The Carbon advocate. (Lehighton, Pa.) 1872-1924, February 14, 1874, Image 1

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IvtlMor mill Proprietor.
One Dollar Vrnr In Aiivaurn
"VOL. II., No. 13:
Lehightoiis Directory
'A gen I.
W. C. Fre-tlrifl, Singer touting Machine and In
c mranff.iieit to.K. II. SprdiT's, llaiilc street.
R..B, WIDBIS,- Staring, Hair, rutting and Sliam.
r poking, ur,'Iliti.I. Hunk street. '
Hoot ami Sho Jllnktm.
Yeuser nearly ipiiosite the leiil-njfac, Bank
;!4t; i&'ur in (imfrlWitn-yi
llnton Bretney, in 'Zero'' building, Itank streiL
.411 onerl promptly filled uxtrk-warranted.
Hausman A Kitbnii, ophite 01 ert's strre, Dink
street. Aliordertpromptlg .fillM,
' 'Dry'OoihU ami Ot uurrtt-Y.
Z. It. lxmer'ppp.')..- 8. Deput, Hank sti 'tinier in
Hardware, UuecnKurc, Ladies' Dress Gotls, tfc.
11. Jii Belts, lrtdck'eri Block. Il'a'nk al., Dry Gnnlt,
Groceries, Queensware. iiirpett, Oil OUhs CW.
X. H.lBnyder. Jljnk street, Dry Goofs ..YuffiM,,
Hress Goads', Groceries, Queensware, Ihrdioarr,a.
Ditaga Witt Medicines.
:A.J Durllngtlrst'dooraixireP. , llnk street.
Oili, Joints, Itrfumery, latent hlrdtcines, dv.
Vl P. Bemwel, nearly opp. Kxchauge Hotel. Bank
treat, Cultivators, Oils, liinls, Guano, ifc.
Thomas .antr, " Eicbonitc, ' cpp. Public Squa a,
Hank it. JTgtrrmuge toliritcd,
Furniture IVarcliouae.
V. Schwarti, Bank'street, dealerin aU kinds if
furniture. OoJJmsmadeto order.
Merchant Tallore.
OnussA Brc, Hank street, anil dealer in Gents'
furnishing Goods, Uoott, Uioei, Hats, ;, if.
Thomas S. Beck, I'. O. building, l!ai k st . Gent's
tFurniihing Goods, Hals, Lupi, Jklioit Uuuks, ifc.
Mrs. E.Fath, Bak street. door below, I he M.
E. Church. Sotionsand Trimmings
' Fliralclnne mill Surgeon.
Sir. 0. 8. Oenuao, corner tf Bank aud 1 roil stre
Consultation in English and German.
Sr. N. B. He'tar, next door to H, 0. lliuk street.
Oonsuitatim in English and German.
Joe. Obert. Bank st.--7ucAin0. Caring and Poking
Eltablithment. AU orders promptly filhd,
J. Katllnger Son, Bank t dealtrs in flour and
tied, GttKeries, fruits unH Vegttalles.
VAtolimnktrr nml Jeweler. Bollonnujer, fnulh utri-et,, aim Bank at.
Dealer in Watches, Clocks, liingi, rfc.
Rial Entate and Collection Afency. Will Bnyand
f 11 Id al Ettale. Uourejauclnir neatly doue. Col
leclloni promptly inolle. fettling ,Eltate of De
cedent, a rprclalty. Jlay be couaulted iu KrulItU
Jicdtternmu. ' Not. 13.
Justice of tiie Peace,
" Lelslgliton, Pa.
OlGce In Ms store, opposite the Eai;Ie
'Hotel. Collcctlons'nnd Drawlirp up of
'Deeds promptly 'nttemk'd to. na2.4m
iAttohni;' .At 'law
orriCEt Ground Floorlntheliewa.tili loiiof the
lamlon House, Maucu Chunk, l'a. lluln-
traniacted in Enclihh and tlerman. Colletlin$
..proinply made and Coimjauilup neatly doi.e.
OClce.on Broiditat. rat door below American
Hotel, MauchCbunklrenu'a. Collectlona prompt
ly made. Not. 81.
jr . DIMUICK, ' '
AUCTIONEER. 'Welaeport, Pa.
UN'B. Salea of eTery (teacrlptlon attended to at
freaaonaUe charea. Ihepitronage of the public
'la retpecifully follclted: 4k l J I. '74.
MA.uqn ,cnuNK ta.
Oct 18, 1873.
t ' '
yhtn you go to 'Welsanort,
Don't fall to call In and aea
v. v. SMITH,
nt the
He Itefps eTerytlilng nice.
The IbUow ln( Oonpanlea are Bepriaeuted I '
Lebanon-Mutual Fire,
, Beading Mutual Fire,
Yj'0Uli)8 Fire,
l'ottsyille Fire,
Lehigh Fire, and'tUe
TraTelera Accident Insurance,
Alto iPennsylvanla and Mutual Horse
Thief Dctectivu and Insurance Com.
Pnyt " A iMartjh 8!), ,187U. ,
Floral Guide for 1874.
000 rages ; 500 EnjravJngs and Colontl
Plato. PublUhrd Quattirlj, at 25 cts.
a Year First No. lor 1874 Juht lesUril.
A German edition at Maine pilce.
AddrebS JAMES '1CK,
, , .Itochetter, N. Y.
TrtAiiCAiNS roii isra -Me-
- lodeoui', nearly new, from 623.00
upwards. BEATTY i PLOTTS.J i
Jsr.n. WiuhlnBtoo. N. 1
. i ,.. t i '
Kailroad Guide.
Fast Time and Sure Connections !
Five Eipreai Trnltie Dnlly from
llarrUburg In tile Wril.
Pullman ralnceCnrs tliroii);li from Ilnr
liurt; ti Cliicaftti. Cliiuliniatl, Louis
ville and St. I.uiili.
Thejnunil er of mil- a operated nn I controlled by
thl Conipany'enable It t run cue through with
fewer cbauee then b any other line
Passengers will find this, In all respects,
' .I,' ,i
The Sales!, quickest & most
Comfortable ItouCc!
I5f For Rates, Tickets and all In
forinutloii, apply at nil Principal Offices
on Line of Lehigh Vnlley nnd Lehigh
. Su-quelmnmi ldillronds, and at P.
U. K. IJepot, llarrlsburg, Pa.
A. .1. CASSATT, General Manager.
D. Mi BOYD. Ueneral I'aaaener Agent.
J. N. ABUKY, lutKlern Travellni; Aeot,
tlar.h 8, IStl' 001 Cheatuut M., fbllad'a.
H7.vVi.7f AllllA.XQElESr,
Commencing Ueo. 15, 1873.
Down Trains.
o.l. No. 3. Nn.5. No. 7.
Xat-e A. . A. l. A.M.
Ureen IUJ;c, :M It) 25 i.2h
Scrautuu 1M MIIO 1.1(1
l'lllalo S.H2 H'JIT 4l
Wllke.llaire 8JU 11.J5 S.'JU
White IlaTen 9.5.1 12. 5 3.40
l'eun lla'u June 1U.U7 . 1 3'J 4.19
Maueh Chunk 7.30 11.00 4.40
Catasauquu 8.33 11 &S 3.17 6.39
Allelltown 8.43 l'.OD 3.13 147
Bethlehem 9 00 1! 17 3.37 00
wtm'ctEaaton 9.27 12.13 4.03 CM
Up Tailss.
No. 10. No. 4. No. Q. No. 14.
Leave a. m. a. m. r. x. P. w.
Fanton 8.30 11.(0 3.53 7.15
Bethlehem 855 12.13 4.27 7 43
Allentown 9.16 12 25 4.37 7.M
Catamuqua 9,i4 12.32 4.45 S.0R
Mauch Chunk..... 1".25
fenn llaeen J'n. 1045 2JJ2 023 ....
Wbltn llaien 11.23 2 4H 7 08
WllkeVarre 1240 4.00 8.30 ....
I'ltlatou 10.1 4.20 8 55
Scranton 1,30 4f.S 9.25
Arr. Oreeultldgo 135 6.00 .?.3U ....
VeA7ueJionIrN7 Valley It, V. Down trains Noa 3
& and 7. and Up tralus Noa. 10 and 4 connect at
Mauch Chunk.
.VoriA Ann'u li. if Down trains Nop. 1,3. 6 k
"counectiitBethlehcmtor Philadelphia, Uptralna
Nos. 10 A 4 connect at Bethlehem ftrl'lill.idelphli.
lleturnlng leaie Philadelphia nt 7.10 a. m t)a.
ton, Mauch Chunk, llatli, Wllkea Barr, Tauuiqu,
Scranton, Sbjrcu, Ac; al 9 45 a. in. tor KaMnu,
Mauch Chunk, Tauiiiua, llllnluK4rt, W llkea
llarre and ticrnuton; at 2 10 p. m f ,r Scranton,
IVbkea llarre and Intermedin!!' atntlonp; at 3 30 p.
ui. fur Hath and habtou ; at 5.15 p. ui. ftrMuucu
Tamaqua Uranch.XSi tratiia Noa. 10 A 4. and
D6wi) trains N'oa. 3. 5 A 7cuuuectatMaUihChuuk
to aud from Tnuneiua.
Lehigh d1 Lackawanna It. .'.Down tralna Koa.
1 A 7, and Up Unlns No. 10 A C connect at tletti.
lehuui fur Bath aud Cliapmau Quarries. Ueturn.
leaTe Cbapuiau'e nt 7.4 i a. ui. aud 2.15 p. 111.
Centra! Jtattroud of Xew Jersey. All tralus uiake
cIomj connection at tji.tou with trains ou CcUtral
Itallroad of New Jersey.
Jlelvidere-Velaware It. It. Down trains Nos. 3
& 5, aud Up tialus Nos. 4 A 14 connect at Phillips
burg with llrl.-Url. It. It. to aud from Trenton,
1'bltadelpbla aud BeUldere
I'hUadeliiliia if- Heading Itaitroailr-Th Depots
or the Last Peuu It. It. and the Hj. Ulil.lou
are coubected by ftreet Car...
II. I'. BALDWIN, Gtn. l'atsenger AgcnU
l'eb.7, le"4.
Dry! Goods, Notions,
Glassware, Hardware, &e.
May 31, 1873.
Livery Sc Sale Stables,
I nlways keep nn hand the best hnr
ses and flneat carriages, to be let at
livery at the lowest prices. Conveyances
can be had of me at the shortest poa.
ble notice, at any hour, I would call
the attention of the public to my epccl
al facilities for supplying single or dou
ble Loams for (uuerals, &c.
Hot. 53, 1173. DAVID EBBBRT.
New Advertisements.
New York Day-Book.
A Democratic Whiit. Established 1850. It
supportj HViifj Supremacy, pollilcal and aoclal.
Terms. $2 per jear. apeclmen copies free. Ait
dress DAY-BOOK, New York City.
Wood's Household Magazine
The Host Dollar Monthly.
its K A. ith-i r Daily . mafia by ran-
to ' as TABr-a laasinp rur tni. ma
fJJiJ iHl Wlel now In II. II
" tol. with Chrmno.
1 lx'4l liiclice. Ill 17 Oil qiilnia.
Magazine, I eir, with Mounted Chmuio, no
Mainline, 1 jetr, with UuuiouuteUCbromo, 1 50
Maailne, alone, 1 etir, ... i oj
Examine our CluI'Mng and Premium Ll.ts.
Tm'ii Flrril-vlnas I'rrliiillcala fur
(lie price of one. Me a licit tCxperl-eiii't-il
C'uliv tieaeri, and others to eetld at
.nice fur terms nu.l epeilmen Mvarlne. Ad
diefs S. K.ellUIKS, Publisher,
. 41 Park How, N. Y. City, or .Newburgli. N. Y.
L)-2JI ttFW
For thelwuefit of the
I'L'HXIC 1. 1 It K A II V OF KY.
3lNt or itlnrcli Next,
to complete the sale of tickets and make a
18,000 cnah Rifle ivlll lie dlit rlliuteil
by lut among the tlcket-lloldera.
ONE tilt AND CASH (IIFT 17.5 0
10 CASH OIFIS, lO.OdOeach 10.1,0110
30 CAfll OIFTS, 5.000 each - 150,000
50 CASH tUFI, l.OOOeach 511,000
80 CAM1 OIFTc!, 510 eich 400U0
Mil I'.tfll OlFT-i, 4(Wenh 41,(100
150 CAM1 OlFr.S 300 each 43 000
250 OA-It tl IF JC, 2uHJeicb 501.00
325 CASH RIFTS, lOOea.1 325;0
110.0 CAlll UlFl'S, 5Ueach t SO .000
Total, 12,000 (lifts, all Cash, amount-
inn to ft,t0O0,0o;
ter-The concert and distribution 0fKlttaT,tll
pnnliiely anduneiuivocally take place in the ddt
now fixed whether all the tl( kets are wild or not,
and the 12OJ0 gltta all pjld in proportion to the
nuiuber ot tlcketa fold.
Whole Tickets, 50; Halves, $.25; Tenths, or
each coupon, $5; Kleren Whole Tickets for $5000
li'i Tickets for (touo; 113 Whole Tickets fur
5,000 ; 227 Whole Tickets for $10,000. .No dls
count on less thn $500 wurth of tickets.
Applications for agencies aud orders for tickets
should be addressed to
Agent Public Library Kr., a3d Manager Gift Con
cert, Public Library Building. LnulaTlllo, Ky.,
or THOS. 11. HAYS A CO..
Eastern Agents, 009 Broadway, New York.
tJJc LU if)4J All rla.sea of wuralng peo
pie of either ex, oungi,r old, maktruiure money
at uork for ua In their spare moments, or all the
time, than at any thing else. Particulars tree.
Andrew H t-TI.NiQx A Co.. Portland, M line.
(No Tar u-ed). lor outside work atd InsH In
stead ef piaster. Fell CHrpetlngs. Ac. Send two
3-ceut etiinps lor aid amples.
C. J. FA Y, Camden, N. J.
4fe lo $100 In Walt street tften (aids to
sJJ I YjB a fortuue. No risk. 32-page pamphlet
for stamp. Valkntini: IusiuridukA
Co Bankers and Brokers, 39 Wall street, N. Y.
e w Q
2"s M "
- s
Elr all j
c 3 e
? I
c S
t. y
5a ti
1 5
iS tg3n i
s s
Only Two Dollars and a Haifa Year
731 Btxsou Si, Pniiisuriiii,
712 Broadway, N, Y. 3 School St., Boston.
113, 115 A 117 E. Madison St., UlcajO.
Dealers In
Flour and Peed,
Canned Fruits.
VotlonH, Toy. ,
Country Produce Bought and Sold.
Lehlghton Storc'three doorsSbove tho
l'ot Otrlcej Welssport Store, near
Caual ilrldge nov 'iO '
P?t3 r 1' Ai
Wnltlnjr. so wenrlly. fulnt Willi Its Ins.
tcelltiRlts bunion la nothing but ilrosg.
llt'inli-tli my sotu 'neath tho ireitfht of Us
I.onp lmvo I wntcliod for tliocomlng of
I.pncly nnrl ilc-solnto. wenry. forlorn ;
When elmll I too tho gray promise ot
Fearfully shrinking 'ncath Heaven's tlnrk
Watching rite skies bending mournfully
Is It mi nngcl's voice, "cross before
crown ?"
Now for a moment the storm clouds arc
Now for n moment tlie shadows nro lined.
Into tliu liavcn my fraii bark hulk drifted
Wrongfully Accused.
It has been many long days since
then, yet I remember It all, Just as
though It had occurred yesterday.
I was a carpenter, the foreman of a
large establishment, and as such pos
sessed the entire c mfidence of my em
ployer, whtt, by Hie way, had been an
old schoolmate bf mine.
One day he called me, into bis office
lo look at some rare coins he had just
"Here," said he. placing in ir.y hand
a heavy gold piece, 'Is one which Is
woith all the rest pu. together. It is a
great curiosity. I paid two bundled
di.l.ars for It, and consider it cheap ai
that. I could easily double my money
in eellllng it; and so you see, Harvey,
it is a good Investment."
"No doubt it Is," said I, "thouuh it
seems a large sum to have He Idle."
I breathed an Involuntary sigh as I
laid the coin down op tliu desk, for two
hundred dollars would have seemed a
I'oitunu to me u.-t then.
The severe Illness of my' wife anil
one of my children, ami the death of
another, made serious inroads on my
purse, and it had required the utniot
economy to keep myself free from debt.
Nay, I had been obliged to withdraw
from tho bank the small sums which,
besides my salary, were all I possessed'
of worldly treasures. Thinking of
this, I laid the coin down with a sigh,
and turned away to atteud to niy du
ties. The next morning I was again sum
moned into the office, but this time I
met with no friendly greeting as usual.
"Harvey," said my employer, ab
ruptly, "that coin we were looking at
has disappeared. I have made a thor
ough search, but It is not to be found.
It lias been carrie I away by some .0110.
You alone saw or knew or it, and "
He paused and looked .significantly
Into my face. , I finished the sentence
lor him, the hot blood dying my cheek
and brow as I spoke.
"You mean, therefore, thai' I took
it 1 1
"What else can I think? The coin
was hero; yon alone saw It I cannot
recall having seen it since It was In
your hands. You are in need of n'.oney
you have told me that yourself, It
was a great temptation, and I forgive
you because of our own friendship, but
I cannot retain jnu In my employ.
Here Is the (.alary due you."
"Very well," 'said 1, with forced
calmneM, "so bo It. Since you have
to poor 1111 oplnlou of me after years of
faltluul service, I shall not stop to de
fend myself,"
Then I took the money he had laid
upon the desk, and went out from his
presence a well ulgh broken-heaited
I Jut for the tender love of my wife,
I doubt not but that I nould have
burled my sorrows in the grave' of a
suicide.. " . ' ...
Supported by that love.'however, and
the consciousness of my owp inno
cence, I took, frtish courage, and set
resolutely to work to find a new em
ployer, , ,i
Uut powerful Is thebrealhof slander,,
Turn which way I might, I ever foupd
that the story of tny dUmUsal for Iheft
had preceded me, and .my applications
for employment uniformly met with a
refusal '
Time went on; piece by piece of fur
furniture and every spare article of
clothing found Its way to the pawn
brokers, until at length even tbs poor
resource failed us, and my. chlldreu
cried In vain for foo'd.
Yet I did not bit down In idle de-patr.
I could not afford to do so. The life or
death of all I loved on eartli dependrd
on my 'exertiQlnsJ, and m, junilng away
from honie vlh a heavy heart, 1 once
moro set out 011 .the weary search for
Aign vain 1 Itefocal altef refusa
met my entreaties for employment, and
I was turi lug homtnv.irii with a listless
step, wl't'ti, paxslngan (mineiHe church,
I was attracted by a group of men at
Its bae.
Impelled by 80T1H strange lmpuNo I
approached anil mingled with tlteoi.
A workman wui htandiiig near by.
looking up nt the great steeple, which
towered aloft someSoO feetalmyethem,
while a gentleman, evidently architect,
was addressing hiin in cnnic.-t lan
guage, nnd at the, siiue tlitie piiliillni!
tit H o golden cioss nt the summit of
the spire.
"1 tell you," ho exclaimed, as I drew
near, ,"lt mut nnd'eaii be dune. The
cross .muat be taken down, or the firt.
heavy gale will send it down into the
street, and lives will be lost. Coward I
is this the way you back out of a ob
after engaging to do it?"
"I didn't know the spire was so high
up there. Do It yourself It you want
it tlone." o
"I would, If I were able," said the
architect. "Uut go If you will; let it
be. . My honor is pledged to have it
done at any prico--and I can find a
braver man thau you to do it."
The carpenter walked away with a
tlogged, slouching step, and the gentle
man was about to walk away also,
when I steppitl for.vard.
"What you want done, sir?" I
akked. "I am a carpenter; pet haps I
can do it."
He turned eagerly towards me.
"I will worth yotit while.
Take down that eros.., and I will pay
you it bundled dollars. You wl luve
to ascend 111 ise ornamental blocks, and
I t-ll you candidly they are not to be
depended on; they are weak and rotten,
for they luve been there fr yu.trs."
I looked at the spire; it whs square
at the base, and Uipo ed to a sharp
point, while along each angle were
nailed small glided, blocks of wood.
"It's it dangerous place to work," I
said, "and there will bo even more
peril lu descending th.111 ascending.
Suppose I succeed In moving the cross,
and then"
"If any accident happens to you, my
brave fellow, the money ehall be paid
to your family. I promise you that.
Give nie your address."
"Here it is," I said, "and ns you
value your soul keep your word
with inc. My wife and children are
starving, or I would not attempt this
work. If I die they can live on the
hiiiidri'd'dollars for awhile until my niqk
wife recovers her strength."
"I'll make it n and' fifty,"
exclaimed tho architect, and may God
protect you. If I had the skill neces
sary lo ascend that steeple I would a-k
no man lo ris lilt life there. Hut
come, and keep a steady hand and eye."
I followed him Into the church, then
up Int) the, until we pati-ed De
fore a'narrow window. Tills wa,4 the
point from which I must rtait on the
perl'ous feat which 1 had undertaken.
Casting a single glance at the people
in the street below,, mere specks in the
distance, I reach"!! out from- the win
dow, nnd grasping onu of the ornamen
tal blocks, stvuhg myself out upon the
for an Instant my courage falterel,
but tht remembrance of my starving
family came to my aid, and with a si
lent1 prayer for protection and sucveaf,
I placed niy 'hand upon the next block
above my head, and clambered up.
From biK'k,to lilock I went, steadily
and cautiously, 'try It.g each one ete 1
I trui-tcd my weight upon It.
Two-thirds of 'the space had been
passed, when suddenly the block' that
supported mo moved gave way. Oil,
Iieavem I Never, though I shuuMllve
to see a hundred years, shall I cia'O to
shudder ntthe recollectlqn of that ter
rible moment. Yet even In the midst
of my agony, as I, felt myself sllpplni.'
backward, I did not for one .second
lose my presence of mind.
It second to me that never before
had my senses been so pieternaturally
acute ins then, when a horrlble.death
seemed Inevitable.
Down, down I ellnped, grasping at
each block as I passe I it by, until ai
length my fearful course, was nne.tted,
apd then, while my. head leeled with
the sudden reacllon, a great shout came
frpin the peop'e Mow,
"Come ,'diuvii; come down I" callecf
the architect from the window; "hull
Die sum shall bo jours for (lie r-k you
have run. Don't try again. t7u.i.e
down.'" ' ' j
II ut no.) tcore than ertr now was, I
determined to succeed. I was not one
to give up nrter having undertaken a
illllicul link.
Coolly, but rntitioiiy, I com-netirec!
tho ascent once nmre, flnt seekl'ig li
val.t to reach across to the next ro.v of
blocks, for I (II I not c.tro ti trust' my
vlf main on that prove.l so
treacherous. This I was compelled to
do, however, until I he spit v Ib'tween
the angles beuuiie siifficltntly small to
allow me to swing acnis.s. Accomplish
ing my purpoie. at length, I went' up
more rapidly, carefully te.-tliig each
hlo-k ns I proceeded.
Ere long I reached tho cross, and
there I paused to rest, .looking down
from the dlz.y height with a coo i.ess
tltiii even thou!ilt,hed me.
A few strokes Atlth a light hatchet
that the architect had swung nt ,nty
back, and piece by pluco the rotten
cross fell to the ground.
My work was, done, -and as the last
iraginent djs ippearcii I fUMl n m
pleasure In fie thought that should I
never reach the ground alive,, my 'dear
ones woi.ld have aiii.lo ineans to sup
ply their wants until my wife should
outliiii employment.
Steadily and cautiously I lowered my
Beir from block to block, nml nt length
.reached the. t-plro window, mold tho
cheers of tho-.e assembled, In the street.
llislde.the steeple the architect placed
a roll of bunk notes In my hand.
"You have well earned tho, money,"
lie said. "It does ,mu good to m-o a
man wih much nerve but bless
me 1 what Is tho matter with your hair?
It was bl.iek be ore you uu,ln tho
asce'ir, now it Is gray I"
And oo It was. That moment of In
tense agony, while slipping helplessly
downwind, had blanched my hair until
it appeared like, that of an old man.
The woik of years had been done in
an instant.
Entering the bare, cheerless room,
which was now all I,cal,ed my home,
1 found 11 visitor awaiting me niy old
"Harvey," said he, extending his
hand, "I have done jou a great wrong.
It cost mo a terrible pang to believe In
your guilt, but circumstances were so
strongly against you that I was fotced
to believe It. I have found tho coin,
Harvey; It slipped under the secret Can jou forgive
me, my dear old friend""
My heart was too "full to speak. I
silently pressed hand.
"I will undo the wrong I hnved uie.
111 the world shall know that 1 have
ncciisfd jou unjustly, not only through
my words, but through my nciroit', too.
You niii-t bo my partner! Harvey. If
you refuse I shall feel that you have
not forgiven nie.
I did not refuse. Indeed, I thank,
fully accepted'the offer which my friend
sj generously made, knortlng that no
surer liiethod could liave' been devised
U silence forever the tongue of
tier, and ireo my buttle Iroiii theuii.
merited reproach had of late
tested un it. I
Uiimeilted proipcrlty hit attended
my steps ever since tliat eventful day,
but uVither prospeiify nor wealth can
efface Its memory from niy, nor
icstore my withered locks'to'tlielr own
raven liuo.
A young gentleman .who hu been
studying finance., for some time pat,
wishes to know whether tho day rate
of atlect the nitrate ot silver.
.dt prayer meeting, Bfew ,i.,yrt gf)(
one of tho members prayed: "IVord
thou kmwcst (hat Charles Tou.klns
Inn sold )oor boots to some ofi us.
Make him do the fair tiling."
lfally, of the Oaiilitiry News, com
menced some, reiuurfcslii a prayer meet
ing recently, by sajlng, iolBuinly, "i
would not live nivvay; jet, wliep I pet
pretty sick, I auys send ,fur the duo
Why Is a new born babe like the
relief of Luckiiow? liau t ie
long expected sucker,
A bachelor edior,vho had a. pretty
unmaiiled sister, latclj wiote tu nuolher
similarly circumstanced, "I'leaso ex.
A h.Yllig wife in Danbury, Conn.,
on the decea-e of her hmlmibl sen( the
lolowing thrilling terrain to a.diatant
irlend: "pear John Is dead. Ljsi
fullj coveied by Insurance."
More than ope iiuntlied women are
tidying law In IhuUullid SiHtes, aud
the qiiotlun as to wlm' shall be Chief
JtMlsess may yet agitato the land. Hut
for the present tin, fair 'sex should be