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Commission IVlorchants,
Fof Uu' Slc aV Fi'cduce in
(ic noral,
Broad, above Arch, TVest aide,
Iron received anil deliven-d to any part of the
City, or shipped as may be directed.
RHEM ZOOK, Esq., Mifflin county.
U'II.LIAM RUSSELL, Esq., Cashier of the DE
posit ami Discount Bank. Lewistown.
J. VV. WEIR. Cashier of the llarrisburg Bank.
TOWNSEND HAINES, Esq , Secretary of the
Common \* ealth of Penn'S.
G. il. 1 ROUT MAN, Esq , Cashier of the West
ern Bank, Philadelphia.
MORRIS PATTERSON & Co., Merchants, I §•-
JACOB LEX & SON, do. > -5" ST
September 22. 1849— 2 m.*
Great Alf faction !
Improved Hathaway.
great improvement, just got up, we
JL are satisfied stands uiu quailed, for genera]
use, and simplicity of arrangement, by any
Cooking Stove yet offered to the public. To
be satisfied of this, we think it needs but to
be seen. It is a regular Hathaway, of the
size now generally in use in this country, with
the following improvements, viz:
Ist. It is so arranged that a stout Sheet
Iron Oven can be put
IN top, back of
RE ' AMB P 8 '*
IF\ |FT sing under it, J Biiffi
ciently large to do or
jfjll dinary roasting or cook
'"?• AR,TI 15 heated as
FRAFIGLGBSS 113 quick as the fire isclev
•"> W\ BR LY burning; thus a
'rrr£&. * voiding the necessity
of heating up the reg-
ULAR oven for ordinary
purposes, which oven when heated, requires as
much fire to do a small roast as would do a
large amount of cooking. Further, the small
oven being loose, can be put in or taken out at
p!eaure with very little trouble. When much
cooking is required, it can be kept out, and
the stove is then the same as a regular Hatha
2d. The Griddles ore improved, so that the
top is smoother, the wire handles being dis
pensed, with and a loose handle used to lift
them off.
3d. The damper is much more convenient,
by being placed in the fide instead of the back.
4th. The bottom flue is the Laubach, so ar
ranged that the draft is the same as the Hatha
N. B. We warrant this stove in every par
We have also on hand a large assortment ol
other valuable Cooking Stoves, consisting of
the Star , two sizes, at §2O to $22 ; Complete
Cook, at sl3; and Laubach, two sizes. Also,
the Prime, Keystone, and Etna Air-Tight,
for wood or coal, at from 16 to 35 dollars.
E9sortmment, of beautiful patterns.
COAL STOVES.— For parlors, offices, and
chambers. A large assortment of handsome
styles, from $3.50 uo.
NINE-PLATE STOVE.— From 20 to 26
inches. A heavy 28 inch at $8.50.
To all who want stoves we would say com*
and examine our slock.
Lewistown, Sept. 29, 1849.
Fall Fashions Received.
Market street, Lewistown, adjoining Ken
nedy dp Porter's Store.
MR. Z. informs the citizens of Mifflin
and the adjoining counties, that he has
Kju-t received the fall fa-
MOONS, and is now prepared FF-G
to furnish all in want
new HATS or CAPS with an arti
cle, neat, durable and well finished,
comprising every style manufactured for this
The care and attention he has ever given to
THE manufacture of the style of Hate preferred
HY hie nuinerouß Ornish customers, will be
continued ; and he feels warranted in giving
the as-urance that they will not be disap
pear ted.
W 'LL find it decidedly to their advantage to give
TURN a call, for his arrangements are now such
to enable him to furnish any quantity thai
FF '*y be desired on the shortest notice.
Grateful for the encouragement he has thui
FOR received, he will continue to deserve it, BY
"°itinued assiduity to the wants of his friends
I[ ID strict attention to his business.
Lewistown, Sept. 29, 1849.
$3 0 REWA RD
\IF ILL be given for the apprehension o
<"i£YR, Counterfeiters, who broke tlie.Mifflir
' >unty JAIL oo the night of the 25th September
-AMUEL Earlcs is an old offender, well knowr
"LONG the Pennsylvania Car.al — is about 5 feel
'' INCHES in height, thick set, dark hair, anc
"■'H'ILM FROM 146 to 150 lbs. — shabby clothing
hornaa Keys is about 5 feet 10 inches ic
! ' ?HT, slim in appearance, and is mid to re
in iiollidaysburg. The above reward
*''! be given for their apprehension, or FCLF
F 'HE apprehension of either of thein.
1> M'KAIN CONTNER, Sheriff,
''WISTOWN, SEPT. '29, 1849— 3t.
'DRD, Taylor Co.,
208 Chesnvt street, Philadelphia,
jj -' K n-n n n bind, joat received direct from the uian
s ' O 'orer*, a full anaortnient nf
• W >*/.YOF. L jjy LJtIJCF.H,
- n SHAWLS, fc .fc
, ' a "tl design* bung of Iheir own selecting,
'• V ff VV ' UABF-HLiASHKRY, and all
• ''-•-"l makes of Domestic Goods constantly on
, . r * r " '' ! 'le -nirt r*-tatl
I ontr deriutr from firot prut.
dttilf receiving good* from the New Vork
[S(pt. 'if), 18-W — *281
J l "T-R' I'.mbroeutiort for 1 forges For sale
, A 'GRKPJ L \ , Y Medical Depot, No- 11.
W *utowl, Augud IN, 1-49.
SJursuant to an act of the General Assembly
•A- ot the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
, entitled " an Act relating to the Elections of
thi9 Commonwealth" approved the 2d day of
July. A. D. 1839. I DAVIS McKEAN
CONTNER, Sheriff of the county of Mifflin,
Pennsylvania, do hereby make Known, and
give notice to the Electors of the county afore
9aiJ, that a General Election will be held in
said county of Mifflin on the second TUES
DAY (9th) of October 1849, at which time
State and County Officers, as follows, are to
' be elected, to wit:
One person for Canal Commis
sioner of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
One person to fill the office of
member of House of Representative to repre
sent the county of Mifflin in the House of Rep
resentatives of Pennsylvania.
' One person to till the office of
One person to iiil the office of
County Commissioner.
One person to fill the office of
County Auditor.
I aho hereby make known, and
give notice that the places of holding the afore
said General Election in the several Wards,
Boroughs and Townships, within the county
of Mifflin, are as follows, viz :
The /.'lectors of the Borough of Newton
Hamilton are to meet at the public school
house in said borough.
The /-'lectors of Wayne township to meet at
the stone school house in the borough of .New
ton Hamilton.
That by an act passed the sth day of Anril,
The voters of Oli.ver township, in the
county of Mifflin, whoreside on the north side
of the Juniata river shall hereafter hold their
general and spring elections at the public
school house in the Borough of McVcytown,
see Sec. Gl. P. laws, pages Go.
The voters of all that part of Oliver town
ship, south of the Juniata river, commencing
at the line dividing Oliver and Wayne town
ships on the west, and Strunk's run, at the
line dividing Oliver and Granville townships
on the east, will hereafter hold their general
and spring elections at the brick school house
on the farm of William HarshbaTger, in said ;
The Electors of the Borough ofMcVeytown
to meet at the Union School house in said bor
The .Electors of Granville township are to
meet at the Court House in the borough of
The .Electors of Menno township are to met t
at the house of Amos Smoker in Allenville, in
said township.
The Electors of Union township are to meet
at the house formerly occupied by Jacob Sag
nerin said township.
The Electors of Brown township are to meet
at the house formerly occupied by Adam Greer
and now occupied by Samuel W. Stewart, at
Brown's Mills, in said township.
The Electors of Armagh township are to
meet at the house now occupied by Jesse Win
gate in said township.
The Electors of Decatur township are to
meet at the house of Abraham Mutihersbaugh,
formerly occupied by David Mutthersbaugh in
said township.
The Electors of Derry township are to meet
at the Court House in the borough of Lewis
And by an Act of Assembly, the borough of
Lewiatown was divided into two \N ards and
each Ward to compose an election district.—
The Electors cf the East Ward will meet at
the Court House and vote at the window of the
Csrnmissioners' office.
The Electors of the West Ward will meet
at the same place and vote at the window of
the Sheriff's office in said Court House in said
art of the Legislature having chang
ed the mode of voting in Mifflin county, all
officers hereafter to be elected may be voted for
on a single slip of paper and deposited in one
ballot box, a fact which should be particularly
noted by all entitled to the right of suffrage,
and bv the officers of the election.
1 also make known and give Notice, as
■n and by the 13th section ot the Election Law, 1 am di
rected, that every person except Justices of the /'eace,
who shall hold any office or appointment of profit or
trust, under the government of the United States or of
tbia State, or of any city or incorporated district, wheth
er a commissioned officer or otherwise,and subordinate
officer or agent, who is or shall be employed under the
Legisla live, Judiciary or Executive Department of the
Stale or of the United Slates, or any city or incorporated
district: And als - that every member of Congress and of
the State Legislature, and of the select and common
council of any city or incor|iorated district, is by law in
capable of holding or exercising at the same time, the of
fice or appointment of Judge, inspector or Clerk of any
election in Ibis commonwealth, and thitl no Inspector,
Judge or other officer of aucb election shall be eligible to
to any office there to be voted for
ALao, thai in the 4lh section of the Act of Assembly,
entitled "an Act relating to Executions and for other pur
poses," passed and approved 10th April, 19-10, it is enact
ed that the "13th section shall not be construed to pre
vent any militia or horougb officer from serving as Judge,
inspector or Clerk at any General or Special Election
of this Commonwealth
I also hereby give notice that, pursuant
to the provisions contained In the 70th section of the act
first aforesaid, the judges of the aforesaid districts, sh ill
respectively take charge of the certificate or return of
the election of their respective districts, and produce litem
at a meeting of one judge froui each district, at the court
house in the borough of Lewiatown, on the tliirj day af
ter the election, being for the present year on FRIDAY,
the 12th of October next, then and there to do and per
form the duties required by law If sickness or unavoid
able accident prevent, or if unable to attend said meci'.g
of judges, then the certificate or return aforesaid shei! ha
taken charge of by one of the Inspectors or Clerks of the
election of said district, wbo shall do and perform (be du
ties of said judge unable to attend
Also, that in th.- 6il section of said art, it is enasted,
that "every general and special election shall be opened
between the hours of eight and ten in the forenoon; and
ahull continue without interruption or adjournment until
seven o'clock in th evening when the polls shall be
closed '*
Also, that in the Ist section of the act of Assembly, en
titled "an Act to reduce to reduce the expenses and pro
vide for the election of tin- Board of Canal Commission
ers," passed April ISih, 1513, it is enacted "tbat at tbe
next annual election, the qualified voters of ths several
counties of this Commonwealth shall vote for one person
as Canal Commissioner, who shall perform ail tbe duties
how enjoined by law upon tbe Canal Commissioner; the
election of Canal Commissioner shall be conducted by tbe
officers authorized by law to conduct the general elections
in the severnl election districts; a return of the vote* giv
en for said office shall he made to the Secretary of the
Commonwealth in the manner now provided for th'- tr.ms
mission of returns of the election of representatives, the
Secretaries of the Commonwealth, on the receipt of all
the returns, shall notify the person, who shall enter upon
bis duties on Die second Tuesday tnjanuaiy succeeding
their election.
Given under my hand at my office, in Lewiatown the
bih day of September, lfillr.
I.ewistown, September 15, 1849.—3t.
New Hardware Store!!
WE have always a large assortment of a]
kinds of Hardware low for cash.
Lewiatown, Juoc 23, 184' J.
, "Small Profits and Quick Sales."
THE public are respectfully informed I Hat C. L. JONES has received a verv lar^e
comprising all articles kept generally in the other stores, with the addition ol many finer
kind of goods not brought before to the place, A list of goods is herewith famished
j with tire prices, and an examination of this extensive stock is invited before purchases
are made elsewhere. At this store goods will continue to be sold at least twenty per
cent, lower than can lie had elsewhere, this certainly offers great inducements to CASH
| J VERS : the saving of so large a per centage even on a small purchase will amount
to enough to make it a matter of consideration. There 3re many who deal in Lewis
town in the old fashioned way, by trading, thus giving the store keeper the advantage
of high prices, to such I would respectfully ask before making trades with the other
stores to call and see my goods and hear the low prices, and 1 am confident that such
j will see the advantage of selling their produce and buy goods for cash. In a. market
like this, if a slight effort is made, all kinds of Country Produce can be disposed of for
j CASH ; it only requires a little independence and determination on the part of the seller,
as the home consumption of produce in Lewislown alone is very great, and the neces
saries of life at whatever price, must be had, and they can be disposed of fur cash.
Since I commenced business in this place on the cash system 1 have sold a large
amount of goods, and my business is daily increasing. The public appreciate the ad
vantage of buying for Cash and where business is done for cash only, as there is no
risk to run of credit or trade, the goods are sold at a small advance on cost prices; and
the city purchases being made for Cash only and with a lengthened experience in busi
ness on Market street, Philadelphia, enables the subscriber to buy beyond a doubt low
er than other merchants. lam convinced that there are a great many who would like
to deal with me and get cheap goods for cash if they only could command cash for their
produce, to such I say sell cheap and sell for casli only. Now for the list of ow>ds on
CLOTHS —black, blue, brown, invisible green, and olive. French, German and
American, at all prices from $1 00 to 00 per yard, in-luding a good assortment of
Over Coat Cloths. I will positively sell such goods at very greatly reduced prices. (Jh
Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings store keepers invariably make large profits as the pur
chasers are not often judges of these articles. I will not so impose, but sell them as I
sell other goods at a very small advance on cost.
Black good at SI and at all prices upwards to $2 75 per yard. Also, Fancy Cash
meres a good assortment at very low prices ; also fine and medium quality, cheap as
possibly can be sold, and much cheaper than to be had elsewhere
Black, blue, Navy blue, lavender, dark mixed, light mixed Grey, & c ., Ac., Ac., a
large and cheap lot for 30 cts., 37] cts., 50 cts., 62 ! cts., 75 cts , and 87! cts., for a
most superb article,
Black satin, silk, silk velvet, woolen, cotton, cassimere and cloth at all prices from
50 cts. to $3 00.
Tweed Cloths for Sacks and Over
COATS, a splendid article of Black Frene 1 ' Cloth for Gentlemen and Ladies Cloaks at
the low price of £1 87-1 per yard as good 3 s others sell at $2 50 to $3 00.
KE.NTI (k\ JEANS, Gold mixed anil Grev. good and cheap.
At 10 cents, 12] cts., 15 cts., 1 84* cts., 22 cts., and 25 cts., be assured that these tick
ings are the cheapest ever sold in Lewis town.
Canton Flannels,
Bleached and unbleached for 10 cts., and the best article for 12] cents.
Flannels, oi' all colors and prices,
12] cts., 18| cts., 25 cts., 28 cts., 31 cts., 37; cts., 50 cts., 62] cts., and 75 cts.; a
large lot of superior Scarlet FLANNELS at 25 cts.; white gauze Flannels and supe
rior yellow Flannels—also, shrouding Flannels.
Table Diaper,
Bleached and unbleached for 12] cents and upwards. Some splendid cloth Table
Covers for $2 50 each. Stand Covers of desirable colors and styles.
Bleached and unbleached for 6] cents and upwards to the very finest quality madei
particular attention is requested to the stock of tip muslins as they are very extraordina*
rily cheap, and as good as sold elsewhere at 8 cents.
CALICOES, 000 Pieces
Of the newest styles, a good assortment of neat figures, a good article selling at 3
cts., 4 cts., 5 cts., 0] cets., and upwards to the finest quality to be had, a good assort
ment ol blue and orange. My lip Calicoes are really astonishing for the price, good and
A large and perfect stock of, from 12] cents and upwards; a splendid article of fine
French Gingham, bright colors and warranted not to fade in washing, for 184 cents; all
so plain dark styles chamclton Ginghams at 28 cts. High colors also at various prices.
.Mous de Laines,
Of every style and quality, imaginable, plain black, brown, snulF, lead, mouse and
other colors, all wool. A splendid article of 2d mourning Mows de Lains all wool at
22 cents, also good de Laines at 183 cts.. desirable colors; also De Laines of extra qual
ity in liigh colors, such as Mazarine blue, dark and light green, blue, purple, maroon,
orange, scarlet, crimson, Ac., Ac., Ac.
Figured and plain of superior quality from 12] cts., to 75 cts. My 12] cent Cash
meres arc the cheapest goods ever heard of, also all the dark and desirable high colors
Cashmere the same as the Mous de Laines.
Of all <|aulßic, Color* and Prices.
A large and beautiful stock of these goods kept on hand, for sale at reduced prices
•Alpaca .v.
Black of uli price*- 31 cts . 37] cts., 44 cts., 50 els., 62] cts., 75 cts., 87] cents,
11.00 arid £1.60 for the best Alpaca inade, and can be had nowhere else. Modes,
Brums, Ac., and also a splendid aaeorment of fashionable Fancy Alpacus, at extreme
ly low puces, and some fine reality /fg'd silk warp.
Black silk at all prices and widths. A good article of Black Silk as low as 45 cts.,
as good as is sold elsewhere at 02] cents. Also, pUin, colored, and fancy Dies*
S Iks, at very reasonable prices. Some splendid Satin, striped, black, and blue black
Silks. Florences and Gro de Naps for Linings, Also, Silk Oil (.'loth Ladies' silk
and merino Under Shirts—new stylo corded Skirts.
Mull Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
In great variety ; also, figured Swiss Mulls for Caps, Capes, and dressos. Tarleton
Muslins, white, blue and pink. Figured anil plain Bobbinelt. Silk and cotton Blond,
Laces, Edgings, and Inserting* in endless variety. Also, a most superb and exten
sive assortment of the richest and newest styles BONNET RIBBONS, all for sale at
unusually low prices.
Linm, Cambric, Silk and Cotton Handkerchiefs,
From ft cents upwurds, to the finest article imported from Paris.
FURNITURE CHECK AND CALICOES. Crash and bird eye Diaper for
| Towelling. Linen Table (lovers and Napkins, IRISH LINENS of every 0.V3
: and quality, very good and cheap-
SI OOI J C OTTON, of J. & P. Coate* manufacture, die best article to be had.
great 1 j at:potior to anv other make.
Cotton, Woollen, Merino, and Sdk HOSIERY, in g.eat variety, and at extremely
low prices. *
€J! fores.
Silk, Kid, ( oiton, Merino and Worsted, of all grades and qnalitii s—men's women'*
I a nd children's.
j Silk, Cotton, and Woollen. Some magnificent new style long Shawls; as well as
j heavy Woollen and Cotton, and fine Merino Shawls, plain and embroidered. The as
sortment of Shawls is extensive, and will be sold mucb under 1 lie usual prices
An assortment, embracing every article wanted. Hooks and Eyes. Pins, Needles,
Knittine Needles, Tidy Cotton, Coronation Cords, Whalebones; Silk, Cotton and
Linen Braids; Velvet Trimming Ribbons, a new article for dresses; Fancy Button*
for dresses : b'.ackand colored Sewing Silks ; Thimbles ; Combs of all kinds ; some
splendid buffalo and turtle shell Combs ; Colored Thread Edgings for trimmings ; steel
and gold Bead-: —also, gold and silver Wire for embroideries. All widths of plain and
fancy Satin ind Mantua Ribbons ; all colors of lining Muslins ; Bleached and Brown
Drilling ; Zephyr Worsted of all shades; Belt Slides; anil artificial Flowers.
Ladies' Shoes.
A room is fitted up expressly for Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes, and parti
cular attention is paid to this department. Every style and quality of Shoes kept on
hand, and will positively be sold cheaper than possibly can be had elsewheie. The
new fall stock is received, and the assortment will be kept up. At least twenty per
cent, can be saved by buying shoes at Jones' Store. A good stock of India Rubber
Shoes—very cheap.
Men's and Boys' Boots and Shoes.
It is useless to enumerate the kinds and prices on hand ; suffice it to say that the as
j sortment is the largest, and decidediy the cheapest, ever opened before in Lewistown.
A good assortment of CLOTH and GLAZED CAPS. Also, Fur Trimmed, Fur
and Seal Skin—cheap.
CRAVATS and SUSPENDERS in groat variety. A most superb assortment of
fancy silk Cravats, cotton Cravats, plain black silk do. at different prices, for saie unu
sually low.
Looking Glasses.
Very cheap.—Some extra size, larger than cin be found in other stares'.
ALSO, an extensive assortment of Woollen Nett Hoods and Sacks fi>r chilJren.
Cotton Laps and Black and White Wadding. A nice lot of Comforts, various size*.
CHEAP BED BLANKETS, and a good assortment.
The best assortment to be found at this store, of all qualities and will be sold at re
duced prices. CARPET BAGS and Ladies' Satchels—some fine velvet and Venitian.
Groceries, Qmeensware, Hardware,
Cedar-ware, Baskets, &c.,
Kept in a separate room from Dry Goods, and particularjattsntion paid to keeping
up a general assortment of the above goods Good New Orleans Sugar, cts ; white
sugar, 8 cts.; crushed sugar, 9 cts.; pulverized sugar, 10 cts.; and superior loaf sugar,
10 cts. Good Molasses for cents per quart. New Orleans Molasses of good qual
ity at 35 cents per gallon ; and superior at 40 cents. Also, good Sugar House Syrup
and the best Royal Golden Syrup, at 50 cts.; a splendid article of Baking Molasses, at
40 cpnts per gallon. COFFEE—good Rio at 8 cts ; very superior at 9to 10 cents ;
Laguira Coffee, 9 cts.. best quality; and real old government Java, at 12$ cts. Also,
ROASTED COFFEE, of superior quality, at 10 cents. Fresh Charleston Rice, at
5 cents. Baker's Chocolate, 20 cents per pound. FRESH TEAS—Superior Black
and Green, of the best qualities imported in the Philadelphia markets, and 9old at very
low prices. Good Black and Green, Oolong and Young Hyson Teas, at 50 and 75
cents per pound ; Extra Imperial and Young Hyson, at Si per pound, as good as any
sold at 81.25. A general assortment of SPICES. Supeiior SPERM OIL; 2nd
quality do. Also, FISH OIL. Sperm and Tallow CANDLES. Superior Castile
SOAP, lßjj cts. per lb., and good Brown Soap.
TOBACCO.—Superior Cavendish at 31 cents, per lb. Twist and flat plugs at 20
cents per lb. HONEY at 75 cts. per gallon. Fish and Salt, at reduced prices.
A very superior assortment of CUTLERY, comprising some of the finest quality
of Knives and Forks.
Reaily-Made Clothing.
A large assortment of Ready Made Clothing will be received in a few daya—now
being made to order in Philadelphia of good materials
T# Wholesale Buyers
Great inducements are offered, as a liberal abatement will be made.
New Cheap Cash Store.
Lewistown, September 15, 1849—Gt.
among the things that CAN NOT BE\
DONE, is for any one to shou- a ful-j
ler, better, or handsomer assortment of i
Fall and Winter Goods
'1 han GEORGE BLYMYER has just opeued
at Lis O.'d Stand The stock embraces, in
great variety,
Cloths, Cassimcrcs, Satinets,
Vestinga, Croton Cloths, Cashmeres,and Cash
meretts; Tweeds, Mohair Cords, Drillings,
Vehet Cords, French Cassimeres, Doe Skin
do., white and fancy Marseilles,&c. A splen
did assortment of
Hamca' Drcsa (frootra.
Crode Naps, Satin du Chenes, an elegant as
sortment of striped, figured and plain Silks,
Bareges, Challey, Muslin de Laines, Alpacas,
Lustres, Ginghams, Lawns, Mulls, Jaconets,
Bombazines, striped and plaid Muslins, &c.
lie has also an extensive variety of the
that has yet been brought to this place; to
gether with a never-ending assortment of
which will be sold at prices to suit purchasers
Besides this, he has
Qucenswnre, Glassware,
and an unparalleled supply of
All of which will be sold at a small AD
VANCE on coat —at the ('heap Old Stand of
Lewi6town, ScpL 22,1649.
"TVTOTICE is hereby given, that the Ajade-
Xv my School will commence on the second
MONDAY of September. Terms of Tuition !
as heretofore. The strictest attention will be i
given to all pupils to advance them in their !
studies. The Academy possesses also the ad- j
vantage of a Philosophical and Astronomical j
apparatus to facilitate the instruction of pupils, I
Lewistown, Sept. 1, 1849—if.
RILLA, for sale at Green's Medical De
pot No. 11 Lewistown, Pa. Sept. 10.
A LARGE assortment of choice and spien
/m. did young Fruit Trees, consisting in
part of Apple, Pear, Plum, Peach, Cherry,
Nectarine, Apricot, &c., &c., are now offered
for sale at the
Lewistown Nursery,
| where purchasers may rely on being supplied
trees of the best and most ap
proved varieties of fruit, on moderate
terms. These trees are not inferior
trees grown in any other nursery
in the State; and all persons wishing to pur
j chase are invited to call and judge for them
selves. For further particulars see Cala
; logues, which will be furnished gratis to all
post paid applicants, and all orders, directed to
the subscribers, at Lewistown, Mitflm county.
Pa., will be promptly attended to.
T. W &. J. MOORE.
Lewistown, Sept. 22, 1949 —2m.
I HEREBY give notice that 1 purchased, at
Constable's sale, on Sat unlay, September
15th, 1849, a BAY' HORSE, the property of
Andrew Cubbison, and therefore caution the
public not to interfere with the same, as I
have loaned him to the said ANDREW CUB
BISON during my pleasure.
Lewistown, Sept. 22, 1949—3t.
Iron ! Iron !
A N extensive assortment of all sites, for
j\. sale low for cash, by
iune 2-3 '49. F. J. HOFFMAN.
VI WAYS on hand, CARPETS and MAT
TING, Floor and Table OIL CLOTH,
ail selling very cheap at
August 4, 1849.
for 6$ cenla. Do. for 10 cts. Extra
bordered do. for 12* ceou— sous very Cue
! new style selling low at
HORNE'S Rheumatic Nerve and Bone
Liniment , for sale at GREEN'S Medi
-1 cal Depot, No. 11, Lewistown.
lewistown, August 18,164&.
Candies and Confectionary.
A LWAYS on hand a good stock at whole
xV sale or retail.
! 26, 1849. F. J. HOFFMAN._
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