Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, November 10, 1849, Image 6

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    IHiiMllill MMd
\l]\V CHEAP CASH STORE continues to be tlie great resort of all
!( # \ Joule i" want of good and cheap goods of every description, Goods .
. Mt,
SU '. t | . ,v,r. fn-srw hing made in Philadelphia and New York tor cash of the importers and
l; AV t' '-, . - 'he .->i' -criber to get goods lower than all other merchants, ax lie buys
: MI." AT, i mi. .lX, ' - ina ' K) . AT least ten per cent.: and again, the amount ot his business he
rn quaiiliMe* *due.. .. (hf} boPifiess of a || the others com
ing inucu I. a verv srna j| protit, and he does assure the people of Lewistown
amTof lite sutr l i'ti• <!in g :ountry that he will continue this system of business, and respectfully
invites the attention of the public to his
Tremendous Assortment of Goods,
arranged in in, commodinue show rooms. The stock of goods is tU. torMrt. and the assort,
•nrnt the inot extensive bv far, of any other estabhshmenl between Philadelphia and Pittsburg,
<nd comprises every article wanted. Many kinds of £oods are kept m this store not to be ,
found in other places, and u ill positively be sold at Philadelph a pr.cee,
'piea-e remember that it is a custom amongst storekeepers generally, to put down the prices
of leading articles, such as Sugars, Muslins, &c„ for the purpose of giving the public the im
n-ession that thev are selling goods very cheap, i his is one ot the tricks of '.rude, and is not
noticed at this establishment All articles will be offered at the same rate of profit. Broad
Cloths will be sold at very small advance as well a c tip Sugar. Enough said,-call and see tor
yourselves, and be convinced of the above facts.
' Lewistown, Oct. 27, 1649. C. L. .fONES.
OF e\crv qualify, si?.e, and price imaginable, now opeped in the large show room at
Lewistown, October 27, 1949. Che "l> c,lsh s "' rr -
Ready-made i Nothing\
4 LARGE stock on liand, and selling 20 per cent, lower than the lowest. Before pnr
j\ chasing elsewhere te sure to call at JOSTES"
Lewietown, October 27, 1849. A etc Cheap Cask Store.
Of New, Superb and Cheap Goods!
*ID*IIITTHJ\*C 1 E — !
Buy cheap, while sluggards sleep,
And yon will have goods to wear and keep.
\S everybody seems to be engaged tins year in blowing his own trumpet as to what he or
they can do in the Dry Goods and Grocery line, we have had half a mind to try our hands
at the business, but several
comprising all the latest styles of rich and costly goods, having just arrived, we concluded to J
hold on to the usual mode of advertising. We therefore ben leave to announce to our custom
era :ii Mifflin, Union, Centre, Huntingdon ar.d Juniata counties, that besides receiving
QT) ry~_ n ~i' ' r ■" £3P ISSOSk.j
we have just return, d (for the fourth or fifth time this year) from the city with about as com
pete and elegant an assortment of
!U JfJiil® Till 33 ft D DJ)£
as was ever seen in this or any other country town, embracing every description and style of
jlcto, .{icai, ana jFastiiouattlt,
at prices varying from a few cents to dollars per yard. In other kinds of goods we can show-
Mi quality and p~ce. whatever others can produce, and a consideruuie sprinkling t.iat cannot oe
Ibuud elsewhere—especially in
and, we will venture to add, in FALL and It /.\ ILR HOODS OEAhItALL} . Of
Bonnets. Carpeting. Ready-made Clothing, Boots. Shoes. Hosiery.
Gloves, Ribbons,
and numberless other small matters, the inquiry need but be made to satisfy any one that they
have ail been selected w tli care, purchased at a low price, ar.d as a necessary consequence are
offered for sale cheap. Our
Groceries, Fish, Salt, *\*c..
are also very low, and offer strong inducements to persons in town and country to call and
purchase. ,
Since opening our establishment here we think we have fully demonstrated that, as a general
thing, mc sell ~n* low a* the very lom si, N HOT A LITTLE I.O\VEH. We <fo Bot profew to sell
one, nor two, nor three articles at a \erv low price, but we do profess to soil EV KRY THING
in either the Dry Hoods or Grocery hue so ch' a > that we are eonfi lent that our friends ev
erywhere will be the gainers by giving u- a r>!l ami making th r purchase*.
Eur pa-t favors we are duly thankful, and . li-ill be pleased to wait on a.i o d custoio> rs and
a ;iy number ot new ones who may be attracted to our e-1 ft Li oiiicul i.y tue repuiutioii it has ac
quired as beiriar the cheapest stoie in Lewustovvti.
Lew is town, October LO. 1819. A USB A I AT, 111 (OTHERS.
■■MI I ■ II WIIIW-- R - I M .I/
€ i hetap SSove Store,
Between Swartz's and McDowell's Taverns,
1a VA XV IST O W .
'MWmmdtms SlxeiUtmnt:!
A 1 a'i -l. .f 1 M-llinp gc-o.'.g m, ( HEAP. 1 have a large of
ii.sOOiH and Shoi'S,
ars,j , ' A,;!! - arMl M,SSES ' G AITMUS, by Out beat of wo.kmrr,; a variety of
*sri> CToolte, (iTvoccttcfji, nno %(ciuor,
of the !• -I knat; a.i.ong which are otne \cry choice li&ANDIRS arid a Mmxrior
I Itir.le . \ s rOU i U.N HITTERS; ahio, POWDER, SHOT, and LEAD; lim bai
reii b -( Alwtx.tiaahi! i WIIISKEV. ! THOMAS,
Oct-Ltr I *i t lvl'.l.— Until U. Jlttwttn A w uriz s utnl McDowell a Vact rns.
SI O L I* O W - W A R £2 .
r IE undersigned continues to manufacture'
: X Stoves, Hollow-ivure, tfc., n tthe
Old Slogan foundry,
formerly carried on *y A. B. Long &. Co., and
ol'ers to the public Tlic following 'a rticles:
The Premium or Cook'* Favorite i- a very
good stove, and well deserves those high com
mendations so unanimously bestowed upon it.
Also lilt!
n.tlliaviay <Uoo3is?sjS Sfovt;,
which stands unrivalled in this or any other
country. It has been tested for the last nine
years, arid is justly pronounced the best and
; the most durable article ol that kind ever used.
Hundreds of certificates could be procured, if
necessary. The
iof various sizes. Coal Stoves, of every de
scription; Parlor and Chamber do., li-r coal or
i wood; Air-tight do., got up in a m at and beau
tiful style. Wash Kettles, Skiilets, Iry Puns,
Pots, Iron Stands, and numerons other articles
of Hollow-ware. Also, Sled Shoes, and ull
kinds ot Castings made to order, lie is also
maim tailoring
of one and a quarter inch calibre, and intends
to keep a supply on hand at ull times. The
i subscriber is determined to make the ware
cut of the very host material that can be pro
cured : and for the accommodation of distant
purchasers, keeps wagons and horses for the
pur;K!se of delivering stoves at any point within
eighty miles, free of any additional charge.—
All tiie stoves ere warranted to stand the fire
and perform well,and if not, the money will be
refunded 011 their return ; if a plate should break
or crack, it will be replaced free of charge.
There is connected with the Foundry, a
Tinning Establishment, for manufacturing
Tis Ware ot" every Kim!,
where purchasers will please call.
OO~AII orders from a distance will meet
with prompt attention. \\ hole.-ale dealers
wou'd do well to give nie a call, as 1 will
wholesale iS'oves and 1 loliow-ware on as lair
terms as they can be had at any other place. I
All kinds ot" country Produc#taken in ex
Lewistowa, lan. 27,1049 —tf.
A S il U S I Pl* L Y
W BUOY has just returned from the city
iT I • with the largest, cheapest, and most
select assortment of
ClorkH, Waltlies, A: Jctvclrj
£g9TZS ever offered for sale in ;
Lewistown; embracing in
'/real variety every de
'jSmj senption of WATCHES,
ij v - u)p3& from Gold Patent Levers
\ down to the ordinary Sil
ver Quartier; <'lock- cf
all kinds, Musical Boxes,
Silver Tea and Table S;k> ris. Ladles, Su/ar
Tongs, Butter Knives, Gold Pens and Pencils,
B -J.J. Fiiiftr Rings, Bracelets, gold and
silver Spectacles, silver Thimbles, Rogers'
Cull, ry, &c , &,c.
These articles were all purchased at ex
tremely low prices and will he sold at a ouf.at
reduction from the price they have hitherto
commanded. The ladies and gentlemen are
1 respectfully invited to call and examine the
! stock.
(JVC Watches and Jewelry repaired
on reasonable terms, at short notice.
OVG'-o Silver taken in exchange for all
articles he has for sale.
IjCwiatown, Mayo, I^lo—tf.
Lrfnl Itlractioia!
Improved Hathaway.
PlllllS great improvement, just got up, wo
* are satisfied stands unetjunlled, for gi nerai
use, and simplicity of arrangement, by any
Cooking Stove yet offered to the pnbiic. To
he satisfied ol this, we think it needs but to
lie seen. Jl is 1 regular Hathaway, of the
size now generally 111 u?e 111 tins Country, with
I the fallowing improvements, viz:
lit. it is so arranged that a stout Sheet
Iron Oven can be put
in at the top, back ot
~j the lire, [the riarnepas
under it,j sulfi
ciently large to do <>r
dinary roasting or cook-
U)-. and is heated a
quick as the lire is clcv-
YIA er, - v burning: thus a
voiding th' necisri'v
of heating up the reg
ular oven for ordinary
purposes, which oven when heateil, re quires as
much lire to small roast as would do a
large amount ofcooking. Further, the final 1
oven being loose, can be put in or taken out at
pleasure with very little tumble. When much
cooking is required, it can be kept out, ami
the stove is then the same as a regular Hatha
2d. The Griddles are improved, so that the
top is smoother, the wire handles being dis
pensed, witli and a loose handle used to lift
them off.
B<i. The dumper is much more convenient,
by being planed in the tide instead ot the back.
4th. ihe bottom flue is the lauibnch, so ar
ranged that the draft is the same as the llutiiu
N. B. We warrant this stove in every par
We have olsoon hand a large assortment of
other valuable Coo/ring Sloven, consisting of
the Slar , two sizes, at #2O to§22 ; Complete
Cook, at sl3; and Luubach, two sizes. Also,
the Prime, Keystone, and El nu Air-'l igltt,
for wood or coal, at ft tun IB 'o '.l'i dollars.
AI R-TIG HT f'A it I.Olt 8T() VKS.— A la rge
assortnmierit, of heintiful patterns.
GOAL STOVES.—For parlors, offices, and
chamber*. A large assortment of handsome
• styles, from |s3.fi() up.
NINE-ELATE STOVE. —From 20 to 2 s
inches. A heavy 2H inch at t|o.&O.
To all who want stoves wc would say co//ie
and examine our stock.
I.ewistown, Sept. 20, 1 -■ 10.
Belting Ulnths
OF the best quality Square Mku, An
cuok Stamp, real Holland manufacture,
I imported direct from the manufactory, and tor
, s tin at Lewistown at New York pri tcs.
Terms ca h —cloths warranted. Enquired'
j August 1. fSR) Millwright.
fv vmW! —? - r - - -
!>. 11 ItaiA'S
<rom#ouu& J&gvu# cf
W! Jj 1) CIIIR Rl,
js Hi? be ft Medicine yet Cut Coughs, Colds, Consump
tion, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, 4ii. Head the fol
low ing :
November 13tli, Is IS.
jtr.tr Sir —l take great pleasure in t iying to you tint
Mrs. Kogs has been entirely relieved of tier rough by be
use ot your Syrup of II ild Ci <-rry. Ii had continued for
fully eighteen mouths. She bad used several |>r p.'ira
tions of llio Wild ('lurry now in popular use, but not
w itb ill slightest beui'lit, unlit stir took yours. She 011-
1- t ink six bottles, ami I am pleased to say she is now in
full betltli. Every OU who Siw Mrs. ltoss thought
Ii 1 ,n 11 deep decline. I.KV\ IS I*. BOSS,
.No VliT S. Charles Street, Baltimore, Captain of Schoon
er O K , Cambridge Packet,
lit Clergyman's sore 'lliroti it is truly a "Sovereign
Ii aim," as the Old Fellow, Washington county, Mary
land, of June fith, I - ts, eays. Price 7.1 cents H llott'e.
Prepared and sold by MARTIN &l WIIITEI.K\ ,at
lb ir wholesale lirug Store, 1 o S Calvert Street, Balti
And for sale by F. J. HOFFMAN and
WATTSON Hi. JACOB, Lewibtown; Alex
ander Kptlkihjk, Williamsburg, Huntingdon
county. [June 80, 18-19 —ly.
r j ■;! 1E Proprietor of this valuable remedy
X fi-r Worms, introduces to bis friends and
the public, liia Celebrated Vermifuge. Read
the following:
Decatv* TowkkiiH", Mifflin rounty, 1
September lllh, ls-l'J. A
1)11. S. F. CItEK.Y:
Jl, 'peeled Frientl —Two of our children having been
>ev. rely amiiTed itiis summer wilii Fever and Ag'ie, and
ln\ ing checked it four dill", rent liiinrs by the use of the
regular remedies, Mtill they complained of pains in the
It ir-, bowels, head, and in fact in the whole sjslem; vor-i
--cious appet'te, f-ver, great riiarrhma, &c, and after hav
ing used all the remedies thought suitable for the above
s\ mptoms, I concluded that they both had Worms, and
accordingly gave each of them (the one nine years of age
and the other") trvo tea-spoonfuls apiece of your valua
ble Vermifuge, and in three hoars from the time of tln-ir
taking the above small doses, the youngest pass'-d I'IVE
of the largest trortus I have ever seen. The oldest hoy
passed a soiid bail vf u. or ma (it may appear incredible, but
it is truth) as large as a walnut, and both have been get
ting well fast nine; .
Voii nitty make (lie above public if you think proper for
the bene lit of others, au.i for the purpose of introducing
-.our valuable N ermifuge in Uecatur township.
V .ore, &.C., I> IF FISHER.
The ebove valuable Vermifuge is prepared
and sold by Dr. S. F. GREEN, nt the Lewis
town Medical Depot, No. 11.
September 29,1849.
HaLozenge* & Planter.
Dr. Shermans OLUS.IONIAN, or fill
Ilcaling Ifalsum,
Fur thr rttre of ConeuwptlOß, Asthma, Jjttc Con
sumption, JlpUttag if Wood, Ilrunchttis, Difficulty of
Ilrrathiag, ffoarsenran, InJlutnza, Croup, Cough*,
Colds, p. IMS in the Breast and Side, Dyspep
sia, and the various affections oj the
Statu,teh and larer.
The great celebrity which this remedy has obtained
among those who arc acquainted with its virtues, ami ate
rt-j ucirig in irs effect*, has induced the Proprietor to give
it the name of ul.O < iO.YJ -Y, "II .il.l. IIF.AI.LYU
HA ISAM to distinguish it from all other Remedies now
in use Its combination is tin t> -ult of incretban i ivsstv
\ rv: -x;i- rier.re,and lie b itt •sitto be tin-most perfect
ren-i-dt known —f-.r 11 lias been used y tl. uisands t pe--
sons, ai d 111 all instance, with tin aie-st deci d benefit
For H.-tVr- ■ • s or ('• rtiticalesol Remarket b t.'ases of
to g standing and Ci i si : red be- om! 11l ; .-, s ..ah
It. ok f.irmshed gvatis b\ ias Agents 10 .dl wb d--siri.-it.
The suff ring- which children freii'ientlv undergo from
iv of. vi - often tend to a fatal Termination, while the cai se
is never suspected Ud nslv.br. till, picking at the nose,
grinding the teeth during sleep, .-tailing up in sleep with
fright and screaming, troublesome cough,and feverisb
ncss, are among some of the pbominest sv'Mi'TO.Msof the
presence of worms. A timely use of
will immediately r move alt these unpleasant symptoms,
and restore to p--rf< . I health.
Cons up' uillueiiza,co :gbs, colds, wlioopir.g cough
tigbtiiess of the lungs or < best may be cured b a proper
use of
Sht rman's COt Gil LOZENGES.
He, ■ lit i-iipilation of tiie heart, loiviicss of spirit, e 1-
sickto ss, <1 s|ionHency, fniKfritsss, chotic, spasms, cram|is
of tiie stomach, summer or bow el complaints, are quickly
and entire.l< relieved by using
Sherman sft MP 11 OR LOZ&NGES.
Hk.natation,, weak l,a< k, pain and weakness of the
lire -A, ha- K, I mil)*, and other parts of lue body are sje-ciily
anJ effectually r< tir vedbv
Sherman's Poor Mini's Plaster,
whit b cost* only I2i cents, is vv irliln the r> ach • f at! If
has tiis name with directions printed on the back of ihe
Piaster, and a rc simile of the Doctor's ivriu'n name
under the directions. None others are genuine •r t . I>e
iv...-dole 1► i sln riaau'o W'archuUse is No tub Nassau
street, NeW 1 Oik.
Wholesale Agent fur thi-; county ('HAS.
RITZ. [dec. ? 1818-1 y.
i), SI MlL:\i\D & So\,
H/'OULI) respectfully inform their triends
aiul the public, that they still continue
to carry 011 the MAItDLE II t'SES ESS in
ail its various branches, at their old bland,
('unit r of Tllllll) and VALLEY St*.,
where they have constantly on hand MARHI.K
ORAVH STONES, VVC. All kinds of
work executed with neatness, and on the mast
reasonable terms. Thankful for the liberal
pa (rename extended to then, tliey still solicit
;t continuance of the eatne.
t )rders from any part of the country, through
mail, attended to with accuracy and despatch.
March 17. I H IT —tf
Wow Hardware Storo I!
\\f E have always a large assortment ofal
r T kinds of Hardware low tor cash.
Lewistown, June 2d, 1849.
Salt! Salt!
FUS T received, a large stock of (Jronnd
Alum Sz.lt —I t cents per bushel and .<$1.?")
per rack. To dealers a liberal discount
off these prices will be made,
i ma 2t, Hl9. t\ J. IIOPPMAN
.11 art in Sc Wliilelev'*
A certain Cure lor Ague, Fever,
and Dyspepsia,
IN our summer ami lall uioullu many sectiu' of our
I- country are prostrated t>y mi-UGIJ - * FLNf.lt mil
AG! !•'. and FEVHR.- It lias IKM-D our particular study to
lind nut some reinedv to slop litis dreadful scourge, and
think, i„ this TONIC we have effected ih.e great object.
It is also we think the very host remedy tri Dyspepsia,
and if our directions arc followed, will not fail to elfect
a cure.
In a letter dated, May 23 1, 1P49, our Agent, Mr. hint*
I'.auh. of Wrigbtsville, York county, I'a , says : I have
u. vcr known any remedy for h'rver and digue equal to
•.our invaluable National Tonic. It lias given universal
i satisfaction, and has cured cases of Ague of years stand
iog, and after the failure of all other luedtt tins made use
of Mr Ifenrv Beverson,of the same place, says in his
certificate, dated 22.1 March, I*l9, 4 i applied to a number
of Physicians, and also used a variety of the most popu
lar Ague Mixtures at different times, hut all without the
d sired effect; no permanent rure having been afforded.
; I was at length induced, at the recommendation of your
1 worthy Agent at this place, to try a bottle of your Na
tional Tonic, and to my great satisfaction, before 1 had
used half of it, 1 felt completely cured, though I contin
ued the use of it till I had taken two bottles.' In a joint
certificate from Messrs. Miles Hoke, William Bi.ickson,
and J lines l. Brown, of the same place, they say— 4llav
ing tried nearly all the remedies within our reach with
out success, we at last pure based some of your ffmtional
f Tonic, which has completely cured us. We, therefore,
I iheerfully recommend n to the notice of all persons af
flicted with that teirible disease as the best remedy yet
Bee the Pamphlets, which you can get from one of our
Agents gratis
Also, Dr. Martin's Purgative Pills, the best now in use,
in all case* where a purgative is needed.
fc> Prepared ami sold by MAR IIN A V\ HI I EI.EY ,
Wholesale Drug Store, No. 4S B. Calvert St., Baltimore.
For sale by F. J- HOFFMAN and VV A 1 1 -
SON ct. JACOB, Lewistown ; and by ALEX
ANDER IUTLEDBE, Williamsburg, Huntiuodon
county. June 30, IS 19— ly.
?IL L S •
The (>'rand Purgative for the cure of
Headache, Giddiness, Measels, Bait Rheum,
Rheumatism, Piles, Heartburn, Worms,
Dyspepsia, Scurvy, Cholera Morbus,
Small Pox, Jaundice, Coughs, Ciuinsey,
Pains in the Back, Whooping Cough,
Inward weakness, Consumption, Fits,
Palpitation of the Heart, Liver Complaint,
I Rising in the Throat, Ery sipelas, Deafness,
Dropsy, Asthma, . itching of the Skin,
Pavers of all kinds, Colds, Gout, Gravel,
Female Complaints, Nervous Complaints,
■ and a variety of other diseases arising froui impurities of
the blood, and obstructions in the organs of digestion.
The av -rsi-tii to taking medicine is effectually removed
being completely enveloped with a coating of pure white
sugar (which was distinct from the internal ingredients
as a nilt shell from the kernel) and hart no taste uf medi
cine but as easily swallowed as hits of candy. Moreover
they M-HTIIKR NAISKATE OR CNIRK, but operate equally
ujion ail the diseased parts of the system. Thus, if the
liver be affected, one ingredient will ojierate on that
particular organ, and, by cleansing it of any excess of
bite restore it to its natural stale. Another will operate
on the blood, while a third will effectually expel what
ever impurities way have been discharged into the stom
ach, and hence they strike at the rout of disease, thus se
curing a fr e and healthy action to the heart, lungs, and
I.iver; and thereby they restore health even when all
! other means have failed
The entire truth of the above can be ascertained by the
trial of a single ! -x ; and their virtues are go positive and
: cert mi in r storing health that (he proprietor binds him
self to return the money jiaui for them in all cases v\ here
tin ; do pot give universal satisfaction.
Retail pru e 23 cents per box.
*,* Prion, i ottire No. fsi Vesey street, New York.
x>Kcßiemher Dr C. V. Clickener is the inveutor of
Sutiar Coated Pills, and that nothing of the sort was
ever heard of until he introduced thein in June, 1-13.
Purchasers should, therefore, always ask for Clickener's
Sugar C cited \ ire table Pills, and take no others, or
they will be made victims of fraud.
Wholesale Agent for this countv, ('HAS.
RJTZ. [Dec. 23, 1848 — ly.
Compound Syi'Hpof Kpigelia
or Vegetable Vermifuge,
The most effectual, tht safest, pleasant est
and most convenient Worm Medicine
ertr offered to the public.
rrilK BPIOEI.iA, says a work of highest authority,
A- etao.U at Ike head of the list uf Jintkilmtntiet or II o ri
■ Wtdiciues. It is adapted to * wider range of cages, pud
to i er. ater v iriety of constitutions and states of the
constitution, than any other. But prepared as it com
monly is, in tin* form of tea, tt can seldom he given to
children in -lifficiei.l doses. In Harris, Turner Ac Hide's
Compound Syrup, it is so concentrated that the dose is
very small, go combined as to ensure a purgative opera
te.n, and so palatable as to be taken, not only with ease,
but with positive pleasure,
The precise composition of this syrup ard the mode of
preparing it, are Die result of a series of experiments
continued for years. Before offering it for sale, it was
subjected to the test of experience in the hands of eini
ueiitphysi. IUIS. in Philadelphia and cUew here, vv ho have
recommended it 111 the highest terms, and still employ it
in their pr < lire In addition to this evidence of its turr
its. we oft".-r the following, selected from a number of uti
\ solicited testimonials.
Ist. A distinguished physician of Virginia, of much
experience, write* of it thus;
' 1 should have written before this, hut felt disposed
f;r*t to try the efficacy of your Vermifuge. 1 have used
more than h ilf the quantity received,and the experiment
has been most successful. / realty hehcrt that it posses
i Sts 111 Til fit: J.T Nt ft' r tin v other I'crmifug r I hart ertr used.
Independent of the smalliinss of the doge, and the plea
• santnes, of the syrup (great advantages In dosing chil
dren) the ad vantage „f administering it under a variety
i of rirciiinstniicfs, enhance* Us value; indeed there is
scarcely a comlttion ot the ?ytein in which it may not
!> administered. Yours, ate."
2.1 A respectable phyaiciau of Lebanon county, in this
state, writ 's -
1 " 1 li.iv ebe ti in the habit of preset ibing your Coin pound
s■. flip ot Spigelia for some time past, sod have found it
an i x< eller.t worm medicine, particularly for children. —
Please forward per heaiet 2 dox. bottle- —Yours, Arc."
3d \n ii telliceiit merchant of Virginia to whom we
ha i previously sold the syrup, writes :
"tiiici my return home, 1 find that your Syrup of Spi
ll. ha has i omc into general ne in this neighborhood. We
j have sold what we had on hand, ami it gave such satis
faction lh.it it Is nc.vv called for evey day. You will please
put us up 3 or 0 do.'.cii in a small package, and send to the
care of X\ Anders.in Ac t'o., Richmond. as soon as |ossi
• Ide, and forw an! the bill per mail Yoll/s, Ac."
4th. - \ r. sjiei table uierclurit of Ohio, on a late visit to
Philadelphia, stated, that some time since lie had been M| •
plied to by i ru-tomfr for a vial of —— - 's Ye -
mifuge for Ins son. Not having the article asked for, he
advised a trial of Harris, Turner Ac Hale's Compound
Syrup of Spigelia and gave htm <i part of a hutllm which
was ail that remained in the store. A day or two alter
j this the gentleman returning to the store, expressed his
surprise niui delight ut the effect of Die Syrup, declaring
it had expelled 200 worms and entirely relieved hi* son.
The merchant added an expression of his great regret that
he had not had on hands a bottle of the Syrup at Die linn
when hi* own little daughter died, a* he confidently tie
lievi d it would have saved her life
sth V gentleman of Hudson, N. Vhaving gent a hyt
tleof Harris, Turin r 4t Hale'* Compound Syrup of Spi
gelia,loa young friend who had tried in vaiti a great num
ber of worm medicines, writes, that his friend WHS imme
diately reli. v , d ; the winds of the patient were : '• It took
I every worm out my body."
, Wholesale Druggists, Ao. 201 Market street,
I Medicines, Chemicals, Patent Medicine*. Singh .1
and Obstetrieal Instrumeiits, Druggists' Glassware. Win
j 'o\v-ghtss, Paints, Oils, Dyes, Perfumeries, Arc.,&e , and
i exclusive manufacturers nf Harris, Turner A Hate's
i Sugar-Coated Pills, Huxhaiti * Liniment for the Piles, the
llaiibridge Hair Tonic, Ebeile * Eye Water, Mrs Madi
son'.- Uiirtvalfedlnih-Uilde Ink, Dew eea'Celebrated Nerve
and Htm* l iniment, or Magic Pain Extractor, Mr*. Sbnrs
woml s Hi tract* of l.cnion and N anti!a,for flavoring Pud
dings, Ice i reams, Aye., A c
j For sa!i' l>y dealer* in Drugs generally in
j Centre, Mifflin nud Juniata count t e. [iiuft —tt
A IN* a hv the name of < 1..1FP ha* e. .• no-1 ~ ,,
young noin of the NIIINE of S I* TNWIUMII. A LLC | A?"* H
name to put up a Saixapnritia, which the\ R-,11 Itr. TOWN
Surs ip inila. dennnenatlnt I* U KXf'I.S'F., < TR10,,...,!
etc. This Townsend IS NO doctor, and never xvn? ; Tnt I\ ,
formerly a worker on raifroadx canals and the like. Y'CTB*
as-tiines the t-T'E of Dr.. for the pnrpo E NF G.-iining credit f.,r
what he i not. 'J'BIS is to caution the public not N, B E
deceived END purchase none hut the OF.'.VI7.\'P OHKn
JVjf/. Ol.lt l)r. Jacob Townsend'* Barsapanlla, hav,n* O
It the CHD fir's, likr ro-ss, his family coat of arms, AO.J | J:S
signature across the coat of arm*.
J'rttti ij'tit UJftrt, 102 St.. -VTI c V'.rk t\ ty
(LIEIIUIIH; Towuseud Sar?aj>ariSla.
Oid Dr. Ton*end T* now aliont 70 year- of 'IL'C. anil has
long been known a* the JU'J'HOK and bISCOyF.hF.It
of the a F..YUI.VF. OKKjI.Y 11. • TOH'JCSFMh S.th
S-IP-dKI /,/W4.'' Being |AAI t. he was com, '"-HOT to Imnt us
inaiiiil ( lure, by which mean ; it has lieen kept OUT of mar
ket. and the sale* cirriim*rrilied to those only who had
proved its worth, anil known its Value. It had reached
the ear* of many, nevertheless, as those persons wlm had
been healed of sore diseases, and saved Iroiu death, pro
claimed ITS excellence and wonderful
Knowing, many years ago. that he had. by his "kilt,
science and exjrerience. devised AN article which would BE
of incalculable advantage to mankind when the means
would ire furnished to bring it inPr universal notice, O hen
j its inestimable virtues would be known ami appreciated.
This lone ha: '-<UUE. the MEAN* are supplied ; this
(llt.l.YJ> -i Mb IWF.QI.-}/./, Kb Flt >. r.FHATIO.Y
is manufactured on the largest scale, and is called for
throughout the length aud breadth of the land, esyreciaily
as it is found incii|*ible of degeneration or deterioration.
t.'ulike young ri. I* Townsend'®, it improves with age. and
! cover changes, I >ut for the better . because it is prepared on
icie-ntfic prmriples by a srirntihe man. The highest knowl
edge ot Chemistry aud the latest discover.es of the art,
have all la-en br.rtighl into requisition in tbe manufacture
of the Old Dr's Sarsaparilla. The Sarsaparilla root, it is
well known to medical men, contains many medicinal pro
ponies, ar.il some properties which are inert or useless, and
others, which if retained in preparing it for use, prod ice
fenurnfutom and and. w inch is injurious to the system
Rome of the properties of Karsa(rilla are so ralatile. that
they entirely evaimrate and are lost in the preparation, if
they are not preserved by a scientific prottsr, known oniy
to thuse experienced ij its manufacture. Moreover, these
volatile principles, which By off in vapor, or as an exhala
tion, under heat, are the very essential medical yr.pct Lies
of the ro-a, trh.cb give to it all iu value.
j ind VEL he f \U H;.v- R-U-.TTI THAI OLD |r. Jacob
F'FW nENFJ's G'/ •*■ ne (S/xrtapa rill a., is HD I.MITA
-I'ION cif HI inferior HN '!
HEAVEN forbwi thai %ve snoiild DEAL in N NRIICIE WHICH
TI nd'ii article! AND whirh >!IOOLD brinjj down :IJon the OLt
Dr. such A mountain I :ui of CM[ 1.1.11U ACi CRMIN::URRN
from A (rents WHO HAVE *O!IL. R:<i pirchaP.rs TVINI h?tve
WE wish it understood. berati*E it is THE absolute trvfk,
that T?. P. art CLE AMI Old Dr. JAEOK Town
fend** Sajrsapariila ARE keateu-malt apart, and inji*2lcly dis
timiiar; that they are unlike in evcr\- PARTICULAR, havicj
not FINE FIRTJRIE in ciHtittion.
As P, Townsend IN N* doctor, and never WAS, i NO
fherui>T. no pbariit treutjst ICIIOW S NF more of medicine or
' disease than nn\ other comn- n. rinseientific, tinfrofessionai
man, W hat jj-unrantee can the putiic iiave that they ARE re
ceiving RT genuine- scleulttic TIIT<I:RINE. COIITA ail th
virtues of tne artir!e.s u<ed in prejifinng it. and which arc in
capable of chance- WH.ch onghi render them the ABENTS
of fhsease instead of HE T IN.
But what e! E should !• expected FROM one who knew*
: uothinc comparatively !' mcdxine OR
A Jers'N of MI EXJIERIENRT} TO CK>K and %er\e up ev. S
mannion decent ME.ii. HOW much nure imporuiin ,L : N
the who nianutarrure MEDICINE, DESIGNED [ r
should know well the MEDICAL projwrties of plants, thr
virtues :I!o an extensiw KNOWIEDGEOL the VARI •usdeetl
w hich AHECT the IIUNTAN - Leni. aud HOW 10 adapt FEMEUD 1
It IS to arre T iiamts UJWA the unfortunate, to pour HALM
into wounded htitiiamtv. t 1 kindle HOJTE IN the desjia.ring
BOFTOM. to res '.ore he.IITH ;in.l BIoin, and V*£OR into thr
CRUSHED AND br>>KT'll. ami to IMIIINII miirni.ty that OLI> DR.
portuuity .and MEAN* to bring his
Grand I iiiiersal Concentrated
W ithin the reach, aud to the KNOWLEDGE of al! W HO NRED IT,
that they I*TY (EAR 11 and know, by joyful RSPER EOCE. its
Tra>ir*eenLETlT COWER to Heal.
Any p*rnn can Liil or XIEIV th* ROOT nil they get a dark
eolored liquid, xvhicli I* mure FROM th* cuioruij matter '.n
the rout than from *l>\ thing E!c they can then (train
this Inxipiil >r X ;ul R.quid. * WEE leu IXIIH -nor molasses,
nd then call it GAK*.\PARILLA EXTKAtT or SY
RI'But such IS not the article know A* the
This is so prepsred. thai all the inert pn.jier'.les of th*
Rar*M|Ull. a FIRST removed, every thing enpnhie I
IH.*< .iiniiig .IIUTI or T RIIIER tatiiia, is CXtruried INL rejected:
then every (virtirle ot TUED.eaI XUTIIE is sertired in :I j-ur*
snd E.inreutraieil FORM : T.I.D thus tt is rendered ineapahleOt
lostogjtny •! its VALUABLE anil hoallng prtijierxios. I'RETHTREA
M this WAY. it IS N AILE tie- IHOSI |*>Wl nu, agent i the
tuiii of iu numerable diseases.
HcnTrf TRIE rf?fson why we henr ciiniinendattohs on EVERY
side M 11* fiv.ir by TU-UT, women, aud tdultlren. We Smi it
doing wonders in THE ritre of
CO-YSIIMhTIO-W /'sFFVif.l. ami l.frF.ll CO.V
ri..lh\r. and 111 I-. n FiMi I is. U, AC KOFI 1.1,
eii.i s < ( ,1 ii 1 ,\-F V.*. : ON R.I.VF 1 I yjii p
j Tit .VS. VIMVJ.F.S, n I.OCTHF.S, and alt aftxi.ua*
arising trum
It POSSESSES a 111 .rve OU> Bie.IRY ia HI! I omplaiutt arising
from Indigestion, from Indus uf the S' nitck. from unequal
Cirt illation, ileteriiouatiolt <1 1 EJ to the bead, palpitation
ot the heirt. cold feel ami ha mis, ROLIL chill* and B"T tisslifi
over the IMHIV. It has not it- EQUAL in t'oltis ami Coughs;
J ar.IL promotes easy EX;— duration AND grtitle perspimiinn.
rei.ixtng stricture ol the lungs. tiiribiC and every other , >rt.
But in nothing is its evcellenee more uianitetly vett anti
; acknowledged than in ALL K-mt- ami -toge- of
It works wonders m c.i*esof F ur .llbus or Whites r':..-
Ing ol tic Obstruct"!, S'l ;.rcs : rd. IST P.i' ' ' .1 tenses.
Irregularity ut the inenstr oxi periods, and tbe oke : ami
l> as tile cut*; ,u curing ail tne u.iius of Kidney Diseases.
By REMOVING obstrtictiiuis. aud regulating T: T GENERA:
system, U G,V, - tone UID strength lu the whole body, AND
I llius cures U tonus of
-Nt'fi oils diseases and debility
and thus prevent- oiivlieves > gtig.it variety nf Other malt
I dies. s Spinal irritation. .\', nrataia. St. litis l ines
\ Sw.ioHing. F.piicptu F.ts. Cone alliums, iar.
ItcU'.-n the hi-tod excites Do- liver to healthy action,
ioncs tht siHiiEicb, tail itw-* PHM! P.itv
TXIWCU 4)T turpor nini < SIIITYF
tinriins the km, eqimlLfS tbe circulation of the BIKXL*
protlucn s*fitle unriiith e|MnUy nil over
the insensible pcrspunttoii ; RELNXO* H'l strictures "SUJ
ne\, n intives ;%n obstructions kikl ihe entiw
pcrvoun -*\t-ii. In NOT thi> then
The iiifdiciue you pre-wniiicnily '
But e*n any ot thi-se ihtnc- k* --til ot S-, I'. "|*,.wits' -u
udeioir nrtirle 1 This \oune uiau's tiqunt is „(>t to la
because of one TIRAN'D I'M" L'. that the one is INCAF4
wbiia the other P'IH.S ; -ear... •'.)/• rncnting, and bttof"!
the hui'trs o"iitatmng ,t into ft ; the s'ur. *c!d
rxplotl.t.g ami damaging otilci yoods \ Must nut this hot l
ble compound be poisonous to the system 1 It .it' fd
and into u system already diseased ic.rh acid What can**
")spepsla tut eieid ? Do xxe not ail know that when k*4
I sour* in our stomach*, what mischief? it produces ' !l*B
lence, hearthuta, |>.>!;uiaiioa of the heart, liter couquti fk
dinrrhma. dysentery, colic, and corruption of the F ood'
V\ bhi is Sr.rtjitt-J:% but un lit ii hiiri4<r in ihe bHlv ?
produces all tlte humors which bring ou 1 ntplionsel '•"•
Skin, Sca d Head. Salt K- eom, Krysqiela*, White J l * 4 " l '
lugs. 1 ,-vrr Sores, and all ulcerations iutenxal and externa
It is nothing under lieaVcn. hut an acid Mil-tmce. w h,t
Sours, and thus spoil* all the tluols of the body, m"i<" *
less. W list causes Kheumatism but < sour or mid dm l
which ittsinuatc* it-i .. between the joint* and ci*ew •
irrtt.'inig ant lutlauiiug tlie iMwitiu u<-m s op-'ii whirb 1
acts ! nn/soti- dtsease?, ol im. onH et the '•
deranged circulutions. md nearly ai! the ailments u '"
aliitcAiuiii.nu nature.
| Now is it not horrible u- make and sell, and i*. -- 1 "'
morn to u*c TTTI.
0:5"For sn!c in Lewistown Ly F.. Al.l-E'
who is sole fluent for Mifflin county,
may 2tJ, 1-19—ly.
Paper. Paper.
VLWAYS on hand a ißrjre asso r tnu ,,, _ t , ''
Fa|>, liCtter, Wrapping, Printing.
dow and Wall Paper, wholesale or retail-
Priiittnt: paper, 22 X 32, ut £5 per bu'' 11
■ Lewistown, June 23, 1549.