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BIDAY, MAY 28,1869.
.enemy, Retrenchment, Faithful Collection
tithe Revenue and Payment of the Public
Debt—G RAD T.
The popular illustrated Radical Republican
Campaign paper, published with the most
gratifying success during the memorable con
test in 1868, will be especially devoted to the
name cause in 1869, by a vigorous and cordial
support of the Republican candidates for Go
vernor and Judge of the Supreme Court.
The popular and highly amusing letters of
?IT BCHWEIPPLEBRENNER will appear week
ly au heretofore. The paper has been consid
erably enlarged since 1868, as well as iru-
proved in every respect.
at the following terms of subscription :
One copy, for six months 75
Ten copies, " " 6.00
Ptfteen copies, " " 8.00
Twenty copies, " " 10.00
And fifty cents for each additional copy over
twenty, and an extra copy for getting up a
club of twenty.
[f' .All subscriptions must be paid in advance.
Lancaster, Pa.
To-Monnow is the day for the election
•f delegates to the State Convention. Let
every , Republican who reads this be sure
So attend and cast his vote for the best
men. Let the vote be a full one, and let
the voice of the OLD GUARD be potential.
It is of the first importance that MEN - -
mot tools—should represent our people at
Philadelphia. The issue is important.
Look over the list of candidates carefully,
and you cannot fail to mark the men who
ought to be selected. We give the list of
the names printed on the tickets, six of
whom are to be voted fir.
Hon. John Strohm, Providence.
Col. Emlen Franklin, City.
Capt. John K. Rutter, do.
Andrew J. Kauffman Columbia
Theodore A. Kinser, East Earl.
Jacob S. Shirk, East Lampeter.
Andrew L. Lane, Manheim.
Jacob F. Frey, Lancaster twp.
Benj. F. Stauffer, Mount Joy.
Fredl. Smith, Conoy.
Stuart A. Wylie, City.
P. S. Since writing the above we have
seceived a communication on the subject
from Strasburg township, which will be
*nand in another column, to which we in
vite attention.
The name of lion. ISAAC E. IItEsTER,
of this city, has been prominently put
forward as a candidate for the " Demo
cratic" nomination for Governor. Well,
we have only to say that the copperheads
might "go further and fare worse," for a
candidate. lie is intensely "Democratic,"
and during the war went his " last best"
in aid of the rebels—consequently he is
the very man to be beaten badly. Mr.
Biester , s record is against him with the
people, but very much in his favor with
bis party. Trot him out, by all means.
We give timely notice to all concerned
that we will expose any attempt to stuff
the ballot-boxes, miscount the vote, or re
port a false return of the primary elec
tions to-morrow, without fear, favor or
affection. So these clever politicians who
have been in the habit of doing these
things heretofore, may make up their
minds that they will be held up to the in
dignation and scorn of all honest men,
should they attempt this thing to-morrow.
There shall be no copying of tax lists in
the Commissioners' office, cheating in the
count, &c., without it being told. We
don't care who it hits! We will find it
oat, sure, and have "fixed things" to that
The Copperhead papers are trying " to
crow" over the result of the late Judicial
election in Michigan. This effort shows
lc what low straits they are reduced, and
bow thankful they are for " small favors. I+
The Republican majority in the State, on
Supreme Judge was 30,819, the vote
baying been:
Cooley, Rep—
Zughes, Dem
Republican majority
We submit, that polling a little over
se-third of the total vote, does not con
stitute good ground for a claim of a great
$Pw Off!
"Has anybody heard of the bill to pun
isb indecent advertisements? Candidates
for the Legislature are offering huge re
wasds for its recovery.”—State Guard.
Why don't you say what you mean.
Tell all you know. Speak out, or shut up.
48 we are approaching the time for the
opening of the Gubernatorial campaign,
clubs of new Subscribers are beginning
to come in, and rapidly increasing from
day to day. Our regular circulation, of
yearly subscribers, is now between
DICED, and the clubs for the campaign—
six months—already received, has in
creased our total list to a fraction below
FOUR THOUSAND. That we will
have fully /he thousand by the first of
July, when the campaign will be opened,
and from eight to ten thousa»d by the first
of August, we firmly believe. FATHER
ABRAHAM, fortunately for ourselves,
needs no introduction. Its efficiency dur-
ing the memorable campaign of 1868, and
its immense circulation and great popu
larity then, cannot fail to assure its re
cognition as the best and most powerful
organ of the Republican masses during
the great State contest now before us.
Send in the names.
The Lancaster Intelligence,. of last
Tuesday contains an article headed
" Geary as a Temperance Man," refer
ring to a strong prohibitory resolution
adopted "at a meeting of the Grand
Lodge of the Good Templars the other
day," and saying that "John W. Geary
is one of the Chief Sachems in that fra
ternity," that "we (the editor of the In
telligeneer) remember hearing brother
James Black publicly announce, in a tem
perance convention, a couple of years ago,
that the whole influence of the Order
I would be used to secure his re-nomina
tion." The article is designed to place
j Governor Geary in a false position, by
identifying him with a political temper
ance movement, and at the same time
accuses him of insincerity, and there
fore not entitled to the confidence and
support of the friends of temperance.
To prove the falsity of this copperhead
attack upon Governor Geary, we need
only state that the Grand Lodge of Good
Templars adopted no such resolution
"the other day," and could not have
done so, as that body meets only once a
year, and that the last session was held
at Williamsport in June, 1865. But no
such resolution was adopted or even
offered during that session, nor at the
preceding session at Pittsburg, in June
1867. As to " Brother Black's" alleged
public announcement, in a temperance
Convention, a couple of years ago, that
the whole influence of the Order would be
used to secure his nomination," we ven
ture to say is equally false, as neither
"Brother Black" nor any other "Brother"
has authority to speak for that organiza
tion as its leader or representative. Nor
is the numerous Order of Good Templars
committed to any party, man or set of
men politically.
This attempt to arouse the supposed
prejudices of the dealers in strong drink
against Governor Geary, because he is,
and always has been, a consistent total
abstainer, and a member of the numerous
and respectable society of Good Templars,
is an old democratic game, in which cop
perheads only are base enough to engage.
Some of our fierce Democracy in Lan
caster should visit Washington city just
now, to learn how important their dread
ed men and brethren of African descent
haCe become to their Democratic friends
in the Federal city. D. A. Buehler, esq.,
of the Gettysburg Star and Sentinel, has
been spending a week there, and writes to
his paper as follows:
"Just at present the politicians are
busily at work preparing for the municipal
struggle in June. Manhood Suffrage is
recognized here under Congressional en
actment, and the colored vote is a power.
It has been unanimously Republican, but
the Democratic politicians are working
hard to secure enough of it to control the
election. They have succeeded in buying
over some few active colored men, of easy
virtue, who are put forward at the ward
meetings as decoys for others. It would
be a queer sight for one of our Adams
county Democrats, thoroughly indoctri
nated with the " shin-bone " philosophy,
to step into one of the Democratic ward
meetings, held nightly, and see these
"niggers," black as the ace of s,des,
taken cordially by the hand by Demo
cratic politicians, and a motley audience
of white and black Democrats sittinfg lov
ingly together and listening patiently
alike to white and black Democratic ora
tors ! Verily, the war has been a won
derful educator, and our Adams county
Democracy had better see to it, for this
kind of political heterodoxy will make
short work of the dogma that " this is a
white man's government."
It is reported that hundreds of negroes
are leaving Virginia for the South—not
the North. They find labor scarce in the
Old Dominion, and actually go South in
search of work! They are neither lazy
nor anxious to crowd their Northern
friends! What has become of the Cop
perhead prediction that we should be
overrun with " lazy niggers" as the re
sult of emancipation? Answer, Messrs.
of the Lancaster Intelligencer.
tatur 4,brahaneo thipo.
ANNA Dtc.KiNsoN has accumulated
nearly a hundred thousand dollars.
Silt A w um; n lES sell in Augusta, Ga.,
for live cents per quart.
A •,:l: - )0,00 DIAMOND hal,cen found
the tape of Good Ilope.
TIIE miners in the coal re-ions, lately
on a strike, are resuming work.
Tin: distance by railroad from Phila
delphia to San 'Francisco is :; 167 miles.
TILE /lomo:pathie Medical Society of
Pennsylvania, was in session in Wilkes
barre last week.
Tut NG has reached three
score years and ten by taking his Ten
tieth wife.
THE 4th of July coming on Sunday. the
sth will be generally observed as a Na
tional holiday.
Two local reporters on the Montgom
ery, Ala., NW, recently tOught a duel be
cause they (thieved as to the color of au
actress' eyes.
THE fashionable hulks of the present
day are wearing the same style of toilet
articles as those worn by the Egyptian
ladies in the days of the early Pharaohs.
REV. HENRI' N. TURNER, the well
known speaker, has been appointed post
master at Macon, Ga., vire Washington,
THE Annual State Sunday School Con
vention will be held at Williamsport,
Pennsylvania,beginn Mg on Tuesday, .1 une
Ist, at ten o'clock a. m.
appointed Collector of Internal Revenue
for the Fourth (Judge Kelly's) Congres
sional District of Pennsylvania vice Alex.
Cummings, removed. Glad of it.
SENATOR SPRAGUE has astonished
nearly all of his new-made friends—the
Democrats and Free Traders—who poured
those letters in upon him at Washington,
by making a powerful speech in favor of
Protection at the Memphis Conventiow
Tuz Boston Fire Department consists
of the following apparatus: 20 engines,
1,130 men, 23 horse carriages, 6 1 005 feet
of hose, 839 buckets, 144 feet suction hose,
1,465 feet of dry rope, 1,360 badges, 9(S
caps and various other articles.
(;ovEItNOR GEARY has pardoned the
child murderess, Hester Vaughan, wi l l',
it will be remembered, was convicted of
murder in the first degree and sentenced
to be hanged in Philadelphia.
GEo. W. (Jumps, Esq., publisher of
the Philadelphia Ledger, has invited the
employees of that office, and their families
men, women and children--to an excur
sion and dinner at Atlantic City, on the
sth of July. A noble act of generosity.
Tuts piece of cruelty is from the New
York Herald: " The Dayton (Ohio) Ledger
avers that ' what the Democratic party
wants are brains and pluck.' Here is a
chance for venders of calves' brains and
sheep's pluck. , '
HENRY C. MeKok, csq., has been ap
pointed chief clerk at the United States
mint, Phiadelphia, underex-GovernorJas.
Pollock. Mr. Hickok was Deputy Super
intendent of Common Schools under Gov.
Pollock's administration.
Tn Uovernment of Cuba has bei'm
definitely organized. Don Carlos Manuel
Cespedes is President of the Republic,
General Manuel Quesada Commander-in-
Chief of the forces, and Don Francisco V.
Aguilera Secretary of War.
THE Richmond (Va.) Ladies' Holly
wood Memorial Association, in making
preparations for their celebration on the
31st, have also taken into consideration
the best means of raising funds for the re
moval of the Gettysburg rebel dead.
THE Superintendent of the Soldiers'
Orphans has issued a circular directing
the various schools under his charge as
superintendent, to observe the National
Memorial Day by participating in the
decoration of the Soldiers' graves on
Saturday next. Very appropriate.
AN infamous attempt at wholesale
poisoning of Government troops has been
made at Louisville. Kentucky neutrality
illy brooks the presence of " Boys in
Blue." Such an exhibition of depravity
is worthy a State that boasts of fifty thou
sand Democratic majority.
PRESIDENT GRANT'S proclamation de.
daring the act of Congress fixing the
hours of daily labor in the public service
to mean that eight hours shall contitit l VW
and be paid for as a full day's labor, meets
with general approbation, and is undoubt
edly the true construction of the act.
TEE coal miners at Scranton,
one• of the
most important points in the anthracite
region, held a meeting a day or two ago,
and resolved not to strike, by a vote of
to 869. The coal speculators have been
pretty effectually foiled in their attempt to
run up the price of the article, as they do t
served to be.
NEW YORK is terribly agitated in it*
very bowels (Wall street) in reihrence
Boutwell's policy of purchasing ,bon .
They are bringing a heavy *ame
bear upon him. The Secretary will n
go amiss if he does just the opposite
what these afflicted gentlemen dEvire.
more their bowels yearn the more ce
tainty can we feel of the wisdom of
THE Augusta Chronicle reports the foli
lowing sale in that city on Thursday last
" 375,000 in Confederate States bonds were
sold to C. E. Muslin at $9.25 for the lot;
$200,000 of Confederate States currency
were sold to J. E. McDonald at $l2 for the
lot; $2,200,000 in seven-thirty Confeder
ate States bonds were sold to C. E. Mtki
tin at $2l for the lot."
THE Jeff. and Joe Davis plantati •
thirty miles below Vicksburg, is leased
an old negro at $lO,OOO a year. He
150 hands to work it. Not a white ma
is to be seen about the place. The whole
plantation of several thousand acres is
planted in cotton, which appears very',
promising, and from this one plantation
cotton enough will •be produced to run a
mill in Lowell for weeks.
DR. D. K. SHOEMAKER has been chosen
Senatorial delegate to represent Carbon,
Monroe, Pike and Wayne district in the
Republican State Convention, and in
structed to support General Wm. Lilly,
of Mauch Chunk, for Governor. The Re
presentative delegate from Carbon and
Monroe district is also for General
The delegates from Luzerne are for W.
W. Ketchum,and those elected from Berks
are not instructed.
Wary and Civic Parades—Grand Aridg of
the Repuldio—The Committee of Ways and
Means—Reading Hose Company— Thing.? Po
litical—General News, etc.
DEAR ADIS: The most notable event during
the past week has been the grand review of
the First Division, Pennsylvania Militia, by
Gov. Geary, on Monday afternoon last. Some
3000 uniformed men were iu line, and along
the route the streets were a perfect jam of cit
izens to witness the display, which was truly
grand. Speaking of parades, we are getting
plenty of them of late; last month the Odd
Fellow's, this month the military, Grand Ar
my of the Republic and Red Men, whilst on
the ltith of June next, we are promised, by
our Masonic friends, something that is to
walk over them all, upou the occasion of the
semi-centennial anniversary of St. John's
Commandery, K. T. To any of your numer
ous readers who anticipate a visit to the city,
I would advise them to come upon that day,
and witness what promises.to be the grandest
parade ever held in any city of the Union.
Every city throughout the United States will
be represented, and arrangements are being
made for a good time generally.
Saturday and Sunday next have been ap
propriated tiy the the Grand Army of the lie
public for the purpose of decorating the graves
of their fallen comrades. One Post, it is said,
will decorate the graves of the Confederate
as well as the Union dead. How near correct
this is we are not prepared to say, though it
way be to the liking of some folks.
The Committee of Ways and Means of the
present Congress are now setting at the Con
tinental Hotel, looking after the sources of
the Revenue. No changes will be made in
the present rates of duty now, though the
committee will again assemble in the fall with
that object in view.
The Reading Hose Company of your neigh
boring village of Reading are now in the city,
the guests of the Southwark Hose Company,
No. 9. The boys are being well taken care
of by the members of the Southwark.
Dr. Worthington, the late Speaker of the
Senate' and now Appraiser of the Port, has
made a raid upon the crowd who have held
possession of his department during the reign
of Andrew Johnson. It is a noticeable fact,
that in all the departments, those Republi
cans who followed the lead of the apostate
Johns(); are the first to pay the penalty of
their crimes. That's right! The tactics Nye
studied during the slaveholders' rebellion
taught us to shoot the deserters first.
The office-hunting mania has about fizzled
out, and the politicians are now turning their
attention to the task of " fixing things" for
the fall campaign. It is conceded by all that
Geary has carried a majority of the delegates
throughout the city, which means, I suppose,
that a greater proportion of the delegates
elected are favorable to the renomination of
our present Gnvernor.
For the city conventions, button-holing
and wire-pulling during the past week has
commenced in dead earnest. There are hosts
of candidates fur every city office, the Re
corder of Deeds being the sweetest plum,
however, judging from the number of candi
dates in the bold--some fifteen in all.
The Legislative fight goes bravely on, the
people feeling inclined to keep our present
members within the city limits, whilst on the
other hand at least some of the old members
are making desperate etliorts to secure a re
nomination; tout my word for it, even should
such a calamity befall us, the doings on the
Hill at Harrisburg, last winter, are too fresh
in the memory of all to warrant a re-election
of any one who had a finger in the State pie
during that memorable session. It is cur
rently reported that the old members, one
awl all, made considerable during their last
term on "outside speculations," though how
true this report is I am unable to say, as I
for one can hardly believe a member of the
last model Assembly could be induced to
dabble iu anything that wasn't entirely legiti
Plenty of distinguished funce. in town,
among whom I notice Cameron, Seward,
Packer, Cass, Geary and many others whose
names are historic—politically. Yours,
A letter was received at the Treasury
Department on the 19th inst. trom New
ark, New Jersey, enclosing the sum of
fifty-five dollars and twenty-five cents,
conscience money.
By direction of the President all the De
partments will be closed on Saturday, the
29th of May, to enable the officers and em
ployees to participate in the ceremonies of
decorating the graves of Union soldiers
and sailors at Arlington.
The Third Auditor is looking into the
accounts of officers of the army who are
charged on his books with balances due
the Government. Some forty-seven offi
cers who deserted the service of the United
States and joined the rebel armies, are re
quested to advance the balance charged
against them.
The President's movements this sum
mer have not been definitely settled, ex
cepting that he will be absent from the
Capital for nearly two months. In Juno
he will attend the examination of the
Cadets at West Point. and from there
will probably go to Boston to remain two
or three days and witness the Peace Jubi
leee. He has determined to spend some
time in the West after his return from
Boston, but where he does not exactly
know, although he says if time will per
mit he may go_ to the Pacific coast.
It is reported that General Rawlins will
shortly resign the War Department port
folio, and retire on account of failing
health, and rumor says that in the event
of his retirement Judge Holt will be ten
dered the war office. This report conies
from pretty high authority.
Gen. I). E. Sickles on Saturday received
his commission as minister to Spain. Ile
has accepted the office, and is to enter on
his duties on the first of July next. He
proposes to leave this country in about
three weeks, so as to reach Madrid at that
William Griffith, who lost both arms
while firing a salute in honor of President
Grant, some time since, was on Monday
appointed a watchman at the Treasury
Department, at the request of the Presi
dent. The card front the President re
commending his aßpointment, was as
follows: William Griffith:—lf possible, I
wish the SecretarY of the Treasury would
give the bearer a watchman's place. He
met with a misfortune, from which he
suffers, under my eyes, and I feel a sym
pathy for him. (Sjgned,l
The statement recently set afloat that
the President is not in favor of a tariff
for protection to American industry, is
without the least foundation in fact.
General Grant is thoroughly an Ameri
can, and there is not a free trader in his
Cabinet. Secretary Boutwell was always
one of the strongest protectionists in the
New England delegation, and Secretary
Fish now openly declares that the check
to our
_present extravagant importations
by high tariff, is the only means by which
the country can be saved from a financial
crash that will surely follow, if the balance
of trade is kept running against us.
Handbills, Cards, Bill Heads, Programmes,
Posters, &c.,
&c., printed in the beet style and
at reasonable rates, at the FATHER ARRA
HAm Job Printing Office. Orders by mail
promptly attended to.
PrEms : George White, a soldier of 1812,
aged 85 years, died at his home, in' West
Hemptiold township, this county, on the 15th
It is estimated that over eleven thousand
bodies have been buried in the grave-yard of
Trinity Lutheran church, of this city.
Mrs. Fanny Forrey, aged 95 years, is now
living, at her home, in West Hemptield town
ship. Her husband, John Forrey, Esq., a
well known citizen in his time, died about
thirty years ago. Mrs. F. is in excellent
health ; attends to household duties every day;
reads without spectacles, and her intellect is
not at all impaired.
A party of Lancaster county farmers, re
presenting forty persons in their families, are
prospecting in Missouri. looking for property,
with the view of settling together in that
State. Should they locate, it is expected that
a number of families will follow.
Jacob Illig, who was convicted a few years
ago, in this county, for stealing a lot of cattle
from G. Dawson Coleman, and pardoned by
Gry. Geary in March last, is again in prison
at Reading, for three years, for stealing a
horse and buggy from Howard Boyce. His
pardon was obtained from Gov. Geary, for
the cattle stealing, on the ground of insanity,
and the Reading Times says he is playing the
same game now, in tho hope of being again
In the Friends' meeting house at Enter
prise, this county, is a stove still in use bear
ing date 1761, which originally came from the
iron works of Baron Bteigel, the founder of
Rev. Dr. Mombert, of this city, is about to
establish an American School for Young Men
in Dresden, Germany. The School will open
on the 4th of October next, Dr. Mombert
having made arrangements to leave Lancas
ter on the Ist of August. The Episcopalian
highly commends this enterprise, and says
that the Rev, gentleman's birth and educa
tion in Europe, and his thoroughly American
ized character, resulting from long residence
and citizenship in this country, render him a
fitting person to superintend the education of
youth committed to his charge. His classical,
literary, and scholarly accomplishments are
well attested and fully acknowledged by the
extensive circle of his acquaintance.
Col. M. D. Wickersham, formerly of this
county, is Treasurer of the city of Mobile,
A !sheep, a little over fifteen months old,
and belonging to Jos. H. Black, of Columbia,
was sheared a few days ago, and yielded
twenty-one pounds of wool.
S. S. Detweiler, who, in company with sev
eral other gentlemen, is travelling through
some of the Southern States, in a letter writ
ten to the Columbia Ilet ald, from Mobile,
Alabama, says : We called upon Mr. Herr,
formerly of Lancaster county, residing some
two miles from Lexington, Kentucky, on the
Nicholasville pike. He has the finest and
largest stock of blooded horses in this section,
with prices ranging from $l5OO to $20,000.
The Diagnothian Literary Society of Frank
lin and Ma:shall College, celebrated their
thirty-fourth anniversary at Fulton Hall, this
city, on Friday evening last. Notwithstand
ing the rain, the ball was crowded, a large
proportion of the audience being ladies, whose
gay dresses and pleasant smiles added much
to the interest of the occasion. The young
gentlemen acquitted themselves well, and
were enthusiastically greeted with applause,
bouquets, &c.
S. K. Landis, of East Lampeter township,
has a cow which a short time ago gave birth
to three calves. Ten months previous to this
she had two at a birth, making five within
ten months. The fire calves are alive and
doing well.
John A. Boyd, residing in Drumore town
ship, this county, died suddenly at Fairfield,
in that township, on Saturday night. He
went to bed on Saturday night in good health,
and on the following morning was found a
The town council of Columbia have passed
a resolution to have three market days in
each week, instead of two. The days will
be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The
new arrangement goes into effect the first week
in June.
The Friends of Sunday Schools held a meet
ing in the Moravia' lecture room, in this city,
on Tuesday evening last, Col. W. L. Bear pre
siding. A committee was provided for to make
arrangements for holding a County Sunday
School Convention in this city at an early day.
The General Eldership of the Church of
God (Winebrennarlan) is now in session in
the Union Bethel, of this city.
The ceremony of decorating the graves of
soldiers, who lost their lives in the War for
the Union, will take place in this city, on
Sunday next. The proceedings promise to be
highly appropriate and solemn. Rev. Nevin
will preach an appropriate sermon, in St.
Paul's Reformed church, in the evening.
The Court has appointed Hugh O'Neil Con
stable of Drumore township, in place of Ed
ward Gorsuch, resigned.
The German Reformed Church of Conesto
ga Centre, this county, which has been greatly
improved repainting and the erection of a
gallery, will be re-dedicated on Sunday, the
30th inst.
The principal merchants of York have
agreed with their clerks and employees to
close their place* of business at 7 o'clock in
the evenings during the months of June, July
and August. The same thing is talked of in
this city, and we hope it will not end in talk.
The public schools of Columbia will make
an excursion to the Litis Springs on the let
of June. We commend this to the attention
of the Lancaster teacheis and Board of Di
Philip Dips, tkg unrivaled sacred song
bter, of New York, who has a world-wide
reputation, will give a concert in St. John's
Lutheran Church, this city, on Monday eve
ning next. See advertisement.
0*• -
13Essicar8 met on Monday, with Judges Long
and Libhart on the bench.
Henry Snow, charged with robbery and
assault and battery with intent to commit a
rape on Bridget Harvey, was tried and found
guilty of the latter part of the charjps. Snow
met Bridget on the Columbia bridge, in
March, in the afternoon, and attacked her,
and her cries brought the watchman, when
Snow varneosed, but was afterwards caught
and put in prison. Bridget, as represented by
witnesses, was not a very inviting subject, but
still Snow was convicted, notwithstanding
his counsel wanted to make it appear that his
character before the transaction was good,
but at the time he was attacked with benzine.
The Court bold that drunkenness was no ex
cuse, and would not admit the testimony. The
Jury was out about two hours, and on the
rendition of the verdict ofguilty, Snow was
sentenced to four years In the county prison.
Charlotte White alleged that her husband,
Israel White, had duetted her. The Court,
after bearing both parties, gave them some
good advice, and directed them to go to house
keeping, at which both parties seemed to be
satisfied, and promised to comply with the
direction of the Court.
Same/ C. Hambright was convicted for
stealing market. Frank Stahl, a
grocer in butter at
Oran/ree, porchseedl the tto or
at least it was foun k d in his possessi on . b This
practice of relieving our country friends of
their baskets of bWr was guite C usual 00-
curtenoe last winter, until t was
caught. Seine people think that Hambright
was only the tool of a greater scoundrel: The
dehmse attempted to prove an alibi, by the
father, mother and sister of Hambright. The
sentence was deferred to enable his counsel
t.) !Tiotiou I . “r a new trial
Olt Tl..Ni•ly Alfre.l Jfiiirr vrt+
trird for assault and battery on a un.o named
Stoutzeuberger, a al another named David
MeXalls, at Columbia, on Christmas, having
struck the latter with a tumbler in the face,
and destroying the sight of one eye. The
jury found him not guilty, but ordered the
prosecutor to pay one-third of tho costs, and
the defendant two-thirds. Cheap for an eye!
Isaac Daman and Henry Sheets were pro
secuted for erecting fish-pots in the Susque
hanna, below the dam at Columbia, contrary
to law. They were acquitted, and a similar
prosecution against Isaac Keeley was with
Oscar S. Harnbright was prosecuted for
stealing butter at market from Mrs. Warren,
of Martic township, bat the evidence not being
sufficient to convict, the suit was withdrawn.
Jacob Marshall, who was convicted at
April sessions of assisting his father and
brother in stealing wheat from Eli Wenger,
of Salisbury township, and who was sentenced
to the House of Refuge, could not be admit
ted, being over the age for inmates of that
institution, was sentenced to the county
prison for 14 days. His father and brother
were sentenced to the prison, and are still
On Wednesday John Weidle was indicted
for stealing seven geese from H. F. Hinkley,
of Safe Harbor, anti was acquitted.
John McGuire, was found guilty of assault
anti battery on Constable Flory, of the Sixth
Ward, this city.
Elizabeth Leidy withdrew the prosecution
against. Mifflin Elliott, for adultery, and a
verdict of not guilty was taken. County for
costs, as prosecutor was unable to pay them,
and it was thought cheaper for the county of
pay the costs than to send her to prison.
Judge Long gave notice that hereafter the
person at whose instance proceedings of too
trifling a nature to be tried are instituted,
must pay the costs.
A Goon HOTEL : During a recent sojeurn
of a week at Washington, we were fortunate
in being entertained at the "Ebbilt house,"
situated on the corner of F and Fourteenth
streets, of which C. C. Willard, Esq. is the
landlord. It is located within a square of the
Treasury building, with the White House,
War, Navy, Post-office and Patent-offices
within convenient reach, and cars running
from the depot to the hotel, along F street.
We have never stopped at a better hotel any
where, and while it is less pretentious than
some on Pa. Avenue, it is behind none in all
its appointments for the comfort and pleasure
of its guests. Mr. Willard is a liberal, whole
souled gentleman, and his stair of clerks and
officials, including servants, are attentive and
courteous. The table, chambers, beds, &c.
are all that the most fastidious could desire.
We recommend the "Ebhitt House" to any
of our readers who may visit the Capital.
A. D. LOC KAFEL LOW & BRO., have lately
opened a store at No. 50, North Queen street,
for the sale of Fruits, Nursery Plants and the
like. See advertisement in another column.
township we have been somewhat in a
muddle as to who we shall vote for as del
egates to the State Convention on Satur
day. Some of my neighbors have been
talking the matter over, and have conic to
the conclusion that it would not be safe
for the honor of the Old Guard, to send
any body who is known to be under the
control of the arch-demagogue, George
Brubaker. We want honest men, who
cannot be controlled by any body. There
fore, at their suggestion, I write this, to say
who we intend to go for on Saturday.
Here they are:
Hon. •John Strohm,
Col. Emlen Franklin,
Capt. John K. Rutter,
Theodore A. Kinzer.
Andrew J. Kauffman,
Jacob S. Shirk
Every body knows .John Strohm. His
honesty, integrity and independence won't
be doubted.• The other gentlemen are
also well known, and can be trusted, I
feel assured. Every body knows that
Wylie, Ex-Sheriff Smith, Sheriff Frey,
etc., are mere tools of Brubaker, and will
do his bidding. I hope the men my neigh
bors have agreed upon will be elected.
BEaKS COUNTY.—A Lutheran Synod
is in session in the Trinity Church of
Reading A fine new barn belonging to
John IJook, at Birdsboro, was destroyed
by fire on Monday evening last week. A
valuable horse and two cows perished
A new City Hall has been agreed upon
by the Councils of Reading A large
barn belonging to Jacob Lenhart, near
Leesport : was destroyed by fire on Wed
nesday night last week A large force
of workmen is now employed on the Top
ton and Port Clinton Railroad.
improved potato digger in Schuylkill
Haven. As the county contains an im
mense number of potato eaters, the digger
ought to take well A saw mill belong
ing to Mr. J. D. Coleman, at Heckla, on
the Little Schuylkill, and a county bridge
at the same place, were destroyed_ by fire
en the 12th inst.... The Good Templar's
County Convention met at St. Clair on
Tuesday last Saturday before last there
was general pay day in the neighborhood
of Tamaqua and the roughs were out in
full !force. Tho saloons were crowded,
benzine was in great demand, and fights
and battered heads were in perfect order
all day.
Sayre, E. J. Wilbur and John Fritz, of
Bethlehem, will sail on the second of June
for Europe, where they will spend about
three months, principally for the purpose
of becoming more thoroughly acquainted
with the manufacture of steel rails. They
are about erecting extensive works in
South Bethlehem, the foundation for
which is already commenced A com
pany has been formed for the erection of
a bridge at Bethlehem, from the foot of
Broad street, across e Manockisy to the
highlands on the south side. The bridge
will be sixty-five feet high and about four
hundred feet span.
PIMAY OCATIKTY.-A little child be
longing to Thomas Thompson, of Green
wood, was drowned in a tub of water on
Friday before last, whilst its parents were
eating dinner. It is supposed the child
was leaning over to dabble in the water,
and lost its balance The corner stone
of a new German Reformed Church was
laid at Newport on Sunday last.... Daniel
Bake, while peeling bark at Half Fall
Mountain, was bitten by a copperhead
snake a few days ago, but recovered after
severely suffering for some time. Copper
heads in this vicinity can't bite. They've
lost their teeth.
Amerieon, published by Dr. IL B. Brower
(the ugliest editor in Pennsylvania, by
the way) is about to appear in an enlarged
form, with new type, &c. The American