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Lancaster intelligencer.
'el te lie Feared.
General Mahone, of Virginia, is in
"Philadelphia and is reported te say that
lie is a Democrat, that lie is for General
Hancock, but lie believes in fair play.
General Mahone is supposed te be an
important character just new, because he
controls- one wing of the Democratic
jarly in Virginia, which has a separate
electoral ticket of its own that may be
'lected by an alliance with the Repub
licans; and prominent Democrats and
Republicans are said te be in consulta
tion, consequently, with General Mahone,
jn Philadelphia.
A very remarkable case it is, surely,
when a man who proclaims himself a
Democrat and for General Hancock
leaves it in doubt whether or no the
electors he controls will vote for Han
cock. If that is General Mahone's idea
of " fair play " it is net ours.
There is a very simple way te treat
General Mahone. If he is for Hancock
he must agree te unite with all ethers in
Virginia who are for Hancock in the
support of one electoral ticket. That is
se obvious that any hesitation en his
part te consent te it will be conclusive
evidence of his imtrustwerthiness. If
the electoral ticket new in the field can
not be accepted by all the Hancock men
in Virginia then another will easily be
provided that will be acceptable. There
is but one requisite in a Democratic elec
tor, and that is universal confidence that
he will cast his electoral vote for the
Democratic nominees ler president and
vice president. That is his sole duty.
Such men can easily be provided in Vir
ginia te make up its electoral body. Xe
one doubts that.
Gen. Mahone is suspected of a design
te trade his electoral ticket. It is be
lieved te be composed of men who will
vote as he says ; and he wants an equiv
alent for voting for Hancock. Certainly
his conduct says that. He is entitled te
no recompense for acting as a Democrat
and a Hancock man, as he says he is ;
nor will lie have any power of evil if it is,
made clearly apparent that he wants any
If his electoral ticket gets any consider
able number of Democratic votes it will
be because of its supposed support of
Hancock. Certainly very few Virginia
Democrats are of the kind that arc will
ing te vote for Garfield if they cannot be
paid for voting for Hancock. There
may be a few, and for these few Gen.Ma Gen.Ma
hene may dicker. Hut let Gen. Hancock
or the Democratic national committee
declare the electoral ticket which it con
fides in te cast Virginia's electoral vote
for the Democratic ticket: and where
is Mahone? Alene with his trading
Democrats and Republican allies; and
disarmed of all power of evil.
These who think Genera! Mahone an
important factor in this election take
counsel of -their fears rather than of
their courage and sense.
United cw Yerk.
The Democrats of the country can
hardly overestimate the importance of
the result accomplished by the union
yesterday of all the factional elements of
the Xew Yerk Democracy in harmonious
suiinert of a common local ticket. This
union is all that has been needed te as
sure the Democracy of the country that
a vigorous and hopeful contest is te be
waged for the Empire state te lead the
victorious Hancock column. A careful
canvass of Xew Yerk and Hroeklyn gives
the Democracy S0,000 majority in the
two counties which include them. This
guarantees the state te Hancock by a
majority larger than that by which it
was carried for Tilden. All the signs of
the campaign have steadily pointed te
this, and the; only danger of its failure
lay in such complications as might arise
out of an internecine warfare in the city
and the trading off consequent upon the
struggle for local ellices. That danger
is new happily and honorably averted.
Xew Yerk state is anchored safe and
sure. Xew Jersey and Connecticut are
largely affected by the prevailing tone of
Xew Yerk polities. Causes which in
fluence that great state control its arms,
and the thousands of its business men
who have their residences or interests
in these neighboring states largely con
trol their expression of political senti
ment. Moreover, every activity of the
national organization will be and has
been set te work in these states.
The Indiana people express their live
liest confidence in being able te carry it
for Hancock in Xevember. Xet only is
he far stronger than their local ticket
was, but they make the fight at very dif
ferent odds. At the congressional elec
tions just held the Republicans had as
many as twenty-live deputy marshalls te
each precinct of the larger cities, paid
five dollars a day, armed with federal
authority, but really employed as Repub
lican poll committeemen and paid out of
the Republican campaign fund. These
will net be en hand at the next election.
The repeaters will lie needed at home.
Indiana and Maine are alike hopeful te
the Democracy. Fer Pennsylvania, Cal
ifornia, Xevada and Xew Hampshire a
desperate contest is te be waged. -All
may be carried with preiierly directed
effort. All cannot le lest without a
naked surrender of advantages that we
new held. It is net at all likely that any
state in the Xerth carried for Tilden will
be lest for Hancock and none in the
Seuth can be stolen this time.
"Friends we are en the home stretch'
and our nag- is several lengths ahead.
Wk have patiently waited for a fine
burst of indignation from the Republi
can papers en the cowardly assassinna assassinna
tien of Democratic paraders in the
streets of Wilmington by negrees armed
with muskets who waylaid them at their
political headquarters. We have failed
te sec that our Republican-Jcontenipera-ries
condemn this act of their negre al
lies and join with the Ixteligexceu's
demand for the unmolested right of way
through the street for political parades.
The failure of the Republicans of "Wil
mington te condemn this cowardly as
sassination and their readiness te fiud
excuses for the assassins, go far te con
firm the theory that these who ven
tured en the bloody business had the
guaranteed protection of their political
Is this the way the Republicans expect
te gain a Republican state Seuth V
The " Eaten bill " for the revision of
the tariff which was presented by a Dem
ocratic senator, approved by the Senate
finance committee and passed by the
Democratic Senate, and which failed te
pass the Heuse because of the obstructive
efforts of the Republican minority under
the lead of the Republican candidate for
president, presents the position taken by
the Democratic party en the tariff ques
tion, in which it is sustained by the
manufacturing interest as appears from
the petitions presented for the passage of
the bill. The iron and woellen manu
facturers of Pennsylvania asked for it
with great unanimity. We find among
the names upon the petitions the follow
ing from Lancaster county : Penn iron
company, Manuel McShane & Ce.,
Chickies iron company, Watts, Twells
& Ce., Becker & Reinhold. Of course
the Republicans who signed a petition
asking for the adoption of the Democratic
idea en the tariff de net new oppose the
election of the Democratic ticket from
any idea of its opposition te their views
and interests in the tariff matter.
Ox next Thursday the Republicans of
this city propose te have a grand demon
stration, and it is expected that Lancas
ter will en that occasion be crowded with
visitors and aroused te great excitement.
It is te be hoped the managers of the
affair will co-operate with -the mayor in
his extra efforts te preserve geed order,
and especially te avoid all partisan collis
ions. On the same day the Democrats
will have a demonstration at Yerk en a
similar scale, and doubtless many of our
Democratic citizens will go there. The
throeugh preservation of the peace and
geed order of the city is of mere interest
te Lancaster and of mere credit te her
citizens than the successful demenstra
tiens of either party, and te enforce and
preserve these we earnestly exhort right
minded citizens of whatever political
The Vermont Legislatuic will elect a U.
S. senator te succeed Mr. Edmunds te
morrow. There is no opposition te Mr,
Edmund's rc-clcctien.
According te the Bosten paper, Miss
Axxie Lel'ise Cakev announces her in
tentien of withdrawing from the operatic
and conceit stage October 22, 1S81.
Mr. Eugi:xk M. O'Nkiix has become
the sole proprietor of the Pittsburgh Jh's-
patch. The Dispatch is largely indebted te
Mr. O'Xeill for the success which it has at
Joux the new Mermen presi
dent, is an Englishman, seventy-threc
years old, and was first a Methodist
preacher, then editor of the Xauvoe Times
and Seasons, a Mermen organ, then Mer
men missionary te France, and again edi
ter of a newspaper in the same interest in
Xew Yerk. He had seven wives once, but
has net replaced these that died.
Professer spends his summers
in the Alps, where two Xew Haven
preacher met him. When he learned
their home, he uttered an exclamation of
pleasure, and mentioned President Perter,
of Yale college, for whom he expressed
admiration and respect as a man and
scholar. He added that President Perter
had laid his lash en him well, referring te
articles vigorously handling the position
of the agnostics.
General William Mahexi:, the doughty
little "Readjustcr" chieftain of Virginia,
who has been in Philadelphia since Sun
day en business connected with the railroad
interests of his state, received calls yester
day from Abram S. Hewitt and General
Reger A. Pryer, of Xew Yerk ; Speaker
Samuel J. Randall, Governer JehnF. Hart
ran ft and ethers. General Mahone stated
that he is unequivocally for Hancock,
that he never saw the same enthusiasm
ever any presidential nominee in Virginia
as that at present witnessed for the Deme
cratic standard-bearer and that her elec
teral vote will be east for Hancock and
English next month.
KisTem made no use el Iter title as
Countess for advertising purposes whan
in this country. Modjeska, en the con
trary, was extensively announced as a
Countess, though she has dropped that
pretension in Londen. During Neilson's
last tour here she asserted in interviews
that she was the daughter of a Spanish
nobleman, while the fact is that she was
of the humblest English parentage. The
impression seems te picvail among foreign
performers that Americans are admirers
of aristocracy. The latest story based en
this idea is that a leading actress, new of
the stage in this country, is a daughter of
the Duke of Devenshire.
By Grace, we are saved.
Exited Xew Yerk will lead the Demo
cratic column.
Twe Newport residents made a $30,000
election bet after dinner the ether evening,
but manfully put up their checks the next
Tiie imports into France for the nine
mouths ending en the 30th of September
show an increase of 2"3, 000,000 francs as
compared with the same period last year.
Of this increase 180,000 francs is in feed.
The experts during the same period in
creased 69,000,000 francs.
The Ohie Stale Jaunutl, Gai field's home
organ, publishes the following significant
editorial paragraph : "We de net care te
engage in cabinet-making at present, but
we venture te remark that the financial
head of the government will net be changed
during Garfield's administration."
Wallace Oilman, aged 13, of Harrisburg
was crushed te death last evening by a
train of cars which he was attempting te
A servant girl in the employ of William
H. Rese, living near Milferd, while going
in the garden after weed was seized by
a strange man, who threw her te the
ground, jumped upon her, breaking two of
her ribs, and is said te have stabbed her
two or three times iti the chest. She was
found unconscious and is believed te be
lying .t the point of death. Her assailant
is believed te have been a wealthy farmer,
a relative of her employer, who is at enmi
ty wuii nose s wue. me assailant evi-1
dently mistook the servant for Mrs. Rese.
Cel. Henry McCermlclr, President of ifie
Lechlel Iren Company and largely in
terested la taeaxten Furnaces, Mar Mar
ritberg aU Works, Harrisburg
Fire Brick Company and Other
tssteairre Business Kn
terpriscs, Tells Why
He Is Uelng te
Vete for Han
cock. The following correspondence between
Mr. B. F. Meyers, of the Harrisburg
Patriot, and Cel. Henry McCerniick is
published. Mr. McCormick's views as a
representative business man, concerning
the Business Peril which dishonest alarm
ists are harping en in event of the elec
tion of Gen. Hancock and Democratic suc
cess, put a very effectual quietus en that
desperate campaign device of unscrupulous
Republican politicians. Cel. McCormick
is president of the Lechicl iron company,
is largely interested in the Pax ten fur
naces, Harrisburg nail works, Harrisburg
fire brick company and ether extensive
business enterprises, and his opinions will
carry with them great weight that
thoughtful workingmen and business men
and voters in all walks of life will care
fully consider before they allow them
selves te be carried off then- feet by any
foolish panic, such as the Republican man
agers arc endeavoring te create.
Harkisburg, October 10, 1880. Cel.
Henry McCormick Dear Sin : Knewing
you te be largely interested in the iron
business, and at the same time te favor
the election of General Hancock te the
presidency, I infer that you de net appre
hend that any bad effects upon the busi
ness interests of the country will result
from the success of the Democratic party.
If se would you be kind enough te state
your reasons for your belief? By se
doing you would oblige,
Yours respectfully,
B. F. Meyers.
Harriskukg, October 18. 1880. B. F.
Meyers, esq Dear Sir : Yours of 18th
iust. is received. Yeu are right in your
inference that I de net think business in
terests will be in any way imperiled by
the election of General Hancock. The ef
forts te create a panic in business circles
are mainly based upon alleged danger te
industrial interests dependent mere or less
upon the tariff.
Xew if the presidential election has any
bearing at all upon the question I infinite
ly prefer Hancock, born and bred in the
valley of the Schuylkill amid mines and
furnaces in a community where all par
ties are a unit en the tariff question and
whose only published utterances en the
subject should be entirely satisfactory te
Pcnnsylvanians, te Garfield a member of
that famous free trade club, " The Cob
den ;' whose tariffrccerd was se odious te
Pennsylvania Republican members of Con
gress that they belted his nomination
in caucus for speaker of the Heuse
and who is supported as a
champion of revenue reform by the
great free trade organs of Xew
Yerk aud Chicago. But we are referred
te party platforms they are only traps
" set te catch gudgeons ;" they are only
framed te be misunderstood. When has
the dominant party regarded them in leg
islation ? Fer example I may here refer te
a highly polished plank that has served in
mere than one Republican national plat
form I mean that of "civil service re
form," se much preached and se little
practised by the party. But the real
power of regulating the tariff devolves upon
Congress. The present Congress is Demo
cratic in both branches and why has net
the threatened ruin already paralyzed
our industries.1 If the country
can survive and thrive under a
Democratic Congress two years why net
longer? A presidential veto has no power
te prevent the passage of any measure
through Congress and wc have a right te
suppose that if the Democratic party as
such united upon any modification of the
tariff they would have adopted one. But
the fact is it is generally conceded except
for campaign purposes that the tariff is
no longer a party question and it is almost
sure during the present Congress te be
submitted te the hands of a commission
of experts for the preparation of a measure
that will be just te all interests. This will
be done by common consent of men of
all parties after election. Fer the above
leasens I have no fear that Democratic
success in Xevember need disturb the
equanimity of the most ardent protection
ist. Again, the Republican party pretend
te claim credit for the present general
prosperity of the country. Is net the leg
islative branch of the government Demo
cratic ? Surely it is mere powerful for
geed or ill te the public credit aud welfare
than the executive department, and it is in
a great measure responsible for improved
credit and enforced for improved credit
and enforced economy.
The Republican administration deserves
no credit for resumption of specie pay
ments. It was merely done in ebedience
te a law passed years before and against
the pretest of the most powerful wing of the
party. A happy conjunction of accidents
(ever which party would scarcely claim
control) rendered resumption a success and
has thus far enabled us te continue them.
Foreign war wasting the grain fields of
Europe, our bountiful crops and improve
ments iu transportation, have brought geld
here in abundance and made it easy for u
te pay in specie. Knewing well thccon thccen
scrvative character and tendencies orxtca erxtca
eral Hancock I feel confident that the in
terests of labor, capital aud the whole ic
Unitcd States would be subserved by Ids
election te the presidency.
Yours respectfully,
IIexry McCormick.
Five steamers have been ordered te -be
built en the Clyde for the new French com
pany te trade with the United States.
The Buffalo, Cleveland & Chicago rail
way company has been chartered in Ohie,
with a capital of six million and a half.
Geerc Pcrvis, an Englishman, thirty
years of age, a butcher by occupation, at
Hobekcn, committed suicide yesterday
morning by cutting his threat. He had
been out of work for some time and had
been living in his brothers family.
Elfreda Partridge, Carrie Hichborn,
Emma Berry and Fred Patterson were
drowned by a beat upsetting in the har
bor at Stockton, Me., yesterday. The
bodies of the girls were recovered.
At Buena Vista, near Huntington,
Tenn., yesterday, Dr. Sebc Jehnsen, his
two sons and a man named Steele, attack
ed t.wn mpti nfimprl Onwnc et,l ,, Km..... r.
the latter s residence. All the
"" " -" HI
party !
were weuuded, Owens and one efj John John Jehn
eon's sons mortally. The cause was an
old feud.
The cotton fire en the Xerth Commer
cial wharf in Charleston, S. C, continued
burning yesterday, but was under control.
The fire in the held of the steamer Bai Bai
rewdale was burning fiercely, and it was
feared liercarge of 3, COO bales of cotton
would be totally destroyed, A new fhc
broke out in the held of the Bedford, but
it was extinguished in about two hours.
The total damage en wharf and in vessels
is new estimated at $586,000
A serious disaster occurred ou the Shen
andoah Valley railroad at East Liberty,
Page county, Va., en Saturday last, at half M ii. in., iub enure tresue werie ei a
bridge 1,2C0 feet long and 94 feet high go ge
ing down. with a crash in one promiscuous
ruin, instnntly killing Walker Jenes, of
Barbeursville, Orange county, Va., and iu
juring seriously Stewart Bawceck, of Mc
Gahcysville, Rockingham county. Va
Less, $10,000 te. 812,000.
William It. Grace Selected for Mayer et New
Yerk by Beth Wings or the democracy
Tammany Allowed te Select
the Register. A Genu
ine Leve Feast.
Special Dispatch te the Times.
Harmony has been restored in New
Yerk. Tammany and Irving ball have
clasped hands. When the Tammany con
ference opened yesterday a discussion of
the candidates for mayor offered by Irving
hall was at once begun. Ex-Alderman
Henry D. Purroy, ex-Alderman Jehn
Rcilly, Police Commissioner Nichols, Fire
Commissioner German and ethers spoke in
favor of William R. Grace, and General
Frank B. Spinola and ethers advocated
the claims of FrankliuEdsen. Other mem
bers of the committee thought that Tam
many should name the candidate. After the
discussion had closed the committee deter
mined te concede the nomination for
mayor te Irving hall, and te select from
the cendidatcs named by that organization
for that office William R. Grace. A writ
ten papcr'centaining Tammany's views and
selection was then read by Mr. Purroy and
adopted. The joint conference assembled
at 5 p. m. in the Monument house. Jehn
Kelly occepicd the chair, and Themas
Cestigau and Edward D. Gale were secre
taries. Ex-Alderman Henry D. Purroy,
from the Tammany hall committee, read a
response te the Irving hall proposal. It
recites that tlie conference has been four
weeks in session ; that the meetings have
been marked as a whole by a commend
able spirit of conciliation and a genuine
willingness te secrifice miner and inciden
tal questions for the success of the Demo
cratic cause,and these repeated conferences
have .strengthened the sentiment of har
mony and geed-will and have virtually
cemented the Democracy into an indivisable
It adds :
Gentleman ev the Cemmittee:
Yeu have presented te our consideration
the names of twelve well-known and re
spected citizens, assuring us that any one
of the number wc might select would be
acceptable te you and receive your hparty
support for mayor. At your suggestion
we presented the names of twelve distin
guished gentlemen, asking you te select
any one of the number as the Democratic
candidate for mayor. But notwithstand
ing the unexceptionable character of these
eminent men you still adhered te your
original position, and at your last meeting
resolved that, while net declining te make
a selection from the list of Tammany hall,
you respectfully urge the adoption of one el
the selections made by Irving Hall.
The Tammauy committee feel that
fiuther insistaucs upon a preroga
tive which though founded in right,
is net of vital importance, would
be injurious te the great and sacred
interests wc all have at heart. But two
weeks remain before the election. The
great issues and exciting duties of the
presidential contest press upon us with in
creasing urgency every day. The Democ
racy of this city and the whele state, im
patient of further delay, demand immedi
ate and united action. Here, in the com
mercial capital of the commonwealth, the
success of the Democratic party in the
country requires that the Democracy of
this city shall ccase te remember past dif
ferences, close up their ranks and set an
example of harmony, enthusiasm and vic vic vic
toiieus effort that shall be felt in every
state in the Union. The time for confer
ence has ended ; the hour for action has
arrived. Wc therefore accept your offer
in the spiiit in which it was made,
and with no purpose of reflecting upon
the abilities, the merits or the char
acter of any of the gentlemen you have
named, wc have unanimously selected
Wm. R. Grace as the Democratic candi
date for mayor of the city of New Yerk.
It is needless for us te dwell upon his
peculiar qualifications and eminent fitness
for the office. Leng identified with the
business aud commerce of this city as an
active merchant, he thoroughly under
stands the vital interests and wauts of the
metropolis and will lend his energies te
increase its prosperity. A man of large
intelligence and knowledge of affairs, of
sterling integrity and high personal worth,
of independence of mind and dignity of
character, he represents in an eminent
degree that mercantile and business
class whose energy and eutcrpriss
and intelliceiice aiid virtue have made
New Yerk the capitol of the New
World. A life-long Democrat, from senti
ment and sympathy with the masses as
well from natural conviction, he has never
been actively connected with any faction,
and te-day fitly and fairly represents the
reunited Democracy of the metropolis, and
wc feel assured that his nomination will be
heartily adopted and made unanimous by
our people ; that it will assure the mer
chants aud business men of all parties that
the Democracy want and mean te secure
the best possible government in this city,
aud that it will be ratified by his triumph
ant election en the 2d day of Xevember ;
and wc believe in the person of William R.
Grace New Yerk will have a mayor worthy
of the metropolis, devoted te its best in
terests, faithful te his great trust, and
honored by every citizen. Very respect
fully submitted.
Jehn Kelly,
Chairman Tammany Committee.
A Response Frem Irving Hall.
Maurice J. Power, of the Irving hall com
mittee, offered the following :
" We, the members of the Democratic
organization of the city and county of New
Yerk, heartily concur in the response
made by the Tammany hall delegation, ac
cepting as the candidate of the united Dc-
inrcracy for mayor, Wm. R, Grace, one of
the nominees presented by our organiza
tion for the consideration of Tammany
This resolution was adopted by the Ir
ving hall committee, Thereupon Colonel
William Roberts, of the Tammany com
mittee, moved that, as Irving hall had
named the candidate for mayor, Tammany
be permitted te make its choice of the
ether offices that were te be filled. The
motion was carried, and the Tammany
committee selected the office of register.
The conference then took a recess until
0 p. m.
On reassembling it was decided without
controversy that Tammany should name
the recorder and register and Irving hall
the chief judge of the supreme court.
The marine judgeship was given te the
An Address from the State Committee.
The Democratic state committee has
issued an address te the Democracy of New
T 1 ! ... . .. . ..
"eneuncing me means ey wiucn tney
allege the Republicans carried Indiana:
asking whether the incumbent president
can levy upon officers appointed by him,
and paid by all, an unlawful tax, se large
as te buy the succession for a candidate of
his choice; declaring that the Democracy
seek te bring the executive into co-operation
with the legislative department of the
federal gevernment: te lighten the public
burdens by reduced taxation; encourage
manufacturing industry by a tariff ad
justed te the interests of all ; stimulate ag
riculture by cheap transportation in ships
carrying the American flag ; secure equal
protection at home and abroad te all citi
zens, whether native or foreign-born ; en
force rigid accountability in public officers
and examination of their accounts by ether
than these who made them.
In conclusion the address says: "Let vig
ilance at every poll guard the ballet-box
against bribery. Let every Democratic
vote be cast. Let every Dcmearat strive
te be first in the cause of reunion and reform."
Snow Drifts Frem Five te Seven Feet Deep
Wrecks en the Lakes.
The snow and, wind storm which visited
the West'en Friday and Saturday, although
net se severe in Iowa as at many ether
points, was something unusual this
season. The snow fell throughout
Friday night, -melting as it descended.
It has been very cold since with a
raw, northwestern gale, and the reads
are frozen solid and very rough, bearing
up heavy vehicles. At Pacific Junction a
large brick round house about completed
there by the Burlington & Missouri rail
road company was demolished by the
Friday night storm. On Saturday a train
en the Maple Valley branch of the Chicago
& Northwestern railroad was blockaded
by snowdrifts, reported te be from five te
seven feet deep.
At Missouri Valley, the walls of a new
two-story brick building were twisted and
warped from five te seven inches out of
line and the building required bracing te
support it. All along the Sioux City rail
road from that point te Sioux City snow
fell continuously en Friday night aud Sat
urday, mcltiug almost as fast as is fell.
On Saturday night the sheet of. ice and
snow was reported three or four inches
thick. Trains from St. Paul and Yankton
due Saturday have net arrived.
About four feet of snow has fallen in
Northwestern Ontario. It is reported that
passenger trains west of Rochester, N. Y.,
were blocked yesterday by snow and ice.
The mere serious marine disasters rcport rcpert rcport
cd'en the lakes are the less of the barge
Florence Lcste, with probably all en
be.iid ; the foundering of a fishing beat,
containing three men; the wreck of an un
known vessel at Foscaro, Mich., with all
en beard, and the prebable less of the
steamer Alpena, with GO or 70 persons en
A Distressing HenilciUe.
A most lamentable occurrence took place
at Dundalc Mills, near Bel Air, Md., last
Saturday afternoon. Franklin Whitaker,
jr., about 23 years of age, a son of the
owner of the mills, has for some time past
been insane and at times was uncontroll
able, Iu order that he might be cared for
properly, he was kept in confinement at
home. Last Saturday afternoon, about e
o'clock, he escaped from the room in which
he had been confined, and obtaining pos
session of a leaded gun and a sword started
off. Themas Walter, a young man em
ployed in the mill, followed him for the
purpose of getting him hack te the house,
when he turned, raised the gun and dis
charged the contents in Mr. Walter's
breast, causing almost instant death.
Whitaker then started te walk te
Bel .Air, a distance of three miles.
At the tell gate he was met by Jtidge Bar Bar
eon, in a buggy, te whom he calmly stated
that he had killed a man and wanted te
surrender himself te the authorities.
Judge Barten brought him te the town,
where he told the same story. His unfor
tunate state of mind was well known and
he was net believed at 5 first, but as a mat
ter of precaution Deputy Sheriff Carman
locked him up in jail. The dreadful news
was aoen corroborated. Themas Walter,
the young man killed, was about
citrhteen years of ase, and was a son of
Mr. A. S. Walter, a highly respect
able farmer, living near the Hickory. He
was an industrious and estimable young
man, and was employed by his brother,
Jeseph Walter, the miller at Dundalc.
Franklin Whitaker, sr., the father of young
Whitaker, is a widely known and highly
esteemed citizen of the county, and the
blew has fallen with crushing force upon
him and his family, as well as upon the
family of young Walter. The deepest
sympathy is felt by the entire community
for both families thus suddenly over
whelmed with grief and sorrow. The
murdered in en was a brother of Jehn W.
Walter esq., of Yerk.
l'eaiitiful .Memerial Window.
The recent changes iu St. James Epis
copal church made it necessary te remove
the Miss Markec memorial window from
its former position te the second space in
the lower tier of windows en the north
aisle of the church, where it has the ad
vantage of choice light. ;Thc erigieal win
dow piece, " Christ Blessing Little Chil
dren," which was made by AVales, of
Newcastlc-eii-Tyne, under the direction
of Rev. E. S. Watsen, has been filled out
very handsomely by Messrs. Aikins & Geed
win, of Philadelphia. Iu the suggestive
character of the design and in its rich
color effects the window pleases at a
glance, and the eye returns te it again
aim again with pleasure. Hie bestenect,
perhaps, is had from the Orange street
pavement, looking through the open ven
tilator, which cuts oft tue lower part,
showing only the upper two-thirds of the
window. The changes made in it were
completed last week, se that it took its
place again in the church en Sunday, Oc
tober 17, 18S0 ou the fiftieth anniversary
of Miss Markec's birth, " October 17,
1830." The inscription tablet gives the
dates of birth and death, with the truthful
legend, "'A Christian teacher faithful unto
List or Unclaimed Letters.
Following is a list of unclaimed letters
remaining in the posteflice, at Lancaster,
for the week ending Monday, October 18 :
Ladies' List : Mrs. Samuel Barber, Mrs.
C. II. Darlington, Mrs. Mary Eckmau,
Barbara Funk, Alice Gambcr, 5lary Gam
ber, Mrs. Anucy Hennery, Mrs. E. John John Jehn
eon, Annie 1. Kiehl, Mary Kirkwood,
Mary Leibhart, Mrs. Magsie A. Murr,
Lucy Nelsen, Mrs. Mary C. Shcnk,
Christie Smith, Jennie Wilsen, Lizzie
Gents' List : J. B. Clumb, Dr. Everhart,
Geerge Firth, II. C. Fahs, Master Harvey
Fendcrsmith, Jesse Harncr, Martin Hard
ing, Elmer E. Kiliiau. NealiKeescy, Jacob
F. Klous, A. P. Lutz, Samuel Levcring
(2),B. Miller, Mycis & Cress, Geerge Mus
sclmau, S. Pragheimer, Christian Peiffcr,
William Peters, Ames K. Reub, Lewis
Ranncls, Michael Shrcincr, Rebert Sheurn-
tien, Lewis G. Smith. Themas ri nemas.
Jonathan Waters, Bachman Wetmcr, J.
Shepherd Wolf, Jehn II. Yeung.
Lancaster Mlcrescapists in J'hihulclplilu.
At the annual microssrep'c il soiree of the
Biological and Microscepical Section of the
Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences,
en Friday evening last, wc find mention
made of our Lancaster society along with
ethers named. The gentlemen who repre
sented the Lancaster 3Iicroscepical society
were Dr. J. W. Crunibaugh, Chas. A.
Lecher, druggist, Edw. W. McC.iskey and
Dr. J. II. Rile. The exhibition was a
grand affair, between one and two hundred
of the best instruments ''en duty," some
of them among the finest in the world. It
was crowded for two hours with the best
people in Philadelphia. This wa the fif
teenth annual exhibition given by this sec
tion of the academy.
The Electing at Midway.
There will be a larcc mass mcctimref the
Democracy of the eastern end of Lancas
ter county, at M. V. B. Wcidler's hotel,
Midway, near Bareville, en the New Hol Hel
land turnpike, en Wednesday evening of
this week. Gee. W. Barten," of Philadel
phia, W. U. Heuscl, of this city, and ether
speakers will address the meeting.
Sale of Real Estate.
Samuel Hess & Sen, auctioneers, sold yes
terday at public sale attheMcrrimac house
Lancaster, for Geerge Gressman, 7 head
of Canada hei05 at an average et $138 per
head. .
CASsIDT ATTME court house.
Enthusiastic Meeting
and a Ringing
The court house
was packed te its
utmost seating capacity and the main and
side aisles were thronged last night in at
tendance upon the Democratic meeting
convened te bear Hen. Lewis C. Cassidy,
of Philadelphia, speak in behalf of the
Democratic cause. Mr. Cassidy was es
corted te the court house from the train
by a detachment of the Hancock Legien,
aud his entrance evoked long-continued
applause. After being introduced by
Chairman Hensel the speaker began his
address which lasted ever an hour and was
listened te with closest attention.
He said he brought te the Democratic
party of Lancaster the bsst of geed cheer
from every part of the land. At every
point the army is organized and ready for
the charge and the victory. He said also
that he had received a telegram from Jehn
Kelly, of New Yerk, who desired him te
say that the Democracy of that city are
entirely united and will present a solid
.front te the enemy, and that New Yerk
will surely maintain her place at the head
of the Democratic column.
It has net infrequently been the fate of
great generals te suffer defeat at the hands
of inefficient corps commanders, but the
white plume of the great commander who
planned the battle and wen the field at
Gettysburg, never yet went down before
the assaults of the enemy, and will net in
the approaching contest. With Hancock
there is no such word as fail.
Te the Republicans present Mr. Cassidy
said he wished te ask them if they did net
see there had been a change of front en
the Republican side since Conkling and
Cameren and Legan met Garfield at
his home at Menter recently ? Is it net
apparent that the result of that visit was
an agreement te re-establish the Grant
regime iu 1884? These men despised Gar
field, and should he be elected, they will
get control of the several departments aud
rule the government. De they net beast
of the 306 votes they held solidly for Grant
at Chicago, and has net every movement
made by them from that time te this show
that their one great aim is that the third
term shall yet be perpetrated ?
Carl Schurz, in his recent speeches, says
that the Democrats want a change merely
for the sake of change. This is net true :
we want a change that wc may get back
te honest government. Grant inaugurated
a system of fraud upon the people that
made his administration a stench in their
nostrils. Begin with his attorney gen
eral, Landaulet Williams, whose pecula
tions and corruptions were se unblushing ;
with government money he supplied his
private wants and used public property
and public officials for his private conveni
ence. His secretary of the navy carried
oft whole navies, wasted enormous sums
of government material, and was se deeply
implicated in the Secer swindle that his
name has geno into history as "Secer
Robeson ;" and though his offences were
known te all they were attempted
te be covered up aud an investigation
of them prevented. Then there were
the great whisky frands, through
which millions were lest te the govern
ment ; and when public clamor finally
compelled an investigation and the prose
cution of the leaders of the whisky ring
the offenders were found at the very por
tals of the White Heuse, the president's
private secretary, Babcock, being one of
them. The doings of Bess Shepherd and
the District of Columbia ring, and the
safe robbery, and ether villainies were ad
verted te by the speaker te show that fraud
existed in every department under Grant
and spread te all parts of the country, de
moralizing and debauching the people,
and making possible the great fraud the
theft of the presidency which seen after
wards followed. The connection of Sher
man and Garfield with this great fraud
was graphically described, together with
the rewards paid by Hayes te the perjured
thieves who aided in the accomplishment
of the crime. The frauds inaugurated
under Grant were carried into Hayes's ad
ministration, and would be continued
under Garfield should he succeed te the
Mr. Cassidy said he had never believed
for one moment that Garfield had a chance
of an election, and did net believe it new.
The American people are intelligent and
heucst and cannot forget the great fraud
and will never put into the presidency the
one man who mere than any ether
aided the consummation of that fraud.
James A. Garfield, bavins been sent Seuth
by Grant as a visiting statesman te manu
facture fraudulent cvidence,returns North
and then becomes a nicmbe of the elec
toral commission, thus acting as attorney,
witness, jury and judge in the case. Gar
field's only defence for hisactien was, "we
had the cards in our own hands why should
wc net play them; you would have done the
Referring te the declination by Mr.
Tilden of the Democratic nomination at
Cincinnati en account of advancing years
and ill health, Mr. Cassidy said some of
tlic iiepubheans claimed that the question
of the great fraud did net come up in the
present campaign. He reminded them
that they had themselves put it in the
fight by nominating as their candidate the
one man, who mere than any ether secured
the consummation of the fraud.
Mr. Cassidy next discussed the business'
scare that the Republican leaders attempt
ed te inaugurate, and called upon his
hearers te remember that the great busi
ness panic of 1873 occurred under Grant's
administration and while the same
tariff for which they new clamor se loud
ly was in operation ; Republicans and the
tariff had failed te prevent the panic or re
store prosperity, and it was net until the
Democratic party came into both houses of
Congress, and commenced the work of
economy and reform, that the country again
began te prosper. Secretary Sherman
could net even float his 4 per cent bends
until the Democrats came into power. It
is all nonsense te talk about danger te bus
iness ou account of Democratic ascendency.
The Democracy are conservative and law
abiding. They even submitted te the
great fraud of 1876 rather than unsettle the
prosperity of the country, trusting te time
and the patriotism of the people te right
the wrong. History fails te show a like case
of forbearance. Had such an outrage been
attempted in France the streets of Paris
would have run with oceans of bleed ;
or had it been attempted in England, an
other crowned head would have been taken
off as was the case with Charles I. And
yet the Republicans say the Democracy is
net te be trusted the Democracy, the
party of the people, whose every act of leg
islation has tended te secure the rights of
the people against the encreuchments of
capital in the hands of great corporation,
and ether favored classes.
But they say if we come into power we
will break up the national bank system
and disturb the hnancs. 11ns is net true ;
leek at the Democratic platform : it pre
vides for a currency of geld and silver and
paper convertible into geld. The Demo
cratic party has always been for hard
money from the days of Jacksen te the
present time. It was the Republican
party- that debased the currency and
caused widespread desolation in con
consequence of its depreciation. But
they answer we are new" in league with
the Greenbackcrs. Loek at Indiana and
Alabama, where the Republicans them
selves coalesced with that party ; leek at
Schuylkill county, in this state, where the
Republicans and Grccnbackers are in full
communion and supporting a single ticket,
and se it is wherever they can gain votes
by forming such alliance.
3Ir. Cassidy next took up the Republi
can cry of tariff, and referred te the man
ner in which employers go te their men,
and tell them that this a bread and butter "
campaign ; that if Hancock is elected
their shops and factories will be closed and
the men thrown out of employment, be
cause the Democrats will adept free trade
doctrines and foreign goods will drive
American goods out of the markets. New
leek at Garfield's record en this nnestinn
Because of his free trade votes in Congress
he was elected an honorary member el the
Cobden club, a free trade club, te which
none but free-traders are ever elected,
and what is the answer the Republicans
make? They say his election was
only a compliment paid him by
the club. What? Compliment their
enemies; take te their besom the
man that is injuring them ! If it was a
mere compliment paid te Garfield why
don't Garfield produce the correspondence
between the club and himself? Hancock
never fails te produce a letter when called
upon te de se. Garfield's failure te pro
duce the letters is evidence against him,
but there is still stronger evidence of his
sympathies with the free traders; his
votes in Congress have ever been ou the
side of free trade and against protection.
Se well is this known that when he was
proposed as candidate for speaker of the
Heuso Wm. D. Kellcy, the father of the
protectionists of this state, refused te go
into the Republican caucus that nominated
him and refused te vote for Jrim when
nominated. Kelley and Russell Errett and
J. W. Killinger, the most prominent pro
tectionists in Congress, signed a pretest
against him, denouncing him as a free
trader, and refused te vete for him even
after his party nominated him.
Again, there was an effort made te re
model the present tariff; the protection
ists in Congress wanted te take off the
duties en tea, coffee, salt and ether com
mon necessaries of life and advance the
duties en manufactured articles of various
kinds. Garfield voted against the proposi preposi
tion, and thus te compel the people te pay
a tax for all of these necessaries te go into
their mouths. He also voted te reduce
the duty ou foreign coal and take off the
duty en foreign iron, se that it could come
in competition with that manufactured in
Lancaster, Berks and ether parts of Penn
sylvania. Mr. Cassidy next compared the tariff
planks in the Democratic and Republican
platforms of 1872, 1876 and 1880, showing
that they were all essentially the same and
favored a tariff: for revenue, which must
necessarily afford incidental protection te
American manufacturers. lie quoted at
some length from the New Yerk Times, the
New Yerk Evening Pest and ether free trade
Republican organs appealing te Repub
lican speakers te step cheating the people
by pretenses that the Republican party is
a protection party, whereas it is for free
trade. Carl Schurz, who is new en the
stump for Garfield, is an avowed free
trader, as arc hosts of ether prominent
Republicans in and out of Congress. The
present tariff is kept iu force, net by the
Republicans, but by Democrats in the
Heuse and Senate. When the present
rates of duty en iron were being consider
ed the Pittsburgh iron masters made the
duties, and Fernande Weed and Samuel
J. Randall, Democrats, put them through
Congress in their present shape. Before
the Republicans talk of tariff and claim
te be its pecular champions, let them name
a Pennsylvania Democratic congressmen
within the past twenty years that has net
voted for it.
Mr. Cassidy turned his attention te
the matter of " bulldozing" white men,
which is new a favorite plan among Re
publican employers. Their order te
their men is "vote this ticket or get out!"
The peer man may feel like resenting the
insult, but when lie thinks of his wife and
his little ones dependent en him, he sub
mits te the degradation, with a feeling
that true manhood has been crushed out
of him. There arc, however, thanks te
the Democratic party, laws that will reach
and punish the employer who thus exercise
a tyrannical rule ever his men. There is
an act of Congress that makes it unlawful
and punishable by fine and imprisonment
te attempt te coerce a voter, and he knew
there was at least one United States judge
Judge Butler, of Philadelphia who
would net fail te enforce the law and pro
tect a free ballet, if a case were brought
before him. The laws of Pennsylvania
also make it an indictable offense te at
tempt te intimidate or coerce a voter, and
perhaps there are judges in this county
who will mete out judgment te these who
attempt it.
The solid Seuth was 3Ir. Cassidy's next
theme. He said that while the Republi
cans professed te believe there was great
danger te be apprehended from a solid
Seuth they are quite willing te have a
solid North, and are working vigorously te
secure it. Mr. Cassidy. declared that since
the carpet-baggers had been withdrawn
from the Seuth, peace and prosperity have
resumed their sway, and that there lias
net been a case of eutrage or
disorder that has net been mere
than equalled in Pennsylvania. There
has net been iu the whole Seuth, from
Masen ami Dixen's line te the Gulf and
the Rie Grande as disreputable an act as
was perpetrated in Philadelphia within
the past few days. Mr. Cassidy narrated
the particulars of the murderous assault
ou a Democratic landlord who liad illum
inated his house in compliment te the Re
publicans who were parading. The heuse
was gutted and the proprietor was almost
killed for no ether reason than that some
one near the house had hurrahed for Han
cock. Mr. Cassidy also referred te the
murderous attack upon a Democratic pro pre
cession in Wilmington te show Republican
contempt for free thought, free speech
and a free ballet.
As te Republican consideration of the
negre, there was nothing in it ; the ncsrre
is of no account te them except se far as
they can control and use his vote. In
Philadelphia, where colored men are num
erous, what has the Republican party,
which Js iu power there, done for them ?
What ellices have been given them ? They
have been allowed te clean the spittoons,
three or four of them have been appointed
janitors and one or two clerks, and that is
all. He could tell these Republicans, who
falsely profess te champion the cause of
the negre, that the cliairman of the Dem
ecratic campaign committee of Philadel
phia has in his own employ a greater
number of colored men than this.
Anether cry of the Republican mana
gers is "loyalty." They say we must
stand by the government and stand by the
soldiers who saved it. Well, what have
the Republicans done in this direction?
When they want a United States senator
in Maine they take Maj. Gen. .lames (J.
Blaine; in Massachusetts they take Gen
erals Dawes and Hear. Ge te New Yerk
you find them rallying around that rcat
soldier. General Arthur, who was for a
time in the quarter-master's department.
Fer governor they take General Cernell,
and for United senator that magnificent
seldiar, Conkling, who was only kept
from going te the front for fear of having
spoiled his pretty face and beautiful
figure ! Ne ; leek where you will j'eu find
that Republican consideration of the sol
dier is a sham, and that the politicians, net
the soldiers, secure promotion.
Mr. Cassidy concluded his address by an
eloquent tribute te Hancock both as a ci
vilian and a soldier. His was the white
plume that never went down in defeat. At
Williamsburg his superb fighting saved
the field ; at Gettysburg he met and de
feated the hosts of Lengstrcet, who were
fighting him. Yeu Republicans may if
you will fellow the standard of Lengstie?t,
but we Democrats will rally around the
white-plumed here, who upon the bloody
field of Gettysburg shed his bleed te save