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! ,- H- """5 '' r . ""I ' V ""-
A Fight In Which a Razor and a l'istel
- Were Used "SI me" Roberts en
the Warpath.
Yesterday afternoon " Simc" Itebcrts
' who has the reputation, in Middle street,
of being a "bad coon" get drunk, with
several of his friends. In the evening about
C o'clock they paid a visit te the Lien
Brewery saloon, en Middle street, which
is kept by C. Keehlcr, and asked for a
drink. The bartender, Charles Vogt, re
fused te give the darkeys any beer. They
became very angry and Roberts ripped
and swore and pulled a razor from his
pocket. He walked up te the bar and
attempted te cut the threat of Vogt. The
latter was tee quick for him, however, and
he jumped back and escaped unhurt.
Vogt then attempted te get the men
out of the saloon, but they refused te go
and Cenrad Keehler, a nephew of the pro
prietor of the saloon came te his assiht,
ance. The darkeys finally started te go
and, while they were walking down the
stairs, Roberts drew a pistol, and
turning around, he fired at young
Keehler, who was standing above
him en the stairs. The ball struck him en
the jawbone, under the chin, and, glancing
01T, grazed the cheek. His injuries,
which are net serious, were attended by
Dr. M. L. Heir. Had this ball struck a
few inches lower it would have hit Keehler
in the neck and he would undoubtedly have
been fatally injured. After the darkeys left
the saloon, Roberts threw several stones
against the building, but no damage of any
consequence was done by them. After the
row Roberts was arrested by Chief of Po
lice Deichlcr. He was taken before Alder
man Dennelly, of the Seventh ward, who
committed him, in default of bail, te an
swer, at a hearing, two charges of assault
and battery with intent te kill, which
have been preferred against him by Vogt
and Keehler. William II. Rollins, another
colored man, who claims te have been as
saulted by Vogt while in the saloon, has
brought a suit of assault and battery
against him before Alderman Barr.
.1. Hamilton Reigart Elected -Mayer of
The Bcleit, Wisconsin, Graphic comes te
us centaing the announcement that lien.
J. Hamilton Reigart, a son of the late
Hen. E. C. Reigart, of this city, was
elected mayor of Beloit, at the late muni
cipal election in that city, by a majority of
219 ever J. II. French, the Republican
" machine " candidate. Mr. Reigart is set
down as a Union Republican and was sup
ported by the Democracy and anti-machine
Republicans. The Graphic celebrates its
triumph in half a column of heavy head
lines, of which the following are a sam
ple : ' De you hear".'" " Come let us rea
son together."' " De the people or their
servants run the machine .'" "The crack
of the whip makes the steed balky." "The
voters declared in favor of a government of
the people by the people and for the peo
ple." Corener' Inquest.
Yesterday, Alderman Wiley, in the
alienee of Corener Mishlcr, held an in
quest en the body of Jehn Smith, tie
train) who died in the poei house en Mon
day. When the man was arrested he
had a number of bruises but it is
net known hew he received them,
IIe was supposed te have fallen while
drunk, and was committed te jail by
Alderman Spurrier. He was removed
thence te the hospital where he died en
Monday. Dr. M. L. Heir, one of the
county physicians, deemed an inquest
necessary, and one was held, as
above stateil, by Alderman Wiley.
An autopsy was made by Dr. Herr and the
brain was found te be very much congest
ed. There were also several bruises en the
man's body. The jury returned a verdict
of death from congestion of the brain.
caused by a fall or a blew upon the head.
This morning Dr. II. 13. WcsthaciTer,
son of J. M. AVestliaclTer, was married te
Miss Anuie Habcrbush, second daughter
of Michael Ilaberbush. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Father Hickcy, at 7
o'clock, in St. Mary's church. The bride
and groom were attended by Jeseph 33.
Carpenter and Miss Louise Ilaberbush, a
sister of the bride. After the marriage
the bridal party were driven te the resi
dence of the bride's parents, in Centre
Square, where they partook of the wed
ding breakfast, after which they went te
the house in East King street, where they
will reside.
The New City Digest.
The committee appointed at the last
meeting of councils, te provide for the re
vision of "the digest of the ordinances of
the city of Lancaster met for organization
last evening. The committee consists of
Mayer MacGenigle, Mr. Geerge W. Zcchcr,
and R. W. Shenk, esq., of select council,
and 1). McMullcn and Walter M. Franklin,
csqs., of common council. The mayor is
chairman of the committee and Thes. F.
McElligett was selected as clerk. Wil
liam Leaman and Geerge Nauman, csqs.,
were selected tocempiIe the ordinances.
The Men who were Suffocated.
Ycstcday Corener Mishlcr held an in
quest en the bodies of Charles Frazer and
Daniel Miller, who were suffocated in a well
near Bird-in-IIand. The jury rendered a
vedict of accidental death, caused by enter
ing a well tee seen after the explosion of a
blast. The bodies of the two men were
taken te Gordonville and both will be in
terred at the expense of Belden Miller, the
father of Daniel Miller. Frazer was :i2
year of age and Miller was 31. The for
mer was a peer man, without relatives.
A Weman Heater and a Drunken Weman.
Geerge Boek, colored, formerly a beet
black but new a hed carrier, who has re
cently indulged in several fights while
drunk, gave Hannah Jacksen, a dusky
maiden, a "whaling." He was held for
a hearing by Alderman Dennelly, of the
Seventh ward.
Rebecca Wagner was arrested for being
drunk and disorderly and her case will be
disposed of by the same alderman.
The boys who were arrested yesterday
by Officer Brady for almost throwing a
passenger train from the track, near the
Ihurisburgl crossing, by letting a baseball
get under the wheel, were discharged by
Alderman McCe nemy this morning, there
being no evidence that the affair was ether
than accidental. It was in evidence, how
ever, that the boys were all truants from
school, and it is for their parents and
teachers te mete out te them the necessary
Sale et Lean.
Jacob B. Leng, real estate agent, sold
te-day at private sale, 2,000 Larcaster
city lean due 1880 at 105.
It Session In WrighUrxlle.
A session of the presbytery of West
minster was opened in Wrightsville, Yerk
county, en Monday evening last. The
opening sermon was preached by Rev. W.
C. Alexander, pastor of Pequea church.
The following members of presbytery
were present :
Revs. C. W. Stewart, D. D., J. D.
Smith, W. B. Browne, J. Y. Mitchell,
Jehn McCoy, W. C. Alexander, T. L.
Springer, A. Michael, W. G. Cairncs, W.
L. Ledwith, A. G. Lane, J. L. Landis,
Jehn McElmeyle, II. B. Scott, G. S. Bell
and It. L. Clark.
Elders : J. L. McCemma, of Union ;
Isaac Scarborough, of Slate Ridge ; J. G.
Wright, of Mount Jey ; II. B. Essick, of
Columbia ; D. W . Patterson, et .Lancaster;
Ress McCemma, of Little Britain ; Jehn
Smith of Chestnut Level ; Jehn Hysen, of
Hopewell; Rebert Fergusen, of Middle
Octoraro ; Solemon Martin, of Pequea ; J.
X. Legan, of Dillsburg ; Geerge Russel, of
Cedar Greve ; A. P. Jlcllvaine, ofLeaceck ;
James Fulton, f Stewartstown ; J. A. C.
Gailey, of Centre ; J. W. Weltzheffer, of
Rev. T. L. Springer was chosen moder
ator and Revs. J. L. Landis and J. Mc Mc
Eleoyle clerks.
On Tuesday morning the following ad
ditienal members were in attendance :
Revs. T. M. Crawford, II. E. Niles, D.
D., Jeseph Gambia, J. M. Galbreath, J.
M. Davenport, W. J. Hear, and Elders
Gee. A. Davis, of Slatcville ; Themas A.
Clark, of Chestnut Level ; A. W. Cassel.
of Marietta ; Jeseph Clark, of Mount Nebo;
David E. Small, of Yerk.
Rev. J. B. Barbour, of the presbytery
of Butler, and Rev. Shannen, of the Phil
adelphia conference, being present, were
invited te sit as corresponding members.
A number of standing committees were
appointed by the moderator, and a letter
from the presbytery of Butler dismissing
Rev. Barbour was read, and Mr. Barbour
was received, after examination, as a reg
ular member of Westminster presbytery.
Mr. Barbour has been called te church at
Dillsburg, Yerk county, and it is expected
that arrangements will be made for his
settlement ever that church.
The following ministers were chosen as
delegates te attend the general assembly :
Revs. J. M. Galbreath and 11. 13. Niles,
D.D.. and T. L. Springer and W. J. Hear.
Elders A. P. Gault, Jehn M. Brown,
James Fulton and J. X. Legan, as alter
nates. The name of the Christian church was
stricken f-i.-- 1V nil of the Westminster
prcsbjU.. -..j..e it might be placed upon
the roll et tlte presbytery of Chester, and
transferred te its care.
Rev. II. B. Scott, having received and
accepted a call from the church at
Stewartstown, a committee was appointed
te arrange for his installation.
The chairman of the educational com
mittee was authorized te assign parts of
trial pieces for Mr. Stewart, a candidate
for the ministry under the care of presby
tery. The treasurer's report was presented and
Slateville was chosen as the place for
the next stated meeting, and was changed
from the regular time, se that the meeting
will be held en Monday, September 13,
meeting at 7:30 p. m.
On Tuesday afternoon after various com
mittees had reported, Dr. Stewart, chair
man of the home mission committee, re
ported the following resolution, which
after debate was adopted by a vote of 34
yeas te 5 nays, Judge Patterson voting
with the minority :
Jleseleed, That this presbytery overture
the general assembly te order a committee,
consisting of one member from each synod
en the home field, the member from each
synod te be elected by the synods respec
tively, whose duty it shall be te report te
the next general assembly a plan for the
modification of the modes of operation of
the heard of home missions, such as shall
tend te prevent friction and conflict be
tween it and the presbyteries.
Rev, G. W. Seller, of the presbytery of
Kalapoer, India, being present, was in
vited te sit as corresponding member.
Requests from several vacant churches
for permission te supply their own pulpits
were made and referred te committee en
Reports from the several churches were
read, accompanied by remarks by the pas
tors. These reports will be made the basis
of the report en the state of religion te be
prepared and read at a future session of
During the day the following members
appeared and were enrolled : Revs. 13. S.
Heany, W. B. Reed, Prof. James McDou McDeu
gall, jr. Elders, Dr. Jesiah Martin, of
Strasburg, and Patterson, of Mt. Jey.
June 3, at 10 o'clock a. m., was fixed as
the time for the installation of Rev. Scott,
Dr. II. 13. Niles te preside, propose the
questions and preach the sermon ; Rev. 31.
Smith te deliver the charge te the congre
gation, and Rev. C. W. Stewart, D.D., the
charge te the pastor.
On Tuesday cveniug Rev. T. M. Craw
ford read the report of the committee ap
pointed at the last stated meeting of pres
bytery, te visit the Little Britain church.
The report stated that the committee had
visited that church, been very kindly re
ceived, and at a meeting of the congrega
tion, held while they were there, they had
examined into the financial condition of
the church, and were assured that by ear
nest effort the congregation could meet all
financial obligations resting en them. The
committee has also been assured since
their visit that the condition of the
church is in a much mere hopeful state,
and that the visit had done much geed.
The report was accepted and the fidelity
of the committee commended.
The committee en the case of W. J.
Bridells, new pending, moved that the
matter be heard in private session.
The subject "Hew te make the Sabbath
school a help te the church in securing the
children for the church," was discussed
by Revs. A. Michael, G. W. Seilcr; of
Kalapoer, India, Jeseph Gamble, Jehn Mc Mc
Eleoyle, Jehn McCoy and Dr. Stewart.
On Wednesday morning the Bridells case
was taken up. Rev. Ledwith was ap
pointed te take charge of the case in be
half of Mr. Bridells, and Rev. W. C. Alex
ander and-iilder Jehn Alexander a com
mittee te visit Philadelphia te take testi
mony in the case.
It wa s ordered that an adjourned meet
ing be held in Lancaster, April 20, at 10
a. m., te dispose of the case.
Rev. Mr. McCoy, chairman of the com
mittee en narrative, was net ready te read
his paper, but during these devotional
services made a statement of the condition
of the churches iu presbytery. It has been
a year of quiet and steady growth among
the churches. Three hundred and three
new members have been added te the
Rev T. 31. Crawford made a report en
sew ajdtebtisemea'ts.
We have just secured a large let of the lower priced American
"Watches of Waltham and Elgin Manufacture. Alse, a large let
of Silver and Geld Cases, which will be sold at the old prices not
withstanding the scarcity and difficulty of getting them. Seme
grades of these goods are in such demand that orders for them
given new will net be filled in less than two years. Alse, 400
Cleck of different styles just received this morning,
Jeb lets of Jewelry and Fancy Goods, which will be sold for less
than the cost of manufacture.
We invite an examination of our new goods.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
Ne. 4 West King Street.
ministerial relief, showing that there had
been during the last year a falling off from
the contributions of the previous year of
about $104.
It was voted te extend aid te the follow
ing churches : Little Britain $200 ; Lan
caster mission 8200 ; Dillsburg $100 ; Cedar
Greve $200; Strasburg $200 ; Neunt ISebe
$200; James Celeman memorial chapel
The following churches were authorized
te supply their own pulpits : Leacock,
Mount Jey, Denegal, New Harmony and
Pine Greve.
Dr. Crawford reported " that of the
twenty-four pastoral charges within our
prcsbyterial bounds, fifteen arc provided
with comfortable manses."
Rev. W. B. Browne offered his resigna
tion as stated clerk of presbytery, because
he did net expect te remain within the
bounds of the presbytery. The resigna
tion was accepted and 3Ir. B.'s fidelity
while in oflice was recognized by the
members in the vote en his resignation.
Rev. W. G. Cairncs was chosen in his
On Wednesday afternoon the narrative
of the state of religion and the report en
foreign missions were presented and ac
cepted, and an address en missions was
made by Rev. Seilcr.
After voting thanks te the pastor and
congregation of Wrightsville for the cor
dial reception and entertainment, presby
tery adjourned te meet in Lancaster, en
Tuesday next. .
Death of Darn hard Mann.
Barnhard 3Iann, farmer, of 3Iauer town
ship, one of the most widely known and
highly respected citizens of Lancaster
county, died this morning at 4 o'clock,
aged about 77 years. Seme weeks age,
while attending a funeral he contracted a
cold, which settled en his lungs, developed
into pneumonia, and resulted in his death.
The community in which he lived all his
life has suffered a severe less in his
death. He was net merely esteemed as
a perfectly honest and upright
man, in conducting his own affairs, but
he was se implicitly trusted, and such
confidence was placed in his judgment and
probity that he was constantly being called
upon te take charge of the affairs of ethers.
As executer, administrator, guardian, or
trustee, he has perhaps settled up mere
estates than any ether man in the county,
and in all his many transactions the uni
versal verdict has been " well done, geed
and faithful servant." He was a
man of fair education and
liberal views, but held tenaciously te
his opinions when formed. He was a
Democrat of the old school and clung
firmly te the principles of Jeffersen, Jack Jack
eon and their successors throughout his
life, and though net accustomed te obtrude
his views upon ethers, he was ever ready
te answer for the faith that was in him.
Fer mere than half a century he was a
subscriber te the Intelligencer and
made it a point te call annually at the
office and pay for his subscription, always
taking the money from the same old "Con
tinental" pocket-book, out of which he paid
his first year's subscription, and which
had been in his family for mere than a
hundred years.
IIe leaves a large family of children and
grandchildren te mourn the less of their
best friend, while the community in which
he lived will largely share their grief. His
funeral will take place en Saturday morn
ing next, the interment being in the pri
vate cemctry at Central 3Ianer.
The Martic 1IHW and Welsh Mountain
Ycsterdcy morning the hills along the
Pequea creek, between 3Iartic Ferge and
the Susquehanna river, caught fire from a
spark of a locomotive en the Columbia and
Pert Deposit railroad. Between 40 and 50
acres were burned ever and about 100
cords of weed, belonging te Rebert Potts,
of 3Iartic Ferge, was consumed. Men
worked hard all day yesterday endeavor
ing te extinguish the flames but it was of
no avail and the fire was still burning this
A large weeds fire has been raging for
several days past en the Welsh mountains,
in the vicinity of the Serrel Herse hotel,
west of Beartown. The wind blew very
strongly during the fire and it swept ever
at least one hundred acres. A large quan
tity of timber was burned and some of the
people residing in the vicinity are said te
have made narrow escapes from being
burned te death.
In Town.
3Ir. S. Gershel, of the firm of L. Ger
shcl & Bre., tobacco packeres New Yerk,
is visiting his friends in this city, prier te
a somewhat extended visit te Europe,
whither he gees with his family te re
establish his somewhat impaired health.
He will locate for a time at Karlsbad, a
noted watering alacc in Austria.
Broke an Arm,
In Mount Jey, yesterday, a young son of
Ephraim Baker, while riding a horse was
thrown by the animal, which shied at
something, and had his left arm broken.
Dr. Zieglcr reduced the fracture.
The musical entertainment which was
te have been given by the boys and girls
of the high school in the lower school
room this evening has been postponed
until Tuesday evening next.
Having secured ever half a million of Tine
and Cypress Shingles before the advance in
lumber, I itm prepared te sell cheap for cash.
Cypress Shingles are considered superior te
shaved Fine Shingles.
Lumber Dealer, Wrightsville, Pa.
"Kerry G'etv." This evening the excellent
comedy of " Kerry Gew '" will be presented in
the opera house by Jeseph Murphy and his line
company. This is one of the best Irish plays
en the American stage, and Mr. Murphy has an enviable reputation as the black
smith. During the play a horse is brought en
the stage and after a shoe has been made it is
nailed te the animal's feet. Trained doves arc
also Introduced in this play.
Rheumatism for Eight Years.
I was cured by the use of a single bottle et
St. Jacob's Oil, after having used all known
remedies, without even obtaining relief.
15. Sciiaefeu, Allegheny City, Pa.
Isaac Watts was a Little Man.
He s-aid jocosely te six of his tall quizzing
friends who asked hew he felt among se many
uuiii, "that he was a sixpence among six
pennies, worth them all." SOZODONT is just
se ; there may be many preparations ler the
teeth, but it is worth them all.
Statistics prove that twenty-live percent,
of the deaths in our larger cities are caused by
consumption, and when we reflect that this
terrible disease in its worst stage will yield te
a bottle of Lecher's lienewned Cough Syrup,
shall we condemn the sufferers for their negli
gence, or pity them for their ignorance?
Try I.echur's Kcnewned Cough Syrup.
What is the use in going te the sea side for
health when "Dr. Llndscy's illoed Searcher"
is what you need ?
.Better Times.
The business revival and new era of pros
perity which is new fairly inaugurated, is in
keeping with the increased health and happi
ness seen all ever the land, and is one of the
rtsults obtained from the introduction of
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. " The
changes wrought by this remedy," says Rev.
Dr. Harvey, "seem but little less than mini
culeus." al3-2wd&w
Try Lechcr's Renowned Cough Syrup.
The Greatest Blessing.
A simple, pure, harmless remedy, that cities
every time, and prevents disease by keeping
the bleed pure, stomach regular, kidneys and
liver active, is the greatest blessing ever con
ferred upon man. Hep Hitters is that remedy,
and its proprietors are being blessed by thou
sands who have been saved and cured by it.
Will you try it? See another column.
Thcr is a general compliant Unit while
prices of commodities have increased in t-enif
eases fifty per cent., wages have net advance 1
anywhere near in the .same proportion. We
knew of no complaint in the shape of a cough,
eeld, sere threat, rheumatism or ueuraglia
that Dr. Themas' Eclectic Oil will net immedi
ately relieve. Fer sale by II. 11. Cochran, drug
gist," 137 and 139 North Queen street, Lancaster-
Try Lechcr's Renowned Cough Syrup.
As a Cure for Piles
Kidney-Wert acts first by overcoming in the
mildest manner all tendency te constipation
then, by its great tonic and invigorating prop
erties, it restores te health the debilitated and
weakened parts. We have hundreds of certi
Hed cures, where all else have laiied. Use it
and snller no longer. al3-lwd&w
We have net yet heard of a case of colds,
coughs, threat, or chest complaint, that has
net yielded te " Dr. Sellers' Cough Syrup."
Try Lechct's Renowned Cough Syrup.
A Coceu, CeLn, C'atakiui or Sere Threat
should net be neglected. "JJreicn'a Bronchial
Troches'" arc a simple remedy, and will gener
ally give immediate reliuf. Imitations are of
fered for sale, many of which are injurious.
The genuine "Brown's Bronchial Treches'1''
are sold only in boxes. nl.'J-TTh&S&w
Consumption cured.
Hundreds of people throughout the New
England States who were consumptive will
testify te their being alive te-day lrent the use
et Speer's Pert Grape Wine, produced in Pas
saic, .'cw Jersey. It is prescribed by physi
cians generally and used in hospitals for this
purpose. Weakly and debilitated females,
consumptives, and all nged persons, find a
great benefit by its use. Nothing is better for
overworked or exhausted ladies. This wine
is endorsed by Drs. Atlce and Davis and sold
by II. E. Slaymakcr.
Try Lechcr's Renowned Cough Syrup.
Keep your bowels and kidneys in a healthy
state by the use of Kidney-Wert.
Brown's Household Panacea
Is the most effective Pain Destroyer in the
world. Will most surely quicken the bleed
whether Uiken internally or applied externally
and thereby mere certainly RELIEVE PAIN,
whether chronic or acute, than any ether pain
alleviator, and it is warranted double the
strength of any similar preparation.
It cures pain in the Side, Rack or Rowels,
Sere Threat, Rheumatism, Toothache and ALL
CEA " should be in every family. Atcaspoon Atcaspeon Atcaspoen
tulofthe Panacea in a tumbler of het water
(sweetened, if preferred), taken at bedtime,
will BREAK UP A COLD. S3 cents a bottle.
Fer sale aUII. B. Cochran & Ce's Drug Stere
North Queen street. Lancaster.
Much Sickness,
Undoubtedly with children, attributed te ether
causes, is occasioned by Worms. BROWN'S
VERMIFUGE COMFITS, or Wenn Lozenges,
although effectual in destroying worms, can
de no peslble injury te the most delicate child
This valuable combination has been success
fully used by physicians, and found te be id) id)
selutely sure in eradicating worms. Twenty
live cents & box. f Janl5-lvd&wTuTh&S
S. Chad wick, of Arcadia. Wayne county, N.
T., writes: "I have hud severe attacks of
Asthma for several years. I commenced tak
ing Dr. Themas' Eclectic Oil ; the first dose re
lieved me in one hour. I continued taking it
in tcaspoeuful doses for a few days, and have
net had an attack of it since, new nearly one
year." Fer sale by II. B. Cochran, druggist,
137and 139 North Queen street, Lancaster.
Haktman. In this city en April 14, 18S0,
Ames C, son et Daniel and Kate E. Hartman,
aged 10 months and 25 days.
The relatives and friends et the family are
respectfully invited te attend the funeral from
the residence of his parents' Ne. 132 East
Lemen strect.en Friday aftornoen at 3 o'clock.
Masn. In Maner township, this county, en
the 13th inst., Barnhard Mann (farmer), in the
77th year of his age.
His relatives and friends are respectfully in
vited te attend the funeral from his late resi
dence, Maner township, en Saturday morning
at 10 o'clock. Interment at Central Maner
cemetery. 2td.
Frazer. On the 14th inst., from suffocation
by gas in a well near Bird-in-IIand, this coun
ty, Charles Fruzer, aged 32 years.
Funeral from the residence of Belden Miller
Gordonville, Friday, April 16, at 10 a. m.
Preaching at Gordonville. Interment at Stras,
burg. ltd
Millkr. On the 14th inst, from suffocation
by gas in a well near Bird-In-Hand, this coun
ty, Daniel Miller, aged 31 years.
Funeral from the residence of his father,
Belden Miller, Gordonville, Friday. April 16,
at 10 a. m. Preaching at Gordonville. In.
terment at Strasburg. ltd
Lancaster Bazaar,
Saturday, April 17,
inn' nvi1 niiimimnli
Ladies' Underwear,
Astonishing Lew Prices.
Plain Muslin r.c
Huslin Rullleii .JIc
Ruflled ami Embroidered t'ie
Fine Muslin, Corded Rami, only lie
'JI Tucksand Embroidered XJc
It) Tucks ..'(Rows Embroidered Inserting and
Ruflled; 53c
Elegantly Euibieidered lUc
Children's Chemise 2)c
Tucked and Rutlled 37c
5 Tucks, Fine Muslin Ii7c
4 Tucks, Bread It utile 7Se
5 Tucks, wit it Wide Needle-work Edge !Wc
'. Tucks, Cambric Flounce '.fc'c
5 Tucks, with Rich Embroidery sl.41
6 Tucks, with Deep Flounced 'Embroidery
and Wide Necdle-werk Inserting $1.9;
A Tucked Skirt with Bread Torchon Lace
and Inserting $1.47
Tucked 'J0c
Tucked with Lace Edging :i!e
Tucked and Rulllcd 4Sc
Tucked and Embroidered (ile
Tucked with Bread Needle-work Edge 01c
Tucked with Deep Embroidered Edge and
Inserting 8.1c
Children's Pantalets iic
Plain Muslin..
. . .$1.29
Trimmed with Untiling 6Sc
l rimmed with Needle-work Edge 7;c
Hip Gere, White and Colored 23c
l'ink and Blue Fine Corset 37c
32-Hene Hand-made Sic
50-Bene Side Steel in White and Colored 4:lc
An Elegant Corset with Side Steels, Laced
at the Hips anil Silk Embroidered Rust.. .71c
A Fine ull-Silk Embroidered Corset, Blue
and Cardinal, of Elegant Design SGe
The URACIE Corset, Side Steels, Deuble
Busk, Frent Embroidered OUc
The PARISIAN, a 100-Bene, Side Steeled
undll'erlect Fitting Corbet $1.0!)
Our RONNIE Corset, Side Steels, Deuble
Busk, Silk Stitched 03c
The Most Elegant CYPRUS Corset, 1WJ 1WJ
Jtene Speen Busk, Side Steels, Rich Em
broidered $1.23
Kilt-plaited with Edging 41c
Kilt-plait Elegantly Trimmed witlt Torchon
Lace 73c
Fine Tucked and Embroidered WHj
Kilt-plait with 2 Rows of Embroidery down
the Frent and Edging all around 90c
Tucked and Elegantly Embroidered.! $1.'
The RABIES' FAVORITE, an Elegant
Dress.with 3 Rows of Fine Inserting down
the Frent and Back, Deep and Rich Em
broidery all around the bottom $2,511
Fine Muslin Sue
Embroidered Bosem and Tucked at the
bottom 03c
Embroidered Bosem,' Tucks and Fine
Needle-work all around $1.20
Elegantly Trimmed and Tucked all the
way tlewn $2.3!
Babies' Embroidered Shawls from 00c tip.
Lace Cans for Beys and Girls from 47c up.
Babies' Hand-made Split Jackets at 4ic
Babies' Hand-made Bootees at II, 10 and 23c
Hand-made Walking Cloaks in Various
Babies' Merine Cloaks at $1.07
Ladies' Whi e Lawn Aprons lie
Ladies' Plain Muslin Ruflled 23c
Fine Dress Apron 40c
Large Muslin Apron 2."e
Child's Certled Dress Aprons 39c
Child's Corded Slips I3e
Child's Kilt Aprons r7c
Ladies' Large Gingham Kitchen Aprons 23c
Ladies' Calice Wrappers 75c
Flounced at feOnndOOc
Ladies' Calice Basques 39c
Misses' Suits in all sizes -Sc
Chilli's Gabriels 25c
Child's Kilt Gabriels SSc
Summer Skirts 30c
Skirts Certled and Rullleii fMc
3- Rulllcd 79c
Saturday Morning, Aprill7
49-Call eirly te avoid the rush.
Washington, April 15. Fer the Middle
Atlantic states increasing cleudness with
rain, warm southerly veering te colder
northwest winds, followed by rising baro
Messrs. Steininan and Hensel File Tlivir
Papers iu the Supreme Court
IIakrisbcke, Pa., April 13. In the
matter of the writ of error in the case of
Steinman and Ilensel, of the Lancaster In
telligencer, the proper papers were filed
this morning with the prothenotary of the
supreme court for the district. Action is in
tended te restore them te the roll of attor
neys. The case will be heard in May.
Eight Men llurnetl. Twe Fatally, at the Penn
sylvania Steel Works.
Harrisburg, April 15. The Pennsylva
nia steel works, at Stcelten, three miles
below this city, was the scene of a fright
ful accident at live o'clock this morning.
While the men were at work in the mill
that the steel is made in the ratchet that
controls the movement of the largest ves
sel that contains the molten metal broke
and turned the retort upside down. The
contents were poured into the pet beneath,
in and around which about eight men were
working. Geerge Yest and A. Wcstbroek
were se badly burned that their lives are
despaired of. Menree Miller, Simen Mar.
tin, Geerge Herning and one or two ethers
were also badly but net fatally burned.
Letter Frem Superintendent Snowdeu.
The following Ictter received at this of
fice, this afternoon, explains itself :
Media, April 14, 1880.
Messrs. Steinman & IIensel :
Gentlemen Fer the information of your
subscribers, I would thank you te insert in
your local columns, or ether convenient
place, the following regulations affecting
applicants for enumcratership.
First The application must be written
by the party desiring the position, and for
the township, borough or ward in which
lie resides.
Second The applicant must furnish the
written endorsement of several reputable
citizens, as te his clerical ability and in
tegrity. Third Appointments will be made with
out regard te party politics.
I iim, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Henry C. Sxewden,
Supr Census, 2d District.
Afternoon Telegrams Condensed.
Anna Shade, aged le, daughter of Rev.
Benjamin Shade, is missing from home.
Four colored men were impaneled as jur
ors in the regular term of hustings court at
Petersburg, Va., te-day.
The strikers at the Birdsboro iron mills
refuse overtures from the president of the
Amalgamated iron association. Frank
Hain, a meulder, who was en .strike at
the Heading hardware company, and who
went te work last Tuesday, has been miss
ing since the evening of that day, and a
report prevails that he was waylaid and
possibly murdered.
The Senate committee en patents te-day
decided te report adversely en the propos
ed extension of the McKay and Mathics
machine patent, which is very extensively
used by shoe manufacturers throughout
the United States.
Lorillard's colt Walleusteiu will have
te carry extra weight in the races for the
Newmarket handicap and the Chester cup.
A resolution was introduced into the
Massachusetts Republican convention to
day favoring Edmumds for president.
Henry Otis, suseected of murder was
captured at Concord, N. II., te-day and
taken te Rochester N. Y.
The Fatal Dese Tiikmi in :i Fit of Melan
choly. "Wilmington, Del., April 15. "Win.
Wagner died this morning from the effects
of laudanum which he took during a fit of
melancholy, en Tuesday evening last. He
was twenty-eight years old, and a son of
Adelph AVagncr a wholesale tobacconist of
Nothing te Eat nor Means te Earn It.
Londen April 15. The St. Petersburg
Goles says in Orenburg, Russia, thousands
of families can neither obtain feed nor
means te earn it. There is scarcity of
work as well as of feed.
XJiir AltVEJtTl SEllliSTS.
Insurance and Real Estate Oilier,
aprO-tfdR Ne. 10 West Orange Street.
HERR .t STAUFFER, Solicitors et Piitents,
siicee.-ers te Jacob Slantlcr. deceased. Having
been in the above business ler some time un
der the instructions et Jacob Stunner, dee'd,
and having access te his Reports and Docu
ments relating te the Patent Olliee. we are
prepared te pre-ecute all claims relative te
Letters Patent with promptness and accuracy.
On MONDAY.AI'RIL 10. 1SS0, will be sold
at the Leepard Hetel, a let of Ground situated
en the north side et Kast Walnut street, ad
joining ground en the west by Zahm
and en the east by David liartmaii. Let lrents
en Walnut street 22 feet and depth 120 t'uet te a
KJ-feet wide allev. en which is er-clt:d a one
and a-half story Frame Dwelling, containing
rooms and kitchen anil wull of water with
pump. Sale at 754 o'clock p. in.
Hexkv Shubbut, Auct. adrl.Vttd
TT tise, free ei charge, lit tin: Ikthllkjes
ckr, who wants something te de.
y learn te make Herse Cellars. Applv at
the Lewell Cellar Factory, W and a East
Orange street. aprll-3td
end housework bya young woman. Can
give the best recommendation. Inquire at fill
Seuth Queen utreet. ltd
Housekeepers take notice that we are
paying 3 cents a pound for MIXED RAUS.
Cash paid as fcoen a delivered te
nprO-Smil Ne. 235 West Kin;; Street.
5J)O0,UUU Five per cent, interest will be
paid by the borough et Mt. Jey for a lean et
tlK.OOO, te refund borough debt of like amount
created in building Water Works. This lean
is free from all taxes. Issued in amounts et
$100 and i-'tCA). Interest paid semi-annually.
Applv te B. M. GREIOER,
aprtf-lwfl Burgess.
te fill the position of Superintendent of
the public schools of Lancaster city. The
Beard et Directors will meet en THURSDAY
EVENING, APRIL 22, te nil tha position und
fix the salary.
By order of th Beard.
Attest : C. F. KBERMAX,
aprlO-4tdS,"W,S&M Secretary.
Philadelphia Market.
PniLADKLrmjcApr. 13. Fleur dull and weak
superfine $3 354 00: extra t SOfiS 00;
Ohie and Indiana family $6 O0fi6 SO ; Fenn'a
family 5 7566 33 ; St, Leuis family tC SSfiS 75 :
Minnesota family ft MQ6 25 : patent and hitch
grades $6 873300.
Rye flour 1624 73.
Cornmeel Brandywlne unchanged.
Wheat weak and unsettled ; Ne. 2 Western
Red$130l3l; Penn'a Red $131 133; Amber
Cern strong ? stMninr .Vlfll Vllrt vallnnr ina
54?ic; mixed 53g54c
eaisweac; e. i. jc:Ne. 2,c; Ne. f,
Kc; Ne. 2 mixed 6Kc
Kye firm ; Western and Pa. 87c.
1mi-f.9fsia nnfnf . mc ua mi.W ,a
12 25 : beet hams 17 00 17 50 : India mess beet
$19 50: bacon smoked shoulders 55?c; salt
4?b'K; smoked de hams 9Ji10jc ; pickled
hams 79c.
Lard 'quiet ; city kettle TJc ; loose
butchers 7c; prime steam 7c.
Butter steady; creamery extra at 2S30c;
Bradford county and New Yerk extra
2."327c ; Western reserve extra at 2325c ;
de geed te choice lS22c: Rolls quiet;
Penn'a extra 2022e: Western reserve extra
Eggs active; Penn'a 1212Jc; Western 11Q
Cheese scarce: New Yerk factory 1415c;
Western lull cream 14c ; de for geed 12s&):3) ;
de halt-skims lOQHc.
Petroleum dull; Ketlned 7Mc.
Whisky at $109.
Seeds flrai; geed te prime cleverseed $650&
700; de timothy $2 7ig3 0U; de flaxseed $1 SJ
New Xerte Market.
Nkw Tehk. April 15.-Fleur-Stateand Western
strongly in buyers' favor with Untiled expert
and home demand ; superfine state $3'J04G5;
extra de $t (H4 90 ; choice de $4 955 40 ; fancy
$5 4.-t;; 25 ; round hoop Ohie $5 305 75: choice
tle $5 seJ7 00; superfine western $3 9045:
common te geed extra de $4 055 00 ; clteicu
Wheat Spring dull and nominally lower;
Winter I2c lower and very heavy : Ne. 1
White, $ 30.: ; tle May. $1 2ty : ; Ne. 2 Red, April,
$1 t8l :i5; de 3Iay, l 30Jj;132; de June,
$1 2701 2S.
Cern a shade lower and dull : Mixed West
ern spot 51J4352KC ; de future 47ft'514c
Oats heavv anif a shade lower; Ne. 2 for May,
38S:W;c; State 42520; Western 4l50.Jc.
Reef dull and prices unchanged.
Perk lirmer ; new mews $1750.
Lard quiet anil linn; tjteam rendered $7W.
Whisky dull ; Western $1 081 09.
Spiriu of turpentine dull at 4145c.
Stock Markets.
Piut.ADKi.riii a, April 15
12:30 r. .
Stocks nctivc.
I'cnnuti's (third issue) 107
Philadelphia & Erie 17
Reading 34
Pennsylvania 54
Lehigh Valley. 52J-J
United Ces. et N. J 1594
Northern Pacific '!&
" Preferred 52J
Northern Cent nil 33
Lehigh Navigation 37l
Norristown 101J4
Central Transportation Ce. 49
Pitts , TItusville & BuOale. 20l
Little Schuylkill &i
Nkw li'KK, Apill 15.
Stocks linn.
ivaUIl V 9
N. Y. Central 131
Adams Express '-A
Michigan Central J1
Michigan Southern 107
Illinois Central 105.
Cleveland A Pittsburgh.. .Allte
Chicago A Reck Island. I92M
Pittsburgh & Ifcirt Wayiie..lI84
Western Union Tel. Ce 101
Teledo & Wabash 394$
New Jcrsev Central 7S-J
United States Bends and Sterling Kxcliane
latiens by B. IC. Jamisen & Ce., S. W".
cer. ""l and cucsinni streets).
Philadelphia, April 15.
States fi's, 1881, ( registered )..U)5-VQllKJj;
States 5's, 1881, (registered). .lOiltfjWgi
States 4J3's, 1H91, (registcred)li
States 4's, 1891, (coupons).. .lO8!-,0IO8Ji
States 4's, 1907. (registered)-. 107107'4
States Currency ('s 125tf$12!i
Z Exchange 4852ioe
APRIL. 19, 20 and 21, 1880.
Return of the Famous
This family needs no special introduction te
tins people of this city. We simply desire te
call attention te the fact thutewing te engage
ments nheait they can only remain their ad
vertised time.
Watch for Parade of the Famous Little
ADMISSION, - - - 2.1 Jt 35 CK.
Ne extra charge for reserved seuts. On sale
Thursday at Yeeker's Opera Heuse Ofllce.
B. S. DEIGGS, Business Manager. '
JOHN D. MISHLER, Circuit Manager,
THURSDAY, APRIL. 15, 1880.
Return et the Favorite, the Greatest of all
Irish Comedians, MR.
Supported by a company of specially selected
Artists of Recognized Ability, including the
beautiful California Favorite. MISS M.
IRISH DRAMAS! Played with Unparalleled
Success ever l.OOO limes in all the Principal
cities of America, Mr. Fred. Marsden'a bewt
work, THE
A pure Irish Drama, without shillclali,
w liisky or priest. iY. Y. Dramatic yews.
See the Wonderful Escaptfrem Prison !
See the Gnat Race Scene!
A nil the Flight of the Carrier Deves !
MR. JOHN D. MISHLER has the honor te
announce that the great success of this favor
ite company and play has induced ill tit te
re-engage them at greatly increased terms.
Secure your scats early. nprie-ltd
LKC.AL notices.
Brether, of West Lampeter township,
Lancaster county. The undersigned Auditor,
appointed te distribute the balance remaining
in the hands of II. II. Deitrich. Assignee, te
and among these legally entitled te the saute,
will sit for that purpose en THURSDAY, the
29th day of APRIL, 1880, at 10 o'clock a. m.; in
the Library Roem of the Court Heuse. In tlte
city et Lancaster, where all persons Interested
in said distribution may attend.
apr5-2til&2tw Auditor.
Zi of Drttmere township, deceased. The un
dersigned Auditor, appointed te distribute the
balance remaining in the hands of Abraham
Suavely, Administrator of said deceased, te
and among these legallycntitled te the same,
will sit for that purpose en MONDAY, MAY 3.
1880, at 10 o'clock a. in., in the Library Roem or
the Court Heuse, in the city of Luneastcr,
where all persons interested in nald distribu
tion may attend.
apr5-ltdA3tw Auditor.
the City of Lancaster, deceased. Letters
testamentary en said estate having been
granted te the undersigned, all persons in.
debted te said decedent are requested te make
inimcdiatesettlement.uiid these having claims
or demands against the estate et said decedent
te make known the same te the undersigned
without delay, residing iu the City of Lancas
marlS-tUtlecd Executer.
T .. ..,.. .It,- T unmiatu. w..t. .!..
ceased. The undersigned Auditor, unneinted
te distribute the balance remaining in the
hands of James Warren, Administrator of said
deceased, te and among these legall. entitled
te the same, and te puss upon exceptions filed
te said administrator's account, will attend for
that purpose en FRIDAY, the 30th flay of
APRIL, A. D. 1880, at 2 o'clock p. in., in the
Library Roem et the Court Heuse, in the city
of Lancaster, where all persons interested in
said distribution und exceptions may attend.
apr5-4teeaw Auditor.
It of Lancaster City, deceased. Letters of ad
ministration en said estate-having been grant
ed te the undersigned, all persons indebted
thereto arc requested te make Immediate pay
ment, and these having claims or demands
against the same wUl present them without de
lay for settlement te thu undersigned, or her
attorney, J. L. Stelnmetz.
J. L. STKismnt, Att'y. ; m27-tfieaw
- v'C
- : .j.