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Imm Xteaneat MmeM Preached en
Saaday-Tae Yeaag Peeale'e Tempi
Dedicate ea Saturday Afternoon
- IiAXDUYiLtK, July 28, Sunday morn
ing dawned with Mint heavy clouds hang
ing overhead, but the day proved a beauti
ful one. It la estimated that about 7,000
people were en the campground yesterday.
A mere orderly crowd could net have
I, some.
f i The oenaecraUon service was held as
usual at 6.30 a. m. A number of strangers
were en the ground at this early hour.
The annual love-feast waa held at 9 a. m.
Many were la the auditorium. Rev.
Crouch took charge or this meeting. Many.
vtoek part In the service. The experiences
were brief and full of life. Mere would
liked lehave testified, but the lime for
preaching service had already arrived and
the preacher waa ready for the service.
Rev. Herace Cleveland was the preacher of
the morning.
After the reading of the 23d Psalm and
prayer by Rev. Smyth, Rev Chas. Reads
read the lessen of the inernlug, Cor. II, also
Cor. v. The hymn waa then sung and
Rev. Herace Clovetand, one of thu finest
orators of the Methodist church, dellvored
at serlnen based upon 2 Cor. v., 2 : "In this
we give an earnest by desiring te be clethed
upon with our house, which Is from
heaven. " Better English was never heard
from the stand. He preached one hour
and thlrty-eight minutes. Rev. Crouch
gave a brief exhortation. After the bone
diction the vast congregation dispersed for
dinner and social intercourse.
At 1:30 p. m. the children's meeting was
held in the auditorium, which was packed
and the meeting was very enjoyable. The
subject was " The Vine." The grown peo
ple are as much Interested In these meet
ings as the children.
At the same hour the young people's
meeting was held in their temple. It was
in charge of Mr. Thompson, and was a
very geed meeting. He called en a goodly
number, asking them at what age they
vwre converted, and nlinest all testified te
their conversion while young. He then
called en Mr. Ogle te tell the people about
hew It steed as regards the conversion of
the young, and he showed the follew'ng
statistics : Of 1,000 about 518 are converted
"Under 20, 337 between 20 and 30, 00 between
30and 40, 15 between 40 and 50, 3 between
CO and 00 and only 1 botweeu CO and 70
After reading this he gave a very touching
appeal te the young people present te at
tend te this important matter at once. Mr.
Ogle Is a great werker among the young
people, and many are attracted by his
earnest and Interested spirit.
At 3 o'clock Rev. S. H. C. Smith preached
from Remans xill., 10: " Leve werketh no
ill te his neighbor, therefore love is the ful
filling of the law."
.At 0:30 o'clock Rev. Reads had a temper
ance meeting in the temple for the children
and the singing was especially attractive.
At the same hour Mrs. Whoeler had the
meeting u tlie hill. It was, as usual, a
aurce of great power.
The eveulngsorvice was at the stand under
the control of Rev. S. W. Kurtz, of Phila
delphia. Though a very ditferent sermen
from the tnernintr,yet it was a grand expo
sition of the following text: "ile that bo be
lleveth en the Sen of Ged, hath the witness
within himself." Quite a uumber were at
the altar.
Among seme of the arrivals are Misses
Lizzie and Sadie Deltrlcb, Dr.J.L.Wltbrew
and wlfe, Miss Mellie Shaub, Miss Anna
Wiltdey, Miss Bertha Clcmens, Miss W.
O. Hean, Mr. Israel ,Mayer, Mr, C. Mayer,
Mrs. McGlinn, Misses Jennie and Katie
McCemsey, Mrs. Ltcliells, Mr. Harvey
Spencer, Mrs. Ruttur, Mrs MuQurgie, Miss
Llrie Willis, Mrs. Carpunter, Mrs. Faick,
Mr. and Mrs. Slough, Mr. HeUlngcr, Mr.
Lewis Haldy, Mr. Will Haldy and wife,
Mr. David llitner, Mr. Lutz and wife, Mr.
S. Ciarko and wife, Mr. Rudy and wife,
Lancaster; Misses Alice and Fannie
Hostetter, Mr. Elmer Frantz, Miliersville ;
Mr. Fisher, Moitntville. Among the min
isters Rev. S. Smyth, Rev. Themas Ogle,
Rev. Near.
At 1:30 p. m. the children gathered in the
auditorium, and from the number that
were there we could easily sea bow de
lighted they were te have the sun shiuipg
The subject of the lessen for the hour
waa "The Arth."
At the same time a meeting was held In
the young people's temple, it was led by
Mrs. Heilner, of Philadelphia. Sbe is a
very earnest werker among the young
peeple and is greatly beloved.
At 3 o'clock the bell rang for the
service of dedication of thotemple. It was
beautifully decorated witli orauge and
white, the colors of the association. Presi
dent Reads prcsented the tomple te Rev. J.
II, llargis for dedication. After the dedi
cation the further serviccs were conducted
at the stand. The young people formed
into line and inarched down singing all the
way. The pregramme was as follews:
An address by Rev. Win. Shoesmith.
His subject "The opportunities for
work ameug the young peeple en the
camp ground." Kssay, Miss L'lta Bender,
subject, "The Rpwerth League"; address,
Rev. Chas. ltheads, subject, "The value
and grewtli of the Christian Endeavor";
recitatien, Miss Llllie Wolfe rsborger, sub
ject, "Evermore."
The programme was iutorspersed with
music by the choir. The choir 1ms been
Increased and the music was exceptionally
A financial repert was gUeu by the
financial secretary of the association. The
outlook for the paymontef the debt Is very
satisfactory. The young people certainly
need te cengratulate thouiselvos en the
progress they ha e inaile.
At 0 p. in. thu holiness meeting was
held in the tent en the top of the bill by
Mr. Thompson, of Philadelphia. This
uian Is an inspiration te any meeting.
AU7 p. m. Tbo'eoniiig meeting was
led by ltev. J. Dungan, of Marietta.
His text was found in Jehn x., 10: "I am
ceme that they might have llfe; and that
they might have it inore abundaaly."
After the sermon Mr. Thompson again
spoke and witli much feeling. Every ene
vt as touched with the talk and seme found
their way te the altar of prajer. Yeung
people's day was indeed u grand day en
the camp ground. Seme little oxcitement
was caused by the straying away of two
little boys, but ere night they were heard
from and were safe at home.
The day Is again beautiful. The squirrels
were busy this morning gathering up the
fragments ion lying around from yester
day's fete.
The bell rang out as usual at 5:30 a. in.,
but the inhabitants nf the grete were a
little slower ttiey were tired from
the great crowd yesterday.
Family worship was held in the taberna
cle at 0:30 a. in., for these net living en the
The 0 a. in. prayer service in the audi
torium was in cliarge of Rev. Thes. Ogle.
He is a revivalist, aud uue who is ther-
eaghly in the work. He led the meeting
' by reading from the 14th art 19th chapters
erst Jehn. A brief experience aweting
followed during which Mm several went
te the altar seeking heart parity.
Rev. Jehn Thompson is fall of this
experience, and is working en that
11m In every meeting. There was
de intermission, as the o'clock ser
vice Just merged Inte the preaching ser
vice. Rer. Elliett, of Lebeaea,' preached
from a Cor. lx., 15: Thanks be te Oed
for this unspeakable gift." It was a grand
meeting for Monday morning.
Among the arrivals we have the follow
ing names i Miss Heyl, Philadelphia; Miss
Amanda Leaden, Miss Kite Hell.MIss Ada
Huber, Lancaster; Rev. Henry Wheeler.
Typhoid Fever Ends the LtvesefMlesea
Mary Luts and Minnie E. Brown.
Twe mere deaths from typhoid fever oc
curred sliiceSaturday.aadbethvlutlms were
empleyes of Rese Bres. A Hartman, making
Ave from that disease since Wednesday.
Mlas Mary Lute died en Saturday evening
at the residence of her grandmother, 340
West James street, with whom she made
her home. She was 10 years old and was
net ill long. She waa a member of St.
Jehn's Episcopal church. Her funeral
will take place te-morrow afternoon.
Miss Minnie I. Brown, daughter of
Geerge W. Brown, died at her mother's
residence, corner of Water and Chestnut
streets, en Sundsy morning. She also bad
typhoid fever and was getting along se
nicely that en Friday her recovery was,
looked for. She took a turn for the worse
en Saturday and sank rapidly until death
ensued. She was 25 years old and was one
of the typewriters In the office of the firm.
She was a member of St. Jehn's Episcopal
church and active In Sunday school work,
being secretary of that department. Her
funeral will take place en Wednesday.
Hosts el friends In this city mourn the
deaths or these young ladlec They were
favorites In the clrcles In which they moved.
It can scarcely be realized that these, who
were In the prime of their young lives se
short time age, should be called sway In
the midst of their Usefulness, when their
future appeared se bright.
That Is the Itesult Reached By Dr.
Leftman. the Chemist.
Dr. S. T. Davis, local member of the
state beard or health, sent te the secretary
of the beard a pint sample or the water
taken from the well used by the empleyes
or Rese Bres, it Hartman. The water was
analyzed by Dr. Henry Leffman, of Phila
delphia, the chemist of the beard, and the
following given as the result of his analy
sis: " The quantity of the sample ene pint
was tee little te permit of the application
of all the usual tests, but suQlclent could
be ascertained te show the polluted charac
ter or the water. All figures are in grains
te the U. S. gallon :
Chlorine- .2.90
Nitrogen as nitrites 0031
Nitrogen as nitrates. 0.W0
Nitrogen as organic matter 0.01
"The solids were approximately estimated
en a small amount or the Bample, and
showed about forty grains te the gallon.
The above figures show a water decidedly
polluted and unfit for drinking purposes.
The tlgure for the nitrites, especially, Indi
cates that active micro-organisms are
present in abundance, or that the water
has been recently polluted with foul water.
The figures for the organle matter and ni
trates wero also high."
A Note SIgned With the Firm's Nnrae
lbr 9.1UO tbe Cause.
Sigmund J. Martin has been prosecuted
befere Alderman Halbach by his partner,
Jehn Stell, for n violation of tbe act or as
sembly of June 3, 1885. The allegation Is
that Martlu drew up a nete for $300, signed
the firm's name of Stell & Martin, weed
benders te it, and had It discounted. The
proceeds of tbe note, it is cbarged, Martin
appropriated te the payment of bis indi
vidual debts. Stell did net learn of Mar
tin having signed the firm's name until a
few days age, when he promptly eutered
suit. The act or assembly roferred te make
It a serious offense for any one te fraudu
lently use the name of his partner .without
his knowledge and consent.
When Stell brought Martin te account
for the transaction there was a war of words
which resulted in blows and threats. Martin
went before Alderman Deen and entered
suits for assault and aurety of the peace
against Stell. All tbe cases will be beard
this week.
Ephrata Metes.
Tbe celebration of the Trinity Lutheran
Sunday school, which was te be held en
Saturday, was, en account of the inclement
weather, postponed indefinitely.
The base ball game between the Epbrata
club and the Paradise club en Saturday
resulted as follews:
Knbrata - J 0 0 0 10 10 0-.1
Paradise 0 1 0 a 1 3 0 0 0--7
I'uridl no battery, Lcfe re and Hulter.Epli rata,
Ilutzrr and Welney. Htruclt out by lluucr 11 ;
I'aradlse 10. Umpire li. Wive.
Before the Mnyer.
Jehn Fritz, a young man employed in
ene of the stone quarries near Lancaster,
came te town en Saturday and wound up
en Middle street. He was drunk and
abusi ve and wanted te trim out the Russian
colony en Middle street. Before he get
fairly te work Officer King arrested him.
He paid tbe costs.
Oee. Wise, a stranger, was arrested at tbe
Klug street station late en Saturday night
for disturbing the poace, by Ofllcer Eliler.
As it was his first offenso he was discharged
upon payment of costs.
Death or Mr. Susan Stelncr.
Mrs. Susan Steiuer died suddenly at the
residence of Da Id Ely, her son-in-law, in
Heading, yesterday, aged 70 years. Her
maiden name was Uetz and she remexed
te Reading from this city 29 years age.
Slie was a lifelong member of tbe Lutheran
church at Muddy Cioek. Mrs. Steiner was
tbe mother of IK eh 1 Id r en, six of whom
survive. Eighteen grandchildren and nine
great graudibildreu also survive. Her
husband, Isaae Steiner, died 20 years age.
Whipped His Wlfe.
At 12.30 o'clock nSunday night a cry of
murder was beard by Ofllcers Winewcr
and Brown. They ran iu the direction of
the noise, and when tbey roached tbe botise
of Elmer Ellswerth Wllliard Mrs. Willard
told thorn that her husband had n hipped
her aud then ran away, mid she wanted
him arrested, Tbey searched for Wllliard,
but weie unable te find him. It was
learned le-day that he has left town.
Territory Kularwed.
C, E. Tapping, general superintendent
of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey di
vision of the United States Express com
pany, will en August 1 have his territory
enlarged. The division will be known as
the Atlantic, and in addition te the above
be will have the B. &.O. division east of
Ohie, Annapolis and Baltimere Miert line
and Richmond and Allegheny railroads.
He will have charge of 1,000 offices.
' .
Kicked lly n Herse.
Benjamin weaver, employed by Kirk
Jehnsen iV Ce., was kicked by a horse this
morning as he was eulerlug the stall. Ills
Injuries are slight.
WM 111 MOM M Til Mil If
He Carries Clab and Stene and Falls te
Xotlee These Pesetas Hlm-Tkfe
People of theBast Alarmed.
The aaked man, noted by the Intelm Intelm
ekncsk en Satuiday, 'as perambulating
through the eastern end or the county, Is
stilt about and acts bolder than ever. He
was last seen en Saturday morning en the
read leading te Intercourse. He turned
up en the Strasburg turnpike later In the
day, and when he psssed through the toll tell
gate he had his clothes en. Later he
passed throtigh;the'ame gate in nude con
dition. On Saturday morning he passed
through 'the sams gate, walking en the
read te Strasburg, and he then had his
clothes en. Later in tbe day he returned
anr was then unclad.
He could easily have been caught ou Sun
day, but groups of men who saw him were
afraid of him, and as he approached they
ran into houses, belted the doers, and
when he was out of sight, they came from
tbe houses.
Mr. WlUism McGlinn, or Wldmyer's
rarnlstitug establishment, was driving en
this pike en Sunday evening. He was told
by three young men that the wild man was
ahead .of him en the turnpike, lie drove
leisurely and seen catne up te him. Mr.
McGlinn describes him as a tall, well built
man, back vary much sunburned. In one
hand he carried a lieavy club and In the
ethor a large stone. He walks slowly along,
looking neither te tbe right nor te the lelt.
He does net notice any ene driving en the
read. The man was en tbe read walking
towards Lancaster and is likely te turn up
en the streets of the city befere the day Is
The police or the city will be en the look
out for him, and if he puts In an appear
ance he wjll be arrested.
In going through the tollgate en Sundsy
he was asked why he ran around tbe coun
try without clothes. The only answer he
could glve is that he bad none te wear.
The people living In the country in which
he has been wandering are greatly alarmed
and many are afraid te leave their houses
for fear or encountering tbe crazy man.
The Club Play an Excellent Game and
Down Their Opponents.
A geed-sized crowd witnessed the game
.of base ball en Saturday afternoon, bo be
twee n the Ironsides of this city and tbe
Selar Tips or Philadelphia. The Ironsides
put up a linegame,and defeated their Phila
delphia opponents with ease. With a con
tinuation or the playing or Saturday the
Ironsides deserve a liberal patronage. Fol
lowing was the score :
R.n.O. A.E.I It. II.O. A. K.
Hegarui, p i a l 7
Pentr, c a a 0
Ielblcy, i,! J 1 (
Kesh. 1. ... 1 1 10 0
Witch, 2.... .13 14
FltzcerM, 4 4 0 1
HeK'th.m.r 1110
UlMuriran, 2.0
1 1
v teniz, ni .. m
0 It.K.Hmrii.ll
1 Hevrlcr,l..l
11 Frest, r.......O
0 Reamer, p . 0
1 Oemucr g, 0
0 Ursn, 3 2
0 1
1 0
0 1
2 11
1 2
2 1
8 0
HUtrk, i. ... 2 2 3 0
f AlhPnawt m O A
w...wr.a t-m v.,
1 I
0,11. Hmltli, c.l
Total 19 22 27 17 3 Total
-...5 6 27 18 5
Irenddes ....0 0 2
17 111 6-10
0 0 0 2 1 1 S
Helar Tip .....,0 1 0
Earned runs Ironsides ll,MeiarTlp2. Three
base lilts -Wllcli. KlUef raid. Lelbfrled, Hturk.
Heme runs Fitzgerald, Btark. Bases en balls
Ironsides 3. Helar Tin 4. Htruck out Iren,
sides 4, Helar Tip 5. Irfften baws Irormldes 7,
Helar Tin 9. Deuble plajs-Heicnrlh, 1'entz,
Lelblcy, Morgan and Iieerter. Wild pitches
KeamerS, Hogarth 2. Time of game lis. Um
pire Pentz.
On Saturday next the Ironsides will play
tbe B, O. P. club, or Uarrlsburg, and en
August 0 tbey will cress bats with tbe Full
Weights, a strong amateur clab or the
Quaker City.
The Base Hull (James.
The championship games en Sunday re
sulted as follews:
American Association Teledo 5, Ath Ath Ath
lotle 4 ; Columbus 0, Brooklyn 0 (forfeited.)
The championship games played en
Saturday resulted:
National League Philadelphia 5, Cleve
land 2; Cincinnati 5, New Yerk 1; Pitts
burg 4, Bosten 3 ; Brooklyn 10, Chicago 4.
Players' League Chicago 12, Philadel
phia 1 ; Cleveland 6, New Yerk 1 ; Clove Cleve
land 7, New Yerk 1 ; Brooklyn 13, Buffalo
0; Bosten 4, Pittsburg 3.
American Association Athletic 7, Louis
ville 1 ; Rochestor D, Teledo 2; Syrucuse 3,
Columbus 0 ; Brooklyn vs. St Leuis (post
poned, rain).
Atlantic Association Wilmington 1,
Harrisburg 0.
State Clubs Lebanon 0, Yerk 2; Yerk
5, Lebanon 1.
Kast End Fiahlutf Club.
The East End Fishing club went te
Welse's Island this morning for a week's
outing. Theso who went this mernlug or
will join the club later in tbe week are:
Jacob Beachler, Frank S. Everts, Win. S.
Deen, Thes. A. Dean, James R. Dennelly,
Harry Yackley, Jehn Touillusen, Christian
Bender, Jacob Welfer, Aaren Frey, Henry
Gress, Alvln Duclimuu, Henry J. Frecb,
Samuel F. Erisman, Michael Brccbt,' Harry
M. Hnrr, Riebaid Myers bud Samuel
By Ministers Frem Dlstanoe.
Presiding Elder J. 11. Hargis occupied
the pulpits of the Methodist churches en
Sunday. He preached in the morning ut
tbe Duke street church, in the afternoon at
the Western and in tbe evcniiig at SL
Rev. Wilsen R. Slearly, of Cieveland,
Ohie, occupied the pulpit of the Second
Reformed church yesterday, both morning
andoening. In the morning Ills text was
taken from Luke viii,, 21, and iu the even
ing from Isaiah xli., 0-7.
Full Frem n Ladder.
Ifsiae Munderf,an empleye of the Electric
Light company, met with a slight accident
en Sunday, but It might have been worse.
He was putting a carbon en the light at
Connelly's hotel and while en the ladder,
it turned and be fell. His ankle was
slightly sprained aud a bunch of carbons
iteslstcd Au Officer.
Jehn Deiiuuel, tuieiigh family trouble,
drank mero than was geed for him, and foil
Inte the clutches of Constable Nehr, of the
Ninth ward. The charges ugainst him are
resisting an officer and disorderly conduct.
They will probably be withdrawn uiien
payment of costs.
Kept tli Stock.
Deputy Sheriff Leau nerved the writs of
replevln en Saturday afternoon, issued by
Henry Iliukley against E. II, Kauffman
aud Jonas L. Mlunich, ferte mules and a
mare. These parties kept the stock and
gave beud.
Awarded a Diploma.
In the window of liens' hat store Is ex
hibited tbe diploma awarded totheljiucas tetheljiucas
ter Turner Verelu. It was wen by thorn at
tbe touruumeiit Iu June at Atlantic City for
skill In gyrauastlcs.
Sunday Ti-alux tulCuiiipuioettiiic.
The PenusyUanU railroad carried 304
oxcurslenlsts te campmecting from this
city en Sunday and the Reading railroad
m m
f) I veil Pensions.
Pensions hae Imjeii Issued te Jes. II.
Furiosi, Lancaster; Benjamin Bunker,
New Helland ; Isaae N. McLaughlin, Gap.
Kraaafcen Meets With Fatal
Accident at Mis Hene.
William KraHkkep, aged eS years, living
at 407 W. Walnut street, Sunday evening
met with an accident,, which caused his
death. The old genUemaa retired, ac
cording te his aeual custom, at about six
o'clock. After he was In bed, the house
keeper, Mlas Ricka Krlck, went te charcb,
leaving htm alone In the house. When
she returned at half past eight she found
him lying en the landing, at the feet of the
back stairs, conscious but aaabte te tell
hew he had gotten there. Dr. 8. M. Craw
ford waa summoned and found Mr.
Krautkep suffering from a deep cnt en
the side of his bead, back or the right ear
and several bruiser. It Is supposed that
Mr. Krauskop, confused with sleep, arose
seen after the housekeeper had left him,
dressed himself and In attempting te go
down stairs slipped and fell. When found
he was exhausted from less of bleed show
ing that be had been lying at tbe feet or the
steps for seme time.
Mr. Krauskop died this morning about
hair-past nine from his Injuries, lie was
born In Prussia, January 20, 1809, and came
te this country In 1844. Fer two years
he resided In Baltimore, removing te Lan
caster county In 1810. He followed the
trade or wheelwright for many years, re
tiring after the death of his son, Henry
Krauskop, about thirteen years age. Dur
ing his llfe He was a member of tbe Ger
man Evangelical church. He waa the
rather or soven children, or whom four
survive hlui. They are Louisa, wlfe
of Jacob Schwartz, or this city ; Kate, wlfe
of Prof. Aaren'New Berlin, Pa. :
Frey W., In the employ of Dlller's wheel
factory, and Frank I, the well known
cigar box manufacturer.
Herbert C. Alleman is spendlng a few
days at Cape May.
Mrs. Mary Wldrayer, Miss Emily Wld
myer and Mrs. Murrlet Breslus are at
E. T, Hager left this morning for Phila
delphia for a short vlsiu.
Goe. W. Whlteferd and wlfe, for some
time guests or Matthew Bush, or North
Queen street, left for their home In Brook
lyn yesterday.
The Sunday schools or Potersburg are
holding a union plcule at Penryn te-day.
About 250 went up In the early train.
Dr. S. H. Metzger Jolned tbe Bay club
at Fortress Menree en Sunday. Frederick
Engle will catch up te the club te-day at
Old Point Comfert.
The Chosapcake club reached Richmond
last night, with all well; se at neon the
club left for Norfolk, Virginia.
Lawrence Shilling and brlde, or Clear
field, are spending their honeymoon in
this elly, the guest or Jacob H. Norbeck,
Mr. Shilling's uncle.
William Martin, or the theological semi
nary at Emmlttsburg, spent part or bis
vacation in this city with relatives.
Rev. P. J. McCulIagb, rector or St.
Mary's Catholic church, will spend his
vacation at Bedford. '
Edward Rellly went te Atlantic City to
day, for a vacation of ten days.
Miss Millie Haas returned en Saturday
nlgbt from a week'a pleasant sojourn
among friends at Harrisburg.
Miss Bertie Sprenger left en Saturday for
a few days vacation nt Willow Street.
Dr. L. A. Warren left for the sea shore at
neon te-day, for a brief respite from his
professional dutles.
Mrs. Jacob Shaub and daughter, Annlr,
leave te-night for Nowcastle, Ohie, te visit
friends, and en their returu will go te At At
lantie City.
hlmer Q. Werth, of Pittsburg, Is visiting
County Commissioner Werth.
The Rlbert-Osliera Difficulty.
Jes. M. Rlbert, charged by Harry E.
Osbern, with felonious assault and bat
tery aud surety of the iioace, tbe particu
lars of which have been published, will
have his case tried at the August session
of the criminal court. He entered bail this
meruing befere Alderman Deen for bis
apjicarauce at that time for trial.
A Child Iu Pawn.
Although advised that her actions are
unlawful, Mrs. Julia Williams, or Newark,
N. J., Is holding a 0-year-old child as a
bend ler a debt of $20, which she claims Is
owed her by tbe child's mother. The latter
went te Canada a year age, leaving the
child with Mrs. Williams, who was te re
ceive f.1 a week for Its care.
Saturday night thochltd'suiiclelntended
te start for Canada with her and paid tbe
beard bill te date. Theu Mrs. Williams
produced a bill overo year old and refused
te surrender the girl tiuless that tee was
settleJ. The uncle refused te pay and ap
pealed te tbe police, but tbey could de
nothing, although they told Mrs. Williams
she was violating the law. Tbe uncle will
apply te the chancery court for tbe child.
Five Membera el Out Family Klllixl.
A frightful railroad accident occurred at
Grafton, W. Va., en Sunday morning, re
sulting In the death of five people, mem
bers of ene family. Just about tbe time
the west-bound accommodation train was
due William Gelden, bis wife and three
children started te cress the main line of-
the Baltimore A Ohie railroad near the
Railroad hotel, but seeing a yard engine
coming up thu read, they stepited te let it
Mr. Gelden was holding bis two-year-old
boy In bis arms, and bis wife held a throo-menths-old
baby. When watching the
engine the passenger Mam struck the fam
ily, instantly killing the husband, wlfe and
two children, aud fatally Injuring the boy
who was In his father's arms, the little
fellow dying iu an hour. The englneer nf
tbe train signalled, but the noise of the
yard ouglne prevented the approach of the
train belt'g beard.
People's Iliilldlritf Association,
At tbe meeting of the stockholders of the
Peeples' Building aud Lean association,
en Saturday evening, the following ofllcer
wero elected : President, H. R. Breucman
vlco-presidcnt, Martlu Krolder; soerelary,
A. S. Vllloe; troasurer, Dr. A. J. Herr;
directors, Win. Wohlsen, H. G. McCarter,
Win. N. Appel, S. S. Martin, Geergo hhul hhul
myer, J. W. Jenes, P. C. Snyder, Christian
Gittlich, Dubois Reh rer ;soIiciter, Majer
A. C. Roiniehl.
The thirtieth seml-annual report shows
the association te be In a nourishing condi
tion. The assets of the association are $14.1,-
1'uld thu Costs.
A firanger, giving the name of Miehael
Denley, was arrested at an early hour en
Sunday morning, by Constable Crawford,
fordriiiikeiiucss and disorderly cendiicl,nn
East King street. He paid the costs to
day, said it was his first offenso ami be
would loae the town at oueo,
IteslBuutlnii ufn Policeman.
Frank KauUtundered his resignation to
day te thu mayor, as a member of
the tlty police fore, te take effect
en August 1. Mr. Kautz accepted
a rci-pouslhle position with Hetel-keeper
M. 'I Cenneny. He was an efllclenl offi
cer, neter shirked Ids duty and tbe
major parts with him with regret.
lionelltted lly Ills Trip.
J!i:uUN, July 2y. Emperor William ar
rival at Wllhelinshareii te-day en his ro re
tiirn from his trip In Norwegian waters.
He is looking exceedingly well and then
Is no doubt that the tilp has greatly Im
proved hi health.
Treeaa Called te SaMue she Kleters Are
Wesleted Fewr Soldiers and Three
Sef the Meb Are Killed.
CoNSTANTiNerue, July as. A large
crowd of Armenians gathered In the Ar
menian cathedral in this city yesterday for
the purpose of remonstrating with the pa
triarch of the church for his weak action
toward the perte regarding eutrages
perpetrated by Turks in Armenla,
and te demand his resignation. One
of the crowd mounted a chair in
the cathedral and demanded that the
patriarch explain the events Wfat had
occurred at Erzereum and tbe position
of affairs In Armenia. The patriarch pro
tested against the action or ths mob and
declared that the sacred edifice was no
place for such a demonstration. This an
swer te their demand exasperated the mob
and they rushed upon the patriarch,
dragged htm from the pulpit and otherwise
maltreated him. After being very roughly
handled the patriarch finally succeeded in
breaking loose frem his assailants and
made his escape from the cathndial. Mil
itary assistance was asked for te quell
the disturbance. A body of Turkish troops
was sent te restore order, but when
they entered the cathedral and tried te clear
the building they met with desperate
resistance. The mob was armed with
revelvers and splked shovels and a'bloedy
conflict ensued between them and the
troops. Four of the seldlsrs and three of
ths rioters were killed and ethers were In
jured before the mob was driven from the
building. The cathedral Is new closed. It
Is reported that the Armenians were acting
under secret instigation.
Eleven Dead and Five Fatally Injured
la the Count New.
The examination or the ruins at Seuth
Lawrence went en all day Sunday, under
military supervision, without Interrup
tion, and late at nlgbt waa fin
ished without discovering any further
fatalities. The list or dead fellows i
Michael Higglns, aged,. 35; Jseeinlah
O'Connell and his wlfe and 14-year-old
daughter; Mrs. Elizabeth Cellins, aged 30,
and her 4-year-old child; Mary Lyens,
aged 18; Julia Beatty, aged 10; Martin
McLaughlin, aged 40 1 Helen Cutler, aged
11 ; Mrs. Themas Sullivan.
Alt were found In the ruins excepting
Miss Cutler, who was caught en the Salem
street bridge by the storm and carried ever
two houses, then dashed te the ground.
She struck en her bead and died or the
concussion. This makes a total or 11. Be
sides this the following are expected te
die, as their injuries are set down by the
hospital people as ratal. The ethers Injured
number 55 : Mary Qulnn, aged 11 ; Mrs.
Sarah Leinman, aged 80 ; Andrew Hart,
aged 80 ; little Susie Mandas, aged 4 ; Peter
Dillen, aged 42.
This will swell the list or fstalllles te 10,
snd possibly mero may be added In course
of a few days. Of tbe 12 missing enes all
have been aceunted for but 3, and there Is
a suspicion that these have heen blown
The scenes among the ruins Is ene of
pathetle desolation.
Lawiiknck, July 28. Everything about
the scene of the cyclone remalned quiet
during the night. Battery "O" relieved
the Infantry this morning. A large num
ber of moil are at work and the ruins are
being rapidly cleared. Hannah Beattle,
eue of the victims, was burled yesterday.
This morning the funerals or Michael Hig
glns, Mrs. Elizabeth O'Connell and little
daughter Mamie and Mrs. E. Cellins and
little Annie Cellins took place. Helen
Cutler will be buried te-morrow. Seme
f 1,000 has already beeu subscribed for tbe
relief fund, and it Is expected that ut to
night's ma si meeting 5,000 mere will be
raised. Tbe Injured are all doing well.
Accused of Murder.
Si. Leuis, July 23. Jehn H. Douglas
treasurer of the Kmtpp-SUiut Lumber
company, one or tbolargest concern or its
kind In this country, was arrested last
nlgbt en tbe chsrge or killing Chas. Dest,
one or the company's empleyes. Thostery
gees that Dest, who Is a laborer, went te
his home en July 7, complaining or pain in
the head. A physician was called In who
found Dest In a semi delirious condition
and treated him for Inflammation of the
bowels. Dest continued te get werse and
yesterday morning dled. It then became
known ter the first time that Dest bad told
his wife that he had been struck en the
bead at the lumber yard with a pluce
of plank by Mr. Douglas. Mr. Douglas
emphatically denial he struck Dest or any
body else, and says that he never saw
or heard or such a man. The attending
physician and another doctor, ene or
tbe most eminent In the city, who
was called In consultation, say that tbey
carefully examined the man and failed
te find any e vldonce that he had been struck
en tbe bead. An hicmest will be held this
afternoon. Meantime Mr. Douglas has
been released en bend. Dest did net tell
his wlfe that it was Mr. Douglas who
struck hlui, and hew the story get out In
volving that gentleman is a great mystery.
Fired Twe Bullets Inte Ills Head.
Nuw Yeuk, July 28. Frederick Betzel,
aged 40, a German glass stalner, shot 10-year-old
Katie Murphy In the feet this
morning, whether intentionally or other
wise Is net known. The child's screams
attracted her mether and (tilts a crowd of
neighbors, and excitement ran high. Tbe
mether threatened Betrel with dire ven
geance and the man retired te the yard aud
shot himself twice, ene bullet lodging in
bis right eye, the ethor in the forehead.
Ile was removed te the hospital Ity a police
man. It is thought his wounds are fatal.
Frederick Betrel died at 11:15 o'clock.
The man was doubtless insane.
Wants a Canadian Atcent Hore.
ToneNTo, July 28. Enistus Wimau, In a
letter published iu te-day's Qlelic, argues
strongly in favor of ibe appolntmeut of a
Canadian agent, te co-ejorato with tbe
British ininistei at Washington. Mr. Wi
mau says the necessity for a high commis
sioner in Londen te represent Canada Is
net one tithe as urgent at that which de
mands a similar official ut Washington,
and that the closer relations between the
countries become mere important will this
Itepulil leans te Confer.
Wasiii.note.v, July 28. A caucus or Re
publican senaters has been called for to
night te consider the election bill,
and the question of changing the rules of
the Senate se ustoexpodlto transaction of
A Colored Muu Murdered.
Bai.ti.mehk, July 28. Jehn Wesley
Myers, colored, hostler, was found mur mur
dered this morning in a piece of weeds
near his stables at Highlandtown, Ne ar
rests have been inade.
ItariiMMl a Nuw Trial.
Atlanta, Oa., July 28. The supreme
court this morning refused a new trial for
Tem Weel folk, who murdered nlne per
sons in Bibb county.
New Curbs.
Workman te day began laying cuiln en
Duke street, between Grant and Orange,
preparatory te the blocking of the same
with asphalt.
Her Soldiers Revelt end San Salvader
Continues Hostilities.
It la a generally admitted fact that Gua
temala accepts the war provoked by San
Salvader, -and 'will continue It until the
latter country elect a legitimate president
In place of Exote. Beth Guatemala and
San Salvader are trying te mass troops
with the Utmost haste, but Guatemala finds
difficulty In the dissatisfaction of her sol
diers. It Is claimed that tbe Guatemalan
forces se greatly outnumber the Salva Salva
derlans that In tbe present week the tables
will be turned. .
The revolt ameug the soldiers threatens
te assume serious proKirtlens, and It is
feared that the entire army will seen make
common cause with the rovelutlonlsts.who
are gaining mero power every moment. In
fact, the cabinet Ofllcers have counselod the
president te suspend hostilities with Hal va va
der and turn his attontlen te the situation
In Guatemala.
President Barillas held a council of war
en Saturday, and troops are being dally
conscripted te carry ou the war with Salva Salva
eor. President Barillas wanted te assuine
the leadership of his troops against Salva Salva
eor, but owing te the unsettled condition
or affairs he lias abandoned the idea or
leaving the capital.
A proclamation has been Issued warning
all natives of Salvader te leave tbe territnry
or Guatemala within 48 hours. Presldeut
Barillas has Issued a decree declaring the
whole republic Iu a state of soire and sus
pending the constitutional guarantees.
Thore Is considerable excitement In the
capital, at It Is said tlmtthoSalvader troops
are within sixty miles of Guatemala city
and are constantly being reinforced.
11 Is understood that Honduras will re
main neutral for the present, but may loin
with Guatemala if events ropttre her.
Guatemala has 40,000 men unner arms and
Honduras 05,000, whlle San Salvader has
only about 10,000.
Hew te Filter Water.
The following description of ncheap and
simple litter for the purification or drink
ing water Is taken from au able essay upon
the subject, published In yesterday's Pitts
burg binpatch ;
Aftei boiling ten minutes the water
should be poured Inte a woedon or stene
Jar, oevered with a cloth and left an hour
te cool, when it may be put into the fllter.
Fer a filter, a clean flower net of uuglased
clay, filled monthly, or rather changed for
ene freshly charged, Is hotter than most of
the patents tn the market. First cut a disk
or cotton flannel te fit the bottom or the pet
Inside, put en this a layer or clean white
aand an Inch thick, then three Inches of
charcoal In very coarse powder,three Inches
of sand above this, and clean, washed
gravel ever all, and you have as geed a
filter for a dollar as you can buy for teu, as
far as working gees. The water must run
through this 12 hours before the charcoal
dust washes out se that the fluid runs
clear. The pet should fit into the top el a
long stene jar with fkucet attached, and th
Ice be bung In it, tied In a ploce or cotton
flannel for n prlmltlve inode of keeping the
Iceweruis out and making the ice last
The only treuble with water se prepared
Is that 11 tastes fist from wuut of air, which
Dr. Currier proposes te supply by a clean
bellows kept for the purpose, but It is mere
conveniently done by pouring water from
ene pitcher te another several times as
foaming drinks are mixed, Or one or the
patent egg and cake beaters could le usmt
in the) water for a few minutes, and the
most discriminating palale could hardly
tail te appreve waier no reiiuta.
Some In te reslliiB Relics,
Edward M. Luden, of ltesdlng.'U the
possessor of seme curious relics. Among
thorn Is a pair of drum sticks that were
picked up en the battle-field of Trenten, In
the Revolutionary war, belenging
te a British drummer. Anether is a
band organ constructed In 1705,
by ene Jehn MUsser, at ICpliiata.
The hand e.-gan Is iu excellent state or
preservation and glibly reels oft airs popu
lar these days. Anethor Interesting rellc Is
a large German Bible printed In 1020, Tn
perfect condition. Still another is a
heavy cane inade of twisted willow
twigs that were planted at Belfast, Me.,
with a bamlle made from the horn or a
buck killed iu North Carolina, and a for fer fer
rule which was the nezzla nf n pair of bel
lows brought ever from England lit the
May flew or lu BUO and presented te the
ewner by a lineal descendant of Jehn
Alden, the lever and husband or Prlscilla,
the Puritan maiden.
Marrlutre Iu n Circus Ring.
An Anbury Park dlsiiatcb. te the New
Yerk Sun says: "At the conclusion el a
circus performance en Saturday Justlce of
the Peace Borden stepped te the centre of
tbe ring followed by Leuis A, Ferd, of
New Yerk, and Miss Mary Monehun, of
the same city. Tbey were seen mude hus
band and wlfe. The brlde Is a pretty bru
nette of IH. She wero n wblte gown elab
orately trimmed with luce aud ribbons.
Miss Susle (sergeant, of Lancaster, Pa.,
acted as bridesmaid and Pre). B. B, L.
Eavens. or Union City, Tenn., as best man.
When the newly made husband turned te
kiss the brlde the spectators gave him a
round ofcheers."
Killed !y a Lunatlu.
At Wolcettvlllo, N. Y., a lunatic, named
Ysge, beat Poerumster Schultze se soveroly
with u shovel and an axe en Saturday, that
Schultze died In the etenlug. Ysge had
been In an asylum two or threo years, but
was recently tiermlttcd te return home
apiuirently restered te reason. He seen,
however, became be violent that Pnormas Pnermas Pnormas
ter Schult7e, aeconiianled by a constable,
went te Yago's bouse te take him back te
the asylum. He attacked Schultze with a
shevel aud au axe and seen beat him Inte
inseiislbillty. He thou find te the weeds
and has net been captuied.
List of Let tern.
List of letters advertised nt the iKistofllce
at Lancaster, Pa., July 28, IKK). Freo do de do
llvery :
LniUcs' Mil. Mrs. Mary lladlield, Mrs.
Laura Hair, Miss Grace Bleem, Clara A.
Burns. Snplii.i Schislhe, Mrs, C. J. Stouii Steuii Stouii
seu. Miss Caddie West.
Oent'a IAal.UA'. Bare. Jno. Gultheuie,
Jacob J, Meer, Jehn B. Wcaier.
St, Leuis Pretests.
Washinote.v, July 28. .Senater Vest to
day presented te the Senate the rciuou rciueu rciuou
stmnceof alare uumber of persona of St.
Leuis protesting against the passjge of the
foderal cloclleii bill.
The Ftremnu Crushed te Deutli,
IOUlsvil.l.K, July 28, As freight train
Ne, 3(1, en the Louisville it Nashville, at at at
proached u lieavy down grade at bridge
Ne, 5, near Sulphur, Ky,, the ongineor,
detected a horse caught botweeu tbe
tlei en the Jirldge and seeing that
be could net step his ouglne in
time he put ou steam, endeavoring te
threw the hersu from the track. The en
ginewas doralled, jumping ever the ties
until the bridge had been pissed, when
both euginoer and flremin juiuped. The
engine foil upon the latter, Geergo Barker,
killing him instantly, thu engineer escap
ing, with both leg biekeu. The eiiglne
aud twelve earn wero dlti hed. One brake
man was also sorleiisly hurt. Passenger
trains wero delayed forseteral hours.
Ne Klfilit-lleur Day Fer FostefBco Men.
Wasihnuten, July 28. The bill te pin
the 8-hour day in operation in postefllcos
of the first and second i lasses, and te
glve clerks 15 days annual leav
lias been roferred te Senater '
Ian. It Is understood tin1
report te the next meeting '
posteillcos and iest r' n0 v.111
tlens.a bill pre-' jfcouttnHtueon
uus" ,,- ,iur
"l . ...
, g-lieur provbleu
4 be
... . f r1!0
bvemiiu ir iiraim
A Battle In Which a Thwassiadi
Fees Fell-ike Navy Jetaala
Revelt Against the 1
Buf.kes Ayres, July 27, Kvtmtfl
revolutionary movement
spread. The fighting between i
troops and the revolutionists
been desperate. The geveramiat ;
were defeated and 1,000 of them
or wounded. The nary has JetH
revolutionary movement. IH
artillery bombarded the governs
and barracks te-day. A 34 hears t
been arranged between the opposing I
Tite triumpn or the reromuenisw a
te be assure 1. vsS
Lohdex, July 28, The British fa
at Buones Ay i es sent a came dTas
Kirxigu uince ion nujn Mninav
revolution was nreeeeaiag. m
beonheavy firing. The dlseateh;
says that an armistice had beea
until te-morrow and that the
temporarily quiet. tj
Kenise te convey Meesai
Buknes Avkbs, July 27. Via
The authorities or the Argentlaei
have notified all telegraph
wiiinw iiiies cuiiuecv wiui ixmrnmn
I II. . . I... !."
country mat teiegrapnie coma
will be susiiended until further I
Minister Pitkin Repert..
Wasiiinotex, July 28. A I
nmiivuii v luu nuuuir ieciiHrT.1
front Minister Pitkin at Buenes; i
Argentine Republic, stating : i A I
lien of arms is In progress. The i
divided and a siege is declared." "
r.m-etH or the iteveiatleaa. ,
Lonhe.v, June 28, 2p. m, Av:
depression prevails en theSteek J
AJ-geuune snu Uruguayan h
tlcally unsaleable, isna-hava
four te nine per cent.
Fighting Begun ea Satarasvr JMMM
ueden Sunday, wlta II
ceases The llevolutle Xa
Bukxes aykes, July 27. A
mnrnlnir. a revolution wee'ceassnal
the Union Civics, assisted bytvri
leus of the jfcrrlsen. Presides
has declared the whole republMl
or siege. The National uuara j
called te arms. ""
Later reports are that Ave mera 1
of the insrtne arsenal and Rati
artillery have declared In myetj
revolutionists, lue postal aaa
eiiices are surreunuea uy son
revolutionists are reported, te .k
pletely triumphed. The governor
Ayres is seriously weunaen. yj
Celeman has lust embarked 'I
Catallnas Mele, taking refuge: eft !
a foreign ship. The governor or
Dretner or me preeiaeni, ass i
Tbe revolutionary party m
manifesto signed by Atejaadi
A. Del Valle. M. De' Merle.'
Juan Jese Romere and-Law
The revolutionists have 11
Manuel J. Camnes. who Waa
as a conspirator, and whe'Jtae
nimseit at we neau or law;
vny ,.... ft.2.
uuhihi, jiuj if-n.
neon says that flighting1
and thst.Vtei wersymsgy
weunded oiPbetb sldas.Tfe
have larirn retearces at .tessr
are ably commanded. , " The"
dispatch says, have many
ers ameug voe e
Buknes Aykkm, JulyS
deb snd Arredentls. com!
siinrents. have seized theai
andl'Isza Lavelle. Theirs
live military and two citizen
the cadet corns. The sreveri
mends seven battalions and exi
forcemsnta from Karate. l"7he
ilicts en Saturday were adverse
ernment. The fosses en both.
heavy. Many buildings were
Thensvv remains neutral.
icgrini, me vice pres'aenc,
thn nreiildnnev.
1:30 r. . Anether battalien: f
with arms and baggage, baa
surgents. Tbe populace eapJKMft
lutleu, which has extended te-1 The authorities are
with llin lnfiiticMinl
Loxnex, July 28.-A dlseatah
Times from Buenes Ayres, seyat
en Saturday tbe artillery, Jetaei M
civilians, toen tue nrst steps tow
tbe government, ThetroepsanoJ
parieycu. firing waa epenea a
and seen extended te the Flaam 1
The Infantry aira-aiUHery.wKit i
Houses kept up a heavy firing in tg
lug. Tbe police flred at aadVsnai
crowd u round the government, he
ine peopie Kepi nnng irem w
A determined irroueof forty!
nluckll v ut their arms In front of '
uriliuuiil uuuiw, nulla wiv fwwr.W'tm
tlllery and the roll of the masstetm
. ... i .... ..j r. i
nearer nun nearer. a'-:1
in tlie afternoon tne revcuuu
ernment Issued its first de
nnlnreil thn mobilization of the
Guard and appointed Nlohelas'-l
chef or notice. At 5 o'clock ea
afternoon two attacks wets made
governinout troops en citizen I
tiie troops were repuisen dei
I'ullcuineu and artillerymen art I
in beans. The chief of notice. C
Villa, Is wounded. The minister
renerted killed. -
Sham Urine continues around : I
.., i. rt, .. kl. 1
iniery uarracK. iiurv me vautw '
te the Times abruptly closes. '-;
A Mining Town Destroyed.
Speka.nk Fai.w, July28. Newst
hore last night Unit the town of
Idaho, the great mining camp el. i
d'Alone mining district, was almost;
nlotely destroyed by lire last evenla
fire started In the Central hotel, and I
north and east ever the entire
nart or the town. One report says
will reach hair a million dollars. j'J
dred aud Alteen persons are
The town of Wallace la 100 miles I
of Snokaue Falls, aud Is probably I
flourishing mining town In tbe NeetM
All Treuble Kndad. " Jf
New Yeuk, July 28. The baUtneetij
locked out cieaKtuakera reiurnea m ;
te-dav under tlienew plan oil
and the troubles between emple
moil are ended. t sv
I 1 Washington, D. 0., Juljr :
I I Fair nrocedod near tbe
I ' showers j soutberly winds; wa
fair en Tuesday. K
JlciaUl Weal her forecasts Tee i
wosteiuo.t clenic storm, and its j
well market "net wave," will
advance te-day te tbe upper"
Ifulaiiauu inu .Mississippi vsiiey.i
felt nociueiiy in tne central eta
morrow, and be severest In this'
fiem Wednesday till Friday. Te
tura rose in tbe United States ye
except in Ibe Lake region and be
ward; tneciiiei minima report .
degrees ai raiuer reiw, t-" nit fin u,.l ft 1,,' J
Yarmouth and Pfln- ee at
muTliiii. rfnnrlAil AlbSftt
Sully, W doe-- wer0 103 degfljl'';
inat'k. I T- unroll. M"TUt i
"7T dAVU U'"" '
.eswi ; ".. m'
.Ciii4 spi.--T,
-"".- farmer. m-"r?'
SS?.!ilte s'" .w.Auwesletn
tusiniu -
.. .. line et ' ,,"Tii of H
"" I tQWMd Nw ,