Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, March 13, 1867, Image 1

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Whole No. 2911.
Poor House Business.
The Directors of the Poor meet at the Poor
House on the 2d Tuesday of each month.
Collections and remittances promptly made.
Interest allowed on time deposits. jan23-ly.
Attorney at Law,
Office Market Square, Lewistown, will at
tend to business in Mifflin. Centre ami Hunting
don counties mv 26
Attorney at Law,
OFFERS his professional services to the .citizens of
MifSin county. Office with D. W. Woods, esq.,
Main street, below National Hotel. nty2
Mutual Insurance Company.
Capital, $2,500,000.
THIS Company continues to issue Policies of Insur
ance on Buildings and Personal Property, in Town
or Country, at cash or mutual rates.
JAMES RANKIN, President.
janlfi '67 Lewistown, Pa.
Practicing Physician,
Belleville, Mifflin County, Pa.
T\R. DAHLEN has been appointed an Examining
1 Surgeon for Pensions. Soldiers requiring exam
ination will find him at his office in Belleville.
Belleville, August 22,18t56.-y
RESPECTFULLY inform the citizens of Lewistown
and vicinity, (a few doors from the Town Hal!, in
Main street) that he is prepared to do all kind of work
in the line of his prolession in the most scientific man
ner— in Whole Sets. Partial Sets, or Single 1 eet-li in
serted on Gold. Silver, or Vulcanite Base, in an elegant
and workmanlike manner, and on the most reasona
ble terms. He guarantees his work, or no pay.
Particular attention paid totheextractingand tiding
of teeth iu the most approved manner. uov7-6m
Teeth Extracted Without Pain!
By M. R. Thompson, D. D. S ,
without the use of Chloro-
form, Etner, or NiitroiisOx
danger or bad effects.
where he can be found for professional consultation
trotn the first Monday of each month until the fourth
Monday, when he will be absent on professional busi
ness one week. scpio-tt
OFFERS his professional services to the citizens of
Lewistown and vicinity. All in want of good, neat
work will do well to give him a call.
He may be found at all times at his office, three
doors east of 11. M. & It. Pratt's store, Valley street.
by the use of NITROUS OXIDE or
LaughingOas. Teeth inserted on all
T / the different styles of bases. Teeth
filled in the most approved manner. Special atten
tion given to diseased gums. All work warranted.
Terms reasonable. .
Office at Episcopal Parsonage, Corner of Mair. and
Water Streets. )y lB
. The subscriber has just received and will
'£ *a£ 1 keep on hand a select stock of Men s, Bovs
r at 1 and Youth's Boots. Ladies', Misses and Chil
* Boots and Shoes of various kinds and
styles, to which he would invite the attention of his
fnendsand the public generally. Asitis his intention
by any dealer in the county, those in need of winter
boots or shoes are invited to call and examine the
above stock, which will be sold at very small profits,
but for cash only, at the sign of the Bio SHOE, next
doorto F. J- Hoffman's store. CIJARK E.
vlt West Market *!„ Lewiitown,
Sacks. CI oaks, Hat-. Bonnets, Ladies Kiuo IJRUSS
G OODS and Trimmings. *
Patterns of latest styles always on hand.
Millinery and Dress-Making
executed in the mot approved atyle.
Lewis town, April IS, IStiC.tX
J. A. & W. R. McKEE
H\YE removed their Leather Store to Odd Fel
lows' Hall, where they will constantly keep
on hand, Sole Leather. Harness Hkjrting and Lppcr
Leather. Kips, American and French GalfSh n., Mo
roccos. Linings and Isb>'bngs. ud a pr.eral asM.rt- ,
inent of Shoe Findings, which they wiTse > cheap for
cash. Highest market price paid in cash for tildes, j
Calf Skins and Sheep Skinfc.
wanted, for which the highest market price will! be ;
paid in Cash. _ ___ P j
Tailoring Establishment
s . "g~? r • fct CEO \y CfeXjLl o
MERCHANT TAILOR, has removed his shop to the ,
buildihg formerly known as the "green house, ;
at the intersection of Valley and Mill street, adjoining
H M A It. Piatt's store, where he cordiady invites all ;
alio need anything in his line. Goods and l rl, P"
mings furnished*and gentlemen s clothing made, in
the latest styles, on short notice, and at reasonable
prices. Bp '
has now open
Cloths, Cassimeres
which will be made up to order in the neat
est and most fashionable styles. ap!9
499 Broadway, New York.
THE attention of the Public and the trade is invited
FORTES, which for volume and purity of tone are
unrivalled hy any hitherto offered in this market. —
They contain all the modern improvements, French
Grand Action, Harp Pedal. Iron Frame, Overstrung
Bass, etc- and each instrument being made under
the personal supervision of Mr. J. M.GROVESTEEN. who
has had a practical experience of over 36 years in
their manufacture, is fully warranted in every partic
The " GliO VESTEEN PIANO FOR'I ES" received the
A ward of Merit over all other* at the Celebrated
World * Fair,
Where were exhibited instruments from the best ma
kers of London, Paris. Germany, Philadelphia. Balti
more, Boston and New York: and also at the Ameri
can Institute for five successive years, the gold and
silver medals from both of which can be seen at our
Bv the introduction of improvements we make a
stil more perfect Piano Forte, and by manufacturing
large v. with a strictly cash system, are enabled to of
fer il.ese instruments at a price which will preclude
all competition.
Terms :—Net Cash in Current Funds.
tic-Descriptive Circulars Sent Free. oetlt)-3in
E. & 11. T. AXTHO\N <fc CO.,
Manufacturers of Pholcgrn} hie Materials,
501 lSroailtvay, IV. Y.
In addition to our main business of PHOTOGR APH
IC MATERIALS, wc arc headquarters for the follow
ing, viz:
Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Views.
Of American and Foreign Cities and Landscapes,
Groups, Statuary, Ac.
Stereoscopic Views of the War,
From negatives maae in the various campaigns and
forming a complete Photographic history of the con
Stereoscopic Views on Glass,
Adapted for either the Magic Lantern or stereo
scope. Our catalogue will be sent to any address on
receipt of stamp.
Photographic Albums.
We manufacture more largely than any other house,
about 200 varieties from Mi cents to SSO each. Our Al
bums have the reputation ol being superior in beau
ty and durability to any others.
Card Photographs of Generals, Statesmen,
Actors, etc., etc.
Our catalogue embraces over FIV E THOUSAND
different subjects, including reproductions of the
most celebrated Engravings, Paintings. Statues, Ac.
Catalogues sent on receipt of stamp.
Photographers and others ordering goods C. O. D.,
will please remit 25 per cent ot the amount with their
order. prices and quality of our goods can
not fail to satisfy. jel3 ly
IS the only Article used bv First Class Hotels,
Laundries, and Thousands of Fami
It gives a beautiful polish, making the iron pass
smoothly over ttie cloth, saving much time and la
bor. Goods done up with it keep clean much longer,
consequently will not wear out so soon.
It makes Old Linen look like New.
Is the Best in the World.
It is soluble in hard as well as soft water. It is put
up in the safest, neatest, and most couvenient form
of any offered to the public.
It is Warranted not to Streak the Clothes.
Agents wanted everywhere, to whom wc otfer ex
traordmany inducements. Address,
octlo-6m No. 218 Fulton St., New York.
" The Best Cabinet Organs,"
American Institute, New York, October, 1865.
Being pronounced superior in QUALITY. POWER, and
VARIETY OF TOME, ami in number rt combinations.
••As tbe best instruments of America were there
contending, whichever won that battle would have
nothing let to conquer " — AM. Art Journal, (edited by
a well-known musical critic.)
They have also taken the first premium wherever
exhibited this season.
PEDAL ORGANS, one. two. and three hanks of
keys—six sizes—s2so to $1,500. Without pedals, single
and double bank. 111 great variety. $65 to *450. These
Organs, with their smooth pipe-Tike quality of tone,
beautiful solo stops, strength of chorus, unequalled
pedals, and genentl organ-tike effects, are superior
for Churches, Halls, Parlors, and Schools.
They are put up in cases of SOLID WALNUT, tancy ven
eered Walnut, (new and unique styles) and elegant
Rosewood, of splendid designs and finish, and of the
best workmanship..'—it being intended that each in
strument snail tie a model of its class. All instru
ments, down to a five octave portable Melodeon. have
the beautiful Tromolatile stop, without extra charge.
A large assortment constantly on hand sitourGEN
Our Illustrated Circular and Price Lists, with our
new styles, are now ready. Send for a Circular.
f2O Mauufactutcrs, 841 Broadway, N. Y.
Are superior to all others for
Contain all the latest improvements; are speedy;
noiseless: durable; and easy to work.
Illustrated Circulars free- Agents wanted. Liberal
disount allowed. No consignments made.
Address EMPIRE S. M. CO., CI6 Broadway, New
York. sepa'66-ly
Lswistown Coach Manufactory,
Junction 3d & Valley street.
-- '~ A ted together for the purpose ot
manufacturing Ojarkut, Qirria-
Mffirxfiyb nrx. Sulkies, Spring UVt
■_ invite the public to
mve them a call and examine specimens of their
work, which will be found equal to any in or out of
the cities. All kinds of repairing promptly-attended
to. Ec • y
CJ ITU ATE in Wayne township, Mifflin
IO county, on turnpike road, within J of
p,-iiiile of Atkinson's Mills, store, school,
blacksmith, &c., and within miles of
Penna. R. R., about 70 acres cleared and
tlie balance in excellent timber, prime
oak, &c. This property will be sold very
low and to suit purchaser. Persons wish
ing to examine the premises will call on
J. Glasgow, esq., or C. 2s. Atkinson, near
premises, and for price and terinapee or
address A. J. AT KFN SON,
oct24tf Lewistown, 1 a.
Auburn, Golden, Flaxen and Silken Curls, !
T)RODUCED by the use of Prof. DEBREUX' FRI
-1 SER LE CHEVEUX One application warranted
to curl the most straight and stubborn hair of either
sex into wavy ringlets, or heavy massive curls. Has
been used by the fashionables of Paris and London,
with the most gratifying results. Does no injury to
tin: hair. Price by mail, sealed and postpaid sl. De
scriptive Circulars mailed free. Address BERGEIt,
SHU ITS & CO., Chemists. No. 28 River St., Troy, N. Y.
Sole Agents for the United States. feb6-ly
T?ORCEI) to grow upon the smoothest face in from
three to five weeks by using Dr. SEVIGNE'S RES
TAt RATEUR CAPILLAIRE, the most wonderful dis
covery in modern science, acting upon the Beard and
Hair in an almost miraculous manner. It has been
.used by the elite of Paris and London with the most
flattering success. Names of all persons will be reg
istered, and if entire satisfaction is not given in every
instance,the money will be cheerfully refunded. Price
by mail, sealed and postpaid, sl. Descriptive circu
lar- and testimonials mailed tree. Address BERGEK,
SIIUTTS A CO., Chemists. No. 255 River street. Troy.
N. Y., Sole agents for the United States. febC-ly
Oil! she was beautiful and fair,
With starry eyes, and radiant hair,
N\ hose curling tendrils soft, entwined,
Knchaiued the very heart and mind.
For Curling the llmr of either Sex info
M'avy and Glossy Ringlets or
Heavy Mttssive Curls.
BY using this article Ladies and Gentlemen can beau
tify themselves a thousand fold. It is the only ar
ticle in the world that will curl straight hair, and at the
same time give it a beautiful, glossy appearance The
Crisper Coma not only curls the hair, hut invigorates,
beautifies and cleanses it; is highly and delightfully
perfumed, and is the most complete article of the
kind ever offered to the American pubflc. The Cris
per Coma will be sent to any address, sealed and post
paid for sl. Address ad orders to
W. L.CLARK & CO.,Chemists,
febC-ly No. 3. West Fayette St.. Syracuse, N. Y.
For Removing Superfluous Hair.
TO THE ladies especially, this invaluable depilatory
recommends itself as being an almost indispensa
ble article to famale beauty, is easily applied, does not
burn or injure the skin, but acts directly on the roots.
It is warranted to remove superfluous hair from low
foreheads, or from any part of the body, completely,
totally and radically extirpating the same, leaving the
skin soft smooth and natural. This is the only article
used by the French, and is the only real effectual de
pilatory in existence. Price 75 cents per package,
sent post-paid, to any address, on receipt of an order,
by BERBER. SHUTTS & Co., Chemists,
feb6-ly 285 River street, Troy, N. Y.
Throw away your false frizzes, your switches, your wig-
Ami rejoice in your cwn 'iixurlnut hair.
Come aeeil, come youthful, come ugly and fair,
And rejoice in your own luxuriant hair.
TjOR restoring hair upon baid heads (from whatever
I cause it may have fallen out) and forcing agrowth
of hair upon the face it has no equal. It will force the
beard to grow upon the smoothest face in from five to
eight weeks, or hair upon bald heads in from two to
three months. A few ignorant practitioners have as
serted that there is nothing that will force or hasten
the growth of the hair or beard Their assertions are
false, as thousands of living witnesses (from their own
experience) can hear witness. But many will say, how
arc we to distinguish the genuine from the spurious?
It certainly is difficult, as nine-tenths of the different
Preparations advertised for the linir and beard are en
tirely worthless, and yon may have already thrown
away large amounts in their purchase. To such wa
would say. try the Reparator Capilli: it will cost you
nothing unless it fully comes upto our representations.
If your druggist docs not keep it, send us one dollar
and we will forward it postpaid, together with a receipt
tor the money, which will be returned you on applica
tion providing entire vans fact ion is not given. Address
W.L.CLARK A CO,Chemists,
feb6-ly No. 3 West Fayette at., Syracuse, N. Y'.
There eomoth glad tidings of joy to all,
To young and go old, to great and to small;
The beauty which once was so precious and rare,
Is free for'all and all may bo fair.
By the use of
For Improving and Beautifying the Complexion.
THE most valuable and perfect preparation ill use,
for giving the skin a beautiful pearl-like tint ttiat
isonlv found in vouth. It quickly removes Tan, Freck
les, Pimples, Blotches, Moth" Patches, Sallowness,
Eruptions, and ail impurities of the skin, kindly heal
ir.g the same, leaving.the skin white and clear as ala
ba.-ter. Its use can "not be detected by the closest
scrutiny, and being a vegetable preparation is per
fectly harmless. It is the only article of the kind used
by the French, and is considered bv the Parisian as
indispensable to a perfect toilet. Upwards of 30,000
bottles were sold during the past year, a sufficient
guarantee of its efficacy. Price only '75 cents. Sent by
mail, post-paid, on receipt of an order, by
BERGEII, SHUTTS & CO., Chemists,
feC-ly 285 River St., Troy, N". Y.
as a D i ® 0.
The World Astonished
SHE r.eveals secrets no mortal ever know. She re
stores to happiness those who, from doleful events,
catastrophes, crosses in love, loss of relations and
friends, loss of money. Ac., have become despondent.
She brings together those long separated, gives infor
mation concerning absent friends or lovers, restores
lost or stolen property, tells you the business you are
best qualified to pursue and in what you will be most
successful, causes spoedy marriages and tells you the
very day you will marry, givesyou the name, likeness
and characteristic of the person. She readsyour very
thoughts, and by her almost supernatural powers un
veils the dark and hidden mysteries of the future.—
From the stars we see in the firmaneut—the malefic
shirs that overcome or predominate in the eonfigtira
tiou —from the aspects and positions of the planets
and the fixed stars in the heavens at the time of birth,
she deduces the future destiny of man. Fail not to
consult the greatest Astrologist on earth. It costs you
but a trifle, and you may never again have so favorable
an opportunity." Consultation fen. with likeness and
all desired information,sl. Parties living at,a distance
can consult the Madame by mail with equal safety and
satisfaction to themselves, as if in person. A full and
explicit chart, written out, with all liiqniriesanswered
and likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of price
above mentioned. The stnoCcst secrecy will be main
tained. and all correspondence returned or destroyed.
References of the highest order furnished those de
siring them. Write plainly the day of the month and
year in which you were born, enclosing a small lock
of hair. Address MADAME H. A. PERRIGO,
jeb6-ly P. O. DRAWER 293, BUFFALO, N. Y.
at Hoffman's.
CEDAR-WARE at Hoffman's.
CORDAGE at Hoffman's.
SHOE FINDINGS at Hoffman's.
SOLE LEATHER at Hoffman's.
POCKET CUTLERY at Hoffman's.
TABLE CUTLERY at Hoffman's.
MOT mm mwjmJ
u . :," r i C manilt "ftunng under Letters Patent the
Best Article °f Composition Roofing ever Offered to
.1 t j' ' 8 to every style of Roof, steep
"vl, IID caa be readily applied by auy one.
.-I-.' I' (government, after a thorough test of its
utility, have adapted its use in the Navy Yards, and
upon Public Buildings.
lhe Roofino is put up in rolls, and has only to be
nailed to the Roof to matte a
Durable Fire and Water-Proof Covering'.
We particularly recommend its use upon
Buildings, Stores, Churches, Factories. Maehiue
Shops, Steamboat Decks, &c.
For coating TLX, IRON, or SHINOLE HOOFS. It forms a
Soiy Equal to Three Coats of Ordinary Paint.
No Roof can rust underit, and old leaky Roofs may be
made permanently water-proof and durable by its use.
The Paint requires NO MIXING, but is ready to be ap
plied with the ordinary paint brush, fricclsl per <jalr
lon. which will cover two hundred square feet.
Also manufacturers of
Black Lustre Varnish,
Tarred Felt and ltoofiny Pitch.
Discount to the Trade. Circulars and Price List fur
nished. Rights for counties sold at low rates. Address
194 Broadway, N. Y.
Frank Humphreys, 01 Royal st.. N. O.; Schofield
Williams & Co., Augusta, Ga.; Baldwin H. Woods
Montgomery, Ala.; '1 hos. S. Coates, Raleigh, N. C.; F.
A. Tucker. Richmond, V'a.; Henry Wilson, Petersburg,
Viu, Agents. jank3
Teas for the People. JSo more Enormous
Profits for Consumers to Pay.
Fifty Cents to One Dollar per Pound Sav
ed by Buying your Teas direct
from the Importers.
T. Y. RKT.T.K V & CO., Importers of Teas, in connection
wltli tlieir large wholesale business, have determined to
introduce their Teas directly to consumers at importers'
prices, thus effecting a saving to the consumer o I 40 to CO
per cent. Families can now club together for any kind or
qualities of Teas, tn packages of one pound and upwards,
and we will send them a superior article of Tea at 5 per
cent, above the cost of Importation. Let some energetic
lady or other person tn each neighborhood call upon tier
acquaintances and take their orders for any of the folio-v
--ing named Teas, and w hen a club of ten, twenty, or more
is obtained, send to us and we will send the Teas put up in
separate packages, with the name of each person marked
on it. all enclosed in one box. As a FURTHER INDUCEMENT
to the person getting up the club we will send for his or
her services, an extra complimentary package on nil or
ders of S3O and upward. It is perhaps not well understood'
WHY we can sell teas so very low; but when it is taken
into consideration that besides the original cost of impor
tation. the Broker, Speculator, Jobber, Wholesale Dealer
and Retailer, has each to reap a large profit and the innu
merable Cartages, Cooperages, Insurances. Storages. 4c.,
which teas have to pass through before they reach the
consumer, will read'ly explain this. We propose to do
away with seven-eights of these profits aud expenses, and
I It now remains with Hie PEOPLE to say whether they shall
save 50 cents to 81.00 per pound on every pound of Tea
they purchase, or be compelled to give their earnings to a
host of useless go-betweens.
PEDLARS and SMALL DEALERS wishing Teas to sell again,
can be accommodated with small packages to suit their
trade, hilt no reduction can be made, as these are our
wholesale prices.
Oolong, (Black) 70, 80. 90, $1 00. 81 10. best $1 25, per pound.
English Breakfast. (Black I 80. 90, 81,00, best 81 23, per lb.
Y'oung Hyson, (Green) 85,95, SI,OO, extra $1.25, superior
i 81.50, per pound.
i Mixed. (Green and Black] 70, 80, 90, best SI.GO, per pound.
1 mperlal, [Green] $1.30, best per pound,
j Japan, 51.00,81.10, 81 25, best per pound,
j Gunpowder, (Green) $1.30, best $1.60 per pound.
I We have lately added a Coffee Department to our cstab-
I lishment, and although we cannot promise the consumer
as great a saving as we run on Teas, (the margin for profit
on Colfees being very small,) yet we can sell Coffees fully
25 per cent, cheaper than retailers charge. Our Coffees
come direct from the Custom House aud we roast and
grind them perfectly pure, put up in 1 or more pound
packages, at un advance of 2 cents per pound.
Our Wholesale Price—Ground Coffees—l'ure Rio, 25, 30
i cents per pound. Beat Old Government Java, 40 cts. Best
I Ceylon, 40 cts.
' SENDING MONEY.—Parties sending orders for less than
• S3O for Teas or Coffees should send with their order a P.O.
Kraft or the money, to save the expense of collecting hv
Ex press. But large orders we will forward by Express and
collect on delivery.
We shall be happy at all times to receive a call at our
Warehouse from persous visiting the city, whether deal
ers or not.
Late Keilev & Yonght,
which will be placed upon trial wilh any other now
iu use. He invites competiou. It can be tested
QD an cb> co. Q. 2a
with any otTier machine to enable purchers to choose
Give him a call. [sepl2-6m] WM. LIND. ■
I) re w' s Patent
rasiDHii tMimuM
THE greatest improvement of the age, in this line
of trade. Ist. It does away with the wrinkles on
the instep, also, with the welted side seam which has
injured so many feet and ankles. 2d. It makes the
easiest sitting and best fitting boot ever worn. This
boot is now manufactured by P. F. Loop, who holds
the right of use for the county, and is prepared to
furnish all who wish to wear this boot. A liberal dis
count to dealers who wish to'deal in these boots. Or
ders filled at short notice. Prices greatly reduced on
all goods at P. F. Loop's Shoe Store. * fet>6
20,000 MAJORITY!
To the Voters of Central Penna.
ELECTION is over and it lias been decided by about
20.000 majority that the Tobacco and Cigars sold
at Frysinger's Tobacco and Segar Store cannot be
either in quality or Price.
Look at the Prices, get soineof the goods, and com
pare with all others, and you will be satisfied that you
get the worth of your money at Fry singer's.
Frysinger's Spun Roll only sl.ooper pound.
Frysinger's Navy " " " "
Frysinger's Congress " " "
Frysinger's Flounder " " " "
Wi'UettNavy " " " "
Ofonoko Twist u " " "
And other Plug Tobacco at 40 and 50 ets. per lb.
Cut and Drv. 40 and 50 ets. Granulated Tobaccos at
50 els.. 00 eta , 80 ets.. SI.OO, $1.20. and $1.50 per lb.
Fine-Cut chewing, at $1.40 and $1.20.
Cigars at 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 ets. each.
Pipes in great variety; also Cigar Cases, Tobacco
Pouches and Boxes, Match Safes, and all articles
usually kept in a first-class Tobacco and Cigar Store.
To Merchants, I otfer the above goods at prices that
will enable them to retail at the same prices that I
dojwdrealize a fair profit. £ pBygINGER
Why Shiver With Cold,
When you can Buy
Knit Undershirts and Drawers
jao3o At BRISBIN'S.
M3W2S wmrssv mummw "sswxz
3? O E T 3Ft "V .
Father, Take My Hand.
The way is dark, my Father! Cloud on cloud
It gathers o'er my head, and loud
The thundering* roar above me. See, I stand
Like one bewildered! Father take my hand,
And through the gloom
Lead safely home
Thy child.
The day goes fast, my Father! And my soul
Is drawing darkly down. My faithless sight
Sees ghostly yisions. Fears, a spectral band
Encompass me O Father, take my hand,
And from the night
Lead up to light
Thy child.
The way is long, my Father. And my soul
Longs for the rest and the goal;
While yet I journey through the weary land
Keep tne from wandering. O Father take my hand 1
Quickly and straight
Lead to heaven's gate
Thy child.
The path is rough, my Father. Many a thorn
Has pierced rne; and'my weary feet all torn
And bleeding mark the way. Yet Thy command
Bids me press forward. Father, take my hand,
Then, safe and blest,
Lead up to rest
Thy child.
The throng is great, my Father. Many a doubt,
' And fear, and danger, compass me about,
And foes oppress me so. I cannot stand
o£,go alone. O Father, take my hand,
And through the throng
Lead safe atsng
Thy child.
The cross is heavy, Father! 1 have borne
It long and still do bear it. Let my worn
And fainting spirit rise to that blest land
Where crowns aro given. Father, take my hand,
And reaching down
Lead to the crown
Thy child.
M I S C E Ij HI -A. IST "ST.
liiiiual Report oft lie Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company.
The earning and expenses of the Penn
sylvania Railroads, and the roads worked
by it, except the Philadelphia anil Erie
Railroad, were lor 1866 as follows:
From passengers, Ist class $3,245,800 06
From emigrants 139,721 25
e> ooc tot ill
From U. S. troops '&6d<J4s 44
From U.S. mails 82J80 00
From express matter 374,369 22
From general freights 11,709,293 59
From miscellaneous 471,023 28
$16,583,882 84
For ordinary expenditures $3,492,008 80
For erection of passenger and
freight stations and exten
sion of existing buildings. 154,743 42
For ordinary repairs and re
newals 2,919,122 47
For erection of machine
shops and engine houses. 121,724 59
For additional tools and
machinery ($27,515 56 of
which was for the Phila
delphia and Erie Railroad
shops.) 85,225 77
For additional locomotives
purchased during 1866. 671,758 80
For ordinary repairs and re
newals, etc., etc. $1,070,912 77
For additional freight cars 693,766 27
For addition'l passeng'r cars 196.363 06
For ordinary repairs of Rail
way and renewals of struc
tures. $2,845,465 58
For addition'l second tracks
sidings 250,965 09
For general expenses 288 852 50
Total expenditures connected with the
business of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Co. including additions to the facilities
for transportation on its own road, and
that of the railroads it operates. $12,790,009 27
Gross earnings. $16,583,892 81
Total ordinary expenses $10,616,362 17
Total extraordinary ex
pensesoonsisti'g of ad
ditional second track
and sidings, addition'!
locomotives, cars, etc. 2,174,547 10
Leaving a balance of $3,972,793 57
The gross revenue of the line for 1866
is equal to $46,322 41 per mile of main
line of road (358 miles) and is less than
the aggregate receipts in 1865, $575,286 65.
The total decrease is $875,286 65. The
whole number of passengers carried in
1865 was 2,861,836, and during the past
year, 2,673,568. The average distance
traveled by each passenger was 52 miles,
and the previous year 714 miles; this differ
ence being due to the larger amount of
through travel and troops in 1865.
The number of tous of freight moved
(including 266,359 tons of fuel and other
materials, transported for the Company)
was 3,452,718, embracing 1,413,181 tons of
coal. The increase in the coal traffic is
338,424 tons, and the whole tonnage of the
road exceeds that of last year 653,968 tons,
nearly 25 per cent.
The ordinary expenditures for working
and maintaining the Company's roads
were $10,616,362 17, which is equal to 64
percent of their revenues, or, including
the expenditures for construction and
equipment upon its own line, and the out
tit of the Philadelphia and Erie and other
railroads, 77 12-100 jer cent.
The total earnings from the Co.'s canals
were $297,867 16, and the total expenses
of operating the same, $233,437 98, show
ing a net profit during 1866 of $64,429 18.
The total earnings of the Phila. and Erie
Railroad in 1866 were $2,541,051 79, and
the expenses of ojh? rating the same $2,819,-
713,33, showing a loss to the Pa. R. R. in
operating the same of $278,161 54. This
loss is largely to be attributed to the bad
condition of the older bridges erected by
the Phila. and Erie R. R. Co. over the
Susquehanna, and the unfinished state of
the work generally upon the whole line.
The whole of the revenue of the Pa. R. R.
Co. lrom its several lines is as follows: $19,422,801 79
And the expense of operating the lines, 15,844,050 58
Balance, $3,578,741 21
From which deduct payments made dur
ing the year to the shareholding of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company for
dividends, $1,737,969: the balance to de
bit of interest and coupon account,
$539,669 57; the amount du* to Hams
burg and Lancaster Railroad Company
underlease, $135,274 IS; the taxes on
dividend and coupons. $438,955 67; and
the annual surn of $499,000 to the State
of Pennsylvania for the purchase of the
main line of public works, amounting
in all to $3,301,958 32
Leaving a surplus of $276,782 80
t&r Money—the God of the nine
teenth century.
Vol. LVII. No. 11.
A Thirty Thousand Dollar Jot).
Tho head clerk ot a large firm in
Charlestown promised an old customer,
one day, half a bale of .Russia duck to
be on hand precisely at ono o'clock,
whon the man was to leave town with
his goods. The firm wero out of duck,
and the clerk went over to Boston to
buy some. Not finding a truckman,
ho hired a man to take it over on his
wheelbarrow. Finishing other busi
ness, on his return to Charlestown, the
clerk found tho man not half way over
the bridge, sitting on his barrow, half
dead with heat.
What was to be done ? It was then
half past twelve, and tho goods wero
promised at one. There was not a
moment to lose. In spite of tho heat,
the dust, and his fine light summer
clothes, the young man seized the
wheelbarrow and pushed on.
Pretty soon a rich merchant, whom
the young man knew very well, riding
on horseback, overtook him ' What,'
said he,' Mr. Wilder turned truckman?'
'Yes,' answered tho clerk. 'The
| goods are promised at one o'clock, and
my man has given out; but you see I
am determined to bo as good as my
' Good bye !' said tho gentleman, and
started on.
Calling at the store where tho young
man was employed, he told his em
ployer what ho had seen, 'And I want
you to tell him.' said the gentleman,
' that when ho goes into business for
himself, my name is at his service for
thirty thousand dollars.'
Reaching the store, which ho did in
time, you may bo sure the high price
set on his conduct made amends for
the heat, anxiety, and fatigue of the
Keeping his word. You see how im
portant it is regarded. It is one of
the best kinds of capital a business
man can have. To be worth much to
anybody, a boy must form a character
for reliability. Ho must bo depended
upon. And you will like to know per
haps that this young man becamo ono
ot the most eminent merchants of his
day, known far and wide, both in Eu
rope and this country. His name was
S. V. S. Wilder, and ho was tho first
President of the American Tract Soci
ety. — Exchange.
What a Squirrel Did.
We cut the following from the New
buryport Herald : ' A gentleman from
Newbury treated us the other day to
some walnuts, which wo should, per
haps, have refused, on the principle
that the receiver is as bad as the thief,
had wo known where they were ob
tained before it was too late. They
were part of the store of a striped
squirrel, which he had laid up in a hol
low tree. There were in all five quarts,
which he had carried up one by one,
from a tree an eighth of a mile distant.
The holo ran into the tree in a hori
zontal direction, so that its capacity
would have" been very small, as tho
nuts would have rolled out without
some modification in its arrangement,
which Mr. Bunny proceeded to mako
with a good deal of architectural skill,
his movements being daily watched by
our informant. Ho first built up a
breastwork of clay, sticks, nutshells
and other rubbish at the mouth of his
magazine, an inch or two high, and
then filled it up with his provisions,
till it would hold no more. He then
added another course of mason work
and another deposit of nuts, add so on
till at tho time of the vandal's raid on
the little fellow's commissariat, tho
wall was about a foot high. The pec
ulation was considered justifiable on
the ground that man was created lord
over all tho beasts of tho field, and that
it was no worse to mako a squirrel
work for him than to make a horse or
an ox do it. Besides, our friend kind
ly gave the fourdegged slave his time
for tho rest of the season, and in a
week or two ho had laid in a new sup
ply for himself and family.'
Honey Ant of Texas.
A Texas paper of a late date, speak
ing of the lioney Ant, says: I Wo have
often heard of the < honey ant' of Tex
as, but the account seeming so roman
tic, we have hardly been able to credit
it, but as we now have a specimen be
fore as furnished by our friend Leo
Smith, of this city we can no longer
have any doubts on the subject. These
ants are a medium size between the
large and small red ants, and are of a
reddish and brown color. Appended
to the rear of each one, is a translucent
sack or globe filled with pure, clear
honey of a most delicious flavor. These
sacks vary in size on different ants—
ranging between the size of a buckshot
and a navy pistol ball. On this sack,
at short interval, are attached thin
layers about the length and width of
half a grain of rice, and of a dark color
evidently to strengthen it and keep it
in shape, lheso interesting animals
when they crawl draw their delicious
load after them, and if the sacks are
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