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fancaster intelligencer.
The Maine Muddle.
The Maine muddle has get beyond our
comprehension :uid we doubt whether
anyone outside the state, or ierhaps in
It, understands the fight of the matter or
the law of it, which ought te amount te
thosame thing. A great many people
have had a great deal te say about it,
th! it. is net for the lack of words and
opinions that understanding of it is net
reached ; Lut rather because of them.
We assumed in the outset that the gov
ernor and council knew what they were
about and that their decisions were
founded upon thelaws of the state. The
supreme court afterwards came along
with its interpretation and it did net
agroe with that of the governor and
council. The conclusions of the su su
nreine court upon the submitted points
of law, if they were net right, were at
least authoritative and entitled te be re
spected accordingly in a law abiding
But it se happened that when the deci
sion of the court was reached the
matter had passed out of the control of
the governor and council, who had al
ready delivered their certificates of elec
tion te the requisite number of members
of the Legislature ; and these members
assembled and organized and took upon
themselves the functions of the legisla
tute of Maine in the form prescribed
bv its constitution and laws. In this
state ami in all the states of which we
have knowledge, and in the Congress of
the United States, the representatives
are the judges of the qualifications of
their own members. It is se even in the
councils of cities. The court here has
refused te interfere with the decision of
the councils of Lancaster in sealing its
members, although probably made in dis
regard of the vote of the people of the
ward. It is the very commonest occur
rence te see representatives turned out of
Congress and the different state legisla
tures, who seem te have been elected, but
who lKileng te the minority party, their
places being taken by men who will help
te swell the majority vote. The ad
vantage te the majority in allowing
their partisan feeling te control their de
cisien m tnese mailers is se euvnmn
that we hardly expect te see a contestant
seated by the voice of his political oppo
nents, and when it is done, his right
must be very clear and their virtue
exceptionally strong.
Of course it is wrong that the will of
the people of a district should net be
always respected by the Legislature in
seating its members, but it is a wrong
absolutely without remedy under the
law, when it is committed. The courts
are net allowed te interfere with the de.
cihien of the representative body. And
se it happens that we read with surprise
thai t lie minority of the Maine Legisla
ture, having set itself up as the state
Legislature, has asked certain questions
of the court concerning the election of
the members, and that the answer re
ceived by it is claimed te settle the dis
puted issues and te bind the regularly
constituted Legislature which has net
asked these questions. Tiiis could net
1h5 held in thu statu or in the
country generally. We de net un
derstand whether or no the
Maine constitution gives this unusual
control ever the Legislature te its courts.
We believe- that it does net. It is cer
tainly proper for any Legislature te ask
the legal opinion of the court if it desires
it ; and when it asks and receives the
opinion it should obey it. But that any
ether body of men but these bearing the
certificates of election, and therefore at
least the prima facie right te be seated,
gheuld claim te be the Legislature and
ask the court's opinion of their election,
and expect the regularly constituted
Legislature te accede te the decision, is
most preposterously absurd. The Maine
court in granting an opinion thus asked
from it by these net authorized te seek
it has se demeaned itself and se displayed
its partisan bias as te deprive itself and
its conclusion of all title te respect.
And the matter of its decision is net
calculated te give it an authority which
the manner of its delivery does net gain
for it. The first question is answered
by the declaration that the governor and
council have no right te summon a per
son te attend and take his seat in the
Senate or Heuse of Representatives who
by the returns before them was net voted
for, or being voted for was defeated,
which is the heighth of silliness te say.
Of course it is the governor's and coun
cil's duty te summon the duly elected
members, but it is their own interpreta
tion of the returns that must control
their conclusions; and if they are wrong
they must be corrected in the regular
methods prescribed by the law.
Tun tedious Seventh ward contested
election of constable draws toward a
conclusion as the time approaches for
another election ; and since the decision
has been se long delayed it must be highly
gratifying te the contestant, Erisman, te
find that there is no possible chance for
it te be in his favor. It would have been
yery aggravating, indeed, te have had
the office awarded te him when it was tee
late for him te enjoy its profits or its
honors. It is equally gratifying te Mr.
Merringer te find that his claims te the
rightful possession of llie office are
stengthened by a calculation that will
certainly figure him out a much larger
"majority than was originally returned
for him. We speak with this confidence
because,according te the votes upon whose
legality the court has already passed, his
majority is increased from one te six
new; and of the thirteen yet te lie ex
aminednine of them of "colored
voters " wc knew that nearly all, if net
all, were cast and counted for Erisman.
If these are also taken from Erisman 's
vote Merringcr's majority will be in
creased te nineteen ; the largest possible
number of tainted votes for Merringer
can scarcely reduce his majeriiy below
Inlfis exposition of the law Judge Pat
terson seems te have been guided by safe
and approved precedents and by fairness
and'eommmeu sense.
The costs of the contest will run up te
.thousands of dollars and for
them upon the public these who started
it will get no thanks ; they will be a live
issue te confront Mr. Erisman if he
should run for office again.
J. W. Jehnsen, esq., who engineered
the contest, finds himself again heist by
his own petard, and realizes for the sec
ond time, under similar circumstances,
that they who go out wool gathering
often come home shorn.
Franc's disinherited sons
contest their father's will.
Mr. Jens Baku, of this city, is new with
Bailey, Banks and Biddle, late Bailey &
Ce., the jewelers of Philadelphia.
Mrs. Garkikmj is said te be devoting
herself te the education of her sons, her
self in a great measure carrying forward
heir studies and fitting them for college.
The Republican committee of Bergen
county, N. J., have requested the resigna
tion of Hen. Chas. II. Voenms, Repub
lican representative in Congress from the
Fifth New Jersey district.
The widow of ex-President Tylei: has
has asked Congress for a pension, en the
lrrnund of the immense denrcssien of her
real estat, the mortgages en her Northern
property having been foreclosed, and these
en her Southern probity constantly
troubling her.
eating, and has :
new-laid eggs.
is a connoisseur of geed
n marked preference for
Net the eggs of hens,
however. The president of the Chamber
condescends te eat eggs of the lap-wing
only, and, as these birds are rare in
France, he has rented a large furze-heath
near Osnabruck, in Hanover, where these
creatures will be raised te supply eggs te
this French Lucullus.
Queen Victeria is said te have a long
memory for persons and faces. Her whole
thoughts new seem centred in her soldiers,
especially in these who have been wound weund
pil in her service, and in looking ever
paintings of subjects in the recent wars
she knows and remembers the names of all
these solders even privates en whom
she has conferred the Victeria Cress or
ether honors, at once picking them out in
the painting and asking after them by
Mr. Berinc "dciuges of it" that he is
set up for the Republican nomination of
mayor as the Bull-Riiig-Mylin candidate,
and the Examiner, with supiuieus zeal,
backs him up, let the hm finds
"nothing whatever in his rejoinder te jus
tify us in modifying the conclusions reach
ed or the suggestions made in our article,
in regard te the importance of the issue
and the proper manner in which it should
be presented te the Republicans of Lancas
ter city.'
Mrs. Yix.nik Ream llexii:, in a big
gingham apron, superintends everyday at
the foundry of the Washington navy yard
the preiKiratiens that arc making te cast in
bronze her statue of Admiral Farragut,for
which the irevernnient contracted at a cost
of $20,000. The model is ten feet high.and
represents the admiral en the deck el a
ship, standing with his feet upon a coil of
rope, and in his baud a marine glass which
he is in the act of raising te his eyes. The
statue will be put up next summer in Far-
rag ut square, a plot in the aristocratic
part of Washington, en which sonic of the
finest dwellings front. Lieutenant IIexic
has just, built a handsome house fronting
this park, and he and his wife will always
have the statue visible from the windows.
Jehn Welsh, Lite United States min
ister at the court of St. James, has received
a letter signed by one hundred gentlemen,
mestlv bankers and business men of New
Yerk city, tendering him a dinner at Del
The Reme correspondent of the Phila
delphia Eccnimj Bulletin writes thus about
the author of ' Kismet :" Miss Fletcher
I am sorry te say, is very ill with brain
fever. Three doctors were in consultation
the ether afternoon. Te-day I have net
inquired hew she is, but I fear the bul
letins arc net mere premising than they
were the last time I heard from her. The
peer girl, since her engagement te Lord
Wcntwerth, has been subjected te all
kinds of annoyances from envious mothers
and spinsters, who were enraged at net
having secured the matrimonial prize
themselves. And thev attacked herself
and her family most unmercifully. Ne
doubt this has been the cause of Miss
Fletcher's present illness. Let us hope
that Lord Wcntwerth will net be weak
enough te be iniluenccd by what envious
tongues may utter. He is of an age when a
man generally knows his own mind and
is firm in purpose, notwithstanding all
rebuffs'; if net, I pity peer Miss Fletcher!
Hewever, let me net be premature in my
fears. May she recover speedily in body
and mind and give a loud denial te the
mischievous rumors which ' envy, malice
and all uneharitablcness" arc new setting
The Election Committee Decide te Refer the
Matter Hack te the People.
The Heuse committee en elections
have decided te report in favor of sub
mitting the Curtin-Yocum case te a
new vote of the people of the district
at the election hi February. In the
conflict of views the committee could
arrive at no ether practical conclusion.
There is no doubt that the report will be
adopted by the Heuse, as a number of the
Republican delegation from Penn
sylvania, including Judge Kcllcy,
Harmcr, Harry White, Ward. O'Neill
and Fisher will vote in favor
of this mode of settling the contest. It is
probable that the report of the committee
will be made early next week. A new
election can be held in February. The old
Democratic conference will meet again and
likely nominate Gov. Curtin with unanim
ity. Whether this will be the course of
the Republicans of the district in regard
te Yocum is open te some doubt, since his
record in the present Congress has been
by no means satisfactory te a large portion
of them.
The Stream Cannet IMse Above itx Fountain.
Philadelphia Clireniclc-IlcraUI.
The governor virtually asks Judge
Woodward for a receipt in full when he
says, " any personal motives of my own
in this matter must, as you readily appre
ciate, terminate with this act." He wants
this act te balance-the open account which
showed him te be Woodward's debtor.
What business has the governor te be in
fluenced by "personal motives" in the
performance of se delicate a duty as the
selection of a judge? It is id:e te talk
about preserving the sources of justice
undefilcd when personal debts are paid
with judgeships and the whole disgraceful
dicker is shamlcssly flaunted before the
public. The equal of Gov. Ileyt's per
formance would be liard te find in these
Fer Saturday Night Perusal and Sunday
Rev. Dn. Blackwood, of the Ninth
Presbyterian church, Philadelphia, ap
pears in his pulpit in a handsome black
gown, such as is worn by Presbyterian
pastors in Great Britain.
Rev. B. F. Balceji and Rev. Gcerge
Balcom, who were brotheis and Baptist
ministers, died en the 20th of Deccmlier.
the former in Corning, N. Y., and the lat
ter in Cawker City, Kan.
At the beginning of last year the Bap
tist churches in the United States number
ed 23,908. This year the number is 24,
449, an increase of 5C1. The total mem
bership last year was 2,024,224. This year
it is 2,102,031 ; being a gain of 77,807.
The Missionary Herald estimates that
ever $3,000,000 within the past year has
been given te the missionary enterprises of
the Presbyterian, Episcopal, Baptist,
Weslcyan and Congregational churches
only by a dozen givers.
The Fiji Islands, which are new a dis
trict of the Australasian Wesleyan Methe
dist church, have 841 chapels and 191
ether preaching places ; 10 missionaries,
48 native missionaries, and 23,274 mem
bers, exclusive of 39 European members.
There are besides "5,431 probationary mem
bers. Charles O'Coxen thinks our country is
going te the dogs because it is getting An
glicized, and the Duke of Somerset things
his country is going te the dogs because it
is getting Americanized. Countries are al
ways going te the dogs, according te croak
ers ; but, as a matter of fact, they arc gen
erally improving.
Feuit of the higher schools of the Pres
byterian church in the Smith have fifty
one colored students preparing for the
ministry, and the colored students in Rid
dle university pay ever $3,300, and the
girls in Scotia seminary ever $3,000 a year
for their own education. The whole
amount reported as paid last year by the
churches and schools was $18,(511.
Pei'E Lee XIII. has approved the ap
pointment of Right Rev. Dr. Elder, here
tofore bishop of Natchez, te be coadjutor,
with the right of succession te the Arch
bishop of Cincinnati and te be administra
tor of the arch-diocese. Archbishop Pur
cell has been failing very fast of late and
has returned te the convent in Brown
county, and entirely given up administer
ing the work of the church. He is report
ed very weak and prayers for the rcstora rcstera rcstora
atien of his health arc offered in all the
It is new mere than 200 years that the
Catholics have been in China, and although
they suffered for a long period from severe
persecution they have been able, since the
French treaty of 1800, te regain much
that they have lest. Great properties
which had been confiscated were restored
te them, and new they have secured a po
sition in nearly all the provincial capitals
of the empire. In many places the mis
sions support themselves, while ether mis
sions have very large revenues and are able
te support the weaker ones.
Theke are several societies in Londen
which furnish wedding portions te Jewish
girls of the poorer classes. They are en.
dewed by wealthy members of the faith,
and peer Jews with daughters make week
ly contributions, from sixpence down te a
penny, in the names of the girls. Once a
year, before the Passover, or before New
Year's day, there is a drawing by young
women engaged te be married, the prizes
ranging from $250 te 1,000, according te
the capital of the society and the number
of candidates. There arc no blanks ; each
candidate draws something. On the oc
casion of a wedding the Jews of the neigh
borhood often contribute towards the
bride's dowry. Yeung men, en seeking
wives, make a point of learning whether
the girls they fancy belong te any of these
Mysterious Death.
A young man named Patrick Fitzgerald,
who resides at Great Falls, Md., was
found lying in the'eabin of his canal packet
beat Ella, at the feet of Congress street,
Georgetown, in an unconscious, dying con
dition, with a pistol shot near the right
temple and an injury te the back of the
head, bleeding from both wounds. Rezlcr
Webster, the engineer of the beat, who
found him, had seen him, he said, en
the wharf, near the beat, in perfect
health an hour before. On the bloody
fleer of the little steamer's cabin lay a
Celt's six-shooter, with one barrel dis
charged and the hammer raised but caught
near the next barrel. One of Fitzgerald's
bauds seemed a little bruised. Dr. Sheck
clls, who attended speedily, pronounced
the case hopeless, and the wounded man
was carried te Providcnce hospital, where
he died. His body was carried back te the
station at Georgetown and the coroner
made arrangements fer holding an inquest.
The deceased was the pilot of the steamer
Ella and is associated with Lorenze Hill in
the contract for carrying the mail between
Georgetown and Great Falls. He has
borne a geed name both in Georgetown
and at Great Falls. There are some cir
cumstances notably that he is a left
handed man, and the pistol, if he shot
himself, must have been held in the right
hand which arc supposed by some te show
that the case is net one of suicide, but the
general belief is that the deceased died by
his own hand.
An Kx-O facial of Allegheny County a De
faulter. Allegheny county comes te the fore with
a sensation in the shape of a defalcation of
the late prothenotary, B. F. Kennedy.
The late official has gene west, as is alleged
with a well known female, the objective
point being either Colerado or Mexico. It
is alleged that there is a deficit in the funds
under the care of the official aggregating
$2G,000, but the county authorities state
that the deficit, if any, exists in the funds
of the registry of the county courts. The
rumors oil the street, se far as can be as
certained, cannot be corroborated as te
public funds. Intimate friends, however,
who arc his bondsmen, have no hesitation
in asserting that Kennedy is a defaulter.
He leaves behind him a wife and family.
Heavy Damages.
In New Yerk, in 1877, William Sclmltz,
a boy 14 years of age, jumped en the
rear platform of a Third avenue car, in
tending te pay his fare, but without ask
ing for the fare the conductor pushed him
violently te the ground, and before he
could get up a car coming from an oppo
site direction ran ever him, breaking both
arms, one leg and his cellar bone, besides
which he suffered internal injuries. His
guardian brought suit against the railroad
company, and a verdict for $15,000 was
rendered in the superior court of that city.
Inauguration of Governer Smith The Su
preme Court Decides .Against the
After the election of Mr. Smith as gover
nor, executive councillers, were chosen and
the Senate took a recess. On reassembling
the committee appointed te wait upon Mr.
Smith and inform him of his election re
ported Mr. Smith's acceptance of the eftice.
At 4:30 p. m. a joint convention was held
in the hall of the Heuse for the purpose of
administering the oath of office. A com
mittee was appointed te wait upon the
governor and forthwith Mr. Smith ap
peared accompanied by the heads of the
departments, the outgoing council and the
attorney general. The oath was then ad
ministered by-Acting President Ellis, of
the Senate, after which proclamation was
made by the secretary or the Senate and
Governer Smith delivered his message.
Gov. Smith referring te the present state
of affairs in Maine, says: "The charges of
violence and intimidation in various state
elections I would refer te as a matter that
causes great anxiety in every patriotic
breast. Even in our own state there are
like charges of fraudulent and oppressive
means employed te control the action of
voters, supported by evidence tee strong
and direct te admit of reasonable
doubt that such is the lamentable fact, and
further, it is tee notorious te deny that
net content with the employment of such
criminal methods as charged in elections,
there was devised and actually put into
operation a scheme te overawe and
intimidate our late chief magis
trate in the constitutional aud
legal discharge of the duties of his
high office. The firm and dignified man
ner in winch uc and the councillers, under
the abuse and indignities heaped upon them,
discharged their responsible duties in con
formity with the constitution, laws and pre
cedents established by his predecessors in
office, is worthy of and will receive the
highest encomiums of all citizens who
truly have the welfare of the state at heart.
The practical denial of the free right of
suffrage or of undue influence ever the ex
ercises of that right, whether effected by
bribes, by actual or threatened personal vi
olence, or by threats of withdrawal of em
ployment or patronage, is equally repre
hensible. I would recommend that you
" First, sec that our laws arc se framed
as te protect the purity of the ballet box
in our own state.
" Second, that you express by a declara
tory resolve the convictions of the Legis
laturc in that behalf."
The balance of the message is mainly
devoted te the exposition of the Green
back movement. A large nnmbcr of
spectators were in attendance, and fre
quent applause given. The galleries were
filled with special policemen, and extra
precautions were taken by Mayer Nash te
preserve order, but there was no trouble
of any sort, and everything passed along
quietly and smoothly. The ether state
officers were also elected. The new state
officers have all had experience in the
duties te which they have been elected.
The excitement last night was intense.
At a late hour the supreme judicial court
forwarded their answers te the questions
propounded by the Republican Legislature
and they sustain the position of the Re
publicans in every point. It is probable
the Rump Legislature will new go ahead
and elect Davis, and a full set of state
officers. The Fusionists claim that they
expected nothing mere than a Republican
stump speech similar te their last opinion
of the court and assert with spirit that they
will appeal from the court of Maine te
the Congress of the United States. Fight
ing is strongly talked of by many Repub
lican, if the Fusionists refuse te comply
w'.th the court's decision.
Sveilir.l Kullxvays.
It is said of Swedish railways that sumo
are managed by the state, while ethers, like
our own, are private undertakings for the
benefit of shareholders. In either case,
the motto, ' Slew and sure, " seems that
adopted by the management. The trains
are always slew, and generally sure te be
behind at the terminus. In cither case,
moreover, the arrangement of the trains
seems specially adapted te the pub
lic inconvenience. The time-tables
appear te be constructed en the
plan of discomforting the traveler as
much as it possible, and giving him the
fullest chance te exercise his patience. As
a rule, he has the option of a couple of
trains a day, and must be thankful for the
privilege He may take, say, an express,
which starts at 5 a. in., te carry him half
way, with the chance of his just missing a
train that may convey him the remainder
of his journey ; or he may elect te wait
till somewhat later in the day, when
a through train is provided, which
will go at a snail's pace, and laud
him at his destination about mid
night. If he wants te catch a
steamboat, which nominally plies in
conjunction with this railroad, his fate
may be far worse, and a day or two may
pass ere the transit be completed. Seen
simply en the map, and studied in the
time-tables, the journey may seem facile
and feasible enough, but when put in ex
ecution, "the plans which have been formed
with an infinitude of trouble may prove of
little profit. Obstacles start up at every
stage along the route. Trains arc se de
layed that they fail te fit in as they are an
nounced ; a rattletrap vehicle breaks
down upon the read, between the rail
way and the beat, or seme ingenious mis
print is discovered when tee late, which is
fatal te the hope of accomplishing the jour
ney within the time appointed. Grumblers,
who growl ever the bewilderments of
Bradshaw, should set themselves the task
of working out the problem of a short cross cress cross
eountry trip by the figures which are fur
nished in the " Svcriges Kommunikation Kemmunikation Kommunikatien
cr ;" the travelers who complain when the
tidal train from Paris is some five minutes
late should learn te exercise their patience
by a little tour in Sweden.
Jehn McGewen, who bad his feet cut off
by a street car en the Chestnut and Wal
nut street line, Philadelphia, has obtained
a verdict against the company for $1,000.
James Cain, millwright at the Vesuvius
iron works, Allegheny, while adjusting a
belt en a pulley, fell sixteen feet alighting
en his head en a pile of metal, breaking
his neck. He was 45 years of age and 1 jfj
a family.
Yesterday there w;is a destructive fire at
New Brighten. Beaver county. It started
in the dry goods store of J. A. Whitla, de
stroying it also the millinary establishment
of D. Hanauer. The building was a large
one and the stock was extensive. The less
will be $18,0000.
The body of a middle-aged woman was
founding floating in the river opposite
Freedom, Beaver county, en Wednesday.
Twe men were out in a beat after drift
weed and found the body. It was poorly
dressed and had been in the water some
Jehn Naylor, aged about 70 vears, re
siding at 2412 Warnock street, 'Philadel
phia, was walking en the New Yerk branch
of the Reading railroad, near Tenth and
Diamond streets, about six o'clock last
evening, when he was struck by the engine
of a New Yerk train and received injuries
from which he died.
Efferts arc being made te secure the
holding of the Democratic national con
vention in Philadelphia this year, and the
officers of the permanent exhibition have
made a tender of the free use of the build
inir, and a number of well-known gentle
men, headed by Jere. McKibbcn, of the
Girard house, will offer te the Democratic
national executive committee the use of
the Academy of Music for whatever time
the convention may need, and free enter
tainment for all the delegates.
Gustave Kuppel, a lad aged eleven years,
was instantly kiled by a passing train near
Twelfth street; Seuth Side Pittsburgh,
The little fellow came out of the house and
did net hear the! train. He was" running
at the time, and is crossing the track he
tripped and fell, his head falling directly
across one of the rails and the engine and
three passenger cars passed ever him,
entirely severing his head from the body.
His remains were gathered up by persons
who had witnessed the sickning accident,
and carried into the house.
The Timei continues its publication of
the presidential preferences of the state
press. Thirteen Democratic newspapers
are recapitulated as fellows : Fer Tilden,
2 ; for Hendricks, 1 ; for Hancock, 2 ; for
Bayard, 1 ; for anybody, 2 ; no choice, 3 ;
for Western man, 1 ; for Seymour, 1. Ten
independent papers are quoted with the
following result : Fer Blaine, 3 ; for
Sherman, 1 ; for Hendricks, 1 ; for Wash
burnc. 1 ; for a Grcenbacker, 1 ; no choice,
3. The Lancaster county papers included
in this list are Elizabethtown Chronicle,
for Blaine ; Strasburg Free Press, for
Blaine ; Die Laterne for Hendricks and
The Mississippi Legislature is still try
ing te elect a successor te Senater Bruce,
with no signs of a break in the dead lock.
Patrick McNamara, a farm laborer, of
Nelsen county, Va., was crushed and in
stantly killed under a tree which he was
O'Leary writes from Chicago that he
won't go te Louden te walk with Weston,
but will walk him 142 hours for $3,000 a
side anywhere in America cast of the
Recky mountains.
In an altercation between a colored cart
driver and Themas Smith, employed en
the Midland railroad extension, Virginia,
Smith was struck behind the right ear
with a rock thrown by the former, sustain
ing serious, perhaps fatal injuries.
The Montenegrins attacked a village
near Plava and took 200 head of cattle.
The next day they advanced towards Gu
jinje and Plava, when the Albanians
attacked them and drove them across the
frontier The Albanians lest forty killed
and sixty wounded.
The Stevedores' association at Pensocola,
Fla., resolved yesterday net te furnish labor
for vessels which are being leaded by "Que
beckers.'' This will delay many vessels
for a few days. 17(5 vessels, two-thirds of
them square rigged, are new in Pcnsacela
The directors of the Lockwood company
of Watcrville, Me., at a meeting yesterday
unanimously resolved, in the present con
dition of affairs in that state, net te ask
capitalists te join them in the erection of a
new mill, and indefinitely postponed the
question of its erection.
Mr. MacTcar, the chemist, who has been
experimenting te produce artificial dia- admits that he was mistaken m
supposing that the crystalline substance
he produced was carbon in that condition,
and thinks it is imprahable that diamonds
of any size can be produced artificially.
The ship Formosa, of Salem, Captain
Reynolds, from the Philippine Isles for
Bosten, has been lest near the Java Sea.
All hands were saved. The vessel and
cargo, which are a total less, were valued
at $240,000, fully insured in Bosten and
Philadelphia offices. She had 8,508 bales
of hemp en beard.
Jacob Miller, proprietor of a saloon at
543 Archer avenue, Chicago, get up about
5 o'clock and was sweeping the saloon.
"When he opened the front deer two men
steed there and tried te force their way in
but being prevented one fired a pistol at
Miller, the ball entering his right temple.
He fell without uttering a word and expir
ed in two hours.
The eleventh annual report of the rail
road service in Massachusetts shows that
during the year ending September 30, last,
only 11 miles of additional railroads were
completed in the state. The gross income
for the year of all the corporations
amounts te thirty million dellarss The
whole number of persons injured during
the year, including the accident at Wollas Wellas Wollas
ten, was 405 ; fatal injuries, 45.
Yesterday in Baltimore was prolific 'a
alarming fires. The first occurred as
twenty minutes after five o'clock in one
of the Jehns Hepkins university buildings
en Heward street and resulted in the de
struction of many valuable scientific
works ; the second was in the sub-cellar of
the old Masonic temple buildiug, new oc
cupied by the city and circuit courts ; and
the third was a fierce blaze in one of the
chimneys of Barnum's hotel.
Brigadier General Ord has sent te the
war department a letter from Lieutenant
Bayler, commanding a detachment of Tex
as volunteers, which confirms the report,
already published, of the ambuscade and
slaughter of 15 of the principal Mexican
citizens of Cariscal, by Victeria's band of
Apache Indians. Thirty-five mere citizens
of Cariscal went out te search for their fellow-citizens
and were also caught in am
bush, and 11 of them were killed, making
20 in all.
Jee (less and
Paddy ltyan
In Canada,
te Cress Dukes
Jee Gess, of England, and Paddy Ryan,
of New Yerk, signed an agreement, and put
up forfeits in the Clipper office, Thursday, te
fight for J 1000 aside in Canada en the 18th
of May next. James Elliett was there te get
Ryan te accept his challenge, but the latter
said he would fight Gess first. Elliett said
he would deposit money te fight the win
ner of the Gess-Ryan light. Mike Dono Deno Done
van then covered Geerge Roekc's deposit,
and agreed te meet him te-day te ar
range for a fight ; and a letter from Jim
Mace was shown, in which he offers te
match his pupil, Lawrence Feley, of Aus
tralia, against Billy Edwards.
Neighborhood News.
William Duttcrs, near Littlcstewn, has
a Poland China hog, which weighed 820
pounds a week age. He intends te make
it weigh 1,000 pounds in a month's time.
On Thursday evening in the First M. E.
church, Yerk, Rev. J. Ellis Bell, of Wil Wil
liamspert, was married te Miss Juniata
Waters, of Yerk, step-daughter of Rev.
James McGarrah, the officiating clergy
man. Seme unprincipled scoundrel has been
poisoning the dogs belonging te citizens of
Dauphin. Valuable dogs belonging te
Messrs. Jacob Gayman, Mr. Reed, and
ether citizens, have been poisoned two of
the dogs died and their owners thereof
have taken steps te hunt up the brute who
killed them, in order te make an example
of him.
In Harrisburg yesterday, Master Harry
Kauffmau had four lingers of the right
hand se badly lacerated as te require
amputation. Harry was employed at the
planing mill of the Harrisburg car com
pany, removing sawed lumber from the
end of one of the circular saws, and allow
ing a strip or beard te drop from his
hands, en reaching forward the right hand
came in contact with the saw.
Telephone Being Erected.
A telephone is new being erected be
tween the Penn iron works and the Western
Union telegraph office, Stcinman's hardware
store, the Pennsylvania railroad freight
depot, King street depot of the Reading
railroad, and the Intelligencer building.
Opinions Delivered aad Current Business.
Court met this morning after the holi
day vacation and opinions were delivered
as fellows :
By Livingston, P. J.
Exception te taxation of costs in Harmen
& Ce. vs. Malene, Painter & Ce.; sus
tained. Bernervs. Dunlap. Rule te strike off
non suit ; discharged.
Bair vs. Rohrer. Rule upon plaintiff te
pay costs, because of tender of full amount
recovered; defendant ordered te pay all
costs previous te trial when the first legal
tender was made ; plaintiff te pay costs
after Dec. 1, 1879.
Jno. J. Miller and wife's assigued estate;
auditor's report referred back te auditor
te take into consideration the bend of in
demnity given te Jacob Griel.
Fred. Hines's estate. Rule upon local
guardian te pay ever distributee's share
te guardian appointed in Ohie ; made ab
solute and guardian directed te pay ever
by third Monday in April.
Jehn L. Polk, dee'd., estate. Rule te set
aside sale ; discharged.
Andersen vs. Philadelphia and Reading
railroad company. Rule for new trial ;
James Leecc and wife, assigned estate ;
Exceptions te fee of assignee and counsel ;
fees fixed at $400 for counsel and $285 for
assignee and increasing fund for distribu
tion by $200 te be awarded te lien credi
tors; report otherwise corrected and af
firmed. C. F. Binkley and wife's assigned estate.
Exceptions te auditor's report ; overruled.
Jacob Meishy's trust estate, lunatic ;
petition te have report of auditor recom
mitted te hear trustee's testimony ; grant
ed. James Armstrong, dee'd. Supplement
ary report of auditor confirmed ; excep
tions dismissed.
Michael Scell's estate. Exceptions te
auditors' report sustained se far as shares
of distributees were awarded te adminis
trator in trust ; otherwise confirmed.
Michael McGrann, dee'd. Exceptions
te auditor's report ; overruled and report
Columbia bere. vs. Columbia water com
pany. Bill in equity and demurrer ; de
murrer sustained.
Elizabeth Reyer, dee'd. Exceptions te
auditor's report ; overruled and report
Harris's use vs. Jehns. Rule te open
judgment ; discharged.
Shreiuer's estate. Exceptions te audi
tor's report ; overruled and report con
firmed. Ada Brown vs. Levi K. Brown. Appeal
from taxation of costs refused te witnesses
after notice net te attend. Appeal sus
tained and witness fees allowed and mile
age ordered te be set out in detail.
Samuel Neff, dee'd. Rule upon execu execu
eor te set aside widow's $300 ; made ab
solute. Read in Pequea township. Repert of
viewers adopted.
Jacob ileilinger, dee'd. Twe differing
auditors' reports presented as te the ques
tion te whom the fourth of widow's dower
it te be paid ; report confirmed which
award.-. .aid amount te Jacob Ileilinger.
By Patterson .J.
Daniel W. Greff, vs. C. S. Musslcman
and Jehn Reland. Rule for a new trial ;
Mrs. Mary T. Hiester vs. Kirk Brown.
Certiorari sustained and proceedings set
aside for informality of record.
Hogenteblcr vs. Edgcrly. Case stated,
te determine whether the register of Lan
caster county can exact a fee of $1 for
copy of executer's account certified te
orphans court. Judgment for plaintiff,
court deciding that register is net enti
tled te $1 fee.
Christian Shcnk vs. C. P. Williams.
Rule for new trial. Discharged.
Mary Ann Eckman, lunatic. Rule for
attachment en trustee, Hiram Herting,
Made absolute and attachment ordered te
Geerge . Rinehart vs. Chester county
Mutual fire insurance company. Rule te
set aside writ of service. Made absolute
and service set aside as "net geed."
Henry Zimmerman's estate. Rule te
recommit auditor's report, made absolute.
At Last.
Seventh ward election case. After briefly
reciting the facts as our readers are
are familiar with them and the pleadings
in the case, the court decided first that re
jected votes could net be counted even if
their validity were established ; then re
viewing the testimony the court said that
as te the opening of the ballet box it was
of the opinion that the statutory previsions
must be strictly followed, and they gave
the court plenary power te open the ballet
box if, by that alone, the merits of the case
could be determined; but lower courts
had held that such an order should net
issue until it was shown by the evidence
that the result would thereby be changed.
As te the charge of an incorrect count
it could hardly be sustained without a re
count. The point raised by Mr. Stcin
mctz, that persons whose names are net
en the registry must make and furnish te
the election officers full legal and formal
proof, by certificate, of their residence is
fully sustained. As te the validity of
taxes paid in due time in the name of the
voter by committees or ether persons than
the voters, the court holds that the
payment of a tax for a voter by another
and a receipt taken in his name are cer
tainly lawful, and can be ratified at any
time afterwards ; (Judge Livingston non
concurs) "a stranger cannot object that an
agent exceeds his power. " Philip Gerz's
vote, attacked for non-naturalization,
was admitted by respondents te be illegal.
The conclusion of the court in accordance
with its exposition of the law and en the
evidence as presented, was that six illegal
votes were shown te have been cast for
Merringer, and that eleven illegal votes
were cast for Erisman, and that thirteen
ether illegal votes were cast, for which
candidate it is net shown. As
these thirteen votes might change
the result, they aud no ethers
must be examined. Without them Mer
riger has 274 legal votes, Erisman has 2G8.
The ballet box must new be opened te
ascertain for whom the ether 13 were cast
for constable, and all the ballets must be
counted, but net examined.
The six votes cast for Merringer, de
clared by the court te have been
illegal, were these of Jehn McGrann,
Aug. Waitz, Philip Gerz, Jehn McMauus,
Jeseph Bryer and Jehn F. Myerle, jr.
The eleven votes cast for II. M. Erisman
declared te be illegal are these of Allen
Wilsen (cel'd), David Wilsen (cel'd), 31.
Resh, Adam Ripple, Wm. Themas, Reb't.
Orr, Samuel Gray (cel'd), James Walters
(cel'd), Peter HHIard (cel'd), C. W.
Swebel and E. Pinefreck. '
The thirteen votes declared te be illegal,
net ascertained for whom cast, are these
of Edward Sanders, Edward Clark (col
ored), Spencer Weed (colored), Lemuel
Peters, G. L. Parks (colored), Franklin
Archey (colored), Frank Hart (colored),
Chas. Butler (colored), Geerge Asten
(colored), Philip Thompson (colored),
Geerge Brown, Jeseph Turner (colored).
S. J. Davidsen.
Judge Livingston "said that he occurred
in the epinihn except with relation te
taxes paid by ethers than voters them
selves or without their direction or their
ratification thirty days before election.
He did net consider such payment lawful.
The contrary construction of the law sub
jected it te the abuse of politicians paying
taxes wholesale and their refusing te give
voters their receipts unless they voted as
they desired.
Election of O nicer by the Sun. Friendship
and Shiftier Ceinnaniex.
The officers of tne Sun fire company Ne.
1. elected last evening for the ensuing
year, are as fellows :
President Jacob Gable.
Vice President James Thackcra.
Secretary Isaac Carpenter.
Treasurer Samuel B. Cox.
Assistant Secretary Wm. Shirley.
Chief Engineer Geerge Anne.
Assistant Engineers Kernard Betbaeh..
Lawrence Beyle, Geerge Shirley, Henry
Shaub, Fred Sencr, Geerge Rudy.
Firemen Bernard Belbaeh, Charles.
EUinger, Charles Kautz.
Foreman Patrick Shields.
Assistant Foreman Jere Dc Merrow.
Electing Committee Lawrence Beyle.
Geerge Anne, Isaac Carpenter.
Chief Hese Director Jehn Keller,
Assistants B. Zeek, Isaac Carpenter.
Jacob Belbaeh, A. Heidich, Francis IL
Kilburn, L. Frank, Gee. Deehr, II. Mer
ger, jr., Gee. Miller, Jeseph Gettshalt, A,
Raub, Gee. Rieter, II. Haughton, 11.
Scheid, Samuel King.
Janitor J. B. Wilhelm,
Collector Geerge Anne.
At a meeting of the Friendship fire com
pany Ne. 2, held last evening, the follow
ing officers were elected for the ensuing
year :
President Jehn S. Gable.
Vice Presidents J. M. MeCulIey. Sher
Secretary Jacob Reese.
Treasurer Jehn W. Jacksen.
Chief Engineer James Fellenbaunr.
Assistant Engineers Rebert Gardner.
Daniel Trcwitz, jr., James Best. Wm. Nor Ner
beck, Win. Stermfeltz.
Firemen Andrew Meixell, Win. Haldy.
Edward Gartlner.
Hese Directors Slier Smith, Geerge S.
Landis, Samuel Lcvan, Albert Zell, Chas.
Brcen, Wm. Queen, Geerge Wilsen, Jacob
Trustees J. W. Jacksen, II. E. Lcmau.
Daniel Trcwitz, J. 31. McCulley, I). 1
Reseiuuiller. jr., James Fellenbaum.
Janitor Wm. Grant.
Delegates te Firemen's Convention
Slier Smith, Gee. S. Landis, Wm. Haldy,
Daniel Trcwitz, James Flagg.
Auditing Committee Gee. S. Landis,.
Sher Smith, Wm. Haldy.
Investigating Committee Win. Storm Sterm
feltz, Harvey Knight, James Fellenbaum.
The Shillier fire company, Ne. 7. ducted
the following officers :
President Gee. 31. Franklin.
Vice Presidents A. K. Spurrier, Sam'L
Fritz, sr.
Secretary II. W. Villec.
Assistant Secretary Jehn E. Zvchei.
Treasurer Reed A. Fisher.
Chief Foreman Chas. Franciscus.
Assistant Foremen Charles E. Phillips,.
Jehn E. Zccher.
Chief Engineer Themas Andersen.
Assistant Engineers .lames Franciscus.
Harry Haag, Gee. Wcitzel. Henry Speng-.
Firemen William Wenninger, Daniel
Chief Hose Director Augustus For Fer
rest. Hese Directors Harry Giunpf, Elmer
Caldwell, Marien Wills, Abram Erisman,
Adam Gerhart, Wm. Derwart, Win. Vcr
mand, Leveret 31. Wolf, Jacob Shertz,
Jehn Franciscus, Harry Gruel, Charles
Finance Committee Wm. Speng. Wiir
Andersen, llarrv Smeych.
Trustees H. W. Ville, Gee. Wall, Harry
Delegates te Firemen's Convention
Wm. Andersen, Reed A. Fisher, Win.
Speng. Charles Franciscus, Jehn (.'raw
ford. Janitor and Collector Levi Eshe'breiu.
His Entertainment Last Night.
Last evening Prof. Lippett, the prcsti;
diiritatcur, gave an entertainment in the
opera house te a large audience. Almest
every seat down stairs was occupied, but
the gallery was net full. The entertain
ment was of the kind usually given by
sleight-of-hand performers aud magicians.
The tricks were all very well-performed
and were greatly appreciated by the audi
ence, judging from the loud applause
which greeted the professor at the close.
The decapitation act was net jicrferined, as
the young man who was te have his Lead
chopped off did net put in an appearance.
As advertised, a $100 Estcy ergau was
given away. Each person was given ait
envelope, and the one entitling the holder
te the organ was received by a little child
of II. B. Shank, shirt manufacturer.
These envelopes were closed lcfere the
performance opened, after which they wcre
mixed up se that it was unable te telt
which was the lucky one. This was dene
in the presence of a committee and every
thing was very fair.
Again Victorious.
Six pairs of ISantams part of the collec
tion exhibited by Chas. E. Leng at our late
poultry show, and which secured se many
honors have just returned from a trip hv
the Franklin county poultry exhibition,
held in Chambersburg this week. The-
judging was done by Dr. A. 31. Dickie, of
Doylcstewn, Pa., an exrt, appointed by
the Americ-an poultry association. Mr.
Leng secured four first, two second ami
two special premiums en the six jens. and
his line pair of Black Rese Comb Bantams.
Det and Dinah, secured the nnusual core
of 194 points out of a possible 200, and
were awarded the honor of being the most,
perfect fowls en exhibition. Carry the
news te " Brahma."
Died of Hi Injuries.
L. Q. Landram, of North Queen street,
who was se seriously injured a short time
age by being kicked en the head by a
horse, as is supposed, died of his inju
ries last night at 10 o'clock. He was un
conscious at the time of his death and for
some time previous.
Corener 3Iishlcr impaneled a jury ami
after viewing the body they adjourned te
meet en 3Ienday at half-past one o'clock.
Mayer's Court.
This morning the mayor had Ave bums
and a drunk before him. The former wcre
discharged and the latter was sent te jail
for 30 days.
f , i