The Lebanon advertiser. (Lebanon, Pa.) 1849-1901, February 08, 1865, Image 1

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mom ortsPueuive tocimaniateopicocoslt.
Neatly coed Protaptiy Executed, at the
Tx= establishment Is now supplied with an,gbzusive
assontinent of JOB which will be inelsesedtas the
patronage demanded - it can now turn oat Psurtins,.of
weer, dentrlptiortwin , •.•neat „n4l,rditions manner—
andegaigirp reasonable.tenni. Batt as
'llnaphlots, Chocks;
COds,, Handbills,
Circulars, Label',
Bill Headings, Blanks,
Programs's", Bills of Bari,
Invitations; 'Hollins. *O4 &t.
&rape of all kinds. Common and Judgment BoNna.
1, ahtlees', Constables' and otber Btairas, printed
eorreetly and !madly on the beat paper constantly kept
rigp at tide Mee; at prices "tn edit ilOstiiiies.7"
Iri,BAbsosiption price of, the LEBANON ADY_Bring,
and a Ifelf a Year.
Address. Vt. AL Bitiesale,
. -
' .... • --------- -.-.. -.... . , t
JOHN -11810110" Ar , .
TORINILY,r , ii:TYLAW ,,..c
WE with A. R. ItillateAllisli; Ointibeili94
treat, nearly opposite iilleuttliOnes. . " .
on, February 9,11166. 1 - - • . .•-. , • • . 'k
.GE, -.4„,„,,,...-/h.„ •
, . ~ g:
Ala 1' ilbatiPisiW 114: 0 1941 5 1* ***lV
ClagON C. Ilentre New Building , opposite the
. Note, Lebanon. Pa.
on ollidnatip Nioalift: l' Y . ' ',
Office •Ta‘iiikeVa' 1 . ':
. 1
s e
" 4 Dr. 113. , k1111 : 01 - 11*Eiriti. -. '
)poricz in ved N Itrilitaiiie. iiii.Ofc‘ii.Ststit
li f T l3 , st 6l lllt e p i noetaaill ij atrirtat ill'l " 7l4 ' 1 :' .ffir. "
veLpbanon, December SS, 1864." . -+1" t. ' A l•.:4
i a , lsoi "fr.,ti. '..
4111 4 88 /DM
241titt -sk. t r ckimw
Enoll removed to Cusubsilwad 02444. #II.IK
Kit of the Lawton Witt
tiotel, Lebanon, Pa.
10 VV .
ik. TO , 4,, 'A LAW,
v.. ,
~,,. .
T.Ai ce 14 ilff reit ofOir V;Traler ~
T it
64 4 ' an4igarktt , tee J.. .. .
04 4 0 I.4xjainelliAtir -.v44 ,
•,,, , i4bizion,itor.tcrilia: -- • • .:. • . . -
• ,
Ail if irOpp l Vr a ,AT ,
owl ;or t
H u i tt t i . l i t v , it arg t, tzie r.,* 0 11,0 4 7:
(Vain Weldman,dea r a. "
bayou. ale, 11,486,1,/,, •
g OVAL. ,
um removed gigion to tiiifSdildidi,ngliodr
etlemdermileti 'a Store, II¢ uie
Lebation, • . •
4BOONTY end l rldtiaoN,olOris
to. . U4 011 8, 1 6.1 -- 4uc•
'II. T.
OX in 1 1 1 tI0!e es Building, Cumberland Street 4
opo6Wlibt#Clenot lion% Lebanon.
non, June 15, 1801. 1 - 6- tt. , • • .
; :te, YRUS II" ' "BOOGEIit ..•
illoo in Walnuteirrntr , nearly . *PRIM° ille'Buck
ROW, and two door* .sontb trv i a Knrrnwnyi,
firdivare stow*. , .. .
tedium, April 6,1864.-Iy. . ' , ~ ~ ~
"; • S. T. ItIcADNAI4 - -
at 6 REMOVED him to-Market Street, oppomite
%the Labanon Bank, two doom- North WW
, I:1w
r Hotel.
I,ettnon, March
.40.4 * icor ma. co Iv ut , so, t w3li-wats. wir
Ititb undetaigned„ having been licensed to' prosecute
locialms, oast hying b«iii engaged tithe Bontity and
Pinion huidite4s,oblita 'bit Peruses to all those who
atit thereto *nailed. in sceoniance with the emulous
acts COnaresl l . Alt tidal, should call' tie eddresit at w
ones, sad make tiWitrapvtlelittintivtwitenteh 4
• BA SS LIM BOY Klt, A ttortory" skt-Late,
°nun removed to Otteiberland Eit., one
• door Zest of the Lebanon - Bank. °prone
the Buck Hotel, Lebanon, Pe, - . Vita. IS.
ifii4Asvare, oppositeditift; 4:et •ifou; e, iebanrm; .1:.
lum undersigned respectfully informs t..e" public
that be bas reeelieVntOtstenslee stick .of the
eboleest and purest' tbiaora er 11,11 deeferiptiOni. Theme
leiLiattoze lie is invarlabt* disposed to sell at un•
recedentedly low prices. • • •-' .
Druggists, ltarmors.notel Amato*, and oth
ers Will consult their own interests by buylng of the
underslgned... . L. R. DEXG.
Wation, Apsll l 6, led.
Iag between O. O. LOWER and 11. W. RANK, In
the W holesale Tobseek Bullpen. under the Sim of
Unoilik...ts t atat, Oda day diemeteed 'by mutual
eoteeekt., The Wetness of the late firm settliti by
either...of the partnere et N 0.146 North Third St.
Viittedelphildnly 1 1864. •
of the let* firm of Lower k Reekie
wilkeapitnne, tAte,, 'holiness as heretofore at Pant
• W. 'RANK.
Phifadaidifit, July` 13,' 1664:—ft.
v4..b,. /PT OF GROUND, In the Deroughaf
- containing *Dont fiNVNIe ACB
dattandn'Velley end Not& 1- S.'
mare - p lte 'road `leadlegg "lidda theft 3 -
Dauphin Turnidielolbe Unlod dada
tinelsiter abent 1 ,/,,ef n Artie. The COI
Lehatenta Jan. IS
• „ .
orlirdideralsitied eil l Bell( at "private sale, bin de
MOO, /Oat Lebanon. The lloosele :a' new
two storryy DRICK , WItb Kitchen attalehed; ill
well Wilt ant *elf arranged vittall ileleeleM
17 coneenieneee. Alen Genera allstb House.
eke Honda, wit Mils of 1 Tradti , Treeel de., on the
prania; n .
n Good , arid Indisputable title alien. Woo far.
Ow in idled apply to •
' 3 JAMBE. IN. ROGRUB,"7tnamith.
labenots, ited74lB6l.—tad, •
Turnpike - EleCtiOn.
linitneg le hereby given that an Mention by the
.Lketeekholders in• the President, Managers and
waft Op 'ad. Dauphin Turnpike road,
repirat the Public Howe of Y. pennetbin,
yerstentn, Lebanon aunty, Pa., on
Monday, the 6th *day .of March next,
between the lifirralto o'istoekr , L. aulkd o'clock,
P • id.. of that day, kw the , patois ot electing one
President, eight Managers, one Traverse, and each
other officers as maybewseasary to. eondua the at
fairs of thweetit Company Attiring the ensuing year.
At the eame time , the Annual Statement of the
Vellillrelf will be latddiefore the Stockholder as new
M. Itrordiiireithe Bawd.
- «r .yr iItENRY Mb President. •
JAM ilittlifiTragtder•
!-`l 7 RI.4N - CE ,3O
. '
The Only Nachinif . ' eligible of making Kora
than One Kind o gle Stitch; and the
Ahdy Ono Ito tl.:-' -
Tie teed may reversed be reveed lit any point desired
without etooping, which i v a great advantage in fan
tenipcibe ende awning.
irba kei moik4lifforent. stachei; 10.k4rnot, dotebto
look, and doable' Isnot ; 'sash Slit& tieribet: dad 'Ante
oh brisastakefebrie. r:
Tslr4hitio whin% wi4 - 46:Tf
flostr btitrien."
It will Timid, Tuck, Quilt, Cord, n e m, y e n, Bind t
lentistif and tor ittrkbidaeottittrabing required by fimv
lisp coaldiaMoone,„, •1 4 . •
The mit ditliculty in usini it.
45 - hp *aim), entire sititelbc•
.iteeto d to do all tat biseinitnini Col , it,
be amtAldf mutt oe' appreciated. •
" 'JOHN Ia. ,, SAYLon..,
of Lebow!' aotiatE,;Atit4illa, pa.
loiliz b ytta agaa the Matthias In operation
ifreiitintbn the Atabt ,at . :Asttrellte, or on
Wm. G. Ward, at Lebanon; " ' .• •
oak Ottagynfin win*, fnrnlebed with hid
eldaaatirealla micas. • t • •
tCr.' *bd . call on tbe
Agehlit 'Masi& at any' thne tioataff*thit
111aAhina and ofElh4Rjta neapla g aa: diet Al! other*.
" ' l ' • •
Plltir:krt AIL
pitiv4l* - i — orittif ce ' ..-. Ii
onp,t4--7--0 4 Mour,A:
Miligt:444.l , 11-- ouir - ~.. •:: r 17 " .
141414.,,.. A Atoditiitit
. - :41 41 '1.1;r• --•--
- kND w% -Ran.
tabitiliwySe WM:I -it , onA Alms tummy?' 4
tiONS Continental Hotel, Phtladslyhie.
. .
• •
C .
VOL. .1
~rioniii . OF
Pe Propertri
. 1 •v- L. , ~:, ', i
WV he bites', hit s', ' :'
Thw i s 4 y„lpriarg,24, . 05,
nAt the res 2%ii ethstriberfflß 4 Tltin
township, on the farm of Mrs. Debstf, 2 intWe from
~ ' , •,the Mlle Personel Property. via'.....„.;,_
Big If ' (three °Mint ewe elleittinelft
11 4, , C(TWS, S impus o kiiiikw
tb rm. one 2 ra, and one -4-- , agear 16iffereittf
1 Broad wheeled and ''l narrow wheeled four he*
Wagons one ;1 itersogamm,' good ,litnilituth Sled,
WaIDr,IhNIY:.3 SW Hik ladders,, Horse • ear
!Di m ple, (2 ' f:thine iffii, Saddles and ' niFnik niin
', Licrlngei,'4Actu a Harnites Shari*: irtfC
ov ir
Cu tdvittliT;CbitTldb , Corn `Plenii,, - Corn - it,Fr.
Seed prM, p i reslitriglWaohine Ith r ilfp .1 ) tit . ,
Wind rill, ~ ireeibd, Reaper, '( ' ,i l , a 4t .0 4
De...e!ekeit , nd - Heller Chains. 11.16 ess , dlep.' , ...
Also, netiallitove, !Olga Table,'Y other aril
eleirtbOletruntretter tit trienDon. ' Onle„lncomtebtfee at
12 , eib100k,' , 31., whin ' terms wilt 'hh
he'medeil'int bY "
' ' HENRY STAND ';-•
Oho; S. litivor.-Anctfoneet. ' ' ~" " ,' '
3 # 11 "rr4 6, P14 - _ -....: '.
' ',
, - .. .14.4
-- ....itr
mom be sold at Public Bale, on. . '. . , ' i
.11111 _
Tr t in ,E l L Y4 •Fließ dig
by thlk ai tif iiti l , He 4 h ellsoon
cantle ,- - tEU7d 'lead VilleMstown to
Flickinger's More and tavern, near Kilnefeltersv Ills,
to wit :
3 HORSES; 7 fene -3 ~ *his and - olio 'IL jai o'd, 4
MILCEI COWS, 3 WELTERS, heavy with.calf, 2
ifailltlillrlAULLla.~... , . Youtweettle, 3 SHEEP,
3 4 : 1,14 , ,-, ~, , r Herm -DietttetiOn "MN - ORP, .U .,. ..8RAT, - ,4
6 , g t•I '"•„ ' agen,..2 Plans, 3 Harrows; 2 IShogel, „W.F.:
Toni; e'. • • lobt; - frorit"'Cuftlietor; Hey
,and - Wooll
' Ladders, Tanning:Mill, Whitabirrows, Horeb-liielfra,
Colter+ and Bridles, 1 patent She
Way, Rake, 1 Threashltrg
and &Mini Mich ine,•l Com:ller, Shoveledforks,
Re l itee„S innie'and Double Trpti,. Trappe, bzgr;,, cktr.
Halter End Fifth Milne, L. t , ,i, ' . of Splitting
Axes, Witerien‘ Breuer , 4 . • -aii. pouitovA by the,
buibetAtppreitti;ttar by' the ' Li.; Hey by' .the 'Ten
I t ea
ands'greet teeny other Mite* to numero us to , men: .
. .
Me a n ot . :
eto commence at 1 'o'elficki - P. 111., when -, teems
w ill be made known*
, . ' , • . •
SS Nat, Auctioneer. '..
' 4Auttaiy 26, • 1865:
S ,:tIBLIe'i',SALA
W ILL ba sold at public Bala, on
Satu day, the 4th mitt-of:Morq,tl,B6s,
at Palvp,tiktidpiiderry bit/n . 11144 Ciebandu county
by the undersigned, th, following property, els :-
1 Elegant well trained HORSE, (entire bay,) 4 years
old, S MlLoll,oolLtid, 2 freed!, and 1.111H.Y.R14,1 good,
Breeding SOW,aititint ti tons'of *ood HAY, I two horse
Wagon, as good as new, 1 Spring.pisen, 1 Rockaway,
1 Sleigir-1, .Wheelbarrow-,PlowtOulltrator, Peed Drill,
Hahn*, pcirn Plow, Hey Ralf IlOntsiheller, Wlndi
Itillialuders, &rifle Cutteling),ding-ifrotrai,
SCYtheCWOrns.dbterels, Con Oh tins, Le., Maa r sett
of Planks for wagon, a double sett of Caere, (Tankep,)
as good namely, 1 nett of fine Harness, and, other hip
names, Vine leather Fly Nets. aid other Farming im
plernents. Also, 1 large oorprat. KRTTLE, 2 Snivel*
with pipe, 1 Double Rolling Knife, Table, Chest,- Wood
Chest, Secretary, dturean, Rocking hair,.34 dozen
Chairs, Settee, Children's lied and Bedstead, S Day
Clock.a 'Splendid' Smooth bore Large' üb. and
a variety of articles too mammals to mention.
!Pale to.commenoe no 10 o'e logic, A. 11„-.. when condi
tions of sale will be made 'known by • ,
Personal Property.
1411.-_ US
/1. 1401a i saabliplale, ose .l ' ,
Wednesday, Febaary 22, 1865 ,
On the promisee of the suliscrlber in Re fi t', lianairer
ieweehiP. near the Masa Canal, 'boil( 3' tittles, from
Uarper's, 2 miles from lieliview arid 2 miles and a
hair from New' Market' Verge, the following • termini
property, sirs: ~.. , -•
3 Draught •ROlitiliK 3 SMOG COWS, 5 need of
YOUNG emus.. 6 SUKEP, 1 three horse Wagoniq
Rockaway with Mimes', Wire Hey Rake, big - and
Spikeranning Milt, pair May Ladders, Shovel and
Spike narrow. Cultivator, lioree Gears Rridles,,Cal
lars, Halters, Crowbar, Grabbing lion, PicksiShiatids,
Yorks. 2 1.1 Chains, COW Chains,. Sing le and *able
co D
Trees, Gnu. §t9M.1.1 dittP. Lot SCrlitnr..*". l :ll;r4sjpil
Planks, Potato.ellii thit 'as'hel, Red andlierbrioud,ls -
ble, half doseK .Store with Pipe, Cheit. Inc,
Neat. Stead, Tait Barrels, Dee Ifire, 3 Saddles;
antLurany other article'. .6. - --.. , •
%hp tOcolanagpce at 10 fieloyk ,A. ld ~ when ': terms
Wighe dna; haseenw . i
I : ~, di...: ~.......- ,
?Zags* lisctioneer. 1
Jinnatry 25. 1365.
• --iii LE.. -
. ..., II
t Plar i
1111100... st „ ,17 . 4- ) •..-
..I,r *Sale, at tue bouts) of the
supeerl . ' i.- 7- el Townoblii, Darks County,
at Norco:me Ca Mill, on
Thursday, the 23d day of-February, '65
th . . wing Per
„ property, vie :-...,
v IMISig ' ' need to work eight or dau
b, , .er egfelp. fix*, 'Harness foilive hinds,
as .. . 2101e.' Se.. 2 Ilit&D„of - SIIERKI A
El : i ir, 2 four s.', - ,one.very MeV glutted
far the hone", IWa ' itei.fpr tieblirt three horses,
I tllfekstooWagon, strong enough' for throe hereon,
Siet:Plotighe, Harrows. Cultivator, Patent Hay Rake,
Cora Omagh, Hay *
Ladders, Wood Ladders ,, , *Own
It i a_yosentoskidiliae,paud Cori, Jackscrews, Crow
Sari, petrels, i real.dresies.with Pipejgßet of Yankee
Hittneip,`lfalter and. *Odor K.L og and Pifth
Chains, Trace...and -other clushisnahly and Dung
Mats, Crain Cradles, Scythes, Rake ke a kit of Mill
P irks, Bushel *easteeetiabinnehol lifillikure, Desk and
Drawer Stead, u-lor.afrd Wood, AO many other or
tides to numerous to Mention. , -
Sale td caunneftlnant"l o oarlock. A. M. when condi
tiors,llll be made known br the enbleriber
. , 40NATIfild P. SMITII.'
litiiiinr. ihneetreAttlekletro -
Pawner: I, Dlifte---c:;
-4 .0 2
Personal Property.;-
ley :407 ):, • MIL
WILL be sell at; public sMe;:ott, • :
Tuesday, February 514th, 1865,
it the .F‘11111;1111Cei of the entieerlb er„ in North Lebanon '
toWnfl!lPLebstiPri .Conurp. on the iOII4 ;FOrat
Lebanon to.ltoloberitotin,Rti rage*. frotio Lens :
34 - a, Mita from Eimmerlinee _eilarch and 11,1 1 / 4 Wife
EirelhOt'A tavern, the ftlifiw big Poison,' Irtof - ,
erty, • ;
yeart and the other ' 1 year old. 4h:lldt COWS, 1, Oralb';
Hlfllllß, SUREP, 4 UN34I, 1 .Breeding SOWA
one or'two Rohe Wagon.' SOrhig Wagon, sett of, illy.
Ladders, I two horse Sleigh. Plow, spike end shovel'
Harrow,' Windmill, Straw Stench, Baker, Hay
Plains, 3 setts , d ;
Base eett or agottitlyiEh,letst_
Scithes, rirtilie tow, odinstrrotW , ;eirbieleh , timi
numerous to mention.-
Sale tstoongpsnce ■ o'cloltk g...when lame ;arm
be made ItnckWithi • , • • • • , 1
- • liTuun't lIOLDEItIttigt.
B.BZ/fltaa, Auctioneer. , ,
intittary . 1L,t1,8011:', ,
ripliM Widelylined liar fog sold out their business to
.1 Mr. thififillhilki god!" on who are indebted to
them te'Partliiir amounts to Mr. Shenk, suit ail who
base eistmi againeedhitti to: ileinteit. thbni , stktheir :at.
their store, zio,dot Market st
4 Philadelphia.
t 66
.Lebanon Car twin : 4 01 I! IR'
. Llittillikiir Willi aillitiAMlN4
. ` - iataileb
iIIIE Betbeelters to theiteneediNtle OS" , mr '
L Iron Works and Rolling Mlii talik eir.,.
ed to meet sitthe4eurt tibnee,teiertodi '412/SeerdeYe
Use 224 414 2 9f Stbreary 1866,itt 2 &clock, P. -ICI- for
the pupae of organital* iwir
' * f ~ CelleGLONltefigthi..., '-; ::=Ciinieueht A
, lionettellaftati -,-.: -.• ,1 , l', ;- rittg ni (r.n
irearur _, - nf,,,,,0, L ia ro.4tarlat4.ol 5 , 0 0 00Z0. its
jij glom.
..tii-{iri-oitter.N ■'-Gans:.: % - '1!
10'fi'ill?iFleiy ! iiiii1tarfirifirf. iv liiiii'd " - til i
Southern Journal :
Kft i trg lif ki t " l l l4:l 44(4if er aliA :"'
h r episi s.. a ilietto I f '
By idlegisigralfirgilitiSloggkol,
Or WSW: fplarinVidit i lksrust4llTibekloits,
And by opposing get Billed—to die, to sleepy
(Oil tifitialte*lSFAtiLliii:efilTillit
To rest, by.alloyut country'siwjehas blest;" ~
Aid live forever—((that's a consummation! P..;
JueuViiiiitllseeilitir.) ,To, msle, to light—.
Tcr'ititiff 14inalitille:toi dial ;aye, ,theres. the
S'or while I'en asleep thee.:l4lto.oare et . wrir - ji
.4400 . , tkibeiL then .*.Bill, Zdir fit' th iit 'tower
Who'd f eed iris, hey ? Thep* the
1 have g thliti tVid istes . syteetNi
For whrvrolita bear tb•Th7 tom ill,
Plow Dobbin vet th i eloi r i t 'op t , , ~.....
KBANs i teilit (OA c14: 4 4 atm ~ .
ICI m . 'Oka - A li.M! - •.• •,. :. y iT
nolit, on., , t,,* b6iii Y!.wito4iiifoir nil t ' ..
Woult.patnitithei por my debts; when Airitd.f:
Beulah.' ;the dread' at ionidth lig lifter Weatit4
Vitt. lin a iscii'vefeil .felibie 4 Ohe'cleVefl Maly, - -'.
5ia)10 , 64 li4igtV.4l44li 4035'; -... '. .1 : •
4iiii:imiket Joke .woucto.sisky at borne :e"' ~, ...
'Sposissily , a4/Irein'teisd-Withlrabody.:'
Shorts and bullets make Oneritidit'ot be 9, ,
Atiskill'eg.d , nYAilt)t•P*Oic?.#4#l';' .
4_l44QTRAiiii- Orol l ial4iikaelmi. ~0 F.ers.
Arsbto lie.:eompared with foe thor/bod., :,..,“:f ; '
. , ,
„, t, sint 1 11 Pf
Alba forty years since there --liven
in the' town of Tobiniridge; in
folk,, short; sharp featured, Mr-Skiir
tin; Winn,. tit Uo apparently haiFno ant
cappition, but profeasedi to We 'll
laborer; and really got hisAiring'
# l464 Pit bY:l:l l 4o l tilg:` , "ffia,o 66 o l '
nae•r wiis".Richard,Brewn,, ,but the I
townsfolk of. Wondhridge,`frolia "sane
thee, ro t,Ny bh ifteadlit
of IthrehoYeillatttee thb
Richard into Sturimiyoind by . that
naineleAns.itlitnys k...freWth very
one afraid Stumpy Brown-;
he, lived in the out:Skirts of the town,
on the kartlesome Toad, and rarely
Crau - bled himself to converse': rtio
with this
was generally to dispose of it hare; or
game of some desoription, which he ,
nearly always :had in stock. His
&Vas in additinn to' the knee
breeelie& of the period, and the usual
ly bright-colored vest,. was a long
brown,coatflof, 'r,,eryLshatiby appear
ance, and a loose felt hat, which be
v,over- bis ~14arplead,
cola, silty eve', /gallon =,_niatignanv,iy.
from under its brim..
,any barn of,Brown, beyond that
he was a surly, ill-conditioned sort of
fellow, who shunned his neighbors,
and , was a. known poacher, but yet
dint.° were suspicions and rumors
abroad,about him, whieh, if , true .
would ave brought him to the gal
lowa. , Sand few years before - the
time of which I speak three murders
had occurred at various intervals in
the neighborhood of Wood,bridget
which, considering the nature and
size'of the town, was. , a very startling
eireuntne'pilstance., ,pf none of these,was,
rpairn:L`F krion n. 11n °Meer
of a. regiment quartered in Woodt
bridge hnd,been drinking in the'Red
Lion pahlie house on thn Martlesome.
roadl, he , had been seen and recog
nizeif hero';. `- on : the &linWing morning
he was found, in k by ; , 'his
throat cut, and isy pizieliets , einpti.--.
The captain - of a, 4orwegto
vessel, thou. the „port; after ,
ho had been missing . for tea aitxtip
Ata r afound in a pntrespent,kondition :
bottom the hotto of the Twer, lip in
a sack, witliont therliate elfin as '6,
where or by ivhonyhe luta libba mitt
dered. Lastly, a farmer of the,mace
of Aighton, Whose property was, in
the neighborhood, was known to haver
gone into Woodbridge of the Market
day ; he did not return home in , the '
evening, but on the following.,morning
his bbdy.was found in a barn by the,
side of "the road behind, the town,.
whibli?it was necessary for him to
traverse on his way back. • His head:
had . heen, apparently`by- 1
some blunt instrument, and his pock
ets rifled. More attention appears to'
have been excited by this miirder ,
than:in the two 'fofinei 4 elle& The
ofpcer and the niititttiziWire sti angers,
in-the -town, and with - regard to the -
Nbrwekian skipper's case, it was the
general - opinion tkat some of the yes
eel's crew were connected with.the
this instance, the vic
tim was no stranger. FarmerAigh
ton well knowu,, and respected in
WOodhritigeinlid had: been seen aria(l -1
npoken•tb,by•inany•of , his friends on
the very day of his assassination.—
The.gnmest was,lfteldjfiCin ~thetwo'
othbr can but evidence Mkilit.bcf;
dared as!to th r e e , author of . thcrerime.
Justice apiciiiratcrihain betiaardy
in those times, at ...any rate in that
quarter, of 'the world ;4 PPVPS•daYEI , it
-woiildirtheed astonish us ilionld three
undiscoyeted ,murders „spread, their
dark islinhoAiii `ilusPleinn intr lekr
ori3T l oinglq§ulfll tiolv3lP within ifll9,'
course of ten years.
Althongli 'dviiienne his been
brought,befor,e the authgritiee,tend
ing to inculpate anyindividual with
thktiffitlet - Of. 41,0:Viiii'.0t , IMO:
of suspicion, as directed by the good
'people El f ., TbObridge,:itfd to
'Stumpy Ist•dw - h; He as ttiowti to
%afirpAcliBdl4 - iligifil4e#l/001nide
*P d btitailcicuStA `MCI
and" t Alen 'with a F l o n
1 tartal I
fete; `h a rt''
-10000,1wMAtio,„"VK IkWAPPIT.
,who interfiSM w t 13 . e enhtira
riared his 4 likOd,:rd in corm
"q4rtiblKel !ranpuriafggir and
neigh Mit a. re am • Von-
ISAUUAL -330)1Zr.
a .
' ll -- 4.- -it: 2 .l • 414 .
''''''' ,i i 1 Ottg attr,rg. .
ditine lit? , 4lint,i)r tliroUg P
Mar. liene4 V'ail fa it
t not 'in
irohabfe th* ) W * 2 ' i
inuidired' fat to, ' . r' fill
hikexeourta4 t) f it'd & ir.
inisnitions. ' atiai 4 116 ` a
peopie -rk9t* 'WSW a i ti
th " ' ' gelt '
cerning - W*, 1:1411. '"eti ". *yip ,11, 1
g ) Ib4 I!°":.atite rty :SA litioi
timpy lime ' a ti' , tiiii tiar.
ft ;
I .
Ileifslbhi tii.lia ' ' zibitrii Or ' l ti l e/
sulky old n .Yietti. ii+3 4 ,nkeillt 4 #l,
ekenl o the igabit . +vf"tia Veluk'
itittrder&. I * Ittpreatieg 'fis a
ileetorin Ole 'to c and bern i efSti.
of ' fishing or s ina. iv6heVei"
eould'steal theil ' tatti4d'tb tiutfr
the' siegtjaintante iidd tioivii, wi t .
al4ays-knew w• t .-a b*ii Va l - lbr
tin old Pilie. Ite . iMed to talib '
fitikY, tb me, ist ' ient4A'll
ev'enitiehave 4 a
in in - 11d trier ' : ithihriffif
member' well 4v7elking with liihtat
tini l hitakcif the;' tbAin.. I tiVvier gave
the hiaittredenee to the reports about
Stutnyy, and taerefore hid' rib hesiti
Lion ni referritig to the murder. '
"Ah," said I . ,4)Ointing tcra, 'part of
the road t‘thati3 ufhere they murder
ed.Aightoti, vasullt rl, ' . ' ',<'_
' IWourn startedit little, - and said, "I
*lob 1' Ml', '''.) MI 4oulliii't tit] k'on - them
sort of things +Far arietipliesant. l T
never'• heerd nrdeh '' abont it, ' - il'ever
Iteerd mubli. ll`;duty - 06e' that be ''iis,
plaV6ral;4her say sti;'but my `opinioU
lit that that's farther' allang, not that
I should know alicitit it." ' - '
I bite ti head``'muttering :to
Meisel f aikd' once feittfd MIT . ' Staring'
WI) cXyebn difick• in ' . `ai • VerY Intent
Manner. I' B wailed him by lily ap
pearance,' and he said; . "that'S' deep
down their, sir, Very deep. That
would - easy - drown
&he Were '- . 14!"" And then he
1 . .
Preeall' Heise eirehmstances-now,
but at tfie'tiiiie I • thought nOthing of
them. Towards the end of the year
1820;. tho .. 'stiall-pox.fhioke out in
WoOdlikidge With great ',violence; as
it did in Mithy towns of Bast . Anglia'
at that period. the help' and
care' that'obuld be obtained Awere re
quired for the hundreds of , patients
who weibiddily off `'by this
terrible + disease. - My master and 'I
had the greater part of the work to
do. A pest house was established,
and , the individualsiappointed to take
charge of it , . toveetive the .patientii
and stiperltitind the nursing; were
Stumpy Biown and! biarwife. Old
Mrs. Brown,*hem I.`,:luvie int yet
mentkined, • had been wedded to .
Stumpy for foiV-earays
When the pest_ broke: out, rurLL Atuinpy
und his wife were — getting - old folks,
the marks` of sixty winters were be
ing upon them.' I, however, •found
Brown an excelleet assistant at the
pett-honse; as be slimed to possess a
very great amoun't, of sang froid in
dealing. with dead ;bodies, which tali
valuable quality. Although, as we
before said, among; the educated of
the towns-peopld no more . was-1
thought of the rim
or that Brawn • '
bad murdered Aighton, yet the low
er clitssas still Feared hint. Mrs.
Brown+ bad all alonglshared-the,same
dislike as , her hushied. It' w said
that she.had the "evil eye,l' that she
Was a witch, and vallibits other disa
greeable things: When, therel'Ofe",
the &actor placed !my gold acquain.
lance Brown'and his-wife in :charge
of the pestlhouse, it was not wonder
ful that many of the poor were afraid
of going- there, and" tried hard to be
allowedlo remain in their own hoineS.
•A Mrs. Fitch; whoa° hnsband+wal
smitten,with thei disease, and was to
be sent to the pest-horisei/ begged)
+hard that he shoult not go, x. "Ife
.knowS, sir, that bt BrOWn! i that 'Ol4
hang gm," she said;', i'snd that's Sac
tin he'll never come., out But
'aeon - rig° no heed - ,conld; be paid to
this, and Fitch weitt. iii. , two
he became much
. i brfie, itdd said lie
should like to see the clergymen be;
fore he died.' Theiioctor pasited with
me - on our regular round, and I de
spatched Brown % for' the curate - of
'the parish; Fitch Would last another
day;, , we-both; , tholight,
him with Mrs. Br+rnovent into the
next ward. Whca--' the clergyman
I went up td s iid tit44iittiin
ter the
,epteleinieT hadpi i med
and f4rgotßtilniPY BrOwivand Wood:
bridge, until the :folleiving,fitets wtre
narrated to me .about se+en years af
-terwards. ' _ _
It appeared that a man_ of the
namovdt Green was charged at'Wobitt
bridge with , burglary., This moi l
knew was an old 'co4anion' of
Brown's, and seemedulwayn_tp.
a sort of very mysterious connention
with bin. When awaiting bin trial,
ho wrote to Browne thatt finless be•
came and swore tifalidlilibi" for him,
he would lqt hiw I,#,rowo, l lnnwn.r
Browirdid' not come fbiwird, and itc
cording!), .when pi kin, Green turn
ed king's evidenee, ariolimplicated old
Stumpy iq the WO:oer Farmer
Aighton., ft was neaily",thisty years
•sin ce tie mil efii.Ouirtifid, tynd"fA
was nOW rime - . .:Wheth.,
er L it .i . mka..pookivtrotiii - ztla like; .
.and tlie time *BiliffiadtilapeNteince
the murder, whither default oI
evidence, finfekedbalayabitt Brown
who ICh tried
co iiir,tateVitigeasati - d: siatrb ter •
t u d e , m ,: tgoi. remainder von t ,
gone to:Sotlir W 5
0 11 4, 44etirt
wtror4,* j vakipl
3 130i/16 0 k xi ft:
drowned. Then one
.7 1 1 1 1=a;st
e i p t a t e ipi - • -.775 1 4711. I All!.; Ili ?f i e) *11 .1 :: I
_~~ ; _
' ..;- 17,
.' . I i 'o '' i*- 1b it .. I: :„,' . ' 1,.: Cr.
ij AR 8 !Sart,:
vlfictio • ,: a b .I' , Yo - -- ii . *vita'
Ntit'ehttigalm: ‘Aiir "Lee ;iy illitri
desth - 6eoutotbidoitseciPesimiki
Virioncepeakitos warx. ow) keikorohc
'1F4 , 111 leßitelitt e .„, ,15);)
ut w An .moto t
„to • * map
Petig Bei: iii' het a . , iligid'
"iftit a lib a tiliOni!' '' - 1
... 1 belt! :
tiktAtitotiMittOa 41101raidtiNwrli
Ihsopttgliairsoti Ipilkheoriutdir this
shfritirPiig4pkriloirthAAP, moksVitii
hor.lost Rolrfr i sho i * A I zipht i o
Oifoliott to t o inisforo .1 jiig Mum,-
iiPsliOire;taiiiil tc l aiiiiti : l **Orr',
thictrliptet inaiNat.d 410ittlitio*%ho..og
PYfial. 4 : l bed AD, essnre for him' if
ks dfid.2 When he seuto.forthe clergY
211"?..whppYitell vas ,a oylntr, , ,Sturn
py int, says be, "hi:l'l3A going
to hiakixou beatatop J;know-,
wi t t t,h e, meae t atßak:;the
nilloN;Pn-. l ,ja-facee : you; :were.
gone.,, went ofr:quit9; easy and ,
PlAPtit4.tiike k aP4:llkblid4. l oPg l 9 l4s re
ar.lTlfs.loq. .
(49Pthiltri; paaBo.) Stumpy
owld•Aighton, "cause he prosecuted
m, and; ,that o warAt, , I like• he would
stand that, rStAmpy'li,
yer sap% hang, and ,I , ainL far off 41y.,
insg Ci 9 MOM quiet like now I
haVe l I
,Oin34, .mindi.,,,That's get
ting the cold now, I feel as if that
were a kind "o'smothering-tue. Oh,
Lord And thus the, old 'woman
ditd -Nr,r_great publicity was giverr
en Mrs. rani s confession and to
many the Woodbridge murders are.
still a' MYstery: '• ' '
, The• following, account of some sin
gular phenomena of recent date, and
in a remote part 'of the world;is talc-,
en' from a vollime 'entitled. "Savage'
Africa," etc:,
'by IT. Winwood Reade,
chap - ..thirty-first: - The•sebne is Ma
earthy -Island, an'iOngiiikh -military
post_on,,,the rivAir•Grambia, on the west,
coast of Africa •
- At the commencement rainy
seatkr t n In 1860, - * Mr" Beale, a staff`' as
&slant surgeonywas.seited' With Ma ,
larious;_ favor ..; The' :Dover akrEeed.
soon after,
.bringing Mr: Campbell"
to relietic him. Beafe, was taltin,
•"'",17,' 1 7:7! 7i -•- -
with the captain orr' - f deck, Went be
low, and explied almost immediate-
Mv, , Irestrail, his- colleague, sat
down to i write i ont tbe,,ease. It isstill
preierved in the. niediculiepOrt.bocidi
at the 'B - pigeon's, quarters." = ToWard
the-end the handwriting,dhangespie
twines uneven, and sotnetitabs Scarce,
A law boars ;afterward
T,restrail was a corpse. The two
surgeons were buried' together:
Id.r:'Campbell wrote out a report
of Trestrairs He slept- lalifine
quarters fh Abe.• - same i bed
whichAhe othsraliad ditd.
Mr. Savage is a trader cm tbe
land. A. few days Atteiward Camp
bell came to Win add atilieci him to
give 'him a bed. SirageT complied
with•his -request.
"Don't you lilts ycur ,quarterar be
"No." , replied . Campbell.:t r
seen Mesile,, And," hq: added, ".
eigo - my
p pm! , wife and
' sow: died. , Ito im
portaanwyvas Attached to- his : ; words.,
"I have seen' Ileale.! ,Itwaslfiappos•
Ted to be merely a dream. Of Whibh ho
had spQken. The words,thetnselves
would have.been'quite .forgotton had
it not - bben for:that *hid) afterward
I oceurred,
This commandant'S ilutifteris . i . a de
tached building, stands Abnutfifteen
yards from the surgeons' quartera, al- - 1
so a detached ,building. Affientry is ,
staljoWed over eadh. • Capt. Wilcox "
, and Dr Bradshaw were sitting one
evening in the piazza of the command=
dant's quarters, whch theY . heard a
=shriek from, the other building, ands
soldier; liVid 4ith frigirt, and withniit
his muskets.islied lad the piazza.—
Captain Wi leO4; atippeitng him draak
pile him under arrest. • • '
The. next ifitikhing, being examin-:
ed, be dedlgred that ;while oh guard
att i lr .trgeoes' .41eartera, a gentle. ,
man dreaseirin black .had come to
ward'ili. I V"' •fied 'Waver seen Mtn .
hefdfe:r• Hi challenged °h't& and get'
no The, gentlemen dentine
ed-kilt :he , viAs close ; to. him 'rho 89117_
try, thriate," . heq r o, run hire through, if .
;hesdid net . ausAver the chailcinge.—
"Getting no . ansiid . i; hi' . threat, and
saw the . bayonet pass through the
body; .T4o7:figure gibbered at him
and, toqqed away.. .1 t., .yrns then . that.
he ,h ad sliriekel,dri.lPPe4.ig. musket
atiil i 'fa i ii."tiWay, 'Biciiinined ' I:4 Dr.
Breditlitia.: t , iCei.dieVizi 66a ,5 ii 46 'figure '
closely ; the face, height and dreste
tallied precisely with — tlioate of IYI.
Beale"( whim/. thersititry , bid"never
`seenv't ,tc,-. ,7 0., in..yi..,-. i ~ -• ..,, , ~ .
DrsiviVrailishaw aud'ltirill-sieit in
the buildiugin aiparateif'doniai Altapy
: hearil miiiies; Vie cause of `which' they:
llidlnit'know,liat to :which-theypaill'
littleaattentien at the. titioi. l 'l'. h .-. •
Draiirliaeltr i thyPiirill'iro iiitniii iiil:'
-They ;fileiltilliottiiii. , ; J.l4..'"llleirith i
3remqiiiitrttiptiOteWintli, l 4lgd l dtii t en *
4biit•tithe bqdg "rkfieile 'fblllei. H '
walla toßatirlitit;''in . ''retkfhg&'ifi!
soainifsih itiits9t4f..'Dg gia. ) , ifiktfi la
4 it
0 04Aotriliwoh4 wit thiiiiiie
,lifffii lartiakpitaibiliii“filkihatitL
stdo3othfitiMf glilpViagelif w geß3lo l
Loom, (tbsl4-VelietitligValva•itie,lfir
WI TOLE NO.„81 6
pt; D,,,, e it
,„ Werrni:hbely of six-
teed. i etentre one.
Daz4,hrefreireby—from milionf:l bad
thestespertifiniate----now ,hoard , pecu
s o ,;,he night. in 0, 0.- p,ifil'or
as n , ' - ,there wets a taklo , on Whlcti
Wei their 'teit thinliii aftei
thiogiNig IS with ibehi.i 74 i11i /Of WA
flair soilaps , and sitaiDetwolegbed to
#lo.l.o_ PlgYflitnas,:itr.seeexa4
ioiicid`liislbed. thcieghi at =firit
that . . hese were I hats which •11 ad ;fa ,
bwcstlithe floon.and: were. unable IA
Ile. , But he could-never find them,
in the Morning. Then he stipposed
that they were' miee.
Oita night, leateadlof going to .. Ped,,
he kept his candle alight, andeet on
a chair, with,li.iiick•across liaknee,
Waiting for theSe mice ,to come out..
Ite'Peard a soliad at the further end
c;f-tileiroom. It weelike it ii aii *al k
ing - qiutiottely, Imi-tiptoe. Thiva r oundl•
came topward i •Atra, , biit he , could :seal
nothing. lie spained • his eyes, put
could See nothing; Then the,•foot.
steps 'passed= cloßd to hint; yet he
could see nothing.'"'
Doctors ore essentially' Materiel ,
Ws - . Dr. lifacharthy knew : that •the'
strangest tieghts, and - SeAnds can
eking' from a djsprded`storeach or a
°hooked secretion'. Brit When he
mentioned his hallucination to Dr.
Duggan, and Dtiggan•replied that he
had Peen troubledyin the same Inan
became perplexed. "Still it ,
diirnot, occur 'tio. - "theiii - that these
sounds were; . siiPernataiiii: The
mind , of man is inveese to believe that
which: it cannot. grasp.
the course o. eonvefeation they
happened to speak to Bavage aboutit.
He replied if it was , coalmen
"Oh, don't you know,
the house is haunted'" ark]. related
the.affair of: the. sentry,
Oe g returaingp theirquarters; be.
Duggan observed that• his boy was
looking ill, apd asked him what was
the' Matter. The 'boy 'said, he did
not`kao*, b ut perhaps it ivas his
sleeping, in the• open air. 15 n 'being
.naked iielmaiukt.x.bfainut.U"idiff!--
WniateelnOr relactance, that he had
gone' to sleep . en 'the Ant reef of the.
bonne, bee - lase a tail' man in whits '
used to come and wake him up, so '
ihitt he coald'get rest. This" boy
I ifteiviiiid examined myself. He
told me "tlat- it Mime and pulled him
by the 'emir, and - said.
Wake wake."
When he awoke lie could See softie
thing white moving off in a manner
which be said was 'not walking, nor
flying; but ) tiornething 'different from
;what he had ever seen. I' offered
him fivh'shillings, (which. to him
wouifi- he a if he would
sleep~th'ere that nighty ei-en olterlpit
to 'keep 'him company : .llh looked'
frightened - Mid refused.
Drs. Irdieitrthy and Duggan after
that slitt Ili" the Beni() rootn.
now, which is very extraordinary,
these twe'iiiim, materialists 'by edtt-.
cation,' 'lying broad awake ) with 'a
light bilinitig in the rhom,would beth
'hear tholer,ttoises, and Would cell etiiih
other's ittentioh theft% at the time;
the heavy boidiea thiii , ed in the bee l
tre of . the rooth, the plates rattled on
the piskii, and* the light foot
steps passing between both their
beds,' ' '
A few vieeks since a Man, only
some five' and thirty, or thirty eight
yeareold; *eat 'at? theoafa Abe:also,
Paris, and said to the mistress : "1
with .you would retain No. 13 for me
this evenirig. Lay plates for eight,
and have dinner on the table at seven
o'clock preciaely. : Ir leave the - laelee
tion of,oil. `GiRe _us
a dinner cif fairedollars head, wine
inelndtd. is a 'bank hots' for
840; four times eight are thirty,twd;
the change, eight dollars,' is for the
t aluarter before seven be re.
turned`; he was shown into No. 13.
;Ili *eked fora pen, ink, and paiiei.
After he'received -them he `tore
sheet 'of paper into eight several parts
wrote something' on each ',of them,
ind , fibieed one cif Ltierif on inch, plate.
When Ftlie Clack stinekreeielf, he said
to 'till % him..
paiViieteu." the appointed time
he 'to'ok his seat at 'the tithiceitind said
to thettiatotindelf baiter: "Seite .- the
just the . Sainales If ell' My
gdeitii 7 were 'The': waiter
obeyed; and plated a dish drabfiri'on
; each plate, managing While' doing so
to read the name on the plates. fle
found nothing 6fOtiper
,hutcriNt irie; •fii '
so,lll, Whin'
, w4i
heiit hack to the -kitchen,
the,944 guest he ,plik,44. The.
rumor, reached , uf opiter
01 1 We honee °neeanapeete.d
i'aftiehg. affidw, 'it the
I ;s'anitainerr 2 drAiiiiad
mittar., is‘liteluie'd.
w hie..,o o .lTPt i'l4 l ,4l 3 93 l wairktUf.viltl
I .01 - hia
overcoat:?d' P i t 9 l o ,
Pjinl; vaf .
eq.l.Cetng. i 4 ri 0
Np-tifiri . bat l ) , iedtkstrdag4oiiarnob
, l hater t virmiiftindidiilkdiweurmal
IsCRAtr.. iwOkreao.rtralt,reetit we:home.-
t 1 9„ulok;;;• , Tie
(I„yat oner smi returned lialitn 'the over‘ ,
}neat Mastni and servant instantli
i5l gitritetion:
. .
By Wsk
. $ R L 1
241 Story of Poach's. New. WWl*. Alombiwte
At One poll s i r antlitty Cents.
.115 r Anviansascrarsitilllperted at the tonal rasa 155 F
46^HANDBILLS Printed at inkaars
RASEELOW•RMAtiII; ."?".• 7 ,
In Lebanon Countyasests& fsO4 -
In Pennsylvania, out of-Lebiarcogr county 5 ointejlei
quarter, or 20 centre - . •
Out tbso43(atel-6% co' Per quarteriarUctiras7ser
tithe panne is not 10a . 54-in sac het rata-efivioutle
searched the,r,ipockets,; they found
neither lettedurk. vlsiting cards; but
they discovered -two-small pocket pie
tole *ere Idaptied ard: laidliod.
Tibeisnaater; drew the pliargeSleft,ties
calatW,thtl!fil,iPßPMr,ritlf&C44 ,t4,l?_emAtt
the PpeAtek kkadi 3 -thivormt
carry, fil6.pverixatbiek to the
ve t e bb eat% itstilt
the witlter- asked
strange gikest-. 4 -if lre..wodhl talek baf
~ How, many -.cis7l4
1 , ,,Mg ) lit, of course " . The eight - 01 51 k
were “NoW 101V,V me; wimp,'
I''want' you I. *AT .14ne the teit ty l- ,
Thel'weite - r:•retii.ed, ahut.lthe tooi x
an d.,pat:hissye:to Aire keit,
see what was goingto take,
soonaktbs guest, was h,f l .
heaved a deep sigh, - ratio; uref3 , ,l,4t .11
piano;i4ined-if,.pisyed a ir
, of - teiljrl3 itperasi - ric-41titetii
pletely ,gone. felt
is lap, and tke-tee.:rs clivrtr
tics ch " eoke -He runrmured,;. "4j ' l 1*
over I '!'Tis bopelaii thy volob is
broken I. I shall never again be able
to obtain another engagement My
career is at an eid I '1 :iaMr, ei,,1144
man." Then be-,,adde4,'*ktti,i'.n;h, - ysi•
terical laugh: • 4 ‘Gada I wasn'itE,lt a e.
devilish ingenious • notion I 'had ,
give a farewell dinner to 41044
a parting banquet theS4'6'oi
wb lob, last ,year; 4erer litni; in felt •
throat. Artists alone : can: ecincleire
and exegute:.fingh, itgqt
fellow k the game is , 131 nith, , y4m t •
nothing is left you but to die." 114.
put his hand in the pbeket filial:
vercoat, took "out 'the
placed the nnizele 0k..e14.112:
his ears,•acd pulled • triggers,-..
The caps exploded, and the : p9er,fel.
low fell senselees on the carpet.
The keeper of the 'reitaitrant, '144
was hard by, ran into th'etonin, '414
aided by hi's servants; lifted up the
would , be sui6ide. The rtinial
ittistes were appliedoiiiii *lien:can?
seiousness returned it,wes, fouud,im;
possible to convinee the gpt..
he was still alive. Ile' had gon,
ay. Ho raved: Now that AM's/
dead man I don't eitlre Wfu?
who .1 was when was. sktiv3.: *um
George Sand has told
-431"30t nPvehi. Ay` name
phen GerlsierAlbany is My 'ata:git
nOt e ne. I was on the eve of of itt4.*
magnificent• engagement' the'
manager of the ItalifturOlperai Whoa
that rascal Fresch l 49±! , * ( , ) •- 0 ..11.--
fell sick , and Instlify ioße, Forth..
nately my ,platels t did ecit
did' not miss the organs, , and
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of the house sent f0r,014, IroMe a if t bAr
ttie 111-starred" was linAiedt
aftly carried - to' inirriatio
There , I's no fact `tilikre -
tahlished in the -phytiiblogk'.l6fswßitt ,
than this; that. the brainlAxpeedisiint.
.eneigies and itself during tb,e
of wakefulness; and that," these, are
.reeuperated daring if"itin"
euperatiotrdoek not nefdtil trio '6404 4
; diture, the brain *hilt:rk; ibis leadi
to iristtnity.
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Thus it is that, inparlygoglish,lps
466;ireii3Ons who were 60m:relined
to-deatEi Weida:
sleeping dfed ifitiitigffithfadtiir
thus it is also, that those who artf
starved to death first t ,lmeomo inmej,
,the brain ispoi PpgititiftttilAy
can not sleop. CruAy.--..prpupfioltrt
poor sleepers, while . kocid tfleeperA
seidoin become crazy:
intfirencela are these: ' •
rilts4e who tOink most, wtei,
do most ,bra4l woiki gtiaite 1.4Q14
2d. That time saved from itiOes
sary sleep is Infallib l y deetitfetiiirig
mind, body and eitate..
3d. Give yoitrielf,' Your chltdriii;
,your servautrs. , =giv64l,l that Arso; 1 1:164•
der you—the - fullest Palmist oflAsst
they will take,= by compelling: khotß
to go to bed at some rOg,alar eaAY
hour ; tiOd to flee (A, Op inCiiiirik
state - d hour,: and *alai': ::fi fOrtnikftr;
the rising Ain, will unloosethe kiwis!
of sleep the moment, enough ,TcpCgie.
has beePT secured' fortbe' *puts of
the system:
This is the only safe Ind .iliffleietit`
mile; and as to the qpistioti htiut'
tnuoh sleep any one ,roquires , ,,. ;each
must be a rolet ;,grsat:lla!
ture will never tali t •, , ,vrife oiit to
the obServer un i d'or'th•i l r4ggisitiodi
just given.-=-Pitrettaes64l , Jeittnittr.
,r;:,,•, •4 • ' ;CI .*:' • - li .R 1 ;* . e l
• Tun BoiiNET.L;Tha bonnet is. ap t nr,
to have been twit' focing' hifratfiltifk;'
in ttbe reign , of Qbel4fiEliiabethS• . `thbl ,
'nriateriala.then einploy.ed . -,W;erevolektial
of gold, ei:iinspit,,aagn And ottinr rinlk,
'stuffs, and the form of sotanthingai9 l , , ,
tureen the round Italian hat and tile'
Preneh hood. Thit - ,laVe'llegjAW.
flat Wei 'tilielfirettbeitd , eoviffliciftW
took the true bonnet form'; nill'alf
bonnets and eapotea, up-A4)4he pros»
int, day,,laVer. betn nr:ig.ViAlariki*
the, oxiginal nied;el.. ll . tALA
,fir t t,f t
perpendicular' n`rocin,, ii,iih a' lark's
brimatiActitig\rtit - f-4fil'ita wid e nV
round' the fanb ) ,Faiidi titivate d -with' ikt
Tapas° , boWa .of iiiiblioN• intehninglegr , '
c *lttfli 4F4j#.l4l4ll.,:flowere: ~From &.
titilaall i ttfipl l ,..p have appeared tard'i
istoe eriry tw6,of ykre9 mins, as
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it :hair - 014%411f beedni's 4 kg.B aifa' '
ii-irt; thittrti6lo , 000 ' Alt& ;bittfilji -
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ttheibrini I at;anotheniwidel44l4l4ltV
nibranr lesOrAillt/C l olsooprdß4,lKortbe
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ing, 66°1 111eFigit a rA t Te .. tlitk.: ,
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opieliAgeso, tp a thasitifeiningl oettAil .
tnet, of straw, whial4ll - ficiareot
s 1 winch is now ex,t c nev,"
- . UZI: il;.;•i•a;-;•••--