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Hancastcr Intelligencer.
Make Them Consist.
The Democratic majority in the United
States Senate has a chance new te show
its backbone and can de se without any
discredit te itself and with probable geed
effect upon its party and upon the tone
of our public service. In accordance
with Mr. Hayes's custom of saying one
thing and doing another he rejected the
name of Gee. II. Stuart, pressed upon
him by respectable influences, for the
Eastern federal marshalship in 1'ennsyl
vania and reappointed Kerns, who has
l)cen made notorious by the infamous
reunders and repeaters whom he selects
for federal deputies en election day in
Philadelphia, te supplement at the elec
tion window, with the bludgeon and
blackjack, the work of the ballet-box
stuff er, return tinker and lightning cal
culator, who presides en the inside.
Mr. Kerns, as well as some ether of
the appointees whom Hayes sent te a
Democratic Senate for its approval yes
terday, is a standing violation of civil
service order Xe. 1. He and they con
tinually outrage its letter and its spirit.
They net only take part in political cam
paigns, contrary te its previsions, but
they use and abuse their ellices for the
benefit of their part'. Xew Mr. Hayes
has laid down the regulation that shall
govern the executive appointees ; he lias
set up a standard by which he says that
he wants their conduct te be measured.
Democrats may approve or condemn that
standard; they are net responsible for
it ; they may make another for them
selves and their appointees, but they
have a right te demand that Hayes shall
square his conduct and that of the ad
ministration subordinates with his rules
se long as he docs net withdraw them.
Federal ellicers. who, in the discharge
of their power, have hitherto violated
these rules, cannot expect confirmation
by Democratic senators. Marshals who
invest roughs and reunders with a little
brief authority te club or browbeat Dem
ocrats away from the polls cannot ask
Democrats te endorse them and approve
their appointment. Ollicials who spend
the time for which the gevernment pays
them in doing the dirty work of their
party, descending even .te the crooked
devices of " back effice'' politics and of
bogus tax receipts, must either show
fruits meet for repentance or go without
the endorsement of a Democratic Senate.
At this distance the political game of
the three parties in Maine becomes mere
complicated and its result mere involved
in doubt at every move tin the chess
beard. Jt is very evident that the Dem
ocratic and Greenback leaders lack
neither courage nor sagacity and that
they de net propose te be scared or bull
dozed out of the assertion of their rights.
They have the popular majority of the
state behind them and the example of
their firmness will no doubt have a geed
effect in stiffening the backbone of Dem
ocrats there as well as elsewhere.
V'e have greatly admired the courage
of Gov. Garccleii, and his conduct has
evidently been consistent with law and
precedent : at the same time when he
asked the opinion of the supreme court
he and his party are in honor bound te
abide by it. We understand that he re
fers the whole matter new te the Legisla
ture, delivering te them the court's opin
ion, and it is human nature that the
Fusionists should resist the organization
by the liepublicans of the Legislature
when they have sought te weaken the
opposition by shameless bribery. The
court's opinion would probably better
command the respect which -judicial de
liverances should have, were it net in
conflict with previous decisions of the
same judicatory, and had it net been
written, as we are inferme 1, by a judge
who is an active politician and who en
election day leads voters by the ear te the
ballet -box.
Tiik Heg called, in the llepub
lican party of this county, is net the first
body of its kind te find out that there is
a fallacy in the saying that there is noth
ing succeeds like ( apparent ) success.
It is in danger of being skinned and quar
tered and of having its head hung upon
the enemy's gates or served in triumph
at the lunch table of the County Heuse
club. Its danger threatens from the in
side, as usual. Its following is such a
motley crowd that there have net been
spoils enough te go around. The feed is
scarce and every hog wants te get his
feet into the trough. There is ominous
grunting and the squealing is pitched in
a high key. McMellen complains that
he has net get his share, and these who
expected te be the beneficiaries of his
favor half suspect him of treachery and
de net give him credit for his efforts en
their behalf. Ed. Martin sulks in his
lent and J. "W. Jehnsen untimely
claims his reward at Tem Davis's ex
pense. Meanwhile adversity chastens
the enemy and the Bull King whets its
horns for a prospective disemboweling of
its porcine adversary.
TiiKhighly important news comes from
Xew Yerk that a filibustering fccheme
is en feet te sever the Rie Grande states
from Mexico and te erect them into an
independent republic, with the ultimate
object, no doubt, of annexation te this
country. The uneasy desire of acquiring
greater territory has its root rather in a
sensational spirit of filibustering than in
the sober second thought of the people.
"Wc have enough room for all the healthy
extension that is possible for centuries te
come. There is nothing inviting in the
character of the Mexican population nor
anything essential in their country for
our national greatness ; and this nation
has no need of an independent republic
between Texas and Mexico.
Xethixg is mere likely net te happen
than an appointment which is premised
by Mr. Hayes, unless it be one that is
pressed by that pestiferous humbug Jehn
"W. Frazier, of Philadelphia. Se long as
Gee. II. Stuart's claims te the eastern
marshalship were urged by Bishop
Simpsen, approved by Mrs. Hayes and
admitted by her husband, there was still
hope of his success, but when Frazier put
in an appearance as Stuart's friend "that I
settled it."
"When it comes te passing around cen
sus suiervisersliips, the one-armed and
one-legged soldier, in whom the Republi
can party delights, does net seem te have
been noticed holding his hat out. Ser
vice in the prison ring is a higher quali
fication than the scars of battle or the
burns of patriotic powder.
J. Madisex "Wkl-ls's turn comes
next. He expects re-appointment as sur
veyor at Xew Orleans. If he can get
Mr. Ilaves's refusal of the place te him
and a positive premise te somebody else,
he may get the appointment. But if a
Democratic Senate dares te confirm the
old villain
'flic Princess Lecisi: is exported te .-ail
for Canada en the 22d inst.
Right Rev. Jkan Baptist,
bishop of Gibraltar, has been appointed
Papal Ablegate in Canada.
Dr. Hand will seen icineve from Colum
bia te Scranton. lie will purchase the
practice of an established physician.
The California Assembly yesterday, by a
vote of 08 ayes te .' nays, adopted a joint
icsoliitien recommending the appointment
of Jehn F. Swift as minister te China.
Supreme Court Justice Miller tells the
Trey Times that te listen te an argument
from Judge Jeremiah Black is the richest
of treats te him better than a ehapter of
An:v Kamue, of the Columbia L'euranl,
publishes this week an original poem from
:i Baltimore contributor, and a birthday
greeting in verse inscribed specially te
himself. Rainbe's friends have only re
cently discovered what a love he has for
the muses.
Dr. Ciieules J. Still:-:, provost of the
the I'nivcrsity of Pennsylvania, and "Jehn
Welsh Centennial professor of history and
English literature,' has resigned these
distinguished positions, the resignation te
take effect at the close of the present col
lege year, which occurs this summer. lie
intends te go abroad before lie gets tee
old te enjoy the trip.
Tiieeimike Tiltex's father occasionally
visits the Xew Yerk Tribune office, and
asks if there is enough money en hand te
allow him a little as a stockholder.
'When Herace Greeley was alive,"' said
lie once, " I used te get enough from my
dividends te suppjrt me. I am getting
tee old new te work, and I need the
money. I own one share of the stock,
which my son paid $10,00(1 for. lie gave
it te me te live oil" of as long as I lived."' Dfisant, the eldest man in Wash
ington, died ye.-terday. aged '.)(" years, lie
was one .if the veterans of the Grand Army
of France. He served with Xapoleeu in
Germany and Spain, and at Waterloo, and
at the time he left the army he was a lieu
tenant in the Eighteenth regiment of Cuir
assiers. His uncle, Gen. Mobleu, of Xa-
poleen's army, assisted him in coming te
America in 1815, after Xapoleen's down
fall. He lived in Philadelphia for some
The Crown Prince and Princess of Ger
many, with their three daughters, are stay
ing at Pcgli, en the gulf of Genea. Their
royal highnesses occupy a suite of forty
rooms, furnished in magnificent style.
Beth the Prince and Princess are reported
much improved in health by their sojourn
in this lovely spot, and, if regular hours
and innocent amusement can procure
health, they ought te be. Six o'clock ris
ing, strolls through lovely gardens and ex
cursions up magnificent mountains or trips
te Genea, compare favorably, from a hygi
enic point of view, with late balls and the
stiff court ceremonies of gloomy and foggy
Berlin. The Princess, who is an excellent
artist, finds plenty of subjects for lipr pen
cil in the immediate neighborhood, and a
plethora of ragged and hungry but pictur
esque beggars adds te the artistic attrac
tions of the place.
A Prima Denna in Ilirace.
Depositions in the libel suit of Carlelta
A. Patti against the Pout-Dispatch of St.
Leuis, have been taken in Leavenworth,
Kansas, the past two days for the defense,
and have disclosed a geed deal of evidence
against the sobriety of Patti en the occa
sion of her concert there a short lime age.
McCall. a hackinan, testified he took
Patti from East Leavenworth te her
hotel in Leavenworth, and from
the hotel te the theatre and back
again te the hotel after the conceit. He
swore it took three or four men te get her
into the hack at the theatre after the con
cert, and as many te take her out of it en
arriving at, the hotel. He could net swear
positively liitti was drunk, but was decid
edly of the opinion that she was intoxi
cated. Jeseph F. Bruh, owner of the Mad Mad
ieon saloon, testified he sent two brandy
teddies at different times te P.itli dur
ing the concert. They were as het and
strong as they could make them. He
further swore that every one of the con
cert audience that visited his saloon that
night spoke of Patti as being drunk. J.
11. Brooks, janitor of the theatre, testified
te seeing four glasses of liquor brought
into the theatre during the evening, two of
them he knew were het Scotch whisky. He
brought, one himself by elder of Deinurk,
Patti's husband. These four drinks were
placed en a table at which Patti sat when
net singing, lie saw her drink them and
thought she was very drunk.
SiiK-ailin Kospeiihibiiil.v.
Xew Km.
Judge Thayer has decided the suit of
Markley & Sen against ex-Chairman Quay,
in favor of the latter. The suit was te re
cover en a check for 62, GflT.Se given by Quay
for printing done by his order for the
Republican state committee. The judge
held that all the members of the committee
were jointly and severally liable, and net
the chairman personally. When it is remem
bered that during the whole campaign Mr.
Quay never once called the committee
together, or consulted with them in re
gard te the expenses he was se lavishly in
curring, this don't leek much like putting
the responsibility where it properly be
longs. But, if this is the law of the case,
it seems te open the deer for the collection
of the small bill of $'221 still due the JVcw
Era for printing done for the Republican
county committee two years age. But the
Kcir, Era is net particularly pressed for
money, and as the .Messrs. Markley's coun
sel have taken a writ of error te the su
preme court, wc will net move in the mat
ter at present, but wait until we get the
law from the court of last resort.
An UiiMic-esrul Deem.
Washington siu-eial te the Evening . uir.
Jehn W. Frazier, who has charge of the
Sherman presidential interests in Philadel
phia, arrived here yesterday anil started a
movement looking te the appointment of
Geerge II. Stuart te be United States
marshal in place of James X. Kerns, whose
commission expires in a few days. Frazier
represents Stuart as having lest all of his
srreat fortune, aud that any appointment
from the government would be a favor he I
would highly appreciate.
" ' ' " ,-..--.
The Harrisburg Patriot is very appre
hensive lest the reports of Democratic re
union in Xew Yerk should prove true.
Perhaps it wasn't intended for a joke,
but the lower branch of the Louisville
councils have a committee en graveyards
composed of doctors.
Tiiluk is a geed deal in a name. Stephen
Longfellow, a nephew of the poet, Henry
W. Longfellow, was held for trial in Bos Bes Bos
eon, yesterday, en the charge of forging
his uncle's name te a check for $1000.
The Heuse committee en invalid pen
sions have unanimously agreed upon a
bill, which provides for granting a pension
te each surviving soldier and sailor of the
Mexican. Flerida, Creek and Black Hawk
wars, at the rate of eight, dellais jier
Sin FitANcis IIixcks, in a letter en the
subject of annexation, published in the
Montreal papers yesterday, says. '"lam
firmly persuaded in my own mind that the
necessary result of any change from our
present system would result in annexation,
and I am equally persuaded that it could
only be accomplished after civil war.""
A itK-OLLTiex relating te the Lie vie
thus has been referred te the committee
en Indian affairs. It authorizes the secre
tary of the interior te pay out of the Ute
Indian annuity fund te Mrs. X. C. Meeker
the sum of $",000 ; te the heirs of Frank
Dresser, 8.1,000 ; te the widow and children
of William II. Pest, 810,000; te Mamie J.
Elliet, $5,000, for injuries suffered.
The Tribune is entering quite zealously,
new, into the se-called anti-Grant move
ment. The Tribune, it is understood,
favors Senater-Conkling as its first choice;
next Mr. Blaine ; next, "anybody te beat
Grant.'' Seme of the ether Republican
journals, that maintain a lynx-eye of vigi
lance as te all such leanings, note these
Tribune symptoms, aud of them, the Com
mercial characterizes it as but graspingat
Watch carefully any legal proceedings
you may be interested in about the -9th of
February. The 28th and 2'Jth are legally
only one day. The supreme court of
Indiana ruled sj in in 187(5, saying: "'It
has been held by this court that the
English statute 21 Henry III is in force
in this state. This statute, speaking of
the 20th of February, in leap year, pro
vides : ' Cemputilur die Me et dies prexiuw
quo unice die.' (And that day, as well
as the day next preceding, shall be
computed as one day)."
TiiEitE was considerable indignation
among the District of Columbia Republi
cans ever the nomination of Mr. Aingcr,
the present chief clerk te the third assist
ant postmaster general, te the postmaster
ship of Washington. Mr. Aingcr is a
citizen of Michigan, and proprietor of a
newspaper there. The feeling is that Mr.
Hayes should have appointed a citizen of
the District and one identified with its in
terests, and net have selected a man who
holds a residence elsewhere.
Ex-Puesiiext Pkade, of Peru, who is
just new in Xew Yerk, says he did net
learn until his arrival in Xew Yerk that
his countrymen at home had deposed him,
and that the story of his "flight" from
there is preposterous. There was no flight
about it, he avers. He is entrusted with
a delicate European mission (relating, it
is supposed, te the purchase of iron clads),
and it was judged prudent that he should
leave as unostentatiously as possible.
Moreover, he is en friendly terms with
General Pierola, and he (Trade), is cogni
zant of nothing in his relations with that
personage which would make it unpleas
ant for him te return te Peru at, this time
even, if it were necessary.
The Attempt te Itribc tlie l'lisiim Kcpre
sentalives in Maine.
I, Moses llarriman, of Kciinebunkpert,
en oath, depose and say that during the
evening of January 5, 1880, I learned te
my satisfaction that cflerts were being
made by Republicans te bribe opposition
members of the Heuse te refuse te act,
and thereby prevent a quorum en AVed
ncsday, and therefore determined te test
the question and get proof if possible te
lay before the public and thwart the pur
pose of these who were resorting te such
criminal means for the accomplishment
of their ends ; I managed te get in
communication with parties negoti
ating the purchase and entered into an
agreement te meet a man, whose name I
ler the present suppress, at the court
house in Augusta at half past one p. m.
Tuesday, and did meet him there at the
time and place appointed, and there re
ceived from him $1,000 in hand, in consid
eration of my copying in my own hand and
signing certain papers presented, declaring
that I should net accept a seat in the 1 louse,
disapproving of the action of the governor
and council, approving the opinion of the
judges of the court, etc., etc. I was also
assured that after the Republicans suc
ceeded in getting full control of the Heuse
I should be seated and should be well pro
vided for ; he left the court house te go
after the money ; said he would be gene
half an hour and would give a signal of
three raps at the deer ; he returned in just
about the time and gave the signal ; 1 un
locked the deer, let him in and he deliv
ered the money ; I have shown the money
te several persons and new have it in my
posssssien; I was told that the papers I
signed would be published te-morrow
morning. Moses Hahihman'.
Augusta, January, 15, 1880.
State of Maine, Kennebec ss. January
G. 18S0. Personally appeared before me
Moses llarriman, made oath te the truth
of the above statement by him signed be
fore me. E. II. Geve,
Justice of Peace for the State.
Wc certify that Moses llarriman, of
Kcnncbuukpert, exhibited te us this Tues
day, p. m., a package of money, and re
quested us te count it. We did se and
made it $1,000, which he said he had re
ceived as set forth in his affidavit.
E. II. Geve,
R. M. SmiixeKu.
Augusta, January (1, 1880.
Murdered for His King.
Gee. Philip Hirth, aged twenty-one
years, a grocery dealer of Washington, I).
C., was found in a dying condition en P
street, near the junction or Seventeenth
street, last night. His head was badly
bruised and cut by some sharp instrument,
aud he expired shortly after his discovery
at a drug store, te which he had been
taken for medical treatment. The murder
is supposed te have been done by a gang
of workmen who had passed that way just
before Hirth was found. The incentive is
thought te have been robbery, as a ring
had been taken from Birth's finger and his
watch and money were missirtg. The po
lice arc searching for the murderers.
The steamship Hansa is ashore en the
island of Tenschilling and is breaking
The steamship Pice is reported a total
wreck near Maracaibo. The passengers
and crew were saved.
2 jThc bark Highmoor, from Philadelphia,
for Antwerp, reported lest a few days age,
has arrived at Antwerp
William A. Wilsen, son of the late post
master at West Point, Ga., has been
looked up for robbing the mails.
A fire broke out at Amsterdam, Helland?
in the sugar refinery of Benkcr & Hulsheif
at 9 o'clock last night, and has since becn
raging with great violence.
During a mutiny en the German ship Pau Pau
lieo Davis in the lower bav. at Mobile, the
captain was severely injured and unable te
leave the vessel. A revenue cutter has
gene te bring the mutineers ashore.
While five children were sliding en the
ice at Cotten Mill pond, Readvillc, Mass..
the ice gave way and all were precipitated
into the water. Maggie Malum and Frank
Mulvcy, both about 10 years of age, were
President Pullman, of the palace car
company, has agreed with the Allegheny
county commissioners te take $55,000 cash
in settlement of claims for cars destroyed
in the July riot of 18TT. About $S0.000
worth of cars were burned.
Twe engineers en the elevated railroad
in Xew Yerk city, tried te run ahead of
one another's at the Xinth avenue aud
Sixtieth street switch, yesterday, aud the
trains crashed together. Nobody was hurt,
but the cars were smashed.
A dispatch from Savannah says that the
Georgia Central railroad stock, which en
Tuesday evening was quoted at 79, went
up te 9: yesterday morning, closing last
evening at 8!). There is a general expres
sion of satisfaction at the leasing of the
The store of Jas. Stewart & Ce., exten
sive wholesale dealers in lumbermen's
supplies, salt and shingles, at past Sagi
naw, Mich., doing a business of $(!00,000
annually, was closed by the sheriff yester
day under an attachment at the instance
of Detroit creditors.
The members of the New Yerk produce
exchange voted en the question whether
the exchange would reconsider its action
of May 21, 1879, and indfinitely postpone
the adoption of the cental system. The
vote resulted 771 for rescinding and 1(58
against the measure,
The Xew Haven aud Northampton rail
road, at its annual meeting, voted te build
an extension from Northampton te Quiuer
Falls, with a branch te the state read at
either Shcburne Falls or North Adams, at
an estimated cost of 650,000, te be in
operation in a year.
In Cholier district, Ga., during an elec
tion for tax receiver, M. A. Smith, a bail
ill', called Jasper Spcuec te one side te talk
about the election. Smith, without warn
ing, snatched a pistol from a bystander
and shot Speuce dead. Smith and Spenee
had ill feelings towards one another for
some time, but they had made up. A
large party is hunting Smith. He will
stand a peer chance if caught.
A fire in Memphis which destroyed the
buildings Xes. ;)S:5, :585, :JS7 and :JS9. Main
street, originated in M. Henschberg ifc
Ce.'s picture-frame manufactory. At 11
o'clock the lire was under control. The
front walls of the buildings fell out and
buried three firemen in the ruins, killing
PetcMctz and seriously injuring Ed. Leon Leen
ard and Antheny MeCarty. Leenard had
his arm and leg broken. The buildings
were the property of the estate of the late
James T. Lcath, and were valued at about
$(5,000, the insurance en which is net yet
Adam Oschenshirt has been d.-.ewued at
Millvale, near Pittsburgh.
At the Baldwin locomotive works thirty
two locomotives are being built for the
Philadelphia and Reading railroad.
The Pittsburgh steel makers have advanc
ed centre steel from nine te ten cents per
pound. This grade is used for making
plow points, A:c.
The West Chester people are taking
steps te raise money for the erection of a
$:!0,000 hall that shall seat 1,000 persons
and have a stage capacity of 500.
William Tayler, of Millville, Cambria
county, was fatally injured by being
squeezed between two cars which he was
coupling at Johnstown en Tuesday.
A eijrar manufacturer of Somerset offers
te wager $1,000 that he has in his employ
a man who can make mere cigars in one
daj week or month than any man in the
United States.
The Harrisburg Patriot thinks the Sen
ate should refuse te confirm the reappoint
ment of Marshal Kerns in Philadelphia be
cause he selects reunders and ruffians for
deputy federal ellices. Reject him !
The famous case of Landis against
Wethcrill has been compromised in the
Montgomery court. The defendant's dam
is te be reduced se as te give the defendant
live feet head of water from the lop of his
penstock fleer.
The Tildcn club, of Pittsburgh, te-day
celebrate the General Jacksen victory at
Xew Orleans. James II. Hepkins, Mal
colm Hay, Jehn R. Large, C. F. McKcnna,
J. K. P. Duff, D. F. Patterson and R. M.
Gibsen are tl.e orators.
The partnership between A. II. Coffroth,
jr., anil J. K. Coffroth, in the publication
of the Semcrxct Democrat, has been dis
solved, J. K. Coffroth retiring. A. II.
Coffroth. jr., becomes the sole proprietor
proprietor of the Democrat and will con
tinue its publication.
Mr. Michael Ash, of Chester, has made
aflidavit before Magistrate Pele that his
daughter, Mary C. Ash, was decoyed te
Philadelphia by Henry Gelf, and that
she was the victim of criminal malprac
tice at the hand, of Dr.Jehn C. Buchanan,
and is new in a dying condition, but the
police have net yet succeeded in finding
Fidel Fisher, a well-known morocco
manufacturer of Philadelphia, died yester
day at his residence, Xe. 10:17 Nicholas
street, in the 77th year of his age. He was
born in Lensbeurg. in the Grand Duchy of
Baden, and in his 22d year came te Phila
delphia and began the manufacture of mo
rocco, at St. Jehn and Willow streets. He
remained in business nearly thirty years,
during the whole of which period he re
sided in the Northern Liberties.
The committee of stockholders of the
permanent exhibition has agreed te make
a report te the park commissioners at its
next meeting recommending that the no
tice for the removal of the exhibition
building be revoked en certain conditions.
These conditions are that a sum of menev
shall be raised by the stockholders of the
exhibition company for the permanent im
provement of the buildings and grounds
surrounding them, and that the terms of
the existing license will be fully complied
I'crpetual Orphan.
Evening Iiiilletin.
The here of the "Pirates of Penzance "
makes one of his strong points by affirm
ing that he is net an orphan and never was
one. But the Pennsylvania soldier's
orphan makes the proud counter beast
that he is an orphan new, always has been
aud always means te be. When Pennsyl
vania finds herself, at the end of fifteen
years, with 2,000 soldiers' orphans still en
her hands, with the certainty that the
system must yet run a considerable num
ber of years, it is very evident that there
has been a great perversion of the original
purpose te which the energies eT the state
were addressed.
Voices of the Past.
Adopted Sept 8, 1S75.
Recognizing as conclusive the presi
dent's public declaration that he is net a
candidate for re-nomination, and with the
siucerest gratitude for his patriotic ser
vices, we declare our unalterable opposi
tion te the election of any president for a
third term.
Adeiteii May , ISl'J.
That we declare a firm, unqualified ad
herence te the unwritten law of the repub
lic, which wisely, and under the sanction
of the most venerable of examples limits
the presidential service of any citizen te
two terms, and we. the Republicans of
Pennsylvania, in recognition of this law,
are unalterably opposed te the election te
the presidency of any person for a third
M ..s.sAcnrsETTS IJErrr.LicAX Convextiex. l-7.".
That sound reason, as well as the wise
and unbroken usage of the republic, illus
trated by the example of Washington, re
quires that the term of the chief magis
trate of the United States should net ex
ceed a second term.
Ohie Uiutelicax Convention-. lS7r.
The observance of Washington's exam
ple in retiring at the close of' a second
presidential term will be in the future as it
lias been in the past regarded as a fumla
mental rule in the unwritten law of the
Iowa Uiu'Uiimcax Convention, 1s7.".
The Republican party of Iowa oppose a
thiid term, and believe that President
Grant's letter te General White fairly re
moves that issue from our politics.
Wisconsin Uei'Ciilican' Convention, 1S73.
That we accept with approbation the
letter of President Grant, discouraging the
continuance in office of any mangistrate
of the nation for a longer period than two
After the closing of our reports yester
day from Maine, in the Heuse Jehn C.
Talbot was declared elected speaker by 72
votes, and conducted te the chair. A
clerk and assistant secretary were also
chosen, Mr. Bale protesting all the time
en behalf of the Republicans that there
was no legal organization of the Heuse.
Mr. Hale then presented a pretest of mem
bers from five cities, and moved te go into
committee of the whole te consider the
cases. The motion was rejected, and the
matter was referred te tlie committee en
elections, te be appointed. The ether
contests were referred te tlie same com
mittee, and the Heuse adjourned. There
were noise and confusion in the Heuse
during the proceedings, the galleries being
filled by a demonstrative mob. Governer
Garcelon s term expired last night, and the
president of the Senate fills his place until
a new governor is chescs.
A .Mail Carrier in Illinois Shet Dead
A dispatch from Jerseyville, 111., says
that Clement Kewden, a mail carrier,
living near Rosedale, Jersey county.
was called out et his house at
dusk en Monday evening and shot
dead en the spot, ten buckshets
entering his breast. The
supposed te have been
sheeting i;
done by
Benjamin Spry, accempaucd by his two
brothers and Peter Grosjean, between
whom and Rowden an old grudge existed.
After the killing Rewdcn's wife followed
the murderers a short distance, but they
mounted horses and lied. Twe of the
horses ridden by them returned next morn
ing, one tied te the tail ei the ether.
Henry, one of Spry's brothers, returned
home and was arrested.
Orders Tltreiigli Hie Keyhole.
North American.
The voice of Pennsylvania cannot be
ascertained by listening at any keyhole.
When it is desired te poll the Republican
party of the state in order te determine
what sentiment predominates it is net the
usual way te consult with one man in
forty thousand and accept the result as a
popular expression. The right way te
ascertain public sentiment in a party is
te give the masses opportunity te express
themselves in the customary way. It is
te be regretted, therefore, that the time
of holding the sta'e convention was net
delayed at least three months, in which
time very much may happen te indicate
what is best te be done.
A Louisiana .Sensation.
A dispatch from Lake Providence, La.,
says : City Marshal Maguirc was shot and
killed while attempting te arrest a number
of flatboat men. Five men were arrested
en suspicion and placed under guard. On
Monday night several of Maguire's relatives
broke into the prison and opened lire,
wounding every prisoner, two of them
mortally. The coroner's inquest discov
ered that the murderer of Maguirc, a man
named James Brown, had net been arrest
ed, but had escaped in a skiff. The men
killed and wounded by Maguire's relatives
were innocent.
Ute I'riseners en their Way East.
Lieutenant Tayler, with a detachment
of ten men, arrived in Pueblo, Cel., yester
day, with the twelve Ute prisoners and
proceeded east. A crowd of between two
and three thousand people congregated at
the depot and were very demonstrative.
' Hang the red devils," "Sheet the mur
dering fiends," and like expressions were
frequently heard. The savages were terror-stricken
and completely cowed. A
movement was en loot m the morning te
organize fifty men and lynch them," but
cooler councils prevailed.
m m
I'rets, Itut Must Dear It.
Xew Kill.
Calls have been issued for the Republi
cans of Chester and Montgomery counties
te elect their delegates te the state and
national conventions. Our local " sover
eign despots " propose te accord no such
privilege te the Republicans of Lancaster
county. They say they have the power
and will use it.
"The Family" Failing.
X. V. HeruM's Wuthingten special, double
The political significance of Senater
Cameren's position as chairman of the na
tional Republican committee has been se
persistently misunderstood that it is worth
while te make the truth plain. Mr. Cam
eren is net a Grant man, but a Cameren
Till: MAR.SHAI.SniP.
Keapjieintmcnt of Air. Kerns, anil Hew it
Caiue About.
Special te The Xerth American by Telegraph.
In this nomination the president again
pays his deference te Senater Cameren.
Frem the Oxford I'rcss.
The farm of the late Geerge Rubincam,
in Little Britian tewnshiji, containing 92
acres, was sold at public sale en Thursday
last by the administrator, te Samuel T.
Eiadferd of Wilmington, for $23 per acre.
Jes. 1 1. Brosius has completed his cream
cry, at Oetorare, and will commence butter
making in a short time. He intends te
use only the milk of his twenty-four cows
at present and will net buy of his neighbors
until his arrangements arc fully perfected.
William B. Faxsen, of Colerain town
ship, recently sold a drove of seventeen
hogs of the Poland China breed which
averaged nearly 390 pounds weight each.
J. F. Turner, of the same township, sold
nine shoats from a litter of twenty-three.
The mother of this extraordinary breed,
finding she had a rather large family for
the hard times, being unable te furnish
drinking tubes all around, dispatched all
but nine.
Clese of the l'eultry Shew.
Last night at 10 o'clock the exhibi
tion of the Lancaster county poul
try association closed, after a very
successful five days run, and this
morning the show birds were released
from their contracted aud rather uncom
fortable coops, and carried te their several
homes, where they will h. - e a chance of
exercising their legs and uugs by i tinning
in the open yard and recuperating their
health by a mere varied diet.
Iu the list of premiums published yes
terday we inadvertently emitted a special
one awarded te Charles Lippold. of this
city, for the best display of pigeons.
In behalf of the exhibitors, who failed
te secure premiums, it is only fair te say
that some of their fowls were se nearly of
equal merit with the winners, in the
opinion of the judges, that they only
lackcd a point or two. and in one or mere
cases, only half point, id' the score
awarded the winner. This fact speaks
well for the several exhibitors, and shows
that they have given great care te the
rearing of stock of the purest bleed.
A curiosity exhibited and net hereto
fore noticed, was a three-legged fowl bred
by C. II. Mayer, letter carrier. The bird is
full grown and perfect in every respect.
with the exception of the third leg and
feet, which is located between the ether
legs and is net mere than half as Ien.';,
and, of course, does net reach te the
ground when the bird stands erect.
The committee of arrangements have net
yet had time te make a statement of the
receipts and expenses, and the attendance
of visitors at the fair. Approximately, it
may be stated that about 3,000 persons vis
ited the fair ; that the receipts from the
sale of tickets were between $-100 and s."00;
the entry fees from exhibitors about
12.". and that the net profits after
paying all expenses (including about $12e
for coops, cups, &c, which are worth
what they cost) will net be less than Slet).
The clear profits te the association may
thus be put at about $27."i or 6300.
The judges, who' are experts, and are
called upon te attend shows in all parts of
the country, declare the Lancaster show
te have been one of the very best they
have attended within a long time past.
Narrow Fneape Frem Death.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Geerge F.
Baker, of Raphe township, and her little
daughter made a narrow escape from a
terrible death. They had been en a visit
te Mrs. Jehn Bessier, of Springville, who
is Mrs. Baker's mother, and en their re
turn home, when between Springville and
Mount Jey, as they approached the rail
road, they saw a train of cars approaching
which they supposed te be the Johnstown
express, then nearly due, but which was
in fact a special train. As seen as it
had passed, Mrs. Baker and her daughter,
who were seated in a spring wagon, drove
en towards the railroad crossing the rail
road and turnpike running parallel with
each ether and being quite close together.
Before reaching the crossing the Johns
town express came thundering behind
them. The horse took fright and ran at
full speed along the pike towards the cross
ing, reaching it just as the train came
along. The horse cleared the track,
but the rear end of the carriage was
struck by the locomotive, which shattered
and upset it, and threw Mrs. Baker and
her daughter some distance from the
track. They were both badly cut about
the face and bruised about the body, but
neither was dangerously hurt. Dr. M.
K. Bewers was called and attended te
their injuries, and last night they were
taken te their home near Bessier's meet
ing house. The horse continued te run
until he had demolished and get loose from
the wagon.
A Lawsuit About Tobacco liaising.
The Chester county courts are new en
gaged with the suit of Benjamin C. Lcntz
against William Schlegcl, trever and con cen con
versen. In the spring of 1870 Schlegcl
wanted te go into tobacco raising,and went
te Lancaster te obtain a man te cultivate.
There he met Lcntz and made a bargain
with him, by which the latter was te raise
the crop en shares te receive one half.
Six acres were planted with tobacco. The
crop was housed, and a part of it stripped.
Then Schlegcl would net let Lentz de any
thing mere with it. Lcntz said there
were about 9,000 peunus. Be never re
ceived any portion of this tobacco. Be
and his two boys worked all summer.
Even in the course of his testimony Lentz
said that, where tobacco was grown en
shares, it was the custom for tlie land
owner te plough, harrow and ridge the
ground ; then the fanner planted and cared
for the crop. When Lcntz was stepped
from stripping there were about 1,000
pounds of tobacco in the house. This was
taken away by the sheriff. Suit was
brought, and Lentz obtained value for his
half of this. The defense set up that the
tobacco was farmed in a negligent manner;
that they held the rent of the house in
which Lentz lived and flour furnished as a
set-off, which, added te the less sustained
by the negligence would meic than balance
the plaintiff's claim.
Tobacco and Othur Crep Insurance.
A new insurance company has been or
ganized at Mount Jey, te insure against
the destructive ravages of hurricanes, cy
clones or hailstorms en tobacco and ether
growing crops. The following directors
and ellicers have been elected : President,
Stephen Grissinger, Raphe; Secretary,
F. A. Rieker, Mount Jey ; Treasurer,
B. M. Greider, Mount Jey ; Directors,
Stephen Grissinger, Raphe ; Stephen S.
Clair, Columbia ; E. McGovern, Lancas
ter ; Christian G. Shirk, J. R. Strickler.
II. S. Stauil'er and J. C. Grolf, Mount Jey.
Henry Mcckley, sold 2 acres of tobacco
at 4 and 18 ; Michael Readier, 2 acres at 4
and 20 ; Jehn Lindeiiiuth, 2 acres at 4 and
20 ; Andrew Ilelwager, 2 acres at , 10 and
15; Henry Burst, at ", Gaud 17. The
above arc in Mount Jey tewnsnip, and
sold te Lederman Bres. Michael Whittle,
Raphe, sold te Jehn E. Longenecker, at 'A.
.landle; Jacob Zink, sr., Raphe, at 3. e
and 17 ; Levi Shcllciibergcr, Raphe. 2 acres
at '.', 8 and 21 ; Stephen Grissinger, Raphe,
whose crop was very badly damaged by
the hail, sold his at 10 cents round.
Methodist Kevival.
A "gracious revival" of religion is in prog
ress in St. Paul's M. E. church. The
meeting last evening was of great interest
and the spirit of conviction rested upon the
people. Seven persons, an adults, came
forward te the altar for prayer and two ,
professed conversion, i no revival services
have just beguu, and from present indica
tions premise te be far-reaching iu their
influence and results.
State or the Treasury Finance ltepert IV-
tltleeg "West Chestnut Street Sewer The
Seuth Mulberry Street Damages Fire le
partmeut Mutters. Jtc.
A stated meeting of select and common
councils was held last evening.
Select Council.
The following members were present :
Andersen, Bering, Ebcrly, Evans. Shenk,
Zecheraud Franklin president.
Mr. Evans presented the monthly report
of the city treasurer and receiver of taxes,
from which it appeared that the .receipts
during the month of December were $-12:5.-04;
the payments $3,5 11. 1J5; aud the bal
ance in the city treasury $21,(103.63.
Mr. Evans also presented the monthly
report of the finance committee from which
we make the following extract :
The committee audited the books of the
treasurer and fiud that he has collected
city tax as fellows :
Real estate tax collected Sept. te
Dec. 1, 1879. 2V percent, added. $812.(54
Tenants '. 2.08
Single Men 72
Total $810.01
The treasurer presented the nine ward
duplicates of unpaid taxes for 1879. which
are a fellows :
I . Jl -
If ? !
! ! : L
!$ 770.51'$ 1.1 $ l.a.i-. $ 1,07.1.71
2,7is.Ki isct.a; v.ti.M ::,ic.7.::5
'Xt.'.K 1117.12 lOS.r.'.l l,il!M
i,es;.s-j l.viei !i7.i;j i,
T-.w ISO-is s..-Ki ::;s..-.7
l,i;s.'.- 2::;r ies.7.' i,s2i.f'.i
.-iei;.i:: ist;.i2' nwe s;i;.e.-
1I-2S.71 -l-'.i.M 11PS.00 ujwi
SOi.V) SitV.fJ S7.75 l.l'
if UUiSl.21 $J.MM tailTJli tl2,U73.
Total ....
A petition for erecting lamps at the
corner of Careline and Redney streets was
referred te the lamp committee with
power te act. Common council concur
red. Petitions for lamps at the corner of
Maishall and Chestnut streets and at the
corner of College avenue and West Lemen
streets were presented, and the prayer of
the petitioners were granted. Common
council concurred.
Mr. Bering presented a resolution in
structing the lamp committee te have
three lamps erected en the Old Factory
read beyond the Rockland street school
house. The resolution was passed. Com
mon council concurred.
A resolution was adopted instructing
the street committee te construct a sewer
en West Chestnut street, from its present
terminus, te Xe in street. Common coun
cil concurred after adding the words pro
vided there be funds iu the hands of the
committee for the purpose." Select
council adhered te its action and
asked for a committee of conference,
appointing en its part Messrs.
Shenk and Eberly. Common council ap
pointed Messrs. Beard and Schroyer. Alter
consultation the committee reported that
they could net agree. Beth bodies adhered
te their former action and the resolution
Mr. Eberly moved te reconsider the ac
tion of select council indefinitely postpon
ing the report of the appraisers who assess
ed damages te property by the gradinir id
Seuth Mulberry street. The motion was
agreed te and Mr. Eberly presented a reso
lution referring the report of the appraisers
te Messrs. Jehn I. Bartman, S. S. Spen
cer and Christian Zecher, for review, in
accordance with act id' Assembly. The
resolution was adopted. Common council
Common Council.
The following members were present :
Messrs. Ban-, Bartholemew, Beard,
Bees, Berger, Bttrkhelder, Diller, Hartley,
Hayes, Buber, Kahl, .Mentzer, Merrow,
Reist, Schroyer, Snyder, Sprecher,
Stermfeltz, Yackly Zahm, and Skiles.
After tlte roll had been called Mr. Win.
D. Sprecher, of the Second ward, elected
at the last meeting, vice Mr. Heiisel, re
signed, was qualified as a member, and
appended his name te the roll.
The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved.
Mr. Schroyer, from the committee en
fire engine and hose companies, presented
a report from that committee, accom
panied by a communication from Chief
Engineer Fordney. The latter paper set
forth that a tine of $10 had been imposed
en the Shiiller company for a violation of
the regulations of the department. The
action of the committee w:is approved.
The committee's report was in the shape of
a resolution, authorizing the purchase of
three overcoats for the use of the chief and
assistant engineers of the department, at a
cost net te exceed $75, no ether equipments
efa similar character te be purchased dur
ing the term of eflicc of the present incum
bents. The resolution was adopted after
being amended te the effect that the over
coats be regarded as city property and re
turned te the city at the expiration of the
term of the present incumbents, or in the
event of their resignation. Select council
amended by referring back te the commit
tee with instructions te report the necessity
of the proposed purchase. Common coun
cil concurred.
The following ordinance, reported with a
favorable recommendation at the last
meeting of councils, was read a second and
third times, and wasunanimouslyadeptcd:
An Ordinance for the J'rerrtinn uf the llnxe of
the Cit if of Ijftitcixler, itit'l for the J'fxerva J'fxerva
lien efOrili-r at Ftrex.
Section I. He it ordained by the Select and
Common Councils or tlie City of Lancaster,
and it N lierebverdaineil by the authority of
the same: That any street or railroad car.
IiO-m; carriage, or ether lire engine,.
wa;;en, cart, or any ether vehicle of any kind,
wliich shall be driven ever the lire he-c ho-len-'inj;
te tlie lire department of r City of
Lancaster, wliich shall or may be laid in the
street.-, at the occurrence efaiiy 11 rein tlie city,
or at any alarm of lire, or at any ether time
when the lire lie-e may be in use, the driver or
eivnt-r of such vehicle hIiiiII be subject te a a a
proiccutien before theMayor,er any of tin: AI AI
dermeiief the city et Lancaster; and. upon con
viction thereof, shall be lined in a sum net ex
ceeding ten (1) dollars for the first elriMicc;
and ler a second or subsequent ell'enec. in a
sum net exceeding the huiii of twenty (20) del
lars, wiin cesis ei pro-eeuuen.
.ieit.2, All tines and costs imposed by the
prevision of the foregoing section, shall be
icceveredin tlie same manner as ether lines
are recovered by tlie City of Lancaster.
.eit. '.',. In addition te the duties its new pre
scribed bv the several ordinances of the city,
it shall he the duty of tlieCiilet of Police und
the police present, te -o-epcrate with theChief
Engineer and assistant engineers of tlie lire
department, in reference te all matters con
nected with the management efa tire, and as
sist the Chief Engineer, assistant engineers,
and the members of tlie lire department, in
forming a cordon (witli ropes te be provided
for that purpose) around the lire ground, te
protect the members of tin: lire department
tretn intrusion or interruption, and te de all
things necessary for tlie protection of the
peace and property.
.Mr. Sprecher was appointed as a mem
ber of the street cemmittc te fill the va
cancy caused by Mr. Hcnsel's resignation.
Feley's Finger Flattened.
James Feley had the second finger or
his left hand crushed at the Pcnn rolling
mill yesterday afternoon by a large roll
falling en it.