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Ceimnnudur IDonntsten Issues all Onler
Calling Attontlea te the Rules Pro Pre
" hlbltlng Political Action by G. A. It.
Department Commander Dennlatnn ban
luuixl an order ratling the attention of
Urand Army pests throughout the state te
the rules of the organization relative te
politics. It Is as follews:
"Ne officer or comrade of the Grand Army
of the Republic shall In any manner like
tills organization for partisan purposes, and
no dlscnssien of partisan questions shall be
permitted at any of Its meetings, nor shall
any nomination for political elllces be
"The Grand Army of tlie Republic Is
net a political organization In any sense of
the word ; and enn of Us proudest beasts
Is that partisan politics ere entirely elimi
nated by the fundamental law of Us exist
ence It must net be used te defend from
accusation or te extel the virtues and qual qual
Iflcatlen of any candidate or any political
party. Its members are citizens, maintain maintain
leg a cltlzensbiplutenstfledand made mere
than ordinarily earnest by the sacrifices
they have made for the geed of our com
mon country.
"If any desire te assist In the way of
Klltlcal preferment any ex-soldier, It can
done as citizens, but net as members of
the Grand Army of the Republic. Pests
must net indulge In resolutions of endorse
ment of candidates, whether such candi
date be a cemrade or net.
"The pests referred te, which have re
cently transgressed the rules and regula regula
liens, have been Instructed from tbose
headquarters that their action must be re
winded, as far as it is possible te de se. And
all ether pests nre again warned against
such transgression in the future. Any
further violation of ihe rules and regula
tions In this respect, will imperil the
charter of the pests se offendlng.
" Partisan politics must be kept out of
the Grand Army of the Republic.',!
One of the reasons for the Issuing of the
order is the introduction of politics in pest
meetings. Commander Deunlsten, in an
Intervlewjsaj s two cases of violation of the
above rules were reported te him ; oue of
which was by a Lancaster pest.
The violation or the Lancaster Pest Is
said te be the endorsement of Quarter
master Pi for for a legislative nomination.
The commander or the reporter have
things mixed. There was no one of that
name a candldate for legislative honors In
Lancaster county the past decade.
Grand Army men who were seen te-day
say that there is a mlstake in the
name. The only violation of the rules as
te a Lancaster pest was the Introduction of
a resolution in Pest 405, indorsing Majer
Grlest for pestmaster. This was defeated,
and later, the same evening, after the regu
lar meeting, a meeting was held in the
pest room, attended by n number of the
members, nud as individuals, but net as a
pest, resolutions were passed indorsing
Majer Grlest.
This afternoon a Grand Army man was
seen and asked in refcrence te the publica
tion in the J'icii. lie was reluctant te talk,
but finally admitted that he knew all about
the matter. The candldate referrcil te was
Philip A. Pyle, who sought legislative
honors from the Northern district at the
'May primary. The resolution endorsing
iflei was passed by D. II. Nlssley Pest,
of Ml. Jey, and 'a circular letter
containing a copy of the resolutions was
sent te every Kist in the Northern district.
Upen Its receipt some of the pest efllccrs
refused te bring it befere the meeting and
ethers had It read and laid en the table.
This action of Mr. Pyle, the Grand Army
man said, was the cause of his defeat, be
cause a number who favored him en per
sonal grounds opposed his election en nc nc
ceunt of hit attempt te Introduce politics
Unto Grand Army matters.
The itoute of Precession Declded Upen.
Tlie Chief Mnrahul nnd Aids.
Majer C. II. Fasnaeht. chlef marshal of
the Memerial Day parade, with his aids, J.
K. Brr, M. N. Stark, S. Clay Miller and
Jehn E. Sebum, made the final ar
rangements for the parade.
The line will be formed at 1:"50 o'clock en
Friday aflorneon en Hast King struct with
the right reeling en Duke street, In the
following erder: Lancaster City Cadets,
Admiral Reynelds Pest Ne. 405, Geerge
II. Themas Pest, Ne. 61, Sens of Veteraus,
Knights of the M vstie Chain. Other organ ergan organ
isateons parllcijullng will be assigned
Carriages containing disabled soldlers
Will be formed en North Duke street,
right resting en Fast King and fall In line
.. ilia nrirnnl7atiens oil feet.
The line w ill move promptly at 2 e'cl k
ever the following reute :
Up list King te Shlppen, te Lancaster
cemetery, te soldiers' let, where Admiral
Reynolds Pest will held services; from
.cemetery te Lemen street, te North Queen,
te Seuth Queen, te Woodward Hill ceme
tery, te of Oliver J. Dicky, where
jPest 81 will held i-orviees ; from cemetery
se Seuth Queen, te Hazel, te Prince, te
West King, te Penn Square aud dismiss.
Why She Was Se Nervous.
rrenTt.xusirang. . , ,
A Galveston, Texas, man Is in the habit
of Retting UP early and going In swim
minK in the bav before breakfast. One
mnrnlmr his wife remarked at the break-
Geerge, I anl se anxious ft bile you are
awy battling in tlie morning that I can t
aleep a wluk until you get back."
"Don't be alarmed. I knew hew te
wtm. and there is no danger of my getting
tirO W D(' '
I was net thinking about your getting
drowned. That never entered my head;
but I am afraid that some thief may sneak
In while you are away and steal tlie
Au Old Coue.
Frederick Schoenbcrgor, birtender et
Arneld Hans' saloon, has an old (.me In his
possession. It Is of Ja very haul w oed and
basanlverv head with the date 1703 cut
upon it. The cane was carried te Mr,
t3Ai.nAnKA.(Tu.'ii futlmr u he obtained It
from his grandfather. It was handed
down te the youngest son from one gen
eration te another.
The Heet Tumbles In.
Mail early hour this morning about
twenty feet of the reef ofthe old building
Intherfl-irofSheber'shotol Btuble, which
was fernwJy used as a cellar factory,
broke down ujljia crash, owing te the
old and decayed timber. The building
leeks very shaky at that art Just new.
A Yeung taincuster Mlnlster.
Rev. William Rorwert, of this city, who
araduatcsasa iniiiiur Jn the Fpiscepal
church this year, will be ordained by
Bishop Riillsenat Bethlehem heel Sunday.
Several friends of the young divine will
go from thl. city en Sunday te be precnt
at the ordination.
Jansust'liek As ' Lady Macbeth."
The amusement season Ht Fulton opera
house was clesad ler the season last own
ing when Madam Jiinauschek appeared
for the second tinie thU season. I he mi
dlenr was of troed size aud composed
efthelesdlug people of the city. 'Ilioac 'Ilieac
tress assumed the role of Lady Macbeth
In her uual vlgoreu nnd artistic manner.
The cempunv in support did f.drlv welli
IncludlugGoeige D. Chaplin as Macbeth,
A. H. Stuart as MncJup, and Frederic Ilo Ile
Jucrts as llanyue,
1 1..
ftuturu of the KiilifhW.
I.ancast." Cemmandery, Ne. U, of
Knights Temper, will return from Leck
Haven en Day repress at 4:15 this after
noon. The members of the Cemmandery
Who are at uauie wtir hii-ci ui iiieir rueum
at 4:0 nnd go te the I', J, It. station te
meet tliu returning knights.
Caught In Reading.
Dan Latnent, who htele Win. Lull's
watch at tliu uiters bearding beuse at
Kainheld's Station, was arrested In Read-
Jef eaxuHasy,
Quay and Casttereagh.
Frem the New Yerk World.
Among the plans of the supporters of
a federal election law Is a scheme for pro
voking the people of Flerida te breaches of
the law and of the peace. It is said, with a
large show of truth, that the recent judicial
outrages which have been committed in
that state wen deliberately calculated for
the purpose of exciting the anger of the
people. Democrats have been arrested and
dragged unusual distances from their
hemes: te be indicted and tried by packed
Jurles.Judge 8 way ne and District-Attorney
Stripling are known te be the creations et
Quay, and It Is doing no violence te the
probabilities te assume that they really In
tend te give neme color for federal Inter
ference In elections by arousing the Flori Fleri
dlsns te lawless violence.
This is a very risky partisan plot. It
has, however, as a parallel one or the
blackest episodes In the history or Eng
land's relations te Ireland, when Pitt
determined upon the union he called te
his assistance the Infamous Castlereagb,
and together they proceeded te persecute
the Irish Catholics te the point of frenzy.
The result, as had been anticipated and
hoped for, was the revolution of 1708, which,
as Castlereagb gleefully explained, bad
been exploded by the government.
If the Republican leaders assume that It
Is safe te treat this country as if It were
Ireland or the eighteenth centuty they
could net possibly make a mero fatal mis
take. If by the spelntment of depraved
negrees as deputy marshals, and the Judi
cial persecution of the best cltizens of
Flerida, they Inspire breaches of the peace
which shall serve as an argument for the
federal election law, they will find such a
revelt against them In the North that the
ravished electoral votes of the Seuth will
de them no geed.
The ways of Castlereagb are net for
America aud the nineteenth century.
Plowed Up n Cuiinen Hall.
Frem the Oxford Press.
A revolutionary rolle in the way of a
small cannon tall was recently plowed up
en the farm of James J. Maxwell, near
Unicorn. Ne hostilities were evet known
te have taken place in that vicinity, al
though that once famous old hostelry was
for a tlme In possession of the British and
no doubt some of their ammunition was
tben scattered. At a mero recent period
the Ualcern had a history as headquarters
for slave hunters. Rut that vicinity from
the earliest days of settlement dewti te the
prosent has been the home of soine of the
most patriotic people. Mr Maxwell's
grandfather was an officer In the revolu
tionary army, and the family contributed
largely of Its numbers te the Inte war for
the preservation of the Union.
New Yerk parties are prospecting en
James Black'sestate, Black BarreiiSprlngs,
Pulton township, for magnesia.
William Evans of Little Britain, has
recovered the herse which was stelen from
his stableMayai. The animal was found
along tlie read near Buck.
Dogs have been visiting sheep in Little
Britain. A number belonging te T. Miller
Patterson wero killed. Ferest Preston lest
A Lively Runaway.
Jacob Schaeller, a milkman residing in
Fast Lampeter township, was en his way
te town this morning with a lead of milk.
He was driving along the read which Is en
the east side of the Conestoga creek, oppo
site Tell's Hain, aud runs parallel with tlie
stream te the tellgiteat Witmer's bridge
The horse stepped Inte n mud hele aud
this frightened him se that he started te
run. lie collided with anether team,
and the milk wagon was upset
and broken te plcces. Mr. SchaotTer was
thrown from the wagon and was pretty
badly bruised up. The milk, of which thore
was a considerable quantity, was all lest.
The herse ran te tlie tollgate, through
which he passed. He crossed the bridge
and then started up the hill towards Lan
caster. He was caught near the Fast Fnd
car stables, w ith nothing attached te him
but the pair of shafts aud front wheels of
the wagon.
The ltezlstry of Voters.
On Monday next the assessors of the sov sev
eral districts of the city end county will be
gin their annual registration of voters. The
assessors, under tbe law, are obliged te call
at eery house 111 thelr respective districts
and obtain the names of voters. After the
registration is completed duplicate copies
are inade and hung at the polling places,
and early in September the assessors are
required te be at the polling places for two
days te take the iiames of theso who have
mined Inte tlie districts ofter June 1, and
strike from the list theso who have moved
away, Tlie registry books are being sent
te the assessors by the commissioners this
Huse Hull Notesj.
Tlie games of ball yesterday resulted as
follews: Pin vers' League Buffalo 0, Phil
adelphia 2; New Yerk 11, Clovelaud 2;
Brooklyn 17, Pittsburg 3.
National League Philadelphia 8, Pitts
burg 1; Brooklyn 4, Cleveland 1; New
Yerk 4, Chicago 2.
American Association St. Leuis 3, Ath
letic 2; (second game) Athletic. 10, St.
LeuisS; Ixmisvllle 3, Syracuse 2; Teledo
7, Rochester4.
Tim ieorganized Ilerrlsburg club do de
feated Yerk by 5 te 4 yesterday, and Al Al Al
toena get away with Fasten by 4 te 1,
Umpire Dean is In Kasteu.
An Action orrjeotniont.
f11.ati.4l.n CliiiiunAlin. ihwillnli W'lllln,.,
C lllinilUII Ot 1IUII1UI.1I01, MltUlIgM l.ll.iut.l
Leauian and Brew n & llensol.have entered
an action of ejectment against David B.
Myers, Jehn Stell, Henry P. Bear aud
Andrew Stnll. Plaintiff claims a let of
ground in the village of Flerin, Mt. Jey
township, fronting 44 root en the Lan Lan
cister and Middletown turnpike and ex
tending in depth 07 feet, without lmprove lmpreve lmprove
nient", held by the defendants, but the tit a
te which is in him. The controversy bo be
tween theso parties grows out of a chinch
A Small Driving Accident.
Last evening Miss Annle Wiley, of North
Lime street, was driving along Fast King
struct and when in front or 11. S. William
son's house her horse shied and lumped
asjde.IIcr buggy struck thatef.Mr. William
son, whlrh was (standing In fient of his
house, breaking one wheel. Dr. Charles M.
Franklin, who was In the buggy with Miss
Wiley, was threw n out by the colllsleu but
net hurt. Miss Wiley held te the horse.
Tlie Curneuters' Union.
At tlie last two meetings of the Carpen
ters' Tnlen eighteen planing mill omplevo
have been taken Inte the organiza
tion. Six. of theso were admitted last
evening. At present the mills or William
Wolilsen and J. P. StermfelU are
thoroughly erganised. Ou July 1st a de
mand for one hour less work in the plan
ing mills ofthe city wJU be made.
A Neat Manunl.
A'derman Been, clerk or common ceun
cil, has issued a neat nine manual ei mini
cils, which will be ergreat beneht te conn cenn
cllmen, reperte-s HPJ ethers who have
received a cepv. It oentalnsa )st of the city
officers, efllccrs and members of councils
with different committees, names or police
men, aldermen, assosseis and location or
fire alarm betes.
Fer Koeplng Vicious Dogs,
Jehn II. Martin has entered complaint
Sgaiust Islder I'elfer and wife for keeping
a vicious deg, before Alderman A. F. Don Den Don
nellv. Martin cjajmsthat he was passing
along Chester street en Tuesday afternoon,
and at Fetter's house their deg ran out and
bit him In the leg. Ball was entered for a
Drowned In a lUthtub.
Mis Minnie Otte, the 17-y car-old daugh
ter of Jacob Otte, or Reading, was found
dead in a bathtub en Tuesday night. The
Ustseener her alive was wheji about re
tiring fertile night. It is supposed that
ha was laksn wltb cramps and was
drowned '
..... -"- "4. I t..l1... .....IIIIax
WtUlv u ffUf l'" CUUUftlUU.
Attending Muhlenberg College.
The catalogue of Muhlenberg pellega,
Allentown, tot 1890, shows the following
Lancastrians attending the Institution t
Seniors. Martin U. -Mnaener, rareviiiH-
Samuel . weaver, aiue wui juiuui,
Martins, uaru&jr, jowreosvjui jjuw-
mere, FrsderickPeirr, .city,
Ills nrean Catches In a Heme Power
and lie Is Whirled Around the Shnrt,
Striking Ills Head On n Stoue.
A terrible accident occurred In Coner
township, about two miles north of Fal
mouth, en Tuesday, by wbkh Jesse
Jenes' son lest his life In aherrlble man
ner. He was aged 4 yeers. Ills father was
shelling corn and the lad's clothing
was caught by the revolving band
wheel shaa that runs the ma
chine and connects the herse power.
In an instant he was whirled around the
shaft with lightning rapidity. With each
revolution his head struck the stones in the
barn yard and It was crushed te a Jelly.
The accldent was net observed by any
one, and It was only by the unusual nolse
made by the machlue that the attention of
the drlver In charge was attracted. He at
once stepped the machlnery and dis
covered the mangled ledy of the boy.
The neighbors were summoned, but they
could de nothing, as death evidently re
sulted after a rovelutiou or two of the
Deputy Corener Smith was net 1(1 oil nnd
hoempannclled as a jury Jehn 12. Svvolg Svvelg
art, Peter Gruber, Aaren Myers, Daniel
Kayler, Samuel Kugler, and G. W. Bean.
They heard the testimony of all the wit
nesses who could threw any light en the
accident and rendered a verdict In accord accerd
ance: with the facts noted above.
A Well Known Citizen Dien After ltrtel"
Illness Sketch of Ills Career.
Samuel G. Belimer, a well known clll7en
of Lancaster, died about lialf-jmst ten
o'clock en Tuesday night, at the home of
Henry W. DlfTenbaugli, at North Queen
and Lemen street, where he bearded. He
was taken with congestion of the brain
something ever n week age, and that w us
the cause of his death.
Mr. Behmer was 02years of age, and was
born at New Haven, near LItltz. He was
born and raised upon a farm, and when a
young man began teaching school. Hew out
te Ijcaceck, where he Bcrved as a school
tcocher for 10 years, making his home with
Daulel Bard. Ilewasnn actle and pro
gressive man in the neighborhood. Wliile
teaching school about 1853, Jehn H. Crum
baugh, who was then county superintend
ent, became sick, and Mr. Behmer filled
the position for a tinie. He enlisted in the
122d regiment Pennsylvania volunteers
under Cel. Fmlen Franklin, August 14,
IStiJ. He was second lleulsimnt in the
company of H. P. Gault, new of St.
Leuis, and Rev. Rebert J. Nevln, new
In .Reme, Ilnlv, was first lieutenant.
Captain Gault became sick and Lieu
tenant Nevln was appointed en the
stair of Division Majer Goiienil Whipple
Mr. Rehmer then took charge of the com
pany. He was In the battles of Fredericks
burg, Cliantilly nnd Chuncollersvlllo and
was mustored out of sorvlce en May 16,
1803. In 1S05 he was chosen steward of the
Mlltorsville State Nermal school, e position
that he acceptably tilled until lBsO. He
then retired and came te Lancaster where
he has since lived. He bearded during tlie
Sreater part of the tlme in the heuse who:e
Tlie deceased leaves a w lfe,whe was Mrs.
Ettie Helmes, of Oxford; they never had
any children. He was a member of the
Prosbvterian church and Pest 405 Grand
ArmyoftheRopublic. In February 1871
he was made a Masen In ledgo Ne. 43, of
this city, te which he belenged up te the
tlme of his death. He was u strict tompor tempor tomper
anco man and an enthusla&tlc advocate of
the cause.
The Gouerol hyned or the Itoferiuod
Church Begins Its SosmIeiim.
The gonernl synod of the Reformed
church or the United States, which meets
only every threo years and Is the highest
ecclesiastical body In the denomination,
begun its sessions in Lebanon this after
noon. On all questions in the maintenance
and government of the church tlie decision
of tills body is final. Tliu synod w ill be In
session a woek or ten dnys. and u large
number of cmostiens affecting the en tire
church will be acted upon. JT
Sev oral hundred deleeates will be pres
ent rrem the different classes representing
the subordinate synods. They ceme rrem
different sections of the Seuth and West
and all ever the Eastern states. The ofll efll
ccrs or the Hyned are: President, Rev. Dr.
Geerge W. Welker, or North Carolina, and
secretary, Rev. T. 11. Reiter, or Miamis
burg, Ohie.
The bodies which met en Tuesday In
cluded the Keneral synod Sunday school
beard and the beard or home missions of
the general synod.
A women's missionary convention will
be held Thursday and Friday, and a meet
ing of the Society for the Relief or Re
formed Ministers and thelr Widows en
Thursday evening.
Revs. Dr. T, G. Apple, J.M. Titzel and F.
V. Gerhart are the delegates elected by the
Lancaster classes al Its recent meeting
Will Repert Threo Years IIouce.
The committee appointed by the general
synod ofthe Refermed church te prepare a
digest, after two sessions at Franklin and
Alarsnall conegei uesuay.aujeurneu 10 incei
in Lebanon at the clese of the morning ses
sion ofthe general synod en Thursday fore
noon, when soveral Western members of
the committee will be prosent. The coni ceni coni
uilttce will euly be prepared te report pro
gress at this tlme and will net be ready
with their completed werK until '.no nexi
meeting or the general synod threo years
The committeo proceeds en the basis or
the instructions given by tlie general s nod
In Baltimore, viz., te prepare a digest or
acts or district synods and general synod
relating te matters or doctrine, worship,
customs and constitutional interpretation.
The most dUllcult part or the work w ill be
te classiry preperly tlie data under un elaeorate-HlplmbUUul
index ter convenient
reference. 'I his part of the work will ulti
mately engage tlie special attention of a
member or sub-cominittceand will require
a great deal et patient toil. The dlgctt Is
expected te be valuable In a historical us
well as legal point of view, vv lien completed
according te the plans or the committee.
The lommlttee Is composed or Rev. Ellis
N. Krciner, or Harrisburg; Rev. Cyrus
Cert, orGrecneastle; Rev. O. W. Wefker,
of Lament, N. C. ; and Rev. J, P. Stein, of
He and Ills Urel her mid Pi-loud Ar
rested A, Lolter Carrier Deue Up.
The men who are charged with beating
Charles Rreckenrldge, at the Jelly Bach
elors picnic, Hie Elmer E. Bewman, Jehn
'ltcU and Charles Witch. He has brought
sulu K&ii,bt tl(eii) before Alderman
Hal bach, charging them uith assault and
battery and tiiey have given ball for a
hearing. The w hele crowd are a trouble
some let and have frequently llgiired in
tights. It Is said that Jehn Witch and
Breilicnrjilge are pretty eveuly matched,
and in a square itat.d un tight tl)0y would
both make a geed showing.
Letter-Carrier Jehn Tomllnsen is new
off duty en account of injuries received in
a flght'at a late hour en Monday night or
early yoslerday niernlng. He was en his
way home and met Jqlin Witch en Plum
street. There was an old grudge between
the men en account of something that had
occurred at a Republican primary elec
tion ever a jear age. 'lhey seen
cams te blawg mid Tomllnsen was
pretty badly hurt. It U claimed by some
that Tomllnsen was the aggressor In
the fight, while ethers say that It was
WUcU's fault. The latter stems te be quite
a lighter, and It la likely tint tlirse two
brawls In which he was engaged will lead
(e ethers In the future, as the enmity is
si4 te be kept up. Tomllnsen is net likely
te bother with any Jaw suits. It is claimed
tbst several men who were with Witch
helped blta te punch Temllnsqu.
Went Wust, ,
Dr. C. W. Stwar, pabjer of the J'resbv-t
tcrlan church at the Union, n fuleraln
township, with his wife and son, left lest
night en a trip te the far West. They vv 111
vlnit relatives in Illinois, Nebraska and
Washington, and will be gees some lime.
Mf txMetxM - j
PA., WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1890.
Tens or Steel Thrown About In Kvery
Direction The Causa of the Acci
dent Net Known,
Fully 1,600 people gathered at Perry vllle,
New Yerk, en Tuesday afternoon te w li
eos the third and public test of Dr. U. S.
Justin's dynamite cartridge. The cartridge,
as befere, was fired from a twelve-ten
Blakely rltle or English make. Six shells
had been made for this trial, differing
slightly In construction, the walls of the
steel and the Inner basocyllnder being one ene one
alxteonth efsn Inch thinner than before.
The service charge of pewder was used,
being thirl v pounds of hexagonal grained
pewder. The shell was about forty-eight
inches long and nearly nine Inches In
dlamoter. At 3 o'clock the gun was lead oil
with ene or Ihe sheila, containing 10)
pounds of highest pewer dyuamite with n
bag of thirty pounds of gunpowder back
of It. The shell, Including bullet and
dynamite, weighed 200 pounds. The
regular service weight for this gun Is only
250 pounds.
Dr. Justin applied the fuse, the crowd
belng scattered te a sale distance, except
the new spa per men. w he took refuf-e ho he
hind large trees. Thore was a Hash and a
rear, Biicceoded by n sharp cracking sound,
as If or heavy thunder and lightning, and
then the ulr was filled with lingo pieces of
iron, soine weighing a ten or two. The
huge gun had burst. Fortunately, though
the big plece of steel Hew In every direc
tion, no ene was hurt. The mitzzle of the
gun was thrown n hundred nnd sixty feet
ferwanl, u plece ofthe Jacketing, weighing
about threo tens, was thrown a hundred
feet te the rear, almost Immediately te the
store house. A piece of the barrel about
thrce feit long and a feet wide, te which
was attached the right trunteu, came flying
past the Associated Press reporter and oue
or two ethers, and landed In the brook a
few feet away ; pleccs of the huge Jacket
were scattered all ever and also pieces of
the steel Tell Inclesed in the dynamite cart
ridge. Tliese pieces were forced into ridges
where the explosion had llattcued them
Inte the rltllng of the cannon, and several
wero "buckled" or wrlnkled by the pres
sure of the powder behind.
The shell had evidently burst at Iho rear
end, net where the dynamlte was, and no
Indications of dynamlte or or tlie brass
inner shell were found near the gun. On
the contrary, a ploce or brass shell and n
plece or lpather with dynamlte still In it
wero picked up near by, and a large plece
or steel, still het, was In ought down from
the neighboring village. It is, tliorefero,
believed that the Inner shell, containing the
dyuamite and steel bullet, was thrown
from the gun and exploded at the target,
tbe explosion throwing the bullet up ever
into the village, about a mlln away. A
number of the spectators say they saw the
shell, meaning the brass oue, strlke and
explode at tli target. If se, the experi
ment was a success In sol te of the ex plo ple plo
seon ofthe gun, and the latter was caused
by imperfections in the gun and tliooxplo tlieoxplo tlioexplo
siou of tbe Hiwder alone.
The gun when llred at the last trial was
weakened bv the heavy lead and the extra
charge of thlrty-llve pounds or pewder. It
is bollevcd that If the cannon had been a
new ene and net an old war gun It would
net have burst. The explosion or tlie steel
shell Is accounted for en the ground that
the shell wa,s 1-10 of an inch thinner than
the old ones, six or which wero fired suc
cessfully, and that the explosion of pow pew pew
eor destroyed the steel shell, timing It out
into the rilling, thus wedging tlie shell and
causing the explosion. Others bolievethat
the dynamite (lid oxpledotii the gun, blow
ing it te pieces. Dr. Justin will uiakea
further trial witli a new steel gun, Using
u thicker shell. The government may
nsslst in tlie experiments, which have
hitherto been uniformly successful, but
which are very expensive.
Ausvvered Soverul Quentleiis.
Frem tlie West Chester Lecal Nes.
-Themas McGevv an, rovenuo collector for
Lancaster, was in West Choster this morn
ing. Said he tee reperter:
" We have In Lancaster city an excep
tionally busy place 1 knew of nene better
for Its sire."
" Is the tomperanco cause making any
progress in that lecaillty?" asked the rc rc rc
jiorter. " Very little. One brovver sold at retail
and wholes ile in Lincaster city alone 1,057
barrels (net kcus. mind.) Inst month, and
the rev oniie collections ler that month wero
UUU.OOe nnd vor, which Is 810,000 greater
than for any month since that city was
"Hew about the cigar trade there?'
" It Is booming riuht alone. Just think
of it I Oue little manufactory near the
depot in that city alene made and disposed
of ever 8,000,000 cigars last year."
" Morals or the ptople? "
"As geed as anywhere el se, take thorn
all In all, and miyben little botler."
A ChltlCHO Girl held Ter 8000.
A strauge story of vlolenco and slavery
in New Yolk came out at a hcarinc held In
the Tombs pelice court en Tuesday. Sucu
Ye, b ll-ycar-eld girl rrem. Amey, China,
was the victim. She lias bent locked up
en the top fleer or 11 Melt street, In the
heart et tlie Chinese quarter. She was sold
te her master by her lever for $000. The
fjIrlvveB the handmaid era wealthy Chinese
iridc, but fell in love with All Pooi.aClil Peoi.aClil Poei.aClil
noso gambler. Scandal dreve her from
her employer's house. She came te New
Yerk disguised us a boy and in Peer's
company. Her gambler levor was un un un
fortuuate aud lest $18,000, nud he sold his
girl te Lee Khl. Lee Kill was held In
$J,500 bail for examination.
Charged With Fulse 1'rotenso.
Befere Alderman Halhach Albert Jlor Jler Jlor
sheck has been prosecuted for false prn prn prn
tonse by C. G. Schuberth. Tlie accused wus
formerly in the laundry business. .Mr."
Schnherth, who also has a laundry, claims
that Ilersheck came te him uud told him
that he wus about te retire from business
but he had a list of customers that he
would sell te him se that he (Schuberth)
could get thelr work. Schuberth bought
the list but aftnrw arils discovered that
Ilersheck had sold the Mima list te Trout
it Shank, the North Qiienn itrcet laundry
iiicu. Hu tlien brought s"it.
All Art Inhibition.
Charles II. Birr has issued very
huudsome Invitations, each uccempinlcd
by a real etching en parchment paper, te
un art exhibition or etchings, engravings
and water coleis In his rooms, In the Mc
Grunn building, Centre Square. Tlie
exhibition will be open te the public en
Thursday, Friday uud Satuiduy or this
w rek.
Mr. Heggs, of New Yerk, will be In at
tendant ut this uxhlbit, wliii h will com
prise rare examples ofthe work of famous
. m
Danced le Dentil.
Jehn Whlttaker, u carpenter, agl about
55, died suddenly Monday night at his
home lu Hersham township, .Montgomery
county, Pa. Corener Ixnigbeldau inquest
It vvris ascertained that Whlttnker, after
rating his supper, went with home of his
fellow workmen te Iho barn, where all on en
gaged In dancing. Whittakerdaueed until
be fell exhiustcd, and shortly afterward
expired. Tlie Jury rendered a verdict that
death rcsullt-d from heart disease, superin
duced by x lolent exercise.
A Let of Fruit Molen.
Seme tlme during last night thieves
etlectcsl an entrance into the cellar of the
Western market house, In which Jehn II.
Zellers sells vegetables, oysters, etc. They
broke a pane or glass out of a rear deer
and then reached lu and pulled the belt
back. Frem the cellar they stele thirty
five fine apples, a full bunch nfbinanas,
a let or oranges, and ether fruit and get
away with (hem. The theft was discovered
this iriernlng and the police weie notified
about It,
A ISruwer'rt PlKlit.
ClirUtiau Mult has been urinsled and
committed for a hearing before Alderman
linen, en the ehnrgu of ussiult uud battery.
The prosecutor Is Geerge Sternberg. Beth
H)pn were employed In the brewery of
Frank A. Rleker, and Sternberg says that
Mutt struck him In the oe.
Bitten fly a Deg,
Minnie IJart, a tvvelv e-rtMr-nld girl was
walking along near the Stevens house this
forenoon when a deg Jumped at her, bitlug
her In the arm and causing an ugly wound
which required medical aid.
Theso Who Heve Strayed te Other Sects
Must De Itebaptlzsd (Upen Thelr
Waiivmi, Ind., May 23. The three dsys
nnnual meeting of the old onler of Dunk
ards closed here with a soup servlce and
the ceremony or washing feet.
About 8,000 peopte have atlonded the
meetings, which until yosterday were of a
religious character.
Yesterday afternoon, after a brisk debate,
the erder declded that socedors from the
old onler te the ethor bronches should net
be readmitted unless rebaptlzcd ; that
members should net deal In pateut rights,
and that a full report of all the committeo
meetings should net be spread upon Ilia
Thelr Demonstrations in lxek Haven
and Plttsburur en Tuesday.
Flftoen thousand peeple saw the grand
parade or the Knights Templar in Leck
Haven en Tuesday morning. Owing te the
muddy condition or the streets the parsde
was en the sldewalks. OMcers or the
Grand Cemmandery rev le wed the parade
rrem a stand. Thore were about 1,500
knights lu line with eighteen bands. Lan
caster Cemmandery, Ne. 13, participated.
Kven under the disadvantage of muddy
streets the parade wes the flnest ever wit
nessed in that city.
The reception at night at Iho Armery
was the grandest social oveut ever held lu
Leck Haven. The hall wus decorated in
tlie most magnificent manner, and the
Mountain City orchestra, of Alteena," fur
nished the music The pregramme for the
reception Included an exhibition drill by
St. Alban's Cemmandery, of Philadelphia.
At 0 o'clock General Hastings marched
In Templar uniform, with Constans Com Cem Com
mandery, ofltellcfonto, and his stalwart
presence attracted all eyes.
Te-day the election of efllccrs for the
ensulng year will take place, and the place
or Heming me nexi conciave uecmesi.
Leck Uavex, Pa., May 28. Tlie elec.
Hen ofeffirors of the Grand Cemmandery,
Knight Templar of Pennsylvania, te-day,
resulted as follews: R. E. grand com
mander, Jehn J. Wadsworth, of Erie; V.
E. deputy grand commander, Jeseph S.
Wright, Philadelphia ; E. grand genorolls generolls genorells
slmo, James 11. Codding, Tewanda; E.
grand captain geuaral, Charles C. Baer,
Pittsburg; E. grand prelate, Rev. W.
Henry Piatt, Carbendale; E. grand warden,
Irving 1. Wunger, Norrlstewn; E. urand
Junier warden, Edward It. Sponcer, Phila
delphia; E. grand treasurer, M. Richards
Muckle, Philadelphia; E. grand recorder,
.Charles E. Baer, Philadelphia.
R. K. Grand Cominauder Wadsworth
made tlie fellow lngaptolutments: E. grand
standard-bearer, Frank M. ltlghley, Phila
delphia; E. grand sword-bearer, Frank
McSpurren, Erle; grand warden, D. Osle
Freeh, Pittsburg; grand captain of guard,
Franklin M, Ress, Leck Haven ; grand
marshal, Henry II. Kiilin, Johnstown;
grand herald, Jeseph Fester, Philadelphia.
Erie was solected as the pluce for holding
the next annual conciave.
Kntuhtsofthe Gelden Kugle.
The Supreme Castle Knights or the Gnl Gnl
den Kagle, Is in session In Pittsburg. Only
a brief uuslness sessien was held en Tues
day, at which Supreme Chief Emery Fu
nis proslded. Supreme Keeper of the Ex
chequer, Timethy McCarthy ropeitod a
balance of $1,853.51 in the general fund. He
suggested that in onler te prevent financial
dlsaster the laws be amended te provlde
for biennial sessions. Supreme Master of
Records William Culbortsen reperted that
Pennsylvania lends with a membership of
9.1,41 1, nearly 20,(00 In excess or any ethor
state. During ! he v ear 7,000 new members
were initiated. 'Iho flnance committeo
suggest a sal.uyef 8100 for tlie suprome
keciier of the exchequer. Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
Gonernl lei'ls V. Sllfz, of the military
branch or tlie order, ropertoa tnat
during the year twenty-six cemmanderlcs
were orgamzeu. no suggested n complete
revision of the manual, In the Intorest of
efllaleney, and u law for the hnuorable dis
charge of Sir Knights uud thelr transfer
rrem one cemmandery te anether. Hn also
suggested a bitdge fur privates and ofllcers
of low rank who have served faithfully uud
with merit.
The Knights made a flne showing Tues
day afternoon en parade. Hobef McDow
ell, coroner of Allegheny county, was chlef
marshal. There were about 1,000 men In
line altogether.
A banquet was tendered the supreme
officials and visiting knights Infc&e even
ing. A. C. Lyte, imstgraiid hlef of Penn
sylvania, presided, with Helier MoDevvell
as toustmaster.
Te-d.iy tlie Supreme Caslle will get dew n
te active work. The election et otllcers
will be among the important business.
Some amendments te the constitution are
also proposed. It is proposed te admit
memiiers ut 18 years Instead of 21 as at
Twe IlruiikH ArreMtPil,
About neon Oilleer Sleber found Charles
Ratlin, who was very drunk, standing at
Vine and Prlnce streets. He was behaving
badly and had attracted it crowd of children.
The officer told him te mevn en but he
refused te go. Sleber then tried te urrcst
him and Buum resisted. He fought en the
way te the station heuse ami tore the
officer's badge off. In his struggles he fell,
striking a curb stone and cutting his head
badly. He was se roll that he thought
soine ene had lilt him. VA Spear, nu old
olleudcr, was brought In by Officer Keller
while he vv a uclliigliiadlsgustlng manner
en the streets lu the eastern part or town.
Mrs. oek'M l'uimrul.
The funeral or Mrs. Christian Zeek took
place this morning from her late residence
en North Queen street, nervlces wero
held at tlie heuse by Rev. Dr. Vorneii. The
pall-bearers were Jfihn Stener, Philip
.richer, David Hartinai., Jehn Holllnger,
Jeseph Selvcrt and S. M. Myers.
Out eritur Mind.
A young woman, whose name is said te
be .Mary Sawville, who is or unsound
mind, was found wandering about tlie
streets acting very strangely te-day. She
was taken te tlie station heuse by Officer
II tbel te be kept there until her friends
1'rlglituiicd ut Iho Curs.
A herse belonging te Mottfett Brethers
frightened ut tlie cars at the Pennsylvania
railroad station this morning, and turning
around quickly upset the wogen und breke
the harness.
Ma Je Au Assignment.
Win. II. L'rich and wlfe, of Mt. Jey bor
ough, madoen assignment te-day for the
bciiclll or creditors te Jehn 11. .tilers and
11. F. Guilt, of the same borough.
m '
Will Meve Te-morrow.
Walter Madigan will move Inte the old
mayor's office te-morrow. He has sold his
old news stand te Christ B. Krelder, an en
terprising new sbey of Quarry vllle,
Maine Dcinoeruts Against Prohibition.
Maine Democrats have started a move
ment te de away with prohibition in the
state and Insert a high license plank In
tlieir siaie piuiierm.
Attend te Your Notes.
As Friday is a legal holiday these having
notes maturing en that date will save
money and trouble by utteiidiug te them
Solicitor of MiiiiIiuIiii lloreush.
Jehn F. Snyder, esq., was elected solici
tor or Mandelin lioreugh en Tuesday ev oil
ing, by the town council or that bor
ough, te terve for the ensuing year.
Indians Assured
That the Saviour
Coiulnizte ltoscue Them.
A correspondent or the Baltimore .Sun at
Hene City, Indian territory, writes under
dntoef May 18: Joining the west line or
Oklahoma Is the Cheyenne and Arapaho
Indian reservation, a tract of country em
bracing 4,O0O,oue acres of land, occupied,
by executlve enler, by the twotrlbes men
tioned, which number only 3,300 men,
wemen and children. Oklahoma, with Its
60,000 population, is less than half the size.
Under this condition or things it is net sur
prising that the whites nre clamorous for
the openlng of this reservation te sot set sot
tletneut. The Indians, of course, op
pose the Idea, yet most of thorn are Intel
ligent oneugli te see that they will
net be permuted te held much lenger such
a tract of land rrem the all-absorbing grasp
of the whites. The old chiefs andliiodl andliiedl andliiodl
clne men adept many scliomes te enceurage
the members of the tribes te remain firm
and unyielding. The latest promlse Is te
the effect that the Saviour Is coming te
rescue them and punish the white man.
Some weeks age the Ampahoes of Wyom
ing sent thelr southern brethren tidings te
the effect that Christ had appeared te seme
or their wlse men, and had in ado his habi
tation in tlie mountains. Among ether
premises made te the red men by the won wen won
derful visitant was ene vvhluh, te an Indian,
means everything, viz., the return te this
land or the new almost extinct buffalo.
Following the reception or the tidings the
Indiana uear hore cngaged in dancing,
toasting and general rejoicing. It was te
them no Idle uinckeiy that the Christ had
appeared unto their nerthern friends and
relatives; many bollevcd, and all, appar
ently at least, became enthused with the
Idea that doltvcrnnce was at hand and thelr
encroaching enemies would be smitten
"hip and thigh." Black Coyeto, nonten nenten
ant of the agency pelice, and Washee, sor ser
gnatit of the Indian scouts, U. S. A,, were
urged te loumey north, net westward, as
did the wlse men of the East long years
age, and beheld for themselves the strauge
and powerful agency " mighty te save."
Theso two disciples Journeyed hundreds
of miles, far Inte the mountains of Wyom
ing, where their brethren met thorn and
told fresli tales or the wonderful revela
tions made te them by thelr Ged
aud Saviour, but Coyeto and Wasliee
nover arrived at the Wyoming Slnal te
hear for themselves the "still small volce."
The mountain of abede was always a few
(.hundred miles
uunureu nines lunner away, and (loop
bimmvb iiuniiy iiiiuie iiieir uuiK enn ei im
possibility, se they turned their faces
seulhwan), and reached the Choveutie and
Araiahe agency few days age. They came
back net doubting Themases, but mero
nnd mere rooted In faith that Christ had
Indeed appeared, and would seen ceme te
Visit the Indians In this vicinity.
Upen Sunday nights hundreds of bucks
aud squaws visited Coyote's camp and
feasted, danced and rejoiced until long niter
midnight. The toils and dangers or the
long trip wero deplcted In the must graphic
manner, and the paint-bedaubed faces lit
up with brightness and Iiek bs Coyeto
told of Iho premises the Saviour had made.
Amenust ether tilings lie said the Saviour
had told the wlse men lu Wyoming -that
he was their brether and had watched thelr
paticuceand sullerlng for n long tlme Ht
(he hands or the white men, who hud put
him te death, nud that new their redemp
tion was at hand. The land liuce mero
should be theirs, and buffalo would
bs found again en overy plain.
As Coyeto proceeded grunts of approval
worn carnest and frenuent. As he described
the appnarance or tlie Saviour, His kind
leeks, sweet smile and "bright thing" (as
Coyeto named the aureela) rramlng Ills
head, the "grunts" bocame lnuder and the
rofter mean of squaw voices was heard.
But the climax was readied when a picture
of Christ nailed te the cress was shown.
Coyeto pointed out the prints In the hands
and feet und the wound In the side. The
picture vorlfled the description of Christ's
treatment at the hands or the whites, as
told ay Hlmseir te the Wyoming Indians.
Could proof be strenger? Is It any won
der the Indians went out from Coyote's
ramp filled with hope, buoyancy und ox ex
u Italian T
A Pretty Aerial Porfermer'a Strauge
Story Developed by n Divorce,
One ortheTuldls sisters, aerial perform
ers, was divorced by Judge Tully,
In Chicago, en Monday, from n
husband whom she married In Goo Geo Goe
long, Australia, ten years age under
peculiar and romantic circumstances. Te
add te the romaneo she left htm after the
marrlage ceremony eccuried until nine
years ufterwaid, when she accidentally
met him in Sun Francisce.
The sisters were performing lu Goelong,
Australia, lu March, 1830, under the man
agement of ene Lauoy, who, when about
le lese his position, thought le make lilm lilm
self secure by marrying Louisa te Jehn St,
Denls. Louisa testified that she was only
sixteen years old and she married St.
Denis, whom she had nover seen, for the
remance of it. Laney's nchome miscarried,
as Jehn Henry Allen, who subsequently
married the ethor Valdls sister, appeared
en the scene Just as the last word or the
ceremony was uttered by a magistrate and
mude St. Denis sign a paper acknewledg
ing that no nnd nerjurwit nimselt in swear
ing that he and his brlde wero net under
tweiity-oue and that he was Induced te
marry the gymnast by the lnllnence or
Laney. Il'he strunge union was never con
summated, and being amenable te the
British law for murrylug 'ltheut the con
sent of his parents or theso of his brlde, St.
Denis fled.
Mrs. St. Denls said that shojnevor saw or
heard of him until twelvn months age,
when she was called out .of a theatre by
ht. Denis, who made himself known and
demanded money. He is new a bar
keeper in Sun Francisce. Louisa hud
grown wiser In ten years than she wus nt
sixteen uud her whiluni husband was sent
ubeul his business.
Objoetlng te Quest Ions,
Tlie physicians of New Yerk ure rooolv reoolv roeolv
Ing a circular lotter from theccnstis bureau
at Washington, requesting them te till out
lists, giving tlie naiues of these whom they
knew le be lusuiie, feehln minded, deaf,
dumb, clippled, dcTermed, or otherwise
defective physically or mentally, and giv
ing the cause of the defci t, and the uatuie
of any dlsease nr Injury with which any
persons or their acquaintance are nlllictcii.
Regurdlng-thiH latter, oue physician said
that it Httempted te in ike spies of the medi
cal profession, adding, "it Is sincerely te
be hoped, for tlie credit of the profession,
that this request will meet with thogeiiorul
and contemptuous refusal It doservos. Ne
court compels the revolution by a physician
of his patients' maladies or Infirmities.
The patient consults bis physician always
under an Implied promlse of abselute
secrecy. Toe often n knowledge! or a
patient's dlsease Implies u knew ledgo or
his personal uud privute life which no ene
else, save with his express censent. has the
right te have. It scorns te be time that
emphatic expression should be given in
seme way of the universal disapproval
with which this new est development of
census taking has aroused."
Threo Convicted and Sciitencud,
Paiiih, May 29. The trial of M. Soeretan
and ethors connected with the recent
copper syndicate, ou charges based en the
operations of the syndicate, was finished
te-day. Secretati was convicted and
sentenced te six months' imprisonment
and te pay a flne of 1,000 francs. Lavlssleru
and Ilcntsch wero also convicted. The
former was sentenced te Imprisonment for
thrce months' and te pay a fine of COO
francs and the latter was II nod COO francs.
Joubert, tlie sons or Lav isslere and 1 rnntcb,
and Arbel and Levycr were acquitted.
Murdered By " Policeman.
.Si-RieriELi), Ills., May 113. Frnest
Kech, 19 j ears old, was shot and Instantly
killed last night by Policeman Laurer.
Kech was oue or crowd or boys raising a
disturbance and the officer arrested him,
and, fellow ed by a crew d, went te a box te
call the patrol, Kech took advantage of
his temporary roleaso and started te run.
The officer commanded him te step, but lie
kept ou running, whereupon the officer
pulled his revolver and shot the young
man through the bralu. The otllcer gve
hlmelt up.
A ve Floral Trlbnte In IToaer sMhT7 tl
New Congressmen-He Is
ltecntvn.1 It. Iffla 1..uI.mI
"' '"- W3
Washington, May 28. TheHeas
ratted te order this morning by Si
Reed. y
An Immense floral trlbnte, fully.
feet In height, adorned a front dssk
honor of Mr. Vaux, Mr. Randall's
ser, who was present and tha raclplstC
many congratulations and friendly graft
After the reading of the Jearnsl
O'Ncil, of Pennsylvania, presented
credentials of Mr. Vaux, and they ha'
been read by the clerk he escorted
Vaux te the bar of tbe Heuse sad the
gontleman qualified as representative
the Third district of Pennsylvania,
Vaux affirmed, and as he took bis m
was greet oil with applause.
They Doclde te Take Active Part IsiInm
Ensulnn Kloctlen In WtaoeBSla.
Milwaukee, May 28. The converses
or German Catholie societies adjourned tsssjl
me ruing after adopting resolutions ssMsst .,
forth a plan for organization forpeHtiss
work in the coming state campaign. TMf
meamble asserted that In no sens ara UhL .
societies political, nor de they want its) L
dabble In politics. But that te OMMM&
measures like tbe Bennett law WMvlxt
work for their repeal was m matter )
conscience rather then a matter of
The German Catholie secieties wHl.
further nor oppeso the lnlerts ef1!
political party, but will keen out of deM
" Rut it is the sonse of this cenveeWem i
tlinttlin llnnnitll lav nrl tha mrtrmA . S
palemal spirit In legislation infrlngee apsV
our consciences, and It would. ;if
wrong te our children net te take an i
part In opposing such measure. It U'l
solved therefore that the German
soclclles take an active part In the
BtateramDutan and will onranlre for
purpose." $$
llerr Nossler, the Qerman composer, ss,V
ueau, ;
The authorities of Geneva, 8wltMrlsst?
hve closed all camblliia houses. .i4-'
The prosldent has Issued an eislsWVf
closing all the executlve derrtaseat ;
Decoration Day. v,k "Si
President Harrison has pardoned
both Spears, convicted in Mew Yerk's
passing counterfeit money and
in January last te 2 vcars ImprtaeawisaV $
Speaker Reed has issued an order..
bidding the sale of liquors In tha
Threo hundred men and boys war atf
employment In Ashland, Pa., te-oaf ,
tbe starting or Reading Cempany's':
colllerv. All the Reading colliers are 1
working nine hours a day. 1'i .
ThA Anrntinr nr ltillaflalf)lla. MAM SM-'I
quest te-day In the case of Antelaa F,
sged 20 years, of pBOMtdZTiHc'V
who died at the Pennsylvania
en May 24 from Injuries received?
a blew en the bead wit
in the hands of Martin Keeteeh
quarrel in his native town two .weatsf i
A nor bearing the evidence UM Jarjri
dered n verdict holding Keolesa
nll.lA for Itm mtlnlAt. lJ
H.H.W.... v ...... W. vf
tii roe tetter uexes in Aiioena, ra.,;s
brokeu open lau night and the
taken. There la no clue te tfca
Posteluce Inspector Rathbena 1
s T,4H .
a reward of S100 for the arrest of Uisv.eedV ' j
The championship tennis matoe betl
Themas 1'etUt, of Bosten, and Charts
Saunders, of England, was centiaaed ,t
j,,nc4. uauiiuvi. wivtm hv mm mmm vl f
score 0 te 4. Pettlt wen tue aeeeaa aw Is)
3, the third 0 te 3, and the feurta la .
At Bridgeport, Conn., the jury l',fsss
Scheole murder trial took eighteen ailaaOa
tollndaverdlct of murder in the ars Wi :
gree, which did net disturb the prleaamy
Kx-Secretiry or War McCrary'a aiwi ''"
tlen is unchanged, and there' M
small hope of Ida recovery. QeerM-
W MKfnrv nt Inwi. was .-'fl
taryef war during the Hayes admJaletM,'
tlen. His most Important official aetWrav
the removal of the trcSeps from control hs
Seuth Carolina and Louisiana. : .
Richards it Rebblns' peach cannery rat
uuvur, uui., jut I'luieu uuui wjwww, .
owing te failure ofthe peach crop. It eaa-Ji
A.n..l.ii,il OIO li.nft. nml Illl-nOfl Allt fillA Haft
cans In ceed seasons. "stCTia
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uoeKKoeper ivoeuris, ei me urui et --
&. arlj.'3i"A'atcrburv..
rested for eiabezT'
stolen $30,000 rrem bls-ii OT Tha-,".'?
minallnii nrlsAM whAlhnr lilt r&n h - ":-
Islied for his stealings of the first 13 yeatst
under the statute limitations. - wiv
Secretary Blulne Is net going teCtavts
piud with the prosldent, but Cengressmaav .: J
Mr-k'liilnv. Marshall llamsdftll and Al.V
torney Gcueral Miller will go, the lattar'V '
contiDUlngte Indianapolis. b &,
SSonater Wolrett roerted te the cemasit-;;
tee ei claims in uver ei me paymeaiw"?
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-sicoeias ijikivj, . itt.uuif,, ut sF"i"""1iVA
lorceui uarges aim mwiug mwuinr siiaa, a
by the Confederates. This was vlgoreasly.l'f ,1
, i ,i... - it. mJ-.'A . .
oppescu, unu iuu i-Kirb ui iuv tgiuuunNv
of the last Congress adopted granting ML-?. &v
211. The bill te rolmburse Vlrglnlaaad,'
Mnrvlnnd for amounts ndrnnrnri Iit thnss i ?i
states lu 17CT and 1791 te aid lu the build- ;y; i
Itnv ,f tins rMinltril- Ib InltA i-Aivirfiwl fa.vus.'.T!!
ably. Vlrgluia J120,000, Maryland 70,0W.S!:j
WKAXIIRU irnlllCt'A&Tli. ".'Sir-
WAsniNGTON. D. C. Mav 28. '-:3'a
Slightly warmer, falrwealhor,nerth- ?&
""f. ,.."' 'U.."V"., '-"-""J 'A
nltf i Inila lienvmlniv wiatkl -..
warmer wuu increasing cieuuiuess mmarw v,V!
showers by Thursday anernoeu. vg
Herald Weather Forecasts. A smell..a4
anti-cyclone, new oxtendlng frera Lake 05
Frie along the western base of the Alls- 3
uhuuies, will secure the Atlantic siaiosie- v
IIUV ireill a repcillieil ei yvawiunj n.uu-- ii
,,:. -.l r,iv lint n utrm of decldad . ?.-l
imnn.i kw.,1 lu fnntml near fentana. and -1
will meve slowly toward this section, at- , &,-',
i,,,irui iiv !i uarm wave " aud probably ?..
r,iin,w.,ri,v sncoi-e local storms and hsavx -f-
rniiifalls. Tenilerature was nearly Sta- 'Jf S
nnrv iii the United States yesterdar :t'i
...... Atnf ...lulniiini vnrmrffwt wa !M A. "i :
grcesFuhr., at St. Vincent, Minn.; the chief
maximum. 01 degrees, at FI Pase, Texas. j:
In the Middle slates aim new Kngiaass. f "
rlru'millinr and fresh te llirht nerthwes ,il
erly winds will prevail, winds beceuUfU3
somewhat variable, wtin nugmiy lewactsvs
toiiiperature, followed by higher tempers. "yA
ture in this suction and by cloudiness near jH
Mke Frie al nlgnt. aieteoreiogicai cenai- "$$
liens will probably Da laverauie nutji
i,ri.l,ii. itiiiw In almost all sections ta-w' !
day, but rather chilly weather Is likely la &S
set in te-morrow ever the Noithwest e-S
I- ;m,r .--i-- '.. , , ... ,"
Itobbed tbe Malls, ,
Themas V. Gallagher, a caser In Um.
Phlladel)hla postemce, was arrested am
Tuesilay night, en the charge of robelaf
the mall. Twenty letters were found uptss
1II first love wa rull twenD-nve;
Ile lxtiUsii when he neught her,
Wheu lie at forty illd arrlv
iu mWM bcr for Utr daughter.
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