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+map taarcarceceoui .=•=m6cetizackawcrttaw2.
~ v lVeatly avui promptly Axedtgett, fit the
'Tips istsblishment is now Supplied with an extensive-
Sielinstisient of JOB TYPE, which will be increased as the
plitr,onage. demands. It can now turn out PRINTINOid
averV description, in a neat and expeditions manner—
i-ispdon; .very reaeopable terms. Such as
oMphlets, Checks
Thisinees' Cards, Handbills,
Cfrculars, Labels,
. Bill Headings, Blanks.
`Programmes, Bills of Fare,
' Invitations, Tickets, &c., age..`
..lir Dlins of all kinds. Common andJudgmontllonDs.
Sehool;Jitetintis', Constables' and other BLANKS, 'piinted.
enereictlyand neatly on the best paper, coristantly kept
-I'...forlitde at this office. at prices "to suit the times."
7 * * Subscription price of the LEBANON ADVERTISER
One Dollar and a Half a Year.
Address. Wm . . 31.. pawn., Lebanon, Pa.
'0111" needy opposite the Buck
. and teto - :dotirs'iioeth fri-Ai Kaminsky's
Hardware store. , . .
AAA* Ajtrll 6,1864.—1 i. , .
S. T. MicADAM,
....AtTbRNEY T
, A' - t,. - AW,
-,-- oitiiiossis - fill pi le° to lkiiii:kotitieet, hiPOilte
inetto to l. batina . Sauk, two doors :
..., Nor , th f , J, Widow:
3; `.the- • ,
tA fiiiiwiitoi;,24oitli 15; 1 64, - ' ' ,•.`" ' - ,
1108,SLER 136
-.A.z- ti w,..--
f„,rl,Fllca,ren,y,ea (Iwo be;lapti tstreeti "Ka doOr,.
f.z,Y Eiit of rb Leon Tetley tiagit - OVOilto tbo'
;FSu Haut, LeboOon;
AE ,;th. :ArAtr '
irrfi r g9lt BOUNTY SAM 'PAY .11.15f lj 14U* ,
" ' 'TY `IsAItDiIkEtOTCY::
`: 1 L 'li)AttLea: OUTER -
A:t itc,g,;* a a
.t;te l iftEleif f erslined;'hitring been lleentettiopreseoute.
11.. datum, and' bee ing been engegettics tholiountrnud
Patieioq buehltes, offers setriees tg an those who:
• et' thereto entitled." in ' seedrdsnee ,
"-win?. the various
tilts ofOingress.• All. ',epe.llshortiht call- tuldrts at;
- eta tatiffe,theirtippllitittonS -
" • 'T.; ..13ASSLIflt BOER.:: Elattieniyht.:LOw; -
F' UFPICE removed toßitosberJand St., one
- (loth" E h
ast • of the 'Leberion yai , ll6 'EMIL &Imola&
. giflOnbk hotel, Lebanow„Ra. -Pen; 6, 64..
. ;
', o" . ffide Earth' IVest orner Brat&
'and Market Streets; `-` '
e 3Ebek.
r. Lemuel*, Noy.
:rwrIFLCSI ,in. , Ctuntiberlatl •street, R tow doors east of
ILI -the Eagle !latch
In the office. late' of hie father
Cafit . ., John 'Veidnian,dee'd. ' • • •
Le4anoie. Sept.
. . ,
. . 7
this removed his office to the bnilding,nna door ' one
of Lay¢ermileh'a Store, oppobitailm Washington House
Lebanon. re.
BOUNTY and PBNSION demi proiortly attended
to [April 8,.'63.-3m.
I.TIFORXL"ir- 7.61 , 11 r,
nor-Ito/rest corner Market and Water Sta.,
lJ Lebanon, Ps.
Lebanon, January 13, ISP4.—"lssj
. Dr. P. a311..40.
ACING located in Lebanon, offers . hie profession
services to the pubtie. -Mike in Market
it the building fat nierly occupied by his father. •
Li Nation, Der.. 16. Ina.
rot. GEO. P. LINEAWEATER, having keen op
t,/ pointed, by the Conunissbmer of Pensions, a
' , Washington, Examining snrgoon forPeoSions, is pre
_pared to attend to all applieante for reabion at his of
nee; in Slarkbt street, next dos or to the Poet Wilco.
Lebanon, March 25th, 1863.-6t*
Aernov a I
lIE enderAgned' hBs mOvcd liis Gticrg‘'s .
' , 1 . .. Corner, ( ontra...a , on Walntit oriosite the
'Court llouse,) where he - centantent Its-F.:rta 'saa
;attention to ~Surveying and Sertvening. 44 'always
In Ms office on Saturdays, and at all other times un
less when called away - by business. lissing lately
been appointed a Notary Public, he has authority of
take acknowledgments the same as Justices of the
Particular attention given to writing Willa and
'r king out distrifilltions.
Lebanon. March 23. IS
"ETAVING returned front Philadelphia I would say
It I to the good people of Lebanon and vie lolly. that
I have token rooms ut Mae: ILtare's (one door Kitst of
Dr, 0.. D. Gloniugres.) where I ern be found at all
hours of the day, to wait upon thaw who may Want
my "professional Services.
Particular attention paid to the treatment and flung
of TEEM All operations done in the moat improved
and scientific manner. ,
. • Air-PRICE& as low AB elsewhere for the gains
cisme of work,
• Chlereforra and Etlyzrridministered to patients when
• , •
Thankfulfor:p. st failors,l would evticit the patron
; age of . those wishing the services of a Dentist.
, • : GEORGE CLARK, D. D. S.
Lebanon, Pa, April 27, MI,
,fflhinfin VV. Iftfellik -. 1
Ditil:BßLY of•Jouestown, 'Lebanon county, would
jr respectfully inform his" frlends, and the public,
that he has connected himself witb.3ir..tei*sti, In the
N 0.140 North Third street, Phila..,
where be will be glad to receive customers, And Wit
spli at rates that
'Mayll wi prove
1.363. satisfactory.
I -1 1.J0.1tKNO
Se*ing &ohm" e.
The Only Machine capaple of making Moro
than One Kind of a Stitch; and the
Only_ One having the RE
The feed may be reversed at iny point desired,
without stooping ,which is a great advantage in fasten
. big the ends of Seams.
It makes four differebt stitches,leek. knot. double
l ock, and double knot ; each stitc perfect and alike
• on both aides of the fabric.
.There is no other Machine which will do so large a
range of work as the "Florence." '
It will Braid, Tuck, Quilt. Cord, Berri, Fell, Bind,
Gather, and do all kis& of Stitching required by fam
ilies and ildanufatturere. -
The most inexperienced Amino difficulty in using
Every Machine is warranted to give entire tritiefac
tiara, and to do all that is claimed for it.
ins The Florence must ?massy to beAppreciated.
- J. F. MATZ,
Agent of Lebanon county, Atniville, Pa.
Persons wishing tosee the Machine !damnation can
do ao b alling on the Agent at Annville.
Annvrilcle,March 9,1864.-3 m.
George Illottimans
----Z-. saell `
By Lebanon Valley Railroad'.
"ratARTICULAR attention will be paid to Goods shims.
.ell by the Lebanon .Valley Railroad. Goode will be
Bent daily to and froin Philadelphia to Lebanon, Myers
• town and Annrille Stations, and all other points in the
.;‘, County.
'4,,FENKIIITS contracted for at tbeleast possible rates
awi'delivered with dispatch.
~The Proprietor will pay particular attention to,'-and
attend pereonally, to the receiving and delivery of all
For information, apply at his Office at the Lebanon
Valley Railroad DeTsit, Lebanon.
EDWARD MARK, his Agent in Philadelphia, Will al
ways. be found at S. Bush's Merchant's Note, North
' Third st.; Philadelphia.
May 4,'64.'' GEO. UOSTMAN.
-.- saauttimurts
Lorenzo U. Rohrer,
IEXT °VW) respectfully infiirm the eiti.
orIT V sem' of Lebanon and vicinity, that
be has REMOVED his Tailoring exist,.
liniment to two doors below Philip 7.
n..McCaully,Te Shoe Store, where he will make up the
most fen , hionable Clothing. ALL work entrusted to
him ;lip; be manufactured in the best manner.on mod
eraWtertni.—Vond fits and substantial making guar.
anteed. Thankful for the liberal patronage extended
to him 'bus tar.; he hopes by strict attention to his
business tie merit a - continuance of the same. lie cor
dially invitee'the public and his old customers to give
- biro e call, ' [Lebanon, April, 6, 1864
Auditor's Notice.-
- the :natter of the account.of ItENRY
A4ministrator,,to„ of 511011AY.1., 5.l.OYEft, dec'd.:
ar' undirsigned„ Auditor appointed ,by the Or
a ,phanir Court .of Le4mon county, to ruake.dietri
butiod Of the balance, in the bands - of HENRY WIT
. 141514:adininintrator of 21ICHAEll MOYER, dee'd.;
-and. onnengfheirnarePlegal retafferantfres, win attend
- at the Prothonotary's Office, in the Borough of Iseha
non, on Thurlday, Me" 23d daysf
eketwP:llf4, (4 aterand , where all pinions interested
in said distrroution mar attiZcs
W.tED if hey ITS , tbink , prtiper.,
JANB , Auditor.
Lebtnon. Moly 25, lan&
..-t,..,.e-b - - . - ',ou
VOL. 15."--NO. 62.
V 6 g,“ e lE* tr
ii : DPAitED BY
I).r. O. M..jILOKSON, Thiind'd Pa.:
= • - Dy4p . elpsia-,•
Jihitandiee: •
chrontA,:r Nervtus Debility, , D leassest
kiiiii"ys, arid' rise
ll diseas it
. d isorliere4 Liver Ar.,..Btci' maebi
Such as,Constipation, Inward Plles,.Fuluess.or Blood
Ito tllllsiissl.dgeiditYlnf Mixt- •
brim. Disgust thr,,,Food, Fulness or Weight ip.,..th44.1
Sionntrifs. Bar €3lractattonis Sinithcglir , Fluttering at"!
the Pit °CAA Stomach, Swimming of the,llead„,kfur.i
• 'vied arid-Ddirciiit-XtretritniiiPtiatoirdrig ei -the' Heart,
Ohoking . ,9rSuiletating Seneatiprisfwhen W eb s ygtrithcitimnise—oti Vision: 'bete. Ori - beforridite,
Sight, Feveritrid.Dull . Petri.. le ; tfiggead, Defictenos ht .
Perspirsitlbsi,.Yellevettesitot ;the -* Skin 'and Eyes; Pain'd
In the SVC Bach k .Christ,llisribsi&g,i,. bidden Rtitshile..]
orilegr, Ifurnltig id "the West!, tonstrint
.ofFiyil r asfd..gioat lisepreteitin,of!Spirits., -
And ' prtiverit'llitotb'Y - ever, ' Bilious ,
or 'Bitcl7 . Whiskey?
kitiagittLetinwths: • - atitye,idieeasei in ninety
ntae out, of sohtiOred.. '
. . ,
Didtteekhy the extensive ant; ,and!• universal. po .
laxity Of floofland' istlertriati Dittoo, tiuritlytegbtehle.):
Ists.te,of tariartint'Quitalts -arid ,unecyrinulous.adrente-i
rem, haYenpined Anion' eulfiridg turmanity the tlood,
.gates of tiostrums. Ip , the i shapB.ol. poor :whiskey, vilely
comiofuulia'Niithluldriciuirdiug's ! aisdehristined"ron
ice, StemaehiWand. Miters. , . •
Beware. of the innumerable array of Alcoholic prep- ,
orations in plethoric bottles; and big bellied kegs, un
:der, the modept appellation •of , Bitters t *filch 'instead'
of curing. only
aggravate disesleo,.alid Jewry! We Okay.
pointed sufferer in •distiair. -
• Arrinet a new and untried atticle, but hare stood •
the test of fifteen years trial by. the Americau public:
and their reputation and sale, arsrmaierfiralled by any
similar preparation.
The proprietors have thousands! of Lotters from the
most eminent . .
• Tezntifying of their own personal " know letlgo, to the
beneficial effects and medl4l,virtuip3 of thilte Bittorw.
. .
From .14-v. J. Allston Brourn,,p. Editorof the En•
cyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.
Although not disposed to favor or recommend Pat
era:Medicines in general,through distrust of their In
gredients and effects ; I yet know of no sufficient rea
'sons why a man may not testify to the benefits ho :be
lieves himself to have received from any simple prep
aration, in tho hope that he may thus contribute tothe
benefit of oth era.
Ido this the There readily in tegard to frooMaLl'A
German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, ofthir,
city, because 1 wax prejudiced against them for many
years, under Ihe impreSeintl that they were chiefly an
alcoholic mixture. lam indebted to my friend Rob
ert Shoemaker, Esq., for the reinoval of this prejudice
by proper tests, and for encouragement to t•y them,
whorl eutferinofrom great . and long continued debili
ty, Vhn" tge threm pottleg of "heeeiditters, at the be
ginning at the'present Year, was -V.:lowed by evident
relief, anti restoration-t0._&,.tkifkg , .. , ...,01-1-*lrtn...;.-0- , , , ,,,
m a vicitatrao - gßi4,gaLar.frArAtariabgagri
thank Goa and my 'nand for du-eflaug me to tit' use
of them N.E.trrON
PhILAVA., Jelcr, 23 1561.
Parlicnlar• Notice.
There are twiny preparations sold under the name of
Bitters, put up in quart bottles, compounded of the
cheapest whiskey or common rum, costing from, 20 to
40 cents per gallon, the taste disguised by Anise or,
Cori:tad::: Seed.
This class of Bitters has caused and will continuo to
C 151.19 4, as long as they can be sold, huodreds to die the
death of the drunkard. , By their use the system is
kept continually under the influence of Alcoholic Stint.
Ideate o ftbe worstkind, the desire for Liquor is crea
ted and kept up, arid the result is all the horrors at
tendant upon a drunkard's life and death.
For those who desire and-tefit hail. a Liquor Bitters,
we publish the following-receipt. Got One B.oftte, kloof
/an 's Germa Bitters and mix With Three Quarts of
Good Brandy or Whiskey. anti the result ;Will be a prep
aration that, will far execl in medicinal v'Sr;lues and
true excellence any of the numerous Liquor Bitters
the market, .and east much less. You will have
all the virtues of ITortliand's Bitters in connection with
I). good article of - Liquor, at a much lees .price than
these inferior preiniristiOns will cast: you.
AtteatiOl' Soldiers!
We call . the attention. of all having relations and
friends in the army. to. the fact that -`,BOOFLAND'S
German Bitters" wilt, care nine tenths of the diseaees
induced by exposures and ptivatione incident to camp
life. In the lists, published altheet daily in the news
papers, on the titirlettl of the s'ek,. it will be-noticed
that a very-large proportioe, are suffering from debili
ty. Every cave Of that kind ette be readily Cured by
lioonantrs. DerMian Bitters; Diseeees iseultius from
disorders of theAligestive orgit us are speedily removed.
We have no bettitation in eta thin that. if theee Bitters
were frelly used among out 'soldiers, hundredsof lives
might be saved that
ottlerwiee Will he lost. ,
We call part-kit* ,attention., to the fol !Owing re
merkable, mid well authentioued cure of one of the
nation's, bernes, whose life, to use his own language,
has been saved by the Bitters
PIIILADSL,PnIIy August 23rd. 1862.
liras ? , Jones & E s ai t e..—Well, gentlemen, your Hoof
laud's Berman Bitter's has saved my life. There is no
mistake in this. It is vouched for by numbers of my
comrades, some ofwhose name are appended, and who
were fully_ tognizant,of ail the circumstances of my
case I am, and haie been for the last four years, a
member of Sherman7B celebrated battery, aud under
the immediate coettuend of Captain It. B. A3res
Through th exosure attendant upon my arduous du
, lee, I was attacked
in November last with intlemmation
of the lungs, and was for seventy-two days in the hos
pital. This was followed by great debility, heighten
ml by an attack of dysentery. I wee then removed
from the White House, and sent to this city on board
she Steamer '-State of Maine," front which I landed.
on the 28th of June. Since that time I have been a
bout as low as any one could be and HOB retain a spark
of vitalaty. For a week or more I was scarcely able to
wallow anything, nod if I did force a morsel down, it
I was immediately thrown up again.
1 could not even keep a glass of water on my stom
ach . Life could not last nuder these circumstances;
and, accordingly, the physicians who had beeh work
iug faithfully, though unsuccessfully, to rescue me
front the grasp of the dead Archer, frankly told me
they could do no more for me; and advised 1n73 to see
a clergyman, and to make such disposition of my limi
ted hinds as hest suited me. An acquaintauce who
visited me at the hospital, Mr. 'Frederick Steinbron,
Sixth below Aich Streit, advised me, as s forlorn
hope, to try iour Bitters, and kindly procured a bot
h). From the time I conimeheed taking them the
*leanly shadow . of death.receded, and I am now, thank
tied for it, getting better, Though I hues bet taken
two bOttles. 1 have gained ten pounds, and I feel san
guine of being permitted torejuin my wife and dangle
ter, from whom I have beard,nothlng for 1.5 months:
for,,gentatteme, I am a loyal yfrgWatt, from the vicin
ity of Front 'Royal. 'layout' inveleuble Bitters I owe
the eertiintytif life Which has taken the place of vague
fears—to your Bitters will Lowe the glorious privilege
of again clasping to my bosons thoti'e wile are dearest to
sue in life. Very truly yours, ISAAC MALONE.
We fully cancer in the truth of the above statement,
as we had despaired of seeing our comrade, Me. Malone, health:
JOAN CIIDDLEBACK, Ist New York Battery.
HORDE 'A ACKLEY,. Co C 11th Mahn..
LEWIS . CHEVALIER, 523 New York.
L E. SPENCER, let Artillery, Battery F.
tFASEWELL, Co B3d Vermont. - -
HENRY if JEROME, Co B. do.
HENRY 1! MACDONALD, Co C 6th Maine.
JOHN ,- F WARD, Co E 6th Maine.
HERMAN KOCII, Co II 72d New York.
NATUANIEL B TtlOblAS, Co F 05th. Penn;
A NDREW J KIMBALL, Co - A :Vermont.
JOBE JENKINS, Co B 106th Penn. -
Beware 'of Counterfeits- 1
See that this signature 'cif "C. 31:.'JACKSON,"• lo.eo
the WRAPPER of each bottle.
Ott HALF DOZ. FOR 90. .
. •
Should your interest druggist not have tiearSalei,
dO not be put off by any of the .intoxlcating prepar*
, Cone that may be offered Mita - OWe, tidy send to us,
'tad we will forward- setterelyrked, 034 43 0 -
NO. 13,31•A11ea ST,
45011 4 e5,& JEVans.
osucooellor, to C. M. JacEstiki
. . Proprzetort.
• -
Jar Ica B ALE by t05:..020, ROM'S oppiiiitiithi3tmiri
Howe issavoir, Diudiatevand Nalersiit
*my town intbe tlnittd toter.
May 27, 180.-17.
I shirt; Was lima;fieee minutes metamore
.phosed inteeettee,firie %gentleman, as
far as Appear:Awe was concerned, as
had walked theqetreeta: of ' , that nee
tropolisifore4Atf, aedaye, .1 1 ,h,e • bill at
this ~plap_ei 'Ai; atiothees e wasi paid by ,1 1 4- ,
"Ma lt y of them, si g h for their o ld sarritu4."—flteport D i ti on .s 3 i sitia t zoin e
sewag e ebeenientee. u t was now- com
.• • ; heet e e e n ee . • pleteel Efieppettherlleuevewhatto sad:".
Needy ContrOanttliiwbittlii dye you koiiii,•- or..thinkertfeetilee•Jedy_..:w,ae, ,weee .
hough?. btyour.roltd. yanwhoo es out of *des, ' ' ber:inielitiOlifiiZe,ile Ould' nee eiren
, Xl'or- . 0 " P'lltme , P.,9 , Mi:4°4 ir Sr.K"ral? ;, tturin,idgm,,lf ea ' ' ire asked for an eee..
:e . , . s er*e i nti ; R. 1 ,.,°10'1 c =, ~,. „ ~, ,platiltaknOpiotiltOisted,•upoßepe i bat ',
lyloar,sClart tniba t id f ,do yo r t m k t hs VI them —. the only answerhe received ''
`lll4,:th; erOtid, bouthitios coifing In thiiliiion- was
..,,e e t ee er ~;I, - .., , ,e eie. ;:, ii 'I :i - ,ti C :ECtihrkr* 4 l /WI b 4 :/ 1 0,t ialarfeled•—.
tiefeigeittto lailt4 *Dili iiittogieg 114-tiploidqr, it o wilhbeAtlES4lllod,htereafter tO„your'
. • I .; elele•Afjeee e , .; '
eil T.. ..: "- e • 11. ", . e etuitiiteisettief444-" ee i : .._ .;
e e
• • '
; els; e z MNt ne i'f're4 9 4 4 . , .., t'i F... . /; , •CteeithilegieiteitiOff , wak obliged , to.
04; Y i
ee , teseiese estefereeleK3 tell:me:ie. • • ' : iaeletioesiderretilliee4eeettexteefee -fled
ralelee ...140,tos i tfddho.sotnoos of froodom 1 .
'di dlibtitiese'ett Vuteirrin t litiiii#;--V-' '-' 1 i " dene Voltlio kiati tfkAettlid ilaVt )0.44.0 ;
• t ie. • J letseet eilateercoeseeteri el.. .` Ti 1 ;Elftheetefettisoo* veil? to ae m
le no ore'
Nave , e 01011)
. 40 • 1108tgii* to f 4 1,L1 . ;16, 7 , ..
,: ' .14 11 e 46 +. 118 i . 40 4 4 6 feelePlY with all her' ,
Ilisq;sok to' g htotog pg, &mad witit kkshos,: ~. le e refilteSre VW; 164 ,/ 1-4 .- "Pr. ,e § eatl 7.
heitseg t,
em,liaieeceileeke ybit4ailtliet,larr ~ , , '*. 1.11143 09 . ' h fink) R. 14,figiqrate
;i, - , •-; NYP'll"l,°2ojiliMCl . ' . I. " , 411trAPeciAilik revliestetfihet min - 1
la:mops of compitsalon btoSition,l*o4.lldst I.• -. , isbet. ,c - the a t ti.. , iiiii teller and % her t toapp,iß,l9stiireAtl L ,fe#4l.9Firi ...,1.9 :: ' -,'compalniftit , 944l„ l)ii , ectels•of mat Oleo-1
°7V l4 er"4l,til ViV a ir s l:4::. r ~': ' I;ny I: Ttgis 1 444f$Petlakg Of ajdam . Per '
,•;•t , : -; ~„ L .1..0,1 n / .;, n . tlto.. Tudor, but, _ ertheless, he tamely'
i. IX Cr! 'l.9.*l P 4Tifg a tr. ;.. • !,,; '1) , ;yielded. ;,t 144 4 ' ' PnV 6 43 r , , WAS soon
1 . 1 4Tnti!:;tv!:'b7. , - 0 "31*-°,11!•meslael;-•ln°wen°- •c.ommeneediltror et ta iVey seconds
horrors, ' ',.., , they
Pao no hook to sbow,nor lily white ohildrim, were Pre•9403 1 4. egAle. feiNee were I
,e,, T ee l but,i t iodly-troate4i tioffn ia l the,rivi ! r,, , :With.Olkt A-M*lX" i't - word, or even
4,1 7 ee tieseei3ea l t : s!p . ,,,te ' *. : exe e eteg 4 gl o 4l44 l aeie ee e ll e 4 le - ce - ife
reeenj'oomei,sur eapit k ioa s , s l.psaing,pu hors.o r t;aok now . leet t elefeseegiftfrsite s e office, but
Soattoriog : the ;wkite:folli, driiing, the niggers not, howevAr Zil • she. had given
In etbie flock te'gottier, 'in * , fromPtheir'enbine, , ' -.. ' * lx-I,* V "-- '
.:. = ,-F o l g tl ea ' s , and honi d o ,, , I him a ,eay,eres3g
_or lie services.--- .
The couple, pe444.1. through many
streets,,ie silenceiTudor hardly k:now- -
ing whet he wt dieing or what lie
had clone, and eqtainly, ignerant •of
where, be was,geepg, Or what awaited
him; Find of the *oughts that owl:
pied:his wife'e teired e the reader will
soon be able to „budge, for himself.—
Tm'ning the corner era street, Tudor
beheld : a few roc , in front of him, a
splendid dwelling, towierd which his
wife seemed to direct her footsteps as
well as his Oevree and into the front
door of which ; they anon .entered. I
The room intoe t which, Tudor was
ushered-by his wife, was furnished in)
a style of the:gr e atest 'magnificence.
She got him to ethir, 'telling him to
make himself haitentect for a minute
or two, and ellen passed into another
The first one 'herb to, address her,
Was her uncle, w4O, on seeing her en
ter the room jumped ":in astonishment
from his ,chair, and calling her by
name, demanded how she had escaped
from her room. i end. where she had
been. Her onlYaniever was—,
"Thou fiend iii human shape ; I al
, .•
loiv.xeneesiatoile.„ionet, to r 4._eato-v-ereetr.
tgegee,„eeem tele/l c :se'l.lTeakeeual
have long deprive
l irleeetf, abet - vainly
thought you had fide arrangements
by which you eoul deprive me of it
I through life ; bat I have frustrated
your wicked desh e—l am now mis- I
tress of my own h use, I was this mo
ment merriceleanr my husband is in
the front room I"
I must now lea e the newly-mar
ried, fora . sh6it ti e 'for the purpose
of reverting to the revious history of'
Mrs. Tudor. She vas the only child
of a very wealthy entleman, *hob
I shall designate rs Mr. A not
recollecting his rieefal name, and for
the same reason, shall give to his
daughter the uan
of Eliza. He had
sparea neither I.
e nen eeepense in
the education of h datighter, she be
ing the objee of his care and re-
I "only
gard, his wife basing died when she
was quite young, a , pd before his death,
1 which took place hen she Was four
or fifteen meths of ape, be had
the satisfaction cf,witnessing, in her
one of the most beautiful and eceom
plished yen - mg ladies in London.
A short time previeus to his death,
an arrant - spent , was entered into be
t Ween Mi. A— and a brother of
his IT which his dwelling house, Ilis
eervants, horses, carriages, and such
other property as had not been depos
ited in the bank for the benefit:ofe'his
daughter, till the Itime of her Mar
riage, when the phssession of them
was to be given tie - i•to her husband.—
It was also a condition of thearrange
ment„ that in case Eliza diefl 'without
marryi rig,..the property Was - 't....) go to
he,r unele`hud his family.
A. ithined h if i t s te b ly r - o a t f h t;
r ? in e o il l e ,
e a d tl i i n o t f l
o li.
his ‘
dwelling; Eliza boarded in his family ;
and everything went on agreeably
for some months, \Olen Eliza discov
ered in her uncle and his family the
1 mauifestations that she should never
marry—the reasons for which, from
what has already been said, must he
obvious to every reader. Unluckily
for Eliza she did not diecover the dia
bolical plot in, season to frustrate it
in its bud.. It was nothing less than
this : to shut her up in one of the cen
tre rooms, in the third story of the
house ; to prevent her from leaVing
it, by keeping the doors and windows
thoroughly bolted, and to rape the
company of her 'asseciates, by telling
them when they, called that she was
away at school, or was at one of
the ehops on biisinesii 3 Or tad just step
ped out to see a fricied, or had taken
a vide - into the country
- for her health
and to see, some other relations ; or
by telling them something else equal
ly destitute of truth: , .
Eliza generally received her meals
through a small doOr in the ceiling,
ti f o r o o ni m evi ' hyo tle i lce i
e a r n
e el• r e i
e tc h o e r e i
i t e f r e t e y l iftlrgo froth, tier
a nd i disinal prison house, were
no m ore effectual than they would
,heye 'had they been directed to the
. ~ ~
:idle wind- .
Three years was tips unforteeete
;girl. _thus shut , °lit from all com mu:pi
;eateon- with the w*orld, vilseqenie !mien
i,ng her;ses letY breakfast :was carried
„to her iby an.s44,o,lole i servane of t Ic;r
father- - Eliza once 1 n;i1 1 4 IPOY,eiii?f:
h inh
... t etare, pugun re it.a ou 118
Find children, the feeble and aged',
What do we veur4 with your tectures , tkfrupdem,
*With Suttue?.3 Situeohes ;
:What-do vre , want &id] -Uncle rioneeinthin,
,aindati now 'the Bark s .:-- the cabin we'd gladly
Or strong 7 tuinded ladies to teach - us in_ politios t
Give its potatoes
Giee.ue po taioes, or Jot us . gp baok again
To the, old master, here atileest wet:l'4,d victuals'
And triers W
er° if we worked, we at least wei - e4 not
To be shot in the battle
Give you potatoes 2 . and not read you Suf.:tiler
rii ;
Wretch, who no sense of wrongs can rouse to
vengeance, '
Sordid, unfeeling, :reprobate, degraded,
Spiritless oitcost
[Here the Abolitionist ()ramp. Contrahand to
be torn front his wife and c'hildren, and '"con
scripted," Wife and children are loft behind to
§/ 1 1/ . 7V -
ago , a Vesseltrent nust.ol,
one of the wharves in I.ondon.
Am - ong the hands onboard, was one
by the name of Tuddr,, a steady, re
spectable and well looking young
Man, who acted' in - the capacity of
both cooper and sailor. Very early
one morning, and before any other
land than Tudor had come on deck.
a young, heal - Willi', and . tolerable Welt
dressed female came tripping down
to the N'essel, and inquired •of Tudor
for the Captain. She Was told that.
he had, not yet arose, but she insisted
on Seeing, him without delay, and
with. Tudor's permission proceeded
wnaceothparded to his berth,' arousing
hiM, addressed hifn - with- •
"Good morning Captain; I have
called to see if you will marry me."
"Marry you I" replied the astonish
ed 'Captain, supposing her to be of„a
suspiemus,character, "leave lily ves
sel instantly if yeu knoW what is for
your interest I" .
She then went to the mate's berth ,
anda.Sked hiM if he would marry her,
and receiving an answer similar to
the Captain's, she went, deck,
Where Tudor was engaged some
business, and put the same qOOSCion
All My heart," answered Tu
dor in half serious and half jocular
"110,11 she said, "corne with Me."
Tudor left his "work and.. followed I
her, with motives which he afterwards
declared he could never satisfactorily
account for even to himself. By the
time they bad reached the
. liriocipal
streets of the city, many of the - Shops
had becu opened. The lady entered
a barber's Aop, followed by Tudor,
bee.koned him to be seated, and order
ed the knight of the razor to take off
his beard and bair, both of which op
erations he had unquestionably stood
in great need of. She Rioted the bill ,!
and they left the shop, but soon en
tered a hat store. She requested
that the best lot of beavers in the
store might be placed apon the Coun
ter' and then told Tudor to - select
such an one as suited hiM. Ile soon
did thiS, the price was paid by the la
' dy. Tudor threw aside his old tar
paulin and left the store in company
with the lady,, in a beaver that would
not have disgraced His Majesty, the
King himself. •They next visited a
shoe store, where Tudor was not long
in selecting a pair of -bootk nor the
lady inpaying for them.
'Tuder by this time Was puzzled to
divine the object the lady had in view,
I and it must be iteknowledged•he'Was,
apprehensiVO it was not right. • But
fully aware he had committed no
crime to-Make him= dread the face of
any mortal, and wishing to see. the
end of the farce which he , eensidered
bad thea: fairly commenced;. he was
determined to press forward,:prepar
:ed for the worst; trusting; everything
to his guid&and cotinpanion.
licited from the lady an , 'ed.planation
*of :her designs, knitosbe told:him. to
silent ;_and ask i no iii*EltiettiSi and ift.
Mediately the .way,inf t o a clething
Ater.,.,14(10 *Ai lor ;:o'idoe;:
TuAr: WO.:told, k 5 olfictigl9l*P suit
0PT , 97
rWith4riVAPPAd# l 64l !
ing. And the sailor in his dons
tardanbed pantaloons and checkered
i several times to Speak, but was in El-
I We' to. - Juan' well understood the
mean i ogofthese Incoheren tsobbings,
;and said, herself' almost unable to
'epeak from emotion--"Efush, hush,
- Mies 'Eliza ; , speak not ; I understand
fill ! Youl• tyrant aunt was taken
suddenly ill last night; and the dod-
I for says it is doubtful whether she
(long surviveS. . I will see you again
"at noon, and at evening. SOme of
your . old ' servants have been' - tong
",planning mean's of <your ,escape and
are nbw in hOpes of effectingit ;'and.
Without waiting for',Eliza's ,thanks
and 'blessings tripped dbwn stairs.
Eliza though for some time unable
7tO 'partake Of trersimple repast did so
.itt linif,with:a *better zeal than she
'had:,evkr dont, before.'.. Her old'ser
'vants 'We're all -itbint'the' %base - and
. `irtrw. bent upon 'herescape I Afost.wel-.
come, i3obj,ihspiringeintelligeneel ”
:-- "What r said she to herself, " is it
1 possible that 1 ern to be delivered
I from thiS vile Vane of . confinement 1'
Is it' possible that ill'eonnected with
• this establishment—my own °Stab.
I ish men L--donot:Posseas hearts of ad
arnant ?
,God speed thee; Jtian, and,.
thy associates, in thework of love and"
mercy 1 . : ' •
ft'is un'neeesdary to detail the van
ut_ia of the scheme for Eliza's escapc,
and the- several interviews held 'be
tween her and Juan for the tbreedays
that she supplied Eliza *hillier meals.
'Suffice it to say, that on the fourth
day after the abote interview, Eliza
was furnished with an instiuinent to
unbar her window, and was promised
a rope ladder the following evening,
,to effect her descent frotn one of the
window's in the adjoining room'; but
having loniened the bars of her win
dow the same evening the instrument
for that• purpose was put, into her
hands, she determined not to wait un
tit the following evening lest, the . plot
of the servants might be discovered
by her 'uncle, or . by some of his chil
dren ; and she accordingly wentlo
werk, making a ropn(if such it• may
be called,) from her bed clothes, by
tearing them into strips and tying
the ends together. After a few hours
labor she completed her rope, but
fearing it might not be strong enough
to support her, it was so Me Ai me be-_!
fore she dared to attempt a descent.
•But preferring death to a longer con
finement, and fearing she might be
dateeted, she resolved to make the
attempt, and resigning her fate into
the hands of .flitn who, is the orphan's
friend. She did make the attempt
arid'wa -
71) - PrIfb - opt;t:e.CE:Y 17 01 13 , _. ti4lB6s l . n
Take," she had been confined by her
own uncle, and once • more breathed
the pure air of freedom. This was
about daylight. Shelinmediately bent
her steps.toward the wharf where the
Boston - vessel lay ; and from that pe
riod in her life till she ushered her
htisband into her own'houSethe'read
er has already had an account of.
.Thus the horrorstricken and 'Sur
prised uncle stood in mute 'astonish
ment for some moments,
~,,after. . beitg
informed by Eliza, Of her marriage.'
She again repeated the command,
"heave my house in an hen'', thou
monster 1" and then returned to her
husband, where-the promised explan
ation was made.. The'amazement of
Tudor, and the. transports of his wife,
at this sudden pliange.le her fortunes
and condition, may possibly be con
ceived; but they .catinet certainly be
expresSed. Being incompetent to
the task, I will net attempt to de
scribe the scenes that followed—the
embraces,of the happy couple and
the kisses exchanged--L-theloy of the
faithful servants at seeing their young
mistress once more set at liberty—
the chagrin, -mortification and dis
comfiture of the inhuman uncle and
his family---=the congratulations of
old friends and acquaintances--the
parties that were given by Ars.Tuder,
as well as thoSe attended, to by her
husband--their many pleasant rides
into the eountry,'&e.
One pleasant morning, ,some four
or five 'days after. the Marriage, the
attention.of th© officers andhandebe
lOnging to the Boston vessel. was di
rected to a splendid carriage drawn.
by two cream colored horsca,, ; richly
comparisonecl, which was approach
in g the wharf, and in a few moments
halted immediately in Trout of the
vessel. The driver diemounted from
the box, and let down the steps of the
carriage ; and a 'gentleman gorgeous
ly dressed stepped alit, and, assisted
a lady with 'corresponding
ments to alight.; they then stepped
on board the vessel, when the gentle
' Man asked the Captain i'vhere ho was
from, how many days he i:vas perform
ipg the voyage, when be intended to
'return, the amount of fare for paesen
gess, and other questions eta like na
ture, and receiving appropriate an
eiVerti to the same, asked leave to ex
amine the cabins and other accommo
dations of the vessel, (all the while a
voiding, as far as possible the Cap
tain;) which were very courteously
shown him. Ile'then observed that
be and, his lady had some thmights of
soon starting for America;an'd if they
eonclnded to do so, assured the Cap
tain they would take passage with
him. 'They then left 'the cabin,' but,
before leaving the vessel,the' gentle
rnari karned to the'Ofiptain and said :
• (calling him by
name before leaving yotir vessel; per.
mit me to make you acquainted with
. o 1"
It was not till :this moment that
the'C,iptain and thoS6 'ar6tind
' reeognized in the 'elegantly • dressed
Aentiemati, thniiold . ftlenikand -4 cons.-
supposing 8460:04)rn.ixf0.0. *00..1
"Opt - ipkgi bi(a)lo*
tetra% thecreadar tOjtaagig)bribiJC6ii
, WHOLE NO. 782
giatulationa that now followed, and
the healthErthat were drank.
The, remainder of my -imperfect
sketch is soon, told. Tudor distribu
ted:the wages coming to, him among
his'did astfoeiatew---bade them good
I by.,.mit`ribty however,. antil - he had,
exacted.a promise from,. the Captain
And,.his crew, to eall„as often as conve
„nient• upon him, before sailing—left”
the iessel,britited his carriage, and
was driven to`bis own door. - •
,•! . .1 1 adorrand his wi fe lived through life
opal- ttiesroost tunicable:, terhaS, and
were klessed• with
. prosperit,y,,and• an
obedient and respected circle of chil
dren. Soine yearS after - his marriage,
he returned, sccompanied by his wife,.'
to his native sikce; Boston, where he
heilt - two 'wharves that hear
his:fiame'ttsi: API'S day.l'-They- s4l;er.-
4,tirda.:,retnrrred; London; „wihere
'they, dix4,p.s.;the3 • bad „since
their Urlio,l3 ,horiored•'
all:who enjoyed their acquaintance.=
''.t.T . ;tifii . 6 - I.' - , -. .f --- ::
THE 1.)/tESIDEN'ffilltSSACi. '
Fellow.:Citizent of the Senate and House:
in conformity with": the "Chicago
;platform," I mow - - before your
"honorable bodies'l an •annual -state
ment of the condition'of She 'country,
together with 'such suggest:louses are
•deemed important for your considera
tionat your - presentsession. The re
lations of the United States with-for
eign nations aroon the most "friendly
footing," with the eiecption of the
Southern Confederacy, England,
Mexico, Russia, Austria, Spain, Hayti,
and—the Copperheads. Hayti in
particular, seems to he'regardless of
her treaty stipulations. When the
"war. fdr the Union" was,first hatch
ed into its proper proportions, the
president of that intents:llV repub.
lie, by a solemn treaty, : agreed to re
ceive and colonize all persons of Afri•
can descent who. - might fall Fietitim to
the irrepressible conflict through
"Military necessity." Accordingly I
despatched .two vessel 104 - ds of`lreed- I
.men ' to that country,- each as had
been captured in, the. District Of Co
lumbia, with theL"desire" that they he
received and cared for, - :as the first
instalments of a series• Of accessions
to their superior race. This. desire
was fairly scouted, and 1 was inform
ed by "the GOverment" there; that
fi r d
Cuban plant e rs. 1 .- W 7 ould'eern 41;4
recommend such action in the case as
your, wisdom shall deem proper. I,
at the time, issued a :"proclemation"
to that Goverment, hut there being
1,100 miles of "herring pond" be
trween us, and they knowing little or
nothing of my military sagacity, took
it fair shot-gun wadding.
Our financial condition continues
in a very fevoeible plight. Since the
last adjoiirnment of Congress, S. P.
Chase has issued seven thousand
million's of tons of paper currency, to
be soon followed by six thousand five
hundred and, eighty-four quarter sec
tions of. $O,OOO bonds.. This, with
the eighteen hundred tiAllions of sore
shin currency, and the "internal reve
nue," will be sufficient to carry on
the present year, provided can
succeed in keeping Gen. Simon Cam
eron out of the. Tre.a.sUrf
and the rebels lay down their arms.—
But as the "best laid schemes of men
and mice gang aft agle ;" or, as my
expectations in this respect may not
be realized, I Would - recommend the
passage of an act authorizing me (in
case the necessity arise) to set afloat
a few .thousand inillione during the
recess of Congress. .fellow-citizens,
there is a dreadful rebtalion..existingl
and we should shape oar policy to
meet it. I have done all my means
would warrant me in doing to crush
it out. Six hundred and thirty proc
lamations,- four hundred and thirteen
bulls, and nineteen edicts, have 1 is
sued in vain. I would therefore re
commend an increase of the army to
Tiroeecnte the war against armed tree
son with greater vigor than hereto :
- It, is.thou,ubt by the Secretary
of War, whose report is herewith
transmitted, that. eighteen hundred
thoivand men, between the ages of
thirty-five and thirty-six, together
with all the women in Massachusetts,
should be enlisted for forty-five years
or during the war, to render the ar
my of the Potomac effective - .
In addition to this, I would suggest
the propriety of enlisting the balance
of the population. fs*.r a like period,
which, together with the entireimpn
lalion of the Chinese Empire, would
form the nucleus army, around
which the rest, of manYiind *ould ral
ly, and secure Washington from de
molition, by, the rebels, and. insure
the November elections in favor of
the loyal candidates; besides it would
serve a better purpose 8 011,, bycheCk
ing the audacity of the copperheads.
The operations of the navy,. al
though'etlicient in some cases, isfar
from being satisfactory , 1 would re
eommend the purchase and arming
of all the cape Cod fishing craft, for
harbor defence, and the immediate
construction of fifteen thousand iron
clads "rams," of twenty-five thougand
tons each, encased with at least six
teen feet in thickness of wroughtitron,
to protect New England interests at
the mackerel.fishery from : the awful
Obi:delight 'of the Alabama. Capt.
Seethes, "the d—d rascal," having in
jured New England epirirnetee hen-,
- deeds of by - , do in sane.,
`ba`'rrerdiitt'ed to repeat hiscloO ridn
ttsi~i~ o'p`en that pious psalm singlet
@tot( .roar-,
C:tti 1 gtaitiviiiii:
M. *t.MitiLlNt
.24 Story of Purnya New EnWing, Cumberland Si
At One Dollar and Fifty Cents a Year.
air Amiernstsmen inserted at the owned rem. "PS
46irliANDBILLS Printed it-an boon make.
In Lebanon County, postage free •
In Pennsylvania, out of Lebanon county .. 6 rents pa
quarter, or 21) Ceuta a year : •
Out of. this State, 634 cts. per quarter, or 26 ets. a year
it the postage It not paid in advance, rates are doubt..
atime force., it is thought that the
cod-fish interests of the conev might
be sufficiently profected. • They-,de
mand, and should have ampi's Atm
tection. With their fearful sacrifice
of life andfirmy blankets, 'the 'Eifel of
tha rebellionlas beengreutly circum
scribed. We have-succetded,:beyenii
all hope thus far in our .effortik t tp
erinill tint treason, having CotiAtitted
all rebellious territiiiy. but about "75,
.000 square miles,: and of the text mil
lions- of traitors, all' are 'Conquered
and have -ta k eri the oithi -.tient" 0,,
768,020. have telt eti - threelaubds
of colors, one hundred Milskets*,;na
two barrels of leans.
.0f: .the ,four
millions of “col ! . :')red geni;ii f .' my
pro - era:nation 'of Jahtfary 14,',ftied
all but 3 1 920,600.
evidences Of °tit ability
to l overthreW the rebel, igoveintEMnt,
we.ehould take frcsh..couragc, And
Divine PioVidence swift ei7iilo.itpon us
"as on a' I.3aket of chips:" I - cannot
close this ebtarminication ;With:Oat
calling your attention ;to theqoyia
gentlemen of African seen.t: laving
:enlisted so generaily,in , the ~Uniou
'arniy, it is but just _to p?crilde -for
their &millet. woad reeiMitirittal
the passage of a laW altthorizing the
Secretary of the Tien:wry to pay,to
each volunteer wlen;.iitattered'
theutinfof sevettieen thoneatid&ollitit,
and also. granting a pension to lair
vsvors after the war of $175,000, and
three sugar plantations: to, fie*. of
families;---andjacket '1
a red 4: etifch
child. This would greatly swell . that
arm of the service_ known -as the
Corps:d Afrique, or flaming
Each officer in that brariCh of the stir
vice, should also be Terinitted to .Se
lect a residence in the City of Charles
ton, S. C. Our supeziers
thing else, they - should be per pitted
to share in the glory, honor,_ prata,
eulogy and fame, in wait for those en
gaged in the cause of God and-haroan
ity, after the 'irrepressible corifikt"
shall have abated, arid - the Vhstilitiss
It is thought highly 'proper that
some rule should be etstablished regu
lating "miscegenation." .No Cauca*.
ion should be permitted to hake more
than thirteen colored concubines—or,
in the aggregate, more thari 8,800.1 be
of concubine, else There hikh,t not: be
enough to_ "goround." •
_The advo
eates of that, inviting theory are ex:-
eeeding anxious for the - protection - of
law against the old harbarous hi*
cenfining a "micegen =to • 6itu,iihite
wife ; a law wholly at war with the
_first enunciated by . our
'Worthy Secretary of State. I*ould
of Congress ; especially tffitt - trancti
running through lowa, under the se
pprintendence of Hon...T. B. GririMel.
There had paged over this brat:lel/ l a
the road, at the breaking :..out, of .the
rebellion—" John Brown ' Prdvisionl
President of the United States," 872
StOlenniggers 280 hOrses,...7, mules,
begides otherfieight,:in_fillatnamtiag
to 8880,009. The itlipt!terfee `iff_eas.
appropriation of a liberal sum, tgity
two millions of dollars,. for repaint,
will readily
,s,uggest.,.itself te You,and
secure a permanende thereelyt6t Jike be effected by individual.e4tei
prise: "Speaking oP.Tohn Brown i.e . -
minds me of an anecdote," which-I
defer to another times
ABRAHAM frirNxsiciN.,
Done at Washington, this 'lst day
of Dee. Ann 0,1864.
Of the cheap:A and Rest Goods
...:, -- 151
Boots Shoes Hats ps, &e
,s _
%HIE undersigned lies opened one of the BEST AS.
j. SORTHENTS of • • - .
TRA7BLING BAOSobc., of all kinds,-
and of the beat materials, which he will
sell at prices to recommend them to perdue.
sere. Of the HATS he bes quite a variety of New
Styles, embracing the Washington, Stanton, Burnside,
Dupont, McClellan, Stringham and - Monitor:Hat, very
beautiful and very sheep. -Of DATE herhass complete
assortment of all the Nsw Styles, got up- in „superior
manner. with line finish; Women's Misses' stild-Chi.l.
dren's Balmorels, Gaiters, Congress Boots, Slippers,
and all other kinde;-'llleu'a and. Boys'ltelmonslii. Ox.
ford- Ties, Washington Ties, Congress Boats . iiia ill
other kinds worn by them, including BOOTS and
811055, of the different varieties, at his cbeaStore I u
Walnut St!, next to the County Prison..
toy- Thankful for the liberal encouragement of tie
public heretofore, I would invite an wishing anything
in my line to. tall and examine myetock before roaring
their purchases. . .. , .166. BOWMAN.
Lebanon, May -I, mow, ...,.. -.. , --_,-, ~
P. Si---Measures taken and work made at short notice.
rrnet received:At 'Grocery Storei Onat
11. A
lsiand St., one door west-of Market; lotni Fresh
Fruit In Gass. including Seethes, Gages, Green Gone,
Tomatoes, Jetties.
riezoom, CaediSoirer, Ketchup, pepper Sanas:
. Cheese. .
Stiglieta, Limbergei . , Sap-Sane.
Sardine, Salmon, :Mackerel, Herring, Cosiest.
Raisins . Corrents, Prnnes, Dried • ,Applee ind Nadia:
Cianbirriss, •Applea, Hominy, Tapioca,
: - Barley, Pane, ac, ,
A lot of linclialicat Meal.- Also SO barrels ofNew
York Apples.
yikik,, Highest price given in CASII.for Eggs, Buttes
Dried Apples and Peaches, Beans, Ordoas, ke.•
rubl is patronage is solicited.
30111 f DILLER..
Lebanon, Dec. 23,1863: . .- _
Atot - ket Street s lebiztion
TSB proprietor of this' eM established &aligns at
lIOTEL would respectfully. inform therblie duet
it will be conducterat all tiros to the • mfort amid
convenience of the guests. It hate ham thomoOly:re ,
fitted and . renovate@ • and-no patnowill be gored to
make the Table and the Bar, at ell times, Istuialo
In the county. • - - - ~ s f
The STABLING and Yard are superior too ono
extensive, Mon any. other in Lebanon. Thew_ -
le also in the course of erection, ,which will be co
plated in a short time. The •Petrenalkssotthe rummy
and the Traveling public generally is respeet*ty se!-
Hefte B arr e
rilAdt --lc:est side of .Miiiket street, wed
square south from the Market Howse: - 7z
Joax M4.TtliE24
Lebsoor, April 6,1861. • -
Ad mist i ra tee N
s ot tee. ,•.
NOTICE tertiereby that Letters Of 'Adintnie
' • rnttieneektne„Estetn. of Pllfliag 40Brati 4004.,
late cit . pnrtti 'Lebanon towikehig,,Letopponcourt, t yp. P n .,
hare betteigineted 'itie.runiers*nen, residing
bprongl+4,Lebamon; seaiiMandalta„ toodit:4, 4 14ta+ . a i
peni6itiiiidatised tineard.'dsteite =4r
air& bititit'aihOwilltpttiiiii • .
oat daisy, ,„ EIVIII0 111104 .A a t0 ::
W. Lib aim* 1,567 .
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