Father Abraham. (Reading, Pa.) 1864-1873, November 27, 1868, Image 1

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Northeast Angle °nitre Square, Lancaster.
1 copy, one year, $ 1.50
5 copies, (each name addressed,) 7.00
10 copies " 14 13.00
15 copies " if 18.00
20 copies .. 44 22.00
And $l.lO for each additional subscriber.
5 copies, (to one address,)
10 copies " ~
15 copies " "
a) copies " If 20.00
And .1.00 for each additional subscriber.
—All subscriptions must invariably be paid
in advance.
Of every description, neatly and promptly exe
elated, at short notice, and on the most
reasonable terms.
Opines: SQUTIT QUEEN ST., second house be
low the " Fountain Inn," Lancaster, Pa.
()Trim No. 11 NORTH DUKE ST., west side,
north of the Court House, Lancaster, Pa.
caster, In.
O r OFFIca: N 0.56 EAST KING ST., Lancaster, Pa
()FFIcE: No :vs sot"rif QuEEx sT., Lancas
ter, Pa.
lJ Alrl'oltNEl" Al'. I. W.
4 4FFIcr: With A. llEtta. SMITH, Esq., SOUIAI
21Wett ! , t., Lancaster, Pa.
A. .
qmer:: So. 3 !• , nt — rii DUNK ST., Lancaster.
J (111\ 11 . 1 A ,
I)rtricE: Wit It l ton. 0..1. DicßEy, No. '2l ...01 - I'll
N I.lineasicr, Ea.
I 'l. !ITT N 111. - TT ,
)I , IPICE Of the late Hon. TnAonErs sTEVENF7,
N0..24; !-ootl.l Queen Lancaster, l'a.
A Mull.
AvroitNEr AT 1.. vw.
oEri, E: No. 6 st it• Tit BEN Lancaster
K. 1" ir E
t)FricE: With General J. W. Ftsnxn,
h E sT., Lancaster, l'a.
ilettlitit I/ arircrt ivetttettty.
No. 44 sowrit SIXTH ST. , Reading, Pa
ti • \ Tl'oltNEY 1N I) toI•N•z•ELLEIL
X. 601 I 01 - 12 T SI'ItEET, (opposite the Court
liouse,) Reading, l'at.
TToi:ACE A. 171.7NDT.
N o .2q Noirrn slvrit Heading, Pat
MIS M. 13.1 K,
yrrouxEr .11' L N AW VNI) ITA 12
I'l ItLI~ . No. 27 Nowrii sT., Heading,
I ilsrtivr lire.
THE ()T.I) PENN Al t"11'.11,
ail' I'lllL.\l~i•:T .l'lfl.\
..k I'ITA i'.'2.0011,000,
1 flu' . paying 1.o,:-.es to the amount of $1,120,000
I'l lbr sarylas umoprist the Policy
Holders erery year,
For further information apply to
tifilN .1. AN, Agent,
I'. 0., Lancaster, Pa.
1020 1]
z A II JAcKsoN,
I)l.:.‘T.Elt ,
ND sl 1:12-1'1..111.: I) 'V .122 E,
Ft( ish ny Goods, &e.
TT EAI) Q A p lt TEit S
coLLAits, CUFFS, SLEEVE 8171'11/Ns,
and Cent's ware generally, at
No. 419 NOUTII QUEEN ST., Lancaster
An ivver one grosser shtock goods—suitable
for Krislntogs, Nci-Yohrs un onuery Presents—
so we
Ilols-Richer, Selinup-Richer, Collars, Hem
;ermel K'nep, g'shtickte liemmer-fronts, Pocket
!licher, Perfumery, llohr-cEhl, Cigar Casa, un
(Amery fancy articles oils
414 North Queen Street, Lancaster.
(Om bign fum gross Sian:m.lkb Item.) [no2o.ly
Boots and Shoes.
The only place for good and antostantkd work
is at
where can be seen the largest and best assort
ment of Men's and Boys,
ever brought to this city. Ladies', Misses' and
Children's plain and fancy Shoes, Bahnorals
and Buttoned Gaiters.
we invite 37011 to call and examine; feeling con
fident that we can warrant ail to
no `2O-1A
Olsfort of hoed, an fully Isortmcnt fun corn
feiney un French Tsucker-each; Niss;
Frichta, grossy un kicany kucha,
Parties an Families suppiied uf kortay notice
an fairy terms. [no 20-Im
$ 6.50
. 16.50
Va. IL
A Thanksgiving Song for 1868.
Ring out, glad joy bells,
O'er land and o'er sea;
Right is triumphant,
Tho Nation is free.
Thunder, 0 cannon!
Not vain our trust;
ThQ faithful have conquered,
As conquer they must.
Beat the drums gaily,
And shout Loyal Band!
The Chief of our Army
Is Chief of our land!
Smite the glad cymbals!
I Ihi metto shall lie,
"Stand fast and stand sure,
Wave on the free winos,
Ohl Flag, so long riven,
(in its sacred folds shine,
Sweet stirs from yon heaven!
Flash, lightnings electric!
1'4.11 the nations abroad,
This people is led by
The hand of the Lord.
Beam, Sun of Ant ulit,
\V here gleaio have conic,
And slow wains are bearing
The !Harvest gold home.
Moon of Mutters,
And tenderly shed
The radiance where slumber
Our glorious dead.
ust, sword in your scabbord,
For won is the tight;
Grant and Colfax aro chosen;
So t tokl speeds the right.
:Ring, ye glad joy bells!
Let enmity cease;
0 brothers grasp hands in
Thanksgiving and Peace!
one of the principal public institutions.
thirty ;old forty years ago, was that very
patriotic and self-sacailieing body known
as the Pennsylvania militia. Occasion
ally, rumors of possible war with foreign
nations disturbed our fitthers and mothers.
When the North-I , :a:torn boundary ques
tion was before Congress and the Presi
dent. the public mind was directed to Ohl
Pennsylvania and her glorious militia.
All who doubted the war spirit of the peo
ple had their doubts entirely removed, at
least once every year—on battallion day--
when the masses wire re-drilled and re
instructed in the then existing s . t stem of
tactics, discipline and subordination. The
annual hattallion drills took place in the
month ()I' June, irr Lancaster, Manheini,
Itcanistown, liohrerstown, Kutz
town, Ilinkletown; Heidelberg and Head-
Unless a town was anilmg those de
si,nated by the militia law as a place for
battallion drill once every year, it was not
considered on the map. 'Every able-bodied
man between the age of eighteen and tbrty
live was required to perform military duty,
without any interference on the part of
substitute brokers. "Step into the ranks
and pertbrin your duty — were the words, or
lrc subject to the enormous penalty of one
dollar tine. The ordnance department,
however, was somewhat dethctive. Each
private was considered quite up to the
regulations when he appeared on dress
parade, or on drill, with such arms as his
own limey suggested—from a double bar
reled shot gun down to a broom-stick or
corn-stalk. In case of ram or indications
of rain, an umbrella was also M order.
Line officers carried side arms of every
imaginable kind, and uniforms covered
with buttons all over. Field officers,
mounted, and in uniform, were looked
upon with great respect. Early in the
morning, on battallion day, not only the
militia men themselves, but their wives,
fathers, sons and daughters abstained from
abut and proceeded to town, to witness
the battallion. Huckster tables well tilled
with ginger cakes, small beer, oranges,
pea-nuts, lemonade, candies and knick
knacks, were stationed all along the line.
The eventful hour to "fall hi" arrived;
the drums and fitis were heard in every
direction; commands were given, and the
generalA, colonels, majors and captains
commanding and ordering the battallion
into line, presented a magnificent and de
cidedly warlike scene. Every private
placed himself into some sort of position,
according to his own ideas, either in one,
two, or three ranks. Going through the
drill was substantially as follows:
"Shoulder arms; right about face; left
about face; stand straight there and dress
up; present arms; there now, you John
Shmidt, hold your stick up higher; now
once more, shoulder arms and stand up
with your backs agin the worm fence, and
form a straght line; now all stand still for
roll call, and then the battallion will be
About eighteen or twenty years ago the
Pennsylvania Legislature abolished this
time-honored militia system, and gave us
in lieu thereof a regularly unithrmed mili
tary, known as the volunteers. This sys
tem, being well sustained—almost every
town and village having one or more vol
unteer companies—was deemed equal to
almost any emergency. But, in 18(11,
when President Lincoln called out seventy
live thousand men, and hundreds of thou
sands more afterwards, to defend our lib- ,1
erties, Union and nationality, a very large
1, let us strire on to finish the 'pork
we are in; to bind up the nations wounds; to
to see t
~~ i
number—probably a majority of these
volunteer companies--immediately dis
; banded, and were not to be heard from any
more. They proved themselves soldiers
in peace and citizens in war. And the
fact that some of our most successful mill-
tary officers during the war did not know
how to face a company when they coin
, menced, proves, clearly and conclusively,
that the best and most intelligent citizens
in time of peace, are most reliable as sol
diers when called upon, not to show off and
display buttons and frathers, but to meet
a bold and powerful enemy in the open
field of battle. As a general rule, shone
who were loudest in clainorinr for the vol
unteer system, and in the highth of their
glory when marcliing and drillitp , as vol
unteer military Is lore the war, were least
inclined to tight the kitties of the country
during; the war and they could only be
brought into the ranks by the drafting
the stinvintst of ht , Volv thcsc
volunteer, home soldiers were entirely ex
tinct, a hattallion was ath - ertised to comp
olr in a small viiia2-,e in the eastern part of
the State. Capt. a friendl of mine.. was
then at work raising :t company for t h e
service, and it occurr«l to hint that if he
woul,(1 (then(' the " he might
socure a numbcr of these volunteers as
members of his company. Several public
speakers, :111(1111N - spit; at, ( 'apt. C'.'s request,
attended the •• After tlu;
•• soldiers" had drilled. marched:lnd mull-
termarched for some time, at, the request
of Capt. they were brought up to the
Trout Of the hotel, in line, and addressed
Iry die gentlemen referred to. Each one
made a most powerful and eloquent ap
peal to those very line-lltokin,! , ' soldiers, and
invited them to put down their nanws.
But, they couldn't "see it." Finally'
took the stand, with a determination to
produce good results - to induce some of
the soldiers to put down their names on
Capt. ('.'s muster roll. I commenced by
reminding them of the fact tluit they were
--not merely in time of peace,
Liu also in war; that upon mteh material
as that before me the country must de
pend litr its preservation and di`fi'llSe,"
:Mil 1. reminded 1110111 also of the presence
of many ladies--their own sweet-hearts,
who WiTe ready and anxious to bestow
their sweetest smiles and richest blessings
upon them if they would simply prove
themselves to be soldiers in reality in times
that "trial men's souls !" For the pur
pose of coming to the pl,int, I proposed to
give tlie command, shoulder arms,"
whereupon each one who desired to !.ro
should obey the order and come to a shoul
der, and that :ill who could not go sly 111(1
simply disregard the order. After fully
explaining the proposition, ; onl e x v , r tin g
by this proceeding to raise plenty of mon,
I shouted, with all the power of my lungs,
Shoulder arms!" But, there they stood
all :don: , the line—not a single one re
sponded! Capt. ('. rani up and whispered
in my ear: "explain it in dutch," which
I did, in the lure, classic Pennsylvania
Dia( then tri sitlte — sin adder arms"
plan only more. when one solitary indi
vidual (lune to a shoulder! 'filen , he stood,
all :done in his glory! Satisfied that he
was worth all the rest, and that his good
example would yet he followed by others,
I proposed three cheers for " that man,”
and they were given with a hearty will.
'l'he ' hattallhai king dismissed, I
waited on the lwave fellow who had signi
fied his determination to go to war, and
introduced him to Capt. C., who proposed
to receive his name at once in his roll
book. Imagine our feelings when lie ex
claimed: " Ei, tsum (tunnel., we ish don
des—doh ish Alms lets—der weg we ich es
fershtonna bah but mer de flint g'shoul
dund for ntt, tsu geb, Ihr sell war anyhow
my inehning,." (Oh, thunder! how is
this—there is a misunderstanding some
how—the way I understood it was to
shoulder arms if one don't go—at all events
this was my meaning.)
Of course we all gave up the idea of get
ting lighting men out of that crowd. Capt.
C. did secure two recruits on that day,
but none from the Panks of the " Natal
lion" of soldiers. Whether they came
out of the war alive I . do not know. Ido
know, however,
that Capt. C.'s company,
as well as his Regiment (lid some very
good fighting in the army of the Potomac.
They were citizens in peace and real sol
diers in war.
Within the period of fifty years similar
and most extraordinary changes in the
manner of conducting the government
have also taken place. The system of cor
ruption in our legislative halls is growing
to such magnitude, and so rapidly, as to
demand a radical reform before very long.
It will and must be demanded by the peo
ple, and if their demand is not complied
with by q set of men, they will have
their remedy by, means of the ballot, and
delegate new and better men to execute
their will in the legislative halls. In re
tiaTing.to this subject, I can safely assure
the reader that tier the evils referred to,
both political parties, or rather their elm
sen leaders, are alike responsible. llaving
some means of knowing how the Legisla
tive machine has been run for years, I
propose to draw a comparison upon a sin
gle point between the present system and
that of forty years :Igo. Then the mem
bers of the Muse of Representatives re
ceived $3 per day, and as they were not
then ticketed through on railroads as
but were obliged to travel
for days, and in some cases over a week,
either on horseback or in stages to reach
the state Capitol, they wore allowed, by
law, 1:; cents per mile each way, making
an average Of about 5..g350 salary . and mile
age, amounting to s3'i,ooo for the one hun
dred members of the House. The officers
were then. one clerk, one assistant clerk,
three transcribing clerks, one sergeant-at
arms and two assistants, one door keeper
ity for
peg us
care for him who shall have borne the battle, and
for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may
achieve and cherish a just and a lasting peace
among ourselves and 'Pith all nations."—d. L.
and two assistants. The salaries of thcso
officers were front 87)00 down to e , 250 for a
session, tunounting in all to about 44,000,
or possibly butt certainly not ex
ceeding the latter sum. In addition to
these officers, there were also employed in
the House, four pages at l per diem each,
and two men as pasters and thlders of doc
uments, at $1.50, each, per diem. The
total expense of the House, including the
per diem and mileage of members, officers,
stationery, contingent expenses and all,
may then have reached sz.;0.000.
'l7o-day, this single hranch of our State
government is mini ;It all ( normous expense
to the people of the State- not less than
two hundred thousand, and probably as
hi oh as two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars. or live times as much as in former
times referred to. To show that this in
crease is not caused by the premium on
o.old, or because whisky costs from tell to
lifteea e, nts a d-ink. I need only ution
fo.t that instead of emplovin- - from
two to four 111(.11, at a dollar :mil a-hall'
(lay, to thld papers and put it ui 'II wrap
pers, from forty to fifty :WI-bodied men
are n o w cmpluycd 1 sdlAry tl :'hoot
eiL4itt dollars per day each. :1111 , am! ilr= iu
fiir the session. leu to thy , . or four
hundred, Inn f r o,, / thirtto?'re tofttiot tn,tr
smut doft,t rs ! The :icttd work do ne i: v
these forty or fifty men, at eight dollars :1
day each, is to fold, and put in wrapper:4,
about thirty-live hundr e d copi( s of the
`• Leoislative Record, - :Ind to pot
wrappers around the st vet. Executive
doeunu.nts, such as the Governor's Mes
sage, lirports of the Auditor General,
Surveyor General. state T a
r es ur. r, and
Superintendent iti' sH,:„os. sus line thou
sand of each. makino - the number of copies
of all kinds, during :ill entire session of
one hundred days, say four hundred thou
sand, and add to this. sav ono hundred
thousand newspapers. (which is considi r
ahlt try the actual numher,i and wt
have in all live hundred thousand papers
to fold and put, ht wmppors during our
hundred days, with a force of forty to lifty.
men. at an expt us • of thirty to forty thou
sand dollars! By dividing this labor equil
ly among the forty 111011 employ' - 1, I 1 it -
liyve there were about fifty during thin last
session,) we find that each man's task is
to fbld and put in - wrappers just one 11:1-
dr d and twenty-live V:tlicrs ~very (lay a
job t‘ hieti the lutist ittsitrhilicont "devil
of the most obscure printing ()flirt. in Penn
sylvania c:lti do in less than half ao hour.
'Plitt e0 ,,,t, therefor e , for foldin‘ , each copy
of the •• Record." :Hid puttinz,
it in the wrapper. is between six and seven
coins! This; does not inchi(h. the cost of
wrapping paper and paste, which, Ihr ale
I know, also, costs I.W( 111: 1.1 Orly
;IS much :Is it is worth! Therefe,re,
(I,.ar ;tiler, when you reoelYe. it tot one
of your Leoislatke friends, a copy of the
Lt : //st“firt 111 ,. 0/ . 1 1 , VCry e•irt'rld. not to
Ch' , ErOY the yellow Ivrappor, for the m e re
lalt.r of putting it on c o s t the state or
Pennsylvania hetween six and :-even rents:
the paper, say two cent::: the paste (at cm--
r spon , linl4 co , t)(my . cent; tit, printitez;
three coins and the postage t cents 11101 V,
ui;ikiti about fifty cents in all! It 0u.2.1it
to lit a very valuable document- -partieu
larly the pastin.", thldittg and wrapping of
it in a yellow wrapper. Savo the wrapper
by all means, for there is money in it!
This is only one item of 1410411 c xtrava
!ralice. lin ghl relia. to other facts and
tit..sures equally enormous. My only (1111eCt
is 10 show that our political system is
also undergoing very rapid and astonish
ing 'changes, but in the wrong direction.
The time has come for the people to he
coOne posted its to the doings of their
representatiVl S, to the end that measures
of radital reform may he demanded and
carried out. The great 11] I party
hats just ohtained It new lease to occupy
our EXetaniyc Dfausious and Legislative
flans. The patriotic Republican people,
having saved the nation, and made treason
odious, will now . dent:out radical reform in
public all'airs, and the man or set of men
representing the Republican party, who
disregard and ignore this demand,
will have but a few days or political life to
(To I*: cONTINI•ED.)
Ct mitEttr.A.Nn Cor.vry.—Prof. Mines,
of Pickinson college, delivered a lecture
at Carlisle, last Friday evenin!r. Subject:
The physical properties of the atunw
phere.” !rrand sociable Was announc
ed to come oil last eveniiw, by the Good
Templars of Carlisle. Essays, speeches,
music and the delicacies of tile season....
]lon. William Line, one of the oldest and
most esteemed citizens of the county. died
at Carlisle on Friday last, in the
year of his age The •• Dental _Asso
ciation of the C'tnnlierland Valley " was
or last week, composed of Den
tists of Cumberland and Franklin coun
ti..s. Dr. Suescrott, of Cliambershurg,
is the President.
liF:R!(s Coe vr v.- - The Washington
Fire Company of Iteadin:r will attend the
inauguration of President Grant, on the
-Ith of March next. They will fully
equipped Measles are nu , in! , among
the youngsters of Hambur , r The
Ifaialairg mills, which had suspowled a
short time for repairs, are now 1111111ing
full Hole Heli,ious reVival in the
Ilamhurg M. E. Church llurglars
are were active in the city or Reading,
and tho E,c6 calls on the detectives to
catch 'cm ti,unebody stole two live
turl:t.vs frun . Ir. John Pchr, in Iteadhpr.
and a reward of 11l fs otli.Ted by Mr. F.,
not for his turlzes but for the thief
A barn, belonging to Mr. Samuel Merkle,
of Richmond township, was destroyed by
lire, on Sunday night. Loss considerable,
as it was well stocked with grain, hay, &c.
CouNTY.--tieorge Dietz
1) 4
4 ~~_
had three ribs broken by a fall of coal in a
mine at Strongsville, on Monday On
Saturday, the 14th inst., Mr. J. C. White,
of Swatara, in company with police officer
Clouser, of Tremont. Wert' on their way to
the office of the Swatara Coal Company,
with :i14,000 to pay the men, when they
wore surprised by a band of ruffians and
several pistol shots were fired on both
sides. Clouser succeeded in shooting one
of the ruffians through the arm and shoul
der, when the party lkd, ]caving the
wounded man a prisoner in the !lands of
the nfficer, who convoyed him to the
County Jail at Pottsville The new
nisonie )tall at Mahanov City is to be
dedicated ill a few weeks On Thurs
day of last Iveek Thomas Duffy anal Thos.
Donahue, from Mahanov, were arrested
and 10,l d in the ('aunty ellar“ . ed
with the murder or Alexander W. !tea.
( Ni; OWNTY., Jalnes Elliot,
v;orkiu, at (.;tils . 51W mill, near Jersey
Shore, had his hand sawed oil a few days
comin.2.: in contact with the
:An attempt was made to
s .1 tire lo 11. 11. M:inn's carpenter. hop,
in IVilliartispnri, a row (lays a.r ()
cliy IS l'apitilV improving hy the
erection heatitinti neNv mansions and
matittr,tet ttrint4 establishments k. val
uable horse, belonging to Bev. 1:t•1: - Ber
ryman. was drolvned in Lovalsoek creek,
a few nights luck, whilst that gentleman.
was en -sink in :t still:T. The bridge was
ittn1cr.,.: ,, i111..; repairs, and in attempting to
lord the stream the horse got into deep
water. lvas resetted will' some
difficult V.
\VAY N E 'Or N TY.-- A in.an immed Arc
( ()I' Pleasant, \vas killed by fall
in, from his wa , .. , am whilst returning from
the mill A CI milty district Ismvention
()I' Good rfeniplars Ivill be held at Hones
dale, on tbe 22(1 and 2:3(1 of I)ecember, to
compos.4l of two dclee , ates front each
)1' NT Y.—Engillv N. 43, used
:Is a pusher nil the llralleli railroad, ex
ploded lwr hailer, Dear Ilie Porta , e Iron
Works. out , day last Iveek, hist:lllth, - hill
in , r the (1r2,1n0 , r, IlnLcrt l'alterson, and
the lircinao. Philip G. l)avis. .Nlr. l'at
lorson„ althoit ,. ll hir.re nod pmverild
1 , 1:111. in .i,,hi ng I wo InAnilood pounds, Nvas
;1 41;staiwo of .ix hundred yards.
llnth victims resided at Gayspnrt, ;Ind.
Ile x'rt~~tauox Cot . x . tv.- -Three citi
zeas Nlarch, d. E. Ketterinaii
and A. .1 iiderson---Ivere tried and acquit -
rm. l'orgery. The the
involved w..,s
cents. The proseellt ion Was cVidcOllV
instituted l'or the
,gratilication id' personal
spleen. mei he was very I.roperly required
to ;pay the r •, Prof. W. 11. Itav,
the color..d preacher, delivered an able
lect tire. uI II old ine - don, on Wednesday
evening of last NVcck, on Aktrell 4)t.
(h„,i .‘,..itud the widd.-
1)At.1 , 111N CouNTY.—.I romblin't nolsO
NN !wad at Ilarrislnirg., last sunday
evening., Which NVastl . t caused hy the run
ning, of a street ear, a locomotive. a steam
tiro engine, nor Lind-cart, or wheelbar
row. but, prohaltly - , as malty believe, an
earth quake [look
and I,adder company 'will visit Washing
ton on the •Ith next A citi
zen of' llarrisbtirg amwared lwfore the
nutyor, lust Nliniday, and entered a clan
plaint against his will., charging her with
}wing iii the habit of beconiiii , intoxicat
ed. "Ii canto home the other day, hroke
windows. tore up clothes, threatened to
poison the flintily, antl•played the part of
a she-devil generally. She was arrested
anil committed to prison.
LEit,ixoN CorNTY.—Tlie litpublicau
court} - prize l'lag eras won Lt - Jackson
being the Aryerstown
yoUlle* Mall ll:tinted t ivrberich, em
ploiyed by Alr..lohn ('openhaven, in Un
ion toNvtiship, was killed last week by
jumping from :t hay-ntoutal and intoit hay
fork, penetrated his body about
eight inches. Ile died its a few hours
Capt. Daniel L. Meyer, of Aunville,
owner of a calm! boat, was accidentally
drowned in the canal last week, near Har
risbure Prices of produce at Leban
on—ELrgs, ; butter, 44 ; lard, 18 ; po
tatoes :7, 4 1.20 per bushel.
LEunat Cot.wrv.—A. new house bo
o tighe.4 . to Mr. tieorge Davis, at Clan
sauqua, was undermined by water. on
Tuesday of last week, and totally wreck
ed Samuel Shearer was found dead
in the barn of Mrs. ('all, in tpper San
con, on Sunday a week last. Cause—in
temperaure A man named Brensin
ger, of Catasattqua, is missing --not seen
OR several weeks, when he received his
wages, went on a spree, and supposed to
have fhllen into the river Eggs
at Allentown, at 36; butter, -15; lard, 20
and potatoos $l.OO per bushel.
Your. CouNTY.—The Union Fire com
pany of York are now holding a grand
festival zit the Odd Fellows' Hall, to con
tinue until to-morrow (Saturday) even-
The body of a male infant was
found in a cesspool in the rear of Reaver's
Hotel, York, on last Friday tnornino
Large droves of cattle, from West Vir
ginia, are passing through the county to
the Easi-rn markets A. school boy
named llear, of I lanover, had his leg bro
ken whilst wrestling with a companion in
the public school yard Al horse and
cart belonging to James Cook & Co., in
charge of John Douns, backed down into
a lime kiln at Wrightsville, one day last
week. The horse was so badly injured
that it was necessary to kill him.... Prices
of produce at York--Potatoes, $1.20 per
bushel ; eggs, 35 ; butter, 30 a 40 ; chick
ens, per pair, 40 cts. to $l.
Two young men of Millersburg killed
four deer and a bear in Sugar Valley.
•k kt
9 it. 1 § ,t.t
, --------t
I `` - 1
. _
No. '2.
Ten lines of Nonpareil constitute a Squall
T I )11%
1 week .... $ 75 $1405210 $ 3 50 $ 6.00,$ 11 60
2 weeks... 120 1 tzu 270 4 50, 800 14 00
3 weeks... 150 220 :i 30 600 10 00 17 00
1 month... 175 260 390 7 00. 12 00' 20 00
2 months.. 275 400 600 10 00,2 A 001 83 50
3 months— 400 600 000 15 001 30 00 65 00
ino»tls.. 700 11 00 16 50 125 00: 40 00i 70 00
1 year 12 00 20 00 30 00 40 00 GO 00! 120 00
Executors' Notice
Administrators' Notice
Assignees' Not ice
Auditors' Notice
SPECIAL NOTICES—Ten cents a line for the
first insertion, and Seven cents a Rae for each
subsequent insertion.
REAL ESTATE advertisements, Ten cents a
line for the first insertion and Five cents a line
for each additional insertion.
with neatness and despatch.
tatittr Abrahaao Chipo.
SLEIGHING in Erie last week.
liAnnisnmui passenger railway don't
PLENTY of will turkeys ill liudford
cowl t V.
LABA 31 A ;rives Grant abinit 4:200 ma
NEAR LA" two feet of snow fell at Que
bec last week.
JOHN O'DONNELL was found dead near
Johnstown. Ca use—whisky.
frrl"-r•f VE thousand flictory! , irls are
employed in La wrvnt.e.,
Tun hundred - Pennsylvanians are al , nut
settliin: in Carolina co., Milryland.
THEnew Itolline . al, 13ethlehein,
will II:IVO sixty-tan heat in! ItiriM(VS.
THEttE is to he a poultry show at Hor
ticultural llall, Philadelphia, nest month.
WE can always tell what sort of a wo
man a man marri(.ll hy Ow way he treats
the printer.
I.Asi"fhunqlay the rcar wall of the new
church in cottrs ,r(Tticni in
, bh,\V III) \VII.
• AFR EEDM AN ill Illtidwin county, Geor
gia, has made over twelve hundred dollars
from his crap this year.
('o. declined 75 cents per ton, in New
York city, on Saturday last, and no dis
position to buy at that price.
DEER are sad to he very plenty in the
vicinity Of NeW Market, on the Orange
and Alexandria railroad, Va.
TtrIZEE riatglis \Verc hung by a mob,
called Vigilance committee, at Bear River
City, - Nebraska, last NVOCk.
MAJOR Fry. ft >latterly State
senator from Lehivit county, died last
‘veck, in the city of Allentown.
TwEi.vE inches of snow fill in the vi
cinity of ( tcYclis') Furnace,
Franklin county, Pa., OH Friday lust.
PROF. I E. SMITH, Of the Lewislour ,
Vniverity, has acccpted the po;:ition of
litcrarvcditor tilt! Scw York. Exo,,,i,fte.
TitEnt.: row. during TO,
two or Ow .tot t tlip moon. One
ilia 1 )t• is:l;dt' In.rc,
A (IN( INN.vrt woman eomplaiti.ll to
the court that 11( r toter hail whipped her
on an avera, , e cony tiuu a Nvock rtpr the,
past year.
TltE total valuation ir the thirty-ndd.
slate (ittarries in and :tromp' slatinton,
Lelthrli county. is chantmillion , : ( If
A -ox of Danitl By(•)•-;. of Huston town
ship, Blair county. was ti•NV days
ago by 1)(•in , 2: cawriit anti run into a thresh
ing niacliine.
Ilox. E. B. IVasliburtio, of Illinois. the
illtilt'r (If Ihe National House or Rviire
s(litittives," trill, Ivith the ill.xt C'ongri•ss,
hoght his ninth ti.rin.
110 X. .IN1). JI. FITZPATEI( ha:, been
appointed Judge et' the D . e.,triet (Smut of
Pittsbur . 2 - , to stweeed.littlgolVilliains. now
On the Sunventr Beach.
THE Slate of Pennsylvania is :timid to
build a Hospital for the Insane, upon a lot
of ground in the Susquehanna f riyer, in
tile vicinity of Danville, Montour.county.
July O'Donnell, whilst under the in
fluence of strong drink, fell from the plat
form in front of the Johnstown railroad
depot, last week, and was instantly killed.
Mits. ANN - MCLEAN, of Springfield,
Mass., fell from a window on Wednesday
night of last week. durin!!: an attack of
somnambulism, and was instantly killed.
.1(1:.z. PATTI IL JouNsox has sued the
Indianapolis and At. I.ouis railroad com
pany 1 >ri...25,0 1 H)danta,42:4 , 5, fin• alk7ed care
lessness, resultin!r in the death of her hus
N orphans' house Was established a
year ago at !baler. by the (;ertnan win
ed Church 4' the western part of this State.
It now shelters about tbrty fatherless
FRANKLIN cottlay puts in 1,504 tvar
claims, Fulton 127, Perry BedlOrd 47,
and Cumberlaml 132. ..I.4lams will be
about I,i lilt). The estimates will he between
:;,. 4 1.)00,0110 aural )0,000.
IN Louisiana, on the official count, the
vote of New Orleans, and such parishes as
were overridden by defiant lawlessness, has
been most ri!iteously thrown out. This
is but what was to he expected.
THE influence of the La Crosse Dthto
(Tot is made manifest by the fact, that not
a democrat was elected to any otlice within
a hundred miles of its publication office.
How are you, ••l3rick"—pretty boy !
A WEALTHY lady in lluffido lost her
pocket-book, containing a large sum of
money, and rewarded a ragged little boy
who followed her several blocks and re
stored it to her, by tossing him an apple.
Mits. Ti - c tern, of Georgia, who has
written a life of Brick Pomeroy, makes
this sin!mlar statement: '• Ilis cars arc
largle f and indicate the Demo c rati c ele
ment of character." That's a Jackass!
.It - DGE Luniew, of Philadelphia, 011
Saturday sentencM one of Sheriff Lyle's
Deputy SheriiTh at the October election,
to three years in the Eastern Penitentiary
fin• burglary. That's the kind of material
out of which Copperhead officials make
their deputies.
CHARLEY KARG, and two other gentle
men, of York, Pa., recently captured over
one hundred quail in one day's shooting,
at Mt. Jackson, on the Orange and Alex
andria railroad, in Virginia. Grouse,
quail and other game is represented to be
very plenty in that region.
..$2 CA
.. 2 50
.. 260
1. 1 50