The Carbon advocate. (Lehighton, Pa.) 1872-1924, October 31, 1874, Image 1

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H. V. MoimiiMEU, Proprietor. INDEPENDENT" Live and Lot Live." ' $l-00 a Year if Paid in Advance.
, . , . .., .in ... i i hiiii
Furniture Warehouse.
V. Behvrarti, BanK .treat, dealer tn all linai of
FumfUre. Oiffint mailt to order.
Boot mill Shoe Haktn.
Clinton Bretney, in Levan't building. Dank street.
All orders promptly JUled work warranted,
-grj- ji. nAPSUBR,
B1KX 8ur, LtawniOK, PA.
Real Estateand Collection Agency. Will Buyand
Sell lUal Estate. Conveyancing neatly done. Ool
lectlona promptly made. Settling tatatea of De
cedent, a specialty. May he consulted In EnRllsb
and Oerman,
Orrici-First National Rank Building, 2nd Floor
May bo conaulted In Oerman. apr 18, 1874
Mauch Chunk, Fa.
jc-Otflce,'abov Do!onVJwA-y Store.Braat'wav.
pip, c. uuiaiiclc,
Office, on BaoanwAT, first door below American
'ITotel.MauchCbunk.l'enn'a. Collectlona prompt
ymade. Nor. 23.
A 7. 1. ETON, ' PA.
Oct 18, 1873.
East WelainArt, Pa.
N B.8alee of every description attended to at
reasonable chares. The patrooage of the public
Is respectfully solicited. "'
TJR. N. B. ItEBEll,
Office, 1HBX Street, next door above the,
Ijehlgnton, ra. umra nuun ,
romiuio luo'ciuc, .. . ,i
Lehlghtor. Nov U, 78.
Bummll Hill, Oarlion Co., Pa,
-Bet of accommodation.. Kxcelleut res
taurant underneath. Good stabling attached
Terms moderate.
122 S. 9th StAllentown,Pa,
-Will furnish Plans, Specifications and Estimates
Kiting esart ret of public and prlt.t. Luildlugs,
from the plainest to the moat elaborate; nHo
Drawings fcr Stairs, lland-llalls, sc. jeij
. Fasblonable
Boot and Shoe Maker,
Nearly opposite the Post-office
BANK BTEEET, Lehighton, Pa.
Hiving commenced bulne6s, aa above, I would
Tespectfully announce to the cltliens of Lehighton
and vicinity that I am prepared to do all work In
ray line In the neatest aud most substantial man
ner, at prices fully as tow as tbo same work can
ha ni.lnfil in rhlladelnkla. A snlendld assort.
ment of CHILDREN'S and MISSES' WEAR of
the best make always on hand. Atrial itmiciiea
and satlfaetlon guaranteed.
at lowest prices. July 4, 1874.
The following Companies are Kepresentedf
.Lebanon Mulual Fire,
Reading Mutual Fire,
Wyoming Flro,
Tottsville Fire,
Lehigh Fire, and tho
Travelers' Accident Insurance,
Also Fennsylvanla and Mutual Uorso
Thief Detoctlvo and Insurance Com
pany. March 29, 1873.
, Fashionable
Boot and Shoe Maker,
Opposite T. D. (Tlauss Store,
respectfully Informs his friends and the
imbltcthat he has just received a uuw
and excellent assortment of Men's Wo
men's aud Children's Ready-Uade
Boots, Shoes & Gaiters,
"Wlilcli he will Sell at the Lowest Prices.
I3f Roots and Shoes tnado to order,
and Repairing neatly and' substantially
-done at short notice ap 25-yl
Tlio undersigned rcsiieel
fully announces that he is hotter
prepared than over to Buy and Sell
Cuir and Sbcep SUlna,
Tallow and
Plastering Iffalr,
s,l his Old Stand, nearly opposite the
post office, Dank Street, Lehighton.
3T The highest cash prices paid for
Hides aud Skins.
nov. 22. C. E. GREEN4WALD.
baeco, Cigars, Pipes, &c, next door to
Kcvs.urocery stoie, busquelianna bt,,
Mauch Chunk, respectfully asks the
people of Lehighton aud vicinity, when
-visiting that place, to call In and try his
the very best, in the market. Every
articles in bis Una warranted as repre
seated and at lowest prices. mar28
maUY IT I TRY IT I Tho India
RubberPIastorsfor a Weak Rack
"PRULING has tliecn may 0
Railroad Guide.
PaenirersforFblladelchtalll leave LehJehtcin
aa follows :
8.00 a. m. via L. V. arrive at Thlla. at 9.00 a. m.
7.37 a. m. via I.. A 8. " " 11.10 a.m.
7.19 l m, via L. V. '' " n.ioa.m.
11.07 p.m. via LAS." " 2.16 p. mw
11.02 p.m. via L.V. " 2.15 p.m.
2.27p.m.Tlar..A8. 44 " o.-Hp.m.
4.47p.ra.vlaL. 8. " " 8.20p.m.
4.44 p. in. i la L. V. " " R.20 p. m.
7.18 p. tn. via I.. V. " " 10 80 p.m.
Returning, leave depot at Berka and American
Street, Phlla., at 7.00, 8.30 and 9.45 a. m.j 2.10
3,10 and 5.16 p. m.
rareirora Lmgntonio rmnaeipnia, cs.00.
Eeb. 1,1874. E LISCLAIiKK, Agent
Time Tablo of Juno 29, 1874.
Trllns leave Lehighton as follows:
For New York, I'hiTndelpbla, Easton, Ac, a, 7.37,
11.07 a. m, 2.27, 4.47 p.m.
For Mauch Chnnk at 10.15 a. m., 1.14, 6.38, and
9 (13 p. in.
For Wltkes llarre and Scranton atl0.15 a. m., 1.14,
6.38 p. m.
Itctur ning Leave Nw York, from station Cen
tral Railroad of New Jersey, footer Liberty
street, Korth River, at6.I6, 9.00 a. m., 12.4),
4 00 p. m.
Leavo Philadelphia, from Depot North Penn'a
II. It., at 7.00,9 45 a. in, 2.10, 5 15 p. m.
Leave Easton at 8 30, 10.09, 11.43 a. m., 3.55 and
7.1.1 p m.
Leave MnuchChuuk at 7.30, 11.00 a.m, 2.20 and
4.40 p. m.
Fo: further particulars, see Time Tables at'tbe
II. P. BALDWIN, Gen. rauenger Agent.
July 4, 1874.
Summer Time Tahle.
On and after SUNDAY. JUNE 28th. 1874. the
trains on the Phllada. b Erie RR. Division will
run as follows 1
Fast Lini leavea Philadelphia
12.55 p.m.
" llarrlsburg
44 " Bunbury
11 arr. at Lock Haven
E&U Mail (eaves Philadelphia
41 44 Sunbury
" " WlWUmsport
" " Lock Haven
" " ltenova
" arr. at Erie
ELMIU Mail leaves Phladelphla
" " llarrlsburg
" " Sunbury
" Wllllamsport
arr. at Lock Haven
Niaoaba llxraisa leives Philadelphia
" " " llarrlsburg
" " Bunbury
' " Wllllamsiwrt
" " Lock Haven
' " " Renova
41 arr. at Kane
PniLA, Express leaTes Ick Haven
" Sunbury
" u Wllllamsport
" arr. at llarrlsburg
Ebjb Mail lcarea Erie
14 44 Renova
44 " Lock Haven
44 44 Wllllamsport
41 44 Sunbury
44 arr. at llarrlsburg
44 44 Philadelphia
o.uu p.m.
CM p.m.
8.50 p.m. p.m
11.66 p.m.
6 :itl a.m
0.45 a.m,
H US p.m,
8.09 a.m,
1.20 n.m,
4.20 p tn.
6 p.m.
7-30 p.m,
7.20 a.m.
1U.40 a.m.
12.30 p.m,
3 10 p.m.
4.20 p.m
DM a.m,
020 a.m.
u;in p.m.
7.45 a.m.
11.45 a tu.
3J15 pjn'
11.20 a.m.
0 20 p.m.
11.35 p.m.
10JU a.m.
12 40 a.m
2 40 a.m.
0 40 a.m
y.45 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
12.40 p.m.
Eluika Mail leares Lock Haven
- runoury
44 arr. at llarrlsburg
44 44 Philadelphia
Xiaoaia ElfBlts leaves Kane
4 44 44 Renovo
" " " IKk Haven
44 44 44 WilllamsMirt
44 " 44 Sunbnry
44 4 arr at llarrlsburg
44 44 44 I'hllidelnhl
3.05 p.m .
(1.33 p.m
0.00 a.m
4 05 p.m.
0.50 p.m,
8.40 p.m,
10,55 p.ta
Mall East connects east and west at Erie with L
8 A M S It W and at lrtloeton with 011 Creek and
Allegheny II R W.
Mall H est with east and west trains nn L S A M
8 K W. and at Curry and Irvlooton with Oil Creek
and Allegheny R U W.
'Z.ou a.m,
Elmlra Mall and ilulTalo Riprets make close
connections at Wllllamsport wlthN O R W trains
uonn, ana;at llarrlsburg with N C R.W train
south. WM.A.BALDWIN,aeu'lSupt.
REWARD for an Incurable
case of Catarrh. After having
snuffered. deluded, caroled, hawk.
ed, spit and gsgged to your eutlre satlibctlon In
your useless endeavors to get relief from catarrh,
use Ilrlgica' Alleviator according to directions. The
filthy mass of muiims will be immedfately expell
ed, and the intlamed surface soothed, the eyes
sparkle with delight, the head feels natural i train
hope ruTtrei, for cure Is tmre to follow the uce of
tun ogreeauie, iciaaiinc ana reliable reoied.
jnK..wvl.n f MUCH lias been said
Jl Ilia 11 3 an wr,,t0D d n-ny re-
a uivaiei cafe uttjQ ouerea lor
the relief aud cure of throat and lunir diwifs: but
nothing hai Urea 10 etnlueatly iuccchttful, or ob
Mineafeuca a wma ceieuruy. as utia Throat
ana JjUou iteaier.
Aea f-
fTIIE excruciating pain
B?5 produced bjr corn, the uuceaa-
plerclnjr, dlstrHMlnj; palu trom Injrrowlug Nalla,
CiDDot be described. TbouKandfrulTer. not know-
lop there la a cure, ltrli' corn and llunlon
KCDiedtea are uo acli or pulah compoundi, but
are reliable, toothtntr. atid effect ut). and iustlr
merit the aueceis they have euaed from au ap-
jrwiiiTe puuuc. lue uuraure 11 a Deaiiug oiut
mnt: lmuedUte relief li obtained hv ita at-Dlica-
tlon.and It will positlTtly euro the worst caieiof
itunereu rorDS iDnamea ana ui re rait a bunions,
the torest lnsten. the larirest and aeferest Ulsters.
the most extern! fe callosltlcion thenoljsor heela
of the feet; nnequailed lu tbecure of cbttdbMus
or frosted feet. Tho Alleviator for ordinary -corni
anaprevenung ineir loruauoa is absolutely uu-
e'luideu vj aayiuingever kdowd. ask lorurigg;
j.euieuiei. iaae uo oiuer
i III ,.i ' those not trvuLUd to Mink tt it noth-
v w ' ing to have J Wei. J-br this reattm,
the unfurtunate eujferer gtXt very ttU sympathy.
TheqgonyofTophtiUnatvr cannot be muck xoorse
thanUtt torture endured bymiliioni who are troubled
with internal bUalina, external and Uctina piles.
Clad Tidings for tujfertrer, Uriggs's ISle Jiemedies
arc mua, tare ana sure.
.fliiMiiici f ARE TOE MOST PLEN
N ilirilK ' tiful kind of urain in the market.
jjvtry one has a supjily , frxm
the three year old child to' the grandsire verging on
a A undrtdj stytuh, handsome young ladies who aa ily
prowunaoAjatAumaue resorts; niaaie ajeu matrons t
old maids, dressed up to appear youna and aav: dan
dies, with Vteir vatentleaOiers. and inxenliaLU walk
ing sticl; th cUrgytnaHf mrcAa(, clerk, artisan
and mechanic, q alt ages attd stations, have a fuU
supply cf corns, bunions, bud twits, and other bother
ations of the feet, alt of which are banished and cured
by the use of'tMggs's thrn and Bunion Jiemcdie,
Altviator aiui lltratir. .Sold Iy
A. J. DURLINQ, Druggist,
Lehluhton, Pa,
May 0 1871 ly.
rgHUE People of Lehlghtm and vlcio
ity all unite in testifying that at A .
J. DURLING'SDruc audPamllv Med
icine Store, Puiie, 1'itEsn and Unadul-
tkiiatkd JlEUlciNEa can always be
lounu. mayv
J. KTJNTZ, Prop'r,
Respectfully announces to tlio publlo
that ho hits Just rebuilt tho Tnnnery,
formerly of Daniel Olewlne, and put
tn all tlio best and most approved ma
chinery for tho
Manufacture of Leather,
auclias Hemlock and Oak Solo, Harness,
Upper, Kip, Calf and Sheep, which no
will supply at mo very lowest prico.
riasterlnc Hair supplied In largo or
small quantities very low. HIDES and
SKINS bought at highest cash prices.
ratronage solicited. Aug. a-yi
The underslcneil calls tho attention
of all parties using Iron to tho fact that
lio keeps on nanii, at mo
all Sizes, which'ho offers at the Lowest
Market Trices. Also, that he pays tho
IliRhest Price for SCRAP IRON, or
will takn It In exebango for Manufac
turecl Iron.
In the absence of the undersigned,
parties will call at tnet eea istoro or W,
II knjsuut, issq., ana uo attended to,
Welssport, Sept 12-m3
MixurACTumit or
Carriages, SIclgbs, Bugglctt,
and evory description of
Nearly opposite Eagle Hotel, Bank Street,
i,enignton, i'a.
At reasonable charges.
49Patrorage very resnectfully sallclted. and
satisfaction guaranteed.
teb. 7, 1B74, A. DUCKMAN.
Charles Trainer
Respectfully informs the people of Le-
mguton mat nu nas most Excellent
Flour Tor Sale ;
Also, cood FEED of all kinds, and
STRAW in the iJundlo. Uo is also
prepared to do any kind of
Hauling and Plowing
at short notice.
Lehighton, Pa. March 28-1 y
Dry Goods, Notions,
Glassware, Ilardwaro, &c.
May 31, 187a.
Whenever I cet a Bottle, of Bloom
of Youth or Magnolia Balm, Rose Tint,
a Vox of Lilly White, or anything in
that lino to beautify the complexion, at
Durllng's Drug Store, it seems to bo
nicer and better than I can get any
where else, may
IlElXaiAIV & CO.
BANK 8TREET. Lehighton, Pa.,
MILLERS and Dealers In
Flour &:F ced.
All kinds of GIUW Bought and Sold
at Regular Market Rates.
Wo would, also, respectfully inform
our citlzcus, that we art) now fully pro
pared to supply them with tho
Xt.est of Coal
From any Mine desired at tlio VERY
July 25th, 1874.
B1TY HIM ? NO 1 That Electrio
Liniment, like I got at Durllng's
Drug Store, will cure him or any other
man ol RHEUMATISM and all other
Pains. may 9
TTUST look at her Hair I Why
" thought It was turning Groy? So
It was, until she got a Bottle of that new
uajr .Restorer at Durllng's Drug Store.
HY, OH, WHY will you suffer
with Hint Couch or Cold? when
relief may b-had Immediately by using
JURLING'S Compound Sytup ot Tar
wna unerry ana uorenoana.
irtlllzlngn Jucli Rabbit.
While my friend Clyde and myself
were out in the hills back of the Golden
Gato Park last week, a Jack rabbit came
along, and stopped to look at us.
'If I had thought to bring my revol
ver along wo would liavo jack on toast
for breakfast to morrow," 1 remarked.
"Not with my consont," he replied.
"What renson can you glvo for not
"A rabbit saved my life, and I havo
not killed ono since, and will never kill
ono again."
"How did ho manage to savo your
"Three years ago I was living in Mon
tana. A bineltcr had JuBt been built,
and it created a demand for silver rock.
I owned an interest In a lead that had
been sunk on SO feet. Thinking tho
time had como to mako it available, I
concluded to go there and get sotno ore
and have It tested. I did so; and reach
ed tho placo just In time to take shelter
In tho mine from a terrible hailstorm. I
lighted my candle, went to tho bottom,
and went to work. I had not been
thero more than five minutes when I
heard a nolso that sounded liko a can
non. The rock over my head shook,
and In a moment tho shafL behind me
caved. Vou can Imaglno my feelings
better then I'can describe them, when
I found myself burled alive. I trem
ble oven at this distant day when I
think of that moment. The roof of the
shaft was rocks, and when they came
down they did not pack so tight but
what tho air came through. Thero was
nothing that I could do to release my.
self. I knew that if relief did not come
from tho outsldo I must perish. No ono
knew I had gone thero. A road.-'run
past the mouth of tho shaft; but It was
not traveled much, and I was' not like
ly to attract attention by calling; never
thelcsa, I shouted at Intervals all day,
The following morning I commenced
calling again; and all day, whenever
thought I heard a sound, I shouted.
"When night canio again all hopes of
being released had abandoned me. One
thing added great bitterness to my suf-
feriuge. I owed quite a largo amount
of money, and, should my futu remain
unknown, my creditors would think I
had fled to defraud them, and my name
would bo stigmatized.
"I will not dwell on tho agonies I en
dured; I am sorry I cannot forget
"Tho morning of the fourth day of
my imprisonment I heard something
crawl into my grave. I lighted my
cauaie ana saw a rauuit. rnero was
only ono aperture largo enough to ad
mit him; I closed It to prevent his es
cape. I saw In him food to appease, my
hunger, and toy hand wasraUctl to kill
him, when a thought occurred to me
that prevented ttie blow from descend
Ing. I had two fish lines; their united.
length would reach to the road. I took
off my shirt, tore It Into strings, tied
them together, and on to the fish lines,
I wore a long, gold watch chain; I
tied It on to the part of the line that
would cross the road. I then cut ser.
cral leaves from my diary, wrote on
tliem'.my condition, Sand-tied them on
to that part of the line that would be
on the outside. I then tied tlio end made
oufeof my shirt around; Jack's neck and
let him out. lie soon- reached the end
of the line, and I knew by the way ho
was pulling that he was making despe.
rate attempt? to escape. Soon the tut;.
glng stopped, and knowing that gnaw
Ing was Jack's chief accomplishment
I thought he had cut himself loose
About threo hours afterward I felt tho
line pulled, and some one called; I tried
to answer, but the hoarso noise I made
died in the cavern. I then pulled the
line to show that I wa-i not dead
"All grew still again, and I knew
tho man had gone for assistance. Then
came tho sound of voices; I pulled In
ine line, ana It brought mo rood. It
took all the men who worked in tho
shaft nine hours to reach me.
"A very large pine treo that stood
near the shaft had been the cause of
my misfortune. It had been dead a
number of yearn,, and the storm had
blown It over." The terrible blow It
struok the ground had caused tho cave.
"Jack bad wound the line around a
bush, and tied himself so short that he
was imprisoned outside as securely as I
had been Inside. Ho was taken to town,
put in a large cage, and supplied with
all the rabbit delicacies tho market af
forded. He however, did not thrive,
and the boys believing that he 'pined In
thought,' voted to set him freo. ne
was taken back to his old girdling
grounds and liberated.
"no not only saved my life, but be
came the benefactor of all the rabbits in
the neighborhood tho miners refrain
ing from shooting any, (rating It might
be him, San Francisco Golden Era,
Showing tlio Hoys In Wnslioo
how to Shoot.
Recently, at a saloon on tho Divide,
somo men were discussing tho shooting
affray which occurred during tbo morn
ing between tho two brothers-in-law.
Fallman and Ward. It was agreed on
all hands that U was shocking bad
shooting a discredit to Washoo. At
last a Plocho man bantered a Comstock
man, whom he knew to bo a good
shot with a pistol, to go out In the back
yard with hltn and do some shooting,
Just to show tho "boys" how It should
be done. In tho saloon was a box of
eggs, and what tho Plochcr proposed
was that each Bhoot two eggs off the bare
head ot the other at tho distance of ten
paces, the ono missing to treat the crowd.
Tho Comstocker was bound not to be
bluffed by a man from the other end of
the Stato, so to lift back yard all hands
adjourned. Each, man used his own
six-shooter. Tho Comstock first "bus
ted" his egg on tho topof thePiocher's
head, which exploit was loudly applau
ded by all present. It was then tho
Piocher's turn to shoot, and an eug was
produced to be placed upon tho head of
the Comstocker, but when ho removed
his hat thero was a great laugh, for the
top of his head was as smooth as a bit
Hard ball. For full ten minutes all
hands tried tn vain to mako an egg
stand on his head. It couldn't bo douo.
Tho Piocher than taunted tho Com
stocker with having gone Into the ar
rangement knowing that ho was safe,
The latter told him to set up his egg aud
It was all right ho was there. The
Procher went Into tho saloon, and a
moment after camo out with a handful
of flour, which he dabbed upon tho bald
head of the Comstocker, and then trl
umphantly planted in It his egg, fell
back ten steps, and then knocked it off.
The Comstocker then told him to set up
his second egg and shot at it, as lie
didn't want to have his head chalked
twice during the game. This was done,
and the wreck of a second egg streamed
over the Comatocker's pate. Tho Pio
cher now stood out with his last egg on
his head. The Comstocker raised his
pistol.and fired. Tho Piocher bounded
a yard Into the air, and tho egg bounced
whole from his head. "I've lostl" said
the Comstocker. "Let all come and
take a drink. By a slip I'vo put balf
the width of my bullet through the top
of his left earl" and so It proved upon
measurement. Virginia Enterprise.
A Xcgro Wcilcllus.
A bride and groom, answering to tho
names of Andrew and Susy, were field
hands ot unimpeachable Guinea blood
and both had passed the first half-cen
tury of life. Their dress, howovcr,
showed that they had not entirely es
chowed the follies of their youth, for,
though rude and cheap, as became their
condition, It was nevertheless emoei
llshed with those bits of gewgaws and
glaring finery of bright-colored ribbons
and ties in which the negro delights.
With the most decorous gravity tho
preacher began :
"Andrew, does you lub dls yer wo
"I duz so," was tho reply.
"Will you promise to stick close froo
time and 'tarntty, renouncing all others
an' clabblng'to her eber an eber, an
"I will dat."
"Will you lub, honor and 'boy'
"nold on dar, Old Jackl" interrupt
ed the groom, with no little show of
indiglnation " 'taint no use talking to
dls nigger 'bout 'beylu do wlmmen folks,
euney'cept olo mlssl"
"Silence dar, you owdumptlotis ng
gert" roared tho wrathful preacher:
"what fur you go fur spiling de grablty
ob de 'caslon. Dls yer's only matter ob
form, an' inspenslble to de 'caslon.
No don't you go fur to open your black
mout until do time for you to speak.
Will you promise to lub, honor and' bey
(Andrew still uhaktng his bead omin
ously at the obnoxious word) dls yer
nigger Suy, furnlsbln her wld all
needed for comfort' an happiness an'
protectln' from sugerln' an' makln'
smoove do path ot all her precedln'days
to cornel"
"I suppose I mus' say yes to dat,"
eaid Andrew, meekly.
"Den I pronounce deso yer two
couples to bo a man an' wife, nu' whom
de Lord has Joined togedder let no man
go fur to put dem asunder,"
Here an uproar arose amog the I
blacks, betokening a dilemma entirely
unforseen by Old Jack. For, inasmuch
as lie had forgotten to require thtj usual
vows of Susy, they insisted that bow-
over firmly Androw might bo bound by
the bonds ot matrimony, Susy was still
single, and tho pair woro but half
married. Tho matter was at least ad
justed by tho preacher commencing tho
ceremony over again, by which means
tho couple wero (Irmly united to tlio
satisfaction of all. Atlanta News.
IJon't IMcasc Don't.
Don't tell the little one, who may bo
slightly willful, that "tho black man
will como out of the dark cellar and
carry it off if it does not mind." Don't
create a needless fear to go with tho
child through all tho stages of Its ex
Don't tell tha little five year old Jim
my "the school ma'am will cut oft hla
ear3" " pull out his teeth" "tio him
up" or any of tho horrible stories that
are commonly presented to the childish
imagination. Think you tho littlo ono
will believe anything you tell him after
ho becomes acquainted with the gentle
teacher who has not the least idea of
putting thoso terrible threats into exe
Don't tell tho children they must not
drink tea because it will mako them
black, while you continue tho uso of it
dally. Your example Is moro to them
than precept; and while your face is as
fair as a Juno morning they wilt scarce
ly credit the oft-told talo. Either glvo
up drinking tho pleasaut boverago or
glvo your children a better reason for
its non-use.
Don't tell them they must not eat
sugar or sweetmeats, because it will rot
their teeth. Pure Bugar does not cause
the teeth to decay; and susar with fruit
Is nutritious and healthy, notwlthstand-
dlng the "old sw" to tho contrary.
Tho case ot city children is often cltod
as If tlio cause of their pale, faces and
slight constitution wero an over amount
of sweetmeats with their diet, when tbo
actual cause Is want of puro air and
proper exercise.
Don't tell tho sick ono that tho medlclno
Is not bad to take, when you can hard
ly keep your own stomach from turning
"inside ouf'at the smell of It. Better
by far to tell him the simple truth, that
if Is disagreeable, but necessary for his
health, and you deslro him to take It at
once. Ten to ono ho will swallow it
with half the trouble of coaxing and
worry of words, and lovo you better for
your firm, decided manner.'
Don't teach the children oy example
to tell white lies to each other and to
their neighbors. Guard yourllps andbrl
dleyour tongue If you deslro to havo the
coming generation truthful. Truthful
ness Is ono of the foundation stones of
heaven. Remember tho old, old .Book
says, "no liar" shall enter within the
gates of the beautiful city. Thero Is no
distinction between whlto lies and thoso
of a darker hue. The falsehood is an
untruth, whether the matter, bo greator
small. Rural Now Yorker.
Somebody wishes to know why tho
dolls aro all girls.
A malicious person jays that cot
ton sheets and newspapers are alike in
the respect that a great many peoplo
lie in them,
A good nature d spinster used to
boast that she always had two good
beaux; they were elbows.
Ell Lovo climbed a tree, to, shake
out a coon. The dog heard something
drop and went for It, but It was not tho
coon. It was Ell.
A dairyman was awakened by a wag
ono night, who told him his best cow
was choking. He Jumped up at once,
wont out, and found a turnip stuck in
the mouth of tho pump.
Jones says he always makes up his
mind regarding the value of a horso by
the abuudance, length and beauty ot
his tall, for It's a well-attested fact that
"all's well that ends well."
Saysawlt, "Last year I saw 8
watch spring, a uoto run, a ropo walk,
a horso fly, and oven tho big treo
leave. I eveu saw a plank walk, and
a Third Avenue bank run; but the
other day I saw a treo box, a cat fish,
and a slono fence. I am now prepared
to see the Atlantic coast and Paclfio
Summit Hill has a tailor long known
for bis keen, pungent wit. Not long
since a well-known clergyman called at
his shop with a pair of pantaloons, aud
asked him it they could be repaired.
The knight of tho shears unrolled them,
held them up lu a most artistic manner,
ctrefully examined them, and replied,
"Yes, yes; thq knees aro the best part
of them."' Tbo reverened gentleman
saw ilia joke, smiled blandly and grace
fully bowed himself out,