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    ~..14 4,- - , ,
Pll I;tt It f in-g:
g20t29 LIMP MUNE? uptiamesmiEtumPrtaayz.
featly and Promptly Expzuttd, atAke-
Fuca establishrtint Is now supplied with an extensive
sissortritent 6110 'I'M, which will be increased as the
patronage 'demands. It 'can now turn out PRINTINg, of
every description, in a neat and expeditious manner.—
ondun very reasonable terms. Such as
Pamphlets, Checks,
Business Cards, Handbills,
Circulars, Labels,
Bill Headings; Blanks,
Programines, Bills of Pant,
Invitations, Tickets, *a., Ito.
ar" DEEDS of all ltituiSAknamon and iindgmenttioNDS.
School, justices', Constables' mid other BLANKS, printed
correctly and neatly on the best paper, constantly kept
for sale at this office, at prices "to suit the times." -
* * *Subscription price of the LEBANON ADVERTISER
One Dollar and a Ball a Year.
Address, Wet, M. ISIMF4Ic, Lebanon, Pa.
JACOB N1VE10.1( 4 10,jr,.,
TTO RXE - r. AT. 1 .. ,14:111:1;
O FFTOE, north-west eorner.Market and Water Sts.,
[Lebanon, January 13,1861.-Iy*]
'ildtS idat
t t .! , , ea, lay" -
NCE removed to' CttinherianA • `street, onedoor
, East of the Lebanon. Valley -Bank, opposite the
Buck Hotel, Lebation,Ta. pan. 6,'64,
..116.7ttcip-E. evv• ia,.vvr.
FlUTE'underSigned, having been licensed to prosecute
j. claims, and having been engaged in the,Bounty. and
'Pension business. Offers his Services to all those Who
e thereto entitled. in accordance with ,the various
SAS of Congress. All such should call or address at
otter, end" make their uppl ications through
"SASSIER BOYER, Attorney at-Law, .
Omen removed to Cumberland St., one
diter Fast of the Lebanon Valley 'Bank, oppoaite
tho Reek hotel, Lebanon. Pa. P an* 6, 'et.
()thee North West UphierrofrWater
7 , : 4 ` in-T4:34,44SrIST** 30 ' 4 - 7
joi:non,NO;l,sososHiy.l , Y . ,
riiFFICE in rooms formerly oroupled by Dr. Samuel
,Bohm, deceased, and opposite to the Black Rome
Hotel, 0„-Inberland Street, Lebanon.
August 26,1863
t. 1%; MA ?V VIV E ORAN
OFFICE , tirPibtuTland stFeet. - O. fe* . doois 'exit of
the Eagle Hotel, in the Off.eo late of his father
Copt. Juhu - •
lidbanon. Sept. 9,1863.. •
ATTORNSY A•• - r - 1..AW 7
Vas, remOved is Office to ilditigeon door ens
'ilfil*EVerroilph !el Piro; opposite flip Washington Owls°
t 0 BOUNTY and promptly of fenila4
S MACAO/tin .•
,LAWA . ,
lithe Lebanon. 7.oo,l,ol,tklittledtioctr.miitwe
rebonou,ll9.rch 25, '63, •
11.7 r :IL „KO 111/MIX,
D15'4'13.10T ATTORNEY, has removed his OFFICE
to the 11.00N1 littel ckcupied bp, Dr. Geo. P. Line
a weaver, in CiiinberlaniliStreo , Lebhpdh, a ; few, - doors
I , 3st of the Eagle Pore', wo doors west ;if 'Gen.
eitlman's Ortiee.. • ' "
LOA:6OWe. 170862. , -
CY:IMS 1111"
A TroitNEv-AT,LAwI-,—Qince in Walnut street, neat
ly opposite the Thick Ithtel, Wad two doors south
fn lifrniany's liardwarelat6th.
, libunon, April 9,, ,
TO 1,11( F 1 .11 E '
S T obeli necessarily - he. bieut fromthe
daring the seosion of Conpess. t I trglie,ipule. ar
rtthagernenta,Nyitli 301 IN W. PA 0 . 1`.4/E;k4 ka'illotteritto,
to t a ke ehergepf rny.legfd, 'My &tide will he
ket ,opett se heretofore alid - tlidru "ol tny'friends and
baringleinl bufthees may depend:nponlifis re.
ing prompt atutefficient attention. Islr.3l):an is a
get tleman of exterrive' legal icurnink and
ea. - int the bar. „I have full confidence in his ability . ,
ini grity and itiVrefore cheerfully
,contmend the inleregtif of iny 'elleuth , hri frien to his
utift , and 'a'ttUrition. P . . W. CONRAD will alio
rot am iu my - Once'. • • ' •.‘
'l - '4U : ovine - Pa 'l)4c:2, 1563--3 in.
.3". -17/EUR
TTORMISY AT 'LAW, Office in SiiChtor'i; Doi!Mug,
Cucubertnud scieet, Dearly oppobite the CQurt ,
tse. r [Lebilu e n,3lny 0, 100;.—tf,'
..11Dr. Samuel" S. - Rielly - -
YFERS his prufftslocad el‘ertlces to the citizens.Of
d k
Lebanon and •icinity. OFFICE mt. the z4ldenez
01 Mes..le:DuCh,4l/0 doore,West ofOqic , o Dy. SA n istol
it Lan, doo'd; in Cumlarladd street.
Lebs'non, April )6, 1883 •
- 6'lF - 11 - 1 - 1 . 16
f AVING• toested -tobianon offers bis proirsiion.
I 1. 1 el services to the-public . Ofice , in Musket St.,
ingtotmerly occupied by his lather.
Libunimi Die. 16, 1863. • . • • - • •
• .. .
• • - • -•-•• - • .
-- - ..,FErtise()mis.:. , • „„••
pv . ..: '6E6% P. LINEA Ir RAI' IC R, /my Ortx , Vee:it r t .
tn,fit . ifr. 1 1 ! .,.peniia,m ,„, or •utPe n oicroll, :It
alai Aton, Exkihinlng Burgeon for Pensions, is pre.
peied . sttenti to all'applichnts for Pension at' his of.
flee, tplarket street, next •I) or to the Post Olnde.
liittarP,,,§,tst.-6t* ' • —•-•
arrcE is hereby , given tbaLthh:oo-pentner,
hereiiitore• ex tst irik betireen -the under-
Ateefi,:iienling in thoL.Confretioltry linsinviCin the
'Borough or Lebsnoo has been dissolved bi• nibtoal
'conseoL . The I . 4ent the old atOld•ror eektle
ynetit, ••• •• • • JOSEP 'LOWEY, •
Leb:,ii.b. 1 0 ; AM.] •• HENRY NAIIM. •
•IM.Tlys bunion?" vipl be continued •Nrilio :under.
signed, ' • '':• 108NPR LOWRY..
_ . . .
LiVery •
ripaZiAtibaerlyer.:respectftilly.ollKnisille Pin . hlic that
futikettSdArbrod k bTAilifl at Ma Ho
tel, in Market Street, Lebanon. Ile will
affrays endeavor to furnish good horses
and veldcles, at moderate prices; to all &-
airing the same.
Lebanon, October 21;1863
iiAito''iiiilidiiro Blue:
16,4 . !I:1RA and Customers . of the . above ccubra.
Wash Moe, will please take notice, that the La •
are altered to read
••' • •
. •
. • ~
• • •• • - POT UP•AT •
.A 1 reed Wiltbergek l 6
3:01 1 1.T3'42 -
No. 233 North. SECOND Street, PHILAWA : . •
The quality' of this Blue will be the came !o'er/try
It is warranted to color more water then twice the
some Quautity of Indigo, awl to go much further than
any other Wash the , market. - "it dissolves per
fectly,elear and does , not. petite on•the•clotbes as moat
of the other makes do. One Bog dissolred in chair
plot of water; will make as good a•Liguld••Blue "grimy
that is made, at'one third the cost. ' •• ••:
Ac it la trtalied at.the same price ai.the-Tinfta
tick's and Inferior' a•tieleii, houeekeepers • *lll Ithd it
very much to their iulitiontago : to ask for that Put up
at Wlltbe4er s. . . , -• • .
le:All Slim pnt lip after MIS 'save with Barlow , '
name on it is no Imitation.
.The New Label does not•rogni re it Btattill:;* • •
josfiir Sale by Storekeepefs '
Fe,bAt t . 'w.-eat. if. •'• " ' '
FIE suberriber hae juat received from New ioric
and PJAlndelphitt, a large stack of
Sf,tie ;re/ JIMA idyls; now manufactured for the
!Velar. tea . 'am the above Goods were all pnrehased
at 'the vgiy !sweat cash prices, he is enable to sell
stiecti,l,floeilify;ibe old price. ,_ before the great r ise in
paper Ook ' .
Of IVISDOW SHADES, he bow a large nod , plendnl
Stock', plain, fancy, buff, Jgrieb lidd gilt, Ac. PAPER
SHADES, neat Whim, plalnrgrebn, Won and gilt
Also, the lataq and aiMpltst ebrle of Fixtoirrs,
tie has ale PS.gelfhPirl asonttruent of
on hand, ell of which will he wild OP the w9et retwon
ills Store is: in .elniitiAdoet, Lebanon, be
tween the. Court, Honied and.thed)eunl9t ,l o l ,„
dd.! . M., • ,„10401.1,,,GEt / ran.
Lebarlph,lMacoh9, */
, as cVANTEIS t
. 1 lc.' • •••% , t'l , '.'
w'"will.'AjirriYoir_lilatollill per months, and all
expel:llM, to ac tire haste, g ire cordwifejell;
Particulars seat free. Address sari Bzwime Itacansa
OOMPANY, R. JAMES, General Agent, Milan, Oh io.
May 13, 1863.
VOL. 15-NO. 40.
Cljs A g r.
which advocates the principle apil;ttolicy of the.Dem
°erotic party; is issued every morning., (QinnWs
copied.) nod Fontaine : the
NEWS from all 'parts of the world ; with carefully
prepared articles on troverifitient. Politics, Trade,
Finance, ett., anal prompt editorial comments ea the
questiop,‘,and - affairs of the 'day ; Market IteMiree, Pri
ces Current, 'Steck' Quotations, Marino Intelligence,
Reports of Public Gatherings ' Foreign anti Domestic
CortespoMlencl, Legal Reports,'heatrical-Criticisms,
Reviews,of Literature, Art and Main. Agricultural
Matters ; and discussions ot whaterer,suideet is of ton
eidriuterest and importance.
.ig it doiniilete compendium of the SEA'S dB
WEER', and contains the 'chief editorials, the. prices
current mid market reports, stock - ijnoto. Linea, corre
spondence and general news matter published' in :the
DAILY AtiE. It also 'contains a great variety of oth
er matter rendering it in' all'recpeets"afir-class Tam
.ily journal,
particularly adepted.;to the Peliticinn, the
illPrehient; the Partner, the Icleelfhiiic,, the Literati
met,,,iinit all classes of readers. , ft has., in feet every
characteristic of a LIVE NEWSPAPHILfitted for the
Counting' , Heine, the' Workshcip; the F.armer's Fire
side, and tho Q,eneral !tender. , •
Ous year, Tty B3uil. .$S 0010ne,Year: 3/y Mai1....52 00
Silt: Months 4 00'Sucit3ontbs 1,00
ThreellonOs 2 00 Three Monti:i 00
For any Perin(' loss than Clubs Of 10 - 17 50
three months, at the rate of . .....
SaTenty-trre cents per withan 'extra Copy 'GRATIS
month. for getting up the club.
!ire— Payment iiquii•=l invariably in advance.
Specimen copies of the Daily and Weekly will be
gratis to any address, on application.
The,,Publishers of TILE. AGE-could easily-fill their
'columns with the unsought and. Most liberal nommen
&Mons of the press throughout the country but they
prefer that it should stand altegether upon claims to
pub lin'iciiiisdence, knOiril and 'established. - They
believe It has acquired this tenutatioii by - lthe minder,
fearlessness and *depended - cc with : which it,bas been
though times of extraor'ciin;iiy`c l arirusion of
ideas on public subjects, and latterly:of ahnost unex-
Witipled public trial. It is now, and.wiil he, as hereto.
fore, the tfuphorter of truly national Principles, op
to radicalism end fanaticism in every
Tdrm,und ifeioted to the maintenance of good govern
ment, law and order. - '
The Publisbers of TILE ACE aonceive that it-thus
.renders Peculiar Services end has peculiar claims upon
all men, by whom its principles are valued, and who,
by' thoproper'diering, look to Promote and secure the
Constittitional reaforation pt the Union. These • can
lien show their Sense of the,
of the
publishers, in behalf of this 'great - and Unparalleled
cause, by earnestly sustaining this paper in ail MS bust
uess.relations. • -
AdJ .sq
c" onherelgund would'reepectfully .inforn,! the
..zenebfliebanon, that helms cornmenectl
ING BUSINESS,iin all•its varieties, at. hie item], If
Cumberland street, Lebanon, nearly, oppeeite the num
Hotel. and will supplicusteinere with the best BlttLili,
C,„9.,lipili, &a. „Flour received from waste:Liars and
returnea to'fbein in bread at eheit notice.
of all kihde, fresh, and of, the best'quality,, coniitan*
on hind, And forniehed at the lowest prices.
Th= public is invited to'kice nle ` a trhd. •
3IYER serous
.P3b non, Nov. 9, 1559
ULM* LONOACEII; .). • , .!
• . 1010 •0. Ginn.
• s • • LEBANON",
lloSash.flr l Steltni , PPaging
• - •
Located on Use Slum-ilOusq itear Cumberland
iSlrett, East Lebanon.
rIIHE tindersignedrespectfolly inform •
the public In general; that they . • 1.
till manufacture and:lump on :
Door, Sash, Shutter, •
Wee ther-800 rds, Q • Geo • Spring
Mouldings, of all. izee, Wash Boards. eating. Sifrbace:
Cornices, and all kinds of BUILDING fLIATEitIALS
6ir llotises.• nlvocodtitinct the latest and most Im
proved Stair
. Caving•andllland Railing, suitable • for
large and small buildings... • . .
•Ife now , invite - FarMers; Methanics and litailders
apdessmitie,per stock, ,which we will warrant to
giro ehtfre Atidtketieti tdell who may favor thstinder
signed with their custom.: = 1 •••
• tebannn, April n. 1862. ' • •
P. S.—There Is also all kinds. of TURNING et. I.Vni
*shille Mill. Pinning,. Sully, Es., promptly done fur
Mite win) may fitrnieb Lumber.
. .. .
• LEBANON' . .' ; '4O,IkOEMr• - .•
rrililllt.tindereigrced hcreoy'in form the public that tan
Lebanon _Academy is not Intended exclusively f6r
the youth of the Borough, but it-,alvrayii did, and still
dose receive phiiihe froirrahroad: • • '
Lately, also, the Directors have hriprored itsigeneral
character. end (divided its standard. by refusing to'nd
mit pupils without the necessary quelitications.and , by
their continued core they hope to rni'e this school to
Its srnper plecc . in the estimation of this communitye- 7
A limited bomber of pupils of the proper grade can be
adulated from the count ry 'applying to
.7AC013 CAPP, Vrcsid ut..
JOSEPIi SeemititrY..
• , : or ,to CYRUS 110GElt. Teacher. "
tltir:Tattfoli coutivou and higher English branch
es, Lath) and caeck. . • • $2 per inomtlf.
Lebanon, Aug. 26,1862. •
... . -
. -A viitti . rot ddOrni
e 4 4 inilitikrjr LB/. ,
' Ss'
Pilt he S st iiinrket price will be
.F0..14ei; for. whleh the e
A P 6o 'T`ogs of wtaitclal`C k . ? Rm. toNs corn
tb h ] i n g onttie of Ault 5 , 10, and
paid In cash.•
J aetge • 'rebel rionf'ra.
dloti, 711411- 247'64.
)171j.ITE R., A tt.ktAilQtActEN .
. • 17.
I_7 Norpb-Foat for P 111 LAMM:ILA, NKW-TOlt K,
Ac. .._• 1 t •
Trains fariPhiladni Now-Toix.
Reading, Pottavillo, and all intermediate StlWons,nt 8
A. M., and 2:00 P. M , paaaiug Lebanon-9.13 - A. M., and
3.08 P. M.
•.•• . . ,
New Yxpress leaves Ilarrisburg at 6.30'A. 31., passes
Lebanon at 7.30 A. )1., arrivinz at Now. York at 0.15
the same morning.
Fares from Itarrieburk: To;Naw-yorkss 15; to Phil
adelphia 53 35 and 22 : 84:11.'lliggAge checked through.
Returning. leave New-York et 6 A. M 4 . .12 Noun. and,
7 P. M., (Pirrstsu no EXPRESS): Leave Phlfadel!
phltverS:l4s A. 31'., and 3.39 P. M.; panting Lebnnoit 'at
12.17 noon, 737 P. 31'. and' Express ut 1:05 '•
• ' Sleepin - g dars'in the New- York • .EXPress Trains,'
through' tO *OM Pit tehargh withent change.
-tlmOatawisealtalliorul leave Tamaqua;
st' A: Dl.. and' 2.16 P. 51. for Nett'
York, and all Way Points.
• Trains' leave' Pottsville at 9.15 A. id:, and 2.30 P. 31:,
for Ph ilarlelphial'llarriabnrg and New Yrirk. • - •
An AccOmmodatii , n Passenger train leaves Needing
at 6.00 A. 31 , and returns from Philadelphia at 5 00 I'.
31. . • • '
621 - M p
I eaboveteater - Aruu dallyginnuaya excepted.
A Smiley train iraves Puttsvilll at , F.?.9 ,tg„ apa
Pifiltialelphie • • • ..
• ••f..CoMinutittfon'Tickets, 41th '20.-C,iu:Pens;at :25; iprl,
'any desired:" desire" •.
Idileage • Tickets, good for 2000 ili .fig lietio.Oek, all.
points at $16'35--for Families andllitilltefill.Fikml7.. •
• Season and School riqietig"a4;ir4loll,
from all ' , Oats.
Put sengers..are requested tb I
:p tsite nger,
80 poandi naggage'athaweo•eacm •
before entering the care, as higher Fermi 'arts 'charged
if paid it, cars. • '• '
• • • O. A .NICOLLE, •
Dec ' 9, 1593 . ; • Genets& Superintendent'
1 562 NEW STYLES.* 1:1309.
A Dial 41,1 in punka:jowl .I)et7r ,an
Markatand the CourrlfOus&ftiortb Ode:hail
now On hand a splendid akwirtniontl Of:the New 41
Style of HATS 1A ND OAPS, for mcn snd boys,tor lkbik*
to whichthe attention'of the public is respectfully Inv;
Hid. , Mate , c.f all prices,. from the cheapest tO the moe
ciistly, always on band. He has alsojust opened a; eplen
did assortment of fiII?dDIER HATfrounbraeing such al;
HORN, SENATE, OUBIAN, and all - othenn: ~! rw
*9..Re will also Wholesale all hind. of Hata, Caps
&e., to Conan ,. Merchants en advantageoue terms.
Lebanon, April acoBe2.
. b
... •
- ,
F. 11. EDIJR.
... •
MARCH . j 3
I, i , B_i.6,
4 ,.
Y , ? v)
~ r d o , r 4 - F s , i i , 4 .
, ii / . . 1 . - f.„rr.:. W,..,-
VL E .,
.X 0. : . : . / :, 77 . )
. .. , . .. .. ,
. ....—......... ....... _..._
Vegetable Exitract
'l3l JA CKBOIV I Pltilad'a Pa.
Liver Complaint
, • Pyspepsia,
anti( zee.
Chronlo or Nervous Debility, DisenoeS of the
Kidney nod all diseases arising from
disordered Lifer, or, Stomach:
Such as Constipation, Inward Piles, f ninon or Blood
to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea., Ileart•
burn; 1 isgusit for Food, Fulness t or inibe
Stomach. Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at
the Pit of the Stornach;'Srdrou)j ng of the Dead, Hur
ried, and Difficult Breathing, Filitt,ring. at the lfeart,
Choking of Saflocating So n sethins when in trlY ing pas
tor*. Dimness of Vision,' Dots or - .Webs ; before the
Sight, Fever end Dull .Pain : in the Dead, Deficiency of
Perspiration, Yellowneas of the 'Skin end Eyes: Pain
in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,..te.. Sudden 'Flushes
of neat,' Burningly' the Flesh, Constant Imaginings
and great Depression of Spirits.
And will positively prevent renew ?seer , Bilious
Fever, ifo.
_ .
No, Alcohol or Bad ,Wi . ?
They nit.[, CURE the above dire:tees in ninety,.
nine eases out of a hundred.
Inthiced by the extOnsice'sale and uniceisal 'popu—
larity of Illootind's Gorman Bitters, (purely vegetable)
bo.ts of ignorant Quacks , end unscrupulous .ad yenta
'rern, have opened upon mitering humanity the 'floiid.
gates of Nostrums 'in the shape of poor whiskey, vilely
eoinponnded hi) injurious drugs, and christened Ton
ics: Sternaehhis and t3itters.
. Beware of the innumerablearray of Alcoholic prep
s:vomits in plethorie bottice, and, big bellied' keg's, un
.tierthe.modest appellation of Biiters; which inetedd
of curing...oply iggrawite disease, and leave ti e disap.
pointed suff rer in dispute.-
'Are apt a Mtgand - otrie:ff article, but have 'stood
ihe: test' offiffeen years trial by the American "public;
and their.reputation and sale, aro not,rivalled by any
Similar preparation:
The proprietors haVe thousands of Letters from - ;the
most eminent
Testifying cf - their own, personal knowredge, to the
berielXial. effects and inedickl virtues of these -Bitters.
Ala YOuwAN'c;SOXlETulxti To ST II E N TUE N YOU?
Froth Ray..:: Newton Brown; D. D., Editor of the En ,
ryciepedia of Religious Knowledge. .
Although not disposed to. favor or recommend Paf
mit MedichieS in general, through. distrust of their in
gredient- and effects ; I yet. know of no sufficient rea
sons why a man may not testify , to the benefits he
Haves himself to have received from shy simple prep
aration, in the hope that he may thus contribute to the
bench t pf Miters. '
I do.this the more readily in-tegard to IleoflamPs
German Bitters, prepared try Dr. C. M. Jackson, of this
city, because I was prejudiced against them toe- many
years, under the impression that they were chiefly en
etcoltolie mixture. I tun, indebted to my friend' Rob
ert Shoemaker, Esq., for the removal of this Prejudice
by proper ieste,: and, for encouragement to try them.
when suffering from great and tong continued debili
ty. The use of three bottles of these Ritter's; lit - the her
ginning of: the.present year, was, followed. by evident
Mier, end restoration to a degree of bodily and men
tal vigor which' I liad lud. felt for , six Months , before.
and lied" altnoit .despoireff of regaining. therilieu
thank Gel and my friend for dliectiug inn to the nee
onbetri .1 NEWTON BROWN:
PUILAVA JUNE 23 . 15. U. ,
Particular Notice.
. . .
There - are nutty propergitionsnold under the name Of
Bitters, put up in • quart bottles. compounded of the
cheapest whiskey or common rum. costing from '2O to
40 cents per gallon, the taste! disguised liy Aniae or
Coriandor. Seed. • . •
This class of Bitters has caused and will continue to
miner - r as they can be sold, hundreds to Ale the
death of ,the drunkard- By their ;use the systemic'
kept continually it udeithe innbunce of :use.
tile!' hi: 0 rum worst kind, the desire' I'Vr Liquor is cre:a
ted and kept up, and the .result is all the p horrors at
tendant upon a drunkard's life and sisatlr. • - •i:
.For.thom who desire and• tailLhare a Liquor .Bit ters,
we publish the following receipt_ Get One Dottie.
Cati-es derma Bitters and Mix with Three Odra' St
Good Brandy or. IV7tiskey; end the result will be st prep
aration that will far ireel in want:Mal v hints and
truaexce Hence any of the numerous Liquor Miters In
the market, and will cost much lees. Yen %rill hare
all the cirtuci of Mofitintrißitters iti rObitectioti•with
or:foci:article .of ,Liquor, at.•a, much 111$11 price than
theou,tuferior preparations will cost yoU.
r!ili:Nts OF SOUDIEW3
• ,iVe , eall • th e attention or • ail having :.refationsiiid
friends lit the army to the feet. that -1100FLAND:B
Gertn . an Bitters" will cure nine tenths of the diseases
induced by exposures.nnd privations Mario& to camp
life. In the lists, published almost daily in,the news
papers, no the arrival of the ''skit, •it will beimoticed
that it very large primortion
.are suffering from (Meat.
ty. Every ease of that kind. con be rea•tily cured by
Iloontintre 'German Bitters. niecesea- from
disorders of the digestive erg, tsars speedilyreittoved.
We . hitve limitation in'istatitl that, if Owes Bitters
were freely 'heed motiag our siddiers, hundreds of
might be saved that otherWtse will lie lost. .
We 'call particular nitration 011ie renewing re.
markable and well' authenticated cure.of ono of the
Oottoo'N heroes, Whore life, to use his own language,
"kai been saved by the Bitters :'
•i AiMust gird. S.
„Wears. Joints & Erqns.--W4lll, gentlemen, your II oaf.
land'S (Armin Bitten has euved 63 , There fs Oo
mistake in hie. It levotiched'thr by numbers of. any:
comrades, Boomer whose name are :appended, and who
were Dilly cognizant of all tho' circumetentet of any
case.,l any and have boon • far the.last four years, a
memberof Shermuit's ..:elehrated battery, and uouer
the immediate 'command or Captain R. B. Ayres
Through the exposure attendant upon any Arduous
ties, I was attacked M November lost with inliammitrolt
of the limes, and was fur seventy-two days in the hos
pital: Thin was followed by, great debility, heighten.
ed an atteck of dysentery. wee' then removed'
front the White IrOpe, and sent to :pie city on board
she Steamer ..State '6l Maine," frem whichl landed
on-the 28th Unto: 'Since Ant time 1 have' been.*
bout cut lots as any 61;0 could be and still retain a spark
of vital RI , : For a week or more I was scarcely able to'
Wallow anything, and if I did force a morserdowa,•it
1 , 1111 immediately thrown ep again. r , .
'Leonid not eyes keep'a glass of water on my Mont.'
tick. 'Life could not hot uttiler.these eireumatauct.w.;:
and, accordingly, the Physicians who had been work
ing faithfully;' though unsuccessfully, to reitene me
from. the grasp of
,rho dead Archer, Intultly,told tyo
they could do no md tor tite, and wlvl9el me to 'see'
a clergyman , and to oink,: catch disposition of
ted funds as best suited out. An nCilltnintalNO who
visited me at the hospital „Mt... Frederick fiteinbron,
Sixili lielovi 'Arch Street, ark 'Ord me, din 'Milord
hope,•to try:your Bitters, slid kindly procured a hut.
Ile From the t line I commenced taking them the
gloomy shadow of death reeeded, and I atn now, tank
Bud for It. getting hater. Though •1 have hitt taken
twobottlett' Mee gained tell innate, and I feel' gnu
heing of refuted to rejoin my wife and &malt
ter, Iron, whom I have heard .uotlitog for
. 18 months:
for, keetleMeu, 1 am a loyal 'Virginian:Dinh the Vida-.
ity of Front Royal.; To your a isivaluabie Bitters IMwo,
the certainty of lire which has taken the place of vague
fitaii--4b Your Ilitteri will lowa theillorioue privilege:
of Again clasping to my poseur thostawlio are dearest tO.
me in life. Very truly piers, ISAAC MALONE . .
We fully concur in the truth of the above'etitentouti;
ne,vm?ital deal/aired of taming mu:comrade, Mr. Malone,
restored •to lice Ith ' • • '
~•3011N CURDLEBACL•Iat New Yeik Baiter : Y. .
GEOItOE A ACKLEY, Co 0 nth Melee. .
IS •CUEVAI.IBR,II2.I , New York. • •; • • i
L, E .BFENCER, Ist Artillery, Battery F.. ,
J It TASEWELL;Co II 3d Vermont.
HENRY 11.J.EROME, Co II "•de..;•i•,.!„.• •: :'•
nony T 3IACDONALD, Co CAtb Maine,
• JOHN F WARD: Co E•sth Blaine. .•" • ••' •
. :REIMAN R0C11, , C0'11,721 New York.
.14ATHANI Kit B THOMAS; Co le‘o6th Earle.
'ANDREW 3' •KI MISALB, Co A 341 , Yerniont;. •
JOLIN JEN EINB, Co 33 100th Foulat •
, •
• ,fiqware of Gountyletts
' kek , ‘,tirat tbu elgoaturo 'of M*. JACKSON,' ,Is
the W,RAPUltit;oPeatit bottle.. : • •
OftliALF DOE. FOR $4 00. •• • .•
Staab Id year liwest druggist not biave ti a Argo*
do not b.; put °lrby any ot the intoxleativgprepar t
florin thriamei be offered' 'ln ite plate, kdtnenSlO tny •
and wo will forward necurely pack*, by oxpre s!
NO:y 631 - :t7;
Jones , &.;Et r ans.. •
:..; ,(su q cmitor, to C.. 14. JACKSON A C 0. 4. ,
t 1. Si ' :tr. A. .; " . ""r ,•
air FOR SA~LEIby , pa,RFo. Itotp, opposite cbe Court
lioilde LinAicon, Pa.; Dr fete boaleiefn
ever, town intim tlntteti States.
May . 27, 1063.-Iy.
• ;
The Scottish highlands, whieli in
* the fierce and tfirhulent days' - of 'Oki,
sent out armed clans - 46hfave .
ors to every battle-field,
weak and piping time of peace, pour
forth innumerablehordes of cattle', 'te
perish between the insatiable jaws.of
the, proud Sonthron. At the .proper
season, on .a
,set day, the stock is
driven in from all the 'serOmiding
re g ion to. some appointedrPacet--fithe
foot of a mountain, the side ofalakei
or near - a castle, or in the 'neighbor?.
hood of a village, or-more likely ; a
battle-field-L+and• herdsmen 'aro select
ed to, accompany the different pore
tions into which the clove is dicid L 1.
So far, all, is plain sailing, cailiii. 161.•
the display ofito sid
Conerahle amon'lie
o f skill . ; : bat`"hen, 7111773ti`ftlo.from
thousand hills are gathercd;tegetWer,
a competent chief is required to Mil
duct the four-footed `army on its ;' - w
ry - march • across_ the border.- 'Thia
person ,must be .a
"All are anti ,men
human c0m1 . ," etc. ife Must he one
in w h dm the o'a h Ora have ihe utmost
confidenee—honest, brave and skit=
ful. The ealted,
is 'responsible for "eyerythilYk; '110:di-
rects the %- mOVerdentOgiyes: the
signal when to move or wlien'to - hlift=';
is always, busy=now in; 'the. ; front
and then in the rear; and is Consult,
ed by his -suhordinatesin;alr.diffieul::
ties. Ile. knows. the, safest roads;
over the wildest tracks -;;ge Malin=
taro and thQmopr are as-familiar,to
him. as the beaten path,; the ,prefers
the ()Teen sward way, it ip pleasant.
to the hoofspf his charge', and affords
them 'a mouthful, to..the hard, and
dusty public, road to.;
the feet of his cattle,, and,has tittle
in the way of food. . .
English parties. .on ,their way !to
the north,,to, 4 : :00 Wild.. 40
and the wild 11111,, and • train the
scenes of Scott or of r Qssian, are of
ten startled by a dove emerging .from
a glen, or rounding t,11,01 ! base,_ of ,a
mountain,, coming low t incr.along, urg
ed or directed by their Liyers„who i
with Wallet on back ;- and staff t in
}Mud are 'conducting theft!: to the
south. - • • ;
Besid CA •an the eareetiVall
while on the mareh the-tops Man h` is
to make till the bargains, dispose, o f
the cattle„ and ; be responsible. for.
their Videe tothe oVrners. ,Such a
pers . on mast' evidrently be ,a whole
man, and just exactly such man
was Kenneth, Murdock, the:hero Of
our sketch..' • - ; •
It was a bright .01011(111A8a autumn
dio that Heirnetb, :4'lA:ride
fu 1 horse,. with' lb*. broad:sword .
blanking: .agtiinSti t kV! aild(11410; ; sold a
Stito»g;ereti Avcilf:hound by
was !pushing his Witt niiithward
the • borderi'!llie - had •jast diNpOsed;
in one , oftbe , English mark ets;:of knVW
of the. - largest droves .ever. 'Jett file
Highlands ; and ..with the proceeds !Of
tlii sale iirhispiookets was•liastening.
homdivard in °advance of his . Compan , '.
ions ; for ibosidewhisAesire tto Ai:tenant
to leis °yolk: th erb , was veitair;
Maggio that •Itdliroittisedili ease
his. cattlb sold IVit'di and well; 'tot
transfei#: .to Mrs.. ° Mardoek, 'and •he
was, therefore, very anxiouti• to gee
on:as fast'tYossiblei for' he . kne*
that Maggie A44as equally in'patient'
to behold . him-4 -fly *ell°. she •In igh
be; for n iliandaanier,i•bioadoiishoul',!
dcied, mirlior-whiskdred: , yOangi.
low is noCitifteir seen. I:! , f • • • • -t! •
His . way lay :across4 - solitary . part
of the country„and:.for - several' hours
he had' seeti:no iother living creatures
than . hiEi dog .! andlioree - ; but - as' - he
emerged . frout,la;:little , . wood that
bordered the , high Way; lio , perceived;
a short distahte before him,.
dressed, aristocratic looking , gentioL
mcm,npon• noble black cliargeri itd
vaneing iii the minie:. direction , with
~'• ;
"A fire() dog, master
the ‘gentleman ; ae he drew . ,tiyabreast;
of him: -if I ' 11 % 2,1
"Pino-es a. fidtpe,f's irefted:Kon: ,
neth. ; • • • 1. •
"A .lone Some • road I this!' • said• the
stranger, "and!!I: ain by ~riteand
soiry to have met with a: coinpaniou."
•• "It is a Solitary bit :Of l-trtivetifor
social lad," . assented:` tlienneltl4 and.
they fell into-a:pleasant conversation;
that continued for some time:--iAts.
length the strangerii . itylio °had. been ,
talking: ofthe- nuirshal spirit of: the'.
Highlanders,: remarked:: ..• • :
OAS bravo as your-Highlanders, are
I—wender,liow you, dare • to.ravers
the man tali glon *th , so muChiEnki'
fish: gold t; as , you) drovers genebally
have in your pockets.:: r • : • :0-• .r; '.l.
temptubuilyl I"if ; wck • hays English
goldin thoq sivrisnif we haNe..Sent
tigh steel :inlho sheath.".. i •
. "A * good 'broadsword ds •a friend;?!..
said the stranger, -"but fkpistohis far
qudekerz",)l:i • ••,.; • !:, : yin ito
"Aye, but apistol mayallisa
the flint May , or -the , ball go
wide;. and , then whatia , ,thegood- of.
it ? Nci, no; give me that-good - steel.
that's always :ready and 1 am, afraid
of noliighwa l yritar in the
i find:"
"Not . fi+on the LonoWnd, Ofilitait?
GOrdciii','Whaissatd j to beiMinewheiii
in thieviciniy,"' digh: the Straiigai
ba:nteiiiiig tone. " ' •• i
for - Capt j ain.qyh•A,l
aleteribliing tti(; Imb-rail
"with Andrew FerisiFfil
there," nodding to the age wolf
' .
hotlnd .beside A c 'not foli,V)io
nrinutep of totitilit
hiskftie6 anywhe're.":''' .24. 11
f " WA" l exqlatT ed
mw&sci exilreiihive of abuhtlisltollid
offtilibiv'e, "is yoUt stVordi
? 'snt . h.'bindes :are sti t, fe.4//ln
/' #a you.' tiotubt , Itly word IP i6ked
K.olAleth; sharply 2. z'
9®#\ only ast - I' berofe.itearlited-I
su eh - bladeS'att 'not; colt in'O'n 2'n
"By snpiter, s:4'll , Teonviae;
then:Q `solo. treitneth; `-intnsteatifing
iris'sivord,•'-pointin4 to' theliii.tat'
iter's-ifame.and thb date:- ; ;;
Icritigns yon say,Tetiliedt, the Other;
poising 2t in Iris;hniic thcinght
weigh - the- 'weaptin-, 'rather .' ,. th.1.11;:t6
a d n ic rA it. -I'l , • it .7
• "Take
Kenn oth' V.Py a
• The-§trktiger a edibbythe
and thalcingAriSrhoii;e'leili) sutidenlY,
,at poor Braft=l;thatl his erad flew at
turning upon the petrified: - drover:e.
"Yoni; coley ;or y 4) ur 1 iftit . iyofil
see that even a Highlander ma. ..he.
."W ho. Satarr'sonanie you nl,
-gasping klenn6thi,{
tun e - kpected iturn. affairs; .1.) ad ta ken`i
"Lam that Captain Gordon i -rhoset
face;yoa.proposed tot 4pit:int.o
bad sworn, toltake you :rowfl
weapon : DOW dismount; and shell
tliktdroye df„cattic out of totii.:Rocky ; ',
Refusal, was deatholesistance.hope
less,-and haw - as-forcedt.o'kleliVer , ny
the 01, d I ', 4. ' d
s,ll T bo:.believe dt,inf Breadal l
helasizbe , cast a-mourrifat
go od og, : and • at „Alio
sword; -footo - a4n'obbedt
0. reSt : easy on thaelleal":, : said.
the - robber; sarcastically, 4"for 'Lb aye
foiled 13dtter Men thal - r:Ycin3:,": l2, 6s'ideg
1, intended, for y .
onr insolence:tO7b.C=
stow -a token °iv. yore - 6 shoW that
you were""robbed !ay - itirei#yotpd - .: , f-:
XiaY. 4 6 5 1 m your. rig4tNild ' 6r IZ L- tte,
tree stump:!' 1“,
• • To' lose his 'right fir iii' .ways horrible'
and he hCSitated.Ankrecoiled.; 1.
'Down' {with it!" roaie . d
bei-•making . ' the brightblade flash in
the sun. Di:own,sor: you' are
dead man."!-- .
Life is, swuntrerurttf — tto,kr:yest,
std Kenneth is
hand , • oerosS :nth" IstUinitx ?Miming
all.lia;l4ltri 010401 itbt.)44 . ..criya ;Om
rptillop amg,:Ab9 •P , 7 (
round his head till WhiStied the,
gr. 'AI. this l ast nVotkent u a brilliant
thought troefiltfeli
lfighl fender ; As the slistrrikteellenme)
dowin 40. « KkddeulY. jerked.
I #44rP AWN • : v/ 11 0 11 00. t 4 , 4 4P bPriAck
kteelf hit& tits , tope green • wood. rn
BUfoilif ho' V 6611.1.
or' redo - -61.. "1116 i -self :.ftSiutTtfiebToTi,
Kenn etli: 'was eipOnhini. Lille; i; *Mr%
wind, ,A,O.opt .bupixeraitt: stroggto
c'n§gq4,-; W s hie)4;igfluited: Rite k-,
the disadvantage' 4;We% robber 'that.
*itii . a":iiilacet
. 'cif
he . 'Way; ; lea f zuffkm)
neth'e hors'6l4 , liielit:ATArtlie n earest,
addled "htv'ay trithz ttie-strifit 6eghe
wind: •.
Our harp Pii3OFFITOII9(h3r-ell
tat,l.l4).k of following. sfs•xeeAvOkl.Ag.
liis sword, and gatheringnp :the gold
he had so nearly losti hestreide the;
robbdr'sgaddle = irhiekllo4:4equen% :
1:7; 'fifs'e."6Ver,4l to . he" ',lftglYed l *4ll a . '
large amount of treaSure,and sold:
paabed forward to • the , reildence• of:
tlio futuriflirtl. Komiettl: 7' "'
tee 1i id " tli'o;sutisfaF
ti&o:of'. hearing that 'thee romikvned l
Cla;ptaloAordon, but been rtin thituer.
the some uri I achy , tray e r'• i
,:.:141cLai,Aps - ',Re - p0.itit:;::,..:,7:,
The id I ?yin is_ the 2 :06n Olaf*
por,tion ,oialie-*ll oll .P4qoPi .0. 0 2.gge
.11 . 3,..-flodlellan, otihe operakienscif:the,
41 . 93y,e4 -the Yptioroae tw.hile •nmier
his .ce i inump4,l. lt, hal:, UnagSigging).
NO 0 Abes..anl9 Wall one of :tbe 11 204 1 .,
eloquent . P,ailsag,es,t, in 4114 IligbrY , P.f ,
4,inorieft.... : Me ektl) cepocially„liugat : ,
ten Lion of the soldiovs of ,that,army ,to t
the Words of their commander, ap.d,it
they can read-it-without-a-tingling of
bldod throne) ' titelr Voiiiff: tliVii-e 1
different frinibtli'erspofilS'i4 ' - 'T . "!
. 'Poi ind;ll6 l 6;gitAt siilliletit te 'sly
that myi 1 eomracie ..ivei.e.. vicettirs .bii
every field-savv- um3ramd-t4re the
ensiuta i tge'• off b'ILV 'little iliorb thgril a
singleicerpsiaebomplishedritlin. °blue
of lAA Agliting,,,ml, ,t)y , Beepr,ing i pp,
thp, arinY, its slll ) sit' 0 o : l lPriginVis
ldft to the enemy a .iumlimi an ,bal•-
i . ri ,• +iotors ... i enemy . :-. 1 1 . k' .1...nal 1 ~,r
The army 6f thniPbteMac+wan-firk#
Pedueed , iby the rsvithdit,wal from may
command pi, t l l - ,! / e f.l i vial% of f fGeneral 1
B i k e A' ker, w -? ie i n)V a tll er o t () tIA
litiufitpin department, der'General 1
Piemont. ' We 'lnk Hdar'chl landed
on'tb'e Peninsitlaiwlieivit wet; frirtlhiv
reduced by a. , despatch ixitio.king ar
previous ordergiving me-toommand
at' ForrvetV Menrcei andluiderTwilioh
I had expdotedite talvt tem - thousand.
nacill fr01it...4 01 leinteko, *Lig- 41 11. 1 PPT ,
orations, . TAgn, whe . i? under, fire, be
&rift*, iteferideslofXrmliolvhrigtre
ceiieofth'e'rieWebfihe witbdi•awal` of
Grenernl.MoDitiwint'oeorps , ofat,onvBb , •
OQQ ment attis,:c ompleted ,Aheigme,t i
throw of the original plan of,tbois,Rsm : ,"
paign. ,A.boatzuoi,....Wpip2r-my entire
armyi Afire divisione 4uitiordootepb,
olt tl ilhme repTikiiii)Vppitm t
lilt i arger an, a 6rin
...) %act us
ttleiltlffiktlie.' (- MAR 'lit% I lk it
advance vlllittly PIMA 313 ltilWailliti 4W
by a flank movement up the York
G7N. r=r‘TZ,
^ , 1 ,'
` iOli6siatelroAe
tMsfripti Thit'rileiga:CVAraeAmftilist
eola*eted•hby-Iyhh • aiway, and,:when
Atem.strom werip,at,leintli ; yielded
NyeBV a PßP ee l i f e, he
rafct to the sanguinary bilt sub
a'bil?Fe ilittiafFeltra
141113 biierindfari r armost nfiresisttd•ad.
Ranoei to:thei banks :of. thafVkiiekahank
d 1 • beforetb
Mg- 3P ic ,,M,„ 4 1 1 , - 1 / P 44 1 7
TouTle!lyirttitplifieftthißp, an gee -
eft With thhii! '
trospeeV•did shitifefta
coiiragd log:that b•riavia rinem*lib cord-
ROPACAIY. g 31 4F,RaT444::-.A10 4 2g 43 1 , in
9 1 1 P.lM•AueFoxt Mick 4M,t.liess of
our undertaking 4ad • be grand re
'ifilietieDiMilir olt• bur fitiltie - ideeliil
e 8 to plagkekhrifiled?
TlierivelitticTr was sternVineyend pre-1
goldent,; the) d9PPlA o i l ,l;ei6thp Ppninen
-114 Ke 4 4A i lViekt9AerPlaftternM;r 9 1 °:
;Otetcabominy rose to a , liter sta,ga
Ali ad% eat'kiiiWit for4Yedia'beibre.•
PeQuitik theuadir'affiew,z thiterosaiege
'.w,;ere seitail6 arts ithe right.enthig:ek- -
RdsdAr VTikA:oesfk."
211 4 (y l•Mn i l nev Y Ftiffaisgt a NuPP;P" ,
es. chair upOn' arrival or
:A=l eh * Oa qonifslVtdPeilFee:sl ) (3ictliel
was f°%l3tcht.,&kio-19Ptl'aq51:7030.f sway .
'for tile hrw!ioiagt., ; .;ash2t.l.l , ; - 'ai'd of
,Nghiatotkaa , Atctennieg
•I,f never • earee, , ; The orates army..
ie TRU 114 'ad • nvziee, 1116&i.t Ail it tidyer
;Itrisoining disa*iietftient- - tbidn the,'
'army' of:tholPotomae then , didt •
Quire attests their..couraga„anti en-.
•durar)ce,VAti! tioyiktple4,4ak k ef,oll
the iabtlyeapartar„Aaii 18:04:of the ewe
'RUN Al t l n lo 9, 14 . 0 0 Pr >q°,o4ll i !itP °-
cainpliali . tale e .fhat semnea to
:1111 , 0d
toaree - wits left--'4.- , llitidoinlarei l t;
in the, flietr.of apo*erfai, emy to.
an r
4 . 1 ,
' 47 V, 3 l:lf9 l .4l.pptttipt )2a l t`iTon,. Of t ' gik;
nrvp*Effit i S . 0
of (tie Ilatornap; helding
it:Wulf eVe trial m ost tlre""glif6tr
,41ft - Otrentrse, , hi its)baddes, wis7eire al;
'titffkoccasinnz. l The savea-days are:
t-PEIRLISLOgitOPAY,i - Pli'ser
,7illet the ,n solfliargof
fosininiihtsring dattithy"day, and r*:'
.treatetietrotri eadeessivaz vietofiee byr
;loop, tiMmighrigotook: of battle; •
,:ing the terrible wipes. of. )c nStjgo,
with the 'eie.r.ananibrabla,vietory of
Maly ern, • mil) eve n trii ay; drovtr ,Tack,
titgton,Bn4,o)b_pttlriPo I ;4..1 1 ; 1 tin PaSk t
'ern ariny.,o, the' cOnfederaey i gnd
lii6eibd for theitihdliiiiii i)fiteeprieit .
dPa 'point; ibtli WOW . d Van deli
'third natplabq fr•'oht, : tho bailliant the
..T.anyee.:,-..,Rich mania - nay eE t dm - JAM*
° A r TlOP;s i t c l htalllX:'94 o lP ?
n?e eon re- enforced ' permitted
ladValide. dobiledle, aliefl
oaditat &t thinitviebsedieentlefela
proved, in4tvill(?;prplailedrixOffaphing4'
tRA,!# I I.4 W.9.7.QTEtP.rderP4,sftahnnelpn,
'the pancipalgn., ,Zlaver t did, ,soidtars,
battel• deserva the thankp 'it' hutroil
Anfidt:tfthe Peliintailabamp'aiM nridT
• alth °ugh , ' dhoti , :need I New ; ”it th h
froth thetil 4ry!..4ha-ant.horibies, I am
pativalmiedtteV faavevreneivedahorap-
PJfilleterfortitgooA44i4Mprele: ,
e T t O l,l 7n Y ?i f APR °t lFV•il v MAits
ealfed iron? 'o; Rietimend,, and,
tife'nfnii 711.:
Ttieg'disal*oinimehtii 6f Vie;
,eanipaignxm the:Peninsula.' blid‘-ildt
daynped-Itheir; ardor nor , diminished
their vatriotisrA, Th . ty, -fought 741,
fiiitilf9.l,ls;,.gallanfly, -under ;General
!POlSe*,••yet:Eveitg boillpit Id ) fat h4Syt''
demoralized:l • rs-,:•••
-1113 i f, itneapri ,Aoe,longerfoponpied)in.
I,l43rgifett9YPlßlTival.. Reu t cssi pis,
I rogpt. no4 . )v i ard, tynteredoittrytit*t
. 01'61101141d ' linnayliahillT ilia even ' 1
Webhi ngtoliti - thelt L ;Elated ' VS 7 li ia Ye- ' I
cent: victoifes;aand• lassurod that. our:
tkoolksi : W *WO i cok.ganized .ap 0 di§pi.ritl!
" d,,lip .117ii.k, cp;u#4ent., that .t4p • seat qt
Nfli7r:was now i vierinanently _transfer- 1
rea . teibilofitirgfatei,. and' Unit' his 1
ewirialfaustbil'iioilAtasib ho igefitivtal •
froin , :tlia burdenhaf isupportin,g• tril
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trompir for,fhe defence*: atethe ilespital;
the soldiersl;withouriciu ; (l)oKl abated .
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. ' Th e'Rni3ifiaff e ittbd lit'W'sl- . . -- Steer'
ttit't4rrible eip@sriblietrabf Battlielind
inarciiiie,. liitir.searcelyi ay i ntirval , of,
repomi o which,theyiliud a gone thßengh
Acigk.thp„l4nw, o.f lcari n g ferfthc! i t9e 7
nstile. ; t he return . to. Washilifftop.; , .
t tifett6fike in it'd "lrjig e ; -th6 -victor ) ;
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tiataia?ifitliniir nett snrinfigiug thAtt
.hey were in a large degree destitot
of the absolute-nocessariesto effective
duty: , Bhoidiwerc *ern Utit ; Ablaik
eta:ward:l°4a ;.,elailiing .6vas ill wagam
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to fat milk tbeteuedir TassisifireOvoli
from the command:
A FAMILY. ...WFIN-AP1A,49011 AZ Tlty
. . 37.1crit.
8161 7 of Fnnek's Now• Building, Cumberixnd lt
AU One Dollar (17111 Fifty Cents a Year.
.o's-AevemnsemexTs men tell at the MUM rateti..."ia
ip.a..ITANDIGI.I.S Printed at an boom notioe. •
In Lebanon County, postage free
lu Pennaylrania, out of Lebanon county 2y 6 cent! pel
to:tarter, or Ift Oenta a year.
. .
Out of this State, a% eta. pey.quarter, or 26 eta, a year
f tho postago is not paid in oat - once, rates are &milt..
.." ita " - devoutly ;matelot to God
that riktriatertlipingn with this brati
artily war t erciwned. with a. Victory
which ; 4110 , -111144Qp• from : the
neatest perikitc.had.,then; pndergone
Lhave.iiot ticsomjilishe:d . 'myl purpose
this 'Mport,'iliii'array'ofjll4
Pdtomae is tibt, - gime :htte-bil stns
roll• :of Inciter/CT armlet, - ..rif :the
Its deeds,lion
t o . w bleb; ik.l?elongs. Always.. -rfgl4.l
fu r . battle,' always firm, steadfaStAin
trdstftftliy;:l never 'eallod on
irain'i• nor 'will the tiiition-evdr,lb&A
%Auk tea'ttfilmte its: Wantoftenceess;
woderi:myself, or under :other :Amax
nuknO9'si. t. 9. 4nY Ctiku'A patr iot'
; th at hod,* e s.a.
No man can justly charge upon shay
of - that airay;% from the cam
mending general to the private; auk
leek - of devotion to the service of the
United' States government; and to ,
the .e.airiieuf-the Conetitutiou'and the'
. Union, - They have-proved their feili
;by iir ii irch 'eorroa►, suffering, dager
'arid through , ' the very shadOW of
death. ItTheir • - eZunrides deid. L'on' r al)
this elds , .we • fought- hive
.Scarcely moire elhinvto the home - I-4d
reverenee than their surviv.
•ors, to the. jfisticeof a nation's g t rati
;bade. •,;-!. • ; . • .
1i; alp I • very . 'reitsidfullyi'• 'your :
obedient servant . ; : •• . • • :
-3, 7: GEORGE B. XeCLELLAE:i•7^
-•i : ; ,7fujor .General; .B.: Amp
7 - S , A correspondent of the Agriculturist
:mese': • "A young lad of this- neighbor. ,
bond: whom:we will> call -Thomas, has
practised :imitating the sounds. nude by
'various animals, •until:' he hai become,
quite expert at it. . 1 11e:often sefs.the":hens
in cackling,!.. the: ling -to •baiking, or:t he
cow to running for her calf by; mimicking
their. cries. 'Being.) inn :eft mischief' , lie
loves to play praCticalijolfes.q. On one
canon he led a husiter a Chase 2of .nitire
than a, m,ile through Abe woods , lay, imitat) ,
ing the chatfering ofs4gcay:'squirttel, •iand:
keeping just tiut4otsight of thesportsmarr:
[Je was partly, - cured of such .prictice4
however, • by, the ,following .occurrence?
A 'man living near hadia , great. iivershmir
to cats.. ,. ;Thogn as, •knoWing : ibis Moved' to
tease<him by z going near,hiss windowaiint
'the evening, and setting up a coinpleto
coacert•of squalls, as though all ; Lt cat*
neightiOrhood_were trying their t. /
cal powers. One night he had .ju4 •ef.M2*
menced this...Rtiormtuice,-when to his
hottor,a Rassingldog attrwatect; byi,the
i teSped ,oxer.the fence,apet kprapg,
toward. him.. Away he i ran;
.ffilr; 'the dog. fn full chase after
stiCceeded in -getting••near his' dtior,'
when the dog &was just upon hitiN4itti she
was qhliged to 10,11401 64 tie!,,tlit i terA•
Het • svYt~e ',his cap, to,k I,tlet(!e'railWer
andlmanegen tolmep him at, bayi tit . jhe'
same time 4 11ts'fittigi
heardthe noise, 'but ;nit: *rtilyirtirmiirliiii;
"Oh, it's only *some of :yeasmonsenseM
and paid ho attention to it. PresetaArt
there was a loud , ticreamr:which really
Manned him, and hastenittebbt lie Nand
toe dog. had
. bitten hitt:soA q .etveie t lytnaktli
The animal Was wlth„tligicplty 41s)Vti i
r ‘• :• • rr'i
N . #llll ApiD - .WODIDERI , IIL,
hoir!leihridlark: Wizictehanid in the
delphta Navy Yard, has made an irkvert: ,
lion ,whiah vi'Otildlielirgfirtircitili i ty both
iii 'the 'military an d naval sefeee-oOrthe
United Statei at he present tithe'. ll . 4f- . 14:
represented as an instrument c:alledfilies.
ltaseope," by, the, use of which a perspni
standing on the ground can see, over
tops Of the tallest, houses oi.paier qtr.;
'ti*cts; in fact} *Cab to '
births eye Vidw of cities and coiintrrforE
miletfaround; ...For navel purpotted thbir
instrument Foilld,heiuyeluahlei the *? 7 !
laid Pilot of other ocer can, froth' sp.
cure position ` 'Water mark b S
deek, have ::a` full' xiew'Ve
everything -around .his -vessel -for Ailyt
distanee,,as t well as upop.the upper deck::
so that, in time of actioN; he.. can . have!
cotOpiete . control . of er'fry Rik of Ills shi,
lit'recipanoltering'ilp rweris the ,necesSitfk
of eenfding a man to. the' mall'-hetid to
look over the high banks; andvitiO:would:
he a conspicuous mark. for - the enemy's
Millets; would be : avoided: For army
parOpsep,-for looking over:hills, etolpnit- -
ments, or into , forts, its, ,Weitl,d o 'tii i l k
great, The thimble, iJeOhnei
n•des'etipillin 'o f this instreimentatireseilf,t
for °Prudential • mettires;t but •irould. tsio
pleased to, show it, to- ;naval/ ouptailluaii
%To • i ..t qtr: •;:z
- • s , . 3 t r..
Vii= one of the Brooklirn papers tells
laughable store about 'a puzileir ix!
greyer). ••Th etude 'stole lora* - eialyrifiir
kve4iiig, and .sent•heri twin , sister clads
in, the.,tfedding.6pery, •ip :take . her. Act a
..The r st s isq . ,
reins hied .. until the fase'
could" iieriOntite. • the'line 'o'n'e l N6 4
ionger;:wlied %she , bad).* told lbeeastotilitiz)
ed Benedict that she Nsas k inoruhisiiirite..,
stud refused to•rettrerwittrAditk In vain
be, protrogedatnd ini l vain r ithe r a§iemtlfed
YO u tni t 9ll On7rfiai?.
cerpyr i p t y, : ,,p
r cio r .fivercnme r t her.
girlitt.scruptets: :She:Stonily 'thainfainetr
berfire and Itstbuitti:
eL tivom,-.1 thaV-ihe rievett wedded!
anylr man t i t ..AW lest.. ber . , : matheri
! ), FP F 4 tO e tsqehr e §Cf ° k .l4
yourig„,wy. ; but „after putting
#6 - ec - 10es; ihrbtigh; t
with t al e !'
litsfocltlen;: shelanteginkitAAr,
iiitpottant , fact -;:.-PWIkr,f,tAir.trir.9kiiisrep.
iliolilgotgartriy„!that girl; .fgo , mmj.le(
Fit:puy„and th is •is Jour . , dressmi .4p in
. s :
Far Int.he."
. • .41 t.o.tial •t•h“.)
- •
• t• •
hAS written ttiAt. T!res'd protesting!
, i 5 ,411 1 pAtityir—Whimitroalaw rsv d
notice, that he - will gntorce t h a t ,
reated as a loyal stateiatltivben:ncolastittßo
ion and laws respected.