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    3hltc. UTfitting:
COOP E1MP131133.01P COtteosatuauccosrntl2 , s:2to
Neatly and ' , Promptly Executed, at the
Tate egabliehinent le now applied with en oxteneive
"assortment of JOB TYRE, which will be Increased no the
patronew:dernands. It Cflll Wow turn out Ennynna, of
sver7 description, in a neat licit datiiiatidue Wianner—
• linden _e ery reasonable terms .
Pamphlets, Cheeks,
Business Oarits, Handbills, •
Oirenkrs, Labels,
Bill Headings, Blanke,
• Programmes, Bills Cif Pare,
Invitations, iicketc, 4c., &c.
.1111.-thutegof all kinds. Common and Judgmbitt BONDS.
Justied, Constables' and Other BLAffillth ISltirdad
;correctly and neatly on the best paper, constantly kept
- for sale at this office, at prices "to suit the times."
***Subscription price of the LEBANON ADYERTISBR.
One Dollar and a Half a Year.
Address. Ws M. Dan= Lebanon Pa
,q:FIOS, Stiebtfike Minding, Cumberland Street,
airtropposite the Court Muse, Lebanon.
bunco, 30teri6,11164.—tf;
PYRAIs P. muuturt;
-.Atioiney-dt-Eavv .
19filpe !n yegriemmt, zottilx oppltitt' the Buck
di cv ,
40 1: cwo Aciors • 811 th frt. Aar Ay 8
itktr:, Aptit C11344,-ay,
• ''itTIMOVALI • •
TIAS movFD hl office to "ffittltet Street o posite
" North
the Lebanon Bank, twe doors Widow
'Aire's. notch ' ,
Lebanon. &LIMAS, '63, ' •
*LI ss LEir
tt . e) dcgt;',L ,l4 taki, lacr .
rVETlClLeclUairrid to Cumberland street, ono door
kJ Bait of the Lebanon 'Valley Bank. oppoatte the
Buck Hotel, Lebanon, Pa. Van. 6,'04.
nittg undersigned, having been licensed to prosecute
claims, and baying been engaged In the Bounty and
Pension business, otters his services to all those who
at a thereto entitled, in accordance with Ste various
asta of Congress. All snob should call or address at
ore, and make thotr applications through
BASSLltnitilltittt. Attorney at•Law t
OFFICE removed' to Cumberland St., one
door East of the Lebanon Valley Bank, opposite
the Buck Dotal, Lebanon, Pa. - [Jan. 6,'t4.
A. T. Vir
Office North West orner of Water
and Market 'Streets,
xam33.41..i 1 / 4 Tetiw,
Lebanon, Nov.
,i- I FFicE, in Cunthberiand street. a few:dpors east of
1,1 the ramie lintel, in the ofike late *hf 'lll6 father
`Copt, iTuhu Weidman, der - d.
Lebanon. Sept. 9, 1803.
NEY T A,_ . .W
Ibis remove * ltti tin iliiinii;itlieAderi - eut
Ot lAtudermileb 's Store, opposite the Washington
, llouse
Lebanon. ' -
BOUNTY andPENSION claims promptly 'attended
to LA prilB,
ORA% Tr! itIT ■ 14 0 11111
arAleFit:3l, northwest Comer Market awl Water Sta.,
iJ Lebanon,
'4lLebinon, Januaryl3,l.BB.l.—ly.9
Dr. P. D. .
- 1 /ATittii leaded In Lebaliois, offers his profession
el services to the public. Office In Market 2r.,
'if "the Milli' log formerly occupied by his father.
Letoreon t .Dec. Id, 1888.
' R. GEO.-P. LINEAWKATIII, having been op.
pottiosa, by th e Commissioner of Pensions, -a
li asblngton, Xelimbibig Surgeon for Pensions, it ,pro-
Iparod wasteo4 to all uppitrauts for Pension at his of
fire, In Marknt, ntr..ot,'nest An or to The root Omen.
Lobinon, March 2503, 1808.—W
n ers gned has thoVnti office to (recto's
Ir r
.Coinef, (entrance on Walnut St., opposite
'ante Ilouse,) where he continues to give hie ',Witeib
attention In , Surveying and Scriveuing. ISllWays
in ail office on Saterdeys, end id all other times 1.10-
lass when called sway by business. irriiing lately
been appointed Notary Public, he bas. authority' of
'take acknowledgments the same as Jitaticea of the
Peace. • •
Pattlenlar attention given' to writing Wills end'
making out elletributioue.
Lebanon, Olsreh 2R, 1.974.-3 m.
„DEN 118.1 1 RY
reitot rrtwedvfireoi4
have Ashen rooms at liAuEn i s Lebanon lone nd L m
doer te't .
Dr. C. D. (fioningees,) where I can be found at all
hours of the day, to wait upon those who may want
, my professional services.
rarticalur attention paid to the treatment and filling
'of TEETH. , All operations done in the moat improved
and relents:fie manner.
ear PRIDES as low as elsewhere for- the same
Asia Of work.
Chloroform and Ethsr administered - 10 patients when
Amara/fin' pest faramr, I would solicit lbw ” patron
, age of those wishing the services of &Dentist.
GEORGE ChAdilt; 13.-u S.
Lebanon, Pa .; April 27,1861, ts , 1 =.;-
OBSIEBLY of Jonestown, Irbaur county, wotun t
respectfully inform _his friehds. and the
*thus he line connected hillsteel fetish Mr. howsn,i it the
N 0.146 Nerth Third 'kraal, Phila.,
where beskill be glad to redelee ensturne&`and
sell at rates. that will prove satisfactory.
Philadelphia, May 20, 1803.
Iniraaran You 1504.
One of the greatest labor•carlitg Machines of the
'ego, l _ and always found. fully equal to any test to which
nia been eubmitted, in all kind , of groin end gra"
at home and abroad. Grand Medals of Honor ewer I
ed by the tirorld`s successively at London. Park
sand Homburg, and acknowledged in both hemispheres
'to be the Pioneer and chief Reaping and Mowing . blue
'chines. The model and pattern of air othea. WE ,
'a halm our Self-Reiter to be superior to all °d r em, and
'offer It on trial with any other, the purchaser to keep
'and pay for the one preferred.
ZIP Sample Machine can be seen at Milian limit's
Motel, Lebanon. and any information Iv-anted con be
bud Iv , Ceiling at .1_ lt. Bressler% Stove Storo, Walnut
Street, Lebanon.
fr All kinds of REPAIRS (Instantly on baud, and
falls% by the agent.
is, Satisfaction guaranteed.'
JOHN 11. Elll3, Agent,
!for mkt by
Litla, Laueaster county, Pa.
Nay 11,18GL—fit.
PLO Jon see A/ K•I ORO.'S Now Root will Shoe
`‘FT_A01 - t
• I
"Sewing Mach ine.
`The Only Machine oapaple of Inahing More
than One Kind of a Stitch; and the
Only One baying the RE
The feed may be reversed at any point desired,
'vrithout stooping, which Is a great advantage iu fasten
ing the ends of seams.
It makes four different di WHIP, Inch, knot, double
lock, and double knot ; each stitch perfect. and alike
on bo th aides of the fabric.
There-Is no other Machine which will do so large a
range of work as the Floronce.".
,will Braid, Tuck, gallt,.Coril, Ilem Fell, Bind,
Mahal and do &Wilhite of Stitching raititited by rant -
Mee and Manufacturers.
tho molt itiettperienced Rod no difficulty In using
Iteery Machine le warranted to give entire itisfac;
tiou, and to do all that is claimed for it.
IRS. Thu nofence must be seen to be Appreciajed.
Agent of Lebanon county, Aiinfille, Pa.
P 919011 11 w inking fusee the Machine in operatic.u can
do so calling on the Agent at Anuville, or on Wm.
0. Ward, at Lebanon.
IC, June 22,1E10.
If. 1001INY, Merchant Tailor, respectfully an
nOtitices to the'citizens of Lebanon and vicinity
t at he has just returned from the city with a fine RS
gotttient • .
all of which he will sell or make up to orderat
prices to suit the times, at his No. I Tailoring Estab
lishment In Keitil's New Block, 4 door/. South of the
Busk note], South Walnut street.
All -work entrusted to:Mucosa, trill be manufactur
ed Ina workmanlike mealier all to fashion and dura
Good. purchased eleewhere will he cheerfully made
Bp to order nn the usual moderate terms.
ißaylng bad years andxperience in the; tailoring, and
DatfOods business, being,incilned to tern to the
341110.1 1 111 3, 0 111 4 tuts terneri,, all the #dValltageß resul t
leg froaftaidsequnamenis, he feels mended that It
wilt be impended to by a Tory tibias% abate of the pub-
Ile patronage. ,
''Trietidielift one s toplease me after that please your
Wee. -
July 3, 1368.
Cc-b - a.noU
Vegetable Ex trav t.
Dr.C. Af. JACKSON, Philad'a Pa.
Liver Complaint 3
Dyspepsia,• ,
Chronio or Nervous Debility, Distmomi of tbo
Kidney!, and all diseases arising from a .
d isordared Liver or Stomach.
gineh RS thMelipittiOn, Inward Pike, 'Fulness - or ;Blood
to the Head Acidity - of the Stomach, Nausea. Heart
burn,„Distiutet for .rucal, Fulness or Weight in the
Stomach. Sour griectothms. Sidttlog, or Fluttering lit
"thatitnfilie Stbtifftai, Sloinitnlnt " -- saf the - Head, Hur
ried and Dithenit.Dreathing, flow:rink :fl at the Heart,
Choking or Suffix ating‘Sensatlons when in alyiltigrpos
tore, Dimness of • T Tots or Webs befOre,the
Sight, Fever end Dull Pain
. in the Head, Deficiency of
Perspiration, Vellowlieeit of the Skin and Symtl Pain
in the Side, Deck, ChOst, Limbs, Ac.. Sudden Flushes.
oiliest. Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings
of Evil, and great Depression: of Spirits. -
And Will , positively - r ot:event Yellow Feuer, Bilious
Aver, •
No Alcohol or Bad Whiskey ?
They WILL. CURE the nboye diseasee in ninety
- nine oases out or a hundred.
Induced by the extensive sale and Universal popu—
larity of Booliand's Berman hitters, (purely vegetal.) le,)
hosts of ignorant Quacki Mg unscrupulous -.adventu
rers, have opened upon suffering' humanity the flood,
gates of Nostrums ill the shape of poor whiskey, vilely
compounded with infinit:is drugs, and christened Ton.
iee, Stem:chits and Bitters. , .
Beware of the innumerable array of Alcoholic prep•
stations in plethoric bottles, and big bellied kegs, un
der the modest appellation of, Bitters; which instead
of curing, only aggravate disease, and leave tl.e disap
pointed sufferer in dispair.
Are'reitaaelv- and untried. article, bet have stooil
the teat of :fifteen years trial by the American public;
and their reputation and sale, are not rivalled by , any
similar preparation. - .
The proprietors have thousands of Letters from the
most em inen t
Testifying Of their Own. personal knowledge, - to the
beneficial effects and medical virtues of these Bitters.
If you do, use froon.e. ND'S. GEEMEN DITTERS.
From Res. Netetott proton, All, Editor of tide Ew
cyclopedia of Religious .NUololaige...,
Although nut disposed to favor or recommetel Pat=
eat Medicines in getieral,through distrust of their in
gredients and offucte ; I yet knoW of no sufllolent rost ,
sons why A man may not testify to. the benefits ho by-.
Bores himself to have fete Red from any simple prep
oration, in the hope that he may thus contribute to the
['benefit of others. • . • •
Ido this the more rendily tegard to Midland's
German Bitters. prepared by Dr: C. 3L Jackaun, of this
city, because I was prejudiced egidiart them for many
years, under the impression that they were chiefly en
alcoholic mixtrire. lam indebted to my friend .Itob
ert"Bhoinnaiter, king„ fur the removal of this pre.lndico
by proper tests, and for encouragementlO try them,
when suffering front great and long continued debili
ty. The use of Wine bottles of these Bitters, at the be
ginsiing - of AIM present year. was followed by evident
relief, and :maturation to a degree 'of lodily Mid men,.
GA vigor - which 1-hard not felt far six .mouths before.
and had almoet despaired of regaining. I :therefore
thank Got friend for directing Tonto .
, of them J NEWTON BRON'.
rftiLAD'AvloNai 21 1501.
Particular Notitc.
There:are trat7 'preparations sold underlhe unit% of
hitters, pat up In quart bottles. compounded of the
Cheapest 'Whiskey or common rum, costing from 20 to
4licente per gaihm, the taste disguised by Anise or
Coriander seed. •
This class of Bliters•hits mused and will continuo to
cause oni long as they can be sold, hundreds to die the
death of the , drunkard. By their use the system Is
kept continually under the influence eV - coin:die Stim
,.Admits o f the worst kind, the desire for Liquor is crea
ted and kept mornd the result is all the lturrors,at•
tenditut upon a drntekard's life and
ffdr those who (hail% and will hare a Liquor Bitters,
pit fish the followlegreceipt. Oct One Battle Hoof
fan 'S Germa.- Bitters and mix with Three Quarts of
Good Brandy or Whiskey, and the 4 .`estilt will be a prep
aration that will far excel in meilicinal Virtues and
true excellence any of the numerous Liquorßitters in
the market, and will cottinuch less. You will have
allilWarrfttes of Hooffund's Bitters to connection with
a good article of Liquor, at a much less price than
these Ipferler.,.preparations wilt cost you..
A Iterition Soldiers
WC call the attention of all having Madinat and
friends lit the army, to the fact that -1100F1:ANDE
German Bitters" wflitlire Mine tenths of the dimness
Induced brexposures and 011eitlithis incident to cnrhp
life. In the lists ; published almost tinily in the
Opera, on the arrival of the B , ck, it will be noticed
Iltatit very largis proportion are suffering from debili
ty. 'Every case-ot .that kidd can be readily cured by
lloonand'a German Bitters. Discuses resulting from
disorders of the digestive orgy tie aro speedily removed.
We MVO 110 liesitatiott alb Mating that, if tehae a Bitters
were freely used among oar soldiers: ttVnileedtt of IfVWs
might be sieved that otherwise will be lost.
We call particular attention to the fullbwing re
markable and well authenticated core of One of the
nation's, heroes,. whose life, to use his own language,
bus been saved by the Bitters :"
PHILADELPHIA, .A.lignst. 23rd, 1662. •
Zlicsars. Jones .1; gentlemen, your Hoof
lead's German Bitters bus saved my life. There is ho
mistake in ttals. - It is vouched fur by numbers of my
comradesoiornelif whose Toone sire siopeoded, and who
were fully cognizant of all the circumstauces of my
Me 1 am, and hare heed for the lust four yens, a
member of aherinton's zelebrated battery,, and limier
the imtnediate command of Captain It. . Ay - eos. , .—
Through the .exposure attendant npon my arduous dn
a Ms.] was attacked iu November last with inflammation
or the lunge, anal wee for seventy-two days itt the boa.
vital. This wee followed by great debility, heighten
ed by en Attack of dysentery. I was than reinovcd
froth the White Hume; Mal bent to tills city on board
she Steamer "State of BlAhre." from which 1 lautled
on the 25th of.Tfitta. Since that time 1 have beau
boot sa idle so any one Could be and still retain at spark
ufvitallty. For a week or More I was scarcely able to
wallow anything, and if 1 did force tt. moreol down, it
Was immediately thrown up again.
I could uot es,ll. keep a glass of water on my stom
a:di. Life contd not last under these ciremmitanceq;
and, accordingly, the physicians who had been work
lug faithfully. though taosuceess fully, to rescue me
from the grasp of the dead Archer, frankly told me
they could do 110 more for mu, and advised me to see
a clergyman, and to make suet, disposition of my limi
ted funds as best suited me. An oconal.ttaece who
visited tae at the hospital, Mr. Frederick Steinbron,
Sixth below Arch Street, ised me, as a forlorn
hope, to try 3 our Bitters, and kindly procured a hot.
. From the dose I commenced taking them the
gloomy ebadow of deathYeCeded, and I an now, thank
God for it, getting better. Though I have bat taken
two bottles, 1 have gained ten poUnds, and I feel sae
garble of being permitted to rejoin my wife and daugh
ter, from whom I have heard nothing for 18 months;
roF, gentlemen, lain a loyal Virginian, front the vicht-
Hy of Front Royal. To your invaluable Bitters I owe
the certainty of life which has taken the place of vague
fears—to yang Bitters will I owe the glorious pilege
t h e gin clasping to my bosom those who are de a r e st to
ISAAC 51.kbON.E.
iu life. Very, truly Yolirsi
We fully concur in the truth of the above statement,
as we had despaired of seellig our eortruile, Mr. Motu%
restored to health.
JOHN CUDDLEBACK., Ist New York Battery.
GEORGE A ACKLEY, Co C 11tb. Maine.
L SPENCER, Ist Artillery, Battery F.
J II FAS EWELL., CO B3d 'Vermont.
/I FeNRY B J.I.IItOMB, Co B do:
1-1BN11.1f:T MACDONAL, CO C Oth Maine. ,
JOIIN F WAItD, Co F. sth Maine.
LIEBMAN KOCU, Co 11 72d.New York.
S C C A o 1 3 . ‘ 9 l 6 ‘ l e h t I nTo n n n t:
JOON JENKINS, Co B 167th Peeler.
- Beware of ()motto:faits !
Bee that rho signature of , IC. d. JACKSON," is on
the WRAPPER of each bottle.
Should your nearest druggist not have tie ar t cl e f
do not be put off by any of the intoxicating prepar
(lone that may be offered In its place, but send to us,
and we will forward, securely packed, by express.
Jones. Jr: .Eslnts,
(Successor to 0. M. JACKSON ,A, C 0.,) =
)32r FOIL BALI by D s- 050 . Rese t opjioeita the Court
House LEBilaCiff, PA., and by Diuggiste and. ...I.4lrt's
"ivory town in the United States. '
May Tr, 18153.13'.
QtYIO ( 3A
Was filled tor Lebanon county, and at the same
time the Cheap Cash and . Produce Store of
Cumberland Street , - Lebanon Pa.•
IV A filled oiitliU AT . iacti,ASOftrnont, of Spring and
ll inn
Sinor Goods, just ithrehased NEW YORK
AllCTlONikwhich tor Variety, Beauty and Cheapness
cannate - excelled this side of the . Atlantic, and at
prices ••that will astonish the World. :trot. trtrth
041 tlift see for 'irourselev.
tallies' Dress Goods.
. ,
" " Snieriew Mosainbuiques,, ' „
CC.loretiMilickli.: all shade's.
is " " , eolo'rad•iiti'arafirntifefili,
" " French Poplins, all shades,
" French Baregos, all shades, •
" French Tissues shades,
e." " Foulard Challies '
" " " Manchester Delains;
Lawns, &a, kc.
A full Line ofDItESS GOODS of ever descril,thin
and the largest assortment In the county.
Full Line of LADIES CLOTH, all shades, such as
Tan, Drab, Lavender, Light Grey, Black, &c.
Full Line of Beet oil &died Black SILKS.
Full Line of Fancy Silks, Drown, &e., purchased be
fore the recent advance.
Full assortment of CALICO et all prices.
44 " " Bleached MUSLIN.
" " " Unbleached "
111 4 61URAING GOODS.,
Our -Motirrilng Dopertinont is complete, compriS
'Full Gine of Black, all wool Boletus:o4 Wide,
.• 4 . 4 on wool " -
" Canton Clotho. " •
" Persian Coshmere, 84
" " " Black Silk Grenadian,
" " Bombazines,
" " " " Black Crape Veils,
44 , 4. . 4 . 44 Lore Valle.
•• Hosiery,
o it Li °b yes.
In Mot anything in Mourning and 'Second Mourn
ing hoods.
Gentienieti Wear.
A full lino, of CLOTHS, pAssnumus, COTTO.
ADES and V P.STINGS, all k lads and prices, which xi
be eold Cheap..
Grocerles, Sugar, Coffee,
BIWA sari,
Spices, &c., 'all at LOW PRICES.
4Ar.Call one and all; and .througb our Large
and well Selected Stock of Goods, and get the prices., as
if is no troubla tolhow 130edg. 010 Kato is
"Small _Profits and Quick Sales, and
Good VatuO."
0 OODYEAR L DIFEE111:61.01
Free F 1
Gs() dn
Atls - -
321. ILT SS X. IV Ss. -
has determinod to carry out the motto,
" QUICK SALES . AND s.lnAti."33=4."
-- Mtrrharfnst receired large stock or Scots, Shoes.
Trunks and Carpet Bags. *EL. Particular attention
paid -to Customer's Work.
Lebanon, March j 23,18,34.
UILDERS will do well by calling on J. IL BRESSLER
Agent, as he -is prepared to do all kinds 'of TIN
00FINO, SPOUTING and JOB 'WORN. geUinlly, at
the very lowest prices. Ife also bus on band a large
and good assortment.of all kinds of TIN WARE, and
, all of the most improved Gas Burning COOK
...." STOVES and PARLOR STOVES. Also all the
n different end latest improved DANakt AND
HEATERS, of all kinds. lie also keens - ten
stoutly on hand a Urge stock of all kinds'of 'EDDYING,
SLATE, which he Offemat less price IMO' 'they can be
bought of any Other elatemen in the county.. . .
ta.. wAresi-RthimsObetoor South of the "Buck
Hotel," Walnut Street, Lebanon, Pk. -
Lebanon, May 4. 1864.
New Spring Stock,
cr gtilltstiill, '& ►inn.,
lIATE just received et their CIIHAP CLOTIIING
On , Cumberland Street. Lebancin
Ti nii their (A7n hinniifactory in Phlf&deriphin, " A Inrge
steely of
New Rtridy-iiiade Clothing,
- of ell kinds. for 311 , 1 - N Ifni] BOYS.
'149 6 Old Customer. terra ()Vies, 'are invited to
cell and examine this sleek before purchasing else
where, as we feel confident we 'can suit the kestes of
ail. IthiftEINSTEIN &
Opposite the Court House.
Lebanon, April 13,1861.-310.
. 1.11.1140 Blue.
DEALMIS end Customers) of the above Celebrated
Waste Blue, will please take notice, that the La
Lets are altered to read
Indigo Blue
'P'cr It'
Alfred Wiltberger's
No ! 233 North SECOND Street, PIITLAD'A
Tife quality of this Lithe will be the mane in every
It M warranted to color more water than twice the
eana, nualktity of Indigo, and to go much furthek tha'n
any other Ugh Blue in the market. It dissulvee per
fectly clear and does not - settle TM OM clothes as most
of the other makes do_ One Box dissolved In a half
pint of water, will mahe OP good a I.lqUid Blue as coy
that la made, at one third the cost.
As it Is rat:idled at.lhe Mina price as
the Imita
tions and Inferior at titres, honA'skenPets Will rind it
- very much to their advantage to ask rot' that put up
at Willberger's.
yAll Blue pat up after this date with Barlow•s
name on it is an Imitation.
The New Label does not require a Stamp-.
—For Sole by Storekeeperm generally
Feb. 24, '64.-6ae. if.
Summer Arrangentent
ma rr.. o .2 iga r
- -
E ASTON, *a., Ac.
Traina leave Harrisburg for Philadelphia. New-York.
R.eadieg, Pottsville. and all intermediate Stations, at 8
A. M., and 2.00 P. 01.
New. York Express .• leaves liarrieburg at 6.30,A. 31.,
arriving, at Now York at 'IA the same day.
A epecial, Accommodation Passenger Train Navel;
ItranlNG at. 7,15 A. M. Mid returns frbit Harrisburg
at, 5 V. M.
Fares !Nan Harrisburg] To Now-Tork $6 10; lo Phil
nalciphia is 85 and $2 . 80. Baggage checked through.
Returning. leave New-York at 0 A. 31., 12 Noon, and
7 P. M., (P.ITTSBURO EXPRESS arriving at Harris
burg nt 2 A. NJ Leave Philadolphia at 8.15 A. N.,
and 3.37 P. 31.
. .
Sleeping ears in the New York Express Trains,
through to and from Pittaburgh svithoni ahange.
Paaaangard by the Cabrwbisa Railroad lea ve Tamaqua
at 8.50 A. M., anti 2-1061. for Philadelphia, New
York, and all Way Points.
Trains leave Pottsville at 035 A. M., and 2.30 P. M.,
for Philadelphia, Warrisburg and Now York.
Ah AmordmOdatten Passenger train leaves Reading
at 6.00 A.ll , and rehires from Philadelphia at 8 00 P.
U. •
/fir All the above traine run daily, Sundaya excepted.
A Sunday4rain leavM Pottsville at 7.30 A. 31., ithd
Philadelphia at 3.15 P, iil.
Cossattrrsrum, blames, SEASON, and Ramesh* TWE
ETS at reduced rates to and from all volute.
80 pounds Baggage allowed each paesenger.
General Superintendent.
May 25,1881
' RYE • 0 000
MAO shels . CORN 1:
50,000 buebOls OATS; •
, • 50,000 bushels WHEAT.
Which the highest CASELpiiele will be paid at the Leb
anew Talley Railroad Depot; Lebanon.
• , OZONE it.ortlifirr.
Lebailoripluq 17; 1961.
. "Where you ever in'the TornhS ?"
Stich was the sahitation of my
friend, Charles 14clr, a rising young
lawyer, as I encountered kiln upon
the corner of Broadway and: Leonard:
Street. , ,
"Never," I replied.
"Do you want &hew idea—a strange
insight into the mysteries of human
nature ?"
. : all met 41 7
"Come-'with in thou, I tun Oink
to see a young; 1, in the Toinbs, ac
mused'erifittoter. 7 ,,
"A einurderesti What could have
induced her to 'commit the. dreadful
act ?" `7
"My dear fellow, bow rapidly you
jump to ar conclusion., I dj4.4ot tiby
a murderess but a young girl'ilbel•Siid
of nitrder, I'have',eVery reason to
believe her inimect*, totherWise • I
shOuld not havOndeftaken to defend
her,- which-I liavo done at the'itqUest
of her employer."
"What are the facts in ihe case, as
far -as' they have come to your know
ledge;?" •
"Simply these gir'l's name
is Sybil Clarke, Some nineteen years
of fifke, and said to be very beautiful.
have not seen her yet. She is an
artiticiallower.maker - and being all
alone here, occupied a furnisbed'room
on Crosby Street—a not unusual stye
.of liVing,among girls of her class.
Last 'thglit, 'about 'tern co'clock, the
neighbors were aroused by the cry of
"murder" proceeding from her apart
ment, and upon entering, discovered
her kneeling eV er e 'body Ota young
man, which la . V upon the floor welter
ing in blood. He was quite dead—
stabbed to the heart with some sharp
instrument. He was Teeognizect :as a.
person,itichard Baker by name, who
occupied a chmoer above; in the
"Sailie building.' He had been quite
familiar• With 'find Was 'suppos
ed 'to Elie ittiydi'.- The neighbors,
charitable ; souls, at Once said-that Sy r
hi] had killed him in a fit ofjealousy.
The girl vas at once taken into Cus
tody mid ennVo*Vbi to the . TeforilbS;--'--•
1 •661 , ,5nei• will render- his .verilVdt:
this morning, -and her ; examination,
take place.
"Circumstances • are certainly
ominst her, I suci•gosted.
— B
. • e 11ITTIPj par
frio - Tja:' "MY 004 . 511:1A 'tinutt4e wird
rejected Baker and the silly . fool put
an end to his existence. But the
most remarkable part of the whole af
fair is, that the weapon .With which
Ole crime NYlcs :committed bras not
been diScOVered. • In i'Vet, YM Weapon
more dangerons than a pair of scis
sors could be discovered in the apart
ment" • .
do not wish ;to discourage you."
I reniai*cd. ' "butAhat ecl. , Lmnly has
a bad look for yOur clicigt the
lover—if he *as such, indeed-L-com-
mitted suicide, the weiviyoll Would
have been found; as she 'Odic] have
had no motive in concealing it ;
whereas, if guilty of the tirime, that
would, intuitively, bane been ITer first
. •
lle - sboOk his head:gravely as he
listened to my words.
"There is ranch ibrce in your rea;
soiling," he said, "and I fear thP COO
will preVe •ie ifitittaitt oite but
despei-andum P as We Pried t'O say at
school—'never despair' is my motto.
Let Ifs :attend the examination. Af
ter that I will have an.intervicw with
- the girl herself, and then I shall be
able to shape refottr - Se for her de6nee:
Can yon spare the time ?" •
Of Wars° lewd& and was delight-•
ed with the Opportiliiity 'of gem,*
fresh subject.
The court room was quite crowd
red When we entered, there being a pe
culiar interest iii this ease. The
morbid tit Ste of a certain portion of
the public runs stroingly- to. Mitl,der,„ 7 .
and VV6kt that is Voinbmed with level
it becomes perfectly irresistible.
The coroner's verdict was handed
in. It was the usual formula. '`We
'(liictcavoner's jury),ll lid that Richard
Raker came to his death NW MAU?.
sharp instrument in the bands Of glitiid
person•nnknown." After a long pre
amble, it designated Sybil Clarke as
the suspected personage.
Tho witnesses were called, the prix
once placcd npbn the stand, and OW
examination comnienced:
There was a buzz of curiosity- as
the prisoner took her place and mod
estly raised the green veil from her
.face. By Jove ! she was pretty; and:
I was not the only ono in the court
who thought so,
811 C, was plainly. but neatly attired
in a calico frock, which revealed 11,
form of classic proportions. A little
chip bonnet set back upon, her head,
(this Was iefote the coal scuttles came
in) disclosed her face very clearly.—
She had a clear red and *bite com
plexion, a little hose and moth; just
the Tight size to kiss, awealth:of:dark
brown hair,:and a clear, gray Pye.—
That was Another bad sign. • I have
always discovered that, the geayeyed
women areinclinedlo jealousy. Ile*
did!' _find that out ? As the learned
judge has just, remarked, that ques-.
Lion is irrelevant. lam telling some
body.else's story, not my own.
_The result of the examination thay
be summed up in a few words, The
testimony of the witnesses' bore
Strongly against th - Pgirl.. Her story
Was this, months she had, been
annoyed'by a gentleman; whOM she
had -aceideAtally met. one evening ;
whilst retlifrt from
the - storey`•zcilither: sh,e.had. .been.,o
Abu trti I cr.
6, 1864.
carry some ;work. StruOk 'with her
appearance, Its had follqwed her home„
and accosted her as she was about en
tering the - house. Frightened at 'the
stranger's freedom, she had, without
returning his salutation, fled precipi
tately to her own ariartment,'und fas
,tened herself in. In the morning-she
'tlliteit forgotten the eireum
stiiiice;and pursued her avocation as
usual, but in the evenin,giiftertithy
ing back the work and'returning,„ she
was again followed by the stranger.
He had again accoitM .her, ,iimt with
out receiving an answei.. . This was
repeated day after dfii, until •et`"
wearied and annoygd-,fly
" `the 3iiian's
'pertinacity, she had resolved to speak
to him and put an end to ilieliUrsecu
tion. -*,
• • •
AS she expdadd, 'he - Inane her pas=
sionatc deolhAtion Of 11; , Vc, hdr
he Wails. dentletican,ll.ls66 - therner, of
wealth rai t alligh standing in society.
It wag' the - old story repeated, riches
seeking a victim in the ranks of pov
'drty. :She Indigrihntly Teftised. the
- g-filendid infamy'lie offered, 'aild 'dis
missed him in terms Calculated to
wound his self love, and fitee her from
further pursuit. But the " stranger
was either as madly in love with her
as he professed to be, or else obsti
nately bent upon accomplishinir his
ends, for he still followed her like , her
.shad Ow.
So -matter's ' continued until the
night of the murder. That night-he
had grown more audacious, and. bold
ly entered her chamber. • She saw at
a glance that he was under the influ
ence of liquor s andbecame alarmed.—
She threatened to call for aid if to
did not instantly retire, but he im
plored her :to listen to him. re
-pouted hispl , titestallena of , love, nay,
even offered to marry her., As an
earnest of
.his affection, he showed.
Tier a present he had brought. her,
AVer,arrow about six inches in length
the 'feathered end heavily - studded
with diamonds. was intended to
be worn sell hair pin. :It appeared
to her to be of . ..treat But she
Was net to be dazzled by its magnifi
cence, and :she :rejected his 'Mrs as.
firmly as before.-
He becUttle - efiragett ,
Nhojenee, and -seized her.
arm: She . s i h'fielked 'aloud for help,
when Richard Baker, -*lle , yirebalgly
was going up stairs to :his room and
beard her'efies, burst into the apart
ment. He iminediately closed with
'the intruder ; there was -a .confueed
stragle; and the nal Yrihvnt :Elie
stranger •was gone, and Richard' Ba
.kerelti dead - "
Ain'g over -hnn,.eneenv ,
oring to - ascertain the ettent of his
injury=. 'Mien -the . n eigb bets OM=
thronging into the chamber.
Such Vas The pimple story.
It seas told in a voice choking with
sobs, bat- with a sad earnestness which
convinced. meat once of - her inno
cence. Unfortunately for her, the
stern officials of the law were net so
susceptible as I am. The witnesses
were recalled and 'questloned , . None
had ever seen the stranger—at least
they .44_ not ~noticed -bhp. That
was .to bei;kliected,W.New VOA is .a
city of stranters. Who: remembers
the thousand faces we meet daily up-'
on Broadway? -And yet thisevidence
had a damaging effect upon the girl's
ease. She Wks fully committed to an - -
swer the charge Made against her,
and was remanded to prison.
Mack, as her lawyer, and I, as his
friend an'd a -member of the press,
.*ere permitted to trial t h er in tfer cell.
We found her the very picture of
despair. Sht bad been weeping; but.
,as we entered she dried her tear
and endeAvoired to lOott Win. A vain
, effort. The anguish of a broken heart
was imprinted upon ber sweet face.
' Tears are becoming. _to most ladies,
but.the sad despair she endeavored
to veil beneath a forced smile made
her beauty perfectly ravishing.
"Courage, young lady," said Mack,
iii his cheering tone, "we'll get you
safely out of this sad serape; -be atatti."-
ed." .
I.O1r," she cried, fervently, "I hope
so. But the. worst is over. 1 care
not what becomes of me no*. Inn°. ,
cent as t am, my character is forever
blackened. To think that should
ever be accuied of Bitch a crime! Ev
en if my innocence should be proven,
my good name is fhr ever tarnished.
Will not people point at me all the
clays of my life, and say, "There goes
the girt who was accused of murder?"
"My dear young lady," said hon
est Mack., in his - straightforward, mat
ter of fact way, "this world—and
when 1 say this world, I mean the
people in it—is entilety too selfish
to waste so much time on you as you
seem to imagine. Ina week's time
you and the murder will be forgotten.
You have only to move in the next
street—that is, as tolin a 5 WO can
mov you out of this—to be unknown.
A few, personal friends may perhaps
remember the affair for six months.
Besides, if you consider your prey.
ent name to be dainag,ed—tarnished,
I belieVe Was your, word; excuse me
if I have not put so nice a point to it—
you have only to change it, and. I
need scarcely inform you that you
will not have 'leech difficulty in doing
that—in a legal manner."
The girl smiled, notwithstanding
her grief, at Mack's homely argument,
and I could but notice that his plain
common sense had done her geed.—
She began to brighten Wonderfully.
The blank despair faded from her
face, and her features assumed a hope
fill .expression.
She told us, the 'Mks story of her
life. She was
.of ,humble parentage
and ; a native of Bridgeport, Connec.
ticit: Aar paregti dying when she
was quite yoling,she had been
"brought, up" by an uncle. An or
nOIIE NO. 784
plan with neither brother nor sister,
she had found the home afforded her
by her uncle quite irksome. Heaven:
=had blessed him with a large &civilly,
and she, as is usual half& cases, was
converted into a household drudge.
Her parents had left her some-littl •
money, and when she -arrived at the
age of eighteen, which gave her a le
`g76l right to claim it, orber uncle, She
bade him and her native town fare
well, and cerise to r isiew Yd - ficto'ivak;
out her own destiny- Having a'taste
that way, she had,enuaged in the ma
,king of., artificial pwers. ,She had
been, little,Over.a, year - in - New York
when this Sed afflieiiOn r dvertook her.
We left her quite 'tranquil, tender
,ed hopefuj. by duiAncouraging words.
I conides'l 13sit,FAUtty'see_ Aber°
the hope was to come from, hut Mack
fettqfhito sangiiinh. and; 'as he knew
his'owb husinces better than I did I
concluded he•had Cause,
,A:t his invitation I . s.ccornpanied
him to the house in Crosby -Street,
where the body of Richard B'aktitluy.
A surgeon tail just completed an 68-
. of the wound as we enter
ed (Wing the great dia.
gust of the 'Crowd who , were kept
without by 'the police.) The osject
of the surg , Ons eltalpinatiOri was to
ascertain Whltit 'Virid of instrument
had committed the wound. That it
was not a knife the ragged orifice
proclaimed at the first glance. It
was upon the breast, directly over
the heart, and that organ had evi
dently been pierced,
spare my readers the sickening
details, 'aria corn`) at once to the 're
stilt. The surgeon drew frotahe
wound the barbed 'point of a sliver
arrow l,
Here Was enntrrthition .of Sybil
filarke!s story. Mack enjoined se
dresy upon the.surgeon and the re
pdrters fdr twenty four hours, and,
with ihs consent of the police, who
was present, started off, accompa
nied by myself and a detecitive, to
ferret out the murditer.
. I confess I was as eater 'fir the
'chase as he was, hht not quite so san
gaine 'Success. "Do you think any
man would be fool enough, after com
mitting such a crime, to remain in
the city ? Ile's far enough .off by
this time.'';"
t , t differ with 'yd . ; My boy:" 're
turned Mack, as we` walked rayadly
along ; 'll have had some e.xperi
once in criminal cases, which has givt
en me a strange insight into human
nature. Most people would infagine
as you do, but; I. tell! %you there is
faSeination.f6 hortible-teLgt natiiiih r as
i were; • that-Crraina a murczwe to
the , locality of his crime. Besides,
this man evidently thinks, Vitas&
secure. Ile thinks there is no proof
against him, and, to his mind., a bur
ried'departure would be suspicious.—
No, sir, that man was at the examiz•
nation this morning; and be i 8 etla
'tilt city.'.
I stopped short, and SUM at Matic
in open mouthed Wonder.
"At the examination'?" I eseiaini
"What makes you think so ?'
"I saw him there."
""What ! do you know him ?",
"No." ,
"Saw a man you'do riot, know ? My
dear Macy, what'at ?'
"}tow inno'cen't you are! I live by
wits, old fellow, and constant practice
has made them tolerably sharp. This
is Septemberoiily h Southerner
*Ould think or wearing a talma thuS
early in the fall. Besides, there Were
other proofs—his broad leafed Kos
suth, his sallow COMpletion., *Yid full,
tawny beard: i bad my - eye or the
man . when tht girl was describing his
appearafiVe. Do you remember her
description ?
I replied that I did. It was in an
swer to a question from the magis
trate, but I forgot to chronicle it in
itsproper place.
"W proceeded Mack, "My eye
was on this man as she was speaking,
itiad. as I . Uoticed his restlesi motions,
and as I caught the stealthy glances
'of his sunken eyes, I said, mentally,
to myself, "My head against a bushel
basket but that is the very man."
' "In
.the nitine of all that's stupid
why did you let him oi...atp.el why
did Yen tinthaVe ?"
c`Sottly! sOrtly ! What proof had - I
ligatiSt him? If I had singled him
and . Sybil recogniietl him, it
would have boon considered a trick.
lie "Pdhld iidt IniVe held hiffi—he
would have been suffered to &tart,
for, of course, he would have sworn
that he never set eyes on her before
—and we should never iniAie Nen
able to lay hands on him again—He
would have been off to Cuba or Eng
land' at the first opportunity."
I began to have a great opinion of.
my friend Hack's penetration and in
&tinily: We stopped before the
lattest jewelry establishment in, the
city. I shall not mention
here, ag advertigethentst fld-
Mitted to this paper, gratuitously,
"What are yon going to do here ?.
I inquired.
"Find out where the e,irror arrow
mule And who pin chased it`!"
answered Mack.
"How iO.ll yeti be able to do that?"
"By deseription, and shOw the re-
mauling bath'
"Well, even if ydu discover the
purchaser, what Mod? if ft's has
thrown away the shift, iirliefe is your
(The abaft wariiitttdded
. .
with diamonds, according to Sybil's'
destription," replied 111ack, - dfyfy,
"and a _Man does not throw away fif
teen h'undied or two thousand dollars
.worth 'el' froperty, though' he is a
SOntbeiner." -
The detpetive, who had been quiet
ly'jogging at . u r heels, and itovrotOod
Lift. got nti-str
Aymkiniv.l.-ApER PORTOWN AND 1701iNTRY.'
2d Story Of Planck's N;wSr i
At One Dollar aadTitty Centa a Year.
AnvEnrisamsnas ingested at the usual rates.
AdVILLNDBILLB Printed at an hours notice.
.4APA.9I. POsraiim.
Leuan County, postrige free
In Pennsylvania, out of Lebanon county 0 mute per
quarter, or 20 cents a year.
Out of this State, IN eta. per quarter, or 20 etc , a yefitr
if the postage is not paid in advance, rates are double;
beside us, nodded his 'head 'aPPrdi'.
We entered ,the jewelry store, and
Mack requesOdtb be 'fititiiShed with
a view of the various articles ofj6*-
elry adapted for ladies head dressed.
After a lengthy examination we found
nothing of the hind there
At the third estahliiihmont - Wit7l-'
ited we gained all the inforiiii4on we
desired. Tho.joweller roeognized the
byttkeh rememberea
whoin he had sold it two days previ
ous. Clement SaitiAr ' Me, reader '
will, of course, understand ailitd - atn.
using fietitinas names entirely in this
sketch,) a Southern gentleman, stop
ping at the Metr9politanlidtel.
A warrant .103.9 prta*Od it nd
,VrOecedpi ilaelLetrelvliNk hack
•aseerialarthat 1114toW Was, m ha
room, without (melting snspicion, and
quietly ilk& our way thither. '
We•lthoeked,•and were invited to
enter.—Nte did so. A gentlemanly
dressed man, with sandy hair, a tawn
y . ward, , and' a restless eye, arose to
reeelii) ns." Was the Man "
had deSeribed. .
"Ali right, by the shade . of Blaci
stonei7 cried Mack.
The guilty are ever suspicious.
'Bastow had his revolver out,in an %AL
etWet, but he was seigcd
before he'could us& it, and
ted with a pair of handcuffs. Th'
jeweled shaft of the arrow was fauna
upon 'his person. He passed that
nightin the tonAi. fie, was Nita
the next morning dead in Via cell.
He 'had 'titkab poison to aviiid the
'notiliny of a trial.
Sybil was released, her innocence
being fully 'established. Mack got a.
glorious fee, for She was married to
him six months after. I igav* 'avntk
- die bride.
Lieut. Bailey of the 16th Regiment
N. Y. Vols., writes from Anandale on
the Bt. •
I did not expdet, when I left ydit
in Rochester, and promised to iv'ette
you, that I should visit the Natio
fields of the Wilderness gain at this
early-period, if, at I Wit:Ned in.
camp on Sunday afternoOn aftei ,
leaving ,•01,,ik"nd was braced
as'oftecr ;. Ana - the day
following as detailed as _one of the
officere to-`accompany an 'expegition
of 300:cavalry to_guardidilimbillando
train,. and rescue otir wounded whd
were Teti in the ,liands of the
.. Aditi they had Vit:ded,andor
and wore removing , to
-t,ekis - 1,0414e-isi.teoners. We Si
rived at It T.Tnited States Ford, oigt
-tile Rapidan, Friday night . t 'r - c/'F;iliisOtk -
Aaturday morning, and at,lorotad
deserted hospital where the first
days of the battle were fought. Td
wiphin 'Oat TA& *df OA VI% te'tok
of bn'th armies had been buried ; 'tint
tMs to the nest hospital qapotit
ONO 'Miles) the dead ,remain
'death fottiid tiTeYil. it Is a scene I
attempt to describe, and frd
that Irsnid net do
It is estitaadd that 15,000. d our men
and as many, or more, of rebels lie
here unburied; and as six weeks have
passed 'sinee'the battle, imagination
in its wildest fancies cannot begin to
paint the , spectacle. ' I unist,Past
Alter , passing through this wilderness
of death, we found another hospital;
surprised. the guards, and ta'oltioa
session, slid fenfid Sikty Wound
ed in charge of_one of our surgeons;
he being a prisoner also. We dtd riot
stop to inquire to whoffib *hat side
they belenged, whether friend or foe,
but eoiniiteilded at knice te put theni
into our'ambulances and to !nuke Qui
way out of this wilderness and sha
dow of death, hastening, tin, n'ur way
to Wa.9l).ittgtO . n. Ail official aceount
of the expedition will doubtless soon
be made. We did not allow any talk
ing with the men—many of them had
all they could bear to endure the
transit.; Mid as nearly the whole, of
them were unable to sit up, and as
some of them had limbs amputated,
we judged'a pOrtion would die on the
way, with all the care we cou ]l exer
cise, and so they did. As to te care
they had received, they all say that
as much had been done for them as;
wid'er the eirenmstititibes, *At
Ede. They all expi.bge'd great satis
faction that we had come for thent,
and that they were going With u.s
back under the old flag. One scene
affected ineinuch. It wag found that
one poor'Willi totally unfit td
be removed,, and when we told him 8d
he said, "take me With ytill as rai as
I can go, and let me die on the way
home you do not, I shall hi:aid
after tlie train as long as life lasts;
and then die on the field with my
comrades I" ,r 0 'nit the
ambulance, and brought him along
until death relieved him, and then
stopped and buried him. His last
words were, "Now, I know I'm dying;
but I knew, I shall Ent be left above
gronnd ftii; vultures to feed upon, di
my comrades were." No one had
any words, but all liffd tears - here
LIFE.-14. Robin, an eini:
neat French chemist, in a paper re
cently presented to the. French Acad
emy, giyes a pri3scription for length
ening human life, the efficacy .of
which he argues very learnedly. He
says that "the miner .l inatter which
coustif•ales an ingredient in most of
our food, after the combustion, is lett
in our system to incrust and stiffen
the different parts of the body, and to,
render imperfcbt Many of the 'OW
proeesSes. 'He compares hurniin he:
ings to furnaces which are- alway*
kindled ;
life exists only in combus
OM, 'glut doitihnstiop . *Ma occurs id
our liodies, like that which takes place
in our 'ebimneys, leaves a debris or
residue which is WO to life: To 141;