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curious piece of Jejis-
Jndge Pattcrsen-s Opinion Net Sustained by
the Supreme Court.
PrrrsBCRGn, Pa., Oct. 4, 1880.
Sttinmahand J7en? The opinion of the
supreme court in your disbarment case
as filed at the meeting of the court here
this morning. Judge Patterson was rc
erssd ; no discnt. Lancaster county te
pay all costs. Malcolm Hay.
Delivered Ky Ciller Justice Sharsv.-end.
By Telegraph 10 Ixteixi&exces.
Following is the opinion in full filed
lieic this morning at the meeting of the
.supreme ceuit :
Exparte Weinman and Hemel. Errer
te quarter aement, r.ancnler county.
SlIAItSWOOI), C. .1.
The record before us has been brought
up by a writ of error under the act of
Assembly approved May 19, 1870, G0G0, en
titled "an act icgulating proceedings
against attorneys at law in this common
wealth ' It provides that in all cases of
any proceedings in any court of this com
men wealth against any attorney of said
court for unprofessional conduct as an offi
cer of such court, said attorney shall
be entitled te a writ of error from the su
preeo court of this commonwealth, as in
civil cases, te said court from any judg
ment, order, or deeccef said court against
him as such officer, which writ of error
shall remove the i ecerds and all the pro
ceedings thciciu te the supreme court of
this commetiwcKli, and il shall be the
duty of said court te review
the same Jc ueiu, and the complainant
shall have the right toeflcr new testimony
by deposition or otherwise as said supicnic
court may direct ; and, upon hearing, said
court may modify i or affirm said
judgment, order decree of the court be
. ew as the justice of the case may require.'
Other previsions are added as te the hear
ing of the cause in any district, and giving
it preference ever all ether than homicide
cases, and as te the co-its. all of which, te
say the least, are unusual. The icmcdy
by writ of error, which properly rcqtihcs
two parties, is certainly net the best
which could have been devis.:d: and
what is meant by reviewing the
case tie iieca is net vcrv intelligible
unless it be from what
court is te hear any new
mav be offered bv the
net by the coin I
parties if there
On the whole it is a
lativc patchweik. Hew far the prevision
that this court shall hear new testimony
and decide the ease as if it was a new one
is consistent with that article of the con
stitution which prohibits the su
jremc court from the exe:ci.e of
any eiigiual jurisdiction except in a
few specified eases, is a question which
does net arise, as the controversy here is
presented fully in the record, and we are
net a.sked te leek out of it. The com
plainants were members of the bar of Lan
caster county, and were also the edi
tors of a newspaper published there ;
thej printed in their paper an aitiel.i very
severely reflecting upon the conduct of the
court in a certain prosecution in the quar
ter sessions in which the defendant
had been acquitted en an indict
ment for violating the liquor law.
It charged that the acquittal was
secured by a prostitution of the ma
chinery of justice te serve the exigencies
of theTtepublicnn pally," and added that
as the judges belonged te that party
the court was ''unanimous for once
that it need take no cognizance of
the imposition practiced upon it and
the disgrace attaching te it.' We may
safely assume that it meant te charge, and
did charge, that the judges had decided
the case wrongfully from motives of politi
cal partisanship. We have no hesitation
in pi-oneuncing such a publication te be a
gross libel en its face. Nothing can
be mere disgraceful, net even
perhaps that of direct bribery, than such
an imputation en the motives of judges in
the administration of justice. The court
thereupon sent for the complainants and
en their appearance and taking upon
themselves the responsibility of the publi
cation in qucstieiijcntcicd a rule upon them
te show cause why they should net be dis
barred and their names stricken ' from
the list of attorneys for misbehavior in
their offices as attorneys. Te these rules
they appeared and put in an answer re
spectively and the inles were afterwards
made absolute.
Many objections have been made te the
proceeding which we will net step te con cen
sider;we cutcrtaimied eubt that a court has
jurisdiction, without any formal complaint
or petition, upon its own motion, te strike
the name of an attorney from the roll in a
.proper case, provided he has had reason
able notice and been afforded an opportu
nity te be heard in his own defense.
Ne question can be made of the power of
a court te strike a member of the bar from
the roll for official misconduct in or out of
court. Bythe seventy-third section of the
act of April 14, 1S3-J, fiO,S54it is expressly
enacted that " if any attorney at law shall
misbehave himself in his office of attorney
he shall be liable te suspension, removal
from office or such ether penalties as have
heretofore been allowed in such cases by
the laws of this commonwealth." We de
net mean te say for the case does net call
for such an opinion that there may
net be cases of misconduct,net strictly pro
fessional which would cleat ly show a per
son net lit te be an attorney nor lit te
associate with honest men. Thus if he
was proved te be a thief, a forger, a
perjurer, or guilty of ether offenses of the
crimen falsi. IJut no one, we
suppose, will contend that for such an of
fense he can ba summarily convicted and
disbarred by the court without a formal
indictment, trial and conviction by a jury
or upon conviction in open court. Whether
a libel is an efleuse of such a character
may be a question, but certain it
is that if the libel in this case had been
upon a private individual or upon a pub
lic officer, such even as the district attor
ney, the court could net have summarily
convicted the defendants or disbarred them.
The office of an attorney is his property
and he cannot be deprived of it unless by
the judgment of his peers or the law of
the land, this last phrase meaning, as
wc have been taught by Lord Coke, "due
process of law.."
By the seventh section of the first article
of the constitution of 1874, the hill of
rights, it is declared that "no conviction,
shall be had in any prosecution for
the publication of papers relating te the
official conduct of officers or men in public
capacity or te any ether .matter proper for
public investigation or information,
where the fact that such publication
was net maliciously or negligently made
shall be established te the satisfaction of
the jury."' This is a new and very imper
tant prevision, introduced into the bill of
rights by the constitution of 1874. It would
be a clear infraction of the spirit, if net the
letter, of this article te held that
an attorney can be summarily disbarred
for the publication of a libel en a man in a
public capacity, or where the matter was
proper for public investigation or inferma
tien, for a man certainly does net forfeit
his constitutional tights as a freeman by
becoming an attorney. It guarantees te
him immunity from all liability te punish
ment in case of the publication of papers
relating te the official conduct of officers or
men in public capacity " where the fact
that such publication was net maliciously
or negligently made shall be established te
the satisfaction of the jury." Hut the
giavamcu of the offenses of the complain
ants was that the publication was a libel
en the court of which they were attor
neys, and this, it is earnestly contended,
was "misbehavior in their office," which
gave the ceuit power te exercise summary
jurisdiction bv removing them. The
duty of an attorney is briefly comprehend
ed in the terms of his oath, "te behave
himself in the office of attorney accerdiug
te the best of his learning and ability and
with all geed fidelity as well te the court
as te the client." Was the publication
in question a breach of this oath ? Fidcl
ity te the ceuit includes many particu
lars, but they all evidently concern his of
ficial relations. "The sum of the matter"
says Chief Justice Gibsen in the Austin
case, "i li.uvlc 203, "is that an at
torney at law holds his office during
geed behavior, and that he is net profes
sionally answei able for a bcttttiny into the
official conduct of the judges which would
net cxpesij him te legal animadversion as
a citizen.' t"eine of the lemarks in the
opinion in that case have been much
relied en by (he learned counsel who
have argued as nmki curie in
support of flic action of the ceuit below.
Hut thcie aie two considerations bearing
upon the question which new exist, but
did net at the time that decision was ren
dered. The fit st is the new prevision en
the .subject of the libeit.v of the press
which has been introduced into the bill
of lights of the constitution of 1874,
and the second is that at that time the
judiciary was net elective. Judges in 1835
were appointed by the governor and their
tenure of office was during geed behavior.
Theie might then be some reason for hold
ing that an appeal te the f ribunal of popular
opinion was in all cases of judicial niiseon niiseen
dnct a mistaken course and injustiflablc
in an attorney. The proceedings by im
peachment or address were the only ones,
which could be resorted te, (e effectively
remedy the supposed evil. Te petition
the Legislature was then ihe pro
per step : te appeal te the people
was te diminish confidence in the
com I and bring them into contempt with
out any geed result. We need net say
that the case is altered, and that it is new
the tight and duty of a lawyer te bring te
the net ice of the people, who elect the
judges, every instance of what he believes
te be corruption or partisanship. Ne class
of the community ought te be allowed
freer sceps in the expression or publication
of opinions as te the capacity, impartiality
or integiity of judges than members of the
bar. They have the best oppertun
itics of observing and forming
a ceirect judgment ; thej are in
constant attendance en the courts ; hun
dreds of Uiec who are called en te vote
never enter a court rcem or if they de it is
only at intervals as jurors, witnesses or
parties. Te say that an attorney can
only act or speak ou this subject
under liability te be called te account
and te be deprived of his professional live
lihood by the very judge or judges whom
he may consider it his duty te attack and
expose, is a position tee monstrous te be
entertained for a moment under our pres
ent system.
In -admitting, as he seems te de, that a
libel en the ceuit may be a breach of pro
fessional duty in an attorney. Chief Jus
tice Gibsen adds a most material qualifi
cation : " The motive should be clearly
shown te have been the acquirement of
an influence ever the judge in
the exercise of his judicial functions by
the instrumentality of popular prejudice"
Ne such motive has been or can be im
puted te these complainants. The learned
judge who delivered the opinion of the court
below imputes no such motive te them. He
says, "Their motive, though net openly
or at all avowed in the publication, is tee
obvious te admit of doubt. The least
reprehensible motive by which their
professional misconduct can be sup
posed te have been animated is
a desire for the prominence or notoriety in
the editorial corps. The real or true mo
tive could be no ether than partisan mal
ice, or a wilful headlong zeal te promote
partisan interests in the face of
their official fidelity te this court,
regardless of all consequences." Suppose
the motives here assigned te be the trite
motives which actuated the complainants
"a desire for notoriety,' "partisan ma
lice, " and "a wilful headlong ::eal te pro
mote partisan interests." What had they
te de with professional conduct or fitness
te practice law? The complainants in
their sworn answers te the rule aver
that in making the publication in
question they were "acting iu geed
faith, without malice, and for the
public geed." Of course wc mean te ex
press no opinion upon the merits of the
controversy between the court below and
the complainants. Wc concede te the court
all that has been claimed en their behalf,
that the publication in fact was a falsa and
malicious libel, and that in making the
rule absolute they were actuated by a
simple desire te upheld the authority and
dignity of the court. If this was a mere
question of discretion, we are of
opinion that their order was a mistake.
The act of 1879 gives this court juris
diction te review the discretion of the
court below, and we think it was net in
this case 'wisely exercised. , The order
which made absolute the rales' te show
cause why the names of the complainants
should net he stricken from the list j men pleas court began with Judge Patter
of attorneys is hereby vacated and the
rules discharged, and it is ordered that
the complainants be restored te the bar,
the costs of this proceeding and writ of
error te be paid bythe county of Lancas
Court of Common Pleaa.
The jury in the case of Mary Kissinger
vs., the city of Lancaster, en; Saturday af
ternoon, rendered a verdict in' favor of the
plaintiff for $1,600.
This morning the second week of com
Meeting of the Poultry Society TaUt About
the Coming Kxhlbttlea Seme Ad?
tflUenal Arrangements.
The monthly meeting of the Lancaster
county poultry association was held this
morning in the agricultural society's room,
City hall.
The following members were present :
S. N. Warfel, president, Strasburg ; J
B. Lichty, secretary, city ; Wm. Schoen Scheen
berger, city ; Chas. E. Leng, city ; Chas.
Lippold, city ; H. JL Tshudy, Lititz ; J.
M. Johnsten, city ; Frank Griest, city ; F.
R. DiffendcrfTer, city ; J. B. Leng, city ;
I. iu. btaufier, Adamstown; Ferdinand
Sheaffer, city; C. A. Oast, city: W. L.
Hershey, city ; Geerge A. Geyer, Spring
Garden ; O. Kendig, city ; J. W. Bruck
hart, Salunga; Jehn M. Hagens, Stras
burg. Chas. Lippold, from the committee te
revise the pigeon premium list, received
some additions which were adopted.
Dominique Leghorn and Ostrich-feath
ered chickens were added te the premium
C. E. Leng reported that the committee
could secure for exhibition cold and silver
The secretary was authorized te corre
spond with the owners with a view of
securing them for exhibition.
After a discussion as te the best means
of procuring pigeon and bantam coops,
the secretary was authorized te procure
twelve sections of folding coops and twelve
sections of ordinary coops, en the best
terms he can, and as many coops as may
be necessary te show ether breeds of fowls.
W. II. Amer was proposed for member
ship and elected.
It was ordered that the next stated meet
ing of society be held en Monday, the 8th
of November, instead of the 1st, en ac
count of the election. Adjourned.
son en tne bench. After the list was
called it was found that there were no
cases ready for trial. The jurors were
discharged and court adjourned until this
The Out-deer Club.
About thirty men were set te work this
morning by the managers of the out-deer
club, under direction of Philip Dinkleberg,
preparinc the south-east corner of Mc-
Grann's park for the games and resort of
the club. The grounds will be graded,
sedded and fenced and "play" will be
called at an early day.
The Telephone exchange.
Mrs. Herman Miller's soap manufactory
en Seuth Water street, has been connected
with her store en East King street and the
telephone exchange.
Discoveries by Accident.
The fact that many et the most valuable dis
coveries nave been the result et chance rather
than of design or contemplation, is again il
lustrated in Iav's KtDJfKr Pad.
We have just placed en exhibition an invoice of OIL PAINT
INGS of varied subjects and rare merit. Among them will be
found a number of Original Game Panel Pieces by Meucci. Origi
nals and Copies by Oastagnela and ether Artists; Figure, Fruit
and Bird Pieces, Neapolitan Character Studies, &c, &c.
The public are cordially invited te call at our store and in
spect them.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
Ne. 4 West King Street.
Field Trial of Dogs.
The date of the Pennsylvania field trials
of hunting dogs, which had been fixed for
November 9th, has been changed te Oc
tober 2Gtb, 27th, 28th and 29th. The trials
will take place near Quarryville, this
county, and the prizes for the various
stakes arc as fellows :
All aged stakes $100 te first ; $50 te
second , $25 te third ; $10 entry ; $5 forfeit;
entries limited te 35.
Puppy stakes $50 te first ; $25 te
second ; $15 te third ; $5 entry ; $3 forfeit ;
entries limited te 25.
Nursery stakes same as puppy.
Association stakes A piece of plate
worth $100 te be selected by the winner ;
entry $10, te be forfeited if net run.
All entries will clese en October 20.
Mtuday-Sclioel Festival.
The Mechanicsburg Sunday-school,
under the supervision of Rev. Berg, pastor
of the Evangelical Lutheran church, held
its celebration en Saturday. The Eden
cornet band furnished the music. At 10:20
the school marched through the village
with many banners, creating much enthu
siasm, and the children were then con
ducted te a grove near the church where,
after prayer and praise. Rev. C. E. Ileupt,
of Lancaster, delivered a happy address.
At neon there was a grand dinner. At 2
p. m., after mere prayers and singing,
Rev. Reed, of Lancaster, made an excel
lent address and at 4 p. m. the celebration
Grand Rally.
Cheap excursion te Reading en Saturday.
October 9. Fare for the round trip only $1.25
Train leaves Lancaster (King Street) at 7:53 a.
m. and Columbia at 7:53 a. m. Tickets geed te
return en any train. Grand Democratic
parade at 1 p. All clubs arc invited te attend.
Governer Gee. It. McClellan, W. U. Ucnsel and
ethers -will speak. Fer particulars see circu
late at station". e2,4,r.,8Aitw
Jeffersen an "Seb Acres." Mr. Jeseph Jef Jef
fereon, the eminent comedian, appears to
morrow night in his great role of Beb Acres,
in Sheridan's comedy of " The Rivals." The
rapidity with which tickets arc selling Indi
cates a large audience at the opera house.
Delicate females And Malt Bitter nourish
ing, .strengthening and purifying.
Wlille the fields we're reaming ever,
Ilreathing new-mown hay and closer,
We'll think of her, as is our went,
Whose teeth and breath arc, every day,
White as white clever sweetas hay,
And all trem using SOZODONT.
A natural beautllicrand restorer of 1 lie com
plexion Cut icura Medicinal Seap.
Poverty and Snfferlnz.
"I was dragged down with debt, poverty and
suflcring ler years, caused by a sick family and
large bills for doctoring, which did them no
geed. 1 was completely discouraged, until
one year age, by tlie advice of my pastor. I
procured Hep Bitters and commenced their
use, and in ene month we were all well, and
none et us have seen a sick day since, and 1 I
want te say te all peer men, you can keep yenr j
lamuies well a year with Hep Bitters ler lest
than one doctor's visit will cost. A Working
man." wd
Mothers ! Metbcrs!! Mothers!!!
Are you 'disturbed at night and broken et
your rest by a sick child suffering and crying
with the excruciating pain or cutting tectht
it se, go at once and getabettle of MRS. WINS
LOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP. It will relieve the
peer little sufferer immediately depend upon
it ; there Is no mistake about it. There is net a
mother en earth who has ever used it, who will
net tell you at once that it will regulate the
bowels, and give rest te the mother, and relief
and health te the child, operating like magic.
It is perfectly safe te use in all cases, and pleas
ant te the taste, and is the prescription et one
et the eldest and best female physicians and
nurses in the United States. Sold everywhere
S3 cents a bottle. 1117-lydAwM.WAS
Dr. Oakley, et Detroit, says: "Sellers' Liver
rills" arc admirably calculated for biliousness
and headaches."
Fer Assembly.
The nanicet WILLIAM MeCOMSEY, of the
First ward, will be presented te the Demo
cratic electors et Lancaster at their primary
elections te nominate a candidate for As
sembly, under Democratic rules.
ELIM G. SNYDER, or the Ninth ward, wil
be a candidate for the Democratic nomination
te the Legislature from Lancaster City. Sub
ject te Democratic rules. td
Died In Cliambersburg.
A telegram from Chambersburg an
nounces the death there, at 1 p. m. te-day,
after a lingering illness, of Gee. A. Miller,
brother of Watsen 11. Miller, and himself
formerly a resident of Lancaster. Mr.Miller
was at one time proprietor of a retail drug
store in this city, thence removed te Phila
delphia, where he was engaged in the whole
sale drug business en Fourth street, and
has for some years resided in Chambers
burg, where he has suffered ill health for
Memerial Service.
The semi-centennial of the establshment
of the " Church of Ged " was celebrated
yesterday in the several churches of the
denomination in all parts of the country.
The services at the Bethels in this city
were largely attended. Rev. D. A. L.
Layerty, the pastor, preached a sermon ap
propriate te the occasion. At the morn
ing services the rite of baptism was ad
ministered te several believers, and at the
evening services the commuuien of the
Lords supper was celebrated.
Ninth Ward Banner.
The Democratic ladies of the Ninth
ward recently made a handsome banner
whichhas been suspended en the three poles
at the corner of Mulberry and James
streets. The banner is 10 feet long and
bears the portraits of Hancock and Eng
lish and Hancock at Gettysburg. The
poles and banner are handsomely deco dece
rrted with evergreens and flags. .The whole
affair reflects great credit en the ladies
through whose cflbits the work was accem
Cases Dismissed.
The charges of larceny preferred by C.
Bcettncr against Harry Metzger, Geerge
Rittenhouse and Charles Keller, for the
larceny of wine, bread and cakes, have
been dismissed by Alderman McConemy,
the evidence offered being insufficient te
held the accused, though there is no doubt
that the larcenies were perpetrated by
The Lant-Mullen Case. .
Private telegrams te this city advise the
parties interested, that in the matter of the
contested will of Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn
Mullen, Judge Patterson's decision declar
ing her will te be void, has been reversed.
The telegram says: " Decree reversed.
Recerd remitted te the orphans' court of
Laricaster cennty that distribution may be
there made according te the principle of
this opinion.'
Attention is called te the destitute con
dition of Mrs. Parrish who lives en f James
street, north of the Lancaster cemetery.
She has been deserted by her husband and
has four small children, one of them sick,
dependent upon her for support and she
is without means of providing for them.
Held te Answer.
Adam and Jehn Bucli, of Eden, were
before Alderman McConemy this after
noon and entered bail te answer at court
for disturbing a religious meeting some
weeks age. " N
Jehn B. Sencr, an employee of the Pcnn
iron works, had his thumb badly smashed
this morning while working at a grindstone
by having it caught between the stone and
the iron he was grinding.
rant Selling.
II. C. Gibble, auctioneer, of Manheim
borough, sold for A. R. Reiff 537 articles
in two and a half hours. Whecan beatit?
Eighth Ward.
Stilted meeting of the Eighth ward Hancock
club te-morrow (Tuesday) evening nt 74
o'clock at Dlchl's saloon, High street.
Fourth Ward.
There will be a meeting et the fourth ward
club en te-morrow (Tuesday) evening at S
A Meeting et the Yeung Men
of the Eighth ward who will cast their first
vote for Hancock and English will be held at
Dlchl's saloon en Wednesday evening at 7
In Lancaster.
General torchlight parade en Friday even
ing, October 1. Ne speaking.
Welsh Mountain Inn.
Tri-county meeting Wednesday afternoon
and cvening, Oct. 6. Speakers, E. 15. Wlegand,
of Reading; R. .1. Monaghan, of West Chester ;
E. McCaa, B. F. Davis, D. McMullcn, .1. M.
Walker, J. L. Stetnmctz, W. U. Hen-iel,
Reland, Jno. II. II. DcIIavcn.
1'ele raUIng, Tuesday afternoon Oct. 3
Friday evening, Octobers. Speakers: S
Slindle. W. H. Reland.
At Meuutvllle
en Monday, October 11. Speakers: Jehn
Ferney, J. Luther Rlngwalt, E. McCaa, J,
II. llensel and Wm.
J. W. Ferney
E. Rltehie, E.
Stelnmetj:, II. V. DavI,W
15. Given.
Ac QuarrjtUIe
Tuesday, October 14 Speakers :
J. Luther Ringwalt, Cel. Jehn
McCaa and ethers.
New Helland.
Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 13. Speakers:
Hen. Jehn W. Ferney, J. Luther Ringwalt,
Cel. Jehn II. Ritchie, E. McCaa, et Alabama,
Gen. IL Kyd Douglas, Win. II. Reland, Wm. B.
Given and ethers.
In Lancaster
en Tuesday evening, Oct. 12. Speakers: Jehn
W. Ferney, J. Luther Itlngwiilt, Gen. 11. Kyd
Douglas and ethers.
Millport, East Lampeter Twp.
Thursday evening, October II. Speakers : II
F. Davis, J. L. StclnmetJ:, K. D. North, W. U.
Hcnsel, .1. A. Coyie.
Friday evening. October 13. Speakers Hen.
Erincntrent, of Reading; W. R. Wilsen,
McMullen, W. II. llelnnd, J. 15. Garnian, II
Hecr Wimek. On September 30, 1SS0, by the
Rev. Wm. T. Gerhard, at Hasting's Fountain
Inn, Elim M. Herr te Susan D. Wimer, both et
Providence township.
Barr. In East Lampeter, Oct. 4. 18e, Mrs.
Anna Barr, widow or the late Christian Barr,
in the &Sd year et her age.
The relatives and friends are respectfully
invited te ntteud her funeral en Thursday
morning, at 9 o'clock, from the residence el
her son-in-law, Peter J. Lnudis. Services at
the house. 3td
rlers en Harness Leather. Apply te or
(J. RHer&Bre.),
ect5-3td C4S Middle town, Dauphin Ce., l'a.
Engine and Beiler, all complete and In
geed working order. It may be seen running
at Peters & Shirk's new cotton mill, en Pine
street. Fer terms apply te either HENRY
On Saturday night two Bagatelle Balls
were stolen off the table at Harry Nclmer's
saloon en Orange steeet. The parties are
known, and it the balls are net returned In
three days they will be prosecuted.
Herse Shee Read, Lancaster county. Pa.,
en Saturday. September 30. The owner can
have the mule by proving property and pay
ing all expenses, and it net called ler in ten
days will be offered at public sale by
.! IT ilJilft,
In Sheridan'- Fainniw Comedy of
Pre -tenting the fellow Ing GREAT CAST :
Washington, D. C, Oct. 4. Fer the
Middle states partly cloudy weather and
local rains, southerly winds shifting te
westerly and northwesterly, falling follow
ed by rising barometer, and by Tuesday
morning lower temperature.
Condensed Telegrams.
Mrs. Carrie Andersen, the variety act
ress, charged with stealing $1,500 worth
of diamonds from a fashienable bearding
house in Philadelphia, was remanded for
examination by theXew Yerk police court
this morning and will be sent te Philadel
phia. The fourteenth anniversary of the G. A.
R. will be celebrated at the permanent ex
hibition, Philadelphia, October 14.
The Londen Times charges upon Paruell
aud his fellow agitators responsibility for
the lawlessness and disorders that have
been disturbing the country of late.
Prayer for the Country.
Xew Yerk, Oct. 4. The Baptist pas
tors at their meeting te-day appointed
November 1st as. a day or prayer for the
geed of the country, and adopted appro
priate resolutions en the death of the late
Rev. Dr. Adams.
Mrs. Jehn Drew as Mrs. Malaprep
Mr. Fred Robinson as Sir Authenj
Mr. Clias. Warerly as Sir Liicins
Mr. M. Barrymore an Cant. Absolute
Miss Resa Rand as Ljilfe Languish
Seats may new be secured at Yecker's Fnl Fnl
ten Opera Heuse. 01,2,1 5d
'ei: SALE.
A DrniultlngTrcastircr's Punishment.
New Brcnswick, X. J., Oct., 4. Hart
Mere, ex-county county collector of Mid
dlesex county, was sentenced this morning
te piy $1,000 fine and stand committed at
hard labor in state prison for two years.
Large Fire In Trey, N. 1.
Trey, X. Y. Oet. 4. A fire last night
destroyed ITceghanny's wholesale drug
and paint store and communicated te Mc
Loud & Reardeu'ii hardware store, and
Bolten & Hartley 'h coal sheds ; less esti
mated at nearly 100,000, mostly covered
by insurance.
An old established
tmttiniM-; Mtiiml -mil
dwelling known n Mr-. Jehn 1'. Wolfs
grocery stand at T01 North Queen street. Kent
reasonable, l'os.sus-iieii given imiiiediulelv.
Apply te
Jehn p. wolf.
214 North Mulberry Street.
On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1:5,1330, at
the Leepard Hetel, East King street, will be
sold a two-story BRICK DWELLING, with
two-Meiv Brick Back Building, containing
seven (7) rooms with gas, situated at Ne. -J)
Plum street. The let ireuts 17 leet I inrhes by
61 feet.
bale te commence at 7 o'clock p. m , when
terms will be made known by
S. Hess & Sex, Aucts. . eerMXtd
. On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9, w ill be .-old
at the Leepard Hetel, a valuable three-story
Brick Dwelling and two-story iirick Back
huilding, containing 11 rooms; also a Brick
Building nnd Frame Shed Heuse, Ne. 412 East
King Street. Let fronts 32 feet, 2 inches ; ; In
depth 243 feet te a 14 reet wide public alley.
Hydrant In the yard. Fruit Trees, &c. Sale te
commence at 7 o'clock p.m., when condition
will be made known by
ect2-7td Auctioneer.
528 West King street, Lancaster.
At His Old Pest.
Edward Kautz, the well known Penn
sylvania railroad watchman, has ae far re
covered as te be en duty again,
It is impossible ter a woman after a laithiul
course of treatment witli Lydia E. PInkham s
Vegetable 'Compound te continue te suffer
with u weakness et the uterus. Enclose a
stamp te Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, 233 Western
avenue. Lynn, Mass., for pamphlets.
On October 1, 1880. Gorrecht & Ce., dealer
iu coal, dissolved partnership. All claims
must be handed In nt once, and nil collection
will be made bv the undersigned, who will
continue the business.
(1 0 TO
and all ether kinds of Ceal. Quality and
quantity guaranteed. Yard, Havrlsburg Pikf,
Office, 20)3 East Chestnut street. augt7-tfd
100 Tens et Rags Wanted,
Fer which the highest price will be paid.
The highest price paid for Woolens, Old
Paper, Beeks, 4c. TcnHagAssertcrswnnted,
te whom the highest price will be paid.
Cor. North Queen and Orange Streets,
ytfdRl iancastcr. Pa
IrxEcureKS' male or city prop prep
!i ERTIES. The undersigned executers of
Michael Malnne, deceased, will expose te sale
en THURSDAY, the lith day et OCTOBER, at
7 o'clock p. m., nt the Cadwell Heuse, the tel
lowing Real Estate, viz :
Ne. 1. A Let et Ground en the N. E. corner
of Orange and Shippcn streets, wltliatrentngc
of 4!H feet, mere or less, en Orange street, and
along Shippcn street northward 243 feet te a
public alley, en which is erected a commodi
ous and well built Mansion, Ne. 301, two-stories
high with two-story back building, all in geed
repair; also en rear of let a two-story brick
stable and ether improvements.
Ne. 9. A Piece et Ground en North Lime
street, west side, between Orange nd Chestnut
streets, containing in irent en Lime street :i7
feet, mere or les, and in depth westward C4
feet 4 Inches, en which is erected a two story
llrick dwelling. Ne. 128, with its improvements.
Ne. .1. A Piece of Ground en south side et
Eat Chestnut street, near Duke, containing
in front 2J leet and extending in depth south
ward 60 feet, en which Is erected a three-story
Brick Dwelling, Ne. 41, with brick building at
tached, furnished with water and sewerage.
Terms made known at time of sale.
WM. L. PEll'ER,
Executers of Michael Malnne, dee'd.
Henry Sucbert. Auct.
New rich bleed, sending health te every ttbre
of the system, is rapidly made by " Dr. Lind
say's Bleed Searcher.
Help te Mothers Nursing Infants.
It is a conceded fact that mothers who have
the care, anxiety and draught et nursing in
hints, arc weak and need the aid et some
strengthening tonic te make up the nourish
ment required ler the growth of the child.
Ale, porter and lager beer have often been re
commended. Of late, since physicians have
become aware that the Pert Grape Wine pro
duced by Allred Speer, et Passaic. N. J., is
strictly pure, they have prescribed it instead
of ale and porter. This wine is principally
sought for by mothers who have nursing in
fants at Hie breast, as the best supplying modi medi modi
clne te be found. The wine Is rich in body and
net intoxicating, but gently stimulating.
Druggists generally keep it. Enquirer.
This wine is endorsed by Drs. Atlce and
Davis, and sold by II. E. Slaymakcr.
statistics prove mat twenty-live per cent
of the deaths in our larger cities arc caused by
consumption, and when we reflect that this
terrible disease In its worst stage will yield te
a bottle of Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup,
shall wc condemn the sufferers ler their ncgli
gencc, or pity them for their ignorance? Ne
9Enst King street.
Try Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup.
DR. Rnowmxe's Tonic and Alterative is the
popular Bleed Purifier, Tonic, etc., because it
is made by a Regular Graduate et Medicine, is
the result et scientific research, is accurately
and elegantly compounded, wonderfully effi
cacious, is taken in very small doses, and Is
pure, clean, nnd-plcasant te the taste. Price
50 cents and 91. for sale by the Proprietor. W.
Champien Browning, M. D., 1117 Arch Street,
Philadelphia, and all Druggists.
Arousing Its Readers.
An alarm of lire at midnight is a startling
thing, but net half se startling te many who
hear It as would lie the sudden knowledge et
their own dangerous physical condition.
Thousands of thousands are hurrying te their
graves because they arc carelessly Indifferent
te the insidious inroads .et disease and the
means el cure. It is the mission of H. H.
Warner & Ce., with their Safe Kidney and
Liver Cure, te arouse men te a sense of their
danger and then cure them. Memphi s Appeal.
Office or Lancas a Eit Gaslight ami )
Fuel Cempasy, October 4, 1880.
Owing te the changes necessary ateur works
we have been compelled te abandon the
making or gas at the new works, nnd as the
capacity of the old works is net sufficient te
make the gas required te meet the present de
mand, wc would request our consumers te be
as saving in its use as possible ter the next
three weeks
The frequent clianglng et pipes, etc.. is the
cause of the gas net being as geed as we would
wish, bnt when eer changes have been com
pleted, wc expect te furnish better gas than
has been made In this city.
ltk Secretary.
On MONDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1880, will be
sold at the Leepard Hetel. East King street,
that valuable three-story BRICK DWELLING
and let et ground, situated en the east side of
North Lime street Ne. 307. The house contains
haB, parlor, dining room anil kitchen en first
fleer, five rooms en second fleer, and two
rooms en third fleer; also a Frame Summer
kitchen. Let rnns in depth te a fourteen feet
wide alley. The house has all the modern Im
provements, such as gas, het and cold water
bath and water closets and furnace in the
cellcr te heat the whole house. This is a per
fect house 11 through.
One half the purchase money can remain in
the property for a numler of years.
Sale te commence at 7 o'clock p.m., of said
day, when conditions of sale will be made
known by C. A. REECE,
H. Shtbert, Anct . ect2-8trt R
Silver and
Ware, at Reason
able Prices.
Tea Sets,
Soup Tureens,
Iee Pitchers,
Cake Baskets,
Coffee Spoons,
Casters, &c,
Ne. 20 East King Street, Lancaster, l'a.
Sugars and Teas, Best Cigars and Tobac
cos, Beat Wines and Liquors, Ask ler
Oakdale Fare Old Bye Whisky.
95 per cent. Alcohol, Invigorating Tonic and
the Hair Liquid. All at
On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1880, In pur
suance of an order or the Orphans' Court of
Lancaster county, the undersigned will sell at
public sale nt the Leepard Hetel, East King
street, Lancaster city, the following KenI Es
tate, late of Jehn Arneld, dee'd, situated in
the 3d ward of said city, between Seuth Chris
tian nnd Seuth Duke streets, and between
East Mlillin nnd East Vine street", consisting
of three continuous purparts, viz :
Ne. 1. A enc-stnry STONE DWELLING
HOUSE, about 2G feet square, with ground be
longing thereto, fronting en a 20 feet wide
alley, and being about 2)1 feet in width and
about 82 feet in depth, adjoining Nes. 2 and :;,
and lands of Ellas McMellcn and ethers.
Ne. 2. A two-story BRICK BUILDING, new
used as a Coach Manufactory, about 20 by 24
feet, with ground belonging thereto, being
partly 15 leet nnd partly 24 tect in width, and
about OIJ feet in depth, adjoining Nes.l and
Sand ground of Henry Swentzel, Wayne Ben
der and ethers.
Ne. 3. Atwo-stery BKICK BUI ID1NG, about
1!K by 19 feet, and a Frame Building, formerly
used as a Brewery, with the Tubs, Kettles and
ether implements used In same, with the
ground belonging thereto, being partly 32
leet, and pnrtiy 23$ feet In width and about
50K in depth, adleius Nes. 1 and 2. and ground
of Jacob Lampartcr, estate et Jacob King and
Sale te commence at 7 o'clock p. m. of said
day, when attendance will he given and terms
of sale made known by
scpG-ltdM Executrix of Jehn Arneld.
tise, free of charge, in the lirrsLtieKB
ckr, who wants something te de.
T Y et the W kekly IxreLLieENCKU of the fol
lowing dates :
JAN. 1, 1SS0,
JULYS1.1&J0. trd
Ofpice ok the Mahesy MtTTAI. Life Asse-1
cIatiex or Selixborevk, Pa. J
blc Agents in each township of the
county et Lancaster. Apply In hand writing
of Applicant te the Heme Office.
L. R. HUMMEL, Sce'y.
Scllnsgreve, Snyder county. Pa.. September
lT.lbbO. hepl6-ltnf5tw
Without a doubt furnish the FINEST IN
STRUMENTS in the Market. Warerooms 320
North Queen street. Manufactory in the rear.
Branch Office, 15$ East King Street.
Alex. McKillips, Proprietor.
Alse Agent ter Lancaster County for
A Full Line et Sheet and ether Music, Small
Instruments. Violins, Banjos, Band Instru
ments, Ac.always en hand. 113-lydSAlyw
Manufacturer and Dealer In Hair Werk, Gents.
Wigs. Combings straightened and made te or
der. Hair Jewelry of all kinds made np. Alse.
Kid Gloves and Feathers cleaned and dyed, at
Nes. 225 and 227 North Queen street, four doers
above P. It. R. Depot. el-3md
Mew Yerk Market.
Nmv Yeiuc. Oct. 4. Fleur SUlte and West
eru linn; fair expert mid home trade demand ;
Superfine, $1 .10! 50; extra de f4 00
Q4 25; choice, de, $1 .W?4 IS : taney de.
$1 70e" G5 : round hoop Ohie $4 M I ST. : choice
de l!K)i5(;e'J; superfine western JCinegl 00;
common te geed extra de $1 M)tf4 30 ; choice
de de $4 ."KfiC 23; choice white wheat de 94 13
l 0; Southern quiet and firm ; ' com
mon te fair extra 91 7."." 35 ; geed te choice
de5 lOgCSO.
Wheat JC,'fc better: Ne. 2 Red medcnitcly
nclive Oct.I0y;; de Nev. 1 I0'4; de Dee.
Cern scarcely se linn ; .Mixed western spot,
nSfJ52Jic: detutiire, M'dc.
OaN quiet, without decided change ; State
I2ll'.e; Western. 40lle.
i'ldtadelplila rtarkt-t.
Philadelphia, Oct. 4 Klenr linn; super
fine $2 .10:; (K): extra $);! 00 ; Ohie and In
diana family $5 23i;en ; lVun'a iamily de4 7.1
Q.r. 2Ti : St. LeuN family at V SOjC 1)0; Minne
sota family 5 'ilJJ.'i 23; pnteiit and high grades
750S !
Kye Heur at $3oe.
heat linn : Ne. 2 Western Red 11 os
ueu iue; Ainiier! M.'f.gj-i m.
Cern quiet: yellow at 5i;.3g53e; mixed X?-l
Oats dull :Ne. I. White, 42c; Ne. 2 de 40.
41c; Ne.3 de:c: Ne.S, Mixci'SV.
Ityc at '.Ce.
Previsions in linn lobbing trade; lacs',
perk ir.MM?!7U0; beef hams I7 IWQIS Oil ; In
dian m.-ss heel at tis .Ml : smoked hams 11J.9
12c; pickled hams 'jvJIOe ; bicen jtneked
shoulders 6e ; suit de Ogfiic.
L:ird linn ; city kettle at tvfcfc ; Ieo, butch
ers' 8c; prime steam $3 50.
Butter qniet, but easier; Creamery extra
3132c; .de geed te choice 2K?30e; Bradford
county and New Yerk extra. '2i;g29c ; Western
reserve extra 2223e; de geed te eheire li;j?20c
Rolls quiet: Pcnn'n extra 20t23; Western re
serve extra 20f?23c.
Eggs tirnily.hcld ; Pen im 22c; Western 20
Cheese market steady: New JYerk full
cream 131SI4c: Western full cream 13rai:5i;c:
de lair te ge.eil IJ12c; de hall skims llfj!
Petroleum nominal ; refined at II;c.
Seeds Geed te prime Clever dull at 7.'.0
(iS 00; Timethy firm at 12 73JJ2 w: H.ixsee.l
linn at f I :u.
Cattle Market.
Philadelphia, October 4. Cattle market
dull: receipts 3.730 head. Prime r,ifj5Jc;
geed 4Ji5c: medium VAQlKc ; common Mi
tSUic; mixed VAXIfje.
Sheep market active; receipts 10,000 head.
Prime SJFc; geed 4ff.1e: l Hum 4'4
4J-ic ; common le; mils :?(; lam In 4S
like ; stock ewes $2 733 23.
legs Market active: rereipts or :,.' m head ;
extra, 7h''-" : lair 7ls7fe.
Stock Market
Nkw Yerk Stocks.
Stocks firm
A. M. A. M. V. M. 1'. SI. l
10:45 11:33 1:13 2.0S
juency ..... ....... . .... .... .f9
Erie It. K
Michigan S. ft L. !
Michigan Cent. It.
Chicaue & '. W.
Chicago, M St. P... !HJ;
Han. .V St. .1. com :xvi
" " P'ld.... 3
Teledo & Wabash.... :;.;,,
Ohie A Mississippi. .. .T."
St. Leuis, I. M. S. R 51
Ontario and Western. 22,
C. C. A I. C. R. R 18JJ
New Jersey Central.. 7I
Del. & Hudsen Canal. Kiji
Del., Lack. A Western m
Western Union Tel... 'M'yH
Pacific Mail S.S. Ce.. tOJS
Manhattan Llevated
Union Pacific
Kansas & Texas
New Yerk Central...
Adams Express
Illinois Central
Cleveland & Pitts...
Chicago A Reck I....
Pittsburgh A Ft. W..
American U. Tel. Ce
Stocks dull.
Puiinsylvnni.i It, IT...
IMiil'a. A Reading....
Lehigh Valley
Lehiuli N.tviiratien .
Northern Pacific Cem 2s
tittsTitusv'eA 15..
Nertliern Central....
Phi.'a&Eiie R. R...
Northern Penn'a....
Hestenville Pass
Central Trans. Ce...
.... Mfli 4()J 4ie, MiJjJ .. imy. 10" i,ai; ..
II.. WJi 'M'A '.)!' !)7Ji ..
.vrti my- vr. wyt ..
1 18: i
n ..
MX. ..
3Bi ..
2;:. ..
y ..
MX ..
'M ..
WA -
Ilk -
35'4 .-
lte 2814
r'2 52
15 Wt
37J4 37.
15 I5
48 ....
173 171
Lecal storks
anil Bends.
. 100
. 100
. 100
.. 100
.. 100
. 100
.. 50
Lniic.City ! ! el. Lean, due 10
" IN15...
" 5 per ct. Iu ler 30 years. .
Lane, and Quarry v'c R. R.bend
" " " stock...
Lancaster and Ephrata turnpike...
Lane , Elizabctht'n andMiddlct'ii..
Lancaster and Frultville turnpike
Lancaster and Lititz turnpike
Lancaster and Maner turnpike....
1.!incu.tevi.iiil Muiiheim tlimidkc
Lancaster am! Marietta. lurnpiKC.. i
Lane, nnd New Helland turnpike. 100
Lane, and Strasburg turnpike. i."
Lane. andSiisqueliamia turnpike.. 3(0
Lane, and Willow Street turnpike. 25
Fanners' Nat. Bank et Lancaster... 50
First Nat, Bank or Lancaster 1
Lancaster County Nat. Bauk 50
Inquirer Printing Ce 50
Lane.Ga3 Light and Fuel Ce. stock. 23
" " ' bend".
A Large Assortment et
Constantly en hand. iyiO-CindeawS