Lancaster daily intelligencer. (Lancaster, Pa.) 1864-1928, November 01, 1880, Image 2

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Lancaster fntcUcgenrer.
Aw iicrsen who shall, with
the intent te influence or intiuydate
such elector te give his vote for any par
ticulur candidate or candidates at such
election, give, offer or te give
such elector any office, place, appoint
ment or employment, or threaten such
elector with dismissal or discharge from
airy office, plae;, appointment or employ
ment, public or private, then held by
him, in case of his refusal te vote for
any particular candidate or candidates
at such election, the person se offending
shall hi; guilty of a misdemeanor, and,
en conviction, Ik; sentenced te pay a fine
net exceeding live hundred dollars and
undeige an imprisonment net exceeding
1 we years. 77(C law of 1'rimxijh-iin'ni.
A Par! lobe Pitied.
The Republican party has a jewel of
a leader, but nevertheless is heartily
ashamed of him. It lias been accustomed
te be led by men with quite as little scru
ple about the means through which they
sought their ends, but they have been
.iinart enough te l.xep their tracks de
cently covered. Mr. Jewell has either
very bad Inch or very peer fJ:ill, and he
ceme.i te grief se often that it is impo?s.-J-b'enet
te:-:e; that he is sadly troubled
with '.t upid ity. There was .something
of ill hid: in hi; misfortune with these
Flerida telegrams, but it was nothing
but siliines-i te see!: te crawl out of the
dilemma wilh a charge that the Demo
crats v. eie :- king te colonize a Demo
cratic state, lint Mr. Jewell's misad
venture with Ti'i'Hi is the most humili
ating one he has yet had. Te b'j se easily
gulled and te put himself se completely
in the power of his enemies, makes their
chairman a very suitable object of the
aunt hem:: . of his political friends. Te
the world in general Mr. Jewell exhibits
hims'if in a still wer-'":i-ip::cl in treating
with the publisher of what he claims te
In; a forged letter of his presidential can
didate and by cmaging in a written letter
te Mr. Garfield that a consideration
.should be given ler it, declaring that it
was a grea' service- r."i:dcrel. Certainly
if Mr. Jewell relied upon Mr. Garfield's
declaration that the letter was se gross a
forgery thai no one could mistake it for
his writing, he would net have been se
eager te ;.',. je,. ;. confesiien of doubt
from lis publisher.. Ner, if he had been
an honorable man. would he have enter
ed into an arra;i!'-..:ient of any kind with
the criminal'!, whom Mr. Garfield in
,strii''t d him te hunt down and punish.
The I'-'ler of Mr. Jewell shows with
ipiile sufii.'h'iit distinct iies-s, just what
tin; b'irgaiii was; aul if there was any
uncertainly about it, it would be re
moved by the statement:; coming from
Hart the publisher, Jewell the contract
or and I'iltenheelcr the beneficiary;
from which it is clear that. Diltonhec.ler
was te be i warded adequately fort hi-.
" gieat Ki rvice'' credited te him, after
Mr. Garfield should take the presidential
office ::ud In-in position te ilislribule its
It will b '.,-. -ei.tlly refreshing for the
people te ob crvc in hew calm and mat
ter of C0111..C wav the liepublicaii chnir
mau dispes of Cue federal offices in
lelurn for election service:; te the parly.
It. w.i.; Ihu:, they will remember, that
the coii.-piralers weie rewa:dei who four
yiais age :.e aside tin popular will and
secured bylh'ii Sic cheating the pie-.i-deni
te M i. Nnj.e.
Ne one ., ill deny lh;if Mr. Jewell was
quite light in h-ieviug that a great ser
vice would hae been done Mr. (Airfield
by the aduir den lhal. his Cfiinee lelur
was a forget . Judge Ha vis, before
wh'iin the investigation of this fact, hi
new biking place. ;a . strongly and
truly taid thai i! ii is a gen
nine l'-tir it should completely d fe;.l.
Mr. 'anii-pi" . pie.tid' nlial aspiration.
Mr..Jw 1! was no! deceived in thcgicai thcgicai
nesseflhe :.ei vi-e, nor did In, offer te
buy it at loe high a price : his only dil!':
cully i ; he ..ought le buy it. at all;
thereby cnufc:...hig tin weakness of Iiis
cause and i!;e reUcnin si of his morals.
In this latter rc.spccf he gees liglif along
iu company with Garfield-a noble pair
of brothers.
We de net Knew who new feels any
:;ur confidence I hat Garfield did net
write tha! letter. Hardly any Itepub
lican can have se sublime a faith in a
candidate whom (heir own chairman se
distrusts, even if Jewell is a feel. Ami
they de no! cl, much comfort from the
evidence, which se farclcarlj proves that
the man charged with the forgery eflhe
hitler is net guilty. A crowd of
witnesses swear lhal if is net
his handwriting. Streng testimony
declares ii te be Mr. Garfield's,
notwithstanding his declaration that no
one could honestly se assert who was fa
miliar with it. Mr. Hewitt's honesty no
one will .successfully challenge and he
alone is .siilheicnl te nut Mr. Garfield te
confusion in his bread assertion. And,
admitting this letter te be a forgery,
what amoral monster doe; Garfield ap
pear '.J Xe wonder his Republican sup
porters refuse te believe it. Peer lel
Imvs ! hew much they have te worry
them ! Xe wonder they tire mad and in
their extremity seek te bulldoze these
they can influence. One can readily see
that any lespeclable man who is net
blinded by party prejudice must he driven
te the polls with n, bludgeon, bcarimrn
Garfield ticket. lie could never come
voluntarily with all these charges of ly-'
ing, perjury, corruption and servility
ringing in his cars against Garfield : and
wit h the spectacle before his eyes of the
lb-publican chairman buying off his ac
Ven: district can be. made te increase
its Democratic vote 10 per cent, ever
that cast, for TilnVn. Sec that this at
least is done.
Jiirr I'cnn.sylvaiiia ring the old bell of
lilierty te-morrow Hancock .struck it
in 1ST)!. Hancock shall again slrihe it
in 1SS0.
Evkky Djniecral needs te make him
self an active poll committee man from
this date until the polls close.
Cecx.d all that heroic throng of Union
soldiers that fell en the bleed-stained hills
around Gettysburg rise from the graves
where they new await the finanl roll call,
hew many of them, reader, de you think
would vote for General Hancock ? iYieie
All of them, probably. Gen. Meade,
who commanded the Union forces dur
ing that battle, and who chose Hancock
te select the battlefield, was an ardent
admirer of Hancock and thanked him
in his own name and the name of the
country for the great services he render
ed at Gettysburg ; General Butterfield,
Meade's chief of staff and heretofore a
Republican, is for Hancock : General
Sickles, who fought en Hancock's left
and who lest a leg at Gettysburg, is for
Hancock : Gen. Slecurn, who fought en
the extreme right and hurled back Ew
ell's rebel horde, is for Hancock, and se
are almost every one of the great living
officers and brave men who fought en
that bloody field. Can it be doubted hew
the heroic dead, would vote could they
rise from their graves ?
Tin-: time for argument is past that
for action has come. Let our friends be
possessed of a calm confidence. Let them
be vigilant and active. All manner of
devices of fraud will be, no deunt, at
tempted .and a strict watch must be kept
en every ballet until it is counted. Offer
no ballet thai you knew te be illegal and
permit new te br: p'dled by your oppon
ents. Let us have a fair election, in
which every citizen entitled te si vote
shall cast it ; and let the best man win.
There ought te be nothing but peace and
quiet at the polls, for the election law is
j plain : it tells who may and may net
vote : and as the law says se must it be.
! Ii i:ai your electoral ticket and eem-
pare every name with the list published
in the I.vrr.i.ui'sicxcKU. A common
device of the enemy is te substitute some
I of their electors for ours, in the xpecta
j tien ihat tin voter may net open his
i ticket, or if lie does that he will
! fail te notice the change
of the many names en the
ticket. Compare it therefore and vote
' n 'i ticket en trust : for I here is such a
! thing as political licaehcry and men
' whom wni knew as Democrats may have
j been bought by the enemy te distribute
a spurious ticket.
lie. en the safe side. Lxamiiie every
1 name en your ballet IH'erc you cast it.
ji..!M i:A"s should give special alien-
tien te the contest "for J)ivri:i t Attoi: Attei:
xi:v." Thousand. i of Republicans will
iml ve'e for the liepuhiicau nominee
T. .1. Da vi-.. He is grossly unfit for the
oflie.:. An organized effort in his own
party is being made te defeat him. We
must keep and gel even Democratic
vole for. Mr. Mi Mi;u.i..". Consent te
no trading off en this ellice. We'.w
Tin: Democratic, national cemmitUc
prep::':: te ( AttKY ew Yerk, Conncol Cenncol Conncel
cuf ami New .Jersey for Haii"eck. with
all the chances in favor of Maim: and
Indiana, and a hopeful battle in Cali
fornia, Nevada, Oregon, New Ilamp-
I shire and Pennsylvania. .These, with the
1 assuicd electoral votes from the. Seutlu
'afford ccry guarantee of II wrei i;V
! election.
', KxA.iiiNi: ven: ti.m:t We have
1 positive knowledge that the Republicans
j an circulating throughout the eily full
1 Democratic tickets with the exception
I that tin; name of our candidate for As
1 sejiibly is emitted. Democrats of the
! city, examine your tickets carefully and
! see rhal. the name of Kmm G. Snviei:
j is en it, and a!'.e- cry oilier Deunicralic.
i cainlidale.
! Wrc arc going te have a local trial of
ivirlue. ever vice in a smaller aiemi than
the national one and with ;t geed pros
pect, of success, If will take :t liie-proef
diepnblic.-tn te etc for Davi-. ; half of
, tin parly will spin; hiui out. " 's ,s
' ing tee much of them te swallow him
I I 1 i.. tiel necessary f( urge Demecrai.S
te vole te morrow, for they will surely
lallbeenf. I Slit, lei, llr-iil Vete early, Se
that the winking men of Hie organiza erganiza
i lien may have I heir anxiety lessened hc
i cause of their responsibility for the poll
! ingot' tie full vole of the district.
Mi-:..' of Pennsylvania, remember Get
tysburg! The savieur of thai, bloody
field stands before you, and with the calm
heroism that marked hi:: conduct timid
theslerm of bullets I here awaits the ver
dicts of the ballets te-morrow.
Tin: bleed that Hancock shed afCd
iysburg .'.heiild lo-nierrow ft notify a
grateful soil and bear fruit in a glorious
victory for the Jicre of that fateful
I!i:wai:i: of imitations. The Repub
licans an scattering broadcast every
manner of spurious tickets by which te
entrap unwary Democratic voters.
1'm:asi: give tin election day your
efferls and your learns. Let no Demo
crat remain tit home, and change, at least
one liepublicaii vole before you rest sat
isfied. Tin: soldier vole for Hancock will. sur
prise the scheming liepublicaii dema
gogues who have been se .sedulously at
tempting le revive the hitler memories
of the. war.
Tildex had something ever a hundred
majority in this city four years age, but
mat s no circumsiuuci- ie wnai we etui
de for Hancock.
Ski: Ihat the name of Klim (J. Snyder
for Assembly is en your county ticket.
There tire bogus tickets out with his
name left off.
1)i:me('Iat, make no trades. The
opposition only offer Hiem in the expec
tation of gelling the belter of them.
Yetk early, but only once, and see
that your Republican neighbor doesn't
get in an extra ballet.
Dkmutii is pledged te support Parden
Mill Quay for United States senator.
II axceck Gettysburg .
Vete for Elim G. Snyder.
Get out every vote !
A:;i still the testimony comes.
That unfortunate Garfield, who swore se
earnestly that his fee in the DtGelyer
pavement business was net paid him
with any view te secure an appropriation
7 by Congress, is new met by the testimony
of A.lJ.K:rtland,en3 of the DeGelyer par
ties, that Garfield was retained just for
this purpose and because he was chair
man of the appropriations committee.
The statement is interesting as showing
hew easily Garfield took te false swear
ing, although confirmation is hardlv
neededefthe abundant evidence show-
ing his guilty complicity in this job te
? f i i
rob the people. -
Loek out for the Republican organs
Thk Republicans for lack of argument j country in the most perilous days of our
are preparing a campaign canard te be ; ltwy;"tbccityef Philadelphia,by unau
. . . . . t, .... ' isneus vote of councils, honored him with
put out te-night. Beware el their . :i fem:il jnvitatJen .breiieU Maver Henry.
te-night. They will 1m; filled with ;' la.-t I rescued nationality ; the great war minis
cards,'' te be sprung when thev tliinfc ! ter cheeieil the rounded Jicre en the field
. , , -. ' , of Gettyseurg? by his sympathy and coin-
tee late for correction.
JtmsiKK tin; great fraud et . ;- i . e.
which Garfield was se conspicuous an
A vote for Demuth is it vote for Quay
for United States senator.
We can elect both Snyder and Mc.MuI
Ien. Stick te them !
Last rally at the this
evening '.
4i ...... ..,. ..i r .--
A i t li. vote and a fair count v.i 1
. .
carry J'ennsylvaniafer her favorite s-.n.
'ete early and stive
miltce much trouble I
tour poll com.
... . . . . ,.
Claiming That It Will .c-i Liinly
Emi-Ii hiiln
Carry l'eieisylvanla.
Tiie paity figure-men liave l)ec:i busy for
some days, but they are net handy 'with
,i,...;t n, ,... i. :t. ,.,..... ti. i..r.:.i.; ..,
State rrnmniliM! -....t cut : lil.inks f:irlv l:if.ft
week te the chairman of the county com
mittees asking for estimates, hat no te
fast night se few returns had come in that
the committee declined te make up a
table by counties. The only table made
for the Republicans was prepaicd by Scc
cictary Quay, who figuies out :".", it"M Re-'
publican majority. This estimate has been
printed en a slip and privately eiiculated.
Chairman Cessna claims 10,0f)f) and Secre
tary Rogers says it will probably be :;(),()!)!. ,
The Democrats de net make any tables,
but from figures furnished bv Senater
I Wallace and Chairman Dill the fyi;
is made up by tin; iai.t :
I:ii. Den
niaj. maj.
. . lenie
SOW l.'-li.oien
Itt l.clilIi -jjm
.IVi l.acl.-auunn a
t I.IIZr-rill! lifl'l
.. I.yreiniii . . ,'Jikii
.VX .McKian
'J."i)0 Jlerei-r
..iMilllln -Jfi
..'.Meil ret: V'.V.II
.Ml Menteur i;e'i
. .iNeilliaiiij.I'MlKil
..j.N'ertliiliiiii'il. l.'Oi
iViO.reiiy '.Hi
..H'lltluilelptiia ..'lki 11(."
..isclmylliill. ..'"ft
.Mm Miyler
t:: (1 Sullivan 11
.. Venango
ll,VaMhint;l(jn i'i,')
..Wayne H.'ii
. .IWrHtmen I'll l.Vn
IWil Wveinin;; ... lit-1
HM Virl niMI
ID) 1
J 0
It. I
Jli' I
a. vi
This shows an apparent ! tent.
cess of .-,'i.lOin the stale.
Tim V0I1: el IVilliHylvaiil.'t Silire I i.t'At
lieiihw ami i'usieii. I.iiieeln. liell.
I -ui- ii e.Hii:ni..i:i.M;:(; vwrvi u;;i; ...
Hem. Kip. 'I'em. CI. I,
!..' a a. 1 1 ;e .'I'.iii'i'ii.var.
iw; Ooviliier...r.ll7l iRf !
Ia I'lcsiileiit .'IKlwrj ll.'JM'.i
im Ami. Cen... 'iltiTK ZtxitMi
H( Coveriier...2:f'i!ii; :H7J7I
iw;7 siiiCeuii..j(;77'if; wwu
iw;s Ami. i;iu.:K!i7.siauti;
imw i,r-Hicif;iji...::i:ct rsi-j-e ,
IHC.l Coviirner. ..Will.v; IKiH.V.'!
r..vji n
:.-::, 1:
:.7i; 1:
:i';i;i i:
i.i.. u
''-- 1'
i-.-'.i-i it
,.. 1. 1
!-Vi It
...'. :n:!';s it
-"'jr-' l
.... i-x'i 1:
7-ii i;:iii 1:
S7I Ami. (ivit...,Hi'.tM v:r.rM
IM7-' j;iivi!rnei-...8l77'i) a.V-'-7
IH7'.' I'lesMi'iil . . '.'I IHU :sr.i.Vsl
IS7:: Tn-nmi 1 :.. 'I!M7I ills'iS
IH7I I.I. Cov J77r.l." J7i"ili;
1 -7r Coveiiiei-..i:iin:. :iiii7." i::jii
s7ii i'i-:Hiiicui..:'tiii asms i::ih
"i- .'.",K"'-SH"' ,r;i.4 "..":. "- .": ' "7 ;
IH77 I reiiMinei-..i.M7l7 'JIIHIC v-J7 ...".l '.K'Ml I
iN7s-;ovaiiei-...-.7i::7:ii'.ii:i'i :; si 7.1s 'i::-M 1:
IK7H .sup. Court .'i-7-i.'i :iUu ....:i:i.ili; -."sja u
IlTf-J:?",,"I,",i"--V?.,,,i:.l? :il::.1-.':: !?''? sir-' i'-T'7 !f
h;:i 'I'leaMirer. ..".! 1 7 1. r iS()I.V: :wi'l '.7--)7 .V I !' !t
Ineliiilei lii'i'i'iilmc!.-
I IncliKle! I'l'oliiliitieii vote; tin
u:im fill lint Ii llckel.-i.
The I'.iti.ciis of Arizona have been de
voting the past week te receptions hi honor
of (icneral Kiii'ue.NT.
Cen. Chant doesn't think it worth while
loge all the wnv te Calciia te vel.". He
will spend election day in Xew oil:.
Mr. .fenx S. Ci.auki:, who has Ik en
dangerously ill in Louden, is locewring
and will seen be able le : cap pear en tie'
tagc, !
General Hancock ea Friday received two
geld headed canes one from I'radfeul,
Pa., and the ether from Nbrwalk, Huren
county, Ohie, both I he re'sulls of voting i
contests at fairs. j
Kx-Jev. Si'i:eii: still holds the feit :.t i
Cauenehct. A Rroeklyn lawyer called en
Mr. Sprague the ether day and demanded j
Mrs. Kale Sprajjue's wcaihiji aiipaiel. bu! '
lie didn't get anything.
Miss Eva Setiikiin, the only daughter
of tin: well-known actor, has been offered
an cxccllaitl theatrical engagement, but a:
she is a ward of the court of chancery it.
will be necessary le make application te
the court befeie she can accept the en-
The widow of Gen. Ai.iumr Sii.t;v
Johnsten, who fell in the battle "f
Shiloh, is new living in San Francisce.
She is described as " woman of
higli culture, gracious presence and digni
fied manners."' Seme twenty years her
husband's junior, the frosts of ."$ winters
have whitened her hair. Time has, how
ever, dealt, kindly with her and few ladle:,
of her age can beast of se much that is at
tractive and winning in person.
Rev. Dr. Cresby paid this eemplimunt.
te the IJEitNiiAitiiT from his pulpit in Xew
Yerk ysstcrday: "I cannot refrain from
referring le an unholy woman of shame
who lias come te this city te flaunt herself
en a public stage. I hope nene will se de
grade themselves as te encourage her im
moralities in any way."
Ulysses S. Gbaxt, jr., whesj engage
ment with Miss Floed, of San Francisce,
was broken off some time age, will he
married iu Xew Yerk te-day te Miss
Chaffee, daughter of cx.-Scnater Chaffee. .
of Colerado. After a time the company
will take a bridal trip te Mexico. I
AilaniM iva)
AriiiMi-fiiifr ..
ItcillcirU ;(ii
Jlcrks KV.e
ISiieks -Iix)
KiirliT.". j.i
Cuiiil.rlM l.vci
Hilten hh
l.initie lis)
Clarien ir.(i
(.leaillclil '22TM
Clinten I.WI
Celninttlii iri)
;n in i-ti:iti:. i.:e 1
Kile son
Iity:lti; nam
I'erevi ll(
Knlten wl
Cicene -JinHi
lliiiitinileii. ..
.lell'cI'MllI Im
.Iiiiilulii .Till
Hancock am! Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia Times.
Xe presidential candidate' ever deserved
mere from any state than General Hancock
merits from Pennsylvania. He is a son of
Pennsylvania ; he has honored her by his
heroism" iu defense of the Union ; he made
his name and his native commonwealth
illustrious en the field of Gettysburg: he
has been gallant in war and noble in peace,
and his public and private life has chal
lenged the admiration of friends and the
respects of fees.
As here and patriot he has called out the
grateful acknowledgment of the loyal
I lieon'eef the nation. A Republican Cen-
gies tcndeicd him by unanimous vote,
V,c he,naSe f ,t!,e republic ; the cmen
League, as with one voice, came with its
voluntary and sincere tribute form's "gal
i lantrv and distinguished service te
te Independent hall, ' for his brilliant ser-
vices m the cause of the Lnien. President
! Lincoln thanked him in the name of a
j mendatien, and cvciy loyal tongue lisped
tne ii:un": f.t Meifle HevnnlilK finil 1 1:111
f ' :;:, ; r. ,: 'rr; ;r' ... r.. " ;:
1 cucx twin iiean-ieii praise, v.nen inu ..
i ei.iive conflict of the war was wen en
j Pennsylvania's historic battle-field. Meade
and Reynold.-; have passed away, leaving
, their memories green in the affections of
; their countrymen, but Hancock yet lives,
honored as soldier and statesman.
i General Hancock was in political sym
. pathy with Grant, Mcade, McClellan,
! Reynolds and many ethers who became
! distinguished in the nnny, and he ha3 net
' changed his convictions. They may be
i wreinr : but thev am the convictions of
i one v.he-a lntclhircncc and patriotism will
,. . . ...,,: .,.1 . ,i 41 ...... i.,..,,.
; net he questioned, and tlteyaie iienest.
, if j.c.v :;,c net in harmenv with the true
policy of the government, he should net
! be elect d j, resident ; but his eminent
purity of character, his sincere devotion
I te his country and his freedom from the
qualities of the modern politician, must
invoke the enthusiasm of his supporters
...,... ... - ,., V ;
.e:i i.v.iu. i un: ic.-H'Ck ui inuae -f
' "t;!V:r ('l Gmficld for president,
;;' l'a;ss:0" "P'1 V1' "llue '
east the electoral vote of Pennsylvania
! 8lS!U"-t f'CH- Hancock, Lilt wllCtllCl 1.1S
succes shall be rcgaided as assured, or as
beyond the pale el possibility, every citi
zen of the state who beasts of Gettysburg
and wh prefei ; his election te the presi
dency, should east his vote for Hancock
to.iiieiiow. Possible, probable or even
ceitain defeat should be no obstacle te tin;
performance of such a duty, and it is this
consideration that, will give Gen. Hancock
a laiger -U; en Tuesday than has ever be be
feie been cast in Pennsylvania for any can
didate for president. He will largely ex
ceed the vote of Tililen in Philadelphia,
and his vote in the. stale will be larger
than that cast for Hayes in 1870. What
ever may be tin; anticipated issue of the
pre-cnt st niggle, every citizen of Penn
sylvania who believes that Hancock's elec
tion would be wi'Il fur the nation, should
(.::-! hi-; vote for him te-morrow.
An e;:ee!!fnt woman- in the Xerth re
cently prepped te pait for inederate sum,
that i:, a comparatively moderate sum,
with ceitain secret, information touching
the re-ul! of the coming election, which in
formation had been conveyed ie hci hci
thieugh a series of dreams. The Itepubli
e.ui oatieiiai ceuiiuitteu neglected te avail
itM !l of thi: capital bargain, thereby tacit
ly acknowledging its e.-.-pectatien of defeat.
Perhap-;thc liepuhiicau national commit
tee will take greater intcicst. iu the follow
ing marvelous lelalieu which comes from
a woman in tin; Seuth. Here is no dream
heicaie bold, stern figures. The pro
phetic Kpiiif. deals no longer with the in
tangible "stall' that dreams are made of,"
but. with the mateiial hone and sinews of
aril hnieli'. Tin: prophecy is tersely
I laid down a". follews: "Garfield
! and Arthur shall net be elected.'"
The title te credence of this
I prophecy is in this wise established :
I :!i!Il" is tin; pivotal key. Kverybedy ad-
I li.'l.: tl.-.l i! Iu '..r.. fiie (iirilv..u "ft'l'l"
' " v-"' -' .....v. "--
te stand out iu hiiniing ciiiuseu against,
the giay en Tuesday morn
ing, .Mr. Garfield would lcceive very few
vel ". Kven se geed :t Reiitihlican and se
,ad a believer as (.of. Rebert Ingersoll, el
in:....;. 1.1 l l...:i..i .. :.. n.,
llliuei ;, would jierhajis hesitate in these
1 circumstances te vote ler (arfieid. Is
j Iheie any less leasen te recognize in the
! following "phenoiiieiien" a supernatural
ielerfeiencc i:i the interests of parity and
j truth '.' Head the prophecy llieiightlulfy :
! "Cailielil and Aithur shall net be elcclcd.'
' Xew apelv tin: malhcmatical test. Kverv
leti' r in I he aiphabct has of course a spe
I - , 1 1 ,t - , 1
,:,:1 numeneal value: thus a is 1, 1) is
j '?, Mid s.i en. Take the first word
! in tie iiiejihclic sentence, and having
, . 1 .1 ..-.. . 1 ,
' '"'" ' leicii ini; le.ij.cuiivi: liillline:. 111
the Iciteis which form it, add up these
j iiiinhcrs. The icsiilt will be found te he
j Cil. I'lecccd in this manner with the next
; wesd ''and,'' and with each successive
! wind. Xew add up the totals, and the
result will be found le he :;21M "Gar
field and Aiihur shall net Ik: elected,"
and t!,u awful "tWti" proves that they
shall net be! Ijst I he liepublicaii na-
I tienal committee should declare this entire
j statement a "forgery,'' or something
ecpially dieadful, the following table of
figures is effeicd te i it-publicans for study
and reflect ion :
I ffitrflcM Anil Arthur Shall Net V.r Klerlnl
;-? a i a i . i:i x ii i:-- i: .-
a i x n k-is ii s ir, i: -.-. .v
i: 1 n - i t 'j i a i t -jii !: .-.
I- : 11 s .-i ; :;
l a : 21 r.-i; r i
i: r. k-ih k r.
I.-I2 i- I
i- i
riiii. :;:!.
;ivim: thank's.
II.i'--t's l'lixhiiiialieii Aispeinlla
; Novum!! i i
... as i l:iiiK.s-;iviii-; iluy.
The follev, Iitr was issued en Salurdsy
by the piv sidenl. of the Ihiiti'd States of
A I'i-e-iaiiiatliii.
At no period iu their history since the
Coiled Stales became a nation has this
people had s. abaudaut and se universal
lcasens for joy and gratitude at the favor
of Almighty Ged, or been subject te se
profound an iea te give thanks for
iiis loving kindness and humbly te iin iin
plen: Iiis continued cue and protection.
Health, wealth and prosperity throughout
all our hoarders; peace, honor and friend
ship with all the: world ; firm and faithful
adhcn.uce by the :cat body of our popu
lation ie the principles of liberty and
justice which have made our greatness as
a nation and le the wise institutions and
strong frame of government and society
which will perpetuate it for all these let
the thanks of a happy and united people as
with one voice ascend in devout homage te
thc.Givcr of all geed.
1 thcrcfeie recommend that en Thurs
day, the 25th of November next, the peo
ple meet in their respective places of wor
ship te make their acknowledgments te
Alinig!il,y (hid for His bounties and His
protection and te eiler te Him prayers for
their continuance.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the United
States te be fixed.
Dene at the city of Washington this first
day of November, iu the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and eighty
and of the independence of the United
States tiie one one hundred and fifth.
Ry the president : R. B. Hayes.
Wm. M. Evauts, Secretary of State.
There were 535 births, 213 marriages
and 54 1 deaths in Xcw Yerk city last
Riots growing out of the prevailing po
litical excitement have occurred in Denver,
Cel., St. Leuis, and Key West, Flerida.
Charles O'Neill was fatally shot in the
abdomen at Cincinnati during a sticet
The boiler of the Atlanta (Ga.) lleuring
mills exploded en Saturday, killing the en
gineer and fireman.
Sephia Ingicnita, who arrived in Xew
Yerk from Itnlv en Snte-.flnv 1.1.-.-1- 1 1,0
gas out and suffocated.
'!. .;,. -1? ri. .. r.11 1 it. ...,....,.
viiaiic.- ii. j. .1131.-1. il'ii uiiecr uiu wiicein
of a inevi'
ing railroad train, at Central Fall,-,
Friday night, and was killed.
' '. UIJ A Illicit lll-'ill. .lll'l ...l l.lllUtl.
Monumental cotton press. Union
, Baltimore, was btnncd en Saturday
night. Less. $ 10.000. besides a large quar.
tity of cotton.
In SusEcc county, Ya., Mattie Sharp was
standing near a lire, when her clothing be ( there will be considerable trouble at the
came ignited, ami hofere help could he had ' V0R en election dav. It is stated that all
she was fatally burned. the iaw hil(,pi ,,'avc becn deleted of
Henry JJleyer, ex-city councilman, of ! revolvers by the new-made deputy mar
Wilmington, Del., disappeared about ten I shahs and sheriffs. It is said there is no
days age. and his body wa-. found in the
lirainiywme, yesterday morning, it 1
thought he was murdered.
Three soldiers of the Xiiiciy-eventh
regiment have been arretted at Halifa::,
X. ri., for assaulting and outraging Lliza
Davis. The woman's mouth was cut by a
bayonet which had been ucd a; a gag.
The Wcntwerth heu-.c, in Walpele, i
.515,000 ; hotel fully insured.
II.. with a livery stable attached, occupied . thc niayer icturned the fobewmg reply :
byMaynaidltrV. v-a, destroyed by fire j -.Irancnter into 11.1 agreement with 11
yesterday. R. L. Ball's -hoe store and the Vm c(1 Statcs ''i'j":i1 a"l tin; shcnil et
pest eflicc weie badlv dam:".vl. Less, i Cook county, wlie fiave ret used te appoint
,IM:T:"l i wheselisterest they are
te-day, the comp-my net having complied
with its terms. Tin; Cape Ced i-anal com
pany, of Massachuaetts, will la!::: up the
work as rapidly as possible.
The article", of incorporation of tin. Chi
cu-e uiviii- jku'k wen; :orwar.ieo re .iprmg-
field en Saturday evening. The incorper-
aters arc U.II. Campbell. H.V. Reams and
A. T. Richmond. The corporation will
have a capital stock of :iOf!,00'), divided
into .shares of $100 each.
The steamer Antisana, Captain Uurge.-a.
from Savannah te has arrived
.1:..: ..i : 1 .. .-1
at ueen.'.tev.-u short of coal. She lauded
the inew of the Rriti.di shiplndia, Captain
-McCarthy, from Quebec, September 15. fur
Liverpool, which was abaudeucd. water
logged, en the :2')tii of S'.pte.mber, live
hundred mih.. wsl of Fastnet Re.;!:.
Leen iSe.lmeut,
,: ung woman v.
heenreiire'-eiitinx h-:rsc-Ifas alma 11 iu
ueapelis, MiMii.. by wearing tin: bifurcalcd
garmvut, and who said sac was a nephew
of .Mr. August, i'elmeul, of Xmv l'erk.
lias had her sc-x discovered, ar.d is in c.r--tedy.
Sin; became intiniat- wjfli ti;"
family of .Mrs. Wai e, of i.ead City. aa'
had wooed their daughl'-r Gr.icie.
William Frit .eh. a German shoemaker
of San Francisce, killed hi; wife Frances
ka en S-iturday by cuMi.ig lu-r threa..
after derpfnite lvsLtanee en her part, in
which she received a number of miner ;
wounds. I b then btabbed himsi If a dozen
times in the breast and stennscli, inflicting
probably fatal wound ,. Dem."-ti.; tieubl-.
caused the tragedy.
Dining tin; temp nary aiienc; of lie;
family the re-ideinv: of .Ie'.:: Dillingham,
at Xew l'respc", v. as n!e:ed by burgla: ; ,
en Satin day. who r.ius:n:l:ed the heu-e !
from e'dlar te garret, carrying off .'ilver
jewelry and cl-thiie.
vain d . it about
evidently mc!
$300. The. ,,i
deniy alarmed, :. i
UllI of
:'! en- j
The pedes'. rial i contest. !.- lie: eham
pieic-hip of t !ie weild began this morion" merion" morien"
iu Louden. .Si:: eempi tileis--naniel.",
Littlcwoed., ISrewu, II iweli.
Deblcr. and Hew.nd,--wi re; slarli-d at 1
o'clock by Sir Jehn As' Icy, en one of the
best track., ever laid in Agricultural Half.
The score at '', e'chek was a ; fellow..:
Littliw'oeil, K! miles; Tcgrani, 10 miles:
Itrewn, III miles: Rewel!. 10 miles;
Deblcr, 15 mile. ; J'ew.ird. bl'miks.
l ;:
Harry Zrl-y Alli-mjils t It-.iv
ihii Ie -.ei.iiie liW Hener,
Last night at ll.e lien: ;wii'ii churchyard.-;
yawn"' a brother of tin; coil. ir of
the Schuylkill Il jmiUfii,i di.-iurbed the
peaceful i epo-e of a t ype compositor em
ployed en the f'hrenirlf. and left liie fol
lowing h'llcr i.i which was encie.-ed a
Democratic count v ticket wheal .1. H.urv
had received as ;-. compliment from a mem-
her of the; Fourth di.stii--l. committee who
was authorized te give it te him. Fer
bold faced hnpudene: tin; di.-graceful
preposition cmhedice! in tha letter I-c.-.N j
anything we have ever .ven in politics. I!
proves that, Iv!i(.r Zer'-ey is ignorant of'
the confidential relations which exNt in :dl j
well-regulated pihil.hig cslabli; hmenis a: d i
shew.1; te what h.irc u-:;s .Mr. Sigfrh-d';-. j
organ boy will pre, lilut- his pe.Mli.iu in I
order te !i an :u-t, of counterfeiting. j
Tiie-iiii'i i.kii.i, i:i;im;i;!.ii'ax."
I'l-iiirlifl II''.,'.; rflhr ('.iin!;;. ('ii'flut ,.i
.i. ii. , '.ni:i.r Mni ru.jirii or.
Mi:;r.v.'vu.i.v., Ii. IS.V.
Dhai: :
1 must have: two words of county as
like the heading te th ; Deme-rath: ticket
enclosed. Can you ge t l!ie two wei I out
of the case and let me have them'.' 1 v.i. I
pay you, , forth:- Ireub'-.
(ict it if! possible. The IVm n:.its
have ceiintei'feilcel our tickets and new we
must de the same.
Your old fiie ml,
.1. II. ::r.t:i.KT.
leave it at the store te-morrow n m:i. !).
me the favor Icusr.
Thus we; expose the attempt, te bribe an
employee te steal from his employer".
Then: is"no Merey or I'cllihoever busi
ness abei'st. this letter of Zerbi'V:-. The
document i.-. genuine. Weaie net having
it steieetypeel for publication, nor have we
sent for F.xpcrt II. inch te prove its gen
uineni'ss. Zeibey won't elise-Iaim it. It.
is his handiwork from top te bottom, ami
any reader ma j.;; : c and compare it
with any ether p. .!u ; .:i of the biil!i;t.
le their heart's ceiilea!. en ani)H'".ieii.
Tin; dead body of Anlhenv
Walsh a
young man.
.vas found en I'm: Lehiirh Val-
ley i-aiiread at .Milan, near Pittston
was run ever while walking en the track.
David A. Wells, ::-mcmb"r eflhe Penn
sylvania Legislature, and a leading Demo
cratic politician of Pike .-..inty, died c
terday in .Milfenl.
A mass meeting of Philadelphia work werk
ingmen cm Satunlay listened te
urging the re election of Iiebert E. Patti
son, city controller, and adopted i (-solutions
denouncing the importation of Chi
nese labor, and the use of money at elec
tions, and calling upon the friends te re
ject only geed ami tiied men for ellice.
joe;l Xcius ir.ini CiJiiiiccticuJ.
AH indications point te a complete
Democratic victory in Connecticut next
Tuesday. New Haven will give Hancock
;j,000 majority and the state ret !e-s than
5,000, The Democrats have been making
a splendid canvas':. .Volunteer committee"
arc organized all ever the state te work
for Hancock in avuvy town. The Demo
cratic state ticket in;.i'tii behind-Han'
cock's vote, but it will be elected by :,0!'.e
majeiity. Democrat- will gain one if net
two congressmen, and hava an even chancu
en the Legislature.
A Man "W.'ie Says he Sitr -llerey Kecelv it,
anil Saw the Letter of tiencial
GrtTfictd 10 Which It was an
A letter was received by the national
committee en Saturday evening from a
man who says that he was employed with
II. L.Mercy by the Employers' Union and
saw the letter that 3Ierey wrete te Mr.
Gai field and was present when Mr. Merey
received the icply from Mr. Garfield and
read the letter. He says that the letter en
the Chinese question published is the let
ter wlncli .Merey received from Garfield and
1 " --. -., .... ,....
' opened in his presence. If the man can be
brought te Xew Yerk he will be there te-
f day
..- ... .v.. .... ... ..... iri. i.tif; t,i.
If net, his affidavit will be there.
-1 ht'rer,s al0 .anthcr Mey (net II. L )
I rfm J'?na who ,s pcctcd te testify te-
I ,
Kiut tu ln Or;ntzcl in ltcmecratic VVaril
and Veter Arretted by Wholesale.
Ill i',l."rte ... . !h 5j f..iwi.l mrr !.
I doubt that the Republicans intend te rc-
I t'li'il i te rrt tf ii tlm nniiiniiiti ii"itiTu ln
wholeale arrests se that a full vote cannot
be polled. Se great is the excitement that
a row might easily be provoked at the
polls." Mayer Hflnisen has received a
wild preposition from United States Mar
shal Ilildrup regarding t.ic regulations for
tin; order of voting next luesday, tewhicfi
I any Democratic deputies, but have ap-
1 .w.;.v.r..l l.l.i .11 - tl.A .Kn.flr... ..I t I . ..
e.tpectcd te work en election dav.
I knew of no ar.theiity by which United
States deputy maishals or deputy sheriffs
can iuteilere with the formation of the
lines el voters. The preservation of the
lifrann ill 11 in eitv of" China". dnvelvps iir;ii
'V -:.-- .--.-.....,
i me. 1 have sutlicicnt torce te de this duty,
, ami ask no assistance from any but my
j own eiTiecrs. f will preserve the peace en
j Tuesday nest "'
' Why l Shall Vr Aj;aiint (luriieiit.
, Vcw Verk Slin
! 1- Because he aided and abetted the
putting in of a fraudulent picsidcnl.
2. Advec.itud the Dc Colyer bill for a
'.'. Toek a bribe for his iufiucuee in Con Cen
giess. !. Favored bills for the benefit of
5. Ojipesed all bills te restore American
ships and the freighting business, thus
hilling American .ship-building.
0. Advocated the immigiatieu anil the
employment of Chinese labor in opposi
tion te our own laboring people.
7. Advocated the centralization of capi
tal against the interests of the masse.-:.
8. Advocated high tariff en tin; necessa
ries of life, but net for manufacturers, and
rt the same, time beenmn a member of a
ficc trade club.
'). Ileeau.-e his character ii net fair, like
.Iai:s Ai.nnienr,
109th Street and Third Avenue.
f!u: i:i ;e.:.ncai:.iri",li.'il forllle-jal Veiling.
A sensation was eieatcd in" Cleveland
the an est
by the issue of warrants for
f-ir illegal voting of two men
in society and business circles.
who is i'. u. i.nadwiui;, wlie marricil a
, daughter el" If. K. Winslow, a large vessel
owner, last Fcbi nary, ami settled here.
Tin; cither is E. M. Grant, who was a can
didate for the Senate in Clarien county,
'Pa., two year; age, but who moved his
faniiiy there last May, being new secretary
of tie; Cnmible steel company. J5etii
eiiel the li-pueiican ti.:':ct at tin; Octo
ber el'Ttien. Grant, was arrested, but
Chadwick has net yet been found.
A r;ni ItepubH'.-aii Uulr.iii in riei-lela.
Tin.- Cubau-.'viiieiicau Deniecratie: pro-cej-.ioit
heiil iu Ivc-y West, Fla., Saturday
night, was the largest ever known in this
put of Flerida. While the precession
was parsing an unlightt-d portion of the
.-.tieel it, was assaulted with slicks and
stene-r; thiewn by :; gang of liepuhiicau
negrees, and twenty men and one woman
wera injured. The attack was net re-s-juleei.
but a number of the lielers weie
arre.-ted ami will be severely dealt with.
Tin: Tobacco JWurKct.
try ht tic has been done in tobacco
i thin city or county during the psst week,
j A few small lets have been sold, the whe.c
net aggregating mere than a hundred
jcte;. Tiie political irceitennnit is no doubt
I he cause of (he scant trade, and it is net
believed then; will !s a general revival un
til after the final result of of the election
is known and the: public: again sett led down
ie "bu-.i::c.-s."
Dating the late wet spell a considerable
e-uantity of the early harvested tobacco
was taken from p lies for stripping, but it
was fi.uud that much of the crop which was
cut Iater is net yet sulficently cured for
stripping. That which has been taken
clown, si! fir as w have learne'd. is in a
s-atisfactery ceiidilii.a ami premises te
turn out well.
Following are the sales of seed leaf to
bacco repm ted by .!. S. Oaiis'sSeii & Ce..
tobacco brokers, Xes. 81 and fir, AVall
street New Verk, for the week ending
November 1, 1SS0 :
LOOT cases iy?!) Pcnnsvlvania, asserted
lets, 12 te 21c. ; wrappers, 18 te -10c. ; 00
ca : 1ST!) New Fuglauil, wrappers, 14 te
15c. ; ::00 cases 1873 state, It te 14c. ; 250
cases 1870 Ohie, 0J te l.'lc. ; 275 cases 1878
Ohie. -lj te 12c.; 100 cases sundries, 111 e
I He Total, 2,225 cases.
Kclor-u.itleu Day.
Ill the Lutheran and some ether Protest
ant churches yesterday; the services had a
special rjferf n;cte thclicf raiatien inaugu
rated by Martin Luther who en October
el in the year 1517, fixed his memorable 1)5
theses en the church deer at Wittenberg.
Tn Trinity church Rev. F.. Reed assist
ant, pastor prraclual from Psalm 00, '1th
vci-se. In the afternoon Rev. Dr. Gicen
wald pastor add; cssed the Sunday school,
and iu the cveniiig preached an excellent
si rmen.
In St. Jehn's church Rev. R."W. Hufferd
prcadicd morning and evening but made
no especial allusion ie the Reformation.
In the Moravian chuich, Rev. C. Ii.
Shulia preaehed his farewell .sermons,
morning and evening. In the afternoon
there was a largely attended' love feast.
Iiev. Shultz removes te liethlehcm, hav
ing leccived a call from the church at that
I.'ul nl t'nutalaic.I Lvltrrs.
Following is a list of unclaimed leltci.-.
remaining in the pusteiiice, at Lancaster,
for the week eliding .Monday, November
Ladus? Lht: Emma Benedict, Mary A.
Brown, M'ary Floed. 3Irs. A. C. Henry,
Airs. Jennings, Mrs. Maggie Jehnsen,
Lettie Jehnsen, Lizzie Kreider, Lydia
Lehman (2), Aliee Maybcrry, T. S. Miller,
Nellie Myers. Marv Sulicnl;crger. M.irv
Walk, Mrs. C. C; Witmcr.
CenW List ; B.isr.etfc f; Ce., Jehn A.
Blake, .Tames Dcniclt, Gethatt Deinglcr
(for.). Jonas, Isaac Gallaway. Antlio Antlie
ny Hailigan, J. Ifc-isr, L. I J. Ja.cob.sen. G.
W. Mreegcr, Henry M. McLaughlin. I). M.
Owen (for.), William Pryer. Rev-. Fayette
lieyce. Chas Shulzc, Jehn Spcidle (for.').
Willi. Sti-Jthmana (for.), R. D. G. Weis-ter.
THE 5. A. K.
"Thes It"Veikcr" Again at Werk.
About two months age tiie I.NTEM.r.EX
cui: published a statement te the effect
that the inspector of the order of the
O. A. R. in this state had paid a visit te
Geerge II. Themas pest 84, this city, and
referring te the manifest desire of some
of the " best ' workers " te pervert it te
partisan purposes, cautioned them against
attempting te carry out such intention as
hostile te the spirit of the organization ;
and added that if it came down te a strict
test of preference, Gen. Hancock would
be found te have a majority of the xn-sts
iu his favor.-
These warnings of the state inspector
seemed for a time te have a restraining in
fluence en the Hadical oflicc-helding cle
ment of Pest 84, and they resolved te
taboo politics iu their meetings. It ap
pears, however, that they have again
adopted their old tactics. The Ac iff Era
of Saturday says in its local depaitmcnt :
" Captain James Cress reached Lauc.istcr
from Washington, a couple of davs age.
and at the regular meeting of Geerge II.
Themas pest, Xe. 81, G. A. Ii., held en
Friday eveuing. addressed his comrades
briefly, urging them te earnestness "m the
light, and giving them words of great
cheer and encouragement. Captain Cress
leeks hale, as usual, and is very sanguine
of the success of the liepublicaii party en
Tuesday. In this respect he is like Re
publicans everywhere, in this contest ;
sanguine, for geed and substantial rea
sons." The " geed and substantial reasons"
which induce Captain Cress te attempt te
prostitute the machinery of a non-partisan
organisatien te the exigencies of the Re
publican party, are the leaves and fishes
of which he has se long been a recipient,
and in this respect he differs net a whit
from the "best workers" in this city. Ii
it te be wondered at, therefore, that many
of the bravest and most reputable soldiers
of this city held themselves! aloof from an
organization that is used as a mere political
An I'.iu et-rasli' lntliilc In ttie 1'iiie Tii
I'reni a priviitc Iitlfr rr-ci-ivcil lei tliti citj.
c!ate;il Aiilnirn, Elaine, October '-"J.
"Gen. Plaistcil was here last evening
and we had a big rally in City hall, L3 wis wis
ten. Iu private conversation afterwards
he said that we should carry the slate.
He has been 11 ever the state since the
September election and in seven counties
since the Indiana defeat. He also says
that there arc 1,500 te 2,000 straight
backed Democrats who did net vete: for
him iu September did net vote at all
who will all vote next week. Alse some
1,200 te 1,500 fishermen wlie were away
en their vessels iu September and are new
home te vote, and most all of these are
Demeciats. Besides all taese there
is the almost solid French vote, who are
new all for Hancock, owing te Blaine's
dispatch te Jewell about the ignorant,
cheating Fieuchmi-u in the Madawaska
settlements. Fer instance, we have in
Lewiston some 30 te 40 Fiench voters', all
led by a Docter Mai telle, wlie has been a
radical Republican, but last night te the
surprise of everybody he hail strung across
the front of his drug steie a big transpa
rency, reading, The French Vele Soliel
for Hancock Blaine did it.'
"This is a s.ul thing for these Repuhlcans
who paid for the naturalization (, these
very Frenchman our Fiench all come
from Canada. Ytfu lack funds, however, te
bring home our ab.-ent voters and get our
vole out. There being no fimels new in
our lrca::ury save what wa Maim: Demo
crats raise among oursclve-, anil as we
have very few rich Democrat.-, and we did
our best for the September election, it
I makes us very sheiL new. I'laisteel said
iu Iiis speech that he knew Blaine hail
given up the state ; anyway Blaine isdeing
no work publicly."
A large and enthusiastic meeting was
held at Klixahcthtewu, Frid ly evening Oc
tober 2Dth. The meeting war. trailed te
order by II. F. Shiillz, when the following
officers weie elected :
President S. It. Hackenburger.
Vice Presidents Colonel II. M. Brcmic
man, Kmauel Hell'uian, Gee. W. Wermlcy,
jr., David Mctzlcr, Jacob Keb, Jehn Nan
man, Win. II. DiHenbach, Geerge Gardner,
James Lynch.
Seoietaries Addison hby. Jeseph II.
Dehncr, AVm. A. Lairde, .1. li. Shult::, W.
Wermiey. J. V. Leng.
Owing te the inclemency of the weather
the meeting was held in Hurst's hall, which
was beautifully and appropriately decor
ated. Vecal music was furnished by thir
teen ladies representing the thirteen orig
inal states, and one, the, "Goddess Of Lib
erty," all thessed in white. Tim Elizabeth
town band was iu attcndadei; and fur
nished excellent music.
The audience was ably ami elecptcntly
addies.Mcl by Hen. J. L. Steiniuet;:, S. W.
Shadle, and W. II. Reland, escjs. The
closest attention and best order prevailed
the entiie evening.
An llunest Contention.
The Acc Era en Saturday published an
extract from Sepiiit: Then's diary, in an
swer te tin; question "Is it wrong te
vote'.'" The squire ('notes scripture te show
that. " it is important te vote at election:,
and thus with patriotic dibits bring the
management of our country under the
right men." The squire concludes his
opinion with the remark :
' 'An honest confession is geed for the
soul.' I hereby acknowledge that I de
net knew mere about tin: lequisite capa
bility of our candidates than the blind ma:i
knows about the constellatiens.hcncc I call
before the second day of November, 18S0,
en my friend, A. ilur Smith, who is per
sonally acquainted with them, and there
fore able le judge of their competency,
and iu geed faith I request him te put me
en the right track, se that I may give my
aid te the perpetuation of the Union and
the prosperity of our beloved ceuncry."
New wc understand the reason why
Francis Killbuin and Hen. A. Herr Smitii
each issued an " address" for the enlight
enment of the faithful, all of whom cannot
of course make it convenient te call en these
distinguished gentlemen and he put upon
" the light track," te vote for bribery and
Chinese cheap labor.
C'eiiimlttrel and i;icliari;erl.
Jehn Jehnsen, a colored hed carrier,
who has been drunk for several days past,
was arrested by Officer Lentz and this
morning was taken before Alderman Mc
Conomy te answer the charge of drunken
anil disorderly conduct. Harriet John John Jehn
eon, the wife of Jehn, was the complain
ant, ue icstiuc'.i tnat .101111 iiad ceme
home and abused her en Saturday. The
alderman committed Jehn te prison feri)
days. Tem Davis was counsel for
Jehnsen, and, thinking that he needed his
vote, lie immediately get out a writ of
habeas corpus. Jehnsen was taken Iicferc
Judges Livingston and Patterson at 11
o'clock and thev discharged him.
Mayer' Court.
Mayer MacGeuigleliad thirteen custom
ers this morning, including vagrants and
drunken and disorderly persons. Concur
ring iu Judge Patterson's exalted idea of
the sanctity of the "franchise." the mayor
discharged all his prisoners se that they
maybe able te vote ii" they are entitled
te votes.
. Sale eflteal KIr..c.
On Saturday IS. F. Rewe, auctioneer,
sold for Hen. Jehn Strohm, administrator
and trustee for heirs of Jehn Bassler, de
ceased, a farm in Uilen tewnslnp contain
ing 142 acres and 2'J perches, '.with im
provements, te Aaren "Wails, for $10 per