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Accidentally shot.
lie With llarvey AlbrUjut, Who Was
oetlDK at Sparrows. He Get In
flange of the Gun and la Hurt.
(sheeting neeldent, In which a young
was seriously, if net fatally, injured,
it-red last evening In the yard or
I tries F. Itengler's residence. Ne. 12."
it Lemen street. The boy that was
t was Jelin liochringer, fin clovmi-year-eon
of J.O.Bocbrlmzer. the well known
ler under tlin I Hester house, whnsn
be la at Ne. 33 East Lemen street. Tlin
J, In whose hands the weapon wa, that
i discharged, was Hnrvey Albright, aged
jen years, wne rcsiues wun ma ineiner
Market street several doers nlmvn
hen. Thore Is no doubt that the sheeting
b purely accidental, but it shown hew
(lv u person may be killed orcrinnled
ilffe by n eiin In the hands of a person
(accustomed te their ue. The weapon
Ibis instance was n target gun. There
ivory many or mis kiiiu ei snoeting-
Ins in this city, and they are mostly
lied by lieys who nfUimes are very
bless In the use of thorn.
jeung Albright Is employed In Gra
il's comb factory, at James and Market
ects. Uu account of the presence In
In of the circus yesterday, the factory
h net running. Aiurigm ana aaniuei
rzeg, a boy about the same age, who is
j employed iu the factory, woretouothor
Irlng the forenoon, Horzeg had a target
m which no ucsireu te sen,unu no unaiiy
Uuced Albright te purchase it for $2.2.i.
3 latter paid 7e cents en it. anu icit me
nainder unnald. The mm was rather
I and the trigger pulled hard. It sheets
illoflMcnllbre. Albright went te the
L'lis In the afternoon, and after aellur
hiie In the evening shouldered Ills gun
ll went evor te Mr. Honsier's heuse.
cre be says he obtained permission te
let nl sorrows in the yard, lle was
ned by Mr. Ilengler'H son H-Vcd, Jehn
fehrinuer and two little bevH by the
:no el Deitrich, but the last named pair
in went liome. Albrigut anu young
sigier were down In the btck part of
yarn ler a tune ami me inrmer
tne gun lour or live times, wuen
y came ui) towards the house, Beoh-
gcr was standing en the rear perch.
Ijrlirht saw n snarrew slltlm? eh a. lower
lb of a tree between him and lleehringer.
was afraid that he would hit the
f if he flrod,se he culled te him te get nut
the way. The little fellow tlld
ve away, but uiifortunately stepped
the range of the gun just as
jright pulled the trigger. The
vs wero hoiiie illstance apart, but tlie
LI struck Doehriuger in the right eye and
fell te the ground. The ether boys were
I fiiithtencd that they ran away. Mrs.
hlgler heard the cries of the wounded
and she ran out and Ien ml uim lying
the vnril. With the assistance of ethers
13 took him into the house. Dr. Chadniau
Es sent for and he was followed by Drs.
3tzger and ltohrer and later by Dr. M.
iiierr. i no iittie louew was unconscious
most of the time. but was able te tell
Vt he had been shot and said that it was
f accident. After a time lie was removed
, bis home and his condition seemed te
very critical all night. The physicians
Might it best net te prebe for the ball
lieu they aid net iocate last nigiit. this
ernlng the boy seemed better and was
tlrely conscious. The sight of the oye
Uceinnletelv destroyed.
Veung Albright after going home with
3 gun, returned te Air. iiongier'H nouse
d iu a straightforward manner told hew
i sheeting occurred. lie also assisted te
rrv the wounded boy home. He was
hn by a reperter of the I.NrEM.ier.Ncuu
I is morning, when he related the fuels as
yen abeve. He seemed te be greatly
eiried ever what the trouble he bad acel-
ntally caused and expressed himself as
inir vervserrv.
Dr. Cha'dman examlneil the boy's wound
is forenoon, 'lhe ball cut through the
torler part of the oye and ledged in the
tcrier wall, where it new is. It did net
ueh the lir.iin, as was at first suppiscd.
,ie nhvslclnii savs the boy will recover,
it lie will be totally blind of the right eye,
blle the otlier may be affected. It was a
;ry narrow escape ireni ileum anu may
k-ove a warning te oilier boys witu tne
krmlcss (?) taiget gun.
Ibsurdlty of the Moasure Illustrated
By Application te l'hls County.
The Washington correspondent of the
illadelpiua i.eiujer says: ine advocates
' the siib-treasurv bill were before the
tnimittee en weyn and means en Wed
sdav in full force. C. A. Macune, chair-
n of the legislative oemmltteq en the
atinnal Alliance, was the spokesman for
ie delegatLin, mid read a long paper
Ivecatlng tliopassage of lhbill.' ile was
maidcrabl v lern up by practical questiens
idresscd te him by Mr. Flower, of New
nrk. After Mr. Macune had read for
early au hour Mr. McKinle3 propesod
tat, as the address was iu pi hit, it would
ejustas wen in siiemn aim ret some in
te ether gentlemen take the stand, but
Ir. Macune ebfectcd te tills and Insisted
pen reading his paper, which he was nnr
litted te de. The absurdity et the bill,
hlcb would rcauire the uovernnicnt te
reel buildings iu overy county for the re-
option et agrlciiuur.u products in ox ex
hnncn for trensnrv certificates, cannot be
etter illustrated than by applying it te a
roductive county llke that of Iim-aster,
'a. irtlie city nan iiuuuing ana an me
'nited States buildluirs at l'blladelpbia
enld be transform! te Iincaster they
,'euld net held tlie surplus agrlcul-
iml nrnjlnls nf lluit cnntltv. nnd vet
he bill requires that buildings shall
e erected in every county iu every siaie
i the country, upon tneuoinanuei luucui-
tnni. Absurd as mis measure is. me lend
ing oemmltteoof Congress is found actually
Ipending time in listening te arguments in
Its favor. Kvcry member of Congress iu
urtVaite conversation spe.iKs ei me uiu us n
Siest extravagant and silly preposition, yet
lemnarativelv few of thorn have lhe
lourAge te publicly charactorie It as It
An explanation of the bill will be found
In the editorial columns.
l'neiiAiii.Y MintiKiu:ii.
I'lie Fiithtir of l'Veilorlelc Scliumiii'her,
Vormerly of This City, round In tlie
Delaware itlver.
The body found in the Delawaie liver at
L'amden ou Wednesday was that of J. J.
V. Schumacher, a tailor or Philadelphia.
Ills trousers pockets were turned Imslde
out, and It is ueneyeu no was murdered.
SChumaciier was ajjeu ui aim a naiive ei
kfflcklaebtirtr. Germany. lie lUed In this
country 4Q vears. a large .irt of the time
at Muncy. Ia. OI lale years lie leihled in
Philadelphia, nnd wasoiieefWaiiainaker's
foremen. He left home en Tuesday. His
wife is convinced that lie had bowl robbed
anu murdered anu ins iMiuy mniwn mie
the river. Hlie will will net spare money
in seeking the guilty person. Mr. Schu
macher was In geed health and sound in
mind. He had no intemperate habits.
Frederick Kcliimmeker. ir.. the son oithe
deceased, who resides iu I'hlladelphla, Is
the son-in-law nf Ames Soiirbeor, el Ne.
100 l;ast Vine street, r roderlcl; was a resi
dent efthls city for two year, residing en
est James and uat vinii streets. He nati
charge of the merchant tailoring ilep.irt-
mem ai jiarun ures., ort!i (jueen street.
Ills Head Was Whipped (Mr.
uiiniii i'i,uu unipiuye ei me cuy,
Iwas killed in a remarkable way in Wilkes-
Ine.'re en uuncsuay. nue uiiliadlug
jseeu'ata new bridge lhe wire repnguy el
, derrick, which was wmie uVtunee
'e, and like the Iren lash of tin
'; ceueii about his neck, and
HOIUienlPlelely decapitated hlui.
I J acK.vtaueeus.
Filling Teeth "" t
rlalties. KewHciim. ... ,T1 ...
and remodeled. Teeth'l1 bX I-lBUtlnir.
...! iili-nlul .M V.. f fl 1 .1 Imj..... ut
uu jji.m, - .,-.- v. .umii lain
teDentUtrywil i reccUe r plaoe yesterday
very Moderate Tcrmn. I,i,il ,v VuiTi
NalherHU the ONLY Ueij ' '' J1 r
who U a graduate of MedlclnlluauIe MC)r, be
jittry. an advautagt that U eblei". was struck
pirMwii 4eu.
The rolteetuen anil Constable Kept
gtilte Ilusy ou Wednesday.
As a result of the large crowd In (own
yesterday te nee the circus, business was
brisk with policemen and constables.
While no very serious disturbances
occurred drunks were numerous and the
ofllcers were kept busy in escorting theso
who became tee noisy te the stationlieuse.
When Turnkey Furlow called the roll this
morning twenty-five subjects answered te
their names for rations.
Mayer Clark held his court at 8 o'clock
and had eleven cases te dispose of. The
first one called te the bar was Cel. Ttobert
Tagirart, The colonel Is a frequent visitor
te Lancaster and was ejected late last night
from the Hlester house for disorderly con
duct. He was taken te the station hotise
by Oftleer McGlunls. When arraigned be
fore his honor he pleaded hard for his
liberty. He said he hail net drank any
liUer for evor a year, (which statement
was net true), that he came te town te see
the circus and meeting an old acquaintance
he took a drink which unset film. The
mayor thought the onlenol entitled te a
rest and sent him te Jail for 30 days.
Francis McMlchael was the name given
bv a teunh who fellows the circus. He
teals whatever he gets his bands en. JIe
was at the City hotel last night and stele
an overcoat belonging te ene of the guests.
He was caught In tlie act by the clerk.
Sorgeant llroeme was sent for and Mc
Michael was locked iid. The owner of the
coat could net attend court te prosecuto the
larceny case. McMlchael was under the
lnlluonce or liquor and he was sent te Jail
for 30 days.
Jack Diamond, who claimed te beleng te
the peer house, came te town te see the
show. He behaved very badly and the
mayor sent htm te Jail for 30 days.
Jehn Dixson claimed Coatesvllle as his
home. He was very drunk and this morn
ing hed no rocelloctlon of his bad conduct
last night. He was given Si hours te get
The remaining cases bofero tlie mayor
were ordinary drunks. Four parties paid
the costs and three wero discharged, it
being their first olfunse.
Bofero Alderman A. F. Dennelly II. F.
Bard and Wm. McCemsey, youngcouiitry yeungcouiitry youngceuiitry
men arrested en Middle street for disturb
ing the peace, paid the costs. The sumo
disposition was made of cases against their
I'omtuulens, James McCemsey and if. K.
II. King, bofero the same magistrate, and
against Khssell McCemsey and Adam
lilecher at Alderman Uarr's. '
Jehn Martin and Charles II err, two
Maner township sports, came te town
yosterday, and In making suie that they
f;et their share of beer both get under its
nlliicnce. Tliev started for home -and
went out West King street yelling at the
top of their voice. OP.1 cer Hclber told
thein te keen quiet nnd they told him te go
te a place which is said te be much hotter
than Millcrsvllle. The oltlcer and Con
stable Tyle arrested the men, who wero
discharged by Alderman Decn this
uierning upon premising te send in tl e
costs. 'Toetller ' Klchardsen thought he
must mix himself up in the squabble. He
Interceded In behalf of the young country ceuntry country
uien und followed the ofllcers te lhe statleu
heuse. He was then locked up and Deou
gave him 24 hours.
James Grandison,au old man who said
he was a sailor and has been all ever the
world, was arrosted whlle drunk ou the
circus grounds yestenlay by Censtable
Shubroeks. He said he get his lead acci
dentally by meeting old friends, but he
loekod as though he was thankful for such
accidents. Alderman Deen gave him ten
The City Hetel's Display.
Twe years age the finest display of fire
works seen in Lancaster in a long time
was given at the City hotel. The fireworks
were purchased by tlie proprietors and
guests of the house, who subscribed a
goodly sum of money. This year Johnny
Schauin is making extensive preparations.
The llrowerks have already been ordered,
end there will be many mere of thorn than
evor bofero. They will Include several
line pieces, and tlie famous Hying pigeons
which travel up and down North Queen
street by wire. They wero Introduced for
the first time lu Lancaster by Mr. Schaum
two years age. It Is well that Lancaster
has hoiiie patriotic citizens, as the holidays
have been sliding about almost unnoticed
In this city. This year July 4 will be
properly observed, for there will be a big
horse race In the afternoon and the big dis
play of fireworks In the evening.
Te Jein the Episcopal Church.
Allentewu Ulaputch te Philadelphia Ledger.
Considerable stir iu church circles has
been created here by the announced pur
pose of Itev. Merris W. Chrlstman te with
draw from the Itofermod church and join
tbe ministry of the Episcopal church.
He was te have been examined at
this week's session of the classls of
Lehigh for admission into the lto lte lto
fermed ministry, but has decided net te
attend because of his new convictions.
Last week he graduated from the Hefermed
Theological seminary at Lancaster. Mr.
Christmsn expects te be assigned by As
sistant Bishop Iluliseii, of tlie dioceso of
Pennsylvania, te a charge iu his see en
Friday. He declined te be a candidate for
the ltelenned pulpit of Itev. M. It. Hill, at
Seuth Kasten, because of his purpese te
sever his relations with the Hefermed
.Tumped Their Heard Hill.
Last November Jeseph Derwart, who
was a boarder nt Cenrad SchacfTer's
absconded, sticking his landlord for a beard
bill. Yestenlay Seujoll'er learned that
Derwart wai an ompleyo of Forj Ferj
paugh's circus, but it was tee late te get
lilin. SchaefTcr, accompanied by Censtable
l'rice, went te Lebanon te-day te arrest
On tlie read back they will step at Head
ing Ter Harry Steiger, who Is wanted for a
similar elfcu and also for larceny as
bailee. Stciger borrewnod an umbrella
from Schaeifer te go down town. That Is
the last he saw of Stelger.
Ofllcers Installed.
i:. J. Krismaii, assistant adjutant,
quartermaster general, installed tbe billow
ing etlleers of Canten I-ancuster, Ne. ',
Patriarchs Militant, ou Wednesday even
ing. Commandant, H. O. Leacbey; lieu
tenant, A. l'eter Heist ; ensign, Charles 11.
Gilgere ; standard bearer, W. F. Yebn ;
accountant, Harry I. Spencer; clerk II. M.
I). Lrismuu. Tbe present moinbershlp Is
53 and the organization is in a prosperous
condition. The Canten will be etlicially
inspected at the June meeting.
Ciiiten Lancaster: Guard, A. W. Win
ger; sentinel, Jehn P. Suyder; picket, W
S. Dlller.
The A.M. K. Conference.
The 24th session of the Philadelphia A.
M. H. conference met at Carlisle en Wed
nesday with Illshep Turner presiding.
Only routine business was transacted and
committees announced. Hev. Selh P. W.
Smith, of this city, Is ou the coiiiinltlees
mi tompcrauce and llrbt year's studies.
Hev. liucklev, or Columbia, Is en the state of
tbe county, first year's studies and contin
gent money. Tbe conference will be in
sesiieu ten days.
Attnohed Ills Inheritance.
A. J. Lberly, atterney for A. W. Sbeber.
Issued a foreign attachment en Wednesday
against Jehn K. Shober for $750. The de
fendant ewes that amount te tbe plaint!!!'
and lie recently inherited an estate from
his father, Dr. Sheber. This Inheritancn
was attacbed by tbe sheriff te secure the
payment of the debt. The defendant Is Iu
ene of the Western states, but his present
whereabouts are net known.
Must Net Use the "Dump."
The street commissioner has had large
notices petted cu the Duke street "dump"
nothing the peeple that dirt or refnse will
net be allowed te bs omptled there. The
commissioner says that he will enter suits
against any parlies who persist lu the
practice after the notice.
Struck Natural Gas.
Natural gas was struck In great quanti
ties In Pulaski N. Y., en Tuesday. Six
hundred feet of iron piping was bleu u out
of the well and the derrick and iiucblnery
destroyed. The noise of escaping uas woke
UP all the villagers at midulgut. Salt water
wm spouted out or the well te a great
Tlie l'erfurinance' Interfered With Mere
In the l'.vcnlna Than In the After
noon Ventures of the Ills Shew,
Tlie Forepatlgh show was In hard luck en
Tuesday evening In Heading, when they
were obliged te dismiss the audience, giv
ing the money back te theso who pur
chased tickets, en account of the heavy
rain. There wero several kinds of weather
lit Lancaster, and plenty of rain Wednes
day, but It cannot be said that the show was
a foser bv It.
After tlie fine woather which prevailed
during the forenoon the clouds began te
galher In tlie afternoon nnd it had every
appcarauce of rain. This did net deter
people from going te the circus, however,
and they went out by thousands te the
park. The tent was (lacked with people
and about the limn that the porrnrmance
opened tlie rain began falling In torrents.
As the canvas !s net wator-proef, the water
came through and for a time It looked as
though the performance would have
te be stepped. The circus poeplo
did net wish te dlssappelnt the
peeple or glve back the tnoney and tlie
show went en. Theso lu the audience, who
were fortuuate enough te have umbrellas,
put them up and kept reasonably comfor
table. Many, however, were pretty well
water-soaked, and the gtennd bocame sort
and sl!pery. The rain lasted for less than
a half hour, after which the sun came out
and shene brightly fur evor an hour. Fer
a time but few clouds could be seen, and
it loekod llke n pormanenl clearing up.
Alter four o'clock another heavy rain set
iu and lhe poeplo caught It en Ihelr way
A two-hour porfermnnco was given, not
withstanding the weather, and tbe enter
tainment was about tlie same as overy day,
although il was cut somewhat. Tbe
nudlence seemed te enjoy it and very few
loll tlie font. Thcro'are very many geed
features Iu tlie show. The performance In
the two rings Included riding by Orrin
Hellis, William Wallctt and Miss Jesie
Asliten, k trapeze act of Mile. Tourner,
feats of strength by Herr Jagendorfer, the
muscular German, who handles huge can
non halls with ease and grace, perch act of and Alten, Adam Forepaugh's
trained elephants and stallions, the very
funny act of Kelly .t Ashy, the "Chl "Chl "Chl
nose laundry, sports," Vc. Captain
Hegardils and Ills talented sons openod
the Wild West porfermnnco by giving
an exhibition nf rille, pistol and shotgun
sheeting that was wonderful. Xoxtcime
the scenes of life ou the praiiie, Introducing
a Virginia reel en herseback by cowboys
and girls, tlie attack ou the old stage coach,
the pursuit and hanging or a horsethlof,
H)iiy exprcss, riding of bucking horses,
Ac This wound up with a reproduction
of tlie battle or tlie Little Dig Hern, In
which tbe gallant Custer lest his life. Cel.
Frank I). Yates took tlie character of
Cuxtcr, mid in this exciting scene, during
which a great deal of powder was wasted,
all tbe Indians, cowboys, seldiers, and
ethors wero seen. This act was very ox ex
citingand was loudly applauded. Although
many mere Indians wero seen in the
thew than before, the Wild West part
is net as strong as bofero. The hip
podrome races, which wero of the regula
tion kind, wero given, and the show wound
up with young Forepaugh's great forty ferty forty
lierso act, which is Hemclhlng startling.
A conceit followed tlie circus preper and it
contained numerous clever acts. The mo me mo
nagerie included u herd of elephants and a
fine collection or wild animals.
After the rain that fell at lhe clese of tlie
afternoon performance, the heavens bocame
heavy again ami remained in that condi
tion. The peeple secmed anxious te see
the show, however, and at the evening
performance there was another very large
crowd, especially of city poeplo. The
visitors lowed tne mcuagorie and scarcely
had they taken their seats for tlie perform
ance when another heavy rain begun. Tlie
performance did the same, but the rain
proved a great obstaclc,fer the water peured
through the canvas In streams. Tbe
rings were muddy and the performers
looked like a let of peeple who bad
been diving with Paul lleytnn. The
show was kept up for an hour, when the
circus peeple became as much disgusted as
lhe audicuce nnd tbe porlermanco was
brought te a clese. Tbe people were net
only dampened but they did net secure
their money's worth anil lu consequenco
there was very much giuinblliig. As the
circus poeplo could net make the woather
they probably did as well as pessible un
der tbe circumstances.
One or the best acts In the circus was by
a fakir, who cntercd tbe tent whlle the rain
was In progress and sold 75 cent umbrellas
for $1.50.
Scarcely was tbe show concluded when
the large I'orce or can vasmen wero at work
iu all tlie rain tearing down and packing
up tbe tents, and removing everything lu
the cam. At an early hour this morning
the last train with the show left for Leb
anon, where it exhibits t enlay.
An rightcen-Yisir-Old Hey Who Weighs
Itut Thlrty-I'lve Pounds.
Among lhe poeplo who applied for lodg
ing at Die station heuse last evening were
Jacob O i ecu and his seu. Charles. When
they came te tbe station heuse tbe elllcers
wero struck by tbe queer appearance or the
boy, but they seen round out that be was a
living skeleton. Tlie young fellow Is 18
years or age but only weighs thirty-live
ieuuds. His arms are net thicker than
small canes and bis legs are lu proportion,
whlle be Is or geed height and In lhe best
of health. The boy has been ou exhibition
at dilferent museums and was billed as
" Shadow Green." He was te have openod
au engagement at the SUir museum, Ne. 531
liewery, New Yerk City, en Monday, May
5th, but the proprietor or the place
failed te take out his license In time and
he was net allowed te open. The boy was
thou out or employment and the father,
who lives in Pittsburg, went en te New
Yerk te take him home. Most or what
little money they bad they spent trying te
get work, but they managed te make tbelr
way as rar us Lancaster. Having nothing
left they stepped off here and went te the
station house. The boy exhibited printed
bills or several houses Iu which he
worked and among tlie company list or the
Star museum, for lhe week that he was te
have worked, there was tbe naine of
Walter Wentworth, the contortionist new
in this city. Beth the father and son ap
pear te be very rosjiectable poeplo, and the
furmer served lu the army. Mayer
Clark contributed snine cash te them und
had a bed made for thorn In his hearing
room, where they passed the night. This
morning a collection was taken up at the
station house. A sulllclent sum was raised
te take the couple te Harrisburg, where
they will remain until they ratio enough te
take them home.
Swept Inte a Sewer mid I) row nod.
The rain storm which visited Heading en
Wednesday evening was ery severe. It
was u veritable cloudburst. The streets
were flooded and cellars Inundated. A
sewer at Third and Walnut streets caved
lu, and Hubert Carl, the KJ-year-eId son of
Select Councilman J, II. Keppclman, was
swept Inte it and drowned. His body has
net been rocevored. The northeastern sec
tion of the city was badly Heeded, the
waters carrying ever tiling before them.
Three feet of water rushed Inte the forge
or the Heading Iren company, putting out
the fires and doing ether Jaiuage. The
wind during all this time became a regular
hurricane and in the country districts con
siderable damage was done. Old Inhabi
tants say they never sw such an electric,
storm and cletul-hurst combined.
Huse Hull Notes,
The games or base ball yosterday re
sulted us follews:
Players League Philadelphia 0. Brook
lyn 5; Chicago 4, Bullale 1 ; New Yerk II,
Bosten 4.
National League Bosten 13, Philadel
phia 7; New Voik 0, Brooklyn 4.
There were no games in lhe American
Association, as the Western clubs were en
t-ielr way Kanti
PA.. THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1890.
Husband, Wins nnd Hen Found Dead In
Their Heme.
News has reached Washington, Pa., of a
horrlble triple murder committed near
llentleysvllle, a small country town en the
National pike, sixteen miles east of Wash
ington, and in the heart of a rich agricul
tural section. It is remete from telegraph
and telephone, and the meagre details of
the crime were obtained by special mes
senger. The family of Jehn Crouch, composed of
himself, his wife, Kllui, and a l!-ycar-eld
son, Andrew, lived within a mlle of the
town en a farm. Crouch was wealthy,
and was reported te keep a large amount'ef
money In tne house. Wednesday morning
a neighbor who went te the house en busi
ness found it closed, There was no an
swer te repeated knocks, and ha went In.
Then he found that the heuse had been
ransacked from top te bottom.
In their boil room, en the first lloer, lay
CmucIi and his wlfe with their threats cut
fiouiearte ear, whlle upstairs the young
man was found murdered lu the same
manner. All the bodies were cold, and
the murder had appatetitly been committed
early in the night. An alarm was instantly
given, and the heuse and vicinity wero
thoroughly searched.
Tracks about the premises Indicated tint
no less than four men had taken part In the
diabolical crime. Frem their position it
was evident that Crouch had been killed
almost instantly. Mrs. Crouch had
struggled hard, and her bleed was spattercd
all evor the room, the death chamber pre
senting a horrible sight. The boy, Andrew,
met his death as easily rs his father. The
opinion prevails that all three were chloro
formed befere the slaughter began,
The house had been thoroughly ransacked
by the murderers, drawers were openod,
and everything or value removed. Search
ing iiartles were Immediately formed,
and the whele neighborhood is being pa
trolled for the capture of suspicious porseu?.
It Is reported that suspicion rests en a
mimber of persons iu llentleysvllle, w he
have disappeared nnd cannot be found.
At a late hour Wednesday night no arrests
had been made. Ne oneknowH hew much
money Crouch had lu the heuse or hew
mucii was secureu uy me murderers.
Vnux's Letter of Acceptance.
Kx-Maver Hichard Van x was off Wed
nesday formally notified of his nomina
tion by the commltteo of the Democratic
convention. Chairman Themas F. Mc Mc
Mahen made a briet speech and then Mr.
Vaux drew from his pocket the following,
which he read, as the meinbers or the com
mittee grouped around him :
CeMMtTTEi:: The announcement you have
made or my unanimous nomination for
Congress by the Domecralti convention of
the Third congressional district surprises
and gratifies me. inspecting the favor
nnd unanimity of lhe Judgment, I cheer
fully accept tlie nomination ou the plat
form adopted by the nominating conven
tion. If elocted, I will net fall te roinembor
that my predecessor held a prominent place
in the coulldenco of the poeplo of his dis
trict, because or his high integrity and the
zeal he manlfesled for the Interests com
mitted te his charge. The w el fare of the
cltlzonseftho district, and Indeed or theso
or this city, In which I was born, will ro re ro
ceive my careful attention nnd support.
What has been established should net be
needlessly destroyed, but the right of the
Individual must be jealeusly protected.
The agency of legislation should only be
Invoked for the commonwealth. Its pros
perity is assured, ir lhe laws afford equal
and exact justice te all men and all inter
ests. With very great rospect, yours,
Iticit Aim Vaux.
Geerge Lnmpnrlur Hum Some of tbe
I'ercpuuith Men Arrosted.
Geerge Lamparlcr is the owner or the
building formerly occupied by Geergo It.
Erisman, confectioner. When (be litho
graphing agent or Forepaugh's circuit was
boron tow weeks age he coutracled with
Mr. Lamparter Ter the use or the windows,
and for lhe privilege Lumpnrter was te get
four tickets for the circus. When he went
te the olllce of the manager ou Wednesday
he was told there wero no tickets tliore Ter
him and Mr. Lainparter then went bofero
Alderman Barr. He made a complaint I'er
obtaining advertising privileges by fa I se
and fraudulent representations. The
alderman hardly knew against whom te
proceed and the warrant was made against
Adam Forepaugh, manager, and the ticket
lakers. When Constable Merringer went
te the grounds he saw Dotectlve Kellogg,
The detective accompanied the ofllcer te
the alderman's and ccttled with Lamparter
by paying him &!, the prlce of four tickets.
IIe asked the amount of the costs and was
told 82.02. The detect! ve paid fH and slid
he would return and pay the balance, In t
failed te de se. Constable Morrluger will
be sent te Harrisburg te-morrow te collect
the balancodueitnd the additional oxpenso
of the constable.
The lithographer who made the contract
is three or four weeks ahead or the show.
He would be tlie preper persen te proceed
against, but as he is net known au effort
will be made te get the money due Irem
Manager Forepaugh.
Orphans' Scheel Ie He Closed.
Tlie soldiers' orphans school commission
lias decided te clese two schools. The
White Hall Institution, In which there was
soiieus trouble recently, will be closed ou
May 31, and tbe Mt. Jey school will close
Its doers en June 30. Tlie reason given
for tills new move is that the buildings at
both places aie peer and net in geed con
dition for lhe accommodation of lhe child
ren. The commission has effectcd a lease
or the Chester Springs school preperty and
the owners will at ence put it in geed con
dition and refurnish it. It will be openod
ou May !M if pessible und the children of
White Hall and Mt. Jey who have no
homes te go te will be sent te Chester
All Ulily Jeb.
Street Commissioner Smeltz finished a
very ugly and disagreeable Jeb last even
ing. At the corner or Maner and Derwart
streets two InletM ceme together, and Ter a
time just they have been tilled up. This
caused lhe water la back and Hew Inte
several cellars In the neighborhood. Ou
Tuesday a ferce or men wero put te work
and they took out no less than two cart
leads et dirt, bricks, Ac. The men were
obliged te ciawl lu upon their bauds mid
knees before they could get out all the
tilth. Iu the dirt tliore was qulte a collec
tion of relies Including si tin boiler, gum
Iiome. bustles, repes and oilier articles that
had been cast away. Grates will new lie
put ever the Inlets te prevent treuble In
the future
Ills Four Seus Are .Masens.
Majer Jero ltohrer, elllciatiug us wor wer
shiplul master, raised Unwind ltohrer, his
fourth son, te the rank or Master Masen, ut
tlie meeting of Lid go CI, en Wednesday
ovenlng. Tlie major elllciatf-d Iu the same
capacity when his sons Jacob B,, Dr
Geerge It. und Grunt woie made Masens.
Jacob P. Shirk !-the wershlprul m tster or
the ledge, but he gave way te Maier Heli-
reren this interesting decision. It Is said
that the raising of four sons te the Master
Masen's degree, by their father, Is without
precedent in the history of tlie order In
this country. After the business meeting
of the ledgo the maer entortalned tlie
members and a Jovial time was had.
Wtllieliii Awarded tlie Cup.
W. I. Wllheliu Is tbe recognized bicycle
champion of the state. Heis a member of
the Heading Bicycle club and in IbsS came
te Lancaster and wen a 175 geld cup lu a
race. Wllbelm claimed It as his personal
property. Te this the ether club moiiibers
objected, and directors of the organization
brought suit against Wilhelin rer the cup.
In court In Heading en Wednesday the
Jury decided that the cup belonged te Wil
heliu. OllUllt Net He Tilled,
Frem the HarrUtiurtf Tele.'rupli,
Collections for the Higbee memorial fund
are still being taken up Inn quiet way In
the Delaware county schools. These can
hardly be called contributions they are
collections and come from children whom
it Is unfair te tax lu this manner, The
Nermal school jioeplo who started the
thing may have something te answer for
when they go before the next Legislature
le atk for appropriations.
The Knuliie Plunges Inte an Kmhauk
ment and Causes Some Damage.
Other Notes Frem that Village.
Nkw Heixanp, May 14. This afternoon
about 2:30 o'clock the ouglne te tlie train
that lias been hauling ties, rails, etc., en
the extension of the Dowuluglewn A
Lancaster railroad was wrecked nt the
south end of the Y at tills place. Tlie
crew had made ene trip nnd wero return
ing for n lead of ties nnd rolls. Tlie
engineer bad orders te go raster ns seen ns
the solid or old read was reached. One or
the men connected with the train that gees
east nt l:r5, left the switch epfin that turns
en the Y.nnd tlie cnglue orthe gravel train
came flying backward ever tlie track nnd
turned en tlie wrong ceurse befere the en
gineer could soe the error. The nlr brakes
were Applied nnd the engine reversed, but
te no avail. Still engine Ne. 030 moved
en. Owing te the smoothness or the track
the drivers slipped nnd nothing could be
dene te check It. It ran tip nil embank embank
ment of nbeut four feet und for a dlstnnce
of three yards breaking the trucks of the
tank and raising the cnglue off the track,
se that for hoiiie time tlie drivers wero re
volving In the nlr.
Tliore wero en tbe englne Knglncer Wm.
Eshlemnn nnd Fireman Samuel Davis,
who Jumped just ns tbe embank ment was
struck. Tlie acting conductor, Mr. Kahn,
who is ene of Keller A Crossen's bosses,
was also en lhe engine. On the curs wero
the surveying corps nnd n let or colored
werkmen. The lalter, when they saw thelr
danger, rolled off promiscuously here and
The wrecking crew were immedi
ately telegraphed for, mid arrived from
Overhroek. Werk was at once begun, mid
In n remnrkably short time the ouglne was
put In position nnd new trucks supplied.
Hev. M. II. Saugroe, of Stcelten, Fa , re
cently vhlted New Helland charge ei lhe
Heformed church, lu the interest or tlie
Stcelten mission, nnd collected iK) towards
tlie erection of a church at that place.
Arrangements are new being made for
the decoration of the soldiers graves en
Decoration Day. As usual this Is In the
hands of the Knights of the Uolden F.ugle,
who upon this occasion will be Joined by
the Patriotic Order Sens of America of
New Helland. Delegations are oxpeetod
from pests of Fph rata and Terrn Hill.
Mrs. Sel Martin was lhe victim of a large
surprise party Tuesday evening, It being
lier birthday. Her friends te the number
of nbeut 45 assembled nt the rosldeuco of
Geergo Gclgley nnd proccedod thencn te
Mr. Martin's. Mrs. M was lhe recipient of
many kind expressions of love and esteem
from her friends. After a very pleasant
supper nil relumed te their hnmei, wishing
in.iny years of happiness te Mrs. Martin.
Mrs. Grablll Dlller surprised the pastor
and the large congregation nssembied nt
.eltenrelch Itofermod church ou Sunday
by presenting te the congregation a line
pulpit lllble, parallel columns and hand
somely bound.
Miss Francis It. Patterson anil William
F. Ilnrper Mnrrled,
Last evening there was another fashion fashien fashien
able wedding In Marietta, In which town
these ovents seein te be of qulte frequent
occurrence. The contracting parties were
Miss Frances K. Patterson, slster of Mia.
H. Burd Cassell. or Marietta, and William
F. Harper, or Philadelphia. The ceremony
took place iu the Presbyterian church iu
the prosenco of many friends of tlie ceuple.
It was performed by Hey. Stewart, of
Marietta. The groom's best man was his
brother, A. II. Hnriier. of Philadelphia.
The ushers were Themas Grady, or Mnrl
etta; Kdward Glrvlu, Jehn Glrvln and
Wharten McMullen, or Philadelphia. A
reception followed tlie wedding at the
heuse of Mr. Caselland It was aiiolegant
affair. Among the strangers who attontled
the wedding wore: Dr. Musser and family,
nf Philadelphia: Mrs. Dr. Glrvln, Mr. und
Mrs. Davis, of Philadelphia ; Miss Welser,
or Yerk, nnd G. G. Cameren, or Wilming
ton. The bridn received many costly presents.
After the reception lhe ceuple left ou n trip
Ie New Kiigland. Schreyer was lhe
florist, and he had tlie church beautirully
decorated witli palms, ferns, croleus and
daisies, while the heuse loekod beautlful
iu cut llewers and sniilax.
Fer Sweet Charity.
Tlie managorsef the Witmer Heme ac
knowledge the following donatiens: Mrs.
JacOu .Jithven, dried fruit, sugar, can of
coceatheta ; fl. Sener t Sen, ene Ien of
coal j Mrs. W. P. Brinten. $1 for a pair of
chickens ; Mrs. Steigcrwalt, ene leaf bread,
ene cinnamon cake, ene glass Jelly; Miss
Mary Hager, 13 glasses Jelly, 1 Jar peaches,
8 quarts ice cream j Mrs. Jue. 'Baumgard
n or, iron soap boiler; Mr. Jue. Baiitn
gardner, lawn mower, oil can. rake nnd
sickle, ene ham ; Mrs. Sacket, large cake,
two pictures; Mrs. J. Fred Kener, two
busliels (Kilatoes, ene table cloth ; Mrs. W.
P. Gorrecht, oue hen : a friend, ene hen ;
a friend, jelly cake tins; u frlend, Jellies;
from Tlie Suushlne Circle, plants for the
Ou and after June 12 the monthly meet
ings or tbe managers will be held ut 10 a.
in. during lhe summer.
"Duly A Viiniier'H Daiiuhlnr."
The season at Fulton nperu heuse is fast
drawing te a close, but a few entertain
ments ure yet te be given befere the heuse
is shut nil for the summer. Last everling
C. H. Gardner's company appeared iu
'Only a Furmer's Daughter," but rain and
the circus kept many people away and the
audience was qulte small. The presenta
tion of the plece was satisfactory with Miss
Lee Lunar as Mmlawc J.uiircnt, the ad
venturess. Llta Liurenee, a child actress,
was very clevor lu lhe part assigned her
and whlle ethers did well there were
soieral that did net.
lie Hud Ills Wiitnh stolen.
Among the peeple who attended the
circus last evening was Michael Sheridan,
seu of Jehn Sheridan, of Seuth Queen
strect. After the performance he started
te walk out orthe grounds and when near
the big front gatea companion asked him
what time it was. Sheridan reached for
his watch which he carried In an upper
vest pocket, but found that it was gene. Tlie
chain whs still tliore and lhe end remained
iu tlie iiocket. ihere Is no doubt that
t ie watch was stelen for the owner could net
have lest it and the thief who get It did
lhe lob very cloverly. The watch was of
geld and a very valuable one.
Tlie Children Fired The Hiirn.
When tbe barn of Divld Huber, near
Willow Street, was destroyed by flre en
Sunday It was said that tlie tire had been
started by a tramp. Twe children, who
were ut home, told a story of a strange
man coming te the place. Since that they
have confessed that they were playing
with flre in the barn and can sod the con
flagration. ' '
A Common Scold.
Bell Hammend, prosecuted by Lllen
Blackwood for being a common scold, was
heard by Aldermiu A. F. Dennelly en
Wednesday afternoon. The parties te suit
reside en Jehn street and according te
Mrs. Blackwood's tostiuieny Mrs. Ham Ham
eond Is possessed of a very vigorous
tnnguc.w Inch she ususaluiest constantly lu
abusing her neighbors. The alderman re
served decision lu the case.
HiiokiiiuVers te OrgnnUe.
The brickmakers of this city hae fallen
into line with the otlier laboring men of
Lancaster, and they will organle a union.
A preliminary meeting te make ,ull ar
rangements, will be held In the room of
the carpenters this evening.
Comlugte Lancaster.
Theactlve members of the II irmoulo irmeulo irmoule
Mieniierchor society will attend the S.en S.en
geriest hore July 3d, (lb, and 5th. The
society Is new rehearsing the chorusei for
that event. The Ueriuauta orchestra will
furnlth the Imtrunieetsl mtuie for the
Meil Who Enjoyed Tlu-niselvcs Punch
ing Knob. Ulliui a Itnndn.
Thore wero several lights out about the
circus during yosterday afternoon and ove eve
ning, nnd they wero nearly nil caused by
drunken mm. qulte an ugly crowd
gathered nt the Park heuse and nmeng
them was Tem Chamberlain, a big tough
from down about lhe neighborhood or the
Mckcl Mines. He Is in the habit or
getting Inte trouble nnd hn seems rlpe
ler a fuss wheuover he gees te any
public. gathering. He began blewinc
nlKiut his lighting qualities yesterday and
seen beenme Involved In nn altercation
with Charles Brcckenrldge, of this cltv.
Hroekcnrldge Is n telegraph lineman ai"d
luw been working Ter the electric car line.
He has the reputation or being qulte n
lighter nnd has been ' In several scraps
whero he showed It. He Is net nrrnld and
was in geed condition fur n light yesterday.
He nnd Chamberlain wero sen'n nt It. It
Just took tlie Lancaster man n few minutes
te glve tlie countryman n renrfnl trouncing
and the latter loll town with ahead big
pueugli for two men. It Is said that later
In the day Hrockenrldgo whipped ene of
Chamberlain's friends.
In the ovenlng there was a tight nt the
circus grounds. A number of voting men
rrem the eastern part or town liegan
quarreling with the circus empleyes. A
big row was threatened nnd several of the
Lancaster men ran llke doers te get away
nnd wite whippings. One young fellow
named Pentr. had a big head put en hlui
by acltcusiiiaii. CoiislnblePricowasonlho
grounds nnd he pulled a rovelvor te aid In
quelling the riot, but he was careful net te
arrest any of the Lancaster men, who are
said te have been the aggressors. At oue
time n let or cowboys, who belonged te
the show nnd were heavily nrmed, could
scarcely be restrained from going In and
taking a part, Jusl for the fun. Fer n time
It was a scene almost llke theso lu tbe Wild
West, but nobody was very badly hurt.
Tin: suH-TitBAsimv hill.
Argument Fer it Ily the Xntleiml Lec
turer orthe riirmurV Alllnuce.
Wasiiiniuex, May 15. The hearing of
the Farmers' Alllance representatives was
continued befere the ways and mams com cem com
mltleo this morning. Mr. Livingston, the
national lecturer of lhe organization, took
up the argument, He said that he bad
found much misapprehension lu Washing
ton respecting the objects or the alllance.
They had net beset Congress; but, as
Mr. Flewer had suggested, they haiMeen
attending strictly te their own business.
A wrong Impression ene without a word
of truth was clandestinely socking te dis
place the ruling political parties. The f ar
mor had been told that the preper adjust
ment or tariff and of the sllver question
wns nil that was neccssiry far the rarmer's
rolier. Tariff had nothing te de with the
matter recommended by the alllance.
The tariff flxed the price of furmer's pur
chases; the sub-treasury bill fixed the
price at which he sold his goods. The al al
llaneo representatives had net been inso inse inso
lent; at least thore was no Intention of
being Insolent. They had talked plainly,
straight from the shoulder. They asked
that Congress de what It could te pass the
sub-treasury bill. Firty-elglit homes of
farmers hud been sold nt mictien lu Con
necticut In one day this week. The farm
ors wauled roller; they knew hew te get
It. They had nbeut made up thelr minds
te let partisan politics nlone for n whlle at
lloprescnliitlvo Clemniits, of Goergta,
had sought te have the farmer's laud taken
as security in national banks. Somehow
Congress bad rofnsei te de it. The na
tional bank systeui must be broken up,
Farmers had te secure leans at excessive
rates or Interest. Thore was no Justifica
tion for that under Ged's bread heavens.
Mr. Flower asked if the manufacturer
did net have te pay the same Interest,
Mr. Livingston replled that he did net ;
there was a difference hotweou watend
stock concerns and rumors' real oitate,
yet the latter was made lhe worst security
In this country. Continuing his argument
Livingston said If Cougress refused te ap
prove tlie sub-treasury plan thou let It re re ro
mevo restrictions hedging lu the national
banking systeui. The farmer would care
nothing affcut trusts und combina
tions and concentration of money ir
they could held thelr crops In sub
treasuries and wero net compeHcd as
at present te soil thein nt stated
times, In Octelinr in the Seuth. He
could thus cscnpe the speculator. It
would be n Ged-send te the country te pass
the sub-treasury bill for the reasen (If for
no ether) that tliore would net be a bucket
shop leff in the United States. The day of
speculation in crops would be dene away
with and produrer und oensumer would be
brought together.
In concluding Mr. Llvln'nii said : "Bo "Be "Bo
pert the bill te the Heuso ii.--Mno hhue
se that It could be ncted upon. f)(i't make
il a question or tarill or or politics, but let
the bill stand en Its merits."
By n Tall of rock lu a tunnel nt Ne. I col
liery, ut Park Place, near Ashland, Pa.,
Jehn Cebusky, anil Michael VecluU, were
killed, and Peter Base.) seriously iiijuied.
Minister Smith presented his credentials
te the czar ycslerday, Mr. and Mrs.
Smith were given un audience by the
C. M. Whltlakerntul G. M. Stubbs wero
crushed te death by a rock In a granite
quarry nt Monrovia, Cal., yesterday.
The Winona, Minn., company's flour
ing mill, elevator, 2.1,000 bushels wheat and
1,'AKJ barrels flour were burned this morn
Ing. I.esH, $300,000; Insurance, 200,000.
The mill had a capacity or 1!,G00 barrels,
and was orthe finest lu the world.
Tlie grand Jury of Portland, Maine, has
reported ou Indictment against Orriu C.
Murch for murder, In causing tlie death or
Julia A. Sbalu by alleged malpractice.
The bill appropriating 100,000 for a
public building ut Allentewu, Pa., was
placed en the Somte calendar this morn
ing. The Irish tenants defense fund has been
closed with n loud or 300,000.
In Moravia strikers are riotous.
At Bilbao striking miners tiireitcif te
raid the homes or initie e net s und troops
are en guard.
.MacLeed Ituleuscd.
Xi:v Yeiiif, Mai' 15. Loslle MacLeed,
uisoclate odlter or irif7irc' Monthly, was
discharged rrem custody iu the TeinLs
jsillce court te-day. MacLeed was charged
with being Implicated with Hebert L. Will
lace in stealing money and bends rrem
Jehn H.Wallace, proprietor of tbe Mvntltly.
The court held that there was net sulllcieiit
ovldenco te keep MacLeed longer a pris
oner. Wlle mid Daughter Suffocated.
Wem'KSiri:ii, Mass., May 15. Tbe wife
and daughter of Presldeut G. Stanley
Hall, of Clark university, weie found dead
in thelr bed this morning, accidentally
suffecated by Illuminating gas, which had
escaped during the night. President Hull
Is out of town. The cuuse was a leaking
gas burner with uu eloctrle lighting ut
t ichment. Medical aid proved or no uvaii.
Muiiettu'x l'e.tmuster.
Washington", May 15. Among the
nominations for postmaster sent te the
Senate by the president te-day was that of
Calvin A. Sihall'ncr, nt Marietta, Pa.
Ascension Thursday.
Te-day Is Ascension Thursday, The holi
day Is net observed In the city te much ox ex
tent. Services wero held In a number of
chimbQi and were Mlmly attended,
Even the Personal Preperty of the
Momuera Used te Pay Their Indebt-
cdneM-A statement te Creditor.
,.,N,E!V YeI"c My 15The Deran A
right company, ene or the biggest con
cerns In Wall street, sent out a ' dally let.
ter" en Wodnesday night announcing
" with the doepost rogret that the heart pan
foci " their Inability te coutliine payments,
Humors nffecting the firm's solvency were
curreut In April, but Indignantly de
nied by the firm, and they new say
In the lotler that they thou had confl cenfl confl
denco In thelr ability te pay In fu'l.
They say : "We have lest everything, net
only the preperty of overy character that
tlie house possessed, but the personal prop
erly of each stockholder has been turneJ
into the funds and lest with the firm's nt nt
sets. The books of the house are open te
the Inspection orcredlters. We have naught
te conceal."
Mr. Dornn placed the liabilities at from
three te four bund red thousand dollars,
and said that there were no assete te apeak
or. All or their creditors are broken and
noiieoflhomnroor New Yerk. The firm
Is descrtbed by the New Yerk Hevald as a
cress hotweeu a bucket shop and a regular
brekerage firm.
Mr. Deran said: "We had some trouble
wild our customers about three woeksage.
A breker In Syracuse, who had had deal
ings with us, saw fit te become frightened
and attaehed our bank account In his city,
lhe report that we wero In financial straits
was telegraphed all evor the country and
greatly Injured ns. Peeple who owed
us money refused te pay us, claim
ing that thore wero was no use putting;
money In a sinking ship. The people
whom we owed made a rush for us.
We gave our creditors thirty, sixty and
ninety day paper, and se covered all ear
outstanding Indebtedness. We also offered
te nllew the helders or our thirty day paper
te put up our netes In hair payment en
margins or In roll payment or the original
margins oil condition that such nkininHni
as might be demanded should be paid in
wunu, mm iiiiiiier agreed IO pay ail pretltS 'iSf-jj
... "."..aN. nn a luBim ui una ener ana
tbe fact that the market was decidedly
bullish, the helders of our notes gave us
tee Ulieral orders. Hence for tbe last three
weeks our exchequer has been subjected
te a steady drnln.'
The firm announced this morning lis In
ability te meet Its obligations. The an
nouncement caused no surprise, as It was
known the firm has been in trouble for
several weeks. Tlie Bosten house su su su
londed buslness this morning.
Mr. MoKlnley Moves te End Debate ou
Ills lllll nn Wailniwtu.
Wakiiinote.v, May 15. In the Heuse te-
Mr. MoKlnley, (Ohie), from the committee ?.
en rules, ronerted a resolution nmvliHn.ii3
that en Wednesday next at neon debate enf
me lanu uiu snail coase and young en the '
mensiire begin. :
Mr. Blount (On.) criticized the majority 43
of the commltteo en rules for reporting the3
resolution, contending that the tariff bill $p
was of a mngnltude reaulrlna-debate and A"
careful conxtderatlon, yet lbs niaerltylt .
arbitrarily osderod the debate te cease en -tl
Wn,i..n.i,... ii' is
Mr. McKiulcy deulcd that the resolution SKjH
una any purpese te stiiie debate. The reoe-'ps
lutlen WMS tint In ilnnv IIia m1iiA.llvAwX'J
dem of dobate, but te deny te It the right J? f
k uuiiiy puiiiiu imsines iy uiintery tu-j
motions and obstructive tactlcr, "js&a
Thn resnlnllnn w.t ndAnlnd ten :$
navs 0'J. $4
-' V-J
A Prominent Mew Yerk Lnwyer Shet by ,',
U Vntltlcr N.fntt- ' I
Nr.W Ymtir, May, 15. A terrible tragedy ';8
uccurruu en wan si root tins morning, 'ft c
when a vlndictlvoTyeung man, Alphenx J. y$,
Htepuunie, snot and mortally wounded ww
Lnwyer Clinten G. lloynelds, member of a $A
law linn at fill Wall street. jU.3
Stephanies father died about two years j
age, leaving considerable money te blsSUjS
"uu iru neus. AUOUl KMMAM Gl "".
i.i.. .... .. ' ... i?
mis imiiiuy wns oil uepesifc Wltn '
a ureauway naie deposit company, en
About two months age Alphena
tiuarrelled with his mother about this J-;
money nnd told her he would get posses- s-j-5
Europe and durlmr his absence his nnthnr nr '
PnilHlllll.l1 f.!IU'VAr IfnOttftMa mAmrimA k '.
......,... ...T(rv. .n..a.M, ,...v MITIMltts
Iter te Isaue attachments aralaat
him and ine deposit company te pre
vent lii..-.vuing ijm touey. Alphen
arrived nil uie steam WlPHSBBsir-
fiein Liverpool this luernirg and-'
uiu niii'iuiujj mi. uiu outcome ei nil ragef;;;
at iiuiiing mat lawyer lloyneld's advice 5g
had foiled bis plan te obtain the money.
When he was arrosted he had about $1,000
In cash lu Ids pocket. Iteyueld's condi
tion Is very serious.
Twouty-IIve Hurled Alive.
At neon an extensive cave-in occurred
lu Ne. 0 mine, near Wilkesbarre, operated
by the Lehigh A Wllksbarre Ceal Ce., 'and
is ruinoreu mat miners are oniemuea.
Twonty-flve men are entombed and tblr
rew: no is thought impossible. Their names
are: Jehn Hansen, Antheny Fraue,
Michael Suhulley, Jehn Sell alley, Jehn
Allen, assistant tire boss, Michael
Henry, Charles Jones, Frank Gal
lagher, Itebcrt Hoberts, Harry Jenes. s
Lllls Williams, Owen Williams, Daniel Jfcfl
Sullivan, Themas Williams, Jehn Penning , ? "
Alimony rruir, jiarry rerry ana son
Owen Perry, Themas Clauss, Jehn Jam'
and four Hungarian laborers.
bsjssj .Wasiiinoten, D. C, May
H Cloudiness and showers with t'
der storms ; continued warm
westerly winds.
llcrnUl Weather Forecasts. The j
slen lu the St. Lawrcuce Valley yes.
morning tias remained nearly statu'
but is apparently filling up. Anetlr
small depression, will meve east n
bikes te-day. A "cool wave" nas
In tlin Nnrthu-Ckl. but It will no
this section before Friday, and will
bly bediverted mere te the south wan
te tbe eastward. Temperature fell si.
In the United States yesterday j the
minimum reperted was 32 degrees Fan
holt, at Moerhoad, .Minn.; the chief mi
mum, M, In New Yerk. In the MlcJ
states fuir woather will prevail, wr"
variable winds, mostly westerly aiy,
southerly, and slight thermal changes, pre
ceded bv slightly lower temperature, and
followed by higher temperature in the
Western portion, and In New England
partly Cieuuy ie lair, biijuiijt i-uuier . s;j
woather and fresh westerly te southerly ijf a
cloudy te fair, slightly cooler
winus, preceuuu uv nun uu aipcuuii, m r?y -
Friday In this section and In New Kogiaae
w armor, lair te partly cloudy weather and
southerly winds will probably prevail,
followed by luwer temperature, and en
Saturday warmer, fair weather, followed
by ralu. The woather conditions are
ravorable far the growing crops, except la
tbe Northwest and upper lake region.
The Oxford ylr.
The s;.rin meeting or the Oxford Agri
cultural society will be held ou June 4tU
flth and Cth. there will be home raolee;
each day with a big coon cake walk en la
.fr. I
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