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    • . i— MMMOMaM—^u. I<H ~p lj uuu --,„
Vol XXXV.—%VIioIc \o. 1839.
Rates of Advertising.
One square, 18 lines, 2 squares, 6 mos. §5.
1 time 50 " 1 year B.OC
' 2 times 75 A column, 3 mos. 6.00
3 •' 1 .IK) " 6 " 10.00
1 mo. 1.25 1 year 15.0 C
3 " 2.50 1 column, 3 mos. 10.0 C
6 " 4.00 " 6 15.00
1 year 6.00 " 1 year 25.00
•.•squares, 3 times 2.1*0 Notices before mar
" 3 mos. 3.50 riages, &.c. sl2.
Communications recommending persons for
office, must be paid in advance at the rate ol
25 cents per square.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
ALlji;inll i: X Y SB €> I SE,
No. 280 Market street, above Eighth,
(South side,)
mill;. lirge and splendid Hotel has been furnished with
i entire new furniture. The Bar Room is the largest
in Philadelphia. Ihe Parlors and Sitting Rooms are en
tirely separated from the noise and bustle, consequent to
tIK arrival and departure of cars. The Portico extend
ing the w hole front of the house, affords a cool retreat in
warm weather, arid a splendid view of the greatest tho
roughfare in the city.
The I.odging Rooms are well furnished—the Table as
well provided for as at any other Hotel, with every atten
tion of the managers to make it the best Hotel for Mer
chants and Bnsin'-ss Men, during their stay in the city.
The terms will be oxe dollar per day. On llie arrival
of the Cars t'rom the West, a Porter will be in attend
ance to convey baggage, Sec. to the Hotel, which is ad
joining the depot. feblO—6rn
'' inches bore, and from 2 to 12 feet long, capable of
sustaining internal pressure of from K>o to 2500 lbs. per
6.j'.iare inch, with Tics, Elbotcr, Crosses, Stop Cocks,
CA trk Valves, and other fitting., connecting by screw
Joints. Also,
For Locomotive, Boat end other Steam En
gine Boilers.
Manufactured and for sale bv
Office Third and Walnut Bts., Philadelphia, Pa.
June 30, 1549- 3m.
Agent for the sale of Sovthumrth Manufac
turing Company's Writing Papers'
Warehouse rVo. 3 .11 isi or St.,
100 cases of the above superior Papers now in store,
and fur sale to the trade at the lowest market prices, con
sisting in part of—
Fine thick Flat Caps, 12, 14, 15 and 16 lbs., blue and
Superfine Medium and Demi Writings, blue and white.
Extra super and superfine Folio Posts, blue and white,
plain and ruled.
Extra super Linen Note Papers, plain and gilt.
Superfine and fine BUI Papers, long and broad.
Superfine and fine Counting-House Caps and Posts,
blue and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, plain and ruled
blue and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, gilt.
Superfine Sermon Caps and Posts.
Superfine blue linen thin Letters.
Extra super Batb Posts, blue and white, plain and
Embroidered Note Papers and Envelopes.
'• Lawyer's" Brief Papers.
Superfine and fine Caps and Posts, ruled and plain,
blue and white, various qualities and prices
Also, 1000 reams white and assorted ft hoe Papers, Bon
r '. Hoards, white and assorted Tissue, Tea, Wrapping,
E velope, assorted and blue Mediums, Cap wrappers,
Hardware Papers, &c.
Philadelphia June 30, I*4B 6m
jony do\m;lly.
Manufacturer of Donnelly's Upright Safety Glazed Cap
stiled Blue
And United States Oil Paste Blacking,
No. S3 NORTH TIIIP.D Street, Philadelphia.
THESE Matches are justly considered the best in the
-I United -tales; they are free from unpleasant smell,
and can be introduced with perfect safety into all Stores
Rid Dwellings. Warranted lo keep ten years.
Tn ~ o f superior quality, and free from any
P;reri.*nt that impairs the leather.
I' their interest to call and see for themselves.
•V Fi An assortment of Matches of various New York
Manufacturers. Matches in round wood boxes—also,
f in large or small tin case*, to ship to any part of
the world. JOHN DONNELLY,
Late of2o Bank street, now e3 North Third street.
March 24, IMB—Jy.
The Cheapest most Splendid assortment of
No. > Levin E,acloiiiu, No.
1 111 $ Market Street, )4 I 3
a few doors above Eleventh, fborlh side,
HAS Just received by late arrivals, from the roost cel
ebrated Manufacturer! of Europe, a magnificent and
, illeiously selected assortment of GOJ.I) and SILVER
-ITCHES, which he w ill sell ciip.aplb than any other
c'*blishment in the United States. Among the assort
ment will be found :
<e.!d Levers, 18 k. cases, full jewelled, #3O
Silver Levers, full Jewelled, 1J
F d UEjdries, 18 k. eases, Jewelled, 25
' -r i'Epines, jewelled, 10
" Huartier Watches, 4to $lO
" Tea Spoons, equal to coin, per set, 4.50
M Dessert 44 44 44 10.00
44 Table, " " 15 00
>'hr with a splendid assortment of Chafe and Rich
JewehVjgte . tec
'■ tb CHJHS'S, of various style, from the bait Man
sli't ar-rs
•'■l ,e preserve this advertisement, and call at
N" D 3 Market street, above Eleventh, North side
: >J have Gold and A river levers, still cksaptr than Die
' ••• i-rire* A libera! discount made lo the trade.
April 14, IfvAß—3rn.
Wholesale Commission
¥ I S H ,
N ( . si l \orlli Yl linrm,
Ah<ice It,ire street, Philadelphia.
1 hiiade ;shia, April 21, 184U —ly
ssmnsss asm iPtsnaaasaEHD unr ©3s®s©2s s=3iT32sr©2!s a mmrssiwmti wammj <mms*rs 3 s>^ o
A l* P I, K T O S ' S
161 Chestnut Street,
Corner of Seventh, Swa tin's Buildings,
TAVOWINC the want* nf the community, the Proprie
] "• tor of this ESTABLISHMENT has fitted up a store in
the most elegant manner, having due regard to the com
fort of his customers, so that every stranger visiting his
Book-store, nay feel entirely at home
! of Books is classified according to the various Depart
ments of Literature, so that visiters can find the Books
they are in search of for themselves. Buying his stock
for the most part at the AUCTION SALES, and being con
nected with one of the Largest Publishing Houses in this
i country, besides publishing largely himself, enables him
j to sell ALL BOOKS at
Low e r Prices
| than any other house of a similar character on this con
tinent. Itis facilities for the IMTOBTATION of Books from
Europe are unsurpassed, having a Branch of his Eatab
i lishment in London, where orders of private gentlemen
are carefully executed and forwarded to this cohntry by
every STEAMER and (racket.
of Books with the prices attached is issueii quarterly,
' containing Li.-ts of Mew additions made to ins large col
; lection, which are in all cases for sole at ilia
or, from 23 to 75 per cent, below pu!,l sher.-,' prices. Thus
in buying even a feic Books, quite a cu aide rathe amount
is saved. As a still further
I \ RULE .11 i: \ T
to strangers visiting the city, everyone who purchases
i Out Dollar's icorth of Books, will receive a copv of the
STRAXGFM IX PHtL.iDEJ.PHIA, an elegant ltSmo
volume, the price of which is 25 cents.
>The limits of an advertisement are too confined to
. enumerate the prices of any of the Books, or to giv - even
a faint idea of the immense advantage > to be derived from
purchasing at the Great Central Cheap Look Store, but
let all who are in search of books send for a Catalogue,
and buy the Books they are in wantof,and when visiting
the city, give Appleton one call, and you will be sure to
in ail Us branches, furnished at the Lowest Prices '1 he
Initials of those purchasing Letter and Note Paper, neat
ly stamped in the corner, without charge.
r> Orders for any article may be sent by mail, addressed
to The proprietor, and the directions ii all c.t-e* mil be
, fully carried out, with great punctuality and de-; ;U I,
!1> Orders for Catalogues should be pre paid
Bookseller, Publisher. Importer, and Stationer,
161 Chesnut Street, corner of Seventh,
May 3, 161#— 3m Swaim's Building.
THE subscribers have oh hand the largest assortment of
A WALL PAPKBS in the city of Philadelphia,
consisting of every variety suitable for Parlors, Entries,
Dining Rooms, Chambers, Ac., which for quality and
style cannot be surpassed. Doing a cash business, we
are enabled to sell a better article, at a
than any store doing a TRADE Bi .SINUS*. On hand, a
large assortment of IDE l'Al'Ei", for Curtains,
Fire Prints, Borders, ice., which will be soi.l very low
for cash Paper Hanging done in the country at city
X. B Dealers are invited to call and examine their
slock before purchasing elsewhere.
N'o 112, Arch street, south side, Philadelphia.
April 14, 1646-3 m
.Vlon/.o Johnson' 4*
Nit, 1 1 North Second Street, a few doors
above Market,
MANUFACTURER of Transparent Window Shades,
Reed Blinds, Paper Curtains and VenHian Blinds, of
all the diiferentsi7.es, varying in price, from Six CENTS
to TwEitrv DOLLARS a piece. All the new styles of ev
ery description of patterns, and of the latest fashions of
ditf.-rent colors, and a variety of Trimmings of all kinds
Also, beautiful TABLE and Oil, CLOTH in patterns
and in pieces. Oil Cloths for floors, Patent Coach Cur
tains for Wagon Covers of a superior article, any width, j
double or single, of the finest finish, and a splendid 8s- j
sortmenl of CLOCKS, LOOKIXG GLASSES, and ;
FIRE BOARDS, ike., kc.
Old Blinds painted and trimmed over, to look equal to |
new, at a very little expense, or taken in exchange for !
He lias on hand the largest and tnont complete and beau
tiful assortment of the above articles, at 25 percent,
cheaper than any other establishment in the city, Whole
sale and Retail, at reduced prices.
i'rMerchants and other* are invited to call before pur
chaning elsewhere, a* it will be to their advantage
6>Any of the above good* made to order, or carefully
packed, so they can be sent any distance without injury.
Other Manufacturers iupplied with Slats, Front*, Heads,
or Fulley's, at the lowest price*.
March 31, 1e49-ly.
Philadelphia Medical Hou*c,
ESTABLISHED 13yearsago,by Dr. KINKEI.IN, The
oldest, surest and best hand to cure ai; forms of secret
diseases of the skin, and solitary hubo's of youth, is Dit
KI.VKKLIN, Northwest corner of THIRD end UNION
Streets, between hpruee and Tine, a square and a half
from the Exchange, Philadelphia
There is a habit which boys leech each o'her at Pie
Academy or College- a hat.,: Indulged in when by him
self, in s 'itude, growing up wflh tin-boy to manhood;
fevr of those who indulge in tbi# pcrniemu* practice are
aware of the consequences until they find the nervous
system shattered, feel nfrange and unaccountable feel
lng, vague fears in the mind. The individual becomes
feeble, he is unable to biborwitu accustomed vigor, or
to apply his mind tostudy; hot slop is lardy and weak,
he is dull irresolute.
Person* of all age* can now judge what is the cause of
their declining healtn, losing their vigor, becoming weak,
pale ami emaciated
!.et no false m .desty deter you from msKing your case
known to OM who, from education and respectability,
can alone befriend you He who plar. * himself under
Dr. Kiiikelln's treatment, inay religiously confirfe In hu>
honor as a gentleman, and in whose bosom will be for
ever locked the secret of the patient.
Thousand* have been restored to health, froui the de
vastations of those terrific maladies by Dn. KINKKI-ANII,
Herman Physician
warded, by sending a rrnnttnnce, and put up secure from
riaMAOK o# ci'amsiTV.
g>PoT-PAin l.crraao answered forthwiib.
Philadelphia, January ST, 1640 ly-
The Girard Life Insurance Annuity and Trust
Company of Philadelphia,
Office No. 159 Chesnut Street.
Capital $300,000.
Charter Perpetual.
C CONTINUE to make Insurances on Lives on the most
1 favorable terms; receive and execute Trusts, and
receive Deposits on Interest.
The Capital being paid up and invested, together with
accumulated premium fund, affords a perfect security to
the insured. The premium may be paid in yearly, half
yearly, or quarterly payments.
The Company add a BONUS at stated periods to the
insurances for life. This plan of insurance is the most
approved of, and is more generally in use than any other
in Great Britain, (where the subject is best understood by
the people, and where they have had the longest experi
ence,) as appears from the fact that out of 117 Life Insu
rance Companies there, of all kinds, S7 are on this plan.
The first BONUS was appropriated in December, 1 ?41,
amounting to 10 per cent, on the sum insured under the
oldest policies ; to S) per cent., 7i per cent. Sec., Sec., oil
others, in proportion to the time of standing, making an
addition of $100; $67.50; $75, Sec., Sec., to every SIOOO,
originally insured, which is an average of more than 50
per cent, on the premiums paid, and without increasing
the annual payment to the company.
The operation of the Bonus wilt be seen by the follow
ing examples from the Life Insurance Hegi.ter of the
Company, thus :
Hum j Bonus or I Amount of policy and
Policy. Insured, i Addition. Bonus payable at the
, ' party's decease.
No. 5- j #1,600 *IOO M #1.160 60
" e- I 2,500 250 no 2,750 00
" 205 ! 4,000 400 00 4,100 00
" 27 j 2,000 175 00 2,175 00
" 333 j 5,i 00 437 50 5,437 50
S3- PXMPHI-ETS containing the table of rates, and ex
planations t.f the subject; Forms of Application, and
further information can be had at the ottlce, gratis, in
person or by I- tier, addressed to the President or Actuary.
iJ. \V. RICHARDS. President.
J NO. F. JAMES, Actuary. [ip29:ly
T 1 \ XV A II E
r#IHE undersigned respectfully informs the
A public that he lias removed his establish
ment to the stand lately occupied by JOSEPH
M. CCCLKY, in MAR KL T IS Til PET, where
he has now on band a large assortment ot
of every description, at very low prices. He
la also prepared to manufacture to order any
quantity of
Tin lie re, Sheet Iron Ware, and
made of tho best materials, on as low terms as
can be procured anvwhere.
in want of articles in his line, are invited to
give him a call.
Lewistown, April 7, 1849—3tn.
\¥" BUOY has just returned from the city
iv a • with the largest, cheapest, and most
select assortment of
Clocks, Watches, A: Jewelry
ever ollered for sale in
gj* Lewistown ; embracing in
great variety every tle-
IjlCt scription of WATCHES,
u ;* from Cold Patent levers
J smm, down to the ordinary Sil
ver Quartier; Clocks of
all kinds, Musical Boxes,
Siiver Tea and Table Spoons, Ladies, Sugar
Tongs, Butter Knives, Gold Pens and Pencils
Breast Pins, Finger Rinjs, Bracelets, gold and
silver Spectacles, silver Thimbles, Rogers'
Cutlery, &c , &ic.
These articles were nil purchased at ex
tremely fow prices and will beeolii at a GREAT
REDUCTION from the price they have hitherto
commanded. The ladies and gentlemen are
respectfully invited to call and examine the
Watches and Jewelry repaired
on reasonable terms, at short notice.
SILVER taken in exchange for all
articles he has for sale.
Lewistown, May 5, 1849 —tf.
Now's the chance to sell your grain if left
at the STORE of
William HarliN &. Son,
Forwarding, Commission k Produce Merchants,
W HO are prepared to receive and store nil
kinds of grain and produce at thai large,
convenient, and well known store house, on the
caeal, known as STEURETT &, POTTER'S \\ are
house. All kir.ds of grain and produce stored
with us will be prornply forwarded at the ear
liest opportunity, by our own boats, which arc
commanded by safe and experienced Captains.
The grain and produce e. ill be soid to the best
advantage to the farmer, and the money arising
from the sale ot the same paid over to the
owner or owners as soon as remittances can be
had from the city. We shall aiwayscalculatc
to pay the farmer in the very best par money
that is afloat. (L7" Liberal cash advances
made on all produce deposited in store.
Lewistown, Mifflin co., l a.
N. B. Sail, riaster, Fili nud
COAL, always on hand
Hon. A. S. Wilson, J
Dr. T. A. Worrall,
44 Jofeph B. Ard,
E. L. Benedict, Esq., |
Ephraim Banks, 44
•L VV. Shaw, " I Lewistown, Pa.
Messrs. WaUson & Jacob,
•' Jos. Milliken&Bon,
Mr. F. McCoy,
44 It F. Ellis,
' James Turner,
44 Samuel Frank. J
Lewibtown, Jan. 1,1840 6moe.
w. 11. IRWIN, .
Jig AS resumed the practice of his profesoion
. _I in this arid the adjoining counties.
Office in Main street, Lewistown, opposite
to the Town Hall. Jan. 20, 1848—tf.
i'aper. Paper.
VI, WAYS on hand a large assortment of
Cap, Letter, Wrapping, Printing, Win
dow and Wai! Paper, wholesale or retail.
Printing paper, 22 X 32, at $5 per bundle.
Lewistown, June 23, 1840.
Do not Forget
J will he found a splendid assort
fesgfefN* merit of fashionable //.4 TS,
\ i CAPS, <)V., at much, lower prices
than they can be bought elsewhere
in this country.
A good Fur Hat, ... §,1.00
Fine Nutria and Fine Silk.. - 2.25
Fine Beaver, .... 275
Finest Moleskin, - - - 3 25
Lewistown, June 23, I*l9.
Wholesale As Retail
THE undersigned respectfully
m announces to the citizensot Lew
istown and vicinity, that he has
just received the latest Summer
Fashions at the
\nv Hat TI aim the tor y,
three doors West of the Black Bear Hotel, in
Market street, where he is prepared to manu
facture every variety oi HATS now in use, out
of the best material, such as
The business of manufacturing is conducted
under my personal supervision, and from long
practical acquaintance with this business, I am
warranted in guaranteeing none but good and
substantial work.
My OMISII FRIEMDS will always find
at this establishment just such an article as 1
know will please them, at fair prices. 1 will
always have on hand
Men's, Boy's and Youth's Caps,
which will be retailed at a very slight advance \
on cost.
Just received the LATEST Summer
FASHIONS, to which the attention ol admir
ers of a handsome hat is invited.
and ail others desiring to buy HATS, will find it
to their advantage to call. In quality and price
we are bound to please.
Lewistown, June 9,1849.
Iggsg —-s 12ills and Cap<i
IB /
for the
riIHE largest and most fashionable stock of
.JL HATS AND CAPS, in this or any of the
adjoining counties, embracing all sizes of
.Men's and Bay's, from the lowest, priced
VE II —the ordinary Glazed Cap to the Finest
Cloth and Fur, is to be found at
Establishment, in Market street, Lewistown,
next door to Montgomery's, and directly op
posite Judge Ilitz's store. Of this fact any
one can satisfy himself who will take the trou
ble to call. He has just received the
R£Sii L Summer Fashions.
to which he particularly invites the attention
of those wanting a neat and fashionable hat, of
elegant form, tastefully trimmed, aud superbly
finished. Connoisseurs are requested to call
and examine them.
His BROAD BRIMS, which have given
such GENERAL SATISFACTION to hundreds of
Ornish and others, who have done him the fa
vor of dealing with him, continue to be manu
factured to order. A large assortment of all
sizes is constantly kept on hand,so that he is
enabled to suit ulmost any one who may call
in quality, breadth of brim, and price.
His arrangements are now made in the city
in such a manner that he will constantly be in
the receipt of the best stock of Caps, of all
kinds and sizes, ever kept in Lewistown.
Don't forget the place.
AYxt door to Montgomery's.
with Hats and Caps on the moat liberal terms.
Lewistown, June 9,1849 —tf.
fiSoot Slioc illaiiufiicturcr
CONTINUES to manufacture, to order,
every description of BOOTS AND
SHOES, on the most reasonable terms.—
Having competent workmen in his employ and
using good stock, his customers, as well as all
oihers, may rely upon getting a good article,
well made and neatly finished.
January 22,1843 tf.
Justice of Use Peace,
CtAN be found at his office, in (he room re-
I cently occupied by Esquire Kulp, where
he will attend to all business entrusted to his
care willi the greatest care and despatch.
Lewistown, July 1, 1818—tf.
Attorney at Law,
ILL attend promptly to business entrust
v Y ed to his care in this and adjoining
counties. (Jlfice one door west of the I'ost
Office. June 10,'49-ly.
iJoctr !>♦
She may not, in the mazy dance,
With jewelled maidens vie,
She may not smile on courtly swain,
With soft bewitching eye ;
She cannot boast a form and mein,
That lavish wealth ha 3 brought her ;
But ah ! she has much fairer charms,
The farmer's peerless daughter!
The rose and lily on her cheek,
Together love to dwell,
Her laughing blue eyes wreath around
The heart a witching spell;
Her smile is bright as morning's glow
Upon the dewy plain,
And, list'ning to her voice, we dream
That spring has come again.
The timid fawn is not more wild,
Nor yet more gay and free,
i The lily's cup is not more pure,
In all its purity ;
Of all the wild flowers in the wood,
Or by the chrystal water.
There's none more pure or fair than she,
The farmer's peerless daughter.
Then tell me not of jewelled fair—
The brightest jewel yet,
Is in the heart where virtue dwells,
And innocence is set!
The glow of health upon her cheek,
The grace no rule has taught her—
The fairest wreath that beauty twines,
Is for the farmer's daughter !
From God'ifs Lady's Book.
The following directions for the appropriate
! distribution of flowers, are ingenious and amus
. ing. We are obliged to the gentleman who
suggested the plan, and hope he will receive,
from the friends of the Lady's Book, plenty of
. " Forget-me-nots."
I would give — [.Names of Flowers.
To heroes Laurels
I To the cruel Barberry
To the wounded Balsam
To the afflicted Heart's Ease
To the persecuted Balm of Gilead
To housewives Thrift
To murderers Devil in a Bush
To banditti Deadly Nightshade
To V ictoria A Crown Imperial
To 9>e Grand Seignor A Turk's Cap
To priests A Monk's Head
To the Lady Mayoress London Pride
To the Chancellor of Exchequer Penny Royal
To those who love kissing Tulips
To lawyers Honesty
To printers Mary [and j Gold
To ploughmen Milk Maids
To the lassies Lad's Love
To the vain Coxcombs
To the maliciou? Black Hellebore
To the restless Poppies
To your wife Yew
To Eliza Sweet William
To beaux in Broadway Painted Ladies
To beauties Venus' Looking Glass
To those who sigh in secret Love in a Mist
To little girls Wax Work
To your children None so Pretty
To the nervous Valerian
To apothecaries Senua
To perfumers Jasmines and Violets
To writing-masters Jonquill
To the low-spirited Lavender
To the precise Primroses
To the learned fcjage
To the wicked Rue
To spinsters Bachelor's Buttons
To the frigid Snow Drops
To the huntsman Larkspur
To the fair recluse Lily of the Valley
To tobacconists Virginia stock
To triflers Catch Fly
To the deserted lover Willow
To peace makers Everlasting
To mason 9 Stone Crop
To the notable Thyme
To the idle Birch
To nty best friend Forget-me-not •
Take courage, young man! What if
you are but an humble and obscure ap- ;
prentice—a poor neglected orphan—a j
scoff and a by word to the thoughtless ar.d j
gay, who despise virtue in rags, because I
uf its tatters. Have you an intelligent
mind, all untutored tho' it be ? Have you
a virtuous aim, a pure desire and an hon
est heart ? Depend upon it, one of these
days you will be wanted.
The time may be long deferred; you
may grow to manhood, and you may even
reach your prime ere the call is made ; but :
virtuous aims, pure desires and honest
hearts are too few and sacred not to be
appreciated—not to be wanted.
Your virtues are not always to be hid
den—your poverty shall not always wrap
you about as with a mantle—obscurity
shall not always veil you from the multi
tude. Bo chivalric in your combat with
circumstances. Be ever active, however
small your sphere of action. It will suie
ly enlarge with every movement, and your
influence will have increment.
44 In the world's broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of life,
Be not like dumb driven cattle—
Be a hero in the strife."
Work on, for suiely you will be want
ed, and then comes your reward. Lean
upon the sacred verity, '1 have never
seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed
begging bread.' Never despair, for the
lives of good men abundantly show that
often when clouds are blackest, and the
tempest is fiercest, and hope is faintest, a
still small voice will he heard saying,
'come hither —you are wanted,' and all
your powers will find employment. There
lore, take heart, young man, for you will
be wanted.
Be silent when the fool prates —he will
the sooner.
New Series—' Vol. 3—N. 87.
i es, pasa 11 along, whether you believe
it or not—that one side whisper against the
character of a virtuous female. You say
you don't believe it, but you will use your
influence to bear up the false report and
pass iton the current. Stiange creatures
, are mankind ! How many reputations
have been 10-it by a surmise ! Flow many
hearts have been bled by a whisper !
; How many benevolent deeds have been
chilled by tbe shrug of a shoulder ! How
: many individuals have been shunned by a
| gentle mysterious hint! How many chaste
1 bosoms have been wrung with grief by a
single nod ! How many graves have been
dug by a false report! Yet ytu will pasa
! the slander along ; you will keep it above
the waters I v a wag of your tongue, when
you might sink it forever. Destroy the
passion for telling a tale, we pray yon
Lisp not a word that may injure the char
acter of another. Be determined to listen
to no story that is repeated to the injury of
another, and as far as you are concerned,
the slander will die. But tell it once, anil
it may go as on the wings of the wind, in
creasing with each breath, till it has circu
lated through the State, and brought to the
grave one who might have lived and been
; a blessing to the world.
1 opposed to working corn during periods of
drought under the impression that, when
thu3 worked in dry weather with the
plough, which necessarily cuts up and
tears its lateral and fibrous roots, the pro
bability is that the blades will wither and
burn up, not because the earth has been
stirred, but because the plants have been
I unnaturally deprived of their means ofsup
i plying themselves with food and moisture
: from the earth, and because, by that ab
sence of rain, their power of reaction lias
been suspended, and they cannot re-sup
ply themselves with a new series of feed
j ers. Thus believing, we hesitate not in
; advancing the opinion, that stirring the
earlh with the cultivator is decidedly ben
eficial, in even the dryest periods, as all
' such loosenings of the soil serve to pre
pare it to absorb and condense the dews,
and dispense their refreshing influences to
the roots of the growing plants. If the
dews fall upon a hard surlace, the sun ex
; hales them before they can possibly do
any benefit; whereas, if the surface be
| open and in fine tilth, as a necessary con
sequent much will sink into the earth be
fore the evaporating power of the sun's rays
can disadvantageous!}* operate, and thus
will a moderate degree of moisture be
preserved in the earth at a time when it is
most needed.
j We learn, that during the last year five
j hundred and forty young ladies fainted
away on various occasions- More than
two hundred of them fell into the arms of
young gentlemen. Forty were caught by
their aunt's and grandmothers; and only
! one had the misfortune to fall on the floor.
—She, however, picked out a soft place to
fall upon and was providentially received
by an ottoman.
LOST THE BET.— A good looking and
jovial friend of ours, a day or two since,
related in our presence the following : At
one of our first hotels a stout, red-faced
gentleman, in a white beaver, blue coat
and buff vest offered to wager a 'ten spot'
that he could close his eyes, and simply
by taste naine any sort of liquor in tho
house. The bet was taken, and the pro
cess of winning or losing commenced
forthwith. 1 Thai is genuine Otard,' said
tho fat gentleman, tasting from a wine
glass—'and tins is—this is whiskey,' and
so ofif through the hotel's 'manifest,' of
hardware. A wag then poured a few
drops of pure water into the glass and
handed it to the connoisseur—'This is—
ah—ah—this is—(tasting again)—by thun
der ! gentlemen, I lose the bet. I never
tasted this liquor before /'—Boston Mail.
Our fair readers will bear in mind that
we are not responsible for the following',
and we only publish it to show our utter
detestation of the scandalous insinuation it
contains :
As 'charity covereth a multitude of sins,'
even so do long petticoats cover a multi
tude of shins ; to say nothing ot undarued
'Dennis, darlint, oeh, Dennis, what is it
you're doing V
'Whist, Biddy. I'se trying an expari
'Murder ! what is it?'
'What is it, did you say ? Why, its giv
ing hot water to the chickens i am, so
they'll be afther laying BOILED EGUS !'
A merchant examining a hogshead of
hardware, on comparing it with the in
voice, found all right except one hammer.
' Oh, don't he troubled, my honey," said
the Dish porter; " sure the nager took it
out to open the hogshead with."
" Father, what do you mean by raising
things in hot houses !" " Why, my dear
boy, you are being raised in a house too
hot to hold me sometimes."—The mother
seized a broomstick; but the man cut tus