnd miles of desolation.
Whet over ono moves In this warswcpt.vnl
ley, only n few days ago so peaceful' and
beautiful, ono meets with tho same
piteous sight.
Nature, llko Nlobo, Is n tears, wring
ing her hands at tho mad, merciless deeds
of her children. Tho sky Is serene, blue
llrcked with whllo clouds. In the
meadows tho cattle, all that Is left of
them, still stand kneo deep In high grass.
Tho evening breezo still makes music In
tho wIIowh which bond ovor tho stream,
but nil tho birds havo vanished, gono,
heaven knows where, out ot tho shatter
ing tumult
Uncanny sllcnco reigns. Tho world Is
holding her breath, shocked and terrified
by tho writhing flamo that has swopt ovor
this sweet country, leaving it scarred and
The slow waters of tho Marne nro no
longer blue with heaven's reflection on
sunny days, but nro livid and dreadfully
malodorous with tho swollen bodicH of
dead horses.
Thcro are hundreds of them, aye, and of
men, too. A blind man could follow tho
track of this battle storm easily enough,
and t have floundered along It until I am
Tho fire is still smoldering over shal
low graves of bravo dead, entombed s'o
hurriedly that one sor-a hero and there
in these gruesome cemeteries, a brown
hand thrust through the shovelled nrth
as if beckoning; the hump of a shoulder,
with tunic and shoulder straps torn nwuv.
It Is dreadful. For more than 100 miles
behind the battlo lino these burying
grounds mark tho scenes of carnage.
AMOUNT TO $1,250,000
Philadelphia Produces 2,500,000
Barrels of Beverage Annually.
Philadelphia would have to pay about
$1,230,000 as lis share of the proposed
war tax op beer. The tax would bo
W cents on a barrel of beer, of which
beverage this city produces 2,600,000 barrels
annually. Tho annual entire output of
beer throughout tho country la about
Ofl.OOO.&OO barrels.
Brewers In this city today declined to
discuss tho action they wcro likely to
tnko to meet tho now tax should tho
bill In which It Is embodied become law.
It was evident, however, from tholr gen
eral nttltude that they would Increase
tho price of beer to tho rotaller.
Tho additional tax of 20 cents on a gal
lon of wine will havo little If no effect
on tho prlco of wines, dealers said today.
The tax In too rmall to warrant an nd
vanco In prices. Owing to the war, wine
Imports havo greatly decreased. This
decrease may foil tho Government's ex
pectations of raising $9,000,000 from tho
wlno tax. In which caie. It Is said, tho
tax would either have to be Increased
or nnothcr tax lovled on tome other
rr, --,!
Watchman Confronts Thief With
Pistol and FoHcemnn Makes Capture.
A brick crashed through the window of
tho Jewelry store of I. Press & Son, at 1
South Eighth street, this morning. Henry
Jacobs, the watchman, ran to the front of
the store and was surprised to And noth
ing had been stolen. Ho suspected, how-
ver, that the one who throw the brlcK
would re-turn ror uooty, so instead ot
notifying the police the watchman waited
behind tho door.
A fow minutes later the watchman saw
a hand thrust through the hole irt the
window toward a .-ny of rings, Jacobs
Jumped out and pointed a. pistol at the
head of tho thief. Before the man could
withdraw his hand Policeman Lyons
came up end captured the thief.
Tho prisoner was taken to tho ElevenUs
nnd Winter streets station. Ha gave his
name as Plumber Bullock, a negro, of
1137 Lombard street. He was held by
Magistrate Traoy.
Convict Ship Success Took English
Farm Laborers to Australia.
In the British convict ship Success,
now lying nt tho foot of Market street,
aro to bo seen the dingy colls In which
the men who formulated the first trade
union wcro sent to Australia, when It
was the British penal colony, to serve a
sentence for forming such an organisa
tion. George Lovelace, a farm laborer In
England In the early part of tho nine
teenth century, receiving the sum of
seven shillings a week for his work, ap
plied with several others for nn Increase.
Instead of securing the advance they
wore Informed that the weekly wage
would be decreased. Thereupon Love
laco and six friends formulated a trade
society. They were known as the "Six
Men of Dorsot." The aet was consid
ered a conspiracy and th men were
transported to Australia.
After thrco years they were liberated'
as the result of a public demonstration
protesting against tho Iniquity of their
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