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A Circus Tent in the Sixth ward.
Jehn Spcidcl get tired having his wagon
lying out en the Millcrsvillc turnpike
with the remains of the Republican Eighth
ward pole en it, se the broken stick was
dumped into the dirt as its party will he in
In tlie SUtli Ward.
The best Republican workers of the
Sixth ward went te the country a few days
age and cut a pole which they left lying in
the gutter at the corner of Walnut street
and Cherry alley. The stick, which is as
" crooked " as some of these who handled
it, measures CI or 70 feet, and after
several announcements it was arranged
that it should be erected last evening.
About 4 o'clock in the afternoon a crowd
of boys and a few men, including Geerge
Shay, O. Washington Jack, esq., Gee. W.
Gerber, Jehn II. Bewman, the standing
candidate for constable of the Sixth ward,
he is called the "standing" candi
date because he docs net run well,
Themas C. Wiley and several ethers,
gathered at the spot. AfteV a great deal
of noise, most of which was made by G.
Washington Jack, and some weik, the pole
was placed in position and at last accounts
it was still standing. It did net require a
derrick te erect the stick, which is net
much longer than a telegraph pole, and is
net nearly as large as the poles which the
Democratic boys erect in different paitsef
the city every night. There was no enthu
siasm when the pole was up, and the en
tire affair was very tame. A Hag will be
put en the pole hhei tly, provided Tem
Wiley purchases it as he premised.
In the vacant let where the pole stands
the Republicans have erected a tent which
closely resembles these used by showmen
who have big snakes, Australian children,
fat women and living skeletons te exhibit.
There are no banners en the outside of the
tent as yet. It uuld be an excellent idea
for the Republicans of this ward te give
this tent te J. IJe.. man, G. Washing ten Jack
and their friends, and allow them te give
exhibitions in it.Tuerc arc many well known
Republican pel formers living in that ward
who might draw a laiire audience by ap
pearing iu some of their original but well
worn acts. Chief Cleik of the Senate
Cochran will be expected te leek after the
plumbing, tin bucket:;, soap and carpets.
Postmaster Marshall might de his famous
political pei fermanee of riding two horses
at the same time, going in opposite direc
tions ; Tem Davis ean give the boys some
rare juggling, and if Cam Muhlenberg
could be prevailed en te stay in town he
could exhibit the little joker, In the uni
versal delight of J. W. Jehnsen.
Democratic Poles.
One of the very prettiest poles in the
city was put up by the Democratic boys
of the east end of the Sixth waid last even
ing. It stands en the property of Jehn
Hcidig, near the coiner of Walnut and
Pulton sheets, a sheit distance cast of the
Pcnu iron works. The pole is 117 feet in
length, as straight as an Indian arrow,
and away up at the very top of it is perched
a game cock, with head erect and crewing.
A streamer, an Ameiican flag and a beard
bearing the names of " Hancock and Eng
lish" arc also borne aloft by the superb
hickory. Tlie boys put it up iu exactly 18
minutes and had a geed time afterward.
Especial praise is due te the Hcidig boys,
Mike and Andy, for the cxK-ditien with
which the pole was raised.
The Hancock bes of the Seventh ward
who recently eiectcd a line hickory pole at
the corner of Freybeig and Locust streets,
received te-day from New Yerk a hand
some bunting ll.ig, fl by 10 feet, which
will be flung te the hrccze to-meirow.
Uncle Ad. Dietiich gave the Democratic
boys of the Eighth ward a line pole 85 feet
highand in about ten minutes last evening
they raised it en Maner street, opposite the
corner of Derwart.
Serenaded by the I.eldcrkraiir.
Last evening the members of the Lan
caster Lcideiknuiz met in their hall above
the Schiller house and proceeded iu a body
te the saloon of Jehn Spanglcr, the presi
dent of the organization. They gave Mr.
Spangler a line serenade. A number of
songs were sung and different musical in
stalments were played upon. Mr. Spang
ler had an excellent collation prepared te
which the singers sat down. The evening
was very pleasantly spent and the party
broke up at a seasonable hour.
Yesterday was also the ninety-second
anniversary of the biith of Frank Spang
ler, the lather of Jehn Spangler, and
when the Leiderkrauz visited his son last
evening they paid their compliments te the
old patriarch, who was much gratified
with the attention.
Hlore Railroad Rumors.
A West Chester paper says : ' Within
the past few days a prominent citizen of
Lancaster city visited Wilmington, Del.,
and had an interview with a well known
railroad man of that place, in reference te
the proposed extontien of the Wilmington
and Western railroad te connect with the
Lancaster and Quarryville railroad, which
would pass through Kimbleville, and
thence te Oxford. If this link should be
made, it will be of very great benefit te the
lower section of the county, and all the
people resident along the route which it
would traverse, in cheapening their coal,
enabling them te erect manufactories, and
give them a new outlet te a country te
which they new have no access."
.Slight Fire This Morning.
This forenoon the chicken house and
weed shed efLawrcucePalck, who resides
en Seuth Prince street, below Concstega,
caught lire in some manner. There were
considerable weed and shavings in the
weed house and a portion were burned.
The building was partially damaged. The
lire was extinguished with buckets of water
by Mr. Falck and his family, assisted by
the neighbors.
The Excursion.
The excursion of the Y. M. C. A. te
Cape May left Lancaster at 0 o'clock this
morning taking about e00 people from this
city. The train was very long and when
it arrived here there were a number of
people en beard from Columbia, Yerk and
ether places.
The train arrived safely at Cape May at
1:30 this afternoon. When it reached the
Cape there were 750 passengers en beard.
A I'ecket Ifectk Found.
Jacob Reese found a leather pocket book
en North Queen stieet, containing -10 cents
and a pass from Lancaster te Harrisburg.
The name of " Mrs. P. Patriek" is in it.
Sale of Securities.
Jacob 15. Leng, real estate agent, sold
yesterday at private sale $3000 Quarry ville
railroad 7 per cent, bends at par; also
$500 city lean, due 1882, at $105.
Mteverdala CamameeUBg.
The sunshine and favorable location of
the grounds have already relieved the
Stevcrdale campmeeting from the ill
effects of the wet spell. In addition te
1 these mentioned yesterday, the following
ministers have raaac tneir appearance .
Revs. D. D. Delong, president of Lebanon
Valley college ; J. Lesher, 8. L. Swartz
and J. X. Quiiiley, making the number
present about twenty-five.
Ex-Bishop Erb preached yesterday in
German ; Rev. M. P. Deyle, of ML Jey,
preached in the afternoon, Rev. J. H. Al
bright, of Spring Garden, in the evening,
followed by an exhortation by President
Delong. The audiences were large through
out the entire day, and the interest in the
services is increasing. Families from
Mount Jey, Columbia, Meuntvillc, Mari
etta, Ilighspire and ether parts of Lancas
ter county are tenting, making the western
portion of the county well represented.
The steamboat Columbia runs three times
a day between Middlctewn and the camp
under the direction of Ames Simmons, of
Heath or Kx-Uev. Curtiii' Sinter.
Mis. Martha Irbin, who has resided in
this citrt 2 r some months past died at 11
o'clock t is morning. Since last winter she
has been the guest of Mrs. Frazer, 38
North Lime street, and returned en last
Satin dav after an absence of seme weeks
from Lancaster. She had been an invalid
for unite a ncried. but only last nitrht her
condition became mere serious. Medical
attendance was promptly summoned and
her relatives weie advised by telegraph,
but she grew weaker and died at 11 a. m.
She was the widow of the late Dr. Irbin,
of Centre count v. and sister of ex-Gov. A.
G. Curtiu. Deceased was about C5 years
of age. The immediate cause el her death
was inflammation of thebowels. Her friends
are expected te arrive in Lancaster this
afternoon te remove the remains te (,cntrc
cnuutv for interment.
1'eeple Who Try te Keep Coel.
Rev. D. II. Geissinger, late pastor of
Grace Lutheran chinch, this city, and new
of Christ church, New Yerk, came te
Lancaster ycsteiday te spend a few days
among his old parishioners.
Alderman A. K. Spurrier left this city
this afternoon for Clyde, N. Y., where his
family has been summering for seme time
past. lie will be absent about ten days or
two weeks.
Walter Arneld and Dr. Gee. P. King left
for Cape May, this morning.
Dr. D. P. Merenzy has left town te rus rus
ticale in the county for a few days.
Themas Dinau, of Williamsport, who
was formerly proprietor of the Na
tional house, new kept by Ames Lee, was
in town this morning.
The Heaver Street Lamp.
Cenrad Cnuii, who lives two doers from
the lamp en Beaver, between Concstega
and Andrew 8trects,says that he knows the
street lamp was lit en Wednesday night,
en which night the Examiner says it was
net lit. If at any time during the night it
was net lit, it was either blown out by the
wind or put out by seme unauthorized per
son. Mr. Cann says this much in justice
te Mr. Frederick Shread, who has the con
tract for lighting the lamps in this section.
He says the lamp is lit every night regular
ly, and net half the time" as the fSxam
wr."has said.
A Wayward Rey.
Willie Endy, a little boy, whose father
formerly resided in this city, but new lives
in Harrisburg, ran off from his home in that
city en Wednesday and came te Lancaster.
Werd was sent te the police by his father
te arrest him and the parent came down
yesterday afternoon. He caught his son
en North Queen street and took him
home. This is the same boy whose disap disap
pcaranee from this city seme years age
with a tramp created some alarm. He was
also tried for horse stealing in the court
here, hut acquitted when it was shown
that he had only rode te town en a visit
with the horse of a farmer with .whom he
was living.
The Yerk Comity Physicians.
At a meeting of the Yerk county medi
cal society yesterday a cemmittee was ap
pointed te confer with the Lancaster
county medical society in reference te the
publication of a Medical Journal.
Dr. McKiunen read a paper en "When
te Amputate in Penile Gangrene," and
the secretary was instructed te forward it,
and one read by Dr. Meiscnhelder at
Orsen's Glen en " Diaphragmite Pleurisy,"
te the medical society of Lancaster city
and county for publication in the Quar
terly Transactions published by said so
ciety. Tried Once In Heading.
It has been discovered that seme foity feity
six years age a Quaker named James of
Reading concluded that it was his duty te
fast forty days. After an experience of
thirty days without feed he desired some
thing te cat, and requested a dry cracker
be given him. The doctor told him if he
ate ene he would very seen be a dead man.
But, contrary te the dictate of common
sense and medical advicc,he partook of the
forbidden feed and passed away, leaving a
wife and a number of children.
St. Luke's Mlislen Flcnle.
The Sunday school of St. Luke's Re
formed mission en Marietta avenue, held
their annual picuie en the eollcge campus
yesterday. The afternoeon was spent de
lightfully iu games of all sorts. In the
evening thcic was a narrow escape of what
might have been a serious accident in the
breaking of a huge limb, as two young
men were swinging. But all voted the
picnic a success, and it ended with three
hearty cheers for St. Luke's picnic.
A Go-As-Yeu-PIease at the Depot.
This morning a man from Bird-in-Haud,
reached the depot in time te see the 0:10
depart. He had great confidence in his
legs, however, and started te mil. - He
followed the train te the old match factory
where he gave up the chase in disgust.
He is a geed runner but is net fast enough
for a train.
Coup's Circa.
The cirens of W. C. Coup arrived in Co
lumbia this morning. They gave an en
tertainment this afternoon, and will give
another this evening. A number of Lan
caster peeple will go te Columbia for this
evening's performance.
Fet Deg Shet.
A few days age a bcautifu 1 little Italian
grey hound belonging te Ames Lee, was
bitten by another deg. The animal showed
no sign of hydrophobia but fearing that it
might, Mr. Lee had Officer Swenk te sheet
the animal this morning.
JSad Beys Locked Up.
Dick Roadman and Geerge Brinzer are
the names of two boys who were sent te
jail for five days each, by Alderman 31c-
Conomy this afternoon. These boys visited
the farm of Richard J. McGrann en the
Manhcim pike and amused themselves by
tearing down the hay stack. They were
driven off once bnt returned and renewed
their work. They then went te a woman's
home and began stealing peaches, and
when told te leave threw stones at her.
Deg Catcher Appointed.
Geerge Smith, colored, has been ap
pointed deer catcher of the city. It will
I be his duty te catch all unmuzzled dogs
found running in the street. This morn
ing several street gamins were engaged in
different parts of the city catching dogs
with ropes ; they have no right te de this
nor has any ene except these iu the employ
of Smith. Nearly every deg seen en the
street te-day is muzzled.
I.oeo DegH.
Twe dogs found en the street without
muzzles have been "arrested" by the
police, for violation of the mayor's procla
mation, and confined in the lockup, where
they will be kept for 48 heuis and then
killed, unless reclaimed by their owners.
A vacant room in a building en Christian
street near Grant has been secured as a deg
Hlg Let of Parrot.
W. B. K. Jehnsen, a dealer iu parrots,
who was here last summer, arrived in town
last night, bringing with him 250 parrots.
The birds were kept in the King street ex
press ofllce ever night, and the noise made
by them was almost loud enough te wake
the city.
Sheeting Mutch.
Yesteiday's sheeting match at Neffsville
was largely attended and the prizes weie
wen by sportsmen from this city.
A Hancock Whip.
Mr. Ilaberbush sends us a Hancock
whip that is white and long ami strong
enough te de credit te its name".
A Complicated Case.
My daughter, Utnliy Stock, sufiercd ler iner.
tliilii two years from a sen: leg. About lour
Inches below tlie knee there weie sometlmc semetlmc sometlmc
enly oue, llieu again several opening from
which matter would be discharged, and cm-:s
great pain. Medical assistance proved of but
little use. About two months age wu weiv In
duced by a irleml te try St. Jacob's Oil. The
result was that tlie p.ilus gradually vanillic I
the swelling disappeared, thu discharge et mat
ter censed and the wound healed up Fer live
weeks the lg has net only been entirely well
and all pains gene, but my child has also been
well In every reaped, and If gives me much
pleasure te report these wonderful euccts.
Seriiit: Steck, lluffale, JV. 1.
Farincm' and Mechanics' Excursion le Cape
May via steamer Atlantic City via
Camden and Atlantic It. It , en Saturday,
August It. Tickets geed for three days, te re
turn en any train irem Philadelphia or Cupe
May via steamer Uepubllc. or geed for two
days Ireui Atlantic City wlthoutextra charge.
Fare for the round trip only $2.7.t. " Ten pays
your money and takes your choice." Special
train leaves Lancaster (King street) at 2:30a.
in. Columbia at iHJ a. in. Fer ttirthur partic
ulars sen circulars at all stations.
Mr. Jehnsen, the Allcntewu puret man, is
tig'tlu at his old stiud, N'e. 15 Kuxt Orange
street, with a low hundred young pariet, at
wholesale and!. Your choice for "M.50. A
lew days only. ltd
A loed and a medicine are combined In the
nie-t perfect manner In Mult Billet-.
A Willy Customer
went te a drug store and asked ter SOZO
DONT. The storekeeper said " We're out of
that, but here Is something lust us geed." The
practical customer yalil, N'e ou don't," and
walked out ten neighboring store and get a
bottle of SOZODOXT. nir-'-ludeedsw
Bcnutillcs the complex Ien by stimulating the
small bleed vessels Cullcura Medicinal Seap.
It 1m impossible, for a woman after a fulthtiil eftreatment with Lydla 11. 1'l.iklmm's
Vegetable Compound te continue ie sutler
with a weakness el the uterus. Kuclesc a
stamp te Miv. Lvlia K. I'inkham, iT.; Western
avenue, Lynn, Mass., ter pamphlets.
"Sellers' IJver Pills" are the secret te per
fect health, long life, and absolute happiness.
Sold by all druggists.
Mothers! tn nthci-s! ! 'aeiitcr-H!
Are you disturbed at night and broken el
your rest by a sick child siilferiug and crying
Willi the excruciating pain of cutting teeth?
It se, go at once and get a bottle of MRS. WINS
LOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP. It will lelieve the
peer little sutlcrcr immediately depend upon
it ; there Is no mistake about It. '1 here Is net a
mother en earth u he has ever used It, u he will
net tell you at once that It will regulate the
bowels, and give rest te the mother, anil relief
and health te the child, operating like mnglc.
It Is perfectly safe te u?c in all cases, and pleas
ant te the taste, and Is the prescription el one
et tile eldest and best female physicians and
nurses In the United States. Sold everyw here
25 cents a bottle. 1 jl7-lyd&wM.W&.s
Try lyncher's Kenewned Cough Syrup.
Ite AVI no and Happy.
It you will step all your cxtiiivagniititud
wrong notions In doctoring yourself nud fam
ilies with expensive doctors or humbug cure
alls, that de harm always, and use only na
ture's simple remedies ter all your ailments
you will be wise, w ell and happy, and .save
great expense. The greatest remedy ter this,
the great, wise and geed will tell you, Is Hep
Bitters rely en it. See another celbuin.
Try I.echcr's Kenewned Cough Syrup.
Hundred or Ladles,
Who have been unable te attend te their du
ties owing te periodical sickness, luive found
Warner's Safe Kidney and I Jver Cure a real
"friend In need. Ilclng a purely vegetable
compound and containing all the elements et
safety as well as these of power, It lias become
universally popular. During the summer es
pecially. It Is n certain preventive for the nu
merous Kidney, Liver and Urinary troubles
incident te the season. All druggists sell It,
and none except these In perfect health can af
ford te be without It au2-2wdAw
St-eng Kvldcure.
I have sold at retail price since the 4th of De
cember last, 10G bottles or Dr. Themas' Eclec
tric OH, guaranteeing every bottle. I must say
1 never sold a medicine in my life that gave
such universal satisfaction. In iny own ca-e,
with a badly Ulcerated Threat, alter a physi
cian penciling It for several days te no ullcct,
the bclcctrjc Oil cured It thoroughly in twenty-four
hours, and In threatened croup in my
children this winter In never failed te relieve
almost Immediately. C. It. 11 ALT.,
CiKAYViLLK, III.. March -V, 180.
Fer sale by II. U. Cochran, drugUt, 137 and
1S"J North Queen street. Lancaster, la. 17
Try lecher's Ucuewncd Cough Syrup
Aftkii years of travel te and from health re
sorts, and after a most careful trial et all the
various prescriptions, ladies have given up In
despair with an almost total less efappulltc,
pule, bloodless, languid, and without ambi
tion ; Anally, having learned of Dr. Brown
ing's Tonic and Alterative, although having
been sick ter yearn, gain flesh and a flue con
stitution upon investing a small amount In It.
Price SO cents and 91. Fer sale by the Propri
etor, W. Champien Browning, 1117 Arch Street,
Philadelphia, und all Druggists. au5-l wcktw
Statistics prove that twenty .five percent
of the deaths in our larger cities arc caused by
consumption, and when we reflect that this
terrible disease in its worst stage will yield te
a bottle of Lecher's Iiciiewned Cough Syrup,
shall wc condemn the su'Ierers ter their negli
gence, or pity them for their Ignorance? Ne
9 Bast King street. '
Among the many advantages gained by our change of business
location, an important one is the enlarged rooms and improved fa
cilities of our REPAIR DEPARTMENT. With our present corps
of skilled mechanics and complete equipment of machinery and
tools we are are prepared te execute and -warrant all work en
trusted te us.
A great variety of new work in original designs will be produced
in our own manufactory. Any orders for specialties will be filled
at short notice and te the satisfaction of our customers. Old Geld
or Silver bought, taken in exchange, or made into new goods.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
Ne. 4 West Kiug Street.
Ileat aiyl Sicknemt.
During the het and sultry weather an un
usual amount of sickness prevails in every
community, especially among females und
children, caused by the fermenting mlamu
gas or nitrogenous matter floating iu the air.
aiislug from decaying vegetation. This bad
airallccts everything wc eat, and engenders
In it a seml-fcrmentatleii, which, when taken
In the system Is like leaven, and operates en
the whole, starting in the bowels ami seen pro
ducing a violent fermentation, causing dlar
lhicaand dysentery. It has been teund that
that the use et Speer's old Pert Orape Wine et
Sew Jersey has an extraordinary effect in
checking this termeutstien and restoring the
system te its original strength and vigor. In
valids and debilitated persons have found
It the ineit nutritious and strengthening tonic
iu tlie market, and the greatest help In resist
ing the poisonous effects of tlie vitiated atmo
sphere. This wine, se long established, has be
come the standard wlue upon which physi
cians rely as the most rich In body and genuine
in character, containing the greatest amount
of medicinal properties with the least intoxi
cating iiimlltics. apccr'.t vineyards produce u
larger yield this than u-mal, and he has
reduced the price el his wine that any pereu
can new puicha-u It of druggists fei 1 per
bottle. Nene el' ti.l. wine is bottled until It Is
four years old. C'Hie.'r.
This wine ii cmloirfed by Irs. Atlee and
Davis, nud sold by 11. Ii. Slaymaker.
Try l.eehei'x Itciiiiuncd Cough Syrup.
" llfijicn'x ltieneliial Troches" are used with
advantage te alleviate Coughs, Sere Threat,
llear-cncss and llreuclilal Affections. Fer
thirty years these Tieches have been In use,
ith annually increasing favor. They are net
new and untiled, bnt, having been tested by
wide and constant use ter nearly an entire
geneiatieii, they have attained v.cll-iucritcd
rank among the fmv.stnpIereniedlei.ef thenge.
Ihe Threat.
" Jlreirn'ix TSrenehinl I'reeiies'' act directly
en the organs of the voice. They have an ex
traordinary effect In all disorders of the Threat
and Larynx, restoring a healthy tone when ic
la.xed, either liem ee'd or ever-exertion el the
voice, and produce a clearand distinct enunci
ation, tijicakcrs and Singers liud the Tret-Ins
A Cough, Celd, Cutarrh or Sere Threat re
quires Immediate attention, as neglect olten elten
t lines results In some Incurable Lung Disease.
' UrewiCs Itrenchiul Troches " will almost lu lu
vaiiaely give relief. Imitations are etl'eied for
sale, many et which air Injurious. The genu
ine ' Jlreicit,.t Jlrenrhial Troches" are sold
enlu in boxes. lanir.-lyilwTu,Tli&S
Try I.echcr's Kenewned Congh Syrup.
It you Iiavcscrelula don't fall te use "Ilr
Llndscy's Weed Searcher." Sold by all drug
gists. Ifeii May, Hut!
Yeu may drink a glii-s of Ice water when yen
iiiu thoroughly heated by exercise, hut becare becare
tnlle have Dr. Themas' Kelectrlc Oil by yen.
The best remedy In the world for Celic. "Fer
sale by II. I. Cochran, druggist, 137 mid I'M
Xertlf Queen street, Lancaster, Pa. 18
-l. z
UM .lk4l
Democratic County Committee.
The Democratic Comity Committee will
meet in this city en MOXDAY, AUGUST 'ii,
lss, at lilfum., in the City Democratic head
quarters, Southeast angle el Centre Square.
A lull attendance Is urgently requested.
Y. U. IIKXSBI., Chairman.
D. McMtllex, )
IS. S. Pattkiisen, VSecretaiic.
XT. Hay u liuira:. S iimSkI&w
I'lrst Ward.
The First ward Hancock club will held a
meeting at Jehn Spaugler's saloon this even
ing at S o'clock. J ACOII UEESK, See'y.
Tim Junier Hancock and English club et
the city will meet at JIagclgans's saloon. East
King street, en Monday evening, at 7 o'clock.
en hand. Alse, Chrn. Jelcy's Battled
Bcrgner & Engle's Beer, at Frnnktj'a (iaiden.
Music this evening. JOHN HESS.
the entire yteck of Dry Cioeds, Notions-,
Quilts, Carpets, Ac, In store.
Feil KENT The admirable store room Xes.
: s' and 4t West King street,
augfi-atdeaw PHILIP SIIITM, SOX & CO.
J given by the Alpha club at the GBEEX
COTTAGE, Saturday evening, August 7. Ne
improper characters allowed en Hie grounds.
Admission free. ang6-2td
rroiiAcce kaiseks notice.
J The IVnn'M Mutual Hall Insurance Com
pany l new ready te bind the insurance, and
issue policies against hall damage le tobacco.
Bates reduced. Insure before It Is tee latr, at
enice, 10 West Orange Street.
Pioneunccd lobe the best and puicst beer
iu Lancaster by the eldest brewer in the city.
Come and try It. ltd
Sealed proposals will be received by the
Street Committee up te THURSDAY, AUG.
12. 1SK), at 7 o'clock p.m., for grading Plum
street from P. It. R. te tlie New Helland turn
pike. Plans and specifications te be seen at
theoilicnet James C. Carpenter, City Regu
lator, and proposals te be left with D. McMul
len. Chairman. The committee reserve the
right te reject any or all bids.
Ne. 105 X
er!h Queen street for I he Cheapest
mid B
Sign or the Itlg Shoe. 103
Lancaster Mes.
Wc have just icccived a second Invoice of
te which wc call spsclal attantlen of anyone
wanting n Reliable Watch at a LOW PBICE.
i-c LADlfcS ANIX1EXTS 1f(
II you want a
Real j -made or made te order, call at
Ne. 105 North Queen Street.
Custom Werk a Specialty. ieiW4Wtfd
100 Tens of Rass Wanted.
Fer which the highest price will be paid.
The highest price pal. I ler Woolens, Old
Paper, Heeks. Ac. Ten Bag Assnrters wanted
te whom the highest pi ice will be paid.
Cor. North i n ami Oiange Streets,
y9-!filB Jamcabtcr, Pa
100 Gress Fruit Jars,
Bought before tlie ml vance and ler sale at
$1.20 PER DOZEN.
Great llaig.dns iu
Flinn I Breuemau's
152 North Queen Street,
Geed te return en any train from Atlantic
City and Philadelphia en second day, without
extra charge. Parties desiring te return game
day will take special tiain, leaving Atlantic
City at (land West Philadelphia Depot at 8 p. m
Mount Jey $3.10
lotndlsville 3.00
Yerk 3.50
Marietta Leave 4:40 A. M. Bate .1.10
Columbia ' r.u " " 3.00
Meuntvllle " r.:iu ' ' 3.00
Bohrerstewn " .1:111 " 300
LANCASTER... " 7,:2: " 2.75
Winner " .V.IS " i75
Blrd-ln-IIand. .. " 5 52 " 2.73
Gordenvllh) ' fi:ih2 " " 2.7T
Leaman Place . . " : ' 'iR
Kiuzcis " l!:1.1 " " 58.53
Gap " C.:J1 " ' 2.15
Christiana ' (i:-J7 " ' 2.33
Atglen " fi:.!I " " 2.35
Fnrfccsburg " fclsi ' " 2.20
Pomerev ' (;:."t " " 2.20
Coatesvllle " :32 " ' 2.05
Alter arriving at Philadelphia, parlies desir
ing te go through te Atlantic City, will take
street cars te the toot et Market street, where
the ferry beat will convey them te the West
Jersey Depot, wheie cars"will be taken te At
lantic City, arriving at the latter place at 10:48
n. m. As this will probably be the last excur
sion east or this season . parties who desire te
take a cheap trip for business or pleasure, will
de well te take this opportunity. Tickets for
side at all stations along the route and en
beard the cars.
Fer lurt her in format Ien, tickets, ftc, address
the undersigned managers.
j :!l-2vdeed Lancaster, Pa.
The famous mammoth three-deck Steamer
Leaven Ihtcu Street Wharl nlVAn. in., arriving
at Cape May about liUjlp. m. Returning, leaves
Cape May at 3 o'clock p. in., givlngnmplc time
for bathinir or a drive en the beach. A full
Brass Band and Orchestra Music for dancing.
Parler Entertainments varied weekly. Lunch
eons and Belreshmcnts Iu abundance. Din
ners and suppers provided. Oysters nn.l Fish
served for supper a tew moments after taken
from the water.
Furc for Ike Hound Trip $1.00.
SUNDAYS Will leave Race Street Wharr at
VA a. iu.
P. S. A Biead Gauge Steam B. B. will con
vey passengers te Cape Island In 8 minutes.
Tickets for sale at
e2S '2indAw
llse, fiee et charge. In the Iktblliobh Iktblliebh
CKB, who wants something te de.
Size Brick Heuse and let with all th
comforts of a home. Address A. B., Ixtklli Ixtklli
eencku Olllce, stating lowest cash price and
hew seen possession can be given, full partic
ulars, Ac. jylO-tfd
17HHC KENT. .,
. The second btery et Eshlcman A Ruth
von's Banking Heuse, at Ccntie Square, and
also a room en second story, opposite the
Penn'u K. R. Depot, en Chestnut street.
f5B-2tdStt Atternev-at Law
. public suit) en FBIDAY, AUGUST 13th,
at Philip Wall's Green Tree Hetel, West King
street, a Let of Ground and Twe-Story Brick
Heuse en Maner street, known as the "Hu
mane Engine Heuse." The let is iW by 30 feet,
mere or less. Sale te commence at a o'clock
p. m., when terms will bumade known.
By virtue of the uuthetity vested In roe
by the Ordinance et the city of Lancaster, I
hereby order and command till owners of Dogs
within tlie city of Lancaster te shut them up,
or, if allowed te run, te securely inuzzle the
same, from und after THURSDAY, AUGUST
5, 1830, at C p. in., In soma proper place, untU
the lirst day of September next.
The owners allowing Dogs te run at large,
unless muzzled, will be liable te the tine under
Section 2 or the Ordinance et 1841.
The line Imposed by the Ordinance el 1827,
Sectleu 2, will be inflicted upon any person ob
structing the legally employed, persons from
carrying out the Ordinances respecting the
capturing of Dogs during the continuance of
this proclamation.
g au,5l6,7,ll,Ud Mayer.
Washington', D. C, Aug. C Fer tlie
Middle Atlantic states, partly cloudy
weather, occasional rain, along the coast,
stationary, or higher temperature, nearly
stationery barometer nerthestcrly winds-
Merphia Admlngtered te Herself Hint Nine
The Father' Dreadful Discovery Death of
me rerpeiracerana inree or the
Little Ones.
Woodsen L. Gunnells is a farmer who
resides in Webster comity, Ga., twenty
miles west of Americus. Returning en
Wednesday night from a visit te a sick
neighbor, he found his wife and nine of his
ten small children iu a horrible sleep
from the effects of morphine ad
ministered in lemonade by Mrs.
Gunnells. There is no doubt that .she pre
pared the fatal beverage and administered
it te the children and drank of it herself
with fatal intent. Mr. Gunnells was mar
ried te this, his second wife, about seven
years age, and has by her four children"
The ether six are by a previous wife, and,
as far as is known the step-mother has
been a dutiful and kind parent te them
Mrs. Gunnells was the daughter of Dr.
Tul lis, of the same county, and is of :i
highly lcspcctablc family.
A note in the handwriting of Mrs. .Gun
nells was found under a merphia hotUeon a
table, in which she stated that she had de
liberately administered merphia te the
children and herself, with the intention of
dcstieying them all and that she was net
actuated by any domestic trouble. Owing
te the lapse of time before medical aid ar
rived Mrs. Gunnells' case was hepelesF.
She lay en her back en the bed in the un
natural sleep preduced'by the fatal drug,
and all offertsof the physicians and sympa
thizing friends te restoie her were futile.
She died in four hours. Three of the chil
dren are likely te die ; the ethers may re
cover. The whole tragedy is utterly inex
"Fer He Himself llutb Siild It."
New Yerk, August G. Tanner entered
upon the last day of his fast, suffering in
tense pain. Great crowds are present.
He walks around the enclosure every hour
unassisted se that the spectators may see
him, but every move he makes produces
pain. During the morning he was very
low, bnt rceuted the preposition te put a
mustard plaster or his stomach and said
nothing would benefit him new but beef,
wine and iron.
At neon he declared his condition
"geed." A chemical analysis of the lluid
from his stomach shows that the fast has
been honestly conducted. Twe proposals
of marriage and an eiler from Chicago te
lecture throughout the West, were in his
morning mail.
v wii:i:.
Tn-iluy'n Telegraphic S.
The American Distiiet telegraph mes
senger heys in New Yeik aic striking for
$3 a week wages instead of $ 1. One of the
strikers was sentenced te two mouths in
the workhouse for obstructing the com
pany's business, but this was reconsidered
and be was held te answer for assault and
battery en another boy.
Catharine Miller, whose body was found
hanging en a reeinNewJeifccy, as i elated
in a news item, had been violently treated
befere her death by a man iu whose com
pany she was seen, and an investigation of
her hanging will be made
Gladstone is convalescing :ut isfaetei ily.
The New Yerk Democratic state com
mittee is iu session te-day, completing its
First Saratoga race : Dan Starling first,
Leamington gelding second, Big Medicine
third. Second race : Helle fiist, Geld lug
second, Gabriel third. Thiid race : Com
pensation lirst, Zingnri second, Ladyllote Ladyllete
berry third.
In Damariscotta, Maine, the Democrats
and Greenbackeis have effected a complete
fusion en county, congressional and presi
dential tickets.
Several stores, a hotel, and offices have
been burned in Bensen, Mich. Less, $20,
000 ; of which the less of Baldwin Bres.'
hotel makes $10,000.
Garfield had crowds pour iu te his recep
tion in Xew Yerk. He will be seienadcd
and make a short address this evening.
The Republican national committee held a
private session today. They will send no
money te Flerida.
Serious Heed have occurred in MeravTa,
Galicia and Silesia, lailre.uls a:e injured,
bridges carried away, liver banks over
flowed and crops and prejH'ity destroyed.
The Man Who Wan Net Shet Dead.
IlAituisiiuim, Pa., Aug. 0. The man
who was in company with Rebert Allisen
at the time he was shot and killed by Chris
tian StaufTer, in the lattcr's cornfield, near
Chainbersburg, last Saturday, has appeal
ed and made a statement t the district
attorney. It is similar te the statement
made by Staufrer, with the addition
al fact that the witness received iu one of
his shoulders a poi tien of the shot which
killed Allisen. His name is withheld for
the present.
Whbiieab, The Honorable JOHN B. LIV
INGSTON. President, und Honerublx DAVID
W. l'ATTERSON, Associate Judge et the
Court of Common l'leas.ln and for the county of
Lancaster, and Assistant Jnstlcesef the Courts
of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail De
livery and Quarter Sessions of the l'eace, in
and ter the county of Lancaster, have Issued
their precept, te me directed, requiring me,
among ether things, te make public proclama
tion throughout my bailiwick, that a Court et
Oyeraad Terminer and a General Jail Deliv
ery, also a Court of General Quarter Sessions
of tha Peaca and Jail Delivery, will commence
In tha Court Heuse, In tha city of Lancaster in
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, en tha
In pursuance of which precept public notice
Is hereby given te the Mayer and Aldermen et
the city of Laacastcr, In tha said county, and
all tha Justices of the Peace, the Corener and
Constables, of the said city and county of lam
caster, that they lie then andthere In their own
proper persons, with their rolls, records and
examinations, and inquisitions, and thelrethcr
remembrances, te de these things which te
thelreffieesappertain In thelrbehalf tobedene ;
and also all these who will prosecute against
the prisoners who are, or then sluiU be, in the
jail of said county of Lancaster, nra te be then
und there te prosecute against them as whall be
Dated at-Lancaster the 22d day of Jnlv,
er's Drug Stere, 9 Eaat King street.
Foatefflce Roebcu.
Fleetwood, Pa.,. August 5. The post pest
office at this place was robbed by burglars
last night. Less about $:00 ; no arrests
have been made.
New Xerk Market.
Nkw Yenx. Aug. C Plnur-Statc and West
ern in buyers taver; Ne. 3 Bye moderate;
expert and home trade in demand; super
nne: state at $ 7T4 50; extra de at 4 09
O450: choice, de.. l fieQJ W; lancy
10!6 W): round hoop Ohie j.i reS 75:
- i-i.lce de $5S0$7 00; supcrtinc western s;73
: common te geed extra de i offiS0 effiS0 offiS0
cheiccdodofica700; choice whil.- wheat de
4 50g5 00; Southern dull ami d.cllntng d.cllntng d.cllntng
commen te lair extra $5 SSfii. aj; geed te
Wheat Red lftlKc better and moderately
active: White dull and weak: Ne. 2 Red.
Aug.. $1 OsiSl Ci : de Sept.. 1 0!K?1 V2i ; de
Oct., t 09y ; Ne. 1 W bite Sept.. $1 .
Cern heavy and Jjc lower : .Mi.e.i ucsterii
spot, t;fi4$c: de liilure ISg.liv.
Oats dull and weak; state !; : western
SS-iCc; Ne. 2 Sept. XViC.
rnlhidclphla Market.
I'uiLAUKLruiA, Aug. it. Fleur unlet, easier;
Mipcttine at aw i; extra at ;M t 00 ;
uiue ami iniiiaua laniuv at J. Siiit, 25 :
I'cnn'a tamily at ?."g.' M : St. Limfe fai;
f. ."Ojjt; i" ; Minnesota family r OiiC 23 ;
and hijrh grade-ill 7."iS i".
Rye Heur at f I ."Wjjl 7.i.
Wheat uuiet and Meadv : Ne. -1 W
family at
Wheat iiuiet and Meadv : Ne. 2 Western
bed 1(js'j; I'eiui'a Bed 1 Mi Amber! 10.
Cern tinner en local maikcU; yellow at
.Vie: mixed .Ii WfiJ.V'c : steamer in.-. "
Oats qsiiet and steady ; Ne. -i. White Kc: Ne. 2,
detOc; Ne. 3. de :iSji.l!H;; Ne. :'. Mixed .Vii.e.
Rye dull ; New CVi Ti'e.
Previsions in geed jobbing demand ; hums
perk at $11 ;: beet hum fli 0iiQ-21 .V) ; India
uns-. lK-e! -fltJIKI; bicen jmekeil shoulder.- at
.Vigfie : -alt de at 3''ra5Jc: smoked ham- UQ
l-.'e; pickled ham-'.) tj!liie.
Itrd liim ; city keltic SG..e : Iimhe
iiuichei7Jc; prime steam TJc.
Butter quiet; Ci earner 2 t -''''- : de geed te
choice SMi'ilc: Bnuirerd cuuntv and New
Yerk extra. !g:!!c : Western reserve extra IU
(,(l:;de goeil le choice l-IQ-Ibe; Rolls dull;
IVnn'a extra llfil7: WeMeni it-serve extra
lift 17c.
Lgg-in liriusu pl :md light; lYun'a 15
R'.'ie: Western 1 !,',. I .V.
Cheese scarce and higher; eu Yerk
lull eieuia IIJ II1 ,c; We.-teiu lull trtmit )M
JJic: de Mir te geed NiSj. e; de hull skims
I'eiielcum tiriu ; relined J-Kc.
Whisky $1 11.
Seed Geed te piimu Clever jobbing iii.J5a?
S ftl; Timethy ! s3:; for old : Flax
seed nominal at $i ."d.
.sleeK atnrkdtx.
Fuilai!l;'iii.. Aug. t;.
lilftl V. H. ."-OU 1 M.
Stocks tirm.
I'eniiuti's (third is-uii 107
1'liUadelphia A Kile I.''4
Beading 1 1 w ....
Pennsylvania M ' ....
Lehlgli Valley. w.
United Ces. et N.J Iu; "
Northern Pacilic S-ji;
" Pieterrcd :;
Northern Central t?,
Lehigh Navigation 3lj
Noiristewn 1112
Central Transportation Ce. la
Pitts., .Tiltuiville A Builale. Ii':
Little Schuylkill
Siw liiiik, Aug. 1;.
Stocks strong and buoyant
Meney ifj-JJi
N. Y. Ceulrnl ISt'-j
X-rn. . j,rj
Adams Kxj.rea- US
Michigan Ceutial .;V(
Michigan fceutlier Idtij;
llliuei.s Central :;4
Cleveland & l'ittsbuigli lii
Chicago A i:eck Island II IM
Piltsburgli .t Fert Wiiym ..lUii'".
eestern Union Tel.Cn 177
Teledo & Wuliush 4S4
New .lursey Centra! . 7ii!
Ontario Western a.-J
United SlateH IXmkIs :nnl tt;rliiig i;:1i:.ii.
(Quotatieiw by B. K. Jami-eii A ;., S. W
Cor. 1 and Chestnut Streets).
I'lllLADCM'lUA. Aug. C.
United States C's, 1SS1, (registered). .HUKffl01J'
United States .Vs. IsSl. (registcretI)..l(l-n.TjlOi-i
United states l's, 1NM, (lcgistcrcdJUO'UOl,
United Suites l.''.ll, (coupons).. .MliJfSIle;,
United States t's, 111)7. (register il)..IW)4All(i74
United States Currency U'.s Ii" jidS.
Sterlinir exchange 13.C :ji,'.K
a ssii:ni:i kjtatk ok .i!Iciiai:l ii-
V SHIRK ami wife, of Bast Cocalico town
ship. The undersigned Auditeisuppniutcd te
distribute the balance remaining in the hands
of I-i-ael W. Meiilzer and Daniel Nissley, ils
siguceM for the bencllt et crediteis, te and
among these legally entitled te the same, w ill
sit for that purpo-cen THURSDAY, AUGUST
I-J, Isse, at 10 o'clock, 11. 111., in the Library
Roem 't the Court Heuse, in the City of Lan
caster, uhere all pcisens iuleiesteil 'n said
distribution 111.15- attend.
A. J. i:i:i:::ly,
Jyl'1-ilde.iu- Auditei-s.
INSTATE or I. t:vis H;-.ITIN:, sit.
!i late of Iinc i-tcr city, deecasei!.- The un
dersigned Auditor, appointed teili-tiibiib: the
balance remaining iu the hands et Martin
Kenipf, trustee te sell the real estate of said
decedent, te and among IIkmi: legally entitled
te the same, will sit for that purpo-cen TUKS
DAY, AUGUST le, I -Ml, at i o'clock p. 111., In
the Library Itoeui of the Court limine, in the
city of Lane-aster, where nil persons interested
11 said distribution may attend.
jy'i-ttiieaw Auditor.
J tlieeit el" Lancaster, I.etlers
el niliiiistratieu en said estate having been
grintcd te the undersigned, all persons iu
ilebted thereto are iciiuested te make I1111110
dlate settlement, and tiiese having claims or
demands against the same u ill present theiu
without delay tnr settlement te the under
signed, ii'sidnig in said city.
JOHN i;.pchum,
M. Bi'.emii's, ' Ailiuinlstraters.
J. B. Goen, a tt'y. jyil-Ctdeaw
and wire, et Fast Lampeter township.
The undersigned Auditor, appointed te dis
ti Unite the balance remaining In the hands of
Calvin Cooper, Assignee, le and among these
legally entitled te the same. will. sit ler that
purpose 1111 THURSDAY. AUGUST 12, IHS0.
at Hi o'clock a. m.. iu the Library Boemot
the Cemt Heuse, iu the city el Lancaster,
where all persons interested in said distri
bution may attend.
jyll Itdeaw Auditor.
t iuuasicr ueuniy.
Union National ."itf ..! I'anl:
: ) Jan. Term, 1
Ne. SI.
) Bx. Dim:.
Term, 1S80.
tll'Tlft- Itlll'l-
The unders'lgncd Auditor, appointed te dis
tribute " the money secured by mortgage, exe
cuted te V alter M. Fianklin,esi.," beingofthe
proceeds Irem tin: sale of the above named dc
lendant's real estate, le and among such llenr
ei editor or creditors as may be legally entitled
te the same, will sit for thatpurpes" en WED
NESDAY, the lllh day el AUGUST, isrO. at 10
o'clock. A. M.. in tin; Library Beem of the
Court Heu-e, in the City et Ijini-astcr, wl.cre
all persons interested in said distribution may
attend. NKV.'TON LlGHTNr'B,
)-!-Iteaw Auditor.
Lancaster County.
Alary A. Miller bv her nexfl
friend, Llizabcth llulxir, I Feb. Tenn, ISsO.
vs. I Ne. 1.1.
Benjamin Miller. J
And new Dee. Zi, lu73, en mo
tion et Samuel II. Price, esq., the
Cem t appoint J no. Am weg, esq.,
examiner, te take testimony.
Attest: K. McMKLLK.V,
Benjamin Miller, take notice that deposition
of witnesses uill be taken en behalt of tin:
plaintiR, en I he lith day of AUGUST. ISSO, be
twi en the hours el 10 e clock a.m. ami. "o'clock
p. 111. et said day. at my ellice, Ne. -."Seuth
Duke strict. Lancaster. 1'a., when and where
you may atleud if you think printer.
jyi:-:!ti!eav.- Uxuiuiner.
and Bends, Kt and CC Broadway, New Yerk,
Opciatiens en margin and by uieaiis of privi
leges. Information furnished en all matters
connected with stock speculation and Invest
ment. mlj-lyilT'-.TIiAS
X-i Came te the resldente of the : ulifccriber,
in Celcrain township, en J UNE 'JS, IS&), a pale
Red Steer and a Benn Heifer, snptionetl-te 1m
about i; years old. The owner is requested
te come lerwurd, prove property, pay charge!
und bike them away, otherwise they wlU b
sold according te law.
Jlxv 0, W0. jy!4-4tw
L The Pennsylvania Mutual Hail Insurance
Company of Yerk. Pa , has reduced tin; price
of insurance 011 Tobacco against hall from
f.'S te $1 per $100 cash premium, and we are
ready te bind the insurance us seen as the,
premium is paid. Insure befere It ts tee late;
at BAUSMAX A BURNS'S, Ins. Agts.,
1y28-2tw Onice 10 West Orange Street,