Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, June 07, 1850, Image 3

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    I'ui \rKKKKiTa —Spurious or ultered notes of
(he denomination >t ijuVs, tgtlOV, ami S2UV, per
iwrling to be issued by the Bank of Delaware
county, are "> circiilat on. The vigncte rep
resents \ errury offering a bsg of coin to a t'e
in!e, who holds a key in her hand. At her
j-itfe is a winged lion on an iron chest.
Altered notes of the denomination of s2o'.s
on the Philadelphia Bank, ore in circulation
he e. The vignette is a blacksmith at his
forge, and a dog's head between the officers'
names. Look out tbr them.
I'IRK VNO Lessor I IKE. —We learn from the
Bradford Aigus, that on Sunday night, May
19th, the dwelling house of Cornelius Hurley,
of Sheshequin, was consumed by fire, and that
Mr. II with his wife and onlv child, perished
'lithe ffanies ! Mr. II was an Irishman—an
i idustriotifiand worthy young man, having boon
mairied about a year.
MI LTCM IS- PAR\ O. —The O. Crescent, a
neutral paper, very justly remarks -We have
never known a better abused administration than
Gen. Taylor's. If he does anything, it is wrong ;
it he does not, that also is wrong.
The Pennsylvania Railroad will be opened to
Huntingdon on the 10th June.
Lewistowr, June 7th, 1950.
Paid bq Dealer M Retail
Flour . $4 GO 00
Wheat, white • 108 1 10
red - 100 1 05
By* - - GO 60 i
Uats - - 111* .97* i
Corn, - - GO GO*
Cloversecd old, 3 00
Do new. 3 00
Flaxseed - - 1 00 1 25
Timothyseed - - 2 00 2 GO
Butter, good - - 10 124
Eggs - 8 8
Lard - 0 8
Tallow - 8 10
Potatoes - • 62 75
PHILADELPHIA, June 5,1550.
There is no change to notice in the market.
The export demand tor FLOUR continues limit
ed, but holders are firm in consequence of the
small receipts. Sales of 1,000 barrels com
mon and good brands at $5 25. Sales to the
trade at fjs 25 a 5 37A fir common and good
brands, and .§5 50 a 575 for extra. Rye
Flour is scarce. A small sale at Js3 per bbl.,
at which holders are firm. Corn Meal is in
lair demand. Sales of 1,000 barrels at $3.
GRAIN —There ia very little Wheat coming
in, but the demand is less active. Sales ot v;a
3.000 bushel? good Red at :gl 20, and White at
AI 29 a I 30 per bushel. The last sale cf
Rve was at 65 cents. Corn is in limited re
quest. Sales of 1,000 bushels Yellow at 67 a
07 cents, but buyers generally offer 65 cents.
Oato are scarce, and wanted at 43 cents for fair
Pennsylvania.—Daily News.
BALTIMORE, June 4, 1850
This morning, before the steamer's news was
made public, sales of 700 bbls. Howard street
Flour were made at After the receipt
of the steamer's news parties did not manifest
much disposition to operate, and the market
closed in an unsettled state.— American.
rPFtn ur.derxlgried begs leave to inform the public, that
-*- lie hag recently purchased the Warm Sprint#, in
Perry county, Pa , and has improved and refurnished the
building# for the entertainment of visiters, in a style
calculated to ensure couifort and convenience to all who
may feel disposed to patronize the establishment.
These springs are situated on the banks of ami empty
Into Sherman's creek, a stream assoc ated with the thrill
ing seen< between the early settlers of that part of
I Pennsylvania and the aborigines, whose hunting grounds
lay on Its margin They are 11 miles from Carlisle,
(through which Ibe Cumberland Valley Railroad passes
from Chambersburg to Uarrisburg,) from whkh place
visiters can at alt times procure excellent convey arires.
Those also from the easi. wishing to reach the springs by
the Central Railroad, can do so by taking passage to the
Duncannon Iron Works, (13 miles distant from the
springs) where coaches are constantly in readiness to
convey them thither; and those coming from the west
on the same road, can at ail tunes obtain easy conveyan
ces at the Railroad Hotel at Newport, which is but a few
miles distant from the springs
The qualities of the water at these springs are most
extraordinary indeed for the speedy and permanent cure
of SCROFULA, TETTER, Eruption vf the Skin, and
In J act every sptciet nf Cutantoue Vutasrs. He has
hundreds of certificates, showing the wonderful cures
effected by using this water internally, and by bathing in
It, obtained as well from strangers as from those residing
I't the immediate neighborhood of the springs, w ho have
not only experienced the infallible efficacy of the water
themselves, but witnessed lite same upon others. Prof
JAMES C BOOTH has analyzed the waters, and found
them to contain W 2 grains of solid matter in the gallon,
which is composed as follows :
Carbonate of lime, ... 2 (if,7
" magnesia, - - 1 b3S
Alkaline salts, chiefly cltlorWies. wish a p>,r
lion of sulphate, I Htl3
Hiliela - - - - 0 603
Organic matter, "... 2.MIT
There are also at the same piace half a dozen of other
springs, of different ilescrtptions, among which is one <>f
sulphur and one of cold water.
It rosy not be imiiropertostate why a knowledge of the
extraordinary medical qualities of these springs has not
(•••en more extensively known than is indicated by lh<-
certificate# of those only who have resided in their im
nedtate neighborhood. Yi-ars ago the property fell into
'tie hands of a number of heirs, who were indisposed to
undertake the repon#ibility of making it place of pob
tic entertainment —probably because the patronage ol'the
pjblic would not have justified the undertaking, as at
'bat time (before the apirit nf improvement had rend red
distant and difficult points nf speedy and cheap access,)
Us location was out of the way, and the roads to il rough
ar,.) almost impassable At the death of Mr. Kennedy,
it fell into the hands of hi# heirr, neither of whom seem
il disposed to lake hold of it, but leas' d it to tenant#,
more for the cultivation of the land than a regard to the
use of the water It was finally rented to Mr flippte,
(now proprietor of a large hotel in Treiuorit. I'a ) who
made arrangements to accommodate the public, and dur
ing hi* term many invalids availed themselves of lids
opportunity to visit and test it* medical qualities Mr
liipph- however retired in a short time, and the property
again fell into the hands of the. tu ir< and remained so
iiilil proceeding# were instituted u> the. Orphans'Omri
for us sale. It ordered to le sold, and ih' - sutwen
'cr became the pur. baser- li will ihu# be seen that with
'lw exception of the short lime it was held by Mr. Hip
pie, no effort# were u ad,- to bring it into notice
I he country round Ibe springe and neighborhood i di
c'rified by cultivation and beautifully wild and pictu
repqug scenery, abounding in gsme, while the stream
passing through the property affords tine li-litng Every
retention will be puui to the comfort and convenience of
r lest*, aud the charge# so mode rale, that all may avail
then,selves nf the benefit# of the Water.
May3l-8i 11. 11. E'ITER.
of Rrv'd Jacob billlbcr.
f I €?<*'<!.
Y"OTR ,'E is hereby given, that the. undersigned,
„N residing in the borough of Lewistown, lias
been duly appointed and qualified a* Executrix
1 the Estate of Rev. JACOB GRUBER, late
( 'l Cewiktown, Mifflin county, deceased. All
c'Tvons having claims against said estate are re
vested to present them fur settlement without
'' £ ray, and those indebted to make immediate
3| 1870—C* Fxi-cutrix
T \ pursuance of the duties enjoined on me, the
1 following act for the erection of a House for
the Support of the Poor of Mifflin Coui.tv is
ruade public.
Lew is town, May 30, 1850. j
Authorising the Overseers of the Poor of Ly
j coming county to sell certain property belong
ing to Walter Potts, an insane pauper; relative
to the Boundary Lines between the States of
Pennsylvania and Delaware; to Elections in
j Philadelphia county ; and to holding Courts
in Juniata county ; and to taking Excessive
Interest from the Bank of Lewistown.
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and Ilouse
of Representatives of the Commonvealth of Pennsyl
vania in General Assembly mil, and it is hereby en
acted by the authority of the same, That Samuel
W. Taylor, Isaiah Ooplin, Samuel Barr, James
C'riswell, and David Jenkins—all of the county
ot Mifflin—be and are hereby appointed Com
missioners, whose duty it shall be, or a majority
of thein, on or before the first day of August,
Anno Domini one thousand eight "hundred and
fifty, lo determine upon and purchase such real
estate as they shall deem necessary for the ac
commodation of the poor of Mifflin county ; and
it shall be lawful for said Commissioners, or a
majority of them, to take conveyances therefor
in the name and for the use of the corporation
mentioned in the third section of this act; and
they shall certify their proceedings therein, un
der their hands and seals, to the Clerk of the
Court of Quarter Sessions of the county of
I Mifflin, to be filed in his office; and at the next
general election the qualified electors of Mifflin
county shall elect three reputable citizens of
said county to be Directors of the poor anil of
the house of employment for the county of
Mifflin for the ensuing year in the following
manner, to wit: The townships of Armagh,
Brown, I nion, and Mcnno shall elect one per
son, who shall serve three years ; the townships
of Wayne, Oliver, Granville, Derry, Decatur,
and the borough of M'Veytown and the borough
of IS'etvton Hamilton shall elect one person, who
shall serve for two years ; and the borough of
Lewistown shall elect one person, who shall
serve one year—and annually thereafter one
person shali be elected to serve for three years,
and be elected in the district where a vacancy
shall occur by the expiration of the term of
office; and the judges of the election of said coun
ty shall, immediately on receiving the returns
from tiie several election districts anil casting up 1
the number of votes therein, or within three
days thereafter, certify, under their hands and
seals, the names of the persons so elected di
rectors to the Clerk of the Court of Quarter
Sessions of said county, who shall file the. sai l
certificate in his office, and forthwith give notice
in writing to the said directors of their being
elected ; and said directors -hall meet rt the
Court House, in Lewistown, on the first Monday
ot .November next ensuing their election, to ;
transact business.
SECTION 2. Every director elected in manner
aforesaid, or appointed as is directed by the
eleventh section of this act, shall, within ten
days after he is notified of such election or ap
pointment. and before he enters upon the duties
of the said office, take an oath or affirmation,
which shall be filed in the office of the Clerk of
the Court of Quarter Sessions, which any jus
tice of the peace of said county is hereby author
ized to administer, that he will discharge the
duties of the office of director of the poor for
the said county truly, faithfully, and impartially,
to the best of his knowledge and ability ; and in
case of neglect or refusal to take said oath or
affirmation within the time aforesaid, he shall
forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars for the
use of the poor of said county, which fine shall
be recovered by the directors for the time being
as debts are or shall be by law recoverable ; and
the directors qualified as aforesaid ate herobv
authorised to administer an oath or affirmation
in any case when it shall be necessary in relation
to the duties of their office.
SECTION 3. The said directors shall forever
hereafter, in name and in fact, be one body pol
itic and corporate in law to ali intents and pur
poses whatsoever relative to the poor of the
county of Mifflin, and shall have perpetual suc
cession, and may sue and be sued, plead and be
impleaded, by the name, style and title of " The
Directors of the Poor and the House of Employ
ment for the County of Mifflin," and by that
name shall and may receive, take, and hold anv
lands, tenements, and hereditaments not exceed
ing the yearly value of ten thousand dollars, and
any goods and chattels whatsoever of gift, alien
ation, or bequest of any person or persons what
soever ; to purchase, take, and hold any lands
and tenements within their county in fee simple,
or otherwise, and erect suitable buildings for the
reception, use, and accommodation of the poor
! of said county ; to provide all things necessary ,
for the lodging, maintenance, and employment
of said poor; to appoint a Treasurer annually,
w ho shall give bond with full and sufficient sure
i ty for the faithful discharge of the duties of his
| office, and at the expiration thereof for the pav
! rnent and delivery over to his successor in office
' all moneys, bonds, notes, book accounts, and
other papers to the said corporation belonging,
which shall then be remaining in his hands, cus
tody, aud possession ; and said directors shall
have power to employ, and at pleasure remove, •
a steward or stewards, matron or matrons, phy
sician or physicians, surgeon or surgeons, and
all other attendants that may be necessary for
the said poor respectively ; to hind out appren
tices so that such apprenticeship may expire fif
males) at or before the age of twenty-one ; if fe
males, at or before the age of eighteen years,
such poor children as shall come under their
notice, or as may now be bound apprentices by 1
the Overseers of the I'uor: Provided, That no
child shall be bound at a greater distance than
thirty miles from the poor house, and to have
not less three months schooling in each and every
year; and the said directors shall exercise and
enjoy ali such other powers now vested in the
Overseers of the Poor as are not herein granted
or supplied ; and the said directors are hereby |
empowered to use one common seal in all busi
ness relating to said corporation, and at their
pleasure to alter and renew the same.
SECTION 4. The said directors, as soon as may
be after their election and organization as afore
said, shall make an estimate of the probable ex
pense of purchasing the lands and buildings, or
erecting the necessary building or buildings, and i
furnishing the same, and maintaining the poor
within the said county for one year, whereupon
the County Commissioners of the said county
shall, and they arc hereby authorized and re
quired to increase the county tax by one-fourth
part of the sum necessary for the purpose afore
said, and shall procure on loan on the credit of
the taxes herein directed to be levied, the re- !
maining three-fourths thereof to be paid in in
stalments, with interest, out of the county taxes.
Provided always, That not more than one-fourth
of the whole amount of the sum necessary for
the purpose aforesaid shall be added to the coun
ty tax annually thereafter, to he paid by the
county treasurer to the directors aforesaid, on
orders drawn in their favor by the. county com
missioners as the same maybe found necessary.
SECTION 5. It shall he the duty of the said
directors, on or before the first day of November
in each and every year after the poor house shall
have been completed, to furnish the commission
ers of said county with an estimate of the pro
bable expense of the poor and poor house for
one year; and it shall he the duty of said com- (
missioncrs to assess, and cause to be collected,
the amount of said estimate, which shall be paid
to said directors by the county treasurer, on
warrants drawn in their favor by the county
commissioners as the same may be found neces
sary ; and the said directors shall, at least once
in every year, render an account of alt monies
by them received and expended to the auditors
i-Irrtcd to audit and settle the county account*
j subject to the same penalties and rules and reg
ulations as are by law directed respecting the
accounts of the county commissioners, and shall
at least once in every year lay before the Court
i ot Quarter Sessions and Grand Jury of said
j county a list of the number, age, and sex of the
persons maintained and employed in the house
j of employment, or supported" or assisted by
■ them elsewhere, and of the children by them
J bound out to apprenticeship as aforesaid, with
! the name of their masters or mistresses, and
i their trade, occupation, or calling ; and shall, at
j all times when thereunto required, submit to the
j inspection and free examination of such visitors
| as shall from time to time be appointed by Ihe
j Court of Quarter Sessions of the said county all
their books and accounts, together with the rents,
I interest, and monies payable and receivable bv
j the said corporation ; and also, an account of afl
| sales, purchases, donations, devises and bequests
as sliall have been made by or to them, Provided,
| 1 hat no director shall sell or dispose of any ar
tide or articles to the said poor house during the
! time he shall serve as director thereof, nor be a
■ contractor for erecting buildings.
SECTION (j. As soon as the said building shall
have been erected or purchased, and all necessa
ry accommodations provided therein,notice shall
be sent, signed by any two of the said directors. io
the overseers of the several boroughs and town
shipsof the said county of Mifflin, requiring lliem
forthwith to bring the poor of their respective
boroughs and townships to said house of em
ployment, which order the overseers are hereby
enjoined and required to comply with, or other
wise to forfeit the cost of ail future maintenance
except in cases when by sickness or any other
sufficient cause any poor person cannot be re
moved, in which case the said overseers shall
represent the same to the nearest justice of the
peace, who being satisfied of the truth thereof,
shall certify the same to the said directors, and
at the said time issue an order under his hand
and seal to the said overseers.directing them to
maintain such poor until such times as he or she
may be in a situation to lie removed, and then
convey the said pauper and deliver hiin or her
to the steward or keeper of the said house of
employment, together with the said order: and
the charge and expense of such temporary re
lief and of such removal, shall be paid bv UN
said directors at a reasonable allowance.
SECTION 7. The said directors shall from lime
to time receive, provide for and employ, accord
ing to the true intent and meaning of this act,
all such poor and indigent persons as shall be
entitled lo relief, or shall have gained a legal
settlement in said county of Mifflin, and shall be
sent there by an order or warrant for that pur
pose under the hands and seals of any two jus
tices of the peace, directed to any constable of
the said county of Mifflin, or to the overseers of
the proper township in any other county of this
commonwealth ; and the said directors are here
by authorized when they shall deem it proper
and convenient to do so, to permit any poor
person or persons to be maintained elsewhere:
Pre. iiltd, The expense of liieir maintenance docs
not in any case exceed that for which they could
be maintained at the poor hou-e of the said
county of Mifflin.
SECTION 8. The said director*, or any two of
them, who shall by a quorum in all cases to
do business, shall have lull power to make and
ordain such ordinances, rules, and regulations
as they shall think proper, convenient, and neces
sary for the direction, government, and support
of the poor and house of employment aforesaid,
and of the revenues thereunto* belonging, and
of all such persons as shall come under their
cognizance; Provided, The same he not repug
nant to this law, or any of the laws of this State
or tlie United States, ,htd provided ul'-o, That
the same shall not have any force or effect, until
they shall have been submitted to the court of
common pleas for the time being of the county
of Milliin, and shall hare received tlie approba
tion of tiie same.
SECTION y. The said directors, or cither of
them, shall have full power and authority to ad
minister oaths or affirmations to all persons re
siding iu the said house of employment, or be
coming chargeable to the said comity, touching
their place of legal settlement ; and in case
such poor person or persons shall refuse to take
the said oath or affirmation, or shall refuse to
answer such questions as shall be asked bv Un
said directors, touching and relating to said set
tlements, the said directors may withhold all
further relief from such poor person or persons
until he or she, or they shall consent to take
such oath or affirmation, and answer all sticfi
(juestions as aloresaid ; and the said board of
directors, or a majority of them, in addition to
the powers hereinbefore granted, are author
ized and empowered to administer oaths and
affirmations in all cases whatever relating to
their official duties.
SECTION 10. A quorum of said directors shall,
and they are hereby enjoined and required, to
meet at the said house of employment at least
once in every month, and visit the apartments,
and see that the poor are comfortably supported,
and hear all complaints and redress or cause to
be redressed all grievances that may happen b>
the neglect or misconduct of any person or
persons in their employment or otherwise.
SECTION 11. Jit ease of any vacancy by death,
resignation or otherwise, of any of said direc
tors, the remaining directors shall lilt such va
cancy by ttie appointment of a citizen of the
district to which such vacancy mav occur, un
der the same, penalty as i* provided by the sec
ond section oS this act, to serve until the nexl
general election, when another director shall be
elected to serve as if no such vacancy had hap
SECTION 12. The said directors shall each of
them receive for their services annually the sum
of twenty dollars, to defray the expenses of the
necessary attendance on the duties of their
SECTION 13. A!) claims and demands existing
at the time of this act being cairicd into effect
shall have full force ami effect a-, if this act had
not passed, and when the same may have been
duly adjusted and ettlcd, all moneys remaining
in the hands of the overseers, as well as the un
collected taxes levied for the support of the.
poor in the several boroughs and townships in
the county of Milliin, shall be paid over to the
treasurer of the poor houe, to he applied to
the maintenance and support of the poor; and
as soon as the poor of the county of Mifflin
shall have been removed to the home of em
ployment of said county, and the outstanding
taxes collected and paid over, the office of over
seer of the poor within the said county shall
from thenceforth be abolished.
SECTION 14. The powers conferred and the
duties imposed ou the overseers of the poor in
and by an act to empower the overseers and
guardians of the poor in the several townships
within this commonwealth, to recover certain
fines, penalties, and forfeitures, and for other
purposes, are hereby conferred and imposed on
the supervisors of the highways in the said
county of Mifflin, and that tho justices of the
peace and sheriff within the said county are
lureby required and enjoined to pay to the said
supervisors, to he hv them applied to the repair
of the highways, the aforesaid lines, forfeitures,
and penalties within the time and in the manner
prescribed by the said net for the pay mcnt there
of in other counties to the overseers of the poor,
and to give notice of the receipt thereof to the
said supervisors within the time and in the man
ner aforesaid, and for any neglect or refusal to
perform any of the duties enjoined on them by
the said act, the said justices of the peace and
sherifi in the said county shall he subject to all
fines, penalties, and forfeitures to which the jus
tices and sheriffs in other counties by the said
act are subject or liable.
SECTION 15. The commissioners of said coun
ty are hereby authorized and empowered to pay
to the directors a reasonable compensation for
their services during the term they are employed
in erecting any building or buildings aforesaid;
Provided, The same shall not, including the an
nual sum allowed them by this act, exceed fifty
dollars in any one year.
SECTION 16. So much of the laws of this
common wealth relating to the poor as arc hy
this act altered or supplied be, 3mi the same are
; hereby repealed so tar as they effect the county
: of Milllin.
I Hti TIOV 17. That the sheriff of the said
i county shall in due time notify the said comrnis
i sioners of their appointment, and when and
i where they shall meet for entering upon the du
; ties assigned them by this act. which place of
meeting shall be as near the centre of the coun
j ty as possible.
SECTION 18. It is hereby enjoined and made
the duty ot the sheriff of the county of Milllin,
| to cause this act to be published in all the pa
pers of Milllin county for three successive
weeks immediately after its passage.
.SECTION lib fhe poor house farm now owned
| by the borough of Lewistown shall be sold bv
! the Burgess and Town Council of said borough
j as soon after the erection of the county poor
house as the same can he conveniently done, and
j upon the contract for the sale being approved
by a resolution of the Burgess and Town Coun
cil, the Chief Burgess is hereby authorized and
, required to make a deed to the purchaser thereof,
i attested by the corporate seal of said borough,
and the proceeds arising from the sale of .-aid
• ann, and the personal property belonging to the
same, shall be paid into the borough treasury
for the general purposes of said borough.
Approved the twenty-second day of April,
i one thousand eight hundred and fifty.
Se< an TAP v's OITICE.
"i6BHBBk' Ido certify that the within ami
HggpjM foregoing is i true and correct copy
WJaa of Sections Nos. 1. ii, .*}, q, (; 7",
9, id 11. 12, i;t, it. i; # , in 17,
18 and 1!) of the original Act of the General
Assembly entitled " An Act for the < rectiou of a
lions- for the Support of the Poor in the County
of Milllin; authorising the Overseers of the Poor
of Lycoming county to sell certain property be
longing to Waiter Potts, an insane pauper ; "rela
tive to the Boundary Lines between the States
of Pennsylvania and Delaware : to Elections in
Philadelphia county : and to holding Courts in
Juniata county ; and to taking Excessive Interest
from the Bank of Lewistown," approved April
2-2.1, 1 *.->O, as the same remains on tile in this
Witness my hand and the Seal of the Secre
tary V Office, at Ilarrisbug, this twenty-fifth dav
of April, A. 1) one thousand eight hundred and
fifty. A. W, BENEDICT,
Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth.
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ploy !i irpenter*, young men,tfiarcnmpau) hrutoOsl
il'ur : lie w ill pay their passage and give Itiem a • liat c<*
in w.rk 1t out N)m but "..her, steady men need apply
\l( I lO.\ !
If ti.fi goods aie not sold out w itliin two months, they
\> .1! i: mild at auction. As good bargains as \v re ever
ill. led are tnnv to be hail t'omr and see for yourselves
Keuitii.li.ru fc.r J- , vest ,f the Bla. k Bear To vera.
VI! in I' v. istor. ii. lor fu.-ltirr particulars i>{• vto
!.■ i t iwrn. May 31, 19/.0 if
T)A virtue of : writ of Pinries Venditioni Ex
f/onas issued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Perry county, Pennsylvania, and to roe
directed, will be sold on the premises on
81 i:SE>\l, June '251 11. I*iAO
at 10 o'clock A. M.,the following described pro
perty -seized and taken in execution as the pro
perty of R. C. Craig—viz:
A I.nt of Ground fronting sixty feet on Alain
street, in the borough of Newton Hamilton,
bounded on the north and east by Samuel Drake,
on the south-west hv .lolin C. M Kinstry, and on
the "outh-cast by the Pennsylvania canal—part
uf said lot lying on each side of said street.
Also--His Interest in a Lot of Ground front
ing sixty feet on Mam street on the north-west,
on the north-east by Bridge street, on the south
cast by the. Pennsylvania canal, and on (he south
west by George \V. Askins, v- itli'a large frame
ware and store house, Ac., thereon erected.
Also—A Lot No. 4, in Newton Hamilton, six
ty feet front on Main street, more or less, and
140 feet deep to an alley, with a three story brick
hou-'e, a stable, and other improvements thereon,
bounded by J. J. Cunningham, William Allen,
and others.
Also—One other Lot of Ground situate be
tween Main street and the Pennsylvania canal,
in tiie borough of Newton Hamilton, being sixty
feet in front on said street and Pennsylvania ca
nal, more or less, and 24 feet in width or depth,
with a large three story frame warehouse thereon |
erected, bounded on the north-east by J. .1 Cun
ningham, and on the south-west bv Win. Allen
I) WIS McK. COXTNER, Sheriff.
SHERIFF'S Orrtric, )
Lebhstown, May.'ll, 18.Id. (
N. IP Purchasers at the above Sheriffs tale
are hereby notified that the amount ol t lie sale
will be required to be paid immediately on the
property being knocked down, or it will be forth
with resold to tiie highest bidder.
BY virtue of an Alias Order of Sale to me
directed from the Orphans' Court of Mit
llm county, I will expose to sale at the Couit
House, in the borough of I.ewistown, on
j?IOi\DAY, July BISI, I
at 'J o'clock in the afternoon the following de
scribi d RKA L, ESTATE, late ol Guoitac
Scuwxm/., deceased, to wit:
One half lot of ground situate on the north
side of Third street, in Lowistown, being 3(1
feet more or less on said street, and extending
beck same width to public alley, adjoining lot
of Rev. J. Rosenberg on the cast, and lot of
Win. B. Hoffman on the west, having thereon
none and a half story frame dwelling house,
and other improvement. 0 .
TE One hail" of the purchase money
to be paid on confirmation of tiie sale, and the
other half to be paid in one year thereafter,
with interest, to be secured by bond and mort- '
gage on t tie properly, D. M. CONTNER,
i.VWiMov.n, may '24. iP.KMJf Trustee.
r PHE toilowing is a copy of an Agreement pr
posed to he entered into by the late Borough
authorities and Water Company, but which not
having been signed, the present Burgess and
I on n Council refer to a vote of the people, and
: will govern themselves according to that decis
ion :
AGREEMENT made and concluded this 4th
day of March, A. I). I8t0, between the I.ewis
town Water Company of the first part, and the
Burgess arid Town Council of the Borough of
: J.ewistown of the second part, witnessclh that
| the said Lewistown Water Company agrees to
erect not less than eight, and not exceeding
twelve Fire Plugs, in addition to those- already
. erected, in such places in the Borough of Lew
istown as may be selected by the Burgess and
Town Council of the Borough of Lewistown.
The said fire plugs, as well as those already
erected, are to be under the control and care of
the said Water Company, who are to keep the
same in good repair, except w here the same may
be broken or injured in any way for the purpose,
of getting water to extinguish fires, in which
on-e ali necessary repairs are to be made at the
expense of said Borough of Lewistown.
In consideration whereof the said Borough of
Lewistown agrees to pay the said Lewistown
Water Company an annual rent of three dollar;
for each lir<- plug by them erected in the Borough
of Lewistown, as well as for all those already
erected as for those now agreed to be erected ;
which said sum of three dollars is hereby agreed
upon by said parties as the water rent to bf
chargcd and paid for the water used out of each
hre plug for the extinguishing of tires in said
borough, be the same more or less.
Witness the hand of the President of said
Lewistown Water Company and the Seal of said
Company—Also the hand of the Chief Burgess
of said Borough and the Seal of said Borough,
the day and year aforesaid. This contract to
continue for the term of ten years from the first
day of April, ltmO—at which time a new con
trad is la be entered into in regard to the said Wa
ter rent.
JXTJ" The Election will be hei<l at the Town
Hall on Saturday, June 15, between the hours
ot !! A. M. anUGP. M., and it is understood that
those who vote "FOR FIRE PLUGS 1 ' are in
favor of paying rent to the Water Company as
provided in the Agreement, and that those who
vote " AG A INST FIRE PLUGS" are opposed
to the payment of such rent as is provided for in
said Agreement. DAVID BLOOM,
Lewistown, May 17, 1850-te Committee.
wishing to purchase any of the
I. interesting and instructive publications of
for Sabbath Schoo's or families, can be supplied
at the residence of JOSEPH MILLIKEN, op
p -ifo the Town Hall, Lewislown.
I iiave now o;i Imnd a variety of Libraries.
'• Fhe Sunday School and Family Library" con
sstsol 100 select volumes,frox72l92o2pages,
ISmo., substantially bound with muslin backs
and marbled paper sides. Only $lO for the
Library. Also.
The Village and Family Library, at $3.00
Ihe Child's Cabinet " ' 2.50
The Juvenile • 5.00
The Youth's " 0.25
The Infant's .. •• 0 ]-U
Biblical Antiquities,
" Dictionary,
Way of Life,
Cottage Lectures,
Bunyan's Holy War, etc. <tc. Lc.
Hymn Books, Spelling Books, etc.
This DcpoM'nry will be kept in this place
until about the middle of Vugu&f.
l! will be seen by examining these books, I
together with a catalogue of the publications
of the American Sunday School Union, that
l hoy are sold as cheap as they can be had for
in the Philadelphia depository.
Ag> /if for the A\n. Sun. Sch. Union.
N. B.— It is my intention to visit during the
summer, Huntingdon and Mifflin counties, for
the purpose of establishing Sabbath Schools,
and supplying with hooks those schools a!ready
established. The first several weeks will be
spent in Huntingdon count v.
May 24.1850—3t * S. J. M.
PRUNES, &0., at A. A. BANKS*
my.'il Diamond Drug and Variety store.
a MI aimST
1") I DISH, has added a tine assortment of
L St MM Lit HATS and CAPS to his stork
—embracing fine PANAMAS, and all the inter
mediate qualities down to STRAW and CHIP.
Call and see them.
Operations on the Teeth.
11/ OCLD inform the public that he lias re
v J turned to Lewistovvn with the view of
making it his perminent place of residency
and is now ready to be consulted on the busi
ness ol ins profession. HIB Office is in the front
room of the second story of the Bank. [my24tf
f|lO Tut: BTCGEHOI.DEUS of the Milhciin
A and East Kishacoquillas Turnpike Com
pany, That there will tie arf eletftion held at
the house of \VM. BROTHERS, in Reeds
viile, Mifflm courtly, on THURSDAY,'2Oth of
June, 1850, to eirct one RrcsiJent, five Mana
gers. and one Treasurer, to conduct the affairs
of -aid Road til! thefirsl .Monday of November,
I*,>o By order of the Commissioners.
\Vj|. C. DI NC VN, ) .. ,
M. Boot, J ma^4 . w
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Ci'r-b 1 AtKte f 1 | jj^
ON and after MONDAY, April I, JRSO,
FASSP. A (JEIt TRAIX'S leave daily
for the East at 3 o'clock 47 m. and 10 o'clock
10 in , A. M , and Westward at 12 o'clock 20 m.
and 5 o'clock 45 rn., P. Al.
Fire to Philadelphia, $5 00.
/• Ii hI(iII E TRAIXS dail v, (except Sun
*i.' Freight in all cases, payable on delivery
of goods at the warehouse.
SAM. Ml I.LI KEN, Jr., Ag't.
Lewistovvn, April 5. 1850—tf
THE subscriber has J
always on hand an as- ;
_ sortiucnt of Cooking,
J ft if| D jKa X'ine Plate, and other
Tr- " JjmA kinds of STOVES,
|l|'jllil^|p; : allof which lie will Bell
ver y > uW < and warrant !
p|HP to give entire eaiisfac
proved llathawav for
"I.lv F. J. HOFFMAN.
* O T st: K-
I RKSPIICTFF! i.V invito ail [Arsons dea'-
a ing in or using lIARRWARH, &c , to my
iutge and well selected Mock, winch will Le
sold lor c:i?ii at lowest prices.
("IOUNTRY merchants are informed that
J assorted bills of Hardware may be bought
for cash at Phladeiphi i prices. Come and sec.
malTtf F- (. FRA NCISCFS.
1) I. AMES of all hinds lower than ttie lowest
5 mal7tf hy F. C. PR \ NCISCFS.
S IN >VKS low for cash hy
malTtf F. (i. FR A NCISCFS,
V| iM.Vv RIGU 1 TOOI.S of all kinds for
IT I malTtf Rile by P. G FftANCISCFS.
Ssei Root ITees.SprOimping Boards, for sale
malTtf liy F. G. FRANCISCBS.
\^.' r AGON' and Buggy. English Boxes from
v T 1| to Oj. forsale tiy 1. <1 FRANCISC'TO.
B JOTS, Kettle, Frying Pans, &iz., for sale by
E inalTlf F. (1. FRANCWCCS.
lon and Ri He Barrels. Castings, Tubes,
* 8 ic., for sale by {' („ FRANCISCI S.
ts r AßNlSM,(Cone!iand< *abine',)G]ue, Paint
and Varnish Brushes 01 vv 3vs on liand by
ma IT! f ]•'. C. Fb A \cisot s.
1 ffOUSEKMKPING articles of all kindsron
■ slant! von hand by F. (I. FttANCfsecs.
i " vs " m ' c > FH) Block do, for
c J• A\ P sale by F. G. FRAXCISCVS.
Boxes Tin Plates, Iron Wire, Block Tin,
** Pig l.ead, &c., for sale by
malTtf F. G. FR A NCISCFS.
OUSEHOLE Anvils,from 100 to COO U.
x* fi. Tower Vices, 30 to 150 ibs., for sale by
malTtf F. G. FR ANCISCtJS.
SPA L)fiS, Shovels, Manure Forks, Hay Forks
trom 50 cents to tjfel, best, for sale by
ma! Itf F. (i. FR A NCISCFS.
O O pair Black and Brigl t Springs, from 3 to
M*i 6 plates, H to 2| wide, at
n.al7tf F. G. lit ANC CSC US.
| yards Carriage Lace lor Trim
•. inings, (Sic , lor sale by
BRASS, Silver Gnu Iron Nut Patent Axles,
Plated Stump Joints, for sale by
t | IDES.—Enamelled, Chaise, Plain, Patent
n Leather, Air.., for sale by
t CARRIAGE Maker's Trimmings and ma*
' terials of ai! kinds tor sale by
i)t) se:t Mahogany Veneers, Butt Ac Cd!tmn,
//, Bed Screws, 6, 6£, 7 and 3 in. long; Bed
Castors, for sale by F. G. FRANCISCUS.
Bdoz. pair Wood Games, silver Ac brass plated
2do Iron do do do
malTlt for sale by F. G. FRASCISCCS.
C A AMPHINE, Ethereal Oil and Lard Lamps,
J Wicks, Shades, Chimneys, Globes, &c.,
rnalTtf for SA'E by F. G. Fr ANCISCCS.
jTI OL'SE BE! .I.S from 20 to3o lbs., for farm
er's use. Cow, Sheep and Hand Bells for
ma 1 Tii* sale by F. G. FnANcrscus.
VLL sizes, round and oval. Tire Iron from
l.\ to 4 in , at F. G. FKANCISCCS'S.
BEATTV'S, Rose's, Underbill's, and the
most celebrated English Edge Too! Man
ufacturers' goods, always on hvnd by
mal7lf F. G. FRANCISCUS.
Kegaof Nails, Spikes&. Brails,at §4 25
55 •' Pure White Lead,at §2.00 per kg
40 gais. Flaxseed Oil* at §I.OO per gallon, by
nai7tf F. G. FRANCISCUS.
of houses will find the latest
) styles of Locks, Latches, &.C., of superior
_ quality and finish, for sale by
v7 Iron do
Brass do by
lU iltTf l\ (}. FR A SCISCVfy,
j/I do/- Saddle Frees, 500 lbs. Deer's Hair,
111 120 gross Buckles, 300 yds. Cotton Girth
nig, 200 yds. Straining Webb, for sale by
my 1 Tlf F. G. FRANCISCVS.
SHOE THREAD, Boot Lacers. Kitt File?,
Shoe Hammers, Pinceis, U to 5 ; ail kinds
, of Boot and Shoe Kitt for men and ladies wppr
for sale at ell times by F. G. FRANCISCVS.
Cast Steel.
SANDERSON, Bros & Co.'s Shear, Spring,
Country and English, at lowest prices, by
maltif. F. G. FRANCISCUS.
Saws, Chiselsj &c.
i:a's Crocs cat and Panel, always on hand by
1 ~ l\ Plain am! Figured Patent Canvas.--,
lilll 50 yds. Gum Cloth, 15 yds. Pearl Dral
Cloth, 172 yds. Head Lining and Cur
iam Stuff, assorted qualities and widths, forsaie
ma 1 70" by I\ G. FRANCISCVS.
To FsiiiUi'fi :ni<l (alazim.
| £ lbs. Putty, 300 lbs. Whiting, Chrome
* "/\F Green, Chrome Yellow, Lilherage,
Perra Sierra, Red Lead, Yer null ion, (English.)
A'e , always on hand by F. G. FRANCISCVS.
Tookittg' Glasses
IjiRO.M 50 cents to SI, usually sold at §1 to
§5.50 —the cheapest Frames and Gl.ttr*
offered to the public by
ma 17 tf F. G^FRANCISCUS.
Mi or rinding*.
LATHER, at ISA cents netl cash.
>3 Men's Morocco, Lining & Binding Skins,
Pegs, Lasts, &c., for sale by
ma!7tf F. G. FRANCISCUS.
Broken Handles.
I sell at astonishingly low prices,
Socket-Chisel Handles.
Auger do
Firmer do
Brad Awl do
D Handle, for long handled Shovel,
Jack and Fore Plane handles.
Saw do
Brush do a!ivays on hand ty
mal7tf F. G. FRANCISCUS. '