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TERMS, • • - - $l5O YEAR
WEDNESDAY, JUlit 29, 1864.
rtavtool or .4tL.clmr+ortigO3.x?..ri.
The publishers of Lebanon have agreed upon the
following chergee for Advertising, viz
Size. it, St. 3m. Rm. ly,
1 siqurtre,l2 $ .50 $l.OO 23.00 $2.00 $ 8.90
2 24 LOU 2CA 6.00 •BM 12.00
8 " 86 !Mee, 1.00 3.100 7.00 10.00 76.00
Tor Elnautor'e end Admintatlntmos Notice', 9.00
Por Assignp.s. Amelitor and Plloilat Notices) 1.4,0
Per yearly eardx, net' ixt•cvdiug 6 lines, 8.00
For column adyertintrinent, 1 year,
F0r,?,1 column "
For 34 " It -
For AnngiuliHrig 0000'105.55p - kr aka, In advanee; 2.00
per Anndunctog eahs, artaceampanied by &dr 'v. 1.00
Poe Local Notkes, Society re-5010E10ns, hs. y t cos
per lino.
For Blehopsnr 'Amdahl Notices, 80 coral per line
per pat.
Yearly advertisement% Tog 'Alorahaula anti. r. 061.
secs Wen ns ogzeed upon.
' Bark is wanted at the Tannery
14.kri reenawalt. See advertisement.
We Ini - ve received from Hon.
Myer Strouse another lot o f choice Tur
,ntp seed, of which we have still some
',packages left for distribution.
Our farmers have had splendid
weather for the housing of their hay crop,
during the past week., Probably' better
weather than-any season for,inany years
past. The hay crop is a large one and
of good quality in this section.
The heat was most intense du
ring the greater part of last week. We
notice, in the papers, many instances of
sun stroke, in some cases attended with
fatal consequences, At a military funer
al in Philadelphia on
.. .Thursday, there
were four soldiers sett atnick.
nesday night, Mr. C.. G. Hook's N,,w
York Dry Goods Store, 438 -Penn
street, was entered by some bold burg•
tars, and robbed mahout a 100 in Money,
and a quantity of silks l and other fine
goods valued at over $2,000 The en
trance. was effected first from, the yard,
into the hack building, by removing a
panel from the door of a vestibule that
leads to a room immediately back o 1
Store, room, and 'thus unlocking the door,
The doors of this room and the Store
were also opened in the same mariner,
and from them all the most valuable
goods were taken. The money ~vaa ta
ken from one of Herring's Fire and Bur
glar Proof Sales, which stands in the
back part of the Store; the outer ; door
having been • unlocked, and the inner
door broken open and carried off. This
was one of the boldest burglaries that has
ever been perpetrated in Reading. The
robbers have, so far; got off safely with
their plunder, and no clue to their detec•
Lion has as•yet been obtained. Suspicion
attached, we learn, to two strangers who
,had been stopping for a day or two at
one of our principle Hotels, without any
apparent object. They must evidenry
have made themselves previously ac
quainted with the premises, and were
doubtless old hands at housebreaking.
The-tact , that_thc. back building was un-
OCCUPfed, facilitated their operations,—
Beading Gazette,
. .
The Philadelphip,Sonr, market
is firm with sales,of,aboot,.:2,6oo bbls at
$8 50a0 22 ‘ petAl (or low grade and
choke faMily, tirici $lO per bbl for fancy
• Rye Plour is selling la a .Small way at
$7 g . 5 per bbl. Corn • IYlealks scarce at
full prices. Wheat is firm but inactive.
Sales arc making at $2 Ka 10 for red.
Rye is se/ling in a small way at $1 60 per
bus. Coro, Is rather dull, Oats are dull.
The ofrerings of Beef Cattle reached
about 4Z50 head this week, an increase
of 550 over Jut, and the market was
very dull, and 'fully 2c per lb lower.
Cows were plebty, and lower. Hogs
were better and `the offerings light.
Sheep were also more 'Plenty.
Blackwood's Magazine for May,
is an excellent number. It contains addi
tional chapters of ""Chronicles °feeding
ford,'! and "Tony Butler"—two Novels of
superior merit, the, following, other
papers of interest Foriyth's• 'Life of
Cicero ; A Sprig Oi Matrimonial Matters
A Groan over Corfu ' The. Great Indian
Question ; Cornelius o•Dowd upon Men
and Women, and things in general—Part
111 ; How to make a Novel; , The Position
of the Ministry : New York : Qublished
by L. Scott t Co., 38 Walker street, at
03 a year,
yr( •
"P4ROWN'S BRONMIAL J. itocit-Nt3.i s
—Rev. Charles S. Robinson, late of TroY,
now of Brooklin, N.Y., writes of Brown's
Bronchial Troches: "Rev. Mr. Booth
gave me two or three from his pocket, a
few years ago, ,recommending me, to
make a trial of then; for he had found
them beneficial. I have kept them on
hand ever since, and found them very
serviceable after the weariness ofoeak
ing, as well as allaying the irritation con
sequent on a cold,"
Startling 1 but true.—The Volunteer:. embrac
ing the dringera orFeirer. Scurvy, Weutuie and
Many n pliant iellov leikve hia
honea to hlektih whit, by the mid of rioia.owitora
PLit,s A/41)0114111E4T, would have returned to hie
family mien* end healthy. 'Soldiers, try them !
Only 26 cents per box or pot.
The stage from Bellefonte was
upset one day last week near Centre Han
and some of the passengers, (among
whom were a number of Lutheran preach
era who had been attending a meeting of
Synod,) considerably bruised. A young
girl, who made her living by sewing, had
her arm badly broken. Th a horses we
learn were &riven by a mere boy, who
showed himself totally incapable of man
aging a team.
Gir A. two horse teen', belonging to a
Mr. Derr, of Bhaefferstown, Lebanon county, eau off on
Tuesday afternoon and smashed up thing's generally.—.
The wagon was: laden with groceries, which wale spilled
out promisouously through the street. Orel of en.
gar was included in the wreck of mit td or ush o
hooPe.—Rsadirip Angela{ of Saturday.
Or COUPOII . UIet on Monday evening:;
members present, Menem Crittlorer, Reineohl, Gerhard,
We imer: Reinhard, Shame end Fenith. Orders were
41r , svn ns fellows A. AD. Walter, gal 56; Anthony
Ge rh"rd, 141 00; Cleorge Bergner, $lB9 82; James W.
Quinn, $l6l 20 : Peter Boner, $l2 50 ; Janaee Young,
$l4 76 Jahn Durkee, $l,l 50. The 130e4 foe Ball of Po.
ter liauer, Collector, was epp ored. The offer of the
Union Flre Company to m , rtgege the Engine Home to
Ike Borough foe $1250, WAD accepted. On motion, the
Chlel Burgess wesauthodzsd to make a loan of $1250
to Meet the Act of ASsembly relative thereto. On mor
t,..en adjourned.
'The Lebanon Seminary closed
its twelfth annual session on Saturday
evening by a musical entertainment•ln
the Court House, by the pupils. . The ex.
aminations took place in the Seminary
buildings on Thursday and Friday.—
This institution, since it has come under
the direction of its present accomplished
principal and assistants has prospered be
yond any other era of its history. In
addition to possessing the requisite quail.
fications for instruction in all the useful
and ornamental branches, the present
teachers have their hearts in the matter,
and hence, uS a necessity, must succeed.
We acknowledge the receipt of tickets
for the exhibition, and also invitations for
tht examinations, but, in accordance with
i the usual habit of most of our people, we
allowed business matters to take prece
dence, thus depriving us of the double
pleasure of witnessing the proceedings and
speaking of them in detail.
Capt. JAcon P. EAIBICII, of Com
pany A. 93d Regiment, P. V. was shot
before Petersburg, on the 18th inst., by
a rebel sharpshooter. He lived until the
next dtY,Bunday, when he died. His
remains were brought to this place on
Sat4rday, to the residence of his brother-
C. Mark, Esq., and interred.'on
Sunday , afternoon. The Perseverance
Fire Company, Junior Sons of America
and American-Mechanics, (of which asso
ciations he was a member.) the Persever
ance Band, and a large number of citizens
attended his funeral.
Capt. Embich was in the service from
the commencement of the rebellion until
the time of his 'death... He „was a
member of Capt. Ulrich's three months'
volunteers,after which he enlisted in the
93d regiment, at its organization, in 1661,
and was immediately promoted to the Ist
Sergeancy, from which position he went up
step, by step to the Captaincy. He also
acted for some time as Adjutant of the
reelment. , ,was an active soldier, be
ing, we believe, with his regiment always
in the field, and participated in all the bat
tles it was in, allays escaping unharmed,
until the fatal ball oftheiBth reached him.
Copt,. Embich wts the youngest son of
Daniel Embich, d'ec'd., of this borough,
and was aged at the time of his death, 24
years, 9 anonths. and 7 days.
The 93dhas now had three of its Cap
tains killed. , since the 'creasing of the Rapi
dan,,viz Embich and the two
TRUE.—Une of o r
exchanges says insects. never touch
the elder bush. The leaves of the el•
der, scattered over cucumbers, cab
bages, and other plants subject to the
ravages of insects, effectually shield
tilem. The plum 'and other fruits
May be saved by placiagop" the branch
es and through them hunches of elder
leaves. It is said that ants will not
come where elder leaves are scatter
ed. This is easily tried and if suc
cessful is of great impbrtance.
Contributions front Lebanon County to
Ole Satiikry Fair in Phi!..dephitt ihr.,:vh the 'Trews
4 21 ,4 r. J•len Gomr, Erg •
By 7, , P3rth Labluatri TurinalUtp
By the warkteg ma of Nor.h Lob
anon Fnrnace*
Pic , nre by Mr. Lauber, valued at
By N .rth Lebanon Borough
By Lonclo,derry township
By Lebanon Borough.
Weimer MathMe .mrl Car I.9orkv $24 91
Employees at the Beilrol3l 23 50
4.. 4 by Wee ira
0 .0 fillet Kate Greena
Collectlona 'by Miss A. S. Wieel-
Bug • •
Collections try - Miss Beckley
. .4 Misses Kendall and
Zimmerman 26 00
Collections by Thee Seidel; '72 05
, " Mr Cyrus'S Gaunt° 86 00
Contributed by IL T. Hoffman
First Notional Bank
tfy Cernssalt tawu ht
In addition to the aboveivatiJna nano of money 4EIII
large contribtr laps of fancy work, &c ~ w ere .forwarded
tlir ct, by Individuals, to the Managers of the Pair.
The draft for Schiiy iII county
took place in Pottsville last week.
The* Ladies of Lebanon are all
cordially invited to attend the meetings
of the Ladies* Aid Society, on every
Thursday afternoon, for sewing on Hos
pital Clothing. tf.
. .
QUESTIO--11.N.0110l there Diek.and
Nancy, whertt are you going, that you are in such a
hurry 1 • •
Aaswea.---Why we are just on nur way to Daily's
pliotogaph Gallery, to have our pictures taken.
takes*splendhl Matures, and his Gallery is nearly all
the title crowded. so I said to Nancy we will go ear
ly this racirningAefore any body else gets there, or we
writbsve to ojitte-avlty,agek(, without getting any.
Qty.s.r.—Yes I "I havotearti-totrthat Deity's Gallery
is nearly all thelime crowdedi and so why ddn't you
go to some other Gallery I -
due,-011 re y we see m n et think of stsolt a tlairtri.--
Wwatlroire the true an d bebutitul picture that Daily
tikes, so much that we would not go to another Gal
lery If we could get them for nothing. Hahne seven
years, experience in the business, bites a complete setter
improved instruments, an excellint skylight, sup
there fore takei the best pictures I/ town, and so of
course every body that wants a good picture goes to
• ••
Queor.—What kind of Pictures doom take?
Airs.—lle takes Photographs from miniature todifa
size, plain or colored. Ills card pleterce hare, bean
pronounced more truthful and life like than some that
have been taken in our large cities. His Ambrotyped
ure beautiful, and can't be beat. lle also excels in
copying pictures from email Daguerreotypes, and en
larging them almost,to any site.
Queer.-- , Where l this Gal lery 1 I miler giro him a
call too. • • ,••• •
Amt.—Just wine along with Nancy and I% and We
will ehow you- It la in Stine's. New.building. noSt
door to the. Lebanon Deposit Dank. • lie lias
ly on hand u good assortment of Gilt ontrltusewood
Frames, tinges, Albums. *.c., which he sells cheap.—
For good and cheap Pictures we UtiVii.o all to go to
Dally'a Gallery, cLebanon,* Pa. Nara 11,'63.
Guns. Rifles, Pistols, Powder, Cape, &c
Rpuctrully, inform the public that he continues the
businese of manufacturing and dealing in
Caps, Wadi, and all kinds of gunning and gun materi
al, la HIS htnra, uhrffleuritot Mtrout, a few Mena North of
the L. V R. K., tiebanuu, I'a.
tie MI kinds of Itapi Wog-- Juno at thC Sirottost pos
table notice and In tlie-.hest.stylo of twain anal, ip.
Lebanon, June 24,
Blanks for 800 n ty.a i ncl ingaljd Pen
im4'just printed and for eftle at the An-
Ayer 5 Sarsaparilla
r$ a concentrated estreetof the ch root, scoa-
l blued with other ilubetnunes of- stll loice
greater altra
tree power as to afford au effectual antidote for d is
eases. Sarsaparilla Is reputed to cure. Such a remedy
is surely wanted by those rdio suffer from Strumous
complaints, and that one which trill accomplish their
cure must prove, ap tbis has, of Immense service to
this large class of our afflicted fellow-citizens. flow
completely thirrom . peund do as been proven
by experiment Olrniaij cif the worst c a ses to be found
in the fol lo wing• orreePlein
•Serufnla. Scrofulous ttWelllngs and Sores, Skin Die
eases, Pimples, Pastufee,l3letches Wraptions, St. An
thony's Fire Rose or Erysipelas, ietter or Salt Rheum
Scald Head, Jt ng Worm, &c.
BOUM Or Veneriat Disease is expelled from the sys
tem by the prolonged use of this Sarsaparilla, and the
pet lent is left in comparative health.
.Female Ailecties are caused by Scrofula In the blood,
and are often soon cured by this Estract of Sarsapa
Do not trocard this invaluable medicine, because you
base boon Imposed epee by tannethiag pret , mtling
he Sareaparillu, while it was not. When you have
need AValt i a--then, and not till then. willyou know
the virtues of Sarsaparilla. For minute pertloulars of
the diseases it cures, we refer you to Ayer's American
Almanac, which the agent below named will furnish
gratis to all who Call for it.
Aimee OATIMATIO Pima, for the cure of Costiameesi,
Jaundice, Dyspepsia Indigestion, Dysentery, Foul
Stomach, Ifeadache; Mee, Itheumitialn, Heartburn
... ..
arising from Disordered Stonmch, Pain, or 31004 In
action of the Bowels, Flatulency, Loss of ApDotitt,
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia,
and for a Dinner Pill."
They arc' anger coated, so that the meat sensitEre
Cati take them pleasantly. end Thep are the beet Aper
ient in the world for, aft the partmos of a family
Prepared by J. C. Attnii' it CO Lowell, Muss., and
sold by all the drunkt:i in Lebanon and dealers in
medicine everywhere.
Juno 22,180.1.-2 mo.
A GENTLEMAN, eur's‘f of Nervous Debility, Incom.
petenc;„ Premature Der and Youthful Error, Actua
te.) by a desire to bene others. w Slim happy to fur
n imh to all who need lt,'(free orchurge,) the reeelpe and
directions for making the simple remedy used in his
rase. Those wishing to profit by his experience, and
possess a Valuable Remedy. will reeeivii the same, by
return mail, (carefully scaled,) by midfessing
No. DO Nation street, Now York.
June 4,
SIVALLO - W two or three begehende of "Raclin,"
" Ton Ie lEt Mere." Stir:mpg rine," "Nervous An
tidotes," kc., .4e., and after you ere antisfied with
the result, then try one box of OLD DOCTOR BU
ed to health and vigor in thirty days. They are pure
ly vegetable. pleasant to take, prompt and salutary in
their efferte on the broken down and shattered consti
tution. Old s.nd young can take them with advan
tage. Imported and sold in the United States only by
JAS. S. 80T1.P.V.,
Station D, Bible Howe, Nevi York.
General Agent'.
P, S.--A box Rent to oily mitiregs on receipt.of price
—Ohl is One DOW—past fru,
O PILLS are the only Reliable Remedy for all
Diseases of the Seminal, Urinary and Nervous Sys
tems. Try.ona tkix, and ha cured. ONE DOLLAR A
BOX. Olio boa will perfect a cure. or money refund
ed. Sent by mail on receipt of price.
Station D, Bible Mouse, New York. I
General Agent,
2darch 30, 1.864.-3 m
less then SG days. the worst 'ages of NNUVOUSNESS,
impotency. Premature Deohy, Seminal ‘Veakneas, In
'malty.. and all Urinary, Sexual. and Nervous Affee ,
tions. no matter froru what eance produced. Price,
One Dollar per boa. Sent postpaid, by, :3111,0.f ... 0n re
of au. order, Addratim,. .
Station D, Ulf& Lloit . z4. New York,
- Gene al Agent,
March 30 , 186.1.--3ta
JIMENT, pint bottles at fifty cents cash, for
lameness, cuts, galls. colic, sprains, &c., warranted
cheaper than any other. It is used by all the great
horsemen on Long Isiand , tourses. It will not ears
ring bone nor epee in. as there is no liniment in eerie
tenet} that Will. What ltom stated to sure It positively
does.' No Monsi n! horses wink without it after trying
one/Kele. One dose revives and often saves the life
'of an over-heated or driven horse. For colic and bel
ly-ache it Inlif never failed -Just as sure as the sun
rises. just •-o sure is this valuable Liniment to be the
Horse embrocatiOn of the day. Sold by all druggists.
Office. 56 Oortlandt Street, New Ynrk.
- Feb. 10, '0.1.-Im.
't errible
CECRETS FITS for the mill leo i A moat valuable and won
0 dello' publication, A wart tof 400 pages; sod 'SR
colorer! engravings. DR. II UNTRIVS VADE MECUM . ,
an neizinal and popular troatiao on Man and Woman,
the it Phykology, Functiotm and Sexual disoreehi of
every kind. tvitifNeref FiiAing t freniedies for their
spendy_core . The prortiee of DR, liVisrgrit:'ROM long
heen : , - siul'still it, Unbounded, trietmt the earnest solici
tation of numeroba Tiersons,ho like teen induced to ex
tend his medical usefulness through the medium 'orbit
laileetra." -It iv volute; that should he in
- the hands of ev,ery hi the land. ltee preventive
of secret vices. or sea guide for the alleviation of on:
of the most awful awl destructive scourges ever visited
mankind. One copy, securely enveloped. will be for
warded free of postsge to any part of the United States
for - 53 cents its P. 0. stamps, or 3 copies for $l. Ad.
drees.'poot &lA, DR. UUNTER No. S Div is)ou Street,
New York.
Sept. 3,1833.—1 y.
leligfinto girtims,
Se. Joint's Cliumea.—Serviret next Sunday'morning and .
evening, in the English language. Lecture on
Wednesday etre:ling.
Preaching next Sabbath morning. at .44 . o'clock in the '
German, and In the evening in the English language,
in the First Reformed Church
_ .
English preaching both moruing . ,altd. eveaing, next
Sabba tit , in Zion , a
Lutheran church.
English preaching next Sunday at 1(1.A. M., EtAtl 4101 . -
lean at 6 S. XL, in the, Moravian church.
Sue 9
5 01
99 99
3S 95
Oc the =I inet.., by the Rev. F. W. Kremer, Mr. R.
C. WELLS, of tifqiieNtrin:th Co. Pe , to -Mai E 11314
110310ERGER, of S. Lobonon tp..thte comity.
On the, lath hot., by Wm. W. Obeli, - Meg., et Mt.
Zion, Mr. WM. Ylgßatilt to Miss AMANDA. 110CITZ,
both of Bethel township.
On the 11th inst., by Rev Jacob if. Merk, Mr.II:LIAS
KELLY, of E.llanover, to Vim CLIZ A 1103113ERUEE.,
of Londondery
6 •
20 00
456 05
la 00
On the 2nd Bethel tp.. tolviN PETEn. in
fant son of Geo. cud .11ary S. GLICK, a,lOl-Iniontbs,
and daps:
On ttiesth tn R.LllBR,lorsnt son
of Adam and Rebecca GARBERICH., aged d months,
and 2 days.
- 8 £9
Ou the 2nd Net—MARY AMANDA. Inlaid daughter
'of John and Catharine 0 fiNSMACIIT , aged 2 year, 2
months and 2 diva.
' On the 16th of May la Washington City, raiNJAmili
FRANN.LIN WEIGEL, of Co. C. 140th Reg. P. Y.,
aged 1.0 years, 6 months and 22 days.
On the 12th Bethel • tp =in
fant son of Dan66'o, and MotzeimaGLlOli, aged 1 year,
9 months and 2 days.
Go to thy refit, my child,
Go to the d seamless bed,
Gentle and undated,
With blessings on thy head
On the 20th lust., in 6watara. I.LLA BLIZA, Wind
daughter of Runty and Mary LENTZ, aged 8 mouths,
and 2t days.
Ou the 30th nit.. in Heidelberg, Mrs MARIA wife
Mr. John PUILLIPPI, aged 68 years and 211tnontlis.
The Lebn
• li.KBADION, Warms.
Extra Fattiily, $1; 151
Extra Flour, 8 88
Prime White Wheat,l u 5.
Prime Red Wheat„ 175
New Wheat, —T.
Prime Rye, 1 40
Corn,' 155
Oats, 70
Clorereced, s 00
Timothy-seed, .2 50
Flax-seed, 2 50
Driedi Apples, pealed,2 00
Peach "Suits . 2 50
Peach "Ratuels," 152
Cherries, 175
Onions. 100
Pota.toes, boa. 00 •
Apple It utter, VAerm.k. 45
.lii)x. allistttioAtitito..
Bark .Wanted. •
rtillWhighent,prien+ will be paid • for Bark, at the
1 Tannery of the undersigned, in Lebanon.
Lelmaon Jane 29, 1994.-3 t.
TO hereby given that the QUOTA of MBE.? rolled for
1 by-the President of the UnihsPStates from Lebanon
county, bee beau Oiled to the proeent ,time. There
will probably belt email seems. which will ho distrib
uted to the several sub districts of the Couuty. 3io
further credits of Veterans or New Rouru its for this
County are wanted, end no further County Bounties
will be paid.
TUOMAr4 LESLIER., Cumrais4-ioners
Attest :—CraUS Blintz, Clerk,
Lebanon, Juuo 23,158. - ,
ConGetionitry Store,
• (Late Lowry & Nalim.)
Walnut street, near Cturiberland,'M square from
thetConti noose, Lebanon, Pa.
E Lace just returned from the City with a fresh
Spring,Rock of 'Oranges, Lemons, Bnisihs , Figs,
Prunesi Dates, Currents, Filberts, Citrons Walnuts,
Petifints, Almonds, &e.
Also, it large variety of all kinds of diftorerit tUrror
ed Finenind Common CANDIES. Cakes of ail Yields
Nuys on 'hand, or made to order.
OM-Parties supplied at abort notice. ' •
vt. large assortment of WOODEN TIN TOYS, in
cluding Wheelbarrows, Wagons. kt.
CIIVA.II, of all the different flavors. always on
hand. Having fitted up the large SALOON la hand.
some style, he hopes to receive the patronage of the
Lebanon, May 18, 1964
Estate of Adam Ititcher,
NOTICE le hereby given, that Lettere Testamentary,
on the estate of ADAM KITCHEN., deed.,late of
the borough of Lebanon, - Lebanon county, Pa., lowa
been granted to the undersigned of the borough, ceun
ty and state aforesaid. Therefore all persons indebt
ed to said estate are requested to make paymen t, and
those baring claluie will present them without delay.
Lebanon, June Hi, 186.1.
164ectutorls Notice..
nIIBLIC No Cos Is hereby given, tbet [ARIA Testa•
mentary, have boon granted to the undersigned,
en the Estate of CATHARINE GOETTLE, late of
Heidelberg township, Lebanon county, Pa., deo'd. All
peril One who know themselves Indebted to said estate
will please settle their accenute, and all those baying
claims against It will pleategvint Abow.
SbasiDirstown, Huth 9 , 1881. - • -
Ott Markel.
mu.; 24), 1864
!Eggs; /ft doe.,
!linter, 111 lb.. 20
:Tel, or salted butter, 10
!Tallow, 11
than, 15
Shoußiers; 73
i Sides,'
Soap,' ' 7
Bees-wax, 25
White Rags, 6
Nixed Rags, • 3
Flax. '7EI lb. 121 4
tirietive, 40'
treathers , 64 lb., 023
I WoOl, a lb., 40
s_oup Banns, IR fit., 7
Vinegar, '4l gal., 1214
IT is well known to tha
IRON is the 'Vital Priuciple or L
blood. This is derived chiefly fro
but if the loud is not ,properly d
any CRUM whatever, the flummery
not taken Into the CP[0111 . 46 0 .. Or
Who'll.) system suffers. The bad id
heart, will clog up the lunge, Nth
will obstruct the liver,.aud will
clueing elemen , s to all parts of the
nee will suffer fu whatever organs
to diSedee.
Tito greet ratite or
is tvell,kneetu and acknowledged b
The. dififeully dtut tiedu to
it es will enter the `Otrenlatieu any
with the blood_ This polhk says'
setts State chemist, : has been attni
Syrup, by'ronibluation in a way b
The Peruvian
h a protected aolution of - tho PllO
the Root of the Disease by suppl,
its Vital Principle or Life }Amen •
The Peruvian
Cures Dyspepsia, Liver Obruplaint,
Ague, Loos of Energy, L
The Peruvian
Infuses'strength, 'rigor,_ and new
tufil hdllds up,uo "iron Co
The Peruvia.n
Cures Chromic Diarrbisa, Scrofula,
of Constitutional V
The Peruvian . 'yrup
Corea Nervous Affmtiona.. Vemoto • mplahrts, and tO.I.
dinars °ram lihi.poya an haltisr.
r• . ,
he Peruvian ru p
fs a Spettific for KO rliseasos Orig Nna in a 11AD
STATIC OF VIE BLO3D, or accompa eq by Dotal ity
or a Low State of the System. ' k
. Pamphlets containing certificates ore
mendations from some of the most emi
Clergymen, and others, will be soot
We select a few of the names to snow
of the testimonials. , •
PrePitlent of the Metropolitan Batik,
Late Editor Christian Advocate and
Editor New Yerk the'
Rev. Juba. Pieront, "Pour is Jobnnet.
lter.Werren . Borkon.i- Ro - evretl Kinn°
Rey . thnr B. Fuller, S. K.-Kendall,
Roe. (turtle= Robb les, W. R. Chlaboli
Rev. Sylvanite Cobb, lerodiole Dana,
T. Starr Kiug, Antonio Snort
Rev, Ephraim Nuts, Jr., Abratuon Wend
Rev. Joseph H. Clinch, A. ..11nyee, M.
Rey. Henry Eptiain, .T Ch
Rev. P. C. Headley, IT. E. Kiouey, M
Rey. John W. Olmetend, ,Jerens tab Stone
Prepared by N. L. CLARK Si. CO.. exc lvr•.ly for
J. A', Dllia3lo.llbi,ii.o. 40,1, Dr.oklinsy, brow
Sold by alk Druggists.
Redding's BliSsill Sa
Itr.ils Oki Sores.
Redding's Russia Sal v
Carol tturnß, Scalds, C a
Redding's Russia .alv
Cures Wuur.h. Bruises, S sins.
Redding's Russia .alv,
Cures nth? f. Meets, Can i - s.
Redding's Russia
soli ithuein. Piles, 11 ~ipnls.
Redding 's Rassia ,alv.
Cures Ring, , ISMS, 00 , r?
NO FAMILY SHOULD .1321' 1 , 1 1 T.llO .11!
Only 25 COl2 to a box
.97NSUORIL No. 491 Brondoott
S. IV:1 0 010;Ln et CO. No. 18.firodailt.: Apton,
"And by,4.1.Dr05kiqu0..4.44-00,1u1 aterik ;pelts
*Two:), 1-Sel.--;4,y,erm.
11)TrOPOSALS for Btuildtng g School finnan wit
deed at the office of tho'nrideraigpel, in
ough of Lebanon, whore apenitier.tions nett be an
til Tuesday, the 28th inst., at 5 o'clock, P. 31.
Retritary of Boon] of Sabool Direfitol'. acf
Lebanon, June 21, 1864.
Proposals for RC-brill('
• school !louse.
- 1 - ) RoposA..r.9 will in, received f.r
r noes,. n, in Cornwall School District,
tnan'elun Satuitiay, July 0, 1864, nt 6 o'cloat,
at the office of the Cornwall Anthracite Fur
Plane and ?specifications can he seen-at any• that
said 6ate, by application to the undersigned.
A. W1L1111431,
'• Comm
June 22,1504.
Apprenititie AVltaided.:
A BOY. from 13 told years of age, as an
Bee to the Tailoring Business. is wanted • the
undersigned. LORENZO 11. IBM It.
Lebanon. June 864.
101.401-I,II_INC r
tevirmg t:L.
The Only Kaohine eapaitid at makin - - 1 14 ore
than One Kind of a Stifoh; and V;
Only One having the RE- •
The feed -may bnrevereed et 3131 Y( point O sired,
without stooping ,which is a great...Mk
utage ``fasten
ing the ends of seams.
It makes four different stitches, lock...knot double
lock, and double knot; each stitch perfect at alike
on both sides of the fabric.
There is no other Machine which will do Bi large a
rungs of work as the "Florence."
It will Braid, Tuck. Quilt, Cord, Hem, F , Bind,
Gather, am! do all triads of Stitching required y fam.
Hies and Manufacturers.
The most inexperienood Enid no difficulty t using
it. • -•
.grery Machine iii warranted tri.give mar a tisfac-
Ben; and to do all that Le eh - dined for it..
BM. The Florence must be seen to be Appmdatcd.
- J.. 1-. ATZ,
Agent of Lebanon county, An .111 e,
Perseus wishing toe the BFachine. left 'oration can
do so by culling on the Agent at Anulltle, or on WM.
CI. Ward, at Lebanon.
June R, 1884.'
iniFFICE in Stiebtar's Building, Cm:obi:lmM Street,
'kJ nearly opposite the boort lioneo,
Lebanon Juno 18 1804.--tf.
Errs! Firs! riTs!
A . 11, RICH IVY, Merchant Tailor, respectfully en
IX_ tummies to the citizens of Lebanon and vicinity
that he has just l'Ottirnott from rho city with a duo as
sortment of ,
all of which he will aell-or make up to order at
prices to suit the times, at his No. 1 minoring Betel.
Bailment:in Keim's New Block, 4 doors South of the
Buck Rotel, South Walnut street. -
All work entrusted to his care,will be manufactur
ed Ina workmanlike meaner as o fashion- and dura
Goods purchased elsewhere - will be cheerfully made
np to order on the usual moderate territi.,
!faring had years of experience in the Tailoring and
Drydloods business, and being inclined to turn to the
advantage of his customers, all the advantages result
lag from said aorynireinenth he feels satisfied that it
will be responded to by a very liberal share of the pub
lic patronage.—'
Friends call dna: to please as after that please your
July 8, -.,4.
Aleconniuck., 7 .s PION E ER
IMPROVii Po*: 1.84
One pram greatest labor-saving machines of the
age, and always found fully equal to any test to which
it has been submitted, la all kinds of grain and grass,
at homa.and abroad. - Garand Medals of 'Honor awarl
ed by the Wnrld'e Fairs, auoceseieely at London; Paris
and Hamburg, and acknowledged in both — herotepherea
to be the Pioneer and chief Heaping and Mowing ma
chines. The model and pattern of ail others. We
o lain) our Solf.Raker al be superior le all others, and
offer it on trial wit's any other, the purchaser to keep
and pay for the one preferred.
' Sample Machine can be seen at Adam' lisak's
Hotel, Lebanon, and any information wanted can be
had by calling at 3. H. Bressler, Stove Store, Walnut
Street, Lebanon.
Or All of AZ/W." cenatiktigtgll lialadAnd
for Sale by the agent. •
Satiefaction guaranteed.
Far sale by JOHN B. ENS, Agent,
Litia, Lancaster conaty, Pa
May 3.1,1864..-6 t. •
Dit you sae 4,T51144 BRO.:14 New Boot and Shoe
Public Sale
ii.t, 1,..01,1 et public safe at the late re4bletive or
• • Adam 'Muler, deo*. ip Curahrland str icy
the lairmigh of L.l3ll.atitit ,
Saturday, July 2, 1864,
the follow ing Persona 1 Property, viz
1 - good-Family liOttS.E, I Ftoo, .41100-,,,.
I two-horse WAGON, I one- 4E*
Harrow', Plough, • OM)
rnPiTanter ' Corn Harrow, Corn Plough,
Cart. *.led, Sleigh, Pair of Hay Uktiderr,, Straw Cutter,
Hay Forks, Picks, Grubbing noe, aWI many other ar•
t ides toe numerous to mention.
profeeodon that
Elenteut Of the
the food we eat ;
4esterl, or if. from,
luantity of iron is
.0111+.4; reduced, the
win irritate the
stupefy the brain,
WI its disease-pro-
Eysteru, and every
1 , ay be prodbposed
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M., when terms
will bo made known
CATIIAEINE rantrint.
Executrix of tbe Notate of Adam hitcher, deed.
Lebanon, Juno D 3, 186.1.
IS Teachers Wanted.
SMALE AND 10 FEliA.Lll.—The Anemia 11-s.anst
flatten of Teachers thr the Schools of Lebanon Bo
rough, will be held in the 801100 E, ROOM of Female
Sobool, No_ 1, on Thursday, OTIUM auth . -110,Xt, to com
mence at 834 o 'clock, A. M. TIMM, /0 'Months. Lib
eral Salaries w ill be paid.
• DY., Freedent.
P9MC HOPPER, Secretary.JOllN YO
'R June 10 ; 1801.
Lebanon Borough School
• all
. a 'preparation of
iosity Hata at once
r. Rages, Maiisaehu
-1 hi the Peruvian
1 ue unknown.
p, that Strikes at
A Ig.the blood with
B Iron.
TWIN TIMMY, Treasurer in account with Lohanon
pi Borough Common School District, from April 23,
1803, to Jute 0, 1861, as follows, via :
Reliance In the Treasury Aprll23, 1863. $0004.83
To cash received from D. E. Millercollector. 5423 51
To cash received from State appropriation. 405 21
To cash received from Tuition.. 73 32
1 Topsyrup
. 'Fever and
yrup •
fit into the system,
foils, Scurry, Lose
Cit. •
By cash paid as per orders, as follows, viz
By 12 orders paid Teacher of No. 1 $493 18
By 12 " tt " 2 402 60
By 12 " U $. . 402 00
By 12 • •, •• 4 3GO 00
By 12 " 299 15
By 12 " , f p 24 0 4,4
By 12 " 7..„%39:d
By 9 " " U 8 189 '09
By 7 ;' •":. " 9 ,1,37 .70
k.)4411.11 . kelfe
Dar 12 ordeptild Texcifer 0 . 7 DlO.l. 343 19
by 12 " " " 2 303 51
By 12 " " " 3 216.01
By 12 " " as 4 287 50
Byl2 as sa 5 235 29
By 12 " " " 0 211 35
By 12 7 213 00
By 9 " " " 8 - ' 162 00
By 12 " " mixed 18 212 41
By 2 order paid, Teacher of tho
District /ustitsete 26 00
es irla I,,NSUI
ea to any ad.
$8419 85
fly Cash paid for repaint, fuel, &a.,.at p'.l' orders Is
sued an tellowe, TM;
James Rogers. stoves, trailers,
spouting. dc, val 6.4 -
Daniel He: for, painting 14 50
Goorge Hrrah, eo- 23 83
Krim:. a Groff, carpenter Work, • ••••• . .
and material. - , TO 03
Zimmerman ft-eSer, carp ' •
ter work a material, ' 23
J. & D. Waiters,
work it Materiel, "• 21 34
Michael Lomita, iron castings
ler tleska, 65 40
Israel Karen, Rains hi in , l!., Re, 15 17
ghli‘k orgngr, wititewash•
and pla.tering 21 00
Bernhard Rauch, water rent, 2 00
Adam Moyer, dO 4 CO
Longacre h Gable, flooring, 52 21
Woi tit a Gabor, i, minting, 65 34
Young & Cc., printing J. 00 .
Bteatiu, printing,
I). M. Kemeny, coal, - 201. 42 -
Waita & Umiak, arspe,ctrsrie,ao 46 42
Joi.or, Backer, chart, a 00
. D.
6 D
M. D
Jana,. fleichold. broo.• g, 3 40
liowntan, Henn' k o , rp,ltaniber 17. 4S
A. L. Wolf. lakrr,
tieury 1i fteiaonui, brooms,
Jahn OPPW, bruoßos,
/OM itrothorif, Mrdward, M - 2ti
12.1u.nitag Ilowthe 19 c.:9
Iteinoehi . - 611,, rent: 40
. 4`O
Lotmnou Lo !go, rent for achool
No. 0 Ott
Franklin Tosuilatoe Comp,eny
un rotic,:f; 20 00
bll+ee'lvn~oua Experisna, . 98 TO
Geo. Shay, Harvingnotio99. 2 20
I.obismon ijkvs con ; owy, - ga s cen,
Jog. Earth, Secreteriee eititary
Jug. Knreti. e'llentmtittit 80. kie.t6 BLU 50 00
Jahn Yordy.'2l - 0888ter'e 80..tt5
25 Anitlt4n., 125 85 Trea6ur2l, JUDO 6, 166.3
2310 a fel
Odt4u,ding Tex, • SSI.O 00
I.onoton, Juce It t 18f4
1,..f1t)5 - trzena salad ; Niounl
, .
nope • da ettf. e:t lifid
'dell opeke Co upany.''
JIJBLIG I getter:, Is hereby given, that by Act of the
General Assembly of Pennaylvania. approved the
311 day Of May, 1801 the name of said company has
been changed to "CORNWALL TUNPIKE 1.103.1.pA.-
NY,",and that. at a meeting of t h e Beard 6E3i:wagers,
held on the 11th duy of June, 1804, a resolution was
passed. calling in au installment of TWO DOLLARS
ou each eltare of Stock. The holders thereof are there
fore hereby notified that the said installment: inapt be
paid to Jacob Weld le, Treasurer of said company, an or
before the day of slaty, 186-1. Iu default of pay
ment the alock of all delinquents will be declared 'fer•
By order of the Fred:lent.
• • JACOB IVBIDLE, Treasuror
Lebanon, Juno 16, 1813-1-3 t.
• , •C
Notice of Assessment No. !IL'
of ;day, tSM, orderett au ASiiE.S.9.IIEZZT of FCI.; PRE
CENT. on all ProMitiin Notea in pobbeepdon of the
Company givouler liteuraoce, which wore in force ou
the firtt day of May, Ihn4, end appoluted ADA
GRIT fINGIIIt, of LIJOEID.OII, fur Lebanon
County, who is direeted to receive the awe from the
members of the-Compaoy, nod pay o he 'whole As
comment before the lat day of .epto r, neXt.
113 tinny, May 80, 3.604. fly order of the
u._% In nurauance of the abos e, I will cell upon the
menahcre of the Company within the County of Leba
non, or fiend, lu a ehort time, to receive .tins amid An:
amement. J , • ADAM GRI — TINGII; - Blicie . 7.r
Lebanon, une15,11364.
. bI.,
nt 1
P .
Be it resolved Oy the Seriatg and Bou-te tf •Th'P'esenta'
lives of the 00137401710Clitth of ntisytu General
Assonibiy matt, .That the following anaemia:etas be pro
poaod to the Constitution of the Commonwealth, in ac
cent once With the prethiol3ll of the tenth article
There shall be an additional - seetion'to the d
article al roe Constitution, to ha dedighated as suction
four. as follows:
`I:local:ill 4. Whenever any cf the, qualified electors
of th s etanneonweath ebrll be in any actual military
set vire, under a rrquiaition from the President of the
United etates, or by the authority of title Comm3n
weal th, such electors may exeiciae the right of suffrage
in all clot:Liana by the Minorca, u niler such regulations
ae 0r.,, or shall he prescribed by law, as fully sa if they
Were resew. at their usual plan. of election 1 0
Sectiou 9. There ebel! be i.wci additional era:Liana to
the elove,th article of the Conaliiictii tt9 he clAtilmted
el seeders eight, and uidea, as follows
No bill shall be ank.sed by the Legieda.
torn containing more than one subject, v:bich eball hb
clearly ex„prresed In the title, except appropriation
• Section 9 No bill sball be leased by the Legislature
grit Min t any powers, or privilege, in any case, where
Oh, authority to grant idschi sowers, or privileges, Liao
er :nay hereof:tar be, couf,rrod Itpon tie courts
ad !hi, Oonitnouoreaftli," .HENRY.C. ,1011 NSON.
.112 , egh9e of the lioiree lef - Resrvoeoiativea.
Er:alter of the Situate.
HASSISnOtiO, April 2.5, nek
I du - hereby certify that the forgoing id 1011,
Jtrue and correct copy of the original Joint
Resolution elthe General A tistini . .iy, nutitleil
°. A Joint /tut-elution pruposlng certain
Amendments to the Constitution," as ttiO SAW IS
tp.lon On file id. this aloe.
In Testimony whereof. I have' 'hereunto sot my hood
4trud- caused tie seal qc, the. Secretary's °Moe m WI af
fixed, the day and year above written.
• Stkietary of. the Cutump.nwealth.
Tho above, Regulation having been agreed to by a
wi lo r isy 01 the toaroberm of each Mut., at two eneees
dive scesionti of the General Assembl of this COMlXterk•
wealth the proposed amendments *ill he submitted to
the people. for their , nooptlon or rrjacthes, on tke frit
T(LESDA r ,Avausv, in the year of our Lord. cue
thousand eight tiundrel and sixty four, iu accordion.,
with the pro Viell , lat, a the tenth article of the Cooetitll
thin, and act. en titled An Act preootbing the tlusa and
znann.r or aultruitting to the people, for their approval
owl rat,fi atiou or rejection, the proposed emendinente
to the Constitution ,". approved the t w enty -third day of
April, one thousand eight hundred and mixt) , four.
May n-te Secretary of the Commonwealth,
North Lebanon and. Jones.
town Turnpike:
flooKs wilt he open for receiving subscriptions to
the Stock vf the North Lebanon and Jonestown
Turnpike, at the public house of SIMON HEILMAN, in
Jonestown, and at the office of JACOB WEIBLE. Esq., in
Lebanon, front the 11th day of July, 1864,f0r the space
0f11.4.ft DAYS, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A,
M., end 3P. M., at which those and places one or
more of the commissioners will be in attendance.—
Each subscriber will ha obliged to pay $2. per share at
the time of subeeribtion.
C. O. !MIX •
Comm Wawa.
Zane 24, MI,:
8 93
S dh
8 9"
12ii 30
A Noint Resolution
9 6
-. .vee
Wag tiled for Lebanon cnitnty, and at therame
than the Chonp Cash tied Produce Store of
Cumbeiland Street,.. Labanon Pa.
WAS filled. ivlth A cliolec dasortmant of Bprlb,e; and
" Stunmerfaiods, just purchased at NEW YORK
AUCTIONS, which for Variety, Beauty and Cheapnese
cannot be exceited.thla aide of tpe Atlantic, and at
prices. that will; catopialt the Vlorld. for -truth of
Call and See.' , ,for Yourseles.
L:tdies I,ress Goods.
Full Llus of Nreiigli °lmo Irosambuiques,
" gifferienu Mosanalmiquen,
colOred Alpaeca., all shades
- u 0 eol rodall wool Detains, all shades,
French ; Popllus, all shades,
Darreoe. all shades,
" " Ficbcit Tiasneß shades,
" " " Foulard Ma
" " " Mantihester
Dcli lob, -
Lawns,-&e.. SF&
A full Line of DRESS GOODS of every description
and-the largest tlnaortnivat in the county.
Full Line of LADIES eLont, ;di abeties, such as
Tan. Drab, Lavender, Light Grey, Bleck, k•e.
Full Line of. Seat oil Et tied Black SILKS.
'Fall Line of Fancy Silks, Drawls, &c.; purchased be-
for,the recent advance.
. Full assortment of CALICO st all prices,
6 ' " Bleached MUSLIN.
of th,bleached "
$BlO6 87
Otra 'Mourning Department la complete, coMpris
. .
Fall tine•fit: wool Delains, 64 Wide,
. Nall wool Delabar.,.Z-4.
" " 'Ciititou Cloth's, 6-4 -.44
ss - " -.Pardon Cashmere, "
x Black Bilk G.routuriens,
4, Bombazines,
" " " " Black Crape VaMs,
" s Love toile
s , 4, I , Hosiery,
In fact anything iu Mourning and Second Mourn-'I
ing Goods...
A NU llue oS chcrnis, CAASIiVI24R -
ADIS and VEST/NUS, a nil iada 4nd Aloes, wilitil WWI
be sold Cheap.
Vroceries, Sugar, Cotree,
Spices, &c., all at LOW PRICES.
AlaF. Call one and all, and look through our Large
and well :elected Stock of Uoods. end get the prices, as
It IS DO trouhle to show flovds. Our Slott° is
"Small Profits, and Quick Sales, and
GOODYEAR k Darr.NDami.
Free 1-41xhibition.
Geo. L. Atkins,
-la x zwma t 3
Les deter - alined to carry cut the motto,
Do Las Just rewind a largo Stuck of Boots, Sheett
Trunku .and Carpet Bop. Va.rortiCUlat afloat:on
/mitt to Costumer's Wark.
Lebanoo, March `23,1554.
Y 3 ur LDERs will do 'yell by ealling.on J. R. BRESSLER
I) Agent, as ho is prepared to do all krutii of TIN.
ROOPINO, SPOUTING and JOB WORK generally, et
the very lowest prices. De also has .on hand a large
and good assortment of all kinds of TIN WA.RB, find
- all of the m:w
most neared Gas Burning COOK
STOVES end PARLOR STOVES. Also, all the
different hod latest improved RANGEL.: Ah'D
BEATERS, of ell kinds. Tie also keeps con
stoutly on bend a large stork of 841 kinds of 8111 NO,
SLATE, 'which he offers , at less pries -than they =1 be
bought or any other slatenten in the County.
S 6 69 6
1107 0
WARWROOMS—One door South at the "Buck
Hotel," Walnut Street, Lebanon, Pm
Lebanon, May 4. 1864.
!few Spring St ck,
. 4 .. f t 0..,
ILTATE Just received at their CHEAP CLOTHING
, On Cumberland`Streef, Lebanon,
fr to their own manufactory in Philadelphia, a large
stock of
Ne w Read ad e (sloshin g ,
orall kiwis, for AIM and BOY,S.
Zif- 0 Id. Customers., and new ones, are invited to
'ma and examine this stook before porehisnig else
where, as wo feel conislentwe can suit ttik tastes of
'Opposite the Court House.
Lebanon, April 18, 1864.-Bm.
Barlossos indigo Blur.
T 1 EA URS and Customers of the above Ceicb - rated
- j ifash Mud, will please take notice, that the La
belt are altered to read
Indigo -Blue„
Alfred Willbergerls
Ito. 233 North SECOND Street, PIIILAD'A.
The quality of this Blue will be the same in every
It it warranted to color more water then twice the
same quantity of Indigo, and to go much further than
arty cithei 4 Wash , Blueln the market. It dissolves per.
featly clear and does net settle on the clothes as most
of the other makes do. • One Box dissolved in a half
pint of water, will make as good a Liquid Blue as any
that is made, at one third the cost.
As it is retailed "at the saline Airiee as the Imita
tions and Inferior a; tides, houiekeepere
Very ninth to their advantage to ask for that pnt
A Bltie prit up after this date with Barlow's
anion on it is an . Imitation. .
. .
The New Label -toes ter require afftelup
—For Stile by Stdrete.epers
Fob. 24, .if.
sum Over Itrragigeuieut.
. _
et RBt
li . Jr North-West for PHILADELPHIA, NEW-YORK,
EASTON, Ac., Ac.
Traina l e av e u a r r h,her g for P1111..11.1 phi.. New-York.
Reading, Pottaville. and all intermediate Stations, at 8
A. M., and 2.00 P. M. '
New York Express leaven Ilarriaburg at G. 50 A. M.,
arriving at New York at 1.45 the same d r ay: -
A cnocial Accommodation Passenger , ' Ti'airi leaves
READLNO at 7.15 A. 32., and roturna from Darrlsparg
at 5 P.
Faroe from Harrisburg: To New-York 85 15; to ).'hit
adelphia 1;0 35 and $2 60. Baggage checked • throagis.
*Returning. leave New-York at 6 A. 51,12 N'oert; and
7 P. 51.. (PITTSBURG EXPRESS arriving at flarris.
burg at 2 A. SU Leta.). Philadelphia at 840 A. 31.,
and :Asa P. M. .
Sleeping cars in the New York Express Trains;
through th and from Pittsburgh without change.
Passengers by the Catawis,sa. Rallinad lemitiTamaqui
at 8.50 A. 81., and 2.10 P. M. for Philadelphia, Now
York, and all Way Points.
Trains leave Pottsville at 9.15 A. M., and 2.30 P. M,
for Philadelphia, Harrisburg and New York.
An Acookursidation Passenger train leaves Reading
at 6.00 A. I'd , and teturns frogs. Philadelphia at a 00 P.
*AP , Allthe aboie trains run daily, Sundays excepted.
A Sundae train leaves Pottsvillo at 7.50 A. 111.,
Philadelpbia at 5.15 P,
ConanniTioN, MILZAGE, naaSebt, and FanarnaleN 'Viag
ra, at reduced rates to cod from all points.
80 pounds Baggage allowed each paseenger.
0. A . f • COLLS..
May 25, 1864. _ General Sc,perintendent...
XXI OULD in Corm
, the Public, that having bought and
VV consolidated Ake Book and .Stationery Store's of
IT. if. Roedel and George Waltz,they are now prepared
to wait on all who will favor them with a call, at the
old stand (li. 11. Roeciers) to Cumberland street. where
they will always have on hand a large and well es•
hinted supply of Schap). Blank and Sunday School
Books, and es all iudacement the? offer their Mlacella
- moons books at greatly reduced price. •
The Now York rind P , ihultiphia Daily and Weekly
Papars,aud Magazin., can be had and subscribed for,
on reasonable tonne by scaling at their store.
Anything wantin o heir
.hipeSwill be ebeertutlyAt•
tended to with prorancnees and dispatch
Lebanon, play 4, 1694.
For Collectors of State, County. sod Militia
Tax, for salsycheap at the Advertlsor Mos, •
Also for Collectors of. School TiPi,
Good -Value."
U. 5....:-O Bonds.
Three 3 tiatats are /seated utal.r the Act of Congrese,o
rat' 1384. which proeirick that,all ?tondo ioide4
71; 1 4 th in Ao" shad tie rNaairr•Vßosl TANATIO3
moilor mwy state or mutticsiieesi . withiyrhy, Sat,
ti'ipt too, to these Bowie are raaafreti is ijaiteetiq.c4d
Dotes or talt.e of N'ationai r , • %S., They 'ftre'tt)
.Col N 4 of the ph.aettre of the Govern
-1 meat, at a- y ;.-rixl un. 1,344; itStit Ae i 207 mere iharifer-
Kti...imars tlo..1;• date, and with their redotte.
rtvr, wrra., rIMIN
i''tvre37, n 8 Itzgui4'ur not uvur utw humitod dollars ittk
.ll:#N7 And tr..l hteidneeitti-ra t eatiliy. The be
ittiest is iiajobto lret dali of itlereh and iv
tatatar its each year. •
itibwribdra x ,:r.t . to9patir
Benda, us tbayquay prepr. Regis. Plllas are ra
cor4e4 6i)of the V. S. wad casa
kranafairetl'etwly oTirtheremnix'a Coupon Bonds
are payable to . Leanar., ta.rat: tirr
coon:Wore ial wits:..
Subscribers to this Than wilt have tno option of har
ing their Bonds draw interest from "tle.,-11 Ist, by par k ..
inn the scented Interestin coin—(r•r in United Staten
notes, or the notes of Nationarilenits, adding, DIV per
cont. for premium.) or receive theark-firerwiln7 in'erest
front the date of..wabscriptien and deposit. A. ttese.
Bonds are
Lung trdni - f Municipal- dr . Ptate
their vehicle in'ereased from onv to three per cent.
per annum, according_ to the rate of tax levies in vari
ous parts of the country.
At the presont rate of premium on gold they pay
Over Eight Per Cent interest
la currency, and are of equal convenience as a Portlier
nent or temporary Investment. •
/t is believed that no sacuritiee.olYeroogreatinduie
muds to lenders as the vacieue . dsaer IptiOns of U. A.
Bonds. In other fortis 0/Indebtedness, the faith
or ability of private parties or smelt oompan les or siiP
'trate communilies,enly Pleiged for payment. while
for the debts of the United Stat i cs the itioleproperty .
of the country le holden to seem. u the payment of both
principal spio interest in coin.
These Bowie may be. subscribed fur in same from
s:',o up teeny magnitude,'ou the same terms, and ere
time made eqtially 'available to Are smallest lender
and the largest capitalist. They can 14:fienverted in
ti tieing at any moment, end tbo bolder will have
the benefit of the interest. •
It may be useful to auto 'ln•;th% connection that the
total Funded Debt of the United'ilri which intet ,
eat is payable in ou the 8 d day of Idireh 4 ,lBo4„,
was $768,965,000. The hatereet .on this debt foe the
coming fiscal year will be $45.937,120, while the one
tams revenue in gold for the current fiscal peer, eey
tug Juns 30th,1804, lots been 80 far et the rate ef over
8100,000,000 per annum.
It wit I be . seen that even the present, giSlitreeemmitt
of thei Ooverutirent arelargely in ettobde otitis warkti
of the Treaaury for the rws m nt of gbh? Interco; while
the recent Manes of the tariff Wln•dolublless retie
the annual retelKa from customs on the same amount
of importation'', to 2,160,000,000 per annum.
Instructions to the National - Ranks acting rei ham
agents were not issued from the United State Treasury
unt 11 March 26, but in the that three weeks of April
the euhseriptione averaged mere than TEM MIL
.. . ,
Subaeriptione 7111 bo.mebi iht by the -
Perk -Nittl6bar Blink tif Ph iladeiphiti.; Pa.'
Second National Bank of Philadelphia; Pa.
Tbini, National Rank of Philadelphia, Pa. -
which are deptmitstrtes of Putt is money, and a ti
throughout tho couutry, (acting au agents of the Nay
Donal Depnettary,Uoaks,).w,l4l 'furnish. farther Baba
ma Doh on application And ' -
May 11,1-164.--3 s.
Wistar's BEtivild
ii 4 r4D 011.EIRICK.
Coughs, Colds, Whooptag Cough, Bronchial*
DrfEculty of Bros:thing, Asthma, nowise
hoes, Bore Throat, Croup and every
aifootiop. of
Wistarlo Balsam of % ild
No general has the use of this remedy becotae, rod
PO paphiar is it everywhere, that It is unnecessary On
recount Its virtue It works speak for ft, and 20
utterance in the icKui.o,4 and voluntary testimony of
the many who from ions .uifering and settled gi'caste
have by its nee be,o 7..tored to pristine vi etr aid
health. We can pre;rac a mass of esidencole, Progot
our auarttotio, that
Whe'Rev. Secieler l
Well known ind mach respected among the GOrttlaa
population in thia cduntry, makes the following state
ment fur the benefit of t'..ze afflicted.
HANOVER, PA„ Feb 19,188 . 9.
Dear SITS :-Taarlog realized in my fluffily' irriAr
Sant benefits from the use ofyour volunblopreparat, on
--WISTASVBAIIIAM OP WILD ChtEßP.7—.lt atforda i l
pleasure to recommend it to the public): Some e
years ago oue of my daughters seemed to be in a
cline, and little hopes of her recovery were entortaiold
I then procured a bottle of your excellent Balsam, and
before she had taken the whole of the - .eontents of' the
bottle there was a great improvetaeht VII her health.
bare iu my individual ease, Munie 'fnecinently ueo of
your valuable medicine - , and have•abraya been 4 01 441 ,1 '
ed by it.
From Jesse Smith, Esq., President of
the Morris County Bank, Morris
town, _Yew Jersey.
allaying used Dr Wisratt's Bataani, or 'WWI atilifirlr
fai about. 'Aaron years, and having Ralia
Mal remits in my family, it affords Me groat , pleasure
in recommending it to the pnbiip as a vatuabie remedy
in meant Weak lungs, col* coughs, &o , and a real,
dy which I coneidcr. to be enterely Innocent, and may
tie taken with parfait the most delicate in
Front Bon.' John E. Smith? a-,ADisiin
guished Lawyer in .Westniins
ter, Maryland.
hate on several occasions used Dr. Warlit's BAT.-
FAX 07 WILD easels for severe colds, end always will
decided benefit. I know of no preparation than*
more efficacious or more deserving of general nag.
The Balsam hoe also boeu used Kith leititheiike - effeet
by If. ELLIOTT, Mprehant, Mara Crow Ronda, 2,14,
"%Vistaed of Wild
Noise, goauino onleps BUTTS,"' on the
J. P. DINSMORE, No. 491 Broadway, New York.
S. W. POWLE ACO Proprietors, Boston.
And by all Druggists.
Eurty YeaA' .ExperieuCe
Rae fallp establiehed the euperiority Of
. .
113 F.
Over all (tater 'kealinktpreparations.
Ii enroll ia, , kmas Of - BORES,' CUTS. SCALDS.
Fon Sate Br ' • . "
J. P. OINSMORE, o. 491 Broadway Nair Ywi r k.' ,
S. W. POWIA C0.,N0. 1 8 Tremont st.i 4uttpu s .
And by eli Druggists.
June 22, 1864.—1 y OPW•
EXeCliillor 7 ls
NOTION le hereby gives' ihaftetteriglastententary
on the Estate of JACOB MUSIIIIEr,Iee'd., late
of Swath ra township; •Lobalion count.y.;_Pfe.-; Lsiulgoe
granted to the undersigned, seeming in the lwirough
of Rebanon, county and Bate atOtesald'.., - 1,11 ifertone,,
therefore, having oicorost paid X
thorn, state will Am
gen! mp. • duly outheuticaied, and. itorolludeiltd
will plague make paolo7k E
con WEIDLE, tittir.
, Lebanon, May 11, 18