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immtii mirtt riiMKRs iww
lalvln Hlneti, an Kaat Denegal Farmer,
Joins Ills Nelahuers lit Opposition
M " in ih lUinubllcan Ticket.
Marietta. Auk. 1. Your correspondent
la met anether Knst Denegal township
Cirmer who win net vote tlie Republican
cket this mil. New the lint of Renubll-
u of the abeve district who find it te
heir Advantages te support 1'attisen nuin nuin
ern six, as fellows
Ames Ksbleuian, Ames Ilaker, Levi K.
flssley, William C. Iloekman, Haydn
Pnlte and Calvin Ilines.
The latter, who Is the latest te openl y
leelare his dissatisfaction with bis party's
lute, is a well known and Intelligent
ariner, Ills reasons are much the same
Ishese given by his neighbors. His de
nunciatien or the Quay ring Is expressed
In the most forcible language, and he
hlnks the time has come for voters te re
Use te submit te one man the right te
1 cheese and use " public officers.
There are many farmers in this section
vhe de net proese te wear Dess Quay's
eilar, but they de net deslre publicity
riven te the fact of thetr opposition te
The returns of the election in November
vlll surprise Quay's lleulcnants here
abeuts, and hn limy find that il Is mere
liMcu t te "own a governor of Pennsyl
vania" than he thought it te be when he
Inclined his Intention te have ene.
rite Greve nt Liindlsvllte Crowded en
Thursday Eveulnjj., Aug. 1. The services at
the Methodist campmectlng here closed
last night.
The greve was full of people, and much
Interest was shown In the final exercises.
The ringing of the bell n.oused the
campers at S::iO o'clock, Fumlly worship
was observed In all the tents and cottages
laud also in the tabernacle, led by Kev. Mr.
IReyer, of Balubridge.
At 8:30 the last public prayer service was
led by Rev. Mr. Reads. The chapter upon
which he spoke was Phllliplaus II. Many
testified in this meetlug and among them
seme who had been converted this year.
One feature of the meetlug was the union
prayer ene brlef potltlen by many differ-
ent person?. The whole seemed te be as
one veice In prayer.
Rev. J. T. Satchel), formerly of Lancas-
ter, l'a., preached the morning sermon.
He took for the basis of his talk, Thess.
11., 13 : " The word of Ged which effectu
ally werkcth in you also that bclleve."
After a few improsslve remarks by Mr.
Grouch, the congregation arose and Joined
in singing "The Haven of Rest."
At 1:30 the young people held their last
service. It was in charge of Kev. Shoe Shee
smith. He is u very geed leader among
the young peeple. Mauy spoke freely of
the great geed they had received while en
the grounds. They held a short business
meeting afterwards and completed plans
for the work of next year. At the same
tlmothechlldion were holding their last
servlce for the year 1890.
They had the usual march areuud the
grounds and happy were the little faces as
they Jeined iu the handshake. Kev. Chas.
Reads has indced doue able work among
the children.
At 3 p. in. several children were bap
tized by Rev. J. F. Crouch. Twe adults
also were baptl.ed. The sacrament of the
Lord's supper as thou ml in I ill stored and
many hundreds knelt at the altar.
At 0:30 the last sorvice for the promotion
of holiness vias held in the tent. Mrs,
Whoeler read an extract from the llfe of
Alfred Coekmaii, after which Rev Satchell
spoke nu the prlvllcge el the believer In
the attainment of this high spiritual life.
Many testified te their knewledge of the
llfe, and it was closed by all theso in the
Borvicejoiulug hands and singing "Ged
Be With Yeu Till We Meet Again."
The usual song sorvice was held at the
'stand at the same time.
At 7:30 the lust Borvlcewas held. Rev.
Win. T, Mugce preached the last sermon.
His text was found In l! Sam., ii, 14.
When the invitation wus given te
seek salvation, six cune and four were
happily converted and the ethers were
earnestly seeking. The final oxerclse of
the camp was the grand march. The hour
came when the precession htm ted, led oil'
by the professor and the choir, hinging as
they went.
Noxtcame the nilnisters, and ethers, fell
in line two by two until the circle was
completely tilled. They inarched around
the circle unce, then countermarched down
the ene slde and up the ether side, then
down the mlddle ulsle te the stand wlier
they wec met by the ministers, w he gave
all a hcaity handshake. Notwithstanding
the great creud In the precession the
benches were tilled uud the gtouiidsaieund
the circle were thronged, The doxology
was sung and the benediction pronounced,
and the president declared the camp for
1800 at e clese,
The bell rang at 11:30 for retiring and
peeple were reluctant In going te bed,
nu: iieAim or comkel miikts.
The beard of control and let holders met
In the tubornuule ut 1 o'clock. The fellow
ing officers were olected : President, Rev.
J. F. Creuch: vice piesldeut, Wiii.l'alten j
secretary, Win. 11. Hateiiian; treasurer,
K. Heishey. They held a special meeting
at 7 o'clock at which they granted the
young peeple a day for their annual re
union. It will be geld the Friday befere
camp opens, en July.!!, 1601.
The debt en the tomple has been paid,
and the young peeple have reason te con
gratulate themselves. Much is due te the
earnest effort of Wm. II. and Alf. C, lim
ner, of Columbia. This morning dawned
beautiful. Peeple are going ene by ene.
A few families will leiiiaiu until Saturday,
and some until Monday.
The camp has been ene of the inent suc
cessful, both financially and spiritually.
Among the vlsileis yesterday wero Mrs.
Cook, Mrs. Phares Fry and daughter, Miss
Ada Andersen, Miss Carrie High, Miss
May Amer, Mrs. Hregiin, Mrs. Jacksen,
Miss Lizzie Venderbinlth, Mrs. Dr. DaIs,
Mrs. Marshall, Lancaster; Miss Leu
Vachee, Mrs. Ora Crewiifshiclds, Miss
Flera Wike, Columbia; Miss Lizzie
Fex, Lancaster; Miss Smith, Mr, Hurst,
Ltucuster; Miss Annle Danuer, Manlielin;
Mr. Spungler, Maiietta; Mrs. Ream und
Miss Kmlly Warren, taiicaster; Mr. Chas.
aud Miss Mary Hen man, Millersvllle;
Mis Neiher, Mr. Hele, Harrlbburg: Mrs.
Spencer, Lancaster.
Hail Crep In Kuiiiit.
It is admitted at last that ull the com crop
In central Kansas Is iiilued. Ne matter
hew much ruin fulls, het wlndshave blown
ler three days and stalks are shriveled.
Only local rains haa fallen ler evor a
mouth, and the prairies me'se dry that
Ikes break out daily. The tiny crop Is an
eutlre failure us well as the fiuit crop. A
large ucrnage of wheat will be put In If it
ruins enough te plow. Stock Is being
rushed te inaiUet In fear of lack of feed.
The dieuglit Is consideied the most bovere
in twolve years, and there is ue sign of It
being broken.
Impressions or n Reporter Who Braved
the Billew or the Coneatefpi.
We were wandering aimlessly through the
city last evening, looking vainly for some
thing (e de, when a kind friend lufermed
us that the steamship " Lady Gay," Capt
Peeples, was scheduled toUke a trip down
the winding Conestoga. That will be the
very thing. There will be the river, a
breeze for a river without breeze la an
anomaly moonlight and a beat. Whatelc
ment or happiness J lacking.
Se we bearded an eleclrle car at the
square and hung en a strap for perhaps
twenty minutes. We arrived at Potts'
landing In titne te see the Lady Oay round
the turn down thestrea-n and steam slowly
te her berth at the end of the pier. We
were early, and se viewed the crowd. And
what a crowd 1 Here, there, and every
where they were; of all classes, but all
bent en pleasure. There were levers and
lassies without levers, Jelly bachelors and
solitary maids, but all In a geed humor
and enjoying the Chlnose lanterns and the
full moon rising ever the eastern shore.
The pier was crowded and we had some
trouble pushing te the front, but we get a
place and wero of the first te go ever the
gangplank after the passengera had disem
barked. At the schedule time the whistle blew,
the gangplank was hauled aboard, the
lashings were cast off, and the yeyage was
begun. The Lady Oay seen felt I he force
of the current, and her nese swung slowly
down stream, while the tinkling of the
engineer's bell, that throbbing accompani
ment te all steamship voyage, began.
A nervous dame from seme neighboring
farm heuse loudly ex pressed her ploasure
in finding that she did net get son sick and
her daughter wondered "of this thing
would stick out uv the water far enough te
stand en of it sanked."
The pilot shapodeurcoursedowii stream,
and of con rse we took our station at the
front of the beat, carefully distributing our
avoirdupois se as te trim ship. The
scene was beautiful. There in freut was a
bread uurippled path of lights, outlined by
the mirrored trees In the water and the
dceper shede of the trees thomsclves en
the banks, but these dark objects In the
light, and the bright ones in shadow, what
are they T .Why beats, ofceurso, aud thore
in that ene noarest us, that black band
around the waist of the girl sitting in the
stern, Is only her sash outlined by her
white; although the gallery gods from the
lower regions de make many frlendly sug
gestions te the fellow beslde her. Going
around the turn the lookout Bights
thellghts of Roeky Springs. As we pass
we cheer the crowd en the bank, while
they de net exactly cheer us. And new
the scenery grows wilder and mero ro
mantic. On the east bank the hills are
higher and the trees larger, while en the
west appears that modern adjunct te mod
ern romance afonce beard advertisement.
Under the willows, thore te the right, n
boatload sings "Annie Rooney" ; boyeud
the turn the Canadian beating song swells
en the air ; behind us, In the sparkling
wake of the steamer, a light beat rolls in
the miniature waves, while In the prow of
our own beat vocal music has succeeded
Instrumental and seme man is telling what
happened " way down yonder In the corn
field." He we go down te the city mill,
when we turn and cemmence our homo home
ward Journey. At Recky Springs we step
and take en another crowd, while one
young fellow creates a diversion by fishing
for ills hat.
Somehow or ether the shiny deuizens of
the sedgy banks have disappeared from
the Conestoga. Ne mero does the doep
bass of n bull-frog join in the chorus
of " Annle Llsle," or the tenor of Ifls
smaller cousins form an accompaniment te
" Old Black Jee." Dame Rumer says that
after the first few trips of the Lady Oay
there was an emigration. Hut whether It
was because the icsthotle tastes of the
chorus of frogs was offended at the sound
of her whistle, or whether the harmony of
the erchestra grated en thelr musical
sensibilities, we knew net. They are geno,
and may thelr vacation never grew less.
Without accideut or special inctdent we
search the pier and rush for the car. We
ride home well convinced that the Lidy
Oay is an institution and an Institution ap
preciated by the citizens of Lancaster.
Before the Mayer.
Jeseph Bell was arrested last night by
Ofticer Hnydcr, en Maner street. Bell Is
an old man, was under the Inllueucc of
liquor and had a crowd of boys about him.
He premised te go te the country te work
and was discharged,
Win. Phillips, a bootblack, was nnested
ut the Hiester heuse for corner leafing by
Ofticer King, en Thursday afternoon.
Phillips is one of a gang that are constantly
lounging at that corner. The mayor dis
charged him with a reprimand and In
structed his ofllcers te break up the leafing
at that corner.
Thiirmlny's Hull Humes.
The chaiiipionshlpgamcsef base ball yos yes yos
teiday lesulted as follews:
National League Cincinnati 8, Philadel
phia 0; Cleveland 0, New Yerk 5; Chicago
I, Bosten l.
Players' Leaguo Philadelphia 111, Cleve
land (i; New Yerk 3, Chicago 1; Pittsburg
13, Brooklyn 1 ; I In Hale 5, liosten 2.
American Association Athletic IB, Col
umbus 0 ; Brooklyn 0, Teledo 4 ; Louis Leuis
villo 8, Rochester 3.
Atlantic Association Wilmington 10,
Hartferd 1; Baltimore 12, Lebanon 2;
Newark 10, Hiurlsburg 9; New Havens,
Washington 7.
Twe More IJIb Strikes Threatened.
Twe strikes, involving ever 10,000 men,
are threatened In Pittsburg within the next
two weeks. On next Monday morning
about 100 plasterers will go out en a strike
for the control of the apprentices. The
strike w ill cut off all work In the building
trades and will threw 7,000 men out of em
ployment. Unless thelr demand for a
nine-hour day and Saturday half-holiday
Is granted, 3,!00 machinists working in the
boventvflve shops in Pittsburg anil vicin
ity will (pilt work en Monday week.
Clovelunii'H lirnther-ln-Liiw Removed.
Grevor Cleveland's brother-in-law, Win.
L Heyt. who has been tillliiga$l,uOUplai-e
lu the olllce of the collector of internal rov rev rov
enuo of the Twonty-seuend New Yerk dis
trict was en Thursday removed after Mev
ing a four years' terin. Alexander Yen
Laiidbcrg, who Is Senater Hiscock's aii aii aii
poiuteo, has inade a clean sweep of the
Democrats. Mr. Heyt Is about 55 years of
age and lives iu Fayettoville. It Is a hard
blew for him.
Cleso or Slimmer Scheel,
Prof. It. C. Scheldt's summer school of
languages closed the session of 1B00 this
morning. The session lasted four weeks,
and a number of ladles and gentlemen
availed themselves of the opportunity
ellered them. The school deserved the
patronage of the citizens of 1-ancuster.
l'lve Charges Against Pickering,
Before Justlce Rupert, iu West Chester
en Thursday,the leader of the Inter-county
herse thlef gang, Frank Pickering, was
given a he iring en his fifth charge that of
stealing a herse from Benjamln Hlbbard,
of Wlllibtewn township, Choster county,
aud was committed te answer at court.
Given Pension.
Pension has bceu granted te Charles
Weed, Lancaster.
tib mm itiii im mms kimm
A State Ticket Nominated and a Peculiar
Platfbrra Adopted What These
Fartlen Faver and Oppose.
Lansing, Mich., August I. The Union
Liber - Farmers' Allisnce convention
yesterday nominated a full ticket headed
by Eugene It. Dolden for govorner, and
Jehn McGregor for nentenant governor.
The platform, which was unanimously
adopted, arraigns the Republican and Dem
ocratic parties for their criminal and negli
gent abuse of power entrusted te their load lead
ers sluce the close of the civil war, and bo be
lteves the time has arrived when all levers
of reform should make themselves heard
and felt. It demands the abolition of na
tional banks and the substitution of legal
tender treasury notes lu lieu of national
bank notes Issued in sufficient volume te
de the buslncsi of the country en a cash
system, that all money shall be legal ten
der in payment efall debts, both public
and private ; demands the fioe and unlim
ited colnage of silver ; that taxation, both
national and state, shall net be lised te build
up one tnterpst en class at the expense
of another; that railroads, telegraphs and
telephones should be owned and operated
iu the Interests of the people, the same as
(he Uulted Stales postal system ; the eight
hour law ; the law permitting a farmer te
deduct his mortgage from his assessment ;
graded Income tax ; the government
should lean te the peeple en real
ostate sectuily at the same rate
money is new leaned te banks ;
the Australian ballet system ; homestoad
oxcmptlen te the value of 91,000 en lui lui lui
proveiLaud personal property ; the election
of president of the United States and
United States senator by direct vete and
the reduction of salaries of alt public, offi
cers te a strict ocenuinical basis propor
tioned te the wages of labor; and Is op
posed te any fusion.
The Election Ulll it Pet Presidential
Project Preparing te Execute It.
Waaulnglen Dispatch te Philadelphia Recerd.
If Hear and Spooner fall te carry out
Reed's pur nese and put the force bill
through the Konate se that It may get te the
president befere this session ends Reed will
net be mero disappointed than will Harri
son. Harrison, llke Reed, regards the
ferce .bill as being emially as important
from a party point of view us the tariff bill
and the silver bill. Frem the days dur
ing the last campaign, when llurrlseu
never emitted In all his little speeches te
all visiting delegations seme reference te
the necessity for such u law, until the
present, he has constantly pressed it en
the Republican leaders, lie lias spokeu te
every Republican senator who has called
uen him for weeks about the urgency of
this bill. If he has net said as Hear is re re ro
pertod by n brether senator as having said ut
the last caucus that rattier than have the
ferce blU fall he would soe every factory In
Massachusetts burned te ashes and her
citizens living en codfish and potatoes at
fifty ceuts a duy, he has said this same
thing lu ethor words. Of course, this ad
vocacy of the measure has been weakened
by the president's unpopularity.
But ene thing which he has dene gives
Hear hopes. He has had prepared at the
department of justice a completo preject
for carrying the force bill rapidly into
effect, just as he had the treasury depart
ment prepared for the silver bill, ami will
be able te apply It te the elections next
November, even If it Is net passed until
the first of October. This Is being tised, of
course, us a counter-argumcut te the claim
that the bill will be useless this year. even
if passed this session, Harrison propones
te enforce it fully If it Is passed. His pro
ject Is comprehensive, and he will net hosi hesi hosi
tate, If necessary, te use the bayonet, which
will be kept iu the bill in spltb of the Sen
ate. The Smith Beys' Troubles.
On Thursday oveiilug Israel Smith was
committed by Alderman Doenferflvodays
en the charge of drunken and disorderly
conduct uud Indecency, Constable Warfel
then read warrants for his ariest te answer
the eharges of larceny ,ind felonious entry
proferred by Josse Wclzler, and or larceny
preferred by Win. Kngle.beth of Salisbury
township. Alderman lceti committed
him In default of 91,000 bail for a hearing
before F. S. Greir, justice of pcace of Salis
bury township.
Henry Smith paid the costs in Ills suit of
drunken and disorderly conduct prcferrcd
by Officer l'yle and did net have te go te
AViitvt-il u lleiirlnir.
S. J. Martin, charged by his partner,
Jehn Stell, with appropriating te his own
use a horse, buggy aud harness that did
net belong te him, waUeil a hearing at
Alderman Halbach's en Thursday aftor after aftor
neou aud gave ball for court.
Martin also waived a hearing en the
churge off negotiating the firm's nole,
signed by himself. Beth cases will be
tried at the August term.
Jehn S'tell, charged by S. J, Martin with
assault and battery and surety of peace be be bo
fero Aldermau Dccn, wulvcd u hearing this
morning aud gave ball for his npiear.iuce
in court.
Kplirutii Notes.
The Fphrata base ball club will play to
morrow with thoSteuchsburg club, anil a
geed tlme may be looked for.
An eight months child of Abrain Frank Frank Frank
houser died yesterday and will be burled
te-morrow in the Lutheran cometory.
Thore Is no clue yet te the thoives who
plundered A. W.'s stere.
He Wiw Net a New Coen.
Henry Armstieug, a coon, circulated
through Marietta, en Thursday as if he
owned It, He did net rccognlze his asso
ciates, and alter getting very drunk, was
pulled in. Ue tried te make Justlce Reth
beliove he was a new coon In town, but It
was no go. He will spend 30 days vaca
tion in the county fail.
Poetosrnphsortho Wuter WerkM.
W. W. Ames, iu charge of the Fowler
gallery, has presented te Mayer Clark the
photographs taken of the new water w erks.
One Is what Is known as a reflection photo)
and shows the w erks as reflected en the
water as well as above. It is difficult te
get a geixl picture by this method, but
Mr. Ames succeeded.
A lley'n 1'ull.
Willis Itccser, wm of Jeseph Reeser, of
North Mulberry street, while playing this
morning, loll en the pavement. His head
struck the bricks mid for a time he wan un
conscious. He was canied te his home
und u physician seen had him all right,
Owiih ii Cotten Plant.
Krnest Keliler, of North Queen streft
has a cotton plant 30 Inches high, the stem
of which Is twlce as thick as an ordinary
lead pencil.
Appoluteil an Atmenjr.
The commilencrs te-day appointed
Peter M. Luchard assessor of the Hemp
field North western dUfrict, lu niace or
Samuel Lechard. resigned,
Hocevoi'llIK l'l'Oiuii Wound.
L. W. Knapp, who was slightly weuiidwd
last Friday at the target piaclice ut TuU'h
Ualu, recovered from the elTectw.
The Pretty Park Thronged, And the
Picnic or the Yeunv Democrats a
Pleaaaat Aflat r.
One of the largest picnics of the season
was that of the Yeung Men's Democratie
society held, at Penryu en Thursday.
The weather was all that could be oxpected.
By the regular paaeenger ttaln en the
Lebanon read at 7 o'clock In the morning
te the f:25 train In the evening, Including
all the special trains, crowd of various
altos arrived en the ground. The total
number reached fourteen hundred.
The fact that Rebert K. Patttsen and
Chan neey F. Black, candidates for gover
nor and lieutenant gevei nor, had premised
te be present, drew a large portion of the
crowd. Senater MoAdeo, from New
Jersey, waa also expected, but owing te
congressional business at Washington he
waa unable te leave. A previous Invita
tion te the candidates te be present at the
anniversary of the Samuel J, Randall
club, of Pittsburg, en Wednesday,
prevented them from leaving Pittsburg lu
tlme te arrive here lu the morning, Hen.
Rebert E. Patttsen sent the following tolo telo tole
gram late en Wednesday ovenlng te the
president of the seciety:
KABT LWKHTV, July 30, 18510,
'm. n. kfi
.vr. nuimm j. u wen jTtuatm 1.
1anrnttrr, Ji.
It Is liuossible for us te loave
here iu
lime te attenu picnie te-morrow.
Among the crowd who were In at
tendance, for the purpose of gettlng a hand
shake with the two candidates, were promi
nent peeple from Columbia, Lltitz.Kphrata
and Icbanen, among these from the latter
place being his honor Mayer Harbison.
Although quite a number were dis
appointed, thore was none mero se than
members Of the society, who wero poslttve
the candidates would attend.
The picnic wus a grand success, every
body appearing happy, and giving evldouce
of having a day of enjeyment In the park.
The erder throughout the entire day was
of the best. Trains were run te and from
Lebanon every hour, and quite number
of the picnickers took advantage of the
cheap trip and went there te view the
The attractions advorttsed for the day
wero all iNtrtlclpatcd in very freely. The
game of ball iu the aftorneou betweeu Luke
Lederman's club and a colored club of
Yerk, was witnessed by evor 200 specta
tors. The excursion ever the ere banks
was one of the most dollghtfule vents or the
day. Oil leaving Peuryti Park the train
proceeded te Miners' Village, where It was
switched from the main track and started
up the bank. The distance from the start
ing point te the top Is ene mile and a quar quar
ter, golngevorncontlnuousciirve. When
the top was reached seme of the passongers,
male and female, bocame frlghloned. The
sights that caught the eye from this point
were amazing and beyond description. The
distance from the lop te the bottom Is about
200 feet, taking a small piece of ero live or
six seconds te make descent. This was the
first excursion ever run te that point, and
should tbe railroad company run trains
there from all picnics, it will be worth
double the tlme und fare It takes te make
the trip.
An nbundatiee of music was furnished
by the Liberty cornet baud of Manhelm,
Tayler's erchestra, and the Yeung Men's
Democratic society's orchestra. Dancing
was started In the morning and kept
up until near train tlme te the music el
Tayler's orchestra. The soclety's orchestra
also gave concerts that attracted large audi
ences. The success of the picnic was due In a
large measure te the thorough work of the
committee In charge. The inombers of It,
and lu fact every member of the organiza
tion, wero indofaligable iu their efforts te
have the excursionists enjoy thomselves,
und they succeeded.
Following Is the score In full of the ball
game played :
H. II. O. A. K. II. II. e, A. K.
w i u.2. 1 a a a
U.IIegnrlh, p U
0 Itahn, c.. 1
0 U'lhlvy, 3.. I)
1 Witch, 3.... 0
lKUzKr'd,s 0
0 t'ariHin'r 1.. U
0 Lclbrril,.r 0
O.Hlark, 1 0
l.Ueu'rlli.m. 0
Maleue, 1... 0 1 a 0
Hrlrieii, ;... 1111
.Juc'en,lil 1 1 0 (I
(larriken, 1 1 3 5
A.Juc'eu,3 112 2
W.Jnc'mi.e 10 4 1
Trrrlll, r... 1119
Wh te, I 0 1 10 0
1 12
1 0
1 U
0 1
1 J
0 1
0 0
Totals . 7 U 17 12 3 Total..... 1 A 21 18 8
Yerk (1 00 I 0 0 0 0 x 7
LHiiru&ter ..I 00000000 1
Karneit runs Yerk 3. Two-lnise hlt Whyte,
Willie. Tliree-liaM) hits Oarrlnen.Htark. Hume
riiii-KelUen. Kierlllcu lilt : clUen. Iluttosstelen
W. JacliHiui 2, Terrlll, Halm, Carpenter. Ilantm
en bulls oil Hcldcii2. Htruek out lly Helden 3,
by HeL'arlli 7. Left en liUDes Yerk l), Uiucas
Ier7. fieulile pluyn llahu and Carpenter, liar,
rlaeii, WhlteBiHt Whylc. rawed ballg-ilnliu
I. Tlme of game -!:(. Umpire Williams.
The Coiuniltteo Will Rt-pert en New
Reservoir ut Auuust Meeting.
A regular meeting of the water commit-
tee or councils was held en Thursday ovon evon oven
lng. The siib-commlttee in charge of the
plans and estimates of cost for the proj-escd
'J,000,000 gallon reservoir en College hill
reported progress. City Knglnoer llirr
has been busy at work en plans aud esti
mate of cost, and he expects te have Hint
part of the report ready early lu the week,
se that It can be submitted te councils at
the August meetlug en next Wednesday
A potltlen was presented by Humorous
citizens praying fera larger main en West
King street from Concord te Derwart. The
committee decided te take up the four Inch
main and replsce it with a VI Inch and put
In new lire hydrants. In place of the old
style ones en that street.
The Klectric Railway company petitioned
for a four inch water main en North Mar
ket street, from Frederick street southward
te their plant, te feed the boilers. The com cem com
mltteu decided te grant the prayer of the
petitioners providing the company puts In
a four-Inch watvr meter at their own ox ex ox
pense, and pay for the water used at the
rate of five cents per 1,000 gallons.
Rolling Mill Men Fight.
Thore was n light at the Pemi Iren works
en Thursday evening and a big tlme after
wards at Plum and Chestnut streets.
Abraham Kavcsaud Hairy Baker urn lieth
members of thu Amalgamated association,
llavcs is back lu his dues and has been
threatened with expulsion. In the evening
he had been drinking, uud meeting liakcr
at the mill accused him of ciiciilatlng re
ports ulwut his character. One wenl led
te aiiother and finally the two men came
te blows. Kaves, who was knocked down,
then hit Baker en the slde of the head
with a place of cinder, cutting a deep gash.
Friends of liives Interfered and handled
Baker severely. The latter went te his
home and had his wound dressed, and
upon going out met Kaves en Chestnut
street. The fight was renewed and Eaves
was badly beaten. Ne Bulls have yet been
I'unenil of lluulel .MoEvey.
The fiiueral or Daniel McEvey. who was
killed at Kvansville, Indiana, took place
this morning from the residence or his
father-In-law, Jacob Klehl, Ne. 121 East
Ne-v street. The remains were taken te
St. Mary's church, where a roquelni mass
was colebratod by Father Rcilly. Inter
ment was inade at tat. Mary's cometery.
iMtt Day Per Scheel Tux.
This was the hist day le pay school tax
te save thu abatement of three per cent. and
Treasure Marshall was kept busy all day.
Guatemala Withdraws Her Soldiers and
Hostilities Are Suspended A Tem
porary Victory Fer Gen. nivas.
La Liiikhtah, Han Haia'ader, Vln Gal
veston, Aug 1. Communication with the
interior of San Salvader has been restored.
Advices from the capital of the Republic
state that Gen. Antonie Kzeta war or
dered from the IV-iitler wliT about 2,000
men Immediately upon the outbreak or the
revolt, headed by Gcneral Rlvas. Gen.
Kzeta hastened with all speed te the .capital.
Gen.RWas';ferccs had captured theartlllery
barracks, but the few troops In charge had
fought dspcrately bofero they surrendered.
The Indians thou pillaged several houses
aud a panle ensued. Rlvas' force were
finally defealed and peace was restored.
Il Is staled that Guatemala has with
drawn her rerces rrem the frontier, and
that all Is quiet at present. There Is no
Holographic communication with (luate-
OiiKhl Adjourn.
Frem the Philadelphia Timer.
The present Congress outers uten the
ninth month of the session te-day, and the
lndlspensabln government appropriations
have net yet been passed.
The present Congress met wUh'one party
lu absolute ceutrnl of Heuo, Htuiste and
president. It had Its work clearly denned
by Its solemn pledges te the peeple te re
duce the surplus by the reduction of taxes,
and by the honest, economical administra
tion of the government.
Under the specious premise of hastenlng
legislation and enabling the majority te
ass such moasures as It chose te mss, Iho
rules wero violently changed te glve the
sneaker and the committee en rules the
abselute control of the consideration of
The speaker was created n desKit iu as
sure the prompt fulfilment of party obliga
tions, aud te win the conlldence of llie
country by the ouactnient of all needed
measures lu lime for an early adjournment.
The sieakcr accepted the despotic powers
lu the broadest sense, and he presents the
unexampled record of a Congress onterlng
upon Its ninth month without even having
disposed of tbe absolutely necessary appro
priation bills.
Under tbe specious plea of allowing the
majority te rule, the speaker has arbitra
rily and In dollauce of a century of ac
cepted legislative law, assumed the right te
declare the act of the minority te be the
vact of Iho majority ; and sovereign states
nave ueeu summon into tue union unu
many measures of the gravest Impert have
been doclared passed by a minority of the
With all this assumption of dospetlo
power te hasten legislation, the only Im
portant result achieved is u looted treas
ury, an assured deficiency instead of a sur
plus, and the promlse of increassd tuxes en
labor Instead of reduced taxes en the nec
essaries of business and of llfe.
The 'surplus that was te have been re
duced by thu reduction of taxes, has been
wasted by unprecedented prefligacy: the
Heuso en ene occasion voting mere than a
million a minute for a pension bill that
only politicians, pension sharks and army
dead-beats favored.
And net only Is the Biirplus wasted, but
a forced lean of some $50,000,000 has bean
made from a sacred trust fund te save the
treasury from actual ' bankruptcy, and
many greatly needed appropriations such
as the new mint anil navy yard of this
city must new be postponed indefinitely,
while Increased tnxes en Industry are
threateued In the new tar I If bill.
There Is often net a quorum lu either
Heuso or Senate, Including both parties ;
the Congress that premised se miteli lu
lessening the burdens of the peeple has
disgusted the followers of the majority
party, aud the rump that remains Is worse
than dlsgusted with both the high tax
turlll'blll and the force election bill. Ad
journ thu tump Cengt ess t
Alderman Patrick Dennelly Cemes te
Limeiister en August I, 1SVII.
Sixty-seven years age te-day Aldermau
Patrick Dennelly arrived iu Lancaster.
He was then a boy eight years old. Te u
number of friends this morning, w hen he
recalled the anniversary of his advent te
Lancaster, he narrated many Interesting
recollections of Iho town us it then was.
He also gave a vivid description of his
shipwreck en the coast of Neva Scotia en
the 13th of July, 182.1, brought about by
thoelllcers, who were Englishmen, getting
drunk In celebrating the anniversary of
the battle of the Hey no. They had net be
come entirely seber en thu next duy ami
the ship went en the rocks.
The alderman also rccoutited bis early
theatrical oxierionco, when he formed n
cempauy lu this city. Of the members
compesliigll theieare but three survivors
htmse!f,luulel Kurtz and Jes. Chamber.
The alderman knows hew te tell a story,
and when gets started en old tlme reminis
cences he always hasatteullve listeners.
The Children of Zfeu Rojelco.
The Children of Ien, a brunch of the
Duukard church, held a harvest meeting
en Thursday oil the farm of Rev. Jeseph
NIssley, near Hiimuielstewii. About ISM)
members of the church from Dauphin,
Lancaster, Lebanon and Cumberland coun
ties took part iu the services. Among Hid
ministers who addrcssed the aNsombluge
were Rev. J. A. Holdler, Rothvllle; Rev.
Martin Shearer, Abordcen, Lancaster
county; Rev. Solemon Ilriiiser, Jeseph
NlRsley and Jeseph Kellfer, Dauphin
county, end Rev. A. R. Wenger, Orrstown,
Cumberland county.
Put en the Itotlreil List.
The fire committee met en Friday ovon evon oven
lng and decided te purchasea ue.v liorfce
for lire department purposes. "Jack,"
ene of the first of the horses bought, ten
years age, will be placed en the retired
list anil put te pasture en the water works
property. The geed qualities of "Jack"
was dtsenssed by the inombers of the com cem com
mlttee and ethors who wero present, and
it was unanimously ugreed that he was
faithful, Intelligent animal.
Keeps u Disorderly Honwe.
Peter Beeth went bofero Alderman Hal
bach this afternoon and made complaint
against Oliver Warner for kteplng a dls.
orderly heuse and disorderly conduct.
Warner lives en Fulton street near Plum
and Beeth, who lives next deer, says he is
annoyed day and night by the disorder lu
Warner's lieuxe.
Coiiiinltled Per Trial.
Win, Yeung wus heard by Aid. Spur
rier this morning en charges or stealing
rugs from the deer steps or J, B. Miutin
and Ooergo M. I-runkliii, In default of
ball he wus committed for trial. Yeung
had the rugs in Ids possession when ar
rested by Officer SherUer,
NoritHtelo the Ring.
Annle ell, of Lebanon, charged with
stealing a geld ring from Louisa Stolger,
wus committed font hearing te-day, Shu
claims te be Innocent or the charge and
that Nera Breldeubach McGceghan com
mitted the theft. Nera will l sent for.
A (Juarrel Aud n Suit.
On Wednesday last Jehn Keren and
Frederick May wero togethor In a stone
quarry near Billen llie. A dispute arese
betweeu them, and they cuiiiu te blows.
Ah u result May has le unswer the charge
of assault before Alderman Uellui. He
I guveball for a hearing,
GIVEN mint Mtt.LlOMj.
The Disposition oI'IIieiiiiik If. Illythe's
Estate Ills Dnuuhter the Heir.
The celebrated Blylhe will conlest,
which lieguu July 18, 18M, and progressed
steadily for evor a year, ended In Han
Francisce Thursday, In Judge Coffey
rendering a voluminous decision In favor
of Florence, Illegitimate child of Themas
H. Blythe, the tloceasod millionaire,
awarding her the bulk or the "estate, of u
total value of about 91,000.000. The con
testants included the jplalntlir, Florence
Blylhe; Allen Edith Dlckersun, alleged
widow of Blythe; the Williams helrs, or
Liverpool j Iho Illy the company; the gipsy
Blythes; the Savages, or Londen; the
Scotch-Irish HavageH; James Will Pearce,
and William and David Navage.
The court's opinion held that according
te the laws of this state, Florence had
established her claim te Illythe's paternity,
the latter orally and lu writing having
acknowledged her as his child. The judge
said there wero seven or eight decisions In
the case, but he had written but two
opinions. In regard te the collateral heirs
he had net written an opinion, but would
state the decision.
Alter reviewing thocauseof action which
was te determlna the rights of heirship,
the court proceeds te read the opinion,
holding the fact first te be ascertained,
which was the paternity of the child. Three
elements have broil established In the
opinion of the ceurt: There was an Illegiti
mate child; plaintiff was that child;
Themas 11. Blythe, the defendant here,
was the father of thin rlillil.
As te the alleged imter, wherein Blythe
expressly ami lermaiiv acknowledged
Florence te be his child, the court over
ruled adversely, holding that thu evldouce
lu favor of It was lucredlhle; but ull that
the law of California required in the case
of an illegitimate child Is such recognition
and ucknowlftlgmeul as the evidence pro pre pro
duced by tldualutllV would tend te show
and did show, In the case of the alleged
widow the court says: "The contradictions
lu the case of this claimant uie Irreconcil
able, and cannot be reconciled en the basis
that decedent aud defendant wero man and
Themas II. Blythe died lu San Francisce
lu 18S3, leaving n forlune of $ 1,000,000,
Plenty of claimants at once presented
themselves. Among thorn wero two so se
called wives, a daughter, and n family of
gypsies. The last ene te show up was
Captain Carlten Illythe, who olalmed te be
a cousin of the deceased millionaire, When
the captain announced his Intention of
going forasllceof the geld, Immediately
his relatives wero en hand, with claims
adding wonderfully te the long list of
Most promlnent among the claimants
was young girl who was known as Flor Fler Flor
nce B!ytho,the daughter of the millionaire,
and se strong did slte stand te win that ene
time thore was a movement among all the
ethor claimants te combine against her.
The girl was an Illegitimate child, but she
showed loiters from her father and her
mother, and showed proof of having re
ceived money from film. It was feared
the girl would be in ado way with, and
detectives were placed en guard, and up te
this day the child has net lea thelr sight.
When the trial begau a year age there
were nineteen claimants present In the
court room.
Blythe was a gypsy. His mme was
Gonlon. His great-grandfather was Jean
Gorden, connected with the Meg Murrlles
or Walter Scott's novel, and he was a do de do
sceudant of Jehn Yeung, famed In Ayr
shire eh a highwayman. Iu 18.W Blylhe
was ene of a gung of ineii who captured a
whaling bark oil" Hobattewu. They took
possession of the beat and inade thelr way
te Valparaiso, ,
Ulylln "ud flve associates were captured
by a Br ish gunboat und sentenced te Nor
folk Inland. He .escaped and made his
way te San Frauclscn, where he took the
uame of Blythe. He then took up his
abode among the miners and wen it small
fortutie ut cards, which he Invested lu real
estate. The venture proved a success, ami
his money rolled rapidly up,
Blythe seen returned te England and
remained there until 1871. Iu 1873, while
walking ene afternoon, Blylhe met a very
pretty girl about U0 years of age lu West West
beurne Greve, He Introduced himself,
und an intimacy sprang up, as a result of
which a daughter, Florence, was burn De
cember 8, the same year. Illythe returned
te Sau Fiaucisce, but provided wall for the
child. Probably Iho uexl strongest claim
ant wus Miss Alice Kdlth Dlckorseu, who
claimed te be his wlfu because he was liv
ing with her at thu tlme of his death.
AriiiugeineutM Mmte Per n lloiiuleii en
the Hlh of October.
A preliminary meeting of inombers of
the7lith Regiment association was held en
Friday evening at llie ofllce of Alderman
Barr. In the absence r Cel, Hatnhrlght,
the prosldeut,ex-Mayor Edgorley presided.
Aldermau Barr acted us secrelary.
The regiment, with thu exception of a
single company, was recruited in lmcas lmcas
ter county. Twe reunions have been held
sluce the war, the last being en the lllth
and lth of December, IRS I.
Peler S. Geedman, new u resilient of
Chattanooga, addressed the members. He
speke of the National park en Chlcka
manga battle Held, for which Congress
had appropriated $iV),0l0. The Intention
Is te make the ark te thu Southwest what
Gettysburg Is te the East, aud erect menu
ments te commemorato the doeds of regi
ments of the Union and Confederate
armies participating in that ballle,uml mark
their KisltIeus en that battlo-fleld. As the
70th had taken a conspicuous part In that
light he hoped te sce steps taken looking
te the erection of a luoiiuuient ut an
early day.
The association duclded te petition the
Legislature for uu uppropriatiei: for nuroii nureii nuroii
umenl uud tiausjKirtatiun en the day of its
Thu object of the meeting was te conslder
the advUability of holding a regimental
reunion In the fall, Thu matter was thor
oughly discussed. Some of theso present
were of opinion that the tlme was tee short
te make the necessary arraiigemeiits for a
succi ssful gathering. The sentiment of
a majority was that thete was plenty of
time, and en motion of Lieut. Melger It
was decided te have it reunion en the 8th
of October, the -Sill uunlversury el the
battle of Perry ville, In which the regiment
wus engaged, early In its history.
Anether meeting will be held en next
Thursday ovenlng when committees will
be appointed te make nil the necessary ar
rangements. IHO Peeple Mitde Homeless.
At 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon lire
broke out lua lliiugailun Hottlcmeuliu the
cist cud of llruddeck, Pa,, uud thirty
eight houses wero consumed. Among
these were seme ile.uu brick resldt-mes
owned by Americans, but thu remainder
w ere frame houses of two stories, and occu eccu occu
pled by Hungarian laborers.
Theso :Vi houses contained V families,
embracing seme 150 people, Thu Humes
were confined le two acres of closely
packed buildings. The less is $100,000,
chiefly ou the buildings, as the foreigners
saved anything of value. The lire was
started by u Hungarian woman, who, find
ing her hed uninhabitable, carried it out
into an alley and set lire te it, and every
thing else within two squares.
Gnvu lIcrLlIb Fer Anether.
Miss Liura Metgar, of New Yerk city,
u guest sH)iidiiig the summer ut the
Delaware house, Uiekawaxuu, Pa., en
deavored en Thursday te rescue a boy
rrem drowning who had fallen off a small
brldgolnle the river. Slie was carried
down fcticjui by Iho swift current and
drowned. A gontleiuan jumped In and
saved the hey, but the lady could net be
reached. Her body w as recevered.
Fullui-e et'u Cluui- Manufacturer.
Execulieii was Issued te day by Win. D.
Woaver, attorney. Ter Martin KimperlK,
against Samuel G, Cooper, cigar mailltlac
tuier or IJnhralu township,
Change In the Rules Advocate
Lluut Upen the Tariff Maaaara 3
Net RMUhed By Him. '
Washington, Aug. I. The Senate M-?i
sumed consideration of the tariff bill at4.
10:1.1 o'clock this mernlmr. Mr. Blalr
offered a roietullon, which went ever until'!
te-morrow, Instructing the committee en!
rules te report a rule within four days, tbt.-i Mtl.l iitnalMi. a.SalA . iM
..,,,.M KllllHfnillK VUW, Wj
Senater Blair, In speaking of hi reael;
lien te limit uebate by the operation of,.
the previous question or some ethMri
method, said that be belleve-ij
II te be the opinion of a
Jerlty or the Republican senator
the tlme had arrived Ter the adoption of , '
rule by which dobate might be contreHeo..;
He would net admit, however, that Wi
was acting by direction of the a'V
ens. He was net, be (Mid. tktr
St. Petor of that lrady, by whom what waiu
bound In the caucus should be bound In I
hciinte, anil what was loosed In- eaucM 1
sneuiu be loosed lu llie Konate. He said Hri
was apparent that net ene of the 25 Impcx-a
tani moasures en the calendar could
INisKed without a change of the ruledrHf rj
ttiiaJiil I tt lita MnunlnlliiK
. -Oil
- il
Kenise te Pay What They Asreed UdeH.
Ciiioaeo, Aug. 1. Lst night 000 mem j
hers of the new Bess Carpenters' aamehW
tlen held a meeting and repudiated thetrl
agreement made seme months age te fKfJ,
journeymen an uilvance of 21 cent
hour, beginning August 1. The agree j.
ment for the nitvunce was the baala e)
which tbe great strike of carpenter Intern
city was sottled, Considerable talk .of '3
another strlke was heard last night, batf
mere was also comment that the Journey-
men had no verjjex peeled te obtain
udvance anil that the stipulation wm i
ciiieiiy te allow the journeymen a pr
for claiming a. victory ever the ejdi
ployera' organisatien, te which at lb
the new besses were opposed.
Latkii the boss carpenter of Chi
have begun a lockout against the hi
men, t-i
... . -!
Prultless Conventions. -" e '
Cincinnati, Aug, 1. Beth the
.. rv
district Republican convention at Wi
Ingteu court-heiiBe, and the Eli
district Democratic convention at'
bere, finding It Impossible le nemti
candidates for Congress, adjourned'
night slne die. This means' new d
and new conventions In each of thee
trlcts. i 'f.
A famine prevail in some parte of 1
The deaths from starvation average i
hundred dally. ' . ' a
Mr. and Mrs. Charles TMgeieV-
Binnlimbam. Knar., were killed bve. I
at Maguella, N. J,, last night. "vXH'
Nine thousand acres of rice d.'.e
land In the Province of Oerbrek.
have been covered with en Inflow.?
water, and the growing crop tberee) 1
been destroyed. 't&ji
Tnlxtnl's book. "Kreutser fteaaa.M i
been characterized Indecent brill
slstant attorney general, and will be
ded from the United State maU. e'f.
Emperor William ha started en Wei
In l.'.w.l...,.! ''&,
.: .; , ' . .... 'if'
uoseruons ity wneiesaie nave
of late from eoveral Italian
stationed along the French frentier41
fact has induced the war office tot
that theso regiments be removed ,1
thelr present stations te the Interior of :
country. $;
The Heuso committee en eleeUeM
day made another Ineffectual effort tot
kse of the H)tidiiig Clayton-Breekear
Arkansas election case. X
In Portsmouth, N. IL, this morning,!
wharf un which u, F, J'liituricit (
coal pockets are located, gave way, i
ing tue building ana ever 7t,oeu i
coals Inte the river. The wharf and I
lug are tot illy wrocked and theleiel
amount le evor IG,we, j
' S& lunwavn, ..;
I Coeler, generally fair wi
I ' northwesterly winds, becoming
Jlcrtilil Weather Forecast. A
'cool wave." new en Uie lake, wl
leu suguiiy in me nonuern pan et
section and In New England te-dev.
the "het wsye" still overlie ell
country south of the fortieth parallel
easi ei me Mississippi, wuiie a new
wuve Is feruiimr In the trans-Mlaal
region, se that no , very decided
oxtemlod fall of lou.,ereture 1
te-day In this latitude. Tern
rose slluhtlv in the United
terday, the chief maximum reported
u degrees I'anr. at hi. Vincent. Minn
chief maxima were BS at Rochester,
Blsiuarik. IU ut Caire. Snrlmtfield.
Lynchburg, and Portland, Me.; (Met
ten, iiarrisiiurg. riiuaaeipnia, w
ten, Pittsburg, Detreit and Indlani
nu inuiani
(JuatKloGraudeCHv Keek
111., uud Kansas City, am!
anil St. Leuis. In the Mid'
partly cloudy wj,thj,f.gTiufl!
southwesterly te northwesterly, V-fJv
thermal changes, followed by1
cooler weuther and light local raip In
northern nortlens. uud in New Ens
coelor, falrte partly cloudy weather,"
fresh southwesterly te northwest
winds, preceded by light local fain IB
northern portion.
rj '
Did Net Buy the Mud :
In the article published en I'fhur
Intci.liiiknuku about Froderlolc Sh
being gored by a bull It was stated 1
Jehn Klslev, butcher, bad bought the I
and would sorve It te his customer.'':''
information that Butcher'Eisley bought;;
came from what was supposed te J
trustworthy source, but the Informant 1
mistaken, as Mr. Elsley did net bey
bull. He thinks his business U Injn
by the statoinent published and wtj
him the beuellt of this correction. ,4
Te Protect. ili Publte. 2v
Mayer Chirk received a letter
from Superintendent Wllseu, of the
lug A Columbia 1 all read, lu reply te 1
sent suirsestlug llie erectien 01 saievy 1
at street crossing!, or the placing
watchmen. SupU Wilsen writes
has referred thu matter te the general j
periiileudeui, and has no doubt
or ttie oilier rocemmeuaaiion
.Mayer iiarK win ue uuujheu, j-v
Sameaii Disorder.
A dlsnttch from Sydenv, Mew
Wnles. sav thai the steamer Luboek !i
Apia, briigs rumors of disorder i
Sainean village". In the eplHH
Kurepean-i tuoie uisorueis peiut
uecesslty of the ihree tre ily ewer
land. Germ in v aud th) United St
fermlug a reH r geverument for
Pell Inte the Cellar. -While Mcltiuin, theoeelc"
Cily h of, uud Kate Smith, a wa&i
wuiu Hiuu iiiigeu ihe brlc;; iicartaMl
of the nuige terlng an eidcr, I
w eriv g ive way aim uem leu ;ur
Iheiellar, badly bruising tuuuxiUW
i.$iiU' K
v lk-.v
-a-f v''.X.. $Ztr.iJZs'n'
r- r"'i