Lewistown gazette. (Lewistown, Pa.) 1843-1944, May 05, 1849, Image 1

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V< WXV.-Wliole \<> ISttO.
Rates cf Advertising.
One square, 18 lines, I 2 squares, 6 mos. §5.00
1 time 50 j '• i y ea r 8.00
" 2 times 75 £ column, 3 mos. 6.00
3 44 1.00 , 44 6 " 10.00
1 nio. 1.25 44 1 year 15.00
3 " 2.50 1 column, 3 mos. 10.00
6 " 4.00 '• G 44 15.00
1 year 6.00 44 1 vear 25.00
2 squares, 3 times 2.00 Notices before mar
-3 mos. 3.50 riages, &c. §l2.
Communications recommending persons for
dice, must be paid in advance at the rate of
■jj cents per square.
w. H. IRWIX,
A TT O R iV E Y A T L,i If,
]~T AS resumed the practice ofhis profession
iJL in this and the adjoining counties.
Office in .Main street, Leu istown, opposite
to the Town Hall. Jau. 20, 1948—tf.
\j\7 o Z o qj
Attorney at £> aw,
a \ tLL attend promptly to business entrust-
V t ed to his care in this and adjoining
c mties. Office one door West of the Post
Office. my 27—1 y
CHftl* i 1 A A If OO VE R,
Justice of the IN ace,
CAN be found at his office, in the n.om re
cently occupied by Esquire Kulp, where
be will attend to all bu.-iness entrusted to his
care with the greatest care and despatch.
Lewistown, July 1. 1949—if.
(Suof i Mioe Manufacturer,
CONTINUES to manufacture, to order,
every description of B'J' 'TS AND
iCiOES, on the most reasonable terms.—
Havin- r competent workmen in hisemp'oy and
j good stock, his customers, as well as all
others, may rely upon fretting a good article,
we . male and neatly finished.
January 22, I>lt tf.
fit-tier Rife tlian Gum it.
*3 tU 11 Str g .
DR. S. F. GREEN, has again resumed
the practice of his profession. He will
be happy to wait upon aii who desire his pro
fessions services. He may be found at the
drug store of
Lewistown, aprii29, li4*"—tf.
Samuel H
I? ready at ah limes to butid the best Houses,
i-.i can do that very thing.
K-ff So. 5 llaie street, Levvistown.
March 31, I*49 —tf
T ■ X W X It E
'pHE undersigned respectfully informs the
1. public that he has removed his establish
~er,t to the stand iateiy occupied by JOSEPH
uas now on hand a large assortment ot
o" fvry d csc f? p'.ion, at very low prices. He
- a-o prepared to manufacture to order any ;
quar.l.vy of ,
Tin H 'ore. Sheet Iron Ware, and
mad-: oft.e best materials, on as low terms as
uo tie procured snvwhere.
m want of articles ia his line, are invited to
£ive film a calf.
Lew stown, April 7, I*49—3m.
A penny saved is a penny earned."
•v The undersigned beg leave
to inform the pobiic that they
continue to manufacture, at
their old stand, nt Marion
; c, near Perrysvuie, in Armagh town- 1
n..p, M.dim county, their superior
llorite Power and <-raiii
The.r horse power, kc , has so long stood
•,st. that it wouid seem needless to ado
' ** r r#?cocnffH?fi<'ution. It i* improvement
i ?lje mucti esteemed Burrcl 6l Milton p.an
. j has the merit of accomplishing a great deal
. work with leas power and labor than any
.rT now in use. A triai will nut fail to give
•faction We also continue the manufac
. e of PLOUGHS, of ail patterns, and will
s.-n-e to wart ant oaliafaclton to the purchaser ;
-very instance, or the article may be re-
V wj, and no charge will be made.
■77"Repairing will be done promptly, and
reasonable terms, Grain of a.' kinds
received in exchange for work—also
, and old metal, if A" ivered at the shop.
Mar in Furnace, March 3t, I*49 —"2m.
UJ E nave al w ays on hand a fine stock o.
tbe foliovviwg articles, which we are
e: to bell Wholesale, at a small advnnce
'• rat<-„, having h< en "wll bought; pur
j alrr, -t r'rict v for UA-H:
if , Patent M dtcinea, Glass, Oil, &C- j
' ;! ff-e, Sugar, Tea, tLc.
•:n , Flub and Salt
h A every article <n Hardware
•cd ery-ware; (Jandies, Nuts, Acc.
1 and Cordhjre
a nds of' PAPER, and Bank Books
'-•'jiiug Siovri j Hats and Caps; Matches
V.an, March 31,
Now s tht chance lo sell your grain if left
at the STORE of
X% illiam Wai'k* & Son,
Forwarding, Commission & rroducr Mercliants*
Hf HO are prepared to receive and .-tore all
kindsot grainand produce at that !ar<":e,
convenient, and well known store house, on ti.<
cara!, known as STERRETT & POTTER'S 1 are
house. All Kinds of grain and produce stored
with us will he promply forwarded at the ear
liest opportunity, by our own boa's, which are
commanded by safe and experienced Captains.
The grain and produce will be sold to the best
advantage to the farmer, and the money arising
from the sale ot the *ame paid over to the
owner or owners as soon as remittances can be
had from the city. VVeshall always i a leu. ate
to pay the farmer in the very be.-,t pur money
that is afloat. Liberal cath advances
made on ail produce deposited in store.
Lewistown, .MitHui ro., Pa.
N. B. Sal!, I'laatcr, l and
COAL, always on hand
Hon. A. S. Wilson,
l)r. T. A. Worrall, |
44 Joseph B. Ard,
E 1.. B"iiedict. E.-XJ., ■
Epfiraim Banks, 44 t
J. W. Shaw, 44 I T ~
Messrs. WaUsondt Jacob, f a
44 Jos. Millikeutson,
Mr. F. McCoy,
44 R. i". Eiiis,
44 James Turner,
44 18ainuei Frank. J
Lewist.iwn, Jan. 1. IB4o—6mos.
II"E have constantly on liand a tine assort
▼ T rncni r.f Twines, B dcords, Clothes
Lines, Ropes, Cotton Carpet Chain, Arc.
Lewistown, march 24. 1945).
Licit her, Morocco, owl Shoe
A large assortment always on hand, and f.r
l\. aale by
Lewistown, march 24, 1649.
J fall Paper
KT tu*j oto J3 it pr r
by the piece or quantity, for saie Lv
Lewiatown, mr.rch 24, 1a49.l a 49.
6' r a c c r i t s !
Gi ROCERIE6—A very large c-- 'rn •
' nrime groceries, on hand. I • 'J'
from 50 ct3. to SI.tHJ per pound E.\*ra sytup
Molasses, at 50 cts. per gallon: fbr a •• 1 v
march 21, 194ff.
DKLftS \M> MlillU lAi
WE have always on hand a largo affsort
ment of Drugs, Medicines. O; -. Paint.-.
Glass, Dye Stuffs, <i.c.. winch we are prepare'.!
to sell, at retail or wholesale, very low fur
Pure White I-e :d, S2 Of) per l;e<r; Jorsrv
Glue 8 by 10, SI 25 to $4 50 per U.x ; '1 ur
pennne and Varnish, low.
Turpentine, at 10 cents per quart.
Paint brushes, and ail other kind . at ieduc
ed prices: a great variety of Patent Medicines
Lewistown, march 24, 1849
Paper. Paper.
JUST received, an extensive assortment,
consisting of
Ordinary. Fine, and Extra Cap ?
Do. da and French letter, -
And Writing and Wrapping. 3
PRIST IS d PAPER , 22 X 22, at >SOO
per bundie.
Lawyers, Printers, and Merchants, who
need paper by the ream, will find we can sup
ply them at LOW PRICK* for cash.
Lewistown, march 21, I*l9.
IMew Hardware Storol!
\T F. J. Hoffman's will be found a must
. extensive assortment of Hardware, at
low CASH PRICKS; viz:
SADDLERY-WARE ; Coach-ware, Steel
A genera! assortment of Steel Springs
Hoop and Sheet Iron ; Wagon Boxes
Cut and Wrought Nails; Sad Iron;-: Hinges
Locks ofal! kinds; Screws, Spring*
Latches; Knobs; Bolts ; Forks; Spades
Shovels; Pans; Shovels ai:d '! ongs
Knives arid Forks, Table and len Spoons
Hand Saws ; Planes; Hatchets; Ac,
Also, all kinds of shoe findings.
Lcwis'own, March 24, 18-19.
kN Requiem, the mountaineer's F.rewHl.
Where can the Soul Rest. Hurrah for tin- S<-a
Boys, lite Funeral of an Odd Fellow, the < uni
son Banner, the Barman Lover, lite Happic-t
Time is Now, the New Congr— mnal Song of
Eight Dollars a Day, Away Down Last, He
doeth all thing* Well, Me led her to the M' ll ,
or the Rich Young Man's Wedding, the -New
foundland Dog. Ail of the above an for sale
at the book store of
lewistown, April 28, 1819.
& © 2? H S lfl o
rpHE partnership heretofore existing between
I D. C. F*emum A W'm. SHIMP, in the
quarrying and flatting of stone,, was Oi-vtlve-l
by mutual consent on the Ist day of Man h U-a.
i\t books and accounU are in the hand, u
Wm. Shimp, who will settle all accounts ul
said firm. SHIMP,
D C. FREER' 1 it N.
LAvistanra, April 30, '
.{Fntoovfte 3 in*.
The night was dark and fearful,
The blast swept wailing by ;
A watcher, pale and tearful,
I.ook'd forth with anxious eye;
How wistfully she gazeth—
N'o gleam of morn is there—
Her eves to heaven she raiscth
lii agony of prayer.
Within that dwelling lonely,
Where want and darkness reign,
A precious child—her only—
Lay moaning in iti pain ;
And death alone can free him—
-Bhe feels that this must be—
But, O ! for morn to sec him
Smile once again on me.
A thousand lights are glancing
In yonder mansion fair,
And merry feet are dancing—
They heed not mourning there.
O, young and joyous creatures !
line lamp from out your store
Would give that poor boy's features
To his mother's gaze once more.
The morning sun wv shining;
fc>iie heeded not lis ray—
Beside her boy reclining,
The pale, dead mother lay.
A smile her lips was wreathing—
A smile of hope and love,
A- luougli she sn!i were breathing,
There's light for us above
J-HiflCf lla u to u 0.
In i|n* fall ol 1940, I wa- travelling
eastward in a stage coae' Irom I'ltisbuigh
over the mount.tit.s. My ftbiow iia-st-u
--gers were two gemiemt-n ai d i ludv. Tin
elder g> r tlmi in s apy a: ant e iiCerf-iei!
me exceedingly. In yea?* I c seemed
abeut thii'v; in air ami manner he wa
calm, dignified, am! pou-heii ; and the eon
tour td Ins feu lines w.ts singular!* inu-l
ifcctual. lie couver.-t <1 fieelv on "ener.it
topic.*, until the road became more abrupt
■ ind prt' i,•.tf• ti- ;bi mi iii\ ihit'c.ti'ig |i:>:
attention l > tie gre d altitude ola orf ctpice.
Oil ti e V- rge of which our couch whei-!.-
were it i-ur !\ roiling. there came a in rk
< d change over In* countenaare. (lis
eves, -o lately 'i E-! wrh the light <I" mild
intelligence, beamed wf j, reailess and
anxious; the nt .nth twitched so ism die i!lv
and the t relit.ei was lu a.h d wiiu ae. |.i
pei-juration With a sharp, cniivuhm
slmdi! r. he turned ins ga/. • from the uidiiv
height, and clutching m\ arm lighl'v with
botii hands, he clung to me like a drown
mg ru in
-4 I'bu this cologne,* suid the lidv. hand
ma me a bottle, wnii the i istinctive gm i
n ss f her s"X.
I sp>tlid.led a lilfle o, In? IjC> . and in
si en b•( a;ne somevviiat .m re composi ii;
!)iit it w.,s not mini we had entirely tra
versed the u ( Uiiiain and dt s, i nd**d to the
country beneath, that lu> line ft a'ores re
taxed from ihtir perturbed look, am! as
sumed the placid, quit dig it) I ho! fi si
' I owe an ap ill gy to the lady,' said he
with a bland smile ai.d gentle inclination
of the head, to our fair companion, ' and
some ex; Sanation to my fellow irnvtliers
a's i; and per haps i cannot better arqtitt
myself f the double di-bl than by recot. t
ing the cause of mv recent agitation
•li may paiu your feelings,' delicately
urged 'lie lady .
♦On the contrary it will relieve then:,'
was the respectful r< ply.
Having signified our several desires t >
hear inure, the traveller thus proceeded:
' At the age of eighteen, I light ' I
h*an, light of font, and, I fear, (here he
smiled ) I'ght of head. A line property
on the right bank of the Ohio acknow
ledged me as sole owner. 1 was hasten
ing home to enjoy it, and delighted to get
rr'e from a college life. The month was
October, the air bracing, and the mode ot
couveyar.ee a stage roach like this, Only
more cumbrous. The other passengers
were few—but three in all—an old grey
leaded planter ol l.ouisiana. Ins daughter,
a jovnus, bewitching creature ab-ut seven
teen, and bis son about ten y ears ol age.
They were just returned from France, ol
which country the young lady discoursed
io terms so eloquent as toabsoibmy enlne
' Tiie l ither tvns taciturn, but the daugh
ter was vivacious by nature, and we sre,n
liectinn MI niu'uallv pleased with each
other lie was a talker, I w.is a listener
that it was not until • sudden !l i-ih of light
ning and a heavy dash >1 rain against the
outfit window? elicited an exclamation
from tin cbatining cninpaniott, that I
knew bow nigid passed it*. Presently
tliete was n i >vv rumbiing sound, am) then
several In ui-iiduus peals ol tbuniler, ac
companied by aiicce-stve flashes of liglit
utiig. ihe ram descended in toneois,
and an angry wind began to howl and
(iioan bv tuiris tfiiough the forest trees.
' 1 looked from the window •>! our vehi
cle. Tne night was dark ■< ebony, but
the lightning revealed the dung'r of our
road. We were ori ♦ lie edge of t frightful
precipice—l could sen at intervals, huge
pitting rocks far away di>n its side, and
the sigtil made me solicitous for the safety
of my fair companion. I tiiought ol the
mere hair breadths thai were between its
and eternity ; a single little rock in the
track of our coach wheels —a liny hillct ol
wood—a strav root of a tempest lorn tree
—ii revive horse or a careless driver
any dl these might hurl us from our sub
lunary existence with the speed of thought.
4 ' i is a perfect tempest,' observed the
lady, as I withdrew my head from the
window. 4 [low I love a sudden storm !
1 here is something so grand among tlie
winds, when lairly loose among the hills.
I never encountered a night like this, but
Hymn's munificent description of a thun
der storm in the Jura, recurs to my mind.
Hut arc we on the mountains vet V
' \ es, we have begun the ascent.'
4 Is it not said to be dangerous?'
• By no means,' 1 replied, iu us easy a
tone as I could assume.
4 1 only wish it was daylight, that we
ought ci j"\ the mountain .-e< uerv. But
Jo u Mam what's ih.it ? and she
Covet' .i her eves f rom the giure of a sheet
of lightning that illuminated the rugged
mini, la in with brilliant intensity. Peal
atn-i p. ai ot crashing thunder instauiiv
■•ucnei'iifii ; ilierc was a very volume ot
rain coining down ni each i,.under hurst,
eitd with the deep moaning of uu animal
I>l dreadful agony, bieaking upon mv ears
i found lijiit tne coach had come to a dead
• Louisa, my beautiful fellow traveller,
became pale us ashes. She fixed her
- ir<\ aig eyes on mine w ith a io. U of anx
i ms die.. !, and tuning to her father hur
riedly remarked—
-4 \\ e ere i n the m uutair.s !'
t reckon s .iu tf.e u .concerned re
With iutant activity I put my head
tf' i<. ;i g h tie; ntniM v and called to tiie du
v. r, l ot the only answer was the heavy
'u'Hiii: g ol an .tgomz d animal, Lome past
no '■> 1 1;? -w It wings of the tempt st. 1
N' '/.■ u t'ii* handle of the door and strained
at um \ .in ; it would not yit Id a jot. At
that instant I '■ 1 a cold hand ou mine,
.ai In aid Louisa's voice fhintly aittculat
it.g in my .ir the a; p ,Ling words—
• 1 r ..<;h is b-ung inofed backwards!'
4 (• d iii heaven! .Never shall I forget
the fir ire egnny with wh.ii I tugged at
>ii ■. < aeh door anil called on the driver in
tone-, tiiat riviilled th • free of the blast.
tin dreadful convictu n wis burning
iu inv brum, that the couch was Leum
move, -lowly backwards!
4 !. 10.l >weu was of such swift oc
■ : ri > sice 'hat u s- ems to m . like a frighl
f"! d.eruo.
I ; - bed against the d > r with all my
iorre in t it mock, d my utmost efforts.—
•he 't e of iur v hide was sensibly gn
ii.g (low n, down, down. l'hr tnoaning of
t agonized animal b came deeper and
deep r, -slid I I n-w from the desperate
plung-'s ag .ii.-i lit- 11aces that it was one
of our furs. (hash upon ctasli o! hoarse
i! (!. r rolled over the mountain, and \i\ d
.-hects of ogh'iiing played around our do
voted carnage ;'.s if to glee t our misery.
By sis light I ecu hi see f r ;i moment —only
i >r a in oneut —the old p inter, stsn hug
erect, wnli h.s hands on lu < son and daugh
ter, las eves rai- d to heaven, and his lips
moving like those of one in praver. I
r i;id set? Louisa turn iier ashy cheeks and
ssnprib t .fs towards mr as if imploring
ji oteciion. and 1 could see the b >ld glance
the \ • ung boy t! ishiug indignant dtfi
: ; iv utt.be descending r arri.ige, the war of
oh men Is, mid the awlul danger that await
vii him. There was a roll—a desperate
plunge. .!- if lan an l nil! in the last throes
of d. I*l i!r tion, i harsh, grating jar—a
sharp, pic ten g sere.on of mortal terror, and
I had hut time to cl.;*p I. misa firmly with
one hand around the waist, and >ei/." the
leather fastening* atiachf d to the coach
r ol with the other, when we were precip
it.itf d over the precipice.
' 1 can distinctly recollect preserving
consciousness for a few seconds of time,
how rapidly my breath was being exhaust
ed, hut of that ttemendous descent I soon
Install further individual knowledge by a
concussion so violent that 1 was instantly
deprived of sense and motion.'
The traveller paused. His features
worked for a minute or two as they did
when we were on the mountain ; he pressed
bis hand across his fort-head as if in pain,
and then resumed his interesting story.
• On a low couch, m an humble room of
a small country house, I next opened my
eo'S in this world < f light and shade,
and j"V and sorrow, of mirth and inadne*s.
Gentle hands soothed my pillow, gentle
feet glided across my chamber, and a gen
tle voice hushed for a time all my ques
timings. 1 was kindiy tended by a girl
about fifteen, who refused lor several days
to hold anv discourse wuh in •. At length
one morning, finding myself sufficient y
recovered to sit up, I insisted on learning
the result of the accident.
' Y<>u were discovered,' said she sitting
on a ledge of rock, amidst the branches of
a shattered tree clinging to a part of the
roof of your broken coach with one hand,
and to the insensible form of a lady with
the other.'
' And the lady !' I gasped, scanning the
girls lace with an earnestness that caused
her to draw hack and blush.
'She was saved, sir, bv the same means
that saver! you the friendly tree.'
•And her father and brother?' 1 impa
tiently demanded.
'Were both crushed to pieces at the bot
tom of the precipice, a great way below
the nlaca where toy father and uncle Joe
got you and the lady. We buried their
bodies m one grave, clo-e bv the clover
patch down m our meadow ground.
'Boor Louisa! poor orphan ? God pi'.y
you V i mintered, 111 broken tones ; utter
ly unconscious that 1 had a listener.
4 Gud pity her, indeed, sir,' said the
young gul, with a gush of heartfelt svm
pathy. 4 Would you like to seo her V she
4 Take nie lo her,' 1 repliid.
4 1 fount! the orphan bathed in tears, by
the grave of her buried kindred. She re
ceived me with soriowful sweetness of man
ner. I will not detain your attention by
d-tailing the efforts 1 made to win iter
from li"r grief; 'out briefly acquaint you,
that I at last succeeded in inducing her to
leave her forlorn home in the sunny south,
and that twelve months afier the dreadful
occurrence which ! have reia el, we stood
at the altar together as man and wife.
tSne still lives to bless my love wiib her
smiles, ami my children with her good
precepts; but on the anniversary of that
lerribie night, she secludes heiseifm her
room, and dt votes the hour of darkness in
solitary prayer. 4 As f r me,' added the
iravelif-r. v.liile a faint flu-h tinged his no
ble brow at die avowal, 4 as for me. thaiac
eident has reduced me to tbe condition o
a physical coward at die siglit of a niouti
tarn precipice.'
'But I tie driver,' urged our lady pa'sen
ger, who bad attended the recitai of tht
whole wub much attention 4 what becsmt
of the driver ? or did you ever learn tht
reason < f his deserting his po?i?'
'His body was found on the road, with
in a f"w steps of the spot where the coach
went over. He had been struck dead by
the san e flash of lightning that blinded the
restive finises.'
The traveller here fell into a musing at
titude, as ii all further allusion to the subject
would he unpleasant to him. Shortly af
ter tins, we reached the railroad station,
were I parted from trie nervous gentleman
with feelings of profound esteem.
"The Lower Classes."
The lower classes— who are ihey ? The
toiling nulli ns, the laboring man and wo
man, the farmer, the mechanic, the ariizan,
the inventor, the producer ? No, far from
it 1 These are Nature's nobility—God's
favorites the salt of the earth. No mat
ter whether they are high or low in sta
tion, rich or poor in pel', conspicuous or
humble in position, they aie surely the
•'upper circles" in tbe order of na'ure,
whatever 'he fictitious distinctions of soci
otv, fashionable or unfashionable, decree.
It is not low —it is the duty, privilege and
pleasure, of the great man and the whole
sou!' i woman, to earn what they possesr,
to work th ir own way through life, to be
the :ncollect of 1 hoi: own f. 1 tunes. Some
may rank ih* classes we have alluded to
as only rthtively low, ar.d in fact the mid
dling classes. We insist they are abso
lutely the very highest, ll there is a
class of human beings on earth who may
he propetly denominated low, it is those
alio - pond with ut earning, who consume
without producing, who dissipate on the
earnings of their fathers or relatives, with
out doing anything in aid of themselves.
There is a certain magic or charm in
company, for it will assimilate and make
vou like to them by much conversation
with them. If they be good company, it
is a gre-.'i means to make you good, or
confirm you in goodness; but if they be
bid, it is twenty to one hut they will cor
rupt or infect vou. Therefore, be wary
and sly in choosing and enterta ning, or
frequenting any company or companions ;
he not too hasty in committing yourself
to them ; stand off a while till you have in
quired t f some (that you know by experi
ence to be faithful) what they are ; observe
what company they keep : be not 100 has
te to gain acquaintance, hut stand off and
keep a distance yet a while, till you have
observed and learned touching them. .Men
or women that are greedy of acquaintance,
01 hasty in i', are often snared in ill com
pany before they are aware, and entangled
so that they cannot easily get loose from it
when they would.
Chide a man for being angry when he is
angry, what will you get by it, save some
of the foain of his overflowing rage cast
upon you ? As God is said to have co ne
down in the cool of the day to reprove
Adam, so iikewise we should come in the
cool season of a man's passions, when all
is quiet and temperate wi hin, for then there
is the greatest probability of rightly iiitlu
er.cing him.
S >me men who know that they are
great, are so very haughty withal and in
sufferable, thai itiei r acquaintances discover
their greatness only by the tax of humility
which they are obliged to pay, as the pnee
of their trieiidship. Such characters are
as tiresome and disgusting in the journey
of life, as rugged roads are to the weary
traveller, which ho discovers to be turn
pikes only by the toll.
If \ou don't love flowers yourself, don't
quarrel with those who do. It is a defect
in your nature which \ou ought to be sot
r y !ur, rather than ahti.se tho-e who arc
riuirti i!'.ed. ()i what pos-ohF- f/se is the
rainbow, we should like to know ! And
vet a wiser Being than you did nut think
j the world complete without it.
rather singular ease of forgery has just or
i curred in New Orleans. A young French
girl, who had recently arrived with her
mother and sister fr>>ni Paris, was reported
to have a huge amount of gold on depos
it!? with a city banker. Site was fair and
of course had many admirers, among
them a verdant young merchant, whom she
married.—On the day following the mar
riage the happy bride groom deposited
with a banker a note for §IO,OOO, signed
by one of the wealthiest merchants in the
; city. This note, which he had received
from his voting and beautiful bride, he dp
snred to have collected, and a draft for the
amount remitted t< him at New York for
which destination the happy couple took
their departure the same evening. The
note was not discovered 10 be a forgery un
til several days after they had sailed for
j the North. The credulous husband with
his artful spouse are now enjoying their
i honey moor, trip at the North, but the
news of the affair which must come, when
the money does not, will sotely interrupt
their matrimonial bliss.
To be read en ah convenient occasions b<j
all classes.
From all 'bores,' inquisitive people,
false fatvd, hollow hearted evil doers and
evil thinkers, deliver us.
From long winded, prosy, leaden essays,
harangues, and hail storms; from high
winds of adversity, ' east winds,'and rich
relations, deliver us.
From politics in religion or religion in
politics; from demagogues cf all sorts and
calibre, deliver us.
Fiom rainy days and paper soled shoes;
from long cold winters and stone-coal—
especially at six dollars per ton, deliver
' us.
From whimsical wives and pet dogs;
from fashionable daughters and 6100
shawls, delr\ er us.
From other people's babies and their
mint sticks ; from harangues about smart
children and their capers, deliver us.
From Italian operas, parched pea coffee,
fashionable modes, form, and fashionable
boarding houses, deliver us.
From tax collec'urs and sheriff's officers;
from rents, duns, printer's devils *ind law
ters; from toothache, deliver us.
From all sorrow and grief, which short
en man's life ; from vexation and losses,
skimmed mi k and sandy sugar, deliver us.
From- ihe nanus of the doctor and sur
geon, the loss of goo l repute and daily oc
cupation ; from cold sweats, consumption,
and delinquent subscribers, LUKD, DELIVER
us ALL. — Merchant's Ledger.
" ANSWF.R ME DKSE." —If 4 scruples
make one dram, how many will it take to
make a drama ?
If 2J inches make 1 nail, how many
will make a screw ?
If 3 feet make a yard, how many will
make a gcrden ?
If 63 gallons will make a hogshead, how
many will make the whole animal ?
If 12 inches make one foot, how many
Will make one leg.
' What under the sun can be the causa
of that bell ringing to day V said young
Sarn to his friend, as they approached a
country village.
4 If I was to express my opinion on the
subject,' returned Isaac, solemnly, 4 I should
say it is my deliberate conviction, that
somebody was pulling the lope.'
is described by a Philadelphia paper as
follows : " Phe hue is a cross between that
of pea soup and dirty water, with a stray
touch ol the green scum of a frog pond ;
and the pioud wearers go up and down
Chesnut street like so many bullfrogs out
on a pleasant excursion."
rpilF. Lykens Valley Coal Cnmpany will he
T prepared to de!i\er Coal, on and after the
2wh inst., at the Depot, Millersburg, Dauphin
county, Pennsylvania, the head of the Wi
conisco Canal, 12 miles from Clark's Ferry.) at
the following prices CASH :
Lump, broken and screened, $2.00 per ton.
Nut, 1.75 do.
Limeburners'screenejl, ' l '°*
do. mixed, 75 do.
April 14, 1849—taugl.
Dissolution of Partnership.
' gIAKE .NOTICE, that the partnership
I heretofore existing between A. B. LONG
and GEO. 11. LONG, under the firm of A. L>.
LONG & CO., in the manufacture of stoves,
and the partnership of A. B. LONG & BRO
THER, in the manufacture of iron at Hope
Furnace, are now (April 12, 1849.) dissolved,
by mutual consent of the parties, and all claims
j in tavor or against said paitnerships will bo
settled by A. B. LONG.
April 21. IS49—4L
PERFU YIKRY, e fine assortment, for sale y
[ap29j Green <sf Bank*.