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    Advertising nates.
We Oolite It lo be distinctly understood tttt (io
AdTertlsemenU jH be Inserted la the eo1tn o
"iHiCiMOK Abtociti tbat may be receWo ftatii
unknown partleserBrms.unVeiBMeoinpaoied with
tbeCiiH. Thertlowlngiu-eouroiaterssti
Advertisement for 1 year, per Uth e1
Insert!. . . . . ?
RitMaathi,perliKheaeb(DMrtton IS Cents.
' Three Month!, " luOnw.
LeM tban three aaonths, firstlnaer-
tien $1, each Wient Insertion 23 Outs
U. V. MORTIHMKR, Publisher.
SATtjltPAY MOIQIKO. NO.rKMBKIt 22, 1873.
Local and Personal.
Thanksgiving day, next Thursday.
Cool I The thermometer stood four
degrees above zero on Friday morning.
Tlio time has now arrived when a
good, overcoat, is necessary. TryT. D.
Clauss if you .want a serviceable ono.
He keeps the very best of material, and
always warrants his goods to glvo satis
faction. Gen. Chas. Albright and lady will
leave Iauch Chunk for Washington on
Monday next.
The Fort Allen Rolling Mill Is onco
more In full blast.
The new emery wheel manufactory
of Messrs. Marsh & Co., In Welssport,
is under root.
A number ot liaucli Chunk and
.Welssport bcnzlnlsts, succeeded in de
monstrating to the people, of tho later
place, a fow night ago, that' they were
most liberally endowed with all tho
qualities for making first-class rowdies.
Tho citizens are so thoroughly con
vlnced of the fact that no repetition of
the' brutal, beastly scene is needed.-
L. F, Klepplnger. the livery man,
lias-now got one of the very best lots 'of
horses and buggies la this section,
which' Ho wlU'liIre out at the very low
est terms.
Housewives should not fail to call
atWjAf Graver's,- and ex!mlno hjs
large stock of 1'blankets and' comfort'
afcleS tlicy are Just Hie' thing for this
coldr weatheri Also, dress and dry
good's 'jn'cndhjss variety.
M E. 'Church. Services ns usual
to-morr6w (Sabbath) In this cb'urchi
Preaching at'lO.HO n. m. Theme! The
"Valley of Dry Bones. At 7.00 p'. m. .
Subject: The Choice of -Voses. Sabbath
school at 2.00 p. nil Protracted meet
ing are still In progress.
Drll: T. Bond, who has been
stopping at tho Exchange Hotel, in tills
place,, during the present week, has
met with marked success. Tie devotes
his, attention entirely to thu treatment
of skin diseases, rupture, plies, tape
worm, &c. Tho Dr. remains In town
to-day, and will return again In the
month of January. In the meantime
may be consulted by letter. See adver
tisement in another column.
We learn that the Welssport School
Board has fixed up tho school houso, so
as to 'make It convenient for holding re
ligious services therein, and that the
Mennonltes will hold meeting as fol
lows:' this (Saturday) evening at 7.30
o'clock", and to-morrow (Sunday) after
noon nt'2.00 j also, In the evening at
7.30, atjMorlah Furnaco. .411 are cor
dially' invited to attend.
.Candles', wlidlcsnlo and retail, at
Ilausman &Kuhns'.
For the well-known aud genuine
Cucumber (Pump, go to F. P.-Seminel,
Leb'lghtou, Pa.
For family flour, of the very best
quality go to J. K. Rlckert, East Weiss.
port. ILUmber and coal in large or
smalVquantltles at lowest market rates.
A few lots in Rlckertown still unsold
fruv at nnr.n.
, ' , I
Wo'liear a'ru'uior to the effect 'that
work Is to bo suspended' on the now
school .building until sprlug. Wu liope
that such, will not bu tho case, and do
not see why It should bo, as wo are re
liably Informed thero Is no lack of means
for pushing tho work. Then why not
push ahead while bo many of our people
iiro Id';, and will work for less wages
than lueu can bo got for when all kinds
of work opens in the sprlug. In other
towns the officials are pushing all kinds
of public works, why not do so hero ?
llAUsman & Kuhns are already
making great preparations for tho holi
days. Their storo, Is literally crammed
with every description ot toys, .suitable
for piesentft for, young and old, rich.
and poor.
Easton National Bank stock sells at
from $31 td 83 a share.
The second track -of tho Loltfgh &
Susquohauna Railroad, between Easton
and BethleWm, Is now completed, and
trains have commenced to run over it.
Threo tailoreeses, on custom pants,
waiitcd I immediately , at T-S. Beck's
merchant tailoring establishment, Lo-
lilghton, fa'.,
For paints, Unseat oil, glass, white
leAd, Jtc, go to F. P. Semmel's'bard'
ware store, Bank street, Lehighton,-
Cheap as tie cheapest good as the
Charles Trainer, corner
of Lehigh IX Hogs i
you witbq from 0 to '
gardens or Ex-Sherlft
and Iron .streets, will supply
flour and feed, plow your gardens
do your, hauljng at reasonable rates.
Fresh bread and cakes dally at
Ilausman & Kuans'.
Tho fair for thq benefit of tho M.
E. church, of Mauch Chunk, will open
In tho Town Hall on Monday evening.
Tho Switch-back Railroad' closed
for tho winter on Saturday last.
The Question Settled. Thoso emi
nent men, Dr. Jas. Clark, Physician to
Queen Victoria, and Dr. Hughes Ben
nett, say that consumption can be cured.
Dr. Wlster knew this when he discover
ed his now widely known ,i?alsam of
Wild Cherry, aud experience has proved
the correctness of his opinion.
Our old friend 'David Ebbert, tho
popular livery man, Is still doing n'
rushing business notwithstanding thu
"panlcy" times. No ono can resist
the temptation of enjoying a ride in ono
of his handsome 'turnouts. Try It.
Terms low.
Z. II. Long Is offering extraordi
nary inducements lo purchasers of dry
goods, groceries, provisions and Queens
waro. fall and Inspect his Immense
The Slatlngtou bridge company has
earned a semi-annual dividend of nlml
per cent. In the last, six months..
During Friday night last some un
known purloining party broke into the
slaughter house of Mr. Moses Hellman,
at Stemton, nndpllla'ged Itof'ftlltho
meats tha, had been prepared' for next
day's market.
On Thursday a young lady namijd,
Cl.l. t Tin 1 1. TTnl..l
Bath, was fearfully burnt, her clothes
catching In tho flames of a Arc kindled
In tho yard. Finding her apparel aflame,
she ran for tho creek, but In her fright
tuined around and ran back to the hotel,
where the fire extinguished, but
not until she was severely, perhaps
'fatally, Injured. Allentown Democrat.
Fred. Douglass' lecture at Calasau-
qua. whicii was to navo come otion mo
evening of Dec. 5th, has been postponed
until spring, owing to the dullness of
the times.
Not to bo outdone, J. 'Fatzlngsr &
Son desire It to bo1 universally known
that they aro not to be undersold In. tho
grocery and provision line, and that
they furnish as good articles lor the
money us any "other man." Call aud
examine their goods.
If you are in want nf a good suit
of clothes, for dress-up or service, call
at Thomas S. Beck's, Bank Street. Hu
is prepared to manufacture garments for
men and boys at the shortest notice and
most reasonable tor ms.
Singing schools, spelling matches,
hog rallies, turkey hustled, and old time
frolics, will soon be tho country rage.
Tho Crane Iron Co., will make a re-
duclion of 20 per cent In wages afierthe
21th inst.
Tho winter time tables of tho N.
Penn., L, & S., and P. & E. llallroads
will be found on our first page.
Tho 11.03 a m. passenger on the
h. V. Railroad collided with a gravel
train at East Mauch Chunk, on Mon
day. Both engines and the baggage
car were somewhat damaged. The
train was delayed about 30 minutes.
The attention of our lady readers
Is directed to tho advertisement of II,
A. ifeltz In'auother column. He is offer
ing his stock at cost, aud those who de
sire bargains should not fall to take ad
vantage of the immense reduction. ,
To-day's issue of the Oauuon Au
vooatk Is tho first number of the second
volume. A good time to subscribe fl
a year In advance.
John J. Stecker, of Trochsvllle, a
day or two ago killed three rats their
combined weight was 40 ounces. John
must raise good grain on his 'farm.
We wcro pleased to greet the fol
lowing gentlemen In' our sanctum du
ring the past week Messrs. Kemerer
aud Smawley, of Blc Crct-k, and Messrs.
Straup and Serfass, of Trochsvllle. Call
often, gentlemen.
Mr. Leonard Bauer when returning
homo from his work at. Packertou, on
Tuesday evening, fell from the truck,
aud sprained his ankle.
Wo aro informed that Prince's paint
mill will suspend work next week.
Mr. J. W. Itaudenbush Informs us
that he expects to moro Into and open
tho .American Hotel, in this borough,
on or about tho 2nd of December,
E. II. Snyder, Esq.', announces
that lie Is prepared to attend to all mat
ters pertaining to the bffleo of Justice
of tho Peace for this borough, i Collec
tions and drawing up of deeds prompt
ly attended to. See card.
Tho "phunny phellow" of the
Morning Herald htcnis to enjoy cousld
erablo lun In speaking of our .boots ns
$o. 11. 'We need tsmpiy state that wo
can pull them on ourselves, 'while his
shoes, though small, must be fitted by a.
blacksmith. With his ears pinned back
he can, undoubtedly, make, an ass-tqu-Islilnc
anncarance. HiiU
jf' We are sorry to learn that Mr. b.
Graver, of this borough, ffilljlhroiigh the
trap of his hay loft, on Friday night of
last week) aud seriously injured himself
internally. Wo are pleased to .state
that ho Is able to be about.
are selling in this.
1 1 f
7Wcts, per pound live weight.
Amos Itelgel states that he
last week sold 340 head ot hogs, and for
the month, up to t)io 15th Inst., he had
lie had Lf;,
told 157 head of c.ttlo.
Carbon County Teachors' Institute.
Monday, JVov. 17, 1873. The Insti
tute was called to order by the Presi
dent, It. F. Hofford, O. S., at 2 o'clock
r. M. The following officers were duly
elected : Vice-President, Prof. H. O.
Youngman ; Secretary, T. W. Itcnshaw;
Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Frlsbio j Trea
surer, Prof. B. C. Youngman.
Tho following Commltteo on Itesolo
lions wos then appointed by tho Presi
dent : Rev. C. Kessler, Mr. D. S. Gross
mm nnd Miss Sue E. Zern.
It was, on motion, resolved, that tho
fees of male teachers be GOc. and females
25c. as heretolore.
Time at this point was allowed for the
enrollment of members 30 teachers
handed in their names and paid their
The President In a short address,
wels.imed tho teachers j encouraged
them In their work, pointing to the
times as Indicating the course they
should pursuo In tho future. Among
other Important thing, he said he be
lieved that the present state of tho
country was owing, in a great measure,
to the neglect of moral culture In our
schools for the past twenty years.
A motion to meet Tuesday morning
at 8.30, was negatived, and the Insti
tuted then adjourned to meet at 0 A. M.
Morning Session. Tho President
called tho Institute to order at 9 o'clock.
Minutes of Monday's proceedings read
ilnd approved.
Singing and prayer by Rev. Lelghton
Coleman. Messrs. Rowland and Ren
shaw and Miss Jones sang tho beautiful
trio of " Lay liim low," which was
highly appreciated.
Mr. Motzer was iheu called upon to
give Ids methods of teaching geography.
A discussion upon thu subject ensued,
which was opened by D. S. Gro3sman
and participated In by Rev. L. Coleman,
Messrs. Ed wards, Youngman, Itcnshaw,
Van Sheetz and Ilollinger.
Recess of 15 minutes. On the call to
order, a trio was fang by Messrs. Ren
shaW and Rowland and Miss Jones,
which was followed with exercises In
mental arithmetic by P. Edwards, upon.i
vtliich a;voiy Interesting discussion en
sued, participated lii 'by' Jfessrs. Hol
liugci, Urban and others.
On motion, it was Resolved, That the
scsslonSyOf the lnsjljute should brheld
as follows :'urulug from 8".30 to 11.30,
and afternoon'from 1.30 to 4.30.
Afternoon. Iustitute called to order
at 1.30. Alter calling the roll, the lu
stltuto sang " Fair as the morning.",
t it it.. ii.ji.1.. ,i- ,
aj. ii. liiuuei men uiuh iiiu jiuui mm
Introduced thp subject of "English
Its History." The speaker, at some
length,- traced the origln'of .our langu
age to its many sources ; and was list
ened to with marked attention. He
was followed by Rev. E. i-'errler, of
Mauch Chunk, who made some very
interesting remarks on tho sam'o 'subject.
Rev. A. R. Urban asked a question,
which being answered tho subject was
Alter an Interval of. is. minutes, Air.
J. P. Rowland and Miss Jones sang the
' Photograph," which afforded much
Prof. A. it. Horn then took-up uie
subject of " History," handling It in a
very masterly style, and occupying the
time until four o'clock.
A discussion followed I u regard, to
the Committee on Resolutions.
Thirteen teachers were enrolled du
ring the day.
Evening. Prof. A. R. Horn, of tho
Keystone Normal School, delivered a'
lecture upon inosuujector "illustrative
Teaching." He made it plain that
teaching might be made attractive to
tho children in schools by .methods of
illustration.- Tho gentleman spoke at
sbmo length upon the deleterious effects
of defective ventilation In school-rooms
and public lialls arising from poisonous
... . . i t . i. .. i n.i
speaker was listened to attentively by a
run nouse.
Tho publication of, tho Lectures de
livered before tho institute: yvjll, pom
mence In 'our next Issue. "
Out till Finger Oft
Dr. C. S German, of this borough,
was engaged chopping firewood on Mon
day afternoon last, when ho unfortun
ately struck tho second finger of his
left hand, performing one of tho neatest
surgical amputations with that instru
ment we ever witnessed. Dr. N. B
Reber was sent for, and speedily and
neatly dressed the stump. We are
phased to state tho Dr. is himself again,
A Relic.
Georgo Kemerer, of Mahoning Valley,
n tearing dowu a chimney in au old
.lug house, a few days ago, found an
Iron plate about two feet square, bear
ing the following Inscription :
das, weib. des svcht
Joseph. Zv. cutzvvde
Int. I. B. moso. 12. 0, 1740.
Beneath which Is a man holding a club
In his uplifted hand over a woman in a
recumbent position. Can any of our
readers give us light in regard to tlds
ancient plate ?
DurRlary. ,
Wo learn that ou Sa$urday evening
last, some base scoundrels broke Into
tho dwelling house of Harrison Smith,
situated near the paint mill, In Towa
msnslng. The 'family were absenat
'the, time, attending' '.a' SedulgTin thi
"neighborhood. The thieves bursted tfio
lock off the door, to gain admission to
tho premises, nnd after ransacking the
promises, they left, carrying off on old
trunk, which they broke open when a
snon uisuinco iron) mo House. Finding
Al V.' .rf:u Vf0""." I!"1 two de.eds
xjniy mreu promissory aim iwo ueeds in
I "uua, tuvy iciv ii. mere, mm went
I on 'to seek some more fottunate spot,
where they might find a bunch o tureen-
back to rewaid them for their toll.
Tho Keystone Lyceum will meet in
Leber's Haltf Mon'day"ovefilng at 7:30
Teachera' Institute.
LEiitaiiTON Academy, Nov. 8th.
Institute was colled to order by the
President ati 1.45 o'clock r. m. Minutes
of previous meeting were read and adop
ted. The members of tho lusiltuto
wero all present. Misses Zern and
Baker, and Messrs. Hofford, Itcnshaw,
Rowland and Horn favored tho Insll
tu to with their presence and assistance.
The first exercise was tho reading of
an essay by Miss Waver, subject: "The
Teacher's Influence over the Pupil."
An animated discussion followed the
reading of the essay j tho speakers were
Messrs. Rowland, Rcnshawand Hofford
Thu next subject taken up was Mental
Arithmetic, by Miss Bauer ; after read
ing an essay on tho subject and suggest
ing methods of teaching tho branch,
problems wcro given to tho different
members of tho Instltuto j this proved
to bu an interesting and instructive ex-'
erclse. An essay wos next read by D.
S. Grossman, subject : " Composition ;"
tho reading was followed by an nble
discussion of tho subject.
The subjeets adopted for discussion
at the next meeting wero as follows :
"How teachers should employ their
time outsldn of the school-room," Miss
Paul ; "English Grammar," Mr. Reu
shaw j " How teachers .can best secure
the regular attendance of the pupils,"
Miss Hellman ; "Theory and practise
of teaching," Rev. C. Kessleri
Institute adjourned to meet '.Dec. 0,
at 8:30 a. m.
Rev..O. Kessleu, Prcs't.
D. S. Grossman, Soc'y.
! rfuan-
Tlie Coal Trnilc.
Tho following table shows the
tlty of coal shipped over the Lehigh
Volley Railroad for the week ending
Nov. 15, 1873, and for the year as
compared with the same time last year:
l-'runi WeeK. YMrt
Wyoming.... 25,010 10 .. '841,374 00
Jlazleton .... i,lHiiiUS . a,U33,037 09
Up. Lehigh.. 12C JO .. 3,800 03
Maliiiiioy. . . .
iu,uir u .. U12,u93 14
y, '-i ll .. 480,118 13
.)3 10 .. 3,211 15
Mauch Chunk
Total 70,852 dl .
Last Year.... 78,017 10 .
Increase 1,234 05
3.098.0C0 18
11,734,014 13
. 204,880 00
Mr. A. Buckmau, cartiage builder,
of this place, drove past our oflUe on
Saturday afternoon last, In a new park
wagon, built at his manufactory. It is
one of the neatest, easy going vehicles
wo have seen in some lime.
If you want Job Printing of any
desctlptlon, you should call at the
where you cau get It done as quick'
and as well as elsewhere, and SAVE
25 PER CENT, on yo'.ir order. Come
along. We aro ready to servo you.
In I'arrTVlllo. on tlio SSIli ult., liv'ltcv. j.
1. .Miller. Archibald l'lillcranit ilmy Aim
ZilMille, botli of Purryvllle, 1'n.
By ltev. A. H.utlioloincw.
On tlio Jfitli nit, James 1". D'orwort and
Mary L. Wenvcr, botli of Franklin twn.
On thuaith nit., Josiah lIontz,of Wcath
crly.nnd Sarah Cutlu Uerliart, of l'ackcr
On the nth Inst. Daniel Itelnoril nnd Airs.
Tolly llobbos, both of MuhonlnKtwp.
On tho 15th inst. Franklin Hnlin, of Tow
nniensliijf.nml Miss Catharine Iliutman, of
Franklin township.
On tho 24tli tilt., in Fuckcrtou, Catharine
Louisa, wife of Joseph SuUp.nuuU 3'J years,
4 months and 23 daya!
In Frtnklin towiiilllifon'thri noili ultimo.
Mnilii Annn,wlf of VVllHnm Thomas, aged
4tciiM, 10 months and 17 days.
In Lohuthtnn, on tlio.7tli inst, Henrietta,
wifo of William Watcrbair, aged 41 yuan,
10 months and SI days,
Special Notices.
Duponco's Golden Pills
There U not a lady living, bat at omen,
rlod ur other of her ltfo will fiud DUPON'OO'ti
QOMK' .'ILLS Just tbo lijMlclno iho nK.
For Nrrvnui Debility, Iletulache.
F&tlltltCM, 4&C,
they 4cter fall, andmarheilerwndttl unon In r?rv
caw ai-lsintt from any tlJfficuIUe thruuU cold or
dlMite. They alwiji rjc Imniedlal relUf. A
lady writes: DupoDtro'a (loMcn l'llla relltfrttl me In
ojie diy, without lncoim'tileure, wOe,
Genuine are In OVfmr) Hoxea, qd upon
each box my private KevcnI's rVAtir. aud tho
wordi PUrOKCO'ft tlOLUtiN PlLbS, lu White
Letter, without which none are gcuuluv, and ihtt
b0Jtflo'ned"S. D.HOWK" .
Full aud explicit dirVctlopi accompany each box,
Vrlce t IJ00 per box, Mx boxei for 3.00. Sold by
one Drujtglit In etery town. Tillage,. city aud haw
lot throughout the world. Sold by
Solo Acout for LehlKhton, Penu'n.
Liullul by MDillDg $1.00 tu the I,elilliton, P.,
l'oht Office, i-aa bur. tlie.nlld Mat br unit to any
part of the country, free of pMlige. jmtull-Gai
Tupo lVorml Tnio Worm:
ItemoTed la a few hours with harmlesi Vegetable
Medicine. .No fee niVed until 'tho eullre worm,
with brad, pallet: Kefer thosa aflllcUJ to rn.l
ucuia vi tnoruy wnouvi ogve cortu. lual uaa fetni
untuenuifully treated at I bo JoUrrjn Medical
Col oik Tenth afreet; hvl .taken lu Tain ti
hitlue,-tli wvfilljd-aiciBl.! afdtniknoan'i
I medlci. Df. E. l').KVRttd N0.TB0 North .Vlo
oirrei, i-uuaaipui4, ine uocior7 lja teen In
buhitieta for ovr Iwehty-ttve'yeari, and la perfect,
ly reliable. Call and ao. AdTlrefiee, lUmntwt
tapeworm fnuu a child Mi jeara(dd,ueuua 29
feet, At'blf ofllce cau be keen ipeciinem, jjih o(
them over forty feet In leufib, which hate ta
remored in leea than three bourf by taking one
doae or bla medicine. Ur. Kunkel'a, treatment ii
aimuU, aafti and iwrfrctly-rellable, aud uo feeun
til ibo worm, with head, paiaev. Dl. U. k'.Kl'.vkU.,
M North Mnth Street, 1'hlladelphla, 1'a.
fcept. 0, 1873-ly
Oct 16, 1873.
Tho Most Popular Modioino Extant
1810. Over 80 Years. .ftY!).
Paiii-Kilter I
And nfter thirty years (rial, thn
PAIN KILLER may jnotly be styled
the great inerllclno of tho world, for
there Is no region of .(he glohn Into
which It has not found Its way, nnd
not e where It lia not been largely and
hlehly prized. Moreover, there Is no
climate to which It has not proved Itself
to be well adapted for thn cure of a
considerable variety of diseases : it Is
admirably suited for every race. It has
lost none of Its good name ly repeat.!
trials, but. continue to occupy a promi
nent position In every medicine chest j
nnd Is still receiving tho most unquali
fied testimonials to Its virtues from per
sons of tho highest character and re
sponsibility. Physicians of tho first
respectability recommend It as a most
effectual preparation for tho extinction
of pain It is not onlj tho best remedy
ever known for Bruises, Cuts, IJurns,
&c. but for Dysentery pr Cholera, or
any sort of bowel complaint, It Is a
remedy unsurpassed for efficiency nnd
rapidity of nction. In the great cities
of India and other hot climates, It has
become the Standard Medicine for all
such complaints, as well as for Dyspep
sia, Liver Complaint and other kindred
Disorders. For Coughs and Colds,
Canker, Asthma and Rheumatic dlill
culties, it has been proved by the most
abundant and convincing testamony to
be nn invaluable medicine. No article,
ever had such unbounded popularity.
Aa an external and Internal medicine,
the Pain Killer stands unrivalled.
Thirty years are certainly long
enough time to provo tho pfflcleney of
any medicine, and that tho Tain Killer
is deserving of all Its proprietors claim
for It, is amply proved by the unpara
lelled popularity it has attained. It is
a buke and effective remedy. It is
sold In almost every country In tho
world, and Is becoming more and more
popular every year. Its healing prop
erties have been fully' tested, all over
tho world, ahd It needs only to be
known fp bh prized. iJe'suro you buy
none but tlio genuine, minufaetured by
Perrv Davis & Son.'Provldenpe, R. I.
KTSold by'all Druggists. ' nlw4
'run most woNDnrtFDu nisoorcitv of
Dr S. ft. MOWE'S
Arabian Milk-Oure
And all Diseases of tho Throat, Chest
and Lungs. Tlio only Medicine of the
kind lii thn world.
A Sutittitute for Cod Liter ?i'i.
Permonently cures Asthma, Bronchitis,
Incipient Consumption, Loss of Voice,
Shortues?. nf, Breath, Catarrh, Croup,
Cough', Colds, Ac, In Jew days, like
magic. Price SI per bottle, (1 for $.".
AIso. 'Dn. S. D. HOWE'S
Arabian Tonlo Illood Purifier.
Which differs from all other prepara
tions in its Immediate action upon the
Liver, Kidneys and Blood. It is purely
vegetable, and cleanses the system of
all Impurities, builds It right up, and
makes Pure, Rich Blood. It cures
Scrofulous Diseases of all kinds, re
moves Constipation, and regulates the
Bowels. ,lor " Ueneral Jjeulllty, "
" Lost Vitality," and " Broken Do.i
Constitutions," I " challenge tho lUth
century" to nnd its equal. Every liot
llo Is worth its Weight In Gold.
Trice, tl per bottle, 0 for Spld by
A. J, DURLING, Druggist, solo agent
tor .ueiiigmon, ra. ur. a. u. jiuwjs,
Sole Proprietor, 101 Chambers Street,
Kew lurK. Juue iiS-oin
rjplli: LAUOlt SAVUIl!
The undersigned respectfully an
nounces that he" has beeii appointed
Ageni tor ine
Universal Wringer
I would also an
LiJf nouiico' to my
frlniuU nnrl thn
public in general, that I iavo opened
Livery StaMo
nnd that I cau furnish Horses, Buggies
nnd Carriages of the best description,
for Pleasure, BuslnesTTor Funeral put
poses, nt very Reasonable Charges.
Also, that having engaged a Reliable
Driver, I am prepared to do HAULING
of every kind on short notice. In con.
neetlon therewith I shall continue my
Carriage Manufactory
where the people can get their Carriages
Wagons, etc., RliPAlUED on short no
tice and at reasonable prices.
The patronagu of the public Is most
respecttuny solicited.
L. F. Kleppingei
Cor. INK nncHRON :
Feb. 22, 1873, Lehfi
desire the ....
LOAN OF $10,000,
for which they will lssuo Interest Bear
Ing Bond?, ,f ret); from .Taxation.
Thoso persons ivlio have money to
loAn'wlll find this to bo' a good aud safe
Apply to
A. J. DUKtlNO.
Secretary of tho Board.
lhlsUton, Ta., May 21, 1673-601
Now Advertisements.
2500 A YJEAM
Combination ProsncctiiN.
It rcpreentKfmplriSP and atylea of binding of
6 O inttmihi intmttinq and U'eful hooka, that aell
In etery fnmllr But thinjttirttMby CUnro'rl.
Agenta Wanted, tn make a rtitUixiTT nca.
NE14 on theae work lu rery countr. l'rmpectui
aont pot paid on receipt of price, l.fi0. For rlrcti.
Inraand llWral term., addre's JOHN K. POTTKll
& CO., I'ubllsbera, Philadelphia, la. noi w4
POI.A 1118" irflTsTiaTfiES aolreds dl.aa
tera and eacapearlTldlvp'Ttriyed, Seo Froz
en Zone and lta Cxntnrera. A KnletiriM nc.
tarn i,( 800 m?e, mo-t profusely llluitraled with
olerant itetl aid wood enraTluta. A facinattng
ltitry 0 Anile Adrrnturr. The moat aaleabls
book out, Aieit Wasiio. Send for te rm and
aimple p.voH to Mutuil t'ubllsblng Cbmpany,
Ilarifml, O.inn. rjoTlw4
dJIO Of In ConrVtek'Caiirau
iflTlt'OU l"l "aa one azent'e profit on
Hryunt a Lihraru nf i:tru nnd Sma: 70 In
one WMk 011 The AV10 lliuulttpcr 't Manual,
by Mi lleecherand Mra. Stowe. Attractive m.ia
or worn in can luvenn agency. J. 11. F.)ltl) A CO.,
ow aoru, jtoaton, unicigo an.l cm r ranctaco.
Rich Farming Lands !
No Fluctuations I Always improvlog In Yatual
The Wealth of m Country is made by the Ad"
vance in Heat Ettait.
NOW 18 T It 12 T 1 PI E I
Millions of acre of thu fine -it Iindu nn tlio Pnn.
Hneit, In HistCRN XeuniSK. now forfwle rtutnv
.afUtrm neuer before in the marketAt prices tint
Five and Ten Tears Credit Given, with Interest ai
.mx per tnt.
The Liti'lOrint Bonds of the CooiDinv iaktnat
par for hmd. The; caa uovr bo purchased at a
Wee dlVount.
Full rirtl:u!ar(iKlrcti,naTnuld9 with new.
3Iapi umlljJ ftg, hv ailJreslni; O. F. DAVIS.
lAtnd atmmiisuiner V. r. It, Je,
novtw4 Omuia, Neb.
Doraeitle Sewing Ulnahlne Co., N. Y
$20.00 SAVED!
7b meet the urgent demand of the. tines the
Florence Sewing Jtlaphlne Company
Have dtterminedto
ami will hereafter sell their $(J3 iljchinefor $15, and
other styles in proportion.
St the OWI' Srwtng Machine that fiedt tht'mrk
backwird and farwardor to right and UJti at Mei
pttrchatfr mav prefer It hannbern. arently JU-
PIIOVED AM) aiMPtJFlF.O, and ii far bitUr
than any other machine in the marUt.
IT IS now tub: cheapest.
Flnrence, .Vim., .Yap. 1. 1873. Agents Wanted.
CIDCCinC iHN'aK.coNB hukskii ton.
r IHUOIULSU.V CIIIm'KV3, made by
I'l-imi.", Ob AT WOOD.- nrodurea the
lirirent llzht. Can boxiaed on any coal oil lamp.
rer sale by all lamp dealer. nof.wj
' 1 1 5w et (her aex ulay fascinate and gala the
lore and affections of any parson they ehooarf, In
atantly. This simple mental acquirement all pari
p iiw, free, by mail, for 2 centa; together with a
MarrhgeQulde, KwptlHn Oracle.'Dreauis, Hints
to I, idles. A queer book. 100,U0i)"aold. Address
T. WII.I.IAM k CO., Publishers. Philadelphia. '
VV KJ IVXXLj eit to sell our French and
Ainerlcau .TdWrlry, llo .k" (lames, 4c, In tb.lrowq
looilltlea Xocapltalneedel. Cttalogue, term's, Ac.
sent nil. 1'. II. VIOKKKY A CO.. Me.'
M H M CJ Made Rapidly with Stencil Key'
IVIUINCI Check Outfits. Catalogues and mil
panlculara rltUK. S. 31. Snxcra, 1,7 tupver
Street, Iliaton. novl.w4
historical CI1AIC.TS. Splendid assortmautl
Largo sales) Large prolitsl Address 1IAASIS A.
LUIIItKCIIl', Kmpiro Map and Uhlrt 1-j.Ubll.U-input,
lu; Liberty it.. New York nor! wl
The 3d ofDecember I
Thoso who propose lure&ttng (and who doei not 1 )
to tlckula Ijt the
Fourth grand Gift Concert
puiicic MniiARVor
Whlcri tomes o!t in Lhulsrllle, on Iho Sd'pf De6
. . ljr uext, have no tflne to lose;
Have hoon Issued and
12,000 OASUGIFTS, Imouhtiho Tf
wii.tfnu DisrftinnrBn as follows ,
oxb ciiasii cash niPT".
ONE UltANIl CAII O "!'.... (.., '85,00(1
UN K llllANU CASH (IIIT 17,000
10 CASH OIFM IO.Uewh 100.000
Rrt L'AKII OUTS ,0. each j lM.fSM
1,110 each 40,000
8') CASH UUTll
loo cash oirrs
3J5 CASH (Ill'TS
ouu eacn iofloa
400 each ........ tOflM
300 each 45 000
ItiO.ctch .......i :bl)jU
100 each 320,1
li.ouo cash a ins
60 each 660,000'
WholoTiekeU, S50. Coupous(10lh),.5.
For TlcVetsr luf6rmatlon,kddrrss
Agoot Tub. Library Ky., Loulsrllte, Kr, or
dqtI-wI (SOU llllOAUWAV, ,N. Y.
"pi 0 icTs A IaI2. A nico Hoiise wltji
7 rooms, garret and cellar, Barn
aud Outhouses, with
beautifully located near the brlckeburcli,
In Lowjr Towitnienslng, 1 mile from
Lehigh Gap It. Ii. station audl mile
from Millport ; a very pleasant houso.
Price, ?3,000. Term very oasy.
Also, a small Farm of 80 ACHES
with' small House, good Barn, 1 fino
spring' nnd spring-house, located on
Franklin Turnpike, 8 miles from' Weiss,
port, halt the laud under cultivation.
lVlce fS00, half cash, baWnee 1 ntl.2
yean. This place Is offered for u song.
Address or apply to IJaMtlNOK, Wulsv
port, Carbon co., Fa. oet4-3m
000000009 p 0 0 o ,0 0, 9 q
o 10,000
Full I'articulits Free; or
til fcuuplaa for ttW- Ad,-
o Agents!
1'iTTSBuxau euppLV
tmnrtm, Vi.