Father Abraham. (Reading, Pa.) 1864-1873, July 30, 1869, Image 1

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No : , fi l l P7l 6L A!f f rf flfg#C".l4er*
Ow. Otsr ei rt• 4 it
coptef, name addressedd
10 caplet !" •4 " ' ' ' liii
15 ropier " " 15.00
120 motor 24.ti0
JuK4l.lO for midi addittoosL subscriber.
TOR tram, IV ,TAORA0111;
10 W ikrineih . (4o,?n• ciders/10 i LBO
es d , 9.0 Q
lee , la 16 C4O
$l.OO for each
edlninit:4lonli nitibt invariably be pita
in aNdivnniter: . • • !,• •• 0 , •
~t • ~!. 0
043 P JAI N 'X' IPI GI.
or *lnv ' ; •
The time of the arrival M it orture of the
trains 9n the Peruniyly a owl, at Lan
caster, has been change ,as to owl; :
Mein. Ex....th.57 a. m. Pittsburg Ex. LrT S. m.
Philla.Exprese4tol " I 2:39 "
Fast Line 8:36 Mail. 11:115 "
Laao. " feat Line . . 246 p, tn.
Day Express. 1:40 p,nl.!Columbla Ao. f 45 "
ffarristeg Ac..5:51 " Earrilib , g :St "
Southern Ex..4:00 ' !Um& Ea "
!Pinata. "
Great Trunk LinefromtheNorthand , /forth
wed for Phikule/phia, New York, Bead.
inq l'ottssitie, Tamaqua, Ashland, Bha•
mokin i .4banon, Allentown, Easton., //ph.
rata, Mtis, Lancaster, Columkia,' A c,
Trains leave Harriaburg fir n itsw York aa fel !
lows: ,At '
t 2.35, 5.90, 8.10 a. in. 2.0 W
noon. 2.00 I
10.66 p. in., Connecting withs liar trilths on th e
Pennsylvania Rallread, and arriving_ at New
York at • 9.46 a. m.,11.46 a. ni,11.66,6461 9.80 p.m.,
and 8.90 a. in, roppectively. Sleeping. Cl**.
00P61/3 , the 2.36,5.20 a. m. and 1046 p. in, tra ins
withottt antige.
Leave narimbi r tUr Read", = g e e
Pipe rroirr i rileatown and Plioadelphist, at
I t i rl iu nin k ma e k l ia a i ntiect i rmpr
For Po el
Sabiilkrlaven and Auburn, via
and niuritagurg
at 8.30 p. nu
Returning: Leave New Yorkjit 9.00 a. iii.. 12.00
noon, 8.05 and 8.00 U. in., Philadelphia lit 8.16 a.
in. and 8.90 p. in.; sleeping oars soormipluiy the
9.00 a. m. , 6.05 and 8.00 p. in. trains !ram NeW
York, without. °halms.
Way Passenger Train leaves Philadelphia at
7.30 a. in, connecting with similar train on East
Penna. Railroad returning from Reading at
8.36 p. in., stores at all asthma; leave PetU
villa at 7.80, 8 a. in., and 2.46 p la.; Shamokin
at 4.26 and 10.85a.m.; Ashland at 7.'oowan., and MO
noon, Tamaqua at 8.53 a. in.; and 2.20 p. in., for
Philadelphia and New York.
Leave Pottsville, via Schuylkill and ?Wane-
Mans Railroad at 7.00 a. m. for Harrisburg, and
11.89 a.• M.
Atom Grove and Tremont.
Reading mgodation Train I.yes
R ding at 730 a. pt., returning leaves la
d his at 5:16 p. In.
AeCommodation Train: Leaves
Pottstown at 8.26 0. in.; returning, leaves Phila
delphia at 4.20 p. m.
Columbia Railroad Trains leave Readi ng at
7.00 a. in. and 8.16 p. in. for Ephrata, Lit , Lan
easter, Columbia, ac.
Perkiomen Railroad Trains leave Perkiomen
Junction at 9.00 a. lab and 6.06 p. inA returning,
leave Skippack at 8.16 a. i
n. and LOW P. ILI 0 0 !).
nesting lath *Whir trans ou heading Rau
On Sundays: Leave New York at 8.09 p. nt.,
Philadelphia at One a. a. and &10 p. in., the
IClii. train running only to Reading; Pone,
0.00 S o M ii iirrasaf 5.20 a. m o 4.10
Ils _p_. m.„ a es t 12,60amanight i V
71. ss. m. or Ha
irg, at Pi.e6 ililall,
sad 7.08 a. a. far PllairWrk; And Ms 9.0 a. in. bad
4.116 p. in. to; Philadia. • •
ClOmmatett4op, .311)sage, Saimaa, adapt and
En'enrigon Tailgate, re and from all points, at
adhered rates:
sae G.
through; 100 pounds alloWed
es t
G. A.-111001LS,
Glitnemil imeribleditt. t_.
READVNG, PA., April ei.ima. ispnLw•Joymeiw
THURSDAY, APRIL 15th, 1889,
Laava. Amity..
Lancaster Sava. M. Reeling —.Judo a. m.
310 p. m. •
• • , . Neap. m
Columbia ... .AM i. in. • " Wial a. in.
a 30 p.m. " ..... MO p. in.
LIMY& _ Amami.
Residing ..... r . a .m. Laneeter.....9:l6 a. m.
a .... :16 p. tn. .....lpon.
Ma. tn. Colltnitda a. tn.
" ..... lidt p. nu " ....A p; in.
Trains leaving Laneader and Columbia as
abate, make elate mammalian at /nada* with
Trailllg Ntrtie• 41 /9. 6 011t4f "" PblltidelPleta • nd
'I , , t• ' • . '' t .--
, I
pvasgial lt iosim ith ar ;0 . 4
L Lataage ) all gall tad 2 a
AO ta.; midi IA
ale •*A 108, alla ea 1
a IN. Illanrue.
Alt, Mb a. 111.0 alli4 1:10, 0444 p. 111.
alto imra ia 40 a. 11 1 1 , n aaa We and $0 to
Mmtit)lal $a eat. , &e.
And Muskat Instruments Genera lly.
Sole Agent for
Also, Agent for
airliasie sent by Mail Free of
Lamaist(); Pa.
GOOK 4.31011 L DOH!
ltOoft aw *nt
sorts nutsitt Inshtrumtnital
Der Kevinski is agent for de bereemty
wehr Pianos—Klogum 'Least ther se of deitsh.
Der plats is
lb B. FOP a lint inity•gooty Gem, odder an
u, odAtep a Iliwperrleh-PeS, udder au.
eat 0 41 1 8 :lere mtudml mentrumeut, ides odder
VirAdept yubbt .ione Seviaudil% Ne.'d
* l ErAnde Bbtcost liMaillaig• MOO , ,
strire oft' to
It erg tff •up tyls ;laildt
to lie
ClaOi Agency.
.11.71 D
No. 56 East King-st., Lancaster, Pa.
Being duly licenseci as a Claim Agent, and
having a large experience, prompt attention
will be given to the following classes of claims,
BOUNTY and PAY duediseharged Boldiersand
BOLTNT Y (additional) to Soldiers who enlisted
for not less than 2 or 3 years, or were honora
bly discharged for wounds received.
BOUNTY (additional) to Widows, Children, or
Parents of Soldiers who died from wonnds re.
ceived or disease contracted in said service.
PENSIONS for invalid Soldiers and Sandra; Or
to their widows or children.
PENSIONS for fathers and mothers, brothers or
sisters of deoeused toldiers, upon whom they
were dependent.
PENSIONS and GRATUITIES for Soldiers or
their !Mcrae from Pennsylvania, in the War
of 1812.
PAY due Teamsters, Artificers and Civil em
ployees of the Government.
PAY due for horses bet in the United Mates
CHARGIIB.—Pees fair and moderate, and in
no case will obargeS be made until the money
is collected. (deo 264yr*
After paying• Loewe to the amount of $1,190,000.
All the Surplus .Dividend amongst the Policy
Holders every year.
For further information apply to
From "Father Abraham" 0111oe_,
no2o.tf I Lancaster, ra
LANC.ASTIR, June With, 1868.
Eamon, Expanse: Dr. Win. Jf. Whiteside, the
enterprising Dentist, has purchased from me a
large stook of teeth and ail the diturep, the in
struments formerly belongin. to me, and also
those used by my father, Dr. Parry, in his pear
tine. in the purchase, the doctor ban provided
himself with some of the most valuable and ex
pensive instruments used in dental ptsetb*
and has beyond doubt one of the best and.
gest collections of teeth and instruments in the
state. Persona visiting the commodious tylkiees
of Dr. Whiteside, cannot fail to be fully wow
modated. The Doctor loses no opportenity of
furnishing himself With every late seientitio
improvement In his line of buiMess.
/3. PARRY.
lirß.l 4 E T.I Ef T':
Next door to the Court gouge, over iabnee-
toots Dry Uotods Store,
Teeth Extracted without pain by the use of
(Nitrous 0444 Ga d.
n0204t I
B Aut & SHENK,
twos . ,
SILY*R, Aktt) col:irons. • •
Drafts gives on sU Mts pir41 1 04001004,
UoilositiOns mails promptly.
tattooist paid oil Dipostto.
Jona M. Ilvosigos. eatasL ammosk,
81 . 1111.11 AN. CAS ON it CO.
House Furnishing Geed&
W. if. EMMINGER it CO.,
Heit iobts exactly ratans* Yohr,
Das loh bin °WA 11,4111
Nan bin toll widder lewig e'riok,
Un' steh' am Schuh-heus an der Krick,
Yueht neakst an's Atty's Haus.
Loh bin in hundert HaieWier *'west,
Von marbel, Stein un' Brick ;
Un' riles was Ich hab geseh,
Det Ich verschwappa any day,
Fuer's Schul-heus an der Krick.
Wer mued de hemp is, nu' will fort,
So los UM numma geh ;
Ich sag ihm awer torus nuns,
Es is all Humbug Otres drags,
Un' er werd's solver sob.
Ich bin drans rum in rile Eck'
Getrevelled high an' low ;
Hab awer nosh in kennima Spot,
UP e'inol so del Jay gehat,
Wie iu dent Schel•haut do.
Wie haetnelt midi do alles a':
Ich steh, un' denk, guk ;
Un' was loh solder vergessa hab,
Kummt wider z'rick, wie sus Reim Grab,
Un' steht do wie e' Spook
rem Kriekle spiidt verbal wie's hot,
• ' Xeh rook t 140 9 ;
e a noonne isoh, Art
So simart Wie long ago.
Der Weisech' steht noch an der Tuehr—
Macht Schatta neber's Ditch ;
DioTrobqbersak is a', nooh grue'.—
Un's Amsel nescht—guk yusht 'mol hi'!
0 was is des en Sach'!
Die fichwalma skippa ueber's Feld—
Die fedderst is die besht I
Un seasht du, dont am Guebeleok,
En Haus von Stopple un' von Dreck ?
Sol is e' Schwalm& Nescht.
Die yunge leis still just now,
lan 'Chide elle sound ;
Wart bis die Alta kriega Werra,
Nord borscht da awer gross gelarm,
Von Mettler all around !
Ys, alles des is nook wie's war
Wo lob nook war e' Buhl;
Doch andere Dings en ' net meh so,
For alias dat slot ee do
WM lob Melt merit tam'?
Ich steh, wie Ossian in seam Thal,
Un soh ins woika Spiel,—
Bewegt it Freed us Traner.4-aolt I
Die Trawls Komposwan Lob /soh !
Kanscht denka wie lab fuehl I
Do bin IA gem in die 1344
Wo tch noun war pp. !Elea •
Dort war der
v yrdtteriti solul Stahl ;
Dort wet ,un dort tel Unhi—
tch kin s Me t h idles Mat I •
Die langa Desks ring's an der Wand—
Die .tiehnkadluin ;
Uf shier gresa Seidl die , poets Mead,
Und dors die Btitiooonet ea bleed
Gnk wit ate peep 'rum I
Der Meschter watch't she close just now—
Ste beater e%tht ;
Dort Seller wo love Letters schreibt,
Uri seller wo tel Spoochte treibt,
On' Seller Kert Wo hioht.
Die grass ion' die bless all,
Sin' unner ow Bole •
Un dee to youth, der mitts wag;
War Rules vrrhosoktdarnessonotsie Sohkg
Oder yerlost die Bohai.
Imitandig inn der Oft 'rum,
Hocks die klene chaps ;
Uhl ntudla all gar hart, you see,
WO let lernt set A. B. 0,
Set Ohre kridge Bitpps.,
Wig hart Milumka at so Beak.—
Die Pus net of ear Floor ;
En matiolter,kribkt in tathar Buck,
tweak= Sohall leas an der Krick,
Us' Bookie about sight sore I
Di x e n foroP iniatirr pr l ol i t ueo 4 o o 4 t t ka i sie
Es ke' Whlligilk=ll6lll my Wort—
so wen* lona dort
17rimilla boob* Bonk.
Mit all deDrawbaske aoyhow,
Won do& o',..ftleoets Ma hal;
Da ftosilette"-XM" tor so—gok such—
m durektposa Buck,
Uslbtlipt embus
lio' ebbe auk.
Bois Witter ye, tla tiko;s Xea lesteb ;
trwitit hot if MO •
Opt Olharrsd
Vio43 late' 54114 b IWO tiosarred
" 1 40 46/ 12 • • •
Wan's Slimier War w . us Scald war ens,
Nord ass otes pi gstoolt ;
DNA biordirbaftilikoso geolesst,
Deli nen task Wider minasd,
On deal, lom diolpie *'spills.
IX! , r
gg ; ,
italikposod. I
PO' 11 1 0 s 34 05 9 r 9 1 40 4.
Die Kiev& Nand has Biag popish,
17f sellout Wane da ;
Wean grow Itasilvia' in der Bing—
'll is dock.' waturwProllas Ding I—
SM? pose Mara a'
Diagrosa ben, die Froge
Die Kiwi all vermisst !
it`le eta' ale sprung% ab un'
Wer g'womut Itot--verlos dick druf—
Hot tnechtiglich pldest !
Am Christi)* Ws' die reehte silt--
O wan loh yusoht d'ra' dent !
Der Mesebter hen mir nano gesperrt,
Do Tnehr and Vomiter Vest gebarrt,—
"Nan, Mebobter, e' Gebobenck
Nord hot er mightily brobirto
Mit force au komme net ;
On mir her--sic an hot geklopt—
En Sobreiwes Mina tutus gestoipt,
"Wan's seinsht don boat du red."
Nan hot der Mesehter rens gelanst—
Gar Kreislich sheepish vat !
Appel um' Keshta, un' nooh meh,
Silver yusht a mint in fact recht whoa ;
Mir hen't! mit Luschte k' sluckt !
O. wn sin' now .die Schuler All,
Wo lama do gelerut?
A deel sin' welt ewek 'gamest,
By fortune of un' ab gochoeat,—
Peel hot der Tod g.enut I
Nei Hertz sohnalit mit Gedanka uff,
Els lob miller gar verstiek !
.11.entip,betda's (I tit mirttau oa leed—
trn' doth gebt mir die 'gro4chte Freed,
Des Saul-halts an drt Kriik !
fatty ,
Good bye I alt Schul-haus—echo Kreischt
Good bye ! Good bye 1 zurueck ;
0 Schill-eanstillehnl•hatuit nuts Ich geh ?
Un' du atehst nord do alle' aleh—
Du Schul-haus an der Krick !
0 horcht ihr Leut wo nach mir lebt,
Ich Schrelb such nooh des Stick ;
lob warn euoh, dioh ouch, gebt dooht aoht
Un nemmt forever gut en ht
Des Schul-hans an der Krick.
Pistaaneoug t
[Erom the Toledo Blade.]
The nomination of Roseman in Ohio—a
Holmes county, Ohio, Jooly 12, 1860.
I left the Corners the day after I lost
my position, and without any speshel pur
pose wandeired up iate.:inr Did ststmpin
grounds in Ohio., I wuz received with a
coljality wich affected me profoundly.—
Them Mich hed bin turned out ov offises
cood sympathise with me, and them wich
had never got em felt it atilt more deeply,
ez they eggeaggerato the benefits to be de,
rived from offishl poslshen, and actilly
wonder how a man with ever held in of-
"ro no difficulty in borrowinenuff do!.
he. uv the sturdy yeomanry uv this seer
tion to not only keep me afloat here for a
tine but to pervide liens passage through
an ablishn country of sich need be. My
expenses here will be light, ez I am board
in and drinkin on tick exclusively. I told
the landlord the first day to mark it down
ez it wuz inconvenient to make change
fifty times per day. He possibly may wish
he had taken the trouble to make change.
The day after the Dimocratic State con
venahen at Columbus we held a. informal
meetin uv the Dimocracy at the tavern to
wich I wuz stayin, the most uv the'vete
rans bein there. The sceen reminded me
uv Bascomls so much that I actilly abed
teem. DinTcraey is alike everywhere..Ther wuz the bar, with the big-bellied bot
tle with tansy in it, and the big-bellied bot
tle without tansy in it; ther wuz the box
;iv pipes, the two lemmas with are doomed
gever to in yoosed, ez lemon-j o ose weakens
Biker ;,ther wuz Pepper, the landlord,. with
his 'sleeves rolled up, a leanin onto his • el
bows onto ' timber ; behind him a ilbetrnte
uv Jackson, on his eomin steed, wavia his
sword toward the British; beside it a hand.
bill fora gums convenshun usr the Deretrick
htat year, commensin with the 'trooly or
thodox life: "Do you want to marry a
ni g gar?" in large black type, witha &tut
uf Wendell PAUips kietun a wench, at
with the Dimoerasy have indignated reg
lerly for ten years. Seetid on bustid cheerif
empty nail kegs, and leanin on the bar;
wise a poop with wuz simply a dooplikit
uv the X Roads and so akkerit that I caught
myself sayin "Deekin" lots uv times. I
sad " captln" to a, man echo wtm so neer
like MdPelter ez to justify the suspicion
that the fitther Uv the present Hugh bed
many years before bin a (Wein uv that vi
sinity, but I wuz keerful not to do sou*.
getain me by the throte, he sternly rer
Markt : " Sir don't put any uv them
titles onto me; sir. I wuz' no captain,
thank heven." He wuz passified when I
told him that his remarkable resemblance
to a Conialtit 011011111WOCCalliellfd the mis
take, with pleated hip se that he to moult
askt me to take euthin. This epened. a
new field to me wich I 'worked. r
ered to mount an atnazin resemblance be
tween all uv emend olistinguleht Southern
While rain the return IV '&lUlte Pet
tibone, wich au; a delegate to thiState
cOnvenshin, we fell to tallthi nv'the; old
*Os with tried men's soles in the solder
Min ur the war. Pepper, tilmolesillord,
gave a molt ail ctin:rugSmut uv, On
shootjn uv two retu vetetaps lit we
very room in wich We t. The spot on
with they • ibll be bed put the stole (net
that it mite be shwa Mr. BIM* an
tre l
old saint , wluwe none wain lightln psth
way to the tom% hed a more. a tit
t¢ fell. He Wuz one uv theth 4i
ered his Owns, Note to rerielet ' •
is his country, and was taken by tido.
coated hireling' sad carted 9ff OD, Vile*
Olekleh Where he Wee kept lit &Prig** rile
fir weeks, with nOthin WhateVer lb' live
onto but yooeuld tafileill ur of h btogerl
On. MP the old relies er the war, wish
his name it win Hobbit, acoompssied
Vslbuadygoui th;augh the Bosh , wk.b
lines wuz commanded by Itesecrans. Lie
*az present when thht accused vAittin—
that tool uv the despotic ape Linldti-L-hed
the impudence to abuse our martyred
saint, and his blood Idled es he heered it.
At this pint the entire assemblage profan
ed. The letter uy Rosecrans to the Leg-
Mater uy Ohio wuz dooly read, and the
audashus sentiments therein contained
Wl= dooly and emphatically damned. Fa
the likker circulated, we got more aid
niore enthoosiastic on this pint, and our
blood warmed and throbbed more vilently
through our veins es we toasted Vallandy.
hum And forever and ever cursed the
wretched hireling who ipprest him, and
through him us.
Finally we heard the rumblin uv wheels
over the hill and we knowd that wus
'Squire Pettibone a comin from the sthshin
with: the news uy the convenshin. He
drove up and we rushed out to greet him.
"'for for—who steel we, ror for?" ex
claimed Pepper.
"For Vallandygutn!" Bed another.
"For Carey!" sed another.
"My friends!" shouted Pettibone, "My
friends, 'ror for Rosecrans and victory."
"What?" remarkt a dozen ur us.
"Who?" remarhi the.ethers.
"Hell!" remarkt the balance.
"Poor tridin with us!" remarkt Pep
per. •
hall Aare borne the battle, and
Ms orphan, to do all 'shish may
oh a just and a lasting peace
ad with an loaliese."-4.Z.
' "None By yoor jokes," exclaimed Hor
And the astonisht Pettibone wuz in
danger uv bein roughly handled. But he
finally convinst them that Rosccrans wuz
reely and trooly the Dimocratic nominee,
and that it was no joke whatever.
I hed a great deal of trooble with em.
The wuz bound not to touch Rosecrans,
and they swore they hed bin betrayed and
sold out. The platform, however, saved
us. When I red it to em and explaned
how cleerly it condemned the war by re
foosin to pay, the indebtectuess incurred in
prosekootin it, ho* and indignantly it
spurned the administrashen and so on,
they became cool.
"Ef Rosecrans hes reely come to us," I
sed, "let us open our arms and take him
in." They retired not pleased, but in
such a state that 1 hey no doubt the heft
ay em will vote, as yooeual, an tmscratch
ed tickit. They took down hticklelan,
whinot Rosecrans?"
That nite, after I retired to my virchus
eottch, I fell into troobled sleep, and dreeni
ed. The dreem wtdchaftletedmeWlet more
instructive than entertainin.
Ilethawt the Dimocrisy uv Ohio wuz in
council, seekiis for a leer in the comity
conflick. They trotted but , in review, all
uv em; but they couldn't find a man in the
party who was not so fearfully defective
ez to be totally and entirely worthlls for
the posishen. Vallandygum wuz ez spot
ted ez a leper ; Ranney wuz tinged with
the rather advanced Dimocrisy uv 1863,
and the other men spoke uv wuz full uv
politikle ulcers, biles and running sores.
The menshun uv their names made the
people hold their noses. One, more wise
than the rest, in a flt uv inspirashun sung
out " Rosecrans I" and the lies hit 'em.
Rosecrans wuz trotted out and they fell to
admirin him. He wuz well belt and
comfy, and his figger showed strength and
endoorance. He wuz encased into a glit
terin coat uv bloo, onto wich shone the
most gorgus decorashen wich cood be con
ceeved. In letters uv life uv exceediu
brilliancy who the *Ores e" Watt Virgin
ny," " Stone River," " luky," and " Ohm
camanga," with the names ay other
acheevements more or less notorious, and
these decorashens, with his epaulettes,
military sash and sword ; spurt and etch,
enveloped him from head to foot in a bril
liancy the gorgeoosnis uv wich wuz be
yond compare. The managers uv the
&Ow wich trotted him out squinted at
these things a minit but more plirtikelerly
at thenuntitood w iob surrounded them,
to see the effeck what It perdoost upon em,
they slidin out uv site as he advanst„so
that they woodent obstruet the'view. The
site took the people.; tlurrlise up from the
throng * most eethooldtietie cheer, and
hate went up into the air by thcatiautla
"lt'll do 1 it'll do I Thank the r e ord,
it'll do l" shouted the managers, and they
immediatelyfell to embraeht him in their
exaticy. Vallandyguni fidl onto his week,
but the spot where his hands struck the
general obliterated " West Virginny ;"
Another delegate's paw blotted out - "Stone
River," and the next embrac3 bustid
" " Cliicanutuipi," and the met uv
it. 4.naushant delegate from Holmes
county,, which had taken an active part in
the resistance to drafts, slily drawd his
sword and threw it away ; another del.-
gate hacked orf his spurs; a third snaked
orf his epileta, and, before tb poor feliOW
knew wat wuz bein done to im they had
gobbled pretty Much all uv t e ornaments
wich had glittered so bravely onto him.
" Don't—for Heaven's sake, don't,"
elackflotid and who wuz a candidata for a
county offls in a close county. " Wat are
you d otty ?"
" These things' must come orf wr him to
make him aeoeptable to our people," and
they eagerly stripped orf one thing after
“GU out of the slat there 1 9 + shouted
another past* Wads lip ovnt.these reso
looshens *OP him *id hive nindy.”
TimAa i r ei r pm, l zz i plni stagger
ed ant , vut ton stand up.
"Per eaten% sake tv Ise said, in
pleadinflone, "For Heaven's sake, take
041 °rt.',
"pipoigsible rettrnoid them wich bed
the mutter in hand. " You're all rite now;
stand Wilde, nik Us/ ydo, and see how the
psoApitsialie lidos flow."
ThOy stood Wide, but to their surprise
the mile Ward up thetr_ noses ea than&
theLrma 1 0 1 00 1 04 and hissed ominously
ins= thr t Merin.
Show us our Rdseerans,” replied Val
laudygum, puttint his arm round his neck
We don't know him in them clothes
and in Bich company," returned the multi
tood, leavin in disgust.
In my dreams the managers, when they
saw the multitood treat their man so skorn
ffilly, fell to revilen uv him. I awoke jist
ez he wuz a tryin to git away, battered,
bruised, besmeared, and besmiched.
I thought, ez I lay ponderin on the vi
sion, that possibly, when a soljer trades
his military repetashen for a nomenashen
at our hands, it does strike the people jist
ez tho he hed traded uniforms doorin the
struggle, and that possibly the speccela
shen won't pay either him or us. But
wat kin we do ?
(WWI is Postmaster.)
Ix former times we heard a good deal
about the " bloated bondholders," but
with Twenty Million PACKER for their
candidate it is presumed. that the Democ
racy will not say much on that subject.—
Either PACKER is an immense holder of
Government bonds, or, belonging to the
SEYMOUR class, who never took a bond
becauso by so doing they would suppgrt
the Government, has his money well in
vested in something else that tap better.
Ten lines of Nonpareil constitute a Square
-1 .9
;_____,_—____ _.......,._
1 week ....,$ 75;51 40 $2105350 $ 6 00 11 C 0
2 weeks... 120 180 2 70' 460 8 00 14 00
3 weeks... 1 50: 220- 930: 000 10 110 17 00
1 month...' 175 280 3 90' 700 12 00 10 0,9
2 months.. 275 400 8 00' 10 00; 20 00 35 or
3 months.. 400 1 6 09' 9 00: 14 1 41 30 66 09
6 monttut..l 7 CO I 11 111 16 401 111 sr 7010
1 year 1 11 004 10 00, 10 00 40 49 120 00
_ _ _ ...
NxecutoreNotiee $2 ill
Administrators , Notice... 2 II
Assignees' Notice , - 1 511
Auditors' Notice 1 1 50
SPECIAL NOTICES—Ten sleets a thee for the
drat insertion. and Seven cents • Ifni for eaoh
subsequent Insertion. •
WEAL aIIiTATE advertJeereeata Ten cents a
line for the first insertion and Five eents a him
for each attaltional insertion. • • -
N 0.37
with *esteem and despatch.
Tat reinfifttoff aetwikkiddrell out 'flat
from the port:nee created an - exetretnent
which was only allayed by the new ap.-
pointee prondelng to nulitylhert,
THREE months of Gans administra
tion have reduced the national debt $36,-
000,000; and the carrehtl nipenten of the
government to one-half the sum of the
last year •df Johnson's adoninistastion.,
IT is Sod pa Par-lora*? 1, qui'
nently practical Yankee, will o er contin
gent sums of money for votes. Contracts
for counties wiltrouty betrmshisred. -Who
will stand up for•Luuesl4lPKl
THE Registry Law Wilt decrease the
Copperhead. vote in Philadelphia 10,000,
infor*ing that Mai* chealinpg. It l itt er del+ ths - Dbmookcy hate thighs* Itliutti
A little Ooy4ecj At he knew
where Hart *sot, mit* 304- r ithat they
went to New Y ork and otb for a eop
rhead newspap if er. They don't all o t to
70k tor Th Orp604:0111a4IVIIII
in Laneastdr.
“Loos out for your ' pocket books,”
should hav lbeen written. over the door of
the Capitol et Harrisbur g, the
Democratic 'Convention was in session.
Billy lillualculswlthktoraugotumus theme,
and some of the rascals couldn't help for
aging a little, even though it was on
their friends.
'iow/ the very correct Mr. Packer got
into queer company when Billy McMul
lin and his roughs and pickpockets, engi
neered his cause at the Harrisburg Conven
tion. Even Rev. John Chambers, the in
tellectual Achilles of Pennsylvania De
mocracy, can't stand Billy and his crowd.
Politics maketh strange companions.
CONTRARY to the expectations of the
Treasury Department,. it is believed that
its next monthly public debt statement
will show a decrease of the public debt of
about $5,0011,090. Owing to the heavy
payment or )hiterest to' be Met In the
month of July, the , statement would have
been hopeful and satisfactory if it showed
no increase of the dolt. •
AEA PACKER is a Democrat of the old
school—one of the regular hunkers that
alwaywaet on tho defensive. The regular
hard headed, blue shelled, crab-appled.
tough ..hkled. grizzly beardod, .never
vancing, anti-war,
in-tbeAtente%6l4 Demeetib, B hdilfdated
Asa Packet, awl he well serves to repre
sent thei; head and front.
THE Democratic party may be for pur
poses of convenience divided into two
parties—those who have been under in
dictment and those who have not. The
former class chiefly congregate in certain
notorious 'mantles in the larger cities--
the lattur are mainly found in those por
tions of the rural districts where there Are
few school-houses, mail routbs, or daily
THE Northitteiterhy biallleiderit is the
title of a new monthly_ pape r just com
menced at Butler, btrlark Wilson, ' Esq.
The paper is to be " independent, *minas,
and free,t , and opposes the re-election of
Hon. Alex. Leslie, on account of his vas.
lag for the additional pastors and folde.rs
in the last Legislature. The pester and
!bider swindle has sent several to political
graves, and more will follow.
WAS there ever such (thane* juggleryaal
is evinced in the denunciation' of the Fif
teenth Amendment and the " nigger 91 in
general, by the Pennsylvania Democracy,
Just at the moray rit whenthe hickory-rebel
mocracy of Yfithin, ' Mississippi and
the South in general, are agreeing to it ;
not only that, but actually—in a political
sense, if no other—getting into bed with
the " nigger???
THE character of the Democratic State
Convention Is shown by the feet that
Prank Hughes and ether delegates 41011A
pbOned that thepussy wegs were *ek
ed ,u,p by pickpo c kets. f thme nien were
not d I
elegates "they at least bad heard tbat
Fielder's Monet was abOUt and SO doubt
intended to kelp themselves. Gentlerma s
don't go back on your Meads. Bement
her, honor amount thieves!
HAS the Packer feud quarter of a
million lynx-money, been evenly divided
&meow the Democracy? A fitir partition
would - ghte seventy-five mite apiece , but
haven't some of the crowd grabbed 'More
thin their share? Every Democratic
voter who has not received his seventy
five cents, currency, should lose no 'time
in calling his local member of the State
Committee to account. Somebody has got
the money. •
How the. Hon. Asa Packer will sigh for
the immunity of poverty before three
months shall have rolled over his devoted
head! How he must dread the plucking
even now beginning, and how he must
pray for it to be over! Let all good
Samaritims ettend their sympathies to this
unfortunate millionaire, so fallen among
thieves. Three hundred thousana rapa
cious copperheads, on a fresh scent of
money bags, and in full cry, is a fearful
i• SAYS the Chicago Post : "See how the
I Democrats are trying to steal Republican
I thunder, or rather Republican lightning,
which makes no noise at all. They have
I nominated Judge Packer for Governor of
Pennsylvania, who is as reticent as Grant.
Not only that, but he was an original
tanner. And not only that, but he was
raised on the farm of one john Brown *
Verily, John Brown's body lies moulder
ing in the ground, but his soul is march
ing on. Now let Geary put on his .
fighting go *r, and tau the North 8
ton tanner lively." He'll do that. Yo u
may bet half Chicago on it, Mr. Post, and