Lancaster daily intelligencer. (Lancaster, Pa.) 1864-1928, June 06, 1890, Image 1

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The Assets Hearty DmMi the Ltablll-
tf ee-Teaehere Fa tk aekoele m Be
Sleeted ea tks ltth of Juae.
Tbe June meeting of the Lancaster city
school beard wu held en Thursday avea
Ins, In common council chamber, with tka
following members present i Messrs.
Brsnsman, Bressy, Brown. Ceekraa,
Darrastetter, Oriest, Judith, Jehnsen, Up
bold, McCoraseyTMcDenel, MoKlligett,
Fonts, Raub. Reynolds, Reland, Sohreyer,
Shirk StauttV, arM, White, Wicker
sham, VInewar, Wohlesn, Wolf aud Dr.
McCormiek, president.
The reading of the minutes of tha May
meeting wss dispensed with.
Mr. Cochran, of tha flaanet commit
tea, rapertad tha fallowing bllla for
supplies farnUhad daring tha month,
and en bla motion the treasurer
waa autherised te par the aama : Wm. C.
Wetzel, labor and materials, t Har
per Bra, 8e copies of Yeung JPtepU.M
cents; Chas. H. Berr, supplies, $2.3.5;
Christian B. Esbenshade, oern cebe. f :
3. H, Brown, labor, 12; Geerge Ruth,
bricklaying, $160 ; D. Appleton & Ce., en
cyclopedia, 9; Jehn Themas, labor, $1 ;
Jehn 11. Leuvks, mesaenger, 110 ; Jehn R,
Jeffrie, brleklaylng, 17.50 ; Lancaster Gas
Light- and Fuel company, gaa for high
school building, W.CO; R. 8.. KaufTman,
prlntlug tax receipts, 1.50 1 Gee. Shul
inyer, coal, tie. ....
Mr. Coehran also presented the annual
report of the receipts and expenditures for
the fiscal year ending June 1, with the as
sets add liabilities of the beard. It is as
fellows :
Te U Beard tf Dirtctert of tftt Common DehoeU
eftlit City of Lancaittr:
Your committee en finance and accounts
aa required by law respectfully present the
annual statement of receipts and expendi
tures or lbs beard for the year ending with
June 1st, together with the liabilities and
W. O. Marshall, taxes for WW 412,70 M
Jehn Itexe. collector 1SS7 and HM....
Chas. Llppeld, collector law
Htete appropriation ..
K. K. Buehrle
Unpaid taxes received.
Interest en deposit
Premium en lean
Salaries for teachers and janitors-....
Interest en lean
Heeks and supplies
Malarias of secretary and .treasurer..
rrlntlnx -..
Mchnii journal
Water rant -
Utu bllla.
cant aud ,lclndhu- - ........
Tress ......... ..-.
Furniture -
Hlf h echoe! oemmenuem.ut
Duplicates -
Cutnmlstleu en UxoeileoUd
Chestnut Street school
Sundry bills paid
Valance In treasury - ...
I,U1 U
... 5,071 til
.- 270 80
109 7
... S27 40
.. 20,000 00
... JW w,iii ei
...l,ou m
.., 8,WJ00
.... 291 11
.... JUU 00
... UK 71
m w
Id aa
... J.OjS'
..... 7 UV
1W M
W 11
.... 300 00
.... l.iSI 2i
..... 2i,OM m
..... 784 70
mi Ot
f,H 04
AMft-rs or scaoei. BOitnixes axb rcajiitcaa.
Htfb school f JTO 00
lAtnen street school w
James street school W w
Prtuce street school 10.000 00
Mew street soheol - J
Maner street school lf0
Ann street soheol - . W
south Prince street school M 00
Walnut street school...... .
Htrawbcrry street scboel 30 00
Uuke Rtrcet school - fW W
Vine street school 1VM 00
Heckland street school - . 00
Chestnut street school iWoe
Total .T27,000 00
Le in May S, 1881 1 per cent
.... 10,000 00
10, 00 00
" iwpi. e, iiwa per wuv
" Juu. 4. 183-1 4 per cent
" Kept. 8, li l per cent
" Uec. 6, nwi-t per cent.
Jan. 6, 1U87 I per cent.......
' Jan. 1, 18M per cent
" Der. 5. WW 4 per cent
" Murcb 0, H9-l per cent. ...
10,001) t
ll.WJ 00
1100 00
10.000 00
. ITS.tKW 00
Sxcess of assets
TeU, 27ftO0
' Mr. Breneman. of the visiting committee
of the Northeast ward, reported tbe Ann
street primary schools as being very much
crowded, the attendance being 74 and 79
respectively. Something aheuld be done
te relieve the pressure at the beginning or
the next scboel term.
The following was reported by the spe
cial committee or thirteen en new build
ing :
Lancaster, June C, WOO.
Tte A Beard of Scheel Dirtcteri .
Oxntlkmen : TbeTcemmlttee of thirteen,
appointed te consider the question or new
achoel buildings, beg leave respectrully te
make the following repert:
The committee has held four meetings,
the city superintendent being present at
all of thorn. , .,
At the first meeting an organization wa
enacted by electing Mr. McKilllpaaa chair
man and Mr. Brlnten as secretary. At this
meeting the committee decided te recom
mend te the beard the erection at an earlv
day or two buildings, each te oeutain 12
rooms and te be three stories in heljrht,
one te replace the old buildings en Mul
berry street aud the ether te replace these
en Duke street.
At the second meeting plans for the new
buildings were considered, especially one
presented and explained by the city super
intendent, 'i'ne cuainnan uas airocveu w
appoint three sub-committees of three
members each, one en beating and ventila
tion, one en general plan and one en light
ing. TUe following persons constitute the
cemmittee: On the first named aubject,
Messrs. McCemsey, Warfel, and Wlcker
abam : en the second, Jehnsen, Raub and
Breneman, and en the third, Beleuius Mo Me
Mullen and Reynolds.
At the third meeting of the committee
Mr. McKlllipa resigned the chairmanship
owing te a pressure or ether duties and J.
P.- Wickersnam was elected te supply the
vacancy. All the cemmltteas reported pre
gress ana plane ei scnoei neuses f"""
with appropriate drawings, were caremlly
Jie quorum was present at the last meet
ing or the committee and consequently no
formal buslness was discussed.
A final report en the aubject submitted
te teelr consideration will net be made te
the beard by the oemtnlltee until they have
given it the most carerul examination in
their power.
Respectfully submitted,
the crrr superintendcnt's report.
Folie wing is the report of the city super
intendent let May :
Lancaster, Pa.. June 5, 1890.
Te fA CWctri anil .Vtmltrt of Iht Beard of
.sWieel Mrictert:
n.TituEV-Yeut cltv superintendent
submits the following report et tbe public
schools for tbe month of May:
Tbe whole uuinber of pupils was 257 in
tbe high schools, 318 In the grammar, 13
in the secondary, 11 in the ungraded, H70
in the Intermediate and 1.139 In the pri
mary, making a total of 3,7i.
Tbe average attendance was 211 In the
high achoela, 310 In the grammar. in the
eecendary, Sain the ungraded, 713 in tbe
Intermediate, and 1,3J In the primary,
making a total or 3,123.
Tbe average percentage waa 81. The
number or pupils never absent was 431.
Tbe meeting or teaehers of the blgb and
grammar grades were emitted because of
he press of work Incident te tbe close of
tbe term, tbe examination In history being
held en tbe Saturday en which tbe gram
mar grade usually meet. Tbe number or
teachers present at tbe ether grade meet
ing we en. Tbe following were absent :
Misses M. Ktchells, Daley 8 mating, S.
King, L. O. Marshall and Lela Zug.
The nunber of visits made by the super
intendent was 108; these made bv direc
tors numbered 109, as follews: w. John John Jehn
eon 24. Br. O, ReUnd 21. C. Llppld 15, J.
MaKMJpe 14, H. R. Breeeman 11, Hen.
J, f, WWW rtbaui ft, O, Keaelat ft, W.
W. Ories i, R. G McDenitel ft, Wm. Me
Oumeay ft, Br. R. M. Belealus ft, P. Judith
The "circus day" la quite a disturbing
tles&Mt la our achoeta, te what extent nay
be) eeen from the reperte of tsaahsra en
eUIekeatreet,aaaettea el Ueeltyby
M maana meetexpeed te lie wfiuevee, se
ur aa prexlaalty te the greanda la cob ceb
eeraed. It aeema te me that aemethlng
aaoeM be done looking tewarda regnlating
the evil aad IntredaetBC order into the
ayatem, at least aa far aa ragarda keeping
the achoela epea at each tlmee la eon een
eeraed. At preeant ae one aeema te be
autherised te cleaa the achoela, no matter
hew email the attendane. aad the conse
quence. Is general discontent, If net tha
unautherised closing or the achoela.
The annual examination la reading of
the claesea In the Intermediate achoela be-
i en the M Inst,, and will continue unui
Mb Inst, when the prim'n grade will
be examined uauitaaiau. iruim
ganeial examinations la .the eecendary and
grammar gradee will be held. All the
membera or the beard are lavlted te attend
these examinations. ,.,..,,
The teachers' examination will be held
en the 7lh Inst., In the girls' high school
room, beginning at 6 a m.
TheSTtb Inst, will be the two hundredth
day of our school term, Jtnd unleae other
wise ordered the schools will be oleaed for
vacation from that day forward, as re
quired by section 125 or our rales.
Your city superintendent desires te call
your attention te the efforts made else
where te create in the public achoela, organ ergan organ
IreUens providing for depealta or meuey
by pupils with a view te forming bablta of
economy. Should such an organisatien be
deemed advisable by y ear honorable body,
steps looking te its formation should be
taken new se that the machinery may be
prepared during the vacation.
Ytrr respectfully your obedient servant,
M. K. Bubiirlk.
Mr. WarM moved that the beard meet
specially en the third Thursday of this
month for the election of teachers.
Mr. Warfel moved the appointment of a
committee or five te make arrangements at
the high school en Friday, June 27. The
motion waa adopted and tbe chair ap
pointed aa the committee William O.
Marshall, H. A. Schroyer, W. W: driest,
Dr. M. W. Raub and Thes. F. McElllgett.
Mr. MrComsey,meved that the action or
the beard appropriating' an additional $100
tewarda the expense or building a sewer
en Cherry alley, with which It la proposed
te connect the Lemen street
reconsidered. He took the posltleu that
the sewer connection would be or no prac
tical benefit, as It was a private aewer and
tee email.
The motion te reconsider was adopted.
Mr. Cecbraa held tbat the sewer connec
tion waa a neaesslty te carry off the surface
water. j
A motion was rasda and adopted refer
ring the matter te the property committee
te act at their discretion, but the amount te
be expended, If it la decided te connect
with the sewer, is net te exceed $200, the
amount already appropriated by tha beard.
Billy Zecher'a Team Defeated a. geoend
Time by Hlgby'a Men.
At Penryn park, yesterday afternoon,
a Urge and delighted crowd or Lebanenttes
saw their team defeat. the Alteena club
for the second time. This was very pleas
ing te the home people, who well remem
ber tbedlsastreus results te the Lebanonser
their vialt te the Mountain city. In vaster
day'a contest Hedson pitched for Alteena,
and he waa bit bard, especially by Oraullch
and Cress. Smith, a long-legged and
strong pitcher, who waa formerly with
Charley Masen, waa In the box for Leba
non. He did very clever work and tlie
Altoenas, made but three hits, Gibsen
doing tbe best stick work. Had the Al Al Al
teonas been able te bat just a little heavier
they oeuld have wen, as the Lebanon did,
net secure the number of runs tbey should
have had off the bits. The full score Is as
folio wa: i
h. e. A. r.
e. A. K.
Graham, 8. e
M'Caffr'y.c 1
Cress, ....... I
Kelly, 2. 0
Oraullch, 1 2
Mersn, in.. 0
Fester, I.... 1
Ks;an, r... 0
builth.p..... 0
0 3 2
o.Den'c'ue, 1 e
0 Hern 'em. m I
3 0 0
I ll
3 2
2 lllbsen, c. 0
lHahn,l 0
OZecher.s.... 1
0 Alcott, 3..... 0
0 Otterseu, 2 0
0 Uedseu, p. 0
Totals .... 6 12 27 8 3 Totals..... 2 3 27 10 2
Lebanon,- - t 0 0 10 2 0 0 06
Alteena J) 110 0 0 0 0 02
Earned runs, Lebanon 4. Twe base hit, alb
son. Three base WU, Cress, Oraullch 2. Fester.
ttecriOce hit, Kakan. Base stolen, Meran 2,
Cress, Hemuiera, uttersen, Denaabue. Bases en
ball, elTSinllh,4. Struck out, by Smith 7. by
Hodseu4. Left en bases, Lebanon , Alteena 6.
Ult by pitched ball, Habn. Umpire, Camp
Tbe games of ball yesterday resulted as
Players' League : Bosten 0, Philadelphia
4; New Yerk 11, Brooklyn 6; Chicago 0,
Pittsburg 12.
National League: Philadelphia 0, Brook
lyn 5; Bosten li, New Yerk 2 ; Cincinnati
0, Pittsburg 1.
American Association : AthletleS, Syra
cuse 2, (12 innings) ; St. Leuis , Louisville
3; Teledo u, Columbus 3; Brooklyn 6,
Rochester 5.
Tbe Altoenas play at Pentyn te-day and
Tuesday or next week.
On account et the big band picnic at
Penryn en Saturday the Frankford club
will play tbe Labatiena there.
" Wbltey " Gibsen la putting up the same
steady game for Alteena right alone.
Tbe Brotherhood and National League
fight Is giving base ball a set-back.
A crowd of men from Manbelm, who
could yell like Indians, were just back of
right field at Penryn yesterdsy. They
came up te see Habn and whenever tbe
Altoenas made a geed play the Comanche
war whoop was given, much te tbe dls
ceu'fiiura of the Lebanon enthusiasts.
Harrlsburg defeated Kasteu by IH te 8
Cress is a great favorite in Lebanon of
late, but it is a town te spoil ball players.
Eagan, late of Lancaster, played In right
field for Lebanon yesterday and made a
nne impression.
ReserveH Want n Memerial Hall.
The Gettysburg monument commission
met In Iltrrlsburg en Thursday , te consult
with representatives from the Pennsylva
nia Reserve regiments, wbicb participated
in tne battle or Gettysburg, aa te me pro
priety or fixing a day, te be known aa
Pennsylvania Reserve Day, en the occa
sion of tbe dedication or monuments en
tha battleObld this year.
There was net much interest manifested
in tbe erection or individual monuments,
as tbe Reserves favored tbe eroctleu of a
memorial hall, which Governer Beaver
prevented by a veto of a bill having tbat
gurpese In view. Ex-Governer Curtin,
aptain C. K. Chamberlain, Captain Jehn
Tayler, Captain James McCermlck, W.
Hayes drier and Colonel Taggart repre
sented the Reaerres at tbe meeting, and
General Gebln and Cel. Tayler the Gettys
burg commission.
The representatives of tbe Reserves at the
meeting were of opinion that the commis
sion abenld net be interfered with in tbe
erection of monuments and tbat no part be
taken in the ceremonies by the regiments,
but that tbey make appllcitlen te tha next
Legislature for an appropriation te erect a
memorial hall, allowing the monuments te
remain as markers.
It was decided te communicate with each
regiment and organization as te the location
or each monument.
Te Erect a Monument.
Tbe Survivors' Veteran association of the
Third Pennsylvania artillery, and 188th
regiment Pa. Vels., will erect a bronze
tablet of beautiful design, te tbe
memory of their fallen comrades.
Tbe tablet will coat $300, and will be dedl
rated and placed In position at Fortress
Menreo, Virginia, tbe headquarters of
regiment, In tbe lsst week in
July next. Comrades and ethers
who wish te contribute for the purchase of
the memorial can de se by calling en Dr.
J. S. Smith, 246 West Orange street, vice
president of the association.
Appointed Medical Eaamluer.
Dr. J. W. Kiuard, of this city, bas beeu
appointed medical examiner of the Manu
facturers' leiurmnfte company, of Geneva,
Kew Yerk,
Maste and Ecfreshments Fer the Throne;,
Wbtea Numbered Mere Than a
Thousand-Ladles in Charge.
At Wheatland, the famous old home or
President Buehanan, en the Marietta pike,
there were gay and busy scenes en Thurs
day. Tbe bread lawn, with Its fine old
trees, velvety sod and masses of shrubbery,
could net have looked mero thrifty in the
daya,when their owner was a power in the
laud, the trusted leader te whom millions
looked for statesmanship that should save
them from darkly threatening calamities.
Tbe ladles of St. James' Kplscepal church
had placed tables leaded with refreshments
at the upper end of the gently sloping la w n,
and guests ad vanclug by the paths or across
the sward found a scene or sylvan beauty
oqnaledenly In the'mlsty visions of dreamy,
"tabled Arcadle." Tbe line old matmleu
eeemed te smile with benign dignity upon
the Invading hosts, and when the eve
ning shadows Tell and all the great
colored lanterns were glowing from the
trees, even tbe veIcch of the freas,
far dewu at the bid spring by
tbe entrance, bed n decided accent of sur
prised pleasure In thelr cre.tks. Perhans
one of them was James Buchanan I fle
waa very fend of that aame old spring, and
of a pleasant afternoon be would take a
book or a Mend down thore te Rlt lit the
shade by tbe water ; and he uxed te say,
with a humorous twinkle In bis eye, that
irtberewas any transmigration of souls
and If spirits could ceme back te earth, be
would return te Wheatland and occupy
the body or one of theso happy looking
frogs by the margin of that old spring.
If be waa there en Thursday night
he must have felt sorry that ' he
did net choeso te be a cominennlnco
story book ghost, se that he could mingle
with the tlireng and be convinced that
Lancaster is holding well Its anclent repu
tation for pretty girls and geed cheer. He
may have coased his creaking for rain te
listen te tbe music wafted evor the bushes
and above the bum of voices by tbe or-
.chestra of the Yeung Men's Democratic
club, ie-nigui lie may ue as wen pieaseu,
In a simple, frog-like way, with the musle
of the Yeung Republicans, and If hair or
tbe people who were en tbe grounds last
night tell tbelr friends hair or the pleasure
te de found theru the crowd of twelve or
fifteen hundred of Thursday will be
Tbe 'buses ran nil afternoon, at short In In
tervnls,frem St. James' Sunday school, but
it waa net until evening that people began
te crowd into the lawn. They came from
tbe city en feet and In carriages, and
'buses, and by the West Hnd street car
line. Theuars stepped oppeslto The Maples,
and passengers crossed the fence tewurds
Wheatland by a slile, and by a pleasunt
walk across tbe fields reached the grounds.
Although the night was dark, and distant
lightning; seemed te threaten rain, tblsdid
notpreveuta rush of visitors that was en
tirely beyond the expectation of the man
agers, and as the skies cleared, many re
mained until ft late hour. The oiUerpriso
Is an assured auccess. Following is a list
or tbe cemmittees:
Executive committee MIm Henrietta
Briuten, chairman; Mrs. McMullen and
Misses Anus Nauman, Ida M. Hall,
Blanche Franklin, Frances Grilllts and
Mlrs Burrowes.
Flower table Miss Mary Reynolds in
charge or flower table with Miss Katie
Lecber, Mary Calder aud Maud lloyuelds
as assistants.
Candy- table Miss Katle DUler with
Misses Frances QrlfultB, Ma M. Hall, Katle
Lecherand Mrs!' Thes. Wiley as assistants.
Caramel table Misa McCaskey.
v Leufonade table M Us Mary Wilsen, in
charge with Misses Mar' Calder and
Blanche Shackelford asHUtlug.
Icecream Mrs. B. Frank Fslileman; as
sistants, Mrs. Henry Franklin and Miss
Anna Nauman,
Cake table Misses Ida M. Ilitll aud
Frances GriflUts.
Strawberry table Mrs. Mlddleten nnd
Miss Uuddlesen. These ladles had bard
work all evening with a ruHhlng business
which they handled with dlstlnguUhed
Tea table Mrs. D. McMullen, Mrs.
Bates Mrs. Alttck, Misses Llllie DUler,
Henrietta Ilrluten, Jenule Laue and Mary
Refreshment tickets Miss Slaymaker.
Many ether ladles assisted.
East Denegal Teaohern.
Tbe school directors of Fast Denegal
met en Tuesday, and organized by electlng
S. B. Lenbart, president ; S. S. Krayblll,
secretary j C. N. Terroy, treasurer. On
Friday they met and appointed toachers as
fellows : Maytown, high, vacant ; high as
sistant, Miss Ella Weaver ; grammar, Kzra
Bryner; second primary, Miss May Loa Lea
ger: llrst,Miss Belle. Slietter; Union graded,
A. H. Burkhelder; Union, usslstaut. Mrs.
Snyder; Washington, graded, B. F.
Herges; assistant contested; Franklin,
graded, Mr. Hunter; assistant, Miss
Emily Warren ; Lincoln high, O. I. Fry;
Lincoln, Laura Beck; Fulrview, J. C.
Burkhelder; Denegal. Gabriel Reet; Cur
tin, Miss Inlckle; Reck Point, J. H.
Strlckier; Furnace, J. Furney Engle.
The term Is 7 mouths and salury ?51.
Life and Property Dustroj'ed.
An explosion occurred Thursday after
noon en tbe German steamer Huns it Kurt,
which was leading oil at the decks of the
Atlantic Refining company, Point Breeze.
The vessel (was seen In llitmes. and before
tbey were extinguished the ship and ber
cargo bad sustained damage estimated at
fl!e,000. The lire also spread te the shore
and did considerable damage te the prop
erty of the Atlantic Untitling company.
Jeseph H. Qulnn, 34 years old, a shipping
clerk, was fatally burned and scalded, and
eleven ethers were injured.
A Mill te He FitttKl t'p.
The mill of H. R. Greff, at Fertility, en
the Htrasburg turnpike, was destroyed by
fire a year or mero age. The building was
re-erected but has beeu standing Idle
because Mr. Greff had net docldeu upon
tbe kind of machinery be would purchase.
Last evening E. F. Shatzer, ngent of the
Richmond City Mill works, of Richmond,
Ind., made a contract with Mr. Greff for a
complete fifty barrel outfit of the Rich
mond Mawboed rellsand Richmond round
belting system of milling. It will be a very
complete mill when finished.
In Needy ClruumslnnceM.
Rebert Leuis Little, the brakeman v he
was se seriously Injured by being thrown
from a train atGraeffs Lauding, was the
sole support of bis fatber and mother. The
family Is In needy circumstances, although
since tbe accident occurred the nolghbers
have been kindly looking after them. It
Is a case worthy of charity. The railroad
company, in whose employ the man was
hurt, might also leek the matter up.
A Tbree Uttudred Mile Fly.
All arrangements have been made for the
plgoen fly from Danville, Virginia, te this
cltv, a distance of 300 miles, en Sunday,
June 15. A silver cup, which will be the
prize, was purcbased yesterday. It Is very
handsome. Trank It. Hewell has been
selected as judge. The owners of the birds
that will start are William Paulsen, C.
Shane. Themas HumphreyvlUe and II. It.
Picnicker Poisoned.
It Is reported thutGO people were pois
oned ataplcnle near Union City, Mich.,
last Tuesday, by drlnklnc milk from Im
properly cleaned cans. Fer u time it was
feared that seven of thein would die, but
all are new reported te be recovering.
Much Music at l'eiiryn.
It U believed that there will be about
thirty different bands at the big reunion of
musical organizations at Pennryn park to
morrow. Extenslve preparations have beeu
made for the afialr. which Is expected te
eclipse anything of the kind ever bed there.
A. game or eau win aise ue an attraction,
The Franklin Literary Society.
This evening the oleslng exercises of the
Franklin Literary society will be held In
McQontgle's Ilcruied Wins at Potts
town Sherman Bashaw Welt Up.
Yesterday was the third ahd last day el
the Pottstewu races and the attendance
was only fair. Twe Lancaster horses dis
tinguished themselves. In the 2:15 race,
for trotters and pneers Michael McGonlgle's
Uermed was driven by II. F, McGenTglc
The horse'teok the three straight beats In
2:311, 2:33 and 2:31 J. The purse waa 9230.
The 2:30 race was net Antxhed. There
were Ave starters. Including Fiss & Deerr's
Sherman Bashaw. 11. Humer's Diligent
was given the first heat, although Bashaw
came in first, and was set buek for
breaklng. The Lancaster herse took the
next two beats, aud Aaren Xelss' Buck
skin Dick the two next. The sixth was a
dead heat between Dick and Diligent, and
the soveulh was taken by the latterr The
time was 2:31, 2:2Sl, 2:231, 2:30, 2:291, 2:231.
The race will be finished te-day, and It Is
believed that Bashaw has a geed cluncoje
take tbe race.
Cel. E. H. Edwards, of, was ene
or the Judges.
A telegiam, received In this city before
neon te-day, brings the tin wh that the un
finished race uas concluded this morning.
Buckskin Dick took the wltlnliig beat In
IVstlvnl-nt Emiuanuel Chapel.
Last evettlng a two tilghls strawberry
festival begun In the Emumuuel chapel at
Pine and Walnut street. The room Is
handsomely decerated nnd festooned, and
it present a flne appearance. The attend
ance was large, making-the opening very
The ceneral commltteo hiving clnrge of
the affair Is composed of the following
ladles: Mrs. Drepperd, Mrx. J. F. Oriel,
Mrs. J. W. Helman, Miss A. Kantr, Miss
MaySalzIger. Fancy tnble, Mrs. Welduer,
Mrs. McGlynn, Mrs. Cutnmlngs.
The tables were In the care el the follow fellow follew
ing: Confectionery, Misses A. Kautz and
C. Woernor; cakes, Mrs. Bertzlleld, Mrs.
Barten, Mrs. J. W. Helman; lce cream
nnd berries, Mr. and Mr.s, J. A. Kautz,
Mrs. Hellar, Charles Saner, aids, M. Hump,
G. Weldner, F. Garden, M. Nehr, A. Myers.
Miss L. Bertzfluld personated Rebecca at
the well, D. K. Dropperd bad charge of the
museum nnd Ira K. Barten nttended te the
deer. The festival coutlnues this ovenlng.
Surveyor MiiHMiui-cd by Indians.
J. II. Helt, n caltle dealer of Wyoming,
arrived in Denvor, Cel., en Thursday
morning, and gives an account of an Indian
massacre, uhlch occurred In the upper
Green river country several days age.
He says that n party of Indians
that had bocemo intoxicated with
whisky furnished by the ranchmen
came te the camp of the government
surveyors and demanded moie ''llro ''llre ''llro
water." It being refused the Indians at
tacked the party, kllliujr Chlcl Euglnoer
Crittenden, inchurgoef the third division
of the urovernmonl survey, and ehnln ehnln
benrers D. W. Tlmborluke, Geergo Weeds
and Henry Ovormnyer. Josse Loe assis
tant engineer, waa left en the Held ler dead,
but recovered sulllclently te get te n neigh
boring ranch, whure he lies In a precarious
Mr. Crittenden was llie engineer who
constructed the Hails briilue at .St. Loul.
His family new roslde at Paris, Ky.
The Maln-Vau Ambers' Circus.
On Thursday next the Main-Van Ambers
circus will exhibit at McOnnm's nark, and
en the following day at Quarry vllle. The
show Is a geed ene and the price is low, se
that It hhetild draw well. Among the
attractions are Madame Pauline Dubois,
styled "The Fomelo lloreuleH, " and who
is said te be ene of the htrongest women
living; the trained riding pug doss and
pigs; the man who lilts n borse with bis
teeth ; Colerado Joe and Wild Burt, with
thelr trained ponies, "Whirlwind" nnd
Flrelly ; " trained dogs, hoi box, olephants,
donkeys, nnd n host of riderti, acrobat!
and gymnasts, tnsuther wltlut nuiiilelte of
clowns. A Ntreet parade will liiku place at
Tell Twenty-flve Feet.
Frem the Lllltz ltccerJ.
1ist Friday Israel Weidniau and Wayne
Habecker were engaged In painting the
reef of the Llme Reck steam mill. A ladder
was placed down ene side of the reef, en
which they routed. This bocame loosened
from its fjsteiilng and ullnped. Weldmau
foil te the ground, a distunce of about
twenty-five feet, spraining his back and
receiving ethor Inlurles, while Habecker
escaped injury by Jumping en the reef of a
lietiBO car stauuing near ty.
Tbe KulghtH of bt. Jehn Fair.
The Knights or SU Jehn fair was well
attended last evcnlng, and the Iroquois
baud furnished delightful music. A Hilver
caster that was chanced off was wen by
MIssAnnle lloikenroller. This evenlug
the Couestega Specialty company will be
present Te-morrow ovenlng Reading
Cemmandery of Knights of St. Jehn will
ceme te Lancaxtcr te attend the fair. They
will arrlve hpie ut 8 o'clock and will be met
by the Lancuster knights. They will then
make a shett street parade In which the
Laueaster Cadets will take part.
Tbe Water Department.
The Wrtter commltteo of city councils
met en Thurrd.iy ovenlng In select council
chamber. It wasdoclded te visit the works
en next Tuesday afternoon.
The following bids were received for the
latbe at the old water werks: Henry
Martin, $575; Jehn Wlant, ?JW); Walter
Cox, $303. All these bids were rejected
because the commltteo thought the prices
were tee low. It was dcvliled te remove
the lathe te the new water works. Mayer
Clark, the chairman of the coinmitte, and
Superintendent I'ralley woreautliorlrod te
purihase un engine te run the lathe at u
cost net te exceed $123.
Servlfca Held by Mutbedlslx.
Voeanvim.e, June 0. The lepert that
the Dunkards bold baptism at the Cones Cenes
toga en Sunday last, and that ltev. Jeueph
Martin conducted the ceroineiiios, Is In In In
correct.aslt was net held by the Dunkards,
but by the Methodists, ltevs. Letitz and
Hartrler, of Browmttewu and Lincoln,
officiated. The Dunkards will have bap
tism at tbe same place en Sunday, the 15th
A mad deg running threush this place
en Sunday evening caused excitement.
Mr. Winner Is busy ut taktiu the census
and finds mera labor couueuod with It
than he was awn re of.
The recent drought has retarded the
planting of tobacco.
Rev. Tobias will pre ich hore en Satur
day evening In the Genu tu language.
Cbaraed With Malicious TrespuKS..
Uofero Aldennan Ilersliey Mrs. Kate
Steuer lias brought suits iiK.tliihl Harry
Hinilen and William Andersen, two boys
whom hhe chargOM witu in tiiciuus irespass.
She sayh that the boys went en her
premises, stelo her cherries and did ether
dam.iKO, and hIie has been annoyed by
them he tint she U determined te puiiixb
thorn. The parlies till reside in thu western
part of town.
Methor and Seiih Drewn oil In a 1'end.
The wife and two sons of Jehn Smith, a
fanner, who lives en tbe shore of Abbett's
pond, Mlddlebury, Conn., were drowned
en Thursday. The boys, .dward, nged 13,
and Geerge, aged 10, pushed out en the
pond en a raft. The raft lipped, throwing
them Inte the pond. Heme children en the
bank set up an alarm and the uiother, run
ning out or the Heuse, saiv nor boys Mrug
gling In the water 100 feet uuay. Wie
ruhhed into the water, get beyond her
depth and all thrce were drowned. The
bodies were seen after recovered.
A Commltteo,
At Hie annual nossIeu of the Grand Lode
en. O. Q. P., held et Pittsburg, the grand
master appointed the following committee
en transportation : Henry Stcurnagle, of
Ne. 211," Allegheny; K. J. Erlsuian, of
Monterey I.odge, Ne. 212, and W. F. Ham
brlght, of Lancaster Ixlge, Ne. B7.
The Oxford l'nlr.
With the thermemeter away up In tbe
nineties vesterday there was a geed sized
crendat the Oxford fair. The 3:00 race
was wen by Harry Magan'a Minnie Ilevls,
getting the first heat. Time 2:13), 2:l0i.
2:53, 10j. E. J. D. wen the 2:10 race, and
Helen Lexington was second, taking the
second beat. Time 2:43,2:331, 2;37 1:30),
JUNE 6, 1890.
l cflHiTTin unit cm Til iimi
n m iiniiu iymp,
He Disobeyed the Foreign Miseiea Beard.
a Statement of the Coedttle of the
Charch-Bnelneee Concluded.
Lkbaken, June C At the Wednesday
afternoon seeelen of the Reformed synod
thfl committee en orphans' home reported
end tbe report covered Bethany, St. Paul's,
Ft. Wayne and Zear orphan asylums. The
Influence end usefulness) of these homes
have Increased during the peat three years.
In these home attention le paid eepeelally
te the moral and religious training of the
erphsns without neglecting the temporal
benefit which these homes offer. The
synod asked stated contributions fee the
support of these homes from the congre
gations and Sunday schools of tbe church.
Tbe committee en foreign missions re
ported that since the last meet Ins of gen gen
eral synod largely Increased Interest and
contributions Is notleed, and yet the
amount contributed has net fully met tbe
needs of the church beard la the work.
Tbe synod approved the policy or the
beard in trying te make tbe work In Japan
take permanent form end establishment
In the way of schools, Ac,
Synod also requested the beard te make
every effort te keep their expenses within
tbe Income from the church.
Rev.l A. D. Qrlng'e manual, for the use
of missionaries, was also favorably com
mended te the favorable consideration of
tbe beard.
The district synods and classes ere di
rected te bring the subect of foreign mis
sions prominently! before the oengrezatlons
se that the receipts rrem the church may
ceme mere nearly te the wants or the
Rev. Dr. J. A. Peters, or Danville, Pa.,
read the report et the state or tbe church
during the past tbree years. This report
was made the order or the day for Thurs
day afternoon. First or all tbe report
rocegntzed the bleeeed reign or peace in the
church. The Influence or the word or Ged
for the salvation or men wax set forth aa
evidenced In the lire and work or the
church. The favorable state or the church
was inferred from tbe flourishing and
prosperous work and Increase In Us useful
ness. Tbecateohlzatlenof the youth was
commended, and rrem the reports of the
classes It appears that tbe blessing or Ged
attended the Instruction. Tbe Institutions
of the church all mark Increased activity,
and both In number of students and en
dowments indicate progress of tbe church.
The missionary activity was set forth as a
geed Indication of the Christian life In tbe
church. Tbe union with the Reformed In
America was referred te In the report and
the hepe ex pressed that the federal union
proposed might early be consummated.
The report closed with a touching tribute
te tbe 40 ministers who have died aluee the
last session of the generai synod.
Following are the statlallstles of the,
church: Ministers, 835: congregations.
1,554: members, 230,498; unconfirmed
menibera, 112,480; baptized, 47,875; con cen con
llrined, 31,485; received by letter, 18,558;
communed, 155,188 ; Sunday achoela 1,613 ;
Sunday scboel scholars, 158,016; students
ter ministry, 235; benevolent contribu
tions, 1170.025: congregational contribu
tions. 12,580,015; total contributions. $3,
The complaint of Dr. Ruesel was taken
up and the trial completed. Theoemplalnt
was ausuunea ey m vote ainie is.-.
Tbe committee appointed te Investigate
the complaint of Rev. A.D. Grlng, respect
ing tbe published report or open letter
pnbllshed evor the signature of tbe beard
of foreign missions, reported that the com
mittee finds that Rev. A. D. Grlng pre
sented his resignation te the beard and the
beard accepted; tbat after the resigna
tion had been accepted there was a
pretest going up from the churebt tbet
In response thereto waa tbe publication
of the letter complained of; that Rev.
Grlng did spend larger sums of money
than the beard anticipated, and that tbe
beard cemnlalued of tbe fact, and tbat Rev.
Grlng made a detailed report; that they
found that Rev. Grins spent only such
money as be belloveute bein tbe lineef
bis work : that Rev. Gnng did show In
subordination, in being unwilling te sub
mit te the orders or tbe beard, especially
In claiming the right te differ with the
beard en tbe ground that he understood
the situation better than tbe beard.
This led te the dissolution, as staled, as
It was apparent that the parties could net
work together In harmony,
The committee did net pass any Judg
ment upon the charges made, nor did It
consider tbat tbe differences between tbe
beard and the missionary reflected upon
bis Integrity as a Christian, and closed tbe
report with a prayer tbat the chureh unite
mero beartlly lu carrying forward tbe
work in Japan.
The committee, te whom the hymnal
was committed reported tbelr approval or
the work, and advised that the old commlt cemmlt commlt
eoo be continued and Instructed te publish
the work lu two editions with raw alter
ations. Permission te use the book was' granted
te the churches. This will Insure au early
Issue and it is a very general hope tbat this
will proveto be acceptable and come Inte
general use In tbe church.
THunseAY KeniriNa.
The officers or synod were authorized te
fill any vacancies in tbe number or dele
gates te the Reformed alliance at Terente.
The committee en the Sunday school
beard's rejiert advised that the Sun- sty
school beard be Instructed te carry ferwatU
the editing and management or the lessen
helps aud Sunday school publications for
the church; and tbe Sunday schools or the
ciiurcn wero asxeu te iiuroauee me litera
ture furnished by the beard of tbe general
synod that tbe publishers pay an addi
tional (100 salary te the editorial manage
ment ; tbat the German loasen help be con
tinued te be nubllshed at the German pub
lishing beuse at Cleveland aud the English
helpsat Philadelphia and Dayton.
Rev. J.M. Schick and Elders Jacob Hoy Hey
nor and C. M. Boush are appointed a com
mittee te give a deliverance ou the consti
tutional points Involved In tbe question of
tbe Christ's chnrcfa, Bethlehem, appeal
against the Eastern synod.
The records or the vsrleus eyneds were
then revlewed and routine business occu
pied the greater portion or tbe forenoon.
A committee waa authorized te be ap
pointed te confer and correspond with rep
resentative pontens or synods In Germany
with a view te bringing about a nearer
relation between the church In this country
and In Germany. This committee. In con
sultation with the beard of missions, is te
learn the condition or the fureiatu cnurch
with a view of turtherlng the Interest of
the Reformed church en the-continent of
Eurepe; and, If this committee can Hnd It
practicable, te ask tbe beard te send a
dolegateln furthoraneeof thoebject named.
The officers of synod are authorized te
place the seal of synod te decumeuts in
nut correspenueuce.
The new constitution of tha church has
been referred te the classes and tbe reports
of the classes leave tbe matter In doubt. A
new committee te revise tbe constitution
and report te tbe next session of general
synod was appointed.
The committee en finance reported that
the treasurer's report bad been audited and
found correct, and assessed 95,500 en tbe
district synods for contingent expenses
aim naruer missions.
C. G. Gress, of Philadelphia, was re
elected treasurer of the general synod for
three years.
Synod was invlted te meet at Reading,
Pa., aud the invitation was unanimously
accepted. Synod accordingly adeurnsd te
meet In St. Paul's Reformed church, Read
ing, Pa., May 24, 1H9J, at 7:30 o'clock p. re.
Ninth Cavalry Reunion.
The twenty-first annual reunion of tbe
Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry association
will be held at Wllkesbarre en Thursday
of next week. Twe full companies or tbe
regiment recruited In Lancaster. Indica
tions point te a large attendance at tbls
annual meeting. Tbe state encampment
of Sens of Veterans will be in session at
Wllkesbarre at the same time. Kacurslen
tickets ever all railroad will be sold end
orders for tbe same can be bad from A. F,
ejhenck, U secretary pfihe awsutloe.
W. V.
Hansel rropeaed Aa the Meat
.. 7uDie xr tkeomee.
Frem the Columbia Herald.
It Is proposed that the Democracy of
Lancaster county absU present te the Scran Scran
ten convention the name or Hen. William
Ul.S???l,l.u,ole,eroerBor. This
will t dose, if mell, Het at !hesuaesUen
of the gentlemen named, hut In aoeordanoe
with the unanimous voice and sentiment
of tbe party.
The office of governor of the common
wealth of Pennsylvania Is position that
may well serve the highest tereenal em em
MtleB end presents a field or labor te which
any man may proudly devote the beet en
ergies or his life. Te be the chief execa
live or five millions or people peeeeaelng
the wealth end Intelligence of the people ei
Pennsylvania end te serve their verted
Interests with wisdom end unselflshnees,
requires the highest type of statesmanship.
Frem this point of vfew we present the
name of Mr. Ileneel, knowing well tbat he
possesses lu a full measure the attributes
Learned In the law, a scholar of high
literary attainments, eloquent of speech,
pure In hie private life, unimpeachable In
l?Jp'r,tytJ,.Pemec,t tra ni sound
William U. Henset Is thoroughly equipped
te be governor of Pennsylvania.
Frem a party standpoint he le the most
available man named. Ills unselfish aad
constant work for the party baa made him
known from Erie tte tbe Delaware and
wherever known he has warm personal
and political friends. He laSn full ill
open sympathy with the doctrines or tee
party as set forth in the last national plat
form. He la a Democrat note faotlenallet ;
while aa a campaigner he has no equal In
tbe party.
In view of hie personal fitness and his
availability Lancaster county confidently
commends him as the right man te nomi
nate and te that end will send a solid dele
gation te represent her views.
e i .
Its Effluvia Causes Nausea and la Ad
mired by Judge Livingston and inhere.
Jeseph Snyder, crier of the countyceurt,
has a very peculiar flower In hie yard at
present. Ilia called a carrion Illy. It la
very large laud the flower is of maroeu
color. Right out or the middle or tbe Illy
grows a stick or elem about as thick aa an
ear or oern. The amell or the flower at
tlmee le very rank, Indeed la foul, and ex
aetly like tbat or a dead animal. It is from
the smell that the flower gets Its name.
Mr. Snyder's flower waa lu lull bloom yes
terday and a number or people were fooled
by it, aa It la really very pretty. When tbey
set a whltT or It they are completely
knocked nut. Te-day the flower waa
net ae foul. Mr. Bnyder haa the flower
planted at a safe distance rrem tbe house
and he keeps It for the novelty. Mr. Snyder
obtained the flower rrem Judge Living
ston several years age. The judge,
aa is well known, la one or tbe
greatest loversefflnweralntheclty. Seme
years age an old German gave his honor a
number or flower bulbs. In banding him
one or them he said, with a twinkle In hie
eye, I bet you have fun nilt dat one.
Judge." It was a carrion lily, but the
Judge did net knew It, He planted
tbe bulb and a fine plant waa the
result. It waa standing In his library
and finally It bloomed. When tbe
Judge entered the room, be supposed there
waa a dead rat or something else about
from tbe fearful smell, and a number ef
ethera were attracted te It, It waa finally
found that tbe pretty flower waa tbe cause
or all tbe trouble, and the Judge saw tbat
It was located further back en tbe premises.
Indian :Deperadeee.
San Francisce, June 0. It Is thought
tbat Hardies' murderers have creeeed the
Mexican border, and troepi who tare
changing positions along tbe line have been
Instructed te sheet the murderers at sight.
Permission la expected from tbe secretary
of war for troops te enter Mexico.
Rebert Hardle, a lawyer, waa murdered
by hostile Apaches near Tombstone,
Arizona, en tbe 24th of May. Themurderara
were said te be a email band under Indian
Kid, who escaped from Jail In November
by killing tbe sheriff, they being nnder
sentence of death. Eds. Intkluekn
Married Fifty Years.
Frem tbe Mt. Jey Star.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hergelretli, aged
and esteemed residents or this place, wlU
celebrate their golden wedding anniversary
en Saturday, June 14th. Tbey have re
sided In Mount Jey for forty years. Mr.
Herselreth was born below Lltitx, en April
12, 1810, and Catharine Peters, his wire, waa
born December 22, 1810. Tbey were nnlted
in marriage en Sunday, June 14tb, 1810.
Tbey have four children living, one dead t
fourteen grandchildren living, ten dead,
and four sreat-srandcblldren. Mr. and
Mrs. Hergelretli are vigorous and In the
enjoyment of excellent health and spirits.
KnlshU of Laber Mectlns.
At a meeting of Hamilton Assembly,
Knights or Laber, held last evening, a com
mittee en organization, te assist tbe organ
izer In work In tbe county, waa appointed.
It waa agreed te ask the candidates for
aseembly and delegates te the state conven
tion te pledge themselves te vote for the
Australian ballet system. It waa an
nounced that a public meeting wilt be held
In the court beuse en June 14, when A.
Wright, eARjreftbe Canadian Laber lit
former, Jehn W. Haye and Themas
O'Reilly will speak.
The Gambling Suite Withdrawn.
William A. Relst.whe prosecuted Goerge
Bewman and A. R. Houseal for keeping a
gambling house, Dr. J. A. Fitzpatrlek for
enticing him Inte a gambling beuse and
Charles M. Htrine for assault and battery,
withdrew tbe prosecutions at Alderman
Ban's at neon te-day. Relst was aocem-
6 anted by his oeunsol,O.ReosoEabr,and A.
:. Houseal, when the alderman's office was
visited and Reist formally withdrew tbe
sult.and tbe records shows that he paid the
A Rougher Burned.
William Kegel, who lives en Locust
street, and Is employed In tbe Peun rolling
mill, was badly burned this morning. Ha
Is employed as a rougher lu the bar mill,
and lie waa struck en tbe side bye flask.
ills Injuries were such that he bad te be
removed te bis home, where be received
medleal attention.
Attend te Your Taxes.
June 22d Is the last dsy en which stats
and county taxes can be paid te save tbe
abatement, July 1st the last day for tbe
payment or city tax, aud August 1st for tbe
payment or school tax. These who desire
te avoid tbe great crowd which la always
en hand tbe last days will save themselves
Inconvenience by attending te tbe payment
or tbelr tax before that time.
Pensions Granted.
A pension bas been granted Wm. D.
Mnsser, or this city,
Samuel W. Lantz, city, has been granted
an Inerease of pension through Alderman
Barra pension agency.
Found a Kettle.
There is a tin kettle at tbe station beuse
which was found by one of tbe police offi
cers. Itcentalneda knife and fork, buttbe
person who lest it took tbe precaution te
eat tbe dinner first. The police don't want
the kettle and tbe ewuer can have It by
Bricklayers Fall.
Tiita mnrninir aeferal men In the employ
of Bess Ilrlcklayer Jehn Delsley were at
work putting In a boiler at tbe brewery of
J. A. Sprenaer. William Leenard and
two ether meu were en a scaffold, about
ten feet from tbe ground, which suddenly
broke. Tbe men fell te tbe ground and a
let of bricks and water were spilled ever
them. All were mere or leas t cut and
Released Frem Prison.
James F. Cunningham, who was com
mitted yesterday for raise pretense and
surety or tbe peace, was released rrem
prison te-dsy, ball having been entered for
bla sppesrsace.
tii mpEinm iriMtyicu
nesTus mi turn.
They Sad Se Right te Ssetsste MM
rttae-A Jtsege'e relate) Xa Wa
alea en the Big Charek Vlsmt.
CncAoe, Jnee e.Jadge fteasik,
Ottawa, Ilte., has readere deeleS
the Evangelical ehnrek dlanata
eat of the trouble at Hspervllle, whet
irueteee lecxen tee enure
anU-Beher ministers. In It 1m
taat tha legal eteps In m
with the ehureh dleeiallM
resulted 1b aUaaep Xeher'e Mepaaeiaa. Ik ,
view or this the Judm tktaka .
had no right te preetde everthellUsisil
nawms, sea uuw mm peajr
strict oenwrmlty te tit dleeipline 1 i
pelntias a preeidlar elHeer.aad I
ceedlngs ,tbereta wart regular
neuaa ey lie acta, arkl ir tM
eat out with tha seal of that c
tasked te their oertlfleatee wars thai
M ministers seat te their
districts, he doss set sss any te doubt their authority. " But ss
peas the action of ths Hlluels oea
was Improper, did tks mere feet the kaVi-;
Esher, went off aad est up a nnnfiriassv:
somewhere else, make It a legal oeafafte
eueer u ue oeuia saaaiw msmnsrs .asssnsi
se off and set un a aaanwatMaTlM aeatld ass? si
It with any kind of a minority. ftirettNO
net make any dlffereoee hew
there were. Caa It be peaelsls
a minority can set up a esalsrsai
transact business without any majority
i aen-t ibiBK any sensible maa we
make any suck claim. If he eeakl
with twenty or thirty hs could, da U
a ve or ten. ir the minority rules H
rule Just aa wall with three. ThS.s
ineery or government u taat tfes i
must rule' In tks ckaxek aad sister I
majority asuss rule.
Oemlag dawa ta tks NsaervtUs'' I
Judge Smltk says r "Wklleitfartraa I
under the atatute of thle stase tha
have control of ths eharsa, te took aits J
property for the eoBgregauea, taa-
eaiy auea control aa us law (irss-
ana nave no rtsht te Shut an the ska
aoeouat of the mere met that they"
charge of the church property. It
net give them any right te leek aa;
eanrcB. Whether a majority an
they had be right te exelade tks
from performing his duty. His datf'
te go mere te minister ta passes sag i
ths trustees interfere they violate
duty under the law of the shassk.. Thai
Junction stands against tks trasHst.'l
SSack T. Bandley, editor aad
of the Huren. Dak.. Ktrt4. waa
killed last mkrai by Fred, ale it-
son, daring a quarrel. Tha asa la
Handlay was ehalrmaa ef tks
stats central eemmtUee. 1 !';
tbs Ames urasasr
In Oeweae, N. Y wars strask ky -.
nltur last nbrkt and totally deetrerseV
PV"ll"J siwuraut
-- -.i -- . - -- - !&
Among ths trills signed ey as
Hill, te-day, wasoae exempting
and reporters of newspapers fres.
duty In New Yerk city. Mm?
This morning Jehn Larry, of
shot his wlfs la ths right eksraV
passing out under tks ear. Ha Mats
himself la ths need. Beth will
die. Lallv'a IkmUvaavke la ii
Is new thought that both Lelly asaikss
wm recover.
Tks Parte A'ecte says taat IC
formerly prime minister of Secvki, la
te bring action against bis win mr
Milan, tks ex-king eraervia, ts
co-rsepenosnt ta tee eaee. jjt
Tue Aaeeetetea rises resort or ass
of tbe greet Derby reee ran en wi
which appeared la ths aflarasea
that day. waa delivered by wlrsU
ths Associated Frees emee la Wee-
by WeeternUaloneableewltklaf
ends from ths urns or fuiag la
una is uiv u iius uu iiwiu, tfr.-.
The New xeric suprsms asarv
terra, te-day affirmed ths ceavlrtlsa;
sentence or ex-Sheriff FUck. Vv
Fifteen Hungarians, who arrived ta
Yerk thle morning la tks eta
land rrem Hamburg, wars
examination en nospleloa of bela,
tract laborers. Thar were beaad Mr
mlnaa nt Pannavlvaala. ftB
At sins o'clock this morning 111
struck the bam of ths Pioneer Ceal
near Charleston, West Virginia, aad k
Stable Bess Tem Hleks aad
Stephenson, a colored boy. Anether
and boy wars partially paralyjBsd, bat
recover. Stephe''-r,"''r. ." .
k.' mill. !,, . ..I.
j!--"v ""a" m
Tdscoe ventlen at mmnt
nmated AasocUtleeas' Iren aaaakasV"'
era reached no conclusion as te tks I
scale, but It la net likely that It wlttl
changed. Tbe seals will net be eftefM
tbe manufacturers until the aad of
WSSk. , ytfili
At Elmlrs. during a terrlfle
storm, tbe house of James A. Ward;
struck by lightning snd burned. , j
storms and cloud bursts are reported :
towns of that section. At LereysvlUs,
ten cows standing under s tree were I
by lightning. Near Niohels, N. X.i
mer Silas Regg waa killed by Bj
while standing under a tree. m
At Reck Point the annual reualea '
be held en Saturday and 20,000 are sxi
te be present. ;?
. ... fr.
A janrae rer esi atisi.
T.vmvnw. Juns fl. Andrew L.
charged with the murder of Chief et1
Aaren McCord en the night of
but. was placed ou trial yesterday.
general opinion prevails that Shirk,
be convicted of murder In the first B
White Oek'e Peetmaeter. . v.
WasniNOTey. June 6 E. H. Breast 1
te-dav anrtel nted neetmeeter at WbMe
, --. "..- . M- &i
lAucaauir tvumy, r,
Fair: except showers te-ala
winds becoming seuthWS
cooler eaiuruay maut. ,. -g
. .. ...j fa.. -"
Jltrald Weather For8caats.rA!smae,i
scure depression passing rrem we
Pennsylvania eastward, attended by 1
,lar alnrma. will nrebablv CaUSaaB a
mmt of tbe beat te-dav. But theWa
oyclene, new near Lake Mlchigeav
probably advance slowly eaatwasa.
ceded by a " het wave" and foUewaft 1
" cool wave." ueinpersiure waa
stationary In the United States
xcent in the Northwest and
where it foil : the chief minimum
was 42 degrees F.f at CbsysBast
cblef maximum, 91, st Nsw Yerk
In the Middle states, cooler, partly
te fair weather will prevail, praaM
vain nn tha Vaar - T "
and In tbe Hudsen valley, with freak,
rlabls winds. meeUy westerly and m
erlysndfollewsd by rising tsmpan
snd In Nsw England cooler, partly Si
mostly southerly and seumwestarty,
nnmliTir warmer. Severe local atensM 1
unbahlysusiidths Wtsttgt) Maa aa
bam east. ' -
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. . -.W