Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, October 23, 1867, Image 1

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Whole No. 2942.
Poor House Business.
The Directors of the Poor meet at the Poor
House on the 2d Tuesday of each month.
Collection* a id remittances promptly made.
lut,-rest allowed on time deposits. jantSS-ly.
©SO. ELEE3,,
Attorney at Law,
Office Market Square, hewistown, will at
tend to business in Mllllin. Centre and Hunting ;
don counties mv 26 j
" E. 3. au B3S.TSCIT,
Attorney at Law,
nFFERS bis professional services to the citizens of
(I Mifflin county. Office ,n Northeast corner of the
Diamond, next to Hoffman's store. my 2
& 3. iiJiliiliiT, S3. ID J
LcwUtowß, Pa.,
OFFERS his Professional Services to the
Citizens of Lewistown and vicinity.
Dr lliirlbui bt- the EXPERIKM Kof 15 years in tbo
g ictier of Medicine and Surgery.
' inti-e on south side of Mill street, in the building j
formerly occupied by IT. Worrall. jul7 !
Mutual Insurance Company.
Capital, $2,500,000.
THIS Company continues to issue Policies of Insnr- i
s, ~n Amblings and Personal Property, in Town
or country, at c.i-h or mutual rates.
JAMES RASKIN, President.
JOSHL'A BOWMAN, Secretary.
janlO'67 Levristown. Pa.
OFFERS bis professional services to the!
citizens of Mifflin county. He is prepared to per- j
firm ail operations in the dental profession. Office 1
lire door from the Lewistoivn House, Main street, i
where lie will be found the first two weeks of each I
month, and tne last week of each month he will j
visit Kisnacoquillas Valley. Teeth extracted without.
ya.u by the use of nitrous oxide myl-tf
Teeth Extracted Without Pain!
By M. R. Thompson, D. D. S,
without the use of Chloro
forin. Eth*r, or Nitrous Ox
/fejSr . i<h% and i*• attended by no
, t " a j '"iwiC-"1 -t
* . • j w >t Market street,
y n<?ar I'hsenbi.se'ft hotel,
where he can be found for professional consultation
1., w >town. Sept. 10-tf '
w : h will he placed upon trial with any other now
E use. He invites competion. It can be tented
ZD □□. C£> CEJ CO. 1 2 IXD
with any otiier machine to enable purchers to choose j
Give biro a call. [inarltMiml WM. LIND.
TJ AS taken the Store formerly occupied
If lv John Rn'im. forth" purpose ..f Carrying on
the WATCH MAKING and JEWELRY Business. He
u:,i Pc plc.mcd to see all Mr. Haunt's old customers,
a j :o many new ones as will favor him with a call,
t work warranted. Store on East Market street,
n- irlv opposite the Post > tffice.
Lew.-town, April "J4, 1507-tf
tS im f \df ot cvi es o u JdJ S
K& WrKl Market s?., LrwUtown,'
Si - cloak., Hat*. Bonnets, Ladies Km DRESa
(jO')liS and Trimming*.
Patterns of latest styles always on liand.
Millinery and Dress-Making
execuU*l in lb- most approved style.
L* Mir town, Api ll I s , lfcbO.tf
3'eat Kstabl-isnxent.
fPIIK undersigned has (i'ted tip the build
I -i' in Biown street, above Frank'" store, for a
I simp where Fresh Beef. Pork. Mutton, Veal. Ac
c*i had at all times, ay r.e house fur the preserva
' tie at Itt-'.ng connected with the establishment,
'i e t-t Mic are invited to call.
t .Th" room will be opetjed for the first tunc on
evi i LAV MORNING, lt'th iu*t.
L< .risvwn, March 13.1867—tf.
Lewistov/n Coach Manufactory 3
Junction 3d & Valley street.
W 1 a**-- fr '••■1 to-" ih'T for the piiri """ of
r- . ni.-oula Hiring CVe/ i, Air rel
it t ~ .s.iAo.-, .sprmj Ho
g •• in a call and examine s|MsViincns ul their
a- in':h will lie found 'pial to any in or out of
the All kinds of repairing promptly attended
to. deel'J-ly
has now open
Cloths, Gassimeres
winch will be made up to order in the neat
est and moat fashionable styles. aul9
Piaia and richly (Jilt, at 1.60 per
HAS McKeon k, N'anhagen's SOAP.
<mph;s 01 xliicli were distributed a few days
j®.-' ' ' " Soap, Doblau'* Soap,
" Castile
** *., Ac.
c ~ AUO,
: e h'-s, Tomatoes, and Corn, just received,
*M Very cheap „,ayS
A MOST desiratilc article ol Solid Wood
t , * " 'Otinif —the H;i.ue fiinMi as liti—eostiiitf only
• a- niij.jh—HinJ will u-> doubt luettwiue js
t J . l ;ta tbt Lu. i: or by
Ilnntinfr.lon ant Broal Tup Railroad.
Passenger Tratnl run as follows:
a. m. |>. 111. ;
Leave Huntingdon J ® 6.66
Saxton 9.30 ' ,
" Bloody Run Id •"'■l 853 .
Arrive at Mount Dallas 10 59 557 i
SHOCP'S Res Bntxcn.
Leave Saxton 9.50 750 {
Arrive at Dudley 10 20 8 20
llackt and Express Wagons connect at Mount Dallas
for Bedford and Bedford Springs. A reliable line of Hacks |
connects at Dudley for Broad Top City.
• a.tn. p.tn. 1
Leave Mount Dallas 6 10 130
" Bloody Kun 614 134
" Saxton 7 30 2 55
Arrive at Huntingdon 9 10 4 45
Snoop's Bus BRANCH.
] Leave Dudley 700 2.'0 ;
i Arrive at Saxton 7JO 3AIO
THE undersigned has large stock of Doth j
Home-made und Eastern nmnufuclured linols and !
j Shoe's, which lie otiers at prices lower iban lie lias
sold for four years:
j Men's thick, d. Boots, warranted, from #2.75 to 5.00. I
"Kip, " " " " 4 IJO to 6.00. !
i *• Calf, " " extra 4.50 to 11.00.
i Boys' Boots, 1.00 to 3.00. '
j Men's thick Brogatis. double-soied, 2.00 to 2.50
| Men's split " warranted very bad, l.H' ;
I Boys' Shoes, price ranging from 125 to 2 *25 i
As the taxes are to be reduced again on thetirst da;, i
i of August, it also enables us to reduce nur pric s I
; HOME-MADE WORK of all kinds made to |
order at reduced pri. es. So come on boys and girls '
; and examine for yourselves,
i Trunks, Valises and Carpet Hags
j kept on hand. Gentlemen will benr in mind that no ;
| goods will be given out unless paid for. and i! re- i
j turned in good order, the money will be returned, it j
| requested. But when goods have been soiled or !
j worn, tlu-y will not be taken back—please tear this i
]in mind—as some folks think that weaiing lor s ;
' short liine don't injure the sale of thetn afterwards, j
j augl-tf BU.LY JOHNSON. j
Great Excitement at the Post
ON account of the new arrival of Boot* and Shoes, j
at greatly reduced prices. The under>igned would '
respectfully inform the ptihhc that lie h is just Arrived !
from the eastern cities with a large Hxortineut ol i
consisting rf Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's '
Wear, which he has purchased at "eome down" pri 1
ees. He is now prepared to sell cheaper than the i
cheapest, f.r cash. Also, constantly on hand a large j
j assortment of home-made work, which is mantifnc-1
' tared tinder his own superv JNMUl. anl of tiie best ma- \
• terial ami workmanship. Boots and Slioe> made to j
! <nier at short notice. Repairing done in the neatest j
manner. Call at the Post Office, and examine for
'yourselves. W. C. THOKNBUUG.
Lewi.st own, May 23. ISR6-y.
20.000 MAJORITY!
To the Voters of Central Penna
ELECTION is over and itbabtcn decried by about '
2ityKt> majority that the Tobacco and Cigars sold j
: at Fry dinger's and Segur Store cannot be '
I surpassed, either HI Quality ° r Price.
Look it the Prices, get some of the goods, and com- i
pare with all others, and you will be saii-ti -d that you
! get the worth of your money at Frysinger's.
PTysniajer's Spun Roll only il.wuper pound.
: Erysinger's Navy " *
i Frysinger's Congress " " * 4 44
Frysinger'a Flounder " 44 4 4 44
; Wiliett Navy 44 44 * 4 44
Oionoko Twist 44 44 44 44
And other Plug Tobacco at 4 ; > and 50 cts. per lb.
Cut and Jiry. 40 nd 50 ets. Granulated Tobaccos at }
50 ets.. tiO ets . SO cts.. SI.OO, -51 .20. ami $1,50 per lt.
; F:ne-Ci.t chew ing, at $1.40 and $1.20.
1 Cigars at 1, 2. 3. 5 and 10 ets. each.
Ihp"s in great variety: also Cigar Cases. Tobacco!
Pouches HIHI Boxes. Match Safes, and ill articles
u>u illy kept in a hrst-cla-vs Tobacco and 1 ig.r Siore.
'l\> "b reijams, I offer the abovegw>ds at prieesthat
will enable thetn to retail at tlie same prices that I
ro and realize a fair profit.
0ct.24. E. FRYSINGEIi.
To Solicit Orders lor a Sew Illustrated
am* DrjTjyjAirj,
This Ihctionary cm'"ii| the results of til.' most j
i reveal. fctfi'iy. research, Hiul mvc-li:. .ti.n, iU hIKUII ;
sixtv live t.f the in-.st eminent ami xdfurifiM Biblical |
Scholars now living. Clergvim-aofalldcooaiinatioiix ]
: approve it. and regard it as inn le-st work .f its kind
in the English language, and one which might to la
in the I .amis of everv Bible reader in Hie land.
In (ircnlnling tins \Vork. Agents will find a pleasant
land profitable employment. The numerous objer
i lions whieh are Qsualiy eneoiiuleiod in selling ordi
i nary works wnt not exist with tins
I But. on the contrary, eneouragement and friendly j
, aid wiil alien i lbs Agent, makme Ins labors agreeable,
i useful unit llterative.
Ladies, retired Clergymen, School Teacher*, Far .
me is, Students, and all others who possess energy j
| are wanted to assist in Canvassing every I'own aud
j County in He eountry, u> whom tin; most liberal Jp- ]
dueeinciilf will be ottered.
For particulars. apply to or address
I auil x. 722 Sanom Street. Philadelphia. Pcnna.
623. E00? SZIB.TS. 628
Wlllll* T. HJfKiM, "Jur llv.n Jlakr."
\ IT Kit more than FIVE YEARS experi
em e an| experimenting in the manufacture of
j *irtcVt4 tuet 'jualittf i/ocg> Skirl s. we off# r oiir justly e l
i ebrate| gfioib to merchants and the public in full
i confidence of their sniper.ority over all other.- in toe
j American market, and they are so acknowledged by
! all who wear them, aw they give more *!)• fact ion
tb n Htiv oilier Skirt, and rceommend themselves in
; every respect. Dealers in Hoop Skirts should make
! a note 1 this fact. itr rtf but;, tch*> Ua* not ytven t hem a
' f rin? should do &* without fur th< r d*/at/.
I Our iivciiiiiuui <• in braces ev-ry style, length and
siio for Ladies. 'Mis-es and Cbildren. Afso, Skirls
1 nifuir to order, Altered and Repaired.
Ask tor-Hopkm's Own Make,'and be not deceived.
See that the letter *H" is woven on lie- I'aja - between
Kach Hoop, and thai (hey are stamped 4 W. T, Hopkms,
M anil fact ftrer. Arch sr. Pluia. - up' n eaefi .ape
No others are genuine. Also, constantly on harm a.
full fine of goud New York and made Skirts,
ai v• i v low pricey. Wh' k sab; and Retail. : the Phil
adetpfna fio<p Skirt M inufaetory and Kmponum
New Opening & New Goods.
pnruba-u-'l th" sbw-k "f Boots und Shoo, of P.
P . Loop, and has als , j.t-t rvturnod from tht- city
with a larg- and well selected stock of
Low hich be would cull the attention of wll. a* Shoes
oil th" ndvanco. He would say tomil who w i<li
lr..air - to cll. as bis goous will bo sold wry bm for
ci-b Having examined the latei-l -ivb-s in the < it),
I am prepared to make all kinds of Shoe, ill lh- mw
f, t .or'abb- ma.-.,, r. Having the ,...et experienced
Ao, kflout, aim Using nolle but the b. st .-took ill tin
market, lie . ready to make the very best work, all
warranted, mid made at shortest notice.
A go ,d assortment n band, wlm-h wilt be sold at a
low price, but b.r cash only. Call and .■xamii.e ,oods
before pun-basing elsewhere, kemember the <ibl
stand, third door west of B.ymyer s store. NohT£>
Lewi-tow'ii, Aug.2B, 1567.
( 1 U(D OH EK-iJ. 1 irocerics,
Tl 1 tried Fruit unu Honey at A. FELIX S
L*OLK LEATHER und Sboe Finding*, ul-
IT w nvH on hand- llnve now aonie of the
best IN"! MK V. J HOFFMAN.
/ 1 1 LI. and examine the new and bea'i
l; tiftil Cooking Stove "K<'inPSF., the
beet baker, at E. G. 1' KANCISCI B •
UTOV ES ofall kinds, Stove I'ipe, Coal
Huekcts. fee., at greatly reiln <1 [ri
ee.s, at K. < k KKANCISCI'S.
lARCE stock of Stonewiro. Jars, Crocks,
j Milk Fans, ifcc. Aiso Eirtben (.-rucks
of good quality, at A. t KLIX.
quail!v Coal Oil, Fish and Machine
) Oil, Flaxseed Oil, on hand, at
rrME following Fire. Life. and Accidental Companies j
A are represented by the undersigned: *
-Etna, Fire of Ilarlfurd, §4,083,000
j Putnam, " 500,000
i Home, New York 3,500,000
Gennania, " 700,000
Home, New Ilav n, 1,000,000
| North America, Philadelphia, 1,750,000
| Enterprise, " 400,000
Lj coming, I'enna., 2,500,000
Farmers, York, Pa., 500,000
American Life, Philadelphia, 1,000,000
N. Y. Accidental, New York, 250,000
IlorseThief Ins. Co. York Pa., 50,000
Tliis agency is, prepared to insure against Fire, Death <
or Accident, iii any part of Mifflin county Horses
are insured against theft. All business pertaining to j
| insui anee promptly attended to.
jan!6'67 JOHN HAMILTON, Agent. !
Hamaker & Montgomery,
RAY E associated together for the pur
posf of manufacturing Coaches, Buggies, Cania
j ges, Sulkies, Spring Wagon*. at
111 Alt:*' OI.IJ hTANI),
i in Valley street, Lewi-town. They are prepared to I
do all kinds of w>rk m their line, in an elegant and
workmanlike manner, and invite the citizens of town i
| ana vicinity to call and examine their new tfock on
hand. Before jnindiasing cl-cwhere, a.** all work m;<u
| ufactiired at this establishment is warranted.
Prompt attention given to all repairing, which will
| he done with neatness and durability, and guaranteed
| to give satisfaction. myt-ly
I 9 re w' s Patent
tojidi'j fi]siaj>jas
Til E greatest improveiricnt of the age, in this line
of trade. Ist. It d-*es away with the wrinkles on
the instep, also, with the welted side s-attt whiuh has
injured su many feet and tinkles. 2d. it makes the
easfst sitting and hc-t fittingl*oot ever worn. This
hoot is now manufin lured by P. K. Loop, who holds
the right of u-e for the eonnty, and is prepared to
furnish all who wish to wear tin's ls*ot. A liberal dis
count t<* dealers who wish to deal in these boots. Or
' ibTs filled at sliorl notice Prices greatly reduced on
1 all goods a'. P. F. Loop s Shoe Store. febtl
Benson, Campbell & Co.,
Cominisxkn >lrrrlianls k Wholesale Grocers,
5U7 M'rrkrt Str f, Pitilttf/i /jiliid.
I>AKTICI*LAK attention giveji No sales of Cinscng.
1 Woo'. Woolen Yarn. Pur skins. Deer Skins.Sheep
| Skins. I- laxsoed.Cloverseed. Feathers. Leather, Roots.
I Dried Print. Butler, Beeswax. Eggs. Ac.
j All goods warranted to give entire satisfaction, and
i sold at 'lie lowest city prices.
I pleas - call and l-> convinced.
Also, a full line of Tobacco kept constantly on
hand. fylo-6m
dOn nn AtiKNTS WANTED—iluoon— \|a|. arid
UU p. male, to in l roil tie- ■ v IIW l'A li.N I .
! Ed for family use and Tailoring. It makes a stitch
alike on both aides. Price only 1 W l'.N 11 DOLLARS.
Kxtra-ordinarV inducements t . Agents. P**r lnll|*<ii
i tiettlais, address DP.MONT & WILSON.
| piH'-%Hn* two Arch st., I'hila., Pa.
nAS just received and opened at his es
tablishment a new supply of
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry,
Fancy Articles, &.C.,
which he will dispose of at reasonable prices
lie invites all to give him a call and examine
his stock, which embraces all articles in iiis
Trie, and is sufficiently large to enable ail to
make selections who desire to purchase.
IttrRKFAIRING neatly and expeditiously
attended to, and all work warranted.
Thankful for the patronage heretofore re
ceiyed, he respectfully a*k a continuance ol
the same, and will endeavor to please all w ho
may favor hint with their custom. feb2
-ii 4! U -3 "7 3ii -it ->
All kio-l- of
\\J AURANTED I'll UK, constantly on
\ V hand. Shoulder Braces. Trusses. Spinal and
Abdominal Supporters procured Irotri the best and
most reliable manufacturers, ordered expressly for
the patient at a small per (-enrage.
I would m-*re especially call the attention of Far
mers and Farriers to my
K X C E la S I O 11 OIL,
fn r cuts, woun-ls, bruises, old sores, scratches, in fact
.omost ail the external diseases incident to the horse
Also, a most reliable cure b-r frosted feet.
Patient- ntfeeted with chronic diseases writ secure
the rnosi careful and correct examination, and will Iw
trented as successfully as their diseases will possibly
admit. No charge for examination or advice.
Hours of consultation frsin 11 o clock, a. m to 4
o'clock, p m. H. MARTIN, M. D.
Lcwisiowu, March 20, ISO"—tf
\WOKK of real value, and an almitst indispensa
ble companion of the Bible, showing vhut the Bi
ble i not. what it is, and how to use it. an-wcriug at
the objections to-its fiuthehnctl.V urged by modern m
li'h-ls, aii-1 tracing the authority of each book up it
its in-pired authors, giving a vast amount of inlor
million heretofore Picked up in very rare and 11}
making one of the most popular books evei
Experienced agents, clergymen. Indies, schon
teacher-, and others should send at once lor circular*
givmg father
sep2s-Jm 501 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia. Pa
AFPERS his professional services to thegitizenso
0 l.ewi-iown and vicinity, "thee Ma... street, op
nosite the Court House, (Lewistowm House.)
All orders by mad or dispatch promptly attended to
Alijiust 2H, lSi7-tf.
T7IOR 2-j cents v<u can procure \vliatw il
h iiinke 20 gallons IHJOD SOAI t
inardOtf _ AKTIN S.
T F you want Good TIN WARE home men
X ufacturc, buy of J. B. s,EL.ILILLE.
Wednesday, October 23, 1867.
sPA'JM!! JJSii
1805) re RNAlnf;U'lurinR under LETTERS PATENT the
B, ST Article IT Composition HOOTING cv \ OTTERED to
the Public. It is Alupt*<L to every style oi U'>of, steep
or TL.U. and CAN BO readily applied by any one.
TIIE L*. S (.-ivcruinent, after a THOROUGH t'st of its |
utility, have adapted its USE iu the Navy Yards, and
UPON PUBLIC Buildings.
The Roofing is put up in rolls, and has only to be j
nailed to the Roof to make U
Durable and ater-Proof Covering.
We particularly recommend its u>e upon
Buildiugs, Store*, Churches, Factories. Machine
Sbojs, Steamboat Dicks, IC.
For coating TIN. IKON, or STNXULT ROOFS. It forms a
Bod*/ F.'fim 1 to Three Coots of Ordinary/ Paint.
No Roof can rust under it, and old leaky Hoofs may BE I
made permanently water-proof and durable by its use. J
The Paint requires xo MIXING, but is ready to be ftp- ,
plied with the ordinary paint brush. Prir*, $\ per gal- \
ton. which will cover two hundred square leet.
Also manufacturers of
Black Lustre Varnish,
Tarred left cmd Roofing Pitch.
Discount to tiie Trade. Circulars ami Price List fur- J
Dished. Kighi> for counties sold at low rams. Address j
11)4 Bromiwy, N. Y.
' Frank Humphreys, 6! Ituyul >t .N. U.: Schofield j
Williams .V Co., Augusta, Ga.; Baldwin H. Woods I
Monlgomerv, Ala.; J hos. S. Coates. Katcigli, N. K. )
A. Tucker lliehrnoud, VAG Henry Wilson, I'eU-islairg,
| Va., Agents. jan23
Tailoring Establishment
(SIEiXIBEaISS Wo (£21U;113£ 9
MERCHANT TAILOR, has removed his shop to the
buildihg formerly known AS the - green house," ;
at the intersection of Valley and M ill street, adjoining j
H. M. & IT. Prait's store, where he cordially invites all '
who need anything in his line. Goods and Trim- J
; mines furnished and gentlemen's clothing made, in
J the latest styles, on short notice, and at reasonable
prices. apll-tf
| Why the Grain Business is Rimed al Mc-
Coy's Old Stand.
r plIE undersigned, having rented the
1 large and commodious Warehouses formerly
I "ET UNIED hy Frank McCoy, E-q., is now prepared to ;
j purchase or receive and forward
I for which he will pay market prices. Also, h>- will I
; keep for sake, SALT. PLASTER. IOAL and FISH. ;
j Ho returns thanks to all his old customers for their
| former patronage, and shall feel grateful tor a renewal !
! of past bil-:nes relations.
Merchants will tind it to their advantage to give him \
a call. T inarU->i WILLIAM WILLIS. |
Brown's Mills.
r pllK undersigned tiro prepared to
! buy all kiwis of Produce for o:\sh, or receive on j
store at Brown's Mills, Reedsville, Pa. We w ill Lave i
jon band
We intend keeping the mill constantly running, and
rilliJil, nt'J, AS., A3,
lor sah* at the lowest Market rates, at all tunes.
Va The public are requested to give u- a eat I.
; scjiJTtf H. STRT'NK K HOFFMAN*, j
Pilaus & S@XTS
HAVE on hand a good assortment of Furniture oi
all kinds suitable to furnish a house out and out. J
j Spring and Common Mattresses, and
j of any si/.--s and prices to suit the times.
: \\v" cordially invite the attention of both old and
! voting, groat and small. No charges for showing
good-. ' 'all and examine before purchasing elsewheie.
Thankhil for (>ast favors ami hoping a continuance
of the same, we remain, yours. Ac.
Lewbsiown, March l.j, fso7-!f FELIX & SON.
QQIK undersigned having resumed busi
-1 iiess it this establishment with a force of suprri
i OR wot kmen. announces to the public that lie HA, now
| AMI wail keep constantly on hand ITH assortment of
! excellent
which he wall deliver to merchants at a reasonable
di.-tajee, and at the usual
or retail.ut his Ware-rooms at the Pottery. All orders
promptly attended to.
I.ewistown, July 24. lSij7-3m.
" The Best Cabinet Organs
American Institute, New York, Octolwr, 1 Hl',6.
Being pronounced superior iu QTALITY. POWER, and
VVHIEIY OR I'ONF., ami in number of eomhinations.
•'As the best instruments of America were there
contending, whichever won that battle would have
noihing lei to conquer"— Am. Art JourrnU, (edited by
a welt-known innsienl critic.)
They have also taken the tirskpremium wherever
exhibited this season.
PEDAL ORGAN'S, one. two, and three banks o!
KEYS— six sizes —s2so to $1.500. Without pedals, single
and double bank, in great variety, to MAE. These
ORGANS, wiih their smooth pipe-like quality ol tone,
beautiful solo stops, strength of chorus, unequally,
pedals, and general organ-like effects, ARE superirs
for CharrUo, Hulls, Parlors, and Sclioola.
They are put u|> IU cases of SOLID WALXUT, fancy ven
eered Walnut, (now and unique sty lea) and elegant
Rosewood, of splendid designs and finish. and of the
Uist workmanship,!— it being intended that AULI in
strument snail be a model of its class. All instru
ments. DOWN to a five octave portable Metodeou. have
the beautiful Tremolante stop, without extra charge.
•\ LAR-e assortment constantlv oil hand at ourGEN
BROADWAY. ,_ . ..
Hur Illustrated Circular and Price Lists, with our
new Sl\ les. are now ready. Send for a Circular.
120 Manufiictuters,B4l Broadway, N.Y
"Weber & Son,
H AVE the largest, assortment and best
. selected stock of
in this section of country.
Brown Sugars l'rom , 1" to 1"> cts
White Sugar K>
Pulverized, Granulated and Broken Boat
Lovering's Syrup, $1 2<> per Gallon,
Other Syrups, 25 and 28 ets. per quart.
Baking Molasses.
Extra Prime Coffee, 3D ets.
Prime Coffee, 28 "
Also, a large stock of
Ground Alum, and Ashton's Refined
Dairy Salt.
Shephard's Pittsburg Crackers always
on hand. feIHJ.
BEST Bar Iron, at 4J, and other kinds
low at F. J. HOFFMAN'S.
Rich Autumn, vitli her golden store
May count her treasure o'er and o'er,
And say such wealth did ne'er before
The land betide;
And fruits and flowers, and yellow sheaves
Are gathered in. and withered leaves
Are all the traveller's eye perceives
In prospect wide :
Hut give to me the sheltered room,
Where neither mind's nor season's gloom
j Can blight our joyous mental bloom
By our fireside!
How sweet to ramble through some book, j
Or chat with fnetflls in social nook,
With Children round, on whom to look
With honest pride!
i And then to have the meeting crowned
With some old ditty's cordial sound,
Or sit and hear the tale go round,
Or aught beside
Which may the passing hour engage—
Of life we'll con the varied page,
I And hope for happy, good old age
By our fireside.
She stood beside the counter, —
The day he'll ne'er forget,
She thought the muslins dearer
Than any she'd seen yet;
lie watched her playlul fingers
The silks and satins toss;
The clerks looked quite uneasy,
And nodded at the boss.
'Show me some velvet ribbon,
Barege and Satin turk,'
She said, I want to purchase!*
Then gave the goods a jerk;
The clerk was all obedience, —
He traveled "on his sh pe;*
At length, with hesitation,
She bought a yard of tape.
Long Credits.
A licit man was asked to contribute i
to a certain benevolent work, and the ;
solicitor quoted the text, 'He that giv
• cth to tho poor lendeth to the Lord,j
and that which he hath given will he'
pay him again.'
The merchant replied, with a smile, !
■Your security is no doubt good, and
your interest liberal, but 1 do not like
j to lend on such long credits,' and he j
! coolly bowed the collector out.
A fas, the day of settlement was not!
so far off to this 'poor rich man.' In
two short weeks he was called to his
i lust account. And so the day of our
j death seems far off to ail of us. We
are reckoning on long credits still,
when one messenger after another has
been sent to warn us that our term of
j stewardship was drawing to a close
; When wo see one and another cut
down suddenly about us, it leaves but
a transient impression on our minds
and hearts. We think that a like ca
lamity will never come to us. H>w
fearful the surprise, too often, when a
sudden summons calls the soul to stand
before its judge.
A young man in the full flush of
health was suddenly thrown from a
j carriage,and so severely injured, he was
I taken in a house near at hand, and a
! physician immediately called.
The first question the youth asked,
as ho fixed his eye piercingly upon
him, was,
'Sir, must I die? Must I die? L>o
not deceive me in this matter.'
The physician informed him that he
could not live an hour.
Then his whole soul awakened to a
lull sense of the dreadful reality.
'Must I, then, go into eternity in an
hour? And I have made no prepara
tion for such an event. I knew that
impenitent youths were sometimes cut
off thus suddenly, but it never entered
my mind that I was to be one of the
Then wildly crying out, 'Oh, what
must I do to be saved?' he passed into
eternity. There was no time then for
So, too, it may bo with us. Death
may knock as suddenly at our doors,
and we can meet it with composure
onlv when we have Christ for jjur
friend. When ho is our hiding place
we shall fear no evil. Death isouren
emy, and he is strong and pitiless. —
Hut we do not fear au earthly toe when
we have a sate retreat, into which he
can never enter, where nono of his
wiles can reach us. Even at the mo
mcnt when this foe seems to triumph
our conquest is complete. 'Thanks be
unto Cod,, who giveth us the victory,
through our Lord Jesus Christ.'— Cor.
S. S. 1 imes.
Handkerchief Flirtations.
Some genius has recently reduced to
a system the popular habit of getting
up flirtations by means of handker
chiefs. The language of flowers is out
of dato. It is too elaborate and round
about a mode of conveying the tender
emotions. Commend us to the baud
kerchief. The use of it is so handy so
natural, and so easily acquired, that
any one who has tried it will at once
perceive its advantages over tho old
complicated system. Tho handker
chief, too, is suggestive in connection
with Think ofthc troubles
that poor Dcsdemona got into by not
talcing proper care of that ill starred
handkerchief which the Egyptian wo
man gave to old Mrs Othello. Truly,
as his Moorship remarked, 'there's
- magic in the web of it.' Let any one
look in of a Saturday afternoon, to the
matinees at some of our theatres, andj
he will say there is vast deal of mean-;
ing in a handkerchief. But hitherto
it has been an unwritten language,;
and those who use it have known but
little of its fundamental principles.
Hence the many mistakes and miscon
ceptions which too often follow, just as}
with too persons conversing in a lan- j
guago with which both are unfamiliar.
The following key may serve as a use
ful guide to the young of both sexes
who are ambitious to acquire this ele
gant accomplishment: —
Drawing across the lips —Desirous
of getting acquainted.
Drawing across the eyes—l am sorry. 1
Taking by centre —You are too will
Dropping —We will be friends.
Twirling in both hands —Indiffer-
Drawing across the check —I love
Drawing through the hands—l hate
Letting it rest on the right cheek-
Letting it rest on the left cheek—No.
Twirling in left hand—l wish to get
rid of you.
Twirling in right hand —I love
i another.
Folding it—l wish to speak with
! you.
Over the shoulder —Follow me.
Opposition corners in both hands—
Wait lor inc.
Drawing across the forehead —We
; are watched.
Placing on left car—l have a mes
sage for you.
Letting it remain on the eye —You
are cruel.
Winding it round fore finger—l am
en fc ra g cd - _
Dr. tiungsluiic.
Sir Roderick Murchison has heard
from Mr. Young, who commands the
Livingstone search expedition. On the
20th July, the party had been convey
ed to the Kongohi, mouth of the rivei
Zambesi, in her majesty's ship Petrel
Commander Gordon, and were üboul
to cross the bar in their steel boat or
the following day. They had beeu
abundantly supplied with all neccssa
I ries by the naval authorities at the
cape. The expedition had been strength
encd by the addition of two Ivrooraen
and an English stoker from the Petrel.
Mr. Young brought from the capo two
negro youths who bad been formerly
liberated from slavery b}- Livingstone,
and who. it was believed, would be of
good use as interpreters.
After describing the great changes
which have taken place in relation to
land and water at the mouths of the
Zambesi, the entrance of the east Lug
bo being completely changed, and
Pearl Island disappeared, the letter
thus concludes: '1 have not altered
my views respecting the probable time
of our return to the mouth of the Zum
besi. and have written to the senior
officer at the cape for a ship to meet
us there on the Ist of December. In
conclusion, 1 am happy to state that as
far as lean judge, wc are supplied with
everything we can need, are all in the
enjoyment of perfect health, and look
forward confidently to a successful ac
eomplishintnt of our undertaking.
Frightful Death of Three Chil
A widow, Mrs Blankenship, living
near Bowling Green, Kyi, went to a
run to wash, taking with her her en
tire family, two little sons and a baby
daughter, followed by their dog. The
dog ran off a short distance into the
woods, and began barking furiously.
It was thought he had treed some
game, and with the mother's consent,
the littlo fellows went to secure it
The gamo proved to be a large rattle
snake. They wore too small to know
the naturo of the creature, and delight
ed by its glittering coils, the eldest
ran to catch the prize, saying, 'l'll get
him, brother.' The venomous reptile
darted, and struck its venomous fang.-
a "am and again into the flesh of the
Mowing, eager child, and wound it*
terrible folds about him. The youngei
brother ran to his rescue, and was
also repeatedly bitten. Their screams
brought the mother.
When she arrived the eldest boy
was dead, and the younger one lived
but long enough to tell what happened.
The snake had crawled off, and alone
in the woods, with the blackened and
swollen corpses of her two darlings,
Vol. 57, No. 42.
tho mother for a time, forgot her in
fant down by the run. Returning to
her she found the corpse of her baby
girl in tho wash tub. She had todd.ed
to it and fallen in head foremost. Who
found her, or how she found assistance
; to bring to her desolate home all that
was left of her children is not told, but
the Bowling Green Democrat, which
gives the account, says the poor moth
jer is not quite bereft of reason, and
that the event has created a profound
sympathy in the whole community.
A Snake in a Boy's Stomach. —A boy
aged eight years, son of Benjamin
Whisler, residing in Mifilin township,
a short distance from Newville, Cum
berland county, has been seriously af
flicted for some time past on account
of having a living snake in his stom
ach. The presence of the young rep
tile was discovered about two years
ago, and by a rapid growth it has at
tained a size fhat renders it very pain
ful to the boy. Thirteen physicians
assembled at the family residence last
week and hold a consultation, when it
was decided that tho only manner in
which tho reptile could be removed
was by cutting open the stomach ot
the sufferer. The boy has not taken
any food except sweetmeats and new
milk for more than a year past, and
has a horror of everything else in tho
!shape oi nourishment. The case is a
very singular one, and may be consid
ered by many in the light of a snako
stor}*, but we assure our readers that
the facts above stated are strictly true.
—liar. Tel., 1 Oth Oct.
An Aycnt of the Lord. —Deacon Simes
was an austere man who followed oy
stering and was of hardshell persua
sion. Tho deacon 'alus made itapint'
; to tell his customers that tho money
which he received for 'isters' did not,
belong to him. 'The good father made
the 'isters,'' said the deacon, ' and tho
money is his'n; I'm only a stooart.'
jOne Sunday morning the old fellow
was tearing round from house to bouso
with a suspicious bit of currency in
his hand, and more than a suspicion of
rage in his face. Some ore had given
him a bad fifty cents, and lie ' was'nt
goin' to meetin' till that ar' was fixed
up' 'Why deacon,' said one of his
; customers, whom he had tackled about
it, 'what's the odds? what need you
care? tien't yours, you know; you are
only a steward; it isn't your loss.' Tho
deacon shifted his shoulder, walked to
the door, unshipped his quid, and said,
'Yaas, that's so; but if you think that
I'm goin' to stand by and see the Lord
cheated out of fifty cents, you are mis
taken. 1 don't foster no such feclin'.'
ESS- A dish-washing machine has
been invented by a Westerner, which
is thus described: Tho machine pro
per comprises a box sixteen inches long,
ten inches wide, and twelve feet (for
water) two sets of brushes, a lever and
a crank. The dishes are placed on a
slide worked by the lever and are low
ered between the brushes, which are
moved backward and forward as brisk
ly as may be required. Bj- a peculiar
construction of the wooden backs of
these brushes a current of water is
continually thrown against the dishes,
sufficient to clean them of any ortfj
iary substance, and the brushes are
sure to remove any other article that
nay have adhered to them.
Double Murder by Chloroform. —A hor
ihle murder was committed at G'en
,ral City, Colorado, on the night of tho
jtfa October. A man named Bryan
Liosbrook induced his wife to go to
;hurch, ho staying at home to care tor
.he children. While she was away,
ae gave the two children chloroform
and then bled them to death. After
his wife came home, he and she retired.
Lie gave her chloroform, and then took
it himself. She awoke during tho
night, got up and went to a neighbor's
house, but was not able to tell what
was tho matter until morning. Tho
father and mother will recover. —St.
Caul (Minn.) Cress , G//i.
Isaac Reynolds aud William
Quillans, both without legs, and accom
plishing locomotion with their arms,
had a one mile race in Cincinnati a
few weeks ago, for a purse of 81,000.
Reynolds weighs 105 and Quillins 120
pounds. The race was won by Rey
nolds in eleven minutes and fifteen
seconds. A moderately largo crowd
witnessed tho singular contest.
1,1 OR a complete and concise POCKET
: ACCOUNTANT, for business men,
by.W. T. liarniU, A. M.
Sent postpaid. Address,
Lewis town, Pa.