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    Vol XX XV.—Whole i\o. 18lo.
Rates of Advertising.
One square, 18 lines, I 2 squares, G nios. $5.00
1 time 50 | " 1 year 8.00
2 times 75 column, 3 mos. 6.00
" 3 ♦ 1.00 • C " 10.00
1 mo. 1.25 14 1 year 15.00
3 14 2.50 1 column, 3 mos. 10.00
44 6 44 4.00 44 6 44 15.00
44 1 year 6.00 44 1 year 25.00
C squares, 3 times 2.00 Notices before mur
-44 3 mos. 3.50 riages, &c. $l2.
Communications recommending persons for
office, must be paid in advance at the rate of
25 cents per square.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Mzm i co.
Commission Merchants,
ind all descriptions of Country Produce,
Between Race and Cherry,
Respectfully solicit a share of the business
from this vicinity, and refer to
Messrs. Loauenecker, Gkibd IT Co., Bankers.
W. RUSSELL, Esq., Cashier, Lewistown.
E. E. LOCKE, Esq , Mifflin county.
R. J. Ross. Esq., Cashier, ) ,
Messrs. FUNK &l MILLER, { Hurruburg.
SAMUEL JOHNSON, Esq., Marietta, Lancaster
county, Pa.
CEO. M. Troutman, Cashier, of]
Western Bank, r L -i , i
Messrs. JAS. J. DUNCAN &. Co., j" 1 u!a ' le ' a "
and Merchants generally, J
October 6, 1849—6 m.*
MR, J IMS k CO.,
Commission Merchants,
For the Sale of Produce in
Broad, above Arch, West side,
Iron received and delivered to any part of the
City, or shipped as may be directed.
REPER to —
SUEM ZOOK, Esq., Mifflin county.
JOSEPH Millikkn, Lewistown.
WILUAM RUSSELL, Esq , Cashier of tire De
posit and Discount Bank, Lewistown.
J. XV. WEIR, Cashier of the Harrisburg Bank.
Townsend HAINES, Esq., Secretary of the
Commonwealth ofPenn'a.
G. M. T ROUT* an, Esq., Cashier of the West
em Bank, Philadelphia.
MORRIS PATTERSON &. Co.. Merchants, V G-
Jacob LEX &. SON, do. £ -W" ET
JOHN M. KENNEDY &. Co., do. )
September 22. 1849— 4 2m.*
T.'IIS new and valuable medicine, now used by the
•*- medical profession with such astonishing efficacy in
the cure of
Pulmonary Consumption, Scrofula, Chro
nic Rheumatism, Gout, General De
bility, Complaints of the Kid
neys, Spc., Sfc.,
is prepared from the liver of the Cod Fish for medical
use, expressly for our sales.
{Extract from the London .Mtduul Journal )
C. J 11 Upturns, M. !>., F. R 3., Professor of Medi
cine in Ltijversity College, London, Consulting I'hysi
cisu to the Hospital for consumption, dec., says: I have
prescribed the Oil in above four hundred cases of tubercu
unease of the Lungs, in different stages, which have
h*en tinder my care the last two years and a half. In
• - ie large number of cases, 206 out 0f234, us use was fol
-Jwed hy marked and unequivocal improvement, varying
•*> d- gree in different cases, from a temporary retarda
tan of the progress of the disease and a mitigation of dis
■'ssii-.g symptoms, up to a more or less complete restor
to apparent health.
V he effect of the Cod Liver Oil In most of these cases
sis v. ry remarkable. Even in a few days the cough
mitigated, the expectoration diminished in quantity
'id opacity, the night sweats ceased, the pulse became
' ower, and of better volume, and the appetite, (lesli and
strength were gradually improved.
"In conclusion, I repeat that the pure fresh oil from
e L ; ver of the Cod is more beneficial in the treatment
''Pulmonary Consumption than any Bgcut, medicinal,
dietetic or regimenal, that has yet been employed"
•V vr have made arrangement* to procure the Cod I.ever
fr'ih from head quarters, it tan now be had chemically
ly the single bottle, or in boxes of one doten each.
Its wonderful efficacy has induced numerous spurious
"*"t.Uhns. As its success depends entirely 011 its purity,
•- 1 much care cannot be used in procuring it genuine.
Kerry bottle having on it our written signature may It
■ tended upon a* genuine.
Pamphlets containing an analysis of the Oil, with no
-s of it from Medical Journals, will be sent to those
address us free of postage.
Wholesale Druggists and Chemists.
100 North Third Atreet, Philadelphia.
V*v.bef 13, 18PJ-W
GEORGE 111:11.1s.
Wholesale Commission Ageut,
F I S If,
No. r> 1 North Wliarve*,
Ahove llace street, Philadelphia.
''' •■x'isrjjrhta, April 21, IH4D —ly
* AP E 1! ! pA P B I
Punk tin ft, Between Market and
Cliesnut, and 2d and 'Ad streets,
fu 1L sDBI- P n Id.
| ■ • ocr.th-f* beg leave to call the attention of coun
> in their assortment of papers, embracing
. •'••h-tei.t v^riciie of Priiiling, Hardware, Writing,
lid ' :i: "' papers, Tissue papers white
| ii-q cohifs, also Bonnet and lix Hards, tec.
''"''S®#*'! in the manufacture of printing papers,
I r.,4r,t front printers for any given size,
I y (i ' tarnished at short notice, and at fair prices
"<-t price, either {„ cash or trade paid for Rags.
p.,, flunk otieit, Philadelphia.
Uk *",U: 1 > I
JKMBymB® i-SJiD jysrss&ssaian® s&ir ©is@ia©i2 imir6sssy®ais mmrssTsmns-, wmewss <o<mmFs 9 •&£_>
| The Girard Life Insurance Annuity and Trust
)' • Company of Philadelphia,
3 Office No. !i>9 Cliesnut Street.
Capital $300,000.
Charter Perj etual.
GONTINUE to make Insurances on Lives on the most
G favorable terms; receive and execute Trusts, ami
receive Deposits on Interest.
The Capital being paid np and invested, together w ilh
f accumulated premium fund, affords a perfect security to
the insured. The premium may be jatrt in yearly, half
yearly, or quarterly payments.
The Company add a BONDS at stated periods to the
insurances for life. This plan of insurance is the most
approved of, and is more generally in use than any other
in Great Britain, (where the subject is best uudersiondby
the people, and where they have hud the longest experi
ence,) as appears from the fact that out of 117 Life Insu
i ranee Companies there, of all kinds, 87 are on this plan.
The first BONUS was appropriated in December, 1811,
amounting to 10 per cent, on the sum insured under the
j oldest policies ; to 8j per cent., 71 per cent. 4tc., &c., on
others, in proportion to the time of standing, making an
| addition of *100; $87.50; $75, Sec., Ac., to every $lOOO,
originally insured, which is an average of more than 50
per cent, on the premiums paid, and without increasing
the annuni payment to the company.
The operation of the Bonus will be seen hy the follow
ing examples from the Life Insurance Register of the
• Company, thus :
| Sum j Bonus or Amount of Policy and
I Policy. Insured. Addition. Bonus payable at the
party's decease.
j No. 56 *l,OOO #i0(l 00 $l,lOO 00
44 66 2,500 250 00 2,750 00
" 205 4.000 400 00 4,100 00
•' 276 2,000 175 00 2,175 00
44 33 3 5,P00 427 50 5,137 50
■ O Pamphlkts containing the table of rates,'and ex
planations of the subject; Forms of Application, and
further information can be had at the office, gratis, in
person or byletter.adJressedtothe President or Artuarx
B. W. RICHARDS, President. '
JNO. F. JAMES, Actuary. [ap2B:lv
Lord, Taylor & Co.,
No. 208 Chcsnut street, Philadelphia,
TI AVE now on hand, just received direct from the man
, ufacturers, a full assortment of
SHAWLS, Jfc., (fc.
The colors and designs being of their otvn selecting,
and entirely theirs.
tlie different makes of Domestic Goods constantly on
hand, wholesale and retail.
L., T A Co. sever denote from fret price.
>\Ve are daily receiving goods from the New York
Auctions. [Sept. 29, 1849—2 m.
Wholesale Boot, Shoe and Bonnet Warehouse,
< IVo. 136 North. Third street, opposite the
Eagle Hotel, Philadelphia,
T6 now receiving about 3000 C -ASKS FRESH FALL
j I- GOODS, direct from the manufacturers, suchas Men's
• and Roys' THICK KIP and CALF BOOTS and BRO
GANS, Youth's and Children's BOOTS and BROGANB,
with a great variety e>f Women's LACE BOOTS and
' SHOES, both City and Eastern manufacture. This stock
is got up expressly for Country Trade, and will be sold
i cheap.
3> MERCHANTS are invited io call and examine.
Philadelphia, August 18,1619 3m,
Muffs, Boa*, Victoria*, and
Fur Trimming*.
M. D. C O II E X,
VI r OI LD most respectfully call the attention of all per
sons in want of any article in the Fancy Fur busi
ness, that he has now ready a splendid assortment of the
above mentioned articles, made of every description of
Furs, and in the great variety of shapes that are now
fashionable, which he offers to sell at very reasonable
profits, at his FUR STORE, No. 52 North .Second street,
! (two doors below Arch st.) Philadelphia
Merchants purchasing to sell again, would find it con
siderably to their advantage to call and examine his stock
and judge for themselves before purchasing elsew here.
o>The full market price always given for SA'/.VSof j
( every description.
The store is always closed on Saturdays
JYo 52 -V. %! St., (tico doors bsloio Arch) Pkilada.
| September 15, 1849—3 m.
J-'* SHAD Constantly on
SALMON hand AT for sale hy
PORK J Market Street
! HAMS & SIDES Wharf,
LARD AT CHEESE J Sept. 8, 1849-3 M.
The Great China Store
fpHANKFUI. to the citizens of Lewistown and its vi- f
unity for their increased custom, we again request ;
ihetr company to view our large and splendid assortment j
!of China, Glaus and Queensware. Dinner seta, tea
; sets, toilet sets, and single pieces, either of Glass, China I
j or Stone Ware, sold in quantities to suit purchasers, for j
| less than they can he had elsewhere—ln fact at less than
wholesale prices. American and English BRITTAJfIA !
METAL GOODS, in greater variety than ever before
off-red in the city. Fancy China in great variety, very
cheap. e> We would invite any pprson visiting the city j
to call and rer us—they will at least he pleased to walk !
around our beautiful store, and to view the finest China
and the cheapest the world produces Very respectfully,
No. 219 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
September 22, leiH- ly.
\V LI OICS aI c <SG Retail
Vo. 238 Market street, nhove Si cenlli. South iielt,
t I.TIIOI'GII we ran scarcely estimate the value of
TIME commercially, yet by calling at the above es
tablishment, Jamko BAftnen will furnish bis friends,
among whom he includes all who duly appreciate its >
fieofiiess, with a beautiful and perfect Index fur marking ;
its progress, of whose value they CAN judge
His extensive stock on hand, constantly changing in i
conformity to the Improvements in taste and style of
P ut!erH a, " t workmanship, consists of Eight day
jZffKand 'Thirty-hour Brass Counting House, Parlor,
g& t .yjyl tiL Church, and Alarm CLOCKS, French, Go- i
thic and other fancy styles, as well as plain, j
which from his extensive connection and correspondence .
with the manufacturers tie finds he can put at the lowest |
cash figure, in any quantity, from one to a thousand, of ;
which he will warrant the accuracy
6> Clocks repaired and warranted Clock Trimmings
on hand
CALL and see me among them.
JAMES BARBER. 238 Market st. I
Philadelphia, August :9, 1649- ly.
| 7
No. 52 £ Chestnut Street, above Second,
fllilE subscriber respectfully solicits public attention to
J- his superior and tasteful stock of
i Pocket Books, Pocket Knives, and
Banker's Cases, Cutlery,
Hill Hooks, Cold Pens and Pencils,
Dressing Cases, tSepar Cases,
Card Cases, Chess Men,
Port Monaies, Back Gammon Boards,
Purses, Dominoes, Ike , &c.
His assortment consists of the most fashionable and
I modern stvles, of the finest quality and excellent work
manship, embracing every desirable fancy pattern, which
he will at all times be prepared to exhibit and furnish
wholesale or retail on the most pleasing terms.
B>Purchasers who desire to supply themselves with
articles of the best quality will consult their own inter
ests by calling at this establishment
Pocket Book Manufacturer, 52J Chestnut Street.
August 25, 1819—bin.
Sign of the Golden Eagle, So, 131) tjf- 113,
South Second street, below Dock street,
! T/"EEPS always on hand a large and fashionable assort
! 1- iiient of W IDE and NaKIIOW SI.Al' W INDOW'
BI.INDS, manufactured in the best manner, of the best
materials, and at the lowest cash prices.
Having re.titted and enlarged his establishment, he is
' prepared to complete order i to any amount at the shortest
notice. Constantly on hand an assortment of
Afaliouany rumiCm<>,
> of every variety, manufactured expressly for las own
gales, and purchasers may therefore rely on a good article.
05- Open in the evening
♦** Orders from a distance packed carefully, and sent
free of porterage, to any part of the city
11. CLARK.
Philadelphia, August 18, 1849 ly.
Willow A5 W'oodpii W are,
Importer of French Baskets, Looking
(Basses and Fancy (roods,
Between Market aud Arch Sts , under .1 Sidney Jones'
t Carpet Warehouse, two doors below Christ Church,
j eitiLAncLPHiA,
lIAS on hand and is constantly receiving a largp and
j * * extensive assortment of Combs, Brushes, Fancy
Goods of every description, (too numerous to mention,)
Looking Glasses of gilt and mahogany frames. Baskets,
Coaches, Chairs, Sec , Sec
Shaker's Eastern Wisp and Country Brooms, Win
j dow Blinds, Door Mats, Tubs, Buckets, Churns, Wash
: boards—in fact. Wooden and Willow Ware of every de
scription, all of which will be sold low for CASH or city
I acceptance.
MERCHANTS would save themselves much time and
, trouble, by calling and examining my stock before pur
N B Looking Glasses are insured against breakage to
1 all parts of the Union, without extra charge.
Philadelphia, August 23, 1649—3tn
Agent for the sale of Southworth Manufac
turing Company's Writing Papers.
Warehouse V. II Minor St.,
I 100 cases of the above superior Papers now in store,
and for sale to the trade at the lowest market prices,con
sisting in part of—
Fine thick Flat Caps, 12, 11, 15 and 16 lbs , blue and
Superfine Medium and Demi Writings, blue and white.
Extra super and superfine Eolio Posts, blue and white,
plain and ruled
Extra super Linen Note Papers, plain and gilt
Superfine and fine Bill Papers, long and broad
Superfine and fins Counting House Cap. and Posts,
blue and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, plainand iul"d
blue and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, gilt.
Superfine Sermon Caps and Posts.
Superfine blue linen thin Letters.
Extra super Bath Posts, blue and white, plain and
; ruled
Embroidered Note Papers and Envelopes.
"Lawyer's" Brief Papers
Superfine and fine Caps and Posts, ruled and plain, i
blue and white, various qualities and prices.
Also, 1000 reams white and assorted Shoe Papers, Bon
net Boards, white and assorted Tissue, Tea, Wrapping, j
Envelope, assorted and blue Mediums, Cap wrappers,
Hardware Papers, Ac.
Philadelphia June 30, 1849—t>m
Philadelphia Medical House,
l5 years ago, hy Dr. KINKELIN. The j
*-* oldest, surest and best hand to cure all forms of secret !
diseases of the skin, and solitary habits of youth, is DR !
KINKLLIN. Northwest corner of THIK D and UNION !
Streets, between Spruce and Pine,a square and-a half i
from the Exchange, Philadelphia.
There Is a habit which boys teach each other at the
Academy or College—a habit indulged in when hy him
self, in solitude, growing up with the boy to manhood;
fewofthose who indulge in this |iernick)im practice are
aware of the consequences until they find the nervous
system shattered, feel strange and unaccountable feel
ings, vague fears in the mind. The individual becomes
feeble, he it-unable to labor with accustomed vigor, or
to apply his mind to study; Ma step is tardy and weak,
lie Is dull irresolute.
Persons of all apes ran now judge what is the cause of
their declining liealtn, losing Ihelr vigor, becoming w aak,
pate and emaciated.
Let no false modesty deter you from matting your rase i
known to one w ho, from education and respectability, j
can alone befriend you. He who places himself under j
Dr. Kinkelin's treatment, may religiously confide in his j
honor as a gentleman, and in whose bosom will be for
ever locked the secret of the patient.
Thousands have been restored to health, from the de
vastation- of those terrific maladies by lis. KinKKLand,
German Physician
warded, by sending a remittance, and put up secure from
OPost-paID I.r.TTERs answered forthwith.
Philadelphia, January 27, 1849—1y.
Leather, Morocco, and Shoe j
A lurgt assortment always on hand, and for j
JjL sale by
Lewistown, June 23, 1849.
Candies and Confectionary.
A LVaYS on hand a good stock at whole-
J\- sale or retail,
may 26, 1849. F. J. HOFFMAN. I
Baltimore Advertisements.
University of Maryland
SESSION OF 1819-'5O.
rjMIE LECTURES will commence on MON-
L IM\ , 29th October, ami continue until tbe
: 15th of March, ensuing.
Chemistry and Pharmacy—WlLLlAM E. A.
AIKEN, M. I).. L. Jj. 1). '
Therapeutics, Materia Medica and Hygiene—
Anatomy and Physiology—JOSEPH ROBY,
M. IJ.
Theory and Practice of Medicine—WlL-
Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Chil
dren— RICHARI) H. THOMAS, M. I).
Lecturer on Pathology and Demonstrator of
Instruction in Ciintca! Medicine and Clinical
j Surgery every day at the Baltimore Infirmary,
opposite the Medical College. The rooms for
practical anatomy will be opened October Ist,
tinder the charge of the demonstrator. Fees
| for tbe entire course $9O. Comfortable board
may be obtained in the vicinity of the Medical
College, for $2,50 to $3,50 per week.
Dean of tbe Faculty.
Sept. 15, 1849.—3 m.
Candy sr2oo per hundred ibs.
No. 20 Light street, Baltimore, Md.
A I ICRCHANTS and the public, wishing articles in the
*" Confectionary line, are res|>eclfully invited to give
me a call. The subscriber takes pleasure in being able
to offer a greater variety in his line than can be had at
; any other establishment in (be city, and at prices which
cannot fail to please. 111-slock comprises every article
in the line, such as CA.YIJY of three hundred different
patterns and flavors; with a general assortment of For
eign and Domestic Frvit, .Vuts, Preserves, Pirkles, A-c.
Much pleasure will he taken to show my stock and prices
j to dealers ; also, persons at a distance wishing informa
tion, by addressirn; the undersigned , will be forwarded a
list of articles with the prices annexed. All goods ship
ped free of charge, tstrnt attention paid to packing, &c.
September 22, 1649—2 m.
A T 7 O R N E Y A T L A W,
Lewistown, Mifflin Counly, Pa.
OFFICE two doors west of the True Demo
crat Office. Mr. Elder w ill attend to any
business in the Courts of Centre country.
I August 25, 1849—tf.
Attorney at Law,
A\f ILL attend promptly to businessentrust-
Tf ed to bis care in this and adjoining
counties. Office one door west of the Post
Office. June 16, '49-1 y.
w. If. 11* WIN,
H AS resumed the practice ofhis profession
. in this and the adjoining counties.
Office at the Banking House of LongenecL
er, Grubb & Co. Jan. 20, 184S —if.
Justice ol* tlie Peace,
CA AN be found at his office, in the room re-
J cently occupied by Esquire Ku!p, where
he will attend to all business entrusted to hia
care with tlie greatest care and despatch,
liewistown, July 1, I*G9—tf.
Samuel ,
Is ready at all times to build the best Houses,
| and can do that very thing.
Residence No. f> Hale street, Lewistown.
March 31, 1849-tf
Root A Shoe Haniilaeturei*
CONTINUES to manufacture, to order,
every description of BOOTS AND
SHOES, on tlie most reasonable terms.—
Having competent workmen in hisemployand
using good stock, his customers, as well as all
others, may rely upon getting a good article,
well made and neatly finished.
January 22,1848—tf.
The Franklin Fire liiNtiranec
Company of Pliilurfrlpliia,
OFFICE, No. 163j Cbesnut street, near Fifth street.
Charles N. Bancker, George \V. Kit-hard?,
Thomas Hart, Morderai D Lew is,
Tobias Wagner, Adolphe E. Borie,
Samuel Grant, David S. Brown,
Jacob It. Smith, Morris Patterson.
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited, on j
every description of property in town and country, at !
rates as low us are consistent with security.
The Company have reserved a large Contingent Fund, j
which with their Capital and Premiums, safely invested,
affords ample protection to the aasured
The assets of the Company, on January Ist. 1848, as !
published agreeably to an Art of Assembly, were as fol- ;
lows, viz: I
Mortgages, #890.556 65
Real Estate, 1(18,358 90
Temporary Loans, 121,459 00
Storks, 51,563 25
Cash, Are. 45,157 87
#1,220,097 67
Since their incorporation, a period ofvighteen years, ,
they have paid upwards of one million tiro hundred thou- j
sand dollars losses by fire, thereby affording evidence of j
the advantages of insurance, as well as the ability and j
imposition to meet with promptness all liabilities.
CltxuuEs G. BaMCKER, Secretary.
For terms apply to R. C. HALE. Lewis
town. p!4—ly.
Iron ! iron !
AN extensive assortment of all sizes, tor
sale low for cash, by
June23'49. P. J. HOFFMAN.
[This is a song by a young Southern lady of
j eighteen, which some one will yet set to music,
i and thus give it the wings of perpetual recur
rence, which it well deserves.— Editors Home
{ Journal.}
I think of thee!—those orbs that roll
In yon soft sky so blue and bright,
Bring nightly to my pensive soul
One heavenly dream of lost delight.
At eve the stars come back to heaven,
And sparkle happier than before;
To me, alas ! no joy is given ;
I weep to think thou'lt come no more.
I hate the songs I sung of old,
Though they were dearest then to me ;
I cannot bear the world so cold,
Should hear those songs I sung for thee.
When summer's fled the earth is lone,
The wild bird's silver note is o'er,
( And thus with me when thou art gone,
1 weep to think thou'lt corne no more.
Roll on, resistless time! Thy wing
Shall never change the spirit's bliss,
And if I could , I would not fling
Away a dream of love like this.
Yet when rny shattered bark hath passed
The waves of life's dark ocean o'er,
If thou, loved one, art found at last
In heaven, I'll rest and weep no more.
JW foc ell unio u%.
the lofty and divine hopes that the belief in
immortality opens to us. One of the pur
est of these is an expectation of a more en
tire intelligence—of the great gift of con
versing with all who have lived before us
—of questioning the past ages and unra
velling their dark wisdom. How much in
every man's heart dies away unutlered !
How little of what the sage knows, does
the sage promulgate ! How rr.anv chords
of the lyre within the poet's heart have
been dumb in the world's ear ! All this
untold, uncommunicated, undreamed of
hoard of wisdom and harmony, it may be
the privilege of our immortalit}' to learn.
The best part of genius the world often
, knows not the Plato buries much of his
; loro within his cave—and this, the High
L'uknown, is our heritage. With these
thoughts, how easy it is for the parting
soal to beautify and adorn Death ! With
how many garlands we can hang the tomb !
INay, if wo begin betimes, we can learn
to make the prospect of the grave the
most seductive of human visions—by little
and little we wean from its contemplation
all that is gloomy and ab!iorrent--by little
and little we hive therein all the most
pleasing of our dreams. As the neglected
genius whispers to his muse, 4 Posterity
shall know thee, and thou shalt live when
1 am no more, we find in this hallowed
and all promising future a recompense for
every disappointment in the present. It is
the belief of the Arabs, that to the earliest
places of human worship there clings a
guardian sanctity—there the wild bird
rests not, there wild beasts may not wan
der ; it is the blessed spot on which the
eye of Cod dwells and which man's best
memories preserve. As with the earliest
place of worship, so it is with the latest
haven of repose—as wiih the spot where
our first imperfect adoration was offered
up, our first glimpses af divinity indulged,
so should it be with that where our full
knowledge of the Arch-Cause begins, and
we ran pour foith a gratitude no longer
clouded by the troubles end cares of the
earth. Surely if any spot in the world be
sacred, it is tli-it in which griefceases, and
from which, if the hatinonies of creation, !
if the voice within our hearts, if the impul
ses which made man so easy a believer in
the revelation, if these mock and foul us j
not with an everlasting lie, we spring upon j
the untiring wings of a pacgless and ser- j
nphic life—those whom we loved around
us ; the aspirings that we nursed, fulfilled ;
our natuie, universal intelligence ; our at- j
rnosphere, eternal love !'
Making Love to the Wrong Person.
A Ciocinnali paper is responsible for
(ho following:
A young gentleman who had bocn pay- ;
ing his addresses in propria persona to a j
young lady in the city, left a few mouths
ago and went down the river on business. I
A correspondence was immediately opened J
between the enamoured pair, and after ex- :
changing several letters, the young lady !
was mortified to find that her letters were ;
unanswered, and consequently she ceased i
writing. But the real secret of her not I
receiving letters, was the fact that another
young lady of the same name, supposing '
they were intended lor her, took them
from the office and opened a correspoa- j
dence with her proxy lover. Some two |
months pusscd away, when the young man
wound up by n direct proposal and insist
ed on an immediate answer, averring at i
the same lime that he thought the tone of
her letters very different from those re
ceived when he first left Cincinnati, and )
upbraided his fair love with inconstancy. ;
This last epistle was too much fur our ro
manlic incognito, and being conscience
smitten for the part she had been acting,
and fully persuaded that some oilier lady j
had been pining for the man she was
wooing, sought her out and delivered up
the letters to the rightful owner. The
mitlei was speedily arranged, and the re- i
al lovers have since become united in the ;
bonds of wedlock.
I\cw Scries—Vol. 4—l So. 1.
IM: DEVIL'S FHTlT. —Potatoes were
first introduced at Moscow by Mr. Row
| land, about sixty years ago. At first the
people would neither plant or tourh then>,
saying they were the devil's fruit, given to
hirn upon complaining to God that he had
j no fruit, when he was told to search in the
earth for som°, which he did, and found
potatoes. A curious Berwickshire legend,
which, however, is palpably anachronical,
attributes the introduction of potatoes into
Scotland to that famous wizard of the north,
Sir Michael ScotJ. The wizard and the
devil being in partnership, took a lease of
a farm upon the Mcrtoun estates, called
) Whitehouse. The wizard was to manage
the farm ; the devil advanced the capital.
The produce was to be divided as follows
—the first year Sir Michael was to have
all that grew above the ground and his
i partner all that grew below, the second
year their shades were to be just the op
posite way. His Satanic majesty, as is
usual in such cases, was fairly overreached
in the bargain; for the wizard cunningly
| sowed all the land the first year with
wheat, and planted it with potatoes the
second—so that the devil got nothing for
his share but wheat-stubble and potato
tops ; and litis scourging rotation Sir Mich
ael continued, until he not only beggared
his partner, but exhausted the soil. In
r spite cf this legend, however, we must con
tinue to give credit to Sir Walter Raleigh
for having been the introducer of potatoes
into this country. The first that tried them,
so we are told, fell into the very natural
j mistake of eating the apples and disre
garding the roota. — Shields (England)
i j man passing iate at nigl.t over the Point
Neuf in Paris, was accosted by a polite and
j seemingly suppliant stranger, who asked
i him to read a paper which he had just
picked up. The gentleman held up his
i lanlhorn and complied :—The following is
the translation of the lines :
" Speak not a word when this you've read,
| Or in an instant you'll be dead ;
Give up your money, watch and rings
Or other valuable things:
Depart then quickly, as you will,
Only remember silence still."
The gentleman thought it best to de
liver up his valuables as required. The
robber was afterwards recognised bv the
i person robbed and arrested. His identity
was positively sworn to, and the following
confession was made by the criminal ;
"My Lards—l confers that on the even
ing specified I met this gentleman on the
Point Neuf. and the transaction occurred
as he has related it, but I am far from be
ing yet guilty—l cannot read. I picked
up the paper and thought it might he of
consequence. Seeing that the gentlemen
had a lantern, I begged him to do me the
favor to read the paper. He complied,
I and then to my surprise, put his watch,
money and rings into my hands. I was so
astonished that I could not ask him what
he meant, and supposed that the paper was
of great value, and that he had given me
his rings, money and watch to get rid of
me. Thus if any one be wronged, it was
I, and 1 hope justice will he done." He
was acquitted.— London Times.
How to Measure an Arre.
LAND.—3O£ square yards make 1 square rod
40 square rods make 1 square rood
4 square roods make 1 acre
610 acres make 1 square mile
48 k) sq. yds. or 100 rods make 1 acre.
In measuring an acre by yards, the usu
al practice is, to trace off 70 yards in
length and 70 yards in width ; this, in a
rough way, may be considered near enough
for all practical purposes ; but as 70 yards
either way make 4900 square yards, it
exceeds an acre by 60 square yards : To
determine an accurate acre, it should be
measured 70 yards in length, by 69 1-7
I yards in breadth. The same result may
be arrived at by measuring 220 feet in
j length and 19S in width, or by measuring
73£ yards in length by 66 yards in breadth.
American Farmer.
| having a remarkable long vision, over
heard a lad ohierve to another cs he pass
led them. " That gentleman's face is long
er than his life." He was 6fr"ck wih
the singularity of the observation,and re
| quested an explanation : "Str," replied the
! boy, " I read at school that a man's life is
, hut a span, and I am sure your face is
double that length."
A young dandy who supported an enor
mous moustachio, asked a lady what she
thought of his looks. Well,' said she,
'you look as if you had swallowed a -qui:-
I rel, and left the tail sticking out of your
A nurse at one of the Liverpool ho*o>i
: tals being sent the othrr day for 'a d e of
; tincture of rhubarb and peppermint.'risked
; very gravely for 'a dose (f India Rubber
j with plenty of pepper in it.'
Some men ate like cats. You may
stroke the fur the right way far years, and
| hear nothing but purring, hut accidentally
i tread on a tail, and all memory of toriner
1 ktudtiess is obliterated.