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ii. &, U. K. FHYSLXGER, Editor*.
Wednesday, February 27, 1867.
The GAZETTE is published every Wednesday
tie- old -t.uid. at $1.40 in advance, 01;$2.00at the end |
of 3 months.
n '•. Persons r- vini{ papers with a X marked
it will understand that siiliscnptiou is due on which
a remittance on. bt to hi- made.
Cash Rates of Advertising.
Business '* hues or h-ssl 1 year (*>.oo
Administration or Exeeiitor's Notices 12 oo
Auditor's do 12 n
Estray Notice, four times, - "" ;
Caution or other short Notices, 1 to !
Tavern Licenses, single. 1 "0 j
If more than otic, each i
Register's Notices ~f A -eounts. each
tine inch constitutes a square, and all adrertistng j
not otherwise contra-ted for, or enumerated above. ,
will hereafter be churned 50 cents per sijnare forct.cn |
Job Work.
Eighth sheet bills, sifor 2.i or less; fourth sheet :
bills $2 for 20 or less: hdf sheet bill. $4 tor 25 or ess. j
Notices of New Advertisement*.
Turn]ike election Railroad meeting— j
Auditors' notices Xew Goothi at Kitten- >
house & MeKiimey's—J. Irwin WalJis's
stock of 1001 articles —Several sales.
SSOOO to 10,0tso wanted.
W. L. Owens S: Co., Granville Station,
arc selling great bargains.
Sales of Pnaounl Property.
Jno. L. Byier, tlee'd, Union, Feb. 28
Martin Mulder, Deny, " 28
J. ]>. McDowell, Armagh, March 1 |
S. Mutthershoiigh, Decatur, March 4 j
Isaae Shilling, near Milroy, " o
Samuel Roland. Granville, " ~>
H. J. Romig, Union, " <>
John Gunter, McVeytown, " <>
Sani'l 15. Marks, I.ewistown, " 7
Robert Sterrctt, near Locke's, " 7
Jos. Hosteller, Men no, " 8
John Rare foot. Deny, " 8
Satnuel Eisenbise, I)errv, " 0
John V. King. Meiino, " 12
John T. O/biirn, Armagh, " 18
Samuel Beatty, Union, " 18
Isaac Price. Der.y, " 14
Win. Powell, Oliver, " 1>
E. R. Ivault'man, Relleville, " 1-5
Robert Cummins, Rrown, " lb
(feo. R. Scott, Decatur, " IS
Levi Goarhart, Armagh, " lit
A. J. North, Wayne, <k 20
R. R. Kerr, Wayne, " 25
The Sfiecoa.strut-ted.
The Congressional Committee appoint
ed to examine into the unprovoked mur
der of three soldiers of the army in South
Carolina, have made a report, from which
it appears that they were on guard, that
two were shot, and the other thrown into
the liver—that the parties who commit
ted the foul deed were formerly rebels —
that fhey were tried by a commission,
sentenced to be hung, hut commuted to
imprisonment in Fort Delaware—and re
leased by order of Judge Hall, a Delaware
copperhead, and are now at large. 11 also
appears that A. 11. Stephens, H. V. John
son, and other Southerners, warmly soli
cited the pardon of these midnight assas
The testimony of (Jenerals Seliolield,
Thomas, Sickles, Baird and Wood was
taken by the committee. They have had,
say the committee, the best opportunity
for obtaining information, both personal
ly, and also through the reports of their
subordinates, and they have been con
stantly on the alert, as the government of
the country has been substantially under
their supervision during the greater por
tion of the time they have had command.
The result of their experience and ob
servation is given in very forcible terms,
and the committee call the attention ot
the House to their testimony, as they be
lieve it can safely be made the basis of
legislation. It would have been easy to
have fortified their statement by statistics
from the Freetlmen's Bureau, hut as the
House is already in possession of the val
uable information to he obtained from the
same, it was not deemed worth while to
duplicate it. The testimony of those well
known witnesses exhibits the following
First, That for the punishment of crime
in these departments the courts cannot he
relied upon. In eases where soldiers,
1 uion men or fixebineu are concerned
justice is practically denied, and offenses
of grave character against them go un
punished, neither magistrate or juries le
--ing disposed to discharge their "duties in
this respect.
Second. That up to this time there has
been no change lor the better, but rather
for the worse.
Third, i'lutt uu less substantia) justice is
done to the laboring classes hereafter, and
tx> the I nion men and Northern men who
desire to go there to engage in business
enterprises, no improvement in the state
ot affairs can reasonably be expected.
rSo much for one case out of dozens in I
South Carolina.
A half sheet Extra accompanies to- j
day's Gazette—being the third issue since !
the Ist of January.
fitT-The general jury bill, which has i
we believe passed both Houses, provides
for the election of two Jury Commission
ers in tacit county in the State, whose du
ty it shall be to meet at the county seat
thirty days before each term of Court, in
order to draw jurors for such term. These
Jury Commissioners are to be chosen at
the election next fall, each qualified voter
casting a ballot for one person for the of
fice, and the two receiving the highest
number of votes to IK* elected. They arc
to serve three years, and be paid out of
the county treasury at the same rate per
day as County Commissioners are paid in
the same county.
BGA. The recent one-sided decision of
the Supreme Court, by which one man
controlled the nullification of liotli law
and usage i n a matter of vital importance
to the uatioa, lias awakeuded public at
tention to the necessity of requiring that
110 law should la- declared unconstitutional
without the concurrence of three-fourths
or two-thirds of all the Judsres.
County Statement makes its
last appearance to-day.
Ivirkpatriek, best known as Old
Ivirk, the Perry county ft iter, is dead.
82L- Dclaune Gray died at Bellefonte
last week.
Major Gen. Burnside has been
unanimously renominated for Governor
of Rhode Island.
The county bridge over Sherman s
creek at Duncamion was carried oil by
the recent flood.
JEs.-r Since the hegiraof the dead heads,
it is said the railroad lias dispensed with
a ear from several of the trains.
("offroth and Llovd as assessors,
ami Swope and Metjandiess as collectors
ii. this State, all appointed for political
purposes, have been rejected.
kk-if Among those members of Con
gress whom rumoi named as bargainingor
compromising with the President, we no
tice the name of A. A. Barker.
teaSP'Surratt has been handed over to the
civil authorities at Washington for trial
as an accomplice in the assassination of
President Lincoln. The copperheads are
already weeping.
Senator Saulsburv, of Delaware, a
violent copperhead, joined the congres
sional temperance society on Saturday
nieJit a week, tiiid next morning violated
t.ie pledge.
IP,} 1 " In trouble —the Johnson demoera
cy, because they fear he will make another
swing round tlie circle, dropping them in
thorny and bairen wastes, where not an
olliee is to he had !
iurA" The Xeliiisgrove Times says that
the Directors of the Middlecreek R. It.
Co. have reduced the salaries of the offi
cers. That paper also condemns the per
centage allowed for obtaining stock.
The lill making the Superinten
dent of Public Printing elective by the
Senate, lists liecomc a law. The concern
was fast becoming a copperhead loafing
Mrs. Surratt was murdered by an ille
gal military commission.— Setimgrove
What's your opinion about President
Lincoln's i.iurder?
The copperhead papers will never
forgive the " Brave Boys in Blue" for
putting down the rebellion —almost every
sheet of that stamp we pick up containing
some article either libeling them or those
who gloried in their success.
At the funeral of Capt. Joseph
Seovern, at Scran ton, Pa., on the loth
inst., one man was fatally and two seri
ously injured, by the premature discharge
of a piece of artillery used in firing the
GOV. Geary is putting a stop to the
practice of the legislature of passing bills
which the constitution has placed in the
power of courts. He avows his belief that
all such acts passed by the legislature are
null and void.
tsar" The Bounty Bill which passed the
House, gives each three year or during the
war soldier 58.38 per month, so that many
will receive an addition to the SIOO here
tofore voted them. We hope the Senate
will also pass it, whether the copperheads
like it or not.
The Union Hotel, in Altoona,
Krummeck's store room, with its cou
t uts, and that portion of the Row contain
ing Hliriiiger's saloon, Kunz's clothing
st >re. and Hckel's tobacco and segar store,
we "e destroyed by lire on Tuesday morn
ing of last week.
Supreme Court for the Dis
trict of Columbia has decided that it is
not hoiuitl to admit rebels to practice there,
notwithstanding the Supreme Court has
admitted them, but that a district court
can make its own rules as to who should
be allowed to practice.
The tenure of oft'ce bill, which
will prevent an officeholder from being
kicked in an out at the pleasure of politi
cal mountebanks, has become a law. Its
necessity may be inferred from the fact
that by the official report more than 12tR)
removals were made last fafl for political
causes, or in other words no cause at all.
The decision of the Supreme Court
of the United States in the ease of the
Mayor of New York vs. Sheffield, which
was lately decided, establishes the liabil
ity of municipalities to pay damages for
injuries to citizens, which arise in conse
quence of negligence of the corporation to
keep streets in order or .suffering obstruc
tions on them.
fSxTA Richmond paper thinks that if
the present generation of Aew England
public men had been more soundly Hog
ged when they were school boys* they
would probably have been better men,—
The Springfield Republican happily re
torts: "It t lie present race of Southern
leaders had been flogged at all in their
boyhood, instead of amusing themselves
by Hogging young darkies, we should not
have been under the painful necessity of
Hogging them in their old age, and we
fear the job is not yet half done."
Terrible Ac i'lent. —A terrible and prob
ably fatal accident occurred in U. J\ Mar
ble A (Ws paper mill, at West Newton,
on Jan. 30th. Mr. Reamer, the foreman
of the wood and straw department, was
accidentally caught in the main shaft, and
his body twisted around it six times. So
great was the velocity of the shafttlßtt the
hoots and socks were hurled from the un
fortunate man's feet, and his clothing
completely torn from his body, with the
exception of a small piece o'f his shirt
sleeve. His recovery isextremelv doubt
Flood a< Jo/nutoim. —The ice in the
btouy creek and ('onemaugh broke up on
the night of t lie 14th iust., and gorged be
low Johnstown, holding the water back
ami submerging the lower part of town
In some of the streets the water was sev
eral feet deep. Communication with the
railroad station was cut oil; and for a time
it was feared that the whole town would
be drowned out." At midnight the
gorge gave way, and the only material
damage done was the tilling of hundreds
ot cellars with water, the breaking of a
number of fences, and the piling of ice
along the river banks and in the streets.
feaT The copperhead and patent demo
cratic press has been making much ado
about the legislature forbidding transpor
tation companies from making distinc
tions in passengers. No law ever has ex
isted in this .State making any distinction
and excepting a few white-skin-nigger
principle passenger railways in lMiiladel
plua, no railway, stage line, or other eon
\e\ance, rejected passengers on account
of color Ihe brutal and inhuman con
duel >l the few made it necessary to nasa
an act treating all alike; and however
mneh it may tickle the palate of eopper
headism, we do not think it is much to
Mr. Haines' credit that he voted against a
measure iirtrinsically right and democrat
ic to boot.
Special Jlotircs.
Important qualities.
Biandreth's l'ills so stimulate all the interior powers of
the system that every poison or impurity Is forced from
the blood into the bowels, aud thns passes oil". Keeent ea
ses of sickness will often be cured by the etiecl of 6or 8
Brandreth's Pills, which, when the operat o . Is full and
complete, leave the blood as free from poisonous and un
healthy matter as that of a new-born babe. In colds, in
flammatory diseases, and even in cholera, their use re
stores to health sooner than all other remedies, because
the} tase from the blood and bowels tbose matters upon
which pains, cramps, ami aches depend for continuance.
Captain Isaac Smith, of Siug Sins', says, thirty of Bran
dreth's Pills, taken accordlngto directions, cured him of a
very severe bronchial aifectlon after other means had tail
ed, aud he wishes his numerous friends to know the (act.
Brandreth's Pills. Principal Office, Brandreth Ilousc, X.
Sold by all Druggists. See nty name on Ooveruinent
stamp, without which the pills are spurious.
feUQ-lm B. i!U AN I)It ETll.
Gr ON E 1' O K I:: Vj: u !
So say the ladies of their beauty, w licit the mirror show s
them their once jet or golden ringlets streaked with grey.
But never was there a more
Though the hair he as white as i lute's own forelock, or
worse still, as red as a tiery meteor—
P 11 E S T O !
it Is invested in a moment with the most magnificent black
or brown by the agency of
a perfectly wholesome and purely vegetable preparation.
Manufactured by J. CKISTADOKO, 6 Astor House, N. Y
sold bv Druggists. Applied by all Mair Dressers. fc-2d-lni
Free to Everybody.
A large 0 pp. Circular, giving information of the greatest
importance to the young of both sexes.
It teaches how the homely may become beautiful, the
despised respected, and the forsaken loved.
No young lady or gentleman should fail to send their
Address, and receive a copy post-paid, by return mail.
Address P. O. Drawer, 21,
feb&SJm , Troy. N. Y.
Know Thy Destiny !
3Jaiamk E. F. Thornton, the great
English Astrologist, Clairvoyant aud l'saychometrician,
who has astonished the scientific classes of the Old World,
has"now located herself at Hudson, N, Y. Mad. Thornton
possesses such wonderft I poweis of second sight, as to
enable her to impart knowledge of the greatest import
ance to the single or married of" either sex. While in a
state of trance, she delineates the very, features of the
person you are to marry, and by the aid of an instrument
of intense power, known as the Psychouiotiope, guaran
tees to produce a life-like picture ol the future husband
or wife of the applicant, together with date of marriage,
position in life, leading traits of character, Ac. This is no
humbug, as thousands of testimonials can assert. She
will send when desired a certiiied certificate, or written
guarantee, that the picture is what it purports to be. By
enclosing a small lock of hair, and stating place of birtli.
age, disposition and complexion, and enclosing fifty cents
and stamped envelope addressed to yourself, yon will re
ceive the picture and desired information by return mail.
All communications sacredly confidential. Address In
confidence, MAOCMU E. F. THORNTON, 1". O. Box 213, Hud
son, N. Y, filly
Wonderful but True.
MADA M E 11EM1NGTON, the world
renowned Astrologist ami Somnambulistic Clairvoyant,
while in a clairvoyant state, delineates the very features
of the persou you are to marry, ami by the aid of an in
strument of intense power, known as the I'sychomotrope,
guarantees to produce a perfect and life-like picture of the
future husband or wife of the applicant, with date of mar
riage, occupation, leading traits of character, 4c. This is
no imposition, as testimonials without number cau assert,
lie stating p'.ace of birth, age, disposition. Color of eves
and hair, ami enclosing titty cents, ami stamped envelope
addressed to yourself, you wiil receive the picture by re
turn mall, together with desired information,
£>■- Address in confidence, MADAME OKRTRCDK UEMIXO
TOX, B. O. Box 2!t7. West Troy, S. V. tCly
and ail ERUPTIONS OF TH E SKIN. Price oO cents
For sale by nil druggists. By sending sixty cents to
Weeks £ Potter. Sole Agents. 170 Washington street.
Boston, it will be forwarded by mail, free of postage,
to any part of the United States. sepo'bb-lv
LEWISTOWN, February 27, 1807
Wheat, red, per bushel #2 05
white " 2 -70
Corn, old, yO
* Oats " 45
per dozen 20
Butler per lb HO
Flour is retailing at the following prices:
Lewistown Extra Family per cwt. 7 00
Superfine (j 00
Extra Family per bbl 14 00
Superfine l 2 00
Buckwheat per cwt. 5 00
Philadelphia Markets.
Sales of Flour at sß:il4 50, according to
quality. Wheat at $2 6ffa2 00 for red. —
live at SI 83a 1 85. Corn at 9Sasl. Oats
in demand at sGas7c.
Beef Cattle are selling at 12 to 18c. ac
cording to quality. < 'ows, springers at SSO
a7O; Cow and Calf SBOaflO. Sheep sold at
(iiaTv e. gross, as to condition, llogs at
from Sloall 25 per 100 lbs., net.
On Thursday, 21st February, at Hippie's
Hotel, by Rev. J. B. Reimensnyder, En.
H. SwiKitKK and Miss MARY B. HAMIL
TON, both of Newton Hamilton, Pa.
On Tuesday morning, February 20th,
at the Lutheran Parsonage, by Rev. J. R.
Reimensnyder, JACOH HI:NI> of Lilley
ville, Mifflin county, and Mis.s ANNA
ROCSH, of Jacksonville, Centre co., Pa.
On February 21st, 1867, by Rev. W
Downs, JOHN WESLEY Oitii and Miss
MARY J ANE GRAREY, both of Freedom
Forge, Mifflin county, Pa.
In Newton Hamilton,.on Friday, the
Bth inst., J A MK.S COULTER, aged about 06
rpiiE undersigned, desirous of closing
X business, are offering their stock, con
sisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots
and Shoes, Ac., at cost, for cash only.
Persons desirous of obtaining bargains
will flnd it to their advantage to call and
examine our stock.
fel27-4t* W. L. OWENS & CO.
Pattenkouse & McKinney's,
Best Rio Coffee 30 cts. per lb.
I Lewistown, Feb. 27, 1867.
AT THE 810
r i MIE most complete assortment and cheap
_|_ est lot of House furnishing Goods we
have ever offered before to housekeepers aud
new beginners, to which special at
tentiou, since we are prepared to give a bar
gain to all. The following is a partial list of
the above mentioned Goods :
"Floor Gil Cloth, new pattern, all widths.
Table " " designs, "
Stair •' very pretty and good.
Oil Window Shades, rustic style, $2 per pair.
Paper *' " unusually low.
Poor ltugs and Table Mats.
Picture Cord and Tassels.
\V indow Shade Fixtures.
" " Cord and Tassels.
Dusting ami Scrub Brushes.
Shoe and Sweeping "
Crumb and White-wash "
Corn Wisps and Brooms. ,
Spain's patent barrel Churns.
Cedar Tubs and Buckets.
Painted " " "
Washing Machines, zink and wood.
Pollar's new style.
Clothes and Market Baskets.
Sewing and Fancy '*
Clothes Pins and Lines.
" Horses and Wringers, latest and best.
Rolling Pins and Potato Mashers.
Butter Prints, Paddles and Spoons.
Coffee and Sugar Boxes.
" and Tea Canisters.
Spice Boxes, wood and tin.
Sad <>r Smoothing Irons.
Sad and Coffee Pot Stands.
Match Sales. 7 different kinds.
Mouse and lvat Traps.
Dinner and Tea Bells.
Step Ladders and Garden Tools.
Coal Sieves and Buckets.
" Shovels. To> gs and Pokers.
Paste Jaggers, Pie Crimpers and Trimmers.
Coffee Mills and B°ef Pounders, 3 kinds,
Egg Whips and Slicers.
Soup Ladles and Basting Spoons.
Flesh Forks and Vegetable Skimmers.
Pat'd Cake Turners and Nutmeg Graters.
Mop Handles and Knife Boxes.
Tack Hammers and Hatchets.
Carpet Tacks and Stair Rods
Waffle Irons and Iron Bake Pans.
Brass, Porcelain, Tin'd Iron Kettles and
Sance Pans.
Iron Tea Kettles and Pots.
Butter Bowls and Towel Rollers.
Fancy Toilet and Chamber Ware.
Flour Sieves and Clothes Line Reels.
Scissors, Snuffers and Nurse Limps.
Slaw Cutters and Wood Saws.
We take pleasure in announcing the follow
ing list of Goods, as they are exceedingly
Ivory Handle Tea & Dinner Knives,
Bone " " " "
Ebony " " " " t Forks.
Bone " " " " "
Coco " " " " "
Hmn " " " " "
Butcher and Carving Knives.
Slaugli and Mincing "
Bread and Kitchen "
Meat and Wood Saws.
Nickel Silver Forks, new article—cheap.
'• " Tea and Table Spoons.
Albatta Tea and Table Spoons.
Brittania " " "
Mttnlic " " "
Tin " " "
A splendid lot of German Waiters, very low.
We have on hand 133 different articles of
but we mention none save our new style
Tea and Coffee Pots,
And last, but not least, is our
Combination Gas Burner Cook
which we warrant to be the best baking
stove in the county, or refund the money.
I )I BLIC SALE.—Willbesoldatpub
-1 lie sale at the residence of the subscri
ber. in Union township, near A. F. Gils
honey's factory on
Wedliestlay, HI arc Ii 13, IB6T,
the following personal property, viz:—7
head Hogs, 3 Milch Cows, 2 with Calves,
85 bushels Potatoes. Also, Household
and Kitchen Furniture,em-
T • : bracing 1 Hathaway Cook
Stove with cooking utensils
and pipe, Coal Stove, Bu
reau, Settee, set of Cane Bottomed Chairs
and other Chairs, Corner Cupboard, Sink,
Stand, Meat Vessels, Tubs, Apple Butter,
Meat by the pound, 3 Tables, Bedsteads,
Bags, Ciller Barrels, Vinegar, Sausage
Grinder, Grind Stone, Wash Kettle,
Wheelbarrow, Forks, Shovels, .Garden
Tools, Corn Fodder, Rifle, Riding Bridle
and a variety of other articles too numer
ous to mention.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, a. m.,
when terms will be made known.
1)1 ISMC SALE.—WiII be sold at
1 public sole, at the residence of the un
dersigned, in Brown township, 011
Saturday, March 16, 1*67,
the following personal property, to wit:
4 COWS, 2 sets of Harness,
light Trotting Buggy, one-
Viri ufV horse Bpriug Wagon, &c.—
Also, some household and
kitchen furniture, consisting of Chairs,
Bedsteads, Cupboards, ten-plate Stove,
Parlor Stove, ('ook Stove, Dishes and
a variety of other articles too numerous
to mention. Sale to commence at 10
o clock, a. 111., when terms will be made
PUBLIC S ALE. —Will be sold atpub
sale, fit the residence of the sub
scriber, on Williamson MeNitt's farm,
about two miles from Milroy, in Armagh
township, on
Tuesday, March lth, 1 Stil,
the following {lersonal property, to wit:
1 w head °f Work Horses, 2-yeur
ZC2— old Colt, Breeding Sow, Shoats, 2
i° W rSl Bull, 6 head of Young Cat
tle, threshing Machine, Plows, Harrows,
~ Bvo-tiorse Cultivator and 2 one-horse
ditto, latent Hay Fork, Broad wheel Wa
gon, Hay Ladders, Spring Wagon, Hay
Rake, Horse Gears, Hakes, Forks, and a
variety ol other Farming Utensils. Sale
to commence at 10 o'cloek, a. m., when
terms will be made known.
1)1 111. IC SALE.-Will be sold at
Public Sale, by the undersigned, in
Wayne township, on
Wednesday, March 20,
the following property, viz:
2 Work Horses, 2 Colts 2 years
10 Head Fresh Cows and
\] yyy Springei-s, 10Head Young Cat
tie, 4u Head Sheep and Laiubs,
8 Head Shoats, lot of Timothy Hay, lotof
Corn in the Ear, 50 Bushels Potatoes, 1
Extra Buggy, 1 Extra Wagon (iron ax
les,) 1 Spring Wagon (three springs),
Plows, Harrows, Harness, and Farming
Tools, lot of Lumber, 50 Locust Posts
(morticed), White Pine Bailing, u large
lot of CHICK ENS, Household ami Kitch
en Furniture, 3 Good Stoves, Bureaus,
j Tables, Chairs, Bedsteads, and many oth
er articles too numerous to mention,
i Sale to commence at 10 o'clock on said
■ day when terms will be made known bv
A. J. NORTH. *
C. Caughling Auctioneer. fe27-3t
\ \ T 4 VTLD —for a year or more —by a
VV responsible party, from .1,000 to
lO.OMO dollars, for which ample secu
: rity will be given. For further intbrma
-1 tion, apply to
Real Estate Agent.
Lewistown, Feb. 27, 186U.-3t*
rfllßV I'JKE EI.ECTIO Notice
; X is hereby given to the stockholders of
J the Lewistown & Kishaeoquillas Turn-
I pike Road Company that an election will
■ he held at the National Hotel, Lewis
j town, on Tuesday, March 12, 1807, at 2o'-
I clock, p. ni., forone President, six Mana
| gers and a Treasurer. WM. MANN,
{ fe27-2t. * President.
N OTICE. —A special meeting of the
Stockholders of the Mifflin k Centre
j County Railroad Company will be held
I at. Rcedsville, on FRIDAY, the Btli day
j of March next, at 2 o'clock, p. m., for the
I purjjose of considering a proposition from
tile Pennsylvania Railroad Company for
completing the Railroad to Milmy. A
meeting of the Board of Directors will be
held at 1 o'clock on the same day.
fe27. President M. & C. C'. R. R. Co.
| ELSTIIAV \OTIEE Came to the
-1J residence of the subscriber, in Armagh
township, on or about the 14th of Jan., a
dark brown 3lare, about 13 hands high,
and supjiosed to be about 9 years old. She
is blind of botii eyes and lias a white star
on her forehead. The owner is requested
to come forward, prove property, pay
charges and take her away, otherwise she
will be disposed of according to law.
\ I WlTffll'S NOT ICE. --The un-
I il. dersigned, Auditor, appointed bvthe
| Orphans' Court of Mifflin county, to dis
tribute the balance in the hands of John
C. Sigler, administrator of the estate of
Gi;o. W. Gijisox, dee'd, will meet parties
interested at his office in Lewistown
Monday, March 18th.
feb27-4t Auditor.
xx dersigneil, Auditor, appointed by the
Orphans' Court of 3liffiin county, to dis
tribute the fund in the hands of William
Creighton, administrator of the estate of
Daxiki. Beshore, dee'd, will attend to
the duties of his appointment on Satur
day, March ltitli, at his office in Lewis
town. Persons having claims will pre
sent them or be barred from a share of
the fund. H. J. CULBERTSON,
feb27-4t Auditor.
xT dersigned, Auditor, appointed by the
Orphans' Court of Mifflin county, to dis
tribute the fund in the hands of' William
Wharton, Executor of Sam 'l, Whartox,
late of Wayne township, deceased, wili
attend to the duties of the appointment
at the Register s office, in Lewistown on
Iriday, the 22d day of March next, at 10
o'clock, a. m. Those interested are re
quested to attend.
feb27 W. P. ELLIOTT, Auditor.
\TO. 1. — RECEIPT to keep your horses
clear of Rots, Worms ami Colic, and
in good thriving order.
No. 2. RECEIPT to cure all wounds, and
to take awav the pain of same.
No. 3. Receipt to cure pole evil and
lis tula.
Price —Singly, 50 cents for each receipt;
25 copies for $5 ; or 100 copies for $lO, with
all the necessary instructions for using
the same. Address
Box 100, Lewistown,
febl3.4t* Mifflin county, Pa.
L The Board of Directors of Freedom
Iron Works School District will receive
applications from teachers, to teach for a
term of three months, commencing in
April next. Address,
feb!3-3t President.
virtue of an order of the Orphans'
Court of Mifflin county, the undersigned,
administrator of the Estate ol" George B.
Pennepacker, late of Granville township,
dee'd, will sell at public sale, on the prem
ises, Oil
TIICR.SDAY, March ?th, IMiT,
the undivided half part of all that certain
Tract of Laud situate in Granville town
ship, Mifflin county, adjoining lands of
Lewis Owens, Mrs. \Vertz, Enoch Myers'
heirs, Joshua Morrison and others, con
taining One Hundred and Thirty-two
Acresandone hundred and fifty-six perch
es, neat measure, whereon is erected a
Two Story Frame House, a good New
Bank Barn with a Corn-Crib and Wagon
Shed attached, and other outbuildings.—
There is also a fine Young Orchard of
choice fruit 011 it, a well of good water at
the door, and a fine stream of running
water and two good springs 011 the place.
The farm is in good order and is a desira
ble situation.
Sale to commence at 11 o'clock, a. in.
when terms will be made known.
At the same time and place, the under
signed will sell the other undivided half
part of the above desirable tract of land so
as to enable the purchaser to obtain a title
for the whole tract.
J. L. POBTEB, Auctioneer. jan3o
BIRD CAGES ! A fine assortment at
HI'IC SALE.-Will bo sold at r, u h_
± lie sale at the residence of the suCri
ber, in Decatur township, on
Monday, March 4. !*■?.
the following personal property t wi(
3 Work HOK.SE.-i; 4 Oolll; 4 (i™,™,;
fresh and tlie others sprii
Jwb * head of Young Cattle- j".',
blief l 1: 11 Climber of si' ,
B°n' * Odder Cutter; Plowmjj
Harrow; 2 sets Breechbands; Buir-'v u.
ness; Collars and Bridles; and 'v tr T"
other articles. Also, a lot of Tiii,othv
Hay. Sale Jo commence at 10 o'clock •
m., when terms will be made known '
f-bt** SAM'L *M ( TTHEBSBOi (; H
V Will be offered at public vendue bv
| the subscriber, on the Langton farm' in
I Granville township, on '
the following personal property vj/ .
MORSES, including 1 M ar ,.
with foal, 2 Colts, 2 Cows that will
; shortly be fresh, 10 bead of Youim ( -iftlV.
: 12 Sheep, 2 Shoats, four-horse W;',,,,!'
Roekaway Carriage, a pair of y ankt '
Hay Ladders, Improved Hnosey Henper
Jan excellent Mower and Reaper J ii'm'
nearly new, Hay Fork, with rope .„J
pulleys, m good order, and a number of
other articles, too numerous to men tin.,
Also, a Pet Deer. Sale to commenc e-it
10 o'clock, a. 111., when terms will | i( . „,.,.Y
known. [felß-Bt] SAM'L ROLAND
\ Will be sold at public sale bv tl Je
subscriber, at his residence, in Tnion
township, on
Wednesday, .March .
the following personal property to wit-
TWO HORSES, 3 Colts, 3 Cows, a lot of
\ oung Cattle, ($ Shouts, 2 Breeding Sow
1 good fat Beef, four-horse Wairon twm
I'orHc \\ agon, Roekaway, Fanning Mil!
~jgp*lud, Plows. Ham,ws. Cultivator:
■J3L. i' u plmv 2 sets of TugHarn.-s'
aFJLii Collars, Bridles. Side Saddle a<- '
Also, a Dining Table, set of good <'hairs'
and a variety of other articles too numer
ous to mention. Also, One-half interest
in 24 acres of Grain in the Ground s-m.
to commence at It) o'clock a. m. wl'mu
terms will be made known.
feb2o-3t* HENRY J. ROMfG.
T)l Itl.il' SAEE.—WiII lie sold atpub-
A lie sale, by the subscriber, at his resi
dence, in Lewistown, on
Thursday, March 7, ISO7,
the following personal property to wit ■
BILLIARD TABLE, Bagatelle Table
and many other articles belonging to a
Restaurant. Groceries—consisting of Su
gars, Teas, Coffees, &c.; a tine lot ofCon
fectiouery; also, a general assortment of
Household and Kitchen Furniture such
s Bedsteads, Bedding, Chaiis. Ta
i bles, Stoves, and many other art icles
too numerous to mention. Also a
Tract of Land, situate in Oliver town
ship, 230 ACRES, more or less, will be
ottered to the highest bidder. Saletooom
.mence at 9 o'clock, a. in., when terms
will be made known.
feb2o-ts SAMUEL B. MARKS.
Will be offered at public sale,
by the subscriber, residing about 1 mile
from \\ bite Hall, in Menno township,on
Friday, March Bth, 1867,
the following personal property, viz:
Horses Cows Young Cattle, Sheepand
i Hogs, Horse Gears, Broad-wheel and
Narrow-wheel Wagon, Plows and Har
rows, Threshing Machine and Horse Pow
er, Self-raking Reaper, Corn Sheller Fan
ning Mill, Drill, Grind Stone, Wheel
Barrow, Hay by the ton, Corn and Pota
toes by the bushel, Hay Hoister, Coal
-gggS. Stove, Cook Stove, Drawers,
CART. Chairs, 2 Sleds, Wild
Cherry and Walnut Furniture
Boards, and other articles, too numerous
to mention. Also, a one year old Colt.
Sale to commence at I*l o'clock a. m.
when terms will be made known '
febl3-3t* JOS. HOSTELLER.
\ The undersigned will offer at public
sale, at his residence in Derry township,
near Freedom Forge, 011
Thursday, March u. im>i,
the following personal property, to wit:
4 head of Work Horses, including 2 Mares
with foal; 3 Colts, 1 two-year old and 2
Yearlings; 5 Cows, 2 of them fresh- 1(1
head of Young Cattle; 2 Hogs; 2 four
horse Wagons, broad wheeled; 1 one-horse
and 1 t-wchorsc Wagon; Cart; two-horse
4*4. (Carriage; 2 Wagonbeds; pair Hay
Ladders 2 Sleds; large Corn Shel ler;
Clover J fuller; Fanning Mill; Plows-
Harrows; Cultivator; Log Chain; Fifth
Chain; Cow Chains, 2 sets Hind Gears,
Plow Gears, Halters, Hathaway Cook
Stove, &e., with a variety of other articles.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, a. m.
when terms will be made known.
feb2ots* ISAAC PitfcE.
I)® BLIC SALE.—WiII be sold at pub
-1 lie sale, at the residence of the under
signed in Oliver township, on
Friday, March 15, I*6?,
the following personal property, to wit:
3 Head of Work Horses, ( one being a Mare
with foal) 5 Milch Cows, 0 Young Cattle,
4 Shouts, 4 Sheep, Spring Wagon, two
horse Wagon, Wagon lied, Hay Ladders,
Stone's Grain Drill, Horse Rake, Wind
mill, Threshing Machine, Horse Power
and Shaker, Strap for Machine, Plows,
and Harrows, 500 feet drv
'T'(ineh) Pine Hoards, 1500 feet Paling
and some Railing, Hay and Corn Fodder,
about <>o acres ot Grain in the Ground,
with a great variety of Household ami
Kitchen b urniture too numerous to men
tion. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, a.
ll f'\ ofi f erills will be made known.
feb2o-ts WM. POWELL.
io, r * AII Pewons who pay their
vb^isie- 011 y i Uld liount y Taxes for the
o.T before the Ist day of April
next, will be allowed an abatement of live
per cent. 011 the amount.
By order of the Commissioners.
T * JC £- w A REAM, Clk.
Lewistown, Feb. 20, tapl.
dersigned, Auditor, appointed by the
Orphans Court ot Mifflin county, to dis
tribute the fund iu the hands of GKOKUK
L. CALDEKWOOD, aiim'r of the Estate of
ADAM HKIMMKK, late of McVeytown,
deceased, will attend to the duties' of the
appointment at the Register's office in
Lewis town, on Friday the loth day of
March next, at 10 o'clock, a. in. Claims
not presented at that time will be barred
from comma: in on said fund
feb-'O-lt \V. P. ELLIOTT, Auditor.