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    rfb Itinting:
Nwtye w77P r • amp = t za e r ut n , o at rihaea7s2.
Tam establishment is now supplied with en extensive
assortment of JOB TYPE, which will be increased RS the
patronage demands. It can now tent out. Brutalße. of
every description, in a neat and expeditious manner—
linden very reasonable terms. Such its
Pamphlets, Checks,
Business Cards, Handbills,
Circulars, Labels,
Bill Headings, Blanks,
Programmes, Bills of Fare,
Invitations, Tickets, kc., acc.
sar-DEzos of all kinds. Common and:hutment BONDS.
School, Justices', Constables' and other Mots, printed
correctly and neatly on the boot paper. constantly kept
for sale at this lattice, at prices "to suit the times."
• • +Subeerlptien price of the LEBANON ADVERTISER
One Dollar stmLit Half a Year.
Address. Wm. 31. tincsms, Lebanon, Pa.
B.AVAarmn. BoNntAx.
FrITTE niniersigned baring formed in
_I. Dentistry, respectfully invite thuattention of the
Public to. 'their 'style of
work mid
from one to, an .entirr set
insrided.on Gold. . Silver or
Altelltr .rulcanisal Rubber.
VA.: Particular attention paid to the preservation of
the natural Otter. by Pilling, &c.
Aft. No eammoi made for examinations and advice.
t iitooma overdirr. Adanfßistes Hat Store, Cumberland
iteeet, Lebanoir;Ta...
-:Lebanon, Moult 1,1865:,
6-04.2-1.27.4" X;0•43 - 72. Mt
*TIC?. 1 4 hik "building ! , tbe
_. Lannon, Fiitiaiity 211, ISO&.
AS REMOTRItINs office to Market Street, oppositw
the Lebenen Bank, two doors North of Widow
ltilte . e Hotel. •
Lebnuotwiterek 26, . '68, •
net LIB UOVlnto • -
As. t x- 33- -tr 4a , t•Xs 45 , lut , " - -
unaernigned, having boptilleensed to .prosecute
hamiug been engaged in, the Bounty and
Pension. Itualtrfaa, offers his services to all those who
ale thereto entitled. in, accordance with Om iarions
arta of Congreou Alt puck should call or addrels at
once, and melte their applications through
BASBIAIIt 11011.Elt, Attorney at•Law t .
• Orrice removed to Cumberland. St, One
door East, of the Lebanon Valley Batik,. opposite
' llia Buck hotel, Lebanon, Pa. . (Jan. ,
yFICH with A. houghtor, b.lsq„ Cumberland
Stteet, nearly appapite the Court llama
al.ebanon,, Fola wiry 8, int3s.
*ATTORN EY , ..AT -LAW ; .
.i'AFFICEin. Stithter's Building, Cumberland Street
VIF nearly oppnalle the Court !louse, Lebanon.
Lebanon, June 14 186.4.—tf.
A_ttorney - -at-1.4
in Wainntstreet, neatly opposite the Buck
Hotel, and two. doors south Karmauy'a
Hardware stop.
CM , 't* 5t:L Co . 3r t XJ/50, ii7V7
VAPPIOZ removed to' Cumber land street, - one, ddor
It_y East of the Lebanon Volley Dank. opposite the
Buck llotel, Lebanon, Pe.. Van. 6,'64. ^
°ilk's 'A pet& Vast oi.ner of !Trate) .
and .21farhrt Streets,
• ia391313.44., Colv",
`Lebanon, Nov lb, 1803.-13,.*
(MR (INT wEipmArg,
n h itlelolC..ip Cumbberlittld street. a fsvr doors east of
V the Esfelp,llstelvls Ow office has of his futber
Cspt. John Weldmas.dee'd,
L.vinuon. Setit. 90863.
Has removed his of to thehit !Wing, one door eas
nt Laudermilalt is Store, opposite the Washington floose
Lebanon. Pa.,
BOUNTY and dikiNBION claims proinptly attended
to April 3,'83.-3m=
Market Square, on:mitts the Market House, Lebanost,,Pa.
undersigned respecttully infertile t.,e ,public
1 Mit be has received an extensive stock of the
.rtinicest and purest Liquors fif id( descriptions. These
0 . ..4 ',igloos Ito is inrirlably disposed to sell at un
sr. precedentedly low prices. •
Drugglste, glovers, Hotel Katmai 0, and oth
,erB will consult their own interests by buying of the
undersigned. 2 It; DEM'
Lebanon. Aprll,lB, UPS& ,
Ing between C. C. 'LOW Elt stud IL. W...ItANIC;in. ,
4he Wboleento Toacco Ihrelneas oner the Arta tor;
.LOWNE k7/tA41.11, b 1e thin dny dlmtolr e ed .b . f!'foutuel ,
,coesent, The Irtielneee'of illy late firm e Mho settle& bp ,
ritYterof the pnetnere lit Not 146 North Third 6,6 7
IL W. RANK, of the late firm of Lower Rank,e
will continuo the :business ati.teretofore . seta
W:jaifilo6 l '
- July 13,1803. ft.
. _._„
- - AT it EnirrioN
r inE lilltitfilißS of the tabitiron copury <i-^l
Assoeintion for the' detection er ilprea ,
Thieves, and the recovery of dtolen f 1011261, '
will ;nett at the—public house of j0w5 . ..8-0 111 `'
I,lsrrnas,' hi I,ebTillob„„ on—SATUItDAY, JHARCII
, 1805, at 1 o'eloek.l';'''Sr. . . A• ' ..'
:. VrOIIN 31AVOIES, Prosiiieni: , '''
.3 ACOS -WITMER. Jr., Ttettatkrar.' ...
—JOIIN srlyproi 11. S., Ssierefc.iy
Lebanon ... =tell 1 1805
VMS nodeireltepeti win 8e11,10,' private !nit.; hia de
I Bitable 1101,18 K and -I.ov OF OItOUND. in' Fast
. _ eirdet. 'Haat Lubilitoli. The 1101409 i a fie*
g taidat64 , si BRICK with IC itolian attached, all
vr e qldilit naive!) oir'renged wlthall neeeeea
• ,ry eoaronlences.• ' , 'Aleo Cistern, Ilialh'lfgase. a lionee A nil kind's of Fruit Trees, fge.Lon (lie
fre7lliSerl, cigOd.spq ludieputeble title given..
thlii liironoatlon opply to . ,'. ,
• '.; , . t- - --- - IA7AIkS.I4. IttiOERS, Tinsmith,
iobooon, Doe. 7,1804.4 m,
IX. •
rriftt undePlig i tied otters for Rent, for GE.F. YEAR or
I i ongt -x , LL. STRAIt NILE., eituated two Alias,
-. ...-Tt Lebanon, at -Avon Station,
lll iiir = " 4 "‘" l— ' ' - -.413 - , 'Canal and Turn--
a near ibp-Ralllts. .1
""^ (1 11E110USE.
~. r 4 RI “.... Oka. Thcrowithte tt: b 4 - -, • - anal
'''ny, , ;., n - ror - atocing Flour and Grain, a ...
' ''""" : w "" Yard at-thee-anal and Railroad, and
. . . a large Scales. .I . llbilltill is specialty
arranged ear 'Flour and Custom Watk„ and ...__
in an Wxcelient nelgliborbood for the business.
A toga iitory DWEILINO HOUSE, with Sum
rater House, Lot or Ground, Garden stud Stable,
Is,nuedeal Wilb the property.
iTiteongirtioniiikii - awirt4, /SOL—
Tity,lliboqriber offers " at Private Rale it Til) STO
GROUND, (being lot No , 1 In lattur's addition
trii,--pf Lebanon,) located on the Otet Forge Road
An-tbe North-Weaternipait of said borough:-
- .For.pixtkulars apply ,to
LebErim, January 1..5, ISO. • .
OP. A... , : ,
Brickyard litaihlitit Lot*.
THE ou scriber offers at private saki s valuable
Tract of Land In North Lebanon Borough, near
the line or North. 'Lebanon '-llorettah,, -on Pinettrove
eireet,ctultnAdneahot ACRES. Tble treet,le ex
°9ll9,ut ground for lir 4051daliinat, having been need
for twit pun, and a so eligibly located to,lre cut
In , /WWII „LOPS. A geed kilnb3r.,,b‘lFialsB
Brit-ta on the premises . ,Vdr farther Particulars air
. I.I.ENB.Y * MINOLik ,
LeNtiritm, Feb.B, nog,
Ploughs S Ploughs 1
I.I[AiITRKIDER has on hand a number of
4,IJACEII PATENT PLOUGIIS which ho offers. for
oolo; They earrlkkboOgbr from bite Just se Cheap as
from (he manufacturer. - Theme ploughs are well tee
emmended,lind we 00k^ is e.trial. We are sure
that all will be Well afloat Addreat
.7)LRY,4I/41t, Agent,,
Sits eff town, Lebanon CO., Pa .
throb 1,18 d
VOL. 16--NO. 37.
WILL ,bo sold at public sale, on
PuEs'd" ay, March 215t;%1865; •
at the.reahienewoftbeanbecriber,, in North Lebanon
township; Lebanon ediinty Zn the road: , lead in g from
Lebanon to Woleheratotan,'4l l ,4 'miles from , tebandn,
?...4 a mile from . Itimmerling's ebnrch; arid 1341bilea
ont Goshert's taTern;''the- ing t ptmonal 'prop
erty, viz .
1 dozen new Chaim' other Chalre, ~Benches..- Tubs,
Meat Stand, POTATOES by the buelfel; "Ninegar'hy
the Barrel, Stoves arid Pipi, Looking 'Glam.:. Apple
Butter by the Crock, Stands:, Buckets. Wheelliartow,
Seger Maker's Benches. Jai& Tron Kettlea. - QiiikineWare
and - Crockeryware, and many other article:l'm' bittner.
-.Bole to commence nt 12 o'clock, al. when terms will
he matte known by
B BEECHER, ' 4 •
February 16,486:- ' "
Person:ol in-44eity.
-, ..
f ;,.: 2 "
1144 i
. _44i. .....,
c ' **OM IW .
... -
ILL be mid nt Public, Bale; on L
.W . '
,I . ~.7,- C 'ati. °Way, March 29,j865: . -
ab the residence 'of the subscriber,' in. Londonderry
township, about one and a half miles , from -Palmyra,
on she road to Bindnagle's Church, the follewhig.:
WORSS, 2 4 COWS, BOCKAWAY; 1-horse
good as new, Spring Wagon, Plough, Harrow. Clint
rater, 2 SHOATS, twit of Hind Ceara , sett single Hart
tows, 2 collars,: Bridles, Wheelbarrow;,. Forks 1, sidd
Saddle, Shovels, Log Red DPIDDI:NO and
Bedsteads; 2 *means, 3 - Tables, 2 Staves,. Cupboard,
dozen audit lialrChalrs, 2 gutting Chairs,large Look.
ing Glass, Chests, Iron Kettle, - nu* Alleststandi Tube,
Barrels, Vinegar and a variety of other .artieles...
Air All of tile:almse atlicleaare twarly as ,good as
in_ Sale t 6 Soianionce at 12, O'clock, 31., Whin 'terms
will be made known by
Londonderry torn., February , 16, 13 05. '1
Personal Property.
W ILL be sold at Public Sabi, on
Wednesday; Mare
on the. premises of Henry Backenstose, &ceased. in
West MYBratown, Jackson Towosh ip, Lebanon comb.
ty. Pa.. Out following Personal Property. viz :-
2 lIORSES. 4 COWS, Sacco Bead Of StIEUP, choice
cedina SOW, S 'MOATS, one tiro horse Wagon;
Rotkaway, Sulkey, Buggy. and a tint:ober of other Ve
hicles, 2 Winnowing Mills, Shovels. 'Forks, Rakes,-
Cow`and Halter Chains, Harness and 'Gears, Man's
Saddle, Ladles' Saddle and Bridles, cyties, Oruin
Cradles Morse Rake; Ploughs, Barrow ' s, Cultivators,
Ilay-Ladders, Wagon Box, two Wagon L'sddirs. two
Carts, Slagle and Double Trees, Log Chains,'set of
Stolie Quarrying Tools, such as Crow-Barn, Drills:
Shovels, kii a Tulltget gpayer's Tools. a , lot of Straw
and lily, and a groat sunny other articles of Forming
Utensils. AKif- Also,
auch as Secretary, Beds mid Bedding. Ctioking an 4
other Stoves and Pipe, Chairs, Barrels, Stands. Tillie,
Vinegar by the barrel, and ,niany other .articies.
tha, S4le to' commence et 12 o!clork, M. wiien,cow:
dairies of Bale will he ramie loioWn by •
. .
..1011N :MUCH.
Exteuters, the Estate of Henry Baekoestose r do
Joan 11. BantraViusirn.ttetfom , er; --
Jacksm town.ditp; Feb. 22, 1805.
Personal Property.
WILL be sold atrial:llc Sale, on
Saturilay, March,. 11, 1865
at the g, the.tandereigned in II HI street, lie-.
tween Walnut and' Pinegrove streets, Lebanon, the fol
lowing personal. proPerty ,v . z :
1 FAMILY MAUL Sett.Of [farness * Saddle, Bridle,
Halters. 1.1.AY by_ the t 2 Fly hletv, linggyots,good
no new, 2 Spring }yagons with topy, Market Cert.
OrindStone. SealdlogTrting . h, Butcher'Bog, 2 Ladders,
2 tintßier Ropes; Clithlren'S' Buggy. Boxes. Chains,
Scantling. 2 'Butcher Blocks, 2 Cleat - ars Meat Sim,-
Rnteher,Tabig, Ifni res., 2,40 it ,Stantls,Sealea, Barrels.
Lard Stands, Stove, Iran Itcneltes,
Tutu, Bureau, chairs.gables, Bedstead, 114rrol Cider
Vinegar, Patspt Fal, Press: and other articles 'too
Dierens to mention:' '
. . .„
&tiottrxmnt4fncp at.l o'clock, P. M., when tenni
will he u14t114 k)loWtt, = ; -
-111 •
Lebanon February, 22,"045. - . •
~t , Pertionsild:Properlw :. ..,-;
l, lye, ,e,l .411%. , Tee i ~;e
:I tra % '.. -ft.l4te ''„,7.!..,!,',, '• .-,' '-'
I fr "*
" ' .J1 ._...' - .,- ' ;1 -; I . -'"
~.,„, -•
. . ..,
AA'riLL belteield , at pentille ~ le, a ~ -, . . -
‘v e b e ., .. e .e. :te ee , et .
.noildar, :March 200; .1.865.:: ..
At ttaremblettio oftleentidensignitt, lu -Weal) Lebanon .
township. Lebonod'cottoty..Ps,, 1-4 mile , mOttiri• from.
Khumerling's cburelt,. Gee following Personal Pmeer
'ty, viz.:-
1 COW, CHICKENS , Pitta toes by the bu'sliel„ 1 flnie
' rel Thiene-ex,
,Steore iselth'fill4. Vottl Store' 'Kettle, Bu
reau, toble; Mak. !Ilidateadk Chairs, Tubs; :Standei
Grain -Cradles,- Grim Scythes, : l e saflTobegeo, zood
Grindetone, a 114).ntls_ pf , CoOper tools, and otiter trli:'
, . . .
' Bale'to conimencB' 40. io'dock, h : 31 -,, w h en - 46641-
boas of sale will baintadas i tleiscre ay , • ~, • --• ' s '
't ~.i• . J - o JACOII-2.U . NTZ. -
. N. -liebanon, Yebrustaye -2T, 1865. -
- POOtilV SAt.4.O
WE.I • •
l L belie& at Pilbilc Sale, on
. . .
lklarch 20 , 01 1865
by the tuideridgntid, 'ln 'Palmyra: "'Loaf/melee, .tentin.
ship, 'Lebanon connty:. the fcilloivink. propertyvvit
One Carriage,: Wheelbarrow, scalding trough,. one
Brain cradle, one genbbiug hod, pitch torks..graln ahoy,.
.-• • - •
Hay' .by likeietoil •
Two KGB, one large' six-legged and other tabled, one
tailoring tumult, four Bedsteads, one Bureau,: one eon-,
ner anCothe: enpboards, twent.y.twochairs , including'
two rocking eltalya,,une set is new. waterbench, Spin
y lug wheel andlie,,,tubs, meat and other stands, two
coal stoves with' Pipe, iron kettlece, - ;lrent I Pots,
one tlrehold, paus; two fine t.mttches, two.letiking,
giasses,„,,,waola,AwLbusliel haskt;tll.. APPLP,BITTIIC
by the, crock, smoked, —Levu .Potatfieb; by
,tbe bushel. a, lot Of Qtte . maware, tinetare ..caythern
ware, nisasitilog vessids such as half " bushel, peck,
two lemon • aces, flower-plants ,and a great many
'other things not mentioned.
Sale to commence at 12 o'clock 11-., when conditious
will be.rnadnyinnwn by -
TtromAs sEcrigEn:
Palentrs,jPelt.' 22,1865.
~~ ~~
Reap Estate.
' .
Monday, 3,146.06 13th,
at the Public Muse pf J.. L tlenpethnm , , y, Myers-
town, the following Estate,
: A two Story SRAM
Orwater, two story 52A0111.N1f
11 - 11 SHOP, Black Smith" OOP,. 5.1151 other
, . necessary oiA„buildllige,
Two Lots, of Grot4A4;
attaatettinidyerstottu,,en earner of Malty :and'
streets; the Blacking dhei hiaahad.•an' eacellerAirari
Of ousts)* for 1,6 .yearii-rie an tinsurpaseed ideation for
b u g n a t r......and-anittthhifor Machlitt, Coachmtifter
Cabinet' Make/ shop. 'rhea Stock and Fixture, will tkt.
sold, if desiredi for further inforinattair Inquire AA,
the subecrlbaroell ttift /Tenth's- ri
*11.1416 to.coßeptence,i et..l
conditYons ofitale - *M i tre Ulaibs hurry/111)y;
Idyerstown, March 1 = 1863.
deb anon
Personal Properly.
The loth:owing inci'dent is'related in
the Nee ntitifbei of : the (lOU
n you thly :
'There is a romantic incidentin the
early history of Massachusetts, which
has been often.. t01d... Money Ives
searceo and Li] 1652 the enerabCourt
passed, a law for the coinage ,of Mir.
%peptibs arid shillings. Capt. ,Tohn
Hull was appointed the mint master,
and'wee to have one shilling in every
twenty:for his labor. iAllthe old-sil
ver in the colony, worn •out plate,' bat
tered tankardS ) buckles, and spooics,
and:especially the bullion seized by
the buccaneers then sailing the Span
ish Main (coral! was holiest that came
to Hull's melting pot,); vas -brought
in for coinagi,_and _the, mint master
rapidly grew to be the millionare of
the enlooy, imdzsuitoricame from far
and wide for the hand of his daugh
ter- ••--21mong them -was::•Sainuel Se
wall, who was,• the favorite of. the
plump, a rid, 'buxom „ Mies' Hull ; the
• mint master, rooghly• gave , his: con
sent;-!;Take her,: said he, "and you
wilt find her a heavy burden enough."
The w,cd.ding.,day came, and the cap
tain,tigbOy Alin
lngs and sixpences; setia hid gravid=
fatherli i chair till the eererriony ~was
'concluded' Then - heordered 'his ser
vant to;hrie4' in a , h'Uge pair ofseales.
"Daughter,', said the - mint !master,
"go into ono side of the scales." Mrs.
Sewall" obeyed, tad then : .the inint
master had his strong box brought in,
an, immense iron-boundoaken chest,
which the. servants, were ,obliged
drag Over the ftorir., i iiben the mint
master unlocked the chest, and Order
ed the servants to fill the otlicr :side
of the' settlee with ghillings,and six
pences. 'Plump Mrs. Sewall bore
down hard upon her side.of the scales
but still the servants shoveled in the
bright, fresh pine- tree.shi . ilings, until
Mrs. Sewall .began to rise. Then the
mint, Taster ordered thein to ferbear,
"Th!ere, son Sewall,"Said the magnan
iinous•old money maker, "take these
shillings for my daughter's portion.;
Use her kindly, and thank Heaven
for ber.;. for it ,is, not every wife
that is worth her weight in silver."
And Master Siwtill took Mistress Se
wall and thirty thousand pounds (cot
avoirdupois, but sterling.)
-Pierrepont one. of the advo
eates of Mr. Lincoln's re:.electiOn, used
I We lollewinglanguage in the open
ing speech in 66,0 pdylte- bel
"In 184krthere was a great,revolu
Lion, as you will remember, in France.
The liing,,was driven from his realm.
His government
. was forever over
thrown 'tad not one .of Louis Phillip
pe'S • ch ld i ren eit are -ever - bee able`to'
return; o it. The greatest politca,
fAiilosoptie'r in'inyiudg - ent, that has
livedlat any - time ' *as theti-n MOM
ber oa r of the,Chn be - r . of Deputicsi. And,
arising in his plaoeyand it, his solemn
voice he , uttered these words: "Do:
ybu know What is 'the general, efrl
cien 1, deeplyiseated rage r , wlty pri
vate marals'alre'degradedl-Ltlit -- is be
cause o.l4blievioratAlinve filst•heentne
depraved., It is ,because.pure moral
ity dOes'not govern ;he
Lions of life, that l;i.,cloes not,descetul
to' ilfe smaller-ones; it is becatise pri
vate interesthastakoo.,the ri placeef
te'relited 'sbn ti ment - publie
Lion, that .selfishnesS lies become the
law in,P4iVia,e. - life;, it:has been said
that.f . .there are two Sorts 6f..hiorality-,
the one for politics, the ether - Tor
rate life.' Pertninly,if what'is'.pass.
iti arennci ns really.iS4littt: I: see it
LO'bFts, never was the , trtith:o*nali: eh ,
assertion proved in - a more striking
_and Unhappy believe
r! that , a: change is talcing_plaec, in ,our
Private morals, of 'such a nature-6646
trouble and,alakm c all„ rnd,,,citizens,
and, Ihis, :proceeds in :part ,
'from what iscominglto pass: , in
,public„MoralS.: w ith out bif
„teraess,lor ever), as I hellevo, party:
;spiri:l;.:i,,l;i.irn attack men • against.
.whore I b are, no party, „animosity . .,
But:I obliged to Lcountry.,
what. is my prefotind" .. andsei,tled eon -
,viction t and it is tb it the I?_oblie tnor
ai.e.,becomin,g corrupted-arid this.
pablie!,perruption Will bringna',
in a shortti me perhaps - ,nt - an hoar; ,,
that„is, already near, a tietvrevelation
Tecqueville was hissed ny every
man that heard him, and - An. thirty ,
idayk fronf', the utterance of ; that .
speeCh the icing was d . riFerfrq.nt
`throne and Franef3,expiated" for -her
crimes and'-,correptions by the' bleed.
Of more than , ten thousand of her:
and,no,t affestige : of that throne'
remains, and- the :Children •or - Louis
'Phillippe are exiles wanderers
,on'-the face of the
we shall exhibit here to-dti a state
of corruption. in our public affaira is
this country worse -than that ~of,
Frapte." _
A. very curious" l- Pe'gnlat;iiiit of 'the'
,offiee, h a acirhg,,date
1624, tonahicg conduct to be observed
by cadets who _were invited. to dine,
with An ±Au aix grehd ulk x 4168.118
follows : and - Royal
Highness having dined to invite.
Several ,officers -to dine - At his
and haviii had frequent. dpportiini
ies of observing that tha greater part;
of these, ftrOcirti iehaire
!:1 _
_strictest courtesrandfrioct- , hreening, ,
jficward eack, and '
!Conduct themselves like true` aliel
~ worthy cavaliers ' nevertheless deeras
It advisablktixat the less experiag6o .
'Cadets alleluia have their attention dig.
rooted to the following cede of reigu
lations : To presetit,their respects
to his Imperial and Itoyal Highness
on, their arrival, to coin() -neatly
dressed; coatand 6006, and' n'ot to
nte i y - , 11 ie,t,,,r 0 QP. 1 . ialf-drunken
con'aition.,...2-: , At table , they are-not
-to' tilt up their , chiptlroi. ) rodkthem-
Selves - ,tbSiCio, I,Cor'StretCh r thl:sir :legs
at iulllength.: 8. Nor "drink.; after
.irthey clo
„ they
will get, tipsy :.tdo soon nor . empty
their goblet ,to the extent of more
than :one-half after' 'each 'dish; p. - po,
before'; 'therefrom,, „Ch`,.ey
ihot4d,,wipe,the-. mouth and molls.
tatibe ina cleanly:manner, Neith
-or are th:37,tO'ihtust,hheir hands into
Stble.ilAlios, nor, to throw the bones
under the tah/e. 5. Nor to lick
fingel*:_nor to e?cpsetorato, „inn„heir
`pintos, nor to wipe . theinnosCe omthe
table-cloth. 6. Nor- drink 'so beast
ally . as - td!'fall frdoi Moir
make thernelves., incapable of walk
.ing straight,” We,may well wondey
what kind of manners prevailed at
that' Period'Among the loWer grades
of society.-when we:end a code like
the above ';lecinsidered' necessary tb ,
regulate the!behaVibr 'of young offi.-
eons WhO muSi, have. belonged' to The
nobles families.-- Once Week:
•• +4, • - • •
- "'The Paris- ''earrespontlent; of' the
Roston Gazette says :
;'Worth, the woman's - has
returned' to 'tewn , and,t om Men Ced
season.,,d not. cgonder; if I mention
hinta - tet'after,:divorces-; ; he has pans
ed more , divorces than anyotherMan
in. Paris ; _for .if your wiles...dreSs , is
not Made and 'put on by. him, she is
disgraced,' arid if her dOeS'nrake it you
arernined,, JakhiVfatiltthat, his
riitcl,4'eharging are so.high ? Make
the days 48 hours long, -.and i relieve
hi m of the vulaar - *liitS"ot sleeping
and eating, he will abate fifty per
cent. of, his prieeS., Once' ettSto
nterS iriV - ipayipg.c . 4Bl) he 414,
it'fnither fedrietion .The Em
press has owed him $40,000. The
PrindeSSi xo r mo:. Tue
Princess, de;'Nfett : $20,000. iV
a6bt, of $l,OOO makes no. more figure.
on his'boOksthaty the .. . One yo
Scription h - deliaquent patron.: of
your paper-does in the Gazette office.
I should notlike to'say - What 'rent `lie'
pays--YOU:WoUId be :, make a
gesture. not very :complimentary to'
my regard to truth. The state, sa-'
loons of the,. Tuileries, arc not. more
Splendid: Gilding is lavished OD thOnt
i;T:111 citrOr 7, ` , Oliftartrs.:D=o7ls'esuVais tapes
try, the window ititrtams, and furni
ture are of the finest "Lyons brocade,
and tho,furnitare is', Bottle, each con=
SOre - between the windows being - }
worth $6OO. Ile has in one :of his
many rooinS a -buffet constantly
spread, Where.the
the' ClibiceSt.sherry and,M4cira,4Tvi
most delicate cakes are Served in
prOinsion to. his
~onstomers. ,Ile is,
iconStAntly su.rroiinciecl by ityelve,
beautiful yoiing .selected fOr„
the perfeetioo, of their shapes.
as w_ ell
•,ac.f They
,arc attired in the
height' - ui: the:. mode in silk dresseN
Which coSt flonr dollars a yard, costly : ,
Etruscan' ear - rings, bracelets, and,
Th rt,ry part of the furniture,
of the place_LAVey are! _here what
osier mannikins are in interior shops;
the dresses,atto hung on
~ them. that
Woltb'SPatronS May - see Abe - effect ,
prodtited No dress even quits hiS'
establishment priced lets' - than' $2OO
mind ' ye. , , I
;})y.ilezie ' N. , qr :givon.- Om
or at the
~ enibasSies,,you
ntik'tehlitVlWO lakiod
his doer' froM ns eiirly - a14 7 6'6 7 616e1i in I
the evening. Each lady receiveStle
come with„,their hair dressed,, their
=petticoats_ and Ots,wrapped:
in n ti
.second rate dress, until lie is able ,
to receive, them. You may wonder
that tbe-.:Jacties should consent "to ot•-•
pose theirpersoris- . 'Una
oyes!'oftairnan. ,
---ca`tradeSniati. t ,4o4 4fill'iigi4lp,
`person e,Vpr.., Stooped „to t &it qatre; to
what.:Sei.auch plebtan belongett?—....;
'One had as soon., think Of , inquiring
-`the sex , %oftho doe , tvitk ‘vtamti,
.his:'wife Went in t-p . the
Walk; or of 'the eat 'Who 'Wle„eps,in
ladyS,chtiMbr. Worth a few yarS„
sinee, - Was . .',mere shown an in, (I
'cic_crlin's Shop in the Rue de Ricliclieu:t
,Resaw there the extent off_feminine
folly;!and determined• Velprofit bptitit.;'
perienee. be:MII.ITO
.country sent `which W•Alk .
.and On'whieti S.o*.t, s,6'o„qqiy.„ :! Ttp :
keep§ ,
carri#ge„.Mfd pais.
,eiptal to
'anythicig in thelmperial stables.. He
first , rate.cook,t- , has... a ;cellar
which , is.dailyrimprovingiondiSinak
in 0-I:,money'asfast-aSIYOSSibIe..I',-
[Correepondetco of. toe YllExt)riuss.]
ASHINGTON, 1 4 eb.• 26. 7 -A gay city
this ! Tureellftairswere. - eharacteriz
ed yesterday;;P: nap ap,d
storm; and mud..and , pUlf.lle;:-- 7 of the
hardeat kind. Mrs.;Lincoln.' gave a
grand, intended, to,be a family, recept
,tion at .1 P. M. , Tlip ,Q9urt Journal
here characterlzes
"Mrs , . Lincoln %‘' a ' m 081 ; 0.1 % 110,1 3'
and gracefully attired4and her'
nine:guests hilly fellnived her exady
ple in that respect. Among the„ill6:
tinguished :pers,(p4,Pl',46Opt besides
- several MeMbeiii 'of the gabieet,and
:their ladies ' ,we observed, Alias Her- .
riet Lane 4Cornilarwoo'd ; the iftus
skin Minister and lady ; , thekSpanieh
Minister •and suite ctlre lady uf Se
; nor if - .)T. , bstromeaga - ,'Chiliati
ter', Adolph Gi 3 Poat
af Ileum/01.40d a goodly, nOMber of
dther nieMbers Congress and repre
sentatives ofitbe army and.eftyy./4 ,
!"' But, this was nothing in compari
1 iNia
~. ;-~ _$
a, i., ,
... . , ...,
, ~,,.
1 ~.....
son with g rs,, S en a torS prague ' Mit i t-
I itee---:- at the house 'of Chief Justice
Chine.. liforni4, in ,French means
evening i,i.raphipea ‘ td,c,Englisb,, you
',know", ..T,he guests,, began to i arrive
'about 4 P. M. .111.agni,kee t o saf,o,ons
welcomed, t 2 11 . 411;41i.4 , figgitp4 l tupers,
fddi-' ' i 1 - .
an ingse,, an erns,.. .a.gpvci,n.-
ineot, band of Music. , Thei,fßdy„,hop
tesat'wasin all the, grace 9,f youth
and 'beauty and the splendor of toi
let:te, ',The "German!' 9.Psined• about
5.. p N:, ina U. a it,i6041 ha)i.Apeni i i,spfn 0
fiftyby l ,9pe, hndred' ;feet,.. draped,
;ganzed, fcptOoned,.flagged,:flonnced,
and all,ritvishing to the eye with in
cense and 'beauty. This•• , fgrerrnanr
kwt,au till,9 * ?.„l;; ) ,when .Quadrilles
succeeded: Thu clineet>, ,t)n'auti m faiiy
.7 • 4 ictiT'' . ' 43 7r°l l "dV* 6-4- u,t're*AiA li i.. 1.. ir
igauzle tyt4:o°Vr•-•49(r,1(1E,,n0d,„ .rtc,.,-4,lAt.
Them s qi, i• e a iii ; . the, pia ,z,e,s .o f ,rt 49 misty
ti,lt'd•do, to ' the it q(,onis)itz?p , ;nt . otafl„
rid iielitifder.. ktP, . Wallet . corps yon,
the Aeatetn,..„y i , 'fpoy. co4ld.,beat.ithe
§Pectac,l.p , T4.O‘BIIPP.O:I-4AL.I7ICrVer
-1 tit,i - ps, A`t, ought, 'fp, : be 40 ,-welts it)
lii k illa - 1; t . ;CcinfetiOpnaries.: ; rivaljed
teull4ors arid „painters, ~And every
bOdY Was tSer i e.,thap. is any bpd r y,
,aridtObq(iy.js, try til)dy tl.),,at,yvgo not.
theme., ' Thug ; vent On . . ( t Ue. , nfutin %till
YO Or 11 P. M. when e ven (liedanpers
faded aWft,V,"tis - th s e • otiee of tit q gec
retar,y of , l tttj,c Air„Seward, approach
.., ' .'I, '05..,1
1 .
And' this w,as, the th l rd,p,r,rgement
of "the.,,evening7---ihree great affairs
being in one day,,,--.,l„,j,cuee (Mr. i,do,-
coin '), a, aneiThef (nrs. Spragaq's), a
soiree`(baSeW trd'o2 Wash
ington"l'S-nqt- gay`? . 1 'diart any"*ar'.' Is
netia 'war a bleSSing-f —What a pity
it is war must, end. I
,~i :~ :.t{s ~
_~. j , } ~AAhB r~N~~'~:li \ lfEhT`.~:;~
(Correspondence ofithe N or. Tribune
W,AB II I NCITO N Feb. 22 --The larg
est party ever given in W.a.sbington i
canto, offt, at.t,he private ;resi
dence of Clarles _Knapp, contractor
Coy h ivy canon Two houses lave,,
been converted into one by tearin'g
down walls. Celebrated caterers.from
New - IKork have prepared the,most q
costly supper fair. seven:: tundreiti ,
guests ;NVlli I 0, gton-b Ruscs, fans and
nsar, are, bsep . ,T .ppork for flow l ;
et's decorate,parfors,and ~tables.--,
The street in, front, ,ban, been !floored,.
and carpeted c And it;fses.tir.P4ted tbM'
die entertainment cost :$lOO,OOO
the profit on. ab.out.fifty,gue:S„,
[From the Madison (Wis.) Journal.] •
tit cm-tr.-Fats6
orliving men is a resident of Wiscon-.
sin, but we challege any other State
or country to produce a man or wo
man Who. hns attained the'age readh
ed by Joseph. Orel°, ,notv residing
the town of .Caledonia,' Columbia`
county, in this State.- -•- .
During the French Revolution one
Jean Claude Jaeobin'memter•of the
National Assembly, was' .called the"
"Dean of the human, species,'.' "the
eldest Rfsinen." On hiskneared worn
face were ploughed the furrowin,t7s'ofl
one hundred and IWen ty years; Bnt
our "Dean of the human- species"- is
nearly twenty years older than Claude
Jacobovho did not.complete one
hundrediand twenty-first year:* I.
-Joseph Crele was bormin',,Detroit,'
ofFrench parents. Theirecord:of his
baptism in the Catholiechurch of that
city shows that:he is n0w.139:-Years
of age:..'lle • has been :e 'resident of
Wisconsin for about a centurp -Wh en
ever,mention is.made.of the oldest in
habitant, there need be-tioiqu4stionL
as toithe` pe.rson. Joseph Crele'is'n'ri
doahtedly :the Ref N o tt s„.fiasti
married in ,New; °ripens,' 109 , years
agoil Testa ,a4er be settled ati
Prairie du Chien, while Wisconhiw
waS•yet provinewlof. , France,.lße..
fore the' Revolutionany war, the-:was-
employed4o, caney.,letters betWeeiii
,Prittkregla.Chien andi!Green.BaY.t.
IN but a feW. y.ears.lagol 'that he 'Wei'
'Called las Abe Dircult
. 1 00,0st i , in tioease , . eltltig. the. •titiktic-'
certainireal estate at,Prai re du Chien;
- to giveL.testitnonY,in relation o e
vents:that transpired , eigh ty yenta he
foreaq novi residesfwith.a datrgh-` .byi:•his 'third -who, , , D ridt.
seventy years:ef
_The residenne• of the-family is onb
four or five miles out of Portage City.'
ro,6itSiens of ;thatAplace lia4fli
"that, the old man is Still activWriff az
ble..3to , elloptwood . ,tand: ttr•v i alk sever`
it miles...: qtiite
m-p erfe c tiy; but co'n v e es•fl tt . 011 tniri
d”Fratich. language.i.‘ , Beistops t of lyVars, - but'
":riot more than many men of seventr!
in ,Person;iheis,ratherratieveltheqnd
diain_beight;spap.ittrfleslr,bnt SiittfiVb.
inc , evidences of havitig been
- -
Inime a man ,of--sixieway-strength . .—
Concerning hieohabitsra , subject of
'in ueNipterEtilP ST'3"get# ll : - w,
i tifha co' 5uRh, . 423:44,Pa.F3 7 1 1 ?9,,
g ev `.. - w.eillalfe; bee n. 3 able Aerlearn a but
little, exceptothat'he is an, inveterate
smoker. - „-
A verY g 6 o'd daglier*AV.pefpjeture -,
.of him, taken in.1856, , may -be:seen at
the rooritsof the Statell'iSteridelSo
tatty. , Hdkpktal ; ti! triP
a delphia,..7hq,has not elel?t'for;'it'sW
..Toq,„rksiirk,:lyours and
six months:;, ThisArray , seeitiA3nered:=
"able, but, nevertheless, it is Arcitt;
;and can be vertups, - .i py. nunvor,s,.qf
persons. The iudiyAlial intelli
gent man, natural lyv oad. ha's the ben
eflt of a inoderate , ;(fiducatioti: His,
matniy is eviD . PSa:trialcriiiris, o Cialerli ,l 's
gesAt t g PcArriPfi : PY,A . , Tarn": .4?4.7i;
giptolin Yarril
--.4beers: . TN - ent'a e the
,-.4 - vioe of tha UnitO4 Sthtes on De'
WHOLE Nth 810
,aeraber..2B 1863: Ile is in the forty.
fifth year of his age. .I.l.ip,healtb as
been generally excelfeni daring his
lifer -
In 1849 - lie — fis attached wElhol
era,Fitrid snbl that tiefi did wiehlung
.fever:oft:tvcrtitgeheasione.. l 'Sa-ta
ries of i185,Q, Ole FP forsholif - him; land
t kr,) co, (hat bjw eh as ne,,v,er • ' fel t he
lea droway. die has ways Jed
teniperatelife.,,•, His wife end chil
dren refild:3lW'PutrniniV.orilLt t y; NV 9.0 ,
.Vieginiay entered the Ifni
on-Rroyttho ',hub been oiv seVen raids,
An 0,4013 s chqr,srph , daring which „440 - te
he, intortns,qo ttint he never,felt tired
.%-as 016 kin ar,g
.on)the'l.734l7lBtiir 19th'' ,
L:4 1 4 1 13 6 7 411 "-. 7 , notifeti
t si W I
leas, .ecpy. is Mat h0,.,ea,0-not
not or does not_sleep..._is— as much a
mystery als it, is to many rsei
entrficgen,tiernen; %vim, btl'Otl i .g . 1 0 4
( theiV'titt'diitiori coifed': 'to ' rani, have
• bee ir lagtou ed 4 Pri 3:Weir 'Wife tn•p
in,vestigate the T'atule.: , .. !.
AJpori,o,ne oceasiolk i -,at his request,
a number of a euriously-incliped gen
tlemen 41 1tatehedlim......fou. forty-two
,day j s. , :and nights .consr,cutively, in or
der, if pessible to, arrive at the cease
of the %wonderful "phenomon. 'These
gentlemen took tarns witheach Otli
n e:progreSS 'of the Wirt oh nig sb
that: ii he should ebatnoe, " f to: sleep it
Avrould, ,he o,h.serwed.. SOT", of tli.e
watchers became' drowsy, and • it was
.as trilith as ho coul:Ldo
„to aysaken
them. -
his sJugular marl was sent '
PiAladaphia by' order of Orefield dur
gebtri' wtuf., admitted into' the
Kospithl at Qliesunt Hill on •the 17th
pf z . 1 4 . 0yon!ber WS; , suffering from
el k i ro nlc i arrh ea , and eu
no' hag nearly recovered from. phys 7
teal` disability; 114 appetite is good, ,
but-yet he does not sleep: Ile 're- .
tires to bed, th:e ...borne as :btlyer
digrs;,;b,at, he , eaanot situ
ply;,reeeiv,es physical rest. , This brief
rihrkatiWe of u MOst,,,,ivonderful pheno
mendn may seem fahtNis,.but the,
reader iis assured that it is the truth.
Tliduioes 'orthe fleshy tissues,
wAcalfrozen n. their minute „cells. , .at
onte,l3ecome in .each:, of tbese
sures crystals lmy,in g, I rtr!e + nu.rplGax.
of angles and sharp points, and hence
rubbing the ffesti daused - tlieni to cat
or tear theirlway through the tissues,'
61) that when it is - thawed - the struc.
n f -tit rrt gel est lAl7lt
destroyed- The p•ropei. , mode of this ; When..any part of
the body, is: frozen should be 'kept
perfectly quiet until it is thawed Out,
which should be done as promptly . as
possible. As freezing trikeS 'Place
from the surface' inwardly, se
thawing should. be-in the reverse .or
der, from the ,inside outwardly.. The,
thaWing, Out of a ,pot ti t cM -of the flesh,
Withbut, 'the' same time putting
the'bliimd'frorn the heart'into circu
lation through it, prodaces Mortifies
tion ; but, by - keeping the more ex
terntill parts still congealed
. nritil tife
internal, heat and .„external,
gradually. EL43, f ton the., more interior
partinci fvoduee,eireulation of the
blood,' a's ftiAtriiii, the thawing takes
place, most of the'dangers are obviate
ed. :If the snow which pis applied is
colder, thim tfie froien it will
still further ,extract the .I.xeat, .andl
freeze it worse than it was before;.
• but if the snow, is of the. same 'feta
p eya t re, it will keep. it c ; from : , thaw
tug tiritil e rest of the body slim
have effgetbd'PreGn ti g
'gratin: Water, in:.kliich 7 finbiii.lrir'-iee'
:has ,lleet. .plal.wd;! keep• its;
tempera ture!At,...pii,r ty l ty,,e , d - egrees,
I.?alirenheit,43-probably—better than
snp-w L
A .49trilgr
V . !9tinta,espp - tpni !—A
"Peac4le Citizen
,of our, Coutitli o - s4ot
hemi'd',' . l!;'''a D'ePut
• •
vos mar.tleittiThd- ‘"
0 tie .of tine :nibgv;
solced t rpobAalijoildd. .mprtierol it. ha
bee,nFTT : rpcprti t occurred?
estetdzy„in do t I n )* e i te
in . 111js:coiinty: t 1.4 Nk'ehaye
kenoe - Syclaelei afiespeetatil& 'ei tizen.'
of our i county, and. constable of the
!township of Exeterrnecompanied by
his-o.watind another %O}, -wieilfiee
ion the public bigiv.yuy,
once, by fo 114 6 11813 U i!s - fromLuzerne
Rattrap; mho seeined .t tr. 4.1 e tieti rig U
; derethhien4 withounitbe , stiglit'eet riro
vocatiow or evenit pi-etexttoVjustifl:i
gation; ltris: said? , . `pen being
wakitttmt giving
nano:li skive ennversatien Olen unim
poukintectia - raeterliceuVred,lie
lie quid lielthoughtlle s hadi isigiitto
L 'erav'el fi-rond wit ho ift) intil es to ti o n'.
ICUporldfiitt one Of the+ .rourdei.ers re
plied See .tibolit.tbat,P ;and
draetaing alpistol,,tdok.4leliberate aini
'iinetired—‘4lt tlie.s'arae tiMe
tY clrovAion. , 1 1 / 4 1 3 r. 8 ioleter;ki W•ho 'Was
Ishot through thiei'lieurt; tell add , irri=.
mediutely .expireld: murderefs;
fieeing.l4heir viotitp drove to
Browteslllotel, ainilefor , thvo distant;
where;they took stipper hod indulged
in lignor. - They eclair) irliormed
Morriultiat, they hixd:' shot ,:a man',
d. told him he 'had better go anti
See r;7-
c§iok I w oin we t Were , I
intimately acquainted, was a inani,off
some property-01-&—Peeeetal) quiet
1da471 . 11 9 Fer,, been: .
dre 494* ulk&t: stti bfAlinTl34 Ii
We I,44,sajAtary duty,; 4,q u budtueypr, ,
in apy.vv47-, rPßit..4Feck
'pps 'on—hen overta ern,avd shot
down like a dos iri th6 , ,s roots by the
I despicable minions of this accursed
CILE gtitiertiost:
, 2d .2tory of Fiancee New Banding, Cunaberlarif St
t, One Dollar . aiiiirifty Cents a "feir
ADVERTISEMMNIS inserted at the usual rates.'
4a---uAtimmas Printed at-an /wars notice.
In Lebanon County, postage free ' s'"
In Pennsytiania, out of Lebanon ,county 5 contl . pol
quarter, *2.0 cants a year...... • • •
Out of tbia State, 6 1 4 cti. per quarter, ur 26 dB. a year
If tbapostage is not paid in advance, rates are doukde
destiotiernywas in the,pursuanee of
his : quiet luties as a farmer and citi
zen, of the county., In the name of
Go, of justice, of humanity, and
thtistiiiatty 4 ., eu 'everything near
and" , dear ' 'hoe e en will
there bean, end to 'these: things.—
Wyoming Democrat.
STA'AS.—The so 'aniendinent of
AIM' Constitution of the United States
• /ma' heeir; ratified by 'most of the
Northern, State's.; Delalvare has re
jecteci,ih. he fanatics - and-disunion:
wko desire the destrnetion, of the
Ain e Val) I le t , and; A l 'vh 0 Savor
the te;tablishiant of 'a central' despot
ism , will-rejoieeatthiii.' , ? - .
••• The •C l onLitAnti an confers Alp
I gtafeialigovernment delegated or liro
itetl not ahsol'ute power all ,other
rightS were reserved to thb States. ;
hence'-air amend [bent' ,nritst come
withinithe - scOpe of general •antitori
ty to make , itlegitimate: Thetamend
meatprofesses toi abolish,
the:Dililed States. There is no sta,..
very the 'Uhited States;frofierTY
Speaking. That is • a domestic instil
tution-'=a;reserv,ed right, ()ter whic)i.
Congress has no Constitutional'• art-
thority. A-right reserved. to a State
ean not- , - taken !away, against Its
consent; without absolute -violence to
ale Windainciiral'laiv the land,
whick'garitantees ' , the pe'aCeable'en
joyment ?of , thateright. ; ;;:
, fThere legal:tribunal', that
)vp uld, roe ogn izet borygla ,of aan aj or„
ity , ft joint Partnership fora given
pii4ose. to 'interfere with the private
right's' okohe -of the•firm...: ,50,',,0f -.the'
"amendment" to - the - Constitution,
that,..professcs to abolish a right re-.
servett,,and ,is not , such amend
me"at as titer 'Constitution contem.-
plates ; .it is reyolation, and : - meetet
the entire diSapproval of all good
union - -Idin, law-abiding democrats.
it; is ft'' eartgerou§ 'movement:,-for
which there Call be` found no reasona
ble excuse:, Dangerous, because it is
a stab at the v.ital principlenfnur
publican formof governme*. es
tablishes Prececlent - thatm'ay lead
to th - c/torist• resarte. Itstirtually .
gives Congress and a majority of the
States the right to interfere with. the
internal and, domestic, affairs of States,
and being, the work of . fanaties,- it
itVll,OASibio 1.o; . ,tell what' the next
" - amendment" will be; or where the
inn ovatidriviti onti
One. of the bells Idhieh'merrily rang
in honor of the passage of the- anti
slayer:l, amendment,. in .Fitchburg,
Mass., formerly-occupied a place in
the Sower of an Episcopal church in
Louisiana; .where it ding-donged for
the slave•hcideys,
Wo clip the above .-note of jubila
tion from ono of ear Abolition ex
changes. ' Since the- war,, began no
conceivable conveyance has gono :
from ,the _Sout4 to Massachusetts
pithout being crammed with Plunder.
Everything that hands could be laid
upon 'has been stolen_ and 'shipped
North., Stolen silverplate. shineson
many it. Yanked • side-board i..stolen
pianos jingle-cut of tune in many a
Yankee parlpr. Stolen - volumes a
dorn 'tho shulves 'of many a canting
Yankee preacher, and it seems that
even .tha pious in Yanket3 land are
TIOW: PoPed to worship bY the sound
of stolen bells. •Well, we cannot see
that even that is inappropriate.
=IV-& notice that -a Petition, nuttier
tously signed_by the. :clergy.. •
tmen th : e„Nprth, has,heen, , present-
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,the hardships of the battle-field.
THE MASK OFF.—MorroW . 'awe,
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and wish 'yourselves YaDlocs