Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, November 10, 1849, Image 1

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    ' " ' W ilfil
Vol XXX V.—Whole? ,\o I 5,7,
Ratos of Advertising.
One square, IS lir.es, I 2 squares, 6 mos. $5.00
1 time 50 I " 1 year ti.UU j
2 times 75 ] j column, 3 mos. 6.00
3 •' 1.00 " 6 " 10.00
1 mo. 1.25 " 1 year 15.00 j
" 3 " 2.50 1 column, 3 mos. 10.00 i
" C " 4.00 " 6 " 15.00
" 1 year G.OO " 1 year 25.00
2 squares, 3 times 2.00 Xotiees before mar- j
" 3 mos. 3.50 riages, ic. §l2.
Communications recommending persons for ,
olfice, must be paid in advance at the rate of j
25 cents per square.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
The {i*cat China Store
rpiIANKFPL to the citizens of Len istonn and its vi
cinity for their increased custom, we again request
their eoiii|tany to view our large ami splendid assortment
of China, Class and Queensware. Dinner sets, lea
sets, toilet sets, ami single pieces, either of Class, China
or Stone Ware, sold in quantities to suit purchasers, for
less than they can be had elsewhere —in fact at less than
wholesale prices. American and English BR/TTAJV/A
.METAL GOODS, in greater variety than ever before
olfeted in the city. Fancy China in great variety, very
cheap. *> We would invite any person \ isiting the city
to call and er as— they will at least be pleased to walk
around our beautiful store, and to view the finest China
and the cheapest the world produces. Very respectfully,
No. 21.9 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
September 22, I*l9—iy.
11, CI,ARK,
Sign of the Golden Eagle, No, 139 143,
South Second street, below Dock street,
KEEPS always on hand a large and fashionable assort
BLINDS, manufactured in the best manner, of the best
materials, and at the lowest cash prices.
Having refitted and enlarged his establishment, he is
prepared to complete orders to any amount at the shortest
notice. Constantly on hand an assortment of
Al alloxan y Furniture,
of every variety, manufactured exprecsly for hi* own
sale?, and purchaser* limy therefore rely on ;t good article.
J> Open in the evening.
** Orders from a distance parked carefully, and sent
Lee of porterage, to any part of the city.
11. CLARK.
Philadelphia, August 19, 1549 ly.
Hillow X Wooden Ware,
Importer of French Baskets, Looking
Glasses and Fancy Goods,
fit ween Market aud Arch St*., under J. Sidney Jone*'
Carpet Warehouse, two doors below Christ Church,
7I AS on hand and is constantly receiving a large and
* extensive assortment of Combs, Brushes, Fancy
Goods of every description, (too numerous to mention,)
Looking Glasses of gilt and mahogany frame*, Baskets,
Coaches, Chairs, dec., dec
Shaker's Eastern Wisp and Country Brooms, Win
i>v Blinds, Door Mats, Tubs, Buckets, Churns, Wash
boards—in fact, Wooden and Willow Ware of every de
! option, all of which w ill be sold low for CASH or city
M EltOH A NTS would gave themselves much time and
trouble, by calling and examining my stock before pur
N B Looking Glasses are insured against breakage to
all parts of the Union, without extra charge.
Philadelphia, August 25, IS49—3m.
!\. s. LAW
Agent for the sale of Southworth Manufac
turing Company'* Writing Papers.
Warehouse \o. it Timor St,
100 t.iscs of the above superior Papers now- in store,
end for vale to the trade at the lowest market prices,con
futing ID part of—
line thick Flat Caps, 12, 11, 15 and 10 lbs., blue and
* bile.
o'iperfine Medium and Demi Writings, blue and white,
extra iiper and superfine Folio Posts, blue and white,
; -m and ruled.
Extra super Linen Note Papers, plain and gilt.
Superfine and fine Bill Papers, long and broad
Superfine and fine Counting House Caps and Post*,
Miie and white.
Extra super Congress Cap* and Letters, plain and ruled
ue and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, gilt.
Superfine Sermon Caps ami Post*.
Superfine blue linen thin Letters
Extra super Bath Posts, blue and white, plain and
Embroidered Note Papers and Envelopes
"Lawyer'*" Brief Paper*.
Superfine and fine Caps and Posts, ruled and plain,
- ue and while, various qualities and price*
Also, 1000 reams white and assorted Hhoe Paper*, B.n
i*t Boards, white and assorted Tissue, Tea, W rapping.
Lxvelope, assorted and blue Mediums, Cap wrappers,
Hxrdware Papers, At.
Philadelphia June 30, 1049 - 6rn
Philadelphiaitlcdiral House,
F ITABLIHHED 15 yearsago,by Dr. KI.N KEI.tN The
oldest, *n rest and best hand torureall forms of secret
- 1 "-of the skin, and solitary habits of youth, is PR
"INHERES, Northwest corner of THIRD and UNION
"'■reels, between Spruce and Pine, a square-and a half
f 'um trie Exchange, Philadelphia.
lucre is a habit which boys teach each other at the
'• of-my or College—a habit Indulged In when by hlni
'' ( "i soliiude, growing up with the boy to manhood;
* ''f ti11,.,- lv j,,, indulge in this pernicious practice are
-Mr- of rhe consequence* until they find the nervous
j ' m shuttered, feel strange and unaccountable feel
' ( "agin- f. rtr* in the mind. The individual becomes
be is i,able to labor with accustomed vigor, or
übly bis mind totAudy; ill* step is lardy and weak,
" dull irresolute.
' " of all ag,.* ran now ju Igc- what i* the cause of
'b-cliiimg healtn, losing their vigor, becoming weak,
'' " uid emaciated.
u , _ YOUNG MEN f!
'•'/ fain modciy deter you from making your case
n to one who, from education and respectability,
'' '"eiid you. He who places himself under
''■keliii's treatment, may religiously confldstnhl*
1 t" i llcman, and HI whose bosom will be f 'l
• 'I fhe secret of the patient.
v " *" , 'iil have b. en restored to health, from the de
" 1 "o of terrific maladies by Ds. KIXKLLASD,
t'bysr. tan.
J 'b, sem.ing a remittam e, and putup secure from
"r-rxin i.HTri'.B* answered forthwith.
• > Jai uary 27, iviu—ly.
3®B3nnsß iP'5S233S2rj2 wc ©3s©33<&is ffaysrsnsK&isißa SSJBKKLESS ©©©SHFE, a-u
Baltimore Advertisements.
Candy $1*2.50 per hundred Ihs.
.Vc. 20 f/igkt street, Baltimore, M<l.
MKIi r:II A NTS and tlie public, wishing articles in the
Confectionary line, are respectfully invited to give
rue a call. The subscriber takes pleasure in being able
to oifer a greater variety in his tine than can be had at
any other establishment in the city, and at ptin.- which
cannot tail to please. His stock comprises every article
in the line, such as CcSJWJf of three hundred different
patterns and flavors; with a general assortment of for
eign and Domestic Fruit, A'uts, Preserves, Pickles, <stc.
Much pleasure will he taken to show my stock and prices
to dealers ; also, persons at a distance wishing informa
tion, by addressing the undersigned, will be forwarded a
list of articles with the prices annexed. All goods ship
ped free of charge, strict attention paid to packing, Sec.
j September 22, ISi!)—2m.
University of Maryland
rpHE LECTURES w ill commence on MON-
J. DAY, 29th October, and continue until the
15th of March, ensuing-.
Chemistry and Miarrnacy— WlLLlAM E. A
AIKEN, M. D , L. L. 1).
Therapeutics, Materia Medicaand llvgiene—
Anatomy and Bhvsiology—JOSEPH BODY,
M. D.
Theory and Practice of Medicine—WlL
Midwiferv am! Diseases of Women and Chil
dren—RlCHAßD H. THOMAS, M. I).
Lecturer on Pathology and Demonstrator of
Instruction in Clinical Medicine and Clinical
Surgery every day at the Baltimore Infirmary,
opposite the Medical College. The rooms for
practical anatomy will be opened October Ist,
under the charge of the demonstrator. Fees
for the entire course S9O. Comfortahie board
may be obtained in the vicinity of the .Medical
College, for $2,50 to *3.50 per week.
Dean of the Faculty.
Sept. 15, 1849.—3 m.
mo hi* Excellency the President of Hi" United 9? tes,
her Majesty Queen Victoria, and to l.miis Napd.-on
Bonaparte, President of France : WHERHAB, f>r IT pe
riod of twenty years we have diligently studied huw we
might best ameliorate Die pecuniary condition of the Hu
man Family, and deserve Die applaudits of mankind, xve
are now happy, altmual beyond tht power of expression,
to imparl Die joyous intelligence that (he hour hag com> '
when we can proctaim to the Nations of the F. irth tin
. completion of oar extended labor* in the announcement
that we hive/.jund nvf nl Iwt the process by which nt h -
may tie easily acquired, and a most extraordinary fact is,
lii.it we give to the world gratis the offspring of those
wearisome researches, which consumed nearly a ijuartrr
of a century in gestation, asking for ourselves for reveal
ing this " Open Sesame" nothing hut the delightful as
surance that mankind wili he at l ist convinced of the
practicability of garnering a GOLDEN HAIt Vi ST thro'
the medium of PYFER Jf CO , the truly foitunule ni i
fir-fained Lottery lirokcis, -Ye 1 Jjgkt ,'trcct, Baliimort,
l.et not a few frowns of Fortune cast you down
Khe were not fortune if she did not frown.
Those who in patieme bear her scorn* aw hite
Are those on whom at last stw tn<rt v ill unfile
Most glorious success: Pyfer A Co. sold and paid last
month a mountain of prize*! Every drawing telis a
cheering tale I Four extra Clerks required to attend to
our correspondent* ! C-Only see this stupendous luck :
#10,00(1, w hole ticket, gent to a Railroad Contractor in
the State of New York. He ordered s Package of Tuk
els, and behold the result : Tor an outlay of #ll2 at Py
fer Sc. Co.'s fir famed office, he realized the mammoth
fortune of #42,500!!! The most successful method to
draw a prize is to purchase a Package ! The experien- <■
ofevery day strengthen* this declaration. Not done yet:
#2O 000, whole ticket, sent to Charleston, 8. C. Two
handsome prizes of #S,OOO sent to N. Carolina. #15,000,
whole ticket sent to Virginia. #9,000, half ticket, sent to !
Pennsylvania #21,000, quarter ticket, sent to Pennsyl
vania. SIO,OOO, quarter ticket, sent to South Carolina.
" No such word as fail," at Pyfer A Co.'s.
Correspondents who visit Baltimore are invited to call
i at our Office, where wc offer ocular demonstration of our
. almost magic luck.
i>Forward your Orders without d< lay :
All Orders strictly confidential at Pyfer Jf Co.'s 1
Date. Capital No. of Price of Price of
Nov. Prizes. Ballots. Tickets Packag's
j 7 #SO,Hi/0 75 No*. 13 drawn #l9 #32 50
8 24,000 70 No*. 13 drawn 5 10 50
9 10,000 fifi No*. 13 drawn 4 11 00
10 50,000 7S No* 10 drawn 15 4."> 00
12 25,000 75 No*. 12 drawn 0 27 50
13 21,000 "5 No*. 12 drawn 5 18 50
11 50,000 78 Nus. 13 drawn 10 32 51'
15 20,000 75 Nos. 12 drawn 5 10 50
Id 20,090 Nus. ! 1 drawn 5 10 50 ,
17 35.000 75 Nog. 13 drawn 10 32 .If '
19 25.000 7* Nov 13 drawn 5 27 50
20 iO.oOO 00 Ni. 10 drawn 5 17 01
21 50,000 75 Nos. 14 drawn 10 .32 Jf
| '22 21,000 78 Nos. 13 drawn 8 lb 51
23 13,000 75 No* It drawn 4 13 OC>
24 05,000 70 Nox. I*2 drawn '2O 70 00 j
20 30,000 75 No*. 15 drawn 10 '25 Ul
27 95,000 78 Nos. 13 drawn 5 Is 50 1
'2O .30,000 78 Nos 13 drawn 10 32 50 j
29 20,000 72 Nos. 11 draw n 5 is 50 i
30 90,000 75 Nos. 14 drawn 5 10 50 j
, 57-The pi ice of Package* of Quarter Tickets only, is !
i advertised above.
OPlcase mail oidera a few days before the Lotteries
: draw.
Letters always strongly enveloped and carefully sealed, j
e>None but the Manager*'printed Drawings sent from i
Every order to Pyfer A Co is answered by return mail
Bank Draft* or Certificates of Deppsit payable HI (fold
at sight, and promptly remitted to any part of the coun- 1
| try for prizes sold at this Agency.
t>Onc package of Tickets may draw Four Capitals!
>Money in any sums however large,can be confident
; ly mailed to the address of Pyfer St (to.
Distant residents throughout the United States, who '
desire an Increase of Fortune, have only to mail an order
for a single ticket or package at the price* set forth in the
ahove Kchedule, nssuoees* must surely crown the resnll
i of all ordeis to the '41(1 Established, Far-famed and Truly r
Lucky Jlousc of
No. I Light si-, Baltimore, Md.,
i November 3, 184# —lm.
YOUNG Hyson, imperial, Sour I ion <r, and .
Oolong. C. L JONGS,
0r27. New Cheap Cash Store.
('<t adits and Can feci io oary,
a LWAYS on hand a good stock at a hole- 1
i\ sa e or retail,
j may 20, 18 49. F.J.HOFFMAN.
\FEW pieces Turk Satin I)a Cliene, 28
. inches wide, selling at only >(1.25 per !
• yuid. Cull and see
Harrisburg Advertisements,
j. m- stsveksoMT, JR.
Groceries* and Ci<jioi*,
Three Doors South of the Old llridgc,
Front Street,
II A It It ISII U liC, ** A .
JJVI. S., for the accommodation of mer
• chants and others in Dauphin, Cumber
land, Franklin, and neighboring cone ties, has
opened an extensive Wholesale Establishment,
for the sale of Groceries and Liquors, as above.
With the co-operation ot a large importing
house in Baltimore, lie will oiler goods here at
the same prices at which they can be purchas
ed in the city, lie respectfully solicits the
favor of a cali from those wishing to purchase,
to satisfy them of his entire ability to sell as
he promises. The attention of landlords is
invited to a lot of choice Liquors, in store and
lor sale at importers' prices.
from a distance promptly filled,
and goods despatched at city prices.
' September 8, IS 19—tf.
Sfi3< EiOEt & SS %. ISISFTi',
(Successors to W. O. Ilickok.and Hickok A ('inline,)
ESlaiik Efiook iTlaitiitiulurcr^
JtfWlWfVl THE SriISCHIKER.S respectfully iti
firm their friends and the public, that they
are now carrying on the ahove business at
the OLD STAND, formerly occupied bv
Hickok A. Catiline, and W. o. Hickok. They flatter
themselves that by careful attention to business they
will merit and still receive a continuance of patronage so
liberally enjoyed by liie old firms.
Particular attention w ill be paid tu the ruling and bind
ing of every description of
For Banks, County Officers, Merchants, and
Private. Individuals ; such as
Discount Ledgers, (Quarter Sessions Dockets,
General do. Judgement, do.
Deed Books, Appearance do.
Check Books, Execution do.
Teller's Statements, Election do.
Ticklers, Orphans' Court do.
Bcratrhers, Naturalization do.
Weekly .Statements, Sheriffs do.
Letter Books, Justices' do.
Cash Hooks, Ad Sectmn Index do.
Copy Hooks, Discount Note Books,
Pass Books, Day Books,
Ledgers, Invoice Books,
Journals, Will Books,
Time Books, Mortgage Hooks,
Bond Books, Minute Books,
Coin mission Books, Miscellaneous Books,
Ami every variety of Full and Half Bound B > ,fcs.
The-, have made arrangements to supply I'rothonota
ries with the new ami approv ed
Old Periodicals, i.f.v i oks, Muic, .\cwi[ta
£LC , bound to am patient and any st>lc r |.urvd
In additi n I ilic above, vv. hav.; and wiil keep at all
times a general assortment of
Letter Paper, Carpenters' Pencils,
Cap do Knives, •
Drawing do. Quills,
Transfer do. Lead Pencils,
Copying do Wafers,
Blotting do. Pealing Wax,
Steel Pens, Red Tape,
States and .Slate Pencils, lilack Ink,
Ink Stands, Red lug,
Letter Stamps, t.'arinine Ink,
Motto Wafers, Blue Ink,
India Rubber, Copying Ink,
Blank Cards, Arnold's \\ riling l-'luid,
Folders, Erasers, Ac., Ac.
A general HMortmfil of PRI NTING I NK, very cheap
I'apcr Killed to I'nllern.
o-VAil work WARRANTED, and dune very CHEAP
Please give us a call.
Il irrishurg, O t tober 2l>, 1849 (it.
TO roi \TIIV nscum.
117K have always on hand a fine Ftork of
T f tht; following artirlcs, which we are
prepared to sell Wholesale, at a small advance
on city rates, having been "well bought? 1 pur
chasing almost strictly tor ('ASH :
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Glass*, Oil, i.c.
Spices; Coffee, Sugar. Tea, &c.
Tobacco and -Segues; Fish and Salt
Nails, and almost every article in Hardware
Saddlery-ware; Candies, Nuts, SLC.
Cotton Lips and Cordage
All kinds of PAPER, and Blank Books
Cooking Stoves; Hats and Caps; Matches.
Lewistown, March 31, l^H).
Ladies' .Sliocs.
A LAUGH stock of the latest style,
coarse and fine shoes for Ladies'
wear, now arranged in the Ladies' Shoe Room,
at C. L. JONGS'
oe'27. New Cheap Cash Store.
Leather, Morocco, and Shot:
Findi ogs.
A large assortment always on hand, and for
1Y sale by
Lewistown, June 23, 1849.
Irisli Linen*.
A LARGE lot bought at a bargain in
J Philadelphia, ami selling hv the
piece or yard at a small advance at
o<*27 New Cheap Cash Store.
Iron ! iron !
VN extensive assortment of all sizes, for
_ „ sale low for cash, by
June 23'49. F. J. HOFFMAN.
SELLING at Jones' at (ty cents, per pound
and quart—also, better quality proportion
ally low. C. L. JONES.
Lewistown, Oct. 27, 1819.
|i~| I || II I YARDS of bleached and
I- "vJII brown Muslin, 4-4 wide and
extra heavy, jest onenintr at the really cheap
October 20, 1>49.
w. 11. IRVVIX,
A TTOItA' r. Y A T r, A If,
HAS resumed the practice ofhis profession
in this and the adjoining counties.
Office at the Banking House of Longeneck
j or, Grubb & Co. Jan. 2(1, 1848—tf.
, A TTOII NE Y A T 1, A W,
Lcwislcwn, Mifflin Connfy, Pa.
OFFICE two doors west of the True Demo
crat Office. Mr. Elder will attend to any
business in the Courts of Centre country.
August 2f>, 1849—tf.
VA/ Q (J 0 2^
Attorney at Law,
Wl 1,1, attend promptly to business entrust
ed to his cure in this and adjoining
counties. Office one door west of the i'ost
Office. June 10, '4O-1 y.
Justice ol'llkc I'cacc,
Ct AN be found nt his office, in the room re-
J cently occupied hy Esquire Kulp, where
lie will attend to all business entrusted to ins
care with the greatest care and despatch.
Lewistown, July 1, 148 —tf.
Samuel Hopper,
Is ready ataii times to build the best Houses,
and can do that very thing.
Residence No. 5 Hale street, Lewistow n.
March 31, l-<4o—tf
ESoot iV Shoe .fit'ikiuf udurcr
C CONTINUES to manufacture, to order,
J every description of HOOTS AND
SHOES, on the most reasonable terms.—
Having competent workmen in hisempioyand
using good stock, his customers, as well asaiJ
others, may rely upon getting a good article,
well made and neatly finished.
January 22,1848 —tf.
Boalsburg, Centre <o. F;i.
£ 4 ARDENERS and orchardists who desire j
VA to plant only the very best kinds of hardy !
fruits, are respectfully inlormed that tliey can
obtain trees here of all the most estimable va
rieties, including all those which have received j
the especial sanction of the American Congress
of Fruit Growers. (N. Y., Oct. I^4*.)
The TREES offered this season arc of beau- j
tiful appearance, extra 6ize, (except
ing a few new rare sons) and from '
the elevated locality in which the j
Nursery is established, have all the j
essential advantages of hardiness and early \
maturity, for which trees grown at the north
have been deservedly preferred.
The advantages possessed here are being
improved to the utmost, with the view ot mak
ing this Nursery, in merit, second to none in
the Ftato. Every tree is indelibly marked
arid warranted correct. They will be deliv
ered in Lewistown or at intermediate places
at the low catalogue prices, and warranted
sound on delivery. If to be shipped, they will |
be well packed for the purpose at a moderate I
It is advised that orders be sent direct to the j
Nursery, in preference to purchasing illy as- ,
sorted trees, from ofteu irresponsible dealers,
at high prices. Such orders, if received in
lime, have the first attention.
Season for fall planting, October 20.
A choice collection of the most admired or
namental plants, vines, evergreens, Sic. has
been added to the Nursery Catalogues, sent to
all post paid applicants.
Boalsburg, July 7, 1849 —tf. [ Dem. copy
Tint Franklin Fire Insurance
Fouip;v*i)' at I*liil.Klrlplra, j
OFFICE, No. 1034 Ctiesmit street, near Fifth street.
Charle* X. llanckcr, G.uirge W. Richard,.,
Thomas Hart, Mordccai 1). Lewis,
Tobian Wajner, Ailolphe E Boris,
Samuel Grant, David S. Brown,
Jacob R. Smith, Morris Patterson.
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited, on ,
every description of property in town and country, at i
rates as low as ore consistent with security.
The Company have reserved a large Contingent Fund, j
which with their Capital and Premiums, safely invested, '
affords ample protection to the assured.
The assets of the Company, on January Ist. 1848, as
published agreeably to an Act of Assembly, were as fob j
lows, vi/.:
Mortgages, $890,556 65
Real Estate, 196,356 90
Temporary Loans, 121,450 00
Storks, 51,563 25
Cash, it. 45,157 67
$ 1,220,007 67
Since their incorporation, a period ofeightcen years, ;
they have paid upwards of one million two hundred thov
•tomt dollar at losses by lire, thereby affording evidence of
the advantages of insurance, as will as the ability and i
Imposition to meet with promptness all liabilities.
CHARLES N. BANCKER, president. j
CiiAßtEa G. Hanckeh, Sicretary,
For teiins upply to It. C. IIALE, Lewis
town. Api 4—ly.
DISI'GK, ITlcdiciiirs, Ac,
mw OILS, FAINTS, dec.
PURE WHITE LEAD, at 82 per Keg
For sale bv
Lewistown, June 23, 1849.
FOR Men ant! Boys, a large assortment at
reduced prices. O. L. JONES,
0c27. Aeu> Cheap Cash Store.
| jatsctnautotts.
Take a little Rum,
The less you take the better,
Mix it with the lakes
Of Wenner and Wetter.
Dip a spoonful out —
Mind you don't get tcrosc?Y —
Pour it in the lake'
. Winnipiseoga.
Stir the mixture well,
it prove inferior,
Then put half a drop
Into lake Superior.
Every other day-
Take a drop, in water ;
You'll be better soon—
Or at least you ougbt'er.
Take some Calomel,
The more you take the better,
Mix it with a drop
Or two of cistern water.
Feed some to your dog,
It will make him vomit,
And, may be, see stars,
And perhaps a comet.
Once in each half hour,
Take a rousing potion ;
Say a tumbler full,
If that suits your notion.
Should you chance to die,
As you're almost sure to,
You may safely swear
That it did uot cure you.
Take a linen sheet,
The bigger 'tis the better,
Wrap yourself up well,
And plunge into the water.
Any water'Jl do—
Oroton, sea or cistern,
Each should make his choice
Of what best suits his turn.
When you're fairly soaked,
If you don't feel better,
Take a copious shower bath
And get a little wetter.
Touch no wine nor gin,
But gallons of cold water;
You'il be better soon—
If you ain't you ougbt'er.
Take some No. 6,
The more you take the better,
A lump or two of sugar,
An ounce of cayenne pepper.
Make a tea of herbs,
Add lobelia to it,
With such other things
As you think will do it.
Steam yourself right well,
But take no time to think;
Pour the hot stuff'down
As fast as you can drink.
If this you will but do,
You surely will get hotter;
Or perhaps you'll die,
But of that—no matter.
Get a pile of rocks,
Or bricks, if nothing better,
Heat them hissing hot,
And yourself with pepper.
Put them in a basin,
I'ndernealh a chair,
Wrap a blanket round you,
To exclude the air.
Pour some water 011 them,
And Composition down
Your throat, to start the canker,
And do disease up brown.
Of lobelia take a potion,
Wind up with No. 6,
A crisis follows motion.
And you're shortly in a fix.
Take of Brandreth's pills,
A twenty-five cent box,
And ofTownsend's Sarsaparilla
Enough to kill an ox.
Before you go to bed,
Eat a quart of Salmagundi,
And on the top of this
Take a dose of alicomfundy.
Every night and morning,
Drink a pint of brandy,
Sweeten, if you please.
With a stick of Cough Cure Candy.
Then add to the above
A pail of Quacknip tea,
Then if you are not dead,
You surely ought to be.
Take the open air,
The more you take the better,
Follow nature's laws
To the very letter.
Let the Doctors go
To the bay of Biscay,
Let alone the Gin,
The Brandy aud the Whiskey.
Freely exercise.
Keep your spirits cheerful,
Let no dread of sickness
Make you over fearful.
Eat the simplest food,
Drink the pure cold water,
Then you will be well.
Or at least you ougbt'er.
There is nothing, purer than honesty ;
nothing sweeter than charity ; nothing
warmer than love ; nothing brighter than
virtue ; and nothing more steadfast than
faith. These united in otic mind, form the
purest, the sweetest, the richest, the bright
est, and the most steadfast happiness.
Earthly tilings are essentially of a muta
ble character. Empires arise, and as time
speeds on they attain their meridian strength
and influence, then decay. Change is
written on the face of universal nature ; and
man himself from the cradle to the grave
is subject to the same law.
l\'w Serifs—Vol. 4-I\o. ft.
Tbe Mile's Inilurnec ni her Husband's
j A woman has her husband's fortune; in
• her power, because she may, or she may
not, as she pleases, conform to his circum
stances. This is Iter first duty, and it ought
|to he her pride. \o passion for luxury or
display ought for a moment to tempt her to
; deviate in the least decree from this line of
i conduct. Si e y/p] find her respectability
iin i:. An;, other course is wretchedness
itself, and inevitably leads lo ruin. Noth
j ing can fie more miserable than the struggle
to keep up appearance. If itcouid succeed
j it would cost more than it is worth ; as it
I never can, its failure involves the deepest
I mortification. Some of the sublimest ex
hibition-. of human virtue have been made
i by women, who have been precipitated
i suddenly from wealth and splendor to ab
| solute want.
\ Then a man's fortunes are in a manner
j in the hands of his wife, inasmuch as his
' own power of exertion depends on her—
his moral strength inconceivably increas
ed by her sympathy, her counsel his aid.
j She can aid him immensely by relieving
j him of every care which she is capable of
taking upon herself. His own employ
ments are usually such as to require his
whole time and his whole mind. A good
wife will never suffer her husband's atten
j tion to he distracted by details to w hieh her
!own time and talents are adequate. If
she he prompted by true affection and
good sense she will perceive when his
| spirit is borne down and overwhelmed,
i She, of all human beings, can best minister
jto its needs. For the sick soul her nursing
I is quite as sovereign, as it is for corporeal
j ills. If it he weary, in her assiduity it
! finds repose and refreshment. If it be ha
; rassed and worn to a morbid irritability,
her gentle tones steal over it with a sooth
ing more potent than lite most exquisite
music. If every enterprise be dead, and
hope itself almost extinguished, her pa
tience and fortitude have the power to re
i kindle them in the heart, and he again goes
j forth to renew the encounter with the toils
and troubles of life.
' My wife has made my fortune,' said
a gentleman of great possessions, 4 by her
thrift, prudence, and cheerfulness, when I
was just beginning."
4 And mine has lost my fortune,' an
swered his companion bitterly, 4 by useless
extravagance, and repining when I was
doing well.'
What a world does this open of the in
fluence which a wife possesses over the
! future prosperity of her family ! Let the
I wife know her influence, and try to use it
wisely and well.
j It is not what we earn, but what we
I save, that makes us rich. It is not what
i we eat. but what we digest, that makes us
; fat. It is not what we read, but what we
; remember, that makes us learned. All
| this is very simple, but we all well know
I it is worth remembering.
i The St. Louis Reveille is publishing a
tale, purporting to give some adventures in
the city life of a young physician, from
which we take take the following extract:
V snow having fallen, the young folks
of the \ illagc got up a grand sleighing party
to a country tavern at some distance ; and
the interesting Widow Lambkin sat in the
same sleigh, under the same buflalo robe
with myself.
4 Oh, oh— don't!' she exclaimed, as we
came to the first bridge, catching me by the
arm, and turning Iter veiled face toward me,
wlule her little eyes twinkled through the
gauze, in the moonlight.
• Don't what V 1 asked ; 4 I'm not doing
4 \\ ell, but I thought you were going to
take toll,' replied Mrs. Lambkin.
4 Toll ?' 1 rejoined. 4 What's that ?'
4 Now, do tell !' exclaimed the widow,
her clear laugh ringing above the music of
the bells. 4 Dr. Mellows pretends he don't
know what toll is !'
4 Indeed 1 don't then,' I said, laughing
in turn.
• Don't know that the gentlemen, when
they go a sleighing, claim a kiss, as toll,
w lien they cross a bridge ! Well I never.'
But shall 1 tell all \ The struggles of
the widow to hold her veil were not sufii
eient to tear it, and somehow, when the
veil was removed her face was turned di
reetly towards my own, and the liorsc
i trotting on of himself, the toll was taken
I for the first time in the life of Dr. Mellow*.
Soon we came to a long bridge, hut the
u idow said it was 4 no use to resist,' and she
paid up as we reached it.
4 But you won't take toll for every span,
w ill you, doctor ?' she asked. To which
the only reply was a practical negative to
the question.
The old phrase of 44 whipping the d—l
round a stump," has become obsolete.—
Scholastic men say "flagellating the ven
erable Nicholas round the remnant of a
The latest way of popping the question
we have heard of is, to ask the lair lady,
4 if yon shall have the pleasure ot seeing
her at the ministers.'