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    Vol XXXVI —Whole \o 1887,
Rates of Advertising.
One square, 18 lines,
|1 time 50
" 2 times 75
3 " 1.00
1 mo. 1.25
3 " 2.50
44 6 " 4.00
" 1 year 6.00
2 squares, 3 times 2.00
" 3 mos. 3.50
Communications recommending persons for
office, must be paid in advance at the rate of
25 cents per square.
.1 A TI E S A . I, I I, J, E V
~|) EsPhOTF I LLY informs the public that he
l\, has taken the shop recently occupied bv
door north of Alfred Marks' Drug store, up
stairs, Lewistown, where he will continue the
above business, in all its various branches. He
solicits a share of public custom, and promises
to devote all his time and attention to his busi
ness, and hopes by so doing to merit encourage
ment. He w ill be in the regular receipt of the
fashions of each season, and prepared to make
his garments to please all who may favor him
with a call. [march 29, 1850—3 m
A T hisold stand,on MARKET street, Lew-
JA istown, six doors east of the public square,
south side, informs the public generally, that
they will always find at his establishment, a
Hfaty Stock of Made U|
TI X >V A li K,
of aimoot every variety, and offering great in
ducements to purchasers.
wish to lay in a stock for sale, lie will make
such reduction in price as will prove advanta
geous to them.
Thankful for the encouragement he has thus
far received, he will endeavor to deserve and
hopes to receive a continiance of the same.—
A good practical knowledge of his business,
and all work being made under bis own per
sonal superintendence, warrants him in assur
ing the public that they will nowhere find bet
ter or cheaper. [mtrch 22, lcfjl) -tf
Benjamin Hinklev's Patent
Elastic Spring Bottom
At the Lewistown Cheap Cabinet Ware Rooms,
WHERE the article can be seen at any
time among his large stock of other
FURNITURE .of all descriptions. The fol
lowing testimonials from those who purchased
and have now in use,or had the bottom put into
their old bedsteads, will speak for themselves:
This is to certify that I purchased t wenty
pair of new bedsteads with Hinkley's patent
elastic spring bottom in, arn well pleased with
them, consider them a good article, and would
buy no others. I would recommend them to
all persons, as they arc easily screwed together,
and can be kept cleaner than any hitherto made.
I concur with the above and consider it a
good article for tavern keepers and others
We certify that we got A. Felix to put B.
Hinkley'e patent bottom into our old bedstead?,
and that they answer the purpose exceedingly
well. We consider it a bedstead that can be
kept much cleaner from insects, screwed up I
firmer than any others, and recommend them
to the public.
Lewistown, April 26, 1850—tf
ism, Swelling 3, Bruises, Ac., Ac.—one i
of the best remedies now in use for beast at
well as man Price 37i eta. per bottle. For
tale at A. A. BANKS'
apl'2 Diamond Drug Store.
A safe and effectual remedy for Rheu
matism, Gout, Lumbago, Palsy, Sprains, Bruises.
Chillbaine, Numbness, Ac. ; Judkin's Specific
Ointment, Dewee's Celebrated Rheumatic
Nerve and Bone Liniment, or Pain Extractor;
Heyle's Embrocation for horses; Indian Hair
Dye, Ac., for sale by
J. B. MI I CI I F.LI..
istown, march 2*2, 1850.
rpflE undersigned having I>een appointed
X Auditor to distribute the balance remain
tog in the hands of JOHN CUPPI.ES, EJ ■ ad- ;
ministr&lor of the estate of JOHN MARTIN,
late of Oliver township, dee'd, to those legally
entitled to receive it, will attend at his office in
Lewistown, on WEDNESDAY, June '26 th,
l w so, for that purpose, where those interested
I&D attend. W. J. JACOB.
May 24, 1600~4t
Auditor'* ,\olif€.
f|AHE undersigned having been Hp[oiiited an
JL Auditor to report on exceptions tiied. and
re-state account if necessary, of THOMAS
WATTSO*. administrator d? Louis nun of
M.EXANDER CAMERON, late of Armagh j
township, dee'd, will atletid at his office ir
'am- town, on MONDAY, June 24th, 1850,
Fr that purpose, where all persons interested
"m attend if they think proper.
May 24. 1850-4f J AS. DICKSON.
AuHilor** ,\olict\
r pHE undersigned having been appointed an |
■ Auditor to make distribution of the bal- i
(NR E in the hands of MICHAKI. MILLER, admin
"tator of HENRY MILLER, late of the
of Ohio, dee'd, will attend at his office in
tw stown, on TFESDA Y, June 25'h, P'lb.
'•bat purpose, where all interested may at
•' bev see proper.
- v 1 Jfc.-Hj ti J.\S DP "KSON.
2 squares. 6 mos. $5.00
1 year 6.00
$ column, 3 mos. 6.00
6 " 10.00
41 1 year 15.00
1 column, 3 mos. 10.00
6 44 15.00
" 1 year 25.00
Notices before mar
riages, &c. sl2.
nr£. 3 M^wnsi^ws?, c-^usrir^^
Selling • off at Cost
IN I ENDING to relinquish the Dry Goods
business in this place and engaging in other
pursuits, the splendid stock of' Goods now on
the shelves and counters of
comprising, in great variety, all the leading
articles usually found in a carefully selected
stock, and a considerable quantity of
F1 NE G 0 01) S
not always to be had, will be sold off AT COST.
As is well known, we have always sold CHEAP,
and as the stock was purchased RIGHT —we may
say without boasting, its low as any one could
have bought it—it will be SOLD RIGHT. The
selection consists of
Fancy A Staple Wry <oo<ls,
Such as Fancy Prints at all price*. Ginghams,
Checks, Alpacas, De Lames, Merinoos,
Silks of all kißds, and a general assort
ment of Ladies' Dress Goods.
Cloths, Cassimeres & Satinetts.
Jeans, Tweeds, Kerseys, Flannels, Ac.
Bleached A: Brown JKii*li,
Ticking, Shawls, Ribbons, Laces, Capstufi-,
Fringes, Gimps, Hosiery, Gloves, Suspcn
, ders, Combs, &e, &c.
jjuim diij) MOM,
Together with a good and genera! assortment of
Shouid any one be desirous of purchas
ing the whole stock, it will be sold a bargain.
The stand is a good one, and in such case pos
session would be given in a short time.
P. S.— All persons indebted on the books are
earnestly requested to call and make settle
ment on or before the FIRST DA Y OF
d I A F XEXT, as after that date they w ill b<
placed in the hands of an officer for collection.
eobt-ciibers having purchased thestock
X of gooda lately owned by C. L. JONES
; at a heavy discount on their first cost, now of
fer them at the same stand, at
in order to close them out. This stock fins
nearly all been recently bought, and is well
j selected, and as it is the desire of the
i owners to run it oft' in the shortest possible time,
C as h li u 1/ c rs
will have eucli an opportunity for
as rarely occurs. The assortment of
is very fine, embracing a spLK*mi> LOT oy
Bl;tii<l*oinc H.n'cgea, French
LaniiM, Isiiixliuiii*, I'rinh,
Fringe*, iiimps, Arc, Ac.
The stock alto of
is iarge and desirable, and can be had at
up aancsßaßsj
Fngli*li A French
nmililM fiiD'TiUM,
\ X.\ L£JI'JL!."GtiS2 v
can all be bought at first cost.
MERCHANTS wifhing to replenish will
find thoy can do better by buying from this stock
than by going to Philadelphia.
Apply soon, as the btoro will be kept
open but a short time.
A. SIGLKR &■ CO. i
Lewistown, may 3, lis 1 }!)
A KEW MfiflM€lE!
AVERY valuable preparation for persons
recovering finni fever, or other diseases,
a few drops imparling to the stomach a glow
and vigor equal to a glassful of brandy, or other
stimulants, without any of the debilitating ef
fects which are sure to follow the use of liquor
of any kind ; and it is therefore especially ap
plicable to children and females. To the aged
it will prove a great comfort; to the dyspeptic,
and to those who are predisposed to gout and
rheumatic affections, it gives great relief; and
to the inebriate, who wishes to reform, but
whose stomach is Constantly craving the nox
ious liqhor, it is invaluable—giving tone to ihe
d; restive organ*, and strength to resist tempta
tion, and is coriwjuen , !y a great agent in the
cause of temperance. For sale by
J. B. IMI re 11F.1.1..
Lev. l-:ow 11. March 22. 1-50
At his Old Stand in Market street, *
HAS just received the Beebe A. Costar
and latest Philadelphia and New York
Spring Fashion of Hats and Caps, and is row
prepared to furnish butii old and new customers
! with an article, whicti lie will warrant guoii,
■ and nothing shorter. He has ihnv on hand a
largo and general assortment of
I which he will dispose of, WHOLESALE or
RE I AIL, ou as fair terms as ran be obtained
! here or elsewhere.
His Ornish friends will £ilr> find him pre
pared to suit their tastes. His unrivalled
BROAD-BRIMS will receive the same care
. and attention which he has a! ways bestowed
: upon them. Don't target the old stand, where
vou may depend upon not being disappointed.
N. J. R. foals grateful for the generous pa
tronage he lias thus fur received, and assures
all that he will spare no pains to give the gen
eral satisfaction that he has hitherto succeed
ed in afidrding ail who have dealt with him.
Lewistown, march 29, ISso—tf.
spring Fashion* Hcccivt-d.
vv. xuujvuEirs
Market street, Lewistown, adjoining Ken
nedy dp Porter's Store.
\|R- '/■ informs the citizens of Mifflin
XT I and the adjoining Counties, that he has
0U "*) j'tst received the spring j,Tif "jini
I s'hioie', and is now . n-parml
JegyLto furnish a'l in want
lI.\TS r.r CAI'S with an arti
cle, neat, durable and well finished,
comprising every style manufactured for tins
The cure and attentiou he has ever given to
the manufacture of the style >:f Hat.- preferred
by his numerous Ornish customers, will he
continued; and he feels warranted in giving
the assurance that they will not be distp
will find it decidedly to their advantage to give
biru a call, tor his arrangements are now such,
as to enable him to furnish any quantity that
may be desired on the shortest notice.
Grateful for the encouragement he has thus
far received, he will continue to deserve it by
continued assiduity to the wants of his friend-,
and strict attention to his business.
Lewistown, march 29, 1850— tf
f HE choicest and best LIQUORS —if vou
A don't believe it comennd taste ihern—eell
my.'ll ing at J. THO.M.aS'
Steel Springs,
\ LARGE STOfK of first rate quality tor
- sale at F. J. HOFFMAN'S
up 12 Haidware Store.
IjNOßsale, a good stuck, bv
"."12 P. j. HOFFMAN.
Cedar Ware.
BL C KKI'S, Tubbs, Churn?, &r., for sale b\
apl2 F. J. HOFFM \N. *
k LARGE SM OCK ii for cash at
•'•pi - Hardware Siure
\C PS, Crackers, Raisins, Ac., at the Diu
moral Mr og arii! Variety Store of
aps A. A. BANKS.
Salt and Fish.
\GOOD STOCK on hand al urv light
. prntila for cash, by
PLAIN ami Fancy Envelopes, Note Paper,
Letter and Wr ting Paper, Quill?, Steel
Pen?, Ac., S c., tor sale at the Diamond Drug
and Variety Store of A. A. BANKS.
" " Hair Tonic,
" " Carminative, fir sale bv
Lewistown, march 22, 1550.
REEN'S C'!(brated Yrrmifugf. —This
'JY Vermifuge, so justly celebrated, is too
well kno vii to publish anything in its praise.
For sale at A. A. BANKS'
apl'2 Diamond Drug Store.
Leather and Shoe Findings.
ffj roccos. Lining Skins, Last?, Boot Trees.
Shoe Kit, Ac., Ac., for sa'e by
apl2 F. J. HOFFMAN.
New Hardware Store.
WE have always on bund
very large assort inent of all i( it
SratsaKj"™#kinds of Hardware, Saddlery
and Coachwttre, which being purchased strictly
for cash, we are prepared to be.l wholesale or
retail al low prices.
apl2 F.J. HOFFMAN.
Drugs, &C.
DRUGS, .Medicines, Oils, Paints, Ac , Ac.,
c ut be h id low at
op 12 Drug Store.
Pure White Fend nt $2.00 per keg.
Fine Copal Varnish at $2.00 per gallon.
Ijii'id N. J. <1 n-. -silt $2 l'.'.J- per ila.t Box.
.9. W. 1M Kit EK,
i florae y a I Lan ,
ECWISTOWN, wiri'i.i\ co., I*A.
OrncK on Mb rket street, two doors east of
the Bank. [April 12, 185u tf
W- 88. lItMI.X,
A TTO II V 1: )• .4 T r, .4
HAS resumed the practice ot'iiis profession
in Uits arid the adjoining counties.
Otiice at the Bunking House of Longeneck
er, Grubb & Co. Jan. 20, 184*?— if.
A TT O R \ /: Y A J LAW,
f.t'Wisftnvii, liifffin Comity, Pa.
OFFICE two doors west of the True Demo
crat Offiee. Mr. Cider will ntlciid to any
business in the Courts of Centre cuuutrv.
August 20, 1849—tf.
£JQ li/jL-CO-LL j
Attorney at Law.
H.L attend prompt!y to business entrust
* ed to his cure in tins and adjoining
counties. Office one door west ot trie I'o.-t
Office, Junelfi, *l9-1 y.
195?. .I. IS miTCHEiX
£\ i -'FEUS his professional services to the
citizens of f-t'vvistoun and vicinity. Jfe
can always be found at bis office, in his drug
s' -re, or ut ihe house cf Gen Irivin, un!e-= pro
fessionally engaged. [March 15, I-o<>
Ma ÜBSTSA \ i!lOVi:i{,
.ItDlict' or (lie i'face,
(CAN be found at it is office, in ;be room ro-
J cenllv occupied by Esquire Ku!p, wh re
lie uuli attend to all business entrusted to his
• *r>' w itli the greatest cure and despatch.
Lewisfuwn v July 1, {His—-tf.
59. !!. HOAt 11.
badber and hair dresser
VIARKET STREET, l.ew.stown, next door
-*1- to Judge Hp/,'•. in iy 24 if
SI. EDGE MO I.EDS, liito 2o i bs., for sn Ie by
inalTtf F. G. 1 R A.N CISC I.'.S.
Pure Cider Vinegar.
■ AORsalent lbs:- Diamond Drug Stiirc of
■ aps A. A. BANKS.
Tobacco. Snuff and Segars
OF every description at the Diamond Drug
and Variety Store of
p5 A. A. BANKS.
Looking Glasses,
lARGE and small sizes, of beautifal put
-4 terns, nt unusually low prices lor cash, by
apt 2 F. J. HOFFMAN
Tin. Sheet Iron, Wire. &c,
ON h ;nd, always, at very low prices for ca>h.
ai ' i". J. HOFFMAN'S
ap 12 llardw ire Store.
VI.W A A San extensive assortment on hind.
Salt at >.! . per *ack, or 42 cents p; r
hustic!, by the quantity.
api2 r. J. HOFFMAN.
American Saws of all Kinds,
PtMM, ami Cross Cut SAW'S.
Mill do C) j, 0 7 ft.
iloe JL' Cu.'s Circular do lj to Bit in.
Veneering do hv
naa 1711 F ii FR ANCISCFri.
DOW ,\, M\ .\[>KRSKEi ("O.'JtCast Iron.
Revolving, Weil and Cistern Pumps.—
.'V assortment of these highly celebrated and
cfmap pumps daily expected. All information
in regard to capacity ami service of
(temps will he given bv
Sole Agent lor MilHm conn'>.
i\eeiller ? *
HIGHLY recommended as a counter-irritant
. in the cure and relief of Pulmonary ami
Rheumatic affections; ii's >, local pains m .Neu
ralgic diseases of the tody, weakness of the
cheat, iwck, A.c. For sale only bv
may IP J. B. Mi *1 CHKI.L.
\.\T\ SOAPS. Almond soap, Marsh
5" Mallow soap, Amandine soap. Transpa
rent soap, Military soap. Tooth Malls, Almond
Shaving ('ream. Rose do. do., Amandine for
eliapp "J builds, & c., &c., lor sale by
J.fuvistown, march 22, 1850.
| x \\<:Y GOODS.—Port Monnaies. Pocket
5. Books, ( igar Cases, Shaving Boxes, Note
Paper, superior Sealing Wax, Steel Pens, Pen
Holders. Stamps, superior Percussion Caps,
Snuff Boxes, Motto Wafers, superior white
Envelopes, do brown do., redding and pocket
Combe, superior Shaving Brushes, do. Heir do.
Tooth and Nail do., &c., &0., Ibr sale by
Lewistown,anarch 22, 1950.
IP WILL CL'BK. When you have a cough
. or breast coin plum t, tret a bottle of Dr. S.
F. Green's Surnaf.ar illa, 1 'ay tuid ( 'hf. rry
I'i ctorol. it has cured persons in I ewistown
and vicinity, whieh can he testified to. It does
not nauseate the stomach, and is pleasant to take.
Price only 50 cts. per bottle. For sale at
ap!2 Diamond Drug Store.
rn() prevent BVI.UNESS and OR w HAIR, restore
X the hair when it has fallen off or become
thin, and to cure effectually scrtilF or dandnilP.
ROHSMPS HUH Lnsfrale Toniqne Hair Restorative
For cleansing, beautifying and presetving the
hair, and for the promotion of its growth ; prc
venting fulling off of the hair and baldness.
Imy Pl] For-a!* by J B MITCIIEI.I.
i*ortui>. ~
Love not alone the gay,
The beautiful, the bright;
For youth will fade away,
Like day-beanos into night;
Hut love the heart that's pure,
How plain soe'er the face—
Such love will long endure—
-Such love cannot debase.
I.ove not alone on earth
Those transient things of life.
W ho, like the rainbow's birth,
Soon fade 'midst shadowy strife ;
But love the power that made-
All that to man is given—
Whose spirit doth pervade
The universal heaven.
I.ove all things, great ami small.
From man to tiny flower ;
Created were they all
By an Almighty power.
For •' God is Love" we know.
YVhate'er may be our lot;
In iife, then, let us sow
'I he Love that dieth not.
DlSCONTENT.—Discontent is a sin that
is its own punishment, arid makes 'men
torment themselves; it makes the spirit
-ail—the body sick—and all the enjoy
ments sour; it arises not from the condi
tion, (uit tiie mind. Paui was contented
in prison—A hah was discontented in a
palace : he had all the delights of Canaan,
that pleasant land, the wealth of a king
dotn, the pleasure of a court, the honors
and powers of a throne ; yet all this avails
liitn nothing without Naboth's vinevard.
Inordinate desire exposes men to continual
vexations, and beintr disposed to fret, thev
w lil ulway •- find something to fret about.—
Med tin no Henri}.
1 III; J KT E W ORSHIPI'KR. — i rue vener
ation is not confined to arts of immediate
worship. It is the habitual temper of the
soul. Not only when engaged in prayer
or praise, but in the silence of retirement,
and even amidst the occupations of the
world, the Divine Being dwells jpon his
thoughts. No place, and no object, ap
pear* to him void of God. On the works
ul Nature he views the impression ol his
hand ; and in the actions ol men he traces
the operations ol his Providence. What
ever lie beholds on earth, that is beautiful
or fair, thai is great or good, he refers to
<'Oil, a* to tin supre me origin of all the
excellence which i- scattered throughout
his work-. i nun these effects lie rises to
the tir*t cause. From those streams he
asc( nds to the lountain whence thev flow.
By those rays he is led to that eternal
source of ligfu in which thev centre.— l)r.
W hen you see a young woman, who rises
early. sets the table and prepares her fath
er s breakfast cheerfully—depend upon it
sue will make a good wife. \ou mav re
ly upon it that she possesses a good dispo
sition and a kind heart.
W hen you see a young woman just out
of bid at nine o'clock, leaning with her
elbow upon the table, gaping and sighing,
Oh dear, how dreadful 1 feel"—relv up
on i( sh. will not make a good wife. She
must be lazy and mopish.
When you see a girl with a broom in
her hand, sweeping the floor, or with a
rubbing board or a clothes line in her hand,
you may put it down that she is industri
ous and will make a good wife for some
bod v.
W hen you see a girl with a novel in her
lett hand and a fan in her right, shedding
tear<. you may he sure she is not lit lor a
w il>.
I lit l. W onus.— W hen a man of sense,
no matter how humble his origin, or de- I
graded Ins occupation may appear in the
eyes of the vain andlopish, is treated with
contempt, he will soon forget it ; but he
will be sure to pm forth the energies of
lus mind to raise him above those who
look, down in scorn upon hiin. By shun
ning ilte mechanic, we exert an influence
.derogatory to honest labor, and make it
unfashionable tor \ oung men to learn
trades, or labor lor a support. Did our
\ oung women realize that for all they pos
sess they are indebted to the mechanic, it
would be their desire to elevate him. and
to encourage his visits to their society,
while they would treat with scorn the la
zy, die fusiuoiiablc, the sponger, and the
well-dressed pauper. On looking back a
lew years, our most fastidious ladies can
trace their genealogy from some humble
mechanics, who perhaps, in their day were
sneered at by the proud and foolish, while
their grandmothers gladly received litem
to their bosoms.—Jo/iu S'eaJ.
A HOME THRIST. —The late Rev. Dr.
eeeentrie but honest minister, was onee
preaching on the practical virtues, and hav
ing a short time previously bought a load
of wood of one of tin "officers of the
church, and finding it fall short in mea
sure. took this occasion to speak thus
plainly on the subject:—" Any man that
will sell seven loet of wood for a cord, is
no Christian, whether he sits in the gal
lery. below, or in the deacon's seat ?"
!\cw Vol. C~Aw.
AtKHI LT! nl.
or tad/)'.:; uig a horsv, however imrae titbit
or .-tuhborn his temper may be, preserve
your own. Almost every fault of the
brute from ignorance. Be patient
with him, teach and coax him, rind success
in time, is certain. There are tricks, how
ever. which are the results of confirmed
habit or viciousne.-s, and these sometimes
require a different treatment. A itorse ac
customed to starting and running away.
may be effectually cured by putting him to
the top of ills speed on such occasion®,
and running him till pretty thoroughly ex
Sow IN U I\i> i\ \ ( OR\ FOR FODDER. —
W c cannot too olten remind our reader of
the great advantage of sowing corn for
green iodder, where it is valuable, which
is always the case in the vicinity of citiea
and the larger class of towns. By com
mencing the sowing tiic latter part of tbi-*
month, and continuing the operation each
successive week or ten days tih August, a
constant supply of choice food wili he se
cured during the remainder of the season,
when it w ill be most wanted. The natu
ral grasses of the pastures, when close! v
fed, begin to give out in July; and if the
season prove dry, they frequently continue
short for several months. A comparative
ly small quantity of land, richly supplied
vv ith manure, finely prepared and culti
vated. w ill yield an immense quantity of
sweet, niKritous lodder during this time of
of drouth. From the experience of our
best dairy men. an acre of corn, thus culti
vated, will supply ample food for four
cows during three months. It m<y be fed
from racks or mangers in the yard, or in
the stables, i! they are not vvaun ; or, ii
may be scattered from a cart upon the
ground, after which the cattle may be ad
mitted. where they will devour the whole
—stalks as well as the blades.
Jf the fodder he wilted a few hours in
the sun. previous to giving it to the ani
mals. it is believed to be more w holesorae
and less likely to produce hoven, or wind
HI the bowels, than when given to them
MER. —Make a number of common cotton
bags, a little larger than your hams; after
the hams ate well smoked, place them in
the bags; then get the very best kind of
sweet, well-made hay, cut it with a knife,
and with A our hands press it well around
the hams in the bags ; tie the bags with
good strings, put on a card of the year to
show their age. and hang them up in the
garret or some dry room, and thev will
hang five years, and will be better for boil
ing than on the day you put them up.
This method costs but little, as the bags
will last for years. No fiies or bugs wilt
trouble the hams if the hay is well pressed
around them, the sweating of the hams
will be taken up by the hay, end the hay
will impart a line tlavor to ihe hams.
The hams should be treated in this man
ner before the warm weather sets in, and
the present time ss about the right season
in many places.
nal Citv is in a very curious position.
The Pope ha* returned to his ancestral
i home : but he has nothing in his pocket,
. and Ro.- scittld refuses to leave hen have
any more money. A thousand vears ago
or even later, the boot would hve It-sen "on
the other leg—the Jew would have been
put into prison, have had experience in th
tender mercies of tne Inquisition, and
; would have been made to launch out his
silver and gold. All the powers of Chris
tendom would have been hi the sumo posi
tion. To-d.u is very different. The
I Father of Holiness is t::e dependent of the
Jew, and Rothschild is the real Pope and
boss of all Europe. What a revolution 1
What an awful revolution !
The singular fact of the establishment
of a republic in Rome for a single clay, or
a single month, shows what a mightv rev
olution has been wrought throughout Eu
rope, in the lust half century. Five hun
dred years ago, the Pope could not have
lost dignity and supremacy, by running
away for a single hour, from the Eternal
City. All the running would be on the
part of the persecuted Jews. Trie people
would have thought that the day of jud
im-nt had coine, that they had heard in th -
la-t thunder storm the trump of the arch
angel, and that he was earning through the
clouds, sooner than they would nave be
heved that the sacred Pontiff could leave
the home and heaven of hi? power. A
thunder storm at that period, and under
such circumstances, would have seemed
the rolling of the heavens together as a
scroll. To-day, however, a different state
of mind exists. The infallibility of the
Pope has gone forever, even ty Rome.
The great mystery is dissolved.-so far as
the Eternal City is concerned—and a thun
| der storm only stops the news over
j wires for a few hours.— \< u> York iI? raid
Many men lose much hv being too com
inunicative in their matters of business
The great laconic philosopher, Shirkc,
i says : '• Keep shady ; and if you see a
quarter on the ground, put your foot oait."