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TERMS, - - - - - - SISOAYELII,
Latosi of 8c:1-v^cortissitiri.6.
The publishers of Lebanon have agreed upon the
following charges for Advertising, viz
Size. 11. 3t. 3m. em. I T.
I Square, 12 lines, $ .00 $l.OO $3.00 $O.OO $ 8.00
2 " 24, lines, 1.00 2.00 6.00 0,00 12.00
3 " 38 Mee, 1.50 3.00 7.00 10.00 16.00
For Exeentor`a end Administrator's Notices, 2,00
For Ase . ignee. Auditor and rimilar Notices, 1.50 -
For yearly Cards, not exceeding lines, 3.00
For colun advertisement, 1 year, 50.00
For 1.5 m
For Collllntl. 18.00
Yor Announcing candidates for office, in advancer 2.00
For Announcing rale, anaccompapled by 04,1. 1.00
For Local Notices, Socioty rerolutionr, he.,, 8 CM
per line.
For Bishops or Special Notices, 80 cants per line
por year.
Yearly advertisements fur Merchants and Euet•
Ma men ae agreed upon.
The following sales of Personal Property will
bo held at the times and places designated. For
particulars see Advertisements, which will ap
pear In another column in duo time :
'Monday, March 20—Jacob Rantz'a sale, in
North Lebanon township.
Monday, March 20—Thomas Segner'a sale, In
TaesdaY; March 21—Anthony liolderresd's sale
itt-North Lebanon "Gewnehlp. •
Wednesday. Marsh 22,—A...1WDickel's sale.
Friday:March 24—D. W. tthrtotrer cola,
Saturday, March 26—Scaltrordbaamitcor of ileney
Uhrich • deed.
Monday, March 27—Jacob Witmer's sale of
horses, ao- ,
'Saturday, March 26—Augustus ,S. Witman's
Sale, In Lebanon Borough.
'Wednesday, March 29—Stock, Farming Imple
ments and Household properly rf Charles
Rosenberger. in Londonderry township.
Thursday, March 311—Henry Loy's sale in North
Lebanon Borough.
Borough Property orJameii SAL ES.
Farm of Jacob Wilmot, Jr., in Cornwall Town
Town Lots ofjohn iir't Mich,
• Brq.
Borough property of Os. U. Miler.
Lieut. John IL, Pemenderfer ' of
Co. 1, 107th Reg. Penn. Vol., `reached
'home on Monday of last week, from the
Southern prisons. Re was captured on
the 19th of August, in the orerations on
the Weldon railroad, and served in the
Libby, at Salisbury and at Danville.—
Owing to the possession of funds with
which to purchase tle•!hecessaries of life,
Ms imprisonment Wits comparatively an
easy Oils, and consequently he is rapidly
regaining his wonted health. was
paroled, and is at home on thirty days'
Information has been received
of the death of George,McConnell,(son of
John McConnell, pf this bbrough,) a niem
ber of the 50th Pa. Regiment. He died
a prisoner in the South, having been ta
ken in May last in the battles of the Wil
derness. He died of fever, after a sick
ness of but four or five ays, aged 28
years. He was a good and noble-look
ing soldier.
Mr. Wm. M. Snyder will remove
hie Tailoring Shop, neat week, to the
room lately ocoupieox pr. Schneck, in
Walnut street, near Chesnut.
The offering's or Beef Cattle in the
Phlladelphia.Markets reached 1700 head,
a decrease or 200 since last week, and
the market active and fully 2c per lb
higher, sales r anging at from $l4 to $2B
the 100 lbs for common to good and
Cows.—Prices were firm, with sales
of about 115 head at from $3O to $55 for
Springers, and $4O to $55 for Cow and
Calf, as to condition.
Mos.—The receipts were light again
this week, only reaching about 2500
head with sales at from sl9 . a $2l the
100 lbs. nett—the lattei for prime corn
StlMP.—Prices were rather better and
the demand good, about 10,000 head ar-
rived and sold at from 10 to 121 c. per
ib gross, as to condition.
Attention is directed to the card
of Capt..l. Hoffman, in another column.
Bounty, Back Pay, and Pension Agent
'in this borough.
The Democrats of .Cortivall
, township, for the South District, nominat
.ed the following good ticket on Saturday
last for the Spring election :--ijudge,
Peter S. Lineaveaver, ; Inspector, Jacob
Rohner ; Assessor, John H. Westeriber
ger ; Supervisors, William Witmer, Le
vi Killian ; Auditor, William B. Kreider;
Justice of the Peace, Samuel Geib ; Con.
stable, John Mcßlhenny ; School Direc
tors, Emanuel Shaeffer, Jacob Hauck ;
Township Clerk, Josiah Bowman.
The Dernocrae . 7 of North Leba
non township nominated the following
racket, which Is also a good one :—Ases
mot, Phillip Hellman ; Judge, Gideon
Light; Inspector, Samuel L. Light ;
'Sebool Directors, Adanf Hain, Joseph
,Bnavely ;
Supervisors, William Allwein,
Jeremlahßohr ;Constable, George Black;
Auditor, Levi Hellman.; Township Clerk,
Frank M Allwt‘ln
'The Democracy of this borough
have nominated the following ticket for
itherssisport of the citizens, wield Fri
t day:—
Chief Burgess—David S. Hammered,
AtteWant Burgess—Andrew H. Embidlt,
.Council—Joe. L. Lemberger, Jahn Stanley,
Sehool Directors—Wm. M. Breslin,- George
High Constable—j am b stager, "
Wood Corder—John Snavely,
Judge—Cyrus K. Snavely,
Inspector—Jacob Eckert,
Asseesor—Emanuel Melly,
Constable—John Young,
Judge—Alexander Wise,
Inspeotor—Henry Derr
Assessor—George M. liaber,
Constable—Edmund J. Oswald,
Justice of the Peaoe—Frauels H. Ebur,
The Democrats of North Lobo,
non present the following ticket, which
is a good one, and no doubt will be elect
ed :
Obtet Burgess—William Zokettroth,
Assistant Burgess—John G. Autenbaoh,
Counoll—John Allwetn, Baleor Hunselman,
Wood Corder—Frederiok Gardner,
Nigh Consteble—Jobo D. Benson,
Judge of Eleation--John Stover,
Inspector—George Re inoehl,
Assessor—John McLaughlin,
euperviaors—George Area te, Jacob Gordy,
School 4) !rectors—Charles H. Meily, Joseph
Audltor—Charlea Albright,
4one table--Isaso Rank.
The amendments to the Enrollment Law,
finally passed Congress on the day be-
fore the adjournment. The bill maked
some important changes, and as every.
body is interested in this matter we annex
a synopsis of the leading features of the
new law.
"All volunteers, substitutes, represen
tatives, or otherwise. hereafter mustered
into the military or naval service, shall
be credited to the ward, township, pre
cinct, or other enrollment sub-districts
where such persons belong by actual
residence—if having a residence within
the United States. In other words,
every man is counted as the property of
some community—a serf attached to the
Non commissioned officersand privates
who enlisted in 1862 and 1863, for the
unexpired terms of companies, regiments
and battalions, shall be mustered out
with their respective Organizations, and
such as have been detained in service
since the organizations in which they en
listed were mustered out shall be imme
diately discharged.
The States, districts and sub-districts
shall be credited respectively for all men
furnished since the commencement of the
war, for any period of service not less
than three months, reducing the same to
years ; but such credits shall not be ap
plied to the call of December 21, 1864.
Persons of breign birth who have re
sided for three years in the United States
previous to arriving at the, age of 21, shall
,he enrolled and subject to draft.'.-'Substitutes, whettliftistered in, exempt
the principal from service for the period
for which* was drafted.
A pprion drafted for one year and fur
nishinga. substittite for three years shall
be exempt for the latter period.
' &flinty brokers must proeure a permit
from the Secretary of War, by filling proof
of his loyalty and giving a bond to the
amount of .150,000. Recruiting agents
who enlist insane persons, convicts, or
persons under indictment for felony, shall
be punished by fine and imprisonment,
and any officer knowingly mustering hi
a deserter, insane or intoxicated person,
or a miner without consent, shall be dis
honorably dismi a sed. Principals who
put,in insufficient substitutes shall be no
tified within thirty days, so that their
places may be properly supplied.
In addition to other lawful penaltiee
for desertion from the military and naval
service, all deserters who shall not report
themselves to a provost marshal within
sixty days, shall be deemed to have In
voluntarily relinquished the rights of citi
zenship and their rights to beeome
zens. This also applies to all persons
who depart the jurisdiction or go beyond
the limits of the United States, after be
ing enrolled, with Intent to avoid any
draft ordered.
The President shall appoint assistant
provost marshals, with duties intermedi
ate between the Provost Marshal Gener
al and district provost marshals.
Recruiting in rebel States is prohibited.
Theact to take effect after its passage,
but not to postpone or interfere with the
pending draft.
r i l ltotiA: sll
of out. 1)80141)81*. 'cliatig
log their Ames of residence 611 or about
the Ist of April, wi I please notify us of
the fact so that we can direct or deliver
their papers Pioper-1,..
L 'lmo cent pieces of copper and
nickle have been authorized by last act of
Cbtigre,Fs, and the issue of fractional cur
rency under five cents is to be prohib•
The attention of Famets, is in=
vited to the different Fertilizers mantl fae
tared by Messrs. Tasker & Clark, Bth.,
& Washington Sts , Philadelphla,—Read
thelr adv. in this issue.
ROBBERY.--On Tae dtty night of
last week, four men visited the residence
of Frederick Witman, in Tuipehocken
township, I3erks county, between Btouchs•
burg and Rehrersburg, and requested a
light to ha%re repairs done to their har
ness, which they pretended to be out of
order. While one of the family was get
ling the desired light, they suddenly seiz
ed upon all the persons In the hottie,
bound them, and theh leisurely proceeded
to . rob the house of four hundred dollars
in gold and silver, and Upwards of two
hundred and fifty dollars in notes, alter
which they proceeded on their *ay With
the booty. The perpetrators of this great
outrage have not yet been arrested, but
it is hoped they speedily will be and re
ceive their just deservings. it has been
ascertained that these robbers had no ve•
hide but were traveling afoot.
Report of the Ladle's AM Boceety of Leba
non Co., from March 1801 to Marott 2885.
At a meeting of the officers of the Ladle's Aid 8 Wit
ty. and el dams of Let'anon, there were committees ap
pointed to canvass the county to cotect moneyand pro.
visions for the beneac of sick and wounded soldiery. and
appropriated to thew by he Aid Society.
The daeattun• revolted were On% the two blrongbs
of Letanon, and f out the gut Hanover district.
We therelbre acknowled ,e the following articles from
said districtic
14 or. eke of apple butter. 4 begs Gth d fruit 8516 dried
meat ,2lb of rice, %Ilit tea. 12 begs of potatees.l3o
pieces of lutid soap,Xjattcf preeitree'„,3 crock of Icitter,
40 lbs of flour, and git.B3 in money. -
The other mutts Itteee appointed In the county did not
report their emcees to our Society, neigh- r did they
bring in any contributions, therefore I cannot acknowl
edge any in the report .bat if those o .tuta Riese wl I do
their duty now and bring in the contributions which
they may get. they will I gratefully received by tie.
There is time for them now. '`lt is never too late to do
good," lea very good nitotto,aad It would be well fur
cur Country friezes end citizens of Leletnon to remem
ber it
The following donations were sent to the II S. Sani
tary and Christian Commissions, derirg the year, for
which we always received acknowledgments from the
Societies :
U S. Sanitary C min imams. Box No. 1, contained
sit iris, 9 pairs of d. avers, 8 noble, bogs of drie d ap.
plea, 2 of elderberries, 7of cln rr les, 1 bag of soap, ♦,
pieces of dried beet a lot of bandegea a lot of linen
rags 1 pair of woolen Books.
Boz N 0.3,11 pocket bandke•cbiefs.ll pairs tlanoel
drawers, a lot of linen rap, 1 bag of dried wins, a lot
of bard imp. 1 cap,
Box No, 2,11 flannel aflirts43 pairs flannel d raw re,
a lot of dried frail.
Box N 0.4, 24 flannel shirks, 6 pairs flannel drawere, 2
pairs woolen recks„ 1 quilt,
The donations to the B. 8. C . ristian Commission,
Box No. I. 5 bags dried cherries, 4 of dried apples, a lot
of linen lam t linen sheet, 1 linen shirt, 1 pair of pillow
cases, 7 gri Ms, a lot of lint
Box No 2, 8 Shirts, 0 pair of drawers, 0 pairs of cotton
gooks ,(secood handed,) 2 palm of slippers, 1 cloth cap,
(second handed) 4 quiits, S rags dried apples, 4 of (her.
rtes, 1 of corn, 2 of Walla, 21bs rice, 134 of tes,lo pairs
woolen socks, 1 box dried meat, 1 can of apple butler.
Bet N 0.3. 24 Calico sbirts,3 dings, 12 towels, 4 dozen
pocket handkerchiefs. a /et of linen rage, 1 bog ti f alter
ries, 4 gnats, 1 tan of apple buttrr.
liox. o 4,21 calico sh irts, 5 pocket handkerch leis, 8
pair flannel drawers, 4 gaffer', a lot of linen rage, a box
of lint, 6 plecoehiees,i pair of socks.
B x NO 5, 24 - 11aoltel Aids; 6 pair of drawers, 2pa4r
woolen Docks, 1 .quilt.
There was • very lfberaidemdein of 8580 08 %Neale
the So:iety for coal for dieuribatida among the poor of
Lebanon, by Mr. 6 D. 0010122110, of North Lebanon,
which has been distribnlitd by the Committee. The
freight for the coal was remitted by the R R. Comps pi.
Oar Muds/ire so low now that we cannot go on w !thong
assistance from the citizens of the county. We, there.
fore, hope that there will be liberal donations sent tons
for the relief of our Wave defenders, who have gone
out to fight the battles °four couutry, toput down trea
son and rebellion, and to res'ore our country again toe
happy and peaceful nation. - Oontributioni will be re ,
ceiveji by Miss Anna B. George, Mrs. M. J Bass • and the
JR,1481 E D. 110EDEL, Seoretar i
of thaLatifee Lid Enotety of Lebanon Gil Pa.
The subscription list of the Ad
vertiser has been increased very largely
during the past six weeks To still fur
ther increase and extend its influence, we
should be pleased if each one of our sub
scribers, who has not already done so,
would obtain us at least one new subscri
ber. The benefit of such a proceeding
would be mutual to us and to the party.
We learn that Mr. ISAAC - EBA
has taken the COACH MAKING SHOPS, in.
this borough, formerly known as Arnold's,
opposite the old Lutheran Church. He
has engaged first class
) , city workmen in all
branches of the bust
ness. Hie stock erne
terial is well seasoned, and of the best
quality. He is prepared to manufacture
on order, or sell and dater Carriages and
Buggies, of all descriptions. His work
will favorably compare in taste, finish
and proportion;4lth any turned out in
the State. A new feature will be his
shilling top, leather covered Buggies, lined
with broadcloth, and made after the most
approved Connecticut style.
Prompt attention will be given' to RE
PAIRING, and the charges will be rea
He has also taken the shops formerly
occupied by H. C. Nipe and J. H. Miller
in SHAEFFERSTOWN. Experienced
hands are working At both &cep- At
these shops attention will be paid i4aitily
to building ExpanseWihONS, and repair
ing. Samples of - buggieama 'Carriages
can be seen at all the shops.
Peb. 22.—tE
To Consumptives.
THE undersigned *having been restored to health in
it few weeks, by a very simple remedy, after basing
suffered' several years, with a severe lung affection,
that dtettd disease Consuinption—is anxious to
make knotrn to his fellow sufferers the means of Mitt.
all Mho desito it, he will send a copy of the pre
stription need, (flee of charge,) with the directions for
twepaYing and being the same, which they will find a
sure cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds
Coughs., ltd. Tile only object of the Advertiser in
sending the Prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and
Wend inforthation which he conceives to be in
talttable ; and he hopes every sufferer will try les
rettiedy, as it will cost them nothing, and may prove
Parties Wishing the proscription w ill please address
Nair. MAYAN") A WILSON, Williamsburg,
Binge County,
New York.
ifflbetaty 16,1803.-3 BL
Card- to Invali ds.
A CLERGYMAN, while residing in South America
11 as a missionary. d ircorered a safe and simple rem
edy for the cure of Nervous weakness. Early Decay,
Diseases of the Urinary and Semites" Organs, and the
whole train of disorders brought tin by baneful and
icious habits. Great numbers bare been already
cured by this nobin reniedy. ProMpted by a desire to
benefit the afflicted kid tin fortunate, I will send the
recipe for preparing and using this Medicine, in
sealed envelope; bratty one who needs it, Free of
ittalose a postpaid antelope, adrossed to your
Neu, Yark Oily
A tl s,
Fob. 22, 18115.—Mil
Dearness, Blindness and
rilllEATliD with the utmost success, by Dr. J. Imam
MOM, and /twist (formerly of Leyden, troltand,)
No. ti. 9 Pine Street, Philadelphia. Testimonials from
the Most reliable sourest' in the City and Country can
be soon at big Office. The medical faculty are hprited
to accompany their patients, as he bas oo Feet...lts to
hi. practice. - inverted tarith4t,
pain- No charge made for examination.
February 8, 1866.
Old Eyes made New.
A PARIPMET directing bow to speedily resters
Pigh t and give up vpeetncles, without aid of doe
tor or medicine. Sent by mail, on receipt of 10 cents.
Address, S. D. FOOTS. b..
1130 Broadway, tow York.,
1.141.1, 150.-6 w
If Yon Want to. Know
ALITTLE OF EVERYTHING relating to Ultt )111.
mon system. male and fern ale; tbe causes end
treatment of diseases ; the marriage easterne of the
world ; bow to marry Well and a thousand things
Bever published before reed the revised and enlarged
edition of ~ i lledieul COllllllOll sottee, 6 a carious book ter
curlew people. and a roil book for every one. 403
pages, 100 illustrations. nice OM. Contents bible
sent-fret hi Shy address. Rooks may be had at the
Book stores, or will be sent by math Mat paid on re
ceipt of the price Address
E. it. FO )Tr. M. B.
1130 Broadway, Naw York
Feb: 1366.—thn
Information Free
A GENTLEMAN, cored of- Muttons Debility,
11 competency, Premature Vecty t and Youthful Er
ror, actuated by a dte Ira to benefit others, will be hap
py to furbish to all Who heed It% (free of charge.) tie
recipe and direction!, for larking the . iimple remedy
used in ble tree. Sufferers Wishing to; profit by the
ofilvertisers bad experience, and poetises a rim end
valuable remedy, can do so by taltlreseibg htln at time
rib% plate of business. The Recipe rod fill informs' ,
tion-of Vital Intportauce—will be cheerfully sent by
reit' ill mail.
No. 60 Ewan Street, NeW Pork.
P. B.—Nerroua Snfferera of bbtla airaf.a win find tbia
information Innittable.
Dee. 'i, 1864.-3 m,
Pub United for the benefit, and na a CAUTION I'o
YOUNG MIN anti others, who nailer fn, n Nervous
Debility, Premature Decay or Manhood, he.. supplying
at the tonic tibia the menus of self care. By one who
has eared himseltafter undergoing considerable quack
ery. By enclosing a postpaid addtessett etiVelopti, sin
gle copies may' be hati of the author..
Brooklyn, Rings Co., B. Y.
Dee. 7,1864.-3 m
Ayer's Ague Cure,
Intermittent Fever,. or Fever and Ague, Re
mittent rover, Chill . reveri'lluznis Ague,
Periodical Headache or 'Billions Headache,
and Billions Fevers, indeed for the whole
- class of diseases originating in biliary de
rangement, caused by the Malaria of Hies
matic countries.
ILIEYEIL and Ague is not tl s rely consegeence of
17 the miasmatic poison. A great vat lety of disor
omit arise from its irri , ntion, in malarions d istrits,
among which sic Neuraigia. Rheumatism, Gout, Head,
ache, Blindness, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh ; Asthma,
Palpitation, Painful .Atfection of the Spleen. Hysteric s
Pain in the Bowels, Caw; Paralysis sod _Dcratopcment
of the Stosnach, all of which, when originating in this
cause put on theist/eminent type, or become periodi
cal. This "OMB" expels the poison from the bl od•
CO thus cures them alike. It is not only the moat ef.
fectual remedy ever ditrovered for this class of coin
plain's, but it is the cheapest and moreover is perfect .
ly safe . No berm can arise from its use; a'-d the pa
tient when cured is left as healthy as Who bad never
bad the disease. Can this be said et any other cure
for Chills and Fever? It is true of this, and It 4 favor.
Lance to those emitted with the complaint cannel be
over estimated. So ours is it to cure tho Fever and
Ague, that it may be truthfully said to be a certain
remedy. One Dealer complains it is not a good Medi
cine to sell, because one bottle cures a whole neigh
Prepared by J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass., and
told by . all the druggists in Lebanon and deatewa in
medicine everrehere.
January 18, 1885.-2 mo.
The Leba
EAT& Family, $l2 60
Extra Flour, 11 50
Prime White Wheat. 2
lime Red Wheat, 185
Old Red, 0 00
Prime Rye, 1 50
Corn, / 40
Oats, 80
Clover-seed, . 12 00
Timothy-seed, 2 50'
Flax-seed, 2 60
Dried Apples, pealed,2 50
Peach. Milts," 4 00
relicts "Hutnele," 200
Cherries, 2 25
Onions, 250
Potatoes, '..bus, 12.
Apple Butter,llcroct 74t
is Market.
liAliCll 15, 1863.
Bgge, 'it doz., 25
Butter, 33 lb., 35
Tub or salted butter, 10
Tallow, 14
Ilatn, 18
I Shoulders. 33
Bides, 15
Soap, lit
Beeawax, 25
White Rags
!Mixed Rags:
Flax, Syi lb., 12%
Bristles, It lb., 40
reathere t lii lb., 62%
' Wool,* TO., 40
Soup Beane, d
Viapipt, 29,
Stamps on Receipts.—A grqat
many people think they are obliged to
place a stamp on all receipts. This Wan
error. A receipt for any sum under $2O
is not subject to stamp duty.
The Spring elections will take
place next Friday.
Those who voted for "Lincoln
to avoid the draft," last fall, may find
the result of their votes published on the
outside of today's .Advertiser, in the
shape' of a large list of citizen's of this
county, drafted a week .agn. 'This is
the first batch of the kind, They will be
favored with some more, and that before
long. •
trust it is seldom that a honeymoon
opens so inauspicknody as ti rd that of
a Troy alderman ised:bis.lady lace re.
eently married. lie started on his
wedding tour—“was Iwo days in get.
ting to Buffalo on :icecap t of thesn9w,
was in the American
,hoiel in that
city when it burned down, andon his
way t a Chicago was this:win over an
embankment twenty fc'et high by a
railroad accident, badly bruising him
and his new wife. The coupie are
new in Chicago, recovering from
their injuries and getting courage to
try - the return trip."
igicato -*ditto
St. Luke's Cht —4kirsiceS Wry 'illinday morning
at 10 o'clock. '
Preaching in the 9S. E. 'Church every Sabbath, both
morning and eveitilig. Also services on Thursday
St. Jewett Critiamt.•=-Sertice neat Sunday morning and
evening, hi the Engligh language. Lecture on
Wetiliesday . evening.
English forettebing'neXt • Sunday, both morning and
evening. in ;;i'n's Lutheran church, -
Ciermen service Mt kelt Soul* morn ing and k'ngliali
in the evening in Stilerrear Lutheran church.
English prenchitignext Sabbath morning and evening,
in the First Reforitted Church.
. .
fiettnun preftehhtg next Sunchty Id 10 A. M.. and Eng.
lish settle° at 1234 P. U., hi the Moravian church.
, 11l art It •
Oh the tab Met.. by the Rar. F. •W. Kremer, Mr.
both et Corelkall tp., thig comity.
On the 9th ell., by the Rev. George Wolff, ISAAC
On the Mille day. by the same, Mr. WM. ILEUM, to
On tint lath nit., by, the same. Mr. lIENRY lIA.AR,
to Mies PitIS I CILLA SPANGLER, of hlyerstown.
Th. lids place, oil the 7th inst., HARRIET A tact
child of Frederick tind Anna M SHAEFFER, aged 7
years, 8 mouths. and 21 days.
On theltb lust. near Myerstown, Mr. WILLIA3f
WENRIOI, aged 60 years.
Died. on the 15th of September, in the Amy
Corps Hospital, John W. Swonger. of Fredorickaburg,
Lebanon county, aged 19 years 2 months and 5 days
John W Ewenger enlisted at Harrisburg last
summer, in Co. IL, let tattalinn He with ht. COM
pan I were afterward trahsferred to the 187 lb Regiment
P • V.
Whil sbe kire Petersburg his heal Lb b wean, Impair. d
en much that it be-ante newsary for him to enter the
hospital whore he died Peace to his ashes
OM.Tueeday morning*. March 7, 1865, in this place,
JOSIAH 0 iteIIiNAWAIX, sr., aged 65 years, 5 mos.,
Mid 26 days.
Utiu AVortiomEitto.
ASALISSAIAN nitn ran arsak English A Oar
ntim one who had some Experience in the
Dry Coeds Business. Apply 1(.
A N Active buy bet Ween lifie age of and 17 years,
1 - 1, with good reeolninendation, to learn the Centex
tionary and Mit itor trade; at a good eatabliahment lti
IL Sa horosegh. ADO). at Tills OFFICE.
Lebanon,Marth 15.1566.
IIia'JTICH le hereby given that Messrs. IVAnatn
liottstkar, Dentists, in the borough of Lebanon,
dissolved partnership on the Ilth inst. The Ulidersign
cd has removed hie office to the old place, in Cumber
land street, E•st Lebanon, Where he ha. carried on
the business for the past eiglit yearn, and bopee that by
the seine attention to boldness and careninesa In ht.
work which be prieticeil heretofore, to receive a full
share of the public patronage.
Lebanon, March 15, 1665
(Late apt. in the 142 ed Pa. rat.,)
viciomixt3r, 33exicalac polar
nsion A gent.
Labanofi,lll.arch 15, 1865.—ti.
Persoitall Property.
e, hlop.
IyILL bs sold at public sale, on
lionday. March 27th, 1866..
at the resident° tit the under3lgned. in Cornwall town
ship, near Zlnn's 31111, about 3 miles south of the bor
ough or Lebanon, the following Stock and Fanning
Implements, viP. :
1, lie co WAD ie. I
Ore Bodies,
lioutens, Smeadera, Chain4Fly Nets, and many other
artioleti too nemerons to mention.
Palate cominit
. `nlik: 013, 31., when terms will
be made known by '
Jd WITMER, jr.
Cornwall towing,. Ip v "AlarCh 15,1805.
Dr. Gruver,
TT AS taken rooms in Kendall's block, grit door
IX above the. New York Store,
X.iiekleass.o3.4azi, Tea.
WHERE he will attend to the careful Magnesia and
treatment of diseases whether acute or chronic. Ile
expeeially invites these where medtcine has failed •-••••
No inat , er how Jong you. have, been diseased, or how
much you have suffered, or what may be your com
ypi)laulibita,voerbweehuatiitiztvomieputet ru the b r a e v i :
s h t a i d ll , a or
f ir r o p t:
pect for your speedy restoration to health. • Thousands
of cases as hopeless as yours hare been cured•in a few
weeks by "Xleetro Medical Treatment," when all other
known remedies had failed,
"No charge for consultatiou." . -
Prof. W. F fw'rtiver.,
Pledges himself,•M all the following 'named di Beams,
le perform a speedy and permanent cure, whew•
ever there can be the least possible hope of cure,
Chorea, or St. Vitale Dauee, Paralysis, litimipleght
Diseases of the Drain and if system—reilopsy
and Partplegia,Neuntigfa, g3-steria, Nervous pulpits -
tion of the heart. ike. •
. . .
Organs and Tissues - connected with the Digestive.
Dysentery, Obstinate
a c y o e n tem ni —gore
Billions, Pistil
feint and Painters Colic.
Respiratory organs — Oatarrhi. Ceugh, Influents,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, and Consumptioia in tho
early and middle stages.
Fib rous a nd Muscular• System.—Bheurnatitini, Goat,
Lumbago, Stiff Neck, Spinal Curvature, gip Dfveasee,
Cancers, and Tumors.
Urinary . and anital Organs. , —Dlattettia, and hildniey.
Affections, Impotence and Seminal Weakness. The
latter complaints yield very rapidly to this trestrattift.
Diseases peculiar to Item/ea.—uterine compleinta
Prolapsus, Anterersioniffeirtnrersion, Inffettorratioa
ilia ration, and various other effect ions of the womb n
painful, suppressed, scarify or prnfuye fg eno t rom o m .
Skin Iliseascs.--Sgrofullins Eruptions, Okandnier
Swellings, Dicers, Felon, Er3 lll l , tiasigelTitr Pr Tatter.
All diseases of the Bye and Ear.
• '
Or" era w•
W ILL be sold at Mlle Sale, On
Wednesday, March 22d, 1865,
te the premises of the undetsigned, in Union town
ship, Lebanon county, on the road leading from Jones
town ro Union Forge, about half n mile from the lat
ter place, and one mile from Bordner's store, the fol•
lowing. via:—
4 HORSES, 4 COLTS. (3 of them two years' old,)
Mule.-Cal*skonths' old.) 3 COWS, (2 of them
ere Fresh./ CI - C,ATT r. 2, S head of Sheep, Shoats,
2 four horse nous, Spring Wagon, Sled. Bleigh,3
Ploughs, Wludtaill, S C.adlee Scythes Single and
Double Trees. Cow, Halter, au:l . Log. Chains, Clover
and Timothy Seed, Potatoes by-,the bushel, Horse
Rears, Patent Hay Hake, Cora Plough, and many other
111 r lc I ea- toe, time sci o ta men thin.
Sale to cotarrioaco at 12 o'clock, M., when terms
will be inadirkWantahi-
A. R. 111.01(181,.
-Anion tp.„ 1865.
Still continue to Illanersettire thoseMANURES, which
for the-last seems or rdisbt years ha/a - given such gen
eral satisfaetioit to those who have used them ; we
refer to the
made,from finely ground Bone?, Peruvian Guano, and
other Fertilizing Ingredienta.—and 'laid at the rate of
$65 OP per too of 2000 lbs. Also to the
made from refuse Mont, Bone and other offal from the
Slaughter ilotratc—.4Prtee $4O (10 per ton.
N. B . A sttpsifor artiale of BONE DUST, at market
prises. Address.
March 4, 1810.--;3 tn. ' PHI sold at PUBLIC SALF., on
T hURSP Y,Mt 2:ld day of /larch, 1e8.5,
et the tosigence of the nod ertigandl, in Market gt eat,
Lebanon Pa, t i, following Personal prr party, viz
E Ptl
STOTHS„ ST %NW, Tub gamin, BOZO.. Potato's by
the bushel. Desks Via Were„ Ea , %hero Ware. Crock
ery, I Copper Kettle. I Iron Kettle, Wagon. I
Rockaway, o setts Harness, Ltor e , Shovels, Gay by
the Too.
ALSO, the f 4 lowiLg sr Ides empeelaly fot Cabinet
A Bpi smild lot of BRAD BOAPDS and SOFA OA P.
VISOR. LOOKING 01,Anb FRASIIO, Ptooderds for
Dressing Bureaus, Lonking Ohms plate!, Marble Blahs
for Wash Stands, 'Famish, Japan and Paint, sofa
Springs, Tacks and a general variety of Sofa Trim
wings; Ilardware, such es Hinman hocks, Band-, Screws,
Bed Posts, and Tahiti Legs.
ALSO, A. large sasortment of OAR ENTERS' and
ALSO. a well arras. ed Cabinet Maker's CUBS; con•
taining a fall and cuinplete sett of CabiLet Maker's
LALIBACTI having determtnei to quit the
Cabinet badneee in this plate. w 11 sell hie ♦rry large
end aeeo~ted at ek bf newe•bnld Fnruiterr,•2ofae,
Chairs. *a., AT COST, Until the Flrstof May next after.
that sale the bueineee-ieill ke carried on by A. STlil.-
IS It WA 1.. .
Afar Bele to commence ot t 2 o'clock, M., on sold dilly,
when conditions °reale will be made known by
Lebanon, II al oh 9,1865.
Sinking Spring, Bvrks County, for 1864
Dianne in the Treasnry. January lit, 1804, $1,579 13
PTFM kilns and fees on Insttrancu, 1,959 S 3
Assessments ISos.lo, II and 12, 424 in
Assessment fi0.16, In Berke co, $0,753 73
Do do Lebanon . 1,905 19
110 do Lehigh 4 . 951 S 5
Do do Schuy Mil .. 69 47
Do do Lancaster.` s 2 is
Total rafeelpts,
itliVe'lriatOffilettlittits. - ftfuer ,-- - $165 F.&
POntage ,S. tatiOnary, ad, , 37 8:3
Malting Culler:tura' Lists. 34 00
Refunded to ff. Mull. in Schleget's case, 4 04
Doors for closet, 7 Sty
Advertising & printing in Burks Co., $12 , 3 52
Do - Letintion comity, 29 50
Do Lehigh county, 4 60
. 160 52
U. S. Tax, 115 27
Treasurer's salary, 60 0O
President's fees on 369 policies '23 06
Do appointing CommiLlecs, &c. 946
Auditors' fops for 1864,
eeeretury's salary. A. 31u11,
Do do C. Hessler,
------ 95.53
Ferretnry's teen on 43 policles A.Alnll 19 20
Do do 321 pole lea„C. Kessler 128 40
• 147 60
Filling out 212 12 1 coots, 30 50
Agent= foes on 244 policies, Ain 11, 97 60
Do 82 policies, Mester, 32 80
Do 20 policing", Schooins, 10 40
140 80
. - .
LOSSES BY FIRE, in Berke county:
Cyrus Ruth 69 00
Samuel Fromal 60 00
George Leaner 100 00
George Lash 37 91
John Solt, ' 2.000 00
George Seaman, 2,637 CO
George Davies. 8 00
James nide 20 00
Albert J. itrumbach 8,000 00
John Fortna, in Lebanon county, 109 CO
George Spayd. do 4 00
J. W. & J .P. lilliinger, do BOO 00
Joseph Moyer, do 1.535 00
Jacob Bachman, ' do 2;200 00
Nathan Gornet 1 in Lehigh county, 120 00
-.---11,200 65
Balance In Trprisury, Jam let,
The undersigned Auditors, appointed to examine
the secontite of the Orneers of the Mutual Fire Insur
ance Company of Sinking Spring, Berke county, do
report. that We have carefully examined the same,
and find them correct as above stated.
February, 1865. JOUN VAN RIM. Auditors
3'teridenZ-3011N VAN REED, Spring, Watling
Treasurer—Lewis BIUNITt, Reading
&cretary--Cortimes Kzesten, Reading.
Mangers--Andraw Kurr, Bethel P. 0.; George K.
Haar., Mehrwrilla P. 0.; John Kemp, Kutztown L'
Stanley J. Kirby, KirbyTille P. 0.; Miss Filbert,
Womelsdorf P. ‘J.; Soloaton Yoder, rdnonttawny P .0. ;
Kline (Auld. Lower Born P. 0:. Daniel B. Lornb. Itesd
log P. 0.; all residing in Berthcount y. Cyrus Schools,
Jonestown P. o_. Lebanon County; Robert Evans,
Cornwall P. 0.. Letaneu
,epulity; Jacob Grim, (Le
high county,) Maxatawny
March 15, ISO.--31 - - OKABLES KESSLER, Bee'y.
rintE undersigned are about locating in Lebanon- 1
what is essentially a
!Missouri Tobacco Factory,
for the manufacture of Plug Tobacco. Our Mock is '
Missouri leaf, mad* up by Misseurt bands, and our 1
machinery is of Ma latest and most efficient character.
We shalt determinedly adhere to the policy of making
and selling only a
and dealers, merchants and others, while they have
the privilege of buying directly front the manufactur
er, thus saving to themselves the intermediate profits
heretofore paid the jobber, are need the risk or get
ting adulterated or poisoned tobaccos as when buying
unknown or irrespensible makes.
We shall be ready to fill orders by the 10th ofMarch
„We can retail none—can sell to no purchaser
less than 2ti pounds.
Circulars and price list sent to any address on appli
Jur Ina few weeks we obeli be prepared to manu
facture fine cut chewing and smoking tabaccos of va
rious grades,
Lebanon, Feb. 22, 1865.-3 cu
Wheeler• &
Sewhlg Machines.
rtillE Subscriber would respectfully inform her
friendsotud the public in general, that she has,
eminectioti with her MILLINERY buaineas t taken the
agency for'
Wheeler , & Wilson's unsurpassed Dow,
ble-Lock-Stick Sewing Atachines,.i .
which.bilve taken the premium at , the Grad tiniff.
Fair, andkit hundabda of,other Fairs. ~It is idatted
for all kinds of Family Sewing and Tedlariug. Thine
different numbers of the Machine will ativays be kept
on hand, which can , be examined at her store ' and she
will give inatrric tions in the manner of using it.
The Afi7linery Birrinesa, in ail its brancliir,'Will be
co , utinued at her. Store, in Cuniberial d street.
Mae. RARRIkr g • EFAZER'.
anon Jqiy 2P+
Personal Property.
19731140 , , S 1 LB.
- -
PerSOlidi rid pera y
The Phoenix Pectoral
THE rutrivii PECTO RA I.
Such as Colds; Coughs, Croup, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Catarrh, Sore Throat,
Hoarsness, Whooping
CowOh, &c.
pulmonary 'Con suably! ion.
XI. hem taken bold It will afford greater relief than
any other medicine.
Blies Kato Vanderslice M• Pottsville, tunrs; "I was
benefited more by using ,the Phoenix Pectoral than
any other medicine I eyeemeed."
Elias Oberholtser, Chester county, was
cured of 1, cough of many years' etanding -by using the
Phoenix Patton/. • -
Joseph Llfikette, of Eindletreet, Phoenixville, certifies
Diet be wee cured Of a cmigli of two' years standing,
when all other utedictiten bleg felled, by the use 0 f the
Phoenix Pectontl.'
Jacob Powers certifies tiled% has sold hnodrele of
bottles of the Pliienti Pectoral , and that all who need
ft bear testim ony of its wonderful &tete In curing
editor Of the Independent Phenix bay
used it, boa no hesitation in pronouncing it a com-
Pleta remedy for rough, hoarseness /and Irritation in
the threat
The West Chester Jeffertonfan says t
..We have known Dr: Oberholtzer personally a
number of years, and it gives us the ,greatest pleasure
to recommend his medicines, inasmuch at the public
rarely have the benefit of fatuity medicines prepared by
ti physician of his acquirements and experience.
"Dr. Oberholtzer lea member of the Alumni of the
Medical Department at the University of Pennsylvania,
at wit kit institution he gradnated in 185 E"
POTTSTOWN, Jall..ary 3d, 1565.
This certifies that I have used the Phoenix Pectoral
in toy flintily. end I recommend it to the public as the
vary best remedy for Cough s anti Colds that I have
ever tried. One of my children was taken with a cold
acComPleniet witiraverenpy.Cough.; so had incited that
it could not talk or scarcely 'breathe.' Fluxing heard
no much said about the Phoenix Pectoral I procured a
bottle of it. Tim Mast dose relieved the difficulty of
lirenthing and before the child had taken one-fourth of
the bottle it was entirely well. Every family should
have it in their house.
Signed, D. P. CROSBY:
Mrs. Mary Duller, mother of Gen. Wm. Butler,
President Judge of the Chester and Delaware Districts,
says that she cannot do without the Phoenix Pectoral.
Dr. George It. Woad, Professor of the Practices of
Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania Despite),
and one (Atha authors of the United States Dispense.
tory. says of the Snake Snake Root "Its action is
especially directed to the lungs."
Thecdprietor of this medicine has so much eon&
deuce n its curative powers, from the testimony of
bundre a who have used it, that the money will be to
fowled to any who is not satisaed with its
it is so plessent to take that children cry for It.
it costs only 36 cents—large bottles ONZ DOLLAR.—
intended for only, one class of diseases, namely
those of the LONGS and rnaotr.
Prepared only by Levi Olawboltzer ' M. D., Phoenixviflo,
villa, Pa. Johnston Holloway & Cowden. No. 23,
st. Philadelphia, and T. C . Walls .8 CO. No. lib
Franklin at., New York, General 'Wholesale Agents._ -
Sold wholesale and retell by Lemberger,llr.
Deo. Rose sod D. S. Usher, Lebanon, and by nearly'
every druggistand storekeeper hi Lannon county.
N. B.—lf your murest druggist or storekeeper ;does
not keep this medicine do not let him put you off with
Some other medicine, because b • makes more money
on itobut send at once to one of the Agents for it.
March 8,1888.-Bm.
0 W
i r. liw 0-4
Et r 4 ° 0 imi
...., , it 41 piA
ft. .1. c
4 s•
.i . i
4 ''..7 no _
- 4
ar *I :
il lE
g 0 7,
-,.. -,..
, .
PI IN 1.1 5 1, 1
k';00tICI I CD
'e; a -A
arNi p '..CA
5,...z, woo g ici. = 2LiP
,g? 2 1.7:4 & 4 0-+ •
- 0 P
;1: 41 ts 4 =l4 0
1: 0 U ;no
§ r. ..; * M 12 4 C a 1 7:1 GM
*--• Po,
iT 6... loil D;ri - g
w )4
di — , o ....-•
R., 17 0 2 tl 0 0 0
p n
g . - 0 fir 0 -1
r: n
.• a ) 02
te 77 6 It- 11 till
. 9.. l et E] 11 '3 CM
a ,
9 ... ._
A 4 2 42
$l3 ,47 29
- 32 .52
50 00
33 33
62 50
; z co 0 1 1
) 00 4
Op § NO 1:: - , 11
rol P. OD
, fly a Allnik,
gi 54,1
I ' 'IS 61
1.508 68
U. S. 7..30 LOAN.
- 1 31" authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, the
undersigned has assumed the General Subscription
Agency for the sale of United States Treasury Notes,
bearing fIOVVII and three tenths per cent. interest, per
annum , known as the
Mese Notes are issued under date of August 15Ib,
1864, and aro payable' three years front that time, in
Currency, or are convertible at the option of the hold
er into •
U. S. 5-20 Six per eent.
Gold Bearing Bonds.
There bonds are now worth a premium of nine per
cent., including gold interest from Nov., which makes
the actual profit on tho 74) loan, at current rates, in
cluding interest, about ton per cent. per annum, besides
its exemption front State and municipal taxation,
which adds from one to three per cent. more, accord
ing to the rate levied on other property. The interest
is payable sem t-annually by coupons attached to each
note, which may be cut off and sold to any bank or
The interist amounts to'
One Cent per day on each . $ 50 note.
Two cents " 100 "
Ten " " 500 "
Twenty "• " 1,000 "
One Dollar " " 5,000 "
Votes of aft the denontitkatious named will be
ptonnitly furnished upon receipt of subscriptions.—
This is
The only Loan in Market
now offered by the Oovernment t and it is confidently
expected that its superior advantages will make it the
Less than 000,000,000 remain unsold, which will
probably be disposed of within the next 60 or 90 days,
when the notes will undonlitedly command a premium,
as has uniformly 'been the case on closing the sub
scriptions to other Loans.
In order that citizens of every town and section of
th; country may be afforded facilities for taking the
loan, the Nitianat — Banks, State Banks, and Private
Thinkers thronghout the country hare generally
,agried to receive subscriptions at par. Subscribera
will se l ec t their own agents, in wham they hem eon
and whO only are responsible for the del ivery
of the notes fur whialithey receive ordertir •
JAY . Cool;
, .
811115CturrION h . .iztli, Philadelphia.
SaatouPizosa'arill be'recelied b:7 ,the . Lebanon Nat.
thmal Bartk;.the/ Valley National—liitik' of . Lelia now
and the First Nat lona' Sal*. of Lebanon. ,
-gores 11,1885,—:',ma:„
Treasury Department.
°reign or vita
,CODIPTROILLIII o>r wax Cniumes,
It'Asninosmr, December 29. 1665.
WHEREAS, by antisfao tory evhience. prn . isMMO to ,
the iindereigned, it has been mode to irippessi alint
"The Talley Reddens] Brink of Lebanon," in the Bor
ough of Lebanon. to the county of Lebanon and State
of Pennsylvania., has been duly organised under. and .
according to the requirements MI tbe not of Co' ingram,
entitled "An Act to provide a Nedlehal Currency, ese„
cured by a pledge of United State 1 ands, and to pro.•
vide for the etrerchtttess and villeittptien thereof," AD . '
proved June 8, 1666, and has compiled with elf the
provialons of said set required to be compiled wRIL,I ,
before commencing the business of Ranking under
said act.
Now therefore, 1, 'Hugh McCulloch , rotorttrollar of
the Currency. do hereby certify that "The ;Kelley Na` .
donut Bonk 0 f Lebanon." in the BorOngh of Lebanon
in the county of Lebanon, and State of Penneytranta
is authorized to commence the bueineas of Banking
under the Act aforesaid.
In testimony whereof, whams my lima
owl seal of Office thin twenty-ninth tiNy of
{ S.
5 December, 'ISO!.
Comptroller of OM Currencj
Lebanon, Jen nary 32, 1563.—tr0.
MOVETC.Z. A' • ' 4 ' u Ii d AN
lcvinyeagilleitihreiraro t lethneetlPrlfcii!
Lion and Fancy Dry Goods Store in Lebanon' for the
WHOLESALE and RETAIL Trade oral' articles in hi.
line at the mist reduced prices possible. Hie-stock
consists in part of all k Inds of Woolen and Cotton
Stockings and Hose, Undershirts, Drawer.. WoOltiii
Caps and Nubias, Mite and Gloves. Scarfs ,nll kindapf
Handkerchiefs, Collars for Ladies and Gentleman.
Ilairdrasses and Nets, Ribbons and Velvet/S. Spool'and
Patent Sewing Thredd, Buttons, Solaiors, Comb.. 4..
de. A lnrge assortment of UMURELLAS and PARA
SOLS, nt the lowest prices. Speetneloa. Pecket-bodiv4
Portmonnires, Dominoes, Curds, do. -A large newt
ment of Nusical Instruments, Violins. Accordions,
Banjos, Tamborines ' Flutes. Fifes, itsakets, Trunks.
Carpet Rags, Satchels, and all kinds of Toys, in fact
everything almost that can be thongia t of in the Notion
and Fancy line. Also a large variety of JEWELRY
and WATCHES.. Pedlers and Storekeepers will God
it their Interest to buy of us. Our Store Is in Cum
berland Street, in Funek's buildups; between the Court
House nod )turket !louse.
,TRE •
.• .45„
SAW NG DAYS from Liverpool, Ist, Bth, 16th, and
24th, of each month.
From New York every TEN DAYS,
Bates for Passage.
tkeerage,—Adults 12 years and over $ 4O
. Ch ildren 8 and under 12 years SO
16 46 1 and under 8 years 25
44 4. Intents under 1 year 6
These rates fluctuate with the Premium on Gold.
Parties intending to send for their friends from the
Country, eau - hare them brought out without do
Jay. by the Original -Block Star Zino of Bret claps
Packet S hips, er the
X1.381 4 1 , XX."1 1 10-EILMWMIES
Forwarded to them, at the Lowest. Rates, on appli
cation to
.101I\ ULRICR.
Iloward's Express Mee, Lebanon.
Lebanon, January 25, 1565.
Sewhig Machine.
The Only Machine capable of making More
than One Kind of a Stitch ; and the
Only One having the "EVER
The feed may be reversed et any point desired
without steeping, which is a great advantage hi Lis
tening the ends of seams.
it =dies four different stitches. lock. knot, double
lock, end double knot ;
each Stitch perfect and alike
on both sides of the fabric.
There ie no other Machine which will do ea large a
range of work as the “Florence."
It will Braid, Tick, Quilt, cord, Hem. Fell. Bind,
Gather, and do all kinds of Stitching required by tam•
Dies and Manufacture.
The most inexperienced find no difficulty In using it.
Every Machine Is warranted ko give entire satisfac
tion, end to do all that In claimed for It.
ARP The Florence must be seen to be apprechsted.
Agent of Lebanon county, Annville, re.
Pereons wishing to see the Machine in operation
can do so by calling on the Agent at Annettle, or on
Win. G. Ward. at Lebanon.
Aar All Clergymen w ill be furnished with Raid Us.
chine at wbelesale prices.
For Circulars and Samples of Sewing, aill on the
Agent, who will be pleased at any time to show the
Machias and explain its advantages over all others.
Annvill, Feb. 18 , 1884.--3 m •
R til NI 0 AT A_ E,
. "Laeeuzo H. Rohrer,
WOULD respectfully inform the clH
tens of Lebanon and vicinity, that
be has DS:MOVED hie Tailoring estate ,
lishroeut to two doors below Philip Y.
lliceanily'a Shoe Store, where he will make up the
most fat-hionable Clothing. ALL work entrusted to
him will be manufactured in the beat manner, on mod
erate terms. Good fits and sulodantiat making gnat,
anteed. Thankful fin the liberal patronage extended
to him thus far, he hopes by strict attention to his
business to merit a continuance of the same- Ile cor
dially invites the public and his old easterners to ere
l~iute call. [Lebanon, April, 6, 1884.
1864 NEW STYLES. 1864
ADAM RISE, in Cumberland Street, betwaon .
Market and the ConttfiOntlexticelleidall
now on band a splendid assortment or the New
Style of MATS AND CAPS, for men and boys, forlBsB
to which the attention of the public is respectfully
tad. Lints, ch all prices, from the cheapest to themes.
castly, always on hand. Me ha's alsejnat opened a eplen
did assortment of SUMALER - MATS, embracing seek a
HORN, SENATE, OUBIAN, - and all others.
_lle will also Wholesale all kinds of Hats, Caps
de., to Country Merchants on adveutegeoue terms.
Lebanon, May 1,1861.
Frrs! FITS! • FITS!
11. ItICIIET, Merchant Tailor, respectfully**.
15, nounees to the citizens of Lebanon and vicinity
that be basjuat returned from the city with* flue as
sortraent of
all of which be will sell or make up to orderatl
prices to suit tho times, at his No, 1 Tailoring. .Bstab
liehment in Keim's New Block, 4 doors South of the
Buck Hotel, South Walnut street.
All work entrusted to his care, will be manufactur
ed Ma workmanlike meaner as to fashion and dura
Goods purchased elsewhere will be cheerfully made
up to order on the usual moderate terms.
Raving had years of experience in the Tailoring and
Dry-Goods business, and being inelinearto turn to the'
advantage of his customers, all ihcrf4Valliages
lug from said acquirements, he feels Satisfied that it
will be responded to by a very liberal ebere of tbe pub
lit patronage.
Friends cell once to view we after that Wane you
tares. • •
July El' 186$
Wil4 be sold at
Extremely ,Low, Prices.
.11 PARER, one of the Bun of Reber & Bros., hap
s taken the stock of Readynnade Clothing at the
appreisemont,.*WWlll enable him to eoll lower. than
anywhere elm etn.'be' bought. Call and me for yistirt
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Lebanon, May 4, 18€4. HENRY RARER.
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