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rrem Special Correspondents There.
The town hall -was filled last evening by
a large audience te hear a panegyric upon
St. Patrick, delivered by the Rev. D. I.
McDerraett, of Summit Hill, Pa. The
reverend orator, in an eloquent and ele
gant manner, related many facts in the
life of the apostle of Ireland new and in
teresting te his audience. He also took
occasion te refer te the misrule of Ireland
by the British government and depicted
the terrors of the penal cede, se long the
curse of that island. The present suffer
ings of the people were referred te with
much feeling and the sympathies of our
people evoked in their behalf.
The Shawnee furnaces are new two of
them at least in full blast and turning
out daily a large quantity of first-class pig
iron. The Shawnee rolling mill is also
filled with busy life and manned by a
cheerful and happy crowd of workmen.
We are glad te record this fact and leek
for a season of prosperity te the workers
in iron who were for se long a period in
enforced and helpless idleness.
A new marble altar, made by your
townsman, Mr. C. Hepting, is new in pro
gress of erection at the church of the Hely
Trinity, en Chei ry street. The work re
flects great credit upon the mechanical
ability of Mr. Hepting, who is certainly de
serving of the patrenage of these requiring
anything in his line of business.
Our neighbor, Grier, of the Herald, is
off te Pittsburgh te attend the meeting of
the DemecffA'ic. state central committee.
Mr. Jehn B. Batt, of Philadelphia, will
take charge of Black's hotel en the 1st of
April, he having loased the same for a
period of years. Mr. Black retires as land
lord en that day.
Mr. Jeseph M. Watts, of Columbia, has
in geed condition in his possession every
issue of the Lancaster Daily Intelligen
ces Who can beat this ?
The river is high. The raftmen are in
geed cheer.
W. B. Given, esq., who was confined te
the house for the last week, is able te be
in his office again.
We noticed a number of wagons from
Yerk county, leaded with tobacco, en the
streets this morning.
Mr. Jehn Shanahan, of Bewmansvillc,
Pa., and Rev. D. I. McDcrmett, of Sum
mit, are the guests of Rev. J. J. Russell.
An Old Easter Egg.
Ames Miley, saddler, showed us this
morning an old Easter egg which has a
history. The egg was decorated fifty-five
years age by David Miley, Ames Miley's
father, who was a wheelwright and then
resided in Washington borough. On one
side of the egg is drawn a mill with two
large arches under it through which the
tail-race water is supposed te pass. The
mill is surmounted by a spire, the
weather-vane of which is a fish, very like a
shad. The mill is flanked en either side
by Lombardy poplars, trees that were held
in high esteem in the olden time. Te the
rear of the mill, en the opposite sid of the
egg is a garden in which flowers are grow
ing one of them being a eoed representa
tion of a tulip, and the leaves of
another looking like toeacco
leaves, a plant that was cultivated
te sonie extent in Washington, even at
that early day. On the centre of the
larger end of the egg is scratched a double
white star, and surrounding the star are
the following letters and figures : " D. M.
B. S 1825." " D. M." are the initials of
David Miley, and 1825 is the year when
the egg was scratched. The " B. S." is
supposed te be the initials of seme ether
person's name.
This egg was found about a dozen years
age in a secret drawer in an old-fashioned
desk, and from that time until about two
age was carefully preserved in his safe. Twe
years age Mr. Miley took it from the safe
and put it in his coat pocket for the purpose
of showing it te some friends. Forgetting
that it was in his pocket he "sat down en
it" crushing it into fragments. Gathering
together the peices, he placed them in the
hands of Charles R. Frailcy, esq., with
a rcquest that he should mend the
egg if he could. Mr. Frailey took a large
cork and cut it down te the shape and size
of the broken egg, as nearly as he could
judge its proportions, and then piece by
piece placed the fragments en the surface
of the cork. There were 50 fragments and
Mr. Frailey, with much labor and skill,
succeeded in gettiug each one in its place,
restoring the egg te its original appearance.
It is highly prized by Mr. Miley.
Argument Court.
In argument court, the cases en the
eommen pleas court are yet being argued.
The court appointed Benj. Cooper,
Edger Lambern, of Bird-in-Hand, and Na
than Maul and William Paxton, of Sads
bnry, Chester county, trustees of the
Friends meeting house, at Bird-in-Hand.
William McCemsey, James C. Carpenter,
Jehn D. Wilsen. Wm. M. Slaymaker,
Jacob Henry and James Weed were ap
pointed te inspect a bridge which was re
cently constructed by Jehn Weimer across
Peter's creek, near Boyd's saw mill, in
Fulton township.
A charter was granted te the " Lancas
ter Scientific club," en application of Prof.
J. P. McCaskey, Dr. J. W. Crumbaugh,
Rev. C. Elvin Houpt, J. D. Pyott and B.
Frank Sayler. The object of this club
will be te promote and encourage the study
of science in this city and county by the
organization of scientific clubs and classes
and by aiding similar clubs already organ
ized. Charles Wilmer, the colored man, who
is charged with attempted rape, and who
was committed te jail for want of bail en
Tuesday, was released this morning. He
gave the required amount of bail before
the court. Samuel Hepkins, of Bart town
ship, and William Jehnsen, of Drumore,
both of whom are colored, becoming his
Case Continued.
The case of thecem'th vs. A. Reissman,
tobacco packer, charged, en oath of James
Cellins, with malicious mischief, which
was te have been heard this afterne en be
fore Alderman Spurrier, was continued
indefinitely at the request of the prosecu
tion, one of whose witnesses was absent
sick. Defendant with his counsel and
witnesses was present and insisted en a
speedy hearing of the case.
Getting isetter.
Addison Miller, the young "man who
was se terribly hurt by being struck by a
locomotive while riding a b ilky colt at
Mount Jey, was semewh. t better this
morning. His consciousness has returned,
and his physicians have new some hopes
f saving his life.
The Tragic Revelation of a Bex of Clethes.
A Sickening Spectacle Christian Street the
Scene of Much Incitement.
It has been ten years since Jehn Denning
left Ireland and brought te this country
his two daughters then girls of 12 or 14
years of age ; six years age he
and his second wife, their step
mother, returned te the old country where
Mrs. D. died and whence the husband
and father returned te Lancaster just
before Christmas, 1879. He is new working
below Quarry ville. One of his daughters is
Mrs. Jehn A. Weimer, residing at 43
Seuth Christian street, and the ether is
Miss Christina Denning, who has been
employed recently as domestic in several
highly respectable families in Lancaster.
She has always borne a geed character and
when about six weeks aee or less she fell
sick at her place of employment and re
mained sick for a week, the occurrence
gave rise te no scandal.
A short time afterwards, a few days be
fore Valentine day, she left her last place
and one evening brought her clothes te her
sister's in a coach and desired te pack
them there in such a way that they would
be easily accessible or removable if de
sired. Her sister procured for a her good geed
sized dry goods box at the New Yerk
store ..tad they were packed therein.
In a week or two afterwards and about
a month age she called at the house of
Jehn M. Medingcr, marble cutter, Ne. 39
Seuth Christian street, and said her
brother-in-law would net allow her te
keep her clothes at his house and threat
ened te tear them up and she begged Mrs.
Medinger te allow her te store them en
her garret. Mrs. M. consented and
Miss Denning had them brought ever
and a carpenter cut the box down te get it
en Mrs. Medingcr's garret where it re
mained until yesterday
Meanwhile Christina, or "Phenie" as she
is called, secured employment with another
highly respectable family, where she is yet
working. On Sunday she visited Mrs.
Medinger and disturbed the contents of the
box, en pretext of taking some clothes
from it. Since then Mrs. M. has noticed a
very offensive odor from the box, becoming
stronger daily, until yesterday 6he and
Mrs. Weitzcl made an inspection of the
contents and satisfied themselves that they
included the decomposing remains of a
newly born babe. Mr. Weitzel made
further examination, took the box into the
yard and found the dead child in a smalt
wooden box, surrounded with a woman's
wrapper and aprons.
The coroner was notified te-day, and
summoning a jury composed of E. McMel
len, Brinten J. Carter, J. Kahler Snyder,
Clayten F. Myers, T. F. McElligetand H.
II. Ilensel, and attended by Dr. Wm.
Cotnpten, made an inspection of the box
and contents in Mrs. Medinger's yard.
After taking out a large quantity of
clothing, skirts, dresses and very much
soiled underwear, a small wooden starch
box was found, and after enduring a hor
rible stench the investigators discovered
in it, wrapped in white cloths, the body
of a female infant, fully developed, sup
posed te have been born four or five weeks
age and very much decomposed. Dr Dr
Compten tested the lungs and concluded
from his examination that the child had
never breathed ; though the advanced
stage of decomposition materially inter
fered with full and satisfactory tests.
The jury heard Mrs. Medinger, Mrs.
Weimer, Mrs. Weitzcl and Mr. Weitzel te
the foregoing effect and adjourned te meet
at the court house te-morrow evening at
7$ o'clock when the supposed mother of
the child will be called te testify.
Further Particulars.
Upen further inquiry we find that Miss
Denning usually gees by the name of
"Jesephine '" and was known as " Phenie "
among the families with whom she lived.
She is about 22 years of age.
At the suggestion of the district attor
ney Officer Tittus made complaint against
her befere Alderman Wiley for conceal
ment of the death of a bastard child ; a
warrant was issued and she will be arrest
ed for a hearing.
The body of the infant was sent te the
almshouse for burial.
When informed of the discovery of the
body the girl seemed quite astonished;
and makes no explanation of the circum
stances of the case, pending a legal investi
gation. The family with whom she new resides
and where she has lived for several weeks
had no idea whatever of this epi
sode in her experience ; and the
family whose service she quit after her
wcck et illness stare tnat tiieugu circum
stances afterwards developed pointed te
the cause of her illness, it is pretty certain
that the child was born and concealed
elsewhere than in her room at their house.
She had manifestly had some such experi
ence, but the exact nature of it, or what
disposition she made of the evidences of it,
was a mystery te them.
The girl gives the name of the child'B
father, says he would have married
her, but that he had no work and
couldn't support her. She declares the
child was still-born ; her accident being
caused by a fall a statement which has
reliable confirmation.
Occultation of Mars.
The beautiful clear sky of last evening
afforded astronomers and ethers interested
in the movements of the heavenly bodies a
delightful opportunity te witness the oc
cultation of Mars by the moon. Seme
persons with geed eyes could see the
planet close te the dark side of the moon
almost up te the moment of its disappear
ance ; and all could easily see it with the aid
of a common opera glass. It remained be
hind the moon for nearly an hour and a-half
and then emerged en the bright side, first
as a mere speck, gradually growing
brighter as its distance from the moon in
creased. There will be another occulta
tion of Mars en the 15th of April, but en
account of the constant shifting of the
position of the planets it will net be visi
ble in the northern hemisphere.
Anether Yerk Burglary.
On Tuesday night the residence of Mr.
Michael Overmiller, residing at Glatfelter's
station, N. C. R. W., south of Yerk,
was entered with intent te rob. Mr.
Overmiller was awakened by the noise
made by the burglar and drove him off
The bunrlar is believed te be one of the
transr who was encased in the robberies I
in Yerk en Monday night,
arrest is elsewhere noticed.
and whose
Doctors vs. Quacks.
The suits against C. A. Greene, Jehn
Campbell and Mrs. Harriet Sweeney, for
violating the statute, prohibiting persons
from practicing medicine unless they have
graduated and been granted a diploma by
some reputable college of medicine ; or in
lieu of such diploma had been practicing
medicine successfully eight years before
the passage of the act of Assembly, and
been regularly licensed by the prothono prethono protheno
tary of the court of common pleas, was
heard before Alderman Spurrier this after
noon, the hearing attracting te the alder
man's office quite a number of interested
Dr. R. M. Bolenius was the first wit
ness, ile testified that he was a member
of the Lancaster medical society. At the
meeting in February a commit
tee was appointed te notify the
district attorney of the violation
of the act of Assembly. The committee,
consisting of Drs. Bolenius, Welchans and
Blackwood, investigated the matter and
found that Dr. Campbell, Mrs. Sweeney
and Dr. Greene were treating patients.
Witness had no knowledge whether any
of the accused had or had net legal diplo
mas. On cress examination witness said
be had never seen any of the ac
cused treat patients ; had seen Dr.
Campbell sell worm medicine en market ;
don't knew hew long Dr. Campbell has
been treating disease or practising medi
cine in this state ; never met Dr. Greene ;
was once in Greene's office ; went there te see
if he had a diploma; saw a certificate
hanging en the wall.
Dr. Greene wanted te knew if the wit
ness, as one of the committee was the
prosecutor, but the question was objected
te, and Alderman Spurrier said that Con
stable Eichholtz was the prosecutor.
Gee. W. Eaby, deputy clerk of court, tes
tified that none of the accused had taken
out a license te practice medicine in this
Dr. Gee. R. Welchens corroborated Dr.
Bolenius as te the action of the medical
society. All that he knew of the accused
in connection with their practice of medi medi
cine was that he had seen Dr.
Greene's advertisements, and Mrs.
Sweeney's sign, and Dr. Campbell's
worm medicine ; had seen him sell it en
the street ; don't knew anything about the
merit of Dr. Campbell's medicines.
Dr. Henry Carpenter testified that he
had prescribed for a boy for epilepsy ; he
had taken medicine prescribed by Dr.
Campbell; it was a powerful drug of a nar
cotic character ; it produced violent conges
tion of the brain and the boy fell into one
fit after another, and lay at the point of
death; knew nothing personally of D;
Greene but knew Mrs. Sweeney te be an
errant Charlaten and quack ; he knew
positively that persons had been prescribed
for by her, but he declined te tell their
names ; he could net de se without violat
ing professional confidence ; never saw
Mrs. Sweeney prescribe for a patient ; has
iuformatien from respectable people.
At the hour at which we go te press
the hearing is still in progress. Rep.
Sacred Songs.
Philip Phillips, the great singing evangelist
nnd pilgrim will give :i service el sacred song
In the First M. K. church. North Duke street,
this evenlner. Mr, Phillips has a reputation as
a vocalist, especially In the rendition et sacred
music, second te no ether In the country. He
has given thousands of only in
the United States, but in Europe. Asia, Africa,
Australia and the inlands of the ocean, and has
been received with approbation wherever he
has appeared. Tickets of admission te the con
cert te-nigh, 35 cents; children, 23 cents.
Lecture by Dr. Greene.
The interest created net alone in medical
circles, but throughout the community, by the
recent action of the Lancaster medical society
in instituting legal proceedings against several
well-known practitioners en the charge of a
violation of the statute governing the practice
of medicine and snrgery. is enhanced bv the
announcement, elsewhere printed, of a lecture
te be delivered by one of the accused physi
cians, en Thursday evening next, 23th Inst
Dr. C. A. Greene, who recently hung out his
"shingle" in thl city, proposes en this ec
casien te expound his views en tne subject of
medicine, the success he has achieved in the
treatment et se-called hopeless cases of all
forms of disease, and says he will prove him
sell te have been a consistent and aggressive
opponent of quackery and empiricism tn what
ever shape. His special invitation te the mem
bers of the medical society has the snap of de
fiance in it. and there will doubtless b" a large
turnout of citizens te see and hear this latc-t
phase of the contest between the regulars and
the alleged "empirics."
Lawrence Barrett. When the chart was
opened this morning for the sale el scats for
" Hamlet "which will be produced In the opera
house en next Wednesday evening, with the
distinguished actor Lawrence Barrett in the
title role, there was a rush for geed plaees.and
in less than an hour ever one hundred had
been secured. Since the very favorable
impression created by Mr. Barrett in
his impersonation of the cardinal duke
In Biilwer's drama of " Richelieu," which
he appeared in this city two years age, there
has been a very general desire among his ad
mirers, anil these who have never had the
privilege el seeing hlin, tlwt he should return,
and the announcement of his coming is hailed
with pleasure. Hamlet is among his greatest
roles, his reproduction of the character of the
melancholy Dane being pronounced by critics
a masterpiece or histrionic art.
Te-morrow Evening's Comedy. The Heading
Times and Dispatch says of "An Aia')ii.n
Night," which will be played here te-morrow
night: "The sparkle, vivacity, gayety and
humor et " An Arabian Night" were admirably
portrayed last evening at the Academy of
Music by Mr. Cas-ddy's company, and the au
diencc was in a continuous fermentef laughter
and ecstasy of delight from the opening te the
closing scene. There is a dramatic glow about
the several leading Impersonations as presen
edby the ladies and gentlemen of the troupe
that will be an ever-pleasing recollection."
Lecture by Mr. Parsons. On Saturday even
ing Hen. William Parsons, the eloquent orator,
will deliver his celebrated lecture en " Michael
Angele," at Fulton opera house. Mr. Parsons
enjoys an extended reputation as a graceful
and pleasing speaker, and this lecture is said
te be among the best of his nlatferm efforts,
being both Instructive and entertaining, teem
ing with facts presented with grace of diction
and eloquence of utterance that are charming
te the ear while conveying the most interest
ing Information concerning the wonderful
career of the grandest figure in art htjtery,
ancient or modern.
Saved from the Poorhouse.
Fer years David Allingswerth suffered with
Rheumatism, and notwithstanding the best
medical attendance, could net find relief. He
came te the Sciota County Poorhouse, and had
te be carried into and out of bed, en account
et his helpless condition. After the failure el
all the remedies which had been applied, the
Directors of the Poorhouse resolved te use the
celebrated German Remedy, St. Jacob's Oil,
and this was a fortunate resolution ; for, with
the trial of one bottle, the patient was already
much better, and when four bottles had been
used upon him he could again walkabout
without the use of a cane.
The facts, as above stated, will be verified by
the Editor of the Portsmouth, Ohie, Corres
pondent. It Is Terrible
te have a wlfe or husband with a bad breath.
All this may be avoided by using SUZODONT.
It is most agreeable te the taste, fragrant and
and nrai
It confers eomfert upon Its users,
and prevents the affliction of unpleasant
Math. nUS-lweedftw
WATCHSS. That largest stock and most railed assortment te be found
In the Interior of the state. We sell all the reliable grades of American and
Swiss Watches, and each watch Is warranted according te the quality.
JEWELBY of the newest and prettiest designs in great quantity and vari
ety from a geed article In geld plate te the precious gem In costly setting.
8IL.VEBWABE. Articles of utility and ornament in solid silver or electro
plate, artistic in design and of various styles of finish.
MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES tee numerous te specify, Including every
thing consistent with a first-class Jewelry Business.
Realizing that we are in competition with the large houses of the Eastern
cities, we will be especially careful that every article shall be sold as low as
It could be bought elsewhere.
H. Z. RHOADS Ss BRO., Jewelers,
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New Advertisements.
Gansman's Grand Spring Opening.
Lecture by Hen. William Parsons.
Great Clearing Sale of Remnants.
Heuse and Shep Fer Rent.
Estate of Klllian Beck.
Silks, &c., at Martin's.
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Brown's Household Vanacea
Is the most effective Pain Destroyer in the
world. Will most surely quicken the bleed
whether taken internally or applied externally
and thereby mere certainly RELIEVE PAIN,
whether chronic or acute, than any ether pain
alleviator, and it is warranted double the
strength of any similar preparation.
It cures pain in the Side, Back or Bowels,
Sere Threat, Rheumatism, Toothache and ALL
CEA " should be in every family. A teaspoon teaspeon teaspoen
tul of the Panacea In a tumbler et het water
(sweetened, If preferred), taken at bedtime,
will BREAK UP A COLD. S3 cents a bottle.
Fer sale at II. B. Cochran ft Ce's Drugstore
North Queen street. Lancaster.
Much Sickness,
Undoubtedly with children, attributed te ether
causes, is occasioned by Worms. BROWN'S
VERMIFUGE COMFirs, or Werm Lozenges,
although effectual in destroying worms, can
de no pesible Injury te the most delicate child
Tills valuable combination has been success
fully used by physicians, and found te be ab
solutely sure in eradicating worms. Twenty
five cents a box. rianl5-lvdftwTuTh&S
Statistics prove that twenty-hve per cent,
of the deaths In our larger cities are caused by
consumption, and when we reflect that this
terrible disease in its worst stage will yield te
a bottle of Lecher's Renowned Cough Syrup,
shall we condemn the sufferers ter their neg
ligence, or pity them for their ignorance?
Use Lecher's Herse and Cattle Powders.
Frem Hen. Andrew Cornwall,
Ex-Mbxbbu, or Legislature, New Yerk Statb.
Alexandria Bat, Jan. 3, 1880.
H. II. Warner & Ce. :
Gehts: 1 have been troubled with kidney
difficulty for the last three years, and in Octo
ber last had avery severe attack. I then com-
mcnced taking your Sate Kidney and Liver
Cure and obtained relief at once. I have used
two bottles and feel as well as ever, and I shall
always keep a supply of Warner's Safe Kidney
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Tours truly,
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" What's the matter, Jehn r " O ! a big bell.'
"Well, why don't you take 'Dr. Lindsey's
Bleed Searcher,' and be cured?"
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" Brown' Bronchial Troches" are offered witli
the fullest confidence In their efficacy. They
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"Mamma, It is time te take that medicine."
The medicine referred te was Dr. Browning's
C. ft C. Cordial. With its wonderful healing
properties it Is pleasant te the taste, and chil
dren learn te love It. What Is mere desirable
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cine ; and where, in many cases, will you find
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C. Cordial will de mere geed quickly and
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whole system deranged. Kidney-Wert was
recommended and faithfully taken and in a
short time every trouble was removed. The
cleansing and tonic power of this medicine en
the bowels and kidneys Is wonderful.
A Geed Housewife.
The geed housewife, when she is giving her
house its spring renovating should bear in
mind that the dear inmates of her house are
mere precious than many houses, and that
their systems need cleansing by purifying the
bleed, regulating the stomach and bowels te
prevent and cure the diseases arising from
spring malaria and miasma, and she must
knew that there Is nothing that will de it se
perfectly and surely as Hep Bitters, the purest
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Sediment or mucus In the urine Is a sure in
dication of disease. Take Kidney-Wert.
Light and Heavy Weight, for Ladies, Gents
A Strange People
De you knew that there are strange pee
pie in our community, we say strange because
tlllv 4tftn tn lirti In uuttn, ntwl nttea tlii.1l-
J days miserably, made se by Dyspepsia and
1 Liver Complaint, Indigestion, Constipation
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Shiloh's Pereus Plaster. Sold by veur drug
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D. Heitshu, Lancaster, and M. L, Davis. Mil
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Swain Stacb. March 17, 1880, at Power's
City hotel, by Rev. Dr. Green weld, James M.
Swain, jr., et Cape May, N. J., te Miss Minnie
Staub, et Lancaster.
Hxrshet. In this city en March 17, 1830, Mis.
Eliza, wife et the late Jacob Hershey, la the
76th year of her age.
The relatives and friends of the family are
respectfully invited te attend the funeral, from
her late residence, Ne. 20 Plum street, en Sat
urday afternoon at 2 o'clock. 3td
Shertz. In this city. March 17. 1880. Mary.
relict of the late Jehn Shertz, aged 83 years 6
iueiiwis anu iz nays.
The relatives and friends of the family, are
respectfully Invited te attend her funeral from
her late residence. Ne. 407 Seuth Queen street,
en Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Inter
ment at Woodward Hill cemetery. ' 2td
The world-renowned Singer,
will give ene of hLs inimitable evenings of
song, assisted by his son, in the First 31. E.
Church, North Duke Street, en
Thursday Evening, March 18, 1880,
Commencing at 8 o'clock. Tickets, 35 cents
Children, 25 cents. ml3&18d
the City of Lancaster, deceased. Letters
testamentary en said estate having been
granted te the undersigned, all persons In
debted te said decedent are requested te make
immediatesettlement,and these having claims
or demands against the estate et said decedent
te make known the same te the undersigned
without delay, residing in the Citv of Lancas
marl8-6tdedd Executer.
Reserved Seats, 50 cents, at Yecker's
te Kive a series of Physical Lectures at
the urgent request of his numerous friends
and patients in Lancaster and vicinity. The
first one will take place en
Thursday Evening, March 25, 1880,
Among the subjects referred te en the above
occasion will be
The General Structure or the Be fly," " Hew
te Live se as te Prolong Life and Avoid
Pain and Disease," and "Hew te'
Get Well When in a Dis
eased Condition."
Brief references will be made te the methods
new in vogue of attempting te cure the afflict
ed ; also, te the improved methods of Omni
pathy, causes of the remarkable iacrease of
quack medicines and empiricism all ever the
civilized world. The admission fee will be Just
enough te pay the expenses of ball, advertis
ing, Ac. A Physiological Magazine will be
given te everyone attending the lecture.
The Lancaster Medical Society and all ether
it. D.s are especially invited.
Admission. 10 cU. te all parte of th house.
Lecture at 8 o'clock
"Washington, March 18. Fer the Mid
dle Atlantic states, increasing cloudiness,
followed by rain and warmer weather, with
southeasterly winds and falling barome
ter. P. B. B.
Nominations for Directors.
Philadelphia, March 18. At a meeting
te-day of the committee appointed at the
annual meeting of the Pennsylvania rail
road company te neminate directors, the
following ticket was nominated te be voted
for en Tuesday next : Themas A. Scott,
Jesiah Bewen, Samuel M. Felten, Alex.
Biddle, Henry M. Philips, N. Parker
Shertridge, D. B. Cummins, Henry D.
Welsh, Jehn Price "Wetherill, Aler. M.
Fex, "William L. Elkins, James Mc
Manes. Heretofore shareholders have elected ten
directors, but the committee new present
thirteen names. The three last named
gentlemen were elected in November last
te represent stock then held by the city of
Philadelphia, which stock has since been
Proceedings In the Senate.
Washington, March 18. In the Senate,
at the expiration of the morning hour, the
Senate proceeded te consider the Heuse
bill for the establishment of titles in the
Het Springs, the question being en a sub
stitute reported by the Senate cemmittee
en public lands.
Proceedings In the Heuse.
"Washington, March 18. In the Heuse
the amendment appropriating $6,665,000
for the payment of pensions was adopted
and the committee is new engaged in five
minute debate en the amendment appro
priating 600,000 for the payment of
marshal and general deputy marshals. An
amendment offered by Mr. Hiscock (N".
Y.) is also pending, extending the appro
priation te the payment of special deputies.
Probably Fatal Termination of an Alterca
tion. Philadelphia, March 18. About two
o'clock this morning Jas. Casey was shot
in the head by a man named Jehn Pen
rick. Casey has net been living with
his wife for three years, but came te
her house at the hour stated and breke
down the deer. He was confronted by
Penrick, a boarder at Mrs. Casey's, and
during an altercation which ensued Casey
was shot by Penrick the ball striking
him in the forehead. His recovery is
doubtful. Penrick surrendered himself te
the police.
Heavy Business Fxi'nre In Grand Kaplds,
Grand Rapids, Mich., March 18. The
failure is reported here te-day of the firm
of Hebbart & Graff,millcrs ; of L. n. Ran
dall, president of the Farmers' & Mechan
ics' bank, and n. "W. Hinsdale, capitalist.
The liabilities, which are very heavy but
are net definitely known, include nearly
$400,000 of borrowed money. The failure
is due te speculation in grain options.
The Recent Consolidation of Her Three Gov
ernments Declared Irregular.
Chicago, 111., March 18. The supreme
court has decided that the election
of last fall, which resulted in a
vote for the consolidation of three
town governments of Chicago into one
was net regularly held, and therefore void.
This will necessitate keeping up of three
expensive governments for another year.
Without Arriving at a Verdict.
Bridgeport, Conn., March 18. The
jury in the Bucholz case, being unable te
agree, were discharged this morning, after
being out sixty-eight hours. Fifty-eight
ballets were taken.
Protective Tariffs in Germany.
Londen, March 18. The North German
Gazette says under the operation efthenew
protective tariffs feieign goods are being
gradually ousted from the German mar
Fatal Accident at Annville, Lebanon county
Harrisbcrg, March 18. One man,
Michael Bachman, was killed and three
ethers were injured last night at Annville
en the Lebanon Valley railroad by being
struck by an express train.
Reprieved for a Week.
"Washington, March 18. Hayes te-day
granted a reprieve of ene week te J. M.
W. Stene, sentenced te be hanged en
Friday, March 26, for the murder of his
wife in December, 1878.
Democratic County Committee.
The Democratic county committee will held
a meeting at Shober's hotel, this city, en Mon
day, March 29, at 10 a. m., te tlx a time for the
meeting of the county convention, te elect
delegates te the state convention nnd te trans
act such ether business as the cemmittee may
appoint or the convention determine.
Every member is urgently requested te be
present If possible.
ral5-tddftw W. U. HENSEL. Chr.
The two-story brick dwelling, nine room,
and very large let with great quantity and
variety et fruit. Ne. 421 North Prince street,
formerly the residence et J. B. Amw.ike. Alse,
the large Frame Shep, with office connected
therewith. Ne. 416 North Market street, for
merly known as " Amwake's Leck Works."
Rent reasonable. Apply te
Insurance and Real Estate Agents.
marl8-3tdR Office, 10 West Orange Street.
application will be made for a charter for
a corporation te be known as the Lancaster
County Game Protective Association, under
the act of Stth of April. 1874. entitled : " An Act
te Provide ler the Incorporation and Regula
tion of Certain Corporations." The object of
said association is te stock and propexate game
and game birds in the county of Lancaster,
and for the protection and preservation of
game in said county. J. W. F. SWIFT,
125-ltdft3tw Solicitor for Applicants.
the borough of Elizabethtown, deceased.
Letters of administration en said estate having
been granted te the undersigned, all persons
indebted thereto are requested te make imme
diate payment, and these having claims or de
mands against the same, will present them
without delay ler settlement te the undersign
ed, residing in said bnrenirh.
fiS-ctw Administrators.
Philadelphia Market.
Philadxupria, March 18. Fleursluggish and
weak; superfine $4 000450: extra 5 00550;
Ohie and Indiana family $6 507 00 ; Penn'a
family 18 956 "3; St. Leuis family $6 739733;
Minnesota family $t 00fC SO ; patent and high
grades 1768.
Rye Heur 487300J
Cernnieal Brandy wine unchanged.
Wheat firmer ; Ne. 2 Western Red si 44K : Pa.
de $1 45 ; Amber $1 4SQI 46.
Cern firm ; steamer 65c; yellow 06c ; mixed
Oats steady ;Ne. 131c; Ne. 3 49,VQ59c:'Ne.
2 mixed IseisKc
Rye quiet ; it estern 90c ; Pa. 90692c.
Previsions dull ; miss perk $123091275; beet
hams 17 30018 00; India mess beei 105O: Ba Ba
eon smoked shoulders 55Jc; salt de 4Q
4c: smoked hams 9$)ieu; pickled hauis
LarU dull; city kettle 7c; loose butchers
7c ; prime steam 7c.
Butter firm ; well sold up ; creamery extra
35i37c; Bntuienl county ami New Yerk extra
31Q33c: Western reserve extra at 28g30c;
de geed te choice 23827c: rolls firm and scarce ;
Penn'a extra 23&Uc; western reserve extra
Eggs weak; Penn'a 12c; Western 12c.
Cheese steady ; N. . factory 1414c ;
western lull cream 14014c ; de ler geed 13W Q
:3X ; de halt-skims 12313c.
Petroleum dull ; Renned 7e.
Whisky at $110.
Seeds qniet; geed te prime cleversecd
$775: de timothy $3153 25; de flaxseed
$1 8001 90 and scarce.
New Verk Market.
New Tekx. March 18. Fleur-state and West
ern rather steady ; superfine state $4 7005 15;
extra de $5 250550; choicede$5 55ti; laucyde
$6100700: round hoop Ohie $5t5&t00: choice
de $6 0507 50; superfine western $4 70S5 10 ;
common te geed extra de $5 2505 60 ; clioice
dodo $5 6508 00; choice white wheat de$5 8.0
6 50; Southern quiet and steady; common te
lair extra $5 7306 30; geed te choice de $6 40
07 75.
Wheat Spring firmer; Winter 101c better
and uiedeiately active ; April $1 42; .Ne. I While
March $1 43: Ne. 2 Red, April $1 45jjl til
Cern dull and shade lower ; Mixed Western
spot 59c ; de future KSWiibTftfi.
Oats shade strengea : Ne. 2 March 46; State
4605Oc: Western 45049c.
took Market.
Puiladklphia, Mar. 18.
1230 p. X.
Stocks dull.
Penna 6'a (third issue) 10RW
Philadelphia & Erie 17
Reading S4
Pennsylvania 51H
Lehigh Valley. 52
United Ces. et N. J 150
Northern Pacific 32K
rreterred 5fi
Northern Central.. 32
Lehigh Navigation 'MP.
O. 48i
Central Transportation Ce.
Pitts.. Tltusvllle & ButTale. 11
Little SchuylkilL 53
Nxw XiuiK, Mar. 18.
Stocks strong.
Meney 5S
N. Y. Central 129K
Erie 44$
Adams Express 113,',
Michigan Central Wi
Michigan Southern 10b
Illinois Central 101i
Cleveland A Pittsburgh... .110
Chicago & Reck Island 151 ,
Pittsburgh A Fert Wayne..H7
Western Union Tel. Ce Vfr'i
Teledo ft Wabash 43s
New Jersey Central P5
United States Bends and Sterling Exchang
(Quotations by B. K. Jamisen A Ce., S. W.
Cor. 3d and Chestnut Streets).
Philadelphia, Mar. 18.
United States 6s, 1881, (registered). AOSXQUteX
United States .Vs. 1881, (registered). .HM slU3
United States 4k's, 181I, (rcgistered)l07?tf"7Ji
United States 4's. 1H91, (cniiMin4)...107f91O7
United States 4's, 191)7. (registered). .105010."
United States Currency 6s 125V
Sterling Exchange 4K"tR
29-tfeedR Office: Ne 10 West Orange St.
Insurance at lowest rates. Geed nnd Reli
able Companies. HERR ft STAUFFER,
Reat Estate ft Ins. Agts., 3 N. Duke St.
I have for sale several choice varieties of
Tobacco Seed, which I ran recommend te
growers. Securely put up in one dollar pack
filec: "Rehrcr's Warehouse,"
ailO-tfd Lancaster, Pa
D. Gansman & Bres.
With a stock mere than donble of any pre
vious season and increased facilities, we are
prepared ler our
All our goods having been benght before this
mammoth advance in prices, we are retailing
At less than Wholesale Prices. Our Clothing
has all been manufactured In this city ly Ex
cellent Hands, and will compete for Fit. Myle
and Workmanship with anything ever shown
in Lancaster or elsewhere.
Nete Oar Sample Prices:
A Streng Iren Twist Working Suit for...$ 3.50
A Geed Business Suit for. 4.75
A Uoed Cassltnere Suit for G.S0
A Geed Cheviot Suit (9Stylcs) 8.00
A Geed Cheviot Suit, Light, (8 Styles)... 9.00
A Fine Cheviot Suit, Light. ( Styles).... 1?.C0
A Fine Dress Snit (5 Styles) 14.00
An Extra Press Suit ((Styles) I0.00
A Superb Dress Suit (5 Styles) 20.00
A Large Stock of Stylish Pants Cheap.
In Large Variety at LOW PRICES.
Beys' Suits Irem $2JV) up.
Children's Suits from l.C2up.
Gents Furnishinar Goods, Hats,
Caps, Trunks and Valises.
Our Custom Department :
We havn carefully selected a Large Stock of
which have been erdered before this large ad
vance in Prlc-es. which we make te measure at
.Business Suits from $12.00 up.
Dress. Suits fren 15.00 ur.
Pants from 3.00 up.
WPlcase call, whetheryen wish te purchase
or net. We will be pleased te show you goods.
66 & 68 NORTH QUEEN ST.,
8. W. Cerner et Orange, Lancaster, Pa.
(Bailsman's Cerner.)
IT Everybody te advertise, free of charge.
In the brrnuencKi, who waau something