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Q.)CIP =P - 2 , g
1313 C M;) =1615 ORM El CPU. Et CO
Nea fi and Promptly Executed, at the
Tats oidabliAment is new supplied with an extensive
assortment or JOB TYPE, which will be increased RR the
patrenatTe demands. it Call now turn out PRINTING', of
every dose diplion. in n nest and expeditious manner--
anaen very reasonable terms. Such as
Pamphlets, Checks,
Business Cards, Handbills,
Circulars. Labels,
Bill Headings, Blanks,
Programmes, Bills of Pare,
Invitations, Tickets. &c., &c.
.t4r. Drre9 of all kiwis. Common and:lodgment IIoYPP.
Illcho.l, Conptables' upd other Biases, prirtcd
Corrertly•serl neatly on the boot paper, eouetantly kept
for sale nt this office. at urreen "to suit the times"
4 ,*lSlLl.BllriPtillll prig& of the LEBANON ADVERTISER
Vae.Dolltn. alath Half Year.
AiLlreae. W.V. M. Dasetia, Lebanon, Pa.
14; • Alt .110031$ over Tdr. Ad.
,am lyee's Ilat Store, Cum.
„Limy - . berldid St, Lebanon, Pa.
Lebanon, NI arch 29,:1865
AttorXLo3r" "VP.
1 1 DICE, next door to the First National Bank, (late
Deposit Bank,) Cumberland street, Lebanon, Pa.
March 98, 1885.
1 I AN.
(Late Capt. in the 142 d Pa. V 01.,)
Eicruti3.t3r, 33a,015. p ay
Pension Agent.
Lebanon, Mord 10, 18661tf.
°cp. az 77 ©s2 tilt
FrICE C. rienry's New Building, opposite the
V Bug If otel, Lebanon. Pa .
Lbbnpion Jnnuary 25, 1805.
S. T. MEAD/1111,
AS REINIOV FID his office to Morket Street. opposite
tho LatioOn Donk, two doors North of Widow
tise's ChM.
Lelmilon,slnrcli 25, '63,
A 1 - 1,111 -1 2141'.D-"PAVY
t t • t ..
11111 E rindortVied, haring been licensed to proeccute
elalma, and having bean engaged In the Bottty and
Pension hin,inese offers 'his servfces to all those who
nr e thereto entitled, in accordance with the various
nets of Congress. All such should call or address at
once, and make their itpplientions through
BASS:LI:It BOY bilt, Attorney nt•Lnw,
O6FII/SlNlllOVed to Cumberland St., one
door .I::,Ust tjhu Lebanon Valley Batik, oppositethe Buck flotel, Lebanon, Pa. f.lan. 6, '64,
wicp, with A. It.. Flougbter, Esq., Cumberland
Street,Mearly.oldmalre tha Court /louse.
Lebanon, February S, 1865.
In Stichter'a Ruihling . Cumberland Street
I,J nearly opposite the Court Iluuso, Lebanon.
Lebanon, J uno lb, 1.861„7—tt.
0 t a t 0I n and " l n w t o s trae:ot4 W endy
h ° F -n r ° IS ntrhme flock
ilnrdwaro store.
Libmion, April 6,1864.—1 y.
t-t MM. c) Eft, lt Mai; vv
f - OFFlCEremoved to Cumberland erect, one doer
NJ/ East or the Lebanon Valley Bank. oppoelte the
bunk hotel, Lebanon, Pa. Vail. 8,134.
A • II .
rk ti
I ri l l " Uri r ;
o#ice Forth West orner of !Vetter
-and ilfarket' Streets - , ---
, P a.
bewilsou, Nov.lB, Itsli3.—ly.l
A'lll l o NEY AT I.AW.
FFICE, fn Cmobberland street. n few doors east of
tho Buglo Hotel, in the office late of Ws father
tapt. John Weidman .dee'd.
Lebanon. Sept. 9,1803.
the rernoTrd hie office to the be ilding,,ene door ens
of Landertnilat 's Store, opposite the Washington House
BOUNTY end PENSION claims promptly, attended
to [April S,
R. lIEE6'S
Ilicirkee Square, opposite the Market Haase, Lebanon, Pa.
IWS undersigned respectfully informs tat) public
that ho has received' an extensive' stock of the
choicest and purest Liquors of all descriptions. These
e,a r Lignnis be is invariably disposed to son at an
r.. .....recedentedly low prices, • ,
V Druggists, 'Farmers, liotel.lteepers, and oth
ers will consult their own interests by buyfing of the
undersigned. .; L. 8., DREG.,
Lebanon, April 15, 1803.,
In between C. C. LOWER and U. W. RANK, In
the Wholesale Tobacco ''Business; unner tlie firm of
LOWER & RANK. Is this day dissolved by mutual
'consent. The bushman or the late thin sill be settled by
either of the partners at No. WI North Third St.
Philadelphia, July-1, 18131.
RANK, of the Intio fin:6'of -avow it Tin`skie
will continue the busyness as beictofore ne t earn
piece. W.,
1831.— E t.
Pb Ilatleiphbv July 13,
ITIIE undersigned will Sell, at private sale, his de
likable DOUSE and LOT OF GROUND, in Fast
street, East Lebanon. The House Is a new
two story BRICK with Kitchen attached, all
Ilbu ilt and well arranged with all necessa
ry convenlenees. Also Cistern, Bath Donee,
Smoke Douse, all kinds of Frnit Trees, Sm., 'on the
premises. Gond and indisputable tithe glkekt. For fur
ther information apply to
JAMES N. ROGERS, Tinsmith.
Lebanon, Due. 7,180.-4 m
George lloirmans
_ _
__~ _.
._~_~_ -
—~ a ~
By Lebanon Valley Railioad.
ingoART.ICULAR attention will bo paid to Goode ehipp
ed by the Lebanon Valley Railroad. anode will be
aent daily to and from Philadelphia to Lebanon, Myers.
town and Annville Stations, and all other the
FItEIGILTB contracted. for at the least poeSible rates
and delivered with dispatch.
The Proprietor will pay particular attention to.tand
attend personally, to the receiving and delivery of all
Per intairnation,apply at his Office at the Lebanon
Valley Railroad Del ot, Lebanon.
EDWARD MARK, his Agent in Philadelphia, will al
Ways be found at IV: H. Bush's Merchant's Hole!, Nor/
Therd si., "Godelphist.
May 4,'64,1
TILE Subscriber offers at Private Sale . n TWO STO
GROUND, (being Int No.l Iu II hlor's addition
of Lebanon,) located on the Old Forge Road
' 6l
id • in the Norlb-Western port of said borough.—
For partleulare apply In
Lebanon, January 25, 1885
• Treasury Department.
OFF/CE OF Cowie°UFA OF 71IF. etinkF.NCT,
WVBlllNeron, DecEmueit 31, 1864.
Wtir.REAS, ngrilisfactory evidence preatnted to
the undersigned, it bee been made to appear
that "dun bautNuel NATIONAL BASK," in the 13nreneh
of Lebanoti end State of l'onnaylvania, hes been duly
organized under, and according to the requirements of
the act of Congress, entitled "A n Act, to provide a No.
Omni Currency, secured by pledge of United States'
Boude,and to provide for the circulation and redomp -
thin thereof, "approved. June 3, 1864, and has com
plied with all the Provision' of said Act required to
be complied with, before commencing the bueiness of
'Banking under saltlact.
Now mamas, I liven hlceln.t.orn, Comptroller of
the Currency, do hereby certify that The Lebanon Na.
Coital Bank, in the borough of Lebanon, in the county
of Lelmaun, State of Penney lvanie, la authorized to com
mence the burliness 1Y Banking under the Act afore
In testimony whereof, Witness my hand
L. 0. 1 and seal of Office, this thirty fi rst day of
" J December, 1864.
(Luau 14IcQULLNU,
Comptroller of the Currency.
Lebanon, January 5, 1866.
VOL. 16---NO. 41.
I' AS taken :oerns in Hendon's block, first door
above the New York &ere.
Macalc),ft - 3a. -
WHERE be will attend to the careful utagrios is and
treatment of disea Sea whether, acute or chronic. lle
especially invites those where medicine has failed.—
No mat or how long you have been diseased, orlow
much you have suffered, or what may be your com
plaint, or whet treatment you have had, or bow often
you have been disappointed, there is still a fair pros"-
peat for your speedy restoration to health: Thousands
of cases as hopeless as yours have been cured in a tow
weeks by "Blectro Medical Treatment," when all other
known remedies bad failed,
"No charge for consultation,"
Prof. W. V. Gruver
Pledges himself, in all the following named diseases,
to perform a speedy and pertnaneht cure, when
ever there can bet the least pdstible hope of cure,
via: •
. -
Diseases of Eli Brain and Nervens systent—hillepsy
Chorea, or St. - Vitus' Muse, Paralysis, lletniPlegla
and Pariplegla, Neuralgia, Ilysteria, Nervous palpita •
Lieu of the heart, &C.
Organs dad Tissues Connected with the .Digestive
system—Sore Throat. Dyspepsia, Dysentary,„ Obstinate
()occupation. Hemorrhoids or Piles, Billions, Flatu
lent and Painters Colin.'
Respiratory Organs—Catarrh, Cough, Influenza,
Asthma, Bronchitik_Pleuricy, and Cdusumptionla the
early and middle stages.
Fibrous and Musordar System.—Rheumatism, Clout,
Lumlaign, Stitt Neck, Spinal Curvature, hip l) isettaes,
Cancers, end Tumors.
Urinary ancl Organs.—Diabetaa, and Kidney
Affections, Impotence and Seminal Weakness. The
latter complaints yield very rapidly to this treatment.
Diseases peculiar to Antates.—therine complaints
prolapses, Anteversionjltetroversion, inflaminkflon,,
Uha ration, and various other affections ot the womb,
painful, suppressed, scanty or profuse Menstruation.
Skin Diseases.—Scrofulous Eruptions, Glandular
Swellings, Ulcers. Felon, Elrysipelaa,lrerper or Tatter.
All diseases of the Eye and Ear.
Lebanon, March 15, 1865.
Whilst trying Coffee of ell`lite various brands.
Remember e ItROWNING'SEXS'iILSIOR"—at the - head
it stands.
True, it's not like others that are "SOLD EVERY-
A. little stretch,, we all do kriow, good goods will easily
bear '
(Brit a stretch like this—'ssold everywhere"--i s ver
apt to tear.)
Now, I can surely say, witbeiutany hesitation,
There's none like "BROWNING'S EXCELSIOR" in
this enlightened nation. es
Skilled chemists Limes not found a Coffee from any
Possessing the saute ingredients as "Drowning's
Nor is there any one, in or - out o f the Coffee trade,
Who knows the articles from which “.Drowning's
Excelsior's" made.
I'm told its made from hurler, rye, wheat, beans, and
Name a thousand other t.hingss—but the MOUT ONE
if you please.
But with the Coffee men I will not hold contention
For the ninny, many things they say—too numerous
to meet on,
Whilst they're engaged In running round from ebeee
to store
To Mere the consent wholesithiprice of "Drotening'is
Some who know my Coffee gives Perfect 'eatisfection,
Gave termed a plan by wilett they hope to cause a
quick reaction,
The cos.—lie with a few; no d'oubt 'twill he mere—
To name their Coffee after mine, (CROWNING'S
Some soy their'a the only brand that will stand a
ready test.
Now, try a little of them all—stee which you like the
Threeyear's have passel Away Slues I first sold
Never have I In your paper advertised before;
Nor would I now, or ever consent to publish more,
If like eome used hy"everybody ," "mild everywhere,"
in "every store." #ll t e r tY&N,th i a , tly ottbooata,nisapAt.,...t cant,'
foot to till.
My trade Is not rte very large ; still I think haVis my
Omit ;
But, reader you may rest assured NO r "SOLD EV-
Manufactured and for Sale by the writer,
George. L. Browning
No. 20 Market iS ' ereet, Cainden; stir. J
This coffee Is not comprised of poisonous drugs, it
- contains nothing deleterious; ninny persons use this
Coffee that cannot use the pure entire; it takes but
one and is half ounces to make a quart of good strong ,
coffee, that being just one-half the quantity it takes of
Java Cffee, and always= less than half the price.
RETAIL DEALERS may phrehane it in leAs rputriti.
ties than tilt
gross at. my prices from the Wholesale
Anr. Orders by mail from Wholesale Dealers prompt
ly ettended to.
Feb. 22,1065.-3 m.
U. S. 7-30 LOAN.
. .
33Y Authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, the
undersigned has assumed the General Subscription
Agency for the s ale ofiluited States Treasury Notes,
bearing seven aria three tenths Vet' cent. intermit, per
annum, known as the . .
These Notes are issued under it to tlt Atigkist 15th,
1864, and are ,payable three years from that time, in
ardency . , orarnaonvertible at the option of the hold
er into.
- 5.,5 4 .20 Six 'per cent.
Gold Bearing Bonds.
These blends are now worth a premium of nine - per
cent., ineluding gold Intermit from Nov., which. makes
the actual profft on the 7-3 i loan, at current rates, in
cluding interest, about ten per cent. per annum, besides
its exemption from State and municipal taxation,
which adds front the to three per cent. more, accord
ing to the rate I& leti,on piker property. The interest
ie payalile iteMiltaioill; by Coupqns Uttaciled to each
note, which may be cut off and sold` CO an; 'bank or
7The talent - it aftletihts•to
One Cent pit day on-Baol6 $
Two cents " 100 "
Ten. " , " " 500 "
Twenty " 1 . ,000 "
One Dollar " 5,000 "
Notes of ari, the denominations nutted , wilt be
promptly—fniMitied upon receipt of subscriptions.—
This is
The only Loan in Market
now offered by the Government o ' and it is confidently
expected that its superior advantages will make it the
Lem than 9200,000,000 remain unsold, which will
probably be disposed of within the neat 60 or 90 days
when the notes willundoubtedly command a premium,
as has uniformly been the Cass on closing the sub
seriptions to other tioans•
in order that eitieerm of every town and section of
the country maybe` afforded . facilities for taking the
loan, the National Banks, State' Banks, and Private
Bankers throughout the country have generally
ogre dto receive subscriptions at par. Subscribers
will select their own agents, in whom •they have con
faience, and who only aro responsible for the delivery
of the notes fur which they receive orders.
Stlosce.mmozia siv otfreaeived by the :bettanon Ns.
*iota Bank; the :Valley 'Bank of Lebanon
Pirot Not Efiu3it Batik of Lebanon;
TA.SK.EIt tk CL4ll.llli,
Still continuo to 'Manufacture those ;MANURES, which
for the lest seven or eight years have given such gen
end satisfaction to those who have used them ; we
refer to the
made from finely ground Ilona,Peruvian Guano, and
other ' , Vail Wag lagredienta,—and sold at the Cato of
$ 66 ( WI Pet Lou of 2000 lbs. Also to the
mode from refuse Meat, Bone and other offal from the
Slaughter Iteu.e,—Price44o 00.pur:ton.
N. B. A superior aifiele of BONE DUST, at market
prises. Addieen. •
Harsh 8, 0865.-3 in. PHILADELPHIA.
Just printed and for sale at this
office; Conditions for the Sale of Real Es
'cb anon
Dr. Gruver,
March 1, 1865.—am
IT is well known to the medical profession that
IRON is tbe.Vital. Principle* Life Element of the
blond. This is derived We from the food we eat;
but if the food is not : properl y
digested, or if, from
any cause whatever, the necessary quantity of iron ia
not taken into the eircalatien ' or becomee reduced, the
whole system mail* The b ad blood will irritate the
heart, will clog tip ihe lungs : will stupefy the brain,
will obstruct the liver, and, will send its disease-pro.
dicing elements to all parts of the system, end every
one will titter In whatever organs may be predisposed
to diedidie:
The great value of
is well known and acknowledged by all medical men.
The difficulty hue been to obtain such a preparation of
it as will enter, the circulation and aesiiuiiate
at once
with the blood. This point, says -Dr. Hayes, Alaasachu
setts State Chemist, has been attained in the Peruvian.
Syrup, by combination in a way before unknown.
The Peruvian Syrup
is a protected aeititic . a AO - P - IfOTOXILIB OF IRON.
A DiSCOVBRY 1N 61EDICINS, that Strikes at
. the itoot of the Disease ,by supplying the, blood with
its vital Principleor Life Element—lron.
The Peravian Syrup
Cures Dystiepiiiit, Llvei Complaint, Dropsy. mu. and
Ague, Loss of Energy, Low Spirits.
The Peruvian Syrup.
Infuses strength, vigor, and new life into the system,
and builds up an "Iron Constittiticin."
The Peruvian Syrup
Cures Chronic Diarrbms, Scrofula, Boils, Scurvy, Lo
of Cobatitutional Vigor.
The Peruvian Syrup
Cures Nervous Affections, Female Cornplitints, and all
• diseases of the lf idneys and Madder.
The Peruvian Syrup'
Is a Specific for all diseases originating In a BAD
STAT ttE` WM BLOOD, or accompanied by Debility
or a Low State of the System. •
remphlete containing certificates of eures.e.ntl reconi
ineedeteme front some of the meet eiiiiehlft Physic' bine
Clergynion, And others, will tfe eelet rice to any ad
We select a fete of tho names to show the charade
of the testimonials.
President of tho Metropolitan Bank, New York,
Late Editor Christian Advocate and Journal
Editor New York Chronicle.
Rev. dehn Pierpont, Lewis johason, k. D.,
Rev. Warren Burton; Roswell liinoey, Al. D.,
Rev. Arthur D. Fuller, S. R. Rendell, AI. D..
Rev . union Robbins, W. it. Chisholm, b 1 . D .,
Rev. Sylvan') s Cobb, Francis Dana, Id. D.,
Rev. T. Starr Ring, 3. Antonio Sunehes, Al. D.,
Ray. Ephraim Niue, Jr., Abraham Wendell, M. D.,
Rev. Joseph it. Clinch, A. A. Dues, NI. D.,
lies. ReWry Upham, J. It ..Ch ilton. Al. D.,
Rev. P. C. [Wadley, . E. Kinney, M. D.,
Rea, John W. Olmstead, Jerem iab Stone ,31..
Prepared by N. L. CLARK & CO., exclusively for
J. P. DIN SIqt)ILE,No.49 .Droud way, Now York.
Sold by all Druggists
Redding's Russia. Salve.
.Heals Old Sores
Redding's Russia Salve
Curesiturni, Scalds, Cuts.
Redding's Russia Salve
Cures Wounds, Bruises, Sprains.
Reddifig l i Rugsa. — Stilve .
Cures Salt lthuem, riles, ErySiyallite.
Redding's Russia Salve
Cures Ringworms, Corns. &c.
Only 25 cents a box
J. P. DINSMOIIE. No. 491 Broadway, New York.
S.W. FOWL): & CO. Nd. IS Tremont St., Boston,
And by uil Druggists and Country Storplicepers.
Juno 20, 1801.—ly.tow.
The Phpenix Per,toral
Such as Golds, Coughs, Croup', Asthma,
Bronchitis, Catarrh, Sore Throat,
Iloarsness, Whooping—
Clough, &e.
Pulmonary Consumption.
AL has taken bold it will afford greater relief than
any other medicine.
Miss Kate Vandetalice of Pottsville, says, f•I was
benefited more by using the Phoenix Pectoral then
any other medicine I ever used.
Blies Oberh.dtzer, Lionville, Chester county, was
cured of a cough of many years' standing by using the
Phoenix Pectoral.
Joseph Lukens, of Hall street, Phoenixville, certifies
that he was cured of a cough of two years standing,
when all other medicines bad failed, by the use of the
Phoenix Pectoral.
Jacob Powers certifies that he has sold hundrele of
bottles of the Phoenix Pectoral. and that all who used
it hear testimony of its wonderful effects in curing
John 'Bayer, editor of the independent Plicenix, hav
ing used it, has no hesitation in pronouncing , it a com
plete remedy for cough; hoarseness and irritation In
the throat.
The West Chester ieffertortfun nays :
"We have known Dr. 'Oberboltser personally n
number of years, and it gives us the greatest pleasure
to recommend his medicines, inasmuch a. the public
rarely have the benefit of family medicines prepared by
a physician of his acquirements and experience.
oDr. Oberholtret ism member Of the Alumni of the
Medical Department at the University of Pennsylvania,
at which iustitution he graduated in 1554."
Pollstoten, January 18G5.
This certifies that I have used the Phoenix Pectoral
In my fel:ll4,mnd I recommend it to the publib as the
very best remedy fur Coughs and Colds that I have
ever tried. One of my children wee taken with a cold
accompanied with a Crodpy Cough ; so had indeed that
it could not talk or scarcely breathe. Having heard
no lunch said about the Phoenix Pettoral I procured a
bottle of it. The first dose relieved the difficulty of
breathing and before the child had taken one-fourth of
the bottle it was entirely well. Every family should
have it in their house. •
Signed, D. P. CROSBY.
Mrs. Mary Butler, mother of lion. Wm. Butler,
President Judge of the Chester and Delaware Districts,
says that she cennol. do without the Phoenix Pectoral.
Dr. George D. Wood, Priifessor of the Practices of
Medicine in the University , of Pennsylvania Hospital,
find one of the authors of the United States Dispensa
tory, says of the Seuelta Suake Hoot "its action is
especially directed to the lungs."
The proprietor of this medicine has so much confi
dence in its curative powers, froth the testimony of
hundreds who have used it, that the money will be re
funded to any who is not satisfied with its
It is so pleasant to take that children cry for it..
It costs only 35 Cents—large bottles 052 13oLtata.—
It is intended for only one clams of diseases, namely
those of the 1.0563 Stud TIMOAT.
Prepared only by Levi OLerholtarr, M. 11., Inicenix
vine, Pa. Johnston 'Holloway & Cowden. No. 23,
N . Sixth st, Pluladelphim and T. C Wells & Co. No. 110
Franklin st., New-York , Oeneral Wholesale Agents.
Sold wholesale and retail by J. 14 Lemberger, Dr.
Geo. Ross and D. Reber, Lebanon, mid by nearly
every druggist and storekeeper fn Lebanon county.
N. IL—lf your nearest druggist or storekeeper idoes
not keep this medicine do not let him put you off with
some other medicine, because makes more money
on it, but send at once to one of the Agents for it.
March 8,1865.—0 m.
ASALESMAN who can speak English A German ;
one who bad some Expeeine,e in the Dry Goode
Business. Apply to
"Costar's" Rat, Roach, Exter's,
- IR a istetc—ised for Rate,
Mice. Roaches, Black and
Bed Ants, AO., ae., &e:,
'Costar's' Bed-Bug Exterminator
b 7
Is a liquid or wash, treed to
destroy; and also as a pre- -
restive for Bed--Bugs, Ac.
Costar's Elect Powder for Insects
is so; 0 h 4, Mom niturs,
Fleas; -Bugs, insects on
Plants, Fowls, Animals, Ad:
P- Sold by all DrugnlSsS and Het eVeryivbert.
4Fic.! I I BEwAitr l I I of all wortbless imitations.
inF- See that' ‘Costia's'Aname is on each box, bot
tle , and Flask, before you buy.
Sip Principal Depot, 482 .Broad*ay , N. Y.
Sold by Dr. GEORGE ROSS, and all Druggists
and Dealers at Lebanon, Pa.
INCREASE Olr RATS.—The _Farmers' Gazette (Eng.
lisb) asserts and proves by figures that one pair of rats
will have a progeny and-tiescendants no less than 651,
050 In three years: NoW,.imless this immense family
can be kept down , they Would consume more food titan
would sustain 65,000.burasu beings.
IM Bee "Costar's" advertisement in this papa..
RATS vents ItIRDS.--Wboever engages itt shobthig
small birds is a cruel man ; whoever aids in extermi
nating rats is a benefactor. We should like some of
our corretpondents to give us the benefit of their ei
perience in driving out these pests. We need some
thing besides dogs, cats, and trapS for this business.--
Scientific American, N. r. •
ea. See "Costar's" advertisement in this paper.
, Tosilitt. RAT Exterrnimitor Is simple, safe, and
sere, the most perfect Itsr.ification meeting we bare
ever attended. Every rat that ran get it, properly pre
pared according to directions, - will eat it, and every
one that eats tit will die, generally at some place as
far possible from where the medicine was taken.—. Lake
Shore, &eh. Mirror .
ti Sue "Ceetar's adrertiaement in Chia paper
"Costar's" Rat, -
, &a., Exterminator—more grain
A VOICE FROM MR FAR IVEST.—Speaking of Roach
and provisions are destroyed annually in Grant Coun
ty by vermin than would pay for tons of this Rat and
Insect Killer„--Lancaster Wis. ircra/d.
FARAER6 iiiGOGEKAPERS- -,- -shofihf
lent that blindYeds of dollars'. Worth ni Grain, PrO4l
- &c., are annually destroyed by Rats, Mice, Ants,
and other insects and vermin—all of which can he
prevented by a feu' dollars' worth of "Costar's" ltat,
Roach, &to, Exterminator, bought and used freely,
MP See "Costar's" advertisement in this. paper.
ANP. Sold in Lebanon, Pa., at
Dr. Geo. Ross? Drag. Store,
Cumberland st., opposite Court House,
Marsh 29, 1860.—Gm.
A dminist ratOrts 1 Notice. •
xi-oTicH is hereby given that Letters of Administra.
Lion on the Estate of kILIZAIIETII STRICKLER,
deed., late of the town Ship of Millereek, Lebanon
,:ountr, Ea., have been granted to the undersigned, of
the township, county end Stateaferesaid. All persona
indebted to said estate are requested to make immedi
ate payment. and those having claims will present
them without delay
1511.11 creek, March 29,186
Diskihition or Coirartner.
• ship.
fIrTUB Co•hartnership , heretofore egisting between
Samuel Relneehl, Adolphus Rein oehl and 'Charles
H. Melly; trading in the luMber and coal business, in
North Lebanon Borough, under the firm of Beinoeh
lz Melly. was dissolved by mutual consent on the 22d
of March, 186,5, by the withdrawal of Samuel Reinoehl.
The business will be it continued at the old stand, by
Adolphus Beinoehl and pharles under the
firm of Beiimeh I & The Books of the old firm
ell I remain ut their office, where all persons indebted
or hoeing claims, are requested to call and make set•
North Lebanon. March 3.1565.—/t.
WOULD respectfully inform the citi
zens of Lebanon and vicinity , that
he has removed his Tailoring-Establish
ment to the room lately occupied by Dr.
li. F. Sell n eck , in Wa Mut 81 met, three doors south of
David Hollinger's Hotel, next door to John D.
Krause's store, where he will Make up the most fish
humble clothing. All work entrusted to his care Will
be manufactured in the best mariner, on moderate
terms: Good fits end substantial making guaranteed,
especially rot the stout as well as for the slender. lie
is ready to accommodate his customers by having a
suit Melon/es made on short notice. Thankful for the
pattlipsga e&tended to it im thus far, he hopes
tsY strict attettbon to his business. to merit a continu
ance of the ,mao. fla cordially invites the pujitic and
his old customers to give him a call. Terms cash.
rvIIIE undersigned are ithOut limiting in Lebanon,
what is essentially a
Ifilts:sourii Tobacco Factory /
for the manufacture of Plug Tobacco. Our stock is
min nonr i l en s made up by Missouri bands, and our
unichfnery is of the 'latest and most efficient tharactur.
We Shall determinedly adhere to the polity bf faking
and selling may a
and dealers, merchants end others, while they have
the privilege of baking directly from the manulketer
er, thus saving to themselves the intermediate profits
heretofore paid the jobber, are saved the risk of get
ting adilltercted or poisoned tobaccos as when buying
unknown or irresponsible makes.
We shall be ready to fill orders by the 10th orMareh
we can retail none—can sell to no pdrehaser
less than 20 pounds.
Circhlars ;ind price list sent to any address on appli
4Eitr-In a few weeks we shall be prepared to Manu
facture fine cut ohoVing and smoking tobaccos of ra
tions grades. •
Lebanon, Feb. 22, 1865.—am:
Brickyard & Building Lots.
rytriEsubscriber offers at private sale, a 'valuable
I_ Tract of Laud in North Lebanon Borough, Hear
the line of North Lebanon Borough, on Pinegrovu
street .coutitining about ;I AORKS. This tract is ex
cellent ground for Brick Making, having been used
for th4t purpose.. aud is also_eligibly located to be cut
up lot° BUI LOIN° LOTS. A good kiln for burning
Brick ie ou the premises.. For further particulars op - .
ply to
Lebstiort , kel.. 8, 1865. RY ARN.
"IS years established in N. Y. City."
"Only infallible remedies known."
Free from Poi - sone? , .
"Not dangerous to the Roman Family."
Rats came out of their holds to die."
Lebanon, March 23, 1565
ID yen eee ATHrINI3 & New Bee sad sboe
abti',..,::tti- - 6c''r.
"Sir, excuse me, but I wish to put,
ybu on your guard. I believe weliave
fallen into a den of thieves and mur
I bad been slumbering uneasily for
nearly an hour, and hadjust become
thoroughly awakened when Mr. Les
lie entered my room cautiously, and
addressed cue in this singular man ,
I had that day chanced to fall in
with an elderly gentleman, (Mr: Les
lie by name) and his daughter Ger
trude, an interesting young lady of
nearly eighteen ; and as our routes lay
in the same direction ; we were natur.
ally agreed to accompany each other.
We had stopped .at the roadside
innt Our acwmtriedation was much
more ample than I had stipposed post
Bible from' the externalappearance of
the dwelling, and much to our satis
faction we were' furnished with sepa ,
rate rooms, though all in the low
chamber at the top of the house.
The apartment allottal to myself
was a small one, furnished with a
handsome bed with heavy green cur
tains, a iightstamd, acouple of chairs.
Everything was in perfect keeping
and, good order ; but the bed Was.plae
ed against the door, greatly to my
"What have you discovered P' I
asked hastily. .
He gave me a.soiled piece of paper
on which were rudely inscribed these
"Jim saw three travelers coming
over the old road an hour. ago. Proba
bly they will be at your house pretty
soon after dark, and you must man
age to keep them to--night. Don't
try to settle them until 1. come, which
Will be about midnight.
We engaged in a short conversa to the course we had, better
pursue, and then without arriving at
any conclusion, I left the father and
daughter alone for a few moments
while / cautiously descended the
stairs. Having gained the hall be
low, I stole through a long narrow
passage I bad not before observed,
and at last came to the door of an
apartment, in which I kneAr the fhiti=
ly of our host, together with our
would-be-murderers, were assembled.
"Well, Tom s bow do you propose
to settle our ffj/ests above 1
-31 11 - 647:17 1 1Ve - ) - ro - trxri - iTuseFrinrcEr. - - , - -
"Why, Y gave the old man and the
girl the two rooms on the left, and
that.young fellow took the one at
the right."
"The room you made so conveni
ent last week ?"
"kVell, if that is the case I don't
think we shall find hard workl at all.
The very instant you hear the report
of my pistol s you, and Jim must be at
hand to enter the old man's room
and take care of him."
"But when will this come off
"At twelve, they will be sleeping
most soundly then,"
It wanted just thirty .minutes of
the hour appointed, and I hastened
to retrace my steps up stairs.
I visited my own room first, where
I found that the convenient fixture I
had heard spoken of below was mere
ly a small square hole in the wall,
just opposite the pillow, sufficiently.
large enough to insert the barrel of
any moderate sixed pistol—a very
easy way:to - relieve a man of his life.
Having made this discovery, I
sought Mr. Leslie and his daughter.
6 ;l' was about to, propane ; that
each one of us should keep his own
apartment. If we meet them to
gether while Seyton has his pistol at
hand, one of us will .be sure to get
killed. On the contrary, should I
manufacture a good counterfeit ; as 1
now propose, to occupy my plane for,
the time being in that rather danger
ous bed ; and in this manner waste
Seyton's shot and throw him off his
guard, I am very sure I could gain
the mastery in a hand to hand strug
gle in a very few minutes, and then
come to your assistance, Does my
proposition suit you)"'
"Perfectly, and. lucky for your
scheme, I wear a wig, which may be
of considerable benefit to you in mak
ing the counterfeits of which you
have spoken. Take it ; it is entirely
at your disposal."
It took hut a very few moments to
fill the wig sufficiently With bed
clothes, and arrange it in a favora
ble position on the pillow, in front of
the little opening , Having done this,
glanced at my Watch in the moon.
beams. It wanted .five minutes of
twelve 1
The silence was growing oppres
sive, when at last 1 saw the curtain
move aside a little: There was a
loud report, and I had resolution
nough to bond forward and utter a
low despairing moan, as the report
died away. In an instant the door
was opened, and the man called Sey ,
ton came running in, with his pistol
still in his band. Without the faint
est suspicion ho approached the bed,
but meanwhile I had grasped a long ;
heavy bar of wood, which 1 presume,
by the merest chance ; happened to
be standing against the wall,near by,
and when be had arrived within a
convenient distance, I sprung out up
on him, and with a single well di
rected blow I laid him sprawling,
and I judged insensible, on the floor.
All this had occupied but a mo
ment, and it was scarcely completed
when I board the report of 'another
pistol in the direction of the apart
ment occupied by Mr. Leslie. With
out stopping to assure myself further
of- the result of the rather severe
knock I had , given the fallen man, I
hastened • forward to the assistance
of my- companion. tie was engaged
in a-haild to hand struggle with Jim
while, our host was lying upon the
floor,.badly if , not dangerously wound
dim Vas making desperate efforts
to draW - a. knife from his belt, while
Mr. Leslie Was'using his utmost en
deavors to prevent it. He, was brave
and resolute, but I could see his
strength was failing rapidly. I did
not hesitate to put an immediate
stop to the Contest by again calling
my club into requisition.
Having': firmly secured our host
and-the fellow ;Jim with cords and
left Mr. Leslie in charge of his daugh--
ter,.l returned to the room Where I
had left Seyton.
lie•was j.uo recovering from the
effeets of Oil. blow I. had giver' him,
whieh,lis T had supposed had render
ed him insensible fora time, and I
was just in season to bind him -before
he had recovered sufficiently to trou
ble us still further.
Now all that remained for mo to
do to render our situation quite se
cure was, to take from our hostesS
the power to harm as in any way,
and I at once started below for that
I afterward learned that Mr. Leslie
had made his daughter promise ; after
my departure, to remain quietly in
her own apartment until .she could
safely venture forth, and stationed
himself near the door, with the only
pistol he ever carried in his band.—
By Borne mistake our host and Jim
'did not attaelc him as soon as the
pistol was fired at my counterfeit by
Seyton, as was •first intended
. but"
waited a moment. When they did
present themselves be had fired at
the one in advance ; who happened to
be the host, and immediately grap
pled with the other.
We remained at the old inn the re
mainder of the night, and gave infor
mation to the authorities in, the
The Siamese twins have been lost
from public view for the last few
years. It was
_well known of them
that they bad married two sisters,
and settled down near Salisbury, in
Forth Carolina on a well stocked
a North Carolina medical gentleman •
now within our lines, we bad the oth
er day an opportunity of minute and
full particulars in regard to them.—
Ever since the war began, they have
continued to reside on their planta
tion, and lived in the same quiet and
harmony as ever Until within two
years. Of course no ono ever thought
of drafting them, and their negroes
prospered, except that when out of
temper from any cause, it was apt to
work itself off in striking the first
one that came to hand, from which
the best escape was to keep out of
the way. The brothers probably
never would have had any difficulty
but. that their wives, though sisters ;
turned away their hearts, and °l 11.
dren were the eause of this estrange
Up to the period that each had five
children all prospered well enough ;
but one of them had a sixth, and this
awoke envy and jealousy to such a
degree that the two sisters, not be
ing bound together like the twin
brothers, would no longer live under
the same roof ) though we believe,
still in different houses on the same
plantation. The brothers are now it
seems, about fifty years of age ; but
one, we believe the smaller and fee.
bier of the two ; looks, it is said, now
fully ten years older than the other:
They can turn back to back or face
to face, but that is as far as the re
markable bond that unites them per
mits. It is'almost certain that should
either die the other could not survive
even for more than a few minutes, as
there is an artery as large as the fm
moral artery that connects them.
A few years since they correspond
ed with some of the leading surgical
operators in London, as to the possi
bility of the umbilicus which unites
them being cut, so that in case of the
death of one, the life of the other
might be saved. At the request of
the London Surgeon, they visited
that city, and many experiments
were tried to determine the safety of
such an operation. Among other
things, a ligature was tied firmly for
a few minutes round the connexion
between them, so as to prevent the
circulation of blood through the ar
tery: But it seemed as if each would
eXpire if this were longer persisted
Thesmaller of the two fainted away
and lost all consciousness, and there
were symptoms that the same effect
Would follow to the other; but that
the process could not be continued
long enough without endangering
the life of him who was first to faint.
Should the smaller and feebler die
' it
might be worth while making the
experiment of operating, but the
prospects of prolonging the life of
the other Would be very
Should however the larger and more
healthy of the twin brothers die,
there would seem absolutely no hope
of saving the feebler of the tWo.
From all this it is evident, that
though the connection between these
two brothers is very remarkable and
perfectly unique, is yet not so ab
solute as has been usually supposed.
I ije gnu/ion':
2d Story of Footdem Vett BlirldNg, Carob:Mai:id St
At One Dollar 2nd Fifty Cents a Year
iVeADVERTD3EMEttIf inserted at the ntlaal rates. "SA
ir-HANDBILLS Printed at an bouts notice.
In Lebanon Comity, postage free
In Pennsylvania, out of Lebanon eoilnty 5 cents per
grinner, or 20 cents a yeat.
Out of this State, 6% eta. per 213 cis. a year
It the postage is not paid ill ad4attce, rates are double
In the American Cyclopedia, for in
statibe; !tie, said that "respiration and
circulation are generally syncbonus
lb the calm state and their hours of
.sleeping and waking, their joys and
sorrows, anger and pain, ideas and
desires, are the same. They, realize
the idea ofperfect friendship, the two
being one, and each one two . in
thought and act." As to ideas being
the same, this is by no means more
necessarily so than their similar edu.
cation and habits woulll
Each one can hold ctsntersation with
different persons at the same time.--=
One does nOt necessarily know, there=
fore ; what may be communicated to
the other, although their feeling and
passions are generally similar, owing
to the same causes operating upon
both. Even this is not necessarily
the case, especially, we suppose ; as
to the degree of feeling . Since the
breaking out of the re bellion, they
have. bdth dressed in the Confederate
gray, and they both tl - 16Mbeit of
the &IMO. 4031)j:wing united with
a small Baptist Chnrch 'in their neigh
borhood, of Which they have been
considered very worthy Members ;
though born Siamese.
The eitieCitil Correspondent or the
New York Herald gives the follow=
ing account of the disgraceful con=
.duct of a portion of our troops on the
occupation of Columbia,l
spent the evening iii the Capitol
looking oVer the archieves and
ries. Part of Colonel Stone's brigade
—I think the Thirteenth lowa. Col.
Kennedy's regiment -= were on duty
Col. Stone and Col. Kennedy had
earned an enviable fame in being the
first to hoist the flag of freedom over
Coming bn night, crowds of our es ,
caged prisoners, soldiers and ttegFrOeS i
intoxicated with their rieW born lib=
erty, which they looked upon as li=
cense to do as the pleased, were pa ,
rading the streets in groups.
As soon as night set in there etiz
sued a sad scene indeed, The suburbs
were first set on fire, some assert by
the burning cotton which the rebels
bad piled along the streets. Pillag=
ing, gangs soon fired the heart of the
town, then entered the houses, in
many instances carrying off articles
of value. The flame soon burst out
in all parts of the city, and'the
streets were quickly crowded with
helpless women and children—some
in their night-clothes. Agonized
be dragged from their beds, and lay
exposed to the flames and smoke that,
swept the streets, or to the -eOld of
the open air in back - yards.
The scene at the Convent was
sad one indeed. The flames were
fast encompassing the Convent, and
the Sisters and about sixty terrified
young ladies huddledtogetber . on the
streets. Some of these had come
from the North, previous to the war,
for their education, and were not able
to return, The Superioress of the
Convent had educated General Sher=
man's daughter, Minnie, He had as=
sighed them a special guard of sit
men, so they felt secure-, and were
totally unprepared for the dreadful
scene that ensued. Some Christian
people formed a guard around this
agonized group of ladies and conduct
ed them to the park;
'toward Morning General
who lay encamped, outside the town,
hearing of the sad state of affairs, or
dered Col. 011iner and his brigade to
clear out the city and restore order
at the point 'of the bayonet. This
they did, taking a couple hundred of
prisoners., bayoneting some and kill
ing one. Though Razen has proved
himself a true and tried soldier on
many a battle field, such an act does
more credit to his heart than a victor
ry over the enemy. Several officers
too, ventured their lives in this chari
table attempt to restore order.. Col,
York, of General Logan's staff, was
fired at while thus engaged. It is to
regretted that the
,burning of the city
was accompanied by many riotous
scenes. Sherman and his venerals
are very much hurt about it, as it
Was quite against their orders.
The negeoes and escaped prisoners
were' infuriated, and easily incited
the inebriated soldiers to join them in
their work of vandalism. Governor
McGrath and Gen. Wade Hampton
are partly accountable for the de
struction of their city, General
Beauregard, the Mayor, Mr. Good Win
and others wanted to send a deputa
tion as far as Orangeburg to surren
der the city, and when evacuating to
destroy all the liquors. In both of
these Wise views they Were overruled
by the Governor and Wade Hanipton
—the latter stating that he would de-
fend the town from house to house.
The houses of the Prestons, Hony.
stone and other wealthy secesh were
occupied as official quarters, and
were preserved, During the fire it
was melancholy to Witness the ago=
nixed torture of the sitk and Wounded.
in the rebel hospital, Which contained
over three hundred, The streets
and buildings around it were on fire,
but fortunately it escaped. Several
soldiers and citizens must have been
buried in the ruins of falling houses
or caught by the devouring flames:—
Next morning I saw a lady, a crazy
inmate of the asylum, whose child
bad been burned during the night.
The 18th of February dawned upon
a city of ruins. All the business por ,
Lion—the main streets, the old Capi ,
01, two churches and several, public
and private buildings were One pile