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    G. & G. ft. FftYSINGEft, PUBLISHERS,
Whole No. 2921.
Poor House Business.
The Directors of the Poor meet at the Poor
* ••., )ln ,h„ 9,j Tuesday of each month.
It, vin State C onvention.
HAIIKISBURO, April 16, I>7.
The " Republic™ State Convention"
w : l! meet at the" HenlicHouse, in \\ il-
KS . XV,,!.,., lay. the 26.1. of
June next at It) o'clock, A. M., to nomi
nate a candidate forjudgeot thebuprcme
Court and t< initiate proper measures lor
tht en'smn-' State canvas. As heretofore,
the Convention will be composed of Rep
resent Hives and Senatorial Delegates
chosen* in the usual way, and equal in
number b> the whole of the Senators and
Representatives in the General Assem-
L ' L, l iv order of the State Central Conunit
t(i( - " p. JORDAN, Chairman,
\ W. BENEDICT, ,* Secretaries,
IT &■ j- CZ> ww • j
Inter.--; ail-ved u tittle .k-pMU>. jan-t-lv.
Attorney at Law,
Office Market Square, LEW'istown, will at
tend to business in Mltflin.Centre and Hunting
doD eounlte* tnv2fi
Attorney at Law,
rtFFKRs lu pi'ifessunna! sei-Tiees to the citizens of
() ; n:v. t tn Northeast corner t.l the
Pj-oa<L next to Hofliiwt>* .tore. "'yJ
Mutual Insurance Company.
Capital, S*,.<HUMM>.
rrtii - COIRI'Hnv continues to ls-UE P -LINES of DISTTR
| - BIIIUIIJJS and Personal Property, in lo*n
or Country, at cash or mutual rates
JAHKS KASKIX, President.
JOSIICA BO\YMA\, Secretary.
i-inKt'r'T Ije-.vistoan. Pa.
ro:-:iT z. sakis IT.
Practicing Physician,
Belleville, >Silflin County. I*a-
PR I)\HL.i'.N has been appointed an EXAMINING
j) sir -eon for PENSIONS. Soldiers requiring exutu-
LE.-. ION will fin I him AT his office in Belleville
l Eeileville. August 22. ISWi.-y
I H. M.
ID IH3 3NT O? I S *X" ,
A!'ii'!ll> bis professional services to the
' I .. I.s I" .Mifflin county. He is prepared to per
. ■. : ..us in the dental prufciwon. titlr-i*
■.r : 'mi i.iC Lewi stoat) House, Main s:reel.
v \ j,.'. i'l: I found tlie first two weeks of each
_ j t.,, week of each tiv-nth he will
Tint Ki-'t act quill** Valky. Teeth extracted without
\ : ii cot nitrous oxide mvl tf
P F.SPECTFULLY inform tiie citizens of Lewistown
P ) , uniiv. a few doors from flic Town itali, in
Minn street tliiit he i prepared to do all kind of work
; in th® nm.-it .srirutitir man
... partial Self*, or SINGLE leetli in
n-erDM TRI I R • I >ikR.T r VulemiiW BNTE.IN an flfgant
. W rk.;:miike maraier. ami U The mo>t reasona
!T>RlTO M** I*unrann*F# IN# work, or NO pay.
>N p*;D to the extracting AOD filling
cf T- • IN M T!:- mST a prtve<L manner. NV7-^M
Teeth Extracted Without Pain !
By M. R. Thompson, D. D. S ,
without tlie use of Chioro
f"rn. Ether, or NiirottsOx
't ' ~3"i .il ii * liinrr ror had eff-'-ts
KJJWGSR C# office west Maikctstreet.
\ near Ei-, .BcseV hotel.
W- "RE HE CAN lie found for professional consultation
Ir IN the R-RST M n-lav OF cacli month until the fourth
MONDAY. ■. -n he WILL I>e aiiseut on professional busi
er - Jne week sepllMl
t ■ -a. ... .Av j)
( FFEItS hia professional sereicea to the citizens o
I i.evristowu and vicinitv. Al! in wnnt of good, nea
r . . ;do well to Circ him a call.
M ;(Y found at all times at his office, tlirci
D A<: of U. M t K. Pratt's .tore. Valley street.
. pift-iy*
> VMBHA 1.-oi JI tig Gas. Teeth in ertetl on SI
-*-G TT J R ditloient styles of im-RS. Teet!
fr • . ... ,-J .TOOR >TC-I manner. Special atten
IISEIIS.-D gu ns- All work warranted
- - :>a Par- mage. Corner of Main anti
: - • jyU
SS. Swterart. resjiet-tfully in
" r tf MUtlm <-ounfy. thnt he i* prep*
■ .! > jaiir**• ving on lioiiee.
I'- M Hnndb. and other legal writing#
G • * N alue>s and d;#DHtfh. Aildre.##.
MfVejtuwu, Mifflin county. P.i
A >i <! to th.' Ie#t. London Pr\i& Meda
ai . ' ir 1 in \ui'! ;i !c<fivcd.
AND s,. R ..„4 HANA Pianos. Music.
v * AU- ii Phii;<d'lj'hiit. I'a.
Pa Aj>r. -4 IS 7 .in
' •** Sewing Machine. O-.'
\Y AN t 1 *]|l A.-cii'S. Sl5O t"*r ti,*i,iti
V • lid J, , XPENSES paid, to EL| the I.•■loliti
' : " • M • LONE | „ Ma-lone -T:O doa'.l tii
! done on any hign priet -I ma.-him
I ■ '.IS- I. nee ISEIIAITD warranted for fit
■ v OF I hove wages, or a COMNIISSIOI
•- "~! amount can LA- made. For RI
• dress II II tI,L Jt CO.
T -i t;liC. tu'Jt rA , Philadelphia Pa.
tpilF. I ADHksp.NKIi 18 AGENT Kt>K THE
* v 1 ' [. seed upon trial wiili nny other ntr
8 U 'F lie tiiir.ee eoropetion. It can he tested
-L> uq ii ILi
w. ij< ~r machine to enable purehers tochoos
Give him a <;-aii. [mariaCml WM. USD
vAnm am mm*,
lSiVii arc manufacturing under Letters Patent the j
It st Article of Composition Roofing ever Offered to
the Public. It is adapted to every style of Roof, steep
or tf.it. and can he readily applied l>\ any one.
The V. S Government, after a thorough test of its
utility, have adapted its use in the Navy Yards, ami
upon Public Buildings.
The Roofing is put up in rolls, and has only to be .
nailed to the Roof to make a
Durable l*"irc and Water-Proof Covering.
We particularly recommend its use upon
Buildings, Storrs. Churches, Farlories. Machine
Shojs, Steamboat Decks, kt.
For coating TIN. IEOS, or SHINGLE Roors. It forms a i
Holy E r iunl to Tn 'V C'onfs of Ordinary Paint. I
No Roof can rust undent, and old leaky Roofs may be i
made permanently water-proof and durable by its use
The Hititit requires NO JIIXINO. but is ready to lie ap
plied with the ordinary paint brush. Prict. SI per 'jal
'<>n, which will cover two hundred square lect.
Abo manufacturers of
Black Lustre Varnish,
Tarred Felt and Roofing Pitch.
Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Price List fur- 1
umhed. Rights for counties sold at low rates. Address
194 From I icny, .V. I*.
Frank Humphreys, 61 Royal st . N. O.; Schofield i
Williams A Co., Augusta. Git: Baldwin H. Woods
Montgomery. Ala ; 1 hos. S. Coates, Ilaleinh, N. C.; F.;
\ Tucker Richmond. Va.; Henry Wilson, Petersburg,
Va.. Agents. jan23 I
I) reiv ■ s Pa tent
THE greatest improvement of the age, in this line j
of trade. Ist. It does away vskh the wrinkles on j
the instep, also, with the welted ide seam which has i
injured so inmir feet ami ankles. 2-i. it makes Ihe I
easiest sitting and best fitting boot ever worn. This;
boot is now maiiafuelureil by- P. F. Loop, who holds ;
the right of ue for the county, and is prepared to j
f irnisii all who wish to wear this loot. A liberal dis-.
count to dealers who wish to deal in these boots, t >r
ders filled at short notice Prices greatly reduced on I
all goods a'. P. F. Loop's Shoe Store. felki
623. :-:CC? 53CIH.es. 628
sew SPBISII STUBS, -our lltvu ilakt."
embracing everv New an-i liesiraf.le size, style and
Shape of Plain and Trail Hoop SKIRT-. —2. 21 4. 2J4 2 ,
:;-t li. 3 1-4. 3 1 -. 3 2-1 ami 4 yards, round every length
and size Waist: in every respect FIRST qr\uii. and j
especi.llv a lapfed to meet the wants of KIBST CLASS
and irio--t fashionable RADZ.
•OI;RON MAKE, "of Hoop Skirts, are lighter, more
elastic, more durable, and RXALLT (tizArza than any I
utli.j- make of either Single or Dooblo Spring Skip |
in tnc American Market Tiiey arc WARRANTED in
every re-poet, ami wherever introduced give iiniycr
satisfaction. They nr.- now la ng extensively sold :
bv retail. i>. and every la.iy -honld u y thctn
*A - k f>r - Hopkins* (iwn .Mai,, ami sec that eneh ;
Sktrt is stamped *'W. T. IB iPI-i iN> M.VNI I it'll li-
EH, tVJK ARCH Street, PHILAIiELPHI A."' -Y others
are (ie.anne. A Catalogue containing Siyle. F ze and
Ii- tail Prices, sent to any address. A Uniform and j
Liberal Discount allowed to liealers. tir-lers bv mail
or otimrwise. promptly and carefully fi.led. Whole
sale and Retail, at .Manufactory and Sales mom*. No
czS Ar--h street. Philadelphia. Skills made to order,
altered and repaired.
' niar2o-10ni WM. T HOPKINS.
universally acknowletlged ihe Model Parlor Mag
azine t AmeiD iU devoted istories. Poein."*.
>k*tvhe. Arcrhitccture and Model Cottage#,
hold Mutter.". OCITD of Thought. IVrwnal and Lit*r
nrv C intdiidiux *p'C*ai departments on ha*h
--; ion#. • I n.-i! tD'iDOif- on Ilt'aUh. Gyinua.-ti% Equestrian !
Kxer Musi". Amusonient#, -D- : costly En*jra
vnij;s :uM MZf.' u>ctui and reliable Patterns. Ktnhroiii
• iius. JfWt-lry. and a constant succession of arristic
novelties, wiili otier u>cful and entertaining litera-
MI re.
No person of refinement, ecf.monical housewife, or
4 ti\ ol taste ".t* aJt'-r-i t<, lo \m. i. •••:'. the Model
M"!th!v. Single copies. 30 *ent><; hat*k nuuder.*. as
eoe, to either muled free. Yearly, f;.
with a valuable jueinium: two copies f j o<; tliret- copies
rl3, and splendid premiums for cJu4s at f-i each, with
the first premium# to eiwli sub.-< riher Address,
No. 473 Broadway. N. Y.
Monthly and Young America, together.
f4. wnh the pretniiima for each. mar-0
J A. & W. R. McKEE
I AVE rem .red ti.eir Leather Store to Odd Hel
-1 lows' Hall, where they will constantly keep
i hand. Sole Leat er. Marneas. Skirting and Upper
Leather. Kips. Ameri<*an anl French OalfSkina, Mo
rocco# Lining# and Bindings, and a general nssort
ment f Sto€* Finding#, wh.ch th*y will ## 11 cheap ftr
"*h. Highest market price paid in cash for i.ides.
Caif Skin- and Slie-p Skins.
vje.ted, for which the highest market price will be
'aid in Cash. apltf
Tailoring Establishment
AVTaVfttTftS *\syyo Cai'ii.'-S.ti'Sy
MERC II \ NT TAILOR, has removed his shop to the
huildihjc formerly known as the -green house."
at the intcr.-eetion of Valley ami Mill street, adjoining
H. M. A It- Pratt's store, where he cordially invites all
who need anything in his hue. Goods and Trim
mings furnished and gentlemen's clothing made, in
the T.test styles, on short notice, ami at reasonable
prices. apll-lf
has now open
Cloths, Cassimeres
' which xviil he made up to order in the neat
est and most fashionable styles. apl9
E. A, H. T. AHTHOSY & CO.,
Manofaclurrrs of Phcliifni| hie Malrrinls,
SOI llroadxvaj", S. Y.
In addition tooiir main liusuu-ssof PHOTOGRAPH
' I( MA i KRIALS, we ;re hcudqtiurter# fr tic fol.ow
i V,Z: , ri
ereoDCupes and Stereoscopic \ lews.
Of Am. rp .m and Foreign Cities and Landscapes
Groups, statuary, ic.
Stercnwcnpit' Views ot the Bar,
I'rom negatives mane in the varioiis.-ampingnsan.l
forming a ."omplcte Fhotogruplne history ol (he con
teot. ... ...
Stereoscopic \ ietv* on t.lass.
Adapted for either the Magic Lantern or stereo
* .seope t 'or catalogue will he sent to any address ot:
t receipt of stamp.
Photographic Aibutns.
i We manufacture more largely than any other house
I about 2'si va. ieties from 50 cel.?' 10 S-'l' a. h. ' 'ur Al
; bum. have tbe reputation ol being superior in beau
ty and durability to any other"
C ard ol Cieuerals, Stateatuen,
* Actors, etc.. etc.
Our catalogue embraces over FIYETHoUSANI
ilitl. ien" Ml i/jee's. including reproductions of tht
mo-1 celebrated Engravings Paintings. Statues, *c
Catalogues sent or, receipt of stamp.
p Photographers and otfiei s ordering goods C. (>. V.
will please remit 26 per cent of the amount with theii
j order! *9, The price . and quality of our goods can
j not fail to satisfy. jelaly
II E A U T Y .
Auburn, Golden. Flaxen and Silken Curls.
I)RGIUUED by theiweof Prof. DEBREUX' FRI
- SER LECHEYEI'X One applicaiion warranted
to cm l the tno.#t straight nnd stubborn hair of either ;
.#"x into wavy ringioL#. or hoavy massive curls. Has
been used by the fa#hionable of Paris and London, j
with the nc>st gratifying result#. Does no injury to ;
the hair. Price by initd. sealed and postpaid sl. De- j
s-npnve Circular# mailed free. Aiidress BEBGER, j
SHI" rrs k CO., Chemists. N0.28 RiversU,Troy. N. Y.
Suie Agents for the L'nited States. febfi ly j
IJORCED to f*row upon Vlie moothn#t face in from j
three to five week* by using Dr.SEVfGNE'S PES-1
TALK V i'ECR C-APII.LAIRE. the most wonderful dis- i
eoyery in modern science, acting upon the Beard and
Hair in an almost miraculous manner. It has been 1
used by the Hitc of Pari# and London with the most J
flattering success. Names of all persons will be re>;- j
istered, and it' entire satisfaction i# not iiven tnevery
instance.the money will he lullv refunded. Price |
by mail, sealed and postpaid. sl. I>ascriptive circu- '
Jar# and testimonials mailed tree. Address BER<* ER. !
Sl!',' r rs & CO.. ( lienusts. Xo. 255 River street. Troy.!
N. Y.. Sole agents for the United Suites. febtely ,
Oh ! >he was beautiful and fair,
With starry eves, and radiant hair,
Whose curling ten .rii> soft, entwined,
EnchaiiD' i the verv heart anl uilud.
iimsplr COMA.
For Curltinj the Hair of either Sex into
Wuvtf ond Glossy Rimjlets or
Jfe try Moss ire Curls.
BY u-incr this article Ladies and < ientlemen can Lean
tify themselves a thousand fold It i# the only ar
ticle in the world that will url straight hair.and at the j
same tunc trivc it a beautiful, glossy ajpcarace The j
i.'risp- r Coina not only curls the hair, but invigorates.
beautifies and cleanses it; is highly and delightfully ;
perfumed, aad i# the niost complete arti i' t>f t'e
kiuti ever offered to the American public The Oris- I
per Coma will he sent to any address, scaled and post
paid for sl. Address ail orders to
W. L. CLARK A Co., Chemists,
febO-ly No. 3, West Fayette at., Syracuse, N. Y. j
SI Al It Ij XT i: It MIN A TOR
For Eemoving Superfluous Hair.
TO 'i'HE ladies especially, this invaluable depilatory ,
recommend# itself a> almost imbspcnsi- I
Lie article to famale beauty, is ca#i!y applied, doe.# not
burn or injure the skin, hut acts diroctlv on the roots.;
It i# warranted to remove superfluous hair from low
forehead#, or from any part of the body, completely. :
totally and radically extirpa*i:isr the same. !-avinjtlic i
skin soft, sniotuh and nattirai. This is the only article
used by the French, and :# th rt only real eflfeetual de- i
pilatory in existence. Price 7b cent# per package, j
vent post-paid, to anv addre#>. n receipt of an order,
bv BERGER. SRITTT& k Co„ Chemists, |
fcbfi-ly River street, Troy. N. Y.
Th r< ov awHv your f tlse friz/***, your switches, your w!g—
And repiire in your r*ii 'uxtirhiut i;ir.
COUP* aged, C "tie youthful iome and fair.
An ' rejoice :M Y • ;IR own Ir.Nurant hair.
DOR r'-.-torinjr hair upon bald head# from whatever
I a'i#e it may Lav* fallen oui) and t- rcinir agl'iwth
of ha s up >u the f.ca* it ha# mequal. It will force the
beard t upon the #niootlD >t lace in from five to
eight weeks, or hair upon bald head# in frm two to j
three months. A few ignorant practitioners have as
serted that there i# nothing that will force or hasten !
the growth of the hair or l ,trd Their assertion# are 1
false, as thousands of living witnesses', from their own
experiencei <• n bear witness. But many will say. how
are we to distinguish the genuine from the >purious?
It certainly difficult, a# nine-tenth# of the different
Preparations advertised lor the hair and beard are en- 1
tir-Iv worthies*, and you may have already thrown j
away large amount* in their purehase. T* #ueh we.
would say. try Ihe Keparator ( apilh; it will cost you j
nothing miles'- it fully coin*s uptoou. representations. \
If vour druggist d " 1 # not keep it, s nl u- one dollar
an ! we will forward it postpaid, together with a receipt
f r tle money, which will lo returned you on applica
tion providing entire satisfacti- n 1- not given. Address
\V. L. ' LARK At O, Chemists,
feb6-ly No. 3 West Fayette st, Syracuse, N. Y.
There eometh glad tidings of joy to all,
T< youirg and to old. tf great and to small:
The beauty which once was so precious and rare.
I# tree f r all and all may be for.
By the use of
For Improving sil l Ileautifvinj; the Complexion.
TH E mo-t valuabte and perfect preparation in u-e.
for nivini; tiie "km a le-antifiil pearl-like tint that
I. only f-nind inyoutii. Itqun-kly removes Tan. Freck
le-, I'nnple-, Biotelies, Moth Untelie*. .Sallownes".
Eruptions, and ail nnpunties of the skin, kindly heai
ir.g the same, leaving the >Uin white and elear a a!a
--i..-t.-r. it" n—• ean not he detected hv the closest
scrutiny, aid Being a vegetable preparation i- per
fee-ly harmless, it is the only arti'-lo of the kind Used
hy the FreneJi. and i. eonsid'ered lo the Parisian as
indispensable to a pet teet toilet. Upwards of .'FUsHt
iiottle- were sold during the pa"! year, a snfflejent
guarantee <if its efficaev. Price only 75 cents. .Sentby
mall, post paid, on receipt • f an order, by
BERGER, SHUTTS <4 Ct> . Chemists,
fet>ly 255 River St., Troy, N. Y.
A a O 0 4 0 AI.
The World Astonished
SHE reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. She re
_"stores to happi;i-ss those who. from doleful events,
rata Strophes, crosses ill love, loss of relations arid
friends, loss ol money. Ac . have becomede-pondent.
Sih.- brim;- together til >e long separated, gives infor
mation concerning absent fiiends or lovers, restores
10-t or -tolen property, lelis you ibe bu-ine-s you are
Pest qualified to pursue and in what you will be most
successful, causes speedy marriages and tells von the
very dav vou will marry, gives you tire name, likeness
and characteristic of the person She reads your very
thoughts, and by iter almost supci natural powers un
veils the dark and hidden mysteries of the future
From the stars we sec in the lirtnanent—the malefic
stars thflt overcome or predominate in the configura
tion—from the aspects and positions of the planets
and the fixed star- in the heavens at the time of birth,
she deduces tiie future destiny of man. Fail not t
eou-ult the greatest Astroiogist on earth. It costs vou
but a tntle. and you may never again have so favorable
an opportunity. Consultation fee. with likeness and
all desired iiiforrnahon.il. Parties living at u uistance
can consult the Madame by mail with equal safety ami
satisfaction to themselves, as if in person. A full and
explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries answered
and likeness enclosed,sent by mail on receipt of pricf
above mentioned- The strictest se.-reev will be main
tained, and ail eoTcspondenee returned or destroyed
References of the highest order furnished those de
siring them. Write plainly the day of the month ami
year in which you were born, enclosing a small lock
of hair. Address MADJUIX H. A. PERRIGO.
jeb6-ly P.O. Da.TWTR293. BLU-ALO. N. Y.
Biffit-lKfilfi W® Sf£®lSl9S
ii -1| 1; s I.y the u-e of DR. JOINVI I.LE'S KEIXII
\\ you can be cured permwncutiy and at atrHMngeo*
The astonishing succesa which iias attended tins
invaluable medicine lor Pliy-ieal and Nervous Weak
ness. General Debility and Prostration, Loss of Mils
enlar Energy, Impotency.or any of iheeonsequeneei
of youthful in discretion.! enders it t!i most valnabl.
preparation ever discovered.
It will remove all nervous affections, depression
excitement, incapacity to studv or business, loss o
memory, confusion, tliotightsof self destruction, fear.
a nisaiiity. Ac- i' w'ill restore the appetite, renew tin
health of'tlc-e who have destroyed it by sensual ex
,>r evil praetiees.
Young Men. he humbugged no more by'-Quad
Doctors " and ignorant practitioner.-, hut send withou
delay f-r Ihe Elixir.and he at once restored to liealll
3! , d happiness. A Perfect Cure is Guaranteed in eve
i-t instance. !'nce.sl.or four leittlcs to one add ress, S3
ne l.otth- is sulficieni lo effect a cure in all ordina
" ALSO." Dr J' >IN V! LEE'S SPEfH FIU PIFJ.S. for Hi.
stared V and pennanent mire of Gonorrhea. tilect.Ure
thral tli-clinrges. Gravel. Stricture, and all altectioni
of ihe Ividnevs and Bladder. Cures effected in fron
one to five .lavs. They are prepared trom vecelahh
extracts Hint are harmless on the system, and neve:
II Hi-rate Hie stomach or impregnate the breath. Tit
el.an".- of diet is necessary while using them, nor doei
thei/aetion 111 anv manner interfere witli busines:
pursuits. Price, Il per box.
Either of the above-mentioned articles will lie sen
to anv address, closely scaled, and post-paid, hy mm
or ex'uress. on receipt of price. Address all orders t<
or exi re BER , SH UTTS t Co., Chemists ,
fobC ly N° 286 River Street, Troy, N. Y.
Wednesday, May 22, 1867.
From the Waverley Magazine.
Some hearts are iifce the s-nnd.
Impressed by every passer by;
But tnc prims are entie
Ere the tide is iiigii.
Oiiiers. like the clay.
Can be moulded' in many forms.
But need sorrow's fiercest fire
To withstand life's many storms.
Others, as tiie adamantine rock,
Defy the storm's terrific blast,
And impressions once received
Til! eternity will last.
Lewistown, May, 1867,
11l 1. O. WIIITIIER.
No bird song Buttered down the hill,
The tangled bank below was still.
No rustic from the birchen stem,
No ripple from the water's htm.
The dusk of twilight round us grew,
We felt the fwliiug of the dew;
For from us, ere the day was done,
The wooded lulls shut out the sun.
But on the river's farthest side
We saw tiie lull-tops glorified—
A teuder glow, exceeding fair,
A gleam o: day wuthout its glare.
Willi lis the damp, the chill, the gloom,
With them Hie sunset's rosy bloom;
While dark willowy vistas seen
The river roiled in shade between.
From ou: the darkness where we trod.
We gazed upon those hilts of God,
Whose light seemed not of moon or sun,
We spake not, but our thought was one.
We paused as if from that bright shore
Beckoned our dear ones gone before;
And stayed our beating hearts to hear
The voices lost to mortal ear!
Sullen our pathway turned from night,
'1 he hilts swung open to the light i
Thro' their green gates the sunshine showed,
A long, slant splendor downward flowed.
Down glad , and glen, and hank it rolled,
it bridged tiie sha-led stream with gold;
And borne on piers of mist allied
The shadowy with the sunlight side!
'So,' said we, • when our feet draw near
The river dark with mortal fear,
And the night comelli chill with dew,
O Father! let thy light shine through!
So let the hills of doubt divide.
So bridge with faith Hie sunless tide!
So let the eyes that fail on earth
On Thy eternal hills look forth ;
And in thy beckoning angels know
The dear ones whom we love below!'
The in;;cl and tlic Temptress.
George Jackson was a young man
of promise, and was so considered by
all in his native town. lie was a law
yer by profession, and was gradually
laying the foundation for a strong and
steady practice.
lie had one great drawback to con
tend against, however. He was a man
of a strong, impetuous nature, and had
inherited with it a fondness for di.isi
pation. In his younger days, and un
til he commenced the practice of his
profession, lie had led a wild, reckless
life, and had been regarded as a hope
less case. Upon receiving his certifi
cate lie had suddenly astonished his
friends by an abrupt discontinuance of
his old habits, and a steady applica
tion to business.
Yet no one knew what a struggle it
cost him to do so. Xo one knew the
mental agony he endured in trying to
cast off the temptation which constant
ly haunted him, and sought to cast
him down from the position he had
reached. It was, with him, a continu
al effort; for, in the society in which
he moved, not a day passed that lie did
not experience a temptation to aban
don his resolution, and indulge just
once, in the dangerous pleasure. His
legal friends were hy no means so
strict in their habits, and they fre
quently urgently urged him to join
in a friendly glass; and he scarcely at
tended an entertainment that he was
not offered wine. Ail theso offers were
quietly and courteously refused; but
j sometimes the young man felt that the
effort would snap his heartstrings He
n ade the struggle bravely, though. —
He firmly resolved never again to taste
intoxicating liquor, tor lie knew him
self well enough to he assured that the
rirst glass would only lead to another,
and the old thirst for liquor once
aroused, he could not tell where it
would end. Thus matters stood when
this story opens.
Mr., Jackson feeling that he was on
the road to success, and that prudence
and energy would certainly bring him
that blessing, thought it about time
that he should take a wife. He be
lieved that lie had arrived at years ot
discretion, and was capable of making
a judicious selection, and lie ended the
matter by resolving to settle this ques
l tion as soon as he had an opportunity.
In the town in which lie was resid
ing were two young women, who had
long divided the admiration of the gal
One was a beautiful, brilliant crea
ture, with glorious black tresses of the
same hue. She was, hy many consid
ered the belle of the town ; and indeed
it seemed hard to find a more beautiful
woman than Sarah Cariyle.
Others, however, gave the prefer
jencc to Lucy Lane, a quiet, modest
little thing, whose exquisitely sweet
face seemed to have stepped out from
one of Raphael's pictures
Mr. Jackson had known both ladies
for some time, but as he had not until
recently considered himself a 'marry
ing man,'had regarded thorn simply
as ordinary acquaintances. Like oth
ers, he had been perplexed to decide
which was the more beautiful. At the
first glance he invariably awarded the
palm to Miss Carlylo; but a sight of
Lucy Lane's sweet face would scatter;
this conclusion to the winds, and he
would feel irresistably drawn by the]
When lie made up his mind to hunt]
for a wife, his thoughts went immedi
ately to the two beauties, and he re
solved, that ii' he found their other
qualities such as he hoped, to try anti
win the one he could love best for his;
wife ; to tell the truth, the young man j
was half in love with both, but with a I
growing preference to Lucy. He want- ]
ed aw fe for something more than
mere beauty, and he could not help he- i
lieving that lie would find what he de
sired more surely in Miss Lane than
in Miss Carlylo. A favorable opportu j
nity soon presented itself to decide the l
Miss Cariyle felt flattered by the at
tention of one who bade so fair to j
achieve distinction, and resolved to;
win him if her powers of fascination]
could do so.
On her twenty-fourth birth-day she
gave an entertainment which surpas-j
sed ain*thing the town had ever wit I
nessed. George Jackson was there I
She was radiantly beautiful, and the;
young man was half determined toad
dress her before the evening was over ;
When the guests went into thclsup
per room, Mr. Jackson found himself]
between two beauties. Some one pro !
posed the health of the fair hostess,!
atul all but the j*oung man drained]
their glasses to the bottom. He did
not drink. Miss Cariyle noticed this I
and said to him in surprise:
'ls it possible thai you refuse to:
drink my health, Mr. Jackson ?'
'Pardon tno,' lie said calmly,'you
know I never drink wine.'
' But this once will not make any
difference,' she urged smilingly.
' I am sorry to refuse you,' he said i
'hut I must do so. I resolved five:
years ago never to taste any intoxica
ting liquors. I might do myself great
harm by acceding to your request.'
• 1 am sure 3-011 cannot do wrong to
drink one glass and that to 1113* health,'
she said as sweetty as before.
She saw Lucy Lane watching them
calml3*, and she meant to show that
3'oung lud3* how greatly she had the
3*oung lawyer in her power. But for
this she would have accepted his ex
cuse, ami ceased to urge him. Mi-s
Lane's face flushed as she heard the
tuning temptress* speech, and involun
taril)' she gazed at Jackson as if a wait
ing his answer.
' Miss Carlylo,' said the young man
with evident embarrassment, '1 beg
3*ou will not urge me in this matter. ]
1 have made-a solemn resolution loab
stain from till kinds of liquors. I con
sidcr 1113' honor involved in this re
solve, and I am sure you would not
have me prove false to it'
' You will not do so by obliging me
this once,' still persisted tiie beau 13*. —
I' It is not fair for 3*ou alone to refuse
to drink 013- health. I am of
fended with 3*ou. Idon'tsee wli3*3'ou
should refuse to gratif3* me 011I3'lbr
once '
•To he candid with you,'speaking
slow, while his face flushed painfully,
1 am afraid to do so. You remember
the life I led five years ago. I am
afraid that even one single departure
from the path I have marked out for
myself might drag ine back lo it.'
Turning his head for a moment, he
saw Miss Lane standing b3* him, and
he knew from the look of sympatln*
which her face wore, that she had
heard the conversation.
' What shall I do,' ho asked her al
most unconscious^*.
' You must decule for yourself,' she
answered ' but I would die be
; f'oro I would abandon such a resolu
Neither saw the angry flash that
darted from Miss Carole's e3*es. She
controlled herself, however, and said
carelessly : ' I shall urge 3'ou 110 more,
Mr. Jackson, and I am sony 3*oll should
lie so much afraid to pa}* 1110 so simple
a compliment.'
She bowed and passed to another
portion of the room, thinking that the
young man, in order to avoid offend
ing her, would fin ally 3'ield.
He did not and she soon saw him
: leave the house. He went away with
jtho matrimonial question finally set
tled. A woman who would urge him
as she had done to violate such a reso
lution, was not the person for a wife.
Liny Lane's simple rcpl3* decided his
] doubts in her favor, and the next da 3*
the 3*oung lady received a formal offer
iof his hand and heart, which she
promptly accepted. The3 r were mar
ried, and never aftowards did Mr. Jack
son liave'cause to regret Miss Carole's
conduct towards him for it gained him
a wife.
Graham or Coarse Wheat Bread.—
Two thirds unsifted wheat meal, one
1 third fine flour, a little molasses, mix
with warm water. One large cup of j
potato 3'east will make two good sized
j loaves. Mix and raise over night, and
your bread is ready to mould and put j
in 3*our pans before breakfast. Do not
let it rise too long the second time—
much bread is spoiled b} - so doing.
What word is that of eight let
ters, from which, if 3'ou take away five,
ten will still remain ? All&.—Tenden
rrom the Toleflo BiaUc.
\ .4 s is v.
Mr. Nasby Preachr* a Sermon on Univer
sol Brotherhood, the effect of which is
Destroyed hy Northern Democratic Fa
f>rrs lie. Remonstrates.
(NViclt is in tlie Stait uv Kentucky,)j
.April 25, 1867.—We nro in continyool
trouble dutvn here with these cttssid!
niggers They are harder to manage:
than pigs. Pigs don't express their
pecoolyarities. Mule comes nearer. —
There is sieh a method in their obsti
nacy—siclt a willful cussidnis that I i
reely her made up my mind that I
don't understand cm at all. They cud
die up to us ez kind ez a bloomin !
maiden does to Iter first adored, and [
they* fling us just ez natral ez that same;
guileless maiden does when number;
two heaves in site. They behave well
for a season, aperently for no other;
purpose than to enjoy our discomfiture;
when they finally throw us. 1 hev bin ;
a gittin a suspishen thro me that they l
ain't half ez stoopid ez they look, and |
th'at, after all, we are not fur from the
trooth when wc say in our resolooshcns
that they are the ekals uv the whites.;
Why shooden't they lie? Ah ! why in
deed '{ Why shooden't the nigger bo}-
wich is now erossin the street, wich
hez Deekim Pogram's feechers cz like
ez a photografF, hev ez much sense ez
the i)eekiii? I hev eggsamincd into:
the pedigree uv that nigger, and I find
that his mother hed the hawtiest and
best blood uv Virginity coursin toomul
chusly thro her veins—and that stock
the Pogram mix cooden't materially
depreciate in one generashen.
I lied the niggers of the X Roads'
very handsomely in tow up to yister
day. 1 hed em attendin services last
Sunday at the meetin-house, and by
private" arrangement hed em seated
miscellaneously among the awjence.—
Deekin Pogram hed a wench, which
weighed at least 250 pounds averdu
poise, atween him and his wife, while
four other niggers ornamented his pew.
Bascorn with alacrity consented to
three, and Elder Gavitt provided seats
for four It wuz a pleasin site! White
and black wuz alternated like the spots
on a checker board—niggersand whites
wuz spread out together like the fat
and lean in pork, and cz I seed it I
cood hardly restrane my ernoshuns.—
There before be wuz the regenorashun
uv the Democratic party —there wuz
what wuz to bring us out uv the valL*
and shadder uv death into wich we
hed fallen, up on tho high ground uv
offishel life. I preached that memra
ble da 3* from two texts, to wit: ' Uv
one blood did he make all the naahensj
uv the earth,' and 'All 3*e are breth
ren,' and I orated a movin discourse.!
I demonstrated with great fervor the
loonacy uv the idea that the Almighty i
wood take the trouble to create two or
more races when one wood do ez well
—wich idea is alluz well received in
this region All men form their idea
of the Deity somewhat from them
selves, and I never knowd a Confedrit
Cross Roader to make two things wen
one wood anscr. I refuted the theoiw
advanced I) 3' some writers that ther
wuz more than one head to the race,
1)3- quotin tho texts wich treated uv
the creashun of Adam and Eve, and
demolished the Ham doctrine at site
' Ef,' sed 1, ' Noer did cuss Ham and
condemn Canaan to be a servant unto
his brethren, how do we know that
our colored brethern and sistern is the
descendants uv Ham and Canaan? It
may be us for all we know. Is it his
color? Is not black jest ez convenient
a color cz white?'
' More so,' murmured Mrs. Pogram,
half asleep, ' more so—it don't show
'ls it his siiape ? Oh, 013* brethren,
I a.nt a handsome man, ror wood I
exactly anser for a n;odel for Apoller.;
Ef beaut 3* or comeliness, or shape, or
Bt\ltf, is to decide tho pint, may the]
Lord help us! Is it his smell? My,
brethern, the New York World asserts
that the nigger haint no smell, and ef;
ho hez, Wll3* shoodent he hev? Stand
in under the common flag uv our coun
try, with his hand upon that magna
charta, tho Deklarashen, and his beam
in eye turned exultinly toward our
nashnul emblem, the Eagle, shall not.
our Afrikin brother be allowed to smell j
jist ez he chooses ? Ef smell must be
uniform then let our Government es-'
tablish a Burow uv Perfoomor3* to
wunst. Besides, I take high religious
grounds in this matter. Ef he hez
a natural odor the Lord gave it to him
Let us not fh' in the face of the Lord
I) 3* condemin it. Judge not lest we he
judged. The odor uv the colored gen
tleman or lad 3* is tho work uv the
Lord—the odor uv yoor unwashed feet
is 3*oor own—wich shood stand the
highest ?
' M 3' brethern and sistren, I ac
knowledge that I hev not long held
these views. I hev showed the com
mon prejudis, and hev contemmed our
friends of color. I hev
used em, I hev gone for em and bang
ed em like old boots. But it wuz bj
coz I didn't know m. I didn't see the
kernel of under the rough shell,
I didn't reocognize the glitterin diu
mond in the 060113* coal. Mye3*eshev
bin opened. Like Saul of Tarses I see
a life. Sense the passage uv the mili
tary hill I hev diskivered man 3* things
to tejus to tuenshun. I hev mostly
found out these thing sence that oc
currenco. But let us accept thositua
Vol. 57, No. 21.
shen and bless the Lord that it hez re
sulted in devclopin excellencies where
we didn't expect to find era/
f There wuz an aflectin eceno after
service wuz over. Deekin Pogram,
Capt. McPelter and Elder Gavitt shook
hands with em with a degree of cor
jality I didn't expect. Trooly them
aro great men. They develop a de
gree uv adaptability to circumstances
wich I didn't look for. I really be
lievo if I'd a told em that it wood hev
a good effeck to kiss the nigger babies
all around, that they'd a done it. But
I spared em this. There is such a
thing ez laying it on too thick.
But all this wuz spiled the next day.
There wuz an eggstraordinary heavy
mail that day. In addition to the pa
per Pollock, the Illinois store keeper,
takes, there wuz eight others, and to
my surprise they wuz all directed to
i niggers. 'Wat is this,' thot Ito my
self. ' Ilev the Ablisbnists uv the
North determined upon proselytin
these men, and are they goin to flood
this country with their incendiary
read in? Ez a federal officer its my
dooty to look into the matter !' Jist
imagine my delinious joy at findin that
they wuz Democratic papers from Noo
York and Ohio! 'Thank Heaven!'
sed I, 'Our people hev awakened a
sense uv the necessity uv doin suthin/
and I handed the papers out to em
with impressive words, exhortin uv
cm to read em, ez they wuz trooth, and
nothin but the trooth.
I ruther think they read em, for
from that time out they avoided me,
ez though I bed the plague. Ef I wuz
agoin down the street and one uv em
wuz a comin up he'd cross tho street,
and tho pecoolyer expression uv his
countenance indicatid that it wuzn't
my majesticlc presonco wich awd him.
1 They hed loathiu depicted on their
• classick feechers. Unable to endoor
1 this I seezed one uv em and asked why
- I wuz treated thus?
J Delibritly, he pulled out his pocket
one uv them cussed Northern papers,
3 and openin it pinted, indignantly, to a
* editorial article. It wuz perfoosely
e headed in this wise :
Sliel niggers vote !—Shel the prowd
Caucashen beredoostto aekality with
the disgustin Afrikin?—ls this a white
man's government or not? Ameriky
for white men !
Sed this Ethiopian, with his fingers
on this headin, 'Pears like ez ef dah
wuzn't jist dat good feelin towards us
colored men on de partob deDimoc'sy
ob the Xorf, dat dah ought to be.—
'Pears like as dough up dah wha de
niggah ain't got no vote, datdey don't
intend he shall hab it. 'Pears like, ef
Democ'sy's one thing all ober de coun
try, dar's a cussed site of humbug a
going down heah !'
Wat cood I say? Wat cood I do?—
Thero it wuz in black and white, and
from papers whose Dimocrisy could
not be questioned. I wuz dumb-found
id The nigger stalked hawtfly and
proudly away in one direckshen, while
I sneaked off ruther sneakingly in an
I hev one word to say to our breth
ern in the North. Yoo'r doublin our
troubles, and raakin our burdens hard
er to bear. Why can't yoo understand
common sense? Wat hurt wood nig
ger suffrage doo up there wher their
ain't no niggers, and how much wood
it benefit us down here, where there's
millions uv em? Can't you see it? We
can't play the same game on the nig
gers that wo used to play on the stur
dy yeomanry uv Berks county, Penn
sylvany, and other localities. On all
questions heretofore the Democrisy
hez allowed a liberal license." Wo have
bin Free Trade in Noo York, and Tar
iff in Pennsylvany the same year, and
we cood do it. Sich Dimocrsts didn't
get ther asshoorences from papers,
owin to their inability to pcrooze em
rapidly, it bein so long aforo they got
a word spelled out that they forgot the
one precedin it, which destroyed the
connexion, the continuity uv the nar
rative, ef I may so speak, and wat we
told em wuz gosple. That won't do
with the nigger down hero, lie reads,
he does; and ef he don't, ther's alius
everywhere sum such sneakin cuss ez
Pollock, who reads for him, and they
know wat they know jint ez well ez
anybody. Let em stop bammerin the
nigger. It won't do. Ef ho's to be a
: man and a brother here, he must be a
man and a brother there. Ef the De
mocrisy must hfcv a race to look down
! to, let em turn their attenshun to the
Chinese or the Injuns, but from this
time out the nigger is sacred.
(Wich is Postmaster), and Professor
in the Ham and Japheth Free Acad
emy for tho development uv the intel
lek uv all races irrespective of color.
P. S.—l jist received a telegram, or
dorin me to Washington. I persoom
its suthin in connexion with the South
i ern excursion.
aqu In Kentucky lives a man, the
head of a very respectable and intelli
gent family, who, during one week in
;each month, imagines himself a wo
man, dons the hoops and balmoral, and
; .sits in his parlor waiting for his beau.
This stange conduct was first noticed
in him when ho was about seventeen
years of age. He is now fifty-one.
6fcjy Harsh words are like hailstones,
which if melted, would fertilize tho
tender plants they batter down.