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John Grlbtyr
John C. Md'
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IfOL. I NO. 1
ON $500,000 FOR
Director Points Out That
Unless Councils Act
Promptly a Year's Delay
Will Be Inevitable.
r.' i
- -j-
tyer -j
Director Taylor, of the Department of
City Transit, today urged upon Council
the vital necessity of censing obRttuetioti
to the growth or Philadelphia. He utgod
Councils to Include In tho proposed Jtl,
710,000 loan an Item of JMo.OO. o that an
Immediate start can be made In recon
structing sowers In the central down
town district, preliminary to thi uttuut
construction of the subway and elrvaifd
If CollllClls refuse' to llictlldr tlm IjI'IihHI
appropriation tor rapid tiHiislt. Hunlor
Taylor pointed out that the tiumot pt fl
it mm worked out bv hi? dep'irtmt-nt and t
agreed to by the 1'. H. T Compnni but
which ha? been icpeutcdly blocked bv
Council.", will bo delayed aiuttht-i eat. ,
The city should take the Initiative, he
nald. and start work immdlatvlv . with- I
out waiting for the 1'iilon Tinctlon i om-
panv to ititlf) tne program, j
Dircoloi Taylor alo announced new I
sin face lines In tn-vnv paitu of Phlln- ,
detnhla which are neeited anil will he In
cluded in the transit nlnn Thev Include
n crosxtown line on Fift) -sixth stroe'.
additional facilities ibovo Frnukfonl. a
line on Chew ticnt. t'xt-n-(loii! to the
South Philadelphia north and outh
lines, additional lines nni th of Glrarcl
College, n direct line to Roxborougli, n
line on Xorth Ninth street and a dlieot
line to rox Chase
When Common Council hii!iN a special
meeting on 'Phursd.iv tu pass tne ordi
nance that will submit the loan to Phila
delphia voters ut the November elections,
representative business inn from all parts
of Philadelphia will request that bodv to I
reconsider the action of Council Finance
Committee, which placed the lntest bloelf
In the road of rapid ttanslt development
last Thursday, when It refused Dlretor
Taylor's request for un appioprlatlon.
"The paople of Philadelphia aio dlrftl)
Interested In securing prompt ratification
of the program for transit ilevelopment
with free transfers which has crown out
of the conference between the Philadel
phia Rapid Transit Company and the De
partment of City Transit,"' said Director
Taylor In his statement.
"This probram has been "ubmltted to
the City Councils of Philadelphia and to
the stockholders of the Union Traction
Company for consideration and final action.
tho loan bill, the city will have failed to i
take advantage of an opportunity to ex
pedlte transit development by one year,
foi It Is extremely unlikely that a special
transit loan will be created before Ibe
perioral election. November, 11115, unlesi
the way be cleat ed for awarding of con
tracts for a part of the main trntult de
velopment by the ugieenicnt of nil parties
to the program or otherwise, as a speeial
election, costing: the taxpayers about
$150,000. would be necessary In order to se
cure Its authorization.
"Equally lmpottanl Is the fact that Cit
Councils, by Including the 500,0U0 Item In
the loan bill, will have taken u decisive
step continuing the Intention of the clt
to pioceed with the transit development
without committing the city to the ex
penditure of nil) money on tho nctunl
construction of ttnn'lt facilities timlei
existing abnormal financial conditions i
they will have thus advanced the much
needed Improvement of the drainage svs
tern of the city b.v such notion In a man
ner to clear the way for tho construction
of the deliver) loop ot the proper time
In nentlv one year less than It would i
otherwise take to construct It.
"Prompt and favorable action b tba
City Counrllp at this time will. In im
opinion, go a long wav toward securing
ratlllcatlon of the transit progrnm nnfl ,
the earlv realization of the benefits wh eh
the completion of the prociam will bring
to the people of Philadelphia.' I
Delicatessen Storekeeper
Loses $ 1 1 00 Proprietor
of Saloon Finds Unwel
come Guests at His Bar. I
Two hurglarles downtown early this
morning. In one of which thieve ooolh
carried a henvv safe Into n lear yard to
blow it open, netted the operators nearly
411CO in cash, Jew.dry and cigars. The
victims are Daniel Haxtnln, a saloon
keeper at the "outheast comer
and M:ilTlln stiects. and Morrl
who keep a delicatessen storo
South stieet.
The robbery of the delicatessen store
took place between 3 and 5 o'clock this
morning. Burglars pried tho shutters off
a side window. They calmly rolled the
safe from tho store, through the house
to the rear yard, and blew olf the door
The photograph shows the heavy safe which was coolly dragged by burglars from a delicatessen store into a rear
kitchen, when the door was blown off with nitroglycerine early this morning.
of 21st
at Hi
1 nith nitro-glycerin.
! Apparent!) the thieves wore expert
vestigation of their work by City Hall de
tectives showed that they had perfoimed
a clean Job. Only the broken bolts
showed that the safe door had been blown
open. The hlngs still were Intact.
' From the safo the thieves got two
! diamond rings, two diamond necklaces.
"The program provides, among other ' nd m ln casn Th J"'"'- scolding
things, for the elimination of the S-cent I " I,ite' ' rtn S00' mnWnS hl" total
loss J-"". None of the occupants or th"
houe ns aroused while the buiglnrs
exchange tickets and the development of
an adequate high-speed transportation
system In tho citv, wh'ich will afford the
fre transfer of passenger" between high,
speed lines and also between high-speed
lines and Intersecting surface lines, so
that It will be possible for people to travel
quickly and comfortably from exery Im
portant section of the city to every other
important section of the city for one 5
cent fare, by the Joint ut. when neces
sary, of both surface ami high-speed lines
to make the Journey
"The program fiirther provides a pla.i
of rtancing the much needed extensions
of the existing "iirface system. Thus the I
carr)ing out of tne prosram will benefit i
every section of Phlladflphia and everv .
patron of the street lai wav ysfm.
"A very Important factor In the pro- I
gram Is the provision which Is made for
the financing of surfaco extensions which ,
will be requested from time to time as
the city group. At piesent va:ljua sec
tions of the cit are demanding such I
yn "West Philadelphia a crosxtown sui - '
face line on 56th street is greatl) needed.
"In tho northeastern Feet ion additional
surface facilitleri nra needed above
"In Gerniantown the people are vry '
pUiperly demanding th (.omtiruvtlun of
a line on Chew street, u ectlon now
-"" built up but Isolated.
"In Pouth Philadelphia extensions .,f
the existing north and south line furthtr
southward will be a nfecetsit)
"In the northwestern section there Is
stent demand for additional north and
outh lines north of nirard College and
also for a much needed direct Hue tu i
In the northern section of the city
there la an urgent demand for a surface '
line on North Ninth street and for a i
dliect line to Fo Chain,
"The transit program ov Its terms
makes provision for the fund" which
will be required to build the neeiMiry
surface extensions, must of which are
vitally Important to the welfare ef the
various sections of he citj.
"There now seems to b a question at
to who shall make the first move lowar,"
the carrying out of the transit program
shall It be tho cltv or shall th city
nwait favorable action by 'l.e I'niop
Traction Company?
"Unquestionably it Is the duv of the
city to take the Initiative and tu 'alio
very step necessary to secure adequate
rapid transit facilities, with frcs tians.
fera and the necessary extensions f n iir
face line for the people of Philadelphia.
without delay.
"X have pointed out the fact that U
will take about one vear longer to build
the subway loop than the nalance of the
subway structure in iiroad street, but
before actual work un be effectively com
menced on the qoiutructlon ot thn sub
way delivery loop in Walnut street. Kllith
street, Arch street and West Penn Huuaie
new sewer must U coiixtrusted in ad
jacent trets to take the place of those,
which will bo excavated In bulldlnc the
delivery loop. This preliminary work
will be. tedious, requiring about nine
months, but the cost thereof will only
e about 1500.000.
500,0fl0 NBBDUD NOW.
It la this OO.GOO item which I am anx
ious to have included in the loan bill. The.
nlartement and relocation of the w
er In the delivery district will b o.
Mitial In any event in currlne out the
rvud drainage plan of the city which
has. bt-n adopted.
"Th idans and spttciiUatlons for tbl
work aro jill pttfparod in harmony with
the plan of the Uuimu of Surveys ud
if the JWJ.C-J Itani be Inclu4d m til loan
OjVL im therb) made available arly
iifftSt vear. ths wav un he on-ajed for
tli construction or tne deiner. i OH t,
the MM ot 191
will he wen xvi IdeJ
Secretary of Chamber of Commerce
Indorses Central Labor Union's Move.
The movement to uilso n fund of SI.COO.
W to advertise and extend the trade of
Philadelphia to all partf of the world,,
besrun b the Central Labor Union, toda)
received the indoisement of N. B. Kell),
eeret.nv of the Chnmbei of Commeice.
Mr. Kellv pointed to the unuual oppor
tunltf"! now open fo- trade development
and dcdaied prompt :mtlon was neces
Fai v
The cnnvent bv Mr. Kellv ,T occa
sioned by a l evolution adopted bv tho
Cential Labor fnlon yeMteulny, asklns
tho co-operation of the Chamber ot Com
merce with the l.nbor rot ward Move
ment Committee and the Central Labor
I'nlon in raisins the SI.CO.ii00 fund.
When the lesolutlon was brought to
Mr Kell's attention he said: "1 nm
back of any movement which has for its
aim tho etenlon of the tiade of Phila
delphia to South Amei icn and to other
parts of the world We are face to face
w ith unu'ual opportunities at this time
and prompt action Is necenry If we
would mnke any forward steps."
The Centrnl Labor Tnlon at the meet
ing esteiday also In another resolution
made a demand upon Council thnt they
make every efloit to facilitate the p.is
as. of the H1,T'iifl municipal loan to
ina iprurute civic Improvement'' and pro
vide employment for Idle men In thH
Baptist Ministers Also Discuss
Progress of European War.
Pinvcis to trlnB about peace anion?
1 the warrlni: nations cf Einopc wctc of
rercd today by the Baptist ministers nt
their regular weeklv mcctlir,' In the First
P.nptlst Church, Seventeenth and Sansoni
, stretts, today.
' An nddiess In commen.niatlon of the
ine hundiedth nnnlversaiy of ponce be
tween the l'nltcd States and i:n?:and
was made by tho I'ev firoico Hoddls, of
L.imbeitvllle Hnptlst r'huich, Lambeit-
' vlllc, N. J. KullowiiiR hW ntldiess theio
was n dlscus'-lan of the European strus- I
Kle. The ltev. Dr. W. H. Shumway pre- i
I sided.
worked While and his famliv knew
nothing of ihe burglary until this moru
ins, when they found the i tiled safe ln
the yard ,
Thiee men operated at Uaxtaln's saloon.
He surprised them quenching their thiist
at his bar about 9 o'clock last night, and
when he mshed at them they dropped
through a tiap door to the cellar and
.scaped through a window Police of the
Twentieth and Federal streets station are
seorfliir.g for the men.
Baxtaln spent yesterday with his famliv
at Atlantic Cltv. He saw a light In a
small room at the rear of the bar when
he returned, and found that the door of
the safe had been pried op-n, the inner
doors battered and J125 In cash removed
A hoK of old coins, valued at J.V, was
Buiglar tool were ,tiewn about the
floor, and Ha.xtaln came to lh oncluslon
t, at the m-n were still In the house. He
opened the door to the bar. but the thiee
men saw him bef re he could cut off their
escape. The buiglars left their tools.
Later Baxtaln found that a largo quan
tity of tine .-tears had been stolen. Tho
.. origination handl.- of the safe had been
t.iken olf by a loiu handled bar. with
irons like a claw hiiunier T'ie leaiv
nd of the bar ued to hatter 'n the
small lnlde dooii- The men entered the
place with .t faUe key to a side door.
fireman Risks Life In Preventing
Auto From Striking Trolley Car.
Deputy Fire Chief Barrett rUked hiu
life to aveii collision with a trollev ur
at Broad and Morris street- last night,
irervine the biir automobile chemical tsii
Bine h was driving into a tiee and
slight!) injuring Teaser Cotheri. of 1X3
Houth lloewool street. Ph si'-'ans at
St. At'iirH Hospital found tb.it Corlinri
had en ipeil with cuts and limine.
Chif Barrett was traveling -otiih on
Broad sitt at a raplft pace j'-n i,t
MorrU stit a motorman, who imld lo
note tho dpproaen or tne cneniii.ii en- itk rroin mio oiipujme uhhiwu
Bine kt.titnl to cross Hronii stitwt. 1 ne
tin wax well flllud with pasi.ewr, Bar
lett MwerveeJ vharply to the laft, l the
same tmiv speeding up his ijiotor.
Tim chemical auto "hot t th- front
of ihe trullev car, inmmns It by a tew
Inches It ieit lv thix tlmv was -o
Itieat that Chief Bariutt found it in,.o-
MliM w mru Mill mm liw ru,sy, iinq ' ..,. THlonfi0 Atfe.nnf f-n ftnen
the left wheels struck a tree against ""
wh.ch Corlieii was leaning. The man i New Line of Communication,
wan thrown back on the. sidewalk. BRUMS. Sept 14 Ma Hume.
With fc'reat dittlcultv Chlvf Barrtt u , stated unotllclally here that th ,
stuck to his seat oml hel4 on to the BIlny of the German Ciovvn Prlmu.
steering wheel, while the machine ea. vx hi. h was previously reported as havlntf
.rfiic.i a.une ,ur suuiu uniuuii-, iu , suiiounueil Venlun. has captured one or
wheels on tl sidewalk and two In the ,h fnr.in0d i,osittons southwest of that
Couldn't Run It and Talk at Same
Time. Says Crew.
A trollev car tan backwaid on Spruce
'tret frcm Slth to the great surpitse of
tin residents cf that Btre-t this morn
ing. The car was loaded with passengers
itnd they appealed Indignant. The mo
t' i-nan ard conductor explained that
ihev couldn't run the car and talk at
th- Mime timf, so the riders had to
,tlt their teeth and wait. The car that
Inn!, sliiled was a Subway Angoia
ii imbfreil 3W.
This Is how It happened. The ear Is
M'poe() to turn fnun Spi uc street to
midland nvenue nt 'ITth. But thin
tiiuiiiinic the cor kfpt on at normal
P-wi to Rltii street.
I'.insengors who had been ildlnif on this
in- foi months were somewhat nston-i-lnii
therefore when thev were greeted
wit a a change l scenerv Houston Hull
.nil other nice buildings pased brfom
tli m and then some persons asked the
i i.miitor where they were going. !!
u.toimed them thut the car was on tho,
v nv to the Market str.t subway. Some'
i ii. iiiiortiitt lum that it would b a dlt
In i't teat of navlfc-ation to reach there
bv i it loute the ear was taking Then
to ti.nductor stopped the t.ar utid held
a i onferente with th motorman. lie
hi 4 also somewhat puzzled
Meanwhile there was a deluyu of sub-(.'..-lions
and opinions It was finally
Uei ided to run the iai bai k to Thirty-t-v.rth
street In oidei nut to meet other
iTh from the uppusite liiiittlmi
fti reaching iheie tin car finally
matiBKed to tlnd the subw.i by way of
WuudUnil avenue uml Mdil.et slretft.
verdunTort reported
taken by crown prince
Garment Workers In Small Shops De
mand Better Terms,
Mnnufnctuicrs of guiments on a sin a "I
scale who art- not members of tho
Ladles' (larment Manufacturers' Asso
ciation that settled its dispute last week
with the union workers, will meet union
officials ill the office of Dliector of Pub
ic Safety Cleorge D. Portel nt City Hnll
late this afternoon to dlscii9s an agree
ment. Max Amdur Is the local leader of the
I'mted Ladles' Garment Workeis' L'nlon.
After the large manufnetuiers who are
members of the association agreed to a
higher scale of wages, a ."'.'-hour week and
f.-inltaiy shop conditions, following n
conference In Director Poitci's olllce Inst
week, tho union workeis employed by
the smaller manufacturers demanded the
eame conditions
Mnn Risks Life by Plunging Into
Flame-fll?ed House.
At the ilsk of hl life, Henrv E. Silk,
loll) South Fourth street, plunged through
the smoke and flame tilled home of Ledar
Orchow, 1311 South Fourth street, this
morning and rescued seven-year-old Mor- '
rls Orchow, who hnd been left In bed by
other members ot the family In their rush i
to escape from the binning house.
Silk dlocnvcieri the tli c end turned ln nn I
alai in. Then he tried to awaken the
Oiclunv fainll). railing he hutst upon the
door r.nd plunging thiotigh choking ,
clouds of smoke nrouted tho household, i
Orchow. his wife and two of their ehll
' dien as well ns three boarders In the
place ran screaming to the; street In their
night clothing. Then they missed little
Silk did not wait for further Information,
hut dashed back Into the binning building
and brought the child to safety. The
family was taken care of by nclgh'mis.
About Siroo worth of dry gondtf which
Orchov sold In a little store on the llrt
Hoot of his house was destioyed. It Is
thought rats nibbling matches started the
WILKKS-B.WJ1UC, Pa. Sept. Ii. After
having tho saloon of Patilck Patalonls.
a' shley, which the) raided late lasi
night, three of tiieriff Lewis I. Knlfl'enV
' putlrs were .'lied on fio-n ambush, and
Ji-sso Weldn, one of the number, lecelved
a bullet In tho lUlu arm, which took n
..tsged course fiom the wris.1 to tho
Ibow and opened a bad wound. Pata
I mis and John Uagutln and Andiew liiaac,
boulders, are under uirest.
Official Forecast
I Admiral Who Made History at Vera
I Cruz Will Hoist Flag on Wyoming.
I NEW YORK, Sept ll.-The supeidrc. id
nought Wyoming flagship of the Xorth
Atlantic Fleet, with Real Admlial B.ul
gei, fleet commander, on board, tied up nt
I the Brooklyn Xnvy Yard )eslerday after
noon on her first visit to this port since
the occupation of Vera Cruz by the I'nlt
ed States forces last April. Whon she
leaves next week, however. It will ho with
ftenr Admiral Trank Friday Fletcher's
, pennant nt the main masthead.
The' formal ceremonies of the tiansfer
of Hags has been set for Thursday In
I the Brooklyn yard. Admiral Badger, who
has been iclleved of the licet emii'mnil
because his term of sen service has ter-
minuted, will return to the geuVial noaifl
.at Washington, and his successor, whose
po-t was secured hugely through his
success in handling tho delicate Mexican
, situation, will take his ship to the south
ern drill grounds off the Virginia Copes
and then on to Vera Cruz.
Wrangling Over Plan to In
clude Freight Causes Dem
ocratic Leaders to Delay
Report to House.
WASHIKGTON. Sept. H.-Emertoncy
revenue legislation will hold chief In
terest ln the Houso this week, despite
the delay In tho Introduction of the Ad
ministration hill to provide $100,000,00 a
year, which the Treasury will need bo
cause of the falling off of customs duties
on account of the European war. In
dications aro now that the bill may not
reach the floor of the House until
Wednesdny or Thursday, but the wrnng
llng over the proposed tax on frefuht
shipments hns reached such a stago that
a Democratic caucus Is planned early thin
week when several Democrats will seek
to overthrow the freight tax provision
of the bill.
The original program was thnt the
revenue bill, agreed upon b) a majoilty
of tho Democrats of the Ways and
Means Committee, would bo Introduced
last Saturday and would bo formnlly re
ported by that committee today. Con
sideration of the bill under a special rule
wns scheduled for tomorrow. However, nt
the eleventh hour on Saturday, Majority
Leader Underwood announced lie would
not Introduce the bill until It had re
ceived the unqualllied appioval of tho
Piesldent, the lnfeicncn being that Jlr,
t'mlerwood rcnllzcd the seriousness of
tho revolt ngalnst the freight tax. clause
and Intended to put responsibility
squarely up to Mr. Wilson.
Accordingly, tho bill Is held ln nbey
nnce until the Piesldent gets back from
Cornish, N. If., tomorrow.
Sufficient signatures have been ob
tained to call a Democratic caucus,
which Is scheduled for tonight or to
morrow night, unless the President
brings pressuro to bear to have It post
poned. It probably will requlic a letter
from him to put the fielght tax through
the caucus, although there Is little or
no opposition to the proposed tax on
beei and wines.
When the caucus Is convened Repre
sentatives Kitchen and darner. Demo
cratic members of the Ways nnd Means
Committee, who have consistently op
posed a freight tax, will offer a substi
tute bill pioposlng to to beer, wines,
whisky, cigarettes, Inheritances and au
tomobiles nnd to Increase the Income tax
I rote.
Tho entire revenue legislation Is "mix
ed" nnd prisages a further dela) In the
final adjournment of Congress.
Outsfdo of consideration of the Im
portant revenue measuie. the House will
conclude during the week Its debate on
the bill authorizing the leasing of coal,
oil and phosphate lands on the public
domain This measure piobnbly will pass
without Ferlous opposition. On Wednes
day the nainhnit pi luting bill Is to again
take the right of vvny and a vote may be
icachcd on this measure designed to re
vise nnd codify the pi luting lnws nnd
check waste nt the government printing
They would also limit the publication
of government documents to the actual
needs of public officials, and seek to
cheat the "Junk pile," to which thousands
of useless, uncalled for documents nre
consigned each )ear.
Routine bills on the private claims
cnlindnrs are scheduled to take up the
spare time of the Home, In fact, there
is no prospect of a legislative let-up at
any time this week.
VMI1NGIU.N. .sept. 11. , nrn PDnCO DCDCATO ITC
For eastern Pennsylvania anil New Jer- nuu unuoo uui un i o no
.. ,Jl?flh- inniirht nnil iirnhahK Tuesilav '
i.ot much change in teinperatuie; tresli
i..'itheast winds
The crcht of high baiometer Is over ei- Society Employe .Nc .4
tilts nicrnuiK uiiu inu aiea iner
mi-nt this nicrnlng and thu niea
alls piuctlcall) all disttlct.s fiom the
M.ssisslppl River eaktwaid. Fair weathei
h.is prevailed undei Its Inllueuce except
a mi,- the south Atlantic and Gulf coasts..
Ti.. ii mperatures remain low iilung the
Atlantic slope, but an- i isiug in the lake
icgiou aid In most of the greul central
v. '.) A disturbance of considerable
ein-iijy ovetspreads wc-tstern Canada and
i ne btates along the northern bore ir,
taiisin. tliundertihowers in the Missouri
ami upper Mississippi v alloys.
fhiiu.ifrhihlit ant vi.iitti
arll I'lml'li, nun tlsilif luniicra-
i ,iie rim
Fair tniiay;
1'. S. WcjiIht Hiircau Hiilletiu
. it -mi.i,i niddc li in . Kiiaiprti TlTit
1 lip. last Itaill- b10C-
n run it u ii.i.aine
13 t'loudy
12 iliar
cuts to Solicit
Funds on Stieet.
The American Red floss Society to
day repeated Its announcement that It
employs no collectors to solicit on the
street, and that those representing them
fcelves ns the society's agents In solicit
ing war relief funds nre Impostors.
l.etteis urging ministers In this city to
work for contributions among their con
gregations havo been sent to all clergy
men and church, men by Fiancls 13
Reeves, treasurer of the Red Cross fund
for Philadelphia. These letteis call at
tention to the deploiablu conditions
West Chester Complains of Lessened
' Number of Trains on P. It. H.
Complaints nre being made bv com
1 muters of West Chester against tho ac
tion of the Pennsylvania Knllio.ul In re
ducing the number of round-trip trains
fiom Philadelphia to West Chester from
fifteen to six a day, ln accordance with
the company's winter schedule, which
goes Into effect tomorrow morning. These
complaints have not reached the olllciuls
of the railroad as yet," however, in tho
leoi ranging of the winter schedule the
company will annul GO tiains.
The action In cutting down the number
of trains on the West Chester branchr
which Is In the Philadelphia Division, wns
In part compensated by impiovlng the
rush-hour service between the former
point and this city, via the Media Di
vision, and these changes in time be
come effective tomoriow, nlso.
The discontinuing of fifteen trains on
the West Chester branch was tho most
drastic In the computo's announcement
of passenger train curtailment, the next
division In line being tho Man land Di
vision, from which twelve traliiH aie
taken off between this city and Wil
mington. It is explained that the cutting down
of the number of passenger trains In serv
ice will not necessarily means that the
crews will be discharged or laid off.
bathhouses maintained by the Hoard of
IIajii ii'itlnn In nni Iaiiu niiriu r,f 1. ..!
ir0"1,'.!? COntr"mtln' t0 hel" ! ; 7.u InB H.e .i.t week. Coo er
the mitfeierrt there. , .. ,.,,,.,, ,,, ,,.., , ..
V. ..,.., ..,, ro, (Unite lit,,,. I.asn moi. ".. - ".- n,,u,, l,llllir l
ktreet Kinailv he brought it to a top
The front of the, chemical engine was
Abilene IV V
A aural, i id
Hum.iri.ri N l
lioytcm, llj.h
liurfalo. x t.
Cl, 8BO. Ill
Cleveland. t.
U over. C .1
liih Mufni-M 14
Detroit Ml. n .
Uuluih Minn
llattitral. X.
W-Uim. M'ii
Huron, b. 11,
il in.
tltv, and that th heavy siege artillery jalv.t..n, T
has been brought up to attack tlio other
forts on the toutnc-rly side of the fort
CI he Crown Prince, during the last few
davs. was reported as having led tho
lieiinau forces which repulsed the Itus-
to .
Hi .13
M .11
Us -14
mi i;t 3 a?
!l SI I gt.
S'4 tlJ
K IK .li
is as
ui in ot
J. kMinv tlU C f& M .Hi N
u'..u.u ei,v vi . r T in ti
:5 78
Saratoga unfit, jr nautical scnqoi is uns In East Prussia. Later he was e-Re-establlshed,
' P-. dead , ,.,.
I litM Il4l-t?i ijiaii.ii ta hanvii tu inuivnt
an nitempt t bleak down the French
l u. it-nt at Verdun and lo establish a line
ot t-uinmunicatlon dli a from the fii-i-
If the I'em.svlvarUa Nautical sktuvp u
re-established a movement for that p'ir
pose bc-lng afloat -it new echoolship ivill
hve to be provided for th port of Phila
delphia by the Government. Joseph c
Gabriel, a director of the former Penn
sylvania .Nautical School, said today fha.1
th old schoolshlp. the Saratoga. Is un
fit for this purpose. Its equipment and
general plan rendetlng It obsolete.
.V promising aspect has been given the
bill, novt awMltinif tba attention of the
U'as and Means Committee of Congress,
winch provides foi an appropriation of
Jiiiji for each Stale nautical school,
sine nneresaman J Washington ligue
nan centre iieiween c unions anu iriu
coirt to MeU and Ditdi nliofen-
Kdinuii city. W
oouuMiie. iw
)lcui)-hl. Ttnn
SV- Orlan
Si Vork
Korih I'laitv S
OttlEbciina fJkli
I'hlla.i.lnlila .
I'hMidx ri
l'liltiuili Pa
i'erttami. ils
i(itlian.l Orv
Uvitti 'an 50 i I
t. Ijuu. Ma .. J'.' 70
lit P. ul 31 inn ill
nu i-ike. i un.
Ml At
lit ti
tl --
nt hi
ID 8
.01 UH
.im jv
bai rfivc-ti r"prentatne of the alumni
ard nearlv a )a a ulay I of t e Philadelphia school assuiance tliat
vtoitKi u uu cuiiueace lor (lie po.3
I nt?
"it the .A,wq item U not iacludsl ia Utse X tbe 1U
Committee Named to Select
Place of Meeting.
bers of th Board of Directors, headed
by Mrs Percy V Penu) packer, of Austin,
Tex . are here to select the place for hold
ing the i em Henn'al convention of the
National Federation of Women s tiuhg
31 Al 1111 iv . lij OUv T" WA U4Q 41U
i 4 Jl94ea.djDK cajadlvlate
ban fr nn !.-.
fecrsnico. I' .
Sun hii.
v r.i
M r.i
si 11
.".l J.lu HW
10 .in hi;
1 clear
lo Clear
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lo 1 til n
li! clear
P l loijdv
t is ner
Nt: L'l il cur
SW lu i'.c-touily
n ffwer
Vi P.ctouijy
12 Cloud)
Vi Lif
I civar
A cleat
t clear
is cioud
Vi Clear
i ri.-ar
1 I'Uar
I i lear
H Jtulll
I l'r
1 tolJ
h ctouily
I riomly
I Clear
I tiwir
10 Clear
I Clrar
10 C'Uar
1.12 P m
from women In all parts of Philadelphia
asking the Red Cross for patterns and
other materials in order that they might
I hew and make clothes to be sent abroad
to help the destitute families in the war
Kiinej The churches in Philadelphia
have been very active In this vvoik
i Tells Them His Country Wants to Be
Foremost ln Celebrating Victory.
Cardinal Meicler. primate of Belgium
and archbishop of the devastated city of
.Malinea. Invited Britons to attend the
future celebration of the dehabilltntlon of
liiuhbels, Louvalu and Malines. at a pub.
lip iiicetliitf held here yesterday
"llelglum. having sustained the first
shock." he said, "will be Ihe foremost
lu celebrating the tlnal victoiy."
tendance. During earlier weeks the at
tendance frequent!) exceeded 2S),0iX),
Th Hoard of Recreation has announced
that ull bathhouses probahlv will close
for tho winter at the end of this month.
Illsb water. i . a m. High uapw
Low vtaUr. 3 i9 a in , I.ow watur.
Iliah mltr fi tfiara. I(lli nater 4 iO p ret.
3.3a p m.
House Partly Destroyed by Blaze
Started by Eaborets.
Fire partly destro)ed a thiee-story va
cant brkk house, owned by the city at
Sixty-first and Wharton streets, this
morning. The blaze wag caused by sparks
from a fire started by laborers on the
boulevard project to burn brush wood.
Firemen extinguished the names atter a
Quotations for Cereals and Provisions
and Fluctuations.
CliILAUK. S-c-iit It - The guolailoni for
grain and provUlon today wire
Leading tuturt-st i-'utunlaj's
Wheat Open High Lqw. iluee.
t-ciHenitier . . f s4
nectmlier 1 l"lj( l.lO'i 1 im i i"i:
M : , t tMj'l.tStJ 1 I51i !u
f-s.rn incttu ftAtluaitL h w
- c.ivi MVillllll
II li.",
iiaci inper . .
Fejitemuer .
Mj i
I ard
Hcpicmljcr .
O. lobar
Jinuary . .
Miiiivmtjer .
.. P.27
.. U.J5
11 S7
January lu K!
January . t!0'.'3
llld tAnked
It .17
11 33
10 U7
20 23 f-0 30
IHSU wilt, m "- .... n,v. -. ... .... .t- at.
r.. i.r 12 07 a m. Low water 12 14 D.m. . aharn half IIOUT S fight.
BRBAKWVTUH. The building stands alone and
Ht(b atr. 3 a a ta. i Hitti water. 3 isptn. dwelUuss vvefo not endangered.
CHICAGO. Sept t - Eatimaieii racelots.
Hox -2.0C. left, 'J80). eMInutttU tomorrow
15.0m) alow and 5c to li),- tower llian Sat
urJa) s average bulk of prkea. ts.40fl8.liii;
llibt. IK70eo.40 inlied and butrliVr.' tunn
10 10, on ancv loail mixed ana butehewa'
Other I early. P.W, heavy, fs.100 IS. rouxh heavy.
I !l0gB.2L yorHun, .3tij.'W, pijt. H.76
Bodies of Delaware Countyi
Woman and Daughter Dis
covered Near Summer
Camp Tragedy Shroud
ed in Mystery.
The bodies of Mrs. Sarah Graff NeTvtln, '
32 years old, and hor eight-year-old
daughter, Kllzabetlt, of Chadd's Ford, '
Delaware County, were found In a brook
three miles from a summer camp In tll '
Adirondack mountains late last night.
Word of the tragedy was received today
at Chadd's Ford.
The placo whore tho bodies wore found
Is in Essex County, but It could not bo
learned whether mother and daughter
both vvero murdered or vvhother th
woman killed the girl nnd then committed' .
suicide. t
There are varied stories ns to the causa
of the deaths. Sheriff W. A. Knowlton,
of Ullznbcllitoivn, county scat of Essex, .
said he hnd not seen the bodies, but was
Informed that the victims were strangled.
According to one of his deputies, both
were poisoned. nullet wounds were
given ns the cnuse of death In a mes
sage sent to Chnilds Foul today.
Tho result of the autopsy will be given
later today. The woman was of a
prominent fnmll) In Chadd's Ford, and
hnd relatives ln this city nnd nlso In
Chester County. She went to the moun
tains enrly In the summer for the benefit
of her health, according to a friend of
tho family, nnd spent tho time nt a camp
lielonglng to an nunt, Mrs. Georgo
Ttoxamcr, The woman's husband, who Is
n traveling man, left Chadd's Ford about
the same time.
It Is Hnld that he went to Texas and
efforts ate now being mnde to get in
touch with him.
Tne '.'.oman and her daughter, accord
ing to Kherlff Knowlton, disappeared
fiom the camp on Saturday afternoon,
They failed to leturn for supper and sev
eral residents went to find them. Tho
Sherirf said that stockings were tied
around the throats of the mother and
daughter and that they vvero Sirs. Now
lln's stockings.
He said the woman could have easily
sti angled both herself and daughter. The
bodies were lying side by side In some
underbrush at the edge of the brook.
Among other reports circulated ln
Chadd's Ford wns one that the woman
had Bhot both herself and daughter, but
those who knew Mrs. 'Xcwlln refused to
believe this. The cflrst to hear of tho
tragedy wns Mrs. Horace W. Sinclair, a
sister of the dead woman." She sent word
to Frank Graff, a relative, of Kennett
Square. Graff informed Captain Har
rison nispham, the dead woman's
brother-in-law, and both men left imme
diately for Ellzabethtown,
Mis. Xcwlln formerly lived on the Graff
farm, at Chadd's Ford.
Doctor Reports $800 Theft and Sus
picions to Detectives.
The theft of clothing and jewelry val
ued at more than fSOO was reported to
the Detective Rurcau today by Dr. J. C
lilgglns, of 5.113 Cedar avenue.
A domestic employed by Dr. HIgglns
nlso disappeared last night and the po
lice are searching for her.
Among tho stolen articles nio a dia
mond brooch, containing 16 gems and
valued at fciOO; a diamond, ring valued at
JCfi and three gowns belonging to Mrs.
Higslns worth WOO.
Dr. HlggliiH told the police that last
night ho was awakened by a maid he
had employed two days ago SIip was
wandering about the house, and when ha
iiuestloncd her she said that Bhe had
a toothache. He gavo her medicine, and
since then has not seen her The girl
Is about IS vears old, tall, with light blond
hulr, and gnve the name of Alexandria
Ooimlnskl when employed. She said th"at
she was better known among her ac
quaintances as Kelly.
Five years ngo the home of Dr. HIg
glns was rnb'bed of Jewolrv woith $1000
by a domestic. Tin- thief was not np
pichenfled. Dr. HIgglns has nn office
nt L""i Xorth Twentieth street.
Gevmantown Residences Lose Prop
erty Left In Shop.
Two watches, valued at $."i, were stolen
from the watch icpnlr shop of Henry
Caspan, 27 Kaat Price stieet last night.
C'aspan told the nermantown polloo that
the burglare gained entrance to his shop
thtough the rear door The watches are
the property of two tloi niantow u resi
dents, who had left them at the shop to
bo icpahed.
Arkansas Man Again Honored by
Uaptist Convention Here,
Election of olllccis was the only busi
ness before the delegates to the thirty
fourth annual National Uaptiut Conven
tion, colored, this morning ut Convention
Hall, Ilioad street and Allegheny ave
nue. The ltev. Ii C. Murrls, of Arkansas,
was re-elected Piesldent for the twenty
first time The otheis elected were:
Vtcp lical tnt, W (i. Parks. Philadelphia.
Ticasurcr. Ite J Htu.cca Alabama
uiilor, lien. Itobrrt Mitchell Kentucky
Sccrciary of ihe Foreign Mission noard,
ltev. U I! J. .Ion. Philaileluhli
?et-ic!iai Niulcii.il Publication noard Iter.
II. II lloj.l I'iiildilriimia.
t-etretaiv Uamlm I'miti; I'iuiuc a l'nlon,
r.pv EC. laatJ. Tennessee
Screnr Mutational Hoard ltev S B,
(Iriitss. Tcimeiavo.
lericral teutiiiv. Pioffesur It n iluil'on.of
Alabama. asuUtuut tecrttanef Met T P.
Tiiller, Ttiiuuuto Utiv B. It SlcOouald, Mill
iitsnti; Ittv 1 A Wilson, Oklohoma, and S.
N (irofa Tenas
The ltev. i:. J. Fisher, of Chicago, pre
sented an invitation fiom the Hoard of
Trade of that city and signed by the
Mayor of Chicago and tho Governor of
Illinois Inviting the IluptUts to hold their
next convention theie. Tho convention
has Ixen in session heie since Septem
ber 9. and will wind up its work today;
and adjourn.
Cyclist Arrested, Though Hurt
Hail) Brenner, ut 0151 Columbia avenue.
a inotorcillst, crashed into a coal
wagon, ill lion by William Stllltnan. of
1217 llatikoi, Stieet. at T cut) -fifth and
Oxford stieet.. this morning AHnuuKh
Injured, llieiiuer and tne driver of th
wagon were placet uiuli-r arrest bv
ollceman King, of the Twnty--lgbtH
and Oxford streets Matt"ii Hotlv wr a
freed on thn ,,, f osuitanrr. and
Ordered to appear at n hearlnir ut t is
fetation, tomorrow
fa-miff? n i firrnwaTT'"
m I .
nnr saasr-- &: " "Bm' "" w fcLiiiiri riiifilft.liiti.iii.iiigiitafa