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    Vol XXXV -W hole i\o- 1 879.
Rates of Advertising.
One square, 13 lines, 2 squares, 6 mos. $5.00
1 time 50 14 1 year 8.00
44 2 times 75 column, 3 mos. 6.00
3 44 1.00 44 6 " 10.00
44 I mo. 1.25 " 1 year 15.00
• 3 44 2.50 1 column, 3 mos. 10.00
• 6 " 4.00 44 6 44 15.00
44 1 year 6.00 44 1 year 25.00
2 squares, 3 times 2.00 Notices beforo rnar
-44 3 mos. 3.50 riages, &c. sl2.
Communications recommending persons for
office, must be paid in advance at the rate of
25 cents per square.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Commission Merchants,
And all descriptions of Country Produce,
Between Kace and Cherry,
Respectfully solicit a share of the business
from this vicinity, and refer to
Messrs. LONGENECKER, GRUBB & Co., Bankers.
\V. RUSSELL, Esq., Cashier, Lewistown.
K. E. LOCKE. Esq , Mifflin county.
K. J. Ross, Esq., Cashier, ) Harrisburg.
Messrs. FUNK &L MILLER, >
SAMUEL JOHNSON, Esq., Marietta, Lancaster
county, Pa.
GEO. M. TBOUTMAN, Cashier, of "j
Western Bank, Y Philadel'a.
Messrs. JAS. J. DUNCAN & Co., ,
and Merchants generally, J
October 0, 1349 —601.*
,\o. 21 Bank street, Between Market and
Chesnut, and 2d and 3 d streets,
'DUE subscribers beg leave to call the attention of conn
1 try buyers to their assortment of papers, embracing
the different varieties of Printing, Hardware, W riling,
Envelope, and Wrapping papers, Tissue papers, white
and assorted colors, also Bonnet and Box Boards, Sec.
Being engaged in the manufacture of printing papers,
they solicit orders from printers for any given size,
which will be furnished at short notice, and at fair prices
Market ortces either tn cash or trade paid for Rags
JVo. 21 Rank street. Philadelphia.
October 6, 1849—1y.
The Great China Store
THANKFUL to the citizens of Lewistown and its vi
b cinity for their increased custom, w-e again request
liimr company to view our large and splendid assortment
of China, Glass and Queensware. Dinner sets, tea
lets, toilet sets, and single pieces, either of Glass, China
or Stone Ware, sold in quantities to soil purchasers, for
ess than they can be had elsewhere —in fact at less than
wholesale prices American and English BRITTAJHLA
METAL GOODS, in greater variety than ever before
offered in the city. Fancy China in great variety, very
cheap. O-We would invite any person visiting the city
to call and nr. Us—they will at least be pleased to walk
around our beautiful store, and to view the finest China
and the cheapest the world produces Very respectfully,
No. 219 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
September M, —!>*•
11. CURR.
Sign of the Golden Eagle, No, 139 4- 143,
.South Second street, below Dock street,
\{ EEP.S always on band a large and fashionable assort
111.1.N D 3, manufactured in the best manner, of the bent
materials, and at the lowest cash prices.
Having refuted and enlarged his establishment, he i*
l>rpared to complete orders to any amount at the shortest
sotice. Constantly on hand an assortment of
' f *verv variety, manufactured eipresaly for li own
ea ►;. ind purchasers may therefore rely on a good article.
•> Open 111 the evening.
Orders from a distance packed carefully, and sent
' •re of porterage, to any part of the city.
Philadelphia, August IS, IMlf—ly.
The Girard Life losnranrc Annuity and Trust
Company of Philadelphia,
Office No. 159 Chesnut Street.
Capital SUOOjOOO.
Charter Perpetual.
j"'J.NTIXL E to make Insurances on Lives on the most
J favorable term*; receive and execute Trusts, and
'r r >. ive Deposits on Interest.
The Capital being paid up and invested, together with
cumulated |ireniium funil, aflbrda a yer/l ircsn/y to
:oe insured The premium may be paid in yearly, balf
yearly, „r quarterly payments.
Tbe Company add a BONUS at stated periods to the
insurances for life This plan of insurance is the most
pprovetl of, and is mot.- generally in use than any other
11 Great Britain, (where the subject is best understoodby
le people, and where ihey have had the longest expert
errce.) as appears from the fact that out of 11", Life Insu
lanoe Companies there, of all kinds, 87 are on this plan
I he first BONUS was appropriated in December, 1-14,
'mounting to 10 per cent, on the aum insured under the
' lest policies ; to SI percent., ,1 percent fcc.,tc., on
'■'. tiers, in proportion to the time of standing, making an
I lit.,.ii of 1100; #b7.50; #75, A.C., fcc., to every £IOOO,
oginaily insured, wtiicii is an average of more than 50
I< cent, on the premiums paid, and without increasing
annual payment to the company
lie operation of the M >nu* will he seen by the follow.
' cratriples from the Life Ihsuiance Register of the
Company, thus:
Sum ! Bonus or I Amount of Policy and
'V.icy Insured. , Addition. J Bonus payable at the
I party'*
J§ i ,ooo ' |RNFT ; | f l.lofl 00
" 1 4J, 00 j 350 00 j 4,7' M 00
•ilu > 4 ( OO<J ' 400 00 J 4,400 (JO
" *(•' 2,000 j 173 00 ( .175 00
--} j 5,000 j 437 50 | 5,437 50
_ 5 1' Mrui.rrH coiilaining the table of rales, and ex
".atium of ihe subject; Forms "f Application, and
rthet information can be had at the offlce, gratis, in
'■ 'son or by 1,-iter, addresser! to the President nr Actuary
H. W. RICHARDS. President.
v< r. J tmn. Actuary. [<p2B:ly
IPSISSRIFAIS) &3JIB stmmswm m-z ©1203012 3®?SSS?®SJB9 ASSSHLBSJ <MKBBOT 3>A
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Philadelphia atsd Liverpool
| BERLIX, 700 tons, Alfred F. rim Oil.
! SHENANDOAH, 800 ' James West.
j EUROPE, 700 44 ' Henry F. Mien-ken.
I Th above ships will sail punctually, on their appointed
! days, viz : *
j From Philadolphia on the 10th of each month.
From Liverpool on the Ist of each month.
a> Taking riteain on the Delaware.
For passage, apply to
No. 37 Walnut street, Philadelphia.
O Parties will find these superior first class srilPri
most desirable conveyances for bringine out their friends,
the accommodations in second cabin and steerage being of
the most airy and capacious description.
t> Also Drafts for sale, payable in all parts of England,
Ireland and Scotland, from one pound upwards.
February 2, lsju—ly
rnHIS new and valuable medicine, now used by the
J- medical profession with such astonishing efficacy in
the cure of
Pulmonary Consumption, Scrofula, Chro
nic Rheumatism, (rout, General De
bility, Complaints of the Kid
neys, <$V.,
is prepared front the liver of the Cod Fish for medical
use, expressly for our sales.
(Ettraet from the London Medical Journal.)
"C. J H. Williams, M D, F. It. ri.. Professor of Medi
cine in University College, London, Consulting Pliysi
ciau to the Hospital for consumption, Ac., say I have
; prescribed the Oil in above fourhundred cases of tubercu-
I lous disease of the Lungs, in different stages, which have
j been under my care the last two years and a haif In
the large number of cases, 206 out 0f234, it* use w as fol
lowed by marked and unequivocal Improvement, v ir> w g
in degree in different cases, from a temporary retarda
tion of the progress of the disease and a mitigation of dis
tressing symptoms, up to a more or less complete restcr
ation to apparent health.
" The effect of the Cod I.tver Oil in most of these cases
was very remarkable. Even in a few days the cough
was mitigated, the expectoration diminished in quantity
and opacity, the night sweats ceased, the pulse became
slower, andof better volume, and the appetite, P. sli and
strength were gradually improved.
"In conclusion, I repeat that the pure fresh oil from
the Liver of the Cod is more beneficial in the treatment
of Pulmonary Consumption than any agent, medicinal,
; dietetic or regimenal, that has yet been employed."
, A a ut have made arrangements tuprueure the. Cod liver
: 1 Oil, fresh from head quarter), it can act" bt h.ia tit H.W.UUJ
pure by the tingle bottle, or m boxes of one dozen tneh.
, 1 Its wonderful efficacy hag induced numerous spurtou
, imitations As its success depends entirely on its purity,
. , too much care cannot be used in procuring it geumn-.
Every bottle hating on it our written signature may be
depended upon as t enume
Pamphlets containing an analysis of the Oil, with no
tices of it from Medical Journals, will be sent to those
who addrtss us free of postage.
Wholesale Omppists and Chemist*.
J (JO North Third Street, Philadelphia.
October 13, IS 19—6 m.
Wholesale Commission Agent,
F I S 11,
I\o. .11 Aortli Wharves,
Above Rare street, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, April "21, 1-49. ly
Wholesale Ac Retail
•Vo. 233 .Market street, abort Seventh, South si<L,
\LTHOL'GH we can scarcely estimate the value of
TIME commercially, yet by calling at the above e
| tahlishment, JMK* IIAUHKK will furnish his friends,
i among whom he includes all who duly appreciate iis
i (lectness, with a beautiful and perfect Inder for marking
| its progress, of whose value they can judge,
i His extensive slock on hand,constantly changing in
' conformity to the improvements in taste and style of
ft*? pattern and workmanship, consists i t Eight-day
: and Thirty-hour Brass Counting House, Parlor,
[j .pA I tail, Church, and Alarm CLOCKS, French, ('■
thic and other fancy styles, as well as plain,
which from his eitennive connection and correspondence
with the manufacturers he finds he can put at the lowest
| cash figure, in any quantity, from one to a thousand, of
. which he will warrant the accuracy.
KrClocke repaired and warranted. Clork I'rirtnuings
| on hand.
j CALL and gee me among them.
JAMES BARBER, "23S Market it.
Philadelphia, August Is, 1819—ly.
So. 52 i Chestnut Street, above Second,
rPIIE subscriber respectfully solicits public attention to
I iiia superior and tasteful stock of
Pocket Hooks, Pocket Knives, and
Banker's Cases, other Fine Cutlery,
j Bill Books, Gold Pens and Pencils,
Dressing Cases, Kegar Cases,
Card Cases, Chess Men,
Port Motiaies, Back Gammon Boards,
Purses, Dominoes, Ac , &.c.
IDs assortment consists of the most fashionable and
| modern ft vies, of the finest quality and excellent work
i rnanship, embracing every desirable fancy pattern, which
| he will at all times be prepared to exhibit and furnish
wholesale or retail on the most pleasing terms,
j *> Purchasers who desire to supply themselves with
j articles of the best quality will consult their own Inter
! eU by calling at tins establishment.
t\ H. SMITH,
Pocket Book Manufacturer, 5Ui Cheatuut Htrevt
| Auftint 2!, 18J9—6ir.
swi iwlol
V NUMBER of citizens of the borough of
. Lewistown have raised
Bight Hundred Dollars
j hy subscription, which they offer as a Reward
for the arrest and conviction of the Incendiaries
now at large, in the following manner:
Two II ii ml red Doll.H'm
, tor the apprehension of the first one, and ONE
HIS I) RE I) and I'll TY DOLLARS for
j any and every one after the first, the money to
be paid in each case upon the conviction of the
offender. Any information which may lead to
the arrest and conviction of any one will be
suitably rewarded. Any person desirous of
knowing the parties offering the reward, can
i see the subscription list at the office of
A. P. JACOB, /Vox Att'y.
I.esv sfown, February 2, IQSO.1 Q 5O.
i Compound Syrup ofSpigclia
or Vegetable Vermifuge,
The most effectual, the safest, plcasanlcst
, and most convenient Worm Medicine
; ever offered to the public.
milE SPMJF.LIA, says ;t work of highest authority,
j ftandi at the head of the lint of Anthelmintic* or IVuna
I Medicine*. It is adapted to aw ider range of cast s, and
i to a greater variety of constitutions and states of the
| constitution, than any other. But prepared as it com
monly is, in the form of leu, it can seldom be given to
: children in sufficient doses In Harris, Turner &. 11 tie's
i Compound rivrup, it is so concentrated that the dose is
j very small, so combined as to ensure a purgative opera
' lion, and so palatable as to be taken, rot only v\ ith ease,
i but with positive pleasure.
j The precise composition of this syrup and the mod of
| preparing it, are the result of a series of experiments
j continued for years. Before offering it for- ale. it was
I subjected to the test of experience in the hands of eiui
| neiitplijsn ians, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, who have
I recommended it in the highest terms, and still employ it
i in their practice. In addition to this evidence of its mer
' its, we offer the following, selected from a number of mi
j solicited testimonials.
I Ist. A distinguished physician of Virginia, of much
I experience, writes of it thus:
: '"I should have written btfire this, but fell disposed
; first to try the efficacy of your Vermifuge. 1 have used
i more than half the quartity received,and the experiment
has been most successful. I realty believe th.it t< poems
*e* advantage* over any other Ti rmifupr I have ri tr used.
Independent of the ujiialhiess "f the dose, ami the pica
f.ntness of the syrup (great mlvant •. .- in dosing chil
dren) the advantage of administering it under a variety
of circumstances, enhances it- value; indeed there i
scarcely a condition of the syt-t :m in which it may not
he administered. Your?, Ac "
UJ. A respectable physician of Lebanon county, in this
state, writes
" I have been in the ha 1 it < f prescribing v nr Com pound
rijrupof ripigelia for some time past, and have found it
an excellent worm medicine, particularly for children.—
Please forward per bearer 2 dot. bottles. —Yours. 4cc."
3d.—An intelligent merchant of Virginia to whom -ve
had previously sold th • syrup, writes :
4 'riuic< my return home, I find that your Syrup of ripi
gelia lias come into general us- in this neighbor)! .1 We
have sold what w had on hand, and it gave such satis
faction that it is now called for cvey day \ i will please
put us up or 6 dozen in a small package, and send to the
care of W. Aiidersou .V C , Richmond, a.- soon ■> possi
ble,and forward the bill per mail.— Yours, &>
4th.—A reiectablt mercha. tof Ohio, on a Inf visit to
Philadelphia, stated, that s- me lime since he had n-en a,
plied to by a customer for a vial of j Yer
mifuge for his son. Not having the article asked for, he
advised a trial of Harris, Turner A Hale's < nip utid
riyrup of ripigelia and gave hi ma part oj a!■ "tie v. hirh
was aii thai remained in the store. A day or two after
this the gentleman returning to the store, express '1 his
surprise and delight at the effect of the riyrup. declaring
it had expelled 200 worms and entirely relieved bis sou.
The merchant added an expression of id- great regret tint
iie had not had on hands a bottle of the riyrup at the time
w hen bis own little daughter died,as he confidently -
lievcd it would have saved her life
3th— A gentleman of Hudson, .\ . Y., having sent a bot
lleof II arris. Turner Sc. Mile's Cumiiounri riyrup of ripi
g.-Ua. to a young friend vvh bed tr• ■I in van a great num
ber of worm inedi iocs, writes, that his fin nd was mm.
diately relieved ; ibe words of the patient were "It took
every worm out my body
Wholesale Druggists, No. 4 201 Market street,
Drugs. Medicines, ("In mien Is. Patent Medh tnes. rittrpical
ami Obstetrical Instruments, Druggists' Glassw are, Win
dow-cln *, Paints, Oils. l>y> s, Perfumeries, A c., &c ~i nd
exclusive manufacturers of Harris, Turner It Male's
Sugar-lki.tied Pills, HuxhamV Linuiiem for the I'iles.the
Bnilbridge 11 nir Tonic, Ebr ifi * i.-. • Water, Mrs. Modi
on' Unrivalled Indellihle Ink. IKiv-ir' '.-1 hrated Nerve
and Bone Liniment, <>r Magic Pain Exiructor, Mrs riii irs
w-iod's Kvirat Is of I. -uion and Vanilla,for flavoring Pud
dings. Ice ( reams, Ac , Ac.
For sale by dealers in l)ruis generally in
Centre, Mifflin and Juniata counties. [au5 —tf
iiDDjjij Jii 'ariiDimjdi
fiIHK attention of Country Dealers, Ped
.l lars, and oth<*rri lsiyi ngf goods in large
quantities, is requested to the immense stick
and varied assortment of goods at this e.tab
hshir.ent, seilino at PiiiladoSphia wlmlesale
prices. Terms cash and prices low.
nov3. Aew CheupCush Store.
BEST quality three-ply Carpets warranted '
—selling at sl.l*2£ per yard, such as is
sold at other stores tor 51.37A and $>1.59. Al
so, a splendid aosortnient ol other t 'arpeting,
Rug?. at C. L. JUNES.
November 17, 1849.
1001 OOIiMRi
rWIIJE above reward will be given Idr any m-
A formation thai will convict ony person or
person? who set the I ewistown Mills on fire on
the night of the 94th December, 1849. Ifanjr i
person was employed to set it on lire by any
other person or persons, it' the person that was
so employed will {jive the information that will
convict the person or persons that employed
him, he will not be proceeded against, and shall
receive the above reward.
Lewistown, February 2, lbsU—3>.
Extract from the Minutes of the Town Coun
cil, January 29, 1850:
{■) ESOLVED, That a reward of three iioii
dred dollars be and is hereby ofit red lor
the apprehension and conviction of the persons
who hred the stables on the night of the
inst., to be paid as fid Sows, to wit:—ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for the arre.-d and
conviction of ths first one, and FIFTY DOL
LARS for any and every one after the first.
Resolved, That Francis iM'Clure, U. VV.
Thomas, Esq., M. Montgomery, R. H. M'Clin
tic, M. Buoy, Daniel Ziglerand John R. Weeks
be and are hereby appointed to select, as many
of the citizens as to them may seem expedient,
to serve alternately as a nipht vvutch ; and the
persons so selected' are hereby authorized and
empowered to arrest all persons violating any
of the ordinances of this Borough.
Certified from the Minutes of the Town
Council of the Borough of Lewistown, Janu
ary 30,1850.
J. W. SHAW, President T. C.
Attest, FRANCIS M'CHJRE, See'rv.
lewistown, February 2, Hso—3t
Auditor's Aoticc.
fpilE subscriber, appointed Auditor by the
A Court of Common Pleas of Mifflin county,
to di.-tribute the proceeds of the sale of personal
property of JOILV NORIUS, dee'd, orrFi. Fa.
No. -13, April Term, 1848, appoints MONDAY,
the 25th day of February, 1850, at Lis office in
Lewistown, to hear those interested, when and
where they are hereby notified to attend.
J. DICKSON, Auditor.
Lewistown, January 26, 1850 —4t
Auditor's Notice.
r JMIE undersigned, appointed Auditor by the
J Orphans' Court of Mitffln county, to decide
| on the exceptions tiled to the Administration
i account of Joseph Strode, Jr., Administrator of
AMOR STRODE, late of Granville township,
deceased, appoints FRIDAY, March 1, 1850, at
10 o'clock, A. M., at his office in Lewistown, to
hear the parties interested, when and where they
are hereby notified to attend.
J. DICKSON, Auditor.
Lewistown, January 26, 1850—It
Attdiloi'si rVolsce.
I nPIIF, subscriber, appointed Auditor by li.e
I Court of Common I'ieas of Miliiin county,
; to report on the exceptions filed to the Assignee
Acctiui tof .Limes Droven. Assignee cd' J.I.MIIS
.a >i I'J 7, as fib d by James Urowit and Thomas
; Ifrown, Administrators of James Brown, dee'd,
I and to re-state account, it necessary, appoints
.■•IO.N.pAA , the 18th day of February next, at
Ids office tn Lewistown, to hear the parties in
, terestcd, when and where they are hereby noti
; fied to attend. VV.M. M. HALL.
Lewistown, Jan. 19, 1850—4t
Auclilor'M Aolicc,
THK subscriber, appointed Auditor by the f)r
--1 phans Court of Mifflin courity to report on
me exceptions tileil to Hie Administration Ac
count of Jam s I,illam, Administrator of the es
tate of ROfSEH T .S. AN k 11 1. late of Union
township, deceased, and to re-state, account and
decide on exceptions, appoints WEDNESDAY,
the 20th day id' February next, at his office in
lewistown, to hear the parties interested, when
and where they are hereby notified to attend.
Lewistown, Jan. 13, 1850—4t
A urn tor's Aolicf.
r P!fi". subscriber, appointed Auditor by the
J[ Court of Common Pit as of MifJlin county
iti the matter of the account of llenrtt It. Taylor,
Trustee oi >. IMC HI. I). WIS, an habitual drun
kard, to distribute, iCc., appoints FRIDAY,
the 22, i day of February next, at his office in
Lewistown, to hear the parlies interested, when
u id where thev are hereby notified to attend.
Lewistow n, Jan It), 185t>—4t
Auililor'N Aofice.
IPHEsubscriber, appointed Auditor by tfieOi
i pban- (,'ourt t Mifflin county to report on
the error- assigned to the supplemental and final
administration account of John Snyder, one of
the Executors of .MICHAEL RUBLE, late of
Granville township, deceased, and to re-state
account it he should find it necessary, t.2c., ap
point- MON'D.W, the 25th of February next,
at his ' tlice in Lewistown, to hear the parties
interested, w hen and where they are hereby no
tified to attend. WM. >. HALL.
Lewistown. Jan. 19, 1850—4t
Auditor's Notice.
r P!TK -uhscribcr, appointed Auditor by the Or
| phans" Court < f Mifilin county to report and
decide on exceptions tiled, <&c., to tlie adminis
tration account of E/thraim Hunks, Esq.. Execu
tor of the v ill of !t IU.LIM M. IT HEM'S, late
of Decatur Township, deceased, appoints
ITU ItSDAY, tire 26th of February next, at liis
ofTire in l.i-wistown, to hear the parties interest
ed, when and where thev are hereby notified to
attend ' WM. M. IIALL.
LeVistown, Jan. 13, 1850—-It
W. 11. IRWIS,
4 TTO II X E V A T L A tf,
HAS resumed the practice ofhis profession
it: this and the adjoining counties.
< )ffice at the itaukmg House of Longeneck
cr, (irubh ct Co. Jan. 20, ]B4s—tf.
GEiO. W.
.1 T T O li X E Y A T L A TT r ,
Lcwislown, Mi HI in Connly, Fa.
OFFICE two doors west of the True Demo
crat Office. Mr. Klder will attend to any
business in the Courts of Centre country.
August 25, 1849—tf.
Attorney at Law,
J 1 LI. attend promptly to business entruet
i V ed to his care in tins and adjoining
counties. Office one dcur west ot the I'ost
Oiliee. June lti, '4D-ly.
c; 53 U i * T 5 A II OO V S: 22 .
.ItiMicc oS'llic IVaco,
i AN bo found at his office, in the room re
contly occupied by Esquire Kuip, where
he will attend to all business entrusted to his
care with the greatest care and despatch.
Lewi&towr., July I, 18-H—tf
Kol A Mioc .tlailul;i<?fore|-
("CONTINUES to manufacture, to order,
J every description of BOOTS AND
SHOES, on the most reasonable terms.—
Having competent workmen in hisemployand
using good stock, his customers,os well nsall
others, may rely upon getting a good article,
well made and neatly finished.
January 22,1848 —tf.
1.. JONES respectfully informs the la-
J* dies that he made a lurgc purchase ot
Cashmeres when last in the city, at greatly re
duced prices, and is now able to sell a genuine
article of Cashmere at the extremely low price
of 25 cts. per yard, eipiul to any to be had at
50 cts. at other places. Call soon, as they are
selling like hot cakes.—Also, a splendid assort
ment of sack Flannels and nmny other new
goods just received and arriving at the cele
brated new cheap cash store.
Nov. 17. C. L. JONES.
The moon 9hines bright,
And the ship bounds light.
As the stag bounds o'er the lea!
We love the strife
Of a sailor's life,
And we love our dark blue sea.
Now high, now low,
To the depths we go,
Now rise on the surge again ;
We make a track
O'er the ocean's back,
And play witb hoary main.
Fearless we face
The storm in the chase,
When the dark ciouds fall before it;
And meet the shock
Of the fierce Siroc,
Though death breathes holly o'er it.
The landsman may quail
At the shout of the gale.
Peril's the sailor's joy ;
Wild as the waves
Which his vessel braves,
Is the lot of the sailor boy.
irH i Stella it cous,
A A ankee fellow, writing from on board
a .Mississippi steamboat to the Spirit ol
the Times, teds the following store.
There was one teller on board who was
, drest rite tine, an' had lots of gold clians
an' fixens 011. an' he was sitten' at a table
all alone, a shufHin' a pack of cards ; an'
bimeby a teller cum along wot J had seen
steerin a boat, an' this feller says to him—
"\V ill you play a leetle game ofyewker,
jest to kill time ?"
" Don't keer if I du," says the steerin'
feller, an' at it they went.
! euikiiate they both played tolerablv
tiffin, cause they quit about even. Then
< this jewelry teller sez to the other—
"l'll bet you a hundred dollars I ken
turn up a jack the first time I try."
; " An' let me shutHe 'em," sez the feller
wot was steerin' the boat.
" As long as you like," sez tother.
" Guess as how I'll take that bet," sez
the steerin' feller, "an'here's your puttv!"
An" they told me to hold the stakes.
The steerin' feller shuffled 'em a good
while, an' then handed 'em to tother, an'he
takes an' turns o\ er the hull pack, an' sez'—
•• 1 ve tumid "em all four over, au' won
the money."'
'• Not this load of poles, I reckon you
haint; let's see 'c m."
An' then the steerin' feller begins an'
deals 'em all oil* an' there waru't nary jack
in the pack ! So I <rm the money to the
boatman, an' he sez—
*• Next time you tish for a sucker, look
out you dont ketch a catty—if it's on the
| .Mississippi. Thar'a yer jacks, sez lie
chuckin' "cm at tother feller. " Stranger,
let s cule our coppers, sez the boatman
: to me.
" Sartainly !" sez I, so we went up to
the bar an' licker'd.
That feller wot didn't "turn up them
jacks," went ashore next time the boal
stopped, an' 1 calkilate he haint turned
nary jack on a boatman since.
country man asked Dr. Belknap, one day,
if lie n ally believed there was such a man
as Job. The Dr. took the Bible and made
him read—
" There was a man in the land of I'z,
u hose name was Job.
•• A ou see the Bible savs so."
"So it does," brawled out the man ;
"and 1 don't know any tiling to the contra
•• Neither do I," said l)r Belknap, and
thus ended the inquiry.
in a mixed company, hearing a person
speak in a \ ery free maimer against the
christian religion, lie asked—
" I la\ e \ ou iouiul out one that is better ?"
And the reply being in the negative, he
" \\ hen yuu do let 111 c know, and I
will join you in adopting it."
A Qi ACK ANSWERED.— A quack in Bos
ton visiting his patient one morning, was
answered thus :
' Doctor, pray what is it that keeps the
meat and drink apart in the stomach V
- I'll tell you,' says the quack : 'in every
person's throat, there are two pipes and a
clapper, now when we go to eat, that clap
per shuts the drinking pipe.
* Well, doctor,' replied the patient, 'that
clapper must play darned sharp when we
eat pudding and milk !'
DANCING.— The following nautical
method of dancing was found among the
papers of the late Admiral Sir Joseph
York, of facetious memory :
Third figure: Heave ahead and pass
your adversary yard-arm and yard-arm—
regain your berth on the other tack in the
same order—take your station with your
partner in line—back and fill—fall on your
heel and bring up with your partner. She
then matupuvres ahead—heaves all hack—
shoots ahead again, and pays off alongside
you. Then make sail in company with
her till nearly astern of the other line—
make astern board and cast her off to
shift for herself—regain vour plaee bv the
best means in vour power, and let go vour
Kcw Series—Vol. I—1\. I <J.
ihe \V OKsr Ism. — 44 Harry," enquired
our friend the other day, 44 which do vou
consider the worst of the numerous isms
now prevalent ?"
44 Abolitionism ?" enquired his friend.
44 No."
" Socialism ?"
44 No."
44 Nativeism ?"
44 No, no."
44 Then I must give it up," replied he.
44 Expound."
44 Why, Rheumatism !"
A contemporary says : 44 When we see
a neat, pretty girl, with a free but innocent
air—with cheeks like roses and heavenly
blue eyes, which seem to repose in seren
ity beneath their silken lashes— we always
wish she teas near a mud-puddle, and we
had to lift her ocerC
Mrs. Gummy says she don't know what
they want with a grand jury. She thinks
that common juries are grand enough, as
her husband felt so grand when lie was on
the jury that nobody dared speak to him
I for a month afterwards.
An officer in a military corps, made the
following appeal to the patriotism of his
I subordinates: * 4 Hold up your heads like
a cornstalk and not down like a later-top ;
shave twice a day, and put on your best
A chemist in New York has just in
vented a substitute for tobacco. It is
made of guano, and will doubtless soon
supersede the weed, as it is just as nasty,
and a good deal cheaper.
4 * I say, Pete, some Whig stole half my
pig last night."
44 How do you know it was a whig,
Bill r
44 Because, if it had been a loco he'd
have taken the whole of it."
We left then.
A vender of a universal medicine de
clares that if his prescription be followed
literally a cure is certain. 44 This medi
cine is to be taken in-ternally, ex-ternallv,
and c-temaily y
4 W ell, Atick, how's your brother Ike
getting along these hard times ?' Oh, first
rate—got a good start in the world—mar
ried a widow who has nine children !'
li you wish to cure a scolding wife,
never fail to laugh with all your might till
she ceases, then kiss her.
44 I have not loved Lightly," as the man
thought when he married a widow weigh
ing -ioo.
Pistols and a mile, were the weapons
and distance chosen by a Yankee, recent
ly challenged to fight a duel.
MUFFS, BOAS, Victorines, &c.
WE will open in a few days a large and
handsome lot of Furs, such as Muffs,
Boas, Victorines, Bellerines, of Genett, Lynx,
Coohey, Squirrel and Fiteh, which will be the
cheapest and handsomest ever offered. An
examination cf the same is respectfully re
Lewistown, Oct. 20, 1640.
molting- Cloths
OF the best quality Square Mesh, An
chor Stamp, real Holland manufacture,
imported direct from the manufactory, and for
sale at Lewistown at New Vork prices.
Terms cash—cloths warranted. Enquired"
August 4, 1849 Millwright.
8-4 Silk Plaid Wool Shawls, $2 50
8-4 Cassimere do 4 00
8-4 super, plaid wool do 500
16-4 do do long do 375
16-4 doßaySfatedo do 12 I*o
16-4 du black Thibet long do 10 00
16-4 do Bay State long do 6 50
Plain and Embroidered high colored Thibet
Merino Shawls.
The above list with many others are just
opening this week at the celebrated New
Cheap Cash Store.
nov3. C. L. JONES.
HEREAS the gteat rush at C. L. .Tones'
▼ J celebrated new cheap casli store for de
sirable and cheap goods has tendered it at
many times impossible to wait upon all the
customers, many have had to wait, and sun.e
being in a hurry have been obliged to letve
the store; this is to inform all such that there
is now an additional torce added, so that all
can be accommodated without delay. Come
on for cheap goods at C. L. JONES'
Celebrated New Cheap Cash Store.
November 17, 1849.
OF the above goods a very axtensive assort
ment just opening, consisting ot
Market Baskets, all sixes
Clothes do do
Travelling du do
Dinner do do
Knife do 9-
Churas, Tubs. uckets> 4c ., &e .,&c.,& c .
New Cheap Cash Store.