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    siib trinting,
Neatly . and Promptly Executed, at the
Tam establishment is now supplied with an extensive
Assortment of JOB TYPE, which will be increased as the
catrouage demands. It can now turn out Pturrrnso, of
L very description, in a neat and expeditious manner--
Andon very reasonable terms. Such as
Pamphlets, Checks,
Business Cards, handbills,
Circulars, Labels,
Bill Readings, Blanks,
Programmes, Bills of Fare,
Invitations, Tickets, ace., &C.
ono- Dittos of all kinds. Common end Judgment BONDS.
School. Justices', Constables' and other BLANKS, printed
correctly and neatly on the beet paper. constantly kept
for sale at this office, at prices "to suit the times."
* * *Subscription price of the LEBANON ADVERTISER
'One Dollar and a Ralf a Yoar.
Address. Wm. M. Exams, Lebanon, Pa.
0. B. SWAMI= .1. P. Bowman.
11111 E undersigned having formed a partnership, in
I Dentistry, respectfully invite the attention of the
Public to their style of
work cud
4 1 000,:)*, OPERATION ON THE
From one to an entire set
, • ,
, interred on Gold, After or
& rolcaniud Rubber.
Particular attention paid to Me preserration of
the natural Ones. by Fitting, Ac.
I No charges made for examinations and advice .
Room* over Mr. Adam Itise's.Hat Store, Cumberland
street, Lebanon, Pa.
-- Lebanon March 1, 1865.
(Late capt. the 1 , 12 d Pa. MO
Nlcomaxit - y, 33vba1s.
AND paw-
Pension AI gent.
Lebanon, March 15, 1865.—tf.
g e ma. aent t ,
grAFFICH C. Henry's New Building, .oppnelte
V/ Vag Hotel, Lebanon. Pa.
Lebanon, January 25, 1865.
HAS It EMOVSD Ids office to Market Street. opposite
the i.ehsueu 'Sank, two doors North of Widow
Rise's Hotel.
Letstoon.slnrcl 25.'63,
[Aar Feß
„am - inve u .
rlll VI undersigned, having been licensed to prosecute
1, claims, end having been engagell In the Bounty and
Pension business, offers his services to all those who
ate thereto entitled, in accordance with the 'various
nets of Congress. All such shank' call or address at
utta.., and make their applications through
SIASSLEIt DOYEtt, Attorney at-Law,
Orrtos removed to Cumberland St., one
door East of the Lebanon Valley Bonk, oppoeito
the Buck Hotel, Lebanon, Pa. Pim 'C4.
IN FFICH with A. R. Boughter, Esq., Cumberland
qUr Street, nearly opposite the Court Muse.
Lebanon, February 8,1885.
("MICH In Stlchter's'ldled, Cumberland Street
lj nearly oppodte the Court ilouae, Lebanon.
Lebanon 31111 U 15, 1504:11'.
Office in Walnatstreet, neatly opposite the Buck
Hotel, and two doors synth tt..a Rwrmany's
hardware store.
7 Libanon, April It, 1864.-4 y.
416 1 . • et 3r ■PZIk, tse 'vricr . .
riFFICE removed to Cumberland street, one door
11 ICout of, toe Lawton Valley Bank. opposite the
Dunk Hotel, Lebanon, i'a. [dau. 6, '64.
A. 'l'. NV El DEE,
OPT North - West orncr of hater
and Market Streets,
xim33.a.2 4 ,T4CIPTC,
--TAIRUSIII, Nov, NI, 18OO.—ly,*
(AMOR. in Cnokoberland street. a few doors east of
the Eagle Hotel, In the cave late of his father
'Copt. John Weidmen,cleed.
Lebanon. Sept. 0,1883.
Me removed his °Moe to the building, one door roe
of lAnderthileb 'it Store, oppoeite the Washington House
Lebanon, Pa.
~ BOUNTY and PENSION °Mime promptly attended
to [April 8,'83.-3m.
L. 11.EEG' S
'Market Square, oppositethe Market Mouse. Lebanon, Pa.
vlllll.l undersigned respeotittily Informs tee . public
1 that Int hits received an extensive stock or the
choicest stud purest Liquors et all descriptions:: These
Liquot a he Is Invariably disposed to soli et an
7.•••• kprreedentedly law prices.
Droggists. Farmers. II Otel Keepets, antLette
ore will consult their own interests by buying of the
undersigned. L. IL DEW.
Lebanon, April 13,1863.
Ing between C. 0_ LOWER end IL W. RANK. In
(he Wholesale Tobacco Duebiese unuer the firm of
,LOWER. & RANK. le this dey dissolved by mutual
,consent. The Imeloeue of the late firm *ill lie waled by
either of the petition' at No. 116 North Third Bt.
Philadelphia, July I,lBB+.
U. W. RANK, of the fate firm of Lower & Renk,e
0011 continue the buelneee as heretofore .at Pam
Philadelphia, July 13, 1831.—Ft.
VIIN undersigned will Bell. at private sale, his de
nimble HOUSE and LOT OF GROUND, In Fast
street, East Lebanon. Tho [louse le a new
two atory BRICK with Kitchen attached, all
well built and well arranged with all neeesen
ry conveniences. Alan Cistern, Bath Bonne.
m() sr, jtonse, all kinds of great. Trees, Sec., on the
41TensIcen.„.tincid owl iudlsputaltle•tltle given. For fur.
tber InformW en npply to
~.. • ..T . AMES N. ROGERS, Tinsmith.
Lebanon, Jet. 7,1864
t6ittin killfor Rent
1111 F. undersigned offers for Rent, for ONE YEAR or
1. longer, his STEAM MILL, dinged two miles
I w east from Lebanon, at Avon Station,
nearthe Railroad . Canal and Turn
pike. Therewith lea STOREHOUSE,
for storing Flour and Ilruin, a Coal
Yard at the Canal and Railroad, mid
- a largo Scales. Tilla Mill ie specially
arranged for Flour and Custom Work, and
in an excellent neighborhood for the busineos.
A two story DWb:LLING HOUSE, with Sum
mer House, Lot of It round, Oarden and Stable,
Jo also connected with the property.
Aron Station, January 4, Ififid.
Brickyard & Building Lots.
ruilmnitbscriber offers at private Ride, a valuable
1 Tract of Land in North Lebanon Borough, near
the line of North Lchnnon Borough, nil Plnegrore
strest,containing about 3 ACltn. This tract is og
re/lent ground for Brick 'Making, bating been used
for tliet purpose. and fe also eligibly located to be cut
up IutonUILDINO LOTS. A good kiln for burnin g
Brick le on the premises. For further particulars alp-
Ply to
Lebanon , Feb. 8, 1865
George lluffiuuu»
4 '
By Lebanon Valley Railroad.
pkTICULAII attention will be paid to Goode shipp•
ed by the Lebanon Valley Railroad. °pods will be
lent deity to and from Philadelphia to Lebanon, fto l ltil
town and Acorn
le Stations, and all other points in the
FltitiOUTS contracted for at the least possible rates
am delivered with dispatch.
The Proprietor will pay partlealar eAtention tojettid,
attend personally, to the rscalving and delivery of all
For Information, apply at hie oMte Itatie Lebanon
Valley Railroad Depot, Lebanon.
XDWAIID MARK, his Agent in.Philagel6l4l,*lll
ays he found at W. H Bush's Iferchant's /kW, North
laird rt., Philadelphia-1:
Slay 4, 414.] ego. llblend.X
• _';'
VOL. 16---NO. 39.
IT is well known to the medicalprofession that
IRON is the Vital Pr baiple or Life Element of the
blood. This is derived chiefly from the food we eat ;
but If the food is not properly digested, or if, from
any cause whatever , the necessary quantity of iron is
not taken into the circulation, or becomes reduced, the
whole system suffers. The bad blood will irritate the
heart; will clog up the lunge; will stupefy thp brain,
will obstruct the liver, and will * send Its dlsesse•pro.
during elements to all parts of the system, and every
one will suffer in whatever organs may be predisposed
to disease.
The great value of
le well known and acknowledged by all medical men.
The difficulty has been to obtain such n preparation of
it as will edter the circulation and assimilate at once
with the blood, This point, says Dr. Hayes, Massaohn
setts State Chemiat% bats been attained in the Pertimlan.
Syrap, by combination inn way before 110t110W111.
The Peruvian Syrup
1c a protected solution of the PROTOXIDE OF IRON.
the Root of the Dimaie by supplying the blood with
Its Vital Principle or Life Element—lron.
The Peruvian Syrup
Cures Dyspepsia,. Liver Complaint, Dropsy, raver and
AT). Lois of Euarp 7. Low Spirit&
.The Peruvian Syrup
Infuses strength, vigor, and new life into' the system,
and bulitta up an "Iron Constitution." -
The Peruvian . Syrup
Cures CitronioDinrrhees, Suckla, Boils, Scurvy Lo
of Constitutional Vigor.
The Peruvian Syrup
Cures Nervous Affections, Female Complaints, and all
diseases aline Kidneys and Bladder.
" The Peruvian Syrup
Is a Specifics for all diseases originating in • BAD
STATE OF Ti(E BLOOD, or aecomp e ltied . 'by Debility
or a Low State of the System.
Pamphlets containing certithratetiof Cures and recom
mendations front some, of the most eminent Physicians
Clergymen, and others, wni be sent free to any ad
We select n few orate names -to show ths clientele
of the testimonials.
Prestiderit of the 3letropoiltan thank, New York,
Late Editor Christian ndrocate and Journal.
Editor New York Chronicle.
Rev. John Pierpont, hawk' Johnson, M. D.,
Rev. Warren Burton, Roswell Kinney, M. D.,
Rev. Arthur B. Fuller, S. N. Kondeil, M. D..
Rev. Crudes' Robbins, W. R. Chisholm, M D:,
Rev. Sylvanite Cobb r ~ P rincia Dana, M. D.,
Rey. T. Starr King, J. Antonio Benches, M. D.,
Rev. Ephraim Nude, Jr., " . ..Abraham Wendell, M. D
Rev. Joseph 11. Clinch, ..;A:cA..llayes, M. D.,
Rev. Henry Upham, .1 It. Ch *tam. D.,
Rev. P. C. Headley, U.N. Kinney.,.M .04.
Rev. John W.Ohnetead, Jerein lath Stone ,M. D.
I Prepared by N. L. CLARK & CO., exclusively for
J. P. DINSSIORK,No.44I liroatlway. New York.
Sold by all Druggists
Rediliart's Russia Salve.
floats OM Sorra.
cu.res, 3riluods,Brli . lardi,Erpraine.
Cures EMlCrra.
Redding's Russia Salve
• Cures Salt Ithuem. Piles, Erysipelso.
Iteddintr'S Russia Salve
Cures Ringworms, Corns. &c,
Only 23 cents a box
J. P. DINSMORN.No. 491 ilroadway,.New York.
S.W. FOWLIt & CO. No. liiNttoiont St., DOWD,
And by all Druggists and Cnuntiy Storpktepora.
June 20, 1864.—1y.e0w.
The Phoenix Pectoral
• •
gutas - colds, Couglis, CroupAstlAma,
ronelattS, CataritMoat,
Hoarsness, Whoofiab
Cough, (De.
pulmonary - Consul 'whom
jj, has taken hold it will afford greater relief than
any other medicine..
Miss Kato Vanderslice of Pottsville, says, "I was
benefited more by using the Phoenix Pectoral than
any other medicine I ever aged."
Elias Oberitodtzer, Lionville, Chester county, was
cored of a cough of many years' standing by using the
Phoenix Pectoral.
Joseph Lukens, of Hall street, Phoenixville. certifies
that he was cured of a cough of two years standing,
when all other medicinee had fatird, by the ass of the
Phoenix Pectoral.
Jacob Powers certifies that he has sold hundreds of
bottles of the Phoenix Pectoral. andlhat ail who used
it bear testimony of its wonderful effects in curing
coughs. ,
John 11.3yer, editor of the led pendent I7r2nix r .hav
ing used it, has no hesitation In prononnetnk it a com
plete remedy for cough;• buttrsenettl and irritation in
the throat. . .
The West Cheater Jek-rsonian. says :
"We have known Dr. Oberbolteer personally a
number of years, and It gives us the greatest pleasure
to recommend his medicines, inasmuch a 4 ! the public
rarely have the benefit of family medicines prepared by
a physician of his acquirements and experience.
"Dr. Oberholtzer is a member of the Alumni of the
Medical Department at the University of Pennsylvania,
at which institution lie graduated in 1854."
POTTSTOWN, .latr.ary 3d, 1865.
This certifies that I have used the Phoenix Pectoral
in my family, and I recommend it to the public as the
very best remedy for Coughs and Colds that I have
ever tried, One of my v hildren was taken with a cold
accompanied with a Croupy Cough ; so bad indeed that
it could not talk or scarcely breathe. Having beard
so much said about the Phoenix Pectoral I procured a
bottle of It. The first dose relieved the difficulty of
hrfathing and before the cbildchad ,taken one-fourth of
tie bottle it was entirely well. Every family should
have It in their house.
Shoed D. P. CROSBY,
)Ars. Mary Butler, mother of Unn. Wm. Butler,
President Judge of the Chester and Delaware Dlstricta,
say!' that oho cannot do without the Phoenix Pectoral.
Dr. ElCorge.D. Wood, Profeseor of the Practices of
Medicine In the.Univeraity of Pennsylvania Hospital,
and, oue of the authors of the United States Dispense.
tor y, says of the Sanaa Snake Root : "Its action In
eapecially directed to the lungs." -
The proprietor of this medicine has so much confi
dence in its curative powers, from the testimony of
hundreds who have used It, that the money will be re
funded to any purcha- er who is not satisfied with its
It is so pleasant to-take that children cry fork.
It, coats only 35 cents—large bottles 035 DOLL/A....-
It is Intended for only one class of diseases, namely
those of the LIMOS and
Prepared only by Levi OLerholtsor' it.f. D., Phoenix
villa, Pa. Johnston Holloway fr. Cowden. No. 28.
N. Sixth st. Philadelphia, and T. 0 :Wells it Co. Na. 115
Franklin at., New York:General 'Wholesale Agents.
Sold wholesale and retail by J. L, Lemberger, Dr.
Geo. Doss and D. S. Reber, Lebanon, an d b y neatly
every druggist and storekeeper.fn Leanon county.
soar nearest druggist or atorekesper ‘does
not„ keep, not let him put you ogimith
some other med hilximJsmousit hs.sintgeiomosti'MtoneY
on it, but send at once to one of the Agents for it.
March 8,1865.-4 m.
Just printed and for sale at thifi
office, Conditiortir forthe * Rah, of Real Re.:
ii:* ;ILO ;11 111 11
Reddines Russia Salve
Cure. kturne, Scalds, Cute.
Redding's Russia• Salve
U. S. 7-30 LOAN.
BY authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, the
undersigned has assumed the General Subscription
Agency - for the e ale of United States Treasury Notes,
bearing seven and three tenths per cent. interest, per
annum , known as the
These Notes are issued under date of ,Angdat
1864, and are payable three years from tbet time, in
currency, or are convertible at the option of the hold
er into '
V. S. 5-20 Six per cent.
Sold Bearing Bonds.
These bonds are now worth a premium of nine par
cent., including gold 'interestfrum Nov., which makes
the actual profit on the 7-30 loan, at current rates, in
cluding interest, about ten per cent. per annum, besides
its exemption from State and municipal taxation,
which aslllB from ono to three per cent. more, accord
ing to the rate levied on other property. The interest
is payable semi-annually by coupons attached to each
mote, which may be cut off and sold to Wy bank or
The 'inter; shamounis to
,Onceent per day on each $ 50 note.
Two cents " • " /00 "
Ten " " " 600 "
Twenty " 1,000- "
One Dollar " " 5,000 "
Notes of all the denominations named will be
promptly furnished upon receipt of subserlpilims.—
This is
The only Loan in Market
now offered by the Gosernment, and it is confidently
expected that ite supirior'adcantagee will make it the;
Less than .$200,000,000 remain unsold, which will
probably be disposed of within the neat 66 or 90 days
when the notes will undoubtedly command a premium;
as has uniformly been the mut on closing the sub
scriptions to other Loans.
In order that citizens of every town anti section of
the country may lie afforded facitities fur taking the
loan, the National Banks, State Banks, and Prilato
Bankers throughout the country have generally
agre dto receive subscriptions at par. Subscribers
will select their own ng euts, •in whom tho_y. have con
Silence, and who Only are responsible for the delivery
of the notes fur - which they receive orders.
SUBSCRIPTIONS Will be received by the Lebanon Na.
tional Bank, the Valley National Bank of Lebanon
and the First National sank of Lebanon.
March 1, 1165.—: m. •
Sinking Si ring . ,beik's Coithry, for 1864
.. 1 1 1 %alasee lo t 149 Treasury. January lit, 1804, $1,579 12
Prsmitnniand fees on 1 towlines, 1450 83
Aesessments Noo.lo, .11 and 12, - 424 SU
Assessment N 0.13, in Berms co., $9,753 73
Do do Lebanon •' 1,905 19
Do do Lehigh " 95t 85
Do do Schuylkil" 69 47
Do do Lancaster " 82 18
Total reselptv, $13,747 29
ddanaser-' and.Committese leo., *la 46
Puptage, Stationary, . - = '4lr :era
Making Collectors' Lists, l 4 O
Refunded to 'M. Mull . in Schlegel's case, A 04.
Doors for cloiet, :.2 7 60
Advertising & printing in Desks co., $12t52 •
Do Lonauon county, 29 50
Do Lehigh county, 4 60
160 53
IL S . Tax.. -- 115 27
Treasurer's salary, 60 On
President's fee* on 369 polic'es, 23 06
Do appointing Committees, &c. 946
---- 32 52
AuditOrs' Fees for 1563, 60 00
Secretary's salary, A. null, 33 33
Do do C. Kessler, —62 50
95 83
Secretary's fees on 48 policies A.5.11:11 19 20 .
Do du 321 poleies,.C. Kessler 128 40
- 147 60
Filling out 2'2,Fmts, 26 50
Agent.: fees ou 241 policies, 51011;• 97 60
iGo 82 . policiee, Wester, 32 80
Do 26 policies, Schools, ..4& 40 .
-----140 60
LOBBBs Dr FlnE, in Berko county :
Cyrus Ruth 69 00
Samuel Fromm ' tio 00
George Lechuer 100 00
George Loh 37 95
Jolnk S. tlymo . 2.000 00
George Seaman, 1,637 00
uerrge Davies. •.8 00
James Butz2o CO
_ _
• .. . .
' Albert J. firurnbach 3,900 00
John Forttnt, in Lebanon county, 109 00
thorgn Spadtt• . .., do 400
J. W. & JJ. 1. , .. Killinger, do 30u 00
Jo4apit Moyer, do' 1;535 00
Jacob„Bnclituan,. .. do 3,290 00
Nathan ()cruet, in Lehigh county, -12.000 i A
----13,200 55
Balance In Treasury, Jan. lit, 1865,
The undersigned Auditors, appointed to examine
the eteettnieof thaiNlieers ut.tlil't Mutual Eire blear
aUcta Ccaupetly of Sinking Spring„ Barka collat)+, do
report , that we have mrefully. examined the same,
and fled there correct ao above stated.
February, 1865. 1011. N VAN REED,'
President —JUIIN VAN REED, Spring, Reading
Treasurcr—Lewis Blitsen, Reading
...eecrelary—CHAßLES KESSLER, Reading.
Managers—Andrew Kurt', Bethel P. 0.; George K .
Haag, Mobravitle P. 0.; John Kemp, Kutztown P 0.;
Stan ley J. Kirby, Kirbyvillo P. 0.; Elias Filbert.
ouselsdorr P. 0.; Solomon Yoder, Manatawny ;
EMS Obeid, Lower Bern P. 0.; Daniel B. torah. Read
ing P. O. ; all residing in Barks count y. Cyrus Schools,
Jonestown P. 0 . Lebanon ' County ; Robert Evans,
Cornwall P. 0., Lebanon county; Jacob Grim ; (Le.
high county,) Masatawny P.O.
March 15,1516.-3 t. CHARLES KESSLER, Sec'y.
Dr. Gruver,
Medical Electicia
. 11 1.
HAS taken rooms in Kendall's block, first door
above the New York Store,
elcbawcucra. 3Pab. •
*HERB he or ill attend to the emend unsguosta and
treatment of diseases whether acute or chronic. Ile
espeeially invites those where medicine has failed.—
No mat er how longyou have been diseased, or how
much you have suffered, or whotrnay be your com
plaint, or what treatment you have had, or how often
you have been disappointed, there is still a fair pros
pect for your speedy restoration to health. Thousands
of cases as hopeless as yours have been cured is a few
weeks-by ttEleetro Ne.Cljeal Treatment," when all other.
known remedies had failed.
"No charge for consultation."
Prof. W. F. Gruver.
Pledges himself, in all the following named diseases,
to perform a speedy and permanent cure, when
ever there can bo this least possible hope ottani,
Diseases of the Brain and Nervous system—Vpitepsy ,
Chorea, or St. Vitus' Dance. Paralysis, iiamiplegia
and Pariplogia, Neuralgia, hysteria, Nervous palpita •
tiou of the heart. &c.
Organs and Tissues connected with the Digestive
system—Sote Throat. Dyspepsia, Dysentary, Obstinate
Constipation. Hemorrhoids or Piles, Billions, Flatu•
lent and Painters Colic.
Respiratory Organs—Catarrh, - Cough, Influenza,
Asthma, Broncbitis, Pleurisy, and Consumption in the
early and middle stages.
Fibrous and Muscular System.—ltheuutatiem, Gout,
Lumbago, Stiff Neck, Spinal Curiature Diseases,
Cancers, and Tumors. •
Urinary and Genital Organs.—Diabetes, and Kidney
Affeotions, Impotence and Seminal Weakness. The
latter complainte yield very rapidly to this treatment.
IRseases peculiar to Fenazies.—Uteririe , 00mplaints
Prolamine,. Itnteversion,lltetroversion,..lrifiammition,,
Via ration, i tiotehuthes 4flectlons of the womb.
painful, suppreseed,,scanty•ouprottiseXenstruation.
Skin Dideasei:-.4crofulows Ernpiloner • Glandular
Swallingic, Ulcer* Felon, Eryetpelas, Harper or Tatter.
All Mamma ottlicicia and Ear.
Lebanon, March 16, 1865.
. ittitiriEn.
piaLLEBMAYwho den Fp)* DriAl . .kar, & tier,
' & ; Coke' *rho ~haAr.roulet „Exponent's br
Dry cods Bulimia , . Apply lc
DOODYEAD & wirrantilz
Perooial Property.
" w ill. be sold at pglbile sale, on • •
Mckndsty,ttieh 27th, .1.56,
at the res idepco of th wzntemignedi in Cornwall town
ship. near Zion'S 81 . 111,about 8 miles south of the bor.
ongh of Lebanon, tha tofaow hag Steck , and fuming
Implements. viz :-
391 - 413 - 3r am e•
a ORE WA(10128, 0R8.11 7 OEARIliti; Ore Bodies,
Honsens,..9preadeve.talaer Fly Nets, and many other
articles - too numerous Mention. • '
Bale to commence 412 o'clock, M e , when terms will
be made known by • : ,
Cornwall townablp arch 16,1888.
Person property.
f ir
( 1. 44. - • 'Lei' - • •
06 71 - t 'o ,:__
W ILL be Fold at
,ullie Sale, on .
IVedn . esd+; , ,llol4rch . 29, 1865.
, •t' '
at the residence of Ti ,subscriber.. ill Londonderry
township, about one MO: hOlf, Miles from Palmyra,
on the road to Bindmhies Church. the following :
_HORSE, 2 COWS,PISICR AWAY, 1-horse Wagon,
good as new, Spring ' then, Plough, Harrow, Culti
vator. 2 SHOATS., ett d* Hind Gears • tett 'single Har
ness. 2 cellars, .Bridl, - Whecibarrest, Forks, 1 side
Saddle, Shorels, Log a 'Cow Chains, .BEDDING and
Bedsteads, 2 Bureaus,j Tables, 2 Staves, Cupboard,
dozen and a half Choi t 2 RockingChairs, large Look
ing Giese, Chests, Ire Bettie, new aleatstand, Tube,
Barrels, Vinegar ands gaiety of other articles. . .
*Tr All of the shit ankles are nearly us good as'
- 11 M. Sale to romme at 12 o'clock, M., when terms
will be made known ';
Londonderry twp.; bruary 16, 18135.
...____. . ... ____
MIIR Subscriber o sit Private Sale -a TWO STO
1. BY FRAIIB,DW LING 1101.1.811 and LOT OP
GROUND, ( ing lot No .1 in Uhler's addition
n of Lebanon, to un the Old Forge Road:
. . in the NorthWe Mira port of said borough.—
For particutira I pply to
. 11 ~ - JOSEPH If. UHLER.
Lebanon, Januar , 25. 1 65. .-
Treasu y 1 epa rim en t .
OFFICE o Goes TROLLER or rue Ctrallneer, •
Wwasis. By ' tisfsetory • evideece presented to
the underafg .d. 't has been made to appear
, thateShTHE MUNCH; NAT +AL BANK," In the Borough
e i le
of Lehmeon and Sta of, naylvania , bes been duly
organized under, ate et :ding to the requirements of
the act oftengrees, titi . -"An Atte, te provide's Nu.
tkmal Currency,sec ' pledge of United States'
Bends.and to provi for be circulation and redemp -
tine thereof, "appro ; We 3, 1864, and has com
plied with all the P risiena of said Act required to
be complied with, 1' tertsgemenclug the business of
Banking under said t: 1 • .
NOW THEREFORE, I emit AlcC o ttsoCsr. Comptroller of
the Currency, do he y certify that The Lebanon ?ta
llow( Bank. In the I ro of Lebanon, in the county
of Lebanon, State of in Ivan's, is authorized to lb
mence the Moines' king under the Act afore
e—' , —. In testi ny ~ hereof, witness ray band
{L.S. 1 and seal Oice, this thirty Bret day of
. I" December, 85 -
CeOptrieller of the Currency.
Lebanon, January 5 1811.
rttllE undersigned) are .bout locating in Lebanon,
what is essential' a - -
,Mj”ott ri 'cco Factoix
Teethe ruarturactmetitt
Missouri leaf, mai up bliseeuri - bends, and our
machinery.iti oft latest and most efficient character.
We shall detdrmi $ ly U, dime to the policy of nicking
and selling only a
sad dealers, mereb nts and others, 'while they hare
the privilege of bu ing directly from the manufactur
er, thus saying tot emsolves the intermediate profits
heretofore paid the abhor, are tared the risk of get
ting adulterated a ..isaned.tobaccos as when buying
unknown or inset,: sible makes.
We shall be read to Menhirs by the 10th of Starch
9,792 42
lek.„ W« can reta
less than 20 pound.
,Circulars anti pr
Jinr. In a few-we
facture fine cut ch.
Hone grades.
Lebanon, Feb. 22
Se*M •
r r l `lll ient b a s l c i r d ib k p w ut l ith r i e gn ec eg
connection with he 31ILL110:ItY buslyess„,taken the
agency for
fileeler IT lsort's unsurpassed Dou
ble-Lock. S ielt Sewing illachines,
which hare taken t'ie 'premium at the Great London
Fair, and ..t hundrals of other Fairs. It Is adapted
for , all. kinds of Faiply Sewing and Tailoring. Three
different numbers a::thealsOine will always bwkept
on hand, which migho examiheit at heratere, and she
will giro instruc tic he In the manner of using. .it.
The Millinerybail:est in all its branches, will be
continued at her S in ' Outnherla , d street.
! ]lse. ilitithlNT L. SISLTZEII.
12238 6 1
, 08-68
$13,747 20
Whilst trying Coffetor all the various brands. •
Remember uhROWZINCPSEXS'iLSIOR"--at the head
it stands. .; 4 F* ,
True, it's not like limn that are "BOLD EVERY
A litthnstretcb, we ell do know, good goods will easily
(But a stretch like kris—"sold everywhere"—l a r
apt to tear.)
Now, I can safely sag without any hesitation.
There's none like ROWNING'S EXCELSIOR" in
this enlighten nation.
Skilled chemists b e not found a Coffee from any
Possessing the sam ingraleuts as "Browning's
, Excelsior." .
Non.% there any one, nor' out. of the Coke tradm -
Who knows the art leftist= which "Browning's.
Excelsior's" made.. '
I'm told its made from betiey, rye, wheat, beans, and
Name a thousand other ti gs—but the MOUT ONE
if you please.
But with the Coffee Limn will.not hold contention
For the many, many thirds they say—too numerous
to aunt on.
Whilst they're engaged it running round front store
to store
To learn the cerrent whdneale price of "Browning's
Some who know my CoffetFives perfect satisfaction,
Hare termed a plan by is t tich they hope to cause a
quick reaction.
The cas..—'tis with a few ; 4 no doubt lw.lll he more—
To name their Coffee ter mine, (PROWNING'S
Some my their's the on brand that will stand a
ready test.
Now, try a little of them 11—see which you like the
hest:. 0 • •
Three year's have passel away Mace I first sold a
have I in your paper advertised before ; •
Nor would I twit, pr ever ;tomtit to publish more,
If like some used broererfOody , ,"::`sold every where,"
in "every store," , •
A trade like this I do not', wish ; the orders I could
not fill ;
Tho factory all Jersey's In 4 would take—leave not a
foot to till. 1,
My Uvula is not so very lale ; still I think I have my
share ;
But, reader you may rat 4ured, 'tie NO r "SOLD M
IRKY W4Eltkl." 1
1 3
Dtanufactured and f r se: by the writer,
George L. eowning
No. 20. Market St get, Camden, A T , J.
This coffee is not comp td of poisonous drug 4 it
contains nothing deleterio s; many persons use this
Coffee that cannot use tbepure coffee; it takes but
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Java CAB a . and ',twerps is than half. the price.
RETAIL DEALERS may Purslan) it in less quanti-
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sler Orders by mail front Wholesale Dealers prompt..
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Feb. 22,11366.-3 m.
N Attlee hoy between the age of 14 and 17 yeas,
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ttonam and geklabeg evade, at a good eetabllabgtent,tn
th is beyretealk. at,', • TWO ORE/CE:
Lebanon; hiar0h,16.7166;
none—can selt to no purchaser
e list sent to any address on amen-
s•we elualbbe prepared to mann
ing and smoking tobaccos of sa-
r AV ilsonls`i,_
. 1, -,
et,'hoirc fottrq.
Why dlatql. enlist? Ab, you see,
I Mire reasons thatmiswer me well;
But thare is niy neighbor, young 0., •
Why be stays no person can tell !
So hearty, and ragged, and brave,
And little to do here, we know,
He hasn't a hotise nor a field,
And there isn't a reason to show.
'Tie true he has a pretty young wife,
With a sweet little babe in her arms,
But shall man risk the nation's dear life
BeCause a frail woman bath charms ?
Ab, if he comprehend our need,
His wife and his babes would be kissed.
He would tear their white arms from his neck
And come promptly up and enlist.
Bat `I have alarm and a house,
And cattle and sheep'on the hills $
how can I torn fitni"protit and loss
" To think of a sick natlon's ills ?
What money, I'd loose if I went,
What chances of traffic and gain—
Then think of the comforts of home
And the camp, and the carnage and slain
But there is young Truman Lebloss,
Whose mother is widowed and old,
And he has but little to do
Since their farm by the sheriff was sold ;
Ifhe should enlist and get abet, •
As many a one has before,
His mother would come on the town -
And ask alms at the ivettltity man's door.
'Tie shameful such fellows as he
Should turn a deaf ear to the call ;
That some should be slain by the fire•
Cannot be the fortunes of all.
If I only stood in his shoes,
With no fortune or kin to protect,
If I faltered to shoulder my gun,
I ought to be shot for neglect.
I am ready to cheer the old flag
And toss up my cap in the air—
Bo long as it costs not a cent,
By the Union I'm ready to swear.
Let the blood of the nation flow. out,
Like' a river to vanquish its foe,
Let each father and brother turn out,
(But the doctor says I cannot go !)
The Forbidden Marriage.
The castle of Ghemire le Gaudin, a
fine old building situated ,on, the
banks of a beautiful river, amidst the
most romantic scenery in France,
was the scene of a catastrophe which
blighted a young life at a period when
existence wears its brightest charm.
Q-audir,i. was the sole
the sole ehila of - tfie pOWer
ful baron of that name. All France
was ringing with the praise of her
singular beauty, although she had
never yet been oat of the castle.—
But she had been seen at the windows
and balconies, and bards and trouba
dours had made pilgrimages to catch
a sight of one who was reported so
beautiful. _Knights and barons had
eagerly_ sought her hand , stimulated '
by the descriptions which 'reached
their ears ? and the river that flowed
beneath the castle walls Avas say
with the light barges that breaght
hundreds of swains, all eager to see
"1 4 Belle,Nymphe."
Meantime the young -baroness had
other thoughts than of these inquisi
tive young gallants. In her child
.orp,hari; cousin, , Auguste pamase,,had been htsr constant play
mate and to him her whole heart was
given. Since. they had.grown up to
man's and woman'trestate, they had
sometimes, but not often, met. Au
guste was absent .with his tutor, and
otily,T4ktuyeed home at stated periods,
to pass a few daYS at. his linepstral
castle, on the opposite bank
,of the
river. But few as these opPOrtuni
ties were, they left an indelible im
pression on both their minds. They
loved as relatives seldom love, loved
RS thyr,religion forbade...thern, loVed
knowing that it was adverse to the
PrineiPrea, in which- they : hid been
reared, but with a fervpr that dis
dained all such restraints. They be,
licved that they were created for
each other, that. God would never
have brought two souls in such con
tact, and permitted. Opal to love thus
had he not intended they shohld,be T
come one, and, spite of all that could
bc,4 - rged the k relatives,4ompair,
they persisted in their 4.taehtnent,
until it was feared that, tti6y, world
rashly set aside the laws of God and
man, and marry with the horrors of
an unholy union before their eyes.—
For by the laws of their religion, it
was sinful for them to enter into such
a marriage, the children of brother
and sister as they were:
The Baron De Gatadin had retired
indisposed, to his chamber. He had
refused the attendance of Rose, who
wished to Watch, with
the night, stating Oat he ad only a
_and that his servant would sleep
in his room. She retnited, to the
room where they had been sitting, a
.large room, lined with polished oak.
#v4ll furniture of the same material
darkenesi by acre., A great, wood lire
burned each end of the apartment,
lighting it, fitfully,,. and
. throwing
strong shadowt3, grotesque fashion,
upon . ,the ceiling. One of these
shsiAews i bad a .humin form. Rose
start,e4, and ~Ictok,ed. around. A step
appi-oached her, and a voice spoke
which found its response in her
heart. , -
"Auguste," she murmered, "is it
you love f?"
"Yee, I have just come from the
bishop.",, •
"From the bishop 1 And what
doeephe say, Auguster
".Test What - ha, said befote. He
tkire*Ki,ol3o:o4/0441414ca:te botbi
and , denoupe t tin pa, in th ..racnit awful
snd ieriifid•thitaiiiiiifirb not rm.;
mediately breala .off all intercourse."
Rose bent her beautiful head, and
the big, hot tears rained down from
the "sweetest eyes that e'er were
, seen" since the days of Camoens.
"Would it grieve you to be thus
separated from me, Rose ?" asked the
She lifted up a face that was so
full of woe that it stood in his mind
for an ans War. He drew her to his
breast, and she clung there as if she
would cling . forever. Another shad
ow darkened the fire-light, and the
tall foam of the bishop. stood before
them. - - • -
"Do you encourage the Lord of.
Asnieres, in his sin, Lady Rose ?" he
asked, in-a loud voice, so loud that
Rose . feared it Would penetrate to her
father's chaniber• above; ,
"My lord bishop," she replied, as
sobn as she could gather composure
,to speak,. "you . have come between
me and the , bitra,!fAnd . ! I have, save .
my father. Ido not believe that the
good God would have implanted this
love in our hearts, save for some
good end. Auguste was my playmate
from infancy. He loved me always.
He was permitted, by those older and
wiser than we, to call me his little
wife, and, in return, I called him my
husband. .I charge you, Bishop of
Mons, . with having heard these ex
pressions a thousand times from our
childish lips, and never checking
them; nay, you have smiled upon us
as if in approval of their utterance.—
If we have sinned in keeping this love
till it has grown too mighty to sub
due, I charge you with the sin."
The prelate stood utterly corifound
ed, while the baron joined in the ac
cusation against him.
"You cannot deny it, my lord bish
op ;it is even as she says. It is little
use now to attempt to ,smoulder the
flame you have helped to kindle,"
"Yet I shall do so,". answered the
bishop. . "Remember, I hold the bolts
of excommunication, and, by bell,
book and candle, I shall launchthem
soon, unless you repent of this horri
ble sin." -
The Lord of Asnieres drew closer
to the Lady Rose: A grim smile
lighted his face as he replied : :
'liTey,er mind, my lord bishop.—
Fire and tatter will perhaps stand
me in good stead yet, in spite of men
Infuriated by this resistance, the
bisheip answered, menacingly—
" Nay my haughty lord, unless you
repent,.fire and -water will avenge
the cause of Heaven upohypur guilty
head,„and that `too, ere siX months
,gonetbY. - ",,. - ,
With these wores, Bishop Hugh
departed as lie came, breathing the
vengeance, of an offended Ilea:von
against both offenders, and all the
more severely because they had im
plicated him in their guilt.
That night the household wad :,sure
moned in haste to a the. bedside of
Baron Gaudin. His illness had lain
deeper than he supposed, and at mid
night lie was seized with fiery, pains
that threatened speedy dissolution.
Rose and her lover stood nearest him.
He east a fond glance upon his daugh
ter, and said—
"My child, upon this, my death-bed,
all things seem wonderfully changed
to me. I,do --not think your union
with Augasae _would be so sinful as
has been repreiented. I would fain
leave you to the,eare of some protect=
ing friend. May the .Aoly „Virgin
forgive me if I err in leaving my pra
dens. charge to Auguste Damase, a
true and faithful man."
The baron died with those words
upon his lips, and bitter as was the
grief of Rose, there was a droPof don
solation an the bottom of the cup. In
that dread moment, wheh heart and
flesh fail,- her father's spiritual eyes
bad been opened to a better knowl
edge of the realities of life. She, ac
cepted his version, and believed that
all would yet end well. The Lord of
Asnieres rejoiced that his uncle had
been brought to this belief abat a .he
was not so sanguine as Rose, that
the bishop would receive testimony
so adverse to his prejudices, even
though emanating from a dying saint,
as he considered the Baron Gaudin.
When all was over, and the body
of the baron was committed to the
tomb, barnaisq ,again conferred with
the ,bishop. As ,Well might he have
tried to pi,eree- took,' as
to soft lt 10 en his severity. • He %vapid not
listen for a moment to his Pleadings.
The prelates thud not forgotten that
Damase had ridiculed his power, once
and again, and lie was not disposed
-to forgive that offence. Besides, the
lands,of Chemire le {lauding would
be a valuable acquisition to the church
and the Lady" Rose might see fit to
join the, convent over which be pro.
sided spiritly, if she could be made to
feel that all bopes of being united to
Damase - were once over. : ; I
Suck, thoughts as those- possessed
the a pious mind of theabishep a when
he . strenuously insisted that at mar
riage between thoaeoo near of kin
saould, be
,horribly saerilegious. Da_
tease hoard bin 3 ,through. and curled
his aeoapful Ilia aft he muttered, "If
all the devils in. hell forbid it, my
swaet, RQSO phall be mine yet,!",
Thal castle :was, ineffably .lonely
when Rose was left to herself. .-"Old
fame-hooked into,. the, deor,", and a
thoiraa,nd Aimee a,,day, , tb,e solitary
maiden, groaned out her dreary wail,
I"I anaaweary; I would that 1 were
dead l,"
~ ,Sbia bad just given utter
ance t:cs, words ,like thew tut, fai r gi 134 by
her phamher w,indow a looking •aaaly
over the gloomy woods that stretch
ed-out. far beyond her. vision, whey
her attention was arrested by the
sound of a horse's feet; and a wild
rider threw jiimself .from the ,back, 9A
a steed all fleeced with`forun and imp-,
CIIs gollisr,tiott:
• **lc ist. BRESLIN,
24 Story of Funcre Novelitaikdiu, Cumborian 4 BS
At One Dollar and Fifty CentalrTear.
Jur Aprzwritmerwres warted at the usual rates. in
Atir FIANDBI.LLS Printed at an hours notice.
In Lebanon County, postage free
In Pennsylrania, out of Lebanon.. county b .centcpst
quarter, or 20 cents a year.
Out of this State, 634 ete. per quarter, or 26 eta. a year
I t thevostage is not_pahi adyauce, rates are double
ting as if for life.. In the dim twi
light she saw who it was, and flew
down the winding stairway, aliribet
into his arms, perfectly wild with dg..
light. tagerly4atielfluestiOned him
of his success. The deep red spot of
anger had not faded from her lover'S
brow, as he told her what bad pasi
"But never mind the bigoted - trid
fool," he added. "God never ordain
ed two souls like ours to be pkrtcht.
We are atone• on earth, Bose—alone' I
Shall we suffer mitery - for the sake of
the world—the cold, selfish tworld,
that cares, nothing 'for our grief or
litippinebll—Shall• we not give that
world scorn for its SCOFTV, retire
some romantic spot, afar fr6ra • its
jars and its struggles, and find a
home where we can live unmolest
ed ?"
Rose listened, but did not catch
his outeuning. • Rer innocent soul
could r ot understand his .dri ft, an d 4
thought of dishonor 'never da'tke.ned
that soul.
"Do you hesitate, Rose? Then in
deed you dd not love me as you
ought. It is well. I can go fro&
here, and leave you with the triumph
you covet—that of making me- miser
able. Farewell, hope and love and
joy 1 " •
"This is cruel, .A.uguste. Do you
not see that it is impossible that.
can marry you ? And do you 'riot
see that my misery is as inevitable
as yonnownl Beloved, y.ou• are and
ever will be, but the fates seem , to
have been decreed against our hap
piness, and we must submit."
Submit? No, dearest, that we can
not, will not do. There is higher
authority than even the bishop's—
the law of God, that made it right
for the sons of Adam to wed their
own sisters. We can do without
priestly ceremonies. Are not our
souls eternally. married ? .And;
heaven, shall not married souls min
gle ?"
it was too sweet for Rose not to
believe him, not tb , keep"the illusion
for a moment. Then it , was:• cast
away, and she was in despair. Again
and again the temper pressed the ad=
vantage which her irresolution gave
him, and, at length, she-consented
that an arrangement, should be made
ere long, by which the might live to
gether; provided that the - bishop
would not consent to their marriage.
The sweetest morning of the sea
son dawned upon the inmates of Cad=
tie Gaudin. The baron had .risen
early, for hews to devote the daV
to hawking. Bose, too, was at the
early breakfast, and accompanied
him down the long avenue, at the end
of which be was to bid • b i er farewell
for theiciny. lo.ber simple mornini
dress of, pure while, she - wasporfectly
lovely, and the. Lord of Asnieres lin
gered long, dw-elling with lovinggaze
upon the fairest lady that ever.loved
gallant knight. Since their-unhal
lowed union, a sadness, unfelt beinre,
had clouded, that beautiful,facer yet
only to make it •lovelier , ‘brits“dim
veil, as the morning is lovelier when
the mists are softening the prospeett
"My life, my love whispered the
lover, as he pressed . a last kiss upon
her lips before parting. "My wife
A faint tinge of pink flushed
white cheek at the word, and linger f
ed even after the baron and his falr
coner bad passed frOm her eight. ':;
wile I" sheonnrmured, gwould
to. God I were t , .l3atl' am riot so; in
theisigh,t of Heaven ?"1 .
She turned e,way,, with alatrango
feeling stealing,over her. Perhapi.
was-3 presenti.rnent , of coming evil: .
At least she thought so, when,. after
a weary and lonely morning, the-
clouds suddenly obscured the bright,
nese of the sky, and soon a sharp.
flash of lightning and the heavy Toli
of thunder startled her fromler fmae;
and sent her upon, ben knees to pray*
for Auguste. Another ,
aird•another flash I , it seemed _as if
Heaven's artillery were battling with
the earth, and might at anymbment
destroy it. Long and earnestly she
prayed, and then, , as, a soulid mama
terrible than the mat, -one in-whioir
all sounds were concentrated in one
mighty peal of thunder, fell on her ,
ear, she sank back insensible to all - 4:
When, some hours after, she revive
ed to consciousness ; ber terrified BOi>!
rants replied to her inquiries that
the baron and his attendant had en;•
delivered f_ei
.rwr.e.h hpine by crossing
the river in a small boat, .during the
frightful storm, that the boat, a frail
little thing, •built only for sunshine
and calm, bad been quickly overact;
and that Damase and the falconer
had, perished in the river. For dap
they aoright, in vain for. the bodies,
and ,then only the falconer's was
found. -
Fcr years a pale face watched vat
the window overlooking the rider,
and when a storm arose; two witherr
ed hands were clasped . ttogether,,and
two white lips murmured, ‘‘Auguste
is drowning! Will no one save Au ,
gusts ?" • •
m...,,A.,eat and, a large , family of
kitten ti wore the.only,,oebnpants of.
Fort.Suniter ; When . taken possession
of by ti,rel Fbderal troops.
Silir.Dr. Franklin naid!f4tiood kick
out of door§ is bettor" than all the rich
uncles in the world." • 4
?4`01160,15 hereby that Nees* Wgierpt
Botema Deetiste ? the borptith .of Lebanor l / 4.
d issehred,•partherahp Tit the 11th Inst. The undershft
edits* rentovedfite 'othee,i6 the 010.,p!a0). in 011 4 01 4} ,
bind stiset;.Xset4abit6* where he has serried nti'
the business for thepeet 'eight years, and hopes
the astelewaktaihu tdhusiness and careinineeritivide
worLithieti he praetked.heretedbre, to,reeetre . ,4 foal
shire , otthe inabtla patronage.
C. B.
Lebanon, March 16,1866.
C 3