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Seme Mere Clubs.
Among the club organizations of the
city, mention of which was inadvertently
emitted in the article en this phase of social
life that appeared in our columns yester
day, is the new well-known Star club,
whose weekly meetings and inquiry into
the mysteries of astronomy arc followed
with great interest by these who the
newspaper reports of its operations.
The membeiship of the club includes, be
sides many of our most intelligent
business men, lavvyci.s and ether
professional gentlemen ami cducateis, a
large number of ladies, and young folks,
pupils of the high school, whose interest
having been enlisted in the study of the
stars increases with their acquirement of
knowledge in this boundless field of
in estimation. The moving spiiit of
tliis entcipiise, and the one who
lias been chieily instiumental in placing
it en its present substantial basis and at
tracting te it se much of pepuhu interest
and encouragement, is Pi of. J. P. Mo Me
Caskey, piincipal of the boys' high school,
whose lectures en the subject constituted
one of the most entertaining and instinc
tive features of the late teachers institute
in this city. The widening influence of
the club is filt in its giewingmcinbciship,
and the cenipliiiicutaiy notice it recched
from Pief. Pioctei, the great Ungiish as as as
tioueiner, en the occasion of his recent
visit here, was a deseivcd tiibute te its
value in the establishment of pepulai in
terest in astiouemy and the dissemination
of knew ledge. The club meets this even
ing in the hall of the Y. 31. C. A., and all
interested in the object represented by the
oig.miatien are ceidially welcome.
The Gymnasium club, whose looms are
in the thiid story of the Iliish building, en
East King street, includes in its membei
ship about thirty gentlemen. Efferts that
have recently been making te pi tee it en a
pcimaucut basis, premise entirely success
ful results, ami the club apparatus is vei v
The High Scheel Alumni club, the eilert
te eiganuc which was noticed in our col
umns a few evenings since, continues te
gain reciuits. The piclimhuuy meeting
which was te hae beeu held in the high
school building this evening, has been
postponed en account of the meeting of the
Stai club, above noticed, whose mcmhci mcmhci
sliipceinpiises a nuinbei of gentlemen in
terested in this ineement.
Anether curling Ainiiiei s.ti .
On Thin sday, Jami.iiy 8, about seventy
of the relatives and liiends of Mr. James
J. McSpanan and wife (ui Miss Salhe
Cellins) of Faiilield, Diiimeic township,
plid then an unexpected isit. The occa
sion was the fifteenth anniversary of theii
wedding. The worthy couple were taken
quite by Miipiise when this I.uge company
of liiends eamc in suddenly upon them
with their hearty greetings, congratula
tions and many geed wishes. The ladies
.stun spread a bountiful feast at which
the appetites of all weie fully
Mtislied. All then retired te the
pailei where a couple of benis were spent
in an exceedingly pleasant way. Mi.
James Cellins read some comic selections
fiein Maik Twain, Mi. Will McSpaiian
recited '"The Yankee lllanl.cts" and Miss
Clara Kuttei gne Mis. Caudle's famous
lecture en "TueShiit Uiitten." Mi.Me
Spai ran addiess(l liis liiends, thanking
them IV,: the houei paid him and his wife,
assuiiug them it was eiy much enjoyed'
h, lheiii. Hev. Jehn M. (i.ilbre.ith. in a
.short I'ddiess in behalf of all, congiatu cengiatu
latcd lheiii en theii fifteen of piospei piespei piospei
eus and happy m.uiicd life and wished
them many mere such jear-. together. It
was with gieat pleasure also that all pies
cut gieeted Mi. Jehn McSp.ui an, the
worthy fat lier of the werthj son, whose
home is with his son. and whose presence
and geed humor :dded much te the occa
sion. 1'leuin ill Wmlur.
As an evidence of the unusually mild
weathei with which the present winlei is
being maiked, it is only necessaiyte say
that out lauueis are engaged in plowing
up theii tobacco lieldsfei nct jeai'scieii.
Yestcidaj two ei three teams were en
gaged in plowing en Mr. Hausman's faun,
between Lancaster and Milleisville. There
is no host in the gieund except in some
northern slopes. The icemen have net se
emed a pound of ice ; and fish wei ins are
found at the suifaceef the gieund undei
eeiy beaid ei leg that may be tinned up.
The Keftisllt esMsiiili it liiipiewMiiuut.
Twe men and a half, superintended by
one ether man and a half, after weikin
one day and a half, have succeeded in lad
ing down the several ciessing stones anl a
few aids of IJelgian block pavement that
had te be taken upon the Centre square
ciessing of Seuth Queen street, by reason
of the sinking of the sewer. Anether
weiknian, with a pick, is industiieusly
grubbing at the bumps in the street, which
for months have offended the of
the street between the JTur JJrn and Is-
Lancaster County Educators Abroad.
The teachcis of Il.uiisbiirg were se well
enteitained with Pief. Montgemciy'.s jiiac
tical lessens in drawing, that he has been
invited te attend their institute again in
The tcaeheisef Meieei county pay 1'ief.
A. X. Raub, piincipal of the state neimal
school at Leck Haven, a well niciited com
pliment in a resolution recommending that
hi seiviees be secured for future we; k.
Kctivul Meetings.
Revival meetings were commenced in
St. Paul's M. 11. clunch en Sunday last
and have been inci easing in interest fiem
that date. Seven penitents have been at
the altar and three have piefessed conver
sion. The meetings will be continued
eveiy evening next week, except Sunday.
William Williams, colored, was arrested
te-day and committed for a heaiing en
Wednesday ev cuing next, te answ cr the
charge of stealing from Samuel L. Uaily
two lap blankets. The stolen piepcity
was found in possession of a man te whom
Williams had sold it.
A Winter I'ansi,.
We weie this meining shown a pmsy,
which was plucked fiem a stalk in the
jaitl of IJ. Frank Savier, en East King
street. It was net in a het bed. but grew
in the open yaid, and it looked as fresh as
though giewn in the middle of summei.
Scr..ling the Mini en.
The mud was -craped fiem Seuth '.liiccn
street te-day and carted oil. It had been
evci shoe top in depth and its removal is a
joy te all concerned.
The Station Heuse.
This meining there were five bums and
-a di unk before the mayor. They were all
Want te Jein the Eleventh Regiment.
Cel. Al. Rupert, of West Chester, has re
ceived information that the Lancaster peo
ple are making efforts te organize a mili
tary cempanv. A roll of mere than 2e
names has already been formed and the or
ganization is likely te be effected, in which
case they want the new company te be at
tached te the Eleventh regiment. Se sas
the "Vc-t Chester Republican.
Preparatory 5c ice.
At M. Paul's Reformed church . this
evening, there will be interesting services
preparatory te the Hely Communion
which wilfbe celebrated en Sunday next.
Three members will be received bycon bycen bycon
fiimatien, two by a renewal of confession,
and one by letter. The sci vices w ill be
conducted by the pastor. Hev. Dr. Shu
makei .
Assault and Ilatlerj.
"William JJutler, colored, who has been
wanted by the police officers for a couple
of weeks te answer the charge of assault
and battel y en "Buz" Helsiugei, also
colored, but who has managed te keep
out of their way, was ai rested by Officer
Lent en Mifllin street this meinmg. He
was locked up for a heaiing before Alder
nmi McConemy.
Where is This?
A New Yeik engiaer get out some
wedding cauls in these words : " Mr. and
Mis. requests your presents at the
maiiiage of thei daughter. Lvncvstki.
Which is no worse than the inscription
en a Lancastei tombstone : " Theii 's i est
in Ilciven."" Sunburn Democrat.
Suit ler Slander.
Samuel IJedger has entered in the pio pie pio
theuotai y's efhee a suit for slander against
Ileniy McQuade, the allegation being that
McQuade chatged IJedger with the lareeny
of a quantity of clever seed. Ueth parties
te the suit reside in West Coe.iliee town
ship. lireki
Jacob Sti inc. ii..
Ills Arm.
son of Sheiifl" Strine,
fell while placing at school this afternoon
and bieke his aim near the elbow
'Meeting ul Mar Club.
The utfiil. u meeting el the star club will be
held at V2 o'clock this evening, at the Yeung
Men'-, m A-eci itien looms. Inteie-t
in the work el this lulha-iilieml '-piead fai
bejen 1 it, lnuinbeishi)
I.e ture lij Dr. ii eunu.ilil.
15e. I)i. (. i ecu u. till will dclivei a It dure en
Monday evening net, in lunilj
(hijM'l His Milijid will lie "Incidents in the
I.IIeel ; n. I,.lactte " The Docter Ii t-i spi m
sonic tunc in i!c).mng thN It ctuie and piein-lM-s
te make 11 enlei t.iimng and mti uctiv e te
111 ill IM'Is
Watches, A.C., at ahm- Ceinci.
Gill- Wanted.
Fer Uent.
S2T"Fer further details see adveitising
Sr. .1 ' con'-, Oil chics U.ukaclic.
Ver can't alFeid te laugh, deal gills,
t'nle join teeth aie white as jieail
I'nlt our mouth is junk and -weet,
Audveui two lip-in le-ebud-meet :
Aniljimi innet supply this want.
Hut thieugh the u-e or sO.ODONT !
)" Ivvi'ced
ttl'J'Vl.ii. XOTIvI.S
Ne Mere Haul 'limes.
It j en will -top spending -e much en line
clot In-, lich loed and -tjle, buj geed, he ilthv
loed, cheap and lx ttei clothing : get meie leal
and siib-t mti il thing-el lite eveiy i.i,aml
e-pcci ill v -top the loeh-h habit el iinplevmg
'pen-ive ii ick doctei- or u-ing -einue!iit
the v lie hunib.ig uiediiiue 111 it doe-veuolilv
h.iiin. but iut eui tin-tin tint -imple, jiuie
ii'ineilv. Hep Uittei-. Jh it euic- alw n-. at a
tiillmgce-t, and jeu will -ce geed tune-and
have-geed health. ce .inelhei ieluinu.
tl .'ml
1 1 y I-ecliei'-" ( engh sj i up
II ou t ike en i adv i von vi ill le-e no time
in ( tiling en jeu diuggi-t lei -elleis'
Cough .sjmp' wit!iul an I'nic i"i
Ii i- iniie-s ible te iv eie-timate the value et
a ii mi tly w lu h -e pcifittlv contiel- the an an
nev ing and d mgeiens atlection-et tlie pulme
naiv eigtii-. Di. lJiewning'- C. A. C. Cot dial
novel lails when taken stnctlyin acceidanee
with dire. tinni. Dr. Iliewning, propueter,
1117 .uli stmt, riuladelphia. old by all
ill uggi-t-. I'i ice M cents pel bottle
js iwil&vv
I -e LecIiki's Ilei and (' tttle I'ewilei-.
He i' it I ie- the -v-tein and open- the way
lei di-ta-e-, te attack the depress eil ami weaiy
liedv. I'eeple of judgment anil epciience at
such tunc- in ike Use el Kidiicv-Weil as this
gieat leniedv keeps up the tone of the whole
lietlv bv enabling the Liver, ltew els and Kid
nejs te poi loin then Inactions pcilectlv.
sensible Canadian.
51 1. Uatlbei-, of Uieckv die, Canada, attei be
ing euied et a piestniting malan tl tli-e,isuceu-tnictctlin
Te.ts, bv means el Wuinei- sale
I'lltsund alc ISittcis. vmtcs te us: "I shall
nevei ti i vel in th it clnn ite w itheut join '-ate
1'ills and S.le IlitteisiL- pait t)f nij" eutlit."
l'mcbpicesat I.eeher's Diugbtere.
It was a happy ciicunistaiice lei (. eei go J! .
Cobb el Westieid. Vt.. ill it Kidnev-Weit
leuiid its v.aj into his dwelling, nole--than
three meinb'i- 1 the fimilv" hiving been
ctued. As a c ,.th utieaiid dim elicit acts -u. el j
and without pain and t uies eb-tinate cases' et
liv ci cenipl tints, hnliicv tli-ca-e and ilc-.
Te regulate the hvei, stomach, anil bowel bewel bowel
Useenlj stlleis" Livei I'lll- "' Take no ether.
i" t en Is a box. All til uggists sell them.
Tij Lec hoi's Cough sJiup
"-tvtistics jiievc lb it tvventv-live pel cent,
el the deaths m eui laigei cities me caused bj"
Loiisinuptien, and when we ltlltct that this
tei l ible lis( a-e in it- w ei -,t stage w ill j ield te
a battle of Let lit i's Uoiiewucd Cough syrnp,
sh ill we temlcmii the suileieis ler then ncg
ligerce, or pit y tin m lei their lgnoiiince .'
Tiy Leehei'- tough sj nip.
A Mrangc 1'cnplr
De j'en knew th it theie sue stnmgc pee
pie lu'eiir ceiumuuilj, vie s.i Mnmge beutu-e
ihev -eem te piciei te sijllei ami jia th-ii
tli- mi-ei-iblj", niatle -e bj Dvspep-.a anil
Liver Cenipl unt, Indigo-lien. Constipitien
and Genenil Dtbintj, when Mnlelfs italier
l-gu.imnteetl te cure them. .eltl by 1). lleit
shu. Lancastei, ami M. L. Uai-, Milleisville.
I'ne Iliiutlrctt Tlieiisantl Streng.
In the pa-t lew mouths there li lvebecn mere
th in. IikuhW bottles el shileh's Cine -eltl. Out
et the v ast numbei el jiceplc vv he have u-etl it,
mere thin 'itKl ca-e- et consumption have
been em oil. All Coughs, Cieup, Asthma ami
ilienehitis leltl at once, hence it is that eveiy eveiy
bedj speaks in Us pmlse. Totlie-e vi he ha.e
net u-etl it, let us-aj, it jeu have a cough, or
join child the cough, and jeu value lite, don't
tail It) tiv it. I'ei lame bat k. snleei che-t u-e
shileh's I'oieu-I'la-tei. 1.1 lx veurdmg-gi-1-.
D. Ileil-hu, Lanca-tei.antl M. L. Davi-,
V i haveasptetlv anil positive cine for C i
taiih. Diphtheiia. "Cankei ineiilli.uiil Ilcatlache
liilnlehsCalaiili llemedj". A injecler
'tocMitheachbettle. l-eil iljru tle-iie health
anil -weet bieath. l'uee SO cents. j?eltl bv
D. Honshu, Lancastei, and .M. L. Davis. Mil
leisMlle -eptii ee.lil.Vw
J i:tiis.
Dilt. .Jan. s. is), in Lancaster, I'a., Anna
31 in i 1)1017, in the .Mth jcarel ncrae.
The lucndsaie respect 1 nil j" m
vitctl teattentl tlu luneial liem the residence
el lui lathei, Xe .r(.7 i.'ecklantl street, en fcun.
tl.iy alteinenn, at '2 o'clock, feciviccs at "-I.
.Stephen's chinch. itd
Hev. vr.u At 3Iillpeit, Lancaster eeiintj",
I'a. en 8, lsti, Cathaiine, daughter et
Jesi.ih Hew. ml.
The relatives and ft lends aie respectfully m
v Ucd te attend the luncrat lrein the residence
elliei lathci.atOo'cleckon Sunday morning.
Funeral services and interment at Melllugei's
meeting house, at It) o'clock.
EDW. J. ZAHM, Jeweler,
Zahm's Cerner,
Sterling Silver and
We offer our patrons the benefit of our long experience in business, by winch we aie able
te aid them in making the best use of their money in any department or our business. We
manufacture a luige pait of the goods we sell, and buv only Irem Fiist-Cliss Houses. Eveiy
article sold accompanied with a bill stating il- quality.
t2-First-Cliiss Watch and Genciul Kepau ing given special attention.
And the Best Grades of American Electro-Plate en White Metal.
Complete Mantel Sets of Centre and Side Pieces in Marble or Bronze.
Musical Bexes with Accompaniments and Mounted en Fine Library Writing:
A fine general assortment of Jewelry, cemprising: all the Newe3t Designs.
Designs and estimate of cost given for mounting Diamonds and ether
Special care taken in the execution of Fine Monograms and Inscription
Engraving. Alse, in complicated and ordinary watch and jewelry repairing.
H. Z. RHOADS & BRO., Jewelers,
Ne. 4 West King Street.
yj: ii' a j ri:t: tisj:mj:xts
Owl ises7ai'I,iv at" misiii7i:k-
Miiilding, "Centie square, at 4 o'clock, en
fcatuiday. llil
O opens t night.
TwoCeIlendei Table- and
one l.iunswick' l'oel Table. Ijan't -Id
Inuici: ouiti'i:ei'i;KiYiN tim:
l tleedl! Otllee: Xe. it) W e-tOi-ange -!.
il. l'ACKKItb OK I.I:aFTeI5ACCO, Xe 'ii!
i'i nice stiect, I.ancastci, I'a.
.1. K()Si:XMVI i:.
junT-.:intl .Vlanigtr.
Vn i:xri:nn:xci:e ihi:i: or li:ai'
Tobacco w ill make an ai iaug Hit ut with
a geed heu-e te buv ei te buv and iatk anv i
ijiiainiivei i.cai rotiacce
"ii. r."
rencei Olhcc.
j in') It.ll
I. NCS"11 It,
Die. IJ. Is;-)
7 xsuiti: yeui: ikei'i:ki in ici:liai:li:
X COM TAX 1 1. at
Oflicc: ls We-t King'-tictt
Iiki:, Lirr ami accidi:xt.
Insiiianceut lewe-t rate-. Geed ami Hell- I
I able Companies. IlhlCIt X Vl'Ari-1 i:i. !
I l.'eat K-tate .1 In-. Agl-., .! X. Duk- st.
declO-liuiUlentl ,
i rnoi:.cce l'en sali:.
i -- '
I One ImndiKl acie-et piinic I'c iiiwj '. "tiiia
I eed 'tobacco lei - tie.
I Appij. te r.. k. 1v)iili:i:.
j Sinew -lnuv. eik teuiitv. I'a.
jan 1-lwcedU
. The house and let of gieunil, situattil en '
Last King stieet, Xe. llx'. Three l.nge loem-oii-etoiitl-toi
will bureifted-ep n-ite liemilie k building'it tle-ncil. or the heu-e will lie
lentt il a-u wliele. Kt nt et w hole heu-e. i'M.
Applj te I). Mc VU'LLLN,
Atteinev at Liw,UJL. KingMieet.')2td
Lveij bedv toadveili-e. fiee et chn go.
in the Intl.llic.1 sci is, vi l.e want- something
te lit).
axti:i at this errici:.
Conic- of the imilv IvTUW-ivnr. of
Api il 3 ami J ul j IS), l&T'.l. jan'2-tld
"17"ANTi:i) T O ;OOI OIKLs AT A
First-Class Hetel. One let Dining IIoeui
and one Chambciinaid. Iniiiiic at the
ltd S-I'LV LNh HOUbL.
T 1C1IT.
'.vue en l rajit.
Ceal Oil Lamps,
and Lanterns.
These geed me cut iiel j" new and lund-emei
than evei beleie etreietl iinil puce- lewci.
152 North Queen Street.
LAXc.Wi'Li:, I'A.
ren sal,j: ei: jii:xt.
AsjsIenkk's saia: of val,uai:l,i;
A1JV it. 1SS). The undei signed assignee- et
I'at lick Can and wie, et L inca-tci citj, I'a.,
will ejie-e te public -ale, at Michael's hotel,
Xeith Queen street, the lollewmg valuable
piepeities. v iz :
Xe. 1. All that cci tain one anil a half steiv
l'icceet Gieund thereto belonging, situattil
en the lieith -nle et We-t Ivmg -ticet, Laut.i
ter citv", said let hiving a Iient el 1") leel :.
niche-, ami extending in tlcjitn 100 loot, mere
ei lc , and being Xe. .!; V e-t Ivingstitet,
beuniled en the vicst bvpiepeilj, new ei late
et J" Campbell, en the neith bj .tnallej", en
the ea-tbj' piepcitj" new ei late et Jcicmiah
Campbell, and en the south by West King
street aleies.iid.
Ne. i All that ecu lam two ,teij- I'.KIClv
DWELLING HOUSE, and let ei puce et
gieund, thereto belonging, situate en the west
sitle et Xeith riiini stieet, L inca-tei citj,
Xe. .". said let mcasiiiing -eventet'n
leet. mere or le . en I'linn stieet, anil
extending in depth we-lwaid et that
witltli, 7") leet ( incl'c-. mere ei It, bounded
en the cast bj" l'luui -ticet.en the -eutl. bj
piepertj" new ei latent Jehn J. Dei -ch, en the
west bv'piepcitv et 31. ti tin (.l.ill, ami en the
neilhbj a comihen alley, 'llu-i-a le-nable
piepcity located in one el the best pail- el
the citj
Xe. J. All thp-e two ccitain LOTs OF
GKOUX'D -ltuate en the -euthwcst corner ei
East Chestnut and Miu-liall -ticet-, Lane is
tcr citv. I'a . nicasuiing in lient en said La-t
Che-tnut stieet 41 leet, meie or les-, anil c
'.ending in dcpthseutliwaidlj" lis feet teanallcj--ml
lets being Nes. 91 and 'rl en Che-tiuit
stitet tiact; bounded en the neiih bv
said Ea-t Che-tnut -ticet, en the east bv s.uil shall, en the south by a 14-teet viideallev.
and en Ithe vc-t bj" Xe. !)1 et -aid Che-tnut
stieet tract. The-caie veij" tle-n.ible builtling
let-, -ltuatcd in a new anil rupnlly linpieving
p.uiet the citj".
sale te ceinniencc at 7 o'clock, p. in., et -aid
daj". when attendance will be given and tonus
made knew n bj"
Aslgnee et l'atiick Cur ami V lie,
Ilcnrv Sluibcrt, Auctioneer,
Ian lV&SdijanliM.ttl
Lancaster, Pa.,
Silver-Plated Ware,
Reduction of Prices,
As in inv kind- et gtieds aie going up
m pi ice ev cry week, but v.e held a large
stock el tlc-irable Diy Goods that aie
sellrig at lates piopei donate te ce-t
-eme time age. In the matter et
JIL'sI.IXs vie secured and
stored away an immense
tin mtity, se that our salcs-
loenis and le-eiye stock-loom-
leek like wholesale
store-. These stanil.inl
geed- aie new retailing
I tigely al less thin Inline
pi ices.
v e al-e liengiit lieely et
And cm show the geed le-ult- e! out
bugainiiig en uniuii.v at the I'laiiiii 1
Wcaie al-e st ilmg
l ncvpei than thej cm be bought at.
'I he people will hive te pay highei for
m mv kinds el thy goods a ttei the pie-,
cut -lock aie sold out.
Jehn "Wanamaker,
Brandy as a Medicine.
The let lowing article was voluntarily sent te
Mi. II. E. sliMii.ikei, Agent ler iteig.ut'- Old
me Meie, by a pinnnnent practising phj-i
cian et this count', w he has oMensiv elj' u-etl
the lli-antlj" leleiit'tl tein ln-iegulir pi act ice.
It l-t euimeniled te the attention et these af
llicted w lth
Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
Tin-new much abu-etl Alcoholic Mlinulant
was nevei lnlended a- a beverage, but te be
Used .isainedicineel gieat potency in thet me
et some et the tlcstnittive diseases which
sweepawavtheirannual tliousaiul-et v ictmi-.
ith a purely philantluepic motive we pie
sent te the taverahlc notice et invnlul e-pe-ciallj-
these alllicletl w ith that nu-erible tti
e i-e Dj-pep-ia, a siiecilic ltinetlj, which is
nothing meie ei less than
The aged, with lceble appetite and meie or
le-s tlebilitj. vi ill lintl tins simple medicine,
w hen used pieperly,
A Sovereign Remedy
ei all their ills anil aches. lie it, hoivevei,
-tnctlj undeistoed that we picscnbe and u-e
but one .allele, and that is.
sold bj" our enterprising jeung
lncnil, ll. L. -j,Al lllls
lii-andv" has steed the test fei
TUAiit mark, j e.u s, and has never failed, a- t.u
sis our expenence extends, and we there-lore
give it the pi etcienc cover all ether 15i-andies,
nemattei with hew man yjavv-bi caking Fieuch
titles thej- aie bninded. One-leuith of the
meucv that is yeaily tin own away en v.uieus
inil)etenttIj-pep-ia -iiecilics would -ullice te
buj" all the ISnmdy te cine anj"stich ca-e or
ca-e-. In proof of the curative pew crs el
Reigart's Old Brandy,
In cases et D j spepsia, vv c can summon nunij
beis et v itnesses one case in particulai vie
A h ml weiking larnier had been alllictetl
with an exhaustive Djspep-ia tei a number et
ve.ii-; his stomach would l eject alme-t evei y
kind et loed; he had sem (nictatiens con cen
st.intlv mi appetite in tact, he was obliged te
re-tnctlus diet te cnickcis and stale bread,
and as a beverage he used 3IcGi-ann's Keet
Ueer. lie is a Methodist, and then, as new,
pieichcd at times, and m his disceuiscs elten
tlcclaimetl eaincstlj" against all kinds et stieng
drink. When adv isctl te try
Reigart's Old Brandy,
In hi case, lie looked up with a-tenl-'inicnt,
but after heaiing et its wemlerlul cllccts in
the ca-cs et some of Ids near acquaintances, he
at la-t consented te lollevr our advice. He
used the lirantlj" faithtiillj- ami steadily; the
Hist bottle giving him an appel te, and before
the second was taken he was a sound nian.vvitli
a stomach cap tbloet digestinganj thing winch
he chose te eat. He still keeps it and use- a lit
tle occasionally; and since lie has this medi
cine he has been et veij" little peciiniarj benc
ht te the dot tei. V I'ltACTislMi rnvsleiv.
Reigart's Old Wine Stere,
Eslahh-licd in 1785,
KIOU OLD 3IADEIUA, (Impeitcd in lSls,
IS17 and ISis-,) CHA3IIAOXK'5 O
j La-t Ilempticlil tow liship, dee'd. Lettei-s
te-tamentaij" en -aitl estate having been
granted te t fie undei -igneil, all pel sons indebt
ed thereto aie requested se make immediate
p ij-inent, and these hav nig claims or demands
a.cainst the -.line villi present them without
delay ter settlement te the undersigned, re
siding m Laudisv die.
n'J6-6tw Exccutei -.
JA Is heicbv given that application will be
made te the Court et Common l' til Lan
caster county, or Monday. Jamiaiyl!', 1&0,. it
lu o'clock a. m., loraincntlmcntef the chaitei
el the "North Atlantic Express Company, bj"
changing the name et said corporation te that
of the "Ocean Feed Curing Express Com
pany," anil that the same vv ill be granted, it no
sufficient reason be shown te the contrary.
Lancaster, Dec. 22, 1879.; dec-iWt vv
89-S6XCr II
Washington, Jan. 9. Fer the Middle
Atlantic and Xew England states, falling
barometer, northeast veering te southeast
winds, stationary followed by higher
temperauie, increasing cloudiness, pessr
bly followed by snow or rain.
The .Military Iteady for Kinergencies Ite
publlcau Kepresentatiieii Absent Tlicin Tlicin
Tlieinselves Legislator Snan Imposes the
Xanie of Ills Atteiuptetl Ilriber.
Bostex, Jan. 9. A despatch from Au
gusta sajsthe feeling of tleulit aLil dis
tiust has increased lather than diminished
and military power is becoming unusually
conspicuous. The conference at air.
Blaine's house lasted until a late hour this
Vhcn the Heuse met this meining no
Republican were present. Mr. Swan aiese
and gave the.steiy of his attempted biib
eiy. The name of the accused p.uty is Wal
lace R. "White, a Republican lawyer of
AfGUsrv, Me., Jan. 0. This liieining
General Chamberlain issued a general
eidcr, stating in view of the extraeulinaiy
situation new presented, he would assume
command and piotect the publie piepeity
until the governor's successor duly
qualified. By this eidcr Gen. Chainbeilain
assumes tempeiaiily the office of governor
and commander-in-chief. The entire police
fei co at the state house was changed this
nieining. The change was quietly made.
At the opening of the session but one
Republican apeared. The vote en the
biibcry eidcr was reconsidered and the
elder laid en the table. The committee
en votes will piececd at once
vv ith its duty.
Seventy -two lnenibcis only appealed in
their seats in the Heuse all Fusionists.
The Heuse attempted te exclude all but
the official repeitcis, but seveial were
smuggled in.
Themas IJ. Swan, of Jlinet, lese and
lead a statement that SI, 000 had been paid
him net te appear at, the oiganizatien of
the Legislature. He stated that the
money had been paid him by "Wallace R.
White, of AVinthiep, and that he (Swan)
should net claim it.
Jlr. Haiiiman, of Kenncbuuk, testified
that the same offer had been made him by
Mr. AVhite.
ISI.tiuc's Seiieus Illness Denied.
Bostex, Januaiy 9. Despatches fiem
Augusta, Maine, eentiadict lepeits of
the seiieus illness of Senater Blaine.
The Laud Agitation in Ireland.
Londen, Jan. 9. A conference of f.uin
eis' clubs has been held at Mallow, Ceik
county, te consider the land question.
Several menibeis of Pailiament were pres
ent, amongst them nieinbeis for Ceik,
who said the question was whether a mil
lion people should live cpmfeitably in
Ii eland or be swept away te Ameiica.
31 r. Mackonechic's Tribulations.
The Bishop of Londen has signed lettci s
of request te the aiehes ceuit, in a fresh
suit against Rev. Alexander Mackonechie
of St. Alban's chinch. The new piocced piecced
ings vv ill be for depi iv atien of Mr. Mack Mack Mack
onechie's lights of piiesthoed.
I'lnladelphia's cneresity Invelictl.
PuiLxiiLLi'iiiv, Jan. '.). Majer Stokley
leceived a message fiem the leid major of
Londen te day, asking relief for the Iiish
poei .
Thej Listen te a Spevrli by Denis Kear
nej, ami 1 iv. Time and 1' of Tiicir Na
tional Convention.
WwuxcTev, Jan. 9. The Greenback
conference met this morning at 10
o'clock. "While waiting for the re
peit of the committee en "call
and address " the conference listened
te a short address by Gen. Weaver, Green,
back member of Congress, and also te an
address by Denis Keainey, who made one
of his characteristic speeches denouncing
bondheldcis, bankets and capitalists gen
erally. At 1 p m. the committee en call pre
sented their repeit, fixing upon June 9th
and Chicago as the time and place for the
meeting of the national convention. The
repeit was unanimously adopted.
our. 1'ketectivi; TAisirr,
Lord ISerby 1'ays Hisltespects te the United
Loxdex, Jan. 9. Leid Derby speaking
at the banquet last night said : "The
United States might be our most for
midable rivals, but Americans de net
face us in the open. They
fight entrenched behind a protective tariff,
even with the help of which they have
have net wholly cheeked the impoitatien
of English manufactures into America.
Still American competition is net te be
lightly spoken of."'
In the Heuse.
Ne business of impeitaucc was transact
ed dm ing the morning hour, and at its cx
pii atien the Heuse went into committee of
the whole en the private calendar.
Consideration of the case of Cm tin vs.
Yecuni was postponed till Monday,
when General Blair, of Pennsylvania,
in behalf of Mr. Cuitin, will close the ar
guments in the case. Decision w ill prob
ably be made sometime during the coining
Investigation of the 1'estal Service te be
Wasium'.tex, Jan 9. The Heuse com
mittee en appiopiiatiens discussed the
posteftice ion infeiinally this
meining and decided te go en at once
with the investigation into the Star leute
seivice, authorized by resolution adopted
in the Heuse jestci day. Representatives
Blackburn, Blount, Cannen. Cljmerand
H.vwley were appointed a committee te
make the investigation.
One ll.ui Killed A Yeung Ladj Vt X.irieu
Stisati ei;i), Conn., Jan. 9. A train
this meining shuck and demolished a
carriage in which were T. IJ. Richaids,
father of Pief. Richards, of Yale,
Miss Eva Tweedy, and a coachman.
Mr. Richards was fatally injured. The
coachman was seriously huit, but Miss
Tweedy escaped iinhuit.
Death of Mrs. Catlvv alader.
Philadelphia. Jan. I). Mrs. Geerge
Cadwalader, relict of General Geerge
Cadwalader, died at her residence
en West Spruce street at an early
hour this meining after a protracted
illness. Mr. Cadwalader was the daughter
of Dr..Ta.mcs Mease, and the granddaughter
of Majer Pierce Butler, of Georgia.
Net a Third Term, Hut the Canal Tre-iden
special te the Press.
It is stated, en the authority of a waun
personal friend of General Grant, who has
been deeply interested in the inter-oceanic
canal scheme, that there is no longer any
chance of the cc-president's becoming con
nected with the pieject. The man who is
credited with having hi ought about
this result is Secretary Evaits. and this is
the way et it : The secretai v of state
is counsel for the stoekheldeis of the
Panama raihead. which is owned in
Xew Yerk, and is one of the most
valuable piepeities in the win Id, paying
enormous iiiviuends. i ins pi epei ty w wild
become almost weithless weie a te be
ceiistmeted across Nicaragua, and se 3Ir.
Evarts set out te prevent such a result. In
pursuance of this purpose it is stated that
the secretary lias done ever thing in his
power te dissuade capitalists fiem invest
ing in the .Nicaragua piqjeet. When He
France, the agent of the French capitalists
was here a few weeks age, Mr. Evarts sui
piiscd him by pointing out a number of
reasons why it would be peer policy te put
money line me piopesed canal, among
them the statement that under the laws of
Nicaragua that government could net grant
tlie concession for any puipese for ever 100
eais, after which the canal would revert
te the government, and the fuither declar
ation that a concession must also be ob
tained fiem Cesta Rice en account of some
ancient treaty lights concerning the waters
of the isthmus. In suppeit of these state
ments Mr. Evaits shewed He France a rc rc
peit fiem Mr. Legan, our minister te
Central Amcnca, made at the in
stance of the state dep.iitment, which
gave the autheiities regarding the Nicar
agua law en concessions and the Cesta
Rice treaty, which repeit has since been
confirmed by Commander Meade of the
United States steamer Vand.ilia. who was
sent te Nicaragua by Secretary Thompson
te make fuither inquiiies. Minister Legan
alsoicpeitcd that agents of ether French
capitalists in the interest of De I
Lesscps were m .Nicaragua trying te
prevent De France fiem obtaining the
concession and ready te buy it out
light lather than allow him te get it.
Aimed with these arguments Mr. Evarts
is said te have devoted all his cneigies
during Grant's long inteiview with him te
dissuading him fiem lending his name te
the Nicaragui pieject. lie uiged that
these obstacles were insurmountable, and
that the enterpiise must ccit.iinly prove a
failure,and with such success stated
in the outset, it is no longer believed that
Grant will have anything te de with it.
Sccietaiy Evaits is represented te be se
much in earnest in this matter, that, while
net a third-tcim man, he would rather see
Grant president of the United States than
president of the Nicaragua canal company.
He advocates the Teh.iuntepec leute for
the canal or the projected De Lessens one
ever Panama, because he does net believe
the former will succeed, while if the ether
iscanicd out, thcrailieul of his client can
be profitably disposed of.
Cenie Heme te Keost.
Ilarusbiug Patriot.
The way in which evil precedents return
te plague theii inventeis was never mere
stukingly illustrated than in this Maine
eentlict. In 1S77 a Democrat named Mad
igan was elected state senator fiem a Re
publican district in Maine. There was no
dispute about his election, but
for some reason or ethci, proba
bly because the name el" Madigan
was slightly suggestive of Mulligan,
Blaine's fellow cis were deteiiiiincd te
eject him. It appeals that altei a minute
investigation it was discovered that tlie
signature of the cleik te the ceitilicatc of
Madigan's election was written in the
w long place. The chaiiinan of the com
mittee was ''Coiperal " Davis, the Repub
lican candidate for governor of the last
election. It develvetl en this statesman te
furnish the legal and constitutional rea
sons for the l ejection of Madigan and he
did it in his repeit in this fashion :
"In all the cases cited there was no
question as te the popular will as detei
niined by the number of v etes cist. There
was no pi oef or even suggestion of fraud.
The votes in all cases cited were rejected
because of a non-compliance with the con
stitution and niand.iteiy previsions of
' The design of a representative govern
ment is net merely that the people should
express their will at the polls, but that that
will should be legally and constitutionally
Fer cais the Republicans of Maine
have been piling up precedents like this in
the Legislature and in their courts for the
purpose of applying them te Democrats.
These villainous piecents, like chickens,
have come home rest. Senater Davis w he
was se nice and scrupulous in his leg.ud
te the " constitution and mandatory piovis pievis piovis
iensof law" as te report against the admis
sion of a member because of the infinitesi
maHy small eneis in the signature of a
cleik te an election return, new finds these
simc mandatory previsions of law invoked
te bar his way te the office of governor.
He is fairly caught in his own toils. Never
was a mere striking instance of retributive
justice in politics. While Blaine indulges
in memories of Mulligan let "Coiperal"
Davis, in his privacy, think of Madigan,
the Democratic senator, again-t whom he
reported because of the wrong signature
of an election cleik.
Kicking in the Traces.
E.isten Free I'i ess. Hep.
Next winter when tlie Republican Legis
lature comes te elect a United States sena
tor te succeed Wallace, the Republican
caucus will have te decide pi ebably be
tween Galusha A. Grew and M. S. Quay.
It is already lieely statctl both in
and out of the paity that the caucus
has been "fixed" in advance for
Quay, because if Mr. Grew should
be elected te the Senate, his colleague, J.
D. Cameion, will have te yield the leadei
ship of tlie Pennsylvania Republicans te
him. On the ether hand, Mr. Quay will
be content te accept a subordinate position
and, keeping in the traces, allow the
jeunger Cameren te lead. According te the
piegiauime Pennsylvania is te be deprived
ui mt; services in n tiisiiuguisiictl aim
able statesman like Mr. Grew, a man of
eloquence and valuable ideas, one who as
speaker of the Heuse of Representatives
in the critical period of" the war of the Re
bellion was linn in his duty anil held
the country steady by his prompt de
cision of all questions in the debates
of the Heuse in favor of preset v
ing the Union and piesecuting the
war this man is te be kept out of
the Senate in Older te admit a politician
whose demand for a fat Philadelphia of
fice has already strained the patience
of the party almost past en
durance. We have no quaii el with Mr.
Quay, but in the prespeet of his attempt
te crewtl Galusha A. Grew out of the
United States senatership we are fereed te
sound a note of ahum and te express the
opinion that while Mr. Grew is in the field
Mr. Quay can only be sent te the Senate
at the expense of the party.
He Thinks He is in Bad Company and Ka
slgns His Charge.
A correspondent writing from Baltimore,
says : Advices from Pocomoke City note a
curious sequel te the sensation caused a
fortnight age by the scaudaleus charges
brought by Mrs. Polk, against .ex
State Senater Aydclette, of entering
her house during the absence of
her husband. Aydclette is a conspic
uous pillar of the Presbyterian church.
The Uev. Mr. Brown is n (dnntiAnt
speaker and popular pastor of the Presby-'""-
tleck, having accepted a call from
the Uest te take the Pocemoko City
charge. The congregation has been vio
lently agitated by the charges against Ay Ay
delette, and a split is threatened. On
Sunday the church was crowded, but in
place of a sermon the Rev. Mr. Brown gave
fiem the pulpit a scathing diatribe de
neuncing Aydclette and the whole com
munity. He came there, he said, supposing
he was coming into a Christian, moral
community, but found himself among a
people without principle or morality, lestr
te all scuse of shame, rotten te the
core. He was ashamed te acknowledge
his residence there, and recently in Phila
delphia he could net acknowledge te a
bi ether elergvinan that he belonged te
Pocomoke. lie ended by resigning his
pastorate, and the congregation dispersed
in high dudgeon. The excitement through
out the county is intense
A Twelve-Year-Old ltej's Fatal Itlde en a
liuiiavvay Herse.
A shocking accident occurred near Sykcs
ville, Md., .vcstciday, resulting in the kill
ing of Charles F. Caulk, a lad 12 years old,
who was en a visit te Mr. James Grant.
Yeung Caulk was scut te M.iniottsville
en heisebaek for the mail. the
animal given him being considered
perfectly gentle and safe. When about
two miles above Maniettsville a large deg
baiked at the horse, which became fright
ened and ran aw ay. Several passers-by en
the toad made unsuccessful attempts te
step the maddened animal, which only
dashed along at an accelerated pace,
with the uufeitunate lad clinging te
his back and screaming for help.
When the mad llight had con
tinued about a half a mile young
Caulk lest his seat en the animal's back
and fell te the gieund. His feet remained
last in the stiirup and in this position he
was dragged ever the stone ie.ul for about
three hundred yaids, when the frightened
heise was finally stepied. Upen examina
tion it was found that the boy's neck,
left leg and left arm had been broken, kill
ing him instantly. The body was also
shockingly mutilated, the breast having
been eiitslictl in by a kick fiem the hoof of
the runaway. The body was removed te
the home of Mr. Grant, who notified the
parents of the unfortunate lad.
l'lilladelpliia Market.
I'iiiladelimiia, January 0. Fleur linn ;
superilne, $1 fligl Ml; extra Stlfi 00:
Ohie and Indiana l.unilv $i; 7"72.": I'l'im'.i
family 737 00; M. Leuis lamily 7(H)7e0;
Minnesota Kaiuilv ."i()g7 1)0 : patent and
hijlh tirades 7 OOffiS 50.
Eye Heur unchanged.
Cernmcal llrandywine uiichaut tl.
Wheat dull; Xe. -J Western Ked ?l !)';
I'eiin'.i red $1 ry ; Amber 1 .V).
Cern dull ; steamer OSc ; yellow Zaic :
lniTcd .V)c.
Oats quiet and dull ; Southern and I'enn'a
wliite -I'l'ilc ; Western white t'Kt.'ilc; Western
liiiTtd 47(!)c.
Eye til m ; Western 03c; I'a. OSc.
Piovisiens tending uim mils; inisspeilcfUOO ;
heel h.nns $li; M ; India mess beet J2I50; baton
smoked slieiildeis O'fQjJ'Ce: salt de 4j(o5."e;
smoked hams 10llc: pit k I oil hams '.j'JJic
Lard lirm ; city kettle Se ; loose butclieis'
7.J 'c; prime steam Ce.
Butter steady te tirm ; cre-imery cxtnitM
3Sc; r.rudteid county and X. T. extra '27fi'2se ;
Western ioseitc extra at illSi'.e; de jjoed te
choice ISSiJe; mils linn IN nn'a exlia J-2
2le; western roservc est ra 2iJ? Jlc.
hs tlemnralicil; Choice I'enn'a IDc ;
t slum 17l'.le.
Cheese Hi ni : X. Y. lat terv I'MjlVie: uestprn
full ci cam l-yff I lu ; de ter fj,Md"lll-e; de
skuns 7)!lc.
relreleiimilull ; Ill-lined leie.
Whisky 1 1 1.
ew Yerk .Market.
Xkw Tork, Jan. !).-! loin bliite anil Western
quiet without ill t ided cluiiifje; siipeillne state
:?" I0(fj") i"; extra de " TWii', lu ; choice de (; IVy)
3.1; tancy de ( WTy, IS ; round hoop Ohie
l (Htfii, 73; choice de f! se7 7.1; superilne
wtstei u f." :i"i", 70; t oinineii te ;etd extra de
$.'7iriJ 7.'; choice ilotle $.;.)5TS.rjii; choice white tle fC ,M)7; seTitheui tlull mid
steady; common teldr extra $; Otx7(; 75;
get Ml tocheici-do f(. K"is 51).
Wheat dull; hpnn'iieuiinul ; Wi-itcr J-J
(??Ic loner; Xe. 1 White Jan. by Central $2 31 :
reb. bv Central f 1 5.l 3.:y,:Xe. litd Feb.
$1 TtXy.'ijll ,y. ; inside pi ice e.n ly March 1 M'i
1 5."
Ce. n y,nKr better anil quiet: lies S3,)C)
bushels: Mixed Western spot MihtHjj'; tle
lilture 3S.Vi;Cc.
Oats steady Vales Si,!) bushels; state I'tg'de ;
Western 48iJc.
stock Marketx.
IJ JO r. m.
.Stocks sti en;;.
I'ennaii's (thiid issue) IN".
riiiladelphia & Erie 17
Kc.idiii :'y
Pennsylvania 51
Lehigh Valley. 5JJ
United Cos.eI X.J IV!',
Xeithcin i'acilie .'.J1,
" l'lcleiietl OiJ-J
Northern Central :tiy.
Jan. D
Lehigh Navigation...
Central Transpoilatien Ce. Vt
Pitts.. Titusville A ISiUIale. 1IJ
Little bchuvlkill.
Xkwt Yeiiic, Jan. !).
Stocks strong.
X. Y. Central
Adams Express
Michigan Central
Michigan Seutlici n
Illinois Central
Cleveland A Pittsburgh..
Chicago A Keck Nland
Pittsburgh & Feit Wayne
Western Union Tel. Ce
S'I '
Teledo A Wabash
Xew Jcrdev Central SIJi
kiuxj:y axi iAvr.ii cum..
Areau iiinnt diate stimulus ler a Torpid Liver
cine Costiveness, Dyspepsia, I.ineiisuess.
Iblieus Di.irrl-ee.i. M.d.iiia, Fever and Ague
and aie useful at tunes in nearly nil Diseases
te o.iusea fieeand legularuotienol thel'owels.
The best antidote ler .ill Malalial Poison.
These Pills aie the discovery eT an English
army physiclai. ami have been ued with the
greatest success among the IJritish tioeps in
India. Thov art: enlv uiaiiutactuicd in this
country by II. II. WAItXLIt A CO.
The impievcil di-eovervet probably the meM
skilltul nerve doctor in the world, quiekly
givcs rest ami sleep te the sum-ring, enies
Headache and Xeiiralgia. prevents Epileptic
Fits, anil is the best remedy ter Xcrv eus Pros
tration bioiightoiibyexcessive.Iriiiklng.over bieiightoiibyexcessive.Iriiiklng.over bioiighteiibyexcessive.Iriiiklng.over
vi ei k,mental shocksaiidetlier eaii-es. Itreiiev t s
tlie Pains et all I)is(ases,aiiilisiieverinjiir!iiH
te tlie sv stem. The bis,t of all Nervines.
Uottlcseftwosiiit s; prices, 50 cents and $1.
"Warner's Sjafe Kidney and Liver Cure. .Safe
Diabetes Cure, Safe Hitters and Safe Tonic
are iiNe supci ler remedies, unequalled in their
respective Hi Ids of disease.
Warner' Safe ICeiiicilie are sold by Drug
gists and Medicine Dcalcis generally through
out tlie country.
'send for p imphlct and testimonials.
II. II. WAKXEK A CO., Rochester, X. Y.
3 rdllTii,TIi&5d&w-
J I'.UYAX and wife, el Ceney township,
Lancaster county. Tlie undersigned amlitei,
appointed te distribute tlie balance remaining
in the hands et Jehn II. Enler, assignee, te and
among these legally entitled te the same, will
sit ter that purpose en SATUKDAY, JANU
ARY 17, 18S, lit 10 o'clock a. m . in the Library
Keem of the Court Heuse, in the city et Lan
caster, where all persons Interested m said (lis (lis
tributien may attend. y MOXTGOMEn
dcc21-3twl Auditor.
. -
' -"I