Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, January 19, 1850, Image 1

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    Vol WXV.-Wlioic \o 1S(7.
Rates of Advertising.
One square. 18 lines, 2 squares, 6 mos. $5.(10
1 time 50 44 1 year 8.00
" 2 times 75 column, 3 mos. G OO j
3 44 1.00 " 44 6 44 10.00
" 1 mo. 1.25 " 1 year 15.00
44 3 44 2.50 1 column, 3 mos. 10.00
44 6 44 4. 00 4 4 6 44 1 5.00
44 1 year 6.00 44 1 year 25.00
4 squares, 3 times 2.00 Notices before mar
-44 3 mos. 3.50 riages, &c. sl2.
Communications recommending persons for
lice, must be paid in advance at the rate of
> cents per square.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Commission "Merchants,
And all dfscriptions of Country Produce,
Between Race and Cherry,
Respectfully solicit a share of the business
from this vicinity, and refer to
Messrs. Lonoexecker, Grubij &. Co., Bankers.
\V. Russell, Esq., Cashier, Lewistowu.
' K. Locke. Esq . .Mifflin county.
J. Ross. Esq., Cashier, ) u^h
\ie-srs. Funk A: Miller, S
vmif.l Johnson, Esq., Marietta, l/ancaster
county, Pa.
tic). M. Troutman, Cashier, of ~j
Western Bank, J- Philadel'a. 1
dessrs. J as. J. Duncan &i Co., {
and Merchants generally, j
October (3, 1849 —6m.*
i> ask r! rav e k :
\n. 21 Bank street, Betxreen Market and j
Chesnut, and 2d and 3d stride,
TUE subscriber.-! beg leave to call the attention of coun :
t try buyer* to their assortment of papers, embracing
ie different varieties of Printing, Hardware. Writing,
Envelope, and Wrapping papers, Tissue papers v. title
ud assorted colors, also Bonnet and Bux Boards, See.
Being engagt-d in tie- manufacture of printing papers,
ev solicit orders from printers for any given sire, !
•licb will be furnished at short notice, and at fair prices
Market prices eilh-r in cash or trade paid for Rags.
Xo. 21 Bank street. Philadelphia.
October 6, l s t9 — ly.
The Great Cliina Store
TH ANKFUL to the citizens of Lewistowu and its vi
t cinity for their increased custom, we again request
- r company to view our large and splendid assortment
f ( hina, G'.ass and (tueensware. Dinner sets, tea
rts, toilet sets, and single pieces, either of Glass, China
r ritone War-, sold in quantities to %-nt purchasers, for
ss tUan the*.* can fee had elsewhere —in fact at less than
• uoiesale prices. American and Kngltsh BUI 7 7.SA 1.1
■IET.IL GOODS, in greater variety than ever before
fered in the city. Fancy China in great variety, very
'ap. "/We would invite any person visiting the city
: call and sec us— they will at least be pleased to walk j
round our beautiful store, and to view the finest Coi inn
<f the cheapest the world produces Very respectfully, |
.V a. 219 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
September 23, 1819 — ly
It LI \1) 31A \ I FAC TO II1".
11. ( I/ARK,
•Sign of the Golden Eagle, Xo, 139 143, i
South Second street, helorc Dock street,
UTF.PS always on hand a large and fashinnxule assort- i
'V met ~f WIUK and NAtti'.OW SLAT WINDOW
;.i.\j>S, manufactured in the best manner, of the best ,
item It, and at the lowest cah prices
Having refitted and enlarged Lis i* stablisil-nent, he is ;
ared to complete orders to any amount at the shortest
ilicc. Constantly on hand an assortment of
llahoxa 11 v Furnitnrc,
f every variety, manufactured expressly for his own
and purchasers may therr-f-ire reiy on a good article
r> Open in the evening
4 .* Order- from a distance packed carefully, and sent i
("-k ■■{ porterage, to any part of tbe city. I
Ph ladelphia, August If, 1819— lv.
The (jirarrt Life Insurance Annuity and Trust
Company of Philadelphia,
'Hiicc No. 159 Chesnut Street.
Capital *300,000.
Charter Perpetual.
I iNTINUE to make Insurances nri Lives on the most
' fi-.orxbie terms; receive and execute Trusts, and !
• ■ i.. ii. ;esits on Interest.
lir capital bPAv.ff iaHi up am 1 invited, tether with
rr. . premium fund, a??" r • n perfect serai it u to j
Tlw pc-nniUD may paid in yfsirly, half ,
. '
*ary, >r i<t:irt**ry pay
The < it-.pany udd a BOM Hat slated periods to the ■
imiirari f,, r lif r 1 his plan of insurance is ihe most
q.roved of. and is more generally in use than any other ,
•I Ureal Britain, (wl,-r- th. ,ul,ject is best understoudby
, people, and w here theyhav hid Ihe longest experi
,r,-,> as appears from lt.- fart that out of 117 Life Insti
i-u >• Companies there, of alt kinds, >S7 are on this plan
The first BONDS was ap, lopnaied id December, 1*44,
mounting to 10 [ir cent. <<n the sunt insuied under the
:-s? policies ;to SI per cent ,7, per cent. A.r , Ac. c., on
rs. in proportion to the time <>f standing, waking an !
' i.tion of #B7 fee , Ate , to every :
- .'inally Insured, which is an average of more it-au 50
r cent on the premiums paid, and without increasing ,
annual payment to the company.
11- operation of the Bonus witl be seen by lite follow- i
? examples fiou. the Life Insurance Hegl-ter of the
' oiii-iany, thus :
fe uiii Bonus or Amount of Policy
-•■) In-ured. ' Addition Bonus payable at the .
I party's deeeise
- Si #MOM | dl.l' h w
2.5 i I 2jh 00 • 2,750 00
•' 2* ' 4 lag, I d'X) 00 4.10® "®
•■rc > ITS 04, , oj
' 'ii s,'iW) j 437 .d) j e,U. ■' .
Q-PaMTSLCrS easts Hlßlg ds table of rates, fand e- ,
Anatioi s-t (he subject ; Forms of Appii'atmn, n<l
-nil. , (I, for, ~ll' can be had at tbe otilc.e, gratis, in
Mby 1- iter, addressed to Ifel President of Actuary
I', W RIC'H AHDS, President.
Ho V. K3IEA, Actuary. [ip'ilA?
imnsFiraiiD iisris) g-i iL'iiwnsi?<2;W33 , 3 ms.wwikii'ss ipi^
Philadelphia Advertisements,
rpiIIS new and valuable medicine, now used by th"
-L medical profession with euch astonishiug efficacy in
the cure of
Pulmonary Consumption, Scrofula, Chro
nic Rheumatism, Gout, General De
bility, Complaints of the Kid
neys, 4•?., 4*c.,
is prepared from the liver of the <."-> d Fish for medical
use, expressly for our sales.
(Extract from th- L-nJon JleJiral ./. \trnal.)
44 F. .1. II \\ illiam-,41.1)., P. U. it., Professor of Medi
cine in University t'ollepe, London, Consulting Plivsi*
ciau to the Hospital for consumption, ic., says : I have I
prescribed the Oil in above four hundred cast ? oi"tiib"rcu
lous disease of Ihe Lungs, in different stages, which have
been under my care the last two years and a half. In
the large number of r.-scs, 200 out 01'2.71, its use was fid- j
1 iwed by marked and unequivocal improvement, varying
In degree in different cases, from a temporary retarda
tion ot the progress of the disease and a mitigation of dis
tressing symptoms, up to a more or less complete restor
ation to apparent health.
44 The effect of the Cod Liver Oil In most of these .* ises
was very remarkable. Even in a few days the cough !
was mitigated, the expectoration diminished in quantity '
and opacity, the night sweats ceased, the |,til--- became
slower, arid of better volume, and the appetite, 11 *.-li and
strength were gradually improved
44 1n conclusion, I repeat that the pure fresh oil from '
the Liver of the Cm! is more beneficial in the treatment ■
of Pulmonary Consumption than any agent, medicinal. 1
dietetic or regimenal, that lias yet been employed."
As tee have made nrrangfiMnh to profit re the Cod ! :r r
Oit,fre,h from ktad t/uarttrs, it can vmr h< id chc hi. ..tip ■
pure hy the tingle bottle, nr in b,;i.es of one dv.tn earh. ;
Its wonderful etScacy lias induced numerous .-pariov
tmttattvns. As its success depends entirely oti it- purity ,
too much care cannot b • used in procuring :i cmuine.
Every bottle hating unit our irmtten signature maybe
depended upon a. genuine
Pamphlets containing an analysis of the OR, with to- !
lices of it from Medical Journals, will be s, nl to those
n ho address us free of postage.
H hoteicle Drugrri.t) and Chemist'.
100 North Third 6'treet, Philadelphia
October 13, lfe!9—Oru.
Wholesale Commission Acrnt,
No. .>1 North NVtiarvrs,
Above Race street. Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, April 21, 1-49. — ly
Wholesale &. Retail
,Vo. 238 Market S'reet, above Seventh, Sovth ' de,
VLTIIOI'GH we can scarcely estimate the value of
TIME commercially, yi-t by caliitx at the above es
tabiisiiment, JAMES Barbeii will furt i-b bis friends,
among whom he includes all who duly ap.ueclatt it
fleetness, with a beautiful and perfect Index for marking
its progress, of whose value they c.s judg"
His extensive stock on hand, constantly changing iri
conformity to the Improvements in tasi. and style t
-sog pattern and workmanship, consists ol l.ioht-day
TffyX and Thirty hour Brass Counting IJous- , Parlor,
J* .xlHall, Church, and Alarm CLOCK?*. Ir>nr b, <;j
tine and other fancy styl°s, as well as plain, j
which from hi* extensive connection and correspondence
with the manufacturers he finds ha can put at the lowest
cash figure, in any quantity, frotn one to a thousand, of j
which be will warrant the accuracy
A-Cloet.3 repaired and varran'.ed. Clock Trimmings j
on hand.
CALL and see me among them.
JAMES BARBER, 238 Market st.
Philadelphia, August IS, 1849—1y
.Yd. 02 F Chestnut Street, abort Second,
riMIK subscriber respectfully s "licit* pub!.-: attention to '
1- his superior and tasteful stock of
Pocket Books, Pocket Knives, and
Banker's Cases, Other Fine Cutlery,
Bill Books, Gold Pens and Pencils, j
Dressing Cases, Segar Cas. s,
Card Cases, Chess Men,
Port Monaies, Ifack Gammon Boards, <
Purses, Dominoes, fee , ALC.
His assortment consists of the most fashionable at-d j
modern stvles, of the finest quality and excellent work
manship, embracing ev try desirable fancy pattern, winch
be will at all times be prepared to exhibit and furnish
wholesale or retail on the most pleasing terms.
KrPurrhasc-rs who desir to supply themselves with
articles of the bestquality will consult their own inter
ests hy calling at tins establishment.
Pocket Rook Manufacturer, 52J Chestnut Street
August 25, 1849—fan.
The Franklin l ire Insurance
Company of I*liilalel|lrin,
OFFICE, No. IMI Chesnut street, near Uiflh street.
Charles N. Hancker, George VV. Bi' liardr,
Thomas Hart, Mordecat D Lewis,
Tobias Wagner, Adolphe K. Borte,
Harr.uel Grant, David fi. Brown,
Jacob R. huiiib, Morris i'atierson.
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited, oil
every description of property in town ami country, at j
rates as low a* are consistent v. itii security.
Thd Company have r<-s<*rv. d alar Contingent I'tu d.
which with their Capital and Premiums, safely invest. <l, s
affords ample protection to the nssur. d
The assets of tbe Company, on January Ist. 18-18, ar
published agreeably to an Act ol Assembly, were a* fol- j
lows, VIE:
Mortgages, #s9P,"5 tt U5
Real Estate, 108,358 90
Temporary Loans, 121,459 00
Stocks, 51,503 2a
Cash, fcr 45,157 87
#1,220,007 07
Since the .r Incorporation, a period of eighteen years,
they have paid upward* of one mil, ton tun hundred thou
sand dollar* losses hy fire, thereby affording evidence of
the advantages of Insurance, a* well as the ability and
disposition to meet w ilh promptness all liabilities.
Charles G. BAN. KI M, Secretary,
For teims apply lo B.C. HAL!/, Lo'.*.id
town. a pi I—ly.
OF thfisf! jroods a larffe assortment on Band,
for salt* liy Hie piece or yard very low—
12J cents. 18J cts., 25 cts..3L cts., ct-.,
44 cts., 50 eta.. 56 cts., 02J cts., 75 cts ,
cts., SIJM), $1.25 and $1.50; ■ lo a Imndsome
aaaurtuient of Bombazines.
uov'd. New Clieap Cash Store.
w. si. IRWIN,
A T TU It NF. A I. A If.
TTAS resumed tiie practice ofhis profession
FTO. in tliis and the adjoining counties.
Office at the Banking House of Longeneck
er, Grubb & Co. " Jan. 20, 1848— tf.
G2O. W.
A T T () II N E Y A T L A TV",
Li'ivistov.D, Milllin Comity, Pa.
OFFICE two doors west of the True Demo
crat Office. Mr. Elder will attend to any
business in the Courts of Centre country.
August 25, 1849 —tf.
NAdd li/o lii
Attorney at Laiv.
LL attend promptly to business entrust
▼ y oil to his care in this and .adjoining
counties. Office one door west of the Post
OHice. June 16,'49-ly.
11 3ST EA N S3 <> G V !•: R .
.Hibltcu ol'(Ear I'racc,
C 8 AN be found at his office, in tiie room re
f cently occupied by Esquire Kulp, where
he will attend to all business entrusted to Ins
care with the greatest care and despatch.
Lev,*istown, July 1, L-4-—tf.
Samuel Hopper,
Is ready at aii times to build thebe.-t Houses,
and can do that very thing.
Residence No. 5 Hale street, Lewisfown.
March 31, 1849—tf
LSool & Jliiiiuiiiciiiiei'
C 4 ONTINLES to manufacture, to order,
I every description of BOOTS AND
SHOES, on the most reasonable terms.—
Having competent workmen in his employ and
using good stock, his customers,as we i asail
others, may rely upon getting a good article,
well made and neatly finished.
January 22,184$ —tf.
Ti-jjtf msi uiia,
fr IST received a few pieces more —s 11
at the former low prices at
nov3 New Che ip Cavli Su*re.
Irish I.iiicitN.
4 LARfiF. lot Don^fit at a bargiin i i
Philtdfljlii i. and selling by tbe
piece or yard at a su.-j':! >*d;-;t:ce
0c27 X'ew (.'heap Cash Store.
PERSONS in want ot Blankets are invited
to a large stock just received at
nov3. New Cheap Cash Store.
I'. S. Remember these Biankets arc fresh
goods just opened, no old stock.
FBTIIE fullest and most complete assortment
Ja. of Hosiery and Trimmings ever opened i
before in 1 ewistewn will be found at
no\3. New Clieap Cash Store.
Cloths, Cassimeres, Sattinets.
and Vestings,
"ff.N endless variety, at evcy price nnd qunli-
A ty, for sale 26 per cent, below tiie usual
price, ut L.JONES'
not 3. New Cheap Cash Store.
8 * mh re as .
SILK. Cotton, and Gingham, a large assort
ment for sale very low, bv the piece or
dozen—s6 cents, GO cts., 76 cts.. 86 cts , 90
eta.. SI.OO, 81.12J, $1.25, $1.50, §1.75, $2.60.
.•>"2 25, Silk at $2.50, $3.06, $4.60 nnd 84.50.
nov3. Netv Clieap Cash Store.
tSJ HERE AS the great rush at C. L.Jones'
7 v celebrated new cheap cash store for de
sirable and cheap goods hue tendered it at
many times impossible to wait, upon all the
customers, many have had to wait, and some
being in a hurry have been obliged to leave
the store; this is to inform nil such that there
is now an additional force added, so that all
can he accommodated without delay. Come
on for cheap goods at C. L. JONES' *
Celebrated New Cheap Cash Store.
November 17, 1849.
Queensware & Glassware.
OLTJ'E an extensive assortment just open
w ing at the New Cheap Cash Store,
t.iil French China Tea Setts,
do do do Plates.
White Iron Stone Tea and Dinner Sets.
do Granite do do do
Light Blue do do do
Floring Blue do do do
Toilet Sels, ( nieces ; Plates of all kinds and
sizes hy the single or dozen ; also a large as
sortment ot (hips and Saucers, by the single i
Set; Gravy Bowls; Soup Tureens; Molasses
Pitchers colored and white glass Candlesticks;
Preserve Dishes, in endless variety; French
china Mantle Ornaments; Suitedlars, various j
patterns; Castors; Tumblers; (ilass Jars, va- ■
rioussizes; slmio Jugs; stone Jars; large Tur- j
key Dishes, white, hlue and mulberry, also ,
.steak Dishen to match; Bowls, Pitchers; sauce i
Dishes; and a large lot of common Cups and :
Saucers, all offered for sale at unprecedented j
low prices for cash, at
nov3 New Cheap Cash Store.
j "pALMER'S Business Men's Almanac, for
I 6ale at this Office.
-3 P KILLA, for sale at GREEN'S
3 gOKNL'S Rheumatic IServe and Bone
* ■ Jjiniment, for sale at GREEN'S Medi
| cal Depot, No. 11. Lewistown.
, A FEW pieces Turk Satin Du Chcne, 28
j il inches wide, selling at only $1.25 per
yard. Call and see
and English Merinoesand Mouse* !
line de Laines, a large assortment of ev- j
Eery shade and quality, at JONES'
no\ 3. New Cheap Cash Store.
YOI'NG Hyson, imperial, Souchong, and i
Oolong. C. L. JONES,
0c27. ISew Cheap Cash Store.
\\ ER\ large and handsome -lock of Ilea- i
dy-made CIaOTHIMG, B'ys' do..
just iandeti and now opening at
. Men and Boys, a large assortment at
F reduced prices. C. L. JONES,
0c27. X cto Cheap Cash Store.
Bar Iron.
KEST quality ikir Iron fir sale cheap for
cash, at ('. ],. JONES
fire 15 St ic cheap cash store,
B 1 ST received tnd now opening, plain and i
9Jr embroidered Sack Fiannel, for ladies and '
children—selling very cheap at
EScrkiiaitr counly ( liecsc.
A LARGE lot Of very superior quality j
x just received at C. L. JONES'
nov3. New Cheap Cash Sioie.
Mackerel. Shad and Salt.
JONES' is the j ace to buy them cheap,
nov. 17. "C. L. JONES.
O ELI ING al Jones' at I> J- cents. p*r p'-unti
.'in*! quart —a'.-,... better quality prnportion
ab!y low. (1,. JONES.
Lewisiown, Out. 27. 15.9.
g 4 A YIRDS of bleach'-d ami
4 vL\/V/v/ browu Muslin, 4-4 \v:>.e ;.r,d
extra heavv, iiiKi v -.;*!t>o* ui thi** realty cheap
store of ' NISBAL'.M, BROTHERS.
< >m ber 20, 1^49.
0 xi*' Mteaijove goons a very axtensive aesort
riu nl just open i-g, consisting ot
Market Baskets, ali sir.es
('ltJlllOa do do
Travelling do do
Dinner du t!o
Knife do do
Churns, Tubs, Buckets, &c., Yc.. iCc., A:c.
not 3. New Cheap Cash Siore.
Carpets! Carpets!
/it Jones" Carpet Hal!
(TAN Le seen ihe must splendid assortment
.J ni every grade and qua 'it v —Rag. Yeuitian,
Ingrain, and Imperial; KUGB&.C. Th*se('ar
pots are direct from the celebrated manufac
tory of A. B. Cuiton & Co., in Chester county,
and warranted good—no auction trash. Call
and see. C. L. JONES'
0c27. X ttc Cheap Cash Store.
8-4 Silk Plaid Wool Shawls, $2 56
h-4 Cassimere do 4 (Ml
8-4 super, plaid wool do 5 (HI
16-4 do do long do 375
16-4 do Hny State do do 12 00
10-4 do black Thibet long do 10 (Hi
16-4 do Bay Slate long do (j 50
Plain and Embroidered high colored Thibet
Merino Shawla.
The above list with many others are just i
opening this week at the celebrated New
Cheap Ca.-h Store.
not 3. C. L. JONES.
f HE following described property siluati d
A on Hale street, Lewistown :
One Ice House, Rent $l5O per annum, j
dr. Dty Dock & Vard, do 150 do
do Carpenter Shop, do 50 do
Four vacant Lots, do 20 do
A LSO the following property on Charles St.: |
One dwelling, 4 rooms, rent $45 per annum, j
do do do do do -10 do . ;
do do do do do 40 do
do do do do do 40 do
do do 5 do do 40 do
do do do do do 41 do
Four vacant lots, do 26 do
One vacant lot on Main street, 5 do
ALSO the following properly in Derrytp.: j
One dwelling, 2 rooms, rent $26 per annum. ;
do do 5 do do 36 do
do do fi do do 40 do
do do 3 do do 30 do
do Sawmill on Jack's Creek
with timber leave, runt SOOO do
do do do do 700 do
do Smith Shop, do 20 do
66 acres of Farm Land, do 166 do
One dwelling, 5 rooms, do 40 do
do do 6 do do 50 do
Stone leave in the Narrows, 50 do
do on Jack's Creek. 30 do
Wood leave on 14(H) acres, 50 cts. per cord.
00~ Persons wishing to RENT any of the 1
above property must contract for the game on ;
or before the TWENTY-FIFTH inst. I will
BELL any of the above property CHEAP, as :
some of my creditors are poor.
December ®, 1819.
Tell ine, ye winged winds,
That round my pathway roar,
Do ye not know some spot
Where mortals weep no more ?
Some lone and pleasant dell,
Some valley in the west,
Where, free from toil and pain,
The weary soul may rest?
The loud wind softened to a whisper low,
And sighed for pity as it answered 44 Nol"
Tell rne, thou mighty deep,
Where billows round me plav,
Know'st thou some favored spot,
Some Island far away,
Where weary man may find
The bliss for which he sighs?
Where sorrow never lives,
And friendship never dies?
The lond waves rolling in perpetual flow, •
Stopped for a while and answered 44 No'" ,
Thou serenest moon,
That with such holy face
Dost Jook upon the earth,
Asleep in night's embrace
Tell me, in all thy round,
Hast thou not seen some spot
Where miserable man
Might find a happier lot ?
Behind a cloud the moon withdrew in wo,
And a voice sweet, but sad, responded "No'.' 1
Tell me, my secret soul.
Oh! tell me, Hope and Faith,
Is there no resting [dace
From sorrow, sin, and death ?
Is there no happy spot,
Where mortals may he blessed—
Where grief mas* find a balm,
And weariness a rest?
Faith, Hope and Love—best boons to mor
tals given,
Wav'd their bright wings, and whispered—
yes, in Heaven.
Come, come, come—
O'er the hills, free from care.
In my home true pleasures share,
Blossoms sweet, flowers most rare—
Come where joys are found.
Here the sparkling dews of morn,
Trees and shrubs with gems adorn,
Jewels bright, gaily worn-
Beauty all around.
Tra Ja la la, tra la la la,
Tra la la la, tra la la la.
Come, come, come—
Not a sigh, not a tear,
F.'er is found in sadness here ;
Music soft, breathing near,
Charms away each care.
Birds in joyous bowers among,
Hill and dale with grateful song,
Dearest strains here prolong—
Vocal all the air.
Tra Ja Ja la, tra la la la.
Tra la la la, tra la la la.
Come, come, come—
When the day ? gently gone,
Evening shadows coming on,
Then by love, kindly won,
Truest bliss be thine.
Ne'er was found a bliss so pure,
Never joys so long endure,
\\ho would not love securer
Who would joys decline:
t Tra la la la, tra la la la,
Tra la la la, tra la la la.
A ffoutleman passenger on a steamboat
from V w Orleans to Cincinnati, on the
trip tip, was introduced to a vounglady
on hoard, by a gentleman relation of hers.
We ite a brief description of the two.
The \ oung lady was charmingly* lovely \
and amiably in her manners ; the gent was
wiitv. sentimental, and amusing, his man
ners n .hie, Ids figure manly—such an one i
as would catch a ladv's eve.
Thrown together in each other's society,
and mutually attracted, it is not to he
vonderotl that they grew quite familiar.
They had lete-a-teles on the guards,
promenaded the deck arm in arm, the 1
gentleman whispering soft nonsense in the
lady's ear. The passengers pronounced
it a ease of love at first sight ; the ladies
were more respectful to one who they
thought was soon to he a matron, and
chambermaids (as chambermaids always,
do) wailed upon nobody else but tiie bride. ;
Miserable prophets-—it was not fated to be !
a match.
The boat at length arrived at her desti
nation ; the association of the two loving
ones was at an end, and thev were obliged
to separate. Whispered adieus, with a '
soft entreaty from him, was answered hy
her thrusting a card into his hand, and thus
they parted, she for her father's marble
halls, and he to the East, whither business
imperatively called him. The hope of
seeing her on his return filled his heart |
with joy.
Bho made an astounding discovery |
shortly after her return home. A friend
of hers, who sported mustaches and a
goatee, quizzed her unmercifully for los
ing her heart to a mechanic who was going
to Washington to get a patent for a plough.
This was very provoking to her. She
protested that she thought him a gentle
man or she never would have accepted :
his attentions.
.Six weeks lied by, and the young me- j
chanic was on his return home. 11 is
heart hounded with joy as he approached
Cincinnati. Visions of grace, beauty and
loveliness floated through his brain. Oh !
what pleaure to meet La llelle of the
Queen City. Her charms had made a deep i
impression on his susceptible heart. His I
foot touched the wharf, and away he tied 1
to the mansion of his beloved. He was
ushered in and his name announced. The
young lady flouted into the room. O. how
New Series—Vol. 13.
lovely ! But what is the matter ? She
does not know him, bestows no glance of
recognition upon the face lit up with
pleasure at seeing: !ier again.
1 You do not recollect me,' said he tim
• idlv and mortified to think the impression
—if one he had made—was so evanescent.
• 1 do not, sir,' replied she, in a cold tone
and with an air of hauteur such as a tra
gic queen affects,
lie reminded her of their previous ac
quaintance on board the steamer.
4 (>, yes, ves !-—a steamboat acquain
tance ! Good morning, sir,' and with this
answer she left the room.
Her old papa had heard the name of the
visiter when announced, but thought his
presence would he rnal apropos at their
tirst meeting, so the good-natured old gent
remained in his room. He knew the real
position and standing of his visiter, and
hugged himself at the prospect of Julia's
marrying the Hon. Mr. , M. C., a
! rich and distinguished gentleman. But
moustaches had humbugged Julia; and
simply because he was a mechanic, she
. had given him an unpardonable insult.
The reader may fancy Julia's mortifica
tion and father's rage, when they had
i a mutual explanation.
One of the most frightful scenes that the
wildest imagination can picture. i= that re
lated of a cavern, in Dauphinv, near Ore
noble, in France, a sort of subterranean
| iagara :
According to an old magazine, in which
: we find the account, Francis 1., in his youth
j determined to explore a sheet of water
I within this cavern, which had previously
| arrested the attention of all visiters.—
Floating upon a barge brilliantlv illumina
ted. and attended by some of his bravest
| courtiers, the gallant Francis struck boldly
j out, the Golumbus of the eavcrned deep,
j He landed on the opposite fdtore. after sail
ing two miles over this sheet of water.
He then turned hi- barge in another direc
tion. determined to fathom all the myseries
jof the lake. By and by an experienced
; boatman declared the boat was no longer
• floating on a stagnant lake, but in a current
that was perceptibly increasing in strength;
and a courtier called the attention of the
monarch to a hollow noise, heard in the
distance, which, like the current, was every
moment growing stronger, and even swell-
I ing into horrific thunder. They rested on
their oars, while a plank with several
flaming torches tied to it, was committed
ito tire water. It floated rapidly away,
became agitated, tossed up and down in
the distance, and finally plunged down the
unknown cataract to which the explorers
were so ignorantly hastening. " Back
i oars."' was the cr\, and rowing for their
lives they escaped. But what a frightful
i hazard!
Vs? Scores of foxes were caught in the
frozen regions by Sir James Ross' expe
dition. and turned into " two penny post
men,'" by putting copper coll us round their
necks, stamped with the names and posi
tions of the ships, and the localities of the
; provision depots. These foxes range enor
mous distances, and some of them will
probably be caught In Sir John Frank
lin's party if it still survive. Foxes were
turned to a somewhat different account by
Sampson in the Old Testament times.
.MARKET SCENE. —A would-be fashion-
I able lady, dressed in all the colors, goes to
market, followed by a negro boy, with a
basket. Espying a goose upon a Jersey
man's stall, but not taking particular notice
of it, she goes up to the farmer, and the
following dialogue ensues :
Lady.—What's the price of those tur
key ?
Jersey-man.— Those turkey is a goose,
Lady.—W ell, what's the price of it ?
Jersey-man.—Seventy-five cents.
Lady.—That's too much; I'll give seven
le\irs, (87! cents.)
Jersey-man.—Well, you may take it for
that. It's the lust I've got, and 1 won't
haggle about the'price.
4 Miss, will you take my arm ?'
• La, yes, and you, too.'
4 Han't spare but the arm. Miss,' hastily
replied the old bachelor.
• Then, said Miss, 1 can't take it, as my
motto is to 4 go the whole lmg or none.'
\ot long since, two sailors passing by a
tailor's shop, observed a tailor at work
with his'waistcoat patched with different
! colors of cloth, when one of the tars cried
out to tite oilier, 4 Look ye Jack, did you
ever see so many sorts of cabbage grow
on one stump before ?'
' F In Kentucky a ploughman became
enamored ot a milk-maid on a neighboring
farm. His addresses were rejected-; and
the disappointed swain, full oi melancholy
and revenge, procured a rope, went to the
barn and— tied all the cow's tails togeth
er 1 "
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