Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, March 29, 1850, Image 4

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STATEMENT of the A-sett of fbe Company
on January Ist, i 85U, published in conformi
ty with the provisions of thesix.Ui section of the
Act of Assembly of April sth, 1642.
Reins: first mortgages well scoured or.
real estate, free of ground relit, ami
are all in the city and county of
Philadelphia, except $40,500 in
Rucks, Schuylkill and Allegheny
counties, Pa. Also, $7,500 in Ohio,
amply secured by real estate in
Philadelphia. $955,058 G2
Purchased at sheriff's sales under ~j
mortgage claims, viz :
Eight houses and lot, 70 by 150 feet,
on the southwest corner Chesnut
and Schuylkill Sixth streets
A house and lot, 33-3 by 100 feet, No.
467 Chesnut street
A house and lot, 27 by 71 feet, on
north side of Spruce street, west
of Eleventh street
A house and lot, 21-7 by 100 feet, on
west side of Penn square, south
side of High street
Two houses and lots, each 16 by 80
feet, on south side of Spruce St.,
near Schuylkill Seventh street
Five houses and lots, each 1 <-9 by 90
feet, Nos. 131, 133, 135, 137, and
139 Dilwyn street At Cost.
Three houses and lot, 49 by 54 feet, [ 90,077 78
on east side of Schuylkill Sixth
street, south of Pine street
A lot of ground, 17 by 57 ft., on the
northeast corner Schuylkill Front
and Spruce streets
A house and lot, 18 by 106 feet, on
south side of Filbert street, west of
Schuy lkill Seventh street
Hotel and lot, 50 by 81 feet, on the
southeast corner of Chesnut and
Beach streets
Five houses and lot, 42 by 66 feet, on
the north side of George street,
west of Ashton street
Seven houses and lot. 26 by 117 feet,
on the east side of Beach street,
south of Chesnut street
A house and lot, 18 by 80 ft.. No. 96
Fitzwater street, east of Yirith st.
Temporary loans, on collateral secu- \ iX .-,
xities, amply secured y ' "
SIO,OOO Alms House Loan, 5 perceut'
(int. on)
200 shares Bank of Kentucky
17 do. Northern Bk. of Kentucky
100 do. Union Bank of Tennessee
13 do. Insurance Comp'y of the^
State of
200 do. Southwark railroad C 0.,-5.,-5 i. Cost
.37 do. Commercial & [ 50,899 00
Bank of Vicksburg ■
309 do. Pa. Railroad Co. 1
91 do. Franklin Fire Ins. Co. £ !
10 do. Mercantile Library Co."H I
6 do. Union Canal Company > j
90 do. North Am. Coal Co.
SSOO North American Coal Loan J
Cash on band, $31,652 62
" in hands of agents, 12,311 31
Notes and bills receivable. 5.035 80
Unsettled Policies 1,190 25
Merchandize 413 84
$1,209,929 93
By order of the Board,
Attest— CHARMS G. BAXCKER, Sec'y. [f2.2m
R. C. HALE, Esq., Lewistown, is the A*ent
for Mifflin county, from whom all necessary in
formation relative to insurance can be obtained.
VTOTKJE.— In fie Circuit Court of the United !
\ States, in and tor Vie Eastern District of Pnn
rutrania. in lh< Taird Circuit of .Ipril Session,
1850, .So. 3.
The United States of America") Writ of Scire
vs. ! Facias, return-
William I>. Norris. etal. f able 11th April
j 1850.
And now. December 20.1849, on motion of John j
W. Asbmead, Esquire, District Attorney IJ. B.
for the plairitiiT. the Court order and direct, that
notice be iriven by the Marshal, of the issue of
the above writ, by publication thereof, once a
week, until the return day thereof, in two daily
newspapers published in the city of Philadelphia,
and in the '• Legal Intelligencer," and in one of
the newspapers published in Mitllin county, in
this State.
[l. >.] A true copy, certified from the record.
Uvited States, )
Eastern District of Pennsylvania, )
■l .) The President of the I'nited States to
the Marshal of the Eastern District of Penn
sylvania, Greeting:
Vv hep.eas, the Lnited State* of America,
lately, in the Circuit Court of the United States,
in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania,
to witln October Session, A. D. 1e43, recov
ered a*aint William B. Norm, John Norris,
and James C'. Xorris, executors of the last Will
and Icstarnent of John Norris, deceased, late
of your district, as well a certain debt of Twenty
Thousand 1 wo Hundred ami Three Dollars and
Fifty Cents ; which to the said the United States
of America, in the said Court, was in like man
ner adjudged for their damages which they had
sustained, as well by occasion of the detention
of that debt as for* their costs and charges by
thern, about their suit iri that behalf expended :
W hereof the said William 11., John and Jarnes
C., executors as aforesaid, are convict, as ap
pears of record. And whereas, we have receiv
ed information, that although judgment be ren
dered as aforesaid, yet execution thereof still
r> mains to be made : Whereupon the said the
United States of America, hate besought us to
provide for them a proper remedy in this behalf,
and wc, being willing that those things which in
the said Court an- rightly done by due execu
tion, should he demanded, do command you,
that bj good and lawful men of your district,
you make known to the said William 8., John
and James C., executors as aforesaid ; and heirs
and devisees of the said John Norris, deceased,
and also Trustees under the will of the said
John N'orris, deceased ; Mary B. Patton ; Eliza,
formerly Eliza N'orris, intermarried with Wil-
liaro Miller: Harriet, formerly Harriet Norris,
intermarried with the Honorable Abraham s!
Wilson ; Nancy, formerly Nancy Norris. int< r
rnarried with Albert G. Chew Martha G. Nor
is, Horatio NorrK and Alexander 15. Norm,
heirs and devisee* of the said John Norris, de
ceased, and Nancy Norris, widow arid devisee
of the said John Xorris, deceased, with notice
to the said William Miller, Abraham S. Wilson,
and Albert (J. Chew, intermarried as aforesaid,
that they be and appear before the Judges of the
sai l Court. at a session <>/ the same Court, to be
holder* at Philadelphia, on the eleventh day of
April next, to show, if anything they have or
know, to say, why the said in-ited States of
America execution of the judgment aforesaid,
ought not to have, if to them it shall seem expe
dient ; and have yon then and there the names
of those by whom you shall so make known to
the persons atotenained and this writ.
Witness the Honorable Roger R.
Justice of the Supreme Court of the Cnited
States, at Philadelphia, tins thirteenth day
of November. A. 1). l-4f, arid in the seven
ty-fourth year of the Independence of the
said United States.
Clerk Circuit Court.
A true copv.
Attest: A. E. ROBERTS,
IJ. S. Marshal E. L). ol I'enn.
Marshal's Office, t
Philadelphia, January 9 I*so. j march 15 4t
OR. niitrivs
Cotuyountr St'vitp of
f S the best Medicine yet for Cough*, Colds, Consump
lion, Asthma. Spitting of Blood, &.C. Read the fol
low ing :
November ISf-h, IS-IH.
I'lear Sir —l take great pleasure in saying to you that
Mrs. Rngj, has been entirely relieved of her cough by the
use of > our Syrup of It'ild Cherry. It had continued for
fully eighteen months. She had used several prepara
tions of the Wild Cherry now in popular use, hut not
with the slightest benefit, until she took yours. She on
j Iv took six bottles, and I am pleased to say she 18 now in
good health. F.very one who saw Mrs. Ross thought
her in a deep decline. LEW IS P. ROSS,
.No. 207 3. Charles Street, Baltimore, Captain of Schoon
er O. K., Cambridge Packet.
In Clergyman's sore Throat it is truly a "Sovereign
Balm," as the Odd Fellow, Washington county, Mary
land, of June filh, IMS, says. Price 75 rents a Bottle.
( Prepared and sold by MARTIN &. WIIITEI.EY, at
their wholesale Drug Store, 48 S Calvert Street, Balti
And for sale by F. J. HOFFMAN and
ANDER RCTLKDOE, Williamsburg, Huntingdon
: county. [June 30, 1849—1 v.
lliartin A: Whiteley'*
A certain Cure for Ague, Fever,
and Dyspepsia,
TN onr summer and fall months many sections of our
1 country are prostrated by BILLIOtJS FEVER and
AGt E and FEVER. —It has been our particular study to
! find out some remedy to stop this dreadful scourge, and
think, in this TONIC we have effected this great object.
' It is atso we think the very best remedy in Dyspepsia,
' and if our directions are followed, will not fail to effect
a cure.
In a letter dated, May 23d, I*l9,our Agent, Mr. E.lias
I Raub, of VVrightsviile, York couuty, Pa ,says:—l have
' never known any remedy for Fiver and Jigut equal to
I your invaluable National Tonic. It has given universal
satisfaction, and has cured cases of Ague of years stand-
j ing, and after the failure of all other medicines made use
j of. Mr. Henry Beverson, of the same place, says in his
, certificate, dated 22d March, 1849, 1 1 applied to a number
of Physician*, and also used a variety of the most popu
i lar Ague Mixtures at different times, but all without the
j lesired effect; no permanent cure having been afforded
1 was at length induced, at the recommendation of your
worthy Agent at this place, to try a bottle of your Na
| lions! Tonic, and to my great satisfaction,before I had
used half of it, I felt completely cured, though I contin
j ued the use of it till 1 had taken two bottles.' In a Joint
: certificate from Messrs. Miles Iloke, William Blackson,
and James D. Brown, of the same place, they say—'Ha v
! ing tried nearly all the remedies within our reach with
' out success, we at last purchased some of your A'atiunul
Tonic, which has completely cured us. We, therefore,
; cheerfully recommend it to the notice of all persons af
■ flirted with that terrible disease as the best remedy Jet
; discovered.'
See the Pamphlets, which you can get from one of our
, Agents gratis.
Also, Dr. Martin's Purgative Pills, the best now in use,
, in all cases where a purgative is needed.
Prepared and sold by MARTIN St. WHITELEY,
Wholesale Drug Store, No. 48 s Calvert t., Baltimore.
For eaie by F. J. HOFFMAN and \\ ATT
SON 6c JACOB, Lewistown ; and by AI.F.X
--' ANDER RUTLEDUE, Williamsburg, Huntingdon
county. June 80, lb49—ly.
I* mhr ell as.
Sll.K, Cotton, and (Jingham. a large assort
ment for very low. by the piece or
dozen—so cents, GO cts., 70 cts , cts ,90
cts.. SI.UO, SI. 12£, Sl-25,8150, SL7S, *2 1K,
# 2 25. Silk at $2 50, $3.00, $4.00 and $4.50.
novß. New Cheap Cash Store.
1170 ULD respectfully inform their friends
▼ V and the public, that they still continue
to carry on the .MARBLE It I 'SI.XESS in
all its various branches, at their old stand,
Corner of THIRD and VALLEY St*. %
where they have constantly on hand MARBLE
GRAVE STONES, Acc. All kinds of
work executed with neitness, and on the most
reasonable terms. Thankful for the liberal
patronage extended to them, they still solicit
a continuance of the same.
Orders from any part of the country, through
mail, attended to with accuracy and despatch.
March 17, I*4?—tf
Tremendous E!!
And all about Thomas's selling goods so CHEAP. I have a large assortment of
Hoots ami Shoes,
and LADIES' and MISSES' GAITERS, made by the best of workmen ; a variety of
Srg <£ooßa, ©roccrlcs, and 2Ltquoro,
if the best kind ; among which are some terv choice BRANDIES, and a superior
article of STOUTON BITTERS; also, POWDER, SHOT, and LEAD; 100 bar
rels ben MonongaheU WHISKEY. J THOMAS,
Brttneen Sirartz't and McDowell s 1 arcrn*.
A General Assortment of Stoves, .
jiA Cheaper than can be purcha.eed in this or any of the adjoining counties. T he
public are respectfuly invited to call and satisfy themselves of the tact.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Philadelphia and Liverpool
BERLIN, 700 tons, Alfred P. Smith.
SHENANDOAH, bOO " James West.
MARY PLEASAMTS, 800 " J <I Howne.
£tlOPI) TOO " llenry F. Miercken.
The aliove ships will suil punctually, on their appointed
days, via;
From Philadelphia on the 10th of each month.
From Liverpool on the Ist of each month.
9> Taking Steam on the Delaware.
For passage, apply to
No. 37 Walnut street, Philadelphia.
C- Parties will fiiul these superior first class SHIPS
most desirable conveyances for bringing out their friends,
the accommodations In second cabin and steerage being of
the most airy and capacious description.
c> Also Drafts for sale, payable in all parts of England,
Ireland and Scotland, from one pound upwards.
February 2, 1850— ly
11. & J. n. RO WE,
t>3 North 3 d St., above Arch, Philadelphia,
500 Nests Willow Market BASKET*.
6(io Nests Cedar TUB*.
800 Staff and Barrel CHURNS,
i Together with the largest stock of Willow, Cedar and
Eastern WOOD WAKE ever offered in the city.
N H. Cash paid at all times for BROOM CORN at our
factory. fcb23—Stu.
3-J AIT C.
milE subscribers are now ready to supply dealers and
others with this valuable MANURE. Thev offer for sale
i 500-TONS PAT A COMA, in bags.
Warranted first quality. Also,
Have always in store PURE SPERM OlL.for Manufac
turing purposes. Ttiisoil is adapted to machinery of every
description, and being of the purest quality,cannot fail to
give satisfaction.
J. B. A. & S. ALLEN,
feb 23 3m] No. 7 South Wharves, Philadelphia
T HI3 new and valuable medicine, now used by the
A medical profession with such astonishing efficacy in
! the cure of
Pulmonary Consumption, Scrofula, Chro
nic Rheumatism, De
bility, Complaints of the Kid
neys, 4'C., 4'C.,
is prepared from the liver of the Cod Fish for medical
use, expressly for our sales.
(Kztrael from the London -Medual Journal.)
"C.J B Williams, M D , F. R A., Professor of Medi
cine in University College, London, Consulting Physi
ciau to the Hospital for consumption, ice., says : I have
prescribed the Oil in above four hundred cases of tubercu
lous disease of the Lungs, in different stages, which have
been under my care the last two years and a half. In
the large number of cases, 206 out of 231, its use was fol
lowed by marked and unequivocal improvement, varying
in degree in different cases, froin a temporary retarda
tion of the progress of the disease and a mitigation of dis
tr stung symptoms, up to a more or less complete restor
ation lo apparent health.
" The eff'-ct of the Cod Liver Oil in most of these cases
was very remarkable. Even in a few days the cough
was mitigated, the expectoration diminished In quantity
and opacity, the night sweats ceased, the pulse became
• lower, and of better volume, and the appetite, flesh and
strength were gradually improved.
"In conclusion, I repeat that the pure fresh oil from
the Liver of the Cod is more beneficial in the treatment
of Pulmonary Consumption than any agent, medicinal,
dietetic or regimenal, that has yet been employed."
As tee hate made arrangements toproeure the Cod l.trer
Oil, fresh from head quarters, it tan nov be had chemically
pure by the single bottle, or in bone of one dozen each.
its wonderful efficacy has induced numerous spurious
imitations As its success depends entirely on its purity,
too much care cannot be used in procuring it genuine.
F.rery bottle hating on it our icrttttn stg nature maybe
depended upon a* genuine
Pamphlet* containing an analytic of the Oil, with no
tices of it from Medical Journals, w ill be sent to those
whoaddr u free of postage
Wholesale Druggist! and Cheimslt
100 North Third Street, Philadelphia.
October 13, IM^-tm
Wholesale Sc Retail
.Vo. 23t< Market street, above Seventh, South side,
VI.TIIOrOII we can scarcely estimate the value of
TIME commercially, yet by calling at the above es
tablishment, JAMES BANDER will furnish bis friends,
among whom he includes all who duly appreciate its
fletlriesa, with a beautiful and perfect Index Cor marking
its progress, of whose value they CAW judge
His extensive stock on hand,constantly changing in
conformity to the Improvements in taste and style of
pattern and workmanship, consists of Fight-day
,/ Thirty hour Brass Counting House, Parlor,
Church, and Alarm CLOCKS, French, Go.
thic and other fancy styles, as well as plain,
wrhuh from his extensive connection and correspondence
with the manufacturers he finds he ran put at the lowest
rash figure, in any quantity, from otic to a thousand, of
which he will warrant the accuracy.
a>Clocks repaired and varranted. Clock Trimmmge
on hand
CALL and see me among them.
JAMES BARBER, 236 Market it.
Philadelphia, August lb, IMP ly.
The (sreat China Store
THANKFUL to the citizens of l.ewislown and its vi
cinity for their increased custom, we again request
their company to view our large and splendid assortment
of China, Glass and Queensware. Dinner sets, tea
sets, toilet sets, and single pieces, either of Glass, China
or Stone Ware, sold in quantities to suit purchasers, for
less than they can be had elsewhere —in fact at less than
wholesale prices kineritari and English MHITTAJI'I.I
METAL fiOOf'S, in greater variety than ever before
offered In the my. Fancy China in great variety, very
cheap. #>We would invite any person visiting the city
to rait and see us they will nt least be pleased to walk
around our beautiful store, and to view the tinesl China
isi the cheapest th< world produces \erv respectfully,
No. 210 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
Peptcmber 25, |KlJ—ly.
.Vo hi South Second street, Philadelphia,
Manufacturer of Salamander, h'ire and Thief Proof Iron
C hr.,ts, U-Ith Powder Proof Locks,
K Nl> WARRANTED <|tinl to any other make fur Be
ak curily against Fire or iliirglurs, having withstood the
tent of both, without injury or loss to the owners
Alio — In store ami for sale, hotter Copy iny Presses and
Hooka; tfeat PressesfurCorporations, Ilmk',4cr ; Urug
gists' Presses with Cylinder* and I'ana ; llmatlng Ma
chines for Stores, Factoi io, A.r.; Portable Show er llaths
of anew and superior construction, intended for either
Cold or Warm water; Refrigerator* for cooling and pre
serving Meats, Hotter, Milk, dc.r.., in the warmest weather,
suitable to stanil in any part of the house or cellar ; Wa
ter Killers, warranted to purify muddy or bad water,
whether affected by Rains, Marl, Limestone, or any other
cause. [Phlla. March 2, ISso—|y
]So. 21 Bank street, Between Market and
(Jhesnttf, and 2d and 3d streets,
THE SMhrcribera bog leave to < all the attention of coun ;
try buyer* to their assortment of paper*, embracing ]
the different varieties of Printing, Hardware, Writing, I
Envelope, and Wrapping paper*, Tissue paper*, white
and assorted color*, also Bonnet and Boi Boards, he.
Being engaged in the manurartiire of printing papers,
' they solicit orders from printers for any given size,
i which will be furnished at short notice, and at fair prices. 1
Market prices either in cmh or trade paid for Rag*. j
iYo. 21 Hank attest. Philadelphia.
O-tah.., *, laW -ly
Philadelphia Advertisements.
JS'o. 7\ North Front Street, Philadelphia,
COTTON' and Linen Chain, Warps,
Indigo Blue Twist, Coverlet Yarn,
Tie Yarn, Lamp Wick, Cottlon Laps, Wadding, lie.
February 10,1850—3 m
.Yo. 112 .Irch street, between Sulk and Stvtnth,south tide,
THE proprietor of the above extensive establishment
has now opened his superb stock of WALL PAPERS,
which are all of the LATEST KTVI.ES, and of the very best
manufacture. Purchasers from the country can rely on
being accommodated with patterns suitable for every
purpose, without the inconvenience of looking further.
He is determined to sell at such prices us Die advantage
of a cash business affords.
N'. B.—Paper hung in the country at city prices.
Philadelphia, March 8, 1850—3 m
Wholesale ti'ooden, If'illote-Hare, Broom, Broth, Comb,
Looking (ilas* and Variety Store,
AV. IS Xorth Second Street, Philadelphia, under J. Sidney
Jones' Carpel Warehouse,
HAVING enlarged my STORE, have on hand and am
constantly manufacturing and receiving from the
eastern states and Europe, additions to my stock.
Cedar Ware.— 3oo nest Cedar and lUO nest painted Tubs,
100 barrel and 20U staff Churns, 100 dozen Cedar and COO
dozen painted Pails, 200 dozen Wash Boards, 100 dozen
nest Sugar and Flour Boxes ; Spigots, Spoons and Ladies.
Il'iiluic H'are. —COO nest Market and 200 nest Clothes
Baskets, 100 Willow Coaches, Chairs and Cradles; u large
assortment of French and Domestic Baskets.
Brooms and Brushes. —lo,ooo W ire Brooms, 10,000 Sha
ker Brooms, 200 do/,en each Wall, Paint, Scrubbing, Shoe
and Horse Urnshe* ; Tooth, Shaving, Cloth and Hair
Brushes of every style.
Combs 2UOO dozen Fancy Combs,of various patterns,
side, neck, pocket, dressing and fine-tooth Combs of vari
ous styles.
Looking Glasses of Pine, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany
and Gilt Frame—all sires and patterns ; German, French
and English Looking Glass Platis of all sizes from 7 by 9
up to 72 by 120— (packing insured to all partsof the Union)
together with a large assortment of Variety Goods too
numerous to mention. The attention of Merchants is
respectfully solicited lo the examination of my stock, ati
of which willbe sold low for CSH or city acceptance, so
as to anticipate any competition that can be offered.
Philadelphia, March 2, I*so ly
mm BEiiis,
Wholesale Commission Agent,
r%o. 54 I\orth Wharves,
Above Race street, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, April 21, I*^49.—ly
The liir&rd Life Insurance Annuity and Trust
Company of Philadelphia,
Office No. 139 Chesnut Street.
C apital $300,000.
Charter Perpetual.
CONTINUE to make Insurances on Lives on the moat
favorable terms; receive and execute Trusts, and
receive Deposits on Interest.
The Capital being paid up and invested, together with
accumulated premium fund, affords a perfect eecurtty to
■he insured The premium may be paid in yearly, half
yearly, or quarterly pay nients.
The Company add a BONUS at stated periods to the
insurances for life. This plan of insurance is the most
approved of, and is more generally in use than any other
in Great Britain, (where the subject is best understoodby
the people, and where they have had the longest experi
ence,) as appears from the fact lhat out of 117 Life Insu
rance Companies there, of all kinds, *7 arc on this plan.
The first BONUS was appropriated in December. I*l4,
amounting to 10 per rent, on the sum insured under the
oldest policies ; t &i per cent., 7j per rent, fcc , See., on
others, in proportion lo the time of standing, m iking an
addition of giOO ; >!>7 50 ; s'b, 4ir., dec., to every <IOOO,
originally insured, which is in av> ratte of more lb in 50
|ier cent, on the premiums patil, and without increasing
the annual payment to the company.
The operation of the B >nus will be seen hy the follow
ing examples from the Life Insurance Register of the
Company, thus:
j Sum | Bonusor j Amount of Policy and
Policy, jtlnsured. j Addition, j Bonus payable at the
f party's decease.
NO 5s ; .JLIJOII 76o~0(> *l.lOO 00
" 88 2,500 ! 250 00 2,750 00
" 205 j 4,000 I 400 00 4,400 00
•• 270 ! 2,000 1 175 00 2.175 00
" 333 j 5,000 | 437 50 5,137 50
rv PAMPH(.BTB containing the table of rates, and ex
planations of the subject; Forms of Application, and
further information can be had at the office, gratis, in
person or by letter, addressed to ihe President or Actuary
B. W. RICHARDS. President.
JNO. F. JAMES, Actuary. [ap2B:L Y
Commission Tlercliauts,
And all descriptions of Country Produce,
Between Race and Cherry,
Respectfully solicit a share of the business
from this vicinity, and refer to
Messrs. LONUENECKER, GRUBR & Co., Bunkers.
VV. RUSSELL, Esq., Cashier, Lewistown.
K. K. I IOCKE, Esq , Mifflin county.
K J. ROM. Esq, Cuhier. J „, rTObu , s .
Messrs. FUNK &. MILLER, \ B
SAMUEL JOHNSON, Esq., Marietta, Lancaster
county, Pa.
(JEO. M. TROUTMAS, ('ashicr, of "J
Western Rank, I ... . , „
Messrs. JAN. J. DUNCAN &. Co., F 1 h,la,|e ! a
and Merchants generally, J
October ti, 1649—Gin.*
Queensware & Glassware.
QUITE all extensive assortment just open
ing at the New Cheap C&sh Store.
Gilt French China Tea Setts,
do do do Plates.
White Iron Stone Tea and Dinner Set®.
do Granite do do do
Light Blue do do do
Fioring Blue do do do
i Toilet Sets, G pieces; Plutcsof all kinds and
sizes by the single or dozen ; also a large*os
j sortment of Cups and Saucers, by the single
Set; Gravy Bowls; Soup Tureens; Molasses
Pitchers; colored and white glass Candlesticks;
Preserve Dishes, in endless variety; French
; china Mantle Ornaments; Saltcellars, various
patterns ; Castore; Tumblers ; Glass Jars, va
rious sizes; stone Jugs; stone Jars; large Tur
key Dishes, white, blue and mulberry, also
steak Dishes to match; Bowls, Pitchers; sauce
Dishes; and a large lot of common Cups and
Saucers, all offered for sale at unprecedented
I low price* for cash, at
| nov.t New Cheap Cash Store.
Jaundice, Dyspeima, Chro
nic or Merious Debility,
Disease of Ihe Kidneys,
lit a lying posture, Dimness of Vison, Dots
or webs before the Sight, Fever and dull
pain in the Head, Deficiency of Ptrspira
tion, Yellowness of the Shin and Eyes,
Pain in the Side, Hack, Chest, Limbs, cjrc ,
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the
Flesh, Constant Imuginings of Evil, and ,
great depression of Spirits, can be effectual- ,
ly cured by
At the German Medicine Store, 120 Arch st,
Thtir potter over the abort diseases is not excelled—if
equalled—by any other preparation in the United States as \
the cures attest, in many cases after skilful physicians had j
These Bitters the attention of invalids
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of diseases of
the Liver and lesser glands, exercising the most search
ing powers in weakness and affection* of the digestive or
gans, they are withal, safe, certain and pleasant.
CHAS. ROBINSOS, Esq., Rastou, Md., in a Utter to Dr
Jackson, January 9, 1850, said —
u My wife and myself nave received more benefit from
your medicine than any other we have ever taken for the
Dyspepsia and Liter disease."
"THE TENTH LEOION." published at Woodstock, Va.,
January 10, 1850, said -
" NVe have uniformly refrained from recommendiug to
the public any of the various Patent Medicinea of the
day, unless thoroughly convinced of their value. Among
those we consider worthy of notice ia the German Bitters,
j invented by Dr. Hoofiand, and prepared by Dr. Jackson,
| In Philadelphia. One instance in particular, in which the
sii;>ernr virtues of this medicine has been tested, haafal
i len under our observation. During the last summer, a
son of Mn. ABRAHAM GKABILL, of this county, was very
\ seriously alflictcd with Liver Complaint, and after trying
' in vain various remedies, he purchased a bottle of the
1 Bitters, ami after using it, was so much relieved of bis
| distressing malady, that he procured another bottle, and
is restored entirely to health."
FBOM "THE WELDON HERALD," published at VVeldon,
N. C., January 24,1850, which said—
" It is very seldom that we make any allusion to Patent
Medicines,eitherapprovingcrolherwise. Unfortunately '
for the country, and for honest and conscientious inven- !
tors and venders of these medicines, the land u becoming
flooded with quack preparations, that are made alone for !
profit and are fit not even for the dogs. In this slate of ,
tiling* it is hard to tell n hich are, and which are not worth
having, if a person gets an indifferent medicine the first
time lie purchases, he is very apt to condemn the whole j
of Un-ni and buy no more, and inventors must only blame
those of their number, (who lgnorantly combine plain !
medicine* together for llie purpose of making money.) for
tile ill success w inch attends the efforts of the deserving." i
'• We believe l)r. C. M. Jackson's ' fiooflaiid's German ;
Bitters' to be a most excellent medicine, and one that :
should be highly popular in these days of Temperance; :
for they ar>- altogether Vegetable in their composition,
without one drop of .'SUahohc Spirits in them. This med
icine r- innocent, but strengtheningin its effects, and rich
ly deserving of an unbounded popularity, which, when it
becomes know n, it w ill, no u nibt, fully enjoy."
JtnoE M M Noah sail, in bis " Wbxkly Messex- j
GEtt," January 5, 1650
" Dr. Ilortfi :nd's fterman Bitters —Here Is a prepara
tion which ttie leading presses in the Union appear to be ;
unanimous in recommending, and the reason is obvious. !
It is made after a prescription furnished by one of the i
most celebrated physicians of modern times—the late I
fir. Christopher \\ ilheini Ho,.fluid, professor to the Uni- !
versity of Jena, private plix sician to the king of Prussia, ;
and one of the greatest medical writers Germany has ever ;
produced, lie was emphatically the enemy of humbug, i
and therefore a medicine of which he was the inventor
and endorsor may bo confidently relied on. He specially i
recommended it in Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Debility, j
\ ertigo, Acid.tv of the ftoniach. Constipation, and all |
complaints arising from a disordered condition of the i
stomach, the liver and the intestines. Nine Philadelphia
papers express their conviction of its excellency, and sev
eral of trie editors speak of its effects from their own indi
vidual experience. Under these circumstances, we feel
warranted, not only in calling the attention of our readers
to the present proprietor's (Dr C. M Jackson's) prepara- j
lion, but in recommending the article to all afflicted."
family newspaper published in the Pnited States The
editor says of
lh. HonflantTs German Hitters:
" It is seldom that we recommend what are termed Pat- i
erit Medicines to the confidence and patronage of our
readers; and, therefore, when we recommend Dr. Hoof- i
land's German Bitters, we wish it to be distinctly under
stood that we are not speakingoftbe nostrums of the day, j
thai are noised about for a brief period ancfthcn forgotten
after it has done its guilty race of mischief, but of a med
icine long established, universally prized, and which has
met the hearty approval of the faculty itself."
Evidence upon evidence has been received
(like the foregoing) from all sections of the
Union, the la?T three years, and the strongest
testimony in ils favor, is, that there is more ot
it used in the practice of the regular Pliysi- j
Cians of Philadelphia than all other nostrums
combined, a fact that can easily be established,
and fully proving that a scientific preparation
will meet with their quiet approval when pre
sented even in this form.
That this medicine will cure I,iver Complaint
and Dyspepsia, no one can doubt after using it
as directed. It acts specifically upon the stom
ach znd liver; it is preferable to calomel in all
bilious diseases —the effect is immediate
1 hey can be administered to FEMALE or INFANT
with safety and reliable benefit, at any time. j
beware op counterfeits.
'I his medicine has attained that high charac
ter which is necessary for all medicines to at
tain to induce counterfeiters to put forth a spu
rious article at the risk of the lives of those
who are innocently deceived
Look well to the marks of the genuine.
They have the written signature of C. M.
JACKSON upon the wrapper, and the name
blown in the bottle, without which they are
For sale Wholesale and Retail at the GKR- 1
ono door below Sixth, (lale 0t278 Race Street,)
hiladelphia, and by respectable dealers gener
ully throughout the country,
march 22 —ly.
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r \i iion i:\ i ua
4 man by the niire of C/.APP na e-.g. w , %
y.-j.iS man of the name of 3. P Townsend, ar,i. uses his
name to put up a Pamaiientla, wh ch tLey call Dr. ruv n
; seed's fcarsnpasilia, denominating i* GEA't/'/J/E, Orttinai
ele. This Townsend is no doctor, and never was ; t,at was
formerly aw orker on raifrosd*, canais. and the like. Y.ihs
assumes the title of Dr for the purpose of gaining credit fur
, what be i* not. This is to eaui.on the pabl.c not to
, deceived, and purrha*e none but the O r.VC.'.V/. OK.'OI
tfAt. OLD Dr. Jacob Townsend'* Karsnparillm. bavinf u
j it the Old Dr's likene.s, hia faintly coat of anus, asd
i signature across tile cuat of arm*.
iTmc.pal Ojfi-s, 103 .Yrirsu .Vsw York City
(ILP l)K. J.H'Ol! 'LOU ,\SK\ |i.
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
Old Dr. Townsend i® now about 70 year® of sgr. and !,u
' long been known as the AUTHOR and DISCOTKRKR
j SA PARILLAf Being poor, lie was compelled Pi limit ,ts
( manufacture, by which means it ha® Men kept out of mar
ket, and the sales circumscribed to those only who had
I proved its worth, and known Its value. It had reached
i the ears of many, nevertheless, as those persons who had
. neen healed of sore diseases, and saved front death, pro
claimed it* excellence anil wonderful
Knowing, many years afo. that he bad. by his skill,
science anil exjieri-nce. devised an article which would be
' of incalculable advantage to mankind when the means
1 would be iursiished to bring it into universal notice, w hen
! its inestimable virtues would be known and appreciated.
I This time ha? Rome, the mean* are supplied ; this
is manufactured on the largest scale, and is called for
throughout the length and breadth of the land, especially
as it is found incapable of degeneration or deterioration.
Unlike young 8. P Townsend'*, it improves with age, and
cerer changes, but for the better : because it is prepared a
I scientific principles by a scientific man. The highest knowl
edge of Chemistry, and the latest discoveries of the art,
have all been brought into requisition in the manufacture
or the Old Dr's Sarsaparilla. The rfarsaparilla root, it A
well known to medical men, contains many medicinal pro
perues, and some properties which are inert or useless, and
others, which if retained in preparing it fur Use, produce
fermentation and acid, which is injurious to the system
dome of the properties of Sarsaporuta are so volatile that
Itbey entirely evaporate and are lost in the preparation. If
they are not preserved by a scientific process, known only
to those experienced in its manufaciute. Moreover, these
volatile principles, which fly oil in vapor, or as an exhala
tion, under heat, are the very essential medical properties
•f the root, which give to it all its value.
ind yet he wouhi fain n ve it understood that Oia Ur. Jacob
r*neml'i Genuine Original SartapariUa, is *n IMITA
riON of his inferior prepur.tlon '!
Hesien forbid that we should dee.l in *n article which
would bear the most distant resemblance to ■■■. P. Town
tend'i article! and which shon'.d bring down upon the Old
Or. such is monnUin load of complaints acd criminations
from Agents who hove sold, and purchasers who have used
We wish it undersl<s>d, because it is the at •„ ute (ems,
that 8. P. Townsend's article and OJd Dr. Jacoe Towa
icnd's BarsspvriHv are htarenicide apart, n d mjiuitely die
ttmilar; thai they are unlike iu every particular, having
not one single thing in cotninnn.
As 9. P. Tuwnsend is no doctor, and never was. is no
chemist, no pharmaceutist—knows no more of medicine of
disease than any other common, unsc.entihc. unprofessional
erin, w hat guarantee can the public have that they are re
ceiving a genuine scientific medicine, containing a!! tha
sutue- of the articles used in preparing it. and which are a
capable of changes which imgnt render them the AGENTS
of Disease instead of health.
Rut what else should tie expected from one who knows
nothing comparatively of medicine or disease ! It requires
a |>erson of some exjienence to cook and serve up even a
common decent nie-U. How much more im:riant is it thai
the persons who manufacture medicine, designed for
should know well the medical properties of plants, the
best manner of securing and concentrating ihcir hea.iug
virtues, also an extensive knowledge of the variousdlsensaa
which atl'ecl the human system, and ho w to adapt remedies
to these diseases :
It is to arre-i lr-nds upon the unfortunate. to poor bads
into wonnded humanity. to Kindle hope in the despairing
bosom, to restore health and olooui. anil vigor iulo the
crusncd ni.d broken and to Punish lutirimty that OLI) UK.
JACUB rOVV.NSKM) has e'OL'GUT tad FOUND the og
portunity and means to bring his
Grand Universal Concentrated
within the reach, and to the knowledge of a!! ho need It,
that they may lea.ru and know, by joy fill experience, its
Transcendent Power to Heal.
Any person can boil or stew the root till they get a dark
eoiorcd liquid, which IA more from Che coloring matter la
the root than from ar.y thing else they can then strain
ibis Insipid or vapid liquid, sweeten with soar molasses.
RUP." But such is not the nrt.de know nHA the
This is so prepared, that all tne inert properties of th
Sarsap.tr.lla root -ire lirst removed, every thing c*gj>b eof
becoming acid or of fermentation, is extracted and jetted ;
then every particle ol medical virtue is secured in a pure
and concentrated form ; and thus it is rendered incapable o
losing any of its valuable and healing properties, Frc-.-irni
In this way, it is made the must powerful agent in the
Cure of innumerable diseases.
Hence the reason why we hear coiiiruendMions on evert
tide in its fivor bv men. women, ai.d children. We find J
doing wonders in the cure of
TItJVS. PI.VPJ.LS, BLOCJJILS. anil all affections
arising from
It possesses aui .rve iouAtflitary In ail complaints art -g
from Indigestion. from .-t.'oilv of i;.i Stomach. from unequal
circulation, determination of tflooi to the head. palpitation
of the heart.Cold feel ami hands, coid chills and hot flashes
over the body. It has not its equal in Cuius and Coughs .
Arid promotes easy expectoration and gentle perspiration,
reining stricture of the lungs, throat, and every other pari.
But in nothing is its excellence more manifestly wen and
acknowledged tuan in all kinds anil stage* ' f
It works wonders in cases of F ttnr ,I'hut ot Whites Put
isgt/'sr Wotn6. Phstrue led, Suppressed, ol I'amtu Miises,
Irregularity ol the meustraai |>crliais. and the like ; and
is as effectual in curing ai! the forms of Kidney JJistost*.
tly removing obstructions, and regulating the general
system, it gives tone and strength to the is hoi* body, and
thus cures ail hirms of
Nervous diseases and debility.
and rhua prevents or relieves a great variety of other mst*
dies, as Spmai irritation, .VeurtUgta, St. FUus' Vanes
Sicoouing. Epiieptie Fits. Convulsions. Ave.
It cleanses the iiliai.l. excites the User ui healthy action,
tones lhe stomach, antl pises good digestion, relieves tht
bowels of torpor ;.nd con>ti|iuttou, alias s inflammation.
Xllrifles the skin, equalises the circulation of the biiaic
producing gesitle warmth equally all over the body, and
the hiseusioie perspiration : relaxes a.I strictures and tight
aess, removes all obstructions, and invigorates the eiiurs
nervous sy stem. Is not this then
The medicine yon |re-eniiiiently nec4l T
Hul c*n any of tb*se things be s*id of'S. I*. To\vnena
tnferor Article 1 This tonne iiitn's liar aid is nc t>
because of one Git AND K.K"I'. tliat the one is
While the other DDtisi . sour inf. jcrmrKling, and biotemf
the hollies containing ii into fragineuU ; the sour, acid liquid
exploding ami d imaging other goods • Most not this horri
ble compound la. poisonous to the system I— What! put
sets tut" * system aJ ready thtsmami with acid.' VY hat causes
Oysjiepsia bui acid 1 Do we not nil know that when haal
tours in our stomachs, what mischiefs it produces ' flatu
lence. heartburn, palpitation of the heart, liver complaint.
diarrhu-a. dysentery, colic, and corruption ol the bioob'
What is Scrotul* but an acid humor in the body f VVhsl
to..duces nil the humors which bring on Eruptions of its
t*kin, r-cald Head. Sail Khrimi, Lrysijadas. White Swell
lugs, 1 ever Sires. and all ulcerations internal and etterniol
It is nothing under heaven, hut an acid substance.hicli
sours, and thus spoils all the fluids of ihe body, more or
less. W hat causes Kheumatism hut a sour or sod fluid
which insinuates ii>ei! between the joints and eriew here.
Irritating and inflaming the delicate tissues upon which d
•cts I So of nervous diseases, of impurity of the blood. <•
deranged circulations, and nearly all ihe admeuis whica
afflict human nature.
Now is u not homhio to make and sell, sad *'
morns ia use this
OC7"For sale in Lewistown by E. ALLEN
who is sole agent for Mifflin county,
may 26,1849— 1y.
Superior Sugar-house Molasses.
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